An interview with Brian Baldinger

May 10th, 2020 | Written by Rob Staton

Today I had an opportunity to speak to Brian Baldinger about the Seahawks, the draft, Jadeveon Clowney and the NFC West. Unfortunately, only four minutes of the interview recorded properly — basically all of the stuff discussing Jordyn Brooks.

I’ll try and review what else we talked about here. Baldy compared Darrell Taylor to Cameron Wake and noted that he’d heard a different team were very interested in Taylor, so he’d done a lot of work on him pre-draft. He said he’d talked to Clowney earlier in the year and due to a lack of a proper off-season in 2019 — he could be even better this year with a full camp (if possible due to Coronavirus). He noted he liked B.J. Finney having watched him at Kansas State. We also talked about Baldy’s Breakdowns — one of the best things about the NFL on Twitter.

Apologies to you all that I’m unable to provide you all 12 minutes of the conversation we had. Here’s the bit that did record on Brooks…

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147 Responses to “An interview with Brian Baldinger”

  1. cha says:

    Thanks Rob.

    Did he expand any more on your question about how to utilize all 3 premium LBs?

  2. Gohawks5151 says:

    Man that sucks… Awesome that you continue to interview such great guests. Thanks for all the work Rob! Very thankful for your work

  3. cha says:

    So what are we looking at on base defense Week One with our roster as is?

    Something like this?

    Early Downs

    DT-Poona and Reed
    DE-Collier and Green and mix some Mayowa in at LEO
    WILL-Wright and mix some Brooks in
    SAM/Nickel-split of Irvin for SAM and PC Mystery Man for Nickel

    Pass Rush Downs
    DT-Reed and Collier
    DE-Green and Mayowa at LEO

    Branden Jackson, Darrell Taylor get some rotational snaps

    Is that generally where the Hawks are at this moment in time?

    • I think Irvin wont play SAM at all.

      • LLLOGOSSS says:

        Apparently they told him he would be back in his previous role of LB/3rd down pass rusher.

        Obviously that was before we drafted Brooks, and before the Clowney saga continued for another eternity.

        Will be interesting to see how it shakes out.

    • HAWKTALKER#1 says:

      You might be right. Facing the reality of no Clowney makes me sick and that D line just feels so bad.

    • dcd2 says:

      That’s a whole lot of Collier. I’m hoping for improvement, but if he’s on the field that much we’re probably in trouble.

    • Logan Lynch says:

      Probably pretty close. I would think the DE on early downs would be Green/Collier at 5T with Mayowa at LEO mostly. Mix in a bit of Taylor at LEO, but mainly use him and Robinson as 3rd down rushers. Could have Bruce on the opposite side on 3rd down with Reed and Green/Collier kicking inside.

  4. If they go with 11 players DE/LB (they usually do that) who do you see as odd man:

    Collier, Green, Jackson, Mayowa, Irvin, Taylor, Robinson, BWagz, KJ, Brooks, Barton, BBK, Shaquem…

    You would need to cut 2, and if they sign new DE then its 3…

    I think Jackson is 99% gone(if no injuries) and one of BBK and Griffen (but prolem is they are both great special team players)…

    I dont know who would be third…probablybRobunson, but if he showbhebis worth of 53 roster apot during august then i really dont know…

    Maybe they would go with 12 in that case…

    • Spencer says:

      Robinson was a bit of a steal in the 5th, I can’t see him getting cut unless he shows absolutely nothing like Jennings last year. If they sign Clowney, I really don’t think its unrealistic for Mayowa to go. Jackson is an easy answer, and then one of BBK/Shaquem would have to go as well.

  5. EranUngar says:

    I am really sorry Rob.

    I can just imagine how you felt when you found it out.

    While we do not always agree, I think what you provided us all here at this time was invaluable. An Island of normalcy where thing we know and love kept happening. You do not deserve it.

    Sorry man.

  6. dream22 says:

    Random question, why don’t teams use sub offensive lineman packages in specific plays.

    Example, say Fant was much better in pass protection than Ifedi, why not sub him in on 3rd and long situations. You’re already using other sub packages that identify you’re most likely to pass in those situations. There’s something to be said for continuity along the offensive line but if used enough it would help build up depth.

    I think this is something we’ll eventually see

    • Spencer says:

      I think the main reason is that OL’s generally rely on continuity and consistent reps to perform. Subbing them in cold for one snap in the middle of a drive might be a recipe for disaster.

