Curtis Allen’s week thirteen watchpoints (vs Rams)

December 4th, 2022 | Written by Rob Staton

This is a guest article by Curtis Allen. After the game today tune into the instant reaction live stream which will be available on here and on our YouTube channel

The mighty have fallen. The Rams host the Seahawks with a 3-8 record and are on track to be one of the worst teams in NFL history in the season following their championship.

They shockingly have one of the worst offenses this year, standing at 29th in scoring (16.2 ppg), #31 at rushing yards per game and total offensive yards per game.

The defense has not experienced as big a decline as the offense but their aggressiveness has had to be tempered significantly as they have not had big leads to play with nearly as much.

What is happening to this team overall? They have been hammered by injuries.

Their offensive line has been a revolving door this year. Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp have also missed significant time and now it appears that even Aaron Donald is not immune as he is set to miss the game Sunday with a high ankle sprain.

Still, if I was a Rams fan, I would be relieved at seeing the Seahawks on their schedule Sunday. They have won eight of the last ten games against Seattle and while you can definitely point to the top talent they have on their team as a big reason, Pete Carroll and the Seahawks have always struggled to mount an effective attack against the Rams in both phases of the game.

The other reason is the Hawks are playing horribly. They have played down to their opponents in losses to Tampa Bay (4-5) and Las Vegas (3-7), particularly on defense. Seattle has simply not been the same since going to Germany.

Pete Carroll has commented that it took the team until Thursday this week to have practices to show him they are up to snuff for this game. It took three days to get over the loss to the Raiders. You are free to interpret that as you like but you should know he made a similar comment about the team after getting manhandled by San Francisco in Week Two and they could not rebound in time to play effectively against the Falcons in Week Three.

How can the Seahawks break out of their slump and beat a division foe that has dogged them for years? Let us have a look at some of the factors.

With the Seahawk defense a mess and the Rams missing many of their core players, there really aren’t too many locked-in patterns or styles to analyze. Just a collection of thoughts the Seahawks need to be aware of on both sides of the ball.

When the Rams Have the Ball

John Wolford will start at quarterback for the Rams on Sunday and the offensive line may roll out a new front five of players yet again due to injuries.

The circumstantial evidence strongly suggests that the Rams will employ a quick-passing and a run heavy approach to this game. That is not a major departure from what the Rams have done in the past, there is just a high likelihood that downfield attacking passes will be in fewer supply than normal.

So, the first thing the Seahawks will need to do is cover Tyler Higbee effectively. Wolford last started the Week Ten game against the Cardinals and Higbee was his top target. He caught all eight of his targeted passes for 73 yards and had one explosive play. Higbee was their offensive catalyst, as Wolford found him on first and second down frequently and gave the Rams a short third down — something every undermanned offense badly needs.

The Seahawks are one of the worst teams in the NFL this year in defending tight ends. They have given up the second-most yards (711) and the fourth-most touchdown passes (6).

For a comparison, Travis Kelce is the leading tight end this year with 912 yards and 12 touchdowns so far. Mark Andrews is the second-best at 601 yards and 5 touchdowns. Therefore, the Seahawks are every week conceding an amount of production from tight ends that rivals the best at their position in the NFL. I seriously doubt the Rams have not noticed that. That needs to stop Sunday if the Seahawks are wanting to keep the Rams offense from moving down the field.

Controlling the line of scrimmage is something you always want to do. Against these Rams though, it is a goal the Seahawks should be able to accomplish. This is something that the numbers just dictate in plain language that they have the ability to do. The Rams are absolutely battered on the line. The Seahawks have their entire complement of linemen available and have shown that they can succeed in this area in the past.

However, their performance lately has been a horrible regression back to the beginning of the year. Quarterbacks have had pillow-soft pockets and time. Running backs have had holes and inexplicably been able to push the pile forward, even when monster-size players like Bryan Mone and Al Woods are in the game.

There is a perception that Tampa Bay modeled how to attack this defensive line in the running game and the Raiders teed off on them. Pete Carroll has insisted he knows what is wrong and is working to correct it. We will see on Sunday.

Cam Akers and Kyren Williams will be running the ball for the Rams. While they are far from the NFL’s best rushing combo (neither have played big roles this year), the Hawks’ front seven really has something to prove. They have given up a whopping 444 yards rushing in their last two games. Nothing should be taken for granted. Scoffing at the Rams’ offensive line backups playing in unfamiliar positions, with a backup quarterback and one of the NFL’s least productive running back duos is a luxury the Seahawks cannot afford.

This game will tell us a lot about whether this coaching staff can get this defense back on track. Two bad games are a slump. Three in a row is a real trend.

Decisions will need to be made in nearly every defensive area this offseason, from the coaching staff to the line, the linebackers and safeties. The data they collect in the last few games will be invaluable to the team as they enter an offseason with two first-round and two second-round picks.

