College football draft notes 16/10

October 16th, 2021 | Written by Rob Staton

Just a few notes today as today I’ve been to London for the third time this week and time has been really short.

Georgia defensive tackles are legit

You do read some rubbish if you follow draft Twitter or some of the bigger name pundits and writers.

While various players get vaulted way beyond their talent level, others get dismissed for no plausible reason.

Georgia defensive tackle Jordan Davis was an afterthought for most. Others had him graded in the middle rounds.


I thought he warranted a high grade a year ago and was surprised he didn’t declare for the 2021 draft. That decision has so far been validated because if anything, he’s promoted his stock even further this year with consistent domination for the Bulldogs.

He absorbs double teams and in some cases, ploughs through them to create pressure. He handles the interior with his great size and underrated athleticism. Yet he also shows off the quickness to create the occasional pressure and disrupt the quarterback.

This is not a good looking draft class for 2022. Currently, I’ve only identified eight players I’d be willing to put even a reasonably high grade on. There are a lot of unknowns and players who are either inconsistent or underperforming.

Davis is going to be one of the best players available. He’s someone who can anchor your D-line, provide stoutness and set the tone. He’s not going to be a sack artist or a splash player every week. Yet he’s going to shock people at the combine and whoever gets him — it’ll likely be a bargain.

His teammate is also worth a mention. Devonte Wyatt is more of a three-technique but he also delivers a level of physicality. He’s quick, shoots gaps but he can play early downs too.

Both had a big impact against Kentucky today — sharing a blocked field goal by destroying the interior protection and otherwise creating chaos up front.

If you like watching the trenches — Georgia are a dream. A big, hulking, tone-setting O-line and impact players on the D-line. Massive, tough, athletic. There’s a reason why they’re undefeated despite fielding two unspectacular quarterbacks this season.

Speaking of quarterbacks, Kentucky’s Penn State transfer Will Levis showed off some talent in this game. A good, quick release. Generally accurate. A solid throwing base. He’s athletic and well sized. Levis is a junior and will likely stay in school for next year but he has a bright future if he continues to develop.

Another tight end to add to the list

As mentioned, it’s looking like a flat 2022 draft with very little in the way of clear top-20 talent. However, unusually, it’s a strong tight end class.

San Jose State’s Derrick Deese Jr might lack great athletic qualities but he just catches everything. He’ll go up and high-point the football. He boxes out defenders. He’s very difficult to cover.

Deese Jr also has the size to develop his blocking.

Against San Diego State the ball was like a magnet to him. His team almost pulled off an upset and it was mainly due to his performance.

It won’t be a surprise, with his NFL bloodlines, if he enters the league and finds a way to have an impact. This is a name to monitor.

I’m going to write up a review of the draft class later this week, in part to take our minds off what I suspect will be a chastening evening in Pittsburgh tomorrow.

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582 Responses to “College football draft notes 16/10”

  1. Paul Cook says:

    Yeah, I watched those Georgia tackles. Looked pretty darn solid to me. Man they have a great defense stat-wise and other-wise. A bit of a rare phenomenon these days.

    Iowa loses and will drop today. I had a soft spot for them, but their offense really got exposed today. Couldn’t do much of anything. Oklahoma should move up to #3 in the polls after this weekend with a win today.

  2. DriveByPoster says:

    Glad you mentioned Levis, Rob. As well as arm talent, I thought he made good decisions on the field. When to throw the ball away & when to just eat it & take the sack.

    • BobbyK says:

      First I had watched of him. Going against a D like that – I was impressed with what I saw. Wouldn’t be easy for anyone to face a college D like that. The hand/arm/wrist/whatever strength he demonstrated on that should have been strip sack that was ruled incomplete was insane. Almost every other QB on earth would have fumbled that before any of their arm could move forward.

  3. Paul Cook says:

    Rattler benched for Williams today for Oklahoma vs TCU. I’m trying to think of the last time a Heisman Trophy candidate QB got benched for a back up? It’s not really surprising with how Williams performed last game in place of Rattler, but still a big deal.

  4. GoHawks5151 says:

    I’ve seen DE George Karlaftis of Purdue a few times and have come away impressed every time. 1 sack, 1 TFL, and 3 hurries in the upset of Iowa today. I’m not sure if he is enough of an athlete for the next level or at least Seattle.

    • Rob Staton says:

      He has a burst. There’s definitely something there. I just wonder if he can speed/power and drive, be able to disengage if the initial get-off doesn’t work and whether he’s a good enough athlete to really, truly test pro-tackles. Combine will be interesting for him.

  5. Paul Cook says:

    Caleb Williams might already be the best college QB in the country. He can make most every throw, he’s big and strong and great athlete, and he’s already, as a true freshman, a great leader. If it was allowable, this guy could turn pro after this year and possibly be the #1 pick in the draft. The only thing I haven’t seen the guy do in two games is throw early enough before receivers look for the ball. But that’s a pure experience thing, which he will get.

    Caleb Williams the next great QB.

  6. Bankhawk says:

    That Georgia team is indeed looking like a good place to shop for a restock for the trenches-on both sides of the line they have been beasting people.
    With Carson’s durability further called into question, and Penny not looking like an answer, LSU RB Ty Davis- Price, and Cin. Bearcats RB, Jerome Ford were both appealing watches this weekend.
    Some of what I’m seeing out there actually gets me hyped for a big roster churn.

  7. KD says:

    So who is the Heisman frontrunner? I don’t see any player who is dominating CFB so far. At this point Bryce Young maybe just because best stats? Feels like the Heisman will just be the best stats award.

    • CHaquesFan says:

      I was thinking Matt Corral is up there too?

      • Pugs1 says:

        Corral has a chance. I’d throw in a couple of RB Walker & Robinson along with Young for the Heisman.
        I think Corral will be the first QB to hear his name called in April.

        • Rob Staton says:

          I think Corral will be the first QB to hear his name called in April.

          Meh. Not sure about that.

          • Pugs1 says:

            I’ll say this, if Baker Mayfield can go #1 IMO Corral can go extremely high. Not trying to convince you but Corral is tough as nails with a very good arm. I’m sold on his intangibles also.