      Also, putting a WR or a RB in on a passing/running down, doesn’t necessarily trap you into having to run that type of play, but putting in a situation specific OL probably does.

  7. Sea Mode says:

    We all know we need to add more, but let’s just appreciate what we do have:


    Highest graded QBs on throws 20+ yards downfield in 2019

    1. Russell Wilson: 98.9
    2. Deshaun Watson: 98.2
    3. Gardner Minshew: 94.7
    4. Dak Prescott: 93.9

    Russell Wilson threw 20+ yards downfield on 16.5% of his dropbacks last season, which was the 2nd-highest percentage in the NFL. #Seahawks


    Highest 3-year PFF grades at LB 2017-2019

    1. Bobby Wagner – 92.2
    1. Luke Kuechly – 92.2
    3. Lavonte David – 91.0
    4. Deion Jones – 88.3

    • TomLPDX says:

      I’m so tired of Bobby living in the shadow of Kuechly. Bobby is the better player as far as I’m concerned…and yes, I’m biased!

      • Darnell says:

        Yes. And with Keuchly retiring we are now in the years where Bobby pulls away.

        No disrespect to Keuchly though as he had nothing to do with outshinging Bobby from a national perspective, much like it was never Luck’s fault that Russ was overlooked. Those just became the two that Hawks fans often targeted in defense of their own.

        Bobby’s resume is unreal, verging on top 3 all-time Seahawk territory.

      • cha says:

        Given how many high picks the Panthers plowed into the DL, Kuechly always played with more support than Wagner. Cleanest LB in the league. Wagner has done a good chunk of his work with the Seahawks pulling DTs off the street in June.

  8. Hojo says:

    I would guess Jackson and Griffin would be out.

  9. JC3 says:

    Baldy sounds like K.J.”Wagner” could be a cap casualty as he point out that there is a chance Brooks will take over the weak side this season.

    • TomLPDX says:

      KJ isn’t going anywhere. This might be his final year as an active Seahawk but he will be in the ring of honor alongside Bobby, Russ, Marshawn, Kam, Earl and Richard. Hope they have the space for all these guys!!! 🙂

      • Putting him at the SAM could kill two birds with one stone. Gets him on the field but not at 100% of the snaps anymore. Also gets more speed at the WILL. Brooks just needs to show he is ready. If there is no or limited preseason it might not happen until mid season.

        • JC3 says:

          KJ is my favorite player, but does paying a SAM at 10 mils makes any sense? Most teams play more nickel CB than base D. He will have to take a pay cut soon.

      • TatupuTime says:

        He may be a restructure candidate. He’s currently injured and I’m not sure he’d have a huge market if they outright cut him. I don’t think they’d outright cut him this late in the offseason – but they may have already talked through a number of restructure scenarios with him – who knows.

        In any event – KJ getting close to 100% of the d snaps doesn’t make sense at this point. Regardless of contract they need to get him (and ideally Bobby) off the field a bit more.

        • TomLPDX says:

          Yeah, I could see them restructuring KJ’s contract and spread that $10M over 2 seasons instead of one. I think KJ is worth 5M right now considering the year he had last year and there is still some gas left in the tank. Let’s them hedge against Barton as well if he doesn’t improve this year.

  10. Seahawk12 says:

    Love Brian!

  11. KennyBadger says:

    Heat check question- if the hawks do sign clowney, how much does your super bowl confidence increase? Russ is a man I feel I can trust to get us in the playoffs, but even with JC are the hawks final 4?

  12. cha says:

    maven breakdown on Damien Lewis

  13. Ashish says:

    when Bobby wager was drafted no one from media liked the pick. After hearing the interview I love the Jordan brooks pick. Fingers crossed

  14. Bankhawk says:

    Rob-I’m going to set aside the question of improvement on the defensive side of the ball for now, as it’s hard to see how that will shape up until we see how ‘the waiting game’ plays out. Also, a lot of new young faces that need to show what they can do when we can actually get them on the field.

