LIVE STREAM: Free agency preview

March 13th, 2022 | Written by Rob Staton

Today I was joined by Jeff Simmons for a live stream.

We discussed the start of free agency, what we hope the Seahawks will do in the open market, how they should approach their rebuild and more…

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  1. cha says:

    Youtube says it’s scheduled for 3pm PST.

    We had Daylight Savings last night and sprung forward an hour.

  2. Isaac says:

    Rob have you played with pff new mock draft simulator. They made some great updates. The new way of getting trades done is awesome.

    • Mick says:

      I got all 2022 picks and 2023’s 2nd from Chiefs for our #9. Yes, they improved trades but still not very realistic.

    • Hawk Finn says:

      The Draft Network simulator seems closer to Rob’s rankings, so I’ve been playing with that too. No trades though unless you pay. 🙁

      • Ukhawk says:

        Yep, PFN definitely updating and lots of the watchlist trending upwards.

        Still just ran this draft, doubt it’s possible, but with a couple a hypothetical trades one can only dream:

        9.Kayvon Thibodeaux
        40.Travis Jones
        54.DeMarvin Leal
        72.Abraham Lucas
        85.Quay Walker
        114.Nick Crows
        128.Dameon Pierce
        153.Zach Tom
        155.Cole Strange
        227.Montaric Brown

  3. Rob Staton says:

    This is a very exciting week for the blog.

    Stay tuned…

    • HawkfaninMT says:

      The badass content keeps on coming! We are lucky to have you man!

    • Blitzy the Clown says:

      Indeed sir. Good times.

      It’s dèja vû all over again!

    • Roy Batty says:

      All these cryptic comments.

      You sir, are setting us up for a “Remember the day you went to SDB and you were, like, holy crap, this is awesome” kinda moment, aren’t you?

    • Sea Mode says:

      The tab never closes on my computer… as someone who has dabbled in web design, I eagerly await and welcome any and all upgrades!

    • Peter says:

      Pretty excited sir.

      Have an idea but keeping it to myself for fear of spoiling it.

    • Hawkdawg says:

      I gotta say that one really bright spot about the Hawks’ latest moves is that they have clearly energized you, Rob, and we all benefit from just that alone. It’s not that you weren’t putting out your usual good content before, it’s that the disillusionment and disappointment were increasingly evident in what you did put out.

      Now, you’ve turned the page, and we’re back to looking forward, not backward. And that makes the blog a real pleasure again. I never stopped reading, of course, but now when I plug in it’s with enthusiasm for what could be.

      So thanks for being you. Your first reactions helped me get through the initial shock, too, and the stuff since then has been great.

      My fingers are still crossed that the Hawks do not blow this opportunity, of course But at least they have one now.

    • seaspunj says:

      safe so say website going through a rebuild ?

  4. CASE says:

    Rob – As ever, this community is incredibly fortunate that you found the Seahawks all those years ago instead of another team. Thank you for the passion and the content.

    I would love to see a list of the guys that deep done you have championed most and you wish had become Seahawks.

    • CASE says:

      Also, because I suspect we will get a session using the PFN Mock Draft site, any chance you could do a version where we keep the #9 pick and one where we do the Seahawky thing and trade back for more picks?

  5. GoHawksDani says:

    I’d be totally fine with the following situations:

    1, Go young and hungry on defense
    Get defensive players who you think can shape the future of this franchise. Be that Cross or Johnson or Wyatt or Tindall or whoever. Either trade back some from 9 to maybe 12-15 and pick up a mid R2 or late R2. Get 3-4 players for DE, DT, LB, S, CB. That should be pretty cool for our defense, and I’d be pumped to watch them play D. They can fix some of the offense in FA with a young WR3, a good C, a good RT and maybe LT. They can get competition by an FA QB or via a cheaper trade.
    Imagine a defense like:
    Taylor, Dunlap, Ford, Woods, plus J. Johnson/Thibaux/Mafe
    Brooks, Barton plus Chenal/Tindall
    JC Jackson or DJ Reed, Jones, Tre Brown plus JAD/CTB
    Adams, Neal plus Cross/Joseph/Cook

    Strong secondary and a front 7 that can easily generate pressure and stop the run.