            • Rob Staton says:

              Yeah but Baker in fairness had Oklahoma pushing for the National Championship.

              Corral is not a bad player by any stretch. He’s a very accomplished college QB. But a potential franchise NFL QB???

    • Palatypus says:

      If you are looking for a dark horse, how about Sean Tucker out of Syracuse? He is currently leading the NCAA in rushing with 948 yards on 155 carries for a 6.1 yard average. His 9 touchdowns tie him for 4th in the nation with 9 players.

      No running back from Syracuse has ever led the nation in rushing. Not Jim Nance, not Joe Morris, not Larry Csonka, not Floyd Little, not Ernie Davis, not Jim Brown.

  8. Big Mike says:

    Kevin Harlan calling the Jags v. Phins game from London this morning. What a treat.

    • Big Mike says:

      Another announcing bonus today, the single FOX game is Browns v. Cards and it’s not the Aikman game.

      • TomLPDX says:

        Not expecting the Cards to win that since some of the coaching staff is on the covid list. Should be interesting to see how they do.

    • bmseattle says:

      Man, as a closet Dolphins fan, it’s difficult to watch what’s happening to that team.
      How did they mess up this latest rebuild? Is it as simple as drafting the wrong QB?
      It just shows, that having a million 1st round picks isn’t enough… you have to have the right people making those picks, and then coaching them.

  9. Rik says:

    Eastern Washington University (ranked 2nd in FCS) QB Eric Barriere threw for 600 yards and 7 touchdowns against the University of Idaho yesterday.

    Same school that produced Cooper Kupp, Kendrick Bourne, and a number of other active NFL starters. Mid-round pick to groom for the future?

    • Big Mike says:

      I watched a good portion of that game yesterday (my nieces graduated from EWU and it’s near where I grew up in Spokane so I’m always interested). His accuracy looks good and arm strength seemed good as well. Not all the throws were to wide open guys either. Had good legs too. He’s listed at 6’1″ so likely closer to 6′. My very untrained eye says he’s got a chance to be drafted.

  10. Rob Staton says:

    Davis Mills looking good.

    Would be more excited to see him or Kellen Mond tonight than Geno…

  11. Mick says:

    Boy the Ravens are scary strong this year.

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      Against the Chargers, that’s pretty good.

      I have yet to see the Cardinals in action, I feel like I’m missing out on scouting the competition.

      Seahawks on monday night football. Wow! Probably an evenly matched contest.

  12. Big Mike says:

    Trevor Lawrence looked like a rookie QB who is starting to make some definite progress today vs. Miami. Pretty good decision making and of course the arm is excellent. He played well against a Miami D which isn’t what it was last year but I’m guessing is still better than Seattle’s. That game could easily be a loss for the Hawks imo.

  13. Rob Staton says:

    Jonathan Taylor pre-draft: “Please draft me Seahawks, please”

    Seahawks: “Get another linebacker”

    • Mick says:

      We have Carson and Penny, why get a healthy RB…

      • Rob Staton says:

        I bet anything this neck injury is tied to the nonsense workouts Carson was doing during the off-season

        • Elmer says:

          With our RB health problems, have you seen any RB draft prospects that look promising? Not like Dallas and Homer, I mean Really promising and who could be available in round 2.

        • Peter Jakubisin says:

          Rob if you always stay ready you don’t have to get ready….ergo if you train like you’re trying to put yourself on IR you’re ready for when it eventually happens

        • Palatypus says:

          “I bet anything this neck injury is tied to the nonsense workouts Carson was doing during the off-season.”

          Very likely. Two books that I have used a lot when training are 1)Conditioning for Football The Syracuse Way by Mike Woicik and 2)Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts by Emily Sherb, DPT. They are consistent when discussing injury prevention.

          I have also taken my Mom to the Andrews Institute here in Pensacola for Physical Therapy. It was weird having so many pro athletes around me in the same training room with a 70-year-old woman, many of them NFL players.

    • Big Mike says:

      Russell Wilson: “please draft Taylor “.
      Can’t have too many below average LBs you know.

    • BobbyK says:

      Why draft a durable game breaking RB when you can have both Carson and Penny? They’re ironmen, especially Carson. NEVER misses any games. He’s so durable, they signed him to an extension. That’s durability!

  14. swedenhawk says:

    Who does Ed Orgeron take over for next season, Pete or Ken Norton Jr.?

  15. JimQ says:

    Don’t know if he will be declaring for the draft but this kid has some pretty darn good stats, however, I really haven’t watched any tape yet. Heaven knows, getting a few decent DB’s added by any means is imperative.

    CB/DB: Ja’Quan McMillian, East Carolina, 5-10/183-lb. — has some pretty good stats & should warrant some further study even if he’s a smaller DB that isn’t in the “normal” mold, perhaps, IF he has good combine testing numbers he could potentially be an asset as a nickel/dime back or a safety?, Ball hawk?
    2021: 6-games so far, 4-INT (1 for TD), 37-tkls, 25-solo, 4-TFL, and 12-PBU’s. (currently #1 in PD’s in FBS.)
    In his 27 game, 3-yr. history, he has a total of 11-INT, 24-PBU’s.

  16. David says:

    Just random thoughts running through my brain as I’m sitting on the couch watching the early games.

    Russell Wilson for the past ten years has been spectacular at 3 things.
    1) deep ball
    2) play action deep ball
    3) scramble/run in circles/stolen play deep ball

    Other than that, IMO he’s league average (if not more on the bottom half of every other type of pass attempt that other starting/top tier QBs make).

    Are my eyes out of wack?

    Just some food for though as we go into our a span of games without him playing for the 1st time in 10 years

    • Peter says:

      You know wilson was the 8th ranked short pass, 1st ranked medium pass, and a mere 11th ranked deep passer in 2020? In terms of accuracy….where people come up withthis “all he throws are bombs,” stuff is beyond me.

  17. JimQ says:

    Current stats for Jamal Adams so far this season!!!!!!!!!!!! – This is what we get for a million bucks a game?
    Absolutely NOT enough. If I were a season ticket holder, I’d be howling for accountability on how the front office spends my $’s invested as a supportive fan. See:

  18. Big Mike says:

    Rams lighting the Giants up. Must be cuz Colt McCoy isn’t at QB for NY.

