Curtis Allen’s wildcard watchpoints (vs 49ers)

January 14th, 2023 | Written by Rob Staton

This is a guest article by Curtis Allen. After the game tune into the instant reaction live stream which will be available on here and on our YouTube channel.

The Seahawks are in the playoffs.  What a cherry on top of a season of surprises.

Do they have a shot against this San Francisco team that is currently on a ten-game winning streak and looking very, very tough?  They do.  

The Seahawks have won seven of their last 10 games in San Francisco, including three of their last four.  Granted, they got swept by the Niners this season and the talent and coaching gap between the teams seems more like a chasm than a small crack. Never discount division games though.  These two foes know each other better than anyone and in that realm, the Seahawks have a fighting chance to shock the NFL world.

How can they beat the odds?  They will need their best game of the season to do it.

No key fumbles or terrible decisions.  No crazy defensive breakdowns.  No bizarre challenges or wasted timeouts.  

A pure commitment to Seahawks football.

Pete Carroll needs to coach a game that the organization and fanbase can be proud of.  Those positive press statements he routinely makes after poor game performances that we scoff at?  Those are like deposits into a bank account.  It is time to cash them in and reach this team to put together a game that rewards his relentless faith.  There is no tomorrow.

What areas do they need to focus on and play effectively in order to have a chance to win?

Win the Turnover Battle

San Francisco has won thirteen games this year.  One of the biggest keys to their success?  Winning the turnover battle.  

The Niners are the NFL’s best team at it — entering the playoffs with a +13 rating.  In their current ten-game winning streak they are an amazing +16, generating 21 takeaways and only giving the ball back five times.

They have only lost four games this year.  They have only lost the turnover battle in four games this year.

Yup.  Turnovers are the stone that David could use to take out Goliath.

There is your banner headline.  For the Seahawks to have a fighting chance Saturday, there is no clearer path to victory than to protect the ball on offense and force turnovers on defense.

The Niners know this better than anyone.  Jaquiski Tartt makes a catch on the easiest moon-ball he will ever see in the NFC Championship Game and very likely the Niners make the Super Bowl last year.

This year though, it was the Seahawks’ turn.  We all got a front row seat to it in Week Fifteen.  Second quarter, Niners are up 7-3 at their own 36-yard line with the ball with two minutes to play.  Brock Purdy does not see Quandre Diggs and delivers a ball right between his numbers.  Diggs cannot complete the interception and a golden opportunity is missed.

51 seconds later, Travis Homer fumbles, San Francisco scores a gift touchdown and they enter halftime leading 14-3.  They take the third quarter kickoff and double-dip for another touchdown and that is the ballgame.  

We have talked about turnovers in the past.  The best way to win the day is to not turn the ball over.  Planning for your opponent to turn the ball over (especially when we are talking about the best in the NFL) is not a high-proposition strategy.

The Seahawks have eleven fumbles on the year.  Only six teams in the NFL had more this season.  In a win or go home tournament, the Seahawks cannot afford to be careless with the ball.

Interceptions though.  Here is the most critical part of the game.  San Francisco leads the NFL with 20 interceptions this year.  The Seahawks have only thrown 12, which is very good.  Only nine teams have less than the Seahawks.

But we all know Geno Smith’s challenges in the second half of the season.  Bad decisions and ill-chosen throws forced by a lack of adequate pass protection and a porous defense that cannot get him the ball back.  He could have 15 interceptions but defenders have helped him out by dropping the ball (or in the case of Week 15, a pick-6 got called back by a pretty weak roughing the passer call on Nick Bosa).

What can help Smith play better in this game?  First, he will need all of his cool and calm.  We have seen him throw some very ugly balls this year, then shake them off and lead a fantastic drive with laser precision.  He will need that mental state right from the start.  Show us something, Geno.

Another thing that can help him is to move his head clock up by half a heartbeat.  You know how we all set our alarm clock a few minutes ahead so we can cheat and hit the snooze button one more time in the morning?  That is exactly what Geno needs to do.  If he has no options after thousand-one, thousand-two, move those feet like the Devil’s after you.

Both Taylor Heinicke and Jarret Stidham had very effective days against this tough defense in Weeks Sixteen and Seventeen by employing this strategy.  They threw quick passes and if they were not there, utilized their scrambling ability often.  If that snap-drop-throw is not there, use your feet and create some extra time to find another option.

Have a look at this brilliant play by Heinicke.

The Commanders have a standard screen set up but John Bates cannot even begin to block Nick Bosa – even with a four-step head start (side note:  this is a good example of what Rob is talking about when he says explosive traits in pass rush prospects are important – Bosa is 20lbs heavier than Bates and is so quick he leaves him flailing).  On the other side, Talanoa Hufanga is blitzing.  They have Heinicke dead to rights from both sides.

Heinicke immediately picks up that the screen is dead, pivots and we’re off to some backyard football.  He eludes Hufanga and with Bosa bearing down, throws a strike to Jahan Dotson.

It is a great reaction to pressure, great athleticism and a great throw on the run.

Perhaps most important though it is a great decision.  Dotson is in a spot that only he can catch that ball.  It would still be a very good play if Dotson was blanketed and Heinicke just chucked it into the stands and lived to fight another day.

Geno Smith needs to deliver three or four plays like this on Saturday and avoid those desperate heaves with pressure in his face into very narrow windows.  Those types of plays can be the difference between winning and losing.

He has done it before.  He needs to do it again Saturday.

What about Brock Purdy?

The story of his emergence rivals Geno’s for Unlikeliest Success of the Year.  Kyle Shanahan has been able to integrate him into the offense without too much tailoring.

Purdy only has four interceptions.  I have watched all four.  There is bad news and good news.

The bad news is only one of the four were just flat-out his fault.  He scrambled to his left, saw Kittle deep and did not reset his body angle and made a poor mechanical throw that was picked off.

The other three were two non-critical situations (a fourth down throw and a late-game heave) and a perfect strike that the receiver bobbled and tipped and it was an easy pick.

