Final horizontal board & thoughts

April 29th, 2021 | Written by Rob Staton

Here it is — my final horizontal board…

(click to expand)

You’ll see I’m higher than most on the following players:

Bobby Brown (DT, Texas A&M)
Buddy Johnson (LB, Texas A&M)
Kellen Mond (QB, Texas A&M)
Dyami Brown (WR, North Carolina)
Cam McGrone (LB, Michigan)
Ben Cleveland (G, Georgia)
Javonte Williams (RB, North Carolina)

I think there could be real value to be had in days two and three. This is an offensive draft but there is reasonable depth across the board.

For example, at some point taking a chance on a Dayo Odeyingbo or Shaun Wade could pay real dividends. Players will fall for a variety of reasons — opting out, injuries, poor play in a weird 2020. It does feel like, more than usual, there could be opportunities to deliver value.

The Seahawks will probably trade down from #56 to add to their paltry tally of three picks. There’s plenty of offensive line depth to make a strong pick even in round three. That feels like a very viable option in what is the most explosive O-line draft in years.

Receiver is another possibility but with so many options, they might prefer to wait (as they did a year ago, selecting Freddie Swain in round six).

Darrell Taylor’s status plus Aldon Smith’s legal issues could make an EDGE more of an option than it otherwise would be. Tony Pauline paired Seattle with Jayson Oweh in his mock draft. It would be their type of pick.

Adding at running back, cornerback and linebacker also feels very possible.

Tomorrow we’ll post our ‘watch-list’ for day two.

I’ll be hosting a live blog later, reacting to each pick. I may do a live stream at the end of round one. I had a Covid-jab yesterday and it’s hit me like a ton of bricks, so I’ll play it by ear.

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103 Responses to “Final horizontal board & thoughts”

  1. God of Thunder says:

    AZ? It鈥檚 said a strong reaction is a sign of a robust immune system. Anyhow get well.

    It鈥檒l be a quiet day or two for us Seahawks fans. Day three however will be exciting. Crossing fingers for a memorable JS draft.

  2. cha says:

    Both of my shots kicked my butt for about half a day. Not fun but I’ll take it compared to the alternative.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I’m not going to lie, even though this is very embarrassing.

      I’m a bit needle-phobic. Usually with jabs I’m OK. I can’t do blood tests.

      I had the jab. Walked to the end of the corridor. Felt my legs going. Then I collapsed in the reception area of the medical centre.

      Completely blacked out. Couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t feel my legs.

      Had a whole bunch of medical staff shouting about an ambulance because they thought I’d had an allergic reaction. Little did they know I’m just a massive 6-4 wuss.

      • TomLPDX says:

        Hang in there Rob. Hopefully you’re feeling better now.

        Thanks for posting your horizontal board for us, much appreciated. I love that you rate my aggies higher than most and I hope we get 1 or 2 of them.

      • jed says:

        Congrats on getting the shot!

        Tylenol really helped with my 2nd one. I was running about a 102 degree fever with the sweats and chills and that took it away. 2 extra strength every 6 hours for 2 days. About 48 hours after I got the shot, I was back to normal.

        Well, at least there’s one person who is more scared of needles than me. I closed my eyes, head pointed in the opposite direction, and was singing a happy song in my head to get through it. My wife and the people giving out the shots spent the few minutes I was there laughing at my expense.

      • Big Mike says:

        Hang in there wuss man LOL
        I had a strong reaction to both doses of the Shingles vaccine, 102 fever, aches, etc. but Covid was a breeze both doses. As cha said, better than the alternative.

      • Ukhawk says:

        Rob is human ?

        Good news is at least you鈥檙e vaccinated

        Great news is clearly there has been no affect on your amazing draft coverage !

      • Rik says:

        I’m right there with you, Rob. Had to lay down in the waiting room after my vaccine. Very embarrassing 馃檪

      • Ashish says:

        Rob – 6-4 – can you catch? you can be TE. Can you put on some weight – guard?

        Glad you are ready to help rest of the world by taking a shot.

      • STTBM says:

        I don’t like blood draws myself. Took me YEARS of mind games to get where I can tolerate them. I’ve nearly passed out and/or vomited before…

        And the second covid jab kicked my ass for four days.

        I’m not 6-4, but I work in the woods in rough country, and I didn’t even get dressed two days. Not fun.