  19. cha says:

    More grist for the mill.

    The Seahawks game against Arizona in Week 11 is the first real opportunity for Wilson to get back on the field, sources said, though the future Hall of Fame quarterback, who never missed a snap prior to this injury, is pushing as hard as possible to play as quickly as possible.

    The injury has further called Wilson’s future with the team into question after a tumultuous offseason in which he was open to a trade and opportunities elsewhere.

    Wilson made it clear this winter he is seeking a more balanced and diverse offense and better pass protection, and his relationship with the organization has certainly grown more complicated over the years. It’s hard to imagine contract extension talks gaining much steam, and Seattle’s viability as a contender in the short-term, with a uber-competitive QB now approaching his mid-30s, is certainly up for debate, even with Wilson under center.

    There is no concern at this point that he has played his last game for the Seahawks, but that question could come to dominate their offseason discussion in 2022, as it did in 2021.

    • Big Mike says:

      But didn’t I hear here that he’s shutting it down for the rest of the season cuz he’s so unhappy? Well regardless, Geno gonna outplay him and relegate RW to 2nd string anyway.

      It’s not complicated, either Pete leaves or Russ leaves. It’ll be one or the other. The good news is they’ll sell clicks writing about it for the next several months.

      • Paul Cook says:

        It could be PC leaves and RW leaves as well. IMO Paul Allen was one of the central tethers binding RW to the franchise and the city, and his death probably made RW’s leaving the franchise a real possibility.

        Beyond seeing himself as one of the great QB’s of his generation, RW also envisions himself as a corporate entity/brand, aspires to become a business mogul/enterprise along the likes of certain other great black athletes and entertainers of his time, like Magic Johnson, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Jay Z, Dr Dre, and the like. RW’s ambitions go far beyond football.

        I think in Paul Allen he found a future mentor in this way concerning such ambitions. He already bought into Paul Allen’s Seattle Sounders as a part owner. He talked about owning an NFL franchise some day. He thought about and became partially involved in bringing the Sonics back to Seattle as part of a group. He thought about bringing another professional sports team to Portland, the city where Paul Allen’s Blazers reside.

        Now with PC/JS’s poor personnel/team building moves of late, PC’s meddling and stubbornness when it comes to how he wants his team to play, and Paul Allen’s death which not only left PC in charge, but also ended his personal and business relationships with a man he immensely respected…I don’t believe that RW is tethered much at all to this franchise, city, and region as he once quite clearly was.

        It’s just not working out for him any longer, and he can hear the clock ticking on the career ambitions he still has for himself in the sport, and the springboard this will provide for his future ambitions beyond football.

  20. Dave m says:

    Malik McDowell sighting lmao

    • Rob Staton says:

      In reality, what was happening is someone was trying to build a ‘beer snake’. In England, at sporting events where drinking is allowed in your seat (eg cricket) — people generally get bored and a bit drunk and start stacking plastic cups to create a ‘snake’. Then you collect others and chant ‘feed the snake’ to encourage others to drink up and pass on your cup.

      Unfortunately, the idiots in London today started launching their cups at a guy building a snake near the front row. Apparently some people got hurt. This is not how it’s supposed to be.

      Usually it’s quite fun. I remember helping build a massive beer snake at a cricket match in Leeds. It was a great distraction from the bloody awful cricket England were playing. And we all sang, ‘we love you snakey, we do’.

  21. Sea Mode says:

    Woof… Jones absolutely drilled. By the look on his face jogging off, he’ll be feeling that one in the morning.

  22. Zane says:

    I just realized that today we’ll witness Sydney Jones trying to cover Chase Claypool… yikes

  23. Rob Staton says:

    JJ Watt out there blowing up plays on his own, forcing turnovers, dominating.

    Cap hit this year — $4.9m

    Cap hit in 2022 — £15.9m

    Draft picks wasted — zero

    • Big Mike says:

      Didn’t Watt state that one of the biggest reasons he went to AZ was “the culture”?

      • BobbyK says:

        Most free agents lie about that stuff. They generally go to who pays them the most.

        Seahawks would rather waste draft picks and pay those bums the big bucks. Couldn’t just sign a good FA OL. Had to dump a 5th rounder to get the mighty Gabe Jackson. We all know about Jamal. So painful how they “build” this thing many times.

  24. Palatypus says:

    I don’t know why all the pundits are so surprised at how good the Cardinals are. All they did the last four years was the exact opposite of what the Seahawks did.

  25. Matt says:

    Watching the Cardinals continue to run their offense into the 4th quarter is such a breath of fresh air. “Ball control” and “bleeding the clock” are the dumbest things that PC likes to do.

  26. Ashish says:

    L J collier is not able to make it on active list. So much about 1st round draft picks

  27. Rob Staton says:

    Some Seahawks fans are open to trading Russell Wilson, despite probably watching this god awful Broncos team which has plenty of good pieces but is desperate for a QB

  28. cha says:

    Kicker warmups

    Meyers perfect up to 55 yards, both ends.

    Tried a 60 yarder to the south end, and it bounced off the crossbar just short.

    Boswell hitting from 53 both ends hasn’t tried any longer.

    Wind is calm at the moment.

  29. Gaux Hawks says:

    Phil Haynes on the practice squad (he’s not listed on their website)?

  30. AlaskaHawk says:

    The Dallas/ New England game has been weird and wild. Dallas just pulled ahead with an interception run back into the end zone.

  31. Paul Cook says:

    I love CeeDee Lamb. I wanted the Hawks to trade up and get him a few years ago. I saw him play at Oklahoma and he was such a gamer and playmaker.

  32. BobbyK says:

    How bad is tonight going to be?

  33. Big Mike says:

    No AL Michaels?

  34. Paul Cook says:

    We need some sackage on Big Ben tonight.

  35. Zane says:

    It’s all going to come down to neutralizing their pass rush

  36. Rob Staton says:

    The whole double punt thing…

    A player kicked a football twice. On one play.

    I feel like the media has gone a little OT on this

    • Leo says:

      They need something to fill the time Rob, have to scrap the bottom of the barrel to make tonight seem exciting.