That is incredible.  He has started five games and played in nine as the last pick in the draft and thrown a 67% completion rate.  Watching him, he demonstrates a natural feel and awareness that some five-year NFL quarterbacks do not have.  He keeps the offense on schedule and the Niners do not have to rely on their running game to carry the offense.

How has he had so much success?  That is where the good news comes from.

Kyle Shanahan has not adapted his offense for Purdy so much as narrowed the parameters.  He has Purdy getting rid of the ball as quickly as humanly possible.  His average time in the pocket is 2.1 seconds, easily one of the shortest in the NFL for starting quarterbacks this year.  His air yards per completion is 5.9 yards and is also one of the shortest.

Most NFL defenses can do a passable job of taking a first read away.  How is he doing that so well then?  Answer:  Kyle Shanahan.  He is so creative he usually is able to give Purdy two options available before the defense can even diagnose the play.  Purdy is fantastic at keeping his eyes up and his feet under him, so he is able to pick his option without having to completely reset his body.

It also dovetails nicely with his skillset as a quarterback.  Purdy does not have an NFL arm that will ever wow anyone.  He absolutely needs structure and scheming to make his throws work.  This offense is perfect for him, maybe even more so than Jimmy Garoppolo.  They rarely ask him to throw past the sticks.

Alright.  So, the good news is the Seahawks have defended this style several times over the years and done very well at it.

I cannot believe I am saying this but the Seahawks might benefit from looking at the way Ken Norton Jr’s defenses handled this offense in recent seasons.

It is a process.  The corners are critical.  They must be tight and sticky and the linebackers and safeties must clog those lanes.  Do not let him consistently have those quick passes.  Linemen have to accept that a good part of their day will be containing the pocket and getting their big paws up to bat down those quick passes.  Speedy types like Darryl Taylor and Boye Mafe will need to be ready when they are unleashed.

Taking away those simple options for Purdy will be critical.  He can be good throwing on the run and he is a good scrambler but here is where the potential for forcing turnovers comes into play with him.  Sometimes he gets too amped up with his scrambles and allows his mechanics to get sloppy.  His footwork can get out of sorts and without a rifle for an arm, he will give defenders chances for interceptions.

Another thing that works in the Seahawks’ favor is the matchup.  Which side of the field does Purdy have the most success throwing to?

Why, that is Tariq Woolen’s side.  If Woolen can have a game there, he can cut a big, big chunk of Purdy’s effectiveness out of his diet and force some of those erratic throws.

Watching Purdy play, I see at times the end result is not unlike Geno Smith.  Defenders are unable to finish the interception but it is not for a lack of chances.  His numbers are sparkling for his draft status but not unlike the Seahawks’ quarterback, they are hiding some deficiency.

With Geno, his kryptonite is decision-making under pressure.  With Purdy, it is his mechanics and having to learn his NFL strengths and weaknesses in real time.

Seahawks defenders must make him learn the hard way Saturday.  He only has five starts in the NFL.  They need to use that to their advantage, when the stakes are at their highest.

Run the ball

San Francisco has won thirteen games this year.  One of the biggest keys to their success?  Defending the run.

The Niners are nearly the NFL’s best team at it, entering the playoffs with the second-best run defense in the NFL, only giving up 77.7 yards per game on the ground.

They have only lost four games this year.  They have only given up 100 yards rushing in four games this year.


Okay, close but not really.  Three of their four losses have featured them giving up 100+ yards.  The other?  They gave up 99 yards in Week One.  Close enough.

The game where they gave up 100+ yards and won?  The OT win over the Raiders.  In overtime Josh Jacobs was gashing the Niner defense and then Jarret Stidham turned back into a pumpkin and threw a horrible wobbly interception of his back foot.  Ballgame.

Those five best yardage games that San Francisco allowed?  The opposing teams only gained 3.77 yards per carry.  But they committed to the run game and did not waiver.  Four of those five featured several low or no-gain runs but also had more than one explosive run.  The Raiders game did not but three players all had runs of nine yards or more, which was just fine.

This defense is so good, you cannot game plan to attack a specific weakness because they do not have one.  Your best bet is to bring your lunch pail, hunker down and get ready for a tough game.

The Seahawks will need Ken Walker in his best form.  Deejay Dallas too.

We all know, however, that this is all about how the offensive line performs.  Will they be ready?

If you need a boost, Thinking Football just posted a pretty glowing review of the Seahawk line’s performance in the Rams game.

The short version is:  Abe Lucas is awesome, Damien Lewis is back to being Damien Lewis, Colby Parkinson is becoming a full-grown tight end and Charles Cross mixes good plays and plays that show he needs to get stronger (I can watch Cross manhandling Michael Hoecht on that Walker flip run all day long).

Of course, that was against the depleted Rams line and San Francisco is a much stiffer test.

To have a puncher’s chance, this line must come up with their best performance of the season on Saturday.  We will have to be patient if the run game is slow going but the game itself is a close one.  Have faith that Walker will eventually break one.

Other Key Points

The Niners defense is incredibly good at defending the middle of the field.  With their front four being able to create disruption and the quickness of their linebackers and Hufanga, they can close gaps in short order.

Just like the running game though, the Seahawks cannot be afraid to go to this area.  They have two tight ends who are impressive and one of the most effective plays in their arsenal against San Francisco has been getting Metcalf lined up in the slot and letting him win with speed if it is a linebacker, or size if it is a corner covering him.

Shane Waldron will need a creative day to put this all together.


Speaking of Metcalf, they badly need a big day from him.  He had another outburst last week and it could have cost the Seahawks the game if it had been flagged.  That cannot happen again Saturday.  You cannot brush off a timely penalty that hurts the team by saying he is ultra-competitive.  Competitors have situational awareness.

Metcalf has not had his best performances against San Francisco in the last three years.  He has not been awful but neither has he regularly brought his top game against them.  They have been more workman-like.  He has three touchdowns in the last six games against the Niners and has been targeted an average of nine times and gotten 66 yards.  He has one 100-yard day in those six games.  The Seahawks need to feed him liberally to keep the chains moving.

