An interview with Wisconsin’s Leo Chenal

March 15th, 2022 | Written by Rob Staton

I’ve been speaking to one of my favourite draft prospects — and a potential target for the Seahawks in round two — Wisconsin linebacker Leo Chenal.

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  1. Rob Staton says:

    Falcons in on Deshaun Watson:

    Could be good if Houston gets #8 and then spends #3 on a pass rusher, removing the chance of taking one at #8.

    • cha says:

      Huh. They just restructured Matt Ryan’s deal, so he has a $55m dead cap in 2022. It would cost the Falcons an extra $18m to show him the door now.

      Is this some division rival gamesmanship?

      • cha says:

        Ah, here’s the rub

        The Falcons were said to have restructured Ryan’s contract — trimming his salary cap hit this year from $48.7 million to $36.7 million. However, there still is no official agreement and nothing has been turned in to the NFL. If the Falcons trade Ryan after June 1, they could free up $8.75 million worth of salary-cap space. If Atlanta acquires Watson, it could seek to ship out Ryan, who has a no-trade clause, according to sources.

        Also this nugget is very interesting. Trade terms have been mostly worked out it appears.

        Every team that has been in discussions with Watson also has been in simultaneous talks with the Texans. Trade compensation is not expected to hold up any potential trade, as parameters of any trade that would involve the quarterback are already in place, league sources said.

        • Sea Mode says:

          I’m gonna go ahead and give myself a little pat on the back on that last nugget 😉:

          Sea Mode says:
          March 14, 2022 at 4:24 pm

          Will he take the night to sleep on it or does this happen today…? I bet the teams already have their offers sent in and at this point are just waiting for Watson to sign off.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Didn’t they just re-structure Matt Ryan though? (too lazy to look up what it would mean for them to trade him after that)

    • Pran says:

      Did Seattle sell low on Russ or the league is not crazy about Russ. I find it odd that with all the legal trouble Watson is generating a lot of interest than Russ has.

  2. MyChestisBeastMode says:

    You’re the man, Rob. I hope the refreshed website and media focus leads to a snowball of activity and influence for you because you certainly deserve it. Don’t forget us small folk on your way to the top!

  3. Peter says:

    Great stuff with Chenal.

    Little worried he might not be on Seattle’s radar. Freaky testing with his size? Great combo…..I feel the team might really think they are set at LB.

    • Group Captain Mandrake says:

      My feeling is that they will pick up a linebacker. They only have Barton and Brooks and Taylor but he will probably be used more to rush than anything else. I don’t know that they want to rely on Rhattigan or BBK to play a lot. The question is whether they think they need to use a high pick on one.

  4. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Brady Henderson

    A Seahawks housekeeping note as we await their next unrestricted free agent signing: Per sources, the exclusive rights free agents they’ve tendered include S Ryan Neal, LB Tanner Muse, LB Jon Rhattigan, DB Nigel Warrior and OL Dakoda Shepley. That secures their rights for 2022.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Special teams FTW

    • cha says:

      Shepley is confusing. Hawks claimed him and were all excited about how they didn’t think he would be available.

      Then they didn’t give him a single snap all year. Even when Pocic was hurt and Fuller was being Fuller.

      JS name-checked him at the combine as a guy they’re still excited about.

      Really, really hard to look at him as an answer if he couldn’t get on the field with their horror show at center last year.

  5. Sea Mode says:

    Really nice interview. Seems like an athlete and a competitor the Seahawks should really like. Let’s hope so!

  6. Sea Mode says:

    Oh, wow. First big flip flop of FA this year.

    Mike Garafolo

    Pass rusher Randy Gregory pulling a U-turn. He’s agreeing to terms with the #Broncos, as @VicLombardi reported. #Cowboys deal fell apart.

    Same deal for Randy Gregory with the #Broncos as he was to sign with the #Cowboys, source says. Five years, $70 million.

    Ian Rapoport

    And so it’s the #Broncos — not the #Cowboys — that are in agreement with Randy Gregory. My understanding is Dallas insisted on contract language that Gregory did not like protecting themselves. So he heads to Denver.

  7. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Really enjoyed the interview Rob. Chenal sounds like a measured, mature young man with fire in his belly.

    Like his size, love his tape, love LOVE his testing. If Seattle are intent on replacing Wagner as best they can via the draft, I don’t think there’s a better prospect in this draft.

    Also, yesterday was a weird day for me and I didn’t get the opportunity to comment on The Rebuild, so…

    I stumbled across SDB in the 2012 offseason, only a few weeks before The Draft (Wilson and Wags).

    Ever since, I’ve been regularly reading and commenting (under sundry usernames), and this site has become an integral part of my life now. Even during periods when I don’t comment, I always check in daily for new posts and new comments.