        Needles are not cool. I feel your pain.

      • BruceN says:

        “I had the jab. Walked to the end of the corridor. Felt my legs going. Then I collapsed in the reception area of the medical centre.”

        You are too funny Rob! Did you have an anxiety attack!? When I had my first shot I turned to the nurse and said are you ready to give me the shot. He responded, I already did! I didn’t even feel it and I thought he was pulling my leg.

        Sorry if this was already brought up on the blog, but Rodgers is hell bent to get out of GB. And the Niners are very interested and are considering offering the #3 pick, another #1 plus a player not named Bosa. Also include Jimmy G. 49ers with Rodgers will be scary good.

        • Rob Staton says:

          Niners don’t have the stock to make it happen


          • BruceN says:

            Don’t you think the #3 pick this year + another #1 pick + a solid starter + Jimmy G (on a redone contract) would be enough? How about adding a 2nd, etc. I’m thinking the #3 overall pick is worth at least to a couple of 1st if not more. The radio talk shows are day dreaming about the possibility.

            The thought of Rodgers + the rest of that team will be freighting.

            • Rob Staton says:

              The only way they could offer another #1 pick is to wait until they’re on the clock and offer their 2024 first.

              That aint getting it done.

        • DC says:

          We’ve got a player that GB would accept for Rodgers. Not this year but next…

          Would he waive his ‘no-trade’ clause for GB though?

      • Ben says:

        Just gotta remember to tell them you might pass out so they don鈥檛 freak out, get a good night sleep, hydrate/eat lots before to get your blood sugar up and then sit for a few minutes don鈥檛 just run out the door.

  3. Russ says:

    Really interested to see how this all plays out.

    They have a lot of needs but are putting together enough bodies through cheap signings that they’ll be able to limp through the year at whatever they don’t address.Despite their lack of controllable talent moving forward, they actually put themselves in a bit of a place to go BPA on their board with whatever picks they have.

    Not terribly comforting for the future, but makes for a fun draft experience not know which direction they’ll go in.

    Also – Admit it Rob. Texas A&M put you on their payroll. Don’t think we forgot about you also taking Dan Moore on the PFF simulator a couple days ago.

  4. OG says:

    Congrats on getting the shot! The first jab laid me out for a day, but for some reason the second was nothing more than a sore arm. Hopefully you’ll be back to full strength before the Hawks make their first trade down!

  5. Rob Staton says:

    49ers enquire about Rodgers

    Packers immediately inform media there’s 0% chance of a trade

    Life goes on

    Seahawks could’ve done the same and chose not to, then practically boasted about how clever they were for not saying anything yesterday while both accusing the media of creating a story and admitting it was a story

    • cha says:

      And Aaron Rodgers not sending mixed messages the last 2 months as well.

      • MorePicks says:

        Schefter just tweeted that Rodgers want out.

        • Mike says:

          He probably does. Most good QBs likely do. If you win your division constantly, your team gets depleted of talent. They just saw Brady jump ship to a good roster (and coach) that only lacked a QB. He won a superbowl. It鈥檚 probably appealing as a way to jump around and win lombardis.

    • Roy Batty says:

      I look forward to the day (hopefully within 3 years) when new ownership calls Pete out for his BS.

    • pdway says:

      Pack also picked a QB in the 1st round, setting up this ticking bomb scenario.

      Please don’t let him go to the Niners…..

  6. Roy Batty says:

    The 1st round is live on the local ABC station here. The only reasons I will be paying attention are, A) to compare Robs picks to the real deal, and B) to watch the talking heads freak out on trades, reaches and falling prospects.

    I hope you nail it this year, in particular, Rob. You’ve been vilified enough for speaking the truth.

  7. Ukhawk says:

    Nkemidche Signed… classic move

    • Mike says:

      Too bad we didn鈥檛 sign AB and retained Josh Gordon and Dunbar. We could鈥檝e really competed for the ALL-Offield-Incident championship this season.

      Joking aside, seems like a decent depth move. Gotta have a few 1st round failures on the roster each season.

    • Danny P says:

      Right? Usually the hindsight stuff is just whatever. But I believe Kittle is seriously one of the top 10 best players in the while league. Wish I didnt see that.

