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Field Gulls pre-season Hangout with Rob, Kenny and Jacson

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Interview with Williams, Foster and Whitner

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

I had the chance to speak with Kevin Williams (Vikings), Ramon Foster (Steelers) and Donte Whitner (49ers) earlier today. Most of the piece was about the London games this year, but I had a chance to ask a few topical questions too. I’ve cut them up in the audio above.

Best line? Probably Kevin Williams on the Percy Harvin trade: “Initially you’re like, ‘What in the world are they doing?'”

Kenneth Arthur, Jacson Bevens and Rob Staton talk draft

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Today I spent an hour talking about the Draft and the Super Bowl with Kenneth Arthur and Jacson Bevens from Field Gulls. Check it out!

Super Bowl preview with Daunte Culpepper & Fred Taylor

Friday, February 1st, 2013

I had the chance to speak with Daunte Culpepper (former Vikings quarterback) and Fred Taylor (ex-Jaguars running back) today. We talked about Sunday’s Super Bowl… so if you can bear to hear about the 49ers in the big game, have a listen.

Draft day podcast

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Today I had the opportunity to speak to NFL journalist Neil Reynolds. If you can see passed two British guys talking about the draft, have a listen.

NFL Draft podcast with @neilreynoldsnfl – PART ONE

NFL Draft podcast with @neilreynoldsnfl – PART TWO

NFL Draft podcast with @neilreynoldsnfl – PART THREE

Richard Dent: “It’s important to have one move”

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Richard Dent was the MVP at Super Bowl XX

I was fortunate enough to interview Richard Dent this afternoon, former Bears defensive end and 2011 Hall of Fame inductee. Richard was in London to promote the Bears vs Buccs game at Wembley in October. After discussing several different topics, I asked him about young players coming into the draft and how they can prepare themselves for the NFL, click the link below to hear the response:

Richard Dent interview

Podcast: Seahawks Draft Predictions

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

The latest Seahawks Draft Blog podcast the night before the draft:

Seahawks draft predictions

Updated two-round mock draft: 23rd April

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Miami's Orlando Franklin doesn't need a helmet to block

I’ve updated the two-round mock draft today to represent how I feel some of the teams may be thinking five days before the draft. 

Essentially it comes down to two factors. Firstly, Colin Kaepernick is very much an option for the Seahawks and they believe they can trade down and target him at the top of round two. If a deal is not forthcoming, does the team still feel comfortable drafting him in round one? To see the latest projection, click here or select ‘Mock Draft’ in the menu bar above.  

Secondly, which players do the Seahawks grade higher than Kaepernick so that they would avoid the position with their first pick in the draft? Mike Pouncey appears to be one of them. I would project that Jimmy Smith is another and I understand one member of the offensive coaching staff is very high on Mark Ingram. I truly believe neither Pouncey or Smith will be available at #25 and the team isn’t trading up for them. Correctly, the Seahawks believe running back would be a luxury considering their investment in the position through Marshawn Lynch and the many other needs elsewhere.  

The impression I’m getting is that they aren’t tied to any one position and that’s an opinion John Schneider expressed in his press conference last week. They would probably like to make an investment in quarterback first and foremost, but they are confident in their ability to perhaps solve three or four problems instead of one. They found some mid-to-late round talent last year, but didn’t strike gold in round two gambling on Golden Tate. You can’t write him off after one year, but evidently he has a lot of work to do to warrant the investment Seattle made.  

Nevertheless, Kaepernick fits the bill in terms of what they’re looking for in a quarterback – mobility, arm strength, the ability to extend plays, the non-reliance on brilliant pass protection in order to make plays, running ability to develop the zone blocking scheme and become part of the overall gameplan, character and playmaking quality.  

It’d be taking a chance, just like trading for Charlie Whitehurst was taking a chance. Kaepernick would not be expected to start in year one, with either Matt Hasselbeck being re-signed or Carson Palmer being brought in from Cincinnati for perhaps a 5th rounder and a further conditional pick depending on performance. I believe a deal like that could be possible to land Palmer and there has been some discussion. Both are stop-gap options that the team likes enough to run with as it re-builds. There are people out there who rate Kaepernick highly, very highly. Don’t sleep on him being off the board before Seattle is on the board at #25, particularly if a team trades back into the first.  

In round two I’ve gone back to the Seahawks taking an interior lineman in Miami’s Orlando Franklin. I suspect guard is an area they are determined to improve and will consider early – but as with other needs, they aren’t going to focus in on the position as a life or death situation.  

Elsewhere, I have Buffalo making a surprise move at #3 taking Cameron Jordan. Make no mistake he is a big-time talent who would instantly upgrade Buffalo’s defense. Adding Phil Taylor in round two could set up that defensive front for a long time, particularly in a division that contains a lot of offensive punch. So why not Von Miller, Blaine Gabbert, AJ Green or Patrick Peterson? No specific reason, but how many people had C.J. Spiller pinned to #9 last year? Or Aaron Maybin and Eric Woods to Buffalo the year before? Zero. That alone is not enough to warrant the Jordan projection, but he is a flashy playmaker who will provide a quick impact at a position of need. To some degree, he could be the back-up option to Marcell Dareus for Buffalo.  

I have Gabbert dropping to #8 and past a few quarterback needy teams. Cincinnati is still a very likely proposition, but would anyone be surprised if they take a receiver in round one? AJ Green may be able to help a mediocre pick at quarterback in round two (such as Christian Ponder or Andy Dalton) look a little brighter. Arizona should take him at #5 but appear to be leaning towards a veteran option (Marc Bulger is the hot tip). San Francisco, for whatever reason, seems an unlikely fit. If Gabbert does squeeze past the first seven picks, you’re looking at Tennessee as perhaps being the floor.  

The reason for the fall in this projection? Gabbert looks the part across the board, yet he was just so completely unspectacular in college. You’re investing in the unknown to a degree. I suspect that Gabbert will be top of a lot of boards in the quarterback department, but may not thrill some GM’s enough to make the call. At the end of the day, Carolina are going to end up taking Cam Newton – a guy with a bigger boom and a bigger bust ratio – over Gabbert, who is the presumed safe option. 

I could be wrong here and Gabbert go as high as #2-#4 overall, or perhaps he will slip a little bit?

Seahawks Draft Blog Podcast #3

Monday, October 25th, 2010

The latest Seahawks Draft Blog podcast is available to download below. Featured today – can a rising defensive end go first overall?

Seahawks Draft Blog Podcast #3

Seahawks Draft Blog Podcast #2

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Time for another podcast… this week it comes in two parts. The first looks at Ryan Mallett’s performance against Georgia this week. The second part reviews Jake Locker’s future after a bad weekend against Nebraska.

Seahawks Draft Blog Podcast #2 (Part 1)

Seahawks Draft Blog Podcast #2 (Part 2)