    During the long months of Pandemic, and more so now with war in Europe, I seek mental and emotional refuge a community of like minded persons with shared passions. And I find it here, at The Rebuild, née Seahawks Draft Blog. Thanks to you.

    So thank you Rob. Sincerely and with gratitude.

    I am here for The Rebuild.

  8. cha says:

    Very interesting signing.

    Adam Schefter
    Former Washington RB J.D. McKissic intends to sign a two-year, $7 million deal with upside to $8 with the Buffalo Bills, per source.

  9. Sea Mode says:

    I forget if this guy is always a BS source, so take it fwiw until one of the bigger guys confirms it.

    Jordan Schultz
    · 14m

    Deshaun Watson is also meeting with the #Niners, per league source. I’m told the #Saints remain the front runners, based on trade assets and their desire to acquire the 26-year-old superstar QB. Decision likely by tomorrow.

    Haha, before I could even finish posting it Breer already shot it down.

    Albert Breer

    I’m told the Niners are not meeting with Deshaun Watson, fyi.

  10. Sea Mode says:

    We really are just gonna re-sign most of our own guys and add “value” in the 3rd wave again, aren’t we…?

    Why do I feel like I’ve seen this movie before?

    • Big Mike says:

      Yes we are
      Because you have

    • pdway says:

      man….I know….

      thought this year might be different. sometimes it feels like the seahawks are lucy, and we are all charlie browns.

      • Sea Mode says:

        I guess at least this year we have a top ten pick and two high R2 to look forward to at the draft.

        • pdway says:

          that’s true. looking at the list of remaining FA defenders, I don’t see any young types that really fit the bill for where we are – i’m a believer that while offenses can get a little older (on the line, at QB) – a good defense is pretty much always a young defense.

          so here I go again w some hope that we sign 1-2 of the remaining FA O-lineman still available to fill the holes there, and use all those high draft picks to shore up the defense.

      • Hawk Mock says:

        Oh man, this is funny and sad but pretty much sums it up perfectly.

  11. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Charles Robinson

    The Randy Gregory reversal to the #Broncos was 100-percent a matter of the #Cowboys tinkering with contract language at the last moment. Like it or not, you can’t come in with that maneuver when there’s another team on hold, just waiting for an opening.

    I wouldn’t want Gregory at the price he signed, but this has to sting a little for a team that did want (to keep) him.

  12. TomLPDX says:

    Nice interview Rob. Hope you have a few more of those interviews in the queue!

    I’m not expecting the Seahawks to take him though. I’ve realized that you are a jinx to anything the FO will do. If it makes perfect, logical sense to you, the FO will zig.

  13. Happy Hawk says:

    With yesterday’s moves and the players acquired in the RW trade – we most likely know that we will not be looking at a defensive tackle, safety, or a tight end in the draft. We also seem fairly set at WR. I am worried from the dialogue at the end of season and combine that JS/PC think we are set on the o-line?

    So our priorities (aside from QB which is a cluster )in this order are:
    #1 Edge rusher
    #2 Offensive Tackle
    #3 Linebacker
    #4 Center
    #5 Running back ( if no Penny)
    #6 Defensive Back

    Can we get what we need with the draft capital we have? What is the floor for J Johnson? What is the ceiling for Z White or D Pierce? Where does A Lucas really land #41?

    • Mick says:

      It’s not easy to anticipate JS and PC in the draft, but we can make an attempt:
      – pick 9: Aaron Hansford, LB, Texas A&M. Nobody has him on the radar, but we’re sure the Jets would pick him at #10 because they need a LB, so let’s beat them to it. And Texas A&M is not too far from Texas Tech, so chances are he will blend with Jordyn Brooks really well.
      – pick 40: Daniel Faalele, OT, Minnesota. He’s a dropper and you could have him in the 4th round most likely, but nobody has our vision, so we draft him and move him to C. Alternative, Erik Swenson, who’s a veteran that played as a backup on each position this year, so he has great versatility and we love that.
      – pick 41: nobody went RB so far so we have all options possible. We go Tyler Allgeier just because we can.
      – pick 74: we have other positions of need and we just handed Dissly a 24 mil contract, so of course we draft a TE. Name is not important cause he (and Colby too) only get snaps as blocking TEs.
      – pick 106: Pete remembers they don’t have a QB, all good names are long gone, they draft BPA from the rest and pretend that was the plan
      – pick 150: speaking of remembering, we also wanted a DE. Pick someone who can’t play 3-4.
      – pick 151: we still have no solution at OT but we draft a WR who gets injured returning the first kick of the season and misses all games.
      – pick 227: we draft a safety, we hit a starter and everyone is excited about how good our draft skills are. BTW Diggs loses his place and we paid him for nothing.

