2020 Combine day three — DL, LB

February 29th, 2020 | Written by Rob Staton

Feel free to use this as an open thread. I will post forty yard dash times here and any other testing numbers. At the end of the day I will post a comprehensive review including defensive line TEF and weighted TEF scores — plus we’ll list the linebackers who ‘fit’ the Seahawks.

If you want a refresher on what to look out for at each position check out our massive combine preview.

Javon Kinlaw is not working out today. Neither is Chase Young.

The NFL Network provided an early shot of Pete and John…

Forty times

Defensive tackles

(10-yard splits are in brackets)

The players with a star before their name have 33 inch arms (the Seahawks have not drafted a D-liner with sub-33 inch arms in the Carroll era).

*McTelvin Agim — 4.99 (1.76) & 5.27 (1.84)
Ross Blacklock — 4.97 (1.73) & 4.91 (1.70)
*Derrick Brown — 5.11 (?) & 5.17 (1.78)
Josiah Coatney — 5.22 (1.81) & 5.25 (1.80)
*Darrion Daniels — 5.20 (1.85) & 5.19 (1.81)
*Marlon Davidson — 5.04 (1.79) & 5.06 (1.78)
Carlos Davis — 4.82 (1.68) & 4.82 (1.67)
Khalil Davis — 4.79 (1.68) & 4.76 (1.66)
Jordan Elliott — 5.03 (1.74) & 5.03 (1.71)
*Leki Fotu — 5.16 (1.80) & DNP
Neville Gallimore — 4.85 (1.71) & 4.79 (1.71)
*DaVon Hamilton — 5.14 (1.82) & 5.16 (1.80)
Benito Jones — 5.36 (1.86) & 5.26 (1.80)
*Javon Kinlaw — DNP
*Rashard Lawrence — 5.08 (1.72) & 5.13 (1.72)
*Justin Madubuike — 4.83 (1.73) & 4.83 (1.74)
Larrell Murchison — 5.05 (1.81) & 5.09 (1.82)
John Penisini — DNP
Malcolm Roach — DNP
Broderick Washington — DNP
*Raequan Williams — 5.08 (1.78) & 5.05 (1.78)
*Rob Windsor — 4.93 (1.74) & 4.90 (1.76)

In the drills, Justin Madubuike was by far the most fluid and natural mover. Very little wasted movement, clearly an athlete and everything was in control.

Defensive ends

Bradlee Anae — 4.92 (1.69) & 4.91 (1.68)
Kendall Coleman — 4.96 (1.70) & 4.99 (1.72)
*Raekwon Davis — 5.17 (1.78) & 5.13 (1.78)
*AJ Epenesa — 5.10 (1.81) & 5.05 (1.78)
*Jonathan Garvin — 4.82 (1.67) & 4.86 (1.71)
*Trevis Gipson — DNP
*Jonathan Greenard — 4.88 (1.71) & 4.92 (1.72)
*Yetur Gross-Matos — DNP
LaDarius Hamilton — 4.89 (1.74) & 5.00 (1.83)
*Alex Highsmith — 4.70 (1.68) & 4.76 (1.69)
Trevon Hill — 4.92 (1.77) & 4.90 (1.70)
*Khalid Kareem — DNP
James Lynch — 5.01 (1.73) & DNP
*Julian Okwara — DNP
Chauncey Rivers — 4.97 (1.81) & 5.05 (1.80)
Malcom Roach — 4.85 (1.68) & 4.89 (1.70)
Alton Robinson — 4.73 (1.66) & 4.69 (1.65)
Qaadir Sheppard — 4.84 (1.67) & 4.93 (1.77)
*James Smith-Williams — 4.62 (1.63) & 4.61 (1.62)
Jason Strowbridge — 4.90 (1.75) & 4.94 (1.72)
Derrek Tuszka — 4.79 (1.69) & 4.83 (1.70)
Kenny Willekes — 4.93 (1.69) & 4.88 (1.70)
*DJ Wonnum — 4.73 (1.70) & 4.78 (1.70)
*Chase Young — DNP
Jabari Zuniga — 4.66 (1.64) & 4.64 (1.61)

Here are the D-line vertical jumps:

