Live blog: 2021 NFL draft (Round 2 & 3)

April 30th, 2021 | Written by Rob Staton

Welcome to the live blog for the 2021 NFL draft. I’ll be giving reaction to every pick as they’re made. Feel free to use this as an open thread but please no tipping picks.

At the end of round three I’ll be hosting a live stream offering reaction to Seattle’s move(s).

Here’s a watch-list for Seahawks fans…

#33 Jacksonville — Tyson Campbell (CB, Georgia)
This was rumoured. I have no idea why the Jaguars have taken another corner. For me Campbell doesn’t contest enough passes and his agility testing bothers me.

#34 New York Jets — Elijah Moore (WR, Ole Miss)
This is an outstanding pick. The Jets are having a tremendous draft. AVT and Moore to pair with their new pick, not to mention Mekhi Becton a year ago? What a start for Joe Douglas.

#35 Denver (v/ATL) — Javonte Williams (RB, North Carolina)
Outstanding player. In a couple of mocks I had Denver moving up for a running back. Their GM came from Minnesota. Williams is tough, physical and will run you over.

#36 Miami — Jevon Holland (S, Oregon)
He was receiving a lot of late buzz but I’m still a bit surprised he went this high. There’s not a lot of tape to get into.

#37 Philadelphia — Landon Dickerson (C, Alabama)
The Eagles take a shot on Dickerson’s health. There’s no doubting his personality and his character. Yet there’s no getting away from the fact he’s had an injury every year of his college career.

#38 New England (v/CIN) — Christian Barmore (DT, Alabama)
The Patriots trade up for a player I thought was pretty overrated. I’m not convinced he’s the dominating, disruptive DT many think he is.

#39 Chicago (v/CAR) — Teven Jenkins (T, Oklahoma State)
The Bears move up for the second time in the draft. Jenkins fell for health and character concerns. He’s explosive but I think some of the chatter about him has been OTT. He’s not as good as some will have you believe.

#40 Atlanta — Richie Grant (S, UCF)
He made a big impression at the Senior Bowl but his testing was mediocre and it feels like a forced need here.

#41 Detroit — Levi Onwuzurike (DT, Washington)
The Lions are rebuilding through the trenches and good for them. He has great agility and movement for an interior player. He has power and motor. There’s a lot of potential here.

#42 Miami (v/NYG) — Liam Eichenburg (T, Notre Dame)
He was getting a lot of talk late in the process. He has short arms, his kick-slide isn’t much to write home about. He’s a solid player who I’d prefer inside at guard.

#43 Las Vegas (v/SF) — Trevon Moehrig (S, TCU)
Another trade. There’s a lot of movement early in round two. He’s a solid safety. Nothing blows you away but he’s consistent and does a bit of everything. A calming influence in the secondary.

#44 Dallas — Kelvin Joseph (CB, Kentucky)
He really came on in 2020. He’s a top athlete with the LSU pedigree and profile. They needed a corner and they get a good one here.

#45 Jacksonville — Walker Little (T, Stanford)
This is very interesting. He was once considered a top-20 talent. An ACL injury and an opt-out later, nobody had a real grasp of where he would land. He holds in the top-50. He has all the tools to be a starting tackle.

#46 Cincinnati — Jackson Carman (T, Clemson)
I didn’t have him on my board. I didn’t see anything. I thought he looked heavy and sluggish. He has short arms. There were no testing numbers. Not sold.

#47 LA Chargers — Asante Samuel Jr (CB, Florida State)
They had a need and he has a pedigree. I think the name recognition helped him but the tape was pretty good. I preferred other CB’s in this class though.

#48 San Francisco — Aaron Banks (G, Notre Dame)
I liked Banks’ tape but was completely put off by his pro-day and dropped him two rounds. He ran a 4.92 short shuttle and he’s not explosive. His split was a 1.91.

#49 Arizona — Rondale Moore (WR, Purdue)
It’s an interesting pick. He’s a gadget player for me. He had some injury issues. Bit boom or bust really. Doesn’t really offer any downfield threat despite his size and athleticism.

#50 New York Giants — Azeez Olujari (DE, Georgia)
Obviously the injury issues have dropped him significantly and that has to be taken into account. However, he was excellent at Georgia and he has top-level potential.

#51 Washington — Sam Cosmi (T, Texas)
He’s very explosive and he has starting potential. However, he needs to learn how to finish and he has technique issues.

#52 Cleveland (v/CAR) — Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (LB, Notre Dame)
His lack of size was seen as a concern but there’s no doubting what he does well. It’s a surprise he lasted this far.

#53 Tennessee — Dillon Radunz (T, North Dakota State)
I think he’s a guard, although admittedly he looked decent at tackle at the Senior Bowl. He’s just not very big or long.

