Seahawkers podcast appearance

April 4th, 2022 | Written by Rob Staton

This week I joined Brandan Schulze on the Seahawkers Podcast to discuss the current state of the team and the draft:

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  1. V says:

    Aaron Wilson: Oklahoma State running back L.D. Brown @LdeeBrown @CowboyFB ran 4.4 at Pro Day, 36 vertical, 16 reps, 4.2 short shuttle, met with Dallas Cowboys at school, interest from Seahawks
    @marcell_mccray. Recovered from meniscus injury, 9 yard avg. per run against Notre Dame in bowl game

  2. Sea Mode says:

    Things still pointing towards DK staying, per “source”:

    • Sea Mode says:

      The LB tests that matter, and wow:

      Jim Nagy

      Montana State’s Troy Andersen, the Combine’s fastest LB at 4.42 official, just hit 3.99 SS & 6.72 3C at pro-day. Andersen didn’t do shuttles at Combine and both of times are significantly faster than any LB at Indy. Andersen continues crush pre-draft process from Mobile➡️today.📈

      • Sea Mode says:

        (reply fail)

      • Brik says:

        Is there a reason to believe he’s not just another Aaron Curry?

        • STTBM says:

          Aaron Curry wasn’t asked to do squat in college, he didn’t know Jack. This kid does. I don’t think he’s going to flame out–and he isn’t going to be guaranteed $40 million either, so he’s actually got incentive not to bust.

    • GaiusMarius says:

      That’s too bad. I’d rather have picks than a big receiver contract. And it’s not like we’ll have a QB who will be able to give him the TDs.

      • Sea Mode says:

        Just give him the ball on slants and crossing routes and he’ll make the rest happen, help the new QB out. At least that’s the idea I think.

      • Brik says:

        Great WRs like Metcalf are like security blankets for QBs. Add in Lockett and Fant and you got a QB that will almost certainly throw for 2500 yds and 20 TDs. History suggests that great WRs will still put up #s no matter who’s throwing the ball.

        • Bmseattle says:

          Its odd that it never felt like DK was a security blanket for Russ.
          It actually felt like it was an effort to get him the ball at times…to the point of DK expressing frustration and then Russ trying to force the issue.

          It’s difficult to know if that was a Russ issue or a DK issue.

          • Cover2 says:

            “it never felt like DK was a security blanket for Russ:. I agree. I think Tyler Lockett is more of a security blanket, because his quickness, ability to run good routes, and good hands.

          • Brik says:

            I agree, but Russ isn’t here anymore. I think DKs frustration was because he would run his routes and be open and not get the ball. He’s too big to try to keep running around while RW was running in circles in the backfield. It takes incredible endurance to operate a 6’4″ 240 lb body.

            • Cover2 says:

              I think a few thigs might have played into DK not getting the ball as much as he wanted. We all know Pete wants to protect the ball, so maybe Wilson wouldn’t throw to Dk deep down field when a CB had good coverage on him. Whereas an offensive minded head coach may be less risk adverse and tell his QB to throw it to DK downfield even if he is covered one-on-one. Let the big man make a play on the 50/50 ball.

              The other thing is Pete wants his point guard QB to throw it to the open man and not force feed anyone. Again, that goes back to protecting the ball. Just my 2 cents.

              Here is a great website to lookup players stats. So, you can easily find how many targets and catches a player had in previous years. Or just look up random player stats.


    • Nathan says:

      I think the Seahawks really want to keep DK, but would be open to a deal if a team gets desperate and wants to overpay. As we’ve seen with Russell, the Seahawks prefer to trade within the AFC rather than the NFC. I think JS would think long and hard if the Jets offer #10 and a 2nd rounder for DK, but I don’t think the Jets have that offer on the table. Most likely just one of #35 and #38, which would be a no go for any fan.

      • Trevor says:

        Any deal for DK needs to start with a 1st rounder this year and next year IMO. If not keep him and make him a core piece to build around.

        • Cover2 says:

          DK can be flipped for OG Zion Johnson and OC Tyler Linderbaum. Which makes more sense for Pete’s offense, one Pro Bowl WR or two Pro Bowl/All-Pro lineman?

          • bmseattle says:

            How convinced are we that Linderbaum is a significant upgrade over Blythe?
            Rob has pointed out that they are very similar, physically… and we don’t even have any testing numbers from Linderbaum to get excited about.
            I guess I worry about spending a 2nd round pick on an undersized (scheme dependent) Center, when there are so many other, higher upside players available at those picks.

            • Cover2 says:

              “How convinced are we that Linderbaum is a significant upgrade over Blythe”? That is a BIIIIIG reach to fit your narrative.

