Players I want to see at the combine & Pete Carroll notes

March 2nd, 2022 | Written by Rob Staton

If you missed our big combine preview, please check it out here.

Pete Carroll had his combine press conference today

I thought it was Carroll’s best media appearance in a long time. Some of the old energy was back. He didn’t insult anyone’s intelligence like he did last summer, claiming the Russell Wilson saga was a media creation.

His answers were direct and to the point. I liked the way he answered the question over Wilson’s future. He didn’t shirk anything. There was a degree of humility involved (admitting they’d been ‘arrogant’ with their approach to defense).

To me this was a very positive press conference and was a good way to begin the off-season churn.

There were noteworthy comments. He suggested the Seahawks want another Darrell Taylor type player. Taylor didn’t do any combine testing due to injury but he measured at 6-4, 267lbs with 33 inch arms. It’s worth looking to see who weighs and measures in this range. I’m going to discuss some candidates below.

It’s perhaps also worth noting that Chandler Jones is 6-5 and 265lbs, with a lot of experience in the kind of role Seattle is looking for as a 3-4 rusher within their system. I still firmly believe he will (and should be) a key target. Jadeveon Clowney and Von Miller have also, of course, played this role.

Carroll stated they needed to develop the interior pass rush. Again this was encouraging. To me it seems pretty clear they intend to add at least one EDGE and one interior rusher. There are plenty of options in free agency and the draft. Given Carroll also talked up the existing DT’s on the roster (including free agent Al Woods) I suspect he might be looking for either a complementary inside/out rusher to kick inside on third down, or a specialist interior rusher.

It certainly seems like their main aim is to ‘keep their own’ on the offensive line. That was perhaps the least encouraging comment. I have no issue with retaining Duane Brown but was hoping for upgrades at center and right tackle. We’ll see how this plays out. Given Carroll also mentioned how ‘well’ he thinks they’ve managed their cap over the years — rather than be creative to spend a bit, it seems like they might view O-line retention as a cost-effective measure so they can spend elsewhere.

It was certainly positive to hear Carroll’s totally non-committal answer on Bobby Wagner. He mentioned it was a time for difficult decisions but offered more hope than assurance that Wagner would be back.

For me, Wagner is a shadow of his former self. He has become old, expensive, hesitant, he avoids contact too much and he doesn’t make anywhere near enough splash plays. I want to move on, without any fresh agreement. Yet I feared the Seahawks would crack on, paying a fortune based on sentimentality. Carroll’s answer felt a lot like a ‘say the respectful thing now, do the necessary thing later’ approach.

They save $16.6m by moving on. Spend that money on the trenches and tap into this excellent linebacker class between rounds 2-4. I feel more confident than I did yesterday that this might just happen.

Players I want to see perform at the combine

I’ve written out a collection of names that particularly intrigue me for the Seahawks ahead of the start of testing on Thursday when the tight ends, quarterbacks and receivers kick things off.

Dameon Pierce (RB, Florida)
For me, he’s everything the Seahawks look for in a running back. They want aggressive runners who fight for yards after contact. He screams ‘Seahawks’. He also fits their size ideals and he’s expected to be an explosive tester — having jumped a 37 inch vertical at Florida. He might not land in Seattle but Pierce is pretty much the prototype for what they go for.

Tyrion Davis-Price (RB, LSU)
Nobody talks about him and I don’t get it. We’re talking about a big 6-1, 225lbs brute who can take contact and make extra yards but also shows deceptively quick feet to avoid tackles. He was excellent on a bad LSU team. At SPARQ he ran a 4.53, jumped a 34 inch vertical and ran a 4.40 short shuttle.

Alec Pierce (WR, Cincinnati)
Gary Jennings was such an obvious ‘Seahawk’ in 2019 and it wasn’t a surprise they took him in round four. He had everything they look for — playing style and testing profile. I think Pierce fits the same bill. He can get downfield and he’s expected to run in the 4.4’s. He can win at the red line and high-points well. He’s a multi-sport athlete and a willing blocker in the running game. He’s going to do brilliantly in the jumps.