That means no drops and certainly no fumbles.


The defense cannot afford a poor day with their tackling in this game.  As we discussed above, the Niners’ offense is predicated on short, quick passing and yards after the catch.  

There is an argument to be made that if Purdy is on fire and regularly hitting his receivers, the defense can still stall the offense by taking the receivers down quickly.

This area has been very up and down for the team this year.  For the record, they had six missed tackles in their first matchup in San Francisco.  Not great but not awful either.  Their second matchup they had eleven missed tackles, their second-worst performance of the season.

This is unacceptable:

Yes, it has been widely discussed by Pete Carroll and Tariq Woolen that he blew the coverage on the play.  Yet those attempts by Diggs and Barton… if the Seahawks bring that level of energy on Saturday, the game will be over by halftime.

Christian McCaffrey is slippery and Deebo Samuel and Kittle are tough to bring down.  The defense must meet the moment and be mentally ready to wrap up and bring these guys to the ground over and over and over again.

466 Responses to “Curtis Allen’s wildcard watchpoints (vs 49ers)”

  1. Big Mike says:

    Outstanding as always Curtis. Really appreciate your efforts every time. I’d like to add 1 other watch point if I may, the Seahawks need no errors in the kicking game. That means no missed field goals or extra points by Myers, no shanked punts, no bad snaps, no fumbled snaps. When you are the lesser talent team you have to be nearly flawless in your execution.

  2. Jabroni-DC says:

    Thanks Cha. Definitely need to bring the A game today & hope the Niners oblige by coughing the ball up. Diggs needs to be every penny of the 18 million dollar man. Honestly, it’s a good place for this Seahawks team to be. Few are giving them a chance.

  3. Mick says:

    I was waiting for this, thanks Cha. The weather will surely play a role, hopefully in our favor. I would throw a TE near each tackle and run the ball with every man I got, I’d even consider giving it to DK. I think we’ll have a close game with few points and we could snatch a win.

  4. Steve Nelsen says:

    Really well-written cha. Looking forward to the game today. Go Hawks!

  5. UkAlex6674 says:

    Thanks Cha. Great write up again.

    Seahawks by 4.

  6. Romeo A57 says:

    Thanlks cha. Looks like the weather is going to be a lot calmer then expected today. The pregame views of the field in Santa Clara look fine. A lot of peoply were hoping for a wet and windy mess with a lot of turnovers to give the Sehawks a better chance. As stated in this article, turnovers wil be key today.

  7. I think the rain will benefit the two tackles the most. Any edge, albeit a 15-20% less efficient Nick Bosa, gives Cross and Lucas a punchers chance to limit Bosa coming off the edge and have them readier to handle his inside counters.

    Tanner and Cody, Ryan Neal are really gonna have to have a game. Deebo and George can cark out that middle if we don’t let them know early that that part of the dancefloor aint open today. Moreover, with the way Coby Bryant’s role has expanded(blitzing off the edge in the past two games is an example) at the tail end of the season, he could be a cricital chess piece in this game.

    I hope Dallas is able to play and play fast. Though Carroll always manages players expectations telling them they just need to do their job, we aren’t beating the 9ers performing just to our capacity. We need a couple of players to play outside their norm and Dallas can be key off the wildcat and in 2 minute situations. Additionally, Shane has to remain more creative in his play calling in order to counter a team that knows you inside and out.

    On a side note, I know that there are a million reasons to nick pick at this season. With so much data out there and so many seemingly examples of regression with certain aspects/individuals within the clubhouse that one forgets unlikely it is was to see our Hawks get here. Undoubtedly we have coaching, drafting, FAs decisions to make and a lot of decisions/games we wish to take back but so does every team that is exposed to the rigors of a 17 game NFL season. Green Bay, TB, Denver and many others underperformed while others like the Lions and Jets played out of their projection. NFL season is long and there are many reasons to be wary of where this team is right now. But overall, if we step out of our Hawk-centric echo chamber and the confirmation bias that can come from it, we are in good shape and 95% off teams and their staff wish that the challenges we face across the field today, as well as those challenges awating John and Pete in the offseason, were those they were looking to overcome in the 1st half of 2023.

    Thanks Curtis for your well thought-out insight and Rob thanks for putting providing the Agora for Hawks fans year in and year out. Keep it comin’!

    👊🏻 🇵🇷,


  8. TomLPDX says:

    Well done, Curtis. Much appreciated. Big Mike is exactly right that our special teams play has to be top notch as well.

  9. KennyBadger says:

    Yeah I want higher draft picks but a win against Santa Clara today would be suhweeeeeet. Go Hawks!

  10. Roy Batty says:

    CMC and Debo.

    Pick your poison and contain. If you can’t, at the very least lessen the one, you are in big trouble with both.

    And, why do I get the feeling, if the Hawks win, it will be because of a Lockett game for the ages? My faith in DK’s ability to elevate in situations like this has taken a major hit the last month, so Tyler will become the once again.

  11. STTBM says:

    FT says Seahawks will Franchise Tag Geno if a longer deal isn’t reached. Gross! Praying that report is trash from Geno or Carroll’s Agent. No way JS will ruin our cap to sign Smith for one year …I’d retch!

  12. Kyle R says:

    What a waste of 1st down 9 yard run.

  13. Mick says:

    Exactly how we shouldn’t have started. Tough day ahead for the Oline.

  14. Big Mike says:

    Well we had one good play on the 1st offensive series. Moral victory?

  15. Rob Staton says:

    Can’t tackle

    Can’t make third downs

  16. Big Mike says:

    What did Curtis say about missed tackles?

  17. Chris says:

    Can we tackle in training camp next year

  18. KennyBadger says:

    Nice tackling. We’re off to a horrible start.

  19. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Barton accidentally made a play. Something, something, broken clock, right twice a day.

  20. BoiseSeahawk says:

    horrid tackling.

  21. 805Hawk says:

    Lucky to escape with only a FG on that drive.

