Playoff Sunday open thread & thoughts

January 5th, 2020 | Written by Rob Staton

Here’s an open thread for the Eagles, plus some pre-game thoughts.

I think this might be the least optimistic Seahawks fans have felt going into a post-season in the Carroll era. In 2012 there was euphoria and excitement. In 2013 and 2014 there was genuine belief and expectation. After that, hope that a legendary team could make amends for that playoff loss.

Even last year they rolled into the post-season on a 6-1 run that included impressive wins against Green Bay, Carolina, Minnesota and Kansas City.

This year the Seahawks are battered, injured and lost two home games to end the season. The defense appears incapable of stopping anyone and the offense is now totally reliant on the quarterback.

A deep playoff run isn’t improbable — it’d be miraculous.

The thought of this team winning in Philadelphia, San Francisco and New Orleans to make the Super Bowl is fanciful — even if they’ve already won on the road against the Eagles and Niners. This doesn’t feel like Seattle’s year. Too many injuries, not enough quality and a seriously flawed defensive line and pass rush.

To some extent it almost feels like we might as well get on with talking about the next step. Who should they retain? Who should they sign in free agency? Who should they draft? The Seahawks need to take a step in 2020 to get back to the NFC’s top table. They’re not miles away. They have the coach and quarterback combo needed to compete. They have some complimentary pieces. They just need more — and to fix the pass rush.

That said, we should never take these days for granted. The Seahawks in the playoffs is something we should cherish and enjoy for as long as it lasts. If they win today the chances are they’ll get another tilt at the Niners. Who wouldn’t want that?

It might not be Seattle’s year but until that is confirmed, you have to go with it.

Today specifically it’ll be interesting to see if this is similar to the regular season meeting. Seattle dominated that day and should’ve won by a lot more than the 17-9 scoreline. They forced five turnovers, blew two easy scoring opportunities and turned the ball over twice themselves.

They’re going to need to find a way to move the ball with a severely banged up O-line and backup running backs. A lot of people on Twitter will call for them to throw the ball but perhaps need to remember the last Philly game. It was windy and that had an impact (it’s said be even windier today). However, they were very aggressive and tried to take advantage of Philadelphia’s weakness covering the deep ball. Wilson was only 13/25 passing, he was sacked six times and his QBR was a paltry 16.4.

Inviting the Eagles’ best unit — their D-line — to have a major impact on the game might not be the wisest move.

There needs to be some healthy balance here. The speed of Rashaad Penny was a big threat in the last meeting. Getting the ball to Travis Homer on a pitch, a toss and letting him get to the perimeter is probably going to have a place today. Let’s see some sweeps and misdirection.

D.K. Metcalf is going to need to play well. They’ll likely need a big catch from David Moore. Jacob Hollister is going to have to step up again.

And more than anything, they’ll need the defense to play a LOT better than it has been recently. They smothered the Eagles last time even without Jadeveon Clowney. Can they repeat this, with Lane Johnson and Brandon Brooks both absent? If they can, they’ll have a shot.

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644 Responses to “Playoff Sunday open thread & thoughts”

  1. Stephen Pitell says:

    I am more hopeful this year than last year. Anything can happen, and I am staying hopeful. We can play with any team in the league. Go Hawks.

    • Rob Staton says:

      What gives you that confidence? A year ago they were healthier, the defense wasn’t a car crash and they had some form going into the post-season.

      • Justin Mullikin says:

        @ Stephen Pitell I agree with you.
        I am hopeful because I feel that we can win against the Eagles. I think we have a shot against the 49ers. Do we still have major weaknesses as you have mentioned Rob? Yes we do. With that said having Pete Carroll (a top coach) and Wilson (a top qb) I say why not us? We all we need. Go Hawks!

      • Damien says:

        I share the same confidence, and it’s probably not rational. I know that I’m likely focusing on the offensive performance from the first three months of the season while discounting the fact RW has only been a bit above average the last quarter of the season, and he needs to play like the MVP if the Hawks are going anywhere in the post season.