  37. Tony says:

    I think we pull this out today. But part of me wants to watch the world burn.

  38. Paul Cook says:

    JA doesn’t disappoint on the TV player introductions of the Hawks D.

  39. Tony says:

    Jamal seems happy atleast. I guess knowing your retirement is set would.make me happy too.

  40. Big Mike says:

    “I’m the best in the nation”.
    Bwa ha ha ha

  41. Troy says:

    Lol Jamal just doing peacock things, gotta hate it

  42. Leo says:

    Thank god Taylor isn’t a bust at least, need something to look forward to this season

  43. Troy says:

    Taylor looking like he might be our best Dline draft pick since Frank Clark. LOVE HIS PRESSURE!

  44. Tony says:

    Taylor going off is my silver lining this year. I hope Alton, green, and some other young guys take that next step. But taylor looks like a future cornerstone.

  45. pdway says:

    pretty good open field tackle there by Minkah Fitzpatrick, your 84th ranked out of 85, safety this year.

    PFF has some flaws…

  46. AlaskaHawk says:

    I can’t believe they are putting Geno out there in an empty backfield. This is madness.

    OH yes, I take back everything I ever said bad about HOmer with his 27 yard reception and run.

  47. Rob Staton says:

    I interviewed Geno Smith once.

    I just remembered that

  48. Paul Cook says:

    The announcers just said the Seahawks are playing tonight without their top two RB’s, and I’m thinking “top two…two?…what are they talking about…oh…yeah…Penny…I forgot”

  49. AlaskaHawk says:

    The three stooges strikes again. LOL

  50. OP_Chillin says:

    That just looked comically bad. Costing us 18 yards with that nonsense.

  51. Tony says:

    Our season in a nutshell.

  52. pdway says:

    wish we were the type of team to go for it on 4th and 5 from the 38….

    yes, even w Geno.

  53. OP_Chillin says:

    Rush 2, Drop 9, give up 8 yards.

  54. Leo says:

    Has rushing 2 guys ever worked in the history of football?

  55. pdway says:

    how does rushing 3 + jamal make any sense? It puts him against a legit NFL LT…he’s not beating that guy any day.

    • OP_Chillin says:

      I’ve seen him do it a few times. Notably against BUF he beat a pretty good LT straight up for a sack, which was pretty impressive.

  56. Rob Staton says:

    Big Ben is sooooooooooo bad

  57. OP_Chillin says:

    At least the game is going by quickly

  58. Can we just Bench Adams for Neal please? I’d like to see a SS on the field once this game.

  59. Rob Staton says:

    At least we can put to bed the idea that it’s Wilson preventing the Seahawks from running a productive screen pass

  60. Gary says:

    What we are watching is the talent deficit that comes from 5+ years of horrible drafting, player acquisition, and roster construction finally catching up with them, and not having our MVP-calibre QB to cover it up. We are paying the piper now, eventually the bill always comes due. It’s not complicated, we just don’t have as many good players as other teams.

  61. Matt says:

    Seattle Sports Media: “where has this great defense been?”

    Uh…like last season, this defense performs better against inept Offenses. Are they really this confused?

  62. Rob Staton says:

    This is a terrible game of football

  63. Rob Staton says:

    What the hell was that clip of Wilson pretending to play

    My word

  64. Big Mike says:

    Norton calling the D for the stealers? I ask because they had a LB covering DK.

    • OP_Chillin says:

      It’s zone coverage man. LBs covering shallow zones will be the nearest guy to a WR very often in that scheme.

  65. Tony says:

    Getting beat by an 80yr old Roethlisberger is super depressing.

  66. Rob Staton says:

    Best in the nation there, blocked by a rookie TE in space

  67. Big Mike says:

    The peacock just got blocked into the 2nd row

  68. Leo says:

    Remember that awesome 2015 game in Seattle between these two sides? How far the mighty have fallen…

  69. OP_Chillin says:

    Jamal Adams not intercepting that pass was actually an ELITE play. Read on to find out why!

  70. Big Mike says:

    We see why Darrell Taylor doesn’t play WR, which is fine.

  71. OP_Chillin says:

    Now, Mayowa in MAN coverage against Harris is a mismatch.

  72. Paul Cook says:

    Love that INT….Oooppss…by Adams…

  73. AlaskaHawk says:

    Looks like Pittsburg has found their offense. This could be a long day.

  74. Peter says:

    Guesses on adams accesory for the post game presser.

    Best guess gets to smack their head against their nearest wall.

    I’m hoping for a scepter and a king’s robe

  75. Hey Norton…the ball is probably going to Har…nvm send Jamal again.

  76. Robbie says:

    This defense is an absolute joke. How do you have Mayowa playing 1v1 on the RB.

    • pdway says:

      it’s crazy, and stupid, and so easily exploitable.

      KNJ does not deserve to have a job. All those Raiders fans were dead right about what they said when we brought him in.

    • Bmseattle says:

      You keep doing that…and it keeps not working.

  77. Thomas Wells says:

    I don’t know if any one play could better encapsulate what’s wrong with this franchise. Blitz the $70 million safety off the edge and put the journey man defensive end in coverage. Just fucking brilliant

  78. Matt says:

    Matty Brown midnight thread:

    “Actually Jamal getting washed out by that TE was assignment sound.”

    “Actually Jamal not catching that INT tip…”

  79. Nicholas M says:

    Benson Mayowa is the the furthest thing from a standup linebacker I’ve ever seen… yet he’s been out there doing it all game… I really don’t understand the Seattle defensive theory at all any more.

  80. OP_Chillin says:

    Terrible blocking. Lewis should’ve cheated outside so Fuller could help if Hayward went inside.

  81. Rob Staton says:

    Another fantastic drive.

    We definitely don’t need Wilson any more.

    • Tony says:

      It’s not really on geno either. He’s been solid. But he’s not elite qb to hide all our other issues.

      • Rob Staton says:

        Absolutely. Geno Smith being totally out of his depth isn’t his fault. Not sure he’d be in the league if it wasn’t for us giving him a job.

    • Canadian Hawk says:

      Think the whole “Do they keep Pete or keep Russell” question has officially been put to bed.