  22. Mick says:

    I liked how Woolen made up the ground against Jennings. Glad we don’t start 0-7.

  23. Chris says:

    Barton has played decent of late

  24. Stuart says:

    Barton, on the replay it looked like a possible pick 6.

  25. Stuart says:

    Love that return man. He is FAST.

  26. Big Mike says:

    Well blocked return

  27. Kyle R says:

    Get some motion going and get the TEs involved…and move Gino around.

  28. Hawks4life says:

    Nice play call Waldron lmfao, this is going to be a long day

    • ScandicHawk says:

      DK missed his block, looked like it would have been an easy first down if he hadn’t made such a lame attempt on the db. The db had his eyes on the qb, great opportunity for a crack back block by DK, could’ve lit him up.

  29. Big Mike says:

    Apparently we need to stay out of 3rd and short which is the opposite of the usual approach

  30. Kyle R says:

    Not as a designed run though!!

  31. dand393 says:

    Well instead of scores should we start guessing how many first downs we get all game my prediction is 4

  32. Rob Staton says:

    Nobody on this offense should be being paid $30m next season

    • Romeo A57 says:

      I saw someone suggested signing Geno to a 4 year 150 Million contract. I nearly lost it and called them insane.

  33. BoiseSeahawk says:

    why do we make 1 yd look soo difficult.

    2nd and 1…
    3rd and 1…

    how about a quick sweep for 1.5 yards? it doesn’t have to look good.

  34. Big Mike says:

    Mafe hasn’t played a snap

  35. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Can you lose a game in the first quarter? F*cking right.

  36. Tony says:

    This is going to be a blowout lol

  37. EP says:

    But Playoffs!!! What is the point

  38. Peter says:

    Time for second half adjustments halfway through the first quarter

  39. Mick says:

    Man that QB has one hour to throw the ball…

  40. Hawks4life says:

    If Pete stays it’s going to be very hard for me to watch another year if this. I’d be surprised if we score a TD

  41. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    I seriously hope Clint Hurtt gets left in Santa Clara without his wallet or phone.

  42. Tony says:

    9ers offense has had no resistance. Simply owning the field. Which means defense will just tee off on geno. Expecting 6+ sacks.

  43. Rob Staton says:

    I hope a few people get a massive reality check watching this

    We’re are f-ing miles away

    We had a piss easy schedule and are nowhere near serious playoff caliber

  44. Big Mike says:

    Adding a 7th seed just for money was ridiculous by the NFL. This is what Buffalo and Miami is gonna look like tomorrow as well I’m sure.

  45. AlaskaHawk says:

    I got to give San Fran kudos with holding it all together using Brock. That’s an incredible story and they look like they are in superbowl shape.

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      and getting McCaffrey mid season= it is like bringing a hired gunslinger to town. The guy is a beast.

  46. dand393 says:

    It looks like Irvin is making wrong read on every play why is mafe not getting a single snap

  47. pdway says:

    god i’m sick of watching Quandre’s soft play…

  48. Dinosaw13 says:

    49ers showing everyone you don’t need to pay 30m plus for a qb. Please spend funds on lines and Backers . Then draft a QB at 5 please

  49. Ishmael says:

    Brutal start, just woefully outmatched, two teams playing different sports out there.

    The one silver lining, and it’s not much, is that the broader fandom should realise just how far away the Hawks are from competing and shut up a bit. Pretty rugged wake-up for Carroll too, not even close to being close.

    It’s incredible how bad the tackling is. Absolutely a teachable skill and they’re just not doing it.

    • Peter says:

      That time when espn ran specials on the best tackling team in the league.

      • Ishmael says:

        Exactly! They’ve done it before, so they’ve seen and realised the value of it (winning Superbowls, not being a joke, various other fun benefits) but now they’ve given up? They either can’t or won’t teach players, and neither of those options is exactly encouraging.

      • Tony says:

        It’s really probably why it’s extra annoying. We used to be the best at tackling. For years, we were amazing. And then it reversed. Now we easily are one of the worst. Angles, wrapping up, business decisions…just awful.

  50. Robbie says:

    This is going to get ugly!

  51. AlaskaHawk says:

    Is it bad of me to gloat over an opponents injury? Naww

  52. Pran says:

    This coaching staff sucks… we are so outmatched.

  53. Palatypus says:

    So far they have done none of the things Kurt Warner said we should do in his preview.

  54. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Maybe if SF had ever rostered Geno, he’d ball out instead of… whatever this crap is.

  55. pdway says:

    some good runs and throws – needed this drive badly

  56. Chris says:

    The oline has had a good drive so far

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      Yes = I’m close to be impressed that the Seahawks have mounted a drive. Now if they can just finish!

  57. Big Mike says:

    Oh oh got us right where they want us. 3rd and one

  58. Chris says:

    Telegraphing run with Lockett and d.k on the sidelines

  59. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Rob, if we happen to somehow luck into Levis, you think we ring up Liam Coen to be our OC instead of returning to Kentucky?

  60. pdway says:

    let’s gooooo!

    1st playoff TD, but not the last, for Mr Walker

  61. AlaskaHawk says:

    Alright now we are talking. Lets keep fighting!

  62. Big Mike says:

    REALLY needed that drive

  63. Mick says:

    Come on, that’s it, keep it going!

  64. Tony says:

    Absolutely perfect drive there. Really nice to see the oline and run game showing up. Only chance we have is offense controlling the clock. Tire there d.

  65. Ishmael says:

    Legitimately good drive

  66. GoHawks5151 says:

    Great drive by Waldron. That full house backfield finally working. Also snapping it early in the count to be the aggressor was a great adjustment

  67. AlaskaHawk says:

    I feel like the Seahawks are totally outclassed but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t win if they are tough enough. Maybe a pipedream but we have all seen it happen to a team.

  68. dand393 says:

    That run loss was all do to mafe

  69. Big Mike says:

    Woolen already beaten twice 😞

  70. Rob Staton says:

    Awful, awful defense

  71. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Purdy’s high-stepping? That settles it. I want his kneecaps split.