Jonathan Garvin — 36
Alton Robinson — 35.5
DJ Wonnum — 34.5
Yetur Gross-Matos — 34
Derrek Tuszka — 33.5
Alex Highsmith — 33
Jabari Zuniga — 33
AJ Epenesa — 32.5
Kenny Willekes — 32.5
Kendall Coleman — 32
James Smith-Williams — 32
Qaadir Sheppard — 31.5
Bradlee Anae — 31
Jason Strowbridge — 31
Jonathan Greenard — 30.5
Chauncey Rivers — 30.5
LaDarius Hamilton — 30
Malcolm Roach — 30
DaVon Hamilton — 29.5
Ross Blacklock — 29
James Lynch — 29
Rob Windsor — 28.5
Raekwon Davis — 28
Trevon Hill — 28
Jordan Elliott — 27.5
Derrick Brown — 27
Josiah Coatney — 27
Darrion Daniels — 27
Benito Jones — 26.5
John Penisini — 25.5
Raequan Williams — 25.5

Here are the top-15 broad jumps:

Jabari Zuniga — 10-7
Jonathan Garvin — 10-5
Alex Highsmith — 10-5
James Smith- Williams — 10-3
DJ Wonnum — 10-3
Yetur Gross-Matos — 10-0
Derrek Tuszka — 10-0
Alton Robinson — 9-11
Kenny Willekes — 9-11
Larrell Murchison — 9-10
AJ Epenesa — 9-9
Bradlee Anae — 9-7
Qaadir Sheppard — 9-7
Kendall Coleman — 9-6
Ladarius Hamilton — 9-6

The agility testing was awful. More in the review later.


They are not showing the 10-yard splits for the linebackers, despite moving several pass rushers into this group.

Joe Bachie — 4.67 & 4.80
Markus Bailey — DNP
Zack Baun — 4.65 & 4.71
Francis Bernard — 4.82 & 4.86
Daniel Bituli — 4.84 & 4.89
Shaun Bradley — 4.51 & 4.63
Jordan Brooks — 4.55 & 4.54
Cameron Brown — 4.73 & 4.86
K’Lavon Chaisson — DNP
Nick Coe — 4.89 & 4.91
Carter Coughlin — 4.58 & 4.63
Akeem Davis-Gaither — DNP
Michael Divinity — 4.91 & 4.85
Troy Dye — DNP
Tipa Galeai — DNP
Cale Garrett — 4.93 & 4.92
Willie Gay Jr — 4.46 & 4.48
Scoota Harris — 4.70 & 4.76
Malik Harrison — 4.66 & 4.69
Khaleke Hudson — 4.57 & 4.57
Anfernee Jennings — DNP
Clay Johnston — DNP
Azur Kamara — 4.59 & 4.67
Terrell Lewis — DNP
Jordan Mack — DNP
Kamal Martin — DNP
Kenneth Murray — 4.52 & DNF
Dante Olson — 4.89 & 4.89
Jacob Phillips — 4.66 & 4.78
Michael Pinckney — DNP
Shaquil Quarterman — 4.78 & 4.75
Patrick Queen — 4.56 & 4.51
Chapelle Russell — 4.70 & 4.71
Isaiah Simmons — 4.39 & DNP
Justin Strnad — 4.74 & 4.79
Darrell Taylor — DNP
Davion Taylor — 4.53 & 4.50
Casey Toohill — 4.68 & 4.65
Josh Uche — DNP
Mykal Walker — 4.65 & 4.71
Curtis Weaver — DNP
Evan Weaver — 4.76 & 4.85
Logan Wilson — 4.63 & DNP
David Woodward — 4.83 & 4.80

Kenneth Murray pulled his hamstring during his second run and did not finish. Patrick Queen also pulled his hamstring after completing his second run.

Vertical jumps:

Dante Olson — 42
Willie Gay Jr — 39.5
Jacob Phillips — 39
Isaiah Simmons — 39
Casey Toohill — 39
Kenneth Murray — 38
Terrell Lewis — 37
Carter Coughlin — 36
Malik Harrison — 36
Cameron Brown — 35.5
Patrick Queen — 35
Chapelle Russell — 35
Davion Taylor — 35
Joe Bachie — 33.5
David Woodward — 33.5
Scoota Harris — 33
Khaleke Hudson — 33
Mykal Walker — 33
Zack Baun — 32.5
Curtis Weaver — 32.5

Broad jumps:

Willie Gay Jr — 11-4
Isaiah Simmons — 11
Kenneth Murray — 10-9
Davion Taylor — 10-7
Carter Coughlin — 10-6
Jacob Phillips — 10-6
Casey Toohill — 10-6
Patrick Queen — 10-5
Cale Garrett — 10-4
Terrell Lewis — 10-4
Dante Olson — 10-4
Cameron Brown — 10-3
Malik Harrison — 10-2
Mykal Walker — 10-2
Daniel Bituli — 10-1

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148 Responses to “2020 Combine day three — DL, LB”

  1. Volume12 says:

    UVA CB Bryce Hall has met with the Hawks.