        I still feel better about this weird, fluky, and resilient team than I did last year. We’re way more banged up, and while a healthy Diggs and Clowney raise the ceiling on this defense, the floor is literally the worst defense ever under Pete Carroll and crap I just talked myself out of us making any noise in the playoffs this season. But like you said Rob, it’s so worth cherishing these moments and you just never know with these guys.

  2. It for isnt the best limping into the payoffs but Ive been around enough to see teams go into the playoffs on a serious high and get bounced early and Ive seen teams limp in and find magic and win. I believe this game is there for the taking. I believe we need to pound Ertz when he catches the ball and try to get him out of there and do our best to stop there screen passes. On offense I think we need Lockett to step us well as another receiver whether it be Metcalf or another guy.

    After that I think we can win in SF, I think it would be tough sledding winning in either Green Bay or New Orleans but I would rather play the Packers. Here is me rooting for our boys to get it done somehow one week at a time. Go Hawks!

  3. Matt says:

    Good post Rob. This has been a really weird year with some crazy highs and lows. Unfortunately, I think the season ends today – just a gut feeling that we come out sloppy and put ourselves too far in the hole. Another late rally comes up short.

    Eagles 27
    Seahawks 20

    **I HOPE I AM PROVEN WRONG! Go Hawks**

  4. cha says:

    Getting the ball to Travis Homer on a pitch, a toss and letting him get to the perimeter is probably going to have a place today. Let’s see some sweeps and misdirection.


    I’d add, let’s roll out RW a little to move the pocket. Give those WR’s just a extra half beat to slice and dice that coverage.

    And this seems obvious, but tempo tempo tempo. That first half have plenty of rush and short passes, and mix the occasional dose of RW going 1st read, 2nd read, take off and run for 6. No waiting. No long developing plays. Go right at them.

  5. neil says:

    Won’t get 5 turnovers today. Really windy, throwing the home run ball will not be effective. I hope they have focused on ” small ball ” in the game plan. Just move the chains. Last game the Eagles had 23 first downs to the Hawks 14.

  6. Miami Hawk says:

    What gives me optimism is that we have Diggs and Clowney who can take our defense up a a couple of notches if they are physically up for it.

    Philly is going to be playing an abbreviated offense without any serious receivers on the field and in what looks like are going to be heavy winds. Defensively this makes me nervous with Barton playing as Kendricks out. Barton has shown at times but he has been caught out of position, a couple of times glaringly. This is normal for a rookie but it could be a cause of concern today since this definitely seems like a game to use 3 LBS to stuff the runs, screen and underneath game Philly will probably be playing.

    Offensively I am comfortable with Fant in at Lt but am not convinced Marshawn and Homer will be able to pound it like we may have to due to the winds. The strength of Phillys D is the run defense and the Hawks lack of a decent blocking tight end (and not having Fant in 12 personnel) means it will be tough to churn out the tough yards like they might have to.

    If they can’t run and winds are howling we will probably have to play the same perimeter and short pass YAC game Philly will be playing.

    On paper this looks like it will be a typical low scoring game that depends on who tackles well and doesn’t turn the ball over- typical playoff ball. Russ won’t need a great game but we definitely need some of his magic to close it out.

    This game will be defined by who best exploits the weakness on the other team which have been caused by injuries and plays the best fundamental football.

  7. Volume12 says:

    Long night of dunking on Brady & the Pats for this guy.

  8. Justin Mullikin says:

    I am pretty optimistic right now. With that said I was recently asked how our chances look. I responded with I feel we have about a 50/50 chance of winning against Philadelphia. If we play SF I feel like we probably have about a 50/50 chance against them. Now this is not to say we are going to win, but rather why not us? Go Hawks!

  9. cha says:

    Jaron Brown downgraded to out. Ursua time.

  10. Stephen Pitell says:

    Thielen is a wild card today for the Vikings. Almost no one is talking about him, but if he can play at his top level than the Vikings are a team that can win against anyone, including the Saints.

