Thoughts on the Seahawks signing Dre’Mont Jones

March 13th, 2023 | Written by Rob Staton

Sometimes you’ve just got to go out there and get the job done.

The Seahawks have certainly done that here.

The defensive line, such an issue at times in 2022, threatened to undermine the blossoming positivity that emerged during last season. It needed to be addressed.

But how?

The Seahawks are typically not big spenders in free agency but they couldn’t stand around waiting for value to come to them this year. The cheap, $4-5m contracts of previous seasons wouldn’t take this team to where it needed to go. Neither could they rely on rookies to solve the problem — nor should they back themselves into a corner needing to take defensive linemen in the draft to fill a need.

They needed to do something like sign Dre’Mont Jones — one of the big ticket free agents in a thin class of talent.

Now the wind is in their sails. The off-season continues to gather momentum. Seattle’s two big moves so far seem like home-runs:

— Signing Geno Smith to such a team-friendly contract that basically allows the Seahawks to do anything they want at the position for the long-term future, while dangling an enormous financial carrot in front of Smith as an incentive to excel

— Landing a top defensive lineman at a good age (he’s only just turned 26) to address the biggest need on the team

The impact of the signing is huge.

Firstly, getting this done on day one means Seattle can quickly move on to other positions. There’s no waiting around like in the Jadeveon Clowney pursuit, then being left with the remaining free agents. They can be in attack mode now — looking for value where they can, looking for opportunities. There’s far less pressure on the team because the biggest need is ticked off, even if there’s more to be done.

Secondly, it’s an attention grabbing signing. The Seahawks mean business. They’re not sitting around. On the day that Javon Hargrave signed for the 49ers, Seattle didn’t sit on the sidelines. Both teams made good, quality additions. Could the positivity of this signging lead to other players being tempted to jump on board? It can’t do any harm.

Finally, it steers the Seahawks towards the draft. I firmly believe the options at #5 are limited to the four quarterbacks and Will Anderson. I don’t think Jalen Carter (character) and Tyree Wilson (scheme fit) are as likely as large sections of draft media are suggesting.

As we’ve noted a few times, it’s a stretch to think Schneider and Carroll would speak so passionately about the importance of character with the 2022 draft class — and the ‘no compromises’ approach they took — then draft Carter with a top-five pick weeks later. Equally — Jones is 6-3 and 281lbs. Are you really going to draft a 6-5, 271lbs defender in Wilson to play next to him? That would be an open-invitation to run on the Seahawks unless they steer away from the 3-4. It just seems extremely unlikely — and Wilson is an ill-fit as anything other than a power-end in a 4-3.

Putting Anderson on the field with Jones would be exciting. If he’s off the board, putting Jones on the field with Will McDonald or Keion White or Calijah Kancey or Mazi Smith or one of several other defenders will also be a real step in the right direction. They have options. Signings like this create options.

The Seahawks have had some difficult off-seasons in recent years but last year was a success with an A+ draft, getting great value from the Russell Wilson trade and landing a player like Uchenna Nwosu as a free agent. Now, with the Smith deal and the Jones signing, the Seahawks are off to a good start.

It’ll be interesting to see what their next move is. I’d be very interested in an A’Shawn Robinson or Greg Gaines signing, to add some power and run-stuffing force to complement the addition of Jones. Or perhaps old blog favourite, Calais Campbell?

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183 Responses to “Thoughts on the Seahawks signing Dre’Mont Jones”

  1. Kuya says:

    Love the signing! 3/$48M

  2. Zxvo3 says:

    Finally! A splash on day one!!!

  3. Hoggs41 says:

    Thats a big number but you have to do it. Zack Allen got the same so wondering why he just didnt stay a Bronco.

  4. Josh says:

    Dear diary,


  5. Travis says:

    What a shocking move, didn’t see this coming.

  6. Trevor says:

    Much needed interior pass rusher. Still young so looks like a good addition to me. Now let’s add a couple of young LB.

  7. Seattle Person says:


    Color me excited and surprised.

  8. Kuya says:

    Younger, better fit in 3-4 IMO (at least has experience), and cheaper than Hargrave. Still need to contribute to the DL. Get Zach Allen please

  9. STTBM says:

    So Donkeys let Jones go to sign Zach Allen for 15 per year, then Seattle pays Jones even more…

    Really hope this isn’t yet another case of Seattle overpaying for leftovers when they could have had Steak…

    But dang, wasn’t expecting an early FA big money signing.


    • Spenny Dunks says:

      I understand your pessimism but this is a great signing. Seahawks will finally be able to get some push from the inside, will make our Edge’s lives a little easier.

