Live: 2020 NFL Draft (rounds 4-7)

April 25th, 2020 | Written by Rob Staton

Seahawks picks

Round four (#133) — Colby Parkinson (TE, Stanford)
He’s a tall, lean, move-TE. The Cardinal used him as a receiver and he didn’t do much blocking. He’s 6-7 and 252lbs with 33 1/4 inch arms. He ran a 7.15 three cone — which is in the ballpark. Again — it’s the three cone that’s the big thing here. He only ran a 4.77. But a good three cone puts you on the radar at this position. According to PFF, he didn’t drop a single pass in 2019. Going into the 2019 season he was being talked up as a player who could rise into the first round range. It never happened — but that’s the potential he has.

Round four (#144) — Deejay Dallas (RB, Miami)
Yet again, we’ve been able to identify a Seahawks running back. He was on our physical profile list from the combine. He fits their size and explosive trait ideals. He’s 5-10, 217lbs and jumped a 33.5 inch vertical and a 9-11 broad. He finishes his runs. He’s tough — just as they like. This isn’t a surprise at all — and they badly needed to add some depth at the position.

Round five (#148) — Alton Robinson (DE, Syracuse)
He ran a superb 4.32 short shuttle (second best time at the combine) and that’s a test we’ve identified that really matters for defensive lineman and Seattle. His 4.69 forty shows off his athleticism and he had an explosive 35.5 inch vertical. They probably had him this low due to a lack of length (32 3/8 inch arms) but in this range you can take a shot. His pass rush win percentage was only OK — it’s 15.9%.

Round six (#214) — Freddie Swain (WR, Florida)
Once again, the Seahawks target a 4.4 (4.46) runner at receiver. I had him on the horizontal board as a seventh round possibility. Seattle uses their last pick to tap into the deep receiver class. He’s considered a contender to return punts in the NFL and a dynamic slot receiver. However, he’s also been knocked for his attention to detail when running routes.

Round seven (#251) — Stephen Sullivan (TE, LSU)
The Seahawks traded their 2021 sixth rounder to Miami to jump back into the seventh round. Stephen Sullivan had an incredible journey to LSU and he has incredible length (35.5 inch arms) on a 6-5, 248lbs frame. He ran a 4.66 at the combine and jumped a 36.5 inch vertical. His agility testing, however, was dreadful. That’s one of the main reasons he’s lasted this long. He’s a high character team player who could develop into a big target (much like Colby Parkinson).

2020 draft class

R1 — Jordyn Brooks (LB)
R2 — Darrell Taylor (EDGE)
R3 — Damien Lewis (G)
R4 — Colby Parkinson (TE)
R4 — Deejay Dallas (RB)
R5 — Alton Robinson (DE)
R6 — Freddie Swain (WR)
R7 — Stephen Sullivan (TE)

Here’s a short podcast Brandan and I recorded reflecting on day two…

1,366 Responses to “Live: 2020 NFL Draft (rounds 4-7)”

  1. TCHawk says:

    I’m hoping for:
    Prince T
    Joe Reed

  2. Coleslaw says:

    Really warming up to Brooks. Wasn’t the biggest need, but I can appreciate the talent. Should be a nice starter soon. Think we actually found our next MLB.

    Really am digging the quality of players we’ve added so far. Makes up for the small amount of picks this year.

    • Sea Mode says:

      I think he makes a lot more impact on the outside, where he played the two seasons before last. That was my gross scouting omission this year: only looking at 2019 tape and pinning him as a Mike, which I assumed we wouldn’t invest in because we have Bobby.

      Let’s let Brooks take over for KJ and see if we can’t groom Barton to be our next MLB.

      Also, re-posting these from the end of last thread, cause people will like to see them!

      Logan Lynch says:
      April 25, 2020 at 6:25 am
      I saw this too. If you haven’t watched it, check out the first 30 seconds of Brooks junior season highlight film. Vol tipped me off to it. Starts with a Brooks pregame speech. Seems like they drafted some dudes with fire…love it!

      Rob Staton says:
      April 25, 2020 at 6:29 am

      • Sea Mode says:

        That’s the kind of BAMF attitude I like to hear:

        Burner says:
        April 25, 2020 at 3:44 am

        The more I see of Taylor, the more I like him. The type of player we really need and I love his attitude.


      • Davido says:

        I think we discussed this before here but I am really curious in what they see in Barton. His biggest strength seems to be pass coverage. He is just so different from Bobby Wagner, phyisically, the way he plays, everything.
        Brooks looks way more like a Bobby Wagner type than Barton.
        However, Barton looked best in preseason when he was playing the MLB spot. Will be an interesting pre season at linebacker.

  3. Trevor says:

    As much as I disliked the Hawks plan on Day #1 I liked it on day #2. Taylor and Lewis are both incredible additions who I think have the potential to be young building blocks going forward. Even though I was not happy with the Hawks Day #1 I really liked the player. I think they have 3 Day #1 starters in their first 3 picks and that is a success IMO so far. This is still a flawed roster but this draft is helping so far and that is a positive.

    I had my own bog board done up for the Hawks ad this is what I have left.

    Seahawks Day #3 Big Board

    Rashaad Lawrence, DT
    Prince Tega Wangoho, OT
    Amik Robertson, CB
    Leki Fotu, DT
    Curtis Weaver, Edge
    Hunter Bryant, TE
    Khalid Kareem, Edge
    Hakeem Adeniji, OL
    Jason Strowbridge, Edge
    Nick Harris, C
    Joshua Kelley, RB
    Anthony Mcfarland, RB
    Bryce Hall, CB
    Saahdiq Charles, OT
    Reggie Robinson, CB
    Donovan Peoples-Jones, WR
    Kevin Dotson, OL
    Tyler Johnson, WR
    Gabriel Davis, WR
    Collin Johnson, WR
    Stephen Sullivan, TE
    Lamichal Perine, RB
    Joe Reed, WR
    James Robinson, RB
    Josh Metellus, S
    Madre Harper, CB
    Steve Montez , QB
    Tipa Galea, Edge
    Trey Adams, OT
    Jake Breeland, TE
    Derrek Tuszka, Edge
    Rico Dowdle, RB
    Nick Coe, DL

    • Producehawk says:

      I like. Do you think the should try to move up to get a guy?

      • Some good name still left. 27 picks u till our first then three in a short time. Im hoping for one of Amik or Bryce Hall. Amik would be great in the slot and Bryce could come in and learn and possibly be in the mix in 2021.

  4. Trevor says:

    Would love to see the Hawks use some 2021 draft capital to get up into the top of Rd #4 to grab Wangoho who would have a couple of years to develop and be a legit replacement at LT for Duane Brown.

    • Mexican Hawk says:

      This is not a bad idea, could prove a good use of resources if it pans out. Getting a starting caliber LT this late. Amik would be my get, really want to improve the slot. Leki is really appealing as well, they tend to go the veteran rout at run stopping DT, but he seems like a BAMF.

      More than anything for this upcoming season and draft (2021) hope the Seahawks can focus on getting at least a couple 4th to 7th round picks in trades for existing veterans. They always do that and sometimes turn around and wisely flip them for players like Dunbar. Let’s just kick it up a notch.

      Who knows how the Oline is going to end up with so many bodies. Copy the NE model of letting go of players before their prime. Probably could have done something with Sherm before losing him, his situation was complicated. Will be interesting to see who they extend and who they part with at the CB position.

      • Producehawk says:

        I am on board with that totally. Don’t want to use this years but a next year fifth?

  5. pugs1 says:

    WR’s i like to see the Seahawks draft in the 4th only to cut after training camp

    KJ Hill OSU
    Donovan Peoples-Jones Michigan
    Gabe Davis UCF
    Tyler Johnson Minnesota
    Quintez Cephus Wisconsin
    Antonio Gandy-Golden Liberty

  6. Coleslaw says:

    PFF had Brooks as the best run defender and best tackler out of all LBs (including Isaiah Simmon).
    Had a run defense grade of 91.5.

    He missed only 7% of his tackle attempts the last 2 seasons, best of all off-ball linebackers with at least 150 attempts in those 2 years. He had 186. So he missed 13 tackles in 2 years while being in on a lot of them.

    FWIW (not much), they had him as an honorable mention for ‘most fun to watch’

    • Henry Taylor says:

      Would be stoked to get him.

      • Pugs! says:

        I’d love to see them grab Quez @ 214

      • Kevin Mullen says:

        I was really hoping for a shot at Aiyuk or Reagor with our second pick (wherever that could have been) but obviously those two were a lot higher on draft boards than thought and rightfully so: both guys could tilt the field in a single play. Quez could be the poor man’s version of these two. I just want someone explosive on offense.

  7. Love the perspective and certainly coming around on picking Lewis. Stuck on the need for competition up front on DL still. Was looking at the FA available and certainly agree, we’ll likely see a Mebane et al come in at some point. My Day 3 “wish list”: Alton Robinson and Trevis Gipson are both a bit of a project, Tyler Johnson at WR, Benito Jones and Broderick Washington. What do you think of K’Von Wallace? Perine is a punisher? BoPete Keyes? Enjoy the day.

  8. Henry Taylor says:

    Posted this at the end of the last thread:

    Film breakdown of Darrell Taylor to kill the time before day 3 begins.

  9. Based on Zierleib and Bruglers reports Rashard Lawrence is all John and Pete wants in player from character standpoint.

  10. Trevor says:

    Ran my last PFN Mock simulator for the year. Never traded up but traded a 6th rd pick next year for a 7th round pick this year to grab a developmental QB in Montez. I would be quite happy with a draft like this actually.

    27. Jordyn Brooks
    OLB Texas Tech

    48. Darrell Taylor
    OLB Tennessee

    69. Damien Lewis
    G LSU

    133. Amik Robertson
    CB Louisiana Tech

    144. Leki Fotu
    DT Utah

    148. Hunter Bryant
    TE Washington

    214. Alex Taylor
    OT SC State

    227. Steven Montez
    QB Colorado

  11. Trevor says:

    I love the Darrell Taylor pick. We have talked about him alot this year as a big time upside guy who was really under rated. One of the things that cannot be underestimated when talking about Taylor and his productivity is the fact that he basically was the entire Vols pass rush the last two years. There was very little inside pass rush or a guy on the other side. Therefore teams could really scheme for him and slide the RB to his side to help the OT. Much like Brian Burns last year he was his teams pass rush. Another plus is that his coach Pruitt does a great job coaching up the DL so he should be fundamentally sound.

    My one and only concern is if he can stay healthy. If he can then I think this is an A+++ pick as he is a 1st round talent who I have been hoping the Hawks would target for 2 years now.

  12. Donny Henson says:

    I think we will get a WR, DL, CB nickel, and one BPA today.

  13. Sea Mode says:

    Gimme your 5 most Seahawky names for day 3

    Khalid Kareem
    K’Von Wallace
    Rashard Lawrence
    Bryce Hall
    Kenny Robinson

    • I have juste read about Kvona Wallace. He is no1 on my list for today.

      PFF guide before every position reports names players who are best tacklers, most fun, etc…for LBbest tackler was Brooks…guess best tackler for Safeties…Wallace…and his best role is nickel…great 6.76s 3 cone…leader…

  14. BoiseSeahawk says:

    Really happy with the picks thus far, my mock is trashed though.

    Curious if anyone had Curtis Weaver falling to day 3? Hadn’t seen that projection before. Injuries? Conference? seems like a good value for the day.

    Others: Gabriel Davis, Prince Tega Wanogho

    • Producehawk says:

      I would be in on trading up and getting Weaver or Wanogho great value. They won’t be there at 133.

    • TJ says:

      BoiseSeahawk asking about Curtis Weaver. Safe to assume you live in Boise? I live in the Seattle area, but am from Boise and graduated from Boise State. Its a nice place.

  15. Steve Nelsen says:

    Rob, making your Cowboy fan friend wear a 49ers t-shirt for losing your mock draft challenge is diabolical. Well played!

  16. Rik says:

    Donovan Peoples-Jones is super athletic, tall, and strong. He came up big in every game, even though Michigan had crappy quarterback play.

    I don’t think he’ll last to the Hawk’s picks, but I bet Russ would love throwing to him.

    • Coleslaw says:

      Was a top recruit out of high school. SO much hype

    • Sea Mode says:

      But did he really come up big in every game? Nobody doubts he’s an absolute athletic freak.

      • TJ says:

        At this point in the draft, we aren’t going to find many athletic freaks who came up big in every game. Those guys are already gone. A 4th or 5th rounder for someone with his potential sounds right. I watched a lot of Michigan games and he is a good player. I would be thrilled to get him.

  17. Coach says:

    Would this be doable?

    It seems obvious that we are still planning getting some FA’s after the draft since we didn’t invest at key positions high in the draft. Do we have enough money to get:

    DE Clowney
    RB Fournette (trade next year’s 5th?)
    DT Snacks Harrison

    I can see these 3 really playing key roles and taking us to the next level. Can we afford them? I think we need to cut Britt – that will help. I’m sure Russ would restructure to get the Clowney deal done if that’s what it takes!

    Also, do you think we could get Marquis Lee WR for the league minimum? He’d be better than any WR we could get today and doesn’t he have a connection with Pete?

    Go Hawks!!

    • Von says:

      I believe Lee signed w/ the Patriots Coach.

    • Dutchenstein says:

      Even crazier of a trade, what if we draft Hunter Bryant today, which would then allow us to trade Hollister and Fluker plus next year’s first for YN and Fournette. We then cut Britt to make room. All of sudden we now have picked up some super stars that Russ asked for.
      Does drafting Taylor shut the door on YN, since they are somewhat similar styles? Would we instead prefer Clowney or Griffen?
      Then maybe trading a 4th next year and Fluker for Fournette could be an option.
      I realize all of this won’t happen, just spitballing.

  18. KennyBadger says:

    I agree with Rik that DPJ would be a good pick. Also think Q Cephus has been underrated playing in an offense that focuses on the run. Bigger guy with great hands that always seemed to make a play when called upon.

    I’m liking the speed and toughness we’re adding, but I think it is shaping up that the hawks will be one of the busier teams in the post draft market. Is it at all realistic to get clowney and griffen both for $20ish million combined? I just can’t see how they carry Britt at that cost.

  19. Ulsterman says:

    Think the needs now are DT, T, CB, WR, and RB.

    probably the easiest to fill via free agency would be a run stuffing DT and running back depth.

    I think if there’s someone there with our first pick who you could develop into a viable starting tackle in one or two years time – Prince T, Adeniji, Terence Steele – that should maybe be the pick.

    Having said that I kind of want Benito Jones with one of our picks.

    The best value may be at guard, but we’re completely stocked there at this stage.

  20. DC says:

    Question about Eno Benjamin Rob. You mentioned in the podcast that he wasn’t explosive enough for the Hawks type. His combine results were a 39” vert jump & a 122” broad jump. Those are pretty respectable. Just curious if you’re basing your assessment on tape or something else? He is a little light for their size profile but maybe in the window.