This game is a contest the Seahawks should rightly dominate on defense. The Rams’ offense might be the weakest opponent they will face this year. And yet, with the division familiarity and the Seahawks’ penchant for playing down to their opponent’s level, our faith is not very high that the team can control this game with a tight defensive performance.

When the Seahawks Have the Ball

The offense put up 34 points last week, which should have been enough for a win. However, at key moments they were not able to move the ball to get in position to win the game. It is hard to fault the offense too much when the defense gives up almost 1000 yards in two weeks, though.

Tampa Bay and the Raiders have been effectively able to bottle up the running game, holding the Seahawks to 104 yards in the last two weeks. The Rams are one of the NFL’s best rushing defenses, ranking in the top 5 of the NFL on yards, yards per attempt and rushing touchdowns. It would seem a natural instinct to open up the passing game a bit and “run the ball” with short passes.

I think the Seahawks need to ignore that instinct and employ a healthy amount of runs on Sunday. In their last five games against the Rams they have run for a very respectable 4.48 yards per carry. That magical 100-yard barrier can be obtained if they keep that pace up and only run the ball 23 times on Sunday.

The point is, they have had success running the ball against LA. In Watch Points of weeks past against the Rams I have made this point several times: you can control the Rams if you commit to running the ball. It keeps their offense (and the Seahawk defense) off the field, gets the offense into a rhythm and allows the quarterback the comfort of knowing he is not carrying the entire game on his shoulders.

All the more so with Aaron Donald out for this game. Looking up and down the Rams’ defensive line, there are not a lot of high PFF scores there. Donald has tormented the Seahawks as much as any player has. They are well within their rights to run the ball up the gut, right at the spot Donald would have occupied and make his replacements do his job.

Geno Smith needs to keep doing Geno Smith things. Watch his great drive against the Rams in Week Five last year. Cue the video to 11:00. You will see Smith doing the things he has been doing this year when he is playing well — being decisive, reading the field and giving what the defense gives him and running when he has yards in front of him. The Seahawks need this kind of performance against the Rams to really keep the offense on schedule and put pressure on the Rams’ battered offense to keep up.

One thing of note from that game: The Rams followed the typical protocol when a backup quarterback enters the game. Call off the blitzing dogs and make him read the field and make good decisions. It did not work. Geno carved them up, moving the offense 91 yards in 5 minutes for a touchdown to pull them to within one score.

On the second drive, the Rams picked up their blitzing. Geno was unaffected. He drove them down the field for a field goal.

That is what the Seahawks need from Geno on Sunday. A player that can make decisions, take what his given him and keep control of the game from his spot.

Special Teams Could Decide the Course of This Game

The Seahawks and Rams have a relationship on Special Teams that dictates the coaches of both sides be ready for anything. There have been some wild plays between these two teams.

My favorite might be the Michael Dickson double-punt from last year (9:30 in that highlight video above). That was a tremendous feat of athleticism to scoop the ball with one hand, awareness that he is still behind the line of scrimmage and get a punt away that put the Rams in a hole.

One of the two Seahawks’ wins against the Rams in the last ten games was sealed by a missed field goal try by Greg Zuerlein.

And the Rams have pulled out a fake punt from their bag of tricks last week that got them a first down:

The Seahawks’ special teams units need to be sharp. The Rams have nothing to lose and they are still dangerous as a division rival. Not many things would make them happier than to win this game without Stafford, Kupp, Donald, etc because somebody fell asleep on special teams coverage.

406 Responses to “Curtis Allen’s week thirteen watchpoints (vs Rams)”

  1. TomLPDX says:

    Thanks for this Curtis. Appreciate you!

    I’m back into my “no expectations” mode for the Seahawks today. Anything can (and will) happen. I’m just going to enjoy the game and watch it unfold. Hopefully the 49ers lose to the Dolphins (that should be a good game!) but it won’t be televised in my market.

    • bmseattle says:

      I was just thinking the same thing.
      The last 2 weeks have completely shifted my perspective on this season (again).

      Now that I’m back to believing that this team still has major flaws that will prevent them from competing in an already weak NFC, it’s difficult for me to care much about the wins and losses.

      Instead, I’m back to looking for progress from individual players that will (hopefully) be building blocks for the future.

      I really hate the thought of being in the “no man’s land” of around .500, but that looks like what’s going to happen.
      Having the Broncos pick mitigates that frustration, to a certain extent. Assuming that they keep losing, of course.

  2. Denver Hawker says:

    That 2019 draft stings this year. I know they needed more picks, but watching Sweat/ Simmons/ Lawrence flourish this year shows how a quality top pick can really out-weigh the value of “depth” provided in the draft. I know Sweat was the only one we had a chance with and Simmons was hurt, but just go draft THE GUY if you have the chance.

  3. 805Hawk says:

    I’ve drastically tempered my expectations this year, but I’m taking the family to the game today, so I’m really hoping for a win against the Rams. I have a feeling it’s going to be a huge Seahawks crowd today at SoFi if the Chargers game was any indication. Go Hawks!