#54 Indianapolis — Dayo Odeyingbo (DE, Vanderbilt)
I love this pick. Odeyingbo was a top-15 player for me before he tore his achilles. He’s well worth taking a chance on.

#55 Pittsburgh — Pat Freiermuth (TE, Penn State)
I love the value here and the Steelers added two excellent weapons with their first two picks.

#56 Seattle — Dee Eskridge (WR, Western Michigan)
I’m stunned they didn’t trade down. They really do appear to be punting on the draft overall. Eskridge is a dynamic, exciting player. For me he’s a poor man’s Tyreek Hill. He can get downfield, he competes for the ball in the air, he can move the chains. He’s an excellent kick returner. He’s an older player but he has speed and talent.

When I interviewed Jim Nagy before the Senior Bowl, we spoke about Eskridge:

I don’t have an issue with this pick. I like Eskridge. I just wish they had more picks. There’s so much talent left on the board. They have future holes that need to be filled.

#57 LA Rams — Tutu Atwell (WR, Louisville)
I think this is an odd selection, given his size and testing. It suggests they might’ve been targeting Eskridge. They surely had far bigger needs?

#58 Kansas City — Nick Bolton (LB, Missouri)
He’s an old-fashioned thumper. This isn’t a typical Chiefs pick — they usually go for upside and freaky athleticism. He is a physical tone-setter.

#59 Carolina — Terrace Marshall Jr (WR, LSU)
He played well in a disaster zone season for LSU last season. They have some weapons in Carolina but do they have the chops up front?

#60 New Orleans — Pete Werner (LB, Ohio State)
He’s explosive, athletic and he’s just always around the ball.

#61 Buffalo — Carlos Basham Jr (DE, Wake Forest)
He’s athletic but his tape is underwhelming and he blows hot and cold.

#62 Green Bay — Josh Myers (C, Ohio State)
This is a terrific value pick. The Packers smash it out of the park, landing a potential 10-year starter at center. He is legit.

#63 Kansas City — Creed Humphrey (C, Oklahoma)
I’m surprised the centers lasted this far. He’s explosive and tough and the Chiefs have prioritised their trenches yet again.

#64 Tampa Bay — Kyle Trask (QB, Florida)
I wouldn’t have taken him ahead of Kellen Mond or Davis Mills.

I’m going to end the live blog now and jump on a live stream reacting to the Eskridge pick. I’ll start a new blog post for that.

346 Responses to “Live blog: 2021 NFL draft (Round 2 & 3)”

  1. Hoggs41 says:

    I wonder the chances we might get to pick twice today. Im guessing its very slim to none.

  2. Hey Rob, those infographics are awesome. Well done. As always the content is killer as well. I have been following since reading about your picks for who Seattle might pickup at QB back in the Wilson, Osweiler, Cousins era. I like that you can always tell us like it is even if it isn’t popular.

    Thanks for the hard work. Love the content!!

  3. Volume12 says:

    Simi Fehoko! Freak athlete

    • Volume12 says:

      Go w/ 2 huge WRs on the outside, use Lockett all over the formation? Sounds like a PC WR core to me

      • Sea Mode says:

        Interesting. Hadn’t paid attention to him.

        Guys like that are the ones I was looking for a while back. Would have had well over 1,000 yds in a full season.

        • Sea Mode says:

          Wait, that name was from Charles Davis? Hope that doesn’t mean something. If Schrager had Seattle’s pick last year…

          • Volume12 says:

            Hahahaha see! Even Davis knows. Like Rob said, I’d b fine w/ it round 4. Round 2? Ehhhh

            • Sea Mode says:

              Apparently Davis said at 56… 😳

              Bob Condotta

              Charles Davis of NFL Network giving a name as a possibility for Seattle at 56 I haven’t heard much — Stanford WR Simi Fehoko. Listed at 6-3, 227 and played quite a bit in slot for Cardinal.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Sure, why not take a 24-year-old receiver with four career starts and six drops on 43 catchable targets…

    • CaptainJack says:

      Interesting, he’s one of the guys who dominated the Husky secondary last season…

  4. Sea Mode says:

    My gut says they roll with Pocic at center and target a WR3 after a trade down or two. I think that’s what they were planning on at least.

    Also wondering if they might feel pushed to try and replace Reed with their top pick, just because they weren’t planning on losing him.

    Gonna be interesting!

  5. no frickin clue says:

    I hope we trade out of #56 to the 70’s-80’s, and pick up 2-3 other picks in the 100-160 range.

    Whether we use our picks well of course remains TBD.

  6. Michael P Matherne says:

    If every single guy on the watchlist were available at #56, who ya taking Rob?

  7. Sea Mode says:

    Wow, Tony saying heads might roll in Vegas. Does he mean Mayock, cause Gruden is locked in?