      Now we turn our attention to some run stoppers (5T and NT), and a hedge at LB and C.

    • Tatupu51 says:

      Hawks could sign Jesus and Chuck Norris and fans would still be mad…

      Rejoyce, my friend! This is a great signing.

    • DK says:

      Both were drafted in the 3rd round of the 2019 draft, Allen 65th, Jones 71st, Allen might be a little more athletic based on combine numbers. Tackles are pretty even 133 for Jones, 138 for Allen. Big difference is the sack numbers, 22 for Jones 11.5 for Allen.

      Jones is probably more the steak and Allen, more the left overs if I use your words, but either would have been a good addition. Jones was seen as probably out of the Seahawks price range and Allen maybe more of a Nwosu type deal. Jones is a more proven pass rusher having averaged 6.0 sacks over the last three years, where Allen has had his sack rise each season.

    • Mel says:

      Allen was likely always the target for DEN. He played for Vance Joseph in Arizona

    • McZ says:

      The donkeys moved on because he had two lousy seasons in a row. While Zach Allen is a young ascending DE with inside out rush abilities and good run stuffing. Their careers are heading into different directions.

    • UkAlex6674 says:

      Not sure what the negativity is over this signing to be honest

  10. Trevor says:

    Any chance we could add Dalvin Tomlinson now as well?

  11. jed says:

    Woo-hoo!!! This is exactly what I was hoping for.

  12. Nick says:

    “We have to get more dynamic up front”.

    That was the immediate message after the 49ers loss in the playoffs. Dre’mont Jones is a good first step there! Keanu Benton as a back up/prodigy would be great.

  13. Wilson502 says:

    Are my eyes deceiving me? U mean the Seahawks signed somebody who isn’t a JAG?

  14. Silly Billy says:

    Didn’t get a chance to watch the video… but I’m assuming this means Jalen Carter is out at #5?

  15. Spenny Dunks says:

    Greg Gaines or A’Shawn Robinson come on down? I like Gaines due to his ability to play NT and a little DE on the other side. Then double down in the draft and bring in another DE and NT and really solidify that position for a few years.

  16. Palatypus says:

    As the Mandolorian would say…


  17. Big Mike says:

    Very encouraged by the signing. The most needed area on the team obviously

  18. cjjo says:

    Hi Rob, great to pickup Jones, Mazi would look great next to him. What are your thoughts at LB? I think we win by losing Barton. Would like to sign Wags at a good $ What about Campbell and where is tghe draft slot for him? Thank you

    • DK says:

      Obviously not Rob, but he did write in his post about his thoughts on the first day of free agency, that a lot is telling about Bobby Wagner that both the Seahawks and Cowboys have talked to him but it really wasn’t more than a check in. That it is pretty telling that teams aren’t banging down his door to sign him.

      There are better options than a Bobby Wagner reunion, he just isn’t the same player he was and this team is trying to get younger, especially on defense.

      • Rob Staton says:

        Wagner — cut in back-to-back years, then only having teams ‘check in’ at the start of free agency in back-to-back years

      • cjjo says:

        wagner would be better than obiously Barton and Brooks in my opinion.
        Yes he has lost a step, but his awareness and intellect make up and as a mentor, leader,
        if the $$ were right, let it happen.
        In your opinion, where do we go for ILB? We have zero, at the moment.
        I do like Holcomb as a FA. Saunders and Campbell in draft.

  19. Elmer says:

    OK, cha, where are we relative to the cap now?

    Do you think this makes it more likely that something gets done with Adams’ contract now?


    • cha says:

      Guessing he basically swaps out for Shelby Harris.

      Guessing hits of

      2023 – $9m
      2024 – $17m
      2025 – $26m

      If they want to keep making moves, they’ll need to figure out Jamal Adams before June 1.

      • AC says:

        Can still cut QJeff and theoretically restructure TL but after that it gets tough. May end up having to cut Adams.

      • diehard82 says:

        That’s a Bingo! (Fury reference). Replaced 33 yr old Shelby with 26 yr old Dre’Mont, without increasing cap hit for 2023. They are about the same size. Shelby gets better grades for run defense and Dre’Mont for pass rush, specifically sacks.

      • Scot04 says:

        Extending Nwosu would seem to me as a great way to save gain some cap for this year.

  20. Thomas says:

    Sounds good.

    I do have one quick Carter question (I want a QB FYI). Does the league seem to think we’ll take Carter the way it seems to think Houston will take Bryce Young?

    • Geoff u says:

      The draft prognosticators don’t know what to do with Seattle (whereever that is) or Jalen Carter now, so they figure it’s a perfect match. Put the round peg in the square hole and think no more about it.