  72. Hawkster says:

    Never thought of that, leave everybody open and confuse the young QB

  73. Big Mike says:

    More shit tackling on Kittle

    • pdway says:

      coby bryant may just be too small/sleight to play at this level. he gets pushed around a ton.

      • ShowMeYourHawk says:

        He’s gotten a few forced fumbles by having the awareness to punch out at opportune times. Other than that, I don’t understand why he’s on the field. Must be a lack of options.

  74. Dinosaw13 says:

    How much are we paying diggs….another missed tackle for a first down.

  75. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    If it wasn’t for the sidelines, would Barton ever get the ball carrier down? He’s your classic “allow reception, chase, push OOB after a 10-12 yd pick up.”

  76. Pran says:

    Waiting to see for someone to touch Mr. Irrelevant

  77. Big Boi says:

    Either this is the worst defense to ever qualify for the NFL playoffs, or Purdy truly is OROY. Or both. Could be both.

  78. pdway says:

    credit where it’s due – – good sequence there for the D

  79. HOUSE says:

    Good to see Ryan Neal back today. Great support there!

  80. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    I promise that if we can methodically march down the field, burning the clock and taking the lead, I’ll improve my mood….. through halftime. 😜

  81. Mick says:

    Walker was such a great pick.

  82. pdway says:


  83. Big Mike says:

    Incredibly perfect throw

  84. Matt says:

    Well…3 more years of Geno.

  85. GoHawks5151 says:

    Too small Ward!!!!!! Haha

  86. Hawkster says:

    Give it up for a great blitz beating throw and catch for 6.

  87. Peter says:

    There it is!!

  88. AlaskaHawk says:

    Who would of bet that the Seahawks would be ahead toward the end of the half?

  89. Mick says:

    DK slowly but surely showing up today.

  90. Troy says:

    Cha nailed it with running, we would not be where we are at without K9 running as well as he has. Holy shit we are currently winning the game!!!

  91. Romeo A57 says:

    Wow! The offense found their rhythm. I think that Pury”s inexperience and indecisiveness give the Seahawks defense a chance to keep them out of the endzone.

  92. Kyle R says:

    If they can keep a credible threat with the running game and play action passes the deep ball will be there then.

  93. Joe says:

    Keep repeating the line about the Seahawks being outcoached, maybe Shanny will go 5-12 next year

  94. pdway says:

    this is where the Hawks give me hope they can win, isn’t it?

  95. Henry Taylor says:

    Going much better now, I’m scared that I’m getting my hopes up.

  96. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    WTF was Dallas doing? Didn’t call for the fair catch and then hesitated? Please tell me we can do better than he and Homer next season.

  97. Tony says:

    Seen this movie before. I will get my hopes up with 2 mins left in 4th.

  98. Henry Taylor says:

    DK came to play today

  99. Palatypus says:

    Has there ever been a riot in Santa Clara?

  100. Chris says:

    Nice to see a physical identity on offense and Waldron not getting away from it.

  101. Mick says:

    Even if we end up losing, huge difference between first and second quarter. There’s hope for better right now.

  102. Big Mike says:

    What was with that play call?

  103. Big Mike says:

    There’s the ultra conservative Pete Carroll scared to take the bull by the horn’s play calling

  104. pdway says:

    two runs to Dallas w a hot back like Walker? hmmmm

  105. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    What a shite call. Dallas with 3rd and 8?

  106. AlaskaHawk says:

    so they are just running down the clock.

  107. Tony says:

    Pete got soft now that were up a commanding 1 point.

  108. KennyBadger says:

    A draw on 3&8?!

  109. Robbie says:

    Audible to a draw play on 3 and 8….WTF

  110. Mick says:

    That was Pete hoping they gift us a turnover.

  111. AlaskaHawk says:

    It’s the safe way to lose. Third and eight run a draw play. Yep.

  112. Tony says:

    You deserve to lose if you play soft. So 9ers double dipping points would be expected.

  113. Trevor says:

    Wish the Hawks would stop playing that soft zone. The young CB are a lot more comfortable in man.

  114. Mick says:

    How do we always manage to give up 18 yards on 3rd and 10?

  115. pdway says:

    should have known the hype train on Purdy was overblown. he looks….fine. i guess it’s rainy, but his passes look pretty fluttery and not that accurate either.

    • Mick says:

      If I may, he looks like Geno Smith.

      • pdway says:

        I think Geno has more of a big league arm. And threw the dime to DK – so he’s had the better half.

        Geno got really shaky the 2nd half of the season, but the 1st half he looked like a legit high-end QB.

    • 805Hawk says:

      His inaccuracy is really keeping our D in this. He’s had some good throws but missed some wide open guys. He’s looked better in other games.

  116. UkAlex6674 says:

    Great play by Jackson.

  117. dand393 says:

    Shelby Harris having a good day it seems

  118. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Smooth Criminal.

  119. pdway says:

    pass rush looking a little better

  120. Pran says:

    Those 3 free points are on Pete

  121. layman says:

    Smart pass rush gameplan. Looks like we’re rushing Purdy to always escape to his left, similar to the gameplan for Russ week 1.

  122. Troy says:

    Gotta give the D some credit they have come up big in key spots so far…keeping them in the game. Also helped out by Purdy but still

  123. Tony says:

    Watch this become 23-14 before offense gets next shot.

  124. Kyle R says:

    Like you like that Pete? Playing scared and conservative lost you the lead before half and the 49ers get a chance to double dip with the second half kick off.

  125. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Conceding yardage? 20 yd pass to Tyler, timeout, Myers for the lead.

  126. Trevor says:

    We all talk about how much better the SF roster and coaching is but surprisingly the Hawks are right in this game somehow.

  127. Tony says:

    Big penalty. Wow

  128. HOUSE says:

    Jackson got beat by Deebo on the 3rd and 10 and makes a great play getting his hand on that ball.

  129. Tony says:

    Wow! Great kick by myers.