    But I would like to hear you summarize your feelings on whether or not we might be able to see even better production out of the offense this season. I’m thinking the following:

    -Russ will be Russ-as long as he’s healthy.
    -the tight end room is solid to improved (especially if Dissily makes it back to good form within a reasonable interval).
    -obviously, they have given themselves a lot of lattitude for interesting competition on the O-line. I could see it being better than last year, though this may be one area that will depend on what any tinkering with the salary cap necessitates.
    -RB will all depend on how C.C. and Penny bounce back. I am interested to see if DJ Dallas can factor in.
    -WR could be really exciting, and it’s hard for me to see us putting a unit on the field that is not at least a little more dynamic still than last year, despite not adding any superstars for RW from that amazing draft.

    Lastly, I know it’s hard to make a call on the post-cuts f/a market, but does your gut tell you much at this point, at least from the positional perspective?
    The Baldy segment must have been frustrating, but what we did get was good! Cheers.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I think clearly the TE has been bolstered. I think the OL is a massive question mark for 2020 and I worry about the RB position which has not really been strengthened despite the injury concerns there. I also feel a bit disappointed that from this great WR draft they couldn’t dip into it earlier than round six. Seeing the Colts go WR & RB in round two is a sickener.

      So I think it has potential to be similar to a year ago but not necessarily better.

      As for cuts —- I think it’s a bit too early to say.

    • EranUngar says:

      I am not Rob but I would like to add something:

      I am in no position to say if the 3 new Olinemen (possibly 4) will represent an upgrade or a downgrade from last year.

      As far as RBs, I can see Dallas playing a secondary roll as a 3rd down/fast pace back with his pass protection skills and his WR background. However, the quality of the RBs will depend on a healthy Carson when the year starts and Penny later on.

      As far as pass targets, I see a major improvement.

      The Seahawks started last year with Lockett, Dissly, rookie DK, Moore, Brown, Turner and Vannett. Basically, it was Lockett & Dissly + the rookie.

      They are likely to start 2020 with Lockett, 2nd year DK, Dorssett, Dissly and Olsen as the prime targets allowing them to play a very effective 2 TEs sets and lightning fast 3 WRs sets. Having those reliable 3-4 targets is a major advantage over what they had last year. They can field smart veterans with understanding of zone defenses (Olsen, Lockett, Dorssett) and players with speed/size miss match advantage (DK, Dorssett, Parkinson). That extra quality 3rd/4th target is something that breaks defenses when used effectively and you can trust RW to do it.

      Once a team is able to enforce it’s will at any facet of the game it causes a chain reaction. Teams will need to account for those targets and we will not see that many 7-8 players in the box.

      In short, adding a little here and there to an already good unit makes a big difference.

      • Bankhawk says:

        Eran; I’m with you-I think the array of targets Russ will have this season is looking mighty interesting. I just got done watching Dorsett’s highlight reels (both from the ‘Canes’, and the Pats) and was really liking that speed, and what looks to my untutored eye like some nice versatility. Mayhaps somebody with a better football mind than mine would care to weigh in on the secondaries of our various divisional opponents and what kind of match-up issues we will be able to bring this year.

        I still like the idea of Ursua, and am hoping he at least gets salted away on the practice squad, or maybe even makes the active roster. And have my fingers crossed for Sullivan to the practice squad as well.

  15. swedenhawk says:

    hi rob,
    what is it about taylor’s game that’s got baldy thinking he’s got cameron wake-like potential?
    would be amazing if true.

  16. Dutchenstein says:

    Are you guys seeing redditt? Probably BS, but the guy who posted it broke the Britt getting cut news well before it was official.

    Rumor I’m seeing is maybe Miles Garrett. Would be huge. Can’t think of anyone on our team that we would trade that would be big besides McD or KJ (don’t see KJ getting traded right after the surgery news).

    Rob- thoughts on Miles? Wonder if we would have to give him in a new contract? He in the last year of his rookie deal, but there is the 5th year option.

    All of a sudden our d-line would look way better, and so would our defense as a whole.

    • lil’stink says:

      The rumor was also confirmed by another guy who apparently has a “source” that allowed him to call 4 of our draft picks in 2019. Said we would be “so happy” today. We’ll see. I’ll wait until it’s official.

      And I hope it’s not Myles Garrett.

      • Sea Mode says:

        I’d sure take Myles Garrett… his “slip up” was on another team, in the past, etc. and we would be his fresh start. Plus, now he knows he’s on thin ice with the league anyways, so he should be more cautious.

        Anyways, not gonna get my hopes up for him, but I sure would be happy to see the Seahawks make any kind of big move soon.