Kyle Phillips (WR, UCLA)
There’s just something about Phillips that stood out on tape. He gets open, he makes plays, he’s quick. He’s a smaller receiver but there’s a natural talent on show. I want to see if he can test well enough to get on Seattle’s radar.

The tight end class
Can it live up to expectations? It’s such a strong group but until they get out there and perform you just don’t know. I can’t wait to see the agility testing numbers (short shuttle, three cone) to get a proper feel on the potential on offer — and discover who could be on Seattle’s radar.

Abraham Lucas (T, Washington State)
Another very underrated player who looked like one of the best athletes on the field at the Senior Bowl. He ran a 4.30 short shuttle at SPARQ and ran a 5.03. If he puts up those numbers again — and is an explosive tester in the broad and vertical — he’ll go as early as I’ve been projecting (round one).

Obinna Eze (T, Memphis)
A forgotten man in this class with vines for arms and a terrific physical profile for the left tackle position. How does he test? Is he explosive? I’m eager to find out.

Tyler Smith (T, Tulsa)
He’s become a big favourite of draft twitter thanks to his highlight reel blocks but I still think there’s a rawness to his game and I want to find out how good his physical profile truly is.

Cameron Jurgens (C, Nebraska)
Yet another wildly underrated player. Jurgens plays with his hair on fire, is reportedly up towards 300lbs and ran a 4.98 at SPARQ with a 33 inch vertical jump. He’s a great prospect who combines attitude, physicality and superb athleticism. He should shine in Indianapolis and finally get the attention he deserves.

Cole Strange (C, Chattanooga)
Strange had a big Senior Bowl and has a chance to be this years’ Quinn Meinerz if he tests well at the combine. I want to see how quick and explosive he is.

Zach Tom (T, Wake Forest)
He’s undersized and might need to kick inside to center but I thought his tape was terrific and I’m looking forward to seeing measurements and testing results.

Boye Mafe (DE, Minnesota)
I’m afraid he’s too good to last. When the Seahawks talk about getting another Darrell Taylor, they probably mean this guy. He’s 6-3, 255lbs and bends and straightens like Taylor, plays with aggression in his hands and wins in multiple ways. If Seattle still had the #10 pick I would’ve written an article championing Mafe to be their choice. I don’t think he’ll last to #41 but he’ll be fun to watch anyway — just in case.

Sam Williams (DE, Ole Miss)
If Mafe isn’t there (and several others are gone too) then it might be that Williams presents an intriguing alternative. He’s a little bit more rigid that Taylor when attacking the edge but he plays with a strong motor, great attitude and he has a similar backstory to Taylor (has a young child). Ole Miss listed him at 265lbs (which was Taylor’s weight at Tennessee) but at the Senior Bowl he weighed in at 250lbs. It’s said he can run in the 4.4’s and jump a 40 inch vertical. Keep an eye on him because he’s an option for #41.

Dominique Robinson (DE, Miami-OH)
I really liked what he showed on tape and he could be a sleeper for Seattle. Supposedly he can run in the 4.6’s and deliver a short shuttle time of 4.31. He was 254lbs at the Senior Bowl with good length. There’s something about him. He’s a receiver convert so needs room to grow but he fits the bill of a Taylor-type.

Myjai Sanders (DE, Cincinnati)
He was only 242lbs at the Senior Bowl so he’s a little light. Yet his lean frame and length did make him look like a Seahawks pass rusher. He’s supposedly capable of a 4.10 short shuttle which would attract Seattle’s attention. He’s also expected to jump a 35 inch vertical and a 10-2 broad.

Jordan Davis & Devonte Wyatt (Georgia)
Watching these two massive humans train for the combine was a breathtaking experience. They are incredible. This will be pure entertainment (although neither will be available at #41).

Perrion Winfrey (DT, Oklahoma)
I want the Seahawks to play with more aggression and violence on defense and that’s how Winfrey approached the Senior Bowl. There are no testing numbers available for him from High School or college so let’s see how he gets on. His inconsistent play and the challenging scheme in Oklahoma could keep him on the board at #41. I wonder if he could be another Chris Jones.