  130. AlaskaHawk says:

    Geno’s trick play get the 15 yard penalty. And Seahawks stealing 3 before halftime LOL.

    All as planned by the coaching staff.

  131. HOUSE says:

    Silly decision to squib, stupid penalty and a 1-pt lead at halftime. Did anyone predict this?

  132. Jack Frost says:

    you gotta love sh*t

  133. Trevor says:

    Wow that’s a clutch kick from Myers!

  134. Pran says:

    Dumb play by 9ers D.. bails out Pete

  135. pdway says:

    that’s a good half for our offense against this D. 17 mins TOP.

  136. Mick says:

    Haha how it would be like to end up winning the game by under 3?

  137. Ishmael says:

    Lol what an idiot, imagine coughing up the lead like that right on the half.

    Another Shanahan team bottling it in the playoffs would be something.

  138. pdway says:

    considering the opposition – very nice half for our O-line too. 20 for 82 yrds in the rush game.

  139. Pran says:

    I would expect Shanny to go for 4th down instead of settling for field goals in 2nd half. They had 4 good drives to show for 16 points vs Seahawks 2 good drives for 17

  140. blazerbill says:

    I still would rather have the higher draft pick than win this game. Am I a bad fan?

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      We are well past where it matters. If the Seahawks weren’t going to tank from game one, they my as well play hard in all their games. It’s one or the other.

    • Mick says:

      I couldn’t care less about the draft pick if we kick 49ers out. But I understand how you feel too.

    • Pran says:

      In this range it would not matter. They are only worth if you can make them work. Seahawks had 1 good draft in a really long time

  141. KennyBadger says:

    This is fantastic. Get purdy in a position where he has to keep up or play from behind. He’s got a turnover in him. Thinking mafe will have a big second half since he’s rested 🙄

  142. Peter says:

    Honestly impressed. This was the team I least wanted to see in the post season.

  143. Jordan says:

    Love the feeling of being in a tight playoff game again. Hard to replicate that feeling elsewhere in life.

  144. Madmark says:

    I’m not sure what it feels like. Is this year the year Seattle slip into playoffs with a 7-9 record then Beast Quake happened or is this the year we lost in the Atlanta in the playoff in less than minute.

  145. Peppapig says:

    Beating the the Niners would be great. Don’t care about the draft position.

  146. Kyle R says:

    Way to pick up Kittle crossing you moron Barton!

  147. pdway says:

    Nwosu in the backfield for a 3rd time today

  148. Hawkster says:

    Barton. Amazing

  149. Kyle R says:

    Way to make the third down saving tackle Barton.

  150. Pran says:

    Shanny will keep running the ball.. it ain’t broken until it is.

  151. GoHawks5151 says:

    I hope Muse sticks around

  152. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Ahhhh. Neal almost had him.

  153. Pran says:

    Worst tackling team all year….

  154. Rob Staton says:

    The tackling 🤦‍♂️

    • Big Mike says:

      Just don’t understand how it can be so bad year after year

    • ShowMeYourHawk says:

      Anyone remember the system of tackling that Seattle created and emphasized? What was it called again? “Hawk tackling?” On this squad’s performances, you’d never know this coach’s D ever applied such a system.

  155. Peter says:

    Shanny remembering the niners win by running. Awesome.

  156. Kyle R says:

    Good news we can still send out tape of the Seahawks to teach tackling technique…bad news it’s all what not to do

  157. pdway says:

    Thats a real good drive for the Niners. nearly 8 minutes.

    we’re missing tackles for sure – but it’s Deebo and it’s McCaffrey breaking the tackles – and it’s also that they’re really good.

    • Peter says:

      Unfortunately I think it’s more that we suck at tackling.

      Made too many teams look great on the ground this year.

  158. AlaskaHawk says:

    So the new 49er strategy is to ram it down our throats?

  159. Jace says:

    This run defense makes the game almost unwatchable. Nobody can tackle

  160. Bobby54 says:

    Can you be any worse than Cody Barton? This guy is ridiculously bad

  161. Nick M says:

    If I was any offensive coordinator playing against Seattle my game plan would consist 90% of running at, passing at, and absolutely exposing the weakness of this defense.
    Cody Barton
    He makes it so hard to watch, he’s like a freaking black hole.

  162. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    At some point, Tyler’s going to be a weapon. SF can’t keep missing DK on the field. Some harder coverage coming. Tyler can exploit it.

  163. AlaskaHawk says:

    Metcalf has got to be happy that Ramsey isn’t guarding him today LOL

  164. Kyle R says:

    I want more bootlegs than a table full of watches in New York city!

  165. Hawkcrazy says:

    I hate the wasting of timeouts in the second half more than most things. Seahawks in this game but really need 3rd down conversions on offense and stops on defense.

  166. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Here we go. Hadn’t shot ourselves in the foot yet. No time like the present….

  167. Pran says:

    Geno need to settle down

  168. pdway says:

    DK a beast today

  169. Pran says:

    Don’t understand why they r running with Dallas.. such a waste of opportunities

  170. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Letting Dallas rush is like falling forward for a yard. He runs hard but always into a wall.

    • jujus says:

      I don’t think Dallas running is the reason he’s running into a wall. Our center is our biggest hole on the offensive line.

  171. pdway says:

    Geno really been very solid today. The whole offense really holding their own against the best defense in the league.

  172. pdway says:


    tight f-ing call on that illegal man downfield….and now the mistake

  173. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Well. Unless we take it back, that’s likely game.

  174. Kyle R says:

    God damnit there is the turnover that will cost us

  175. dand393 says:

    There it is the perfectly timed Geno turn over

  176. Trevor says:

    That was a bullshit call on the Locket catch and changed the game.

  177. KennyBadger says:


  178. Pran says:

    So many mistakes and struggles on that drive, cap it with a fumble Geno. Takes all the momentum away.

    Who is going to stop 9ers running game now.. they have taken ball out of Purdy and will run run run

  179. Tony says:

    That absolute trash call set that up. Wouldve been 3rd and like 3, instead 2nd and 14 and 2 straight long pass plays.