    • Volume12 says:

      Georgia So. corner Kindle Vildor has really good length for his size. Might be an option on day 3 to add some competition for Amadi at the nickle position

  2. Rob Staton says:

    Another seven hours of Daniel Jeremiah.


    • Volume12 says:


      I know it’s a very small sample size if so and I could be wrong, but didn’t Jesse Williams and Cassius Marsh have sub 33″ arms?

    • Nick says:

      Interested to know what you find meh about DJ. I don’t love him either. He obviously knows his stuff, but too often he talks about himself and his scouting experiences. Which I get, to a certan point.

  3. RWIII says:

    Still two months before the draft. Can’t wait.

  4. Trevor says:

    It is really disappointing how many guys are not working out at this combine.

    I have been hoping for the Hawks to get Raekwon Davis because of his frame and the idea of a potential Calais Campbell upsaide. But as this draft season progresses I am starting to get a really bad vibe about him similar to how I felt about McDowell. First he pulled out of the Senior Bowl and now not participating here at the combine.

    I hope the Hawks really do an deep deep deep dive into this guys love of the game and character if they are considering him.

  5. bigten says:

    Raekwon Davis is listed as a DE?

  6. Trevor says:

    Neville Gallimore might not be a great fit for the Hawks but he is a really athletic and explosive 3 Tech with a ton of upside.

    • Volume12 says:

      Madubuike with some damn good times too.

      • drewdawg11 says:

        That dude is an athlete. Too bad he can’t dominate a football game. For me he’s a mid-round pick at best. Don’t want him. Of course, I said that about Collier too… on wait. 😂

        • Trevor says:

          Collier and Gallimore are very different. Collier had good tape but was not a good athlete. Gallimore is a really good athlete with average tape. He has only been playing football since his Senior year in high school so still really raw too.

          I like his upside but don’t think he is a fit for the Hawks.

          I was not a fan of the Collier pick either because he just lacked the speed and twitch to be an Edge guy. He just seemed like a tweener. He was so good at the Senior Bowl though that I still had hope it might work out.

          • drewdawg11 says:

            Madubuike was the kid I was talking about. Gallimore actually played like a guy who could be drafted high. Similarities between players aren’t intended, just what I thought about them before the draft. When I watched his film I was underwhelmed. He didn’t look like a kid teams were game-planning to ensure that he was neutralized. That’s kind of what you want from a top pick.

  7. jopa726 says:

    25 Defensive Linemen choosing not to run the 40 at the NFL combine. That has to be a record. Of course, some maybe due to injuries but, most are just by choice.

  8. jopa726 says:

    Correction: It’s 26 DLs not running the 40 today.*

    *subject to change

  9. Rob Staton says:

    The coach doing the wave drill has his arse hanging out of his trousers.

  10. Steve Nelsen says:

    None of. the DTs in Group 1 combined 33+” arms and a 10-yard split below 1.70. Rashard Lawrence and Justin Madubuike were at 1.72 and 1.73 which “is the average time of the top pass rushing DTs” according to NFL Network.

  11. SoCal12 says:

    So why are so many prospects choosing not to work out this year? Seems very abnormal.

  12. Starhawk29 says:

    1.72 for Rashard Lawrence is solid. I know you’re high on him Rob, curious to see what his shuttle and 3 cone times will be.

  13. Volume12 says:

    Gallimore has some juice. Dudes that big should not be able to have his type of movement.

    • Volume12 says:

      Whew. Dominated that drill too.

    • Trevor says:

      The two Canadian Kids are competing hard at the combine. If you are from Canada and are playing football at a big time US college program like ND or Oklahoma you have to be a freak athlete or they would never give you a second look much less a scholarship.

      • Volume12 says:

        He’s super fun. Love the motor, tons of effort, easy mover, COD. Saw someone say he’s a ‘pinball’ and that’s the perfect description.

  14. Rob Staton says:

    Justin Madubuike by far the best performer in drills so far.

  15. Sea Mode says:

    Hard to even focus on Rashard Lawrence with his arms flailing all over the place… 😂

  16. Volume12 says:

    Gallimore, Hamilton, Madabuike have been fantastic.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I thought Gallimore’s footwork was poor, kept losing balance and tried a bit too hard.

    • Trevor says:

      Looking forward to seeing what their agility times are like.