  11. Frank says:

    The things that gives me hope/confidence, The Eagles are as badly injured as the Hawks, Diggs makes a huge difference in our defense, Lynch at least in short yardage situations is still an absolute hammer.
    My only complaint about the Pc/JS era was that they lost there vision for awhile, of attempting to build a bully of a team full of BAMFers. I really feel like the Hawks made huge strides in avoiding finesse players the last couple years, and are for more dedicated to their original vision that brought a title the first time around.
    If Clowney is healthy enough to be Clowney, I think the Eagles tackles are in trouble.
    Maybe I’m a total homer, but I think the Hawks have this game, and have a slightly better than 50/50 against the 49ers.

    • Miami Hawk says:

      I am.not sure they lost their vision of getting a bunch of hard hitting bulliesmaa much as acertain players didn’t work out as hoped and you have to make do.

      They certainly have gone that way on the line just looking at the size of those road graders.

      Carson definitely fits the mold and Disley was originally primarily a blocking TE at UW who showed promise at catching the ball.

      Clowneyn and Diggs bring that back to the defense but where they need it is the DL. And this line is not the one they would have envisioned having a couple of years ago. That’s just how it works. In the draft when you don’t have good picks over a long period due to on filed success. You can’t have everything and being a bully is nice but you also need speed and technique. The guys with all 3 are simply out of our reach unless they get lucky for some reasonmand jump on it.

  12. Paul Cook says:

    We should beat the Eagles today. For one, we’re playing the one team as beaten up as we are. For two, we should have pasted these guys the last time we played them in Philly. It was one of the most, if not the most frustrating game for me to watch this season. Philly was practically begging us to put them down, and we just kept refusing to oblige.

    One thing is important in these playoffs for the Hawks for as long as they last. They can’t afford slow starts or getting behind and expect to come back. We’ve got to game-plan for getting out of the gate faster than we traditionally do. It would probably help to get a quick-strike passing game going early.

    Anyway…go Hawks!

    • Rob Staton says:

      We’re not in a position currently to say we should be beating anyone on the road in the playoffs. Look at the defense the last two weeks.

      • Ashish says:

        I agree but with Clowney and Diggs playing at their best defense looks ok to good. Injuries has derailed the hawks progress.
        Let’s go back to how we started our season, no expectation. I will not surprised if Wilson boost our belief going forward. Let’s win – go hawks

  13. Coleslaw says:

    Vikings putting on a defensive clinic here.


  14. Coleslaw says:

    I’m actually really optimistic still. Young players are still growing and we’re getting healthy. (Aside from RB and TE) But we have Lynch bringing excitement and grit. Homer ain’t bad either.

  15. astro.domine says:

    IMO, this year’s team is better than last years, when things are clicking. By clicking I mean, Quandre Diggs is playing and they’re generating some amount of pass rush (see: first Eagles game).

  16. Coleslaw says:

    Go Vikings! I’d rather play GB and SF than SF and NO

  17. John_s says:

    Kirk Cousins is the 4th best QB in this game.

  18. Mav says:

    Two worries for today personally. 1 – Russ seems to be bad in high wind and worse in rain. 2 – The trouble with TEs historically and Ertz and Goedert being good to great there.

    But overall I’m feeling pretty good cuz I love the playoffs. I don’t worry too much about the last few weeks cuz we’ll hopefully have Diggs to limit explosive plays and the Eagles offense has been very bad.

    I’m also in a good mood just cuz I think if the Hawks make it through, and I know it’s a big if, the team can hang with the 9ers or at least it would be a fun game. If it’s somehow the Packers I’d be happy too as they seem like frauds with a very weak offense and suspect run D, so a decent matchup. Saints are team I’d hate to see the most and no worry about them for awhile. Maybe we lose today but I’m loving playoff football either way.

  19. Ashish says:

    They way Vikings playing, it might be blessing in disguise not playing them in wild card. Don’t be surprise they end up wining. Cook looks great

  20. Sea Mode says:

    I actually feel confident we can beat the Eagles.

    – They’re just as beat up as we are. We’re both missing 2 starters on the OL.
    – Their QB is starting his first ever playoff game. We have Russ.
    – We get Diggs back, who made a huge impact on our defense those games he played.
    – PC is 5-0 vs. Eagles.
    – Their secondary is near the bottom of the barrel vs deep passes. If the wind can die down enough to take a shot or two at the right time, we should come up big.
    – We found a rhythm on offense last week and recognized that it was due to a faster tempo and protection adjustments. It really seemed they might have finally figured something out.