      • Dutchenstein says:

        Why? Wasn’t that incident a blip (no history)? Not rationalizing what he did, but that does not seem like a deal breaker for our regime.
        Plus he is just what we need. Big DE that also gets sack production.

    • Ashish says:

      There is no news on any other site, not big follower of Twitter so not sure there. Is this just a rumor??

      • Sea Mode says:

        Just random dudes claiming to have contacts close to the team. Only good for grasping for straws during quarantine. We’ll see if something actually happens today.

        • Logan Lynch says:

          Yup, gives us something to spitball though. No harm in that. Other name rumored besides Garrett is JuJu. I’d rather have some help on the DL, but JuJu would be fun. You’d have to extend either guy. Lockett has 2 years left, so you could theoretically plan for JuJu and Metcalf to be the future.

          • Sea Mode says:

            Yeah, I saw that. I guess that would be interesting. He would only have a $1m cap hit this year, but the question is how high of a pick would it take to get him and would PIT really let him go and have Big Ben’s only targets this year be Claypool, James Washington, and… Amara Darboh?

    • Rob Staton says:

      There’s more chance of us trading for Father Christmas than Myles Garrett.

      That isn’t happening.

      If it does I’ll swim the Atlantic for a second time, after my swim after the first round of this years draft.

      • Rob Staton says:

        Besides… the guy who called Justin Britt being cut. He really went out on a limb there, right? Anyone could’ve called that. We’d been talking about it for ages.

        He even admits in the comments that he might be trolling.

        • Dutchenstein says:

          I realize it’s a stretch, but that unfathomable? He’s not exactly a shining star for them right now. They could get at least one first from us and then turn around and sign Clowney (they have the space). I could see it being a win-win scenario. This kind of deal screams PC/JS.

          If it happens, will you swim in a santa suit?

          • Rob Staton says:

            I’m reading the thread now.

            He said something about a pretty big name being traded but not whether it was in or out. Which made me instantly think Shaquill Griffin to be honest.

            And yes, it’s unfathomable that Cleveland would trade Garrett. One incident like that doesn’t mean you automatically trade one of the few truly elite edge rushers in the NFL. Especially when you’re a franchise desperate to become credible with a massive pressure to stop rebuilding every year and win some games for a change.

      • Logan Lynch says:

        Rob, the real question is…

        What’s Father Christmas’ TEF?

  17. Seahawks favored in 11 games on early betting lines. Favored in first 5 to the bye week. One game is even and four they are NOT favored.

  18. Rob Staton says:

    I’ve read the entire rumour thread on reddit.

    Here’s what I think…

    — If there’s anything in it, which I doubt, it’s not a massive name. A good, solid addition is the tone I’m getting from the OP.

    — I’ve said for weeks and will continue to say it. Stop getting your hopes up on players like Myles Garrett and Joey Bosa. You might as well hope for New Orleans to trade Michael Thomas or the Rams Aaron Donald. Teams don’t give away elite, top-20 talents at any position. Especially not just because they bopped someone over the head in a rivalry game.

    — I think it’s utter bollocks. The person who writes it seems to spend most of his time chatting about Madden, Drake and baseball games on reddit. His username is ‘everyonelovesnudez’ for crying out loud. I sense he got lucky with the Britt post and has waited for the right opportunity to have a good laugh at the people on there with a BS rumour. When someone is ‘legit’ they don’t usually drip feed clues. They just post something is going to happen and then it does. So I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

  19. I see its party here…you are mentioning big name coming amd maybe Griffin out…

    Lets injoy the party…think Chiefs have problems with CB and SC…😂😂😂

  20. Coleslaw says:

    I’ll throw a name into the hat. Kareem Hunt.

  21. BobbyK says:

    We’re trading a 7th round pick for TJ Watt! LMFAO

    Then we’re trading a 2nd round pick next year to get the rights to Jonathan Taylor!

  22. Rob Staton says:

    I still think Father Christmas is the closest guess so far.

  23. Rob Staton says:

    It’s definitely a massive wind up.

    He’s doing eye emoji’s at every single suggestion. From Earl Thomas, to franchise tagged players, to Myles Garrett.

    Absolute bollocks would be my guess.