              Linderbaum was considered a top-15 pick based on tape. I feel you about being concerned about his testing numbers, but Jurgans whom is a testing stud is a bit suspect on his tape. Jurgs is not on the same tape level as the top o-lineman. I’ve heard some say that Linderbaum, based off tape, is a once in a generation center.

              As far as your concern about him being scheme dependent, who cares, he fits our scheme. If we were a big-on-big power scheme, then yeah, he is not for us.

              • Brik says:

                There isn’t any sure thing in the draft. DK isn’t only a proven commodity, he’s a top 5 player in his prime. Trading that away for anything is risky. The other teams that got rid of top receivers were also paying top dollar for their QBs for at least 4 more years. We don’t have that problem and I see no reason to get rid of a guy who can single handedly change how a defense plays.

              • bmseattle says:

                Just curious what you think “my narrative” is?

              • Rob Staton says:

                1. Please stop using the word ‘narrative’

                2. The Linderbaum top-15 stuff has always been a nonsense. I like him but it was never happening

  3. TomLPDX says:

    Really enjoyable podcast with Brandon. The next month should be entertaining to say the least! Can’t believe you are actually going to throw in a European vacation on top of it. Have fun!

    • Rob Staton says:

      Yeah the timing isn’t great there

      • TomLPDX says:

        Is this a make up for your earlier trip when you got Covid? Got to keep that wonderful woman happy Rob. Happy wife, happy life!

        • Rob Staton says:

          Right before Covid struck I went to Germany with my family and a long-time friends family to a place called ‘Centre Parcs’ — they have numerous venues across Europe. We decided to give Holland a go this time. Originally was going straight there but a crisis with ferry crossings means we have to drive to the South of England instead, then drive through France/Belgium. Not ideal.

          • TomLPDX says:

            Well, enjoy the ride. I would love to spend a day driving through France and Belgium. Centre Parcs sound like a good time for a family and friends.

  4. V says:

    “TRADE: Eagles sending picks No. 16, No. 19 and No. 194 in the sixth round to the Saints in exchange for pick No. 18, No. 101 in the third round, No. 237 in the 7th round AND a 2023 first-round pick and 2024 second-round pick, per sources.

    Saints now at 16, 19; Eagles at 15, 18” (Adam Schefter)

    • Big Mike says:

      Interesting. Saints must have eyes on a couple of players in the middle of the 1st that they really believe in

      • JJ says:

        Ammunition for a trade up?

        • Sea Mode says:

          Word on the street is the Saints want a QB and a WR.

          Tony Pauline

          Saints want to come away with a QB and WR in round one. They just furthered the cause for coming away with both.

          The Eagles spread out their draft ammo over multiple years. One more year to look at Hurts before making a decision. Also avoid adding three R1 salaries to their cap in one year.

          Seems like a win-win at first glance.

        • Silly Billy says:

          Every Pro football mock I’ve done in the last hour (I’ve been avoiding my day job work…) has Saints trading up to pickup a QB.

          Notably, 15 and 18 for the #2 or #3 spot (DET or HOU). couple times they wanted to trade with us, which would be good “trade back” range @ #15.

    • Troy says:

      Interesting trade on a few fronts. Eagles appear to get the better value out of the deal, and seem to be gambling on the saints having a bad season next year.

      For the saints, they either really love the middle of the first round talent wise, or they plan on moving up even further for a QB or other prospect.

      Draft day gonna be wild.

      • TomLPDX says:

        I wonder if they are trying to get ahead of Pittsburgh to take Willis.

        • Cover2 says:

          With #16 and #19 that gives them the ammo to trade up to Jets #4. There must be a QB they really believe in. Very interesting move on Saints part.

          • Rob Staton says:

            Let’s pump the breaks on this guys.

            The 2022 quarterback class is still the 2022 quarterback class.

            Trading up to #4?????

            They can just take the first QB with their native picks.

            • cha says:

              Disagree 100%.

              CBS mocked the Seahawks trading up to #5 and taking Malik Willis. Their word is a stone cold lock.

              I mean, did you not see his pro day workout? He threw a ball further than most people on the planet. Only 80-100 other quarterbacks can throw it that far.

              And they don’t have his verve. He threw it with such pumped-up-ed-ness he nearly tumbled to the ground. But he steadied himself and then took a celebratory victory lap.

              He’s exactly what the Seahawks need to balance their team. A expensive jacked hand-clapper on offense.

            • Cover2 says:

              Yeah, your right. I’m just thinking out loud.

              If Tony Pauline is right that the Saints want a QB and WR in round 1 then, Malik Willis throwing to Christian Watson would be good pairing.