    • Rob Staton says:

      The media seem to think that way

      (they’re wrong, of course)

  21. Mick says:

    Quite a few moves on the LBs in free agency. I think we’ll draft a LB.

  22. Volume12 says:

    Love this move. Who I wanted the whole time

  23. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Z Allen 3 yrs/$45m, 2019–2022: 45 g, 79 solo, 59 ast, 43 QB hits, 21 TFL, 11.5 sacks, 0 FF, 3 FR, 1 TD, 1 INT/25 yds
    D Jones 3 yrs/$51m, 2019–2022: 56 g, 76 solo, 57 ast, 38 QB hits, 28 TFL, 22.0 sacks, 2 FF, 1 FR, 0 TD, 1 INT/7 yds

  24. SoCal12 says:

    I think this sets us up perfectly for the 5th pick. Either we pick Anderson or the best QB left. Don’t have to settle for Carter or Wilson.

  25. DHawk says:

    Most major pre-draft analysis on Jones were pretty emphatic that his best fit, by far, was one-gapping 3-tech in a 4-3 front. I wonder if Denver liked Allen better for the base DE role in their 3-4, and focused on him over Jones? It sounds like there’s even more untapped potential for Jones in a 4-3 front. Interesting…

  26. HOUSE says:

    Dalvin Tomlinson to Browns… 4 years/$57M

  27. McZ says:

    Shelby Harris had a 72.3 PFF grade, Jones 51 something.
    What am I missing?

    • Rob Staton says:

      Well, Jones had seven sacks

      And he’s seen as ascending at a good age

    • Scot04 says:

      It’s mostly for Jones Run Stopping grade. He’s great at getting interior pressure on the QB; but has work to do on his game defending the run. I think at only 26 and great upside he’ll definitely get there. We just need another big man who can stuff the run.
      Hopefully that comes tomorrow.

    • UkAlex6674 says:

      He had 7 sacks n 2022 despite missing the final month with injury.

      Prior to that Jones was the fifth-ranked interior lineman in quarterback pressures through 13 weeks.

    • Rushless pass says:

      Defensive PFF grades tend to suffer when supporting a poor offensive unit. Look at Payne, beast against the run and gets into the backfield but posted a pff grade in the 50s

    • Rushless pass says:

      I guess Dre’mont jones is at the bottom of the league for yardage depth per run tackle at 3 yards. He also committed the second most penalties as a defensive lineman next to jj watt

  28. Romeo A57 says:

    Here are my predictions for what will happen on April 27th

    Rob, having worked a full-time job and dominating the Seahawks off-season coverage, hasn’t slept in over 8 weeks. He falls asleep before the first draft pick is announced and doesn’t wake up until after the Undrafted FA signings are announced.

    D.B. Roger Goddell announces that the first overall pick is Anthony Richardson. Robbie being $15,000 richer is never heard from or seen again.

    Texans select Stroud with 1.2. Arizona @ 1.3 then goes with Anderson. Indy rushes to the podium to select Levis @ 1.4.

    Seattle gor BPA and select Bryce Young @ 1.5. Sehawks Twitter completely bursts into flames about selecting another small Quarterback.

    Seatlle goes pure BPA @ 1.20 and select Bijan Robinson. Many Seahawks can’t fathom why a running back was taken, threaten to picket VMAC and never root for the Seahawks again:)

    • diehard82 says:

      That is the nightmare scenario alright.

    • DawgyD says:

      Gotta hope the Texans and their fans fall for Young the way Miami (and their fans) fell for Tua, bypassing rookie of the year Herbert. Otherwise, we get Young, or a trade down. I gotta think they’ll know that and move up if it comes to that. And the way Richardson was hooked to the Haws recently, I’m wondering if they already know he’s theirs to sit and learn, unlike what Carlina wants.

      • Jordan says:

        I think Seattle and Vegas are the only teams in the QB mix that would actually have the luxury of sitting their rookie QB.

        If Indy, Carolina or Houston take a QB that isn’t ready to play year one they could end up with the Caleb Williams pick without knowing what they have in the QB that they drafted a year earlier; and could end up in a Cardinals Josh Rosen trading for pennies on the dollar situation.

        Richardson to Seattle makes so much sense; as their floor wouldn’t have them back in top QB range.

    • God of Thunder says:

      Very funny.

      Minor correction: Our host Rob has children. He will never got the quality and/or amount of sleep that he wants. Let alone sleep thru round one 🤣

    • Rob Staton says:


      Love it Romeo!