    • Volume12 says:

      Brown and one of the Davis twins too.

    • charlietheunicorn says:


      He got on the radar to check out some more now.
      6’3″ 293 / 33.5 arms. Pretty much fits what Seattle likes… 1.73 10 yard split ain’t bad either.

      • Rob Staton says:

        He’s looked great here.

        Yet on tape there’s very little to get excited about. Let’s see his agility testing.

        • Starhawk29 says:

          Does that make you question his fire? I know they want more more BAMFs on the line, do you think he’s missing that quality?

          • Rob Staton says:

            It makes me question whether he’s a better athlete than football player. On tape I just didn’t see anything you can hang your hat on. What is he? Is he going to pass rush? Can he stop the run at a high level? Is he inside/out? Just came away with more questions than answers.

            • Starhawk29 says:

              Fair enough. With players like that I always wonder what happens if they get put in a strong situation with a lot of leaders. If he’s next to a resigned Reed (or Calais Campbell!) with Bobby Wagner chirping in his ear, will we see him make strides or will he remain just another high potential NFL player?

              Personally I think the latter, it’s hard to become that guy if you aren’t already.

        • charlietheunicorn says:

          I think it is positive that he has obviously took the time to prepare properly for the combine. I just re-watched his 40 yard dashes. He had very deliberate movement and not much wasted “flailing” of arms and legs. Dare I say he might be coachable, which could be a positive attribute…. and lead to NFL success. Come-on good agility drills!

  17. Starhawk29 says:

    Can’t wait for the 10 yard splits from DE prospects. I really want at least one LEO prospect in this draft, even if it is a later round Jacob Martin type.

    • Starhawk29 says:

      For that matter, LB prospects with length could be in play as well. Didn’t they originally want KJ as a pass rusher?

  18. Davido says:

    Watching those guys bench hurts my joints.
    I just came back from the beach did I miss anything important? I saw Madabuike do the bend drill and he looked really good thats all I know.

  19. Rob Staton says:

    Bradlee Anae runs a 1.69 10-yard split.

    Daniel Jeremiah: “That’s a pretty good 10”.

    No. No it isn’t Daniel. He’s 257lbs. He just ran in the 4.9’s.

    Rubbish analysis.

  20. drewdawg11 says:

    Welp, Epanesa’s lack of speed Comfirmed. That’s a terrible, disastrous time to post for a supposed rush end. Over 5 seconds? Yikes.

  21. bigten says:

    Hows that time for Davis? not to impressive to me, but im not an expert.

    • Rob Staton says:

      It’s fine. He’s 311lbs. About the same as the OT’s were running yesterday.

      • drewdawg11 says:

        And Raequan looks like he’s chiseled from stone. My goodness. He’s a player who may never become Calais, but he’s a dude who won’t get pushed off the spot against the run, and he will bat a bunch of passes while trying to get some rush. I don’t know if I want to spend a first one him, but a second is pretty obvious. They’d have to trade up, though.

    • Gohawks5151 says:

      Similar 40 and 10 split time to Calais Campbell actually. So good I guess

  22. Trevor says:

    As expected this looks like an awful edge rush class

  23. bigten says:

    Very disappointing to see neither YGM, Kareem, or Okwara run.

  24. Rob Staton says:

    Bloody Jeremiah.

    Stop saying these splits are good times.


    • STTBM says:

      More than likely, hes being TOLD to say such things. Sadly, that how it works in America lately… Gross, indeed! I think he knows better…

  25. Nick says:

    These DEs. Yuck.

  26. Trevor says:

    This combine is giving free agent TEs and Edge Rushers a ton of leverage and driving the price up big time.

  27. Sea Mode says:

    Smith-Williams one to at least check into again.

  28. drewdawg11 says:

    Zuniga making himself a lot more interesting! 4.66? That’s a guy who, if healthy, can be a pretty solid player.

  29. Nick says:

    Love that Zuniga number, but do Green and Collier make him obsolete on SEA?

  30. Volume12 says:

    These EDGEs are slower than the interior guys.

    1.68 10 yd for Malcom Roach at 297 is freaky sh**

  31. charlietheunicorn says:

    SPARQ site is starting to filter guys onto the excel spreadsheets!

    Tristan Wirfs, by far the most athletic OL tested so far…. and it ain’t close.
    He tested more athletic than 99.1% of all NFL OL players. WOW.

    Jonathan Taylor came in 3rd so far for RBs. He is more athletic than 89.9% of RB currently in NFL. Very explosive according to SPARQ.

