Mel Kiper on prospect declarations

December 24th, 2010 | Written by Rob Staton

11 Responses to “Mel Kiper on prospect declarations”

  1. Al U says:

    How will 2012 draft order be determined in the event of a lockout? Could the Seahawks’ final 2 games directly effect both drafts?

    • Rob says:

      I think it’d probably be decided by some form of lottery, perhaps breaking up the teams outside of the playoffs and then making the draw.

    • jianfu says:

      Make them all rookie free agents. Could be fun. It’s what euro soccer does, and in many ways, the draft itself is a crazy concept.

      • Rob says:

        I hope the NFL doesn’t do anything to emulate soccer – even for one year. As a soccer journalist in the UK – the NFL system of college/draft is seriously envied. All you have here are 2-3 teams in each country with the most money who buy all the best young players and then never play them. There’s no real competition and only ever a select handful of teams capable of winning anything.

        • Al U says:

          Agreed. Aside from the brutal relegation battles towards the end of the season I can only be bothered to follow my own team. The rest just isn’t very interesting as pre-season predictions almost always end up being fulfilled. As Rob alluded to, there have been the same 4 teams at the top of the Premire League for about a decade. The team I follow cracked ‘The Big Four’ last year, but only because Liverpool went into financial turmoil and my team spent big. It is hard to tell how good managers (head-coach/GMs) actually are – the ‘legendary’ ones who get all the respect in many ways get an easy ride because they can afford to buy all the best young players from other teams. The don’t have to worry about balancing the roster against a cap – just buy the best players available for each position on the field. Again, not very interesting to follow. The salary-cap and draft, and the relative parity that these create, are some of the reasons why I find the NFL such an fantastic league to follow.

        • jianfu says:

          But don’t you think that concern is largely eliminated with NFL’s salary cap?

      • Dave says:

        As a Premier League fan I envy the parity of the NFL.
        However, don’t the Hawks have the richest owner in the NFL. I would be quite happy to see the Hawks dominate for the next decade.

        Rob, you’re a soccer journalist? What paper do you write for?