    Word in league circles is a major shake-up in the Las Vegas Raiders’ front office will be coming soon after the draft and significant heads are expected to roll. The pick of Alex Leatherwood in the middle of Round 1 last night, a player they could have traded down and selected, is opening a lot of wounds and seems to be the final straw. Additionally, I’m also hearing about a lot of friction between major players in their front office.

  8. Paul Cook says:

    I just want one legit starter out of this draft. If he’s there at 56, don’t get cute, take him. UDFA’s could be as good as 6th and 7th round picks this year. Even 5th rounders.

    • no frickin clue says:

      Darrell Taylor was a 2nd rd pick, and George Kittle was a 5th. I would rather roll the dice, be cute, and go for quantity. There’s no saying that a UDFA is going to be willing to sign with Seattle if he’s getting calls from other teams.

      • Paul Cook says:

        I think a bunch of UDFA’s are already worked out. We’ll see.

        There’s about 4-5 players that from my perspective you take at #56 if they’re there. I don’t know if PC/JS have such a select group of players like that or not.

  9. Blitzy the Clown says:

    It’s obviously still early, but the Jets and the Dolphins have had the best drafts so far.

  10. CaptainJack says:

    Here’s the damn pick:

    There’s Chase Claypool. Go get him.

    • Trevor says:

      He had potential but he is not the athlete Claypool is and people forget how good Claypool was production wise at ND.

      Would like him on day 3 though.

  11. CaptainJack says:

    Good for the Jets. Also have Corey Davis. Disney Channel Wilson has a chance.

  12. Blizty the Clown says:

    I think CB is as big a need as any on this team. DJ Reed is the only known quantity. Everyone else is a question mark. And even though Reed is decent, if he’s your best corner (and he is by far), you have problems.

    I’m plugging for Shaun Wade early. Too rare an opportunity to land a top flight corner.

    FWIW I think Ojulari is the pick for Denver here.

  13. KD says:

    And there goes Williams…… Good for Denver though, he’s gonna be good.

  14. Trevor says:

    Moore and Williams were both first round talents and go early. Makes sense.

  15. Big Mike says:

    Denver gets J. Williams. SIGH

  16. Sea Mode says:

    Hmmm, really worth it for the Falcons to move down 5 spots just to swap a R6 for a R4? I say well played, Broncos, to get ahead of Miami and snag Williams.

  17. Justaguy says:

    The bold type must insinuate top choice, no?

  18. Trevor says:

    First Canadian kid off the board. Seems early for Holland but I do like him.

  19. Leo says:

    Wow, Holland the first safety taken. Thought Moehrig was the consensus #1.

  20. Kenny Sloth says:

    Yes GO DUCKS Holland has pro bloodlines and is a DB savant

  21. CaptainJack says:

    Biggest reach of the draft. Trash player. 😉

  22. Sea Mode says:

    Pats give up two R4s to move up from 46 to 38.

  23. CaptainJack says:

    Someone draft a husky now. Too many ducks drafted.

  24. Ashish says:

    Lot of teams has moved up already in 2nd round. Hope this is good news and Hawks get better offer. As always other know we are looking to move down and give low ball offers, hope JS does better job

  25. Missing Gnome says:

    Another safety off the board… keep taking them, less temptation for John and Pete

  26. Volume12 says:

    What about Moehrig?

  27. Paul Cook says:

    Husky #2. Love it.

  28. Sea Mode says:

    You can see SEA on the upcoming bar now…!

  29. CaptainJack says:

    Lets GOOOOOOOOO Levi!!!!

    SO so pumped for you man. Go be great.

  30. Sea Mode says:

    Lions making solid picks in the trenches.

  31. Ed says:

    A lot of people said WR and weapons for Detroit. With the bite you in the kneecaps HC, I figured it would be all trenches and LB.

  32. Volume12 says:

    Damn. Miami stays building a contender. Looking forward to the rivalry between them & Buffalo

  33. Volume12 says:

    Is this JOK?

  34. Volume12 says:

    Shut up Drew

  35. KD says:

    these special guest readers for each pick are cringe.

  36. jopa726 says:

    Lol…you’re not going to fool me this year Seahawks. I know the Hawks are going to trade down 5 times and pick a player from BIOLA* University.

    *Bible Institute of Los Angeles

  37. Volume12 says:


  38. Volume12 says:

    If this ain’t OL Cincy is trying to kill Burrows

  39. Leo says:

    Oh man, if Ojulari is available at 56, my rational brain might be completely overwhelmed. Could be Derrell Taylor 2.0, or DK 2.0…

  40. CaptainJack says:

    Jackson Carmen for the bengals. He was very hyped coming out of high school.

  41. Troy says:

    Why do you think JOK is sliding rob?