    • BobbyK says:

      Our team is 100% the 1990s right now. It’s that bad.

      We have no QB. It’s “only” the most important position in pro sports.

      The 1990s Seahawks had some good players in every individual year. People don’t seem to understand every NFL team has at least some good players. The Jags had some good players last year, the Jets too. There’s no such thing as an NFL team with weakness at every position. Even Megatron was part of an 0-16 season.

      We are utterly worthless in the grand scheme of things right now. QB is a joke and bandaids and duct tape are being applied throughout the roster.

      I don’t want to be negative. I want to have hope. But Pete Carroll and John Schneider are doing nothing to give us hope.

  14. Big Mike says:

    These bozos have told all of us where they’re at all along here folks. When they had one of their media lapdogs state that “well we could’ve won those 3 games we lost without Wilson last year” they’re letting us know that they think this is a winning roster. They are so full of themselves they actually believe this shit or at the very least are convincing themselves that’s the case.
    A few minutes ago:
    Cowherd: I’m hearing Seattle’s going with Drew Lock as the starter
    Joy Taylor (incredulously): they can’t be convinced he’s the answer
    Cowherd: they’re trying to convince themselves

    • BA says:

      I guess all of the initial excitement of the rebuild has worn off now that we realize they really are this delusional.

      • Ralphy says:

        Get excited for a top 5 pick next year 🙁

        • Cover2 says:

          I’d be fine with top-5 pick. Probably means Carroll and John get fired and we would have a legit shot at drafting the best QB in the draft.

          I’m more worried that Pete and John will overpay old, yet still good, players on the defensive side of the ball to longish contracts. Then we end up with a 8 or 9 win season, drafting 18th overall in next years draft. Also, with the 8 or 9 wins being just enough for Carroll and John not to be fired yet again.

        • D-OZ says:

          Exactly what I posted a couple day’s ago…

    • Happy Hawk says:

      I am sure they ARE going with Lock – why else would they include him in the trade. Big tall dude from Missouri = anti R Wilson.

    • Gross MaToast says:

      In a sense, it’s like watching someone plan their own funeral – one of those where they prop the body up on a Harley or place it in a bass boat holding a fishing rod – it’s uncomfortably unsettling the way they insist that this dead body mime life.

      Apparently Pete believes that Russell Wilson is easily replaced by Drew Lock – no kidding, a guy called Drew Lock – and that he can run it all back with Drew Lock – Drew! Lock! – and then this recently deceased body will be humming down the interstate astride that Harley like nothing ever happened.

      I’m dubious.

      No way they sit at 9.

    • BobbyK says:

      “These bozos…”

      I know Pete Carroll knows more about football than I’ll ever know. I know the same can be said about John Schneider being “smarter” than me in terms of being an NFL GM. They’d better, because it’s been their full time jobs.

      That being said, if we judge people’s actions instead of their words or what they know… BigMike’s into of, “These bozos” is 100% accurate even if it may seem unnecessarily derogatory… but when we get offseasons of Hollister, Finney, Mayowa, Hyder, Witherspoon, Diggs, Dissly (like the player, hate the contract), etc. What are we supposed to start/continue to think?

      This is an organization clearly in despair. This is 1990s football all over again and they’re too unreasonable to understand it.

      They trade their QB. They don’t seem to have a back-up plan for the most important sports position in the world. They’re duct taping a pipeline leak and giving cough drops to cure patients of their trench foot. They do not seem to have any type of blue print.

      Now, I know these guys run through hundreds of scenarios. They’re not stupid behind the scenes. They don’t throw darts at a dart board to tell them who to sign or draft, though we’d never know it based on what they do in real life.

    • lil’stink says:

      Keep in mind Cowherd is a total tool that has always had an axe to grind with Pete Carroll.

      I think Wilson’s agent was clearly feeding Cowherd some stories in the past. But now that Wilson is gone I don’t think there’s much reason to put any stock in Cowherd’s opinions about Seattle.

      • TomLPDX says:

        Cowherd is from the PNW if I remember correctly and probably a secret Seahawks fan so I’ll continue to listen to what he says.

  15. Scot04 says:

    It sure feels like were going to have another Quantity over Quality Free-agency in 2022. Still hoping we can get Reed & Penny done, then atleast 1 top Free-agent. While older could recently released JC Tretter be an option for Seattle at Center.

  16. Sea Mode says:

    Wonder if he took a discount or got the JAX going rate.

    Ian Rapoport

    Source: Former #Falcons WR Russell Gage is expected to sign with the #Bucs. More weapons for Tom Brady.

  17. Ralphy says:

    DJ Reed to NYJ.