  29. Zeke says:

    Looking at some stats, Calais Campbell seems to still have some juice left and would probably be an upgrade over Shelby Harris

    2022 pressure percentage
    Campbell 8.7%
    Harris 6.3%

    Campbell also had a slightly higher PRWR and double team rate

    Campbell, one of those run stuffers, and an ILB please!

  30. samprassultanofswat says:

    Love it! Love it! Love it!

    This signing was BADLY NEEDED. Jones is at the right age. The Jones is in his prime. Totally unexpected. Never saw it coming. Now if the Hawks can sign either A’Shawn Robinson or Greg Gaines the Hawks will be set up for the draft. They now will be able for go for the best player available over need. They will not be FORCED to take a player just to fill a need.

  31. God of Thunder says:

    Going to read up on Young and Tua comparisons.

  32. Zin says:

    Hate to take the devil’s advocate view on this, but I fear that based on past history, Dre’Mont is a liability in run support, and the Seahawks overpaid for him. The Broncos have gotten steamrolled versus ground attacks in recent years, and Jones was a big part of that. He definitely excels on passing downs, but teams with strong rushing attacks might run right at him successfully.

    • Palatypus says:

      This is from his draft profile on from Lance Zierlein.

      “Jones is an extremely athletic one-gapping three-technique with the ability to play a disruptive brand of football on all three downs. His potential has never been in doubt, but in 2018 the production finally matched the talent. His body type and playing style will open him up to more feast-or-famine snaps than some of the other defensive tackles in this draft, but in the right scheme, he can become part of a swarm unit that plays on the other side of the ball.”

      So, yeah, he’s going to get trapped from time to time.

    • Rob Staton says:

      In fairness — most teams using this scheme get steamrolled! It’s one of the reasons why I don’t like it

      And it’s why they need to get some serious beef on the roster pronto

    • geoff u says:

      So…no change in our run defense? hey, at least we could have great pass rush.

  33. Pran says:

    It’s been a while seeing a big FA come to Seattle. When was the last time a Seahawk got paid in FA or a coach get a promotion else where.
    They broke the draft jinx last year and hoping another good draft.

  34. Madmark says:

    I have 2 free agents that caught my eye. Tell Rob what think of Yannica Ngakoue we even made play for him. The other free agent is Raheem Mostert RB from Miami. Really good stats. Just a couple guys to look for options.

    • Anthony says:

      Dre’Mont Jones signing gives us an interesting data point on DL that the Seahawks are looking for to play as a 3-4 DE. Let’s compare measurables for a few guys:

      Shelby Harris: 6’2″ and 288 pounds with 34 inch arm length, 1.68s 10 yard split, 9’2″ broad jump, 32 inch vertical, and 4.57s short shuttle

      Dre’Mont Jones: 6’3″ and 281 pounds with 33 and 3/4 inch arm length, 1.77s 10 yard split, 9’2″ broad jump, 31.5 inch vertical, and 4.53s short shuttle.

      Do the Seahawks find another DE type like those two in the draft or perhaps a different body type? Because one player that falls within the range of Jones and Harris is…Ade Ade!

      Ade Ade: 6’2″ and 282 pounds with nearly 34 inch arm length, 1.61s 10 yard split, 10’5″ broad jump, 37.5 inch vertical, and he did not run a short shuttle.


    • dregur says:

      Ngakoue isn’t any good. He’s getting some sacks, but his pass rush win rate has gone down the last three years, and he’s always been terrible against the run.

  35. Gross MaToast says:

    With this signing, I think the odds of J. Adams passing a physical likely skyrocketed.

  36. We still need a run stuffing nose. Jones is a talent, but I’m not sure he’s that guy at 280lbs. Hope we have a plan in FA or the draft to address that. Looks like the dollars were about the same between him and Tomlinson, and Tomlinson is more that guy who can clog the middle reliably.

    Seems like we have a fair amount of DL guys that can disrupt the pocket which is good, but we still need that anchor that can absorb double teams and jam up the running lanes reliably. I guess Al Woods can do that if we get someone to spell him for half the snaps.

    • Spenny Dunks says:

      Greg Gaines please. A NT who can also rush the passer and play on the other side. Would open up so much for this defense .Can keep Al Woods and rotate him in to keep him fresh. The problem becomes who starts across from Jones? Currently we have Collier, Q-Jeff and Myles Adams on the roster. Would definitely still need to be address early but between guys like Breese, Benton, Kancey, and Smith, it shouldn’t be that difficult to address.

      • TJ says:

        With this signing, I wonder if drafting Kancey is far less likely? May have been unlikely anyways due to his measurables, but I suspect Mazi Smith (or Ika) might be a better match.

