Instant reaction live stream: Season over

January 14th, 2023 | Written by Rob Staton

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  1. Roy Batty says:

    This game was a quintessential mismatched college game.

    It stayed close until the superior team established dominance and pulled away.

  2. Forrest says:

    Thoughts throughout the game:

    1st half
    Guards blown up on back to back plays.
    WRs wide open on back to back plays on Woolen in off coverage.
    Woolen off coverage beat again, saved by late throw
    Missed tackles by 10, 8
    Huge hole, McCaffery for 66. Where were the LBs?, mistackle
    No pass rush, wide open uncovered receiver open in the midfle
    Who has the RB? No one, touchdown
    Why is DK off the field? A one WR lineup on 2nd and 4? This play looks like it’s destined for a 1-3 yard run. Yep.
    Woolen beat by 5 yards again. Does he struggle with slants?
    Slow barton gives up 6 extra yards on QB sneak
    Mistackle gives up 1st down
    Nwosu guarding McCaffrey as WR? Result – first down
    THAT was our 3rd and 8 play with 1:20 left in Q2? A zone read? Bad play call.
    Woolen 7 yards off Aiyuk on another wide open slant. Is the SF plan to exploit him on slants all day?
    Mike Jackson falls down on tackle, gives up 3rd and 10.

    2nd half
    Neal? Why are you not taking Kittle and pointing around while he’s now 7 yards away?
    3 missed tackles. Woolen? Barton? 30?
    Mistackle at goalline on McCaffery
    Wasted time out on 3rd down? Why?
    False Start? On the center? Out of field goal range?
    Why do we keep running DJ Dallas on 1st downs?
    3 mistackles on McAffrey
    Woolen doesn’t stay with his man
    Missed sack, no one has the RB again. Barton 10 yards away from Mitchell, TD
    Holding on Hawks
    Cross false start!?!
    I’m waiting for a bone headed Dk penalty
    Lol. Almost got it with DK strike to the neck after the play. How did I know that was coming?
    Neal MASSIVELY blown coverage on Deebo for 70 yard TD
    Geno no! Pick.
    Mistackle, mistackle on Samuel.
    Poona mistackle
    Barton mistackle on McAffrey
    Barton flat footed standing in end zone almost gives up TD to Samuel, who drops it
    Another penalty (3rd time ineligible downfield)
    Two mistackles on run
    Game over

    • pdway says:

      so…no positive thoughts at all?

      • blazerbill says:

        The positive is the game is over and the season is over. Should never have been played in the first place. I am looking forward to the draft!

    • Elmer says:

      Shows them where to weed out. Treat it like an expansion team roster. Crap, I would rather watch rookies.

    • Tomas says:

      You ask many good questions, and highlight issues worth discussion. Personally, I’m resigned to Pete coaching out his contract … through the 2025 season, is that right? I’ve favored his firing since the Hawks playoff loss to the Cowboys, a very preventable loss but for his stubborn insistence on running the ball.

      But this team won many more games than I predicted, and I give Pete credit for exceeding most expectations, mine certainly. On the radio post-game tonight it was my impression that Pete wants to bring back Geno next year, and pick-up right where this season left-off. This was not encouraging to me.

    • Travis says:

      You forgot Damien Lewis not having anybody to block on a few plays and immediately wandering downfield as if he’d never experienced this before.

  3. Travis says:

    Lots of holes on defense, have 0 faith in Pete to actually fix it

  4. BA says:

    Pete will now pat himself on the back, sign himself to an extension, and the o-line and defense will continue to be awful for years to come. QB has never been the problem.

    • MCOHawk says:

      Right! A fumble in the red zone and an interception on the next offensive play. And it’s not the QBs fault.

  5. Buff says:

    Must draft a qb asap

  6. Tony says:

    Well no false sense of we belong on the same field as 9ers. We are many players and coaching upgrades from competing at that level. Losing 5 picks in standing sucks, but i still would rather watch playoffs.