            • TomLPDX says:

              My brakes are certainly pumped. I’ve heard you from day one that this QB class starts in the 3rd round and not before. Just wondering why the Saints would do this?

              • Rob Staton says:

                IMO as long as you’re in front of the Steelers you’re OK with this QB class. I suspect they have a couple they like so even if Pitt trades up a bit they can get their guy. And then they probably have their eye on another player they ‘have to have’.

                It might even be about using a R1 in a trade but staying in the draft.

  5. V says:

    Ryan Fowler: Ohio State EDGE Tyreke Smith said his meetings with the Falcons, Giants, Seahawks, and Cardinals have stood out during the pre-draft process.

    The Buckeyes’ most productive pass-rusher the last two years, his explosiveness and flashes on tape (Penn State) have intrigued teams.

  6. V says:

    Greg Beacham: Bobby Wagner says he didn’t choose the Rams because he could stay in Seattle’s division: “I don’t have that much hate in my heart.”

    But he also admits: “Playing the Seahawks twice a year is the cherry on top. I’ll make sure they know where I am. It won’t be a quiet game for me.”

    • Sea Mode says:

      Bring it.

    • cha says:

      You think the Seahawks won’t know where you are?

      They’ll be running right at you.

      • Big Mike says:

        And maybe, just maybe the Hawks will learn to throw some screens and target him with those
        on second thought, Seattle as a successful screen team is probably a pipe dream.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Hey Bobby…


      • SoZ says:

        He should have made sure we “knew where he was” while he was still playing for us. Oh wait, I know. Making tackles 10 yards downfield. So many tackles! Teaching Jordyn Brooks how to be just as good of a tackling dummy. How many pleasant first down memories for the offense were those 2 a part of?

  7. Sea Mode says:

    Good news: Carolina possibly looking to go OT with pick #6.

    Also, I think a pass rusher will be there for us at #9 if they want. Opinions on players are simply too varied among teams for all of them to be off the board. This came to me as I was looking at Mike Tannenbaum’s mock the other day. (Not that I put much credit into it, even though he is a former GM, but just in the sense of how different it was from so many other mocks, especially Rob’s).

  8. unHappy Hawk says:

    Collinsworth saying Baker Mayfield ends up in Seattle.

    I hope not. Don’t we already know what Baker will bring to the table?

    • Big Mike says:

      Like Rob said on the interview, I’ll take him for a 6th and Cleveland pays nearly his entire salary. They’re over a barrel, use that.

    • TomLPDX says:

      Consider the source…not a Collingsworth fan and have never been.

      • Big Mike says:

        Interesting Tom. He definitely has plenty of fans and plenty of detractors. Doesn’t seem to be a lot of middle ground. I like him though there’s other guys I like better.

        • TomLPDX says:

          I based that on what I’ve heard him say from years as an analyst during games. He has, to me, been off the mark too many times. I don’t dislike him, I just don’t listen to his opinion.

          • Old but Slow says:

            I used to guess how many times Collinsworth would say “pash russ” during a game.

  9. Sea Mode says:

    Lol. I know it’s a cheap shot and he’s trying to do something good here deep down, but it sounds like he’s getting into cranky old man territory now.

    Ari Meirov
    · 22m

    #Seahawks HC Pete Carroll stood up and called out owners during last week’s meetings and let them know that the hiring practices around the NFL won’t change unless owners get out of their own universe, per @AdamSchefter.

    Carroll’s rant went for 10 minutes. No one challenged him.

    Also, this response… 🔥

    Billy M

    Sounds great until you realize he’s part of the problem by giving his sons NFL coaching jobs

    • Hawkdawg says:

      That’s a different problem, though.

      • Big Mike says:

        Yes and no. If just one of those nepotism hires goes to a person of color he has 2 legs to stand on rather than one.
        That is in no way to imply Pete is a major part of the problem and he isn’t right, cuz he is. It starts with the owners (and usually ends with them). None the less, it’s also a legit point, even if a minor one.

      • TomLPDX says:

        It is a different problem and I saw that as some people trying to sidetrack Pete’s comments to push their own agenda. Yeah, Pete hired his kids. Are they any better or worse than other coaches? We’ll never know because of the way it is reported. Is Pete right? Who knows….

      • Mr drucker n hooterville says:

        pete’s problem has been bad hiring of all flavors.

        • Denver Hawker says:

          Nah see, Pete’s playing 4D chess [tapping side of head with finger]. He’s rattling the owners and putting his kids in coaching roles to piss off Wilson to trade him and get unfair ref treatment next year so he gets a low pick and takes the next great QB.