  24. Big Mike says:

    I’ve reached my limit of free articles on the Seattle Times. If someone could post the weekly lines for the Seahawks in text here I’d appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

  25. Scot04 says:

    Baltimore continues to have a nice offseason filling holes. Fluker goes to true Superbowl Contender.
    Seahawks taking a cautious non agressive approach continues to be frustrating. I guess Seattles lack of anything exciting signing wise will always cause some rediculous trade rumors. Next will be Shaquill Griffen for Myles Garrett strait up lol

    • Big Mike says:

      Ravens are a quality org. Just remember they do have a QB on a rook contract so being aggressive is easier for them.

    • lil’stink says:

      Lamar Jackson having a cap hit that’s about $28.5 million less that Wilson makes it a bit easier to be aggressive in the offseason.

      • Scot04 says:

        Not saying Baltimore didn’t have more flexibility to be aggressive. Just saying Seahawks could have been. They had the flexibility to do so early.

  26. Rob Staton says:

    The mods have deleted all of his posts.

    You’ve all been had.

  27. New Guy says:

    Let’s hear it for silly, delicious speculation. No one should pay any attention. What a ruse…

    Gee, maybe it’s a trade with Delano Hill for ET???


  28. Volume12 says:

    Ya’ll see Baldy’s breakdowns top 10 pass rushers list? 😭

    • Volume12 says:

      * Edge pass rushers

    • Volume12 says:

      No? Ok….

      10. Myles Garrett
      9. Yannick Ngakoue
      8. Frank Clark (said PC told him he’s the most explosive player he’s ever coached) *good trade coach*
      7. TJ Watt
      6. Cam Jordan
      5. Joey Bosa
      4. Danielle Hunter
      3. Von Miller
      2. Khalil Mack
      1. Chandler Jones

  29. Pran says:

    Looks like Clowney’s decision may be coming..

    Dan Sileo

    The @Eagles have put a deal in front of @clownejd …The @Seahawks want him back…BUT both deals are near what Clowney thought he was going to get…stay tuned!!

  30. cha says:


    Ian Rapoport
    The #Dolphins have filed their contract for No. 5 pick Tua Tagovailoa, with his 4-year, $30.28M deal official with a 5th-year option. He gets a signing bonus of $19.6M, and it’s all guaranteed.
    10:45 AM · May 11, 2020

  31. GerryG says:

    I mean sure the guy’s credibility is crap, but he’s got a really good point, everyone really does love nudz. Just sayin’.

  32. SteveLargent80 says:

    KJR is trying to get everyonelovesnudez on the station apparently. What is going on?

  33. MaxC14 says:

    Did anyone see this, not sure if its credible or not.
    “Between his two Super Bowl appearances and the last couple of years, Wilson was struggling at times as QB of the Seahawks. So much so, that there are now rumors circulating that the team almost traded him. According to Chris Simms of NBC Sports, the Seahawks were rumored to have called the Cleveland Browns in 2018, inquiring about their first overall pick. In fact, they were offering Russell Wilson in return.”

  34. dcd2 says:

    Rob, have you spent any time looking at the drafts of other teams? Curious who you think really had a nice draft. Not necessarily grades, but teams that added a few guys you were high on. Like the Jets with Becton, Mims, Zuniga, Bryce Hall…

    I was a fan of the Chiefs and Ravens in real time. Looking now, I like what the Jets, Lions & Bengals did.

    I also noticed that the Saints traded away half of their picks for Adam Trautman. They only took 4 guys and dealt 130, 169, 203 & 244 to move up to 105 for Trautman. That just stuck out to me as an all-in move.

    Lastly, do you have hopes for any of our UDFA’s, in particular?

    • Rob Staton says:

      I am publishing a post about the NFC West today.

      • Sea Mode says:

        Well, I just came across this FWIW:


        Chance to have 3 playoff teams from the same division in 2020:

        NFC West 24.4%
        AFC North 19.4%
        NFC South 15.1%
        AFC West 11.8%
        AFC South 10.1%
        NFC North 9.5%
        AFC East 6.3%
        NFC East 3.3%

  35. Rashi says:

    Chris Jones spotted at Sea Tac.

  36. Bigten says:

    Getting in on the fun, saw a hint “Lannister always keeps his debts”. Lannister had one hand= Shaqueem. Shaqueem plus a 4th for Ngakoue. With the news of Clowney getting a good offer from Eagles, they are moving on. Haha

  37. CL says:

    It’s Myles Garrett… unless he’s trolling on radio…

    HOLY F***** HELL

  38. Kenny Sloth says:

    I’ll take it