Arkansas safety Jalen Catalon has a big future

September 12th, 2021 | Written by Rob Staton

Jalen Catolon has all the tools necessary to be a very good NFL player

Arkansas have taken a huge step forward under coach Sam Pittman. Last year they were competitive for the first time in years. This year, they appear to have taken another big stride.

They’re well drilled, organised and they know what they are. There’s a lot to be said for selecting your identity, having clarity on it and executing a plan that makes sense. Sounds simple but often teams get muddled in their thinking and team construction.

Arkansas mask their weaknesses by punctuating their strengths. Thus, you see a team running for 333 yards against Texas, giving them an absolute hammering, combining that with a well coached defense.

They also have a lot of talent, however. It’s not just a case of being well-structured.

Nobody highlights that more than redshirt sophomore safety Jalen Catolon.

I watched the Arkansas vs Texas game on Sunday morning intentionally to watch Catolon, who I have watched from 2020 already. Although he didn’t make any major plays like last week (where he had two interceptions) — he organised the defense, made adjustments and stood out as the best player on the field.

He’s listed at 5-10 and 200lbs but he plays bigger than that. Catolon plays the run well and is very comfortable working to the LOS to help play contain off the edge or knifing through to hammer a ball-carrier. In the open-field he’s capable of bone-crunching hits and he has that fear-factor ability, lurking deep then showing off his quickness to cover ground and hammer opponents.

He’s more quick than fast — similar to Quandre Diggs in that regard — but he’s very capable of playing deep and in space. He undercuts routes well and shows good anticipation and read/react ability. The ball, at times, acts as a magnet to him. He already has five career interceptions in basically 1.2 seasons.

There shouldn’t be any concerns about him playing free safety. Watch the Florida game where he was able to stick in coverage vs Kadarius Toney, leaping and hanging in the air to break up a pass in the end zone.

He’s a good tackler — jolting and forceful.

And I come back to the way he was recognising Texas’ plays, making adjustments, communicating with team mates and making sure everyone was on the same page.

Steve Sarkisian is an overrated coach. Look at his record — 34-29 at Washington including three 7-6 seasons, then 12-6 at USC. I appreciate this record comes with the knowledge he experienced some personal struggles — but short of being able to go and organise Alabama’s cluster of elite recruits, he hasn’t shown much to date.

It was a surprise Texas gave him the keys to their gig. Or then again, it’s Texas. So maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise.

He was embarrassed by Arkansas. The 40-21 scoreline actually flattered Texas. It’ll be interesting to see how Arkansas fair in a stretch of games coming up that includes Texas A&M, Georgia, Ole Miss and Auburn in consecutive weeks.

Regardless, Catolon is a name to watch for the draft in 2022 or 2023. He has every chance to be a superb NFL safety.

Other notes from Saturday:

— I wasn’t able to watch much CFB this weekend due to work commitments on Friday and Saturday. Apologies, I will catch-up in the week. The following are statistical notes and observations.

— It’s a better tight end class for 2022 and Jalen Wydermyer is one of the better players eligible for the draft. He had four catches for 66 yards and Texas A&M escaped with a 10-7 win against Colorado. Cade Otton made three catches for 33 yards during Washington’s latest shambolic performance at Michigan.

— Notre Dame safety Kyle Hamilton is listed at 6-4 and 220lbs. However, those numbers are deceptive if you’re expecting a hammer in the Kam Chancellor mould. Hamilton is a gliding, quicker player with great awareness and the ability to cover ground. He’s versatile and you wouldn’t rule out him being able to compete at free safety. He had two TFL’s in a narrow win against Toledo.

— The 2022 quarterback class is absolutely honking. Players need to emerge quickly if anyone is going to salvage things. This week I spent time watching Nevada’s Carson Strong and I think he’s probably worthy of a fourth or fifth round grade. Iowa State’s Brock Purdy, meanwhile, was benched after throwing three interceptions against Iowa. No wonder the Houston Texans are sticking to their guns in terms of trade compensation for Deshaun Watson.

On Sunday I will be writing my usual instant reaction piece to the Seahawks/Colts game and hosting a live stream once Robbie returns home from Lucas Oil Stadium.

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260 Responses to “Arkansas safety Jalen Catalon has a big future”

  1. UkAlex6674 says:

    Rob what’s your season record prediction for Seattle please? I’m going 12-5.