  21. Coach says:

    Count me in on Peoples-Jones after reading this:

    Donovan Peoples-Jones didn’t quite have the production at Michigan given his status as a five-star recruit and No. 1 wide receiver in his class coming out of high school. That said, his quarterback play has been dreadful and it limited his ability to be more productive. Peoples-Jones has many qualities that make him an appealing NFL prospect and likely a better pro than college player. His hands, ball skills, size and athletic ability all shine on tape. There’s no questioning his ability to adjust to the football and pluck it with consistency. His body control and concentration along the sidelines and in contested situations are outstanding. The biggest concern with Peoples-Jones at the next level is how consistently he can beat press coverage and if he has enough quick-twitch qualities to be a consistent separator. Peoples-Jones is best utilized as a big slot that can also help his team as a returner.

    5 star recruit and #1 WR overall in his class coming out of HS – I can see Pete drooling already! Pete seems to love the big time recruits that fall to become value picks because of their situation. Plus he can return kicks for us. Sign me up! Do you think he will get to us at 133 or 144?

    Go Hawks!!

    • Matt says:

      DPJ as a big slot and KR/PR is extremely appealing. He has some freakish athleticism that could really help in the Red Zone as well.

  22. Big Mike says:

    Off topic here but I gotta give a shout out to Belichick the Evil Hoodie for having the best looking dog that’s been on camera throughout the draft. I have a serious soft spot for Huskies (and no I didn’t go to UW, went to Seattle U.).

  23. Von says:

    I’d like to see Darnell Mooney at WR.

  24. Big Mike says:

    OK back to actual football……….Rob: would Joshua Kelley be on Seattle’s radar? His measuarbles look to be right in the hawks’ wheelhouse at 5’11” and 219 lbs. What did his tape tell you?

    • Sea Mode says:

      Looked really good at the Sr Bowl. 4.49 at the Combine is also nice. But he is a little lighter than they prefer (212 at the Combine) and not as explosive as they prefer (31 vert, 10’1″ broad).

      Could be an option though for 3rd down back since it’s day 3.

    • TJ says:

      Was just about to ask the same question. Watched him play in a post-season all star game (East West Shrine, maybe?) and he looked really good. Not sure how he projects as a pro.

      • Big Mike says:

        I didn’t watch any all-star games but do watch quite a bit of Pac-12 football and have always liked him. Thanks for the numbers Sea Mode. Doesn’t sound like he’ll be on their radar but he’s definitely a downhill type so maybe not a bad choice as a #3 guy.

  25. Coleslaw says:

    I don’t think we’ll draft Fotu with his motor concerns.

  26. Producehawk says:

    Would you trade next year draft capital to do something like this? I had to use a third.

    Jordyn Brooks
    OLB Texas Tech
    SEA 48.
    Darrell Taylor
    OLB Tennessee
    SEA 69.
    Damien Lewis
    G LSU

    SEA 110.
    Prince Tega Wanogho
    OT Auburn
    trade icon

    SEA 133.
    Rashard Lawrence
    DT LSU

    SEA 144.
    K.J. Hill
    WR Ohio State

    SEA 148.
    Lamical Perine
    RB Florida

    SEA 214.
    Harrison Hand

    • AndrewP says:

      100% yes. We have no idea what 2020 will look like, and you will almost certainly have a much better grasp on this year’s class than you will next year.

    • Trevor says:

      I think I would give up a 3rd next year if they could add Wanogho and Lawrence. We really need a legit LT prospect to develop behind Brown.

      • Producehawk says:

        Rob has him in second (Prince Wango) so assuming next year is a late third, I would think getting a developmental Tackle would be a good idea. Assuming his injuries are not to much of a red flag. Probably why he would even be here.

  27. Hawkhomer1 says:

    Just wanted to say thank you again Rob. This site has helped me get through this crazy time.

    Today, I would like to see Adeniji and Hall.

  28. Justaguy says:

    Looking at Minnesota with 13 picks remaining!

  29. Steve Nelsen says:

    Still looking for a WR and a KR. DPJ fits. Anyone else?
    Hunter Bryant fits the Seahawks TE physical profile and would be great value.
    Amik Robertson for slot corner? Yes, please.

    Please get me Michael Jacquet with a late pick. Converted WR with crazy length who talked to Seattle.

    Still believing for Clowney or Griffin.
    Maybe we get Fournette after the draft for RB depth.
    Can get a FA DT for near the veteran minimum.

  30. Rob Staton says:

    I want us to land at least one of the following:

    Leki Fotu
    Amik Robertson
    Hunter Bryant
    Nick Harris
    Joe Reed
    Bryce Hall
    Saahdiq Charles

    • Trevor says:

      I agree completely. Rob would you give up a 3rd next year if it meant they could get at least 2 of these guys?

      Do you prefer Charles over Wanogho as a developmental LT / swing tackle?

    • Henry Taylor says:

      No Rashard Lawrence? I think he’d fit into their ethos for this draft nicely.

    • Mexican Hawk says:

      Exactly, that would be awesome. At least 1. That list is awesome. Those players cover many bases. Still a flawed team, but one of those can cover one of those deficiencies.

      It will be like Round 2 a lot of those will go early today. No need to panic, but if needed and you have one in mind. go and get him. Just as Rob mentioned prior to round 2.

      John Schneider repeatedly stated his envy of the Vikings day 3 haul (volume of picks) so we are not in an ideal scenario. It is what it is, live and learn.

      How I wish we would sign Jadaveon to a 1 year deal. Best of both worlds, give a much needed boost to 2020-21 Seahawks and give us a chance to either re-sign him long term or worse case scenario recoup a third round comp for him after he signs a long term deal elsewhere after a healthier season. Much better than him signing a one year deal with some other team in this truncated off-season.

      • clbradley17 says:

        Well OT Charles of LSU is gone. Heck with just 1, 2-4 would be great. Fotu and Robertson on D, Harris and Reed at C and WR. But I’d be just as happy with Ismael or Biadasz at center, Benito Jones at DT, a couple other WRs who ran 4.3-4.4 at the combine in Watkins or Hightower and other nickel CBs to compete with Amadi.

        On another note, unfortunately 49ers keep improving with trade for Trent Williams at OT from Washington.

  31. Coach says:

    Predictions? Let’s hear’em!

    Here’s what I’m hoping for!

    133 Peoples-Jones WR Mich – sounds like exactly what they look for in their players!
    144 Lawerence/Fotu DT – strong as an ox and LEADERSHIP!
    148 Kelley/Perine/McFarland RB – Playmaking ability!
    214 They get their annual developmental CB

    Go Hawks!!

  32. Coleslaw says:

    Someone compared Eno Benjamin to Reggie Bush

  33. Kingdome1976 says:

    Anybody else get a bit of a BAMF feeling from each of our picks so far?

  34. Trevor says:

    If we could add Fotu as a 1 tech then are able to resign Clowney I would feel a lot better about our DL and defense next year.

  35. Happy Hawk says:

    The trend this draft is to get “their guy” BPA. I wonder who the Hawks are tracking and will they have to go up again in this round to get him? If your target is Prince T, Weaver, Amik, or Anae they will have to come way up. If they have H Bryant, J Kelley, Lawrence, or Nick Harris etc. they may be able the draft to come to them at #133,#144, and #148. Should be interesting.

  36. Jhams says:

    List of people I’d be happy to see.

    Fotu, great upside if we can get the motor going. R Lawrence another great D line option.

    Either of the H Bryant TEs would be great.

    Amik Robertson is a dog, love that guy.

    Eno Benjamin as a scat back. Josh Kelly I thought would be gone by now.

    Q Cephus or Antonio G G would be fine.

    The Prince just because of the awesome name.

    Javelin Guidry, 4.2 speed and 21 bench reps for a late round guy? Yes please.

    • Sea Mode says:

      I’m torn on Amik Robertson. I want to like him, love his competitive fire, instincts, and production (5 INT, 15 PBU in 2019), but he played in a small conference and lacks so much length, even for a pure slot corner. (30 1/4 arms, 73 7/8 wingspan). Tyrann Mathieu has 31 1/4 arms and played at LSU. IDK. I think they might be thinking of playing Dunbar in the slot anyways.

  37. EranUngar says:

    I just encountered something very weird:

    This is what they say:

    “According to NFL Next Gen Stats, the Seahawks’ selections in the first three rounds have the highest average athleticism score.

    “In a follow-up tweet, Next Gen Stats described the athleticism score as “representing the most important drills at the combine in a single metric that best predicts NFL success for each position.” Athleticism scores range from 50 to 99, and the average score of Seattle’s picks after two days is 97.”

    “excluding QB & OL”

    The Seahawks drafted 3 players. One was just cleared for running and only ran the 40 yards. One was recovering from leg surgery and did not test at the combine. The 3rd is a Guard – OL.

    All they had on all players combined in the combine is Brooks running 4.54 40.

    How the hell did they come up with that number???

  38. Coleslaw says:

    I’ll give a prediction:

    We don’t trade up, keep 3 picks from 133-148.

    133. Amik Robertson
    144. Rashard Lawrence
    148. Terence Steele
    214. Joe Reed

  39. Volume12 says:

    Keep it real guys.

    We all know the best moment of the draft was CeeDee’s Lamb GF.

  40. Trevor says:

    Jim Nagy on ESPN radio draft converge today which should be interesting.

  41. Rob Staton says:

    People will have their different views.

    I love Mel Kiper Jr.

    I love the way he loves the draft.

    He is a reassuring, consistent figure. A symbol of the draft. A unique, perfectly suited individual who encapsulates the nerdy, geeky, excitable side of being a draft fan.

    He’s also a great brodcaster.

  42. Coleslaw says:

    Im at work but I have an opportunity to watch the draft. Ill be hopping on here from time to time. GO HAWKS!

  43. Rob Staton says:


    Trent Williams to the Niners.

  44. My view of the first two days is that the Seahawks have set up for cutting Britt and KJ Wright.

  45. EranUngar says:

    SF just got Trent Wiliams from WASH. DAMNNNNNNNNNNN

  46. Volume12 says:

    Bhahahaha! The 9ers get Trent Williams.

  47. Group captain mandrake says:

    It’s funny that a lot of people have been complaining that Seattle has too many O linemen with 19 on the roster. Then I read that after drafting Cole Kmet that the Bears have 10 tight ends! That is crazy.

  48. Big Mike says:

    one of your targets off the board already Rob 🙁

  49. Matt says:

    Dammit…really wanted Charles – thought he was physically a safe bet to eventually become a starting LT down the line. A very ideal 4th round pick.

  50. Bruce Smith says:

    Wonder if the Seahawks can do the same w/ Yannick.

  51. Bruce Smith says:

    Rob, will you post a Day 3 Seahawks board today?

  52. DC says:

    Mock Draft Competition results through round 3.

    Jordyn Brooks was chosen 0 times
    Darrell Taylor was chosen 28 times
    Damien Lewis was chosen 14 times

    TDD is currently the stand alone leader having picked both D. Taylor & D. Lewis.

    Results are subject to operator error. My abacus is a little rusty.

    • Producehawk says:

      If we were a Miami site I would be kicking buttons. As it is, I don’t think I am competitive with TDD, nice job!

    • Zero times…first round pick…😂

      • Kenny Sloth says:

        Most didnt expect us to even make a first round pick let alone one of the surprises of the draft.

        Says a lot about where we are as fans

      • BruceN says:

        Funniest line of the day.

        I swear, sometimes I think JS and PC go to the draft thinking how can we mess with all the mock drafts, fans and the pundits. Let’s give’m a ride.

  53. Volume12 says:

    Another Clemson guy to the Raiders.

    • Henry Taylor says:

      It’s becoming like the Ravens with Bama when Ozzie was in charge. Can’t blame them, quality programme.

  54. Hawks4life says:

    Richard Sherman and Trent Williams on the same team, that should be entertaining.

  55. Volume12 says:

    I wonder if Seattle gets 2 guys here and punts on the draft. Meaning, the next 2 round they’ll use as UDFA

    • Rob Staton says:

      Makes sense.

      Aside from the R6-7 options looking crap, they also have less info this year than in previous years.

      Or make some veteran deals.

    • Sea Mode says:

      I think they’re gonna come out saying that they 3 guys they get in R4-R5 all had day 2 grades. Teams boards are gonna be really different this year.

  56. Rob Staton says:

    RB’s continue to fly off the board. That’s 11 now I think.

  57. LindyGuy says:

    My hope:

    133 Leki Fotu DT Utah
    144 K’Von Wallace, Nickel CB Clemson
    148 James Robinson, RB Illinois State
    214 Collin Johnson WR Texas

  58. Producehawk says:

    I like day three 20 picks to go!

  59. Ed says:

    Would you trade next years first for Ngakoues and Fournette? Would solve two problems with one pick.

  60. DC says:

    And blow of their money 💰 round?
    I’m always excited for the 5th

  61. Volume12 says:

    Panthers have lowkey had one of my favorite drafts.

  62. Big Mike says:

    Fotu gone and in division (Cards). 🙁

  63. Producehawk says:

    Arizona crap

  64. Volume12 says:

    Fotu to the Cards. Come on.

  65. Scot04 says:

    Crap Futu to AZ

  66. Mark Souza says:

    Leki Fotu the the Cards. Life’s getting tougher in the NFC West.

    • Coleslaw says:

      is Kliff gonna be able to get the best out of him though? I’m not convinced. He’ll get a splash play here and there but without the right coaching he’s gonna also disappear a lot

  67. clbradley17 says:

    Holy Crap. Fotu to AZ

  68. Cardinals quietly take Fotu

  69. Donny Henson says:

    Well Marcell Dareus is now an option to play 1 tech. Lets see if we get Rashard Lawrence for the 3 tech.

  70. Schism says:

    The NFC west is just maddeningly competent right now, going to be an absolute bloodbath for the next few years.

  71. DC says:

    Dammit AZ!

  72. Imani says:

    The Cardinals knocked this draft out of the park on paper. I’m sick to my stomach smh

  73. 49ers trade for Trent Williams?

  74. Shadow says:

    Of COURSE Fotu goes to AZ….

  75. Volume12 says:

    I know it sucks seeing a lot of guys we’ve talked about and identified gking to division rivals, but I also think that says a lot about Rob & the community as a whole that we see fits in the NFCW. Grown man division. Big boy football.

  76. Sea Mode says:

    Vikings gonna take Bryce Hall?

  77. It’s going to be tough sledding in the NFC West.

  78. mishima says:

    Late to the party.

    Starting to understand off-season: Continue to build culture; don’t overpay for players who aren’t ‘all in.’

    IMO, Brooks, Taylor, Lewis continue the Collier, Metcalf, Blair vibe. Grown-ass men with a love of the game.

    Excited for the late rounds and UDFA.

  79. clbradley17 says:

    Funny how they show a video of Fotu saying he doesn’t have any pass rush only a good run-stopper, but it shows him hitting the QB 6-7 times in 30 seconds of highlights. 5.1 40 at the combine for 6’5″ 335 is pretty awesome, and really agile for that size, used to play soccer.

  80. Volume12 says:

    ESPN: Ben Bartch woke up every morning in HS and drsnk a smoothie consisting of 7 eggs, cottage cheese, grits, peanut butter, banana’s, and Gatorade.

    Me: *trying to figure out how much almost a dozen eggs a day would cost*

  81. Cameron says:

    A lot of TE’s going ahead of Hunter Bryant.

