An interview with LA Tech’s Milton Williams (Seahawks fan)

January 8th, 2021 | Written by Rob Staton

Today marks the start of my 2021 draft interview series.

Last year I spoke to a number of players, coaches, former GM’s and media pundits — including Damien Lewis, Scot McCloughan, Michael Lombardi, Jim Nagy, Tony Pauline, Brian Baldinger and many others.

My first interview this year is one of the my favourites so far. LA Tech’s star defensive lineman Milton Williams is explosive, quick and he’s set for a great combine performance.

He’s also, as he revealed during the piece, a Seahawks fan.

Please check out the interview below and if possible, like the video on YouTube to help promote it.

I’ve also got two more interviews lined up with players you’ll be very familiar with if you’ve been following the blog since the summer…

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826 Responses to “An interview with LA Tech’s Milton Williams (Seahawks fan)”

  1. Hughz says:

    Love it. These are my favorite posts. Great insight to the player’s character and love of the game.

  2. Mick says:

    Good work, Rob. Milton looks really strong, hope he’s still around when we get to pick.

  3. Iain Brown says:

    That was fantastic.

  4. Matt says:

    Love this dude. That’s an awesome interview.

  5. Dave1401 says:

    Brilliant stuff. I look forward to the rest

  6. TomLPDX says:

    Rob, you outdid yourself on this one, such an excellent interview along with the format and play highlights. I seriously wish we could get this guy on our team…total Seahawk!

  7. cha says:

    Great work Rob. Enjoyed that very much.

    Where does he fit best on the DL in Seattle’s defense? 5-tech?

  8. JJ says:


    Really like Williams. Loved the part of you going over plays with him.

  9. Zxvo3 says:

    Great interview Rob. I’m looking forward to many more of these! I also like the fact that you’re doing these interviews earlier in the draft process.

  10. cha says:

    Penny a late addition to the injury report, Seahawks bring Alex Collins up from the PS for the game.

    • charlietheunicorn says:

      Collins looked good with nice burst in the game last week….
      he definitely can handle the rock if necessary. Penny, smdh

    • bmseattle says:

      I feared the worst with Penny, when watching him go down, holding his knee.
      I was then happy for both him and the team when Pete said it was only “a cramp”.

      Has there been any sort of an elaboration from the team on what, exactly, the issue is?
      Obviously he isn’t still cramping up, if that was ever the issue at all.

      • Rob Staton says:

        It’s clear he was cramping during the Niners game because he was immediately pulling his toes back. That’s what you do with cramp.

        I suspect at practise this week his knee either feels sore or he’s tweaked something. I imagine they are being cautious with a player who has just had a year out and Alex Collins played well last week.

        • Chase says:

          I was really envisioning Penny turning it up the last few weeks to hopefully alleviate some of the pressure of either retaining Carson or drafting a RB this offseason. Although I feel he has potential I don’t see him being our every down back of the future. Russ struggling without the running game this season was one too many times for me to believe that he can survive without a top ten back in the NFL. I feel it will be a tremendous challenge for PCJS to navigate this offseason, if JS even stays for another year…

  11. Jujus says:

    Great interview!

    Love to hear directly from the players.

    I love that he might be in draft range for us because theres no highlight compilation on youtube. But the way he was talking it sounds like he may have a Mekhi becton ascension.

  12. Denver Hawker says:

    I would like a Milton please. I know I said I thought drafting a DT early was a luxury, but it looks like it could be a sweet spot for the position mid-late R2.

    • BobbyK says:

      I don’t see DT as a luxury pick because I think the Seahawks back-up DTs are among the worst in the NFL and all of us complain about Reed and Ford having to play too many snaps.

      With a position like needing two DTs (even though it’s not the exact same role) – you pretty much need 3 starters because it’s much different than the interior OL where you hope your guys play in 100% of the snaps.

    • Gaux Hawks says:

      Wow, thanks for sharing!

      Humble. Hungry. Special.

      Extend Carlos… and hire the Valet Dude.

    • TomLPDX says:

      Thanks for posting this Denver, that was a great read and I feel even more excited for Dunlap now. I hope we make it all the way through the playoffs and get to the big dance, not just for me as a Hawks fan but for our players like Carlos and Jamal and the entire team. A fan can dream!

      Good luck today Seahawks! Make a statement with this game!

  13. charlietheunicorn says:

    “bobby is a first ballot hofer no debate.”

    Actually, I can’t see him making it 1st year he is eligible. 2nd or 3rd year, I believe he is a near lock, but 1st year…. not very likely. He has some of the qualifications, AP and PBs, but he doesn’t have the sexy stats such as sacks or interceptions or FF….

    All this being said, one of the top MLBs in the last 20-30 years.

    • Denver Hawker says:

      Maybe so, probably depends on who else is on the ballot.

      He has a couple more years to pad stats. That said, he plays an old school position at ILB. He’s not supposed to get many sacks or interceptions. He is supposed to rack up tackles and stop plays.

      He’s a 6x all-pro, including 5 in a row- which is nearly unheard of for any position. One of the best players on a Super Bowl winning, all-time defense. I think he comps closely to Urlacher with respect to HoF profile; he made it on his first ballot.

      • charlietheunicorn says:

        It seems to me, nationally, he doesn’t get the respect from the media he deserves.
        But AP nods tell you that his fellow players know a great player when they see one.

        KJ and Bobby have both been outstanding for Seattle for 10+ years. Truly amazing.
        I hope we can squeeze 2-3 more years out of them….. because they are fun to watch.

    • BobbyK says:

      If Jason Taylor was first ballot HOFer, then Bobby is easily a first ballot guy. Heck, Bobby is/was better than Urlacher (maybe not by a lot) and he was first ballot, too.

      Bobby is pretty much the only defensive player on the LOB defense to be first ballot. I think Sherman and Thomas eventually get in, but not first ballot.

      ET was on track to easily be first ballot until he went psycho and the Seahawks didn’t want to extend him, the Ravens paid him to leave and nobody else even wants anything to do with him (he turned into a horrible teammate and that’s the exact same reason TO wasn’t first-ballot either).

  14. charlietheunicorn says:


    Saturday, Jan. 9
    Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills (1:05 p.m. ET on CBS)
    Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks (4:40 p.m. ET on FOX)
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Football Team (8:15 p.m. ET on NBC)

    Sunday, Jan. 10
    Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans (1:05 p.m. ET on ESPN/ABC)
    Chicago Bears at New Orleans Saints (4:40 p.m. ET on CBS/Nickelodeon/Amazon Prime)
    Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers (8:15 p.m. ET on NBC)

    • pdway says:

      I’m nervous . . .

      Hot start by rams offense on some sharply scripted opening series, a turnover on some sack play by the Rams D-line . . .

      Playoff stakes are here.

      • 12th chuck says:

        whatever happens tomorrow, I just hope we aren’t embarrassed.

        • Gohawks5151 says:

          Oddly enough I feel like we pile on them a bit. Us by 14 pts.

          • charlietheunicorn says:

            Under 6 point game to me….. probably a 4th quarter game.

            • Chase says:

              Unfortunately I have to agree. No expectations from me tomorrow, will need to see it to believe it.

              • Hughz says:

                How can you have no expectations?! We’re going up against a backup qb. We should expect to win. Losing would be a huge disappointment.

                • dza990 says:

                  I’d bet that Goff starts, he’s been taking snaps and throwing.

                  • charlietheunicorn says:

                    I’m thinking we may see both play… special packages for the back-up, to take some pressure and snaps off Goff…. especially if he gets heated up with Seahawks pressure early.

                • 12th chuck says:

                  we almost lost to a game playing a 3rd string qb. we dont have the best luck going up against backups either, just sayin, I want us to blow them out, but you know, its the rams.

  15. Paul Cook says:

    Good stuff Rob. Haven’t been around for a few days, so dug the mock. You’ve definitely got a few players tagged higher than others. Leatherwood comes to mind.

    All I can say is thank heaven my partner is a football fan. January weather, Covid 19, and 6 NFL playoff games. Tra-la-tra-la…

  16. Gohawks5151 says:

    Seems like a great kid and player. Good find. Hopefully he drops to us or at least he bumps someone like Garrett or Twyman to us.

  17. charlietheunicorn says:

    On KJR 950 earlier today, they were talking about why the Seattle offense has such trouble moving the ball on the Rams passing defense. Essentially, they play a cover 4 version of a zone defense. It take away deep throws or chunk plays, which Seattle utilizes very effectively ….. making Seattle grind it out…. and if 3rd downs are a problem, holding the point total down, enabling the Rams to stick around until the end. They rely on their safeties to play slightly closer to the LOS than a quarters defense, so they can cheat down to help with running plays. This is also a way to cover up crossing routes more effectively than a cover 1 or cover 3. Interesting stuff.

    • Big Mike says:

      Very interesting and thanks for sharing.
      Any Xs and Os guys able to jump in here and explain the best way to combat this? I’d presume a consistent run game would help draw the safeties in a bit further making them more vulnerable over the top. Another good tactic that Schotty does not employ nearly often enough imo, would be to send the WRs deep and throw a screen to Carson. The near middle should be open.

      • charlietheunicorn says:

        I believe Dave Wyman did a football 101 on youtube discussing this as well…. or at least explaining the various defenses Seattle faces and how they are built to combat (SEA O) what they do well and what they do poorly. The idea that you can build out a game plan built around route combinations that beat certain looks…. the whole point is that when you indeed get that look, you have to capitalize on it… for chunk plays.

  18. dza990 says:

    I want Big Milt on the Seahawks so bad! What a great interview with a driven young man. Liked and shared the video and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.

  19. Kelly Smith says:

    Random question here but seeing HIM I just ask. If the same trade was offered for chase young instead of Jamal Adams would you do it and why?

    • Scot04 says:

      Yes. He’s signed up for more years at lower base & at a more premium position. We had safeties. You pair him up with Dunlap. Now that’s nicely set up. We have to scheme for Adams. Young and Dunlap can just play, no need to scheme blitzes. With those 2. Reed and Poona I think our front 4 gets pressure like we want.
      Too me an easy choice of Young over Adams.

  20. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Great interview. He’s impressive and likable.I wouldn’t complain if he was the selection at 59.

  21. charlietheunicorn says:

    DK Metcalf….

    17 forced missed tackles (WR ranking 4th)

    Very interesting.

    • Dave1401 says:

      Wish he was getting the David Moore end arounds/bubble screens. We need to get the ball in his hands either way

      • Big Mike says:

        No no no, establishing the weapon that is David Moore is far more important.

        • TomLPDX says:

          Actually it is in a way…DMo gets targets because he is covered by lesser DBs so his window of opportunity is higher. That’s why I think we need to get a better WR3 and let DK and Tyler do the heavy lifting. Josh would have been great there but alas…

  22. Bankhawk says:

    As Penny is stood down for the upcoming Wildcard Round, is anybody else getting a sick C.J. Prosise feeling in the pit of their stomach? Also, a strange urge to release tension by watching Irish dancing?
    Probably just pre-Ram anxiety disorder; I admit to a case of nerves over this one.