    2, Trade back for the future
    If they are in love with at least 2 QB in next year’s draft, I wouldn’t mind trading back from #9 to even #15-20 and picking up a ’22 R2, R3 and ’23 R1. That would give them 3xR1 in ’23 (at least one could easily be in the top10 and the other could be in top15), which would make a reality that they pick up all and trade for #1 or #2 or at least #3 and pick their wanted QB for sure.

    with something like #18-#19, #40, #41, and #49-51 and 83/100 in R3 they could decide to move up from like 19 to 12-13 or just stay put.
    There are 17 EDGE/DT/CB/S/OT/OG in Rob’s R1 big board (I didn’t include WRs and some teams might want to draft a QB or a TE there), so pretty high chance we could get one of those guys at 18/19.

    Let’s just say they draft Lucas in R1, Paschal at #40, Chenal or Tindall #41, Cross #49-51. They could use #72 and 83/100 to trade back to around 55 and pick up either a C or their favorite RB.
    Franchise LT, a pretty good (not as much as Johnson or KT, but still) rusher, a really good LB, a hard hitting safety and either a good new OC or RB, and Will Levis. I wouldn’t mind this either.

    3, Go BPA
    They could use young, good, hungry guys at these positions:
    EDGE/DE, DT, LB, CB, S, OT, OC, OG, RB and a TE2 or WR3 isn’t that bad either.
    They could take the best available at their draft position and fill the remaining holes through FA and next year’s draft and FA.
    Obviously some needs are heavier then others, but if they’s maybe trade back a bit picking up a late R2 and with their 4 picks in R1 and R2 would choose one of the best DT, LB, S, C. Or OT, CB, RB, WR, I wouldn’t mind. Yeah, an edge would be better. An OT is a bigger need than S or WR. But if at least 3 of those guys could be similar to Clark, or Lewis or Taylor, I wouldn’t mind this. The team picked some bad rookies for need (Collier ahmm, ahmm) instead of BPA. Would be interesting to see how would it work with picking the best players available.

    4, Target your QB
    I don’t see any QB as #9. But if they love one of them and think getting him is an absolute need, then go ahead and pick him. I’d rather see them either trade back from #9 and pick their guy at #14-18 or stay at #9 and trade #41 and either #40 or next year’s resources to get back into #19-22-24 range and get their guy there.

    If they love Corral or Willis or any other who might go in R1-R2, I don’t mind a haul for example Johnson, Chenal, Corral in R1, R2.
    Or Lucas, Jurgens/Strange, Corral, Pierce/White (trading back from #9 to mid R1 (getting mid-late R2 for it) picking Lucas there. Trading #41 and #72 with TEN for #26 picking Corrall there, picking Jurgens or Strange at #40, picking Pierce or White at mid-late R2). Offensive heavy draft, but I wouldn’t mind this either.

  6. HawkfaninMT says:

    Just because it has been mentioned so often…

    What do we think the cost of trading for Minshew? Also, what you actually part with? I’d do a 5th I think

    • Paul says:

      The question isn’t so much the cost as it is “Why Minshew at any cost?” The point being that as Minshew isn’t the future, why give up anything at all?

  7. BoiseSeahawk says:

    It’ll be really interesting to see if the Broncos O-line immediately comes into question after a season with Russ under center. Maybe it won’t at all, but they’ve built it with the players we wanted over the years:

    Quinn Meinerz/Lloyd Cushenberry
    Garrett Bolles
    Graham Glasgow
    Dalton Risner

    not to mention the weapons we coveted for our system: Javonte Williams and KJ Hamler

    I think this trade will reveal some downsides of Russ’ playstyle if we are open minded, even though he may be the greatest QB Seattle ever had or will have.