  82. Kenny Sloth says:

    Kenny Robinson to Seattle? “You got me kicked off the team”

  83. clbradley17 says:

    Josh Kelley of RB was a good RB option until the Chargers took him, same with TE Har. Bryant of FAU. Both looked great at Senior Bowl, and Bryant was best blocking TE in college according to PFF.

  84. Producehawk says:

    Rashaad Lawrence, DT
    Prince Tega Wangoho, OT
    Amik Robertson, CB
    Leki Fotu, DT
    Curtis Weaver, Edge
    Hunter Bryant, TE
    Khalid Kareem, Edge
    Hakeem Adeniji, OL
    Jason Strowbridge, Edge
    Nick Harris, C
    Anthony Mcfarland, RB
    Reggie Robinson, CB
    Donovan Peoples-Jones, WR
    Kevin Dotson, OL

  85. Do we think they will double down on DE?


  86. These picks are cruising. Stenberg to Colts is a good pick.

  87. Sea Mode says:

    Once again: they get Trent Williams for $12.5m, Staley retires and they save $11m. All for just a 5th this year and a 3rd next. John Lynch has already earned my utmost respect these couple years. Incredible stuff.

    Adam Schefter

    Here’s what helped set into motion the Trent Williams’ trade: six-time Pro Bowl and All-Decade OT Joe Staley is expected to retire due to health concerns, per league sources. The 35-year-old Staley wanted to inform the 49ers in a timely way to help find a replacement. They have.

  88. Producehawk says:

    Eason to colts nice pick

  89. Volume12 says:

    That is the perfect landing spot for Eason.

      • DC says:

        Yup. Thought it would’ve happened earlier but that’s the Colts for you. Been killing the draft for years

    • Mexican Hawk says:

      He has a chance, if the Colts hit on Eason they will be set. Worth the risk in the 4th. Can learn behind a true pro in Rivers, I imagine Rivers will be a the stage of his career were he will want to be a mentor.

      Taylor, Pittman, Blackmon good draft for Ballard.

  90. Curtis Weaver is 26th player on PFF big board. Amd Jabari Zuniga is 6th round grade. I really dont get what they are doing.

  91. Big Mike says:

    So ESPN dropped the bottom of the screen crawl for several commercials and NFLN did the same. Betcha they pull that shit when we’re on the clock. That’s the one thing I don’t like about the simulcast. I can’t switch from one to the other when one drops the info off the bottom of the screen.

  92. Tecmo Bowl says:

    Indy is a great spot for Eason.

  93. Producehawk says:

    Great names left for the Hawks. I wonder how they will fool me this time???

  94. Happy Hawk says:

    Rob has lost 2 off his wish list ( Fotu and S Charles ) so 5 on his list left with 10 picks until #133. I’m rooting for Amik Robertson – so that will be the kiss of death probably comes off the board next!

  95. clbradley17 says:

    Steelers get RB McFarland.

  96. Kenny Sloth says:

    See ya skinny

  97. BigSmooth13 says:

    I really think Eason is overrated. He’s got a cannon but nothing else. No touch, no anticipation, little awareness/mobility. Don’t think he has the mentality to put in all the extra work he needs too.

    • Producehawk says:

      Worth a flyer. Maybe he will mature.

    • Big Mike says:

      if you’re wrong about his work ethic, the other stuff can be taught by Reich and Rivers. that’s a big “if” of course

      • CaptainJack says:

        Eason has no work ethic. Despite standing 6’6 and having a cannon arm he could barely beat out a 5’10 three star qb who had never started a college game…

        • BigSmooth13 says:

          To me touch and anticipation are more of a natural gift. Basketball players either have good touch/timing on their passes or they don’t. Never really seen someone become a great passer if they’re 20+ years old. They can be passable but not great. And I think QBs need to be great at that skill to be serviceable.

  98. Sea Mode says:

    Yet another RB off the board. McFarland to Steelers. Slim pickings.

  99. STTBM says:

    Rob, di you want us to wait to discuss Seattles pick till you post it above with your comments, or have at it?

  100. Scot04 says:

    I’d be happy with Dowdle in the 6th

  101. CaptainJack says:

    Fotu gone to the Cards which is a bummer. Any other team man…. Russ is gonna get eaten alive.

    I’m hoping for Larrell Murchison Jason Strowbridge or Tevis Gipson here… because of that I’m prepared for them to take Nick Harris

  102. Still lots of good names when our cluster of picks come.

  103. Zeke says:

    Wouldn’t it be something if the got Price Tega, Bryce Hall, Hunter Bryant and a slot guy

  104. Volume12 says:


    QB- Jacob Eason
    HB- Jonathan Taylor & Marlon Mack
    WR- Michael Pittman & Parris Campbell
    OL- Quenton Nelson, Braden Smith, Ryan Kelly (and it’s the best pass ocking group in the league)

    What a unit they’re building.

  105. HOUSE says:

    8 picks away…

  106. Regan says:

    I would like to see Amik Robertson with our pick. How about you guys?

  107. DC says:

    Colton McKivitz as the swing OT? Prince-TW, wonder what’s up there?

  108. mishima says:

    Jerry and Mike trying to use phones.

  109. Coach says:

    Do we take Hall CB if he is there? Wasn’t he one of the tops at the position?

    Go Hawks!!

  110. Volume12 says:

    There goes Sea Mode’s guy.

  111. KennyBadger says:

    Would they double up at DE with Anae?

  112. Sea Mode says:

    5 more picks, guys, and we get it started!

    Bryce Hall still there. Great value for the future.

    Kenny Robinson reminds me so much of Bradley McDougald. Might fit as well with the “more pro ready” theme they’ve gone with this year.

  113. They are going to pick some no name guy arent they?

  114. Logan Lynch says:

    There are about 8 guys here I would be good with. Which means they won’t take any of them.

    Also wouldn’t mind a small trade back, but I doubt anyone wants to trade up.

  115. Volume12 says:

    Why are these QB’s going ahead of Jake Fromm? Because Fromm is a**.

  116. Zeke says:

    Jets, Vikes, Cards already have taken a LT and are the only picks ahead of Hawks. Prince Tega pls

  117. DC says:

    Proche as the next Doug Baldwin? It is our designated WR round.

  118. Rob Staton says:

    Lots of good players still on the board

  119. Coleslaw says:

    Board falling very nice. Gonna be able to get 3 good players here soon.

  120. Coleslaw says:

    I think I want Bryce Hall. With the ? about Prince, I think Bryce is BPA to me

  121. Schism says:

    A few days ago I would have jumped on Prince Tega in the 4th round, now I’m stuck wondering what I’m missing with him lol

  122. Gohawks5151 says:

    Like to see Hall here. Amazing potential. Getting healthy. Tega very tempting. What’s up with Hunter Bryant? Almost wanna take him out of pity

  123. Sea Mode says:

    Hope MIN doesn’t steal Bryce Hall from us.

  124. Cards keep taking our guys, hopefully not this time.

  125. Coach says:

    Next 3 picks, I’m rooting for

    CB Hall
    WR Peoples-Jones
    DT Lawerence

    Which pick do we need to use for each in order to get them (who will last the longest?)

    Go Hawks!!

  126. HawksBill says:

    Would not mind seeing them get a slot CB, Amik Robertson is still available.

  127. Sea Mode says:

    Might ARI take another shot at “Honey Badger 2.0”?

  128. Jhams says:

    Really wondering what has led to the Prince falling so far. Medicals?

  129. Producehawk says:

    Damn Cards!

  130. Big Mike says:

    looks like they’ll be back from commercial by our pick. good news

  131. Henry Taylor says:

    The Cards are killing me this year

  132. STTBM says:

    Damn the Cards!

  133. Ashish says:

    3 picks in quick session here good luck 👍 SDB

  134. clbradley17 says:

    Of course Cards get our other DT option in Lawrence!!

  135. Carter S says:

    Seems like the Cardinals are tired of getting gashed in the run game

  136. Jdtjohnson says:

    hawks take Fromm…wtf?

  137. Troy says:

    Seriously fuck the cards! Lawrence stolen 2 pics before us, criminal

  138. Kenny Sloth says:


  139. Volume12 says:

    Cards are drafting for their division here.

  140. Tony says:

    F the Cards.

  141. Ulsterman says:

    Anyone think Seahawks pull a surprise and take Nick Harris?

  142. CaptainJack says:

    Lawrence. Tough.

  143. Amik or Hall are there if they want one.

  144. mishima says:

    Is Curtis Weaver still out there?

  145. Coleslaw says:

    And we don’t even see our pick on TV LOL

  146. Happy Hawk says:

    So here we go and 5 of Rob’s wish list still available! Amik, H Bryant, N Harris, J Reed, and B Hall. Can we get 2 of these guys?

  147. clbradley17 says:

    Weaver at DE, Benito Jones at DT, CB Robertson or Hall, someone else?

  148. Trevor says:

    The Cardinals have had an A++++ off season.

  149. HOUSE says:

    Cards are HAWK-BLOCKING right now… Haters

  150. Producehawk says:

    Come on. A song? Really

  151. Kenny Sloth says:

    Hawks drafted Fromm

  152. Matt says:

    Parkinson…awful, awful, awful pick.

  153. Mark Souza says:

    Oh great. They’re going to play a country song over our pick.

  154. Another head scrather

  155. Big Mike says:

    Not the TE a lot of folks expected.

  156. Sea Mode says:

    Pick is in!

  157. Coleslaw says:

    What a joke.

  158. Ulsterman says:

    Colby Parkinson

  159. Volume12 says:

    Not a bad pick at all.

  160. Donny Henson says:

    well thats interesting…

  161. KennyBadger says:


  162. Qoolio says:

    Again, didn’t see that coming… the position or the pick

  163. Zeke says:

    Always not who we think

  164. Sea Mode says:


  165. Bayahawk says: has the pick. Not what any of us expected.

  166. Kenny Sloth says:

    Lmao worse

  167. clbradley17 says:

    Kidding me. No one from anyone’s list. Several other better TEs, even Hunter Bryant. Much rather had DL or DB

  168. Sea Mode says:


  169. MaxC14 says:

    The need for TE makes sense, Olsen and Wilson up there in age, and Dissly has injury concerns

  170. Matt says:

    A TE that can’t run or block. Brilliant pick…

  171. STTBM says:

    He must be a real run stuffer, as he has no pass rush…wait…Wut?! A TE….hahaha! Hilarious!

    • Producehawk says:

      Don’t worry After several hours of being pissed we will justify the pick some how.

  172. Logan Lynch says:

    Quick scouting report. Who is this guy?

  173. Tony says:

    ahhh yes nfl draft, nothing but football…

    Live country music cuts in.

    God dammit nfl.

  174. They have Dissy and Olsen who are automatic. Have Hollister and Wilson. How many will make the team? Bad news for Wilson.

  175. Mark Souza says:

    If this is what I wanted I would tuned into CMT a few channels up.

  176. Volume12 says:

    He’s a red zone threat. Might be a big WR.

  177. Coleslaw says:

    LOL my client just told me to “change it”. He did NOT like that song hahaha

  178. Seahawk65 says:

    Parkinson is a hugely intriguing pick. Sort of Chase Claypool type. He’s better than Hollister, but also might be a big slot. Will be fun to see how they use him.

  179. CaptainJack says:



    Love this kid’s potential really REALLY wanted him early in the year. Complete stud who just had bad luck being stuck on a terrible stanford team last season.

    Great pick, underrated guy. Russ will like him. A+ pick from me. And to Kenny you literally scared the Sh*t out of me by saying fromm…

  180. Matt says:

    At least Luke Bryan distracted that terrible pick, lol

  181. Aaron says:

    Russ is gonna love another huge target. This dude from Stanford is basically a TE/WR hybrid.

  182. Trevor says:

    Whenever I try to get excited about a Hawks draft they do crap like draft Colby Parkinson. Are we going to have a team of Guards and TE’s

  183. HOUSE says:

    I live right outside ATL and people are pissed about our pick of Parkinson. Radio said they really like his length

  184. Ben Ft. Worth says:

    Really really like the Parkinson pick! Well done Schneider.

    • Volume12 says:

      I like it too. Gives Seattle another weapon, adds size to the offense, and let’s them do some different things.

  185. Kenny Sloth says:

    5thwe string TE, but he didnt drop a pass last yeat

  186. DC says:

    Jimmy Graham lite

  187. Sea Mode says:

    There’s our WR pick

  188. Happy Hawk says:

    That would be our 5th TE I think now to go with our 19 OL!

  189. Mark says:

    Parkinson sounds like a basketball player. Bring back our Sonics!

    • DC says:

      The punishment for hi jacking the Sonics is now complete with the folding of the entire NBA. Bwahahahahaha!!!!

      But let’s not mess with the football season

  190. Davido says:

    Interesting, we tend to go with the best blockers now we got one that didn’t block in college. Hope they have learned a lesson from the Graham experience and don’t try to make him something he can’t be.

    • Everyone keeps saying he can’t block, and I haven’t watched him so I don’t know, but ESPN called him a competitive blocker. Is that code for “he tries hard, but he sucks at it?” I like the 6’7” frame though and Stanford apparently threw a lot of 50/50 balls his way and let him go get it.

  191. Scot04 says:

    Get him in the weight room. However a very good receiving threat. Especially in the red zone.

  192. Henry Taylor says:

    He gives them the big red zone target they had with Jimmy G.

  193. Regan says:

    Don’t get the negative reactions here. Sounds like a great redzone threat and another weapon in the passing game. Were in JS zone here so i trust his judgement.

    • STTBM says:

      Poona and Reed weren’t enough last year, and we’ve added no DTs, that’s why…

      • Bayahawk says:

        And none of the remaining DTs are going to be difference makers. Any who could have been were picked before Seattle had the chance to draft again.

        Calm down. There are plenty of veteran FAs out there. The draft can’t solve every problem.

        • Bayahawk says:

          Apologies. Out of line for me to use the phrase “calm down.” You’re entitled to your reaction.

  194. Sea Mode says:

    Dotson to the Steelers. Not that we needed him any more cause we got Lewis.

  195. Tony says:

    a 6’7″ te with good hands in 4th. OK ill bite.

  196. Jhams says:

    6’7” move TE, apparently catches well too and good short area quickness agility. Sounds like a good red zone threat.

  197. Cameron says:

    Looks like a project as a blocker, but an immediate contributor as a pass catcher. Essentially a [very] big wide receiver in 2020.

  198. CaptainJack says:

    Yes he comps to Jimmy Graham. Jimmy Graham was pretty good for us as a receiver. If we had gotten Graham for a fourth we would have loved him. Just don’t ask Colby to block too much.

  199. Trevor says:

    Guy I don’t get the Claypool comp for Parkinson. They are nothing alike physically. One guy is a freak and other other guy is not a great athlete. Parkinson is good in the red zone and using his body to create space but I don’t see him as an upgrade to anything we have on the roster.

    Maybe they can save some $ and let Hollister and Wilson walk not sure the logic with this pick.

    • CaptainJack says:

      Nah he’s not Chase, he’s Jimmy Graham

      • Trevor says:

        Jimmy Graham is nothing like Parkinson physically except for the height.
        40 Yard Dash: 4.53 seconds
        Vertical Leap: 38.5 inches
        Three Cone: 6.90 seconds

        Colby Parkinson
        40 Yard Dash: 4.77 seconds
        Vertical Leap: 32.5 inches
        Three Cone: 7.15 seconds

        • Bob Johnston says:

          Sure – but what were Jimmy’s measurables when the Seahawks acquired him. I bet they were a lot worse at that point.