  23. Jordan E says:

    Love these interviews Rob. These take the blog to another level. Pls get more! One on the Hawks unique culture and/or way coaching-personnel hires really work would be great!!

  24. EP says:

    After all the suffering we have been put through this regular season I think we deserve an easy playoff win tonight. Will we get a win, maybe. Will it be easy, absolutely not. If we fail to move past the Rams tonight I think the “reset” has officially failed and serious questions need to be asked AND answered. Anyway, whether it’s Wolford or Goff I hope we bury them tonight.

  25. Peter says:

    I’m already over him as a RB. Most everyone on the site has a pick from the past that still frustrates them til today. Like Bobby and TJ Watt, not picking Nick Chubb who was built from PC’s mind for a guy with none of Chubb’s numbers and proven talent including proving the mental resolve of returning from injury shows a weakness in their scouting and decision making.

  26. Frank says:

    I’m in the minority of seeing the last couple drafts as moves forward, LJ and Penny haven’t had the best injury luck to start their careers, but it feels like they’re been more true to their type of player on and off the field. It’s easy to criticize a couple years later, when other players you’d have rather seen them take find success but we don’t know how these kids interview and only know the biggest details on character defining traits. I think it’s a given JS and PC deserve some credit for finding personality’s that have put football as number 1 in their life where they aren’t out at the party catching Covid or drag racing. LJ just very quietly does a great job anchoring the edge and makes the LBERS jobs easier, and a healthy Penny makes game breaking play’s whenever given the chance. He had a great game against the Rams last year as elite vision and burst bails out the offense when the grinding attack isn’t working, and the personal on offense isn’t suited to a west coast style offense. Sure, Chubb has been great and Penny has been hurt but their was no history of injury for Penny and Chubb never had elite vision. Chubb runs behind the best offensive line in the league, and there offensive personnel allow them to attack every inch of the field.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I’m sorry… but there’s a lot of forced stuff here to try and justify Penny over Chubb that simply doesn’t cut the mustard.

      And LJ Collier is a bang average defensive lineman. You don’t draft those in R1.

      Any complaints about the two picks are fair game.

      • Frank says:

        It’s not even trying to justify Penny over Chubb. He’s an electric player when healthy, and I’d feel a lot better about the Rams game with the home run threat he is. LJ I look at like a Tyson Alualu type, not sexy but if you can get a anchor for the next ten years, who makes everything else function around them why isn’t it worth a first round pick? Maybe it’s the old guy in me, but remembering the failure of the “dream team” 2 I have the impression it’s more about finding complementary parts than superstars. I think not having Penny available for this match up sucks as I think he was drafted specifically to counter what the Rams take away from this offense (chunk plays). Hopefully I’m wrong, but the Rams have me worried with being really good at taking away the deep ball and having Donald wrecking havoc at the line. We NEED some chunk plays from our RBs today, to hit that soft spot in the Rams defense.

        • Rob Staton says:

          LJ Collier isn’t anything like Tyson Alualu though. I’ll just break down each players’ combine workouts:

          LJ Collier
          Weight: 283lbs
          Forty: 4.91
          Three cone: 7.71
          Short shuttle: 4.78
          Vertical: 30 inches
          Broad: 9-10

          Tyson Alualu
          Weight: 295lbs
          Forty: 4.87
          Three cone: 7.15
          Short shuttle: 4.43
          Vertical: 35.5 inches
          Broad: 9-8

          Alualu is a totally different athlete.

          Further to that, Collier had three sacks in 16 games this season. His PFF grade was a bad 59.2. He was ranked as the 92nd best player at his position this year. His run defense grade is a terrible 57.7. There is no evidence that he is providing any kind of anchor or helping anyone else.

          That simply isn’t good enough for a first round pick.

          And when you criticise Chubb’s vision but go to great lengths to defend Penny — who at no point has looked like RB1, even when healthy — it does sound a lot like you’re trying to justify one over the other.

          • Frank says:

            It’s not apples to apples comparison, I love Nick Chubb as a player and wanted him on draft day. I can see the point of view that Penny creates unique challenges to a defense that are different (not better) than Chubb, and as a 1-2 punch with Carson offers unique versatility a defense has to account for. Chubb and Carson smash mouth style isn’t dependent on being able to see the entire field, in quite the same way as a home run threat see’s things. Chubb is a better player than either of them, but as a defensive coordinator I’d struggle more trying to figure out how to scheme against Carson/Penny tandem more. Wow, LJ PFF grade sucks. Pretty much impossible to argue with that grade, but he’s came up clutch a couple times this year so let’s hope he does again today!!

        • Wade says:

          Completely agree, Frank. LJ and Rashaad have obviously fallen short of expections so far. It’s fair to criticize the philosophy of those picks — drafting for need, it seems, with an eye to limit downside (LJ being an older prospect and Penny with a good injury record). But sometimes our criticisms of draft strategy are inconsistent. (This is separate from subjective opinions on individual prospects — though I guess you could argue that a professional team armed with scouts might have better intel there than fans). We love the “home run picks” that involve trading up for falling prospects with spotty injury records. DK, case in point. And yet we hate the Derrell Taylor pick. We sometimes claim to have wanted BPA in hindsight when “fit” picks go south (see LJ, Blair), but then when we draft BPA (Jordyn Brooks) we wanted someone we could plug and play in an area of need? It all gets confusing sometimes. End of rant…

    • cha says:

      Penny put football #1 in his life? When did this happen?

      Gregg Bell
      Rashaad Penny says #Seahawks coaches have asked him to be “more professional” this season. He has been. Prime example: RB hired a nutritionist, no more McDonald’s. He’s lighter, faster, better=career day today for 2018 1st-round pick
      2:03 PM · Nov 24, 2019

      • Rob Staton says:

        McDonalds >>>> football

        But never mind because apparently Chubb lacks ‘vision’


        • BobbyK says:

          Pete Carroll lacks long-term vision. He had that long-term vision when he took over. It’s gone now. Always Compete for now. Screw the future. Draft picks? Who needs them. lol

    • Big Mike says:

      Not all of the criticism is 20/20 hindsight tho Frank. I believe it was cha (might have been Bobby) that wanted TJ Watt in the Penny draft and he was available with our pick. A few years back, Rob was high on Joel Bitonio 2nd team all pro this year and Seattle could’ve drafted him. Several people including myself really liked Ryan Kelly a couple drafts back I believe it was and he was also named 2nd team all pro for the Colts this year.

      • BobbyK says:

        I wanted Watt badly but they traded down twice and settled on Malik. I wasn’t the only one who wanted Watt though. There were 3-4-5 others who were screaming for him. I wanted Chubb over Penny but I wasn’t overly vocal about it because I didn’t know for sure. I think the only two times I’ve been overly vocal on here about wanting/demanding “my guy” was TJ Watt and Jonathan Taylor. Sure, I’ve liked and disliked some guys (have been right and wrong on some) but those two guys I really believed in for when it’s the late 1st round. It’s easy to like guys like a Bosa, but I don’t care about those early picks because the Seahawks won’t ever have any. So it’s focusing on the “sure things” who are going to be there late in the 1st.

        • James Kupihea says:

          For me, watching Taylor go hurt more because we just survived a procession of jobbers and warm bodies with the occasional bright spot in Mikey D and McKissic.

        • Big Mike says:

          I wanted Taylor too Bobby. I talked about it several ties tho wouldn’t say I was highy vocal about it.

    • James Kupihea says:

      I appreciate that you’re trying to find positives here. I’m just going to focus on a few things I’ve noticed about Penny since the draft process started a couple years back.

      1. If you read draft profiles of Penny, while many will comment on his smooth running and speed, the criticisms highlight weaknesses you don’t often associate with PC/JS. I’m not denying that Penny has/had good qualities. I just read what the Seahawks wanted to do at RB, and I don’t understand how the Penny pick fits the bill.

      2. His college production was against pedestrian defenses. He was considered to be lethal in the return game, where we don’t use him.

      3. You can see the moment JS/PC fall in love with Penny at the Senior Bowl. Whoever was throwing the ball scrambled outside the pocket to find Penny for decent yards. He also had a couple of good outside runs, something we struggled with after Marshawn.

  27. BobbyK says:

    LJ Collier is an old man (for second year players) who is in no way good. All I can say is that he doesn’t suck anymore, so that’s good – but he’s in no way good. He’s made a few nice plays this year and he’s made a second year jump, which has been nice to see, but he’s far from what we’d consider a good player. To me a good player is someone who is an asset but not quite Pro Bowl worthy. An example would be KJ Wright his whole career until he made his first Pro Bowl about 2 years ago. That’s a “good” player and Collier is nowhere near that.

    • Frank says:

      I just see thing from an engineering point of view, always looking for the fail point that breaks the system. LJ is extremely stout, and plays good gap discipline. I’m not arguing that there aren’t other players like Watt that I’d have rather had, just that he allows the rest of the system to work. We’d have two less wins this season if it wasn’t for his ability to anchor the edge, so maybe feel his contribution while they don’t show up on a stat sheet are more than they are given credit for. I’m not starting a fan club or anything, just think what he does for this defense is underrated from a x and O point of view.

  28. BobbyK says:

    Losing today to an injured Goff or a back-up nobody QB would be an embarrassment. The season would have been a total failure, even with an impressive 12-4 record and division win. This isn’t the Lions who would be partying in the streets with a 12-4 regular season even if they lost in the Wild Card.

    Losing next weekend, no matter how competitive the game, would still result in a failed season (but it wouldn’t be embarrassing like a loss today).

    The only way this can be a successful campaign is to make it to the NFC Championship Game, especially considering how they mortgaged all these future draft picks away to play for NOW.

    • Big Mike says:

      100%, completely and totally agree Bobby.

      • BC_Hawk says:

        Lose this week…disappointment/lost opportunity. Lose potentially next week in NO is a failure?

        Come on guys…like the Adam’s trade or Taylor draft pick or not, this team is in one of the better positions in the NFC moving forward.

        Enjoy the playoffs 🙂

        • Rob Staton says:

          Yes, a failure.

          I’m sorry but this is a team that is going to be judged on whether it is seriously competing for the SB.

          Making the divisional round or wildcard every year is failure. It’s not mild disappointment.

          • Elmer says:

            That’s right. But as a fan will have to take pleasure in what they were able to accomplish.

            • Rob Staton says:


              I don’t understand that comment.

              Why, as a fan, do you ‘have’ to take ‘pleasure’ from a repeat of the last six years?

              It’s OK to expect more.

        • BobbyK says:

          If they lose next week – it’s nothing more than last year; a loss in the divisional round. After that loss the spent a lot of money and mortgaged the future in terms of the draft. So, yes, a loss in the second round is a complete failure. I hope to enjoy the playoffs though with a deep run!

          • BobbyK says:

            That being said, a loss next weekend and the Saints season would be a total failure, too. They’ve mortgaged the future opposite of the Seahawks (Seahawks have mortgaged their future drafts; Saints have dug themselves into cap hell playing for now). One organization will have resided over a total failure of a season if it is indeed the Seahawks/Saints next weekend.