Travis Jones (DT, Connecticut)
Time and time again he drove people into the backfield in Mobile but he’s also a terrific athlete for a nose tackle. He’s being touted as a 4.57 short shuttle runner which would be insane at 326lbs. He showed those movement skills in the figure-eight drill at the Senior Bowl and he was always viewed as a great athlete at UConn.

Josh Paschal (DE, Kentucky)
One of my favourites. Paschal just plays with an explosive attitude and sets the tone. He ran a 4.30 short shuttle at SPARQ at 253lbs and added a 39 inch vertical. He’s not a defensive end who will scream off the edge but he could be a tremendous chess piece who showed at Kentucky he can drive interior blockers into the backfield when he kicks inside and make countless TFL’s in the running game. Love him.

Logan Hall (DE/DT, Houston)
Another potential inside/out rush candidate. He was hailed at Houston for his change of direction skills and speed so let’s see how it translates to testing.

Channing Tindall (LB, Georgia)
A self-confessed ‘freak of nature’ — Tindall ran a 4.19 short shuttle at SPARQ and jumped a 40 inch vertical. Recently this list was brought to my attention — it’s the top High School discus throwers who are attending the combine:

196’08 – Cameron Jurgens
187’11 – Otito Ogbonnia
183’01 – Austin Deculus
182’00 – Darian Kinnard
176’03 – Luke Wattenburg
171’06 – Logan Bruss
167’07 – Tyler Smith
166’03 – Channing Tindall
166’01 – Tyler Linderbaum
161’09 – Haskell Garrett

You’ll recognise certain names we’ve discussed already — such as Cameron Jurgens at the top and Tyler Smith. Yet among that hefty group of big offensive linemen is Channing Tindall, who was 219lbs in High School. Impressive.

Leo Chenal (LB, Wisconsin)
On tape he works upfield and is always attacking the LOS. If you didn’t know his athletic profile, you’d think he must be limited because everything is blitzing and trying to break into the backfield. Yet he’s been timed running a 4.00 short shuttle. If he emulates that at the combine, he’ll be on Seattle’s radar.

Montaric Brown (CB, Arkansas)
A former four-star recruit who I think is a tremendous, underrated prospect but I have no testing or measurement numbers so I want to see what he does. He had five picks in 2021 and stood out on tape.

Cam Taylor-Britt (CB, Nebraska)
He’s such a physical, aggressive cornerback but to play man coverage in Seattle’s shifting defensive scheme he’ll need to show he can run too. Fingers crossed for a good forty and some smooth transitions during drills.

Kerby Joseph (S, Illinois)
Another player with five picks in 2021 and I like his combination of size, range and ability to roam around and fly to the ball. He was only a three-star recruit and I have no testing numbers again, so he’ll be one player I watch closely.

Bryan Cook (S, Cincinnati)
A heart and soul player who will go earlier than many of the national sites are projecting. I’m keen to see if he has a strong enough physical profile to justify that prediction. He missed the Senior Bowl due to injury so he might not test.

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93 Responses to “Players I want to see at the combine & Pete Carroll notes”

  1. Rob Staton says:

    Not sure if John is doing a full press conference but he appears to have a big cross on his forehead and a new haircut:

  2. cha says:

    This was a big indicator for me

    Bob Condotta
    Schneider also said Seahawks will likely not use any void years this year or redo deals to push cap into future. Says they want to stay a “pay as you go” team as much as possible.

    Good-they may not try to extend Wagner until his 35

    Bad-still not as aggressive on the cap as they need to be

  3. Starhawk29 says:

    Regarding Alec Pierce, while I understand the interest (he fits the profile), I’m pretty unimpressed with him. It’s one game, but he had too many missed opportunities in the Playoff against Bama. Particularly, I remember him dropping a touchdown pass as Cincy was trying to launch a comeback. I also don’t feel like he separated himself against the talent of Bama (2 catches for 17 yards iirc). The Gary Jennings comparison isn’t doing him any favors, though I know it was just used to highlight how well he fits the profile.

  4. Peter says:

    I promise I’ll stop but I am really looking forward to Darrian Beavers testing. Multi lettering HS athlete in track and basketball and i think his jumping numbers might be stupid good. Jumped a 5’8″ high jump in high school when he was borderline scrawny.