    • Peter says:

      Very fascinated to see:

      1. Is russ declining/ limited or was it a “jv scheme,” as alluded to by greg olsen that had them run deep plays and not much else. Was the team catering to Wilson or were they refusing to adopt different styles for other reasons.

      2. Bluntly. Can carrol still coach or has Wilson really been masking a bad team for years.

      3. JS. Is he the football mind that helped form the original dynasty? The guy who scouted allen, mahomes? Or is he the guy pete had to shut down for wanting Andy Dalton? Is he just a yes guy signing big contracts? Or is he really ‘trader john’.

      4. Were Pete and Wilson actually the reason for each other’s success the sum being greater than the whole of it’s parts? And are these two (three if you count js a bit) all worse off for this trade?

      • Big Mike says:

        Chris Simms has called it a JV offense as well Peter.

        • Peter says:

          Heard that as well. Will be interesting to see what changes Hackett has him employ. If lock is starting i expect a lot of the same minus accuracy plus turnovers.

  8. Sea Mode says:

    Nick Bosa and Frank Clark? You’ve got to be kidding me…

    Jeremy Fowler

    The expectation among many around league is Chiefs DE Frank Clark is traded, released or his contract is reworked. His $26.3M cap hit a tough sell for KC. Watch for 49ers as potential new home.

    Also per Fowler:

    The Seahawks are attempting to re-sign safety Quandre Diggs, who likes it in Seattle and would be open to stay. With Diggs recovering from a broken leg, the Seahawks know his medical situation better than anyone. Diggs is the ideal counterpart to Jamal Adams, who needs a safety valve behind him as he works the line of scrimmage.

    • CaptainJack says:

      Glancing at his stats he doesn’t seem to be the same player he was in Seattle. He was fantastic for us though.

    • Blitzy the Clown says:

      🤞🏼 Seahawks: we call your Bosa/Clark with Taylor/Johnson 🤞🏼

  9. Too many Robs says:

    What does “no quarterback worth pick #9 mean”. No quarterback at pick #9 is likely to win a superbowl? If you think a qb is superbowl worthy you take him at pick 9 right?

    • Rob Staton says:

      I don’t know what you’re referring to — but I would interpret it as not thinking any of the QB’s will get you to the Super Bowl. Which isn’t a stretch at all as a suggestion.

  10. Sea Mode says:


    Field Yates

    A busy day tomorrow in the NFL, as starting at noon ET and all the way until 4 PM ET on Wednesday, the legal negotiating window is open.

    As of now, teams and agents have had absolutely zero dialogue whatsoever about possible deals.

  11. Too Many Robs says:

    Thanks Rob. I just keep hearing people say that and was trying to drill into what that really meant.

  12. Poli says:

    I’m just hoping to tank for Stroud, Young, or Levis with Drew Lock as the starter next season. Don’t bring in anyone that’ll get you a .500 record.

    Also spend the salary cap minimum to carryover into 2023.

  13. Blitzy the Clown says:

    What’s up with Mike Rob? He’s on NFL Network arguing for Malik Willis at #9 for Seattle.

    Serious question: Anyone on SDB agree?

    And I’m not asking a hypothetical “well, if they think he can be their franchise QB” bs. I’m asking based on what you know and see now, would you want Seattle drafting Willis at #9?

    • Rob Staton says:

      Absolutely not

      • Blitzy the Clown says:

        Mike’s a sharp guy. He’s probably forgot more about football than I’ll ever know.

        So is this just verbal clickbait? Is he reading a script of sorts? Because I can’t fathom he really believes that’s Seattle’s best move this year.

        • Peter says:

          Willis has a big arm and athletic. If you watch highlights you’d wonder why this guy played a down for liberty. Mike rob is good but how much actual film are pundits breaking down?

    • D-OZ says:

      Hard pass for me !!!