    Now pete, retire on top. You did it without russ. Now go.

  7. Denver Hawker says:

    NFL is the biggest loser here. This game went as expected, the 7th seed is a joke.

    • Roy Batty says:

      They just made tens of millions in profit on a crap game.

      They have been making hundreds of millions on crap Thursday night games all year.

      Nothing is going to change.

      Also, consider the college playoffs expanding. Some of those games will make this game look like a nail-biter.

      • blazerbill says:

        I agree. This new playoff format is wrong and this is an example of what we have to look forward to. It will get worse when a star player on a legit championship team gets injured in meaningless wildcard game like this.

        It is about greed. The Hawks and the other worthless wildcard team does not deserve to be here.

  8. DonHill says:

    Okay long time follower but I haven’t commented to much in the past but I feel a need to vent. All during pre game and through the game the Fox so called football experts were lauding this Hawk team as playing beyond expectations and how this team is young and has a bright future ahead of them, Really?? the hawks have youth at Offensive tackles, a rookie running back, 2 rookie defensive backs so were are the rest of the so called young players? Now there are rumors that Geno is to be resigned! My God I’m really tired of the Pete Carrol era! In the second half just because you have the lead does not mean you don’t need to make half time adjustments! Where were the blitzes? Purdy was throwing the ball all over the place when under pressure and yet I do not recall one blitz in the second half and there were times they rushed only 3 D lineman while dropping back 8, Purdy with plenty of time just dumped it off to Samuels who ate our lunch.

  9. Ryan Purcell says:

    Well, a first half that was promising turned sour quick! We could not force them into any mistakes and we made too many of our own. I felt like Walker re injured his ankle late in the second half and that really hurt the Seahawks in the second half. Our running game disappeared.

    I wish the defense would have played with more aggression. How often did we even blitz? I don’t remember even one. Poor showing for most everyone on the D.

    Lots of work to do for next season. Looking forward to reading this blog for info about upcoming picks and free agents. It’s going to be an interesting off season. It feels to me like the first season of our “rebuild” has been fairly successful even if this loss has been hard to take.

  10. O says:

    Thoroughly hoping for JS to take a sledgehammer to the defensive roster. Grab a C with one of their second round picks, maybe a late round G or RB, and then invest in defense. Sign a bunch of free agents, castaways, etc and churn the roster looking for diamonds in the rough. I cannot handle watching another game of Cody Barton running himself into a blocker instead of at the ball carrier for no apparent reason. There’s probably 2 starters who shouldn’t be pushed for their jobs, a couple DL who should be rotating, and the rest can go play in the CFL or XFL.

    • Rob Staton says:

      The entire defense needs rebuilding

      • Brennan says:

        It really feels like the Hawks would be better off scrapping the whole transition to a 3-4 and go back to Pete’s 4-3 while they still have most of the players to do it.

        • ImUrHuckleBerri says:

          I’ve wondered the same thing Brennan. Pete could have some ammo to going back and playing defense “HIS” way in a 4-3 and have a couple of guys to blame in Hurtt and Desai.

      • Elmer says:

        Yes! The personnel and the scheme both need intense critical evaluation, followed by decisive action. S##t or get off the pot.

  11. Mr Magic says:

    Man SF is in amazing shape. If Purdy is their guy, and he sure looks like it, hes on $2.9mln TOTAL for the next 3 years. They could rip off 3 strait SBs with that situation.

    • Joe Strummer says:

      I think Purdy will struggle in the playoffs against a real team with a defense. SF is good enough to just run the ball every play so it might not matter.

    • Hawkdawg says:

      They still have no drafts….

    • Tomas says:

      I don’t know, but my strong impression is that Purdy is real, and we’re just seeing the beginning of a long, distinguished NFL career as a starting NFL QB … smart, accurate, nimble, ice-water in the veins.

      With McVay’s just-announced return as Rams coach, nothing in the division grows easier.