    Still, nothing is for sure and a road playoff win this year would be a great accomplishment for this team in its current state.

    After that, I fully expect to lose to whomever we face next. Though I sure as hell do want another shot at the 9ers with both Diggs and Brown back (although they are expecting Dee Ford and possibly Kwon Alexander back, so it balances out)

  21. astro.domine says:

    Would y’all rather travel to Green Bay or San Fran if we win today?
    I think I’d feel better about the latter.

    • Sea Mode says:

      I feel SF is the better team, but GB is likely worse conditions for Russ to throw in. We know SF well (and they know us), but GB has the superior QB with playoff and SB experience.

      I guess, in a way, I’m glad the choice is not ours. Just win today and be glad to even be playing next week and shoot your best shot against whomever.

    • Coleslaw says:

      We’re gonna play the 9ers either way, real question is would you rather play SF and NO or GB and SF

  22. Canadian Hawk says:

    I think it’s fair to say this team has punched above its weight all year.

    The issues with our DL have been thoroughly addressed in this blog and the injuries this team has gone through are ridiculous.

    Yet here we are – in the playoffs because of grit, determination and #3.

    I’ve done everything I can to prep for today:

    1. Cold beers in fridge – check
    2. 18 oz steak ready to be grilled – check
    3. Wearing #45 – check

    Great year no matter what happens.

  23. drewdawg11 says:

    I mean, as for today, I’m confident. Our remaining guys are better than theirs. Schotty can get them off balance early by throwing early and utilizing the quick game. Honestly, we probably should have won last week and we were depleted as well. This team is notoriously slow starting. So, what if today, they aren’t? Take advantage of the Eagles’ lack of weapons on offense who are healthy, and being the same type of pass rush they did last time in phily, without Clowney. Their secondary is weak and missing people. Take your shots at those guys and make sure the pass rush isn’t given opportunities to get to Russ. Defensively, watch their screen game because that’s most of what they have left.

  24. Sea Mode says:

    I’m sure y’all have seen it by now, but here you go:

    Omar Ruiz
    · 32m

    #Seahawks G Mike Iupati is OUT (neck) for today vs the #Eagles. I’m told if Seattle advances, he’ll be able to play next week.

    Jones next to Fant on the left side. I sure hope we gameplan to get the ball out quick…

  25. smitty1547 says:

    If we win Wilson will have to do his best Watson impression, who was really doing his best Wilson impression.

  26. Rob Staton says:

    Stefon Diggs is on his way out of Minnesota.

    • EP says:

      Would you have him at the Seahawks? I feel as if he has a little attitude problem but I imagine that would be cleared up if he was catching passes from Wilson.

      • cha says:

        He doesn’t have any targets yet today. If he comes to the Seahawks he’s going to have to be ready to have the occasional game like that. There’s been some where Lockett doesn’t get targeted until the 2nd half.

        • Hawks4life says:

          I’m not sure he would like it over here because of the same thing. I’d rather have Odell if I had to pick. But at the end of the day I would much rather us spend the money on pass rush and draft another weapon for Russell. Going to be an interesting offseason.

      • Rob Staton says:

        I’d have him in a shot

      • Coleslaw says:

        I dont think he has an attitude problem. I think hes shown over the course of his career that hes a very passionate player. Hes the type I would personally love, especially at WR working with Russ. Diggs is a legit #1, if the money’s right I’m interested, personally.

  27. JimQ says:

    Pete the Prikso, – picks the Eagles to win. However, his 2019 regular season picks have gone 123 – wins, 127 – losses & 6 – Ties. Anyone could throw darts at a schedule and do better than that, and yet Prisco gets paid for his biased loser predictions? His creditability = 0.0. And, based on his prediction acumen, the Seahawks should most likely win.

  28. Sam L says:

    Everson Griffen is making a big impact in this game. I would not be disappointed if we pick him up this offseason.

    • He had an odd clause in his contract that if he got a certain number of sacks he would be a free agent and he achieved those sack numbers. He could just resign with the Vikings or look elsewhere since they are tight against the cap.