    • CaptainJack says:

      I don’t think he’s really any better of a prospect than Drew Lock was coming out

    • Mr drucker in hooterville says:

      Those so-called experts don’t have the insights of SDB on their reading list

    • MychestisBeastmode says:

      Can we just call everything a smoke screen at this point?

      Gin up some fake interest in QBs. Maybe someone feels compelled to jump us for one of the QBs. Increase chance of Johnson or Thibedoux falling to us.

  14. Ashish says:

    The excitement and the path of rebuild will be decided tomorrow. I hope we sign Tier 1 DL and OL.

  15. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Fingers crossed that Atlanta announce they’re signing Chandler Jones (or Von Miller) tomorrow noon.

    I’m betwixt Johnson at 9 or trade down and collect picks. And I do think it’s possible to trade with Philly 9 for 15 and still get Johnson.

    Either way, Johnson is a legit Game Wrecker and that’s what Seattle need.

    • Simo says:

      I really hope the Hawks avoid drafting a QB at #9 and draft the best Edge player available. Would love to get Johnson, but KT, or Walker are also very nice players.

      Would also love a small trade down to gather an extra pick, but they better not get to cute and miss out on these guys. Most here on the SDB agree they need more quality players and less JAG’s, so let’s draft a stud at 9 and get some solid starters at 40, 41!

      • Peter says:

        You could do way worse than stand pat and pick in your existing spots.

        I wouldn’t be mad but he’s not my favorite….i could see pete having a player crush on walker.

    • Peter says:

      I half expect von and c. Jones to be wearing orange next year.

    • Spectator says:

      Jones will be signing with the Bills, which I’m not entirely mad at, but I think there is really only one scenerio where Atlanta doesn’t pick a DE at 8, and that’s the scenario where a team gives up multiple firsts to jump the Seahawks for a QB. Pitt is one that jumps to mind. I’m convinced the hawks are actually smart enough to be putting out all this QB info on Willis to make a team desperate to move up ahead of them. Maybe even attempting to convince multiple teams that they need to be jumped in order to get a QB before the hawks, thus pushing a DE down the board or pushing enough players down the board to allow hawks to move back and still get their target. I think Pete had Lock included in the trade because he is comfortable rolling with him this year. As much as I believe PC/JS have sh*T the bed the past few years, I don’t think they are dumb and can still play the game. They tried to be smarter than everyone else and got too cute. Which leads me to believe they would try a tactic like this.

  16. CaptainJack says:

    Just realized Jarran Reed will be a free agent. I would love to bring him back for the right price. Although there might be too many hard feelings between him and the front office ..

  17. Zane says:

    Does anyone know when we’ll actually start to hear about signings? Wednesday?

  18. CaptainJack says:

    Hearing the starting asking price for Watson is three first round picks… any team paying that is absolutely insane. The Texans have to trade him so they have no leverage in the trade. He has massive baggage, will be a pr nightmare anywhere he goes, is liable to be suspended by the league for a lengthy period and has an extensive injury history and wasn’t necessarily an elite qb with the Texans. Good for a few seasons, but he never elevated the Texans to the status of a true contender. In short, he’s damaged goods. What is the appeal of watson? Why would any team spend more than a late round flier on him? IMO he’s not worth more than a 5th round flier.

    • Peter says:

      If I were a team I would start my bid at “for free.” And before tgey hung up the phone I’d politely remind them he isn’t playing there either way aaaand you can’t just trade him to whomever.

      Good luck houston. You’ll need it.

  19. CaptainJack says:

    In 2020, Watson’s best statistical season by far, the Texans went 4-12. This doesn’t matter to any suitors? An utter failure to elevate his teammates around him?

  20. GoHawksDani says:

    Ok, we know this FO can make bad decisions. Among these, which one would you hate the least?

    A, trade ’22 R1,’22 R2 (#40) and both’23 R1 picks for Watson

    B, trade up with our original ’23 R1 and #9 to #4 for example to draft Malik Willis

    C, trade for Cousins with #9 and #40

    Pick your poison 😀

    • Big Mike says:

      You forgot “D. All of the above”

    • Peter says:

      Could I just pick actual poison.