            • BC_Hawk says:

              In my opinion, it would be a failure for NO. They are in terrible shape going fwd; cap hell, vet QB u can’t afford or might retire. They are truly in rebuild mode.

              Seattle, we have our issues, but are no where the shape of NO, Philly, etc. To call anything but the Super Bowl a failure is extreme. If that is the case, 31 teams are failures in 2020, including up and coming teams. We played a steep price for Adams…we didn’t mortgage our future.

              • Rob Staton says:

                Bobby K never said, and neither did I, that ‘anything but the Super Bowl is a failure’.

                Never getting beyond the divisional round is a failure for this team in their current state.

                You’re just being difficult to not at least acknowledge that.

          • Elmer says:

            Hawks elevate DT Lattimore from the PS for today. He may be the first rookie UDFA elevated all this season.

            Not feeling confident about today. Favorites will go down this weekend, just have to hope not us.

            • BC_hawk says:

              Hopefully that means Reed is on a snap count and not out 🙁

            • James Kupihea says:

              Any given Sunday Elmer. No reason the ball can’t bounce our way !

              **(well..actually there are plenty of legitimate conc..Ssshh just drink your beer).

  29. Pran says:

    What a kick return by Indy.. Hawks miss special athletes in Kick/Punt returns.

  30. James Kupihea says:

    Imagine the score of this game if Colts receivers could pull down some of these drops.

  31. charlietheunicorn says:

    Jonathan Taylor

    What might have been

    *jilted lover crying*

    • BobbyK says:

      No doubt! What a total “shock” that he’s good/great!

      • BobbyK says:

        I just have to keep reminding myself that at least Brooks doesn’t look like he sucks like most of the other 1st round bums they draft.

  32. charlietheunicorn says:

    The Jets interviewed Panthers OC Joe Brady for their head-coaching vacancy, the team said. No doubt, Brady has a promising future, but he’s only 31 and has only one year of coordinator/position-coach experience on the NFL level. This would be a bold, outside-the-box hire for the Jets. There are more qualified candidates than Brady; this would be a risky bet on potential. ~ ESPN

    The firggin Jets, doing Jets things….

    • James Kupihea says:

      As long as the folks doing the hiring for the Jets don’t change….

    • OP_Chillin says:

      Gase was a retread… I think Brady could be good if he hires a good staff. That’s the issue with the younger guys – do they know enough good defensive, ST, OL, etc. coaches who can fill out their staff and be effective advisors.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Joe Brady is a star in the making.

      Age doesn’t matter. Sean McVay proved that.

  33. Pran says:

    Bad call by Colts to go for 4th down with Rivers…shoulda taken points.

  34. charlietheunicorn says:

    I’m not going to kill the Colts for going for it. They know they need to put up 7s not 3s to win the game. Their defense should be able to hold, but right now looks like they are on skates.

  35. BC_Hawk says:

    Rob; in terms of OT and interior Lineman, do you think this is the draft we could get someone to groom in the 2nd? Looking at Duane, I hope we could get another couple years out of him. Ideal would be for us to pick him someone whom could start at LG and groom into LT.

    Being a perennial high 1st (or no 1st in 2021 nor 2022), with blowing our brains out in FA or a trade, this is our best bet.

    Anybody that you’d recommend scouting?

    • Rob Staton says:

      It’s very, very, very difficult to find a left tackle prospect in the late second round.

      • BC_Hawk says:

        Yeah…agree; just interested in if u saw a raw talent. Potential, but a low bar of becoming an interior OL for us. As I mentioned, no foreseeable early 1st nor wanting to blow big $ is the issue. We could trade, but rather try a project first.

  36. Trevor says:

    Hawks should win by 10 + today but 3 things scare the crap out of me.

    -Russ turning the ball over
    -The Rams deciding just to run the ball down the Hawks throat with Akers
    -Arron Donald and Jalen Ramsey are the two best players on the field

  37. cha says:

    “Stephon Diggs isn’t worth a first round pick”

  38. Gaux Hawks says:

    responding to an above thread…

    i don’t think this season has been a failure (certainly considering the current circumstances). maybe the offseason… but a little early to make that call, no? kickoff is at 1:40pm.

    but it puts a hole in my chest when i read the morning of our playoff game that if we lose, this season is a failure. we haven’t even played yet. we don’t know the outcome of the game, or how we got to that outcome. bizarre way to start the morning: “if they lose, their season is a failure!” did they get outplayed by a better team? did their “all-pro” kicker miss the game-winner in the final seconds? was there an injury to “xxx” on the first play? are you protecting your future emotional state from potential disappointment? are you teeing up a follow up; “i told you so”?

    i really enjoyed the above article/interview. really love how we discuss the construct of this team and then watch and discuss how the season unfolds. but making these “grandiose” statements is bizarre to me… letting the world know of your dissatisfaction with a team’s entire season (or offseason?) before they play their game… ? i won’t get into any analogies here, but i find this as unusual behavior.

    so… is the season a failure? or is the offseason a failure? things happen during the season that are out of their control (injuries, bad calls, good calls, missed field goals, scheduling, etc.). but the offseason is different, did they make the right moves to get better (and win their division)? did they build/create a foundation/culture that increases production/play? to be determined, no?

    from the outside, it’s just seems bizarre that we’re predetermining the outcome of their season (offseason?) before its actual outcome.

    again, this rhetoric kind of takes the wind out of my sails. excuse me any hurtful comments, but let’s root these hawks and hope for a win.

    stay safe. go hawks. draft milton. cheers!

    • Big Mike says:

      “Rhetoric” has negative connotations. It’s an opinion shared by several people here, myself included. Your opinion is different and that’s legit. But so are ours.

    • Gaux Hawks says:

      quick note: if we lose, i’ll probably be the first to jump on here ask for russell’s resignation.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Nobody has said the season is a failure.

      If they get knocked out in the first two weeks of the playoffs yet again, it will be.

      Not sure why it’s such a hot topic for some.

  39. Jordan E says:

    I hope im not the only one who think this- but I am very worried about the game today. The Rams have had our number for a long time. I really dislike this matchup for the Hawks. Hopefully we win this game or they’ll be big problems moving forward

  40. Robbie Williams says:

    Indy is not going down without a fight!!

  41. cha says:

    Indy-Buffalo might be the best game this weekend. What a battle it’s been.

  42. TomLPDX says:

    The Indy v Bills game has been pretty darned good so far.

  43. charlietheunicorn says:


    Allen almost f’ed the pooch

  44. Mick says:

    I officially have no idea about football, I was so sure Bills got it already 🙂

    • Big Mike says:

      Anyone have inactives for today yet?

      • Mick says:

        Penny, Dallas, Parkinson, Luke Willson, Wheeler, Stephens. Bullard on Covid list

      • charlietheunicorn says:

        The Seahawks’ inactives against the Rams: RB Rashaad Penny, RB DeeJay Dallas, TE Luke Willson, TE Colby Parkinson, CB Linden Stephens, OT Chad Wheeler. Seattle’s tailbacks will be Chris Carson, Carlos Hyde and practice-squad call-up Alex Collins

        • Big Mike says:

          No surprises, thanks guys

        • charlietheunicorn says:

          Rams QBs ACTIVE vs. Seahawks: Jared Goff and John Wolford. Rams inactives: QB Blake Bortles, WR Trishton Jackson, TE Brycen Hopkins, OL Brian Allen, OL Tremayne Anchrum

  45. Gaux Hawks says:

    you’re right, mike.

  46. AlaskaHawk says:

    I like Josh Allen but the Bills aren’t even trying to run the ball. Not even to run the clock out.
    It was only a couple years ago that they had a strong running game.

  47. OP_Chillin says:

    Wolford starting!

  48. charlietheunicorn says:

    Tylor, tough running

  49. AlaskaHawk says:

    Why wouldnt the refs review the fumble? They are so inconsistent

  50. OP_Chillin says:

    Horrible, horrible way to lose for the Colts

  51. Tony says:

    Great play by poyer.

  52. TomLPDX says:

    That’s how you use a time out! Good job Bills!

  53. Tony says:

    I really am surprised they didnt overturn it. Wow.

  54. Big Mike says:

    Is Buffalo loses this game it’s completely totally and 100% on the officials.

  55. Big Mike says:

    The inconsistency of the referees is unfuckingreal

    • Big Mike says:

      It was more important for the officials to save face than make the right call. Who cares if it could’ve cost a team a playoff win.

  56. TomLPDX says:

    Helluva game!

  57. Pran says:

    4th down call skipping points came back to bite their ass….

  58. AlaskaHawk says:

    Rivers choked on that last series. Three throws to left sideline and a failed Hail Mary. He telegraphed those throws .

    Buffalo Bills fans go wild! Well done.

  59. TheOtherJordan says:

    Can someone explain how that wasn’t a fumble? I mean….I’m at a loss. And then they reviewed it and STILL didn’t get it right.

  60. spartacus says:

    Rivers ran that 2 minute offense like it was a preseason game. What the hell were they doing?

  61. Big Mike says:

    Buffalo has not won a playoff game in 25 years and they almost got it stolen from them like we got Super Bowl 40 stolen from us

  62. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Are we ready for some football?!

  63. TomLPDX says:

    Rob, can we have a new thread for game comments?

  64. Tony says:

    Im soooooo nervous!!!!!

  65. WallaSean says:

    feeling good about this one. Seahawks 30-16 Look for us to shut down the outside runs and make plays in the secondary. Go Hawks!

  66. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Gotta better against the run. Can’t let Akers get into gear

  67. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Dunlap was all up in Wolford’s grill. Nice defense getting off the field.

  68. Mick says:

    Good start. Adams seems to be keeping an eye on Kupp.

  69. Robbie Williams says:

    Hate EVERY play call so far on offense. Sigh

  70. Rob Staton says:

    The offense just looks so outstandingly poor.

  71. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Oh Shotty what the hell man

  72. OP_Chillin says:

    Man eff this just run every play

    • Rob Staton says:

      They seem to be doing every Peteball aspect… apart from running a lot.

      • OP_Chillin says:

        There’s nothing more hopeless than throwing a bunch to no effect IMO. At least if they run a bunch for 2.8 YPC I can imagine they’d have done better throwing more. This just removes all rationalization haha.

        • Rob Staton says:

          I agree.

          Throwing low percentage, nothing passes for little or no gain… while Wilson panics in the pocket… there’s no benefit there.

  73. James Kupihea says:

    Game over. We established Moore!

  74. Tony says:

    Expecting a low scoring, nail biter. Pleass russ! Wake up from your 2 month slumber!

  75. KennyBadger says:

    At least let Russ toast bread.

  76. Chris says:

    Do we script the 1st drive?

  77. Chris says:

    Do Reed hurt!

  78. Tony says:

    Dj reed hurt. Awesome

  79. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Oh come on tackle FFS

  80. Tony says:

    Shut up and talk about reed!!!!

  81. Rob Staton says:

    It feels like we’ve had 15 minutes of commercials so far

  82. Chris says:

    D-line getting handled

  83. Robbie says:

    Why did Shaq just point at him instead of cover him?