  32. Volume12 says:

    Gonna be real disappointed if these LBs don’t pop. There should be some great athletes in this group.

  33. Sea Mode says:

    Since I’m bored watching these “DEs”, I’ve been working on narrowing down my RB list for the Seahawks.

    First, a note from Pauline. No surprise here:

    I know of at least three teams who presently grade Jonathan Taylor as the number one back in the draft. It’s partly because of the game-breaking speed he proved on Friday night, as well as the fact he fits best as a feature runner compared to the other top backs in this year’s draft.

    I’m kind of down to the following RB options for the Seahawks:

    By pure profile fit:
    – Jonathan Taylor
    – Cam Akers

    By talent and explosion, just in a smaller package:
    – CEH
    – JK Dobbins
    – D’Andre Swift (if he drops considerably)
    – Eno Benjamin

    By the way, have you guys watched Eno Benjamin? I’m intrigued as a late-round fallback option. Closest thing I’ve seen to Chris Carson in build and running style. Really thick lower body and a hint of split-legged. Can run into a wall and come to a dead stop, then explode to full speed again around everyone. Also jumps over people then explodes upon landing very Carson-like. Runs angry and punishes tacklers all the way through the end zone. Also ran a 6.97 3C. Really quick feet. Was a team captain and graduated in 3 years. There is something concerning with his stats, though:

    2018 (13): 300att/1642yds/16TD, 5.5 ypc (35rec/263yds/2TD), 1 fumble
    2019 (12): 253att/1083yds/10TD, 4.3 ypc (42rec/347yds/2TD, 6 fumbles

    So why the dip in form and the fumbles (he had 5 in his last 5 games)? For one, he was running behind two freshmen starters on the OL in 2019 and trying to help out a freshman QB. And as for the fumbles, his RB coach said he was trying to do too much, to fight for every yard.

    *sorry ahead of time for the audio on this one*

    Eno Benjamin || Arizona State Sun Devils Running Back || 2019 Highlights

  34. Sea Mode says:

    Oh, goodness. The obligatory DJ Ngata plug.

    At least the athletic comp is actually close this time… 🤷‍♂️

  35. Michael Hasslinger says:

    Defense options this year in the top 75 is damn near non-existent.

    Okwara and Zuniga are the only options.

  36. Michael Hasslinger says:

    This draft making Clowney a ton of money.

    And… making the Clark trade a rout for the Chiefs. Ugh.

  37. Sea Mode says:

    So fitting that James Smith-Williams found a way to get injured even at the Combine… season-ending injuries 3/5 years.

    Now I remember why I cooled all interest on him. Was drawn to look at him originally because he was #3 freak on Feldman’s list.

    I guess he did have 6 sacks and 9 TFL the one year he was healthy (2018).

    So I guess Raekwon Davis and Rashard Lawrence for DT, and Jabari Zuniga and Julian Okwara at DE are the only really interesting DL for now?

    • Eburgz says:

      I’d add some of the guys that didn’t fully test like YGM along with Hamilton and Madubuike.

      Lots of guys to scratch off the list.

  38. Steve Nelsen says:

    Well that was a disappointing set of 10-yard splits by the DL. The decisions by YGM and Okwara to not run was particularly gutting

  39. Sea Mode says:

    Expected, but Isaiah Simmons jumped a 39″ vert and 11’0″ broad.

  40. Davido says:

    Do we know if YGM will participate in the agility testing?

  41. Nick says:

    With the lack of DE options, will Zuniga go top 40?

  42. Sea Mode says:

    Holy cow, our guy Willie Gay Jr. absolutely lighting it up.

  43. Davido says:

    Rob, for me Ceedee is WR1 but you have been way lower on him. Did the combine change your perception of him or do you still have him as WR4?
    I think the argument on Ruggs is done so lets leave him out of this.
    Not that it matters for the Hawks, just interested in your judgement.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I have never called Ceedee Lamb ‘WR4’ or been ‘way low’ on him.

      Prior to the combine I simply voiced concerns about his speed. I didn’t mind a 4.51.

      • Davido says:

        Well he was WR4 on your mock and in another comment you have said he is not your WR2 in the draft.
        In additon to his 4.51 he also had a fantastic 10 yard split and a very good workout. I think he is one of the winners of the combine.

        • Rob Staton says:

          I have never labelled him ‘WR4’.

          I have only ever questioned his speed. A 4.51 is fine but it’s not great. I thought he’d run a 4.56. I’d hardly say he’s one of the winners.