  4. Elmer says:

    Right on, cha. Every position on defense needs tough evaluating, with the exception of CB. Thank you for including the coaching staff in that comment.

    This is a bit off-topic. The Seahawks are elevating Vi Jones from the practice squad this week. They have already done that twice before. I thought that the limit was two elevations before you have to promote to the active roster. Have the rules changed this year?

    • TomLPDX says:

      No. They will either need to add him to the 53 man roster after this or he will be available from their PS.

  5. Palatypus says:

    This is the kind of game that is designed to make us angry.

    • cha says:

      Indeed. I can see the Seahawks struggling today and just adding gas to the fire.

      A blowout win doesn’t give you as much as it normally would either.

      • Big Mike says:

        Agree with both of you. As you said Curtis:
        “This game is a contest the Seahawks should rightly dominate on defense. The Rams’ offense might be the weakest opponent they will face this year. And yet, with the division familiarity and the Seahawks’ penchant for playing down to their opponent’s level, our faith is not very high that the team can control this game with a tight defensive performance.”

      • Peter says:

        Excellent work Cha.

        I don’t need a blowout win.

        I do need something they rarely do anymore. Not to play down to lesser opponents and let tge rams hang around all game.

        Serious doubts about the readiness of this team big picture. But for just this day the Rams are the lesser team. I need the hawks to play like it.

      • Palatypus says:

        It could be worse. We could be Broncos fans.

        • Peter says:

          I don’t know.

          I get it’s been super good for youtubers traffic but whether Wilson is cooked (probably?) Or not they have the most dollars on IR in the league.

          We’re playing a full complement of starters and we’re a decidedly middling team.

  6. Old but Slow says:

    Anybody know who the ‘Hawks have designated as inactive for this game? Hope they don’t sit Mone again.

    • cha says:

      They usually post them about 11-11:30 or so.

      We know Travis Homer is out with illness.

    • 12th chuck says:

      I think just T Homer

    • Elmer says:

      Don’t think they will unless something is wrong with Mone. They are going to challenge the backup QB to beat them with his arm. Of course, Mone isn’t fast, and slow is one of the worst attributes you can have on the NFL.

  7. Romeo A57 says:

    I expect the Seahawks to be able to put up some points with the injuries on the Rams defense. It would be nick to see the run game get over 100 yards

    If the depleted Rams offense is able to move the ball at will today, it will show just how inferior our coaching and personnel are compared to the rest of the NFL

  8. AlaskaHawk says:

    Any thoughts on who should be in the BCS besides Georgia and Michigan?

    If they put Ohio State in I would rather they didn’t play Michigan first round, I’m ready for a different match up.

    TCU isn’t as strong but damn Duggan put the most effort of any quarterback out on the field.

    Alabama looks strong but I’m tired of seeing them in the top four. Nick Saban may be advocating for the players, but he is also silently advocating for his top recruiting position which is now threatened by other teams.

    • TomLPDX says:

      They announced earlier today that Georgia will play Ohio State and Michigan will play TCU.

      Final ranking:
      1. Georgia
      2. Michigan
      3. TCU
      4. Ohio State.

      Looking forward to it!

      • AlaskaHawk says:

        Ahh thanks. I guess Nick Saban won’t be getting a Christmas gift from the committee.

        Lets see Alabama is playing Kansas St. in the Sugar Bowl.

  9. Scot04 says:

    Figures Lamar Jackson would get injured during the Denver game. Looking like Denver might luck out in this one.

  10. Elmer says:

    Broncos leading 6-3 in 3Q. All FG’s.

  11. TomLPDX says:

    From Florio:

    The Seahawks’ inactives were as expected. Safety Johnathan Abram, defensive end L.J. Collier, defensive tackle Myles Adams, cornerback Artie Burns, offensive tackle Jake Curhan, running back Travis Homer (knee/illness) and receiver Penny Hart will not play.

    • ShowMeYourHawk says:

      Not being pedantic here. With how often Collier is inactive, why the hell has he been kept on the roster? Delusion? Refusal to accept that he’s busted out? Fear that he’ll share the playbook with another club? He can’t be showing anything at practice, or he’d be getting more reps on Sundays.

      I’m genuinely confounded.

  12. AlaskaHawk says:

    I can’t decide whether the Vikings are for real or not. They look pretty solid on offense and defense. But then they got blown out by the Cowboys.

  13. Hawks4life says:

    Let’s go Ravens!!!

  14. cha says:

    Congratulations Rob!

    A clean sheet for the Three Lions to advance to the Quarters. France awaits.

    That’s gonna be a match!

  15. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Baltimore just scored to tie the game vs Denver with the PAT to come

  16. Big Mike says:

    The ravens just scored a touchdown and a successful extra point with 30 seconds to go to go ahead of Denver 10 to 9!!
    Hell yes!!