  2. Bankhawk says:

    Ah, Rob-a week when you’re apologizing and still some of the best content out there!
    Speaking of tight ends, while you were watching Notre Dame, did their tight end impress at all? I only saw highlights and I trust your eye over mine any day, but the dude grabbed me in a Zach Miller kinda way.

  3. Big Mike says:

    Counting on Robbie’s undefeated record when attending Seahawk away games today. No pressure tho man.

  4. Big Mike says:

    If the defensive game plan today isn’t to be highly committed to stopping the run and making a hobbled Wentz beat them, Pete is dumber than I thought. Don’t want to hear “we didn’t expect that”. As a casual fan, I expect it Pete.

  5. Call Me AL says:

    Todays Seahawks game should be real interesting to watch. Shane Waldron gets a tough test right out the gate with the colts. The Colts defense should be tough to run on and the best way to attack them may be to go after their cornerbacks. It will be interesting to see what the offensive game plan is, the new look offense, the in-game adjustments he makes and how he may have to compensate for a lack of talent at center going against two very good defensive tackles. Can Waldron live up to the high expectations of the fan base?

    On defense the obvious concerns are the run defense and corner back play. The Colts are going to run the ball and I expect their offensive line to be very physical. We lack talent and depth at defensive tackle and this may be an area they can exploit. I’m not sure how effective Carson Wentz can be attacking our secondary given his lack of reps with the team. But if he’s able to do so, this game may turn into a real slugfest. Should be a fun game to watch!

  6. Noah says:

    Collier a healthy scratch, but why is Collins not playing?

  7. Paul Cook says:

    Always fun and exciting to have the NFL back on Sunday morning. I’m just like a cat lapping up a bowl of cream listening to all pre-games, predictions, prognostications… What an entertainment industry this is.

    I am really miffed about the Seahawks this year, at least from the standpoint of predictions. My best guess is that they go 5-4 the first 9 games, and then hopefully 6-2 in the last 8 games to finish 11-6. That seems about right. It all hinges on how the new offense performs. We’ve got to be one of the best offenses in the NFL to be successful this year. I mean like top 5.

    I’m disappointed they didn’t do a little more to beef up the OL given how important the offense is to their success this year. Getting Jackson just wasn’t enough for me. If the injury bug hits us there, the fate of the team is in the balance. I don’t trust any of our familiar second tier guys, and our new guys, Forsythe and Curhan, are just that, new guys. It wouldn’t surprise me if there big in-season move this year is for an OLman.

    Anyway…happy football Sunday all.

  8. Palatypus says:

    “He was embarrassed by Arkansas. The 40-21 scoreline actually flattered Texas. It’ll be interesting to see how Arkansas fair in a stretch of games coming up that includes Texas A&M, Georgia, Ole Miss and Auburn in consecutive weeks.”

    I think just about anyone would be happy with 2-2 in that stretch. If I had to guess it, they probably beat Texas A&M on the road, lose to Georgia on the road, beat Ole Miss on the road, and then lose at home to Auburn.

    BTW, I love the use of the words “shambolic” and “honking.” It makes me think of that Sham-Wow guy.

  9. STTBM says:

    Always Compete is an utter lie! Collins inactive so whiny Carrol can prop up his disastrous pick of Penny over Chubb. I’m livid…Collier now is an utter waste of a roster spit.

    Did they use a Ouija board to make those selections?!

    I was looking forward to seeing Collins play, he’s earned it. Penny has earned only derision…

  10. Rob Staton says:

    A controversial opinion…

    I am not a fan of the ‘SEA…. HORKS’ chant that people do, and that one of the players is doing in this video:

    I like American sports but as fan bases you bring nothing to the table in terms of chant/songs about your teams.

  11. JLemere says:

    Last year the D-Line was the weakness and so I have tracked pressure stats when watching the games. Since this year the weakness on Defense this year is CBs, I want to track some stats, but the problem is the only real stats I could track is PDs, tackles/miss tackles, INTs, and FF/FR since I don’t fully understand how PFF and other analytic sites calculate passer rating allow for DBs. So maybe I’ll track how many times Tre Flowers turns his head on coverage, but I got a really good guess on what that number is for this game and for the regular season.

  12. Denver Hawker says:

    Why is a “speed rush” package more in favor today than committing to stop Taylor. He is the only weapon that team has right now.

    I don’t buy the Condotta comment. I think Collier is just toast.

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      Unfortunately Taylor is good on the ground or for outlet passes. Seahawks defense will have their hands full. Should be an interesting game. Lets hope Russell puts up a bunch of points and makes this an easy win.