      • mishima says:

        Not even close.

      • Matt says:

        A) Jimmy Graham made us a worse offense despite being a good player.
        B) He’s nothing like Jimmy Graham. Not even in the same solar system.

  200. clbradley17 says:

    What do you think Rob? Feel like I waited all this time for this? Like that old line “I shaved my b#$ls for this?” Feels comparable to the 1st round letdown, but at least it’s the late 4th.

  201. Nathan M says:

    A flex TE/WR like Hunter Bryant, blog favorite, but bigger 6’7″ 252, longer arms, and a big red zone threat. Also ran a good 3-cone at 4.46 (same as Bryant)

    I like it as a futures pick at TE who could replace Willson or Hollister as TE3 or TE4 this year and be a 1-2 punch with a (hopefully) healthy Dissly next year.

    • LantermanC says:

      Such a big RZ threat that he has all of 1 TD last year. Also, I think with Jimmy Graham, the Seahawks showed they don’t necessarily know how to use height (1 year couldn’t get TDs, next year couldn’t get yards).

  202. Mexican Hawk says:

    You all think Dissly might redshirt?

  203. Coleslaw says:

    My buddy’s little bro plays for Stanford and says Parkinson’s a leader, one of the alphas on the team.

    I just didn’t want another te

  204. tony says:

    I’m interested in this 3 te redzone package with olsen, dissly, Parkinson.

  205. Trevor says:

    Guys Parkinson is not Jimmy Graham or Claypool. He is a below average athlete. He has Will Dissly speed and none of the blocking ability. I want to like the pick but I had him as an UDFA at best. Hope I am wrong and he is a star but I don’t see it.

    • Producehawk says:

      He’ll be listed as a tight end, but he’s a big receiver who can be released into routes as a wingback, slot or wideout. He was much more productive in the red zone in 2018, but he didn’t always have functional throws to work with. He runs well for a pass-catching tight end and has the athletic traits to attack on all three levels. He’s almost automatic on the easy catches and has ball skills to rescue some of the harder ones. Teams looking for him to check the run-blocking box will need to keep it moving. Parkinson may be a little polarizing, but appears to be a field-stretching flex tight end with above-average playmaking ability down the field and near the goal line.

      • Matt says:

        He’s slower than Drew Sample…he does not “run well for a pass catching TE.”

        Guys…can we be realistic?

    • Matt says:

      THANK YOU. My God some of these comments are amazing. There is nothing dynamic about him other than being tall.

      • Davido says:

        I am with you. I just hope that he can work arround those obvious weaknesses. In the redzone you don’t need 4.4 speed to create seperation. This is a 4th round guy that has to play special teams to secure a roster spot imo.

    • Volume12 says:

      He’ll be used in exactly the same way Claypool would’ve been. What’s Russ’ strengths? Throwing the 50/50 red line balls and his fastball doen the seam.

  206. Ben Ft. Worth says:

    Yeah I imagine Atlanta were seeing flashbacks of Tony Gonzalez. Tough titty Falcons. Nice Red zone Target for Russ.

  207. Brett says:

    Rams just took a TE. Maybe we scooped them on Parkinson?

  208. Volume12 says:

    Don’t let what a team does in FA fool ya. Most of yhose signings are hedges anyways.

  209. Bill Washington says:

    Did you notice this guy’s 3-cone time? Welcome to our newest DE project! 6-7 with quick feet, he’ll swallow o-linemen in one gulp! Our version of Calais Campbell.

  210. Zeke says:

    So with Brooks. Lewis and Parkinson, do they cut Britt, Fluker, KJ, Hollister? That opens up about 20M.

    • SoCal12 says:

      I doubt we cut all of those guys but probably 1 or 2. In a season w shortened prep I think teams are going to try and have some vets around.

  211. Steve Nelsen says:

    Did we just draft a young Jimmy Graham?

  212. cha says:

    oh no. Houston took Charlie Heck. Andy Heck’s son. I remember when the Hawks drafted Andy. Good grief I’m getting old.

    • STTBM says:

      Didn’t know he was Andy’s kid. I remember Andy being drafted too….now, get those kids off my lawn lol!

      • BobbyK says:

        People always talk about Rick Mirer being a bust. They fail to forget they traded Mirer for a 1st round pick and that pick turned out to be Andy Heck (who had a solid career). So, in reality, Mirer wasn’t a bust because he provided a 1st round pick who turned out okay.

  213. HOUSE says:

    Kid is a RZ threat. 6’7″/250lbs and moves well. Won’t ever be a blocker though… Looks like he has made plays out of the backfield as well. Does he bump Hollister or Willson off the roster or does he end up a “WR” a la Tanner McEvoy was?

  214. KennyBadger says:

    Joe Jurevicius?

  215. Coach says:

    Anyone have Snack Harrison’s phone number?

  216. Rob Staton says:

    I’m comfortable with the Parkinson pick.

    Was really highly regarded going into 2019.

    And still SO MANY good players on the board.

    • Volume12 says:


      It’s an intriguing pick.

      • Trevor says:

        Vol I think he is the first guy in all my years on the blog with you that we completely disagree on 🙂 I hope you are right and I am wrong.

        • Volume12 says:

          All good man. I don’t think he’ll light the world on fire or anything, but in the 4ry round you can do a lot worse from a size and upside standpoint.

        • Paul Cook says:

          He did burn the Huskies on 3rd down too much. There’s that.

    • BoiseSeahawk says:

      Stoked we got Parkinson
      I mocked him to us nearly every time.

      I think he’ll be the first NFL player to ask for his salary in Bitcoin, every team needs a NERD.

  217. Trevor says:

    Guys enough with the Jimmy Graham comps. They are is nothing alike physically except for the height. Both are 6-7

    40 Yard Dash: 4.53 seconds
    Vertical Leap: 38.5 inches
    Three Cone: 6.90 seconds

    Colby Parkinson
    40 Yard Dash: 4.77 seconds
    Vertical Leap: 32.5 inches
    Three Cone: 7.15 seconds

    He is not a blocking TE and how many receiving threats in the NFL run a 4.77 40yd.

    • SoCal12 says:

      I think the comps are more based on how we’re gonna use him as a red zone/50-50 guy. It’s not always about matching testing numbers.

    • Brett says:

      Both Ertz and Hooper (Stanford TEs) ran in the 4.7’s.

    • ZacScratch says:

      Not many TEs are going to be in a 40 yard race in a NFL game, and if they are they’re a 1st round pick. For TEs you need to look at the 3 cone and short shuttle. Graham scored 10 TDs his last season here on post up jump balls. Russell loved those. That’s what we’re going for here, in the 4th round.

  218. Brett says:

    Per PFF, Parkinson didn’t drop a single pass last year. Russ is gonna like this guy. I think Willson for sure and probably Hollister are on notice. Maybe we end up flipping Hollist for a pick over the summer.

  219. Volume12 says:

    Theme of FA this year was ‘Hedging’

  220. MontanaMike says:

    I love this pick, big WR/TE redzone threat with good hands,

  221. Rowdy says:

    Seems like were loading up on positions were loaded at probably getting a qb, rb and olinemen with are other picks lol

  222. CaptainJack says:

    What is funny to me is so many people wanted bryant and are now calling parkinson a bad pick because he’s a slow pass catching tight end. Hunter Bryant is also no blocker, and has major drops. Hunter Bryant is 6’2 and runs 4.74. Parkinson is a tad slower at 4.77 but is 6 freakin 7, and has better hands. Dissly ran in the 4.8s but no one here was complaining about how slow he was when he was tearing up the rams and cardinals early in this season.

    • CaptainJack says:

      This is just another solid tight end from stanford. Nothing to complain about in round four.

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      If I’m ever mad at a pick it’s because I didnt see it coming.

    • BobbyK says:

      Can’t go wrong with a gigantic TE. Think of how the Vikings beat the Saints in the play-offs last year. They simply threw to a TE who was 5 feet taller than the defender covering him. Can’t coach a guy to be taller than everyone else and the advantage that goes with it.

      Whenever I see a TE that can’t block though – I get these flashbacks of all the times they tried making Graham block (and he couldn’t). Could be a steal in round four if they don’t ask him to do things he can’t do.

      • CaptainJack says:

        Colby doesn’t just have serious height, he’s got serious hands. Straight line speed doesn’t matter as much when you’re seven inches taller than the average DB and can catch anything

        • Matt says:

          Problem is like Jimmy Graham – he contributes ZERO to the run game. He’s just half the athlete of Graham.

          Listen, I’m all for thinking he can contribute, but this idea that this pick is simply brilliant and he’s a Jimmy Graham clone are Jim Jones level of fanaticism.

          • WallaSean says:

            if he does not block and just catches 50-50 balls for td’s, he is a Jimmy Graham clone. When did Jimmy’s 4.5 speed ever manifest itself in Seattle?

    • Matt says:

      Oh…Dissly was drafted as a no blocking, pass catching TE. Good to know.

      There is no comparison to make between Dissly and Parkinson – completely different players.

      • CaptainJack says:

        It’s ironic you say this because I was never that impressed with Dissly’s blocking on the hawks. Adequate but nothing amazing. It’s different going up against pros. Was a much better pass catcher in the pros than he was in college, mainly because he went from catching Browning passes to Wilson passes.

        • Matt says:

          When coming out of college – he was considered a great blocker.

          I actually do agree that his blocking hasn’t been great in Seattle. Then again, not surprising for a young player.

          • CaptainJack says:

            I know he was considered a blocking guy out of college. That is why I found your comment ironic.

  223. Producehawk says:

    Chiefs get faster

  224. MontanaMike says:

    The whiners will be scary, so will the Ravens.

  225. Joe says:

    These are the RDs. (4-5) Hawks have found gold! In JS/JC we trust!

  226. Edgar says:

    Hopefully Parkinson bumps Hollister and his 3 mil salary. All I have etched in my head is his undersized frame getting stonewalled at the 1 ft line, dropping a couple 3rd down passes, and fumbling the first ball thrown to him against Green Bay. He was our 2019 Rudy.

  227. Sneekes says:

    It would be great if the TV could catch up with the actual draft.

  228. CaptainJack says:

    According to PFF Parkinson did not drop a SINGLE pass in 2019. I am an avid Huskies fan and Hunter Bryant dropped countless easy passes from Eason. People need to stop complaining when the hawks draft a good player they overlooked in the draft process.

  229. MontanaMike says:

    Hey STTBM

  230. Sea Mode says:

    Bye, bye, Amik

  231. Volume12 says:

    Thank you DJ.

    Down the seam and 50/50 jump balls that can make plsys in the red zone. Sounds a lot like how a certain QB operates.

    And he fits that profile they like from a 3 cone standpoint.

  232. Trevor says:

    The two teams you could argue have had the best off seasons (Arizona and SF) are in the NFC West. That really sucks.

    The Rams have gone from the Super Bowl to the least talented roster in the division in less than 2 yrs.

  233. MontanaMike says:

    There goes Willson

  234. Hughz says:

    Bummer. Really wanted Amik on the hawks. Loved his interview with Rob.

  235. Henry Taylor says:

    I’m sad that Amik is gone, glad he’s in the AFC. Mayock knows what he’s doing.

  236. Scot04 says:

    I like the pick. You definitely can’t teach that size. Great hands

  237. clbradley17 says:

    Well Amik is gone to the Raiders. Parkinson finally got his highlights shown 10 min. after we picked him, looks ok, just tall, mentions he needs to get stronger to block. Reminds me of tall Jesse James a couple years ago with the Steelers.

  238. Happy Hawk says:

    Amik off the board to the raiders-shit! Really wanted that dude. Now 4 of Rob’s wish list left and with the Parkinson pick kind of eliminates H Bryant from consideration so that leaves N Harris, J Reed, and B Hall from Rob’s list left.

  239. Zeke says:

    Damn Parkinson can even throw the ball decent for trick plays

  240. That leaves Bryce Hall for us. Maybe they will wait until the 5th which is ther CB round.

  241. Producehawk says:

    every year seems like they commercial break Seattle maybe we come back in time for a didi by Madonna

  242. mishima says:

    “Exceptional hair” and does not fly planes.

  243. STTBM says:

    Can’t believe Cards snatched Rashard Lawrence and we drafted a move TE….whatcha think?

  244. Scot04 says:

    Hopefully DL and WR in next 2 picks

    • BobbyK says:

      At this point in the draft, you need to go BPA. Players generally picked here aren’t impact guys right away. These are developmental guys for 2021. If DT and WR are the next two picks (I’d be fine with that), I hope it’s DT with the next pick because then that would mean they won’t be taking a WR in the 4th round. It’s like they are great at 5th round DBs and the opposite is 4th round WRs. lol

  245. MontanaMike says:

    It pisses me off that when the Hawks pick they cut out to a long winded country star, WTF!

  246. J says:

    I think we might be cutting a few players to take advantage of the remaining FA. KJ, Britt and now Hollister.

  247. Volume12 says:

    Small run on corners here.

  248. BoiseSeahawk says:

    Amik and Reid, this is tough to watch.

  249. Sea Mode says:

    Tanner McEvoy
    Height: 6060
    Weight: 223
    40-yard dash: N/A
    Vertical jump: 33.5″
    Broad jump: 9’9″
    Pro agility: 4.25
    3-cone drill: 6.84
    Bench press: 16

  250. HOUSE says:

    I have a really good feeling about this pick

  251. MontanaMike says:

    DT and another DE

  252. clbradley17 says:

    Another possible nickel CB gone in John Reid to the Texans.

  253. DC says:

    Good choice of Centers here

  254. Zane says:

    Is it just me or do we draft an extremely high number of religious players?

  255. Group captain mandrake says:

    So this guy is more of a receiver than a tight end. So another receiver picked by the Hawks in the 4th round? History is not on his side guys.

  256. Sea Mode says:

    Gimme Bryce Hall. R2 grade.

  257. Donny Henson says:

    I wonder if Seattle is going with 5 WRs and 4 TEs on the official roster this year?

  258. I’m guessing Benito Jones

  259. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    I thought there were other prospects at other positions who would make more sense, mostly because TE isn’t an immediate need relative to other positions. The TE room is full, even if not long term, and next year’s TE class looks to be much deeper. But I’m not opposed to Parkinson. He’s an intriguing TE prospect from TE U.

    Upon deeper reflection of the first 2 days, I’m pretty happy with the players we got. If you’d have told me before that we would come out of the first 3 rounds with Brooks, Tayor and Lewis I’d have been happy. So I am happy. I think Lewis is one of the best OGs in one of the best IOL classes in years. I think he’ll be a pro bowl RG for SEA for many seasons. Great value in R3. My instant objection yesterday was more about the position than the player. We have too many holes on the DL that remain unfilled.

    I agree with others who think that the Brooks and Taylor picks will look very similar to the Wagner and Clark picks in a season or two. No doubt those two will dramatically improve the aggressiveness and effectiveness of SEA’s defense next season.