    • Rob Staton says:

      They need A’Shawn and/or Gaines and/or Calais

    • Steve Nelsen says:

      We don’t need to spend FA money on a NT. Al Woods can do that. But, we need to draft a rookie to spell him. Mazi Smith would be at the top of my list. But, Seattle has historically found NT types late in the draft or UDFA.

  37. WIth our lack of LB depth and this Dre’Mont Jones signing, are we about to shift back to a 4-3 scheme?

  38. Hawkdawg says:

    Gaines as a relatively inexpensive DT, platooning with Woods. Mazi Smith in the draft. Maybe Will Anderson, depending. Now Jones. Add Mafe, Nwosu, and Taylor back in. Myles Adams backing up the interior.

    Not bad at all…

  39. Sea Mode says:


    Dre’Mont Jones to me on why he chose Seattle: “I feel like they have the biggest belief in me. They have a really promising team, and I am looking forward to transitioning to that city.” #Seahawks

  40. Sea Mode says:


    Ian Rapoport

    Full terms for the #Seahawks and DT Dre’Mont Jones:
    — 3 years, $51.53M
    — $23.5M in Year 1
    — $35.02M over two years.

  41. EP says:

    This sets the draft up fantastically. At every pick John can pivot depending on who is available.
    5. Anderson/QB/Trade down
    20. Will Macdonald/Calijah Kancey/Keion White/Drew Sanders
    37. Luke Wypler/Mazi Smith/Josh Downs
    52. John Michael Schmitz/Julius Brents

    I can also definitely see a scenario where we trade up from 52 or 83 to secure some of these players.
    A big run stuffer and a LB now please. Genuinely concerned about the LB position at the moment. Severely lacking options in the draft or feee agency. Maybe adams plays there full time as a hybrid and we stick with Diggs/Neal at safety.

    • Sea Mode says:

      I agree bigtime with the need for a veteran hedge at LB, otherwise they might feel forced to spend #20 on a LB since the position is so shallow in the draft. And LB is quite unlikely to be the BPA at #20 nor the most impactful position to spend a R1 pick on IMO.

  42. swedenhawk says:

    By the numbers, Moro Ojomo and Dre’Mont Jones are nearly identical:

    Dre’Mont Jones

    Arm: 33 3/4
    Hand: 9 5/8
    40: 5.12
    10: 1.77
    V: 31.5
    B: 9’2
    3C: 7.71
    SS: 4.53

    Moro Ojomo

    Arm: 34 1/2
    Hand: 10 3/8
    40: 5.04
    10: 1.77
    V: 33
    B: 9’4
    3C: 7.43
    SS: 4.56

  43. Rob Staton says:

    Calais Campbell PFF grade — 77.7

    5.5 sacks

    The ageless wonder

  44. Rob Staton says:

    Tuesday = Clemson & Northwestern pro-day

    Should get some D-line numbers for big names, including hopefully short shuttle’s

  45. Shibu says:

    Thanks for the great content as always Rob. Curious to know what you think differentiates Will McDonald as your typical Edge and Nolan Smith as a tweener. They are both around the same weight (at least according to combine data and McDonald might’ve lost some weight from being sick) and I see that McDonald is a bit taller/longer than Smith. Is it based on what you’ve seen on tape? I know you mentioned that Smith is stiff and McDonald is as fluid of a player as you’ve scouted. Or do you see McDonald being able to put on more weight while Smith is kind of maxed out. Thanks in advance.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Will McDonald has 35 inch arms. He has an incredibly lean frame and weighed 241lbs at the Senior Bowl. It wouldn’t take much at all for him to add 7lbs and get into a very useful 248lbs frame. Just to look at him, there’s so much potential to gain extra muscle on a pro-nutrition plan. He might even be able to get into the early 250’s. He bends the arc better than possibly any player I’ve watched with incredible lean and balance. And he has an arsenal of pass rush moves — including a deadly inside-counter and a devastating spin-move.

      Nolan Smith is a much smaller, maxed out player. His frame carries 238lbs at its maximum and he looks like he played at around 230lbs if not lighter. He has short arms (32.5 inches) and he has a surprising lack of bend and quickness off the edge. He lacks counter moves and really got what pressure he did muster in college by engaging and then just out-athleting people. He has surprising ability vs the run but to me, I didn’t feel like I was watching an EDGE. I felt like I was watching the best athlete on the field being used to rush the passer, knowing they had a bunch of 5-star beasts inside and could get away with it.

      I can’t place his role at the next level — but with McDonald, I think he can be Brian Burns.