  5. Blitzy the Clown says:

    I’m somewhat encouraged by your assessment of his presser. But his comments regarding the OL concern me.

    It certainly seems like their main aim is to ‘keep their own’ on the offensive line. That was perhaps the least encouraging comment. I have no issue with retaining Duane Brown but was hoping for upgrades at center and right tackle. We’ll see how this plays out. Given Carroll also mentioned how ‘well’ he thinks they’ve managed their cap over the years — rather than be creative to spend a bit, it seems like they might view O-line retention as a cost-effective measure so they can spend elsewhere.

    How many times have Seattle kept their own on OL (none of which, with the exception of Brown, are not now nor have they never been, blue chip players) and reaped the poor results of that strategy?

    There’s still the promise of a strong FA OL acquisition (specifically C), and there are decent options in the draft. But man, if training camp rolls around and we’re looking at the same OL line up…what can I say?

  6. cha says:

    This is why I hate relying on Seattle reporters.

    Condotta says ‘Allen did not demand change.’ Bell fills out the exchange.

    Pete knew there were problems and was pro-active and told Allen the changes he was making.

    That fills the story in much, much more.

    Gregg Bell
    Pete Carroll says off podium at NFL combine his talks with Seahawks chair Jody Allen after 7-10 season were as usual about next 3-5 years, at least thru end of his contract. Says he went to Allen saying defensive coaches had to change. Allen did not demand something had to change

  7. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Rob, between Jermaine Johnson and Boye Mafe?

    Both absolute, and relative to the draft capital it would probably take to get either one (and assuming the draft capital to get either one – e.g., Seattle have their original first round pick this year).

  8. BobbyK says:

    I took his OL comments to be both good and bad. Good … resigning Brown. Bad … keeping Lewis at LG and not doing anything about their worthless Center position. I’m okay with Curhan. That boy can mash. I like that. And his salary.

    • bmseattle says:

      In a way, the late season outburst in the running game was very poor timing.
      It is encouraging the “run back the OL” mentality.
      I sure hope it’s sustainable, if that’s the route they end up going.

    • Henry Taylor says:

      This might be a bit of an unpopular opinion, but I think the Lewis LG/RG thing is a bit overblown. Like they probably shouldn’t have moved him in the first place, but how different is playing RG and LG really?

      Maybe moving him back could have the same effect of unsettling him again?

      • Rob Staton says:

        Some have suggested switching sides is like trying to write with your wrong hand

        It can be significant

      • TCHawk says:

        Robbie Tobeck was asked that question a few months ago on the radio and said it definitely is a difference. Some do better than others at making such a switch. Muscle memory is real, and reaction time is crucial when you are playing against exceptional athletes.

        I hope they move Lewis back to his more comfortable position.

        • Palatypus says:

          This is why some teams really like OL who are former wrestlers. Watch the NCAA tournament. The guys who can work both ways destroy people.

        • IHeartTacoma says:

          Wait until you’re my age and put the Dick’s wrapper in your pocket and throw your keys in the trashcan.

      • BobbyK says:

        Some handle it better than others. Guys like Chipper Jones and Mickey Mantle could switch hit. Some MLB guys hit terrible if they try screwing around opposite handed. Some guys in hockey can play a certain wing so much better than the other (right or left). Some basketball players have a bad free throw percentage but actually have much better field goal percentage when they take jump shots around the free throw line. It was obvious Lewis fared worse his sophomore season than his rookie year – which is so wrong because players are supposed to improve year two, not get worse. Going to LG was definitely bad for him. Proof was in his play.

        • Peter says:

          Go ask mark glowinski who sucked here with a switch to LG and has turned into a pretty solid right guard which he is, for indy.

      • Scot04 says:

        I definitely believe it can make a difference & not only at guard; but position switches as well.
        Look at the difference with DJ Reed at Right-side vrs Left-side.
        Key for coaches is putting their players in the best positions to succeed.

        • STTBM says:

          Solari, like Cable, had his left guard pull alot, but preferred a bigger stronger RG who didn’t pull as much–or as far. Apparently Seattle intends to continue this moving forward with their new Zone scheme…

          Puke! I hate Zone Blocking, and I hate trying to get by on the cheap with lousy undersized or oversized slow Non-Athletes for O-linemen, but that seems to be part and parcel of the Carrol Way. I had hoped they would move away from ZBS, not right back to it….

