New podcast: NFC West preview 2020

August 23rd, 2020 | Written by Rob Staton

Robbie and I put together our latest podcast today. Check it out, give it a like and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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  1. cha says:

    NFL Memes
    BREAKING: Tennessee Titans reportedly interested in Earl Thomas at fullback due to his experience lead blocking for Derrick Henry
    8:28 AM · Aug 23, 2020


  2. vbullen65 says:

    Really enjoying these podcasts! Would it be possible for you guys to do some post game reaction shows once the regular season starts?

  3. Nick says:

    Wow, what a fall from grace for Earl.

    • GerryG says:

      Pretty solid chance he’s got a substance problem. Missing meetings, gang bangs, attacked by wife. Think I remember reading she was also upset with his drinking during that incident

      • Jeffers says:

        This seems like a kind of gross level of conjecture to me.

        • Mike says:

          Not gonna assume anything about him, cause I dont know, but at least on the day of the cheating incident he was reported to have been drunk earlier that day and had a dispute with his girlfriend.

          He left with his brother and she stalked him on snapchat and found videos of him cheating, and then all the rest of the drama.

          • jeffers says:

            Having been probably drunk one time he allegedly did a shitty thing is not close to the same thing as having enough evidence of accusing someone of having a substance abuse problem.

            • Mike says:

              Yes, I completely agree.

            • Albert Bryan Butler says:

              Everyone is doing a lot more drinking during this pandemic and domestic violence is way up. Alcohol is involved in over 90% of domestic violence incidents.

        • GerryG says:

          Oh it’s a massive level of conjecture for sure.

          But, Ive seen it plenty of times in people close to me. Doesnt mean that’s what it is, it just reminds me of a story Ive seen too many times.

          Something is wrong with the guy. He was never disliked among teammates, never late/absent for meetings/practices. Hope for his sake, whatever it is, he can get right.

  4. cha says:

    Go Canucks indeed! I’m hoping they can win the Cup this year so I can retire my fandom of them in fashion.

  5. TomLPDX says:

    Good job, guys. Really liked today’s podcast. I agree that we don’t need Clay Matthews on the roster since we have Bruce…and I’m glad we have Bruce to fill that role. With BJack down, maybe this will nudge JS to get something completed. They can find the cap space if they really need to.

    Shame about Earl. Hope he is able to recognize that he needs help and actually goes and gets it. Won’t be surprised if he ends up in Dallas or Houston (which is much closer to Orange, TX).

  6. cha says:

    The Niners match up VERY well with the Seahawks.

    Their pass rush is dominant. I’m grateful the Seahawks won’t play them until November. They’ll hopefully have the OL settled and not have any major injuries.

    Their offense is extremely creative. They’ve been able to find ways to attack the Seahawks defense. Those perimeter play and crossing routes are very effective. I’m cautiously hopeful Jamal Adams and Bruce Irvin are an upgrade to counter those attacks.

    Jimmy wilts when pass rushers get in his face, which obviously the Seahawks don’t have at this point and that’s going to be a problem.

    One area I think the Seahawks match up well and can attack the Niners is in the running game. Buckner was a top 10 interior DL run defender the last few years. I love Kinlaw, and I love the Niners getting him for Buckner, but let’s face it, for 2020 that’s a net loss for the Niners.

    The Niners were 21st in yards per attempt in 2020. The 4 games they lost, they gave up 135 rush yards per game. They hopefullly will have a 3 headed monster to employ at the point of attack, with Carson, Hyde and Dallas. Maybe even 4 if Penny is back.

    The other big advantage the Seahawks will have is TEs. They only had Hollister for both matchups (Willson got some snaps the first game, Swoopes got some the second) and he was a key player in both matchups. Here’s hoping they have Olsen, Dissly, Hollister, and the 4th TE active for those matchups. The Niners don’t have an effective defensive counter for all those TEs.

    • Gohawks5151 says:

      Agreed. Good mention with Buckner. So many people were stroking the niners off for getting Kinlaw as a straight replacement for Buckner. Maybe down the line but in year one that’s a disservice to how good Buckner has been. The 2 TE sets are going to be really good this year for the pass/run versatility alone. Who needs another tackle with Dissly on the edge? One of the early highlights last season was him burying TJ Watt

      • Rob Staton says:

        I don’t really agree here.

        Buckner was a good player when the light switched on after a couple of years but the star on that line is Nick Bosa + depth. By trading Buckner and replacing him with another R1 — they are able to retain that depth. And Kinlaw is a superb talent who could be even more disruptive and add a new dimension to that line at a fraction of the price.