    • cha says:

      Agree. Collier doesn’t fit in the speed package or the not-speed package.

      This is the problem – all the pushback about how the DL / pass rush will be better that led with ‘look at the DL depth!’ discount that the Seahawks cannot dress all 9 every single game. And now they’ve got just a bunch of guys dressing and somebody’s always going to be a scratch.

  13. Ashish says:

    We are so loaded on DL our first rounder LJ Collier is healthy scratch.

  14. Paul Cook says:

    I think perhaps a player who has as much riding on him as anyone this year is Baker Mayfield. The Browns seem to have as much talent on their roster as any team in the league now. Is it not on Mayfield as to how far they go this year? Is he going to prove to be the weak link, or is he going to be the leader who takes the team a step closer to the promised land.

  15. cha says:

    Bear in the building

    Bob Condotta
    FWIW, the Seahawks first full team defensive snap in warmups featured a 5-man defensive front of Benson Mayowa, Al Woods, Bryan Mone, Poona Ford and Rasheem Green. John Schneider earlier mentioned Seahawks doing some different things with their DL this year.

  16. Paul Cook says:

    On a side note, I’ll be happy when the 9/11 stuff is over. For one, it was a tragic event that I’d rather not relive. For two, the only thing positive about it was that it brought our country together in tragedy, which only serves to remind me how much our country looks childishly selfish in comparison now.

  17. Sea Mode says:

    For better or for worse, let’s get this season’s show on the road!

  18. Ashish says:

    Trey Flowers man where can we hide him

  19. Sea Mode says:

    Sure, why not give them a free pass on 3rd and long… 😡

  20. Bmseattle says:

    The Colts offense is really good…right?

  21. Sea Mode says:

    Old pal Glowinski with the block in the back on Wagz…

  22. Paul Cook says:

    I think we need Blair on the field.

  23. AlaskaHawk says:

    Pete’s plan, give the defense some work by caving in on third downs. There is nothing like real football to improve a player.

    • Big Mike says:

      Don’t forget having Adams jump offside on 3rd and 9 putting them in position to get te first down and use up 7 more mins of clock.

      The last thing we need now is a 3 and out from the O

  24. Hawks4life says:

    I’ll take a FG way to hold them. Taylor looks healthy

  25. Paul Cook says:

    Weird, but our defense looked both good and bad on that drive.

  26. Mick says:

    Bobby Wagner not bringing his opponent down two times…

    • Sea Mode says:

      IMO one was a pretty clear push in the back by Glowinski.

      (BTW, they activated Joey Hunt too. Revenge game…? 😂)

  27. Sea Mode says:

    Looks like they’re going to keep rolling the dice with Adams like always. Risk it big and either it’s a huge play for us or a huge play for them. Not sure that’s sustainable.

  28. Sea Mode says:

    Give them 5 free yards on 3rd and 9, then take 5 penalty yards for a 3rd and 9 of our own…

  29. pdway says:

    whatttttt a catch!

  30. Sea Mode says:

    It was always going to be him, V12…!

  31. Mick says:

    I’ll take this drive anytime. Great play by Carson, great reception by Tyler. The OLine looks good.

  32. AlaskaHawk says:

    If it’s a shootout then the Seahawks will win. Go Team!

  33. 206 says:

    Crushing it on 3rd downs, good start! Great vision or maybe luck for Carson there, nice to see Russ get it out of hand on the blitz

  34. cha says:

    Gabe Jackson looking for and finding a key block in the hole on the Carson run.

    Atta boy.

  35. pdway says:

    it’s just one drive, and i’m wearing the rose-colored glasses for sure…. but, playcalling had a nice rhythm to it.

  36. Gohawks5151 says:

    Getting good push up front. 4 yards a carry easy. Beautiful throw

  37. STTBM says:

    Penny doesn’t play like a Seahawk, bit Tyler Locket sure does! Whew! Maybe the D can show something ..

  38. Hawkcrazy says:

    Agree incredible job by Lockett looking back, locating the ball and making the catch. 2 special plays on that drive the other being Carson’s great run. Needed that TD. Maybe we can get a 3 and out and get the ball back. So far lots to like about Shane’s play call.

  39. Henry Taylor says:

    Raheem Green. Seahawks legend

  40. Sea Mode says:

    A sack! Green and Dunlap meet at the QB!