          I do have to admit Solaris hybrid scheme never worked all that well, but Cables insistence on making his linemen go sideways was maddeningly ineffective…

  9. Dubb says:

    The only two free agents I hope they retain are Rasheem Green and DJ Reid. Green was only 20 years old when he was drafted. It’s a shame if they let him go when he’s going to be in his prime. Similar with Reid. Spending money on aging veterans like Brown and Wagner might be okay for a year; but, they are no longer foundation pieces.

    I know it’s cutthroat, but I would let Diggs walk, too. Can’t have all your safeties (Diggs, Adams & Blair) coming back from major injuries. They drafted Blair as a safety and tried to make him a nickel corner. There are cheaper options to replace Diggs in free agency or the draft.

    • Seattle Person says:

      I personally think Green needs to be lower in the priority list. He doesn’t excel when you give him a big role. He should be a rotational type pass-rusher. If it’s for a 1-2 year deal to prove himself then fine. But if someone throws money at him hoping he is a major piece in a Dline then you bow out and sleep well at night.

      I agree about Diggs. I wouldn’t pay him because I rather have resources spend elsewhere.

      • TomLPDX says:

        If the price is right for Diggs then keep him, but the question is: What’s the right price?

      • Peter says:

        I think Green is a priority. This was his first year given a big role. Prior to this he was given 50% ish and lower percent of snaps.

        I’ve comped him to bennett. And bennett had a big old year prior to signing with seattle. He was also aying 89% of snaps.

        Green: 67% snaps. 6.5 sacks. 48 combo tackles. 6 TFL’s. 21 qb hits.

        Bennet 89% (!) Snaps. 9 sacks. 41 combo tackles. 18 TFL’s. 18 qb hits.

        The pressure is better but not an insignificant amount more snaps. Even if the get Jones who is a pass rusher where do they increase the snap count wit an old Dline?

        • Rob Staton says:

          People need to stop comping to Michael Bennett

          Players like that are extremely rare

          • Peter says:

            I honestly don’t think after reviewing Bennett’s snap count vs. Green’s percieved lack of impact vis a vie his snap count that a 24 year old player couldn’t have a sizable impact going forward. Considering he has only one year of a heavy work load.

            Bennett’s impact? Probably no. Bennett was able to play in the high 80% range. And I’ve always hued to this viewpoint. However the only player seattle has that can nearly do this is Green himself. But people talking about prove it deals when the market is averaging 7 plus million a year for players 3.5 years older who have had literally less impact than Green has had I think might not be seeing field correctly.

            I’ve looked through available DE’s. I see some star blue chippers. And I aee a lot of what Seattle has. Old, do nothings. For me I am completely comfortable paying a player as old as guy’s in this draft a fair contract (3yrs/22 mil. 15 guaranteed) with the expectation, and there is evidence to support by his own stat line, that he has room to improve while providing fair value for price.

            • Rob Staton says:

              But it’s still a futile comp.

              Michael Bennett was one of the best players in the NFL during his spell in the league. Rasheem Green is a mile away, young or not.

              • Peter says:

                I’m not comping the two. I’m looking at raw numbers.

                Bennett was an absolute monster here and in his fourth season with TB came on super strong. Bennett was a phenomenal player, who had the benefit of being part of and a reason for the best defense in a decade.

                I don’t think Green is that. I’m not suggesting he’s going to be a world beater. I am suggesting there is very strong evidence to show a player who can get up to the 7-9 sack range. But a pay comp i will make is on the team. Poona ford does less and was given a two year 12.5 million with 7 odd guaranteed.

                Frankly i think green is worth more than that. He’s more productive. Plays more. Which unless they plan on getting young or having others step up that play count has to be accounted for. And for that his age does matter. Just based on the league a lot of teams comfortably pay players doing way less a good honest chunk more than a “prove it,” deal.