  44. Von says:

    Donte Olson, LB from Montana. 6’2” 237, vert 42” 😳

  45. Hawkhomer1 says:

    What do you guys think of Alex Hightower? Small school but definitely has the bend and a chip on his shoulder. Looked decent against Clemson which was his only real test. Meets the criteria.

  46. Minus Zuniga those DE numbers are dreadful.

    • Davido says:

      “CONS: Getting out of his stance has too much inconsistency. Far too often he will be the last player out of his stance on the defensive line.”
      This was the consensus I could find about Zuniga. Seems like something that could be coachable.
      Potential value during the draft.

  47. Cameron says:

    Super bummed to not get a 40 or 10 out of Okwara. Kinda the only DE I was interested in seeing test.

  48. Sea Mode says:

    And the 4.46 40y for our guy Willie Gay Jr. @243 lbs.

  49. Sea Mode says:

    There you go. Simmons 4.39.

    • Trevor says:

      Is Simmons the best defensive player in this draft class?

      My top 5 in order.


      • drewdawg11 says:

        Simmons should be a top 5 pick in my eyes and I thought that before this android just posited 4.39! He could be Kam with elite speed. He could be Jaylin Smith at OLB. He could play LEO if he wanted. He’s a freak and for me, he’s better than any of those other guys, and I completely love Brown and Okudah.

      • Von says:

        I’ve always thought he was the best overall player in this draft. He can effectively play any position besides DT. Great chess piece.

  50. Rob Staton says:

    Jeremiah is killing me.

    Stop saying late 4.6’s is good.

    He’s harping on about how good Zach Baun’s forty is as an EDGE rusher.

    He ran a 4.65 at 238lbs!!!

    He’s clueless.

  51. drewdawg11 says:

    I think he’s just trying to be overly positive. Can you imagine if those guys started saying how bad these numbers were and the agents came back to sue them for torpedoing their clients’ livelihood? I don’t think anyone believes that posting a 4.67 or so on is great. I mean, if he does then I don’t know what to tell you. Off topic, Willie. Gay. Jr.! Brooks is also an intriguing kid. Competitive dude who was only allowed to run a week ago after surgery. Murray is also an athlete, but haven’t seen any numbers yet. Several options to add to our Corp if they choose to go in that direction.

    • Rob Staton says:

      But he doesn’t have to be negative. On most of these times he doesn’t say anything.

      It’s the bad info that he’s putting out though. The public deserve better than being told a 4.65 at 238lbs is ‘great’ for an EDGE.

      • STTBM says:

        I agree Rob, but Jeremiah is getting paid a lot, and hes probably got a Talkin Point sheet that tells him what/when to say…Good on you for pointing out his BS though…someone shoukd, and no one else seems to be doing so in the media…

  52. jopa726 says:

    That’s not a Superman tattoo on Isaiah Simmons, that’s a birthmark.
    Too bad the Seahawks will never have a chance to draft him.

  53. drewdawg11 says:

    Someone needs to find that sniper who keeps getting these fast backers!!! First Murray, now Queen.

  54. Eburgz says:

    Just got done work….Yuck!

    Terrible combine day based on the results. Was most excited to watch Okwara, YGM, Lewis, Uche, Chaisson when I got home. Don’t think I’ll to watch my recording.

    • TomLPDX says:

      Sounds like a good opportunity to just watch the highlights. I’ll be glad when this circus is over. Total exploitation at this point and I have refused to watch a minute of it.

  55. drewdawg11 says:

    Willie is making a strong case to be taken top 45. He may not be there for us late second. We need an athletic OLB, but some of these guys are posting good numbers and can be possibilities. He looks phenomenal in the drills just now. He’s a different dude. Off field stuff aside, he’s a beast:

  56. Eburgz says:

    Good #s from Malik Harrison. Pending agility #s. He’s on the short list with Willie Gay (we already knew Gay was a good athlete so let’s not double count his combine)

  57. drewdawg11 says:

    Anfernee Jennings doesn’t look like he belongs with these guys. Baggy shirt during combine is the equivalent of the kid who wore a t-shirt under his basketball jersey because he was insecure. He looks like he’s out of shape for some reason with the way he moves. No balance.

  58. Eburgz says:

    Anyone else hate it when a guy hurts himself running around in shorts? I get that they are trying to “max out” but if you can’t hit top speed without pulling a hammy then how are you going to hold up week 16 in the 4th quarter with the game on the line. The only thing worse is not participating when you’re healthy enough to do so. Always compete!