  17. Romeo A57 says:

    Ravens may be salvaging a bad morning. Go Ravens!

    • Romeo A57 says:

      Good job Baltimore. I was hoping the Bears were going to win today to also help out the Seahawks draft pick.

    • Roy Batty says:

      Russ, once again, with no TD’s.

      This situation has gotten Delphi Oracle level of destiny.

      Cleveland won. Pittsburgh won. Detroit won. GB won. Now all we need is for Chicago and Jacksonville to win one in the coming weeks.

  18. Big Mike says:

    Wilson almost pulled a rabbit out of his hat but the 63 yd field goal to win it was no good ravens when!

  19. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Holy crap Denver with a chance to win with a FG…

  20. Blitzy the Clown says:

    It’s short!

    Ravens win!

  21. GoHawks5151 says:

    Hahaha. Go Ravens!!!! That might be the the one that breaks Denver’s back

  22. Robert says:

    Once again Hackett chooses McManus over Wilson, the result?Another Denver loss!

  23. Big Mike says:

    I’m worried they’re gonna fire Hackett though and then the team will rally

    • Rokas says:

      I bet that would not make Mahomes (two times) and Herbert worried.
      Too late for them to salvage the season.

  24. Robbie says:

    HAHAHA Denver…..pure joy. Defense quit on that last drive. They are DONE! odd choices, hope Hackett survives the weekend.

    • Roy Batty says:

      At this point all vets under contract through 2023 will start easing up, rookies will become more despondent, and the fan base will not care about results. They will want blood.

      They could easily go winless the rest of the year.

      • Denver Hawker says:

        Unfortunately, I don’t see the Bears winning another game either.

        • Ben says:

          Even if they don’t, the Broncos have a weaker strength of schedule. If their records are tied, the Broncos pick first.

  25. Blitzy the Clown says:

    So look Imma be honest…

    I can’t be arsed either way today about a win. It’ll be a bit hollow vs a toothless Rams squad. It’ll cost us a rank or three with both first round picks (Denver are currently a half game ahead of LA to pick in the first, pending the outcome of their game with the Seahawks). And I think I’d rather have the better picks.

    But, I want Seattle to win for 805Hawk and his family who will be at SoFi. For them, I want a great game capped by a Seahawks win. Cheers to them at the game!

    Go Hawks!

  26. Roy Batty says:

    And the Seattle rushing defense is right back to where they left off the prior two weeks.

    • cha says:

      9 men in the box and they have allowed 15 yards rushing.

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      Why is it so difficult for them? Is it scheme, strength, speed, tackling? All of the above?

      • Roy Batty says:

        They have no studs on the front 7.

        Nwosu looks tired and outmatched, while the rest just aren’t good enough.

        Good gawd, last week there were Collier sightings. That’s how desperate this group has become.

  27. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Pretty dreadful start

  28. Chris says:

    Will the rams even have to throw the ball?

  29. Chris says:

    No possible way we will make the playoffs with this defense playing like this

  30. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    A chance to get the offense on the field and rolling? Nah, let’s defer and play catch up.


  31. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Mone looks heavier than usual and not in a good way

    And Irvin cmon man, where’s the contain?

  32. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Absolute rubbish this defense

  33. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Cut Irvin. He’s ballast, at best.

  34. Mick says:

    I can’t really enjoy the Denver game with us playing so poorly. We might end up picking in the first 10 twice.

  35. cha says:

    Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

    What you gonna do defense? Curl up into a ball and crumble or adjust and stop these guys?

  36. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    This defense is the remedy for any ailing offense.

  37. Romeo A57 says:

    Cam Akers has been gawd awful this year, until he plays against the Seahawks He was even off the team for a bit.

  38. Tony says:

    Wow this defense is straight trash. There are no legit starters on that offense.

  39. Chris says:

    Hurtt should be fired on monday

  40. Big Mike says:

    Don’t forget, McVay has basically owned Carroll.

  41. Roy Batty says:

    Walker to the rescue!

  42. Blitzy the Clown says:

    That’ll placate some critics!

    Go K9!

  43. Peter says:

    Coach of the year…..Hardie har har.

    Wolford like many before looking nice and sharp.

  44. cha says:

    Bobby Wagner left grabbin air

  45. Big Mike says:

    PLEASE don’t be hurt K9

  46. Roy Batty says:

    Blythe was literally standing around doing nothing. WTF?

  47. Chris says:

    Jimmy g carted off the field

  48. Blitzy the Clown says:

    All he does is…


  49. AlaskaHawk says:

    Alright – good response. Game on! I can’t imagine this team without Lockett.

  50. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Gift-wrapped sack for Wagner. Jeez….

  51. cha says:

    Bobby Wagner trying to keep up with Lockett on a crosser LOL.

  52. Mick says:

    What was their 33 doing there?

  53. Big Mike says:

    That was all Geno. Saw the blitz adjusted his blocking scheme sidestepped one guy calmly delivered the ball. That was some serious quarterbacking.