    • Andrew M says:

      Trading the draft capital you just got for Kirk Cousins would possibly top the Jamal Adams trade for historical bungling. At least one could argue that Watson is worth several high picks based on talent, but making that guy the face of the franchise would only exasperate an already divided fan base, and it doesn’t improve the overall roster (the main reason for tracking Wilson in the first place, I have to imagine). And picking one of these QBs at #9 is a huge gamble with massive implications, and not worth the risk when the team has so many other holes to fill.

  21. BobbyK says:

    I just hope our “plan” isn’t resigning Diggs and adding Chandler Jones. That’ll prove nothing but worthlessness short-term thinking.

  22. Poli says:

    I’m wondering if Poona Ford has enough trade value to consider trading? Could they get say a 4th for him, and open up $8.3M?

    • Peter says:

      Why though? He had 65% of the snaps. You would need to find a value piece and it’ll probably cost you the same amount. And I don’t think he has nearly any trade value because a wide bodied guy who takes up space isn’t a premium.

      If you coukd get a fourth? Sure. But i don’t think you could get anything for him for a year rental.

      • Poli says:

        Because he’ll be 30 by the time the Hawks are legit contenders, and they can rollover that salary to when they actually need it.

        • Poli says:

          He’s also a free agent after the season

          • Peter says:

            Right so that’s why I don’t see teams trading for a one year rental. Just because we do dosn’t mesn most teams would.

            I think it’s more likely the extend him and lower his cap hit.

            Someties a team needs bodies to play. I don’t even think of poona but every team has those guys that are just there.

            • Peter says:

              Plus I’m so down on this FO but they can contend literally in one down season if they do it right.

            • Poli says:

              There has been plenty of 1 year rentals league wide, but I was thinking of Sheldon Richardson given the position. He cost a 2nd, so a 4th or 5th seems like a possibility for Poona if a contender has that need.

        • drrew76 says:

          The projected cap space next season is something like $125m+.

          They do not need to worry about giving up a solid NFL starter to make more $$$ available.

  23. Perry Goll says:

    How would you feel if they traded back with Phili and drafted Kyle Hamilton???

    • Peter says:


      This is not new in football. You need a pass rush.

      Love sauce gardner, stingley, hamilton. Not one of these guys is going to have a greater impact for seattle than fixing the the bottom five sacks problem Seattle had last year.

      You can get very good safety and corner play in the later rounds.

      Stop cobbling together a d-line. It isn’t working.

    • Rob Staton says:

      They aren’t doing that

      You might as well ask how we’d feel if they traded #9 for 14 seventh round picks

  24. Rob Staton says:

    I can’t believe members of the Seattle media are indulging this Kaepernick stuff

    Jesus wept

    He’ll be 45 years old and still people will say ‘give him a workout’

    Move on

    • Peter says:

      Dude would probably go on IR after the first hit after a half decade out of the game.

    • ElPasoHawks says:

      Yep, same guy that laughed at those that saw the obvious with Russ and then when called on it after the trade said he was duped by someone he trusted. The cheerleader needs to open his eyes and put personal feelings to the side and replace them with objectivity.

    • BobbyK says:

      This is so stupid because QBs who rely on their athleticism are done by 35. He was never a good throwing QB, he was good because of his athleticism. If he had to be a pocket passer, he’d suck.

      People just like to write crap for the sake of writing crap. This “story” is just that – crap.

  25. Brett in AZ says:

    Rob, have you had the chance to give a deep, thorough look into Drew Lock? I read your assessments from 2019, and understand that you thought he had pretty good arm talent. Also that he was likely to get over-drafted by Denver (check). But have you really dug into him anywhere?

    I found this ( interesting, but would like to compare your take to this reporting.