        Either way, they’re too good up front to experience any kind of regression there. Bosa is unreal too — a true star who will be a threat week in, week out.

        The bigger concern on that defense is the secondary and the way they handle speed. Think Sherman knows it too which is why he’s campaigning for Earl on twitter right now.

        • TomLPDX says:

          I don’t want to think about Earl joining the 49ers, that would not be good for us.

          • Rob Staton says:

            I don’t think it’d be that bad.

            The Ravens have just voided his contract because he’s an enormous pain in the arse.

            Get him on the Niners roster asap.

          • Albert Bryan Butler says:

            If the 49er’s sign Earl Thomas we need to put 60,000 cardboard cut-outs of his wife in the stands at CenturyLink field. In her prison stripes.

        • Gohawks5151 says:

          Yeah I get that the unit won’t regess, but the position very well may without Buckner. Bosa is great. But if he is the Chandler Jones, Buckner was the Calais Campbell of that group. Steady leader inside, disruptor, good vs the run. Kinlaw has as much a chance to perform like Solomon Thomas than Buckner.

  7. Trevor says:

    Great stuff Rob love the new format and you guys work well together.

  8. Big Mike says:

    Good stuff guys. Thanks for your effort. You hit on the biggest reason we need more pass rush…………Jimmy G and Goff both are significantly negatively impacted by pass rush. And and as Rob stressed several times. gotta win the division to advance past the Divisional round.

  9. Chris says:

    Enjoying the podcast and was glad to hear your guys takes on the NFC West.

    Rob what’s your view on how Arizona will use Isiah Simmons this year? I know he’s got the profile for multiple positions but with no OTA’s and no preseason games, I’m curious if they’ll have him play primarily OLB or as a SS.

  10. Sea Mode says:

    Gregg Bell

    Good #Seahawks news: DE Branden Jackson is out of a Seattle hospital after being knocked unconscious during their mock game yesterday. He’s been at the team facility since then.

  11. All I see is 12s says:

    Thank you for the podcast Rob and Robbie. It is always a pleasure to hear your perspective and your analysis. I hope you realize what a great service you do to the Seahawks fans.

    Hearing more hopes and pleas for them to sign Clowney. So frustrating. It is amazing to watch this to team spend so much capital and overpay at some positions and then let some of the most important and glaring weaknesses get Band-Aids. Yesterday it was the 2015 through ‘17 offensive lines. The one thing holding us back. In 16 will we watched Lane get paid handsomely while Okung walked away among other examples.Now we see Clowney, the clear answer to what this team needs and it seems that it’s just pride holding the team back. Maybe his pride too. It’s time for everyone to come together and make this happen or else this could become the most frustrating season.

  12. Steve Nelsen says:

    I enjoyed the podcast. Keep it going. Game reaction podcasts sound great but Rob is going to need us to send him some good coffee if we want him broadcasting at 1 AM or whenever the games are on in England.

    Rob and Robby has a ring to it. I’m not much for clever names trying to play off Seattle or Seahawks. “Seahawks podcast with Rob and Robby” may be a bit vanilla but hey lots of people like vanilla.

    Can you include a YouTube link so we can find it and like it?

  13. Scot04 says:

    Great podcast by you guys again, thanks for that.
    Hypothetical question.
    If you could have Earl Thomas for say around 5M and kept your draft picks. Which would you rather have.
    That scenario or Jamal Adams as we currently have.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Not interested in Earl

      • Scot04 says:

        I’m definitely not either. Was just curious on how many would prefer the draft picks and player back. If it meant adding Earl. Lol you reaffirmed what I figured the consensus would be. Thanks Rob

        • BobbyK says:

          As someone who has coached at a competitive level – I don’t think you can put a price on a team cancer like that. Sometimes talent doesn’t outweigh the negatives that come along with it. That’s why many fans were saying, “Pay the man!” with respect to Earl Thomas and the Seahawks didn’t. Look at Terrell Owens. Teams wanted that talent, but then teams realized that talent wasn’t worth it and got rid of him over and over again. That’s why he wasn’t a first-ballot HOFer, too.

  14. timon says:

    Love the podcast!

    Thank you for the content Rob!

  15. Aaron says:

    Breakdown on 2019 Wags, with some thoughts on the Hawks D…

  16. Sea Mode says:

    Haha… this is golden… he should sneak it up on somewhere. 😂🤣

    • Big Mike says:

      I feel him cuz I struggle with voice to text constantly but I’m such a shitty typist it’s still better than typing. I bought a new Samsung Galaxy recently and it’s worse than my old Google Pixel for voice typing. It helps to speak slowly but even then it’s shite part of the time. My sympathies Lance.