  54. KennyBadger says:

    Thanks for staying up Tyler!

  55. Mick says:

    In the meanwhile our D keeps giving up yards like it’s nothing

  56. Chris says:

    I’m convinced Russ could hang 50 on this defense now

  57. Roy Batty says:

    I believe we’re in for a Big12 shootout, folks.

    Buckle in.

  58. Chris says:

    I wouldn’t bet against it

  59. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Thought that was a false start on that missed pass to Atwell but whatever

  60. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    At this point, maybe Hurtt should start offering bounties. Maybe give the DL some incentive to make some TFL?

  61. Big Mike says:

    That was a luck that it’s not 14 to 7

    • Mick says:

      Bryant and Diggs social distancing. All he needed to do was get his left foot down.

      • Roy Batty says:

        Diggs continues to look like a man making business decisions out there.

        The guy got paid and doesn’t seem to be interested in actually earning it.

  62. Chris says:

    I think hurtt would make a better bouncer than a coach

  63. Big Mike says:

    Complaint about Hurtt, but….
    Pete Carroll, “defensive head coach”.

  64. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Bryant is consistently burned. Rookies gonna rookie but my lord, he’s a liability back there.

  65. Roy Batty says:

    OK, can we get a wheel route for K9, please?

    I want to see him get a catch on the run.

  66. Tony says:

    Nice offensive series there.

  67. TomLPDX says:

    Is this the Seahawks JV team? They SUCK!

  68. Romeo A57 says:

    With this horrible defensive start against a backup QB and a bad Rams team, how close are we to just giving up on this Seahawks team. It would be much better for next year to have better draft picks. Also it is beyond clear that PC has no idea how to put a competent defense on the field every week. If the Seahawks finish terribly this season it might expedite the changes that we all know are needed.

    • Big Mike says:

      I see 3 more losses guaranteed, 9ers even without Jimmy, Chiefs and Jets. That’s 9-8 so ………..

    • ShowMeYourHawk says:

      What changes? We’ve already doubled the amount of likely wins that were anticipated. Unless Waldron gets a HC offer, we’re stuck with the coaches. Carroll can already take a victory lap, as this was a rebuilding year.

      • Romeo A57 says:

        As Rob has pointed out, this level of poor defense is unacceptable even in a rebuild. This team has had poor defenses for several years and Pete hasn’t been able to fix it. It is not just a roster problem.

  69. Roy Batty says:

    Geno is going to have to really earn it today. His protection is slowly deteriorating.

  70. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    WTF happened to the efficiency of the 3 TE sets we were running earlier this season? The offense is so vanilla…

  71. Roy Batty says:

    Walker and Geno going at it?

    Well, that’s not good.

  72. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Nwosu totally ran by the play

  73. Big Mike says:

    Guessing Walker missed the blitz pickup and Geno ain’t having any of that rookie crap this far into the season.

  74. Big Mike says:

    A punt? Do my eyes deceive me?

  75. Roy Batty says:

    Looked like Nwosu got a Pulisic nut shot.

    Walk it off big guy.

  76. Chris says:

    If we can’t get our defense sorted we might win 1 more game this year

  77. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Where’s the flag for the late hit?

  78. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Wow that was some throw!

  79. Palatypus says:

    Looks like our two rookie tackles are settling down. Earlier I thought they both had a false start at the same time.

  80. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Abe Lucas way out in front of DJ

    Let’s see more of that young man!

  81. Roy Batty says:

    Lockett is having such a sneaky good year.

  82. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Great pass by Geno but DK is so cavalier with the ball sometimes….

  83. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Walker has a slight hitch in his giddiyup

  84. Roy Batty says:

    Wow. What a perfect play. Absolutely perfect.

  85. Blitzy the Clown says:


  86. Big Mike says:

    Fantastic protection and a wonderful throw

  87. Mick says:

    I love how Shane is getting everyone involved, makes us hard to predict.

  88. Palatypus says:

    Watching the Dolphins and 49erson Red Zone. I don’t think the Dolphins will win, but the 49ers are going to be spending a lot of time in the cold tub this week.

  89. dand393 says:

    Really hope Seattle drafts another RB we just can’t have Dallas be a lead back at any point in time

  90. Roy Batty says:

    Did anyone seriously think they would make that stop?

  91. Chris says:

    Taylor has zero football I.q

  92. Big Mike says:

    They had him dead to rights for a loss and a punt but instead he gains 3 and gets the first. Horrific run D.

  93. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    If Walker is dinged up, anybody worth a look on practice squads? Gordon?

    Or, is it finally time to unlock Dareke Young?

  94. Hawkster says:

    Barton took goo notes on the play

  95. Roy Batty says:

    Do not let Walker play another snap if there is any possibility he might inflame a slight injury.

    Don’t do it.

  96. Kyle R says:

    Playoff caliber offense and top 5 pick caliber defense.