    • HawkFan907 says:

      Sounds like 3yr33mil…. That is a lot of DJ Reed. I am glad he got the bag though.

      • Cover2 says:

        I would have much preferred we re-signed DJ Reed to that contract than what we paid Dissly.

        IMO young legit starting CB has much more positional value than a nice inline TE.

        • BruceN says:

          Agreed. $11M/yr for a solid CB vs. $8M/yr for an OK but often injured TE. Not a good value.

    • Dominic says:

      Well if the edges are gone by 9 there will be at least one super CB available, I imagine.

      • Peter says:

        I’m going to cry softy into a mug of hot chocolate if Seattle drafts any defensive back at nine.

        • Dominic says:

          I want an impact edge finally, for sure. But Stingly? Gardner? lockdown CBs on rookie contracts are elite value and I think I’d be all right with either if we can’t get that elite DE at 9.

          • Peter says:

            If Seattle was an elite cb away from being good, sure.

            • Dominic says:

              we aren’t an elite DE away either, we need elite players at elite positions though and if there aren’t any elite edges at 9 it seems to me an elite CB isn’t the worst thing that could happen. if there are elite edges at 9 and we go CB I’d cry for sure though. I’m 100% sure that wouldn’t happen though given Pete’s tendency to not draft CBs high. I wonder if an exception would be made inside the top 10 for a Derek Stingley if JJ or KT aren’t there.

              • Peter says:

                I like those guys but I’m a bit down on CB’s value like I am with other positions. Dl and db play are connected so maybe a great corner could help create pressire by tying up wr’s.

                I’m just a little less convinced great corner backs do as much to improve the defense as much as if not an edge player even a great Dlinemen does.

    • cha says:

      Tom Pelissero
      The #Jets are signing former #Seahawks CB D.J. Reed to a three-year, $33 million deal with upside, per his agent
      . 💰

  18. Scot04 says:

    DJ REED to the Jets

  19. Henry Taylor says:

    What is there plan to spend money on this offseason? Are they just content to not use it? For all the Dissly overpay talk, he’s not actually gonna cost much this year. It’s all very confusing.

    • SeahawkNYC says:

      I think they legitimately believe they can get a starting QB this year…somehow

      • Blitzy the Clown says:

        Seems more like they believe they already have one in Lock, and we know they already think they’re
        mostly a SB roster

        • Zane says:

          oh god

        • BA says:

          It seems to confirm all the past bluster from Pete, which is that they’ve gotten high off their own farts and believe that cutting cost at QB and cycling through some tier 3/4 vet free agents will get them right back to 12+ wins. After all, look how well we played against the Jags with Geno. A sample size of 1 game is all the evidence we need.

          • Blitzy the Clown says:

            I bet Pete looked at Lock and thought, we could’ve won those 3 games without Wilson last season if we’d had Lock instead of Geno.

            And I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if now he’s thinking, we could’ve won most of the other games that Wilson did play with Lock, because we’re almost a SB roster.

            Gettin high off his own supply

    • Henry Taylor says:

      Maybe they are waiting on the Clowney sweepstakes again…

      Draft a corner at 9.

      • Peter says:

        That would such a pete thing to do when you can finally get an edge rusher after fielding a laughable squad to go ahead and drop 10 years of mid to late round draft philosophy and get a corner.

        • Blitzy the Clown says:

          Actually it wouldn’t. Pete’s never drafted a CB that high. And not retaining DJ Reed is also very Pete. They’ve never spent money to keep a starting CB from leaving in FA.

          FWIW, I think this all but assures they will pick a CB in this draft I just wouldn’t look for it earlier than the 3rd round.

          • Peter says:

            Blitzy, i meant “pete thing to do,” as in he’s never done it. So now when they can get a dynamic pass rusher or DT….I actually see it as likely that they don’t. Which for once I hope pete actually sticks to drafting one late like he has.

          • Henry Taylor says:

            Sherm? Didnt they also make a good offer to Griffin last year but were bailed out by Jacksonville?

            • Blitzy the Clown says:

              Didn’t they extend Sherm a year before his (rookie) contract expired? That’s a world of difference from paying big to retain a vet CB, which they’ve never done.

              Also, I’m sure they made a decent offer to Reed, but weren’t willing to match what he was offered from the Jets. Same as Griffin. And rightly so on both.

      • BA says:

        Better yet, a WR

      • Blitzy the Clown says:

        Clowney more like a bingo raffle these days than a sweepstakes

    • cha says:

      the Dissly overpay talk

      My issue isn’t so much the amount they paid but the timing. Paying a blocking TE you don’t use in the passing game right off the bat, before addressing OT, C, EDGE, etc.

