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3000 NFL mock draft: Episode #4

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

In the podcast this week we run through a top-20 mock draft, talk a lot about Ole Miss, compliment the best player in college football and talk some Seahawks (and cake)…

3000 NFL mock draft: Episode #3

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Thoughts on some of the more impressive players in CFB so far this season, focus on Connor Cook vs Vernon Adams and looking at why Seattle lost in St. Louis…

(Note — there were some technical issues half way through. Stick with it we sorted through them)

3000 NFL mock draft: Episode #2

Monday, September 7th, 2015

Episode #2 with Rob & Kenneth, reflecting on the first week of college football and looking at the 2016 NFL Draft…

3000 NFL mock draft: Episode #1

Monday, August 31st, 2015

With the start of the college football season days away… Rob and Kenneth look at some of the players to keep an eye on for the 2016 NFL Draft…

Announcing a new draft podcast for 2015

Friday, August 28th, 2015

So here’s some awesome news — for the 2015 season we’ll be doing a weekly NFL Draft Podcast with the brilliant Kenneth Arthur. We’ll discuss prospects, talk about possible Seahawks targets, have some guests on the show. It’ll be called ‘3000 NFL Mock Draft’ and we’re going to start next week.

We discussed the new show in this weeks ‘Real in the Field Gulls’ Podcast (see below) and also talked about Frank Clark, Tyler Lockett, the offensive line and some other subjects involving the Seahawks.

Check it out…

Post draft Google Hang Out

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

I’m going to be taking a break after this post. It’s been a long draft process and I need to spend some quality time with my wife and son. If anything major breaks involving the Seahawks (eg a Russell Wilson contract extension) I’ll put up a blog. However, things are going to start winding down for the 2015 draft.

I want to thank everyone who continues to make this place more a community than a blog. I also want to remind everyone that we cover the draft (and the Seahawks in general) right through training camp and then into the college season. If you’ve enjoyed the last few weeks, come try the blog from August onwards when we really start to discuss players for the first time.

For now enjoy the podcast above and Go Hawks.

Pre-draft Podcast: 28th April

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Kenneth Arthur, Danny Kelly and I talked draft for a good 90 minutes today. It’s long — but we cover a ton of ground. Have a listen:

Tony Pauline: “Less than 10% chance” DGB falls to #50

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

The Seahawks like Dorial Green-Beckham according to reports. Can they land him?

We’ll get into the second round of our latest mock draft tomorrow. Today I want to focus on Dorial Green-Beckham.

Draft Insider Tony Pauline published the following report yesterday:

“I’m told the Seattle Seahawks would love to grab Dorial Green-Beckham if he’s available at the 63rd selection but they expect the receiver to be off the board during the initial fifteen picks of round two.”

We’ve been discussing the possibility of Seattle moving up for Green-Beckham for a few weeks. Now we know there’s at least some interest there. I contacted Tony to get a little more meat on the bones. You can hear our conversation below:

So there we go. Green-Beckham probably isn’t going to last beyond the first 15 picks of the second round. The New York Jets at #37 and the San Francisco 49ers at #46 could be a couple of teams to watch here. There are others. The Seahawks would have to make quite a jump to have any shot at landing DGB.

Will they move up? Just yesterday John Schneider noted he has a lot of flexibility because the Seahawks have 11 picks in the draft. Last year the Philadelphia Eagles moved up 12 spots in round two to select Jordan Matthews for the cost of a fourth round pick. Seattle can make a similar move to get into the early 50’s. The question is — what else would they need to concede to move up a little further?

Yesterday Bob McGinn published a piece discussing Green-Beckham. There are some interesting anonymous quotes in the article:

….there are general managers and personnel directors in the National Football League who claim Oklahoma’s Dorial Green-Beckham has the talent to become the finest in another stacked class of wide receivers if he can overcome his complex behavioral issues.

“He has the outstanding athletic package,” an AFC personnel man said. “He may even be better than Cooper. Extremely talented.”

That’s a minority viewpoint among scouts, to be sure, but the AFC man isn’t alone.

“Hard to cover downfield,” said an another AFC scout. “Almost impossible to cover with a little corner. Super talented. He’s a No. 1 for a team if he can control his demons.”

That’s gushing praise even if it is a minority viewpoint as McGinn describes it.