  84. James Kupihea says:

    About 4 yards of generosity…

  85. Rob Staton says:

    Sean McVay is scripting an effective offense for his backup, featuring a heavy dose of run.

    We can’t script an effective offense for Russell Wilson.

    • Matt says:

      If they can’t win this game – I think there’s going to be a dysfunctional offseason – no idea why RW wouldn’t force the issue here.

  86. Chris says:

    Our lb’s are not playing the run aggressively

  87. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Seahawks just getting trucked. Every player getting beat by their Rams opponent

  88. Noah Parker says:

    Run D… yikes

  89. Mick says:

    This game is the true measure of how good our pass defense is.

  90. Pran says:

    Run D is bad. Offense is as usual bad..

  91. James Kupihea says:

    Dunlap watching Akers run by him…

  92. Rob Staton says:

    That was NEVER a flag.

    Whoever threw that flag doesn’t know the rules of the game.

    And MORE commercials. Jesus wept.

  93. AlaskaHawk says:

    RB Akers is having a lot better game this week than he did against the Cardinals. Consistent good yardage. The Seahawks defense have to step up.

  94. Blitzy the Clown says:

    They better pick up this flag


  95. Tony says:

    10 mins of football
    15mins of commercials.

  96. James Kupihea says:

    Oh jeeze. How often are the Seahawks going to be gifted injured/bad/second string QBs… how often do we not take advantage.

  97. Pran says:

    Is Wolford leaving good or bad for Hawks.

  98. Matt says:

    The concerning thing is that after watching the Bills and Colts play – both of those teams are *clearly* better than these two teams. I mean, clearly.

  99. Rob Staton says:

    Goff looked like a sitting duck there.

    Looks like a QB who isn’t confident letting it rip.

  100. Blitzy the Clown says:

    There’s zero fire on defense. Absolutely none.

  101. Tony says:

    Peirara not knowing the rule on wolfard hit is concerning.

    • Matt says:

      Pereira is basically the guy who really wants to be a politician. Exactly the type of person you don’t want to be a politician. He wants to have his influence on the game.

    • Rob Staton says:

      You should’ve seen the reaction in the UK broadcast studio to Peirera saying that…

  102. James Cr. says:

    Odds on another three and out?

  103. Big Mike says:

    11 mins into the 1st quarter and we’ve run 3 plays on offense.

  104. Chris says:

    Its bad when qb in his 2nd start looks better than our probowl qb.

  105. WallaSean says:

    Goof won’t get much done, if the Offense can do anything, we got this. Wake up

  106. KennyBadger says:

    Not that I want anybody hurt but I’d rather Goff be in there…

    • James Kupihea says:

      I wouldn’t mind if they decided to chop at the right hand all game….lets get the 3rd stringer in there.

  107. Chris says:

    This drive is over

  108. Troy says:

    What a joke. This offense is ridiculous

  109. Big Mike says:

    Utter shite

  110. Matt says:

    This GD team…

  111. Rob Staton says:

    I’m so glad Pete isn’t worried about his offense

    • Pran says:

      I am worried if some heads don’t fly after this performance.
      It feels like zombies came out of graves to play.

  112. Blitzy the Clown says:


  113. Big Mike says:

    What a fucking joke

  114. Robbie says:

    2nd and 34….right where we want them :/

  115. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Hey it was 2nd and 34 with 2:34 left in the first quarter.

    That’s all I got.

  116. James Kupihea says:

    Let me guess, the strategy was to come out like you’re being shot out of a cannon? Clearly.

  117. Troy says:

    Same shit, different week. Offense is a joke.

  118. TheOtherJordan says:

    The Rams are such a terrible match up for us. This is gonna be a game.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I don’t think it’s that today.

      Whatever the Seahawks are trying to do — it aint working. Emphatically.

      You’ve got to be better than this.

  119. Chris says:

    This is embarrassing! Russ won’t pull the trigger.

  120. odway says:

    o line a joke on that drive. jesus.

  121. Blitzy the Clown says:

    This is on Schotty. The play calling is atrocious.

  122. Matt says:

    Russell sucks – I mean, would we even get a single 1st rounder for him? I’m not even kidding – he’s broken.

  123. Robbie says:

    5 on 3….and they still get a sack

  124. Mick says:

    Come on, you don’t leave a rookie alone with Aaron Donald…

  125. Big Mike says:

    Pete Carroll is Alfred E. Neuman when it comes to this offense:
    “What me worry?”

  126. Chris says:

    How do you know that? Russ only holds the ball.

  127. Tony says:

    This is systemic. Offense has done this routinely for years. No fix in sight. But hey, we will scramble a comeback with 7mins left!

  128. Troy says:

    Why does Russell Wilson always start games so slow??

  129. Rob Staton says:

    A quick suggestion…

    Maybe try running the ball…

    Rather than letting Aaron Donald win the game for LA.

    • WallaSean says:

      Run right at them, it’s 3-0 . Plus how about snapping at 2 seconds instead of blowing a timeout every single game

  130. Pran says:

    I am all for Russ playing dual threat game ala Lamar from get go to wake him up

  131. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Ok ok. Maybe Reed’s sack lit the fire.

  132. pdway says:

    i want someone to blow up those wr’s they have leading their run plays

  133. KennyBadger says:

    Take the top off on this drive schotty.

  134. Nordic Hawk says:

    Haha, I find myself rooting for the Rams defense because of the incompetence of Shottenheimer and Pete.

    Go up tempo or throw on first down and give Wilson a chance to get going early. Donald is going to keep killing us otherwise.

  135. Blitzy the Clown says:

    What a catch!

  136. Chris says:

    Wow, more commercials

  137. Pran says:

    Pre-season games have more energy.. Hawks took the game for granted.

  138. Tony says:

    Lets go offense. Play with some fire!

  139. Chris says:

    Maybe if we can score on this drive our offense can get some momentum.

  140. Chris says:

    Thats a big maybe though

  141. Rob Staton says:

    Six yard gain on first down running.

    Tricky throw leads to a sack on second down.


  142. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Let Carson cook

  143. Chris says:

    Throw the damn ball !

  144. Troy says:

    Wilson has to throw that away

  145. James Cr. says:

    I despise this game plan.

  146. Rob Staton says:

    Seahawks on offense:

    7 attempted passes
    3 sacks

    3 attempted runs
    22 yards

    • Nordic Hawk says:

      Exactly. Throw on first down; roll Wilson out of the pocket; set up the run and run the fucking ball when they’re off balance based on the first two.

      Aaron Donald understands this offense better than our current head coach and offensive coaching staff.

  147. Chris says:

    Shit the bed schotty

    • Rob Staton says:

      It’s Pete and Russ too.

      Why are they not accepting what they are on offense currently? They are not playing well throwing the ball.

      Run the damn ball.

  148. James Kupihea says:

    Seahawks offense is the Tom Segura drunk fail of the NFL…

  149. Blitzy the Clown says:

    I’m not even upset DK dropped that. It wasn’t enough for a 1st down anyway. What a waste of a drive.

  150. Robbie says:

    It’s taking everything in my power not to lose my shit right now….This is incredibly frustrating.

  151. Pran says:

    Russ takes a sack ignoring all the green grass in front of him for 1st down.
    I am sick of this game.. worst teams of the weekend.

  152. Chris says:

    This offense should not be run through russ.

  153. Troy says:

    Gosh, this football team is frustrating to watch

  154. OP_Chillin says:

    People were saying they are saving Carson, that he’s the “Perfect Playoff RB.” Why the f*** aren’t they using him like one then?

    • Tony says:

      At this point its gameplan. Its like they always choose the hard path in choose your own adventure books.

  155. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Can someone please explain Schotty’s game plan? Anyone?

  156. Matt says:

    This team will never get to a Super Bowl with this coaching staff. Do they actually look at the opposing defense when coming up with an offensive game plan?

  157. OP_Chillin says:

    DK is beginning to understand why Doug was pissed all those years. Lockett went straight to “Acceptance.”

  158. Chris says:

    Adam’s bringing the wood!

  159. Henry Taylor says:

    Defence is killing it

    • Matt says:

      The defense is facing a Financial Advisor and a guy with no thumb on his throwing hand – they should be dominating.

  160. Rob Staton says:

    The saving grace is Goff is in no fit state to play.

    But this Seahawks offense is NOT winning any Super Bowls unless someone lights a fire immediately.

  161. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Adams tattooed that WR. He’s hunting heads today

  162. Chris says:

    Run the ball and wear out the rams defense

  163. TheOtherJordan says:

    DK better be angry with himself. Because if he’s upset at someone else when you drop the ball……sorry.

  164. Troy says:

    Good job defense. Let’s go Offense!!!!

  165. Chris says:

    I wish the rest of the offense had dk’s fire right now.

  166. Mick says:

    Run defense stepping up. We desperately need offensive linemen, Iupati very poor so far.

  167. Chris says:

    He wasn’t even in the game last drive

  168. Tony says:

    Adams and dunlap going off!

  169. Blitzy the Clown says:

    NO excuse not to lean on Carson

  170. pdway says:

    Russ just not as fast as he was – no way around that

  171. Pran says:

    Can’t go 4th for inches… they don’t have confidence in themselves.

  172. Lewis says:

    Looked to me like Russ gets the first down on the run if he doesn’t hesitate

  173. Blitzy the Clown says:

    A FG is the right choice here.

  174. Chris says:

    Good call to kick there

  175. Troy says:

    Russell Wilson needs to be better.

  176. Rokas says:

    Offense is pathetic. It seems that coaching staff is aloof.

  177. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Myers has to be the team mvp this season. It sure isn’t Wilson.

  178. Tony says:

    Its like they have 1 decent run and immediately call play action. Ride carson! I want 3rd and 2 not 3rd and 6.

  179. Chris says:

    Schotty went no huddle for all of 1 play

  180. Chris says:

    How did Adam’s not int that?

  181. Rob Staton says:

    Jamal Adams is not good in coverage.

  182. Denver Hawker says:

    Adams in coverage is damn near a liability every time, even with help on top.

  183. Chris says:

    That should be a pic all day

  184. WallaSean says:


  185. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Run defense starting to stiffen up.

  186. Pran says:

    Goff with 4 fingers is throwing deep better than Russ. Russ does seem to have a coterie around him to not review his work for last 2 months.

  187. Chris says:

    As bad as our offense has been we are looking good.

  188. Paul Cook says:

    I’m so tired and frustrated by our slow starting, incompetent 1st half offense.

  189. Mick says:

    If you can’t design a scheme for the playoffs, you got no business working as an OC.

  190. KennyBadger says:

    Is Aaron Donald also The wknd?

  191. Tony says:

    Its purely gameplan on us.

    Not pounding rock vs donald should have been the only plan today.

  192. Jordan E says:


  193. Mick says:

    Way to go Cpt. Obvious…

  194. Troy says:

    On Cue – Russell Wilson is THE PROBLEM

  195. Blitzy the Clown says:


  196. EP says:


  197. Rob Staton says:

    That could be the ball game

  198. Chris says:

    Goff with a broken thumb is better than wilson

  199. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Schotty’s offensive game plan is, well, offensive.