  46. Sea Mode says:

    Was just running through scenarios for the top 5. I still think Carolina takes Stroud, but say for a moment they go for Richardson’s upside. Does that mean Stroud falls all the way to us at 5? Or do we think the Colts would prefer Stroud over Levis?

    1. Richardson
    2. Young
    3. Anderson
    4. Levis?
    5. Stroud

    • Shibu says:

      Would be a great opportunity for us but I almost think the colts would go for the perceived “more ready to start” QB in Stroud which would leave us with Levis—not that I would be upset with that.

    • Trevor says:

      My odds to be pick #5 to the Hawks

      Will Levis 40%
      Will Anderson 25%
      Anthony Richarson 20%
      Bryce Young 10%
      CJ Stround 5%

      Firmly believe the draft goes

      #1 Richardson
      #2 Young
      #3 Stroud with Vegas trade up
      #4 Levis
      #5 Anderson

      Really sucks if that happens but would be shocked if QBs don’t go 1-4 at this point.

      • UkAlex6674 says:

        I don’t see Vegas trading up. They have other holes in their roster that need to be addressed.

      • Peter says:

        You know how we are hesitant about Young?

        It’s just the tiniest pulse from two friends from Carolina but Richardson does nothing for them. See: Cam Newton. They used to love him but he never really turned into a QB.

        I’m not saying it won’t happen. But that team with a real qb ready day one? Stroud or young? Good luck rest of that division.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I don’t see Stroud getting out of the top two

  47. Shibu says:

    Darnell Washington is slowly becoming my second favorite TE after Mayer. His height, agility testing, and willingness to block makes him pretty unique. Not that this will happen nor do I really want it to happen because we have bigger needs on defense, but could you imagine the start of the draft as this:

    5. Anthony Richardson, QB
    20. Dawand Jones, OT
    37. Darnell Washington, TE

    Imagine a designed run to the right with 6’4 Richardson behind 6’6 Lucas at RG, 6’8 Jones at RT, 6’7 Washington at TE and 6’3 Metcalf out wide to block the corner. That would be some bully ball.

    • OakleyD says:

      I think the SeaHawks love “unique traits” and you’ve got a whole lot of “unique” right there Shibu

    • Peter says:

      I don’t know.

      I doubt this happens but….I’m not opposed to it. Talent wins. Plus with the new Dremont Jones signing and a bit more creativity in the rest of FA who knows, it opens the draft further and further for bpa.

    • Andy J says:

      Yes, what we really need is a TE4!! *eye-roll*

      • Rob Staton says:

        That TE4 could easily be TE1 this time next year

        • OakleyD says:

          Yep, Fant and Parkinson in last year of their deals. Uncle Will’s contract is a possible cut candidate next year to save cap if he does not come good this season.

          Factor that with a deep TE class this year, I’d be massively surprised if the Hawks did not draft a TE this year if the value falls the right way.

          Mayer (value @ 20th)
          Musgrave, Tincaid, LaPorta & Washington are all 2nd rounders for me.

          Kraft, Shoonmaker – 3rd/4th rounders.

          Kuntz is worth a late round flier.

  48. Trevor says:

    Interesting note on Brandon Jordan the Hawks new pass rush coach. Some of the prospect that have been working with him include.

    Will Anderson and Will McDonald. The two most likely edge targets. Some other guys at Isiah Foskey and Mike Morris.

  49. Trevor says:

    Rob is there another 3-4 NT in the draft we should be looking at besides Mazi Smith?

  50. Rob Staton says:

    This guy thought Denver should’ve franchised Dre’Mont Jones and is pissed off they let him enter FA:

    • cha says:

      So what you’re saying Rob, is John Schneider crushed Broncos fans’ souls last year, and this year he’s come back to finish the job?

      I am become Death. The destroyer of Denver.

      • Robbie says:

        Going back to our old AFC West rivalry days….it’s called the Bronco Busters!!!!!! haha

        • Big Mike says:

          I was a big fan of the AFL back in the mid to late 60s (yes, I’m old af) before the Seahawks existed and as such it kind of sucked being in the AFC West with teams I had liked 10 years earlier Chargers, Raiders and Chiefs in particular. HOWEVER, for some reason I never liked the Broncos even back then, never have since and don’t to this day. So in other words (in my best Nelson voice) ha ha!

        • cha says:

          Largent vs Harden I think was what really bonded me to football and the Seahawks.

          To see the nicest guy in the NFL amped up to 11, yelling at the refs for a bad flag on Blades and then sending Harden flying with one of the best hits in league history, and recovering the fumble for good measure.

          Many forget that game was for the playoffs. Denver and the Seahawks were tied atop the division.