  26. Rob Staton says:

    Brady returning to TB

  27. Spectator says:

    We all know PC/JS like to zig while the NFL zags (which has lead to a lot of the hawks problems possibly) so what if the manufactures interest in Willis is to push a team like Pitt to trade up WITH the Hawks. And get the 1 this year and next year, and a second this year. How would we feel about that? I guess it really depends who we end up getting. But that plays into consideration regardless. Maybe we do that and then Take Corral? Or many mocks have Davis falling that far due to him being considered only a 2 down DT (like he was limited to in college). Sleeper pick… Drake London.

    Other question tho, what are the colts going to do at QB? They have a strong surrounding cast, so they just waste these years with mediocre-poor qb play? Same with Tampa and Pitt. Those 3 teams must be desperate for a QB to maximize the rest of their team.

    • Seattle Person says:

      That’s what I’m thinking. I can’t imagine they look at this group of QBs and think they have to take one at #9. Leaking to the media that they like Willis. Pete just casually sitting in the bleachers to allow people to take pictures of him and Corral. Throwing their names in the Watson talks.

      Since when do the Seahawks let people know their 1st round or early round intentions? IDK, I might read too much into it but it sounds like the PR game.

      • WallaSean says:

        I’m thinking the same, you never hear them linked to their top picks in pre-draft reports,

  28. Rob Staton says:

    Kirk Cousins is off the market. He’s signed a one-year extension with Minnesota.

    Now we just need Watson to go to Carolina and New Orleans and we can relax into a rebuild.

  29. Ryan Purcell says:

    Interesting article data set about mediocre quarterbacks and chances of winning a super bowl with one. Sums up the 49ers situation perfectly though an Andy Dalton lens.

  30. lil’stink says:

    Would really, really like to see us make at least one big splash in FA this week on the defensive side of the ball. No more of this nickel and dime approach now that we have some $$ to spend.

    JC Jackson seems like the guy worth spending big bucks on. 4 years $90 million? Carlton Davis or Haason Reddick would be my #2 choices.

    I’d rather not go after older players, but… I wouldn’t mind seeing Tyrann Mathieu in a Seattle uniform. His versatility is intriguing to say the least.

    On the offensive side of the ball there are several OL that all seem worthy of a multi-year deal.

  31. HOUSE says:


    RB: Re-signing Penny to a prove-it deal makes sense to me! If Penny isn’t retained, what are your thoughts on a Sony Michel type? I know you mentioned Zamir White via the draft and I could see that being a good fit.

    OL: I think you’re definitely on to something regarding the Rams OL coming over to SEA. I like the prospect of Notebloom, Corbett and Allen manning the LT-LG-C. If we could manage that, Damien Lewis could move back to RG and the only spot in need of someone would be RT. I definitely think more than Curran/Forsythe needs to be there. Thoughts on Morgan Moses? I know he’s an older guy, but he’s been injury free and he’s been consistent.

    CB: I like the prospect of re-signing the likes of DJ Reed and/or Sidney Jones. I don’t really see guys like JC Jackson or Carlton Davis kicking down the door to come to SEA.

    S: Who so I have to call to get rid of Jamal Adams? I know with Diggs a FA and likely not returning, FS is probably a need. Maybe someone like Justin Reid/Xavier Woods could sign here with the likes of Nick Cross being drafted. I know Blair was out again with another injury this past season. Maybe he returns as fights to start?

  32. Jabroni-DC says:

    My interest in the PC led Seahawks is hanging on by a thread. He needs to show an understanding of where we’re at and lay a real foundation this off season. The potential of our draft picks & cap space is the only thing keeping my attention.

    On a side note, when was the last time Volume12 posted here? I know life has had many added challenges in the last couple of years. If you’re out there bro chime in.

  33. Magmatizer says:

    NFL (Via Ian Rapoport) is reporting that the Hawks are signing Quandre Diggs to a 3 year contract worth up to $40 million. At face value, it seems pricy, but it will be interesting to see how incentive-laden the deal is.