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Pre-season game one: San Diego

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Remember Josh Portis-mania two years ago? Feels longer.

So here we go. Back at it for another year.

Pre-season in 2013 is satisfyingly uninteresting for me.

Yes — I know there are new rookies to look at and a handful of camp battles. But here’s the thing. Those camp battles are mainly for back-up spots.

Remember those days when everyone pined to see how Mike Teel looked? Just in case he was this magical franchise quarterback. We all waited with baited breath to see Charlie Whitehurst and Josh Portis.

How unnerving does that sound today?

There were times when we hoped a running back may prove to be a star, or a receiver might emerge to be something he most definitely wasn’t.

Terrell Owens was basically on trial last summer. Terrell. Owens. Remember that? Seems like a decade ago.

Thankfully, the 2013 Seahawks are pretty much set. For the most part we know who starts. Most of the intrigue will be on the defensive line and seeing how that plays out. They could do with finding some extra pass rushers given Bruce Irvin’s suspension and Chris Clemons’ injury. Plus you can never have enough pass rushers.

Aside from that it’s about sitting back and enjoying Christine Michael. And, well, that’s about it. Unless you’re really interested in backup offensive lineman. I guess it’ll be good to see how the tight ends are coming along. And Walter Thurmond. But it’s a distinct two chainsaws out of five on the grading scale.

(Watching Brady Quinn and Tarvaris Jackson could be fun. Or painful. Depending on your sense of humour.)

I’m not going to pontificate on the guy I know nothing about who apparently looked good in camp but who the heck knows whether he’s actually that good. You’ve all seen the names. And that’s really all they are for now, names. I guess that changes a little after tonight.

Ultimately this is how pre-season should be.

Fans of good teams see it as an endurance test. Mildly interesting. But at the end of the day you just want everyone to stay healthy and you want week one NOW. To launch a possible Super Bowl run.

Probably since Mike Holmgren’s departure, pre-season has been almost too interesting in Seattle. As the team collapsed and was then rebuilt, there’s been drama galore. Who will be the quarterback? Who will play receiver? Who is the cornerback? Who is the running back?

Now, it’s pretty much all in place. The Seahawks are ready. So let’s get on with the proper stuff.

I’d like to see Russell Wilson emerge in a Nike-backed bubble-wrap outfit tonight, with holes cut for the arms and legs. Apart from that the Seahawks can finish 0-4 in pre-season for all I care. Football is back. But it’ll be really back in a months time.

And I’m completely comfortable with how dull this pre-season could be compared to the hyper-dramatic quarterback competition of twelve months ago.

Thank you, Russell.

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