                • Seattle Person says:

                  We can agree to disagree. I don’t think Green is that type of player or will be that type of player in the future. If we bring him back, I don’t care. If we lose him then I really don’t care. He doesn’t excite me and I don’t think he’s any type of core piece that is going to sway the defense one way or the other. I’ll gladly eat my crow if he proves me wrong. Give me a more efficient and consistent pass-rusher.

                  The fact is he doesn’t make enough big plays to warrant the amount of snaps he played last season. The comp to Mike B is only because he has similar size. Bennett can play the run, and legitimately can rush inside/outside.

                  Green is a so so run defender and a below average pass rusher based on any other statistical measure other than sacks. Bring him back — sure, but this type of profile should not have to be one of our highest priorities. I think too many of us are overrating how young he is but we’ll see. I’ll be the first to crap on myself if I’m wrong.

                  • Peter says:

                    He plays that many snaps because the line is crap filled with old huys who need tons of rest to then follow that up with nothing.

                    Yet again as i have stated i don’t think he’s bennett.

                    I’m not overating hime because of age. I’m over rating him simply because Seattle literally can not find anyone to rush the passer and they’ve not only retained him after perhaps overdrafting him they haven’t found anyone to play better than him. If I felt there was a universe where they were going to let him walk and upgrade. Yeah let’s do it. But since they can’t or haven’t i am practically weary of going to battle with a 33 year old Dunlap, taylor, and a bunch of guys who are percentage wise more effective if only because they play so little that their 1.5 sack season (hyder, mayowa) looks good per snap.

                    And yet again it’s not about whether this player excites anyone. It’s about an allocation of resources. Release him and spend the way Seattle has….not a net improvement. Release him and they get that “more consistent pass rusher,” sure. The whole team is full of unexciting players. Outside of metcalf and taylor there’s not a single young exciting player. And the veterans. Wilson when he’s on and that’s the end of the list.

                  • Rob Staton says:

                    Personally I just think any Green debate loses momentum as soon as Bennett is mentioned.

                    Let’s stick to what Green can do, not make that comp.

                    I felt the same when certain members of Seahawks twitter were banging on about journeyman Kerry Hyder being the next Bennett.

                    There won’t be another Bennett.

  10. Sea Mode says:

    Well, I think it’s a lame excuse, but here’s to hoping they at least are planning to try and get something, anything out of him moving forward.

    Corbin K. Smith

    Off podium, Pete Carroll admitted he “didn’t like that we didn’t get to implement everything” the Seahawks wanted to do with Jamal Adams due to him holding in for new contract last summer. They just didn’t have enough time.

    He then added, “This time will be different.”

    • TomLPDX says:

      This time he’ll be protecting his shoulder and making even bigger biz decisions.

      • bmseattle says:

        the only thing they had time to work on was practicing trying to catch the ball with his helmet.

  11. Chris Reiff says:

    Rob, what are your thoughts on Neil Farrell? Would he be an interesting later round option given the expected change in scheme?

  12. uptop says:

    I have liked Alec Pierce for a while. I think some dumb team might snatch him too early looking for the next Cooper Kupp.

    Speaking of white wide receivers, Slade Bolden might be a fun pick in R7 or UDFA. Have him learn un tyler lockett. Cant ever have too many targets

  13. Sea Mode says:


    Jim Nagy

    Florida RB Dameon Pierce’s pre-draft momentum built in Mobile will continue out of Indy. Pierce posted fastest GPS gameday speed (20.66 mph) of any player at
    @seniorbowl. Comparatively, Antonio Gibson hit 20.15 mph and clocked 4.39 at 2020 Combine. Pierce isn’t just a power back.

  14. Sea Mode says:


    Josh Weinfuss
    · 40m

    A few takeaways from my time at the NFL combine this week:

    – The Cardinals aren’t taking trade calls for Kyler Murray.
    – It doesn’t sound like Chandler Jones will be a Cardinal in 2022.
    – It sounds like Christian Kirk will have a hot market in free agency.

    • Rob Staton says:

      It doesn’t sound like Chandler Jones will be a Cardinal in 2022.

      Bring him home.

      And by home, I mean to somewhere he’s never lived before, which rhymes with Bee-cattle

      • cha says:

        10.5 sacks his last 5 games in Seattle.