      This is the exact same thing as 2020, when they spent $10m on Olsen and Hollister before FA even started, and then went dumpster diving at RT, C, pass rusher.

      • Blitzy the Clown says:

        I can understand why they extended Dissly so fast. He’s in house, maybe there’s good relationship with his agent, etc.

        What bothers me is the way they throw it out to the fans. I’m like, read the freakin room guys. Nobody cares about a back up blocking TE when there are PRESSING holes on the roster.

        Resigning Dissly – good, great or bad – ain’t calming anyone’s concerns about the direction of the franchise.

        • TomLPDX says:

          Least you forget that they are the smartest guys in that room, and they could care less what the room thinks.

      • jed says:

        I know I’m being an over-reacting fan with FA and the draft still ahead, but it sure feels like the team is headed towards top 3 pick bad.

      • WallaSean says:

        The Olsen signing is often overlooked when complaining about bad contracts.

  20. Big Mike says:

    Don’t know if anyone reported this here but………..JC Jackson to the Chargers

  21. BobbyK says:

    I know it’s easy to say to keep Reed, but I would not have given him 3-years, $33 million either. With his slender frame and some of the more minor injuries – I don’t think he’s going to age well. Sad to say that he’d be a better value than a bunch of our signings though. So sad/sick to see.

    • Peter says:

      You might not be wrong but now they need another corner since one of them is already an injury risk.

      • BobbyK says:

        There’s a difference between being an injury risk on a rookie contract vs. being an $11 million per season injury risk, imo.

        Don’t look now but between Jones and Tre Brown the Seahawks will have two LCBs. One will move to the right and suck because they’re really better on the other side.

        Where have I heard this before?

        Typical comPete.

    • BA says:

      I’d have paid him over Dissly tbh.

    • GoHawksDani says:

      Yeah, but who’s gonna play CB for us? Jones and Brown? C’mon…
      They’re amazing backups and might be OK CB3s even maybe CB2s but none of them is CB1.
      If a team has awesome passrush and good safeties I could be OK with them but we don’t have either and also won’t have that.

  22. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    So….. can Dissly play CB? What a sh*tshow.

  23. Scot04 says:

    Rasul Douglas?

  24. WallaSean says:

    If they are interested in collecting compensatory picks for next year, this is what the beginning of free agency would look like. If they bring in any of the street free agents as draft hedges, that is more evidence.

  25. Mick says:

    If we don’t re-sign Duane Brown, do we select a LT at #9?

    • CaptainJack says:

      Hope not. Give stone a chance.

    • Cover2 says:

      I would prefer a difference maker on defense at #9. But I think it’s a real possibility of taking a LT at #9. Back in the day John and Pete took LT Russell Okung at #6.

    • Blitzy the Clown says:

      There is no LT in this draft worth being the 9th pick.

      And while I’m opining, the more I think about Penning, the more I think he’s RT only. And the more I think about Lucas, the more I think he could play LT.

      But I think Rasheed Walker with the 11th pick in round 4 might be the best OT value in this draft.

  26. Denver Hawker says:

    Maybe contrarian: I think Jets got a nice deal on Reed and I’m glad the Hawks didn’t commit it.

    It always felt like Diggs or Reed, but not both. I preferred Reed myself, but no way they can pay those two and Adams while neglecting the trenches. This team badly needs to redistribute cap space to the lines.

    I’d much prefer a couple Top 10 position signings to the O-line over getting Reed. Sidney and Tre are serviceable and I’d expect the team to draft a corner.

    • Peter says:

      None of this feels wrong per se. But when do they start addressing the trenches?

      Take in a vacuum that the oline play last year was 100% on Russell. Okay. And the line is improved by having lock.

      That still wouldn’t explain not doing anything about the dline.

    • Tomas says:

      I read an SI article yesterday that mentioned in passing that JS had been impressed with Drew Lock coming out of Missouri. I fear Pete is enough of a narcissist to believe he can win with him.

  27. CaptainJack says:

    Hard to imagine the FO didn’t TRY to bring DJ Reed back. He must not have wanted to be part of this rebuild.

    • Blitzy the Clown says:

      He left the Seahawks for…the Jets?!? Highly doubtful.

      They made him and offer, and the Jets beat it.

    • Sea Mode says:

      They were probably shocked to find out that the pull of our amazing culture wasn’t enough to bring him back on a hometown discount. But no worries, they were in it the whole way.

  28. Ulsterman says:

    They really are useless, you finally have a good young corner and you let him walk for an affordable contract, while retaining older players.
    I really can’t fathom their thinking on this one, they’re creating hole after hole for the draft. I shudder to think who they’re going to pick, but am fully prepared to be pissed off as they make a balls of it too.

