LISTEN: Some thoughts ahead of the Minnesota game

August 18th, 2019 | Written by Rob Staton

I made a quick podcast looking at the NFC contenders this year and looking ahead to the Minnesota game. Check it out and let me know what you think…

8 Responses to “LISTEN: Some thoughts ahead of the Minnesota game”

  1. Pocic is great so far.

  2. Bigten says:

    Interesting that Turner has been playing with the starters over Moore and Metcalf

  3. mishima says:

    Dru Samia / Beast. So wanted that guy.

  4. Quake2 says:

    D-line was a liability, but right now it just looks like an embarrassment. No amount of good safety play will remedy that. We are getting absolutely bullied into non existence. Edge cant be set, and our 1’s get blocked across face 10 yards deep. Looks like high school ball. Center can’t hold the line, or push the pocket. Zero pass rush pressure, except when all out blitzing at the expense of coverage.

    Paxton caves from pressure, loses all accuracy, and gets into a funk. I was hoping he’d follow up last week, but he reverted to his old ways today.

    Unfortunate to see the ugly Jazz fumble, but may be redeemable.

    Martin was getting destroyed on the o-line. Play after play getting torched by speed and power. Luckily he is a backup.

    Penny? Just seems hesitant and conflict avoidant. Not making quick moves. Also had some bad situations on handoffs. Looks more and more like a pass catching 3rd down back. He needs to get his rushing in gear.


    Ursua and homer looked quick and decisive. Homer may be slight, but has good instincts.

    BBK and Barton were getting involved play after play after play. BBK particularly was playing smarter and faster than those around him, albeit against backups. Good to see his size wasn’t being a liability as much as it has been discussed.

    Shead, except one missed tackle, seemed to be providing good play and leadership. Flowers (minus ST blocking), looked solid.

    I like our secondary. It looks like it has the pieces. We have a few new and young offensive rookies that may grow and contribute.

    Dline is gonna cripple our d’s effectiveness and make game planning against us a joke. Hate being a downer..but it’s just hard to win when you are getting curb stomped in the trenches.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Look, the D-line is a problem. But Poona Ford, Jarran Reed and Al Woods played well tonight and Ziggy Ansah wasn’t playing. So let’s have a little bit of perspective.