  42. Poli says:

    With 10 picks left, who you all hoping for?

  43. Isaac says:

    Rob how do you feel things are playing out for the hawks in round 2? There are a lot of players we really like left. Good possibility of trade with the options left.

  44. Volume12 says:

    God I love that pick.

  45. Chris b says:

    I have a bad feeling the hawks are gonna have a w.t.f moment when we pick.

  46. pls no Creed Humphrey to sf (at G)

  47. Paul Cook says:

    We’re nearing Elijah Molden territory, the #3 Husky. I’m telling you, this guy has smarts, leadership, dedication, and passion in spades. Someone is going to be happy they picked him.

  48. Leo says:

    Things are breaking really well for the Hawks right now, all the WRs and all three Cs still on the board. Great for a trade down scenario, but if Ojulari is still there, don’t you have to take a chance?

  49. Volume12 says:

    What about Ronnie Perkins? He athletic enough?

  50. Ryan says:

    Creed and Quinn Meinerz still available? Rondale Moore still available? Ojulari still available? Hmmm.

  51. Sea Mode says:

    Good, better Banks than Cleveland

  52. Kenny Sloth says:

    That… could be tough

  53. Volume12 says:

    Man, I love that move by Arizona. They had to get faster on that side of the ball

  54. Sea Mode says:

    All Midget team: Murray, Isabella, Moore…

  55. Henry Taylor says:

    My #1 boi in Arizona, sad about that but not worried about how much it changes their offence.

  56. Trevor says:

    Great pick by the Cardinals. That offense could be scary.

  57. Henry Taylor says:

    This draft is shaping up so well for us right now

  58. Mike says:

    Screw it let’s take davis mills

  59. Paul Cook says:

    Boy has USC fallen from grace. Once upon a time, they littered the early rounds with talent.

  60. Tim M. says:

    Anybody be surprised if they select Mond at QB if he’s still there?

  61. Kenny Sloth says:

    Why are billionaires so damn weird like they always take forever to finish a sentence, like damn Lex Luthor spit it out you sociopath

  62. CaptainJack says:

    Rondale Moore to arizona. Their wide receiver room is pretty crowded. Hopkins, AJ Green, Kirk, Isabella, Keesean Johnson… even if Fitzgerald is about to retire. I don’t see room for Moore, even though he’s only 5’7.

  63. Leo says:

    Alas, the dream is dead. At least trading down is obvious now…

  64. Sea Mode says:

    Schrager, we get it, you can text people in the league. Nobody thinks you’re any smarter or anything, just annoying…

  65. CaptainJack says:

    I was not aware that Sam Cosmi was the “dream” selection.

  66. Sea Mode says:

    Wonder if Tampa Bay would be a potential trade partner for us, moving up for Mills ahead of other teams looking for QBs to groom for the future (New Orleans, Steelers, Carolina).

  67. Kenny Sloth says:

    Imagine not being able to hug your friends for months and the biggest night of your life first person you allowed to touch is that pasty robot Goodell

  68. Kenny Sloth says:

    Damn that’s who I wanted

  69. Trevor says:

    If Creed Humphries is in the Board hope the Hawks just take him and have their quality C for the next 7-8 years.

    • Volume12 says:

      Does he have the length they like? He is a great player

    • Big Mike says:

      Like they could’ve done with Ryan Kelley?
      Or could’ve done with Joel Bitonio at G?

    • Henry Taylor says:

      I actually cant believe him and Meinerz are still available, its looking so good we might as well trade down regardless.

  70. KD says:

    Gotta love how CLE has been building their team over the past few years. Fantastic pick

    • Sea Mode says:

      Have to agree.

    • Ryan says:

      Jealous of what they’re building there.

    • Brik says:

      After the Osweiler trade where they paid for a 2nd round pick, I talked about how the Browns won with that move on an ESPN website. I said in a few years they will be really good. Took a lot of crap for that, but it’s nice to see them now.

  71. Troy says:

    Meinerz is so close I can taste him. Seriously if he is there just draft him, I’ll take a center of the future who could play for us for 10 years over extra picks. PC/JS please

  72. Paul Cook says:

    The question of questions now: Is there a player PC/JS will not trade down for on the board?

  73. KennyBadger says:

    Come all without! Come all within!
    You’ve not seen nothing…

  74. Kenny Sloth says:

    Elijah Molden at 56? I’d be stoked tbh.

  75. Dominic says:

    17 2nd round players from Rob’s horizontal board still there.

  76. David B. says:

    I am surprised to see so many folks wanting to pick at 56. Although they may get stuck with it, I don’t think they have a choice but to move if the right trade offer is there.

  77. Brik says:

    I’m all in for Kellen Mond, but I worry Pittsburgh might draft him. Might be possible to move back and get him if they don’t.