    • Hand of God says:

      How are they useless, exactly? Got him for nothing from a Division rival, got 2 years out of him in a cheap contract and he is not getting a high-end contract (good for him, and well deserved). Pete Carroll has a particularly good track record in identifying talent and developing good CBs with limited investment. I think the rationale here is, this is the one area in which they have a good track record in developing talent using low picks or released players…invest premium picks on other positions, and trust the coaching staff on this position

      • Ulsterman says:

        What other good corners have they had recently? Justin Coleman probably the last one but they let him go too.
        Meanwhile the likes of Tre Flowers starts.
        they had the cap room to keep Reed but he’s gone. So you’re left with Tre Brown who was injured most of last season and Sidney Jones on a one year contract.
        Reed should have been their number one priority to re-sign.
        As far as them being useless look at their last few years of free agency and drafts as well as getting rid of actual good players like Frank Clark and Jarran Reed
        Look at the state of the roster and how key positions like center are never addressed.

  29. Ulsterman says:

    They’ve gone from one of if not the best front offices in the league to very possibly the worst. Top of the league at bullshitting though.

    • D-OZ says:

      One good draft does not make them a good front office. I have never thought that of them as such.
      Peat recruited Jody all through January. Now this is where we are at. Top 5 pick next year and pass on an elite DE this year to trade back to plug holes. Which they will fail miserably @

  30. Tomas says:

    I, and many others here, were right to worry when the Hawks won those last two meaningless games. After the Bears debacle in the snow it had seemed likely that Pete was history … but who knows, maybe Jody would have kept him anyway. Are we sure Khan is the worst owner in the league?

  31. Old but Slow says:

    Sorry to see Reed go, but remember, Pete is the DB guru. He could make me into a starting CB and I’m 78 years old.

  32. Sea Mode says:

    Oh for Pete’s sake! Hard to believe how he’s got all the media in his pocket spinning justifications for his every move.

    Corbin K. Smith

    For those questioning Dissly’s contract, he had numerous teams interested in him per a source. His all-around value and locker room presence made him worth that price point to the Seahawks.

    • cha says:

      I do recall one Pete press conf where he was asked about why Dissly isn’t getting targets and he went on a tangent rave about how good Dissly is on special teams.

    • Big Mike says:

      They do nothing but spew his propaganda

    • BA says:

      I always love the after-the-fact “per a source”, just like those tidbits about us being interested in Mahomes and Allen while we get ready to roll our Drew Lock as our QB.

      • Peter says:

        Already dreading the idea I have that I believe they think lock is their version of Allen.

    • Peter says:

      Checks out. We once brought luke Wilson back to cheerlead instead of playing alton robinson.

  33. Scot04 says:

    Can we retain Penny. Pete wants to run, it’s a fit & he’s young.
    3yrs 20M looking like could be about the range.
    I’m also guessing we wait until comp picks are no longer awarded to bring in anyone else in. It feels like another year of value shopping for outside Free-agents.

  34. D-OZ says:

    That’s what I predicted a few day’s ago. I knew Selah was going to go after Reed.

  35. Silly Billy says:

    “A notoriously bad organization paid superstar money to an okay Seahawks Cornerback in free agency”

    I feel like I’ve heard this one before….

    • Big Mike says:

      A now notoriously bad Seahawks organization paid a superstar price, TWO firsts and a third, for a less than okay Jets Safety that has now ranked in the 60s by PFF 2 years in a row.

  36. Sea Mode says:

    I’m tempted to overreact too. I mean, they think they have their starters in Sydney Jones and Tre Brown, with Blair at nickel where he was playing well before injury.

    Reed was also more suited to a zone scheme, IMO. So I could see why Desai & co. wouldn’t want to pay that much to keep him. Let’s see what happens with Gilmore. (though they’ll probably have to overpay to lure him).

    Connor Hughes

    The three teams in on Stephon Gilmore are the #Jets, #49ers and #Raiders, sources tell @VicTafur, @LombardiHimself and me.

    Jets, 49ers believed to be most interested. 49ers hoping to get Gilmore for below what Jackson, Davis got ($15-$16 APY).

    • Henry Taylor says:

      I don’t really want Gilmore, we should still be investing in younger players.

      Give me 26 year old D’onta Jackson instead.

  37. Kuya206 says:

    Just trying to put out the fire and calm everyone…

    Dissly contract not too bad. He has a base of 4.59 in 2022 and can cut him in 2023 and save 6.1M but have 3.1 in dead money.
    Year 1 – 4.59
    Year 2 – 9.25
    Year 3 – 10.1

  38. Kuya206 says:

    Also, I’m looking at Sidney Jones as insurance for Tre Brown. I think going after a Rasul Douglas would prob be good and cheaper than DJ Reed.