    Have the hawks picked any early round guys that decided to sit out combine or got hurt in the drills?

    • drewdawg11 says:

      Man, it’s not a indictment on their conditioning, it’s the biggest job interview they’ll ever have and the juices start flowing. They want to run the fastest time possible. Those guys running 4.52, imagine the buzz from teams if they ran 4.49. It’s money in their pockets in most of these cases. Max out, young fellas. Max out.

  59. Denver Hawker says:

    May need to trim their board to less than 120 guys now.

  60. CaptainJack says:

    Willie Gay Jr. probably sneaks into round 1 now.

    Simmons… wow. Incredible.

    Some of the bigger guys look athletic. I’m liking Fotu’s numbers.

    Edge class is the worst I’ve seen in a long time. Maybe Garvin deserves another look? Outside that… oh boy.

    • Pugs1 says:

      Willie Gay Jr. blew up the combine but there is no way of knowing how his off field stuff impacts his status. I’m sure some teams have him off the board.

      We can all agree punching and breaking your own QB’s orbital bone will have a negative impact on where he is drafted.

    • Awsi Dooger says:

      Jonathan Garvin was a highly rated recruit and very impressive early in his career. Lots of Canes fans were touting him as a potential first round pick entering this season. PFF raved about him and likewise the sports metric guy from ESON, Bill Connelly. It was always obvious that Garvin was explosive. His had the same vertical in high school as today.

      Garvin had a lazy final season. Everything was worse. He was badly outplayed by the emerging star Gregory Rousseau on the other side, a guy who could be a top prospect next season. The same Canes fans who were touting Garvin in 2018 now were dismayed at his lack of energy and seemingly lack of concern. The team flopped and Garvin was considered symbolic of that. Then he capped it off by skipping the bowl game. The wag summation was yeah just like he skipped the entire season. The sad aspect was the Trevon Hill clearly was not as talented as Garvin and he was new to the program as transfer from Virginia Tech, but Hill was making more plays in key moments and simply seemed more dedicated, even though Hill had off the field issues as a Hokie.

      Like most Canes players, Garvin is not as sculpted as he should be. I’m not sure it’s widely known across the country how inept the strength and conditioning program is at Miami. That’s why guys like Garvin and DeeJay Dallas might benefit greatly if they finally get in a program that makes that type of demand from them. Travis Homer was self motivated so he was in shape anyway. Same with K.J. Osborn from this group. But that’s a rarity among Canes prospects in general.

  61. Aaron says:

    It was obvious before the combine that the Hawks needed to address the pass rush in FA. Today cements that reality. They may also need to address the secondary in FA too, mostly a Nickel and maybe another to challenge Griffin and Flowers. Hawks have a decent amount to spend and a lot of picks, I smell a trade or two coming.

  62. Steve Nelsen says:

    Things I Think I Learned Today

    1. The Seahawks are going to have to solve their pass rush need in free agency just like Rob has been saying. No LEO prospects emerged from testing today like I hoped. Okwara and Gross-Matos didn’t run so I will watch for their Pro Days. DT Raekwon Davis could be Seattle’s first pick at 27 or early in the 2nd after a trade back. DT Rashard Lewis is a solid Day 2 pick and Jeremy Zuniga could make sense on Day 3.

    2. Pete Carroll said Seattle was looking at “a half dozen or so” edge rushers in free agency to pair with Jadeveon Clooney. Everson Griffen, Robert Quinn, and Dante Fowler are LEOs that have to be on that list. Emmanuel Ogbah has promise. Vic Beasley could be a project. Jabal Sheard had an elite 10-yard split at one time and could be an affordable rotation piece.

    3. There were some fast linebackers. Seattle doesn’t have a need for a starter if Kendricks returns but this could be a good opportunity to add a backup/core ST on Day 3.

    4. The new CBA will change how comp picks are awarded. Is that why they are late announcing them this year? Or, is there some confusion about which players qualify for and against the formula because of all the team and player options?

  63. Coleslaw says:

    Griffen, Quinn, Fowler, Addison, Beasley, Barrett and Dupree are my guesses for the DEs Seattle are targeting. I would add Ngakoue but I think they know he wont br available and even if he was, probably too expensive.

    • lil’stink says:

      I don’t think Clowney gets the respect from a lot of fans for his season last year, but without him we don’t make the playoffs. People that only focus on the sack numbers aren’t seeing the forest through the trees.