    • Aaron says:

      I’m dead 🤣🤣🤣

  17. cha says:

    8-24 Press Conf w PC

    [condotta] Update on Branden Jackson? “Got tough blow to the head. Back in the building today, in meetings today, nothing was really injured. Just recovering with such a big smack.”
    Out of practice? “Yes”

    [Brady] Opps Jamal Adams how is he such an effective blitzer? “Savvy, instincts, attitude. Lawyer Malloy one of best blitzers I coached.”
    [brady] Rasheem green OK? “Yes”

    [Levine] Kam & Earl had defined roles as safeties, extra flexibility with Adams & Diggs? “Yes”
    [Levine} open up more? “Diggs good guy in the box, can blitz. Freedom to mix.”

    [Boyle] Return game, depth of options? “Yes, we are ok there. Our catching part is phenomenal. Tyler has been extraordinarily effect for a long time. Moore is a good returner, excited to see Freddy Swain. Urua, DJ. Don’t have preseason to check guys out. 20 kicks in preseason.”

    [corbin] Confidence in depth chart DT, PJ Johnson? “Still trying to figure out. Big kid, strictly a tackle, on center more than anything else.”

    [tim booth] Brendan, no structural damage? “Correct, but concerns that will take time.”
    [tim booth] McDermott commented on fairness of teams having fans, some not? “I don’t know what it will be like. Partial fans might not be as good as sound. Still trying to figure it out. We are, sound wise. Not been much discussion about this. We still have a lot of work on sound.”

    [Joe Fann] Evaluate David Moore & Lano Hill? “stepped to next level of career. More confidence. Both playing multiple positions. Making a real statement about competing for playing time. Real pleased.”
    [Joe Fann] Earl T released? “Wish he could have avoided what happened. Tough time for Earl.”

    [Michael Shawn Dugar]

    • cha says:

      [Michael Shawn Dugar] Biggest takeaway from mock game? See more of Wed? “First did all pregame stuff. Got ironed out. Rhythm of changing Off to Def got all that worked out fine. Starting routine under way. Nice job pass protecting during game. Hit all 3rd downs, great. Didn’t get to see as many guys as we wanted to see because reps. Good start.”

      [Ben Arthur] What see out of Jordyn Brooks in mock game vs KJ at WILL? “23 players, had a chance to play. Couple good breaks, lined up some good hits. Showing he’s comfortable with position. In a good spot. KJ done well too. KJ long ways ahead recognition, ability to communicate. Jordyn keep battling. Looks very capable.”
      [Ben A] New injuries from game? (PC consults w someone off cam) “Phil Dorsett sore foot. Won’t go today.”

      [Gregg Bell] Crowd noise in stadium? “Still figuring it out. Everything in consideration. One particular level. Don’t want to hinder offense on home court.”

      • cha says:

        [Gregg Bell] Guidance from league? “Declare what level is can’t change once game starts. Sound between plays. Our fans could do that. Not really natural.”

        [Art T] Earl time in Seattle, seemed like no filter, agree? “No. Wasn’t like that to me. Very quiet, kept to himself. Rarely spoke out.”
        [Art T] Dallas ‘come get me’ – what’s the big deal? “Sometimes you don’t realize what consequences are when you speak. He didn’t weigh the situation, thought it was harmless. I didn’t care. Knew where he was coming from.”
        [Art T] Anybody ever done that? “In NE, last game of year. Smoked by Jets. One of our players went into other locker room and told them ‘you guys outcoached us today.’ Got out in media. Kissing up to old coach.”
        [Art T] No consequence to Earl? “You’ll never know Art.”

        [Curtis Crab] Alton Robinson’s camp? “He’s surprised all of us, bigger than he played. Helped him. He’s a powerful rusher. Good finesse, has been able to break edge down. Stronger than some guys in the 250’s he’s 277. Put it all together, he’s done well, he’s learned well. Hasn’t played a game yet so we don’t know.”
        [CC] Worried about extra weight? “Yes, surprised. Worked out in area with some players. Not sure where his weight will settle. Powerful guys. Good hips, lower body strength, shows up.”

        [AJ MCcord] Tailored camp to get answers w/o preseason? “Situational work. Getting players to think. Capture teachable moments, create moments. Difference in who you are preparing for games. First units have to get their reps. Quality of first team reps important to us. Exactly like in college.”

        • cha says:

          [AJ] Effective so far? “(facetious) oh yeah. No, have things to get ironed out. Sub issues in mock game on defense. Being revved up and ready.”