  41. Gohawks5151 says:

    A screen!!! And to a TE none the less. Waldron, I’m in love

  42. Sea Mode says:

    Love that 1st down play design! Easy 10 yards.

  43. Pran says:

    I will wait to see in game adjustments on both offense and defense when it starts getting rough…

  44. GoHawksDani says:

    I broke down and buy the Gamepass again…hope the Hawks will repay by playing well hopefully all season 😀

  45. STTBM says:

    No passes to Metcalf….

  46. Matt says:

    LOVING what I’m seeing schematically on offense. This looks way easier than anything I’ve seen in a long time here.

  47. Gohawks5151 says:

    Tight end again!!!! Cha is happy somewhere

  48. Sea Mode says:

    Carson 6’2″… 😂

  49. Mick says:

    Simple and elegant, use the TEs, give Russ time to throw. We’re gonna be very hard to stop this way.

  50. STTBM says:

    I’m afraid this is a mirage….TEs making multiple catches on a drive and a TD, every run getting at least 4 yards…wow!

    Waldron for Prez?!

  51. Sea Mode says:

    OL been good so far

  52. Denver Hawker says:

    Okay to be excited about this offense. The TD play to Everett was a nice design for what he brings to the offense.

  53. Ashish says:

    Please maintain distance between Pete and Waldron

  54. Troy says:

    Waldron is getting me fucking hyped dude just a great offensive game plan and execution and play calling so far

  55. Lewis says:

    What I like most is we are getting some easy yards at times, especially to the TEs. Not a lot of East yards last year.

  56. AlaskaHawk says:

    I’m seeing a couple new things on offense. A screen pass and better use of the tight ends.

  57. Big Mike says:

    The play design on that 22 yard completion to Will Disley was absolutely wonderful play design. He had Swain underneath and Dissly at mid range both were open And they got Russ out in space

  58. Sea Mode says:

    Why is this commentator (Vilma) so blatantly rooting for the Colts?

  59. Sea Mode says:

    Need some pressure on Wentz here.

  60. Big Mike says:

    Does anyone know if Brooks is hurt? I ask because Barton is in the game.

  61. STTBM says:

    Defense needs to step up. Almost only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades and atom bombs…still not sure we have anything other than a middling defense with a terrible coordinator…

  62. KennyBadger says:

    Love the offensive rhythm right now. Defense looks faster than last year.

  63. Matt says:

    Thankfully offense looks good because the defense looks…average.

  64. Matt Quarre says:

    Why Dunlap not getting many snaps? Saving him for the end of the game ?

  65. Mick says:

    As expected, we miss KJ at LB.

  66. Ashish says:

    Keep blitzing, when are you going to learn

  67. STTBM says:

    That sucked…we let em off the hook.

    Why on earth are you lining DE R Green on a slot WR?! Asinine! Way to go Ken Norton, genius of the gridiron!

  68. Pran says:

    wentz all completions except one.. defense is iffy.. let’s see if Ken can answer

  69. Bmseattle says:

    So weird that Green couldn’t cover pittman.

  70. Paul Cook says:

    I can’t quite figure out what they’re doing/trying to do on defense yet. There’s something not quite right, even though I’m seeing some good things from time to time.

  71. Kyle says:

    I’m already so sick of see damn defensive linemen in coverage.

  72. JLemere says:

    Q. Diggs got targeted on the big plays on the last drive and that guy wants 15M APY. SMH

  73. Sea Mode says:

    Is DJ Dallas really our best returner? Not saying risk Lockett, but maybe Eskridge or someone a bit faster.

  74. Big Mike says:

    If there’s an ineligible man downfield it wasn’t a fake punt

  75. STTBM says:

    Seattle has to figure out how to cover RBs in the passing game! WTH?!

  76. Les Thomas says:

    Rasheem Green playing well, showing max effort….nice surprise!

  77. Mick says:

    Way to go Jordyn.

  78. Paul Cook says:

    Jet sweep. Yeah!

  79. dand393 says:

    Man Eskridge looked fast wow

  80. STTBM says:

    DK needs to get the ball….

  81. Big Mike says:

    Offense looks plenty different in a good way.

  82. AlaskaHawk says:

    I could see the Seahawks building a running attack out of Carson or Collins between the tackles and Eskridge to the outside.

  83. Paul Cook says:

    RW never sneaks.

  84. Bmseattle says:

    Cant remember the last QB sneak we’ve successfully run.