  200. Tony says:

    They saw that play all the way

  201. dand393 says:

    That is a direct result of DK crying

  202. Rob Staton says:

    Pete Carroll deserves as much blame as anything for me.

    He’s denied anything’s wrong on offense for weeks, while they beat the Jets, WFT, Niners etc.

    It was broken. Screwed.

    This was always possible.

  203. Troy says:

    We have a QB playing SCARED.

  204. WallaSean says:

    no excuse for the poor opening script. Now DK is frustrated and yet to establish run. Now a Pick 6 on a screen play that should have been the first play, but now you force it , inexcusable

  205. James Kupihea says:

    I might just shut this off and go outside now. It doesn’t matter.

  206. Dinosaw says:


  207. Pepperpig says:


  208. Pran says:

    Russ and coaching staff are the problem. Time to fire coaching staff and see what Russ does.

  209. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Alright. Alright. Let’s build on this.

  210. Dinosaw says:

    Predictable ….another 1st round exit looming to a team with no QB.

  211. Paul Cook says:

    In fairness to the Seahawks, we hardly ever play the Rams making them almost a complete mystery to us.

  212. Tony says:

    Simply pathetic.

  213. Troy says:

    Let’s be honest – this pathetic offense wouldn’t keep up with New Orleans or Green Bay anyway.

  214. Robbie says:

    I worry this game will be over now if we don’t score here. I know lots can change but it’s not looking good. Out coached, over compensating for a player throwing a fit. Pissed off Aaron Donald destroying our Oline.

  215. Jordan E says:

    OK there ya go!!

  216. Chris says:

    There we go!!!!

  217. pdway says:

    lets goooooooook

  218. Mick says:

    Yeah come on guys!

  219. Troy says:

    Playground offense is the only thing that works.

  220. Henry Taylor says:

    Theres our Russ!!!

  221. Blitzy the Clown says:

    I’ll take it

    Great pick up by Hyde

  222. pdway says:

    there’s our quarterback!

  223. Tony says:

    Like the result! But show me more than 1 big play.

  224. Chris says:

    Maybe that will wake russ up.

  225. HawkfaninMT says:

    Man things got dark here for a bit!

  226. Chris says:

    Hell of a 5th round pick there

  227. Mick says:

    Good job Alton

  228. Rob Staton says:

    Defense is giving up WAY too many explosive plays

  229. Blitzy the Clown says:

    We have something in Robinson

  230. Blitzy the Clown says:

    There’s no excuse for this

  231. Rob Staton says:

    What is Pete doing challenging that?????

    Jesus christ


  232. cha says:

    Wouldn’t be a Ram game if there wasn’t a ridiculous challenge.

  233. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Bad challenge

  234. downtownjewelrybryan says:

    so whos the new tater?

  235. Pran says:

    McVay owns Pete. Does not matter who plays.

  236. Tony says:

    This game is so frustrating. This team is so jekyll and hyde

  237. Rokas says:

    It’s strange that Pete is such an opportunist with his challenges. His preferred game style for sure is not opportunistic.

  238. Rob Staton says:

    What kind of tackle was that from Wagner????

    The defense is a mess now.

  239. cha says:

    What’s wrong with Bobby? Blew that one.

  240. Robbie says:

    and now the defense forgets how to tackle.

  241. Paul Cook says:

    Just Ugh…

  242. James Cr. says:

    Maybe losing this game is for the best. This team is a joke.

    • Matt says:

      I sincerely hate that line of thinking…but I’m slowly coming to that position, myself.

  243. Chris says:

    If we give up a td its gonna be hard to win this

  244. James Z says:

    Watching this team egregiously shit the bed on offense and defense… pathetic.

  245. sgtPeppy says:

    Feels like the Giants game with Colt McCoy, except they also have Donald, Floyd, and Ramsey to wreck the offense in the 2nd half. I expect at least 4 more sacks

  246. Tony says:

    Cannot rely on this offense to play a shootout game

  247. Mick says:

    I don’t care how good Adams is at blitzing, he is worse than McDougald at what a safety should do.

  248. OP_Chillin says:

    McVay has never lost a game where the Rams led at halftime.

    Carroll never lost a home playoff game.

    Unless they get a stop and score a TD here, something’s gotta give.

  249. Pran says:

    Adams did touch Akers, so it’s not a walk-in TD

  250. Jordan E says:

    So why did we cut Snacks Harrison again? Such a dumbass move on so many levels

  251. pdway says:


  252. Rob Staton says:

    This is just embarrassing from the Seahawks.

    A fitting end to a wretched year, starting with a hopeless free agency.

    Going to be a long off-season upcoming. Zero excitement for it.

    • Pran says:

      There is no accountability for leadership, both coaches and players. It’s hard to keep up hope.

    • Jordan E says:

      There offense is literally run or pass to Cam Akers every other play. Can’t even stop it.

    • Blitzy the Clown says:

      Let’s face it. Zero excitement because we have little confidence in this coaching staff/FO. At least for me.

    • Big Mike says:

      COMPLETELY agree

    • KennyBadger says:

      Hang in there Rob! We don’t have to be super bowl quality now, just enough to beat the rams…

    • Tony says:

      No good look to another quick out. We are firmly in too good to rebuild, not good enough to really contend territory.

  253. Tony says:

    We have worked our way into the worst scenario. We need russ to take over. Vs his worst foe. Perfect.

  254. Nordic Dawg says:

    Now we’re chasing the game. I like our chances better than it would be if we’re close. Pete plays for the field goal and the no TO’s.

    Not today! LA’s defense has no respect for our O or Wilson and it shows. Let’s see if we adjust we got to score at half, or it’s ball game. Rams are unbeatable when you chase them and they can pin their ears back. Gonna say it again, Arnold understands our offense better than our head coach and coaching staff.

  255. Trevor says:

    Akers running and Russ turning the ball over we’re my biggest worries and both are killing us.

  256. OP_Chillin says:

    How the Fk do you not pick that up? Why the hell was Carson not in for that?!

  257. Rokas says:

    It seems that we seen this over and over and over again. Yet they never fail to surprise with incompetence.

  258. Hawkcrazy says:

    why would they possibly have Hyde run that on 3rd down such a huge difference between Hyde and Carson.

  259. TheOtherJordan says:

    I love the “Well, we’ll just play hard in the second half strategy.” It’s gotta be so much fun for Pete.

  260. Troy says:

    This just feels like a loss. Mcvay undefeated with a lead at half time, fuck this season man

  261. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Has Jarran Reed put on a few lbs around the middle?

  262. Whit21 says:

    Whats with all this shoulder high tackling on ackers.. why cant anyone hit his legs

  263. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Failing to get off the field on third down there is inexcusable.

  264. James Z says:

    Akers is killing ’em. Goff is the walking wounded and the RB is ripping them a new one.

  265. Paul Cook says:

    Did we even practice or game plan for this game? It sure doesn’t look like it.

  266. Mick says:

    Oh no, Bobby is down…

  267. Blitzy the Clown says:

    These refs are as bad as the Seahawks

    • Big Mike says:

      They call that a fumble so replay can turn it back around that’s actually good officiating that way they don’t screw anybody

  268. Jordan E says:

    There goes Bobby

  269. Pran says:

    Not a surprise to see this coming .. it’s the same shit on both sides all season.

  270. Ian says:

    It’s the same thing every week and every season. I’m tired of this product. We need change.

  271. Chris says:

    Russ eats up way to much cap to play like this for so many weeks.

  272. Tony says:

    I wasnt expecting a full sb win type of season. And any loss sucks. But what a lame exit this would be. Rams bounce next week.

  273. pdway says:

    akers has 19 carries for 97 yds. terrible.

  274. Denver Hawker says:

    This game is so painful to watch on so many levels.

  275. MoBo says:

    Now that we’re in the Playoffs we combine our first game defence with our last game offence. Should be the other way around. Pathetic game

  276. Jordan E says:

    Pete’s takeaway from this game:

    “We lost this game because we lots the turnover battle.” –> Run even more next year with even more anemic offense

  277. Hawks4life says:

    Still think we win this game but what a shame. Pete needs to go.

  278. KennyBadger says:

    I absolutely share the frustration so far. Second half will prove different.

  279. Pran says:

    No intensity no excitement, on top no fan noise. It’s THE worst game to expect in play offs.

    Can some one give couple Red Bulls to Russ during half timez

  280. Mick says:

    I think they can safely pull out Goff and just run the ball the whole second half.

  281. Tony says:

    Well. Its on you russ. This is your chance to show your a top 5 qb.

  282. Chris says:

    If we’re gonna win this game we gotta come out in the 2nd half with our hair on fire.

  283. Utah Gross MaToast says:

    Defense – against a thumbless quarterback, who is mediocre WITH said thumb – has one job: make them throw. Load up and stop the damn run.

    Offense – following is a complete list of successful plays schemed up by Schotty:

    End of list.

    The Ram coaching staff is so far superior that it’s no contest.

    I’m not too excited for the second half, but go hawks.

    • Dinosaw says:

      Totally agree . This predictable dinosaur 🦖 offense and OC needs to go . Totally out coached by the rams.

  284. cha says:

    It’s possible that if they don’t come out and score a TD on the opening drive they’re sunk.

  285. Henry Taylor says:

    Down by 10 at the half to the Rams is rarely a good place to be.

  286. Paul Cook says:

    Win or lose this game, we just can’t look like we have no idea what we’re doing in the first half again. There has to be accountability for this.

  287. cha says:

    0 for 5 on third down. Gastly.

  288. Nordic Dawg says:

    This ballgame’s over based on history of the Hawks and of course, the Rams in particular. 10 down at the half, Rams don’t lose when they’re up like this against anyone.

    Aaron Donald wanted us and understands our shitty, predictable offense with a quarterback who can’t throw from the normal pocket and a coordinator who is completely predictable.

    If we win the 2nd half, it’s because they let Russ cook and effin’g let him run on RPO. Otherwise, we out. Let’s see if our offense adjusts. This was so damned predictable, it’s the playoffs, time to wise up.

  289. Dec says:

    Carson has 45 yards on 7 carries (6.4y/c). Why not use him more? Nothing from the tight ends. Lots of poor tacking. Out coached and out fought.

    • pdway says:

      I think the issue with our TE’s is that they all suck. Slow and nothing dynamic in any aspect.

  290. I really cant understand why is Adams playing when he is obviously hurt… He cant tackle at all…

  291. pdway says:

    the enduring mystery of this season, whenever it ends, is what in the world happened to our QB and our offense in the 2nd half of the year. You would think that w Russell Wilson, Carson, DK and Tyler – that we would be at least above-average, even against a good defense. I remember the Rams games last year, and how much we moved the ball.

    I just don’t think it’s all the playcalling. Our O-line has regressed. Our QB, our star f-ing QB, is not playing like a star at all. It’s so frustrating.

    • Tony says:

      No pointing at health or injuries this year. This is all on the team, coaching, players. Change is needed.