    • 805Hawk says:

      He also says that they may tag him. That won’t happen with their cap space. This is all just posturing at this point. I wouldn’t listen to the national media at all.

      • Daniel D. says:

        Dump the safeties and you’ve got plenty of space.

        • HOUSE says:

          I’m for dumping Diggs/Adams, but I don’t know if all that money should go to Geno.

          • Daniel D. says:

            My thought is not to keep Geno on the tag but to trade him. I think he’d fetch a second rounder from the Panthers, the Falcons, the Saints, who could extend him to spread the cap hit over ~3 years. Look at deals over the years for Matt Ryan, Darnold, Wentz. Geno was better this year than any of those players when they were traded. Unless something drastic has changed in the QB market, he’ll fetch some value. I’d rather trade him than pay him 60m over the next two seasons, even if you can spread the cap it down a road a bit.

  12. Geoff u says:

    So much melodrama here. We had the lead at the half and it was a one score game after three quarters. That fumble turned the game. But surprisingly, we were competitive for most of it, even if it did end exactly as I expected. 49rrs are a super bowl level team and for a month now I’ve had them as favorites.

    Having said that, we’re not a good team and if you think Geno Smith and Carter/Anderson are going to make us as good as the 9ers I don’t know what to tell you. The defense has been pathetic for 5 straight years and one DL player won’t fix this. An elite QB can mask it, as russ did for years going one and done in the playoffs (sound familar?), but theres no guarantee well get one. We need to stop thinking the pick #5 will save this team. It’s going to take a lot more talent being added. So the question is, whats the best option at #5? Elite qbs are the hardest to find and the most valuable. If you don’t have one that should always be a teams first option, even if it means trading up. Unless there’s serious changes, like hiring Mora Jr again, this could be our best shot for years at getting one.

  13. Hebegbs says:

    If I’m being honest the first half was better than I expected by quite a bit. The 2nd half a little worse than I expected but not by much.

    This team made more progress than I thought they would. But they had no business being in the playoffs. They are 1/2 of a legit starting caliber NFL team that would have deep playoff aspirations. Their defense has been overmatched in 2/3 of their games and many times even against really bad offenses.

    Carter is not our savior here. They probably need 7 new starters/upgrades just on D. They were the weaker team tonight by a lot and their true colors finally came out (immediately) in the 2nd half.

  14. Palatypus says:

    The season in anagrams.

    Cody Barton = Candy Robot

    Pete Carroll = Clear Petrol

    Austin Blythe = Unable Shitty

    Jamal Adams = Peacock

  15. drrew76 says:

    Seemed like they were in the game until Barton tackled Woolen on the 3rd and 7 allowing Samuel to run free. It just snowballed from there.

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      That was crazy. As was the long run down the left sideline with receivers blocking for him.

    • Brennan says:

      It felt like the game got away from them on their first drive of the second half. They marched down to answer the 49ers opening drive, got to the 49ers 10 yard line then, questionable Offensive Lineman downfield call, followed by Geno’s fumble. Momentum changed…..49ers…..march down and score. 2 possession game. Next play, Geno throws a pick. That was the game right there.

    • Pran says:

      For me, when Pete decided to punt the ball on the last but one drive in 1st half

  16. Ishmael says:

    The big takeaway is that the Hawks are miles away from seriously competing. Need a major injection of player and coaching talent. Not just a QB or DT away. The big thing with the Niners is that their worst player isn’t bad, they’ve got an incredibly high floor. The Seahawks are playing Cody Barton for serious minutes. The entire spine of the team is soft. Need talent at linebacker, safety, the interior OL, just about everywhere really. Need some actual coaches as well, not just random old Carroll sycophants.

    Metcalf played very well, the rookie tackles held up well, apart from that?