          [michelle ludka] College prep no preseason, evolution of coaching helped in this? “Never shook by that. 9 straight years at SC, get accustomed what it’s like. Imagine playing a full speed game after not. Big concern. You don’t really know until you know. Very comfortable, coaches haven’t been freaked out.”

    • Sea Mode says:

      Thanks again for this.

      And at least someone finally asked about the DT depth!

  18. Rob Staton says:

    Loving the praise from Bruce today for Damien Lewis.

    Thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Lewis. Loved what he showed at LSU and the Senior Bowl on tape. Thought he was a top-50 player throughout the draft process. Thought the Seahawks got a steal and a diamond in R3. Great to hear he’s doing well.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Also enjoyed Bruce constantly saying, ‘ah shit’ during his press conference and nobody being able to do anything about it.

      • Chris says:

        Why do you think he “fell” to round three? Is drafting a guard not a “sexy” pick? I know his pass coverage was reported to being poor, but being on one of the best college lines would seem like a good place to draft some OL’s.

      • Sea Mode says:

        “S***, they are calling me OG in the locker room.” 🤣

        • TomLPDX says:

          Gotta love Bruce! Glad he is a Seahawk again. He’ll be a really good rotational player for us and I bet he will be pretty darned effective.

      • “Also enjoyed Bruce constantly saying, ‘ah shit’ during his press conference and nobody being able to do anything about it.”

        Bruce Irvin is it Seahawk treasure.

  19. Josh emmett says:

    Thinking about the defensive line, I was wrestling around with a few thoughts. The hawks were locked into two moderately high priced acquisitions last year in Ansah and Clowney as their bookends. It didn’t work out well. Ansah was a disaster and Clowney flashed at best last season and wasn’t worth the franchise tag money as the production was vastly disproportionate to the price tag(I’m talking the 17.2 million price he got paid from both Houston and Seattle, I know Seattle didn’t pay the full amount). The way they have added depth with guys they are familiar with as well as their draft capital invested in the Dline, you think they are gun shy paying top dollar from last season? It almost seems that to them not paying top dollar for pass rush help is almost as important as fixing the defensive line output?

    • BC_Hawk says:

      No; if they could have Tagged Clowney, they would have, and adjusted their 2020 spending to suit. This all has to do with Clowney trying for a big $$ multiyear contract, and not getting worried about waiting.

      JS went out early in FA and got their two opposite side DEs (Irvin & Mayowa), and drafted two prospects to HOPEFULLY replace them in 2021. Now, they are just waiting on Mr. C……

      Having watched Griffin go for peanuts without a viable pursuit, my guess is that they still feel they are getting Clowney. If they don’t…yikes!!!

    • Rob Staton says:

      No, I think they were fully prepared to pay Clowney just not as much as he wanted. And they’re still holding out hope on signing him now.

      They’re not gun shy they just have an idea of what they’re willing to pay each individual and they are being especially careful these days given what happened with their cap after 2017.

  20. Nick says:

    Curtis Weaver released. I know he was a favorite of a few on this blog.

    • BC_Hawk says:

      It’ll be interesting to watch this one play out. IF they feel Clowney is not gonna happen, I could see them bringing him in to have another viable option (maybe??) at DE rotation; at the very least to compete. This all assume that his injury is a couple month thing; we need help this year

    • Rob Staton says:

      Would love to know the story there. Maybe it’s just the body type. He could get after the QB and had the moves but as we always said he looked like a guy who was 300lbs and went on a six week diet to play DE.

  21. cha says:

    Bob Condotta
    As expected Poona Ford is back practicing today. LJ Collier sitting out.
    1:37 PM · Aug 24, 2020

  22. Albert Bryan Butler says:

    Darrell Taylor is dressed today, but is not carrying a helmet. Meandering around with the other D-Linemen.

  23. Chris says:

    Is it cool if I post a link to 710 ESPN Seattle podcast’s whenever they talk to players along with a time stamp? I was sifting through their site and saw a interview with Diggs, Flowers , etc. Was curious if you’d mind? Your site, your rules of course.

  24. Ashish says:

    Good format, name suggestion i will say “SBD podcast”.

  25. cha says:

    Adam Schefter
    Browns’ rookie S Grant Delpit was carted off the field during today’s practice.
    12:06 PM · Aug 24, 2020

    If Cleveland pursues ET because of this, that would be the Brownest thing the Browns ever Browned.