  180. Henry Taylor says:

    Overall just a sloppy drive, still reasonably effective but we made the mistakes we’ve not been making. 2 unnecessary penalties and a wasted timeout, the obviously the fumble.

  181. Hawkcrazy says:

    That was terrible ball control by Geno. He just left it out there to be knocked out. Seattle offensive lineman had no idea ball was out when it was rolling on the ground so no opportunity to recover fumble. 3 crucial points lost there. geno had to know that he couldn’t give up a fumble or take a big sack (even with a sack we were in field goal range). This is why I want to draft a qb I just don’t think Geno is the man.

  182. Trevor says:

    Hawks D needs to step up for once. Points here for SF and it’s ball game.

  183. Big Mike says:

    Ref didn’t fumble guys

    • Palatypus says:

      I’ve never seen a Ref force a fumble, but I think I’ve seen one throw a block.

    • Tony says:

      True, but that call changed entire trajectory of plays to follow. The fumble itself was a good play by dl. But 3rd and 14, they were pass rush.

  184. Romeo A57 says:

    I think that the Blythe injury doomed that last drive.

  185. Trevor says:

    My goodness the tackling really is embarrassing.

  186. Dinosaw13 says:

    Watch 49ers run down our throat take 8 mins off the clock and score…

  187. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Woolen or Diggs need to do their thing, on this drive. We sure as hell aren’t getting a strip sack from our ends.

  188. downtownjewelrybryan says:

    our mike lb just running around bumping into teammates

  189. Trevor says:

    Hawks need a turnover in the biggest way. Time for Bryant to force a fumble or Nwosu strip sack would be even better. Sadly I think SF just runs it down our throat rest of game.

  190. Hawkcrazy says:

    Seattle just misses more tackles. I don;t watch enough other teams to say how much more we miss tackles than other teams. Trevor I agree. Seattle played well in the first half but San Fran really has the better team and they should win. Cheering for Seattle but know they are undermanned. We can’t afford mistakes and we have made several. Still playing better than I thought.

  191. pdway says:

    feels like that turnover was the mistake we couldn’t afford to make against the stronger team.

    especially w the game right in the balance. crap.

  192. Big Mike says:

    Tariq on the rook learning curve today

  193. Pran says:

    I am impressed with Purdy’s decision making.. avoiding negative plays

  194. Peter says:

    Seahawks third worse rush defense.

    Already giving up more yards today than season average.

  195. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Purdy doing classic Russ shite. Game over.

  196. Hawkcrazy says:

    What a nice play by Purdy.. another wiff by Irvin.

  197. pdway says:


    Will be good to roll into next season w more horses on defense. This game has been mostly fun today too. Nothing to hang heads about.

  198. Robbie says:

    Well…..we gave it a half.

  199. Bmseattle says:

    Would you rather have Purdy or Geno as your starter next year?
    (Salary aside)

  200. Palatypus says:

    Okay, down by two touchdowns.

    14:02 left in the 4th quarter.

    Backup center in the game.

    Give the ball to Deejay Dallas!

  201. James Cr. says:

    Players come and go and still guys wide open all the time and confusion everywhere.

  202. Bobby54 says:

    They will cut Diggs. Right? RIGHT?

  203. GoHawks5151 says:

    Barton…. Just hanging out in the middle, occasionally blocking his own teammates

  204. Palatypus says:

    Igwebuke got Rebuke.

  205. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Games like this show how much of a force DK could be. How he disappears sometimes during the season is baffling.

  206. Pran says:

    Looks like refs got the message.. they are going to make this game ugly for Hawks

  207. Dinosaw13 says:

    Seahawks offenses imploding

  208. Kyle R says:

    Well Cross is hurting us

  209. Trevor says:

    How was that not holding or PI on the DK shot downfield?

  210. Henry Taylor says:

    We’re imploding now

  211. Big Mike says:

    That fumble….

  212. Dinosaw13 says:

    Penalties and poor throughs from Gino…

  213. Kyle R says:

    Why the Hell are we constantly having goddamn lineman down field on obvious down field passing plays?

  214. DC says:

    Turning into a blow out. Surprised we kept the score close for that long.

  215. Scot04 says:

    Sure seems like we continually get out coached during halftime.
    Feels like other teams always make the proper adjustments, while we don’t.
    Unfortunately, it’s been multiple years.

  216. pdway says:

    hope they’re watching the Niners O-lineman equally close on this drive …..

  217. Tony says:

    Wonder if Shanny told refs to watch lineman moving downfield. Cause to call out these .5yard ish downfield calls are silly.

  218. pdway says:

    Big Mike is right, the refs didn’t fumble that ball. But the calls have definitely tilted the Niners way this half – especially that crucial one in the red zone. And it may have been accurate – but those go uncalled all the time on quick hitting pass plays like that one was to Lockett.

  219. Dinosaw13 says:

    How many times has 49ers punted. Once I think..

    • Matt says:

      All I want is this off-season to show us that “we have real problems and we are working to address them.”

      Do I have any faith in that? No I don’t.

  220. AlaskaHawk says:

    Dang, crazy blocking on that pass play. Three touchdowns ahead, I think they got the Hawks. Ouch.

  221. DC says:

    Knew it, they’re going to put another 1 or 2 scores on top of this with how much time is left.

  222. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Okay. Guys gave up on that pursuit.

    All we need is an end to take out Purdy’s knees and I’ll call today a win.

  223. Big Mike says:

    Tariq has a lot of promise but boy has he had a bad day today

    • Peter says:

      Thankfully for woolen the rest of the team has looked dull, listless, ineffective, and any other adjective to describe uninspiring you can think of.

    • Pran says:

      Michale Jackson is playing better than Tariq.. who could have imagined

    • Hawkcrazy says:

      Agree Tariq has had a very poor day but he is not the only player. Barton, Diggs, Irwin with wiffs… we have given up so many huge huge plays both running and passing. Our defense just collapsed in the 2nd half although they gave up a lot of big plays in the first. 2 turnovers by Geno… pretty well story of the game on offense. Geno trying to do too much and as usual can’t.