  8. Producehawk says:

    Used your board and came up with the following after trading down. Didn鈥檛 use any future picks. I would be happy if they did something like this. When I stay at 56 I am always disappointed in my draft even though I get two good players.


    Kendrick Green
    OG Illinois
    trade icon

    D’Ante Smith
    OT East Carolina
    trade icon

    Shi Smith
    WR South Carolina
    trade icon

    Cam Sample
    EDGE Tulane
    trade icon

    Darius Stills
    DT West Virginia
    trade icon

    Derrick Barnes
    LB Purdue
    trade icon

    Kylin Hill
    RB Mississippi State
    trade icon

    Jason Pinnock
    CB Pittsburgh

  9. All I see is 12s says:

    Thinking about that press conference. PC said they brought Smith back and listed one of the reasons as that he will tell him the things that no one else will. This is not the first time PC has made a comment like this and it has been reported several times that Pete Carroll needs someone to tell him with the rest won鈥檛. Often times when we talk about the strength of current regime they talk about the culture that they have created in Seattle. But my question is, what does it say about the culture when the head coach is constantly having to bring in others and identify others who will tell him what the rest won鈥檛?

  10. cha says:

    Adam Schefter
    Reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers is so disgruntled with the Green Bay Packers that he has told some within the organization that he does not want to return to the team, league and team sources told ESPN on Thursday.

    More on NFL Live now….
    12:19 PM 路 Apr 29, 2021

    • Sea Mode says:

      Looks like his future is in jeopardy…

      *ba dum tiss

      • Volume12 says:

        This is crazy man. They took Love for a reason. The reason is now here. Move him.

        • pdway says:

          but how in the world do you move on from a guy who just went for 4299/48/5? Insanely high level QB play.

          they do seem fully f’d now though…where was this rhetoric the past few months to drown out the RW drama?

  11. Sea Mode says:

    Trevor quaking in his cleats… 馃槀

    Albert Breer

    Some day, Tim Tebow may lack the ability to generate headlines out of absolutely nowhere simply by showing up somewhere. That day is not today.

  12. TJ says:

    Welcome to the 2021 NFL draft. Lets hope the Seahawks make the most of their limited picks. If not, this may be the most inconsequential Seahawks draft since 1975.

  13. Hoggs41 says:

    4 hours and counting now. Also for you Mariners fans Kikuchi has a no-no going through 6 innings.

  14. Volume12 says:

    I’m not gonna do the pick # so if it DQ’s me from the comp, ehh whatever. I’ll just list some guys. I personally want Asante Samuel, jr. That’s a dog.

    Amari Rodgers, WR, Clemson
    Tylan Wallace, WR, OK St.
    Mike Strachan. WR, ?? (Dont remember lol)
    Dax Milne, WR, BYU
    Rondale Moore, WR, Purdue
    Dwayne Eskridge, WR, W. Michigan
    Nico Collins, WR, Michigan
    Dyami Brown, WR, NC
    Jaelon Darden, WR, N. Texas

    Chris Evans, HB, Michigan
    Gerrid Doaks, HB, Cincy
    Chuba Hubbard, HB, OK St.

    Spencer Brown, OT, ??
    Drew Dalman, OL/C, Stanford
    James Hudson, OT, Cincy
    Kendrick Green, iOL, Illinois
    Dan Moore, OL, Texas A&M
    Wyatt Davis, iOL, Ohio St
    D’Ante Smith, OT, E. Carolina
    Aaron Banks, OIL, ND
    Robert Hainsey, OL, ND
    Trey Smith, OL, ND

    Darrick Forrestt, S, Cincy
    Tyree Gillespie, S, Mizzou
    Jamien Sherwood, S, Auburn
    Andre Cisco, S, ‘Cuse
    James Wiggins. S, Cincy

    Luke Farrell, TE, Ohio St
    Landon Rice, TE, Jax St.
    Brevin Jordan, TE, Miami
    Matt Bushman, TE, BYU

    Dayo Odeyingbo, DT, Vandy
    Levi Onwuzurike, DT, Udub
    Osa Odighizuwa, DT, UCLA
    Bobby Brown, DT, Texas A&M
    Darius Stills, DT, W. Virginia
    Ta’Quon Graham, DT, Texas
    Marquiss Spencer, DT, Miss St.