    The results of the first two days is a reminder not to fall in love with any particular prospect because you’re likely to get your heart broken. I love Jonathan Taylor, but I’m not that upset SEA didn’t take him. It would’ve been a luxury pick in a year when we can’t afford luxuries. But I really had my heart set on Robert Hunt and to a lesser extent Davon Hamilton, so it was a bitter pill watching them go elsewhere when SEA could’ve taken them. But like I said, I’m cool with Brooks and Taylor.

    Who’s next?

  260. Zeke says:

    Hall and Prince Tega pls

  261. Volume12 says:

    There’s their RB.

  262. Big Mike says:

    Believe Rob said Dallas was a possibility later

  263. Matt says:

    I’ll cut to the chase:

    “Deejay Dallas is a brilliant pick and is a lot like Adrian Peterson.”

  264. MontanaMike says:

    They fkn skipped us again

    • Hadn’t looked at him in some time….he fits what they look for in toughness and has some versatility to get on the field and find his back up moments. But still, Damn we have greater needs. Getting excited for UDFA season!

  265. Sea Mode says:

    We identified him, but I didn’t really like him much.

  266. Kingdome1976 says:

    Awesome name. Don’t know anything about him.

  267. Trevor says:

    I guess the Hawks love Miami RBs.

  268. clbradley17 says:

    At least he’s big fast and talented RB, but wanted DL/DB, maybe in 3 picks with our rd. 5 pick #2.

    • Matt says:

      He runs a 4.58…

      When did 4.77 and 4.58 become fast on this board? I’m sorry but what?

      • clbradley17 says:

        “He has size, speed and a surprising amount of pop as a finisher.” Didn’t say he had Jon Taylor or Cam Akers speed or he might’ve gone day 1 or 2, would rather we waited until rd. 6 to get a RB. I wanted a DL or DB.

  269. Troy says:

    Well, Dallas was on Rob’s big board. There is our insurance RB I guess. Would have loved to have taken Hall there however.

  270. First thing I see when loomi g for him…5’10” 220

  271. Paul Cook says:

    I have no recollection of this guy whatsoever. At least the Stanford guy I remember from the Pac 12 and burning the Huskies.

  272. Volume12 says:

    They like those Miami backs.

  273. Henry Taylor says:

    He fits the prototype, not what I was hoping for though.

    • Producehawk says:

      PROS: Runs angry with square pads, forward lean and a willingness to explode into contact. Feet keep moving through contact and he packs a punch. Has adequate acceleration to and through the hole. Illustrates good contact balance and the ability to fall forward. Power in the lower half is notable and it takes an honest tackling effort to get him down. Background as a wide receiver shows up when he was given chances to catch the football and he could be more productive catching the football and the next level. Willing pass protector. Has the makeup of a quality special teams contributor.

      CONS: Can tell he’s still calculated pressing the line of scrimmage and is still new to the position. Has to develop more patience and the ability to anticipate creases. Needs to do more with his feet and angles to manipulate defenders and help him create more advantageous opportunities to make people miss. Clearly still learning the economy of motion. Needs to develop his processing skills in pass protection. Won’t be confused as sudden or twitchy.

      BEST TRAIT – Competitive Toughness

      WORST TRAIT – Technique

  274. Spireite_Seahawk says:

    Christ alive, we spent a 4th rounder on the guy who will be spinning the tunes at training camp.

  275. CaptainJack says:

    A running back. Don’t know who he is. AwsiDooger fill us in mate!

  276. MontanaMike says:

    I really want to get a center

  277. Dawgma says:

    All he has to do is be better then Homer if the other two get injured, but….not exactly exciting. Not a lot of speed, doesn’t seem to excel at anything. This kind of screams ‘we take a guy now or miss out completely’.

    • God of Thunder says:

      Physically tough and mentally tough. Had fumbling issues, saw a shrink to see if that would help. Was a very highly regarded recruit.

      Has the size and willingness. Solid pick.

  278. Regan says:

    Will be a good special teamer. Good returner which is def a need.

  279. Trevor says:

    My take on our 4th round picks is that we could have gotten both as UDFA and neither will be in the roster in 2 yrs time. Seems like a great use if draft capital.

    Well at least we got 3 studs early in the draft. I am going to focus on that.

    • Matt says:

      Very much hate this 4th round…Seattle also doesn’t have a history of butchering it either…

    • Murphy says:

      I am always confused by this criticism (I am not coming at you, I am sincerely confused by the thought process). I get disagreeing with a pick for x reason. PCJS are not infallible and deserve to be questioned but I have to question when people say “we could have had Jordyn Brooks in the 3rd” or Colby Parkinson and Deejay Dallas would be UDFAs. How do you know? Do you honestly think that Seattle believed they’d be there at pick 214 but just thought ok well we will waste a pick for fun?

    • J says:

      Which team do you work for again?

      Both these guys were mocked by the media to the 4th or 5th so I wondering why young you know more than NFL teams or the media

  280. BobbyK says:

    Now they can tap into WR since it’s not the 4th round anymore!

    • BobbyK says:

      Hopefully this guy will do what Prosise couldn’t… be the receiving threat at RB (since he was a WR) that can create some mismatches.

  281. SoCal12 says:

    Honestly we should probably expect less in terms of team needs and more in terms of BPA at this point. 4th round+ I think teams are just going BPA on their board cause almost none of these guys here are day 1 impact guys especially in a prep shortened season. Mostly just want guys you think can develop the best to contribute over time.

  282. Iain Brown says:

    Right in their Size wheelhouse. Special Teams contributor, returned punts I think, quite well IIRC

    Reminds me of Thomas Rawls.

  283. STTBM says:

    Just not Harris…Biadasz?

  284. Imani says:

    So we draft another fumbler at RB? Great lmaoooooo

    • Fudwamper says:

      NO he had 0 fumbles last year

      • DC says:

        He went to see a psychologist about his fumbling issues & was ‘cured’. Paging Chris Carson!

      • Lil’stink says:

        People are just clicking on the first link they see when they google him, then try and make a comment about the fumble issue to make it sound like they know what they’re talking about. Maybe take a minute or two to look past the headline, lol.

        • Imani says:

          1. Humor is still okay right?

          2. It was zero on 115 carries

          3. Please tell me you had him on your 4th round short list so I can an laugh. You’re not an expert because you read just a little more than most. Nice try tho

  285. MontanaMike says:

    Never heard of him

  286. MontanaMike says:

    Biadasz is who i wanted

  287. Trevor says:

    Are Parkinson or Dallas really good special teamers?

  288. BobbyK says:

    For most ppl saying they don’t know anything about him… He was a QB and then WR… he’s not a bellcow, but a mismatch change of pace. Like what Prosise was supposed to be those couple games in his NFL career he wasn’t hurt for. Remember Prosise against the Patriots a few years ago? That’s the type of receiving threat they’re getting here. They’re not getting a guy who’s going to carry the ball 15 times per game. I’m fine with this pick.

  289. HOUSE says:

    He played WR and RB at Miami. Had some fumbling issues in 2018, but “The mental work that Dallas put in before his junior year paid off; he led the Hurricanes in rushing in 2019 (115-693-6.0, eight TDs) and did not fumble once. He also contributed in the passing game (14-140-10.0, two TDs)”

    Not as zippy as Prosise, but maybe he’ll be available day in and day out

  290. MontanaMike says:

    That was his only great game

  291. MontanaMike says:

    Procise i mean

  292. Producehawk says:

    Boy I am glad we didn’t use a third next year to trade up for Prince wangotango. Hardyhar

  293. Ashish says:

    Common guys stay positive, draft day lottery tickets results will know after 2 or 3 years.
    Next DT or DB

    • SoCal12 says:

      Can’t believe we drafted a slow as shit CB in the 5th in Sherman, and a total unknown RB in the 7th in Chris Carson! Schneider must be insane not to use my totally professional personal big board. /s

      • steve Nelsen says:

        And the hobbit QB and the safety who is too slow and stiff

        Post 60 times and never say anything interesting

  294. DC says:

    Seahawks 💵💵💵 round on deck!

  295. CaptainJack says:

    How does DeeJay comp to Mike Davis?

  296. Volume12 says:

    Petey is gonna grab his corner next huh?

  297. Coleslaw says:

    KJ Hill or Proche plz Or Hall

  298. mishima says:

    My 2 minutes of being a horrible human being:

    NFL/ESPN needs to either host a draft party or a benefit, not both, simultaneously.

    • STTBM says:

      Agreed. Rings hollow Goodell…

    • Edgar says:

      +1. This is unwatchable. I’ve had it on mute just following the bottom of the screen.

    • Edgar says:

      It’s like free therapy for the leagues notable employees at the expense of the sports fans who want something other than the 24/7 reminder.

    • cha says:

      Right. I don’t want to hear that Sean Peyton’s symptoms have subsided and then have him asked 2 follow up questions on it while the Seahawks make their pick.

  299. Troy says:

    Dallas gets their replacement center, biadiszhsfdhd

  300. Fudwamper says:

    I love we keep getting guys at RB that finishes his runs. Who doesn’t love a hard hitting back that punishes people.

  301. Zeke says:

    I want a trade down

  302. Carter S says:

    Interesting note about Deejay, he ran the exact same 40 time as Chris Carson with a 4.58.

  303. Trevor says:

    Just realized the Tender Hollister signed is not guaranteed and Willson has not guaranteed $ so the Parkinson pick makes more sense in that regard. They have two good blockers in Dissly and Olsen. As a pass catcher and red zone threat Parkinson should have at least as good and likely more upside than Willson or Hollister.

  304. Thank you Lord!!!!

  305. HOUSE says:

    Biadasz to the Cowboys…

  306. clbradley17 says:

    alton Robinson DE

  307. MontanaMike says:

    Fuck Dallas!

    • CaptainJack says:

      This is a little hostile for a player who just got drafted in the fourth…


  308. I can work with Alton Robinson

  309. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Interesting. Robinson is a high ceiling-low floor boom-or-bust DE prospect.

    • Producehawk says:

      Positives: Athletic pass rusher with big upside. Smooth, fluid and very agile. Plays with terrific pad level, gets a lot of momentum going up the field and easily bends off the edge. Good athlete who works his hands throughout the action and easily changes direction and redirects to the play. Fluidly moves in every direction, can pursue from the back side and covers a good amount of area.

      Negatives: Struggles to get off blocks and gets easily taken from the play. Has tackles broken and struggles to bring opponents down at the point of attack. Must improve his strength.

      Analysis: After tremendous junior campaign, Robinson watched his production fall off last season and was the second-best pass rusher on the Syracuse roster. He’s a terrific athlete with great upside, but he must physically mature and continue to develop his game to have a career at the next level.Producehawk

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      Though I would’ve thought they were higher on Trevis Gipson than Robinson. But hey, I’m not complaining.

  310. HOUSE says:

    YES… Love this pick

  311. Ulsterman says:

    Another edge – Alton Robinson

  312. Matt says:

    Alton Robinson is a fine pick. I can at least understand this one.

  313. Both Alton and Taylor have some growth to be sure, but quick off the line and ability to turn and flatten to the QB…..Now, DT please! Benito or Broderick and always, let’s call Mebane!

  314. Frank says:

    Seems like we addressed the kick returner and RB depth with on pick there, starting to feel a little better about addressing needs this year instead of 2-3 years down the road.

  315. Sea Mode says:

    Huge project. Best first step in the class though.

  316. mishima says:

    Missed the pick because I was being reminded of the horrors of the pandemic.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      I hope not in a personal way mishima

      • mishima says:

        Ha. No, Sean Payton interview.

        Glad you’re feeling better. Hope all is well.

        • CHawk Talker Eric says:

          Better but still not back to normal. I have daily “relapses” where I’ll get feverish and feel like total crap (bad headache, sweats, brain fog) all of a sudden for anywhere from an hour to several hours. It’s the weirdest thing.

    • Zeke says:

      Morbid draft is morbid

  317. Regan says:

    Another player identified by Rob and on the big board.

  318. Watch Robinsons 2018 tape, dude was a monster that season.

  319. BobbyK says:

    I absolutely love this pick. It’s the fifth round so there are no sure things. But I love this pick!

    • BobbyK says:

      This has been my favorite pick this draft. I’m not at all saying he’s better than any of our picks on the first two days – but based on where he was picked here… great pick. Will probably see nothing from him in 2020, but this is a nice pick for 2021. I really like it.

    • Yes, great value based on location and he was one of my targets! That said, there are NO sure picks outside of the to 5 every year….it’s an educated crap shoot!

  320. Volume12 says:

    Seattle got Alton Robinson?!?

    Talk about overcoming adversity.

  321. drrew76 says:

    Why do they TV producers hate the people that actually enjoy watching the draft?

    Save this 10 minute Sean Payton interview for SportsCenter and lets give the best moment of these kids lives some attention!

  322. CaptainJack says:

    Twitched-up edge rusher with exciting potential to become a disruptive factor in NFL backfields with a more skilled and willful approach. Robinson has the burst and bend to become a pass rushing problem for tackles early in his career, but his approach is too “one-trick” and needs workable counters to become less predictable. As a run defender, he has enough strength, but lacks consistent technique and instincts. He’s worthy of consideration as a designated rusher while he smooths out the kinks and could take a big leap forward with better skill and control.

    very solid pick for a team looking for pass rushers with good value in round 5. I like it!

    So far I think the seahawks are killing it day three.

  323. HOUSE says:

    Nap time… We don’t pick for a LONG time. hahaha

  324. Scouse Nathan says:

    Thank you again for all the brilliant draft coverage!

    Loving that all the picks today are on the Seahawks big board you posted at the top of this! Excellent work!

  325. MontanaMike says:

    I like the pick too, Hi Bobby

    • BobbyK says:


      Time for more old FA DTs, which I’m fine with since they are good at those signings. Maybe old friend Mebane can be a 1-year band-aid. I just don’t see Ford as a solid starter for too many snaps (fine with situational snaps).

  326. Aaron says:

    Another SDB player to watch is picked in Alton Robinson!!! Way to go Rob. That’s three at least in Lewis, Dallas, and Robinson.

  327. Producehawk says:

    Benito Jones at 214?

  328. Donny Henson says:

    One player who is probably really happy right now is Nazair Jones. Might be a faith of confidence from the coaching staff that he can a major part of the d-line rotation, if he stays healthy. Also brings some confidence to Demarcus Christmas as well.

  329. MontanaMike says:

    I’ve never been this informed about a draft before

  330. SoCal12 says:

    My gut says Robinson is going to be the late round Seahawks guy that makes surprise contributions this year. Just a feeling.

    • BobbyK says:

      Could be. Robinson was a guy I always targeted in that mock draft simulator (that I must have done over 100 times) with one of my 4th round picks. It’s funny, because in many of my mocks… I’d take Taylor with their Earl Thomas pick and Robinson with one of the 4th round picks.

      Funny thing is — that’s exactly what the Seahawks did in real life! Except they traded up for Taylor (no complaints).

  331. STTBM says:

    RB and DE seem like good value picks. I especially like a DE with big athletic ability….high potential is the way to go…

  332. Volume12 says:

    Sea Mode, how do I find posts from the archives in a quick fashion?

  333. Sea Mode says:


    Colby Parkinson said the Seahawks told him he will be a true Y TE.