  97. cha says:

    Just about the only time this D Line gets through is when the Rams design to let them through.

  98. Chris says:

    We have the least creative defense in the nfl

  99. Roy Batty says:


  100. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Tariq Woolen! INT!!!

  101. Big Mike says:

    Now that’s a backup QB level throw.

  102. bmseattle says:

    thought they were going to flag Taylor for that hit.

  103. cha says:

    Finally Wolford does something stupid. He was starting to look like Joe Montana back there.

  104. Hawks4life says:

    Won’t be surprised if we come back from commercial and its reversed for that hit on Wolford

  105. Tony says:

    So close to a late hit by taylor

  106. Mick says:

    NFL QB 1.0: avoid Woolen like plague. Great play by the rookie.

  107. Blitzy the Clown says:

    49ers @ Dolphins update: Jimmy G out for the rest of the game with a foot injury

  108. Palatypus says:

    Garapolo officially out with ankle injury.

  109. Roy Batty says:

    So Walker is on the bench and they immediately try running it up the gut with Dallas.

    Effing brilliant move.

  110. Palatypus says:

    Raiders playing inspired defense today against the Bolts.

  111. Hawks4life says:

    Without walker I expect our offense to stall

  112. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Ugh Bobby making a day of it against us

    • Tony says:

      Happy for him. Especially after we botched his release.

      • ShowMeYourHawk says:

        Cripes, get over it. He said himself he holds no ill will. Let him enjoys his sacks and being mathematically eliminated by week 15.

  113. Roy Batty says:

    What a punt!

    And what a sad thing to have to say.

  114. Big Mike says:

    So with Homer inactive and Walker out, who plays RB if Dallas gets hurt?

  115. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Uh, why is DK off the field on a 3 and long?

  116. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Nice play by Harris

  117. Roy Batty says:

    Barton is such a backup player. The man cannot for the life of him shed a block.

    • Forrest says:

      Barton is the #1 player i want to see replaced on this team. He walks around like a badass, but when he’s not seeing ghosts he’s misdiagnosing plays or getting bottled up.

      Here’s the weaknesses that were noted about Barton heading into the draft

      Just one season as full-time starter
      Weighed just 227 pounds at Shrine Game (looks bigger and slower now!)
      Lacks discipline in scrapes to the football (check)
      More consistent run fits must be prioritized (check)
      Attempts to play in front of blocks leads to lost leverage (check)
      Below-average block slipper (CHECK!)
      More chase than capture due to average range (check)
      Movement is a little lumbering and lacking twitch (check)
      Lateral change of direction is too gradual (check)
      Missed easy interception opportunities from zone

  118. Big Mike says:

    OK so the Irvin thing was a nice story, but seriously………………

  119. 206 says:

    Cody Barton broooooooo

  120. Troy says:

    Is there a worse defense in the NFL than this??

    • 12th chuck says:

      no, and it is totally in-excusable. Again, another YEAR of historically bad d from a d minded coach.

  121. Chris says:

    Finally a negative play

  122. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Nice play Nwosu

  123. Roy Batty says:

    Thank you Mr. Nwosu. Single handedly stopping that drive.

  124. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Irvin only looks good in pursuit because Wofford has a backup’s physicality.

  125. Roy Batty says:

    Cross looking like Lucas looked last week.

    • Palatypus says:

      I have heard that right around the eleventh game most rookies hit a wall where fatigue sets in. This is where in college you get a month of before a bowl game.

  126. bmseattle says:

    RBs just get hurt…so difficult to have an offense that relies upon a good one.

  127. Roy Batty says:

    So I guess we’re gonna get a taste of Jones at RB.

    Hell, just go spread offense at this point.

  128. Big Mike says:

    Uh oh. Tony Jones time.

  129. seaspunj says:

    make DK the Wide Back like 9ers Deebo may as well get Metcalf touches

  130. Big Mike says:

    Rams 95 yds rushing? So sad.

  131. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Hell with it. Let’s plug Mone in the backfield and see if he can bring that Tukuafu energy.

  132. Palatypus says:

    Admit it. That fumble was exactly the kind of thing that you expected today.

  133. seaspunj says:

    seems like Lockett didnt want to go after the loose ball

  134. Romeo A57 says:

    Doesn’t Cross need a red cape if he is going to play like a Matador?

  135. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    I see that deferring the opening kickoff worked again…. Sigh.

    And Lockett with that business decision….

  136. Mick says:

    Nice scheme at Jordyn’s sack.

  137. Big Mike says:

    Aaaaaand another time Lewis got blown up

  138. AlaskaHawk says:

    Did I wake up to an alternate universe where
    Tony Jones is running back?? Krikey

    Bijon Robinson is looking better and better for next years draft.

  139. pdway says:

    team has just lost it’s mojo…it’s weird. arguing and complaining. less energy on D. less crisp on offense.

  140. Big Mike says:

    Underthrew him or that’s 6

  141. Big Mike says:

    Aaaaand, Geno with another adjustment on the blitz.