  17. GoHawksDani says:

    First half the Hawks played to their maximum while SF not.
    2nd half SF played to their maximum while Hawks crumbled
    Woolen sucked so bad it was embarassing. They went after him. It was a super bad outing for him, maybe only Abrams was worse with that ankle twist shitty move.
    Geno is what he is. A game manager who can make some nice throws and be super accurate but can also make stupid mistakes and doesn’t handle pressure well.
    iOL needs some upgrade. Rookie OTs needs some more exp and play better.
    Defense were up and down. Some nice PBUs and TFLs but other times it felt like kindergarden kids trying to play against men. They play soft and lack BAMFness badly.
    Offense playcall was mehh, was not a fan, especially that weak 3&8 run and longer plays. You could probably go forward with 4-6 yard passes.
    On the defense the secondary play really bad. LBs lack starpower but they played decent (based on their talent and ceiling). On the front, apart from Nwosu I wasn’t a fan of anyone. Irvin made some plays but also missed some.

    The 1st half Hawks might just need an offseason to be a contender. The second half Hawks will need much more

  18. Paul Murphy says:

    Fun game for a half…fun season overall. Hawks playing with house money due to low expectations..the Gino story and stellar rookies. Lessons learned from years past to inform upcoming draft and free agency:
    1) No more Big Swings in FA PLEASE! No Jamal Adams, Percy Harvin or Jimmy Graham trades for high draft picks. Get your future stars in the draft P&J
    2) Draft high on Oline, like Cross, Lucas and D. Lewis…no more Joeckel busts for $8mil
    3) Grab value vets on Dline like Red Bryant, Clemons, Avril, Nowosu
    4) QB? Trust your gut…if you think you’ve found the guy in the draft pull the trigger! Enjoy not having Russ’s agent up in your grill for once this year

  19. Cysco says:

    So the next bid date to look towards is Monday.

    Stroud declaring for the draft is pretty critical for us.

  20. Pran says:

    So JAX decided to play ugly. That takes away attention from Seahawks.

  21. Ely says:

    7th seeds killing it

  22. Stuart says:

    How many new starters on D do we need?

    11 starters on Defense.

    With Pete, 4 new starters. Day 1 and day 2 picks, free agent. Likely no QB with 5. All in Win Now! We are so close!!!!

    With JS, we will have 4-5 new starters. They will be from day 2 and day 3, free agents.

    Personally i want 6 new D starters. To me the absolute worst by far is Cody Barton. Shameful display by him.

  23. Ely says:

    My mistake Jacksonville is the 4th seed

  24. Cysco says:

    @NFL over the last 4 quarters of wild card playoff football, the 7th seeds have been out scored 52 to 6. I’m no expert, but maybe bad teams shouldn’t make the playoffs.

  25. Shane says:

    Not too shabby for a Pete hating, Geno hating Englishman (I watched the stream)… In all seriousness your realistic takes, your in-depth research, and your keen eye for talent are so appreciated by many of us Hawk fans. I’ve never understood those little cults within Seahawks fandom. Keep up the great work, stay fearless in ticking off the culties when needed. I’m looking forward to your pre-draft analysis and takes from now through the end of April.

  26. Daniel D. says:

    The only pathway the Seahawks have to gain a competitive advantage over the 49ers in the foreseeable future is to draft and develop a top tier QB. As solid as Purdy looks, he doesn’t flash the traits of an Allen or Mahomes. For the Seahawks to take back the division, they need to take swing to try to get that guy.

    Drafting a dline prospect isn’t going to cut it. Even if you hit on a DL with your top pick, you’re not going to equal the talent across the SF line, or at LB, or the Niners multitude of offensive weapons. If you hit on QB, you can continue to unlock DK and to give the OL and running game a chance to shine.

    I don’t think the team can afford not to take a QB.

    • Palatypus says:

      I don’t know about only a QB. Van Pran would make this offensive line a lot better and it’s a pretty good tight end group.

      Try to have an open mind.

      • Daniel D. says:

        I’m open to adding talent on either side of the ball– after the first pick.