  78. bmseattle says:

    I fear we’ll take any offer to trade down, and wont get value.

  79. no frickin clue says:

    Mills, Mond and Trask still out there. If ever there’s a reason to overpay for a trade-up by someone, it’s for a QB.

    Might be a huge opportunity for Seattle to trade to bottom of rd 2 with Tampa?

  80. CaptainJack says:

    Please just trade down. No one on the board right now is “cant miss”

  81. CaptainJack says:

    Colts loading up on pass rush

  82. jopa726 says:

    Damn Dayo gone

  83. KD says:

    Damn. Hoping Dayo would have lasted longer.

  84. Sea Mode says:

    Crud. Colts draft so smart too.

    • Thomas Wells says:

      Can afford a stash like that when your roster is complete because you consistently draft well. If they figure out qb the sky is the limit

  85. Leo says:

    Kwity Paye and a healthy Odeyingbo could be a fantastic duo for years to come, great double-dip by Chris Ballard.

  86. CaptainJack says:

    hmm after the darrell taylor experience I’m glad we won’t be drafting Dayo, player not projected to play until late september/october

    • Robert Mailhot says:

      I think the counter argument is Dayo had more consistent production and a less severe injury. Can’t let last year’s mistake scare you off from an opportunity.

  87. Allen Mattsen says:

    Let’s gooooo!

  88. Kenny Sloth says:

    How you gonna boo Franco like that?!

  89. Thomas Wells says:

    Imagine if we added friermuth and Harris for russ

  90. Scot04 says:

    Probably stuck with pick

  91. DC says:

    Be prepared to make the pick!
    Don’t get caught ’deer in the headlights’

  92. Dave1401 says:

    Cut to commercial as is tradition

  93. Kenny Sloth says:

    Here we go, We taking a RB baby

  94. CaptainJack says:

    TE wasn’t going to be the pick.

  95. Thomas Wells says:

    So many good options on the board it would be a disappointment if we don’t trade back

  96. KD says:

    Thanks for going to commercial during the Hawks pick :/

  97. Volume12 says:

    Seamode wants his RB

  98. Paul Cook says:

    They’re going for it at #56. OLman most likely…right??

  99. Poli says:

    Here we go time for our new Safety for when Diggs leaves

  100. Volume12 says:

    Did they find a partner or…??

  101. Sea Mode says:

    Pick is in!!! Wow!!??

  102. cha says:

    The countdown clock on ESPN got to :05 before the pick is in logo came up. Yikes.

    • Lewis says:

      My guess is that they couldn’t find a decent partner to move back because everyone knew they were desperate.

  103. bmseattle says:

    gotta be the line

  104. Hawktalker#1 says:

    We need more assets. Trade down a must!!

  105. Isaac says:

    Shocked they are picking.

  106. Jordan E says:


  107. Kenny Sloth says:

    Who needs picks when we have each other 🖤

  108. Thomas Wells says:

    Good pick! Nice young weapon for Russ

  109. Big Mike says:

    Rob had him in one of his mocks going to the seahawks

  110. Brik says:

    It’s Paul Richardson

  111. Troy says:

    Woo WR3!!! Weapon for Wilson!

  112. CaptainJack says:

    um… someone help me out here. 5’9 wideout from Western Michigan?

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      We definitely missing the playoffs let’s gooooo I’m hype

    • UkAlex6674 says:

      Have you been following the blog? But you thought Penei Sewell was over rated, so I guess it doesn’t matter who we drafted tbh.

    • Leo says:

      He was the standout WR at the Senior Bowl, and we know the Hawks value that a lot. Don’t hate the pick in isolation, but didn’t think he was so great they would punt on the rest of the draft…

      • Hawktalker#1 says:

        Great summary. Stunned and a bit deflated atm. How do you pick here and miss all the other options in the later rounds? Seems short-sighted. So you trade almost every year but the year you needed to most? Crazy dayz. . .

  113. Sea Mode says:

    Lets goooooo!!! My guy!

  114. Henry Taylor says:

    Cant believe they didn’t take one of those Centers at this spot.

  115. KD says:

    I was ready to feel a great deflated feeling, but I’m feeling good about Eskridge

  116. CaptainJack says:

    Right now, I hate the pick. But that’s ok.

    • Rowdy says:

      Hw was a favorite on this blog and was a player everyone thought was a seahawks receiver. When your 5-9, 190 lb is like 220 lb for someone 6-3

  117. Volume12 says:

    Yes! Hell yeah

  118. Paul Cook says:

    Lightening in a bottle.

  119. bmseattle says:

    Ok… now how can we get a 3rd rounder?

  120. KennyBadger says:

    Really hoped we’d trade back but still love the pick.

  121. Trevor says:

    Like the player a lot but wish we would have grabbed a starting Center.