  142. Mick says:

    I love DK.

  143. Palatypus says:

    After that sack I think the Dolphins player said, “You got a Purdy mouth boy!”

  144. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Lmao DDK playing mind games with Ramsey

  145. Hawks4life says:

    Terrible call on DK

  146. Big Mike says:

    Yeah but no penalty for a hit beyond the LOS?

  147. Roy Batty says:

    DK Metcalf…$100 million dollar child.

  148. Tony says:

    Still waiting to see what dk did for the penalty. As Ramsey is screaming at hawks whole time losing his mind.

    • Roy Batty says:

      He leaned in and hit Ramsey in the helmet with his crown…after the play.

      A stupid move that wasn’t needed.

  149. AlaskaHawk says:

    That was an unsatisfying drive considering we made a field goal. Geno Smith is doing his part.
    What about everyone else?

  150. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Woolen lukrin’

  151. cha says:

    Woolen baited Wolford on that one.

  152. Romeo A57 says:

    The defense came to play in the second half forcing these 3 and outs

  153. pdway says:

    what am i missing? is that not interference w a catch on that punt return?

  154. AlaskaHawk says:

    Probably lucky the Rams aren’t running more.

  155. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Cmon man

  156. Big Mike says:

    No Geno, never that late. And you’ve played so well today………………….

  157. AlaskaHawk says:

    Say what you want about Bobby Wagner – he’s still tougher than our current no name linebackers.

  158. Big Mike says:

    Another screwing by the refs and the NFL coming fir the Seahawks.

  159. Palatypus says:

    What will be this week’s incomprehensible explanation by the officials?

  160. Romeo A57 says:

    That shouldn’t be an interception but it would have been nice to see Wagner make some of the plays last year

  161. Tony says:

    So much for an easy game. This is just a sad effort by the hawks.

  162. Big Mike says:

    Our weekly screwing by the NFL

  163. Bmseattle says:

    Wow…seemed pretty clear he caught it and was down.

    • Big Mike says:

      Not if they want to continue the Bobby Wagner storyline

      • Bmseattle says:

        It was hilarious listening to the in studio ref guy, talking through the play, blatently contradicting what we were all seeing, to justify the call from new york

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      I want to see our guys wrestling for that ball more. Time to get tough!

    • Tony says:

      He didn’t complete the 17 steps of what is a catch. Therefore it goes to a wrestling match to determine who wants it more. Nfl then does a series of coin flips to determine possession.

    • pdway says:

      at really a crucial juncture of the game too – – driving to go up two scores, that probably wins the game. now – they’re all pumped up again.

      Got to give Bobby some credit – didn’t think he still had this in him.

  164. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Wagner is in full petulant child mode.

  165. AlaskaHawk says:

    Perkins? where is he from?

  166. Chris says:

    How many times can we get fooled by the bootleg

  167. Tony says:

    Rams entering 3rd string qb godmode offense now.

  168. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    If the Hawks blow this game, we need to go full tank. Plug in Lock to see what he’s got, Toby Jones as the premier back and Collier on every defensive snap.

  169. AlaskaHawk says:

    Yes – just what we needed.

    Like I said before – I’m glad the Rams aren’t running the ball as much this half.

  170. Big Mike says:

    So we gonna get the ball back. What can the NFL and it’s officials do now to continue the Bobby Wagner storyline? You know, like the Jerome Bettis returns home to Detroit storyline.

  171. AlaskaHawk says:

    Hmm this Jones guy may have potential. At least he’s trying to gain yards.

  172. Blitzy the Clown says:

    And all of a sudden we have a run game

  173. Tony says:

    Really need a td here.

  174. Robbie says:

    Austin Blythe lead block and missed both guys! that was awful.

  175. Tony says:

    This is setting up an epic collapse by our defense to lose.

  176. AlaskaHawk says:

    That pass was too well defended. Would have had to be perfect placement and high catch without getting pushed out of bounds.

  177. Palatypus says:

    When our right guard points at his man, the center snaps the ball exactly one beat later. This is either going to cost the game on a strip sack or they will change it up and get offsides.

  178. Gary says:

    The NFL rulebook, and officiating – Tony Jones touches his knee down and then rolls onto his back, but when Bobby Wagner rips the ball away it’s an interception because “he didn’t complete the process of the catch” (whatever the hell that means). But when Patrick Mahomes loses the ball while he’s flying through the air, with no part of his body touching the ground, it’s a touchdown because the ball was judged to have crossed the goal line, and Mahomes doesn’t need to complete the process of the catch. Total bullshit.

  179. 206 says:

    I think Geno’s biggest weakness is wanting to be perfect and it shows up when it’s time to throw it away or even take a sack but he throws it into danger.

  180. Gary says:

    Bruce Irvin is an embarrassment.

  181. Palatypus says:

    I think that one was on Bruce Irvin.