    • Peter says:

      If jones is insurance then hopefully they sign someone else as well. It’s a good hope to go to the draft to draft a CB but better to be covered in case it doesn’t work.

    • Henry Taylor says:

      Rasul Douglas scares me a little, cut twice last year, stinks of fools gold.

    • drrew76 says:

      Donte Jackson is still out there. He would be my strong preference over Douglas.

  39. TimDB11 says:

    This offseason and season going to cause alot of EMOTIONAL DAMAGE!!!

    • BobbyK says:

      Seahawks just trying to teach us to not have hope. Life’s easier when you’re just a demoralized loser. You have no expectations. #petecarroll

  40. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Seaside Joe: Daily Seahawks Newsletter

    Something that absolutely NO ONE is speculating is @Seahawks
    trading for Jared Goff
    But why put it past Seattle?

    -He has 4 seasons running “Waldron’s offense”
    -The Lions can save $16 million if they trade him this week
    -Seahawks could agree to take on contract for pick/pick swap

    We’re being punk’d, aren’t we?

    • BobbyK says:

      I brought this up a few weeks ago. I have no clue with these guys anymore.

    • Tomas says:

      Jesus. Sign Goff and while we’re at it, might as well bring in Mike Glennon as back-up. No, I think we’re going to give Lock a full shot at the starting job.

      • BobbyK says:

        The was this joke of a QB situation is playing out, may as well pay Sam Bradford to come back and try to sign Ryan Leaf, too.

        • Blitzy the Clown says:

          Just as a thought exercise, what’s the minimum compensation from Detroit that would make taking on Goff’s $16m cap hit worth it?

          For example, would you do it for pick #66?

          • cha says:

            The $16m savings in trade is for Detroit, not Seattle. And that’s because Detroit gets out from under the $15.5m roster bonus by trading him.

            The Seahawks would be on the hook for a $26.15m cap hit. No thanks.

            Everybody thinks Stafford was worth two first round picks and a third. I guarantee a good chunk of that compensation was to get Detroit to take that albatross off their hands.

            While I’m ranting, here’s the crazy part: The Rams extended Goff a year early. If they’d just given him the 5th year tag and then let him walk they’d have been in far greater shape.

          • Sea Mode says:

            You’d probably have to give them a pick, actually.

    • Cover2 says:

      That would be an interesting move. We give Lions #9 and they give us #2 and Jared Goff with his contract. With the #2 get Kayvon Thibodeaux. We are then guaranteed to get one of the top pass rushers in this draft.

  41. BobbyK says:

    Rob – purely hypothetical, obviously, but what number pick would be appropriate for the Seahawks to pick Chenal in your opinion? 41? In the 3rd? Assuming that someone obviously doesn’t fall that the Seahawks couldn’t pass up.

  42. TomLPDX says:

    Hey Rob, I hope you can do a podcast with Joe Fann again to discuss FA’cy and the upcoming draft.

  43. Brett in AZ says:

    Very nice interview Rob. You have a real knack for putting these guys at ease and getting them to engage with thorough answers.

    I noted his, “…err, uhhh, I forgot… I can’t remember…” answer re. meeting with the Seahawks at the combine. Could be the truth. Could also be JS’s trademark policy of keeping targets off other suitor’s radar?

    That fact a guy of that size vertical jumped 40.5″ boggles my mind.

  44. BobbyK says:

    Seahawks are going to shock the world and trade up from #9 to get the long snapper they want! Leave no stone unturned and when you find your guy – you go get him at all costs!

  45. Denver Hawker says:

    On a positive side, we’re plus 1 on the comp pick equation for now, right? Feels like an R4 or R5ish deal for Reed.

    I fully expect we’ll find a way to mess that up by signing some scrubs shilling knock off sunglasses.

  46. Mick says:

    I loved the interview Rob. You have the talent of asking job interview questions without giving the job interview vibe and thus the players feel comfortable answering them. Really nice vibe from Leo, wish him the best. Not sure he wasn’t just trying to be polite in saying there might have been some meetings with the Seahawks.

  47. D-OZ says:

    Bears Daniels to Steelers/ 26.5 m. JC Tretter released by Browns…

  48. SonGoku says:

    Didn’t they convince Desai with promising him personal improvements on the defensive side of the ball? The (lack of) signings could be a sign that they really want to focus on defense with their early draft picks. At least I hope so…

  49. Palatypus says:

    Great interview.

    And just a reminder, you too can train at EXOS and kick ass at the NFL Combine right here in Pensacola. It’s just a half mile away from where Doug Baldwin went to high school and will only cost you $10-15,000.

    Some of the participants that were at the Senior Bowl included Darrian Beavers, Kion Johnson and Cole Strange.