  292. Tony says:

    Its like everything we do bad each week, we do the following week. Like we ignore what hasnt worked or our mistakes. Then we consistently let each game be comtrolled by the opposing team. This is who we are until a big change happens.

  293. Mark says:

    Same as every other playoff game in the last 5 years. Again we need Russell Wilson to dig us out of a hole we have created.

  294. dand393 says:

    My guess is Wilson tries to make some plays which causes turn overs and we all know if he has multiple turnovers we have lost every time, also Mcvey has never lost a game when leading after the first half, game is over and the future is not looking good

  295. Denver Hawker says:

    Going to see a lot of Cam Akers show in 2nd half

  296. Nordic Dawg says:

    Have to say this out loud to be clear: we’ve given up 20 points in the first half to a first time (okay, 2nd game starter) and a QB with a surgically repaired thumb. Haha, 20 points man!

    Aaron Donald understands Russ and Pete. Let’s see if we can adjust. Man, just awful to watch the WORST 12 WIN TEAM in the history of the NFL. This was predictable. Let’s see if we go Medeviel on their ass! (sorry for the mispelling)

  297. Blitzy the Clown says:

    I’ll take a good play when I can get one. Nice return. Let’s build on it.

  298. Whit21 says:

    We have to be positive for russell.. ciara is probably giving him updates from the blog

    But look at that dj rees return… woooooooo

  299. ReconUK says:

    As frustrating, as disappointing as we feared.

    We have Russ, it is on him now. Whatever happens, this team needs to find something now. If we luck through this game, we will get beaten in the next round anyway.

    If we don’t square the circle and get all three units playing well in the 2nd half, then we have nothing. The season is on the line, if we don’t come out much better in the 2nd, we never were going to achieve anything anyway. We would have had no fight in us.

    I think Russ should be frustrated with Seattle, but he should be more frustrated with himself. We need a transcendent QB and leader, we are paying him a King’s ransom. Russ has 30 minutes, let him loose, let’s live and die with him. All we can do is watch!

    • Jordan E says:

      On the positive side- I do think we can make it next week if we can make it this week. We are always really bad against the Rams. Even the last game we won was not pretty. Jared Goff could have easily won them that game if he didn’t throw the INT. Plus Cam Akers and Henderson were out…

      But agreed though regarding Russ. Schotty is not the guy. Maybe we get snatch like Mahomes or Allen QB coach and put them to OC. We should have signed AB *i’ll stop bringing this up but this point still pisses me off*. Our TEs are garbage and we need a RAC short catch guy. If we don’t make big trades this offseason Russ will be gone from this team. We need a vertical threat TE and a real WR 3

    • Whit21 says:

      He is still transcendent qb.. hes just not as good in scrambling as he used to be.. its weird.. he used to get caught doing these turn and flip scrambles but other times he was lights out with them.. now he doesnt get away aswell and has been limited when he cant throw on time because of the pass rush or blitzes… rams dont even have to blitz and have been getting constant pressure..

      • Jordan E says:

        He’s getting older/slower/less athletic. His scrambling will get worse and worse tbh as time goes on. He needs to get better moving the pocket around..

  300. OP_Chillin says:

    Every pass play feels doomed at this point. RUN THE DAMN BALL

  301. Whit21 says:

    Cant win anything not completing a 3rd n 3.. and being 0 for 6..

  302. Robbie says:

    At least Myers is good…sick of these three and outs. Need 7 not 3!

  303. Chris says:

    Why won’t they run the damn ball!!

  304. James Cr. says:

    0-6 on Third down. Hard to win with that.

    • Pran says:

      That’s per plan if u ask Pete…lol

      It’s like someone pitching a fork on purpose to make 0/6 to happen.

  305. Troy says:

    Russell Wilson is the problem. Panics even with a clean pocket

  306. OP_Chillin says:

    And good lord these drives are over so quickly we are getting absolutely pelted with commercials

  307. Paul Cook says:

    Our best kickoff return of the year. Three and a FG. Good Lord.

  308. Blitzy the Clown says:

    I predicted a 34-20 Seahawks win, so from here out Rams get shut out and Seahawks score 3 TDs.

    Make it so.

  309. JC3 says:

    Goff will drop another gift sometime in this game, we still got chance.

  310. KD says:

    “The Rams have 79 passing yards right now, with 7:51 left in the second quarter. 78 of those have come on plays when Jamal Adams has been the nearest defender to the target, per Next Gen Stats.”
    -Seth Walder, ESPN

    Can we just move Adams to LB?

    • Whit21 says:

      Theres another pass breakup by adams tho.. and the 1 to cooper kupp deep was a great catch.. wish he located it better. He got his head around but missplayed it…

  311. Denver Hawker says:

    “Myers with the tackle”

  312. Mick says:

    Finally Adams breaking a pass

  313. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Finally a pbu for Adams

  314. Jordan E says:

    lol. Please Keep Running the ball Rams!!!

  315. Tony says:

    Still awaiting offense.

  316. Chris says:

    Reed has been a beast the 2nd half of the year.

  317. OP_Chillin says:

    Advertising companies absolutely LOVING these 3 and outs

  318. Mick says:

    Again D did their share, now it’s on Russ. Very strong Reed.

  319. Blitzy the Clown says:

    So how much should we pay to keep JReed?

  320. downtownjewelrybryan says:

    ok russ…the oven’s preheated by now

    • Whit21 says:

      Only thing russ cookin right now is a digiornos stuffed pizza..

      • downtownjewelrybryan says:

        the rolls royce of frozen pizza

      • Whit21 says:

        Rw almost never overthrew receivers.. feel like the last 4 or 5 weeks hes done it consistently on open guys… i know pete came down on russ to stop turning thr ball over but this is ridiculous.. have to give DK a chance…

        • downtownjewelrybryan says:

          i believe they asked him about it after the niner game and he dismissed it like, “i wouldn’t worry about our long ball”

  321. KennyBadger says:

    ‘Harness good, block bad’

  322. Rob Staton says:

    Why don’t they have a play for 3rd and 4????

    They are 0-7 on third down.


  323. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Donald hurt?

  324. Chris says:

    Can’t even contain Donald for a milli second

  325. Chris says:

    If iupati could have even got in his way its a td.

  326. Big Mike says:

    Is there any chance before he retires we actually block Aaron Donald?

  327. Pran says:

    I am praying for Goff to give us a gift of pick to have any hope

  328. Tony says:

    This offense can be shot out of cannon. What a joke.

  329. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Wow they ran on 3rd and 13. Tells you everything you need to know about Goff’s status

  330. WallaSean says:

    Gotta say the plan of luring Donald into an injury while sacking Wilson is an improvement over the first half, nice adjustment?

  331. Big Mike says:

    McVay showing what he thinks of Seattle offense and his qb

  332. Troy says:

    Why do all Seahawks games have to be like this?

  333. Chris says:

    Its time for the schotty air raid offense🤣🤣

  334. 12th chuck says:

    maybe we have a hard time on o because of all the tv time outs. I cant remember a game with so many commercials

  335. Hawks_Gui says:

    We can score 30+ points to end and win the game and it`s still gonna be embarrassing

  336. Denver Hawker says:

    5 tight ends on the roster and none can catch

  337. Chris says:

    If schotty isn’t fired after this game im not watching next year.

  338. Pran says:

    Its not fair for 10-6 Dolphins to sit at home while Hawks get to play.

  339. Chris says:

    Not 1 God damn run on that drive!!

  340. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Ramsey didn’t win the battle so much as the pass wasn’t placed properly

  341. OP_Chillin says:

    Three passes in a row and nothing.

  342. Blitzy the Clown says:

    58.5 QB rating. I wonder what the pff grades for the OL will be.

  343. Gary says:

    Any chance the Rams have the league’s no. 1 defence in part because they play us twice a season?

  344. Troy says:

    Dissly picked a helluva game to have his worst game of his career

  345. Blitzy the Clown says:

    They’re gonna let Goff run for first downs. For shame.

  346. Nate Midgley says:

    It is amazing how much talent is on the offense and how bad it is. Truly remarkable!

  347. Troy says:

    Remember – Pete is not worried about the offense.

  348. Chris says:

    If we had established the run early the rams defense would be wearing down by now.

  349. Pran says:

    So much creativity and motion for one third down with out Donald in game.

  350. OP_Chillin says:

    What the absolute hell was that from Wilson?

  351. James Kupihea says:

    Just three minutes from our offense showing up…

  352. Chris says:

    Offensive line is garbage tonight.

  353. Troy says:

    Russell Wilson is the problem

  354. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Man oh man these ugly ugly plays

  355. Jordan E says:

    Okay, let’s please run Carson downhill still

  356. Robbie Williams says:

    Was that a no look Pass? Ugly

  357. Troy says:

    The ball has to come out on time.

  358. Pran says:

    No Aaron Donald yet..

  359. James Cr. says:

    Looks like Wentz out there

  360. Troy says:

    My god. How pathetic!

  361. Chris says:

    In Wilson’s defense he has no time

  362. Pran says:

    Duane brown is the worst player of OL.. zero effort.

  363. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Embarrassing. Just Embarrassing. And I don’t put it all on Wilson or the OL. The coaching staff owns this too.

  364. Big Mike says:

    This offense is utterly and completely painful to watch. They’ve made one play on a broken play. Utterly broken.

  365. Mick says:

    McVay going Pete Carroll there.

  366. Rokas says:

    SEA makes that Rams defence look like SEA defense of 2013 against Matt Schaub in the second half.

  367. Chris says:

    As bad as our oline is playing im not sure whats going to work in the passing game.

  368. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Even though it won’t get overturned I’d challenge it too. The potential payoff is too valuable not to try.

  369. Pran says:

    That’s two drives without Aaron Donald.

    Can coaching staff just retire after this game.

    • OP_Chillin says:

      Yup, they lose their best player and continue to dominate our offense. Just nowhere near good enough.

  370. Blitzy the Clown says:

    How is that not holding on Poona?

  371. downtownjewelrybryan says:

    schotty can’t just take 5 mins to scrounge up a few plays from a chiefs game?

  372. Troy says:

    Time to trade our celebrity QB. He’s cooked.

    • Big Mike says:

      Has schotty rolled him out? Thrown more than one screen? Is he responsible for pass pro?
      Yeah he’s sacked but he has lots of company

  373. Big Mike says:

    But hey Pete, why don’t you make fun of reporters again when they ask about your offense. Nothing to see here right Pete?

  374. Pran says:

    At this point in time, Rams can sub in practice squad players yet our offense will suck as usual.

  375. Henry Taylor says:

    Defense can only hold them off for so long

  376. Whit21 says:

    Cant believe the difference in this game is the worst way to throw a pick 6

  377. JC3 says:

    If RW can’t throw, then run.

  378. icb12 says:

    Hot garbage.
    Im done here.

    I’ll catch Rob’s write-up after.

  379. Tony says:

    Will this force wholesale changes???

    Probably not. They will say coachspeak on fixing it next year and rams played well. Puke.