  29. Donovan says:

    Everson Griffin with the sack on Brees. Don’t know if he’s the “speed” rusher we lack, but he’d be a welcome addition next yr that shouldn’t break the bank.

  30. neil says:

    Well, looks like it is the Vikings day. Who the hell wants to go to Green Bay in January, uggh.

  31. Not sure who Im rooting for here? If the Saints lose it knocks out the team who I feel we cant beat. If the Vikings win and we win we would get the Packers and I would rather play the 49ers than in Green Bay.

  32. Paul Cook says:

    Nope. Don’t go there. Don’t even let the thought enter your mind. The NFC championship game will not be played in Seattle.

  33. Matt says:

    LJ Collier a healthy scratch…still early, but that pick is looking horrendous. Older Rookie at a desperate position of need and can’t even be active.

    I must say, I was a little concerned listening to Nagy about JS loving Collier’s competitiveness at the Senior Bowl. I think that’s a great trait…but I’m wondering if that week of practice maybe made them look at the game film in a little more optimistic light than they should have. Just speculating. Anyways, still too early to make a call on Collier’s career, but that is looking like a pretty “not ideal” pick at the moment.

    I won’t even get into the Blair pick. But I’m really hoping those guys make a big jump next year. This team has been outstanding finding talent in the draft, but they really need a little more out of these higher picks. Being a roster body isn’t enough.

    **Thankfully DK looks like a potential game changer, so not all is lost and I’m certainly not saying “JS sucks.” Just wish we could get a little more out of the top guys.

    • I think we for sure have to wait for at least 2-3 years to say a bust. If we see improvement from year 1-2 then that is a start. You usually see pass rushers start to take off in year three unless your last name is Bosa.

      • Matt says:

        Collier was never built to be a true pass rusher and he will be 25 years old at the start of next season. He doesn’t have much time to figure it out. This is always my concern with drafting overaged trench players who didn’t have success until they were 2-3 years older than their competition. The physical difference between a 23 year old and 20 year old is monumental. I mean just monumental. It troubled me that he didn’t have real success until he reached that age.

        Of course nothing is etched in stone, but we are talking a very old prospect that doesn’t have the room for growth that a 22 year old does. I’m not writing him off as a bust, but I will also be shocked if he becomes anything more than a replacement level player, at this point.

        • Matt says:

          At this point, I’d almost like to see him put on 15 lbs and become a 3T. At the very least, he might be able to be a decent run defender.

        • Rob Staton says:

          Simply put, Clowney and Green are better 5T base ends right now.

          • Matt says:

            Absolutely a fair point. I just don’t like the position/skill set to be that high of a pick.

            I think, ideally, R1 players affect the pass game in some way. This isn’t an anti-running thing, it’s just that somebody who impact the pass game, offense or defense, has a bigger impact IMO. You either catch the ball or defend it. You either rush the passer or block said pass rusher. Or you are the one throwing the ball.

            *And yes, IMO that can include a RB. I’m not anti-RB in R1 – I just want to make sure that guy can contribute in the passing game. It doesn’t matter that the Seahawks want to be built around the running game – they are playing in a league that has prioritized the pass. I really wish they would do more to address that (not just draft picks, but get out of base defense).

      • BobbyK says:

        “Older Rookie at a desperate position of need and can’t even be active.” Totally agree. But he tries hard.

        It is clear Blair has talent. He’s made some great plays on special teams and even on defense. His problem up to this point is the mental game and assignments from what I’ve gathered from Pete. If his mental game comes around – he’s going to have been a really nice pick. Remember that Kam sat behind Lawyer Milloy his entire rookie season, too. I think Blair can be fine. An asset. A playmaker back there. I see no potential from Collier though. I’d give him more of a pass if he had good players in front of him, but like you said – how can you not be active on a DL this bad?

        • Matt says:

          I have no concerns about Blair long term. The difference between him and Kam is draft position. I think anything a Day 3 draft pick can do in Year 1 is just icing on the cake. Expecting major contribution outside of a Kicker/Punter/Running Back is a lot to expect.

          For me, Blair was picked high enough and had ample opportunity to get more playing time. He didn’t. Again, not worried long term but it is a bummer than a mid 2nd rounder couldn’t get more time.