    • Trevor says:

      Really like the pick but with no trade down as Rob said the Hawks are basically taking a punt on this draft? How can a front office justify this? Hope some of the media ask that question. How do you build for the future when you punt on a draft?

  122. Volume12 says:

    We saw last night how important 3 WRs. Ya’ll think we’re the ugly girl at the dance, they dont find dance aka trade partners

  123. Big Mike says:

    Would have preferred whun of the centres because of having to deal with Aaron Donald 2 games per year

    • TheBigHawk says:

      Can get a quality center in the 4th round. We needed a 3rd wideout. Especially one like DE.

  124. DC says:

    I’m happy, big need.

  125. Tim Caine says:

    Would have preferred a trade down. Would have preferred taking a Centre. But it’s still a decent pick.

  126. Jordan E says:

    Hawks could have been low balled hella from teams for trades…. Happy they got a WR and player who can contribute this year to the team.

  127. TheOtherJordan says:

    For me it’s simple. With what he can do on special teams, there wasn’t a player who could help win more this year than Eskridge that was left.

  128. bmseattle says:

    At least a 3rd WR was a need.
    This guy is a playmaker, and should fit in well.

    If we could somehow get one of the Centers as well, I’d be happy.
    don’t see how, tho

  129. Matt says:

    Love this pick. Really love it.

  130. vanhawksfan says:

    Eskridge, along with Meinerz, was the star of the Senior Bowl. I’m just glad that I don’t I have that empty feeling in the pit of my stomach as I’ve had with each of their past four first picks…

    • drrew76 says:

      They only played 6 games this past season, and he averaged 130 YPG —- that’s a nonsense take.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Terrible tweet. He was playing at CB last year and had 768 yds and 8 TD in just 6 games this year.

  131. DK says:

    Meinerz was there, better option, agree with Rob they are punting this draft.

  132. CaptainJack says:

    Maybe the right position. It was a pick at a position of need, and we needed a returner. Lockett is small. This guy is smaller. Yeah he’s fast but I was hoping for someone with more size who came from a higher competition level.

  133. Sea Mode says:

    And Rob’s got some clout having interviewed Jim Nagy himself who raved to us Seahawks fans about Eskridge even before the Senior Bowl.

  134. Rowdy says:

    Bet we blocked the rams with are pick.

  135. Poli says:

    Wow a 24 year old WR

  136. Chris b says:

    I’m sure we tried to trade down. We took the ti.e all the way down. Can’t trade if the right offer isn’t there. If we run the mcvay offense he should fit well .

  137. KD says:

    I would have preferred a trade back an an OL as many would, but given how PCJS have tried to get too cute with their picks the past few years, this could have been MUCH, MUCH worse. Solid player, there will still be R4 options for OL. I’m happy with this

  138. Sea Mode says:

    They actually drafted a 155 lbs player in R2! Ha!

  139. CaptainJack says:

    HAHAHA. I thought Atwell was supposed to go undrafted. Maybe we took LA’s guy?

  140. Scot04 says:

    I can’t believe you stay there with that many receivers on on the board.
    Must have been no trade partners.
    Then the Rams go tutu with the next pick.

  141. Forrest says:

    Scottie Miller/Brandon Cooks?

  142. DC says:

    There will still be a center available in round 4 if they go that route.

  143. Silly Billy says:

    While we all wish hawks traded back, the Rams picking a WR next must have meant the Hawks had to pick their guy @ 56

  144. Big Mike says:

    Well, Hawks are done for the day unless they mortgage the future (a choice next year) to get into round 3.

  145. BobbyK says:

    This is the best pick for the Seahawks in 2021.

    I’m cool with it, even though they don’t care about having a long term vision.

    • Big Mike says:

      What is this “long term vision ” you speak of?
      Oh wait, that’s Jamal Adams for the next 5 years at 18-20 per. We have vision.

      Sincerely, PCJS

  146. JJ says:

    I am shocked. Can’t believe they couldn’t trade back. Any options to get more picks besides trading future?

  147. Cheese22 says:

    I love the pick! He’ll make a great 3rd wr and he’s considered one of the best special teamers in the draft. Great return man and great gunner.

  148. SamprasSultanOfSwat says:

    Love the Eskridge pick. Russell Wilson/Shane Waldron both have to love this pick. But I have to admit I am disappointed the Hawks couldn’t trade down.

  149. ALASKAHAWK says:

    Just say thank you, Russ. That pick should help the offense.

  150. Paul Cook says:

    He’s exciting. I’ll give them that. At his age and *probable* maturity level, he’ll probably play right away at least as a returner if not a starting receiver.

  151. SteveLargent80 says:

    No third hurts more than ever now

    • bmseattle says:

      Don’t worry, Pete and John will be celebrating Jamal Adams during the 3rd round.