  380. Mike says:

    How come the seahawks can only have 8 games of offense a season? Guess we burned all out plays already this year:

  381. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Rams controlling the LOS on both sides. Complete domination.

  382. Tony says:

    Td here ends it for sure. Fg ends it probably too. But no way hawks score 2 tds.

  383. Dinosaw says:

    Hope so

  384. Chris says:

    Hawks need a miracle

  385. Troy says:

    After the Rams win this game and go onto play the Packers next week, watch how Aaron Rodgers will absolutely shred this supposedly dominant Rams defense. Elite QBs do that.

  386. Mick says:

    How can you throw less than a guy with a broken thumb?

  387. Denver Hawker says:

    Majority of the fan base will say what an amazing season.

  388. Nate says:

    Is the best thing that could come out of this game the resignation of some of the major decision-makers? Probably not, but it’s up there!

  389. Coach says:

    With Goff’s bad thumb, I’m predicting an interception in the 4th Q!! It hadn’t been coming out of his hand well all game! Play the run on 1st and 2nd to force 3rd and long and then intercept the high ball from Goff over the middle!

    Go Hawks!!

  390. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Oh great Brooks is holding his right ankle

  391. sgtPeppy says:

    Can’t believe how much nickel we’ve played this game. Love seeing Ugo Amadi getting handled by Robert Woods at the line every run play. This staff doesn’t trust Jordyn Brooks because it’s suddenly a playoff game? That’s what you get with 70+ yr old coaches and his toadies.

  392. Dinosaw says:

    This team gets out coached every week. This team needs changes. I just can’t see Pete doing anything.

  393. Chris says:

    If we’re gonna be a passing offense we need a coordinator who has a pro level passing system not a high school system.

  394. Denver Hawker says:

    Mayors, Irvin, and Olsen are having a really nice game.

    Also, those 1st and 3rd round picks probably will be really high.

  395. Jordan E says:

    Run Carson and keep him in on these drives. May be his last runs as a Seahawk…

  396. Dinosaw says:

    This team needs a td on this drive or we are done.

  397. Tony says:

    Please god, let the media grow some balls. Hold this team accountable.

  398. Chris says:

    Oline can’t hold a block for even a second.

  399. Jordan E says:


  400. Mick says:

    Pocic looks really weak today.

  401. Chris says:

    Its to late to establish a running game now.

  402. Chris says:

    Gotta go for it!

  403. Chris says:

    Why no fullback?

  404. Dinosaw says:

    Crap. Apsolute crap. Can’t get a yard FFS.

  405. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Total failure by the OL today

    And oh great Lewis is down

  406. Robbie says:

    No confidence the team can pick this up. Sad. This game is the worst.

  407. Troy says:

    The Rams have absolutely WHIPPED us today. Off-season here we come.

  408. neil says:

    They have continued to stay with RW the pocket passer. instead of going with the roll out/moving pocket scheme. Also the Rams have played with motivation and the Hawks not. Both of those are bad coaching.

  409. Tony says:

    No swagger on offense.

  410. cha says:

    Losing in front of your home crowd
    You wish the ground
    Would open up and take you down
    And will time never pass?
    Will time never pass for us?

  411. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Total collapse

  412. Mick says:

    So many silly mistakes today, no way to win in playoff like this

  413. Pran says:

    That one play should get Pete fired .. 4th and 1 delay of game

  414. sgtPeppy says:

    Can’t even get a play off after a timeout. Unbelievable

    • sgtPeppy says:

      They’ve been slow getting to the line all season. Then they do their stupid motion shit. Then they do an audible, but they’re always late and rushed.

  415. Troy says:

    I’m done. Shotty, Russ , Pete think they can do the same over and over and expect a different result.

  416. Rokas says:

    If it lead to changes in the coaching staff then this loss might be very well worth it.

  417. AlaskaHawk says:

    Rams were playing for revenge.

    What are the Seahawks playing for, the chance to get beat in the next round?

  418. Chris says:

    I hope pete finally realizes that you can’t have shit coordinators who are yes men. Good coaches matter.

  419. Tony says:

    Hawks mad at playclock. Or they could not take there sweet time walking to the line and line up faster.

  420. pdway says:

    guys – thats inexcusable

    delay of game w the season on the line.

    take the timeout if you have to – unbelievable

  421. Chris says:

    I won’t hold my breath on that though.

  422. Dinosaw says:

    Only good offensive play call by seahawks is a broken scramble pass. Shorty had a offensive game plan first half of the season everyone has worked out. He can’t adapt and the result is this shit show.

  423. Big Mike says:

    Sean McVay called timeout before the play clock ran out why can’t Pete Carroll? Oh I know why cause he doesn’t realise that the play clock is about to run out. Coaching

  424. Troy says:

    Russell Wilson was 2-9 for 6 yards in the third quarter.

  425. Pran says:

    Come on guys.. they run the same 4-5 plays all game. Depending on the situation it comes down to 1 or 2. Any defense can be LOB against this offense.

  426. James Cr. says:

    Green Bay will beat the Rams by 20 next week.

  427. Cl says:

    Maybe it’s a bit harsh, but is Russell still the QB of our future?

  428. neil says:

    I honestly believe that marriage and fatherhood have become a major factor in Wilson’s apparent lack of focus on his craft.

    • Jordan E says:

      I think he is receiving terrible advice too from his mental coach team.

      I cannot think of any GOAT in a sport to have this “neutral” mindset Wilson has. Kobe, TB12 and MJ were/are vicious competitors who want to win and had the killer instinct to destroy the other team.

    • Pran says:

      He can take his celebrity and celebrity wife to NY. Enough pampering..

  429. James Z says:

    There’s enough shite to go around for Shot, Pete, and Russ. Perhaps the most important play of the game and they crap all over themselves… The chickens have truly come home to roost after the off-season, and the head-scratching play calls, clock management and just piss-poor play from Wilson. Rob was spot-on from the beginning. Worst 12-4 team in the NFL in recent memory.

  430. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Nice stop. Regardless of the outcome it’s still important.

  431. Blitzy the Clown says:


  432. Chris says:

    Pete will use t.o as an excuse why we lost this game.

  433. Tony says:

    And game.

  434. sgtPeppy says:

    Pete’s presser:

    We lost the turnover battle and that’s why we lost

    • Big Mike says:

      Exactly. Then he can question reporters for questioning the offense

      • Jordan E says:

        lmao. I also said this earlier. 100% bet he’s thinking some crap like this. Fcking pathetic. I would say its good since we would get earlier 1st round pick but we traded it

    • GoHawksDani says:

      “It was uncharacteristic”
      “We were surprised by…”
      “The players didn’t deliver”

      If Pete would be a decent guy, he’d resign after this joke

      • Jordan E says:

        He quit on USC when things got bad. Hopefully he will do the same and quit in Seattle. We need new coaching if we want to actually win a SB.

  435. Whit21 says:

    Its been a good season boys.. ups and downs.. exciting finishes.. but this coaching staff is old and outdated. Its pretty obvious that PC brand of football only works if u have special players at many key positions.. there will be more of the same with this crew so. Now should be a time to expect good winning seasons that results in getting whooped in playoffs..

    And dj reed fumbles.. holds false starts.. 1st and 20 25 30… see ya next year boys!

  436. CaptainJack says:

    Fuck pete fuck russ fuck this city and team im done forever

  437. Mike says:

    First round playoff exit to an inferior we come.

  438. Blitzy the Clown says:

    The rest is just salt in the wound

  439. Rgsd858 says:

    Definitely fuck this team!! We need a new owner as soon as possible!

  440. Chris says:

    Its been a long time since I’ve felt this down about the hawks. Pete is signed long term and this is what we can expect for the next few years.

  441. Tony says:

    So rob, maybe we turn to mariners team. They look to be building something fun with tons of top prospects. Certainly more fun the this teams direction.

  442. James Kupihea says:

    I hear there’s a game where they bounce a ball going on right now. Looking into it.

  443. Paul Cook says:

    There’s a lot of blame to go around, but this one is on PC more than anyone else. We just weren’t ready for this game. It’s like we had no game plan for this team that we know so well.

  444. Troy says:

    Any seahawk fan still watching this game is a masochist, this game is gone. Absolute failure of a season by the hawks, disgraceful. This one hurts man

  445. Big Mike says:

    Utter, complete and total failure of a season.
    And this is what we will continue to get for the rest of the Pete Carroll regime.

  446. Dinosaw says:

    Great coaching by the rams and mcvay. That’s the game. We are dinosaurs . That’s the difference. Coaching changes needed but won’t happen.

  447. Nate says:

    Kind of the perfect way for this season to end tbh

  448. Forrest says:

    One word: P A T H E T I C

  449. 12th chuck says:

    what a waste for the next 3 years. thats my guess how long it will take to recover from all the shitty offseason moves and lack of draft capital on top of a tight cap

    • James Kupihea says:

      Feels pretty bad Chuck. My not-so-bold prediction is that the Seahawks don’t recapture a championship until the team is sold. We saw the epitome of Pete Ball in the 2020s. It doesn’t work if you don’t build your team for it to work..

      Why would JS stay?

      How can PC improve anything with this approach?

      What incentives are there for Russ to stay?

      • 12th chuck says:

        it sure does seem like its going to be an ugly offseason. I will be surprised if wilson stays. js is hard one to call . Piss poor drafting for a while has caught up. players not playing up to there contract worth. I dont see how they can keep wagner as well, let both griffins and carson go. I can see wilson wanting a trade, but not much of a market for him, so we wont get much in return.

  450. Mick says:

    We’ve been in playoffs with weaker players than these. The coaching however did not show any sign of creativity. You can’t play with no brain and you can’t win just with players’ skills. We need a new OC, a new offensive line, and we need Pete to manage the entire coaching team better.

  451. Matt says:

    Russell is gone. I’ll be completely shocked if he doesn’t force his way out.

    Don’t get me wrong, he was terrible today – but PC has broken him; I have no doubt.

    This organization will never get to an NFC championship game with PC as HC.

    • Chris says:

      I hope he forces his way out!

      • Matt says:

        Like I said – he’s been terrible; but there is ZERO blame I’d assign to him for saying “F this, get me out of here.”

        Pete ball can’t win in 2021.

    • Troy says:

      Looking forward to Rob’s new article.

    • Mike says:

      Russell is playing his worse stretch of his career. Pete Carroll didn’t all of a sudden break him. It’s not Pete it’s Russell.

      Don’t get me wrong Russell’s good. He’s not mahomes he’s not rodgers, he needs a really good team around him which he doesn’t.

      • Matt says:

        We will never know…but I guarantee this is on Pete getting into his head with turnovers. He looks wholly unwilling to take a chance until the he “has” to.

        • Mike says:

          But Pete’s always been like that. And Russell’s playing worse than he ever has. It’s not like Pete has just changed.

          Also if don’t turn it over is the goal, Russell didn’t even do a good job of that today. He had a pick six and other passes should have been easily picked.

          Stop making excuses for Russell. He’s a good quarterback, but he’s not that close to best in the league like Seahawks fans like to think.