    He’s at 254 lbs right now and said his frame can hold up to 260, so that’s what he’s slowly working towards while maintaining his athleticism.

  334. BobbyK says:

    I am surprised they haven’t taken a WR though. They did talk up Ursa and what he had done in practices late last year. The starters are as solid as anyone with two studs in Lockett and DK… but I thought they’d tap into this draft class.

  335. MontanaMike says:

    O-line now

  336. Robinson similar in size to Taylor, about 6’3″ 260. Robinson has slightly shorter arms. Taylor is a litter quicker but similar players.

  337. Cynergy says:

    Love the Robinson pick. I live in Syracuse and he’s be a disruptive beast for the Orange the last 3 years. His junior year was better as the team did better, but that said he was still disruptive at times this past year.

    • Kyle says:

      I just took a look at his highlight reel. He has some crazy reps, just completely schooling guys with speed but in a pretty strong frame.
      I noted he was almost always on the left side, so he doesn’t seem to have positional versatility yet.
      He wasn’t touched much on his sacks, almost all outside moves against inferior college right tackles.
      Looks like he’ll have a lot of work to do to learn inside fighting.
      So what I’d see is he’s probably an EDGE on passing downs, in NASCAR packages. Not bad for the place he was chosen in. Potential is pretty high, too.

  338. AlaskaHawk says:

    I like the draft picks but I’m confused as to why they have to bring in a bunch of free agents at offensive line and tight end and even linebacker, when they were intending to draft them anyway??? I just don’t get the thinking. Yes it makes the pick not that critical – but they were going to pick them anyway. This is especially irritating at guard. Do they really need to waste free agent money at that position when they are so easy to get in the draft?

    • BobbyK says:

      Aside from Dissly, they don’t have any of their main TEs under contract for 2021. And Dissly doesn’t have a good medical history anymore. I can totally see the rationale for it.

    • HOUSE says:

      A lot of it had to do with competition and some of the signings have little/zero guaranteed money. Regarding TE specifically, Willson and Hollister have ZERO guaranteed and that could free up $3.2M

      • mishima says:

        You can find a Hollister or Willson, whenever.

        Olson, Dissly, Parkinson (Flex), maybe Hollister (FB/TE) for 2020.

        Hedge, draft, cut, sign.

    • Kyle says:

      It’s going to be Thunderdome with these guys–a huge bloodbath of competition. And I think if the rookies show any promise they’ll probably cut many of the vets with not a whole lot of money tied up in them.

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      If the tight end isn’t durable enough to take hits and make yardage – I don’t really see the point. I would say that tight end is the most under utilized position in this offense. They do show flashes of wanting to throw to the tight ends, but it s a rare occurrence. Even when Jimmy Graham played for them – it took over a year for them to figure out you should throw to him in the end zone.

      Draft wise they would be better off finding a third go to receiver. Or start drawing up plays for the tight ends.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      Belt and suspenders method of team building.

  339. STTBM says:

    Me too. I really like Malik Turner, despite his two huge drops late last season. I wonder if he’s got injuries…hole they bring him back now!

  340. Matt says:

    I’m not poo-pooing every pick today. I like Alton Robinson – it’s a nice pick in R5. I feel confident he will contribute in some way in the NFL.

    Just to be clear – I’m poking fun at some of the descriptions being thrown around today. I love the optimism…I can’t stand the hyperbole.

    • Trevor says:

      I am with you 100% on today Matt. I am going to focus on the positives the rest of the day though.

    • SoCal12 says:

      Kind of a disingenuous take. Most of the comps were role comps. No ones saying these dudes are actual pro bowlers or whatever.

      • Matt says:

        I’m sure it’s not a fair comment to some folks – and I don’t mind comps.

        Parkinson certainly looks like Jimmy Graham’s body type and has amazing hands. He’s just .25 seconds slower.

        • SoCal12 says:

          Fair. It’s just not a good look to complain about hyperbole and in same breadth completely exaggerate other people’s points. If you want reasonable discussion then put out reasonable takes.

          • Matt says:

            Fair enough – perhaps I’m just keeping the consistent theme of pissing everybody off this weekend.

            *I do appreciate you providing a constructive reply to what I actually wrote. I mean that sincerely. I’m getting defensive because people are accusing me of “you think you’re smart than PC/JS” or “you think this is a 1 win team.” Never said any of those things. It’s just ricidulous.

            So again – I appreciate the constructive reply, sincerely.

            • SoCal12 says:

              It’s cool. I just think this comment section should be a healthier platform for discourse than like twitter or FG whatever. It doesn’t help when people are twisting each others points all over the place.

              Might help to think if you’re getting defensive why others are getting defensive as well. If someone makes a comp you disagree with, and you just rip on them and say they’re ridiculous then they’ll probably get defensive as well and thus a cycle begins. If you think you are right just bring up what you think are valid points without fussing it up.

    • Scottie says:

      “I can’t stand the hyperbole.”

      Hi, Pot. It’s the kettle… you’re black.

      • Matt says:

        Oh yea…you’re Scottie from above who lacks reading comprehension skills, right?

        Weren’t you the one who implied that I said this is a 1 win team because I didn’t like their 4th round pick? Lecture someone else, bro.

        • UkAlex says:

          Matt are you just an a-hole on weekends or is it full time thing?

          • Matt says:

            Apparently I’ve been an a-hole just during this draft.

            This may shock you Alex, but when people comment crap to me about stuff I didn’t say – I will shoot back. I’m all for disagreement and debate here, that’s what makes this great.

            When I disagree with comments like “Colby Parkinson is Jimmy Graham” and the rebuttal is “oh you are smarter than PC/JS” I will absolutely fire back.

            Thanks for the reply.

    • clbradley17 says:

      I mostly agree with you. Really wanted more DL or OL today, notably Fotu or Lawrence who went to the Cards unfortunately, Jones at DT, Weaver or Gipson at DE, Prince at OT or one of the centers. Or Hall, Reid or Robertson at CB.

      I see what happened now. With the practice drafts this week preparing, they thought Thursday and today were practice, and Friday night was the only real draft day. That’s the only day we seemed to get the guys at their right place and who seems talented enough for us to pick.

  341. Trevor says:

    firmly believe that the Hawks got 3 studs in the first 3 rounds who will be key building blocks going forward. Anytime you can find 3 starters in a draft you have to be happy. I would give Day #1 and 2 a solid B+ that would be an A if they could have traded down to pick Brooks and had an other pick in the 3rd round

    Day #3 has been brutal though and I would give it a C at best. I have to keep reminding myself that these are 4th and 5th round picks and not to expect much but there seemed to be some talent still on the board . I guess the frustration comes from seeing guys you like still on the board and then the Hawks take a guy you looked at and didn’t like at all.

    I will just trust PC/JS and relax.

    Will hope for the best case scenario is Parkinson replaces Hollister and Willson and becomes a reliable red zone threat. Dallas is RB depth and a special teamer. Robinson spends a year on the bench developing and becomes a situational pass rusher year #2.

    • BobbyK says:

      Rumor has it if they’d traded down, Brooks was set to be taken by the Ravens. They couldn’t trade down for him and then Taylor would have been taken at 30 (wrong Taylor, but it is what it is).

      Overall, I am happy with this draft. I still say Jonathan Taylor and Logan Wilson would have been better picks than Brooks/Lewis (still would have gotten Taylor from Tennessee)… but this has been pretty good. I really like the trade down from the DK pick with Carolina though because that brought not just Lewis… but also A. Robinson in the 5th.

      Taylor will go to more Pro Bowls than Brooks, but this has been a pretty good draft so far. And if I did want to complain about it – what good what it do? Go Hawks.

      • latinarts@l says:

        J Taylor and anyone would have been awesome
        i think we outsmarted ourselves..I rank Colts draft the best …Pittman Taylor alone will both be stars…

  342. Volume12 says:

    Sea Mode, I wonder if your guess on the Rambo clue was right and the Pats jumped in and got Seattle’s guy.

  343. Ehurd1021 says:

    Alton Robinson’s 4.69 40 was third-fastest among defensive linemen at the combine.

    Terrific looking athlete.

  344. CaptainJack says:

    How does Robinson comp to Jake Martin?

  345. MontanaMike says:

    I hope we trade into this round somehow and still keep our last pick

  346. Sea Mode says:

    The whole theme of guys who have a kid already continues as well:

    “Just to know that my son won’t grow up the way I grew up — I don’t come from too much money; I don’t come from a lot of money at all, really,” said Dallas, from south Georgia. “Just to know that I can set my son up for the rest of his life with this job of playing football, just taking care of my fiancée…

    “They’re everything to me. They give me my purpose. I’m just excited for the whole ride, getting married and all of that to watching my boy grow up to the league this next week, find out what team I’m going to be on, all of that. I’m really just having fun with this.”

    “Me, personally, I’m a warrior,” he said. “I’m built different than these people around here. Just looking at the landscape of the draft, a lot of these dudes aren’t built how I’m built. They don’t come from what I come from.”

    “My versatility helps me just show that I’m different,” Dallas said. “A lot of guys in this draft can’t do the big three, which would be run, pass [protection] and catch out the backfield. With me doing the big three, I feel like I kind of separate myself.”

    • Volume12 says:

      I didn’t think he was a great pass blocking back, but if he feels confident about it that’s a good sign.

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        One of the ESPN analysts (not sure which) said Dallas is the best pass protecting RB in the draft. FWIW

  347. You think Bryce Hall has to be dropping due to know one can check his medicals. He could be our last pick or he could even go undrafted.

  348. Volume12 says:

    Alton Robinson’s backstory might make people feel differently about this pick. I’m just saying.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      I already love it. His ceiling is HIGH

      Great value

      • Volume12 says:

        You know how people are about stuff that involves women though. I think he was a young, dumb kid that feel in with the wrong crowd.

        • CHawk Talker Eric says:

          Oh I get it. I care more about what someone learned from making a mistake than the mistake itself.

          • Volume12 says:

            Coming from someone who was an ex d**e dealer, I agree. We all f**k up.

            • CaptainJack says:

              I feel like being super vague with the misconduct allegations just opens up rooms for people’s imaginations to run wild. He stole his ex-girlfriend’s purse, which isn’t good, but still this isn’t an assault allegation we are talking about.

              • CHawk Talker Eric says:

                Good point. Petty theft is a grand canyon away from domestic violence.

              • Dawgma says:

                Yeah, I agree. I HATED the Clark pick from the beginning and was pretty glad to see, him go because of it, but this just isn’t the same to me.

    • BobbyK says:

      Who doesn’t like it?

      • Volume12 says:

        I mean the ones who do like it.

        I really like the kid and thought he put a lot of good stuff on tape. Especially in ’18.

      • Volume12 says:

        Him and Taylor both were on my summer watch list coming into the year. So I’m fired up about those 2 picks in particular.

    • CaptainJack says:

      He stole his ex-girlfriend’s purse in highschool.

      Let’s be clear he didn’t leave a girl with a f*’ed up face like Clark did.

      • Volume12 says:

        He robbed a girl twice, shoved 1 in the bushes (allegedly) and there were uncooperative witnesses. Which means he was with a crowd that intimidated said witness or it was BS.

        As I said above. No one is more for 2nd chances than me. Lord knows I’ve been given probably too many.

        • CaptainJack says:

          IDK the details of the case. I know it caused him to go the Juco route. He moved on worked his ass off and is now a seahawk. He’s a man now and hopefully doesn’t do any more dumb ass high school sh*t.

          Still don’t feel as bad about it as I did about clark after seeing those pics, you know…

          • Volume12 says:

            It caused him to go the JUCO route because A&M pulled the offer. It was robbery not petty theft. Even DJ just said that.

            I agree 100%. One reason I’m so into backstories is because we all have one. It’s not how many times you get knocked on your a** by life but how many times you get back up off it.

            Anytime a woman is involved it’ll turn some people off.

    • Matt says:

      That’s a shame…and I mean that from the perspective of while DV is a major issue – an awful lot of these cases are very murky.

      Didn’t love the Frank Clark story, but I thought he was unfairly labeled by many Seahawk fans over a situation that was certainly bad, but didn’t necessarily make him a man who should be condemned for life.

      Anyways, not necessarily a great conversation for the comments section.

      • Matt says:

        And apparently it’s an issue with a girlfriend AND/Or robbery?

        Will someone enlighten me? Cliff notes.

        • Volume12 says:

          He robbed his gf twice, stole the girl’s phone, allegedly shoved that one in the bushes, uncooperative witnesses. He was charged with 2nd degree robbery.

        • Volume12 says:

          Stole the phone and purse, she chased him and he dropped the purse but kept the phone.

          • CaptainJack says:

            to me it sounds like some dumb ass high school relationship drama. not trying to downplay it, he was in the wrong totally, but to me it doesn’t sound like a situation that should haunt him throughout his career.

            • Volume12 says:

              I hope not and I agree. Young, dumb, and full of… (not sure I can post that)

              Opened a can of worms here, but it’s something that’ll come up and people should know.

  349. GoHawksDani says:

    Hate the TE pick (Robertson was still there), OK with the RB pick, like Robinson pick.
    Still no WR or CB.
    We don’t even have CB depth. Not sure if Dunbar is slot or compete with Flowers for outside but we’re ridiculously thin at the position. OK, no R1-3 pick for CB, but Bryce Hall still undrafted. Amik Robertson just went after our TE pick. Javaris Davis still in.
    No outside CBs but good nickel prospects. And who cares about a redshirt year in R4-R5 if you can get a high quality player?
    Also Prince, Gipson, Anae, Eno Benjamin, Joe Reed, Alex Taylor, Nick Harris, Donovan People- Jones, KJ Hill, Vildor, Hasty, Phillips, Dotson, Antonio Gandy Golden, Bredeson, Biadasz were still there (and some still in) when we picked the TE. All would seem better in our system than a pure move TE

    • BobbyK says:

      I actually think the Dunbar trade made the CB depth quite good. He’ll start and push Flowers to the bench. Flowers goes from being an improving CB (who needs to continue to improve) to being quality depth. Those two and Griffin are a solid trio. I know nickel is another story though.

      • GoHawksDani says:

        Yep mostly worried about nickel. Dunbar could work it but no way Flowers could. Amadi is interesting but I’d like competition for him. I know this FO can trade 4th/5th and make magic but man I’m depressed about not getting Amik. Nowhere near an outside CB but he’s a mad dog blitzing, attacking the run and work against most slot WRs. He and Hall would’ve been a total steal in R4/5. Hall has higher ceiling but medical concerns so I’d been good with any of those two.
        If we have 5-6 potential starters for 2,5 LB position I think 4 for 2,5 CB position is a bit thin. But that’s probably my fear of rolling with 3LB sets this year too

    • Dawgma says:

      Parkinson IS the WR pick, dude was split out for most of his snaps and can’t block for shit.

  350. Happy Hawk says:

    Interesting that the strength of the 2020 draft was in the Offensive Tackle and Wide Receiver positions and we have yet to take anyone in those positions. Not saying it was a bad thing just an observation. Think the Hawks had a good day today not great but solid. Still think the whole story will come into some clarity when we see what happens with Clowney, Griffen, YN, Fournette and with the remaining FA Dt’s. Seems like the Hawks 2020 roster is still not complete.