  34. Volume12 says:

    How fun is Taysom Hill?

  35. Kelly says:

    I don’t have as high of hopes against the Eagles this time around. I don’t think we can count on 5 extra possessions again. We are down to 4th and 5th string RBs(although Marshawn is more of a #1 if in proper football shape).
    Also last time we played the Schwartz spied/delayed blitzed a lot with a safety. Primarily Jenkins and that extra speed of the safety coming in on those really affected Russ. Expect to see more of the same today. I expect a really low scoring close game.

  36. Absolute monster strip sack there. That is a major game changer.

  37. Hawks4life says:

    Womp womp womp… Brees with a key fumble

  38. Interesting how all three of these games are super close. You usually see a couple blow outs this weekend. Makes me think our game will come down to the wire as well.

  39. Sea Mode says:

    Vikings playing for OT

  40. Volume12 says:

    Why didnt N.O. take the TO to avoid the runoff?

    • They wanted to have the option to throw the football in the middle of the field. You dont have a TO you cant do that. My best guess.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Don’t know.

      But Seahawks Twitter would’ve exploded if that was Pete.

      While they fail to notice that every single coach ain’t perfect.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Probably just erring on the side of caution in case anything happens (fumbled snap, runoff, etc.) so as to not have to rush the FG unit out there against the clock. That’s my guess.

  41. So pumped for this game. For some reason I wasnt very pumped for the 49ers game. Maybe was so deflated with all the injuries. The Chris Carson injury really took the wind out of my sails but the wind is back. Lets do this!

  42. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    I’m cautiously optimistic because this team has punched above its weight all season long. I don’t necessarily think PHI is the better team, but they are a little less dinged up than we are, they’re at home and they’re a tough out.

    Either way it’s been a raucously fun season.


  43. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Hoping Lynch goes full on BEAST MODE vs the Eagles defense.

  44. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Wow what a throw by Cousins!

  45. Paul Cook says:

    What a dime of a throw by Cousins there. NO fans have got that sinking feeling again now.

  46. Sea Mode says:

    What a toss.

  47. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    To the Vikings:


  48. CHawk Talker Eric says:



  49. Volume12 says:


  50. Paul Cook says:

    It’s game on now. Go Seahawks!!!

  51. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Road teams have had their way this WC weekend (except for BUF). Time for SEA to add their win to the list

  52. Sea Mode says:

    Wow, bad snap was almost bobbled on that last play.

  53. Frank says:

    What an amazing wild card weekend!!! It has not been kind to the old generation so far, and good to see a changing of the gaurd with Brady and Brees both out:).

  54. Aaron says:

    Way to go Vikings, especially for Cousins changing the narrative. I’m glad the Saints are out, they’re too loud and flashy, complain too much.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Cousins gets some huge credit for that throw to Thielen. Sucks for NO that Lattimore was out and they targeted his backup, but that’s the way it goes in the NFL.

      (I’m sure there will be plenty of claims of “OPI” on that last play, “robbed again by refs”, etc. from NO fans…)

  55. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Wow consensus picks are for SEA

  56. Trevor says:

    Wow Saints go down. I thought they were the one team the Hawks could not beat. A win tonight then off to GB would be sweet!

  57. Hawks4life says:

    Gametime 12s let’s get this W!!!

  58. Paul Cook says:

    Well it’s Green Bay on the frozen tundra, or goodbye to the season.

  59. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Can you imagine how good SEA would be if they had MIN front 7?

  60. Last year the road teams went 3-1 in the wild card weekend so with a Seahawks win it would be the same. Down side is that we were the 1 last year who lost. Trying to find ways to say we are going to win.

  61. Sea Mode says:

    Oh, wow. I thought he was just injured. Prayers for him.

    Stacy Jo Rost

    Seahawks GM John Schneider pregame: “We’ll see (wide receiver) John Ursua — Jaron Brown had a family situation, we’re all praying for him. He’s not going to be able to play today. So John Ursua will be up.”

  62. Pran says:

    I want the beast mode to show up….Go Hawks!

  63. Stephen Pitell says:

    I called it! Thielen was the difference maker. Solid game.