  224. Peter says:

    It’s almost like there shouldn’t be a 7th seed.

  225. Joe Strummer says:

    Updated wish list:
    QB, IOL(2), WR(1), DT(2), DE(2), LB(3), S(2), CB(2)

    Nice first half though.

  226. Henry Taylor says:

    I think this is Woolen’s worst game as a Seahawk.

  227. Pran says:

    2 good drives..that’s all to talk about.

    I am struggling for thoughts how this can compete ever under Pete.

  228. dand393 says:

    This game is kind of like the Seahawks season, they honestly did better then I thought they would do but ultimately not a good team

    • pdway says:

      I think that’s right – we’re ok, we’re not contenders – but we do have two 1st and two 2nds. future looks ok.

  229. Tony says:

    Even if the calls weren’t incredibly 1 sided this half, I doubt the defense does anything different than it has. Wouldve been nice tho, if the refs didn’t go flag happy on us. Like 9ers dint need any

  230. 12th chuck says:

    seahawks are the team we thought they were

  231. Big Mike says:

    And total meltdown time now

  232. Dinosaw13 says:

    Please do not give Geno 30 million…please

  233. Pran says:

    Geno give th Geno taketh..

    Who is there at #5

  234. Ishmael says:

    Back to reality this quarter. I still don’t really understand why you keep a defensive minded Head Coach around if they continue delivering awful defences.

    This is unravelling badly – Geno melting

  235. Dinosaw13 says:

    49ers showing you the blueprint who needs a 30 million plus QB

  236. Peter says:

    30 million.


    Hardest pass.

  237. HOUSE says:

    Geno Smith just said “Naw fam… I don’t want the franchise tag. I’ll take less” 🤦‍♂️

  238. pdway says:

    that turnover really did turn this game on a dime….22-0 since…damn

  239. Robbie says:

    And the route is officially on!

  240. Bmseattle says:

    Dont worry…Pete will focus pn the first half and deduce that we are championship ready.

  241. 12th chuck says:

    anyone remember the last time a pete carroll defense made a 2nd string, 3rd string qb look bad?

  242. Troy says:

    Well, ultimately a predictable result but I’m pretty inspired by how they played in the first half. Felt like they were punching above their weight but I think the future looks bright, assuming they nail this next draft class

    • Tony says:

      Yeah same, 2nd half had to be perfect scenario for us to keep up. And it was worst case scenario. But it shows how a snowball effect can kill a bad team quick. The d needs a revamp.

  243. pdway says:

    not that it matters much…but Barton blocked right in the back on that play.

  244. Pran says:

    At least effing play physical and punish 9ers…

  245. GoHawks5151 says:

    I never want to see Cody Barton again

  246. Dinosaw13 says:

    Offense was never gonna keep up. Our defence can’t stop the run. Bad play calling by San Fran and bad purdy play kept us in it in the first half.

  247. Pran says:

    What is worse.. not making playoffs or getting humiliated against division rival in playoffs?

    • Tony says:

      I still will always root for a chance in playoffs. And we had a good 1st half. Wheels fell off. Prob the best scenario. Pete can’t say we are this close if we get curb stomped.

  248. Cysco says:

    Surely no one thought this was going to go any other way?

    Seattle is completely outclassed in this matchup. Anyone who thought otherwise is delusional.

    • blazerbill says:

      This new NFL playoff format was made only to generate more money. It had nothing to do with teams deserving to be in the playoffs. It is wrong, and it only causes more injury risk to players who should not be playing such meaningless blow out games .

  249. Dinosaw13 says:

    Could have also had the 14th pick too.

  250. Henry Taylor says:

    How do you have 3 ineligible man downfield penalties in one half?

  251. 509 Chris says:

    I really wish we would have dropped one of those last couple games. This is just ridiculous. On the bright side as Rob said, hopefully this gives the reality check much of the fan base needs about where this team is and how good geno is.

  252. Pran says:

    Seattle sorely missing RB2, RB3, WR3, C on offense.

  253. KennyBadger says:

    Grateful for the first half. The drum banging for defense at #5 will only get louder and I get it. Brock Purdy shredded this defense. 331/3/0. Until coaching changes, you can spend the entire 2023 draft on defense and it won’t matter.

    QB is still the most critical position and if stroud/Levis/Richardson are there, it should be a no brainer. Fun season blog, looking forward to the offseason.

    • Denver Hawker says:

      I thought it interesting that one 1 of the 4 All Pro IDL (1st and 2nd team) was a top 10 pick.

  254. Rob Staton says:

    What an embarrassing second half

  255. dand393 says:

    Where is this going to put us for our native pick in the draft

  256. Chris says:

    Look on the bright side, our young players learned that o line can’t run down field on a pass play

  257. Dinosaw13 says:

    Gino stat stuffing against reserves. Would have been nice to see Drew instead

  258. GoHawks5151 says:

    DK had a great day. He deserved that one.

  259. Palatypus says:

    Can you win the game in the 1st quarter?


    Can you win the game in the 2nd quarter?


    Can you win the game in the 3rd quarter?


    Can you win the game in the 4th quarter?


  260. blazerbill says:

    This shows the Hawks can use their 7th rd pick on a starting QB and use the 5th pick for defense.

  261. Matt says:

    The cult is already on it, on Twitter.

    “23 points is the 4th most SF has given up…”

    Yea – that last TD was clearly against a defense that wasn’t clearly just worried about milking the clock.

  262. Cysco says:

    Pete, do you REALLY want to keep doing this? Come on man. No way you’re enjoying this.

  263. pdway says:

    We really played over our heads and showed good fight against a superior opponent – up until that Geno fumble.

    I know the scoreboard looks bad, but didn’t feel like a humiliation to me. Niners are obvioulsy much better, no argument, but we were down 6 going into the 4th quarter.