  85. Mick says:

    And we didn’t even have to give the ball to DK yet…

  86. James says:

    ummm k. Lockett is ice cold.

  87. Paul Cook says:

    That was BEAUTIFUL!

  88. Big Mike says:

    If how do the colts let Tyler get behind them on a second and 20? Bad devil they are defense but I will take it Is wonderful throw too by Russ

  89. STTBM says:

    I was gonna say Waldron’s Offense still has training wheels…then they promptly unleashed that bomb to Locket….Holy Smokes!

  90. pdway says:

    well this is fun…..

    Everett a weapon. Eskridge looks fast. Carson looks good.

    This O could be a force….

  91. pdway says:

    and shouldn’t be lost in the mix…Russell looks like Russell. Hopefully proving the point that the 2nd half of last year was some weird aberration.

    that’s 257 yards of total offense in the 1st half.

  92. Mick says:

    Green best player in our D so far.

  93. Sea Mode says:

    Tom Pelissero

    Russell Wilson’s first half in new #Seahawks OC Shane Waldron’s offense: 9-of-11 passing for 166 yards, 3 TDs and a perfect 158.3 passer rating. They lead the #Colts 21-10.

  94. AlaskaHawk says:

    The Seahawks have the Colts down. Let’s see if they can develop a killer instinct and crush their spirit in the second half. No mercy!!!!

  95. Sea Mode says:

    Penny questionable with a calf…

  96. Mick says:

    Very good first half. Good news is, we can even do better.

    • BobbyK says:

      Yes. Aside from the 9 minute drive allowed to start the game, this was a great half of football to start the season.

      Now and most importantly – seal the deal in the second half!

  97. STTBM says:

    Imagine that. Penny injured yet again…and Collins inactive…well, if Russ and Waldron keep this up, we won’t need too many snaps for a backup rb….Dallas can manage…

  98. STTBM says:

    I’d like to be able to comment in real-time, it doesn’t feel like I’m part of the conversation with the lag as my comments are approved. Plus, most of my comments today aren’t being approved, despite there being no rules broken by them. I’m doing my best to stay way within the guidelines: what else can I do?

  99. AlaskaHawk says:

    Seahawks dominated the first half with 3 TDs. Only thing they didn’t dominate was Time of Possession 12 minutes to 18 for Colts.

  100. Palatypus says:

    Arizona kicking the crap out of Tennessee. San Francisco kicking the crap out of Detroit.

  101. AlaskaHawk says:

    Lockett would have had that pass if Russell had thrown it a couple more yards downfield.

  102. cha says:

    Dickson with a 49 yard punt to the corner.

    Make it stand up, D.

  103. Mick says:

    Our D doesn’t look like a liability today.

  104. Bmseattle says:

    Pocic gets whipped

  105. Big Mike says:

    But we didn’t need any help at the center position

  106. Bmseattle says:

    Lol…Adams totally took himself out of that play

  107. AlaskaHawk says:

    Wow great sack, Mayowa.

    • Mick says:

      We’ve been killing them. I don’t get the timeout though.

      • Big Mike says:

        Perhaps we were one man short? Whatever it was it would be very nice if the announcers would let us know why we needed to take that time out. Vilma is a former player after all you would think he would have seen it

  108. pdway says:

    pass rush looks solid today. what a great value pickup Dunlap was for us.

  109. cha says:

    Fuller back in at C

  110. Big Mike says:

    Ball at the 50 in a chance to practically put the game away and the absolute worst possible thing happens

  111. Mick says:

    Impressed by the D today.

  112. Gohawks5151 says:

    DK pissed. Russ gave up on that screen. That was a TD

  113. Denver Hawker says:

    Mone cat looking solid today- just buried Wentz

  114. Troy says:

    Rashaad Penny sucks. That is all…

  115. AlaskaHawk says:

    I like the way the defense is getting better.

  116. Big Mike says:

    God I hate when the D gives up a first on 3rd and 13.

  117. cha says:

    Seahawks make a run stop, Jamal Adams runs up to the pile and flexes at a Colts WR.


  118. AlaskaHawk says:

    Mone is playing great. He made me laugh with that encroachment call, way to knock the center through the QB. I think he should do that more often – just to keep them guessing.

  119. Denver Hawker says:

    Taylor just blew that Tackle up!

  120. Sea Mode says:

    Let’s go! Power went out in my area for the last 25 min., and I turned it on just in time for a Green batted ball and a Taylor sack!

  121. pdway says:

    hell yeah!!!