“At Oklahoma they vouch for the kid,” one scout said. “They loved the kid. His pro day was at Oklahoma (March 11), which kind of tells you what they thought of him. His receivers coach (Jay Norvell) was fired, and that was a big reason he decided to come out.

It’s not insignificant that despite leaving Oklahoma without playing a single snap, DGB was invited to participate at the Sooners pro-day and was given 100% backing by the Head Coach Bob Stoops.

Earlier this month, Green-Beckham and his girlfriend went to dinner with officials from a team they were visiting.

“You leave liking him,” one executive said after eating with Green-Beckham. “From a personality standpoint, pretty good. There’s some light behind the eyes. They’re about to have a baby….Seems to be maybe maturing.”

It’s not all positive though:

“If somebody wants him in the second round, go ahead,” said one scout. “I used to draft these kind of guys.”

In a separate article by McGinn yesterday, he ranked Green-Beckham as the #7 receiver in the class. One scout compared him to Josh Gordon — talented, dynamic but ultimately a headache waiting to happen.

There are going to be teams who’ve already taken him off their board. There are going to be teams who are prepared to take him — but only at a certain point in the draft. That’s probably within the first 15 picks of round two as Pauline discussed. The Seahawks love field-tilting ability and DGB has it in spades. They’re also willing to take a chance. It’s going to be very difficult though to move into the top-45 without a serious trade involving multiple picks.

If they can’t move up for DGB, what do they do? They still have the option of trading up for another player. Detroit are light on picks — they have picks in rounds 1-3 and then nothing until round six. They are probably looking to acquire a fourth or fifth rounder and they can do that by moving down from #54. This could be a target range for the Seahawks.

If they stay at #63 all signs point to taking the top offensive lineman left on their board. I suspect they’d be very interested in moving up for the right player. But who — if it isn’t Dorial Green-Beckham?

Don’t forget to check out for all the latest information from Tony Pauline — one of he best in the business.

Draft Insider Tony Pauline speaks to Seahawks Draft Blog

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

This week I had a chance to speak to Draft’s Tony Pauline. Recently he’s been providing Pro-Day information for — you can keep up to date with everything on the circuit by clicking here.

He’s also a recommended follow on Twitter (@TonyPauline).

You can hear the interview via AudioBoom above. Here’s a brief synopsis of what we discussed:

— Tony thinks the addition of Jimmy Graham will be a positive move for the Seahawks — he’s not quite as complimentary about the move from a New Orleans standpoint.

— The Seahawks are interested in Ty Sambrailo but he hasn’t had a good off-season so far. He was unimpressive at the Senior Bowl and combine. He had a chance to go in the late first round but now could provide “excellent value” in the late second. Tony doesn’t believe he’ll be on the board in the late third round.

— Ali Marpet has done “a tremendous job” over the last few weeks boosting his draft stock. Originally considered a priority UDFA, he could now go in the second or third round. Tony believes he can play either guard spot, right tackle or center. That will appeal to Seattle.

— When asked to name alternative center prospects the Seahawks might target, Tony suggests Oregon’s Hronnis Grasu in the third round, Andy Gallik in the third or fourth round range or Max Garcia as a later round option.

— What about Dorial Green-Beckham? It wouldn’t be a shock if he goes in the first round or the third round. Tony says he “wouldn’t touch him in the top-50 picks”. He expects a rush on receivers in round one and that could impact DGB’s stock. It’s not out of the question he’s still on the board late in round two.

— Kansas State’s Tyler Lockett could be a second round option for the Seahawks (something we’ve discussed a lot, along with Sambrailo). He’s a productive kick returner and as Tony explains, he’d offer a needed downfield threat to the offense.

— Zach Hodges has not left a positive impression on teams this off-season. Tony says he’s come across as “aloof” and questions have been asked about his love for the game.

Real in the Field Gulls Podcast appearance

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Today I joined Kenneth Arthur and Danny Kelly on the ‘Real in the Field (Gulls)’ Podcast. We talk draft and free agency — including thoughts on the combine, who the Seahawks might target and how to solve various holes on the roster (including cornerback and kick returner). We also touch on a topic I’m going to write about tomorrow — a 2011 trade that would’ve been very appealing to John Schneider.