  26. Sea Mode says:

    PFF Fantasy Football
    ·Aug 24

    Highest catch rate (WRs) in 2019:

    1. Michael Thomas – 83%
    2. Tyler Lockett – 76%

  27. cha says:

    Ian Rapoport
    One note on FA Pro Bowl safety Earl Thomas: While the #Cowboys made some inquiries, they are not expected to be among the teams vying for Thomas’ services, sources say. So the Dallas/Thomas love affair ends here. 😢
    6:13 AM · Aug 25, 2020

    • Aaron says:

      So it’s down to the Jets, Browns, and 49ers then? He would choose the 49ers, wouldn’t he? A big giant middle finger to the Hawks, just like Sherm did. Petty.

      • Rob Staton says:

        They’re also the best team in the NFC so I can understand why he might want to go there.

        • all i see says:

          I mean, the Ravens cut him out like he was the plague. Couldn’t get rid of him fast enough. I’m trying to recall the last time the players all demanded one of there own get cut. Im not sure if I can recall that… Riley Cooper maybe- and that dude still had some support. Seems like the Niners would probably want to avoid the drama after seeing two quality franchises move on so unexpectedly.
          I cant help but think of his press conference on ’14 after getting his extension and he made a comment to the effect of: Everyone wonders how Seattle makes all these 5th rounders into pro-bowlers…the answer is 29.At the time it was cute and cheeky- but if he has that same attitude now when hes not the greatest and hes not surrounded by those who understand and will put up with him.

          • Rob Staton says:

            I remember that quote well and absolutely hated it. Of course, twitter and the media lapped it up as they always did with Earl. But it was an insight into his mindset.

            I think he might struggle to get a job now. We’ll see. He will have to be willing to play for a lot less.

    • cha says:

      Dueling scoops!

      Ed Werder
      #Cowboys Owner/GM Jerry Jones says the first part of the Earl Thomas decision is to evaluate what they have on roster at that position. He said they’ve completed that phase and next would be to speak directly with Thomas and his agent. So #Cowboys remain interested.
      6:42 AM · Aug 25, 2020

      • cha says:


        Ed Werder
        Jerry Jones says reports #Cowboys have decided not to pursue Earl Thomas are erroneous, adding, “That guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”
        6:44 AM · Aug 25, 2020

  28. Denver Hawker says:

    Looks like Adams contract floor moves up with Bakers deal. $33mm guaranteed, yikes.

  29. Jace says:

    How come the Hawks didn’t extend Jamal as soon as traded for him? They could have backloaded his contract. I feel like Budda’s deal just made him even more expensive in the future.

    • Rob Staton says:

      It’s an own goal, no doubt.

      And suggests it wasn’t as carefully planned out as the team has suggested.

    • Denver Hawker says:

      Simmons at Denver is another one to keep an eye on, playing on the tag this year. I’d guess he gets more than Baker.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Adam Schefter

      Here’s the oddity to Budda Baker becoming the highest-paid safety in NFL history. He has 323 tackles, 3.5 sacks, four forced fumbles, 14 pass deflections…..but not a single interception. The NFL’s highest-paid safety hasn’t picked off a pass.

    • cha says:

      They said they were waiting on the 2021 cap situation, but not conditioning the trade on an extension is a huge mistake. Shows desperation on their part.

      • AlaskaHawk says:

        I don’t understand why the Seahawks keep getting into these situations where they trade or sign as free agents great players that aren’t locked down to a long term contract. First Sheldon, then Clowney, and now Adams.

        They shouldn’t be giving up first round picks for someone who isn’t going to be featured for four years.

        • cha says:

          They seem extremely confident piecemealing the DL. They gave Bennett and Avril extensions but other than them no one has gotten a long term deal.

          The price they pay for that is trading premium draft picks.

    • Logan Lynch says:

      I don’t think it has a huge effect honestly. Jamal wouldn’t have signed for that cheap IMO.

      • Ashish says:

        I was in favor of signing Adams when we traded him, but I hope it works out well for both parties. If player is good we should not mind paying.

      • cha says:

        You’ll be singing a different tune when he’s got the Hawks over a barrel like Tunsil did with the Texans.

        Tunsil landed 30% more than the HIGHEST PAID LT in the league. THIRTY PERCENT.

    • Steven says:

      I thought it was pretty obvious Pete is never going to make someone one of the higest paid players in his position before they play a down of football for him. The way they can drag out contract negotiations with even Rusell Wilson and Bobby Wagner, paying a new guy that much money just seems like no way.

  30. Sea Mode says:

    Oh yeah, he exists…

    Ian Rapoport

    The #Eagles are signing FA TE Tyrone Swoopes, source said, after he visited them the last few days. He’s spent the last three years with the #Seahawks.