  122. Big Mike says:

    I disagree 100% with the decision to go for it on 4th down by the colts. You’ll. You are down 2 scores for a tie game take the field goal your defense has been playing well

  123. Troy says:

    Absolutely huge defensive stand there, I did not expect for our dline to get so much pressure. Our drafts picks are really stepping up.

  124. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Chris Carson isn’t Beastmode. Nobody is. But damn if he isn’t doing a convincing imitation. LOVE the way he runs!

  125. Big Mike says:

    Think he’s concussed. 😞

  126. Sea Mode says:

    Dang, hope he’s OK. Got his head popped on the turf pretty good.

  127. cha says:

    Pocic’s calf again?

  128. Big Mike says:

    1st time they have single covered him all day and they paid for it perfect throw

  129. Sea Mode says:

    DK: I’m bigger. I’m faster. Game over.

  130. Lewis says:

    It’s completely obvious that Waldron is doing a better job at scheming guys open. That play looked so easy.

  131. KennyBadger says:

    And all this without penny and pocic…

  132. Big Mike says:

    Is anyone see an update on Eskridge?

  133. Paul Cook says:

    There’s a lot to like about this game. That’s for sure. Positives way outweighing the negatives. Many of the negatives I saw are correctable.

  134. pdway says:

    Russell is razor sharp today. Can think of maybe 1 bad throw all game. And nothing approaching a turnover.

    Great news for us.

  135. pdway says:

    And looking around at box scores I see AZ is up 38-13 on what is projected to be a good Titans team.

    NFC West is going to be a BATTLE.

  136. Denver Hawker says:

    That is a shit PI call

  137. AlaskaHawk says:

    Bad time for the Colts to get a holding call. LOL

  138. Paul Cook says:

    Beat Flowers, of course.

  139. Mick says:

    Good job Dunlap.

  140. Hawks4life says:

    Flowers is trash. Sherman please come back

    • pdway says:

      he is the weak link for sure.

      what a game for our D-line today. Wentz has not been terrible imo, just under duress.

    • Lewis says:

      FFS, forget Sherman. He’s got other issues to deal with.

    • STTBM says:

      Sadly, he’s Pete’s Guy, and he’ll keep starting until he gets hurt. Really would prefer to see the rookie Brown as soon as he’s healthy, or Jones or the new guy….can’t be worse!

      • Hawks4life says:

        I know Sherman has some things to work out but at the very least he’s an upgrade to Flowers and could help coach up the young guys. I agree I’d love to see Brown get some reps which I’m sure will come with time.

    • Hawkdawg says:

      That was a zero blitz. No safety there. Tough for any CB, including Flowers. It’s a gamble you can get to the QB before the CB is exposed. Hawks lost that one.

  141. STTBM says:

    How the heck does Seattle burn less than 15 seconds on that whole drive?!

  142. cha says:

    Was that an Alton Robinson sighting?

  143. Gohawks5151 says:

    Darrell Taylor again with the speed rush for a hard hit

  144. Paul Cook says:

    Talking about a game that justified the optimist’s perspective, this was it.

  145. Mick says:

    Not that they had a real shot, but the Colts gave up kind of easily.

  146. Big Mike says:

    Remember the days when we couldn’t win the 10:00 a.m. game Pete has changed that

  147. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Darrell Taylor knocking on Wentz’s door again. I’m starting to believe his hype. Also, Rasheem Green looks like he is finally living up to my optimism for him.

  148. Mick says:

    Very happy with how we looked today.

  149. Isaac says:

    Best we have looked in a while. Defense looked good and offense was extremely efficient. Awesome win today!

  150. Henry Taylor says:

    49ers in trouble

  151. Bmseattle says:

    Fun game, and gives reasons for optimism.
    Still worried about CB play vs better QBs tho

  152. Kyle says:

    Only change I want to see is Penny out and Collins in as the #2 back to give Carson brakes from time to time. Can’t rely on Mr. Glass Penny to be that guy.

  153. BobbyK says:

    The season couldn’t have started much better! Guys like Darrell Taylor showing why they were drafted in the first place. The DL really played well, much better than I expected. I know Kelly/Nelson aren’t 100% inside – but they’re good. Their OTs may be trash but you’ve got to dominate that type of trash and the DL did. Mone looking better than I thought possible. There actually seems to be some depth overall, too. Very surprised. Pleasantly surprised. Only 1 game, but again, couldn’t have started any better.