    • Seahawkwalt says:

      I hope so

  452. Troy says:

    Russell Wilson has 8 completions. EIGHT.

    • James Kupihea says:

      A man with a broken finger meanwhile, slinging it as needed.

    • Jordan E says:

      With Aaron Donald out. Pete’s solution of fixing the offense by making it ineffective is not a real solution. Schotty has to go this offseason. Hes decent OC but were not gonna go to SB with the current personnel here.

  453. Whit21 says:

    Thats luke wilsons contribution.. showing Hollister how to catch

    • Mike says:

      Lol. 😂😂

      Seahawks have done a good job of collecting the most unathletic tight end group in the league.

  454. Dinosaw says:

    No one can slag you off now Rob. Utter failure since start of free agency.

    • Chris says:

      I dont see talent as the problem, I see coaching as the problem. We have playmaker at every level of our team.

      • Mike says:

        Quarterback is the problem. Let’s stop making excuses for Russell.

        • lil’stink says:

          I’m sure Wilson’s poor play will be met with half hearted criticisms and blaming others in the organization, as per usual.

          • Mike says:

            So annoying that people make excuses for him. This is the quarterback he is, one that is good enough to win a bunch of games, but not carry a team to a Super Bowl. People who think he is as good as mahomes, rodgers, Brady are delusional.

            When he doesn’t have an all time great defense he is a wild card/divisional round quarterback.

  455. Pran says:

    Absolutely pathetic.. you are rushing now Russ?
    Garbage yards.

  456. Robbie says:

    Third five and now you decide to run the football down 17 great

  457. Peppapig says:

    Mr Limiiiited.

  458. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Good for Swain. Should be upheld on the challenge.

  459. Frank says:

    Wilson is cooked. Not meant as a comment on let Russ Cook, just his limitations are never going to allow this team another championship. Great team, but not capable of supporting a QBs that bad.

  460. pdway says:

    need new coaching blood period.

    this is an ugly end.

  461. downtownjewelrybryan says:

    the uptempo/hurry up should’ve been the gameplan all along

    …de ja vu

  462. Cl says:

    Okay, this is gonna be my last comment for tonight.

    Rob… I love you and your content.
    I wished that you and your criticism were wrong.. for the greater good of the seahawks…
    But it seems like our season came to an ugly end.

    Here’s to hoping for a better season.

    Please keep up your amazing work and keep critizing them if you think that something’s wrong.

  463. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Good for DK

  464. Mick says:

    Why don’t you go for 2 there???

  465. Dinosaw says:

    Game over and offense starts scoring seen this before. Hmmm every bloody playoffs for the last 5 yrs

  466. Nathan W. says:

    My wild card weekend haiku:

    Russell is broken
    The robot needs an update
    F*ck off Pete Carroll

  467. neil says:

    They continued to stay with RW the pocket passer instead of going to the roll out/moving pocket scheme. Terrible coaching. Also teams have learned to string Carson out wide because he doesn’t have enough speed to gain many yards that way. the Hawks desperately need a speed burner in the backfield to compliment Carson.

    • James Kupihea says:

      I’ve been saying this for a while. We all love Carson, but dude gives you an average of 13 games a season and gets bottled up whenever its important to NOT. He would make an incredible #2 to spell a more dynamic playmaker.

  468. Chris says:

    We need an owner who will hold coaches and management accountable.

  469. Troy says:

    Squeaking by the Redskins , 49ers and losing to the Giants were all early warning signs of this.

    • Matt says:

      “BuT sTyLe PoInTs DoN’t MaTtEr!”

      • Jordan E says:

        “We only Lost today because we lost the turnover battle. That’s not Hawk football. Nothing is wrong with Russ. We need to run the ball more and minimize the turnovers” – PC

      • Tallyhawk says:

        Does anyone remember when this defense was goinig to waste another year of prime Russell Wilson? I will remember this season as a year Russell Wilson wasted a year of prime Russell Wilson.

  470. Pran says:

    It’s about time for Pete to tell who all are really injured and wanted to play..

  471. GoHawksDani says:

    This team is a bad joke. Fire everybody, trade/cut everybody and start over

  472. Troy says:

    Pete said point blank he wasn’t concerned about the performance of the offense. Time to hold him accountable for doing nothing to remedy a problem that all us fans saw.

    • Jordan E says:

      I regret saying that the Pete Carroll signing was good. Wish we could fire him honestly after this and then go after Mahomes or Josh Allen OC as new HC. At minimum, we need to let go of Schotty. We need to fix Russell. We will not be able to go far next 5 years if hes not playing top 5 QB level.

  473. Chris says:

    Fire both coordinators, trade russ , trade Adam’s and cut wagner.

    • jordan e says:

      No let’s not go full rebuild yet. We need to fire Schotty for sure. Wish we could fire Pete too but we can’t. we NEED to fix Russ and get him back to top 5 level. Wagner and Adams are worth keeping. We are in too deep for next 3 years from the trade. We have to reset the coaching to win within next 3 years.

      Really hope we don’t lose Schneider

    • IHeartTacoma says:

      I’m down for all that, but I’m not sure anyone would trade for Russell at this point.

  474. Pran says:

    At least we wrecked Rams post season. Goff, Donald and Kupp injured playing against Hawks

  475. Whit21 says:

    A nice healthy spot by the refa to end the game.. once again.. a dominant dline is the achilles heal of pete carroll.. kinda like when the hawks lost to dallas in 2018..

    • Whit21 says:

      Well nevermind.. they actually made a good call

    • Alex H says:

      Wrong game plan. Too many long developing plays against the #1 passing defense. When the Hawks played against the Pats in 14, Bennett beat his man like a drum, but the short, quick passes neutralized it.

  476. Hawks4life says:

    Predictable end to a weird season. We need a complete coaching revamp. Russ is still our future at this point regardless of the second half of this season. Thats outlandish IMO, yes hes struggling but its not all on him. Let’s see what this offseason holds

  477. Rokas says:

    It’s super ugly tp lose to the toothless Rams, but honestly, we could see that this team was going nowhere.
    If it leads to some drastic changes and at least OC/DC change, then it’s a good start.

    • Whit21 says:

      I wouldn’t mind staying with schotty.. but these inside runs from shotgun.. im not sure where its supposed to lead to.. it looked like they were tryin to do read option on that 4th n 1 when they couldn’t get on the ball and snap because they didnt keep an eye on the play clock..

      Bringing back dan quinn is my bold take of the offseason

  478. TomLPDX says:

    Well, we can officially stop pretending that the Seahawks are a decent team this year. They suck and it has been obvious for about 6 weeks now. The pain is over.

    • Lil’stink says:

      Disappointing, absolutely. But saying a 12-4 team sucks is Reddit-worthy. As are many of the comments here the last hour.

      • Ben says:

        They’re the weakest 12-4 team that I’ve seen in a long time. Haven’t played well for the past 2 months and the offense has been broken. The only thing less stinky than their performance is your name on this site.

  479. Schrub says:

    What a fitting end to a disaster of an off-season and overrated season.

  480. Leonardo says:

    After reaching the divisional round last year, we had 60M in cap space and a boatload of draft picks. We spent all that money, used all our picks, and mortgaged our future for Jamal Adams…and lost in the wild-card. Now we have no picks for two years. Pete and Russ aren’t going anywhere, and there’s no owner to make any changes anyway. I feel much worse now than I did in 2017. We’re mediocre, and we’re gonna be that way for a while.

  481. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Small moral victory here for the defense

  482. Tony says:

    Rw time now. Time to crawl to a less embarrasing loss!

  483. neil says:

    We lost to a team with a QB that had a broken thumb, what else is their to say. The Rams played with determination, that is why you can never dismiss the revenge factor.

  484. Nordic Dawg says:

    This was a good game to expose the truth – what was Pete’s famous ‘tell the truth Tuesday’ or whatever the day? Hawks wasted Wilson’s golden years and he’s not a top 5 qb anymore, not a top 10 either, can’t see from the pocket, has issues identifying d’s.

    Would like to see us: Trade Wilson and Adams, get three firsts for them and the qb of the future; let Schnide go to Detroit or whoever and get another top 3 round pick; fire Pete and bring in a new coaching staff and a whole new culture. If I was the owner I’d hire the pain in the ass coach who kicked our ass today, and let him bring in a whole new coaching staff. The Super Bowl and Russ, it ain’t happening again in Seattle, time to move on. Honestly, we all knew it. Wish Paul Allen was still here, hope the sister hires somebody to clean house. We need to clean house. It’s time.

    • Jordan E says:

      “Pete- you don’t deserve your extension. Consider retiring for the best interest of this team. Fire Schotty. Wasting Wilson’s careers and somehow made him a worse player this season. This team is fcked for next 3 years unless new coaching can revitalize the team and/or we hit 100% on draft picks.”

    • Mick says:

      We don’t get anything for JS if he goes to Detroit, I think Rob explained this several times. No chance Pete is fired now after we’ve just extended him. It will most likely go on the OC/DC.

      I’m so disappointed, with so many problems Rams were a team to beat today.

    • Chris says:

      I doubt our owner even knows we played a game today. Pete won’t leave til he retires.

  485. Henry Taylor says:

    Well that’s it, what a shit show, see you in September Seashawks 🙁

  486. Chris says:

    Unless there is major changes it will be impossible to get excited for next year.

  487. Jordan E says:

    Lol sorry for the rants everyone but just gotta say


  488. Tony says:

    Go mariners.

    They are looking well ran. Excited to watch a team grow vs watching one slowly die.

    • downtownjewelrybryan says:

      yessir…pitchers and catchers report soon

      and maybe a date for when the supersonics come back

  489. Mike says:

    Also sorry to rant but has anyone ever seen a worse game from an interior offensive line. Pocic, Damien Lewis, Jordan Simmons, and upadi were pushed around worse than I can ever remember.

    • Jordan E says:

      Agreed they were getting manhandled even after Donald left. The only way to combat the pass rush is a run game or a strong quick passing game. We did not run the ball that much and our TEs are all garbage. Lockett and DK are very good but they can be double teamed and are both better deep target players.

      Cut Chris Carson (he’s too slow- and we need a Lynch type of back). Fire Schotty please. Cut Greg Olsen & Jacob Hollister. Sign a top-tier FA OL for once. Sign a LEGITIMATE TE and/or 3rd WR. #Priority this offseason has to be fixing Russell Wilson and getting him back to top 3QB status. With his gigantic contract- we will not go anywhere next 3 years unless hes playing at top tier QB level.

  490. Mlt509 says:

    Rob I want to eat crow and apologize for you seeing the serious flaws in this team and me getting upset. I am now hoping this embarrassing loss will bring about big changes. And I wouldn’t even be upset if it was as big as moving on from Russ to gain cao space and draft picks back. This team is going nowhere next season with the 9ers and Rams running back healthy teams and better coaching staffs. I am sorry for getting upset with the truth.

  491. Dinosaw says:

    If Pete talks about turnover battle as cause for this loss. Grrrrhhh. This is on his puppet OC . Imagine if the rams had Russ ….