  82. Bmseattle says:

    We absolutely cannot pass block in passing situations

  83. Hawks4life says:

    What a brilliant play call on that 3rd down

  84. OP_Chillin says:

    The line is outmatched against a superior pass rush, but what is Shane Waldron bringing to this offense? It wouldn’t shock me if we had the same result so far WITH Russ, it would just look slightly different.

    • Bmseattle says:

      I think we’ve seen enough this year to conclude he isnt going to magically change our offense.
      Whether that’s because of his deficiencies or Pete’s…it doesn’t really matter.

    • Tony says:

      I’m not sure Waldron us allowed to do too much. This offense added a little presnap motion but it’s basically schottenheimers offense.

  85. Nick M says:


  86. Paul Cook says:

    Honestly, and I really, sincerely mean this, 90% of the time I don’t know or understand what the hell we are doing on defense.

  87. Matt says:

    I figured out Jamal’s “best in the nation” bit…

    (Small print) “at aggressive hand clapping.”

  88. Bmseattle says:

    Meanwhile, we haven’t sacked the most immobile QB in the league.

  89. Leo says:

    We’re going to lose to the Jags, aren’t we…

  90. KennyBadger says:

    Welcome to the blog Chris collinsworth.

  91. pdway says:

    feels like we are going to lose to this slightly-less-shitty than we are team….

  92. Ashish says:

    Defense started going down hill

  93. Troy says:

    No joy watching this team, not sure why I keep doing it…

  94. Kyle R says:

    This is just the lastest example of how this team needs to build in the trenches on both sides and needs new coaching and talent evaluation.

  95. Tony says:

    We could legit not pay anyone on defense and get a similar result. And invest it all in OL, and it’d help the nobody’s on defense.

  96. Brik says:

    Jamal actually hammers Najee. Hope it’s a turning point

  97. OP_Chillin says:

    A barren wasteland of football so far. Personally, there’s not much reason to watch this team without Russ playing. Not even a chance of excitement.

  98. Troy says:

    I have no emotion watching this team play. Poor tackling, dumb penalties, no creativity, no toughness.

  99. Palatypus says:

    This touchdown has been brought to you by Woodinville Whiskey. Woodinville Whiskey. Whether it’s straight, bourbon or rye you’ll feel like you’re about to die.
    Find it at a liquor store near you.

  100. downtownjewelrybryan says:

    last time we got whooped by pittsburgh, JS said that wasn’t gonna happen again

  101. SeaTown says:

    I’ve been a fan since 1977. I’ve seen it all. This football is, by far, worse than anything in the 1990s, which is generally referred to as the lost decade. It’s time for PC/JS to move on. It’s over.

  102. Leo says:

    Can some reporter do their job and actually try to figure what our ownership situation is? Is there someone at the wheel? Are we even looking? We deserve to know. We’re a ship lost at sea without a captain right now.

  103. STTBM says:

    Seattle’s entire coaching staff has no clue….

    But we didn’t need to replace Norton with Bradley or Quinn….

    And such a great move firing Kris Richard. What an upgrade Norton is….

    Good move letting Robert Daley go…we don’t need him, we’ve got Ken Norton and his “creativity”…

  104. 12th chuck says:

    lack of offense again. no surprise there, don’t need Wilson, not sure he would’ve made a difference. Why doesn’t Pete get it? 3rd and 8+, throw the ball behind the line of scrimmage. I will chalk this as a wasted year of Lockette, DK and Wilson. what a shame

  105. STTBM says:

    Saleh not Daley…..sigh…

  106. Vanhawksfan says:

    I wish that Jamal Adams made the plays on the field that he acts like he made on the sidelines

  107. OP_Chillin says:

    Who is Duane Brown mad at? You got beat dude. Unless Collins was supposed to block that LB?

  108. Bmseattle says:

    Geno has had more passes knocked down this game than Russ has all season.

  109. Palatypus says:

    This sack has been brought to you by Rolling Rock Pale Ale.
    Giving Yinzers bedspins since 1939.
    So when the Steelers get a sack, knock a schooner back!
    Latrobe Brewing Company, Latrobe Pennsylvania.

  110. OP_Chillin says:

    Dickson’s punting has been awful so far this game

  111. Paul Cook says:

    You know we’re in trouble when our punter is not even having a good game.

  112. Leo says:

    Rob and Robbie should just do their livestream during the 2nd half so that Rob can get some sleep and we’ll have something worth watching

  113. Matthew says:

    This is the kind of clarity needed, and why Wilson’s injury can be a positive. Hopefully it’s informing the right people, whoever that may be.

  114. Gary says:

    Does Jets’ management watch Seahawks games?

  115. SeaTown says:

    I hope the “we don’t need Russell Wilson” clowns are taking a good hard look at what the post Wilson team will look like.

  116. 12th chuck says:

    this is embarrassing. fire Pete now

  117. Tony says:

    Well I wanted to see geno to see actual proof it’s not on RW. And I got my answer. Sweet.

  118. Brik says:

    Stealers are a notoriously good defense. Not sure why Geno isn’t letting it rip like last game. He actually looks scared to be himself right now. PC must be stopping him from letting it fly

  119. Peter says:

    On the note of the “team russ vs. Team geno,” nonsense….i for one have no desire to see geno fail.

    If i’ve been cynical it’s the team. It has nothing for me to do with who is the QB. I’ve just tjought for some years now that Russel has been carrying this team.

    Side note. If seattle loses to JAX…..does pc head on down to USC?

  120. TJ says:

    From legion of boom to legion of gloom, what the hell has happened to our team?

  121. Aaron says:

    Current Seahawks with Russ: A bottom third team
    Current Seahawks without Russ: A bottom five team

    Bottom tier is bottom tier. The longer this drags out the more tarnished Pete’s time here will be. Stop competing to stay out there Pete. It’s time to hang it up. Thank you for Super Bowl 48.

  122. King Felix says:

    I’m so ready for a fresh start at coaching. I’ll always love Pete for what he did for this franchise, but a change is overdue at this point.

    I’m undecided on keeping Schneider, it really depends on how much Pete has influenced some of the more head scratching moves(Adams trade).