    Carlos Basham, DE, Wake
    Hamiclar Rashed, EDGE, Oregon St
    Joseph Ossai, EDGE, Texas
    Jayson Oweh, EDGE, Penn St.
    Peyton Turner, DL, Houston
    Gregory Rosseau, EDGE, Miami
    William Bradley-King, Baylor
    Chris Rumph, EDGE, Duke

    Baron Browning, LB, Ohio St.
    Derrick Barnes, LB, Purdue
    Nick Niemann, LB, Iowa
    Isaiah McDuffie, LB, BC
    Divine Deablo, LB, VA-Tech
    Jabril Cox, LB, LSU

    Kelvin Joseph, CB, Kentucky
    Tyson Campbell, CB, Georgia
    Shaun Wade, CB, Ohio St.
    Benjamin St-Juste, CB, Minnesota
    Ifeatu Melifonwu, CB, ‘Cuse
    Trill William’s, CB, ‘Cuse
    Robert Rochelle, CB, C. Arksnsas
    Olaijah Griffin, CB, USC
    Brandon Stephens, CB, SMU
    Bryan Mills, CB, NC A&T (??)
    Keith Taylor, CB, Udub
    DJ Daniels, CB, Georgia

    • Volume12 says:

      * Alex Leatherwood, OL, ‘Bama
      * Tamorrion Terry, WR, Florida St.
      * Tim Jones, WR, So. Miss

    • DC says:

      “I鈥檓 not gonna do the pick # so if it DQ鈥檚 me from the comp, ehh whatever.”

      Haha. Well, 60+ picks might give you a bit of a running start.

      I’m always using your lists for my mock drafts. I jumped the gun this year.

      • Volume12 says:

        Thank you man. I appreciate that.

        I’m pretty stumped this year so I figured I’d just do list of guys from each position I like.

  15. Volume12 says:

    This is such an offensive draft, that some of the defenders are gonna fall down the board. Gonna b interesting.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Or the good defenders might go early because teams will feel like they can use the offensive depth to their advantage

      • Sea Mode says:

        Adam Schefter

        In a draft light on defensive linemen, here鈥檚 a name that could be called tonight: Houston DE Payton Turner could go in the first round due to his character, medicals and length, some NFL execs believe.

      • Volume12 says:

        Good point

  16. Sea Mode says:

    No worries, PC knows Russ is going to be on his best behavior next off-season… ’cause he knows the truth.

    trey wingo

    Sources: The Packers reportedly told Aaron Rodgers they were going to trade him in the off season, then backed off. It鈥檚 been a bleep show between them ever since. And within the last week Rodgers told the team.. trade or no trade I鈥檓 not coming back. Buckle up folks

    • DAWGFan says:

      I can’t imagine the Pack told Rodgers they were goin to trade him. How would that info not get leaked out when they reached out to teams? A division rival would of heard something and at least covertly say something to someone to create a headache for GB. This is the agent feeding someone in the media some BS the day of the draft.

  17. Sea Mode says:

    I guess I had might as well spit this out real quick:


    • TomLPDX says:

      What does that even mean?

    • Sea Mode says:

      Whoops, somehow that posted unintentionally. (Anyways, not too bad a representation of what our draft stock looks like… 馃槀)

      Here goes for real this time: (I’ll post it on the previous thread too, just in case it has to be there)

      80. Michael Carter
      80. Brady Christenson
      80. Quinn Meinerz
      80. Creed Humphrey
      80. Josh Myers
      80. Kendrick Green
      80. Tylan Wallace
      80. D’Wayne Eskridge
      130. D’Ante Smith
      130. Amari Rodgers
      252. Gerrid Doaks
      252. Chris Evans

      5 picks

  18. Robbie says:

    Aaron Rodgers wants out, Tim Tebow as a TE, Drew Lock available! MAN I sure love draft day! Oh and we got Robert Nkemdiche! CHAMPIONSHIP LOL….

    I’ll see myself out.

  19. Rob Staton says:

    Florio on Wilson:

    Basically says it’s one more year and that’s it

    • Sea Mode says:

      Nope, nothing happened.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Go get Kellen Mond.

    • Ryan says:

      Great, so we’ll need a QB next year in what’s expected to be a down year for rookie QBs. Cool cool.

    • cha says:

      Chris’ smirk coming out of the PC press conference snippets says volumes.