    • Seahawk65 says:

      They just drafted two LEOs. I think that eliminates Griffen and YN. Doubt they’ll have any interest in Fournette. Clowney’s the guy, but it’s been a long wait. I don’t think that’s happening either. We pretty much see out team outside of someone like Mebane in the middle of the DL and perhaps a vet WR and RB.

  351. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Like Taylor, Robinson has potential as a true LEO. My only concern with him is his length. He’s not short exactly(32.3″) but he’s not quite as long as a guy like Avril (34.5″) or Taylor (33″).

    But then Chris Clemons had 32″ arms so maybe it’s no big deal.

    I really like our two new LEOs

  352. Ehurd1021 says:

    I think some Seahawk fans need to realize that the draft grade of who the FRONT OFFICE selects doesn’t all of a sudden tank – at least in the real world – when the FRONT OFFICE doesn’t select a player you liked after watching 5 minutes of on Youtube.

  353. Ashish says:

    Dallas RB is good in pass protection and short yardage situations. Not bad

    • Perfect guy to slide in there at number three.

    • Matt says:

      I like the player…just think R4 is extremely rich for that skillset.

      • God of Thunder says:

        Agreed but there was a run in RB and the next bunch lack size. So I kinda see what they were doing. Also he can be a KR

      • Troy D says:

        That’s the way the draft fell. A lot of running backs had already gone. Wouldn’t be surprised if they had him going later and wanted to get him later but the running backs were going.

        • Matt says:

          OH totally. Not implying the “they could have taken him later.” None of us know that.

          That’s why I said the skill set. Maybe he is unique with certain things that others with his testing/size didn’t have. I kind of expect a RB in R4 or sooner to have a special trait – maybe he’s just solid all around – nothing wrong with that.

  354. MontanaMike says:

    We’ll probably scoop up some more lineman after cuts

  355. Henry Taylor says:

    Alton Robinson’s physical profile is pretty similar to Jabari Zuniga’s, slightly worse in most categories, but a better vert and actually did the short shuttle.

  356. Ashish says:

    2 more rounds to go just 1 pick

  357. latinarts@l says:

    still need oL receiver cephus?

  358. Sea Mode says:

    Oh, wow:

    Ian Rapoport

    The #Dolphins are trading their fifth round pick for #49ers RB Matt Breida, source said.

  359. BoiseSeahawk says:

    Who has a higher ceiling and lower floor between

    Trevis Gipson & Alton Robinson ?

  360. Sea Mode says:

    Jim Nagy

    Texting around to NFL people about some players that are falling and it’s mostly medical reasons. Stuff we all don’t get on the outside.

  361. Hawkdawg says:

    How many of those free agents did they spend significant money on? Olson–but he’s a one and done guy who fills a gap with Dissly coming back from injury. Shell–but they needed a RT and they haven’t drafted one of those. They can cut Hollister because no guaranteed money, etc. Warmack is no cost, no risk unless he makes the team. Ogebuhi was pretty cheap, as I recall.

    Who else?

  362. Matt says:

    Side note – is WR Tyler Johnson a serial killer? What’s going on there?

    Never thought he was an amazing prospect…but he has had some really nice production.

  363. Sea Mode says:

    DeeJay Dallas conference call should start anytime if anyone cares to listen in:

  364. charlietheunicorn says:


    Got 1 guy on the mock!

  365. clbradley17 says:

    We’ll get a lot more at all positions after the draft, JS is one of the best getting UDFAs. Almost wish we trade back a couple times with our late 6th to pick up several 7th rounders, they’re like 1 point apiece for the last 31 in the round. Denver has 4 or 5, and several teams have multiple picks, we have none, and would be easier to pick a few locked in last rd. options rather than hope they outbid other teams after the draft.

  366. Brazilian Hawk says:

    At this point, we have 6 DEs on the roster, but maybe not a single one expected to perform like a three-down starter. Best case scenario, we re-sign Clowney and add Griffen/Ngakoue, do we carry 8 DEs into the season?

  367. GoHawksDani says:

    Jets took Hall…I’m F’in pissed. But hey we can roll with 3LBs which worked so well last year. And at least we have a huge TE project. Totally worth it.
    If they didn’t wanna roll with the injury risk Amik was still available…I’m not happy

    • Coleslaw says:

      They like Amadi and if Blair can get on the field, Bmac, Diggs or Blair could play in the slot as the 3rd safety. Not to mention the trio of Dunbar, Griffin and Flowers.

      • GoHawksDani says:

        I like Amadi too, and Blair also but neither are proven commodities.
        Flowers-Griffin-Dunbar could work. I hope Dunbar works out and Flowers take a huge step forward. Or Dunbar-Griffin-Amadi could be nice too. I just saw some tape on Hall and that guy can play. And we don’t really have an intense guy like Amik on our roster

    • CaptainJack says:

      I barely know who hall is because I ignore the DB class pretty much every year. Pete will take “his guy” when he wants, and “his guy” is usually a complete unknown.

  368. Coleslaw says:

    Lets trade 214 and a 2021 7th for like 3 late 7th rounders. Just snag up a bunch of these injury concern guys who would be drafted by now any other year

  369. clbradley17 says:

    Many of our hopefuls going now – Hall at CB, Gipson at DE, Ismael at C, Joe Reed at WR, Kenny Robinson at S, Nick Harris at C just now to the Browns.

  370. CaptainJack says:

    Phins just got my man Strowbridge. Damn good pick up for them in the fifth.

  371. charlietheunicorn says:

    Prince Tega Wanogho

    Must be a medical issue for him to drop.

    • Parker says:

      The Athletic had a predraft article up about him that states he is currently rehabbing from an injury:

      “Wanogho’s draft prep over the last month has consisted of visits to Dr. James Andrews’ medical office in Pensacola for rehabilitation, which has been deemed essential. . .His rehab from the January meniscus procedure now includes on-field work, and he’s been allowed to run and go through limited offensive line drills under the supervision of a member of Andrews’ athletic training staff.”

  372. Coleslaw says:

    55 roster spots now, we have room for the DEs or the OGs.

  373. Jace says:

    I still believe the Hawks like college RB’s with low mileage on them in college. Excited to see what Deejay can do.

  374. CaptainJack says:

    Nick Harris to Cleveland. Happy for him, but glad he’s off the board.

  375. dcd2 says:

    What’s up gentlemen? Wanted to pop in and see how things were going and I’m going to go ahead and excuse myself back to my laundry room remodel. I have a feeling that will be a lot more productive than trying to understand exactly what the ‘plan’ is.

    Haven’t looked at the comments yet, but I have to say… I’m stunned. Colby Parkinson? A 5th TE, 19 OL and NO DT!!? I can’t wrap my head around this roster construction. My two favorite slot CB’s (Amik & Reid) are both gone, and that was the main hope I had for a “my guy”.

    I’m frustrated & confused, no doubt. Gonna tune out for a bit and come back when I’ve got a whiskey on the rocks tonight. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

    Go Hawks

    • clbradley17 says:

      Well unfortunately the Cards drafted both of the best DTs available, Leki Fotu of Utah and Rashard Lawrence of LSU.

    • GoHawksDani says:

      I feel you.
      Just as I started to accept the Brooks pick and hope they’ll pick Amik or Hall as they fall, or attack DT earlier and grab Hamilton, Davis, Madubuike or at least Fotu…they did nothing.
      Not hating on this TE, but feel like there were much better options where the position was much deeper in this class and those aligned with much greater needs. And they went to a completely different route.
      But I was wrong before (with DK), and I love being wrong if that means the Hawks get a stud

  376. Matt says:

    I know Rob and I vehemently disagreed about Hunter Bryant – never thought he’d fall this far. The knee and athletic testing (factoring in his size) is definitely scaring teams off.

  377. clbradley17 says:

    Just showed highlights of Kenny Robinson at S from WVU and XFL, 6’2″ 200 and looked great making ints, 1st team all-acc, making plays all over the field, great ball awareness. Robinson at S, CB Roberton and Reed at WR(+ 33 yd. avg. KO returns) or one of the centers would’ve made us all much happier than the choices they made today. Thing they thought it was another practice draft day and just threw darts at the wall instead of try for impact players at positions of need.

    • clbradley17 says:

      Think they thought… last line. May go take a nap as someone suggested earlier. Probably still 2 hours till our last pick, and may be a kicker the way today is going.

  378. EranUngar says:

    Strange but everybody at 710 espn seem to be high on Parkinson blocking and he mentioned the Seahawks wants him to bulk up and be classic Y TE.

    • Rob Staton says:

      They are wrong.

      He’s not a blocker. I watched his tape and couldn’t find anything to judge in terms of blocking.

      They’re just assuming he’s a blocker because he played for Stanford.

      • Matt says:

        Maybe they can develop that skill in him?

        It’s a little troublesome to assume being since he did in fact come from Stanford.

        Intriguing pick – I hope they just let him be TE3 and focus on moving the chains and dominating the red zone. No reason to make him something he is not.

      • God of Thunder says:

        Does the Stanford football program practice blocking? I mean emphasize it a lot? Does their TE coach make them do reps?

        Perhaps that’s how the program gets known for all round TE? Just asking

  379. Jace says:

    Just watched the interview with Colby Parkinson. He is going to fit into that TE room so well with his personality.

    • CaptainJack says:

      Oh yeah it is a fantastic fit

    • clbradley17 says:

      Yep that’s what we needed in the locker room, personality from a position not really needed in the draft, not DL/DBs on a depleted and unproductive defense.

  380. Coleslaw says:

    49ers traded Breida and Goodwin today. Some good news.

  381. Matt says:

    Just saw a hilarious tweet from Corbin Smith about Deejay Dallas being a father and checking off the “Maturity Box” for the Seahawks.

    LOL…yes, being a 22 year old father automatically means you are mature…not that you just, well…I’m sure most of you were in college and understand basic reproductive science.

    I like Dallas…and not implying he’s not a good, mature guy – just find that take hilarious. What people come up with for content is hilarious.

    • CaptainJack says:

      I don’t think it should be seen as some slight that a 22 year old man about to start a professional career has a child.

      • Matt says:

        I don’t think it should mean anything except on an individual basis. I just find it hilarious that Corbin immediately goes to “maturity box checked.”

        My best friend had a kid at 21…he is/was a fine father but was anything but mature.

    • Volume12 says:

      I would hope it makes you grow up pretty fast though.

      • Matt says:

        Totally…and I made sure to point out that I’m not assuming anything bad about Deejay. I just think it’s comical to rush straight to the “maturity box checked” on something like this.

        Plenty of great young fathers – some are mature and some aren’t.

        Again – I thought it was funny because it’s such a hollow, assuming take.

        • Volume12 says:

          I got cha. Knew where you coming from. We all know how many deadbeat dads there are unfortunately.

          • Matt says:

            I’m probably skewed being an older brother to a younger sister and always hearing the following:

            “He’s such an amazing guy with a big heart!”

            “Um, you’ve been on one date with him and didn’t know him before. Maybe let him prove that to you.”

            Not sure why I’m making a serious point here, lol. I just thought the tweet was funny. Corbin seems like a good, insightful guy.

      • UkAlex6674 says:

        Dallas himself has said he is focused on doing well to provide for his son and family, so that is a mature outlook indeed. He has goals and priorities.

        Maturity box ticked.

        • Matt says:

          Whew…all it took was a 10 second sound bite. I’m sure he is a fine person and never implied anything else.

  382. Spencer says:

    Love Taylor and Robinson but the two both seem like clear Leos. In addition to Irvin and Mayowa, seems like a lot of guys there.

    • Coleslaw says:

      Mayowa’s not really a LEO.

      • DC says:

        Neither is Irvin.

        • Eburgz says:

          They kinda both are LEO types actually…

          Irvin can play SAM

          • DC says:

            Irvin was drafted to play LEO & busted to SAM.

            • Eburgz says:

              Last year for the panthers he was an edge rusher. 8 sacks last year and 8 sacks his rookie year as a LEO. Busted? He’s only really been a linebacker for Seattle. They moved him to SAM to get him on the field way back when we were loaded at DE.

              What the heck are you talking about. He’s a LEO type that has the versatility to play the SAM

  383. CaptainJack says:

    Phins take weaver

    • clbradley17 says:

      Let’s see if Weaver is really productive, and remember we could’ve had him 3 times today. Wanted him more than Robinson at DE, and we could also have drafted excellent CB in Roberton, S in Robinson or choice of 2-3 very good centers. I’ll bet Dallas or comprable RBs could’ve been drafted in the 7th or UDFA, TE not necessary.

  384. EP says:

    Alton Robinson was very good in 2018 if my memory serves me. Syracuse were good that year.

    • charlietheunicorn says:

      Nothing wrong with a explosive developmental edge project. Seattle needs them.
      This opens up what they can do with FA now. Several veteran options available, so no pressure to sign “young guy” such as Clowney for super big dollars.

  385. Volume12 says:

    Lol. The Bills have a literal 2 pack of a** at QB.

  386. Bayahawk says:

    I wonder if the 49ers trades today set them up to add Clowney to the mix. I’m not sure they can designate any of the trades as post June 1st but if they can, they cleared a total of ~16 million. If they can redo Trent Williams deal with a low first year number and sign Clowney to a multi-year deal with a low first year number, that’s an easy add for them.

  387. charlietheunicorn says:

    I should just draft for the Jaquars and the Ravens…..
    get tons of draft hits on guys going to either team :/

  388. The Dolphins loading up on DE.

  389. Ben Ft. Worth says:

    Looking like the Seahawks will have plenty of cap space next year to re-sign some players, maybe even have enough to bring back Dunbar if he wants to come back. plus they could co even pull off a trade for a veteran edge rusher and have the dollars to keep him if they desired.

  390. cha says:

    Boy Howdy
    The Seahawks have spent draft picks at TE, OG and LB, which leads me to wonder if they are preparing to cut expensive veterans:

    Justin Britt
    KJ Wright
    Jacob Hollister
    DJ Fluker

    Moving on from these players could clear nearly $22M in cap space.

    • cha says:

      Not sure I buy this, but it’s worth considering.

      • Cortez Kennedy says:

        I just can’t imagine cutting KJ because we drafted a linebacker who is so suspect in coverage. Unless they think Barton is ready. I would love to cut the other three, but Lewis isn’t going to play center.

    • Henry Taylor says:

      I doubt they move on from KJ and Fluker, Britt and Hollister really should be gone though.

    • Eburgz says:

      Only guy I’d cut out of that group is Britt.

      we could sure use Clowney back and a veteran DT.

    • Brazilian Hawk says:

      Justin Britt
      KJ Wright
      DJ Fluker
      Jacob Hollister
      David Moore
      Branden Jackson
      Joey Hunt

      Those 7 cuts could save the Seahawks 28.35 mm. Plus, Wilson and Lockett’s contract have plenty of restructuring room to create from 10-20 mm in cap space for 2020. Not to mention’s the Seahawks own 10 mm cap space.

      The Seahawks have the flexibility to create around 60 mm of cap space. I just don’t get why all of this passivity on the offseason.

  391. Cortez Kennedy says:

    Kareem went one pick before Robinson to Cincinnati, I wonder if he would have been the pick.

    Anyways, I’m loving what I’m seeing of Alton Robinson. There is a lot to work with!