  152. Matt says:

    Age doesn’t matter at WR. Don’t sweat that he’s 24.

    You should care about prospect age when it comes to OL or DL where physical strength/maturity actually makes a massive difference.

  153. David Ashton says:

    Whilst I overall like the pick (and I do, he is fun, and explosive) the problem I now have, like probably a lot of people on here here, is the process. I nearly wrote f**king process, that is how frustrated I feel.

    The clock ran down to a silly level, like 10 secs or something. Unless the NFL network has latency that suggests just chaos inside the war room. Wanted a trade but couldn’t secure it. Frustrated looks inside the room. That cogent long term plan doesnt quite seem there.

    Feels like moth to flame every year whereby we get low ball offers to move down because it is so expected and formulaic that it is now deemed standard? Chancing.

    • Big Mike says:

      Seems spot on to me

    • bmseattle says:

      yes, expected… and even more so this year with so few picks.

    • Big Mike says:

      And if it’s true about being lowballed because everyone knows we are trading down, it means it’s even more important to hold on to our native pics in my opinion.
      “Long term vision”

      • David Ashton says:

        Absolutely Mike, I agree. But we are putting ourselves in this situation year in and year out.

        You take your guys over taking a shitty offer to move down, sure.

        But that said, it is difficult for a few reasons;
        A) If it is stopping teams who want to trade from bidding asking price then it is a strategy that is holding us back. Case in point – if I am bidding on a house and know I can get it cheaper, then I will chill on the price of my bid, and wait. In the nfl the clock stops at zero, like it nearly bloody did today.
        B) The war room speaks volumes. There is no poker face. Same again next year. At least mail the pick in with 3 mins on the clock and celebrate in the war room…. or SOMETHING.

        I dont know, I dont do this for a living but feels chaotic to me. I am seeing other teams executing plans before my very eyes but dont see it with us.

    • CaptainJack says:

      With three picks we have zero leverage to make a move down. Teams will try to make the cheapest offer possible. Eventually, time ran out.

  154. Spectator says:

    Star Centers still available. Plug and play centers.
    Mond and Mills available.
    And we take a 24 year old WR… with other polished and talented Wrs still available…

    Not saying I don’t like Eskridge. I do. Had we traded down and picked up a 4th or 5th even and grabbed him, okay. But dang, thoroughly disappointed.

  155. Hoggs41 says:

    Im betting they tried to trade down and couldnt get it done.

  156. CaptainJack says:

    Why did we take Eskridge over Marshall and Fehoko?

  157. Seattle Person says:

    I think we are all shocked or disappointed that Seattle didn’t trade down for more picks. I think they really like Eskridge and most likely the Rams were going to nab him. Maybe they thought that Eskridge was THE player with the most impact this season. So much to like with D.E. He looks like he can play inside/outside and if he can make a Tyler Lockett type impact on ST his rookie season, that’s already win. We got better at WR and PR/KR. Like the pick. I don’t know how I feel about it just yet but maybe for once, they didn’t try to get cute and picked good players.

    • bmseattle says:

      Yeah, when so often our first pick is completely confounding, at least this is a player that Rob pinpointed as a potential target.
      Imagine if it had been a safety or linebacker.

    • Big Mike says:

      Agree that for a change they didn’t try to get cute

  158. Troy D says:

    Im happy with the pick. Wilson can make this guy a Star if they can find a way to keep him around.

  159. Scot04 says:

    Mini Run on the WR position. So if he was their top receiver on the board I’m good with it. I liked the player alot, who looks like a perfect fit.
    Yes I wanted a trade down like most, but maybe none available.
    Now we wait to see who drops to pick 129.

  160. Denver Hawker says:

    Trade next years R2 to get into R3

  161. pdway says:

    Lockett/DK/Everett, Carson/Penny, and now what looks like a speedy and immediate contributor type at WR3 – this is the best set of weapons Russell has had. And a new OC to make it go.

    Hope the O-line can hang in just enough.

    If nothing else, it’s a fun pick.

    • Big Mike says:

      Not just the oline hanging in, I’m also worried about the running back position because of health

  162. KD says:

    Gotta say though, my favorite part about this pick is that somewhat predicted it to a college at work. He’s a Niners fan, and we talk football quite a bit, and he always asks me about potential picks for the Niners and Hawks. I told him to expect Mac Jones, so I was wrong about that, but I also made a guess at 6 players who might be SEA’s choice: OT: D’Ante Smith or Brady Christiansen. C: Quinn Meinerz or Landon Dickerson. WR: Dee Eskridge or Dazz Newsome.

    Feeling pretty good about that at least, but I’m still happy with the pick itself.