          • Peter says:

            My best friend and I regularly rewatch that hit on YouTube before the start of the season. Timeless.

            On a sub-sub-sub adjacent seahawks YouTube show some commenter said Geno is their favorite seahawk of all time…..I rarely comment on that kind of thing but thinking about the absolute greats, I couldn’t help myself and wrote back “just get into football last year?”

            People hate change. It’s how we constantly fight about culture in the U.S…..but we really need to get back to fireworks going off inside an actual concrete bunker for every touchdown, homerun, and big defensive stops.

          • Joshua Smith says:

            Thanks for bringing this one up Cha. As soon as Robbie said Bronco Busters my mind went straight to Largent blowing up Harden. One of the best revenge moments in Seahawks history

          • Palatypus says:

            On the play before that John L. Williams and Brian Blades annihilated their assignments on blocks.

            • Group Captain Mandrake says:

              John L. Williams was not to be trifled with.

              • RJ says:

                If you need a quality LB, LVE from Dallas is still an excellent player, especially against the run. If they can sign him between 6 and 8 million per year a 3 year deal is in order

  51. Sluggo42 says:

    Sensing a lot of fear that Young ends up being our pick, I watched a few videos of his college highlights

    Dude can play ball. Seriously good. So good in fact, that I don’t see much chance of him falling to us.for some reason, I see a deshawn Watson mentality. As always, his size is his only weakness. But his game is soooo good. Would every team skip the skills for size?

    Another thing I always think about. An average offensive line guy seems to average 320-330 lbs, but all the highly thought of defensive linemen, or “run stuffers”, are always in the 300 lb range.
    Why aren’t many of the bigger guys on the defensive side of the ball?

    • Big Mike says:

      IF Young makes it to the Colts at 4, they’ll take him cuz their meddling owner has already tipped his hand about how much he likes the guy and he’ll demand the team draft him. My opinion of course.

    • Cysco says:

      Not sure it’s fear, but rather just a strong desire for something different. Young is great. Perhaps the best QB in the class as of today. But, man sure would be nice to go through the next era of Seahawks football without a 5’10” QB. Been there, done that. That said, if he’s the only option at 5, you take him and just accept that Seahawks = short QB.

    • Group Captain Mandrake says:

      Young can play ball, no doubt. My biggest fear – and probably most fans – is that he is just so small. He won’t have the dominance of Alabama to keep him clean most of the time either. He just seems like an injury waiting to happen. The Hawks got lucky with Wilson in that he was short, but also built kind of like a tank.

  52. Peter says:

    Depending on how the qbs go I can see one team not caring about his size.

    Part time Jerry Jones impersonator and full time goofus Jim Irsay waxed poetically about that “kid from Alabama is pretty good,” with dreamy eyes and a song in his heart.

    Chris Ballard won the Jeff Saturday is actually not a coach battle….but can he win for another qb? Would they even need to? Young is actually very, very good. Indy feels like a great place for him. Dome. Most of an oline that needs to get right. Running game.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I think the fact they didn’t trade up and didn’t even seem to really try to suggests he’s winning all the battles

      Apparently Irsay’s daughter has been keeping her old man in check

      • Peter says:

        You’re probably right. Being a gm would be tough enough but Ballard I can not imagine how much stress that job would be.

  53. Spectator says:

    Should we have 4 QBs go to 4 and get Anderson. Hooker goes top of second to say Raiders. What’s a comfortable sport for Bennett? Seems as tho he will actually get drafted, he’s the only other “Winner” I see being available. He’s an odd duck, but maybe that meshes with Pete being kind of an odd duck too? Not a huge fan of him, but again, he’s the only winner left. DTR is nice, but size wasn’t as different between him and Bennett.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I would urge everyone not to take this stance.

      The Seahawks don’t have to draft a QB for the sake of drafting one. Stetson Bennett is never going to be a starting franchise QB for this team IMO. I’m not convinced Hooker will be either. If you can’t get at the big names early, it is what it is. It’s why I wouldn’t be surprised if Drew Lock came back at the right price to be the backup.

      • Mick says:

        100% agreed. The world does not end with this draft. If Geno keeps his level of performance we can even roll with him for a while. If he doesn’t and we’re not happy with what’s out there next draft, we can sign a free agent. If Schneider sees something in a QB and he wants to draft him in round 6, no pressure, worst case we get a bust. But don’t just force a poor QB in round 2.

