Live stream (8am PT): Day two reaction & QB preview

March 4th, 2023 | Written by Rob Staton

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  1. Sea Mode says:

    I almost wouldn’t be surprised if the Hawks looked to him as a veteran draft hedge.

    Field Yates

    The Texans have released C Justin Britt, clearing approximately $3M in salary cap space.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Apparently he’s retiring

      • Sea Mode says:

        Since when has that ever stopped PC…?

        (I kid; thanks for the info)

      • STTBM says:

        Something is wrong with Britt: he played every snap the first game, then was put on the Non-Football Injury/Illness list. Which likely means he wasn’t paid. He missed the rest of the season.

        If Seattle’s wants to reunite with undersized former Centers, Pocic is a FA and magically became a better player as soon as he left Seattle…

    • cha says:

      Remember 2017 when the Seahawks spent a 2nd round pick on Ethan Pocic at center, then signed Britt to a big extension later that summer?

      Good times.

  2. Sea Mode says:

    And so it begins…

    Field Yates

    Kyler Murray’s measurements at the 2019 Combine:

    Height: 5-10 and 1/8th of an inch
    Weight: 207 pounds
    Hands: 9 and 1/2 of an inch

    Bryce Young is virtually identical today.

    Alabama QB Bryce Young measurements at the Combine:

    Height: 5-10 and 1/8th of an inch
    Weight: 204 pounds
    Hands: 9 and 3/4ths of an inch

  3. Sea Mode says:

    Meanwhile, as everyone is worrying about Bryce Young’s size… 👀

    Albert Breer

    Florida QB Anthony Richardson checks in at 6-foot-4 and 244 pounds with 10.5” hands at weigh-ins.

    • Simo says:

      Wow, Richardson is a big guy! If we draft him, maybe he can play linebacker for a year while he learns to play QB in the NFL.

    • Peter says:

      Awesome size!

      But shows you how freaky the former qb was at 10.25″

  4. Hebegbs says:

    Richardson is on his way to being the number 1 draft pick in my opinion. If Seattle is able to stay put and grab him at #5 I will be ecstatic!

    Young at 204 is funny. I bet after he pooped and pissed post weigh in he was back down to 184.

    • Peter says:

      There is one tiny hiccup with Richardson being number one.

      Rob. And now many other talking heads note that there’s good reason to believe it could be rocky to bad if he starts day one.

      If you were Reid or Dabbol I could see them rolling with it as he grows into the game. Other coaches? I’m not sure their acumen.

      However Seattle? That I do see.

      • Simo says:

        I agree with you Peter. Most of the QB needy teams need someone who can hit the ground running, and start on day one, as they don’t have other good options.

        Now if the Hawks can get a reasonable bridge deal done with Geno, then drafting Richarson would be the perfect move.

        I’m just not convinced he’s ready to start right away. Perhaps it would be more damaging for his development to get thrown right into the fire, rather than learn the NFL game at a slower pace. You can still design some plays for him and get him into games on a controlled basis.

        This is my hope anyway, that Houston and Indy lean more towards Young and Stroud, even Levis, all of whom are likely more ready for the NFL game right now than Richardson.

        • BK26 says:

          He’s not ready. He will honestly be better with a year of coaching and learning. His experience is so limited. I think our saving grace is that the other qb needy teams can’t wait it out like us.

          Let him sit for the year and never leave Olson’s side. Then reap the benefits.

      • Hebegbs says:

        I do agree with you Peter. And I actually hope this proves true. But if a franchise believes in his upside they could get their own bridge QB. There is nothing stopping anyone from doing a bridge deal at QB even with our own 2 FA QB’s. Neither Lock nor Geno are ours…and there are others.

        • Simo says:

          Valid point for sure. My only counter would be that if Indy, or another team, trades up to #1 it’s harder to justify all the stock it takes to move up while sitting your QB. Case in point, the Niners gave up so much to trade up for Trey Lance, they just couldn’t wait any longer to get him on the field, even with Jimmy G still in the fold.
          If the Hawks were to move up from #5 they might be facing the same situation and be looking for one of the guys more ready to play right away.

  5. Steve Nelsen says:

    Richardson at 5 would be start of another potentially epic draft.

    I am looking forward to Josh Downs today. I know there are lots of good receivers and my brain tells me I can never have as much info as the Seahawks have so picking “their guy” out of a bunch is very difficult but also my brain “He’s the one.”

  6. Hey guys,

    Saw that Seahawks interviewed Michael Wilson of Stanford. Intermittent productivity in college looks more a product of how he was used over his potential. I suspect that they have some intel via Colby Parkinson. Maybe there’s something there no one is seeing.



  7. Volume12 says:

    Forgot Bryce Young for a minute, how many people had Jordan Addison being smaller? Barely 5’11, 173 lbs, and 8″ hands? Oof

  8. Volume12 says:

    These TEs man lol. Oh my goodness.

    Darnell Washington: 6’7, 265, 11″ hands, 84″ wingspan

    Luke Musgrave: 6’6, 257, 10 3/8″ hands

    Michael Mayer: 6’4, 249

    Dalton Kincaid: 6’4, 246

    IDK Kraft’s or La Porta’s yet

  9. Kevin Mullen says:

    Who’s your “must-have, can’t leave draft without” player this year?