        9 home games next year.

        Count on him for 19 sacks.

        In Seattle.

        Any road sacks are gravy.

        • Roy Batty says:

          The first time Jones runs onto the field and tackles Russ, I will chalk it up to familiarity.

          The next 3 times he does it, they will really need to consider trading him.😂

      • Peter says:


  15. cha says:

    Well deserved

    Aaron Wilson
    Broncos awarded annual best draft award after picking Patrick Sultan, Javonte Williams and Quinn Meinerz last year

    • BobbyK says:

      Yet had they taken Mac Jones, the state of their franchise would be so much, much better.

    • Denver Hawker says:

      +Baron Browning and Jonathan Cooper (7th end steal) both showing promise.

      George Paton’s combine presser was solid too. He has another 11 picks this year too. Still needs a QB tho..

  16. cha says:

    “That’s why I think it’s the ultimate team game right? ‘Well, this position isn’t as important as that position.’ Well, talk to our analytics guys – everybody that is on the field is making an impact on that play. Especially at safety – people say ‘well, he’s not involved in the play.’ Yeah, he is involved in the play because the quarterback is checking him out and seeing what he’s doing.”

    Yes John. And if the quarterback has time to check out what the safety is doing, that’s also the pass rush failing to make an impact on the play.

    • Hawkdawg says:

      Noit necessarily. Elway used to say he would not call for the snap until he had located Easley and watched what he was doing. Every play.

      • cha says:

        Sure, but

        1) Diggs is no Kenny Easley
        2) they already paid a truckload of capital for a ‘QB needs to check where he is presnap’ in Adams
        3) I was pointing it out because I’m concerned about the scoffing at the idea of safety being not a vital position in the face of three solid years of terrible pass rush, even with the very safety he’s talking about.

        No team in the NFL pays two safeties in the top-10 AAV in salary. You combine the idea of spending an incredible sum on two players of the back end of the defense and their conservative salary cap tendencies, and the math doesn’t work out for addressing all the other positions they need to so desperately.

  17. Rob Staton says:

    Forgot to put Myjai Sanders on my list so just updated now.

  18. Clayton says:

    Great article as always, Rob. With the 3-4 alignment, I was wondering what you think about putting Jamal Adams in the that other OLB position and then either drafting a safety or having Ryan Neal occupy that safety spot?

    • Rob Staton says:

      He can’t play OLB in a 3-4 though. I think at best you’re looking at a deathbacker in this system. I would prefer that.

      • Dubb says:

        I noticed John Ridgeway wasn’t on your list. If you’re talking 3-4, we need some big, physical linemen. Besides the 2 Georgia guys, I think he’s a monster. What do you think? Would he last until round 3?

        • Rob Staton says:

          Well, there’s about 30 more players I could’ve put on the list.

          But right now big bodied linemen are not a key need. They have Mone and Ford plus Carroll talked about Al Woods like he’ll be back.

          They need a pass rusher.

          But I like Ridgeway and yes he could be there in R3.

  19. Palatypus says:

    If they are throwing the discus at the combine this year, we’re going to find out who the body catchers are REAL FAST !!!

  20. Denver Hawker says:

    Rich Eisen challenge completed:

    This is the kind of presser mockery I can appreciate. View first comment for the Eisen challenge reference.

    • TomLPDX says:

      I loved that. Dude has a sense of humor on top of the nerd stuff. He could actually be a fun coach!

  21. Rob isn’t it mind blowing that the Rams Head coach and general manager aren’t going to the combine.

  22. Ashish says:

    I really want hawks to replace center that position has been issue from time. They have been ignoring and going with cheap options so far. How about two center Cameron Jurgens and Cole Strange you mentioned will they available in 3rd or 4th?

    Thanks for killer article.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Strange seems to have propelled himself into the late second or early third. I think Jurgens will go in the same range if he tests as well as I expect

  23. 805Hawk says:

    I like what Pete said, but, honestly, until I see a different approach in building this team, I’m going to be filled with doubt. He’s used up all my confidence. Like I tell my son, stop talking about it and show me. Pete hasn’t attracted any blue chip free agents in 8 years. If the Hawks sign Chandler Jones, I will be shocked. Pleasantly shocked, but shocked. I would bet my next paycheck they will continue down the same road of second tier free agents and try to draft talent. Call me jaded, but I can’t see the leopard changing his spots.