    • TomLPDX says:

      Hey Palatypus, just a quick comment. I ended up graduating from UWF back in 1982 (long time ago, don’t remind me!) and every time I went to Pensacola Beach (Ft Pickens is the place to go!) and drove through Gulf Breeze I swore that this is where I want to retire. Love the P’cola area…maybe one day I will actually retire there.

  50. Sea Mode says:

    Man, it sucks to see our division rivals gaming the comp pick system like we used to (while still making bigger signings than us).

    49ers get 3, 3, 6, 6, 7
    Rams get 3, 4, 6, 6, 6

    • Scot04 says:

      Nothing wrong with being smart.

    • Denver Hawker says:

      This would require us to have a surplus of good players. The comp pick game always seemed to reward teams that are good at drafting by giving them more picks. Like, so sorry that darn salary cap gets in the way of paying those awesome players of yours. Here’s another pick to make it better, off you go.

      Also I think this is the first year teams get comp picks for diversity hires which benefited the 49ners. We helped out the rams by stealing Everett- what a steal.

  51. Sandman says:

    PCJS absolutely arrogant in the way they build rosters. Blatant disregard for compensatory picks bonus. Another indication for how weak these leaders of ours have become in roster building. Ram, 49ers, Cards dominate us again.

    • Jordan says:

      49ers definitely do not dominate the Seahawks. Hawks have won 4 straight. 14- 7 in the 2010s, and 4-0 in the 2020s.

      Rams certainly have the Seahawks number though.

  52. cha says:

    Seattle Seahawks
    Head Coach
    and General Manager John Schneider will meet with media tomorrow at 2:30 p.m.

    • ShowMeYourHawk says:

      “We’re in on everybody. Well…. everybody that accepts coupons.”

      • cha says:

        The comments below the tweet are ugly.

        • Rob Staton says:

          This gets said a lot.

          But the local media really need to grill PCJS on recent events.

          I understand and embrace the Wilson trade but it’s beside the point. There are some serious questions to answer here about the process of all of this, what the plan is, how they handled everything.

          There should be some squirming in the two seats.

          There shouldn’t be questions about how awesome Bobby Wagner was and whether there’s an injury update on players.

          This should be a press conference for journalists to relish. You’re not doing the job to be friends. You’re there to push, probe, reveal, uncover. This is what it’s all about, the chance to dive into a topic like the Wilson saga now that it’s complete.

          And one or two have found out recently that being friendly and accommodating hasn’t paid dividends — ‘there’s nothing in the Wilson story’.

          • cha says:

            There’s some pretty ugly comments for the press in that tweet as well, which are very well deserved. Including one begging Joe Fann to stage a comeback for this one press conference.

            If the defending of these head-scratching moves by the local press in the last 48 hrs is any indication, I’m certain we are going to be inundated with “Pete Carroll is so brave for starting all over” stories. “This is a bold new era” and how his “pumped and jacked” energy and the spirit of camp competition is a throwback to his USC days and the 2010-11 years. As is the ‘Seahawks always pass on the big ticket free agents, what are you complaining about?’ and the ‘Seahawks don’t have as much cap as you think’ nonsense.

            • Sea Mode says:

              We are sure to get all that.

              I just want to know who has final say now, Pete or John.

            • Sea Mode says:

              Oh, and can’t forget the classic: “You’ll see some things”

            • cha says:

              Jacob @GGC360 1h
              Replying to
              Hope you guys ask them some tough questions and don’t relent without answers. The fanbase and community deserve some serious explanations about the events of this week and some of the accusations players have made towards the org.

              Bob Condotta
              What would be a suggestion of a tough question?

              Brandon @bsbrown1987
              What their plans are. Duh, Bob!

        • TomLPDX says:

          I’m feelin’ every one of those replies to this tweet.

    • vanhawksfan says:

      I can hear it now “We were in on so many deals right til the end….”

    • McZ says:

      This franchise is in for a hard reality check. With Wilson, they traded the remnants of their FA purchasing power. Nobody wants to play on the career cemetery PCJS created.

  53. Scot04 says:

    Anyone know the date when comp picks no longer part of signing Free-agents?

  54. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    And now, Tyrone Taylor is off the board. Maybe the best of the crappy options? Mariota or bust?

  55. Sea Mode says:

    When does Wave 3 start, so we know when to tune in…?

    Field Yates

    9 teams have not yet agreed to a deal with an outside free agent so far: Cardinals, Commanders, Cowboys, Falcons, Packers, Patriots, Rams, Saints, Seahawks.

    Their focus has been on in-house retention up to this point.

    Plenty of value will be available in Wave 2.

    • Simo says:

      I’m guessing they may be having a hard time getting anyone to say “yes, sign me up!”