    There’s zero chance I trade Russ with what the upcoming QB draft looks. Give him a chance of totally running the show with an offensive minded head coach and a good pass blocking line and see what happens. If it fails, it fails. But I like those chances better than trying to find a new franchise QB.

  123. OP_Chillin says:

    Joe Fann just made the point that trading Russ (hypothetical) would be to recoup the losses from the Jamal Adams trade. Framing it that way just makes it seem so much worse.

  124. BobbyK says:

    For the younger generation of Seahawks fans who can’t remember the 1990s…

    This first half was it. That’s your 1990s Seahawks. It was a bad decade. Lots of bums at QB and a bad overall team around them minus a few stars here and there.

    We’ve seen Damien Lewis get worse this year because of coaching decisions. How does a RG in college and RG as a rookie get moved to LG? Seriously? He looked so much better this year and now he’s not good at all. Players are supposed to get better in year two. It’s natural. Except Pete moves him to where he’s never really played. Great job, Pete.

    Anyone else think these coaching geniuses are going to run Mayowa out at CB to start the half? I wouldn’t put it past them. Tre Brown makes a few nice plays but they get him out of there. Gotta love the coaching that doesn’t seem to play the best players.

    This is about as ugly as I feared it would be and there’s a half to go. Back to the Future of watching my 1990s Seahawks again. But instead of Tez to at least put up some fight on the LOS, we get a Peacock who makes a good hit and celebrates like it’s his team winning big.

    At least we can look forward to our top 10 draft pick. Or something.

  125. Palatypus says:

    If they win this game it will be the greatest comeback since the Jaguars beat the Dolphins in London this morning.

    BTW Rob, how’s the smell?

  126. Paul Cook says:

    The Alex Collins drive…

  127. Leo says:

    Chris Carson would have broke down by now if they gave him this many carries in a drive.

  128. OP_Chillin says:

    Cool the offense works if we can legitimately run it damn near every play

  129. Tony says:

    Rob, atleast you can fire out that game review early. I’m sure there’s no amazing comeback ensuing. Despite these runs by collins.

  130. Tony says:

    Collins putting carsons carries in jeopardy if he comes back.

  131. BobbyK says:

    Where did that (impressive) drive come from? That’s some power running that would be fun to watch consistently. Shocked the crap out of me. Can they keep it up? PLEASE?!?!

  132. uptop says:

    What we’ve needed for years in the running game:


  133. AlaskaHawk says:

    If Geno Smith makes this team develop a running game – it was worth it!

  134. Big Mike says:

    One of the few bright spots of this season is most definitely Alex Collins. Hopefully a new regime can draft a guy like Jonathon Taylor to pair him with next year.

  135. Tony says:

    Sydney Jones ability to be always injured is a shame. I hope he can find a way to stay on field.

  136. OP_Chillin says:

    Why is Jamal Adams wrecking our own damn players?!?

  137. Paul Cook says:

    It’s such a drag when you don’t have playmakers on defense. Darrell Taylor is the closest thing we have to one now.

  138. Troy says:

    Adams…late on the blitz. Adams, blowing up his own team mate (again). Fuck me I’ve never disliked a seahawk player more

  139. OP_Chillin says:

    Bloody hell do we have DEs dropping into coverage on half the damn snaps?

  140. Leo says:

    I’ve never seen someone smash his own teammates more than Jamal Adams has in six games. It’s incredibly poignant, hurting his own team with pointless flashy plays.

  141. KennyBadger says:

    Ryan Neal > Puke Adams

  142. Rob Staton says:


    Why do they insist on using sky cam for returns?

    You never know how good a return is, or where the player is

  143. OP_Chillin says:

    Lockett is wide open on these sweeps.

  144. Rob Staton says:

    It’s an offensive explosion

  145. Paul Cook says:

    Play action actually works when the other team has to respect your running game.

  146. Bmseattle says:

    Where was DK that drive.
    Is he hurt?😬

  147. Matt says:

    And we get the Hawkblogger routine going now…”I’m not a Russ hater…”

  148. Troy says:

    Is there a more bi polar offense in the NFL? I don’t understand this team at all…

  149. Paul Cook says:

    Can the D actually get inspired and get to it now?

  150. 12th chuck says:

    alex collins has better vision that carson

  151. Tony says:

    Power runs and PlayStation with TEs, man I wish our starting qb had this type of offense!

  152. OP_Chillin says:

    Heck yeah! Taylor with an excellent rush.

  153. Hawks4life says:

    DJ Reed is playing well tonight gotta love that

  154. OP_Chillin says:

    Now hit them with a GOOD screen play 🙂

  155. STTBM says:

    Darrell Taylor! Been looking for him since Clemons left….Clark was it for two years, then nothing till now…

  156. Bmseattle says:

    Can Geno avoid the untimely turnover?

  157. Palatypus says:

    “Look out! Seattle Seahawks with a chance!” – Chris Collinsworth.

    “So, you’re saying….there is a chance!” – Lloyd Christmas.

  158. pdway says:

    how many players down on the hawks do you go before you say i wouldn’t trade that guy’s future career, before you get to Taylor?

    Is it Russell, DK….and maybe that’s it?

  159. Paul Cook says:

    I noticed this very early this season, but Darrell Taylor has LEGITIMATE defensive end rush moves which make him formidable. Use him that way. Almost always.

  160. Matt says:

    Glad we bring back all the presnap motion when RW is hurt…so GD annoying.

  161. OP_Chillin says:

    Geno, come on man you gotta hit that was an easy throw.

  162. Bmseattle says:

    Collins seems quicker, but less powerful.
    Not really a tackle breaker.

  163. OP_Chillin says:


  164. STTBM says:

    Both teams defenses duking it out for Worst in the League.

  165. Troy says:

    We just converted a 3rd and 7 by running the ball…what fucking universe is this

  166. Palatypus says:

    You know, bringing out Bill Cowher’s HOF bust and giving him the ring just might have cursed Pittsburgh in front of the Football Gods tonight.

    They should give that ring to Mike Holmgren so he knows how it feels.

  167. Paul Cook says:

    You gotta admit, this is a where-in-the-eff-has-that-been half running the ball.

  168. SeaTown says:

    As a fan of the team, you love what you saw in the 3rd Q. Sadly though this success will only embolden PC to stick with his 1970s offense. We are wining the battle but losing the war.