  182. Bmseattle says:

    Those naked boots must be extremely difficult to defend.🙄

  183. Gary says:

    Does anyone know if Quandre Diggs is playing today?

  184. Hawks4life says:

    Might as well let them walk it in to save some clock for us

  185. pdway says:

    our defense is just so easily fooled….

  186. AlaskaHawk says:

    I was hoping the Rams would be worn down by now!

  187. Big Mike says:

    Well hopefully this utter embarrassment of a D allows them to score soon so our O has a chance to win or tie.

  188. pdway says:

    so f-ing weak

  189. Troy says:

    Seriously, screw this defense and team. Pussycats in the trenches…

  190. Big Mike says:

    OK, we’ve been wanting to see Geno lead a game winning drive. Here’s your chance my man.

  191. Henry Taylor says:

    Fuck I hate the Rams

  192. AlaskaHawk says:

    He ran through tackles by Harris and Woolen.

  193. Big Mike says:

    Mark Sanchez with the Dirty Work/Steely Dan reference. Fantastic.

  194. Bmseattle says:

    Do we really want to squeak out a win against tjis depleted Rams team?
    At this point, it seems pretty clear that we are too flawed of a team to actually compete this year.

  195. Romeo A57 says:

    Let’s see if Geno can win this one at the end of regulation.

    Go Seahawks!

  196. cha says:

    This is pathetic.

  197. Chris says:


  198. Chris says:

    This was the easiest game left on our schedule

  199. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Eff you Ramsey

  200. Big Mike says:

    An actual penalty on the Rams there?

  201. AlaskaHawk says:

    Looking on the positive side – these close games are exciting!!! Bring on the unpredictable ref calls, the drops, the fumbles, the missed tackles. We want it all thrown in our face each week.

  202. Rokas says:

    I swear i can catch better than #32, although i only caught footballs on the beach.

    • Bmseattle says:

      Luckily,Wagner didn’t pick up the ball off the turf af tr er the play, for an interception.

  203. KennyBadger says:

    Nice catch. Get Marshawn on the line.

  204. Tony says:

    This is the last game im watching live. I’m going to go enjoy my Sundays. I mean if they don’t want to show up GameDay, then why the hell am I making time for this.

  205. Bmseattle says:

    Late throw.
    Had tons of room and time.

  206. Roy Batty says:

    Playing to tie?

    Yup, that’s Pete ball.

  207. Big Mike says:

    Pete gonna play for the tie?

  208. AlaskaHawk says:

    Lockette still Gottette.

  209. Chris says:

    Can our defense stop them?

  210. AlaskaHawk says:

    Yes – success for both Geno Smith and Metcalf all rolled into one. That was a good defense on him too.

  211. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Well done Seattle. Well done Geno for what may be his first game winning 4th qtr drive in a long, long time

    Defense better hold up

  212. Hawks4life says:

    Suck on that Ramsey!!!!

  213. Tony says:

    Dk against Ramsey. Oh that’s a juicy storyline.

  214. Romeo A57 says:

    Good job Geno!

  215. Tony says:

    Well now the fun part. Defense needs to win it.

  216. Big Mike says:

    That’s the definition of a tight window

  217. seaspunj says:

    anyone else nervous with this dee and Rams have 2 timeouts left?

    i am scared….

  218. KennyBadger says:

    Too much time?

  219. Blitzy the Clown says:

    With Ramsey draped across his back too


  220. Shane says:

    If we can barely beat a depleted Rams team, then what is the point of winning.

  221. GoHawks5151 says:

    DK too strong!!

  222. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Ramsey can go kick rocks.

  223. GoHawks5151 says:

    DT sighting

  224. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Beautiful PBU by Woolen

  225. Roy Batty says:

    Suck it, Bobby Wagner and Jalen Ramsey!

    You jawed, and taunted and LOST!

  226. Palatypus says:

    I guess Jessica Alba will have to find something else to do on Sundays.

  227. TomLPDX says:

    WOOHOO!!!! They pulled it out!

  228. AlaskaHawk says:

    We needed this win!!!!

    Woolen for rookie cornerback of the year.

  229. Gary says:

    Cody Barton with better hands than Jamal Adams!

  230. pdway says:

    DK has been real good the last several weeks. His hands look better this year to me.

    And Woolen? Jesus, how good is this rookie?

    Ugly wins are still way better than ugly losses.

  231. Tony says:

    Even tho we barely beat an awful team. It’s still nice to win. Even if we get smoked in playoffs, i still enjoy seeing a win. Hope we still get jalen Carter somehow.

  232. 509 Chris says:

    I’m never one to blame the refs. I know they miss calls sometimes, and you can’t leave the game up to the refs ect. I believe that. Having said that however, this is a few weeks in a row with several AWFUL calls against sea. I’ve always been suspicious that the league directs certain teams to win for ratings and storylines but I try not to go down that rabbit hole too much. The evidence is becoming overwhelming.