      That said, if he is really intent on setting the DE market with his new contract I’m starting to think we should let him go. Make a strong effort instead to sign Quinn and Griffin. Highlight reels only show one side of things, but based on highlight reels both Quinn and Griffen had plenty in the tank last year. Neither are a long term solution like Clowney would be, but both could be key contributors the next couple of years.

      I’m also liking the idea of making a strong push for Javon Hargrave and letting Jarran Reed walk. I can’t help but think the odds of getting a pass rusher in the draft who has a solid impact his rookie year are slim this year. Go all out in FA to rebuild the DL, that way the draft can “come to us” so to speak.

      Quinn, Griffey, and Hargrave wouldn’t be cheap. I’d guess probably close to $45 million APY, possibly more. But 2 of the 3 could certainly be done, although it might ultimately require cutting Britt.

      It doesn’t get talked about much but I would like to see them lock down Shaquille as well.

  64. Denver Hawker says:

    When are the big pro-days for LSU and others? With so many unknown prospect metrics before FA, it would seem more likely they are very aggressive on the DL in FA.

    Also more likely they target OL, WR, and RB with first 3 picks to tap the strength of the draft. If Gay slips for any reason to mid-40s or 50s, would love to see them trade up and grab him.

  65. Barry says:

    Khalil Davis ran a sub 4.8 40. Registered 8 sacks last year and is at the 6’2 300 mark. Didn’t make the 33 inch arms mark.

    I’m going to check his tape a bit.

    • Barry says:

      So if davis makes it to the later rounds I would like to see us take a flyer on him. He needs to definitely be protected in a 4-3 but the kid doesn’t stop. He’s well spoken and just seems like a solid guy. There is tape out there I found right away from 2018 of NE vs WI. Davis is getting his ass kicked all game, then to me shows what he’s about. remember NE runs a 3-4.

      Little, needs a lot of work on his hands, but has speed, motor and smarts/character.

  66. Eburgz says:

    Guys that won’t be there:

    top hawks prospects: Not ranked by position

    I. Wilson
    J. Jones
    A. Jackson
    P. Tega-Wanogho
    M. Peart

    C. Ruiz
    L. Cushenberry
    M. Hennessy
    N. Harris
    J. Simpson
    R. Hunt
    D. Lewis
    T. Philips
    L. Stenberg
    H. Adeniji

    J. Reagor
    K. Hamler
    J. Jefferson
    D. Mims
    C. Claypool

    C. Kmet
    A. Troutman
    Albert O.
    D. Asiasi
    T. Moss

    Y. GRoss-Matos
    J. Okwara
    T. Lewis
    J. Greenard
    J. Zuniga

    K. Chaisson
    J. Uche
    Z. Baun

    R. Davis
    D. Hamilton
    R. Lawrence
    M. Davidson
    J. Madubuike
    L. Fotu

    M. Harrison
    W. Gay
    K. Murray
    P. Queen
    J. Brooks

    K. Duggar
    T. Diggs
    J. Chinn
    m. ojemudia
    L. Jackson

    J. Taylor
    C. Akers
    Z. Moss
    A. Dillon
    A. Gibson

    • Eburgz says:

      69 players above, 61 below. Not in ranked order but I think the guys on top are more likely Seahawks.

      ? : not sure on fit with the hawks/ value where they’re projected. fills out the draft board to 130 players.

      L. Shenault
      D. People’s Jones
      T. Higgins
      B. Aiyuk
      V. Jefferson
      D. Duvernay
      M. Pittman
      T. Johnson
      L. Bowden

      JK. dobbins
      C. Edwards Helarie
      D. Swift
      J Kelley

      Hunter Bryant
      B Hopkins
      Harrison Bryant
      S. Sullivan

      L. Niang
      I. Cleveland
      S. Lemuix
      N. Muti
      T. Biadasz
      M. Onwenu
      J. Jackson
      B. Bredeson

      R. Blacklock
      D. Taylor
      B. Anae
      K. Willikes
      K. Kareem
      A. Highsmith
      A. Kamara
      D. Elliot
      N. Gallimore
      J. Lynch
      C. Weaver
      B. Roy

      A. Gilman
      J. Blackmon
      A. Winfield
      T. Burgess
      C. Henderson
      J. Gladney
      C. Fulton
      D. Arnette
      X. McKinley
      C. Dantzler
      A. Terrell
      B. Hall
      J. Johnson
      N. Igbinoghene

      L. Wilson
      A Gaither
      T. Dye
      F. Bernard

      J. Hurts
      T. Tagovailoa
      J. Love
      J. Herbert
      J. Burrow
      J. Easton
      J. Fromm