        There’s no amount of talent that the Seahawks can realistically add around Geno to compete for a championship. Van Pran would be a major upgrade to the line. He’s not going to make the up the difference between the Hawks and the Niners team we’ll be facing over the next few years.

        • Palatypus says:

          Yes, but the 49ers have to KEEP all those players and they have their own challenges under the salary cap.

        • Shane says:

          100% agree Daniel. They have to find a talented QB with the 5th pick. There are so many holes on the roster, but an uber talented QB can fill multiple holes in one position. I would be far past the moon, probably on Mars, if the Seahawks got AR. There isn’t another talent like his in the draft. I understand the fear and concern about potentially picking a dud, I remember the Kelly Stauffer (Chuck Knox was all over Farve then), McGwire and Myer picks, but AR seems special with his running ability and that cannon for an arm has me mesmerized. With an upgraded middle oline and paired with K9 in the backfield I can’t stop thinking of the possibilities.

  27. downtownjewelrybryan says:

    just finished listening…another reason to root for tompa bay is cause if pete calls it i’d want to bring quinn back. love pete but his staff couldn’t even get robinson taylor or mafe to beat out bruce. i dont think alton or darrell were even in to rotate at all.

  28. Kyle R says:

    Damn it I wanted Petersen as coach this last year! Look how Jacksonville has no quit and then he has the balls to play for the win instead being scared to lose and playing safe.

    • swedenhawk says:

      Incredible win. What Pedersen has done in Jacksonville this season is truly remarkable. Shad Khan finally seems to have gotten it right.

      • Mr Magic says:

        I wouldn’t call it remarkable. Jax is loaded with top draft picks from the last 5-6yrs and a stud franchise qb having a brilliant year and they had a weak schedule, weaker than ours. They went 9-8 just like us. If they threw 4 picks vs SF in the first half u think they come back and win tonight?

        I like Pederson, good coach, but I dont know if he woulda done much better this year with our group that what occurred…

  29. ImUrHuckleBerri says:

    I think people are forgetting that Seattle had brought Matt Flynn over to Seattle on a contract and had their guy before drafting Russell that same year. Pete didn’t shy away from starting Russell who was better. We will be able to tell if Pete is too sentimental with the Old Gang if the rookie shows they are better than Geno and don’t get to start.

    • Mr Magic says:

      I get the sense that Geno looks amazing in practice. Gym class all star we use to call it. Will be hard for a rook to come in and look better unless they are a stud. Flynn was also entering a new situation, not 4yrs under his belt in the system. Will be much harder for a rookie next year. and maybe that is a good thing!

  30. Cambs says:

    We need to get an update from the stream’s “Trevor Lawrence sucks” guy.

  31. Jabroni-DC says:

    Tip of the hat to the Jags on the comeback.

    Down, down, ducks!

  32. GoHawks5151 says:

    Bye Chargers. That’s what you get for costing us the 3rd pick.😉

    Staley gonna follow in Kingsbury’s shoes as the young, big brained coach that can’t get it done if he’s not careful

    • BA says:

      Has Kingsbury ever been mistaken for being big-brained?

      Staley should have been fired last year. Way too soft and conservative.

  33. BA says:

    You can always count on the Chargers to be a complete embarrassment. I’ve watched more of their games than I care to admit and all year they would look fantastic for a quarter and a half and then retreat into dump-offs, runs up the middle, and soft zone defense for the rest of the game.

    • McZ says:

      They missed one of the best WR in the AFC, have basically no run game, no TE and are still playing their backup OL. The latter is not Staleys fault, the atrocious 2022 draft and not finishing the job is.

  34. Mr Magic says:

    This Targaryan fella really came thru for Jax…

  35. Tomas says:

    Thanking all the gods Jody & the Vulcan gang resisted any pressures to fire Pete. Crikey, we might have ended up with anyone, even Doug Pederson. Extend Pete now!