    • BobbyK says:

      If the Seahawks go 10-6 and lose in the first round of the playoffs (which will probably happen), I wonder what the Seattle media will say about Wilson getting traded in retrospect? Will they look back on this off-season and continue to claim all is fine and clamor that the (future) Wilson trade came out of the blue?

  20. Sea Mode says:

    Pro Football Network

    PFN Insider Tony Pauline is hearing that right now teams are trying to move into the top half of Round 1 for either of the top CBs, Patrick Surtain II or Jaycee Horn, or OL Rashawn Slater or Alijah Vera-Tucker. Vera-Tucker could end up as a top-12 pick.

  21. DC says:

    Swap Rodgers & Wilson. They’re the only ‘available’ comps for each other. Just gotta convince Russ to sign off.

    • SeaTown says:

      Why would Rodgers want to play for Pete Carroll? Remember, Rodgers likes to throw.

    • Mike says:

      Aside from rodgers and wilson likely being unhappy with their destinations, rodgers is on the tail end of his career. Id rather either make it work with wilson or get a new rising rookie.

  22. line_hawk says:

    The 49s going after Rodgers is a bit puzzling. It seems to indicate that they aren’t sold on Lance/Jones/Fields and would rather prefer 38 year old Rodgers over the next 4-5 years. Its insane that they gave up so much to move up but aren’t completely sold on any player.

    • Rob Staton says:

      It’s Aaron Rodgers

      • pdway says:

        and an angry Aaron Rodgers looking to make a point to boot….he’d kill it for them.

        was thinking though – the #3, plus Jimmy G. (which you could argue is baggage), isn’t enough, and haven’t they traded away their picks for the next couple years already? Probably have to add a legit starting player too, no?

    • Mike says:

      Why wouldn鈥檛 you want aaron rodgers? The only reason i can think of is because you already have Patrick Mahomes.

      Even if say Trevor Lawrence drops to #3 magically.. He has a great potential, but until you put him on the field in the NFL, you dont really know how he鈥檒l stack up and perform. You know how Rodgers is on the field.

      Unlike Matt Ryan, you鈥檇 have a legitimate MVP QB in an offense suited for his skillset. Rodgers would finally have a good supporting cast on both sides of the ball.

      • line_hawk says:

        The question is not whether you want Lawrence vs Rodgers. Its whether you want the next 5 years of Rodgers vs the next 5 years of Lance/Jones/Fields on rookie pay. And, if the answer is not Lance/Jones/Fields on rookie pay, it’s probably not worth giving up 3 firsts for them.

  23. Rob Staton says:

    Through sheer boredom I’ve just done two seven-round simulations:

    #71 Bobby Brown DT
    #135 Shaun Wade CB
    #152 Kylin Hill RB
    #173 Trey Hill C
    #175 Joshua Kaindoh DE
    #250 Racey McMath WR

    #61 Josh Myers C
    #104 Trey Sermon RB
    #129 Buddy Johnson LB
    #250 Noah Gray TE

    • JJ says:

      I am working on about my 10th mock of the day. I keep waiting for the Jamal Adams trade so I have more to work with.

      • Big Mike says:

        Be still my heart

      • God of Thunder says:

        Are you good at holding your breath? Well don鈥檛 hold yr breath. Unfortunately Adams is with us for a few years.

        All we can do is hope the contract isn鈥檛 too much north of 14 million per annum.

  24. cha says:

    Buddy of mine is a Packers shareholder and they get notes and updates from their FO. I asked him about Rodgers and this is what he said the team shared:

    He did approach the team. It is not quite as drastic as the news suggests. They want to build interest so the headlines are slightly inflated.

    What鈥檚 not really explained is the true 鈥渨hy鈥. He wants a larger voice in the draft. He has strong opinions on certain positions, i.e. more weapons for him. The implied position is if the draft does not produce results similar, does not have to be exactly the same, as he wants, then yes he may not fulfill the rest of his contract.

    • cha says:

      This is an election year for the board of directors and for the core management team. I think they are being a bit more free with the information, especially because it involves their star player, and they want to be able to show the shareholders who vote for them that they have been 鈥渄oing their best鈥. While I鈥檓 glad get some small inside information, I think their motive is largely 鈥減olitical鈥 to get reelected.