  169. OP_Chillin says:

    Run it and go for it on fourth down you cowards god dammit

  170. Big Mike says:

    Gotta give rdit to their D on that. Owned that play everywhere

  171. STTBM says:

    Bad play call, Geno should have audible out of a slow developing play when it became obvious Pitt was blitzing. Wilson scores a TD there….

    • Big Mike says:

      I’d like to think you’re correct

      • STTBM says:

        You HAVE to audible out of that play to a quick-hitting run or pass. Anything but let a slow-play go forward when you sense blitz. At worst its an incomplete with Wilson…with a chance on going for it on fourth down…a big mistake by Geno…

  172. Palatypus says:

    NBC blacked out here in Florida on COX Cable for about five minutes. Next thing I know we are in the red zone.

  173. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Jamarco Jones is having a nice game at LG. He’s a big part of Collins’ monster 3rd qtr.

    And DJ Reed. Solid game tonight.

  174. Paul Cook says:

    Even when JA makes a hard
    tackle, he tackles the runner forward. LOL

  175. Hawks4life says:

    That’s a fumble

  176. Palatypus says:

    Watching Jamal Adams try to tackle Najee Harris is like watching Tyrion Lannister try to tackle The Mountain.

  177. Seahawkwalt says:

    Fumble babyy….

  178. OP_Chillin says:

    That HAS to be a fumble!!

  179. Big Mike says:

    Me thinks we gonna get screwed here.

  180. downtownjewelrybryan says:

    will we get screwed against the rothlisberger again?

  181. Big Mike says:

    They are iterally desperately trying to figure out how to explain away them keeping the ball right now

  182. Palatypus says:

    Roethlisberger thought bubble: “Wait, I’m supposed to get that call.”

  183. OP_Chillin says:

    Uhh if they punt this back and PIT drives for a score with no time left :/

  184. Seahawkwalt says:

    Here come the flags….

    • Bmseattle says:

      Refs are pissed at pete for showing them up

      • STTBM says:

        Its their own fault. Love how they said “after further review, the call on the field is a fumble”…. Whaaa? That’s “call on the field of an incomplete pass is reversed” , morons!

  185. Rob Staton says:

    I can’t remember the last time Seattle ran the ball this well or this easily

  186. Big Mike says:

    OK, the refs will fix this for the stealers

  187. OP_Chillin says:

    How many balls is Geno going to get batted tonight? This is ridiculous

  188. OP_Chillin says:

    TERRIBLE. Absolutely fking terrible

  189. Hawks4life says:

    Why do we continue to call those plays on 3rd and long

  190. STTBM says:

    Defeat from the jaws of victory…WTF offense was that?!

  191. Palatypus says:

    Chris Collinsworth just told us to do an illegal chop block on T.J. Watt.

  192. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Where’s the holding? Terrible phantom call and changed the drive.

    Even so, Jamarco Jones is having himself a night.

  193. Big Mike says:

    The end of that drive is TOTALLY a product of a bad holding call made to help the stealers. FUCK YOU NFL!!!!

  194. Tony says:

    Critical play needed. Let’s go to our bread and butter screen play!

  195. DC says:

    Why aren’t we throwing to DK instead? Baffling

  196. Bmseattle says:

    Meanwhile, the Steelers *never* hold

  197. pdway says:

    bad time for Dickson to have the worst game of his career

  198. Paul Cook says:

    If we lose this game after this running performance in the second half, it will be terribly disheartening.

  199. Mick says:

    OK I expected worse, hopefully they don’t blow it now…

  200. OP_Chillin says:

    Gosh we are lucky the Steelers O is bad. Rushed 3 there and zero pressure when they just put in a backup LT.

  201. Palatypus says:

    They should just put Big Ben out there in a wheelchair so that they always get the “defenseless player” call.

  202. Tony says:

    Man I really hope we throw a screen here. They’ll never expect it!

  203. Mick says:

    Who had the bright idea of having Tyler return punts?

  204. Rob Staton says:

    Well, that was all too predictable

  205. STTBM says:

    To the well a few too many times…same old Pete Carrol Offense…

  206. Palatypus says:

    Was that Colby Parkinson in there split wide?

  207. Mick says:

    Bad thing about Russ not playing is that he’s able to observe with a clear head how bad our decision-making is.

  208. Tony says:

    Yes! More screens! We need to force that shit till it works!

  209. OP_Chillin says:

    Uhh. Is this the most screens we’ve thrown in a game?

  210. STTBM says:

    Why no quick hit passes past the line of scrimmage for Geno? Even TJack had a longer rope than Seattle giving Geno…

  211. Big Mike says:

    The NFL doesn’t even try to hide their favoritism and cheating for the stealers do they?
    (yes, I’m still livid)

  212. Mick says:

    If Pittsburgh puts 3 points on the board, we’ll have a hard time scoring.

  213. Bmseattle says:

    Can we try a deep shot at least once tonigh?

  214. Big Mike says:

    No, not Taylor please

  215. Tony says:

    lovers. Taylor down. I hate you 2021 season.

    • BobbyK says:

      No doubt. This sucks. For him. For the team. This just sucks – one of our only decent young, talented cost effective players. But most importantly, for him and his life.

  216. STTBM says:

    Taylor hurt….no no no no!

  217. Kyle R says:

    This is the year where the 49ers had everyone hurt and out for long lengths of time and they had a terrible record. At least they got Bosa out of it so we can look forward to something like that……oh wait…

  218. Bmseattle says:

    This is awful.
    I really hope he’s ok

  219. Palatypus says:

    He was moving his legs. Good sign.

    That doesn’t mean he will play football again – Cliff Avril, Kam Chancellor…

  220. Tony says:

    So those looks on field have a career ending feel. Just awful. Hawks are cursed with career ending neck injuries to great players. Taylor has that look of being great.

  221. 12th chuck says:


  222. Tony says:

    Please don’t end his career. I’m sick watching this.

  223. uptop says:

    The big bright spot of the season. Absolutely brutal. I don’t think this is a career ender, he was moving arms and legs but this can really hurt his psyche.