  163. Sea Mode says:

    Jim Nagy

    Seahawks WRs in 11 personnel all run 4.3. DK, Lockett, and Eskridge. 🔥

  164. CaptainJack says:

    Here is a fun Eskridge fact. Had a faster time in the high school 100M than Devonta Smith, Rondale Moore, Jaylen Waddle, Chase and Toney as well.

  165. MyChestIsBeastMode says:

    Rob got me all hot-and-bothered over Meinerz and I am bummed we’ve (so far) missed out on him or other top lineman. Still, Eskridge looks the part of Lockett-esque with maybe better top end speed but likely worse hands (because Lockett’s hands are incredible). Happy that we got a player who has a chance to be an instant contributor to special teams and potentially be a dynamic WR3 in his first year.

    Aside: I like Swain, but if Swain edges out Eskridge for WR3 then I will be thoroughly less enthused about this pick.

    • CaptainJack says:

      Swain isn’t an NFL level player. at all.

      • Matt says:

        Swain is a really solid WR4/5. Not somebody you actually want to rely on or ask to catch 50 balls.

      • Scot04 says:

        @ Captain Jack: I like Swain as our 4th behind Eskridge. I believe saying he’s not an NFL player at all is a bit harsh. Only 22. 13 catches for 159 & 2 TD’s. I view him as excellent value for a 7th round pick.

  166. chet380 says:

    Remember how Joey Galloway used to meet the kickoff returner at the 10 yd line? … This kid looks quicker — a 100 and 200 meter champion. … I can’t wait to see him streaking downfield.

  167. Kenny Sloth says:

    Chiefs almost got rd 1 value twice ⚰️

  168. Sea Mode says:

    Bob Condotta

    According to Sports Info Solutions, 488 of Eskridge’s 784 receiving yards last year came after the catch. So, sounds like a pretty good fit for what new OC Shane Waldron’s offense.

  169. MattyR says:

    In a lot of ways this pick makes sense to me. Dee is everything they were hoping Philip Dorsett was going to be last year.

  170. Ishmael says:

    Fun pick in isolation, but an egregious waste of the meagre draft capital we had. The list management has been atrocious for years now.

  171. Paul Cook says:

    So painful not to have a 3rd round pick.

  172. Paul Cook says:

    TB…you can have Trask.

  173. jopa726 says:

    Russell Wilson got sacked 47 times last year. He is well on his way to break the all-time record for getting sacked. If Russell Wilson keeps getting sacked at this pace, he will break Brett Favre record of being sacked 525 times in three years. Brett Favre played for 20 years. Russell Wilson could break the record in his twelve year in the league. Wilson taking this kind of beating is unsubstantiable.

    Rams have killed us with their pass rush. Have the Seahawks addressed this enormous issue? No..

    They came into the 2021 NFL Draft only 3 picks. Now after picking WR D’Wayne Eskridge they currently don’t have a pick until the 3rd day of the draft.

    The Seahawks front office performance has been depressing as a fan.

  174. . . . i knew they’d pick WR at 56 . . . really wish they would have gone OL, or at least CB . . . whatever the scouting report is on eskridge, experience tells me he will have zero impact next year, just like darboh, jennings, and ursua before him . . . beside metcalf, pete won’t give a rookie WR any snaps . . . i think we could have got more impact drafting OL . . .

  175. SeattleLifer says:

    I like the pick and had thought they’d go WR all along here. Yes we need all kinds of help/future talent but if you think he’s a top talent at his position – and – it happens to help the team a ton in the here and now then i’m all for it. We really needed a third WR and to get one with his skillset is great.

    I wonder too if this also is to help Russ feel better about things and hopefully (Pete and John’s hopes) help keep him here by having a solid outlet/move the chains third WR and just getting the offense to perform more consistently in the upcoming season.

  176. KennyBadger says:

    Gregg bell is a puke.

  177. Cawww says:

    Would you trade next year’s 2 to get back in the draft right now and take Meinerz?

    As painful as it would be in next year’s draft, I think I’d do it.

  178. Sea Mode says:

    And that’s what you can do when you have so many extra picks. Plan for the future and draft BPA.

  179. Qoolio says:

    So, I see three paths (among many more, I know)

    1) They wanted to trade back, couldn’t and now will try to get more late picks moving back from #129. Maybe Atlanta or Minnesota for a three picks in the 5th and 6th rounds.

    2) They don’t really have faith in this draft and will stick with #129 and #250. I’d hope for Shaun Wade and Chris Evans at this point.

    3) Use 2022 draft stock to get back in and grab someone who falls (Meinerz?) with the idea that trading Russ and/or others will restock the pick cabinet.

    Possibility #1-

  180. Justaguy says:

    Pete and John are just sucking the teat of Paul Allen’s legacy

  181. Albert Bryan Butler says:

    Any thoughts on which pick is most likely to be found with a dead hooker so far?