      • Mike says:

        In some ways, the packers model sounds cool. To be owned by the fanbase. I imagine the Jets would happily sign that dotted line to oust their owner.

        Then thinking about the internal turmoil that could cause as fans fight for who they think is right based upon whatever flavor of the week drama is going on..just sounds messy. Mark Rodgers would play the role of littlefinger all too well. I can only imagine if Seahawks twitter was running the show..scary.

      • vanhawksfan says:

        I don’t understand why Green Bay doesn’t just pull the trigger. They set themselves up for it when they drafted Love. Aaron Rodgers value is never going to be higher than it is right now. I’d do the #3 and Garoppolo for their 39 year old qb. Take the trade down from #3 and reap the harvest of all of those extra picks and cheap contracts. Garoppolo is there as the lifeguard. I can’t believe they’d overthink this except for the comments from cha which give some insight into how political the whole situation must be

        • BobbyK says:

          I wonder if the Packers could deal Love to any team in the first round or even early in the second? If so, they could draft Mac Jones (if that’s who they liked best) and then they’d still have a pair of late picks in the first round to improve the team. Really make Rodgers mad and draft both a pair of offensive weapons. They’d still have a couple picks in the second to improve that defense.

          Or if they like Love, they could deal down a bunch of times from 3. You can’t tell me there aren’t some teams who’d like to have that pick.

  25. Mac says:

    Hope you feel better, I had the Moderna Jab on Tuesday. I didn鈥檛 even notice the needle go in, then I sat in reception, my face got flushed, my heart rate spiked to 130 and it was just a panic attack lol Sore arm yesterday, no other sides possibly a headache.

    Ibuprofen/Tylenol, pedialyte and tums. If you have nausea, ask your doctor about zofran.

  26. Volume12 says:

    Pete’s out here giving away prizes lol.

  27. DC says:

    A little over one hour left to get your Mock Draft Competition entries submitted on the previous thread if you want to play ball. The winner gets a piece of ABC gum from none other than Pete Carroll. *Ask your doctor if ABC gum is right for you.*

    Honestly, the only thing that is going to be more exciting than mock drafts this year for Seahawks fans is BobbyK’s reaction to our initial selection. Get your popcorn ready!

    Sorry man, couldn’t help it.

    • Volume12 says:

      lol damn.

      That gum sounds amazing. HUGE, if true! Selling it on Ebay.

    • BobbyK says:


      But I gotta admit my reaction is probably going to be disappointing. My reality is that we’re not one player away at #56. Therefore, I don’t care who they take because it won’t be enough. I know how the season is going to end even before it starts. They’re going to be about 10-6 and if they make the playoffs, they will be losing early and definitely won’t make it to the conference championship game.

      I’m cool with a QB, RB, WR, OT, C, DT, or CB with their first pick. No matter who the pick is – the Seahawks still won’t be good enough to win the Super Bowl unless they get their hands on another DK Metcalf.

      I did my first and only mock earlier today. I didn’t trade down from 56 because J. Williams was available. I took him. He’s probably the only player they could pass on at 56 where you’d get a post like what you’re looking for.

  28. JLemere says:

    Is PC and JS going to blame the media for the whole Rodgers incident as well?

    • BobbyK says:

      I’m actually mad at them for that comment because they’re so smug and think we’re all so stupid. If anything, their (local) media gives them more free reign to do anything unchallenged than almost anyone. No ownership situation in the NFL gives them more leeway either. They can do whatever they want and are smug and condescending to anyone who dares to have a different opinion (even with fact). Yeah, right, comPete – it’s completely normal for your starting QB to leak 4 teams he’d like to play for to the media through his agent. You’re right, nothing to see here. Derrr…

  29. Scot04 says:

    For contest
    7 picks total:

    78. Kendrick Green
    78. D’Wayne Eskridge
    78. Benjamin St-Just
    119. D’Ante Smith
    119. Shaun Wade
    129. Shi Smith
    129. Brady Christensen
    143. Ambry Thomas
    143. Trey Hill
    173. Trevon Grimes
    250. Kene Nwangwu

  30. Aaron Bostrom says:


    6 players

    Dante smith – tackle

    Sean wade – corner back

    Kendrick green – center

    Kaylin hill – running back

    Josh kaindoh- defensive end

    Tylan Wallace – wr

  31. Mike says:

    Lets hope Lance is a bust!