    • Group Captain Mandrake says:

      I have no idea whether his kids are any good or how prominent a role they have on the coaching staff, but I’d say Pete had done his fair share of minority hiring. KNJ, Clint Hurtt, Sean Desai, Kris Richard, off the top of my head are pretty prominent hires over the years. So I’d say Billy M is a bit wide of the mark.

  10. Sea Mode says:

    Everybody knows the 2023 QB class looks better… Gonna be some stiff competition for the top guys.

    Jimmy Kempski

    There are now 5 teams with multiple 1’s in 2023.
    – Lions
    – Texans
    – Seahawks
    – Dolphins
    – Eagles

    • Brik says:

      Great…Not to mention my guess is the Falcons end up with the #1 pick.

      • Peter says:

        Hey now. Seattle’s in a great position to land a top five pick all on their own.

        • SoZ says:

          Well would the 49ers be where they are today without all of their top picks? First round picks # 17, 7, 3, 2, and 14… all spent on the defensive line.

        • ShowMeYourHawk says:

          This is almost certainly a lock. I think HOU & ATL are going to be 2-3 win teams, NYJ at 4-5 wins and us sliding in at 5 wins tops, assuming they don’t stumble into some luck. A top 5 pick for us really could only be upset if JAX and NYG are somehow even worse this season than last, which isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

          • BobbyK says:

            I want Anderson and a QB next year. Then we can think about winning again.

          • Peter says:

            Giants the same as last year. JAX i expect to be better. Lawrence with a real coach? I’m not penciling them in as good per se but Lawrence was a phenomenal talent being held back by one of the worst coaches.

            Houston got 4 wins last year so i think that’s repeatable.

            Seattle was 7-10 with mediocre qb play. While I hope the games are interesting if Lock and Geno are what their careers have been doibling or tripling up on the turnovers next year is going to make for some rough games. And 18 int’s is not out of the realm with either playing a fullseason.

          • Cover2 says:

            I think for sure the Texans, Falcons, and Giants will be worse than the Seahawks. If we sit there with #4 in 2023, good luck trying to trade up with the Texans, Falcons, and Giants they will all need QB’s next year.

            On the plus side we would get an amazing pass rusher at #4.

            • Peter says:

              Texans might not need a qb. Year two of david mills. He didn’t have a bad start less year

              • Cover2 says:

                Yeah, you could be right. I feel like this season is a “prove it” season for a lot of NFL QBs. Guys like David Mills, Jalen Hurts, Daniel Jones, Carson Wentz, and Tua Tagovailoa.

                • Peter says:

                  Hoping wentz and the commanders win just enough to keep them out of the running.

                  Think miami moves on from Tua but also hoping they get to that 9-8 dreaded range.

                  The eagles could be a problem. But their owner has whomever wins the heisman written all over them (stroud, young?)

                  Daniel Jones. Love a duck. I had no idea he was a top 10 pick. Maybe his new coach is the best in the league? But they are probably moving on though.

                  And mills. His start is kind of inline with a lot of rookies so it’s hard to say. If he plays sort of “good qb average,” like 23-25 tds and cuts a few int’s they could look at him as a good deal to keep building for another season. If he stalls the yeah I could see them moving on after two seasons from a cheap rookie.

  11. TomLPDX says:

    Wow! Bobby was cheap for the Rams this year, assuming he even makes the team…

    I love Bobby, but dude, you have to be realistic. We all saw you play last year…just sayin’

    • SoZ says:

      By the end, Bobby had morphed into that guy at the fair or amusement park who helps you down from your ride after the music is over.

    • Jordan says:

      Oh he’ll make that team. Probably another all-pro and pro bowl behind that front. Maybe another ring too.

      He’s already cemented his HOF entry; but the possibility of two rings with two different teams, that becomes rarified air (Brady, Manning, Deion, Haley..)

    • 12th chuck says:

      I read that he turned down ravens 2-year 18 mill. but he said that it wasn’t about “sticking it” to the seahawks

  12. Zane says:

    I could see Pete becoming enamored with Kyle Hamilton, seeing him as the next Chancellor or Polamalu. Is there any room for another safety in our new scheme? Hmm…

  13. Rob Staton says:

    New interview about to drop on the podcast…

    Kaleb Eleby

    Got another lined up for tomorrow that is pretty, pretty interesting…

    • ShowMeYourHawk says:

      Really great pull, Rob. I know you’ve extolled the play and capabilities of Coan but Eleby really piques my interest as an option in Rd 3-4. Looking forward to your talk with him.

    • Peter says:

      The interviews you and Brian Schultze have done are great. Both of you sound like old hat working together. Looking forward to this one.