  224. Big Mike says:

    Pete and his clock mgmt. Why would you not use a time out before the 2:00?

    • Bmseattle says:

      He still doesnt understand you have to use your timeouts on defense.
      And calling it before tje 2 minute warning is just coaching 101.

  225. Troy says:

    Game over. Running it down our throats…

  226. Hawk Finn says:

    Al Woods wagging his finger…after giving up 5 yards

  227. STTBM says:

    I’ve seen most of the NFL worst injuries since I saw Theisman….live. I have horrible luck in that regard. I’m praying its just precautionary and Taylor is ok…

  228. OP_Chillin says:


  229. Kyle R says:

    Fucking Adams you piece of shit!

  230. Bmseattle says:

    Is it possible to be laughing and pissed at the same time?

  231. SeaTown says:

    I have no words. WTF PEACOCK?

  232. Troy says:

    Jamal Adams. Game Changer

  233. Leo says:

    It hit you in the fucking face Jamal, useless lump

  234. 33 Showing elite ball skills yet again…

  235. Mick says:

    I bet Adam Gase is rolling on the floor laughing right now

  236. Big Mike says:

    “Best in the nation”
    What an absolute freaking joke of a player

  237. DC says:

    Some one please tell me what just happened, only getting play updates from ESPN.

  238. KennyBadger says:

    Nice catch puke.

  239. Tony says:

    When we lose, I hope he gets crucified at the podium about his shit ability to catch a ball.

  240. SeaTown says:

    Multiple first rounders. 17 million per. Bought that.

  241. Bmseattle says:

    Adams could have won us the game there.
    Just terrible.

  242. DC says:

    How bad does Peacock have to play to get benched for Neal, for Pete to send him a message? Literally asking. I doubt Pete would ever bench him.

  243. OP_Chillin says:

    Geno!? 3 yard gains in the middle of the field

  244. Tony says:

    Pete clock management vs adams ball skills

    Who wins that deathmatch.

  245. OP_Chillin says:

    I have ZERO faith in Myers here

  246. OP_Chillin says:

    What the hell?!?! DK why did you not just go the out of bounds?!?

  247. Big Mike says:

    we fucking BETTER have 1 second refs

  248. Troy says:

    What the fuck is DK Metcalf doing? STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  249. Pran says:

    What a dumb play by DK

  250. Mick says:

    Are you kidding me?

  251. Denver Hawker says:

    Is it just me or do the Seahawks have an abundance of weird plays, big mental gaffs, or obscure rule issues?

  252. Big Mike says:

    terrible awareness by Metcalf. Horrible

  253. Palatypus says:

    Does anyone need some whiskey?

  254. Mick says:

    Yey Myers. But I don’t trust our team to get anything from this.

  255. Leo says:

    Fumbled twice on that drive and somehow still alive, classic Hawks

  256. Pran says:

    Let me just day this..
    Even as so so is Geno is, offense played better 2nd half than with Russ all season.
    At the same time, Russ will make a great OC.

    • Mick says:

      Can’t help wonder how it would have been with Russ on the pitch against a weak Steelers D. Can’t compare, and Geno played at most average.

      • 12th chuck says:

        don’t think much would’ve changed from the first half, but he would’ve went deep after running so well in the 2nd

    • OP_Chillin says:

      Nooo we’ve definitely had halves where the offense was better. Also note we were running the ball more successfully this game than we have any game since the Colts game. That first TD drive Geno only threw a single WR screen pass and the rest were runs.

    • Big Mike says:

      They played better cuz the offensive line played better. Best run blocking of the season.

    • Matt says:

      Crazy what happens when they get more presnap motion and creative in the run game.

  257. Bmseattle says:

    Is taking the ball the smart move there?

  258. MattG says:

    Classy of Russ to be out there coaching Luton on the finer points of calling the coin toss.

  259. Tony says:

    Only the hawks can win a game and have me feeling like we got blown out. This team lives to destroy its fanbase. They refuse to do anything easy.

  260. OP_Chillin says:

    Steelers getting better against the run

  261. Tony says:

    This game deserves a tie. I hate this game.

  262. Seahawkwalt says:

    Where’s Collins?

  263. Mick says:

    At least everyone who got excited about Geno and said he’s better than Russ will have a reason to shut up.

  264. AlaskaHawk says:

    Hmm that last play with Geno getting tackled on the drop looked just like a Wilson play.

  265. Seahawkwalt says:

    Yes!! Great tackler Brown!!!

  266. Big Mike says:

    Hey Jamal, THAT’S a tackle!

  267. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Tre Brown!

  268. Paul Cook says:

    JA and Tre Brown with two great tackles.

  269. OP_Chillin says:

    Geno with a garbage play to lose the game.

  270. Paul Cook says:

    Lose this effing game on a dumb fumble play.

  271. AlaskaHawk says:

    OOPSEY, well that didn’t end well. Who could have guessed that ending? Other than everybody?

  272. Mick says:

    If I’m Pittsburgh I kick it straight away.

  273. Tony says:

    Geno. The anti russ. Clutch with the loss.

  274. Leo says:

    TJ Watt won that game by himself in overtime while Jamal dropped the interception. That was really the difference, both QBs were trash as expected, but their blue-chipper actually earned his salary.

  275. Tony says:

    How come our highest paid defensive player doesn’t make those game winning plays. We need to draft that tj watt guy. And not trade for that Jamal adams guy. Someone should tell the seahawks that.

  276. dan says:

    Seahawks just dont know how to properly use Jamal.

    Did you see his hyper celebration with Brown after the tackle?

    He’s the super elite cheerleader: PC needs to put him on the sidelong and give him some pompoms.

  277. BobbyK says:

    TJ Watt = Winner

    Jamal Adams = Loser

    Both had chances to do what they’re paid handsomely to do and only one was man enough to get it done.

    Overshadowed by TJ Watt was the unbelievable performance by Tre Brown on that 3rd down play to give Geno a chance (to lose). That was a man’s man play (like Watt continually did late).

    I’m going to go ride my ATV now…

  278. Olyhawksfan says:

    I cannot get over that missed interception by Adams. If he didn’t have a helmet on it would have broken his nose. Best in the nation?! CATCH THE F’ING FOOTBALL!!!