      • HawkfaninMT says:

        If they do draft a potential develop and see what we have QB later in the draft… who would you hope for? I’d be interested to see what DTR could develop into at the cost of a 5th/6th

      • Wilson502 says:

        This is exactly why I’ve been such a big advocate for trading up. This is such a rare opportunity to get a long term answer at QB on a top heavy QB class that you may never have this opportunity again. Question is, would u have matched or beat Carolina’s offer for #1? Outside of a draft day deal for the #3 pick, there’s no more scenarios for trading up at this point likely.

    • BK26 says:

      6th for me. And I don’t even want him, I’d much rather just pass on any of the other quarterbacks if we don’t get one of the Big 3 (and I guess Young, but I wouldn’t feel that hopeful about it).

      Looks like another Georgia kid that might have some maturity issues. I know his combine wasn’t bad, but I just don’t see him being a top 20 quarterback in the NFL. And he’s small like Young. I’m done with the small quarterbacks. I just don’t want a kid starting for my team that I am bigger than (and I am not a big man, probably a shade under average size).

      At some point, we need a difference maker to catch up to the elite teams: leadership and talentwise. That can only be done top 5 this year. Cough* pay the iron price* cough

    • no frickin clue says:

      Just wanted to point out that the headline “Hooker Goes to Vegas” is kind of irresistible, so I do hope this happens just for the comedy relief. 🙂

  54. TomLPDX says:

    Florio posted the details for Jones contract

    1. Signing bonus: $20 million.

    2. 2023 base salary: $3 million, fully guaranteed.

    3. 2024 base salary: $11 million, $7 million of which is fully guaranteed at signing. The amount becomes fully guaranteed on the fifth day of the 2024 waiver system.

    4. 2025 base salary: $16 million.

    The deal also includes $510,000 per year in per-game roster bonuses. That’s $30,000 per game.

    The contract can a short as a one-year, $23 million deal, given that $7 million in guarantees don’t fully vest until next year. Looking at all three seasons, it has a maximum annual value of $17.1 million.

    • Good breakdown. Jones is better against the run than I thought. Seems we paid the premium for the more proven pass rusher.

      Neither is NT is our 3-4 so I expect they have a plan there. I’m just glad we got one of these guys on a deal that doesn’t hamstring us for long if they don’t pan out.

  55. Katal says:

    Heard on radio that Q. Jefferson was cut. I suppose this means the team is working on another signing.

  56. Feindt says:

    Within Minutes both Bradburry and Brendel resigned with their Teams long term. A Center in the draft is now becoming more certain.

    • Trevor says:

      Certainly looks like it.


      Would all be nice options who could come in and start Day 1. Kind of like the idea of a young C to go with the two young OT to grow together. Ideally with the at young QB as well.

  57. Trevor says:

    Jamal Williams would be an ideal big power RB compliment to Walker. If you can get him cheap think he would be a nice pickup.

  58. I wouldn’t be so sure they will move away from Jalen Carter though. It’s tru that character is important but theyequally trust the strength of their program to sheppered some of those highly talented but suspect players. Malik MccDowell sure made a dent in that way of thinking but one could say that maybe this is a wake up call for Carter and the Hawks will have time to do their due dliligence. At 5, they are in a tough position if Will Anderson comes off the board and by paying Jones this kind of money, you’d think they are definitley in win now mode. They could draft Anthony Richardson but this move might reflect their aim to go all in and fill out the rest of their puzzle via the draft.

    • Rob Staton says:

      How many times are we going to have go through this?

      It’s tru that character is important but theyequally trust the strength of their program to sheppered some of those highly talented but suspect players.

      They didn’t say, ‘character is important’.

      They said, literally, ‘we made mistakes in the past, we learned from them, and last year our entire draft was based around drafting players with good character — without compromise — and that’s why we had a great draft’.

      It was then reported they didn’t even consider Kayvon Thibodeaux in R1 — a player who was obsessed with his ‘brand’.

      This isn’t a ‘character is important but…’ discussion. They have made it abundantly clear how vital character is and that it was the key to their draft success in 2022.

      They aren’t going to do all that, say all this, then spend a top-five pick on a bloke with maturity & conditioning concerns, who basically did what he wanted at Georgia, who has just been charged with racing during a fatal crash, having been warned by the police just before the crash to stop speeding.

      Can we be clear on this now, once and for all?

  59. Tom says:

    How about a center?

  60. Sluggo42 says:

    With Penny leaving, I wouldn’t be totally surprised if they took Bjorn, or whatever that stud running backs name is, if, the big 3 are gone- and then resign Drew. Perhaps concerns about size are a disqualification for Young-
    Talk about a 1-2 guy punch of runners that would literally force 7-8 into the box and open the world to Geno-
    Grab a big slug at 20, then beat center at 38, and then more linebackers- etc..

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