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      I don’t think so. They’re pretty different DEs. Robinson is a twitched up EDGE/LEO whereas Kareem is a traditional 5T. SEA don’t need any more 5Ts.

  392. Shamblin_Mound says:

    Mockdraftable comps both Taylor and Robinson to Ryan Kerrigan, and Robinson to Ngakoue (third comp).

    Shed Britt (maybe Wright, though that would be a tougher one) and bring Griffen or maybe Clowney back. That’s a DL I can look to the future with.

  393. Forty20 says:

    Alton Robinson seems pretty dialled in as I listen to his conference call. Speaks really well and owned the big mistake in high school citing that he embarrassed himself, his family and his high school.

    Intriguingly, he worked with Cliff Avril this year so he already has a pretty damn handy mentor to call on.

    • Volume12 says:

      Didn’t he train in Bellevue this off-season?

      • Forty20 says:

        Yep. He got recommended to the Bellvue program by an older linebacker team-mate. I believe he said he also played high school footy with Tre Flowers so another connection to the team.

      • Matt says:

        Ford Sports. My baseball team practices in the building next door. Always saw Hunter Bryant there – dude works hard.

        I wouldn’t have recognized Alton Robinson.

        • Volume12 says:

          Surprised Bryant is still on the board at this point.

          • Matt says:

            I was never a fan of his from an NFL perspective – but by all accounts, the kid is a straight worker. I believe his dad was a trainer…and that’s always kind of been his problem – he was maxed out physically when he got to UW.

            The medical has to be the problem. I’m sure the knee is probably degenerative. That’s a tough gamble when he’s already borderline with his speed.

  394. Kingdome1976 says:

    At this point I would be pretty shocked if we still signed one of Clowney/Griffin/Yannick. We really don’t have the cap and we have Irvin/Mayowa/Greene/Taylor/Robinson/Collier on the roster now. Pass rush by commitee I suppose. The rest of the capital we have will probably go towards a DT.

    Seems like all of the signing we’ve done are low money and low years so maybe we are really just gearing up for 2021 after all.

    • Hawkdawg says:

      As detailed just above by Brazilian, we can make cap room if we want. Plenty of it.

    • CaptainJack says:

      I mean I kind of agree. They drafted both Collier and Green to play so play them. They made a big move to secure Taylor so you’ve got to play him also. They also signed Mayowa and irvin before clowney or griffin for a reason.

    • We usually keep 9 but might keep 10 this year due to roster expansion. Could be this?

      Veteran DT
      One more spot (Griffen/Clowney)

      They could even make Irvin a LB and have two spots open.

    • clbradley17 says:

      If what you’re saying is we’re waiting until next year to Really get after it, then Rob’s premise is correct. We are wasting RW in his prime by doing very little, even regressing on the DL with possibly losing Clowney and not signing any other impact players. And days 1 and 3 of the draft were very underwhelming. So unless we sign Clowney, Griffen and/or Harrison at DT in the next few weeks, then 2020 is almost guaranteed an early round exit from the playoffs if we even make it.

    • cha says:

      Shocked? A 2nd and a 5th round pick aren’t going to match the impact a Clowney or a Griffen would have in 2020.

    • Eburgz says:

      I feel really good about literally none of those guys. Irvin and Mayowa are stop gaps and likely were Hedge signings. Green is solid has some potential. Hoping Taylor can make an impact and Collier makes a huge jump from last year (hoping the lost season was due to the injury). No guarantee Robinson even makes the team. Also can’t assume everyone stays healthy through training camp.

      We probably have about 6-7 roster spots for these inside-Out DE and edge types if we assume they roll with 3 interior DL like they have in recent years. Green, Collier, Taylor, Mayowa, Robinson & Clowney/Griffen. Irvin can count as a LB as our projected starting SAM. There’s room for a veteran DL or two on the roster still. I like Clowney & Mebane and they are familiar to the Seahawks similar to Irvin/Mayowa.

      Projected seahawks DL (Clowney/Griffen, Green, Collier, Mayowa, Taylor, Robinson, Ford, Reed, Mebane)

  395. Where do they go?


  396. Von says:

    I think they may be targeting Luc Barcoo from SD State w/ pick 214. CB. Very good athlete.

    • Volume12 says:

      Good shout.

      BoPete Keyes is still out there too as are some of pro day guys they met with and attended.

      • DC says:

        Ever since I saw his name I knew that BoPete was going to be a Hawk. It might end up being in a parallel universe but it’s still a certainty.

  397. Volume12 says:

    So the Rob Riggle clue. It was a 2 parter? Duo and leaving a past behind?

  398. Matt says:

    Give me Donovan Peoples-Jones…it’s worth the risk at this point. He can at the very least be a Punt Returner.

  399. seaspunj says:

    JS/PC usually likes to have double digit picks and in turn we see a above average hit rate in terms of games and snaps played in the NFL. Also those final day 3 picks is where JS/PC hit some probowl homeruns and or starters that are extremely serviceable and directly contribute to the team and or the NFL league

    this draft they have 7 picks and as a fan you are hoping we get quality from the lack of draft pick quantity.

    First 3 picks


    probably you are hoping for 1 starter (maybe pro bowler) + 2 serviceable players (maybe they get a 2nd contract)

    Final day 3 picks is where you are swinging for the fences and hoping we get some boom or bust

    Round 4 to 6

    from DAY 3 picks who you guys think will be that future starter or pro bowl player?

    • Matt says:

      Nobody from Day 3. I’m confident all 3 will provide value in one way or another.

    • Volume12 says:

      I don’t know if anyone is a pro bowler, but Alton Robinson would be my pick to contribute quite a bit.

    • Huso Liszt says:

      DeeJay, is just getting started at RB. Massive upside. He’s got a bit o Beastmode in him.

      • justin hui says:

        if DeeJay is like Spencer Ware or Chris Carson I think that’s found $

        I am hopeful for the TE Parkinson if he can just utilize size opposite of DK Metcalf in Red Zone it’s a matchup problem for D opponents

  400. Hunter Bryant still not drafted…wow

  401. Andrew Monusko says:

    What the hell is this broadcast now descending into?

    This is the biggest momemt of pick 183s life (whoever it turns out to be – and we’re getting some weird musical performance?

    • Dawgma says:

      Seriously. I just flat out gave up on the broadcast and I’m just following the tracker. They aren’t even *ANNOUNCING* most of the picks, and they’re so far behind they’ll just start randomly talking about some dude and I legit have to go look up who even picked him.

      The broadcast has been bad before but it’s a whole new level of trash this year.

  402. Volume12 says:

    This is so much better than that country music performance.

  403. DC says:

    New England blows my mind. I like Michael Onwenu. Bet they got an eventual starting guard.

  404. Steve Nelsen says:

    If you guys want something fun to do while waiting for 214 go check out CB Michael Jacqet III. Crazy length. Pro-ready nickname.

  405. Ben Ft. Worth says:

    Would like to see a secondary piece here or dare I say it, another OL player. Honestly though, this feels like a good spot to grab a CB/S.

    • Coleslaw says:

      I wouldn’t think twice about snagging Prince here. Just do it.

      • Kingdome1976 says:


        • Producehawk says:

          Evidently Prince Wangotango has something going that I have no clue of. Unless he murdered someone or had a leg amputated I say take him

          • Mark Souza says:

            I’m with you. Take him. That talent with a late 6th? I don’t care if he needs a redshirt year to recover from some mystery injury we haven’t heard of.

      • SoCal12 says:

        I’m surprised Prince has fallen this low, but I do get the feeling teams probably see him as way more raw and unrefined than analysts were even saying. Would be a good pickup in this frame though.

  406. Coleslaw says:

    Would be nice to have a solid kicker for cheap for 4 years. And he’s a Dawg

    • Mexican Hawk says:

      Jason Myers sometimes makes me nervous. We have other bigger issues, but hope it he gets a bit more consistent.

      Hauschka was money (during his years in Seattle). Maybe faded a bit towards the end.

      Wilson seems to have the ears of PCJS. Not sure if JS comments on Oline are direct from Russ as per Russ wanting GROWN MEN or if it’s just team philosophy. Probably both.

      Liking the draft, but some teams getting better every day: Ravens, Niners and Cards. Dolphins and Colts having great drafts. Vikings as well.

      Next few weeks will be key to close this cycle. Full picture has not been painted.

  407. Matt says:

    Mooney gone…that was a real sleeper for this team. Damn.

  408. Ben Ft. Worth says:

    Yeah, what’s the story there anyways? Is he injured?

  409. pdway says:

    I’m liking this draft for what feels like a good injection of speed/talent at the first two levels of the defense. Add Dunbar, and a full year of Diggs, plus hopefully Blair – and you can see our D being much faster/playmaking this coming season.

    I feel like every pick, more or less, after the 3rd round, is a bit of a flyer – there’s no sure things there – and for all the criticism of PC/JS 1st round picking – they’ve remained solid at finding mid to late round contributors.

    Random disagreement — feels like the consensus on here that Hollister stinks – – I didn’t think that at all last year. He’s undersized, no argument there, but he got open for Russ, showed solid hands, and was a little faster than you’d expect after the catch. Not a star, but definitely good enough to make a roster.

  410. Gohawks5151 says:

    Been gone a couple hours. What I miss? Can we still get Tega?

  411. charlietheunicorn says:

    Andy Reid rocking the Hawaiian shirt

  412. Mexican Hawk says:

    Can’t get a right read on CeeDee Lamb, PFF has him graded very high. Speed good, not excellent 4.5?

    Good after the catch. Seems good on contested catches.

    Any thoughts?

    • Paul Cook says:

      I saw just about every game/play he was in, my partner being a Sooner. My favorite receiver in this talent laden class. Just a great football player at the college level. Knows how to get open. Very good punt returner. Great after the catch. What he might lack in certain measurables he more than makes up for in his overall football talent/smarts.

      But you never know until a few year’s time at the pro level.

    • CaptainJack says:

      he’s not super fast but he has insane body control and hands

      • Mexican Hawk says:

        Thank you, not a fan of the Boys. Wish him well, not the team. Haha.

        I have the third and fourth overall picks in a dynasty redraft (thru two trades), hope CeeDee and CEH go 1 and 2. I’d rather have Taylor and Jefferson. Or better yet the two RB’s: Taylor and CEH. Jeudy has Sutton and Edwards to contend with for volume. Maybe Reagor has bigger upside, but more risk. Ruggs may be a Tyreek, Aiyuk has to share the load with those other weapons in SFO. 🙁

        We’ll see. Love Taylor behind that line at Indy.

  413. Big Mike says:

    For you Pac-12 fans……Jake Luton from Oregon St. just taken by Jax pick 189

  414. clbradley17 says:

    WR Donovan Peoples-Jones gone to the Browns. Still hoping for a DT, maybe Benito Jones or Raequan Williams.

  415. CaptainJack says:

    Off topic but is Kim Jong-Un dead or alive?

  416. charlietheunicorn says:

    Ok, you know you are off the radar when the site had to hurriedly put up a profile due to being drafted….. Justin Rohrwasser K Marshall

    • God of Thunder says:

      AKA the Field Marshal

    • Jhams says:

      Probably didn’t want to put his picture up so people wouldn’t see he has a tattoo for a militia group that’s done security for Neo-Nazi rallies.

    • Matt says:

      This dude is already cancelled. Guarantee NE let’s him go due to public pressure…I don’t want to guarantee it, but people have a lot of time on their hands these days.

  417. Eburgz says:

    Would be cool to snag Hunter Bryant and Madre Harper as UDFA considering the links they have to the team. If we don’t draft them I hope no one does.

  418. charlietheunicorn says:

    Bucs winning the offseason and the draft… solid

  419. Eburgz says:

    Love some of these teams drafts.

    New England
    Kansas City
    San Francisco

    The list goes on.

    • Volume12 says:

      Really like what Carolina did. ‘Phins have drafted well too.

      My favorite pick so far is Kenneth Murray to the Bolts.

  420. RWIII says:

    Two free agency questions. What about signing Frank Gore? Also does anyone have a list of defensive tackles that are still available?

  421. clbradley17 says:

    Penis-ini is gone to the Lions.

    • Volume12 says:

      Teeny tiny Peeny ini off the board?

      With a name like that dude better have some big d**k energy.

  422. JimQ says:

    IF WR is still a possibility as a Seahawk pick, how about: WR-Isiah Hodgins;

    2019: “The Country’s TOP red zone WR, 12 targets, 12 receptions, 9-TD’s (and 3 for 1-st downs). Not a flex tight end but very much a red zone target as a (somewhat slower) WR that could potentially become a big time TD maker for RW’s quiver.

  423. Coleslaw says:

    Vikings still have 7 picks.

  424. charlietheunicorn says:

    Come on Seattle, get Bryce Huff

  425. Coleslaw says:

    Giants quietly having an outstanding draft.

  426. Henry Taylor says:

    Quez is gone, one of the guys I was really hoping we could get.

  427. Coleslaw says:

    Ravens got DuVernay and Proche..

  428. CaptainJack says:

    After this draft I really think we have the depth to compete for a super bowl this year. if we get a little luckier health wise, I think we have a shot.

  429. CaptainJack says:

    DAMN both Proche and Watkins gone just like dat

  430. Volume12 says:

    Wait. Kliff Kingsbury recruited Jordyn Brooks didn’t he?

    • HOUSE says:

      Yup… He practice against an Air Raid/Move QB like Kyler… That could be a benefit or a dagger for Brooks

  431. CaptainJack says:

    Has to be the slowest sixth round of all time.

  432. CaptainJack says:

    MAN THE WEATHER IN SEATTLE IS BEAUTIFUL TODAY. Absolutely fantastic, this city is getting at least another Super Bowl from Wilson. I can feel it, this is the year.

    • clbradley17 says:

      At least something’s going right if the weather is nice there. But except for Dunbar at CB in FA and day 2 of the draft, we’ve been going backwards and seems like we’ll be lucky if we make the playoffs. Meanwhile AZ may pass us with a great offseason getting one of the top WRs in the NFL in Hopkins, Phillips at DT and a couple linebackers, plus a great draft with a top 3 talent in Simmons, help on the OL and two big DTs in Fotu and Lawrence. SF also improved a lot in the draft and with getting OT Williams from Washington.

  433. Bigten says:

    Is something wrong with Prince?

    • SoCal12 says:

      People here are saying injuries. That combined with raw technique is probably a bad combo in a prep shortened season.

  434. Jace says:

    With us passing on the WR class so far it makes me wonder if they are hopeful they can get Josh Gordon back.

  435. charlietheunicorn says:

    Is it just me or did teams simplify who they were drafting and did a better job this year… with less information (pro days for example)

    • SoCal12 says:

      I think there are reports that GMs are more decisive this year and more willing to just stick to their pre-draft board since there’s less war room back and forth with the scout team.

    • mishima says:

      Without visits, medicals, pro days, I bet teams were more conservative than usual, this year.

      UDFA is going to be interesting.

      • charlietheunicorn says:

        Going to be some guys making teams out of UDFA this year, more so than years past

  436. SoCal12 says:

    So is Stidham really Bill’s guy for the next season?

  437. J says:

    I bet they piss more people off and go QB here.

  438. Ashish says:

    are we getting hall cb now?