  24. Michael Hasslinger says:

    Thank you, Rob, for a super enjoyable off-season kickoff. I am really enjoying the honest , grounded, thorough writing. Your cadence and presence in the writing feels centered; truly moment-aware. A true joy to read. Bravo. Thank you.

  25. Mike says:

    I think there’s a chance they trade up this year from 41. If either a Linemen or a QB are there I think they do it.

    There not trading Wilson this year but I don’t think he’s going to sign a new contract so they should trade him next offseason and have someone ready to take his place.

    If they were to hit on a young QB and trade russ away for a bunch of picks next season they could have a dangerous team again.

  26. SpennyDunks says:

    Im optimistic with that Presser.

    Im okay with running mostly the same line back. Only so much money to spread around and I’d rather they retain Brown/Reed/Jones/Woods/Green. An upgrade at C is critical and shouldnt be back breakingly expensive,I’d like to see a true competition in camp with the guards and hopefully they realize Haynes at LG and Lewis at RG is the best option, and Shell should be cheap and competent enough and can compete with Forsythe and Curhan.

    • SpennyDunks says:

      Sorry, retain those guys AND add an additional 2 impact guys on the DL.

      • Poli says:

        We’ve been waiting for an upgrade at Center and some impact signings on the DL for almost as long as I’ve been following the Hawks.

        Maybe THIS will be the year!

    • BobbyK says:

      I’m not sure why Curhan has to seriously compete with Forsyth. He played more than Forsyth and was the actual starter at RT when the Seahawks needed a RT.

      I know trading up for DK, Reed, and Taylor worked well but in this draft I hate the idea of trading up. There’s so many good players out there in the mid-rounds.

      I like Winfrey but I hate the idea of trading Travis Jones and Brian Robinson for him. That’s just one of lots of examples of a player we could trade up to get vs. sitting pat and keeping all our picks. To me, this team isn’t in a position to be trading picks because the 53 man roster simply isn’t deep enough.

      I would rather trade a singular pick for a singular pick, such as trading a 2nd round pick next year for an early 3rd round pick this year. That’s making a trade without trading a 2-for-1 for a roster with limited depth.

      Maybe they like Wyatt or Winfrey so much that they’d be willing to dangle a #1 next year for a 2nd round pick before ours this year. If that’s the case, imagine a scenario where they can get Winfrey/Wyatt AND Jones? That’d revolutionize the interior DL pressure.

      I’d like Wyatt but not at the expense of both Travis Jones and

      • BobbyK says:

        Troy Anderson.

      • Mick says:

        Agreed, I wouldn’t trade up either, perhaps at most by sacrificing our extra 5th next year but no picks from this year. But I wouldn’t trade down our 2nd and 3rd more than a few spots.

      • Rob Staton says:

        I think it depends on the price of the trade up.

        I have to admit, for the price of say a 2023 third, if the right player was available I wouldn’t be against it.

        Quite a few teams like to move down from the late first.

  27. swedenhawk says:

    was looking at some videos of Sam Williams online and while he may not have the bend that Taylor has, the dude is relentless… 15 TFLs, 12.5 sacks, and 4 forced fumbles in the SEC? it’s hard to ignore that kind of production, especially when he’s taking on so many double (and at times triple) teams. exactly the kind of ‘dog mentality’ that Seattle badly needs more of.

    • Rob Staton says:

      One of the problems with him is run defense and that takes some of the ‘dog’ aspect out of him.

      But he’s a tremendous athlete, like his attitude, would like to see a bit more consistent fire but he has the tools and the profile to be a nice partner in crime for Taylor. He’s an option IMO at #41 if he tests as expected on Saturday.

  28. Sean-O says:

    Potential landing spots for Top 25 free agents per CBS:

    For SEA they project:

    Randy Gregory (3 yrs, 40.5 mil)
    Zach Ertz (2 yrs, 18 mil)

    FYI – they project DJ Reed to SF (4 yrs, 44 mil)