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Mike Evans & Johnny Manziel vs Arkansas

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

I’m going to need some time to get settled into parenthood, but normal service will resume on the blog shortly. Here’s a chance to look again at Texas A&M’s big receiver Mike Evans (and his quarterback Johnny Manziel).

There’s no doubt Pete Carroll wants to utilise a big, fast receiver in his offense. Stephen Williams so far — for whatever reason — has been pretty anonymous. Is it just one of those things (too many receivers ahead of him) or is he not building on pre-season momentum?

Either way, his lack of field time means this remains a likely need in the off-season. Evans has started the 2013 season particularly well. His second touchdown in this game is exactly what the team is lacking for me — a legit red zone threat. The catch was similar to the type of grab he was making against Alabama. Manziel basically rolled out and threw it — in thick coverage — to his guy. And his guy made a big play.

You could just imagine Wilson making a similar move and trusting his receiver like that.

Evans is one to keep monitoring.

One final note — thank you again to everyone for the kind messages this week. It really does mean a lot.