  64. Sea Mode says:

    Sign me up!

    Albert Breer

    Divisional playoffs

    Vikings at 49ers, Saturday, 4:35 p.m.
    Titans at Ravens, Saturday, 8:15 p.m.
    Texans at Chiefs, Sunday, 3:05 p.m.
    Seahawks/Eagles at Packers, Sunday 6:40 p.m.

  65. Volume12 says:

    Ertz had blood in his urine from a lacerated kidney? Seems bad

    Go Hawks!

  66. CHawk Talker Eric says:


  67. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    That’s not a good look for Ifedi.

  68. Paul Cook says:

    Darn. Didn’t want to punt so fast…

  69. Sea Mode says:

    I say send in the Clown!

  70. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Yikes all I can say is glad that was Wentz and not Russell.

  71. Rob Staton says:

    Ziggy Ansah well wrapped up and settling in on the bench.

  72. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    There we go. Let’s get Russ rolling!

  73. CHawk Talker Eric says:


  74. Rob Staton says:

    That drive drove to a sudden, abrupt halt.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Finding out early what we already knew: up the middle is not the play call for this game…

    • Barry says:

      Not sure if the coaches want to keep scheming to have Hunt 1 on 1 Vs Cox on a red zone 3rd down. But hey I don’t get paid like they do.

      • Rob Staton says:

        Got to try and shift the pocket a bit. Deep PA, bootlegs. But teams will work on defending that all week preparing for us.

        • Barry says:

          Absolutely. There are no rules stopping crackback block from pulling centers or tightends etc. The defense will normally try to take away you giding a playing by sending someone extra or overloading. But the advantage of being on offense is you know what play you are running and where the D is lined up.

  75. Volume12 says:

    Joey Hunt got destroyed

  76. Paul Cook says:

    Once again, you’ve got to give the PC/JS team credit. Travis Homer, 6th round pick, playing pretty damn well given the circumstances he was hurled into.

  77. Rob Staton says:

    Defense is going to have to make some big plays, the offense is going to need some explosives to win this. Our short stuff isn’t good enough with the injuries.

  78. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Nice play by McDougald

  79. Rob Staton says:

    Defense has started well.

    Offense needs to deliver explosives now.

  80. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Ansah almost picked up a roughing the passer call

  81. Volume12 says:

    Can we please add a weapon in the return game? So odd to see a PC coached team not have anything back there

  82. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Kinda surprised by Lynch’s speed to the edge. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not Carson. But for a guy who was semi retired that’s not a bad burst.

  83. Sea Mode says:


    Mike Garafolo

    Overheard the NBC crew coming in the stadium today talking about #Seahawks K Jason Myers’ low trajectory on his kicks last week. They have the technology that tracks that stuff. Angle last week was 23 degrees, one of them said. Wonder what that one was.

  84. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Love watching a little guy like Lockett fight for every step and refuse to go down easy.

  85. Hawks4life says:

    Not that’s is an issue yet but pounding the ball up the middle with Homer isn’t the answer. Lets take a shot. What a catch by DK wow.

  86. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    It may be choppy and ungraceful, but they got a little bit of a drive going on here.

  87. Trevor says:

    Hawks defense looks great so far. Fingers crossed they can keep this up.

    I really hope the Hawks move on from Ifedi this off season and I like Hunt but they need Britt or someone with more size back in the middle. Guys like Coz are just too big and powerful for him.

    • HawkfaninMT says:

      Cox will do that to most… but I don’t disagree that Hunt is undersized and an upgrade there is needed

  88. Troy says:

    Hey Rob, you surprised by the defensive effort so far? Their tackling has looked a lot better and they have even been putting pressure on Wentz a bit

  89. Volume12 says:

    The Clown shoulda got flagged on that. And a no call on Philly

  90. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Terrible officiating again

  91. Sea Mode says:

    Where’s the offside?

  92. Hawks4life says:

    Great 3rd and 3 call right? I like the confidence but cmon get the 1st

  93. Ukhawk says:

    Inside penetration so deadly. Watching Fletcher Cox makes me yearn for Chris Jones

  94. Trevor says:

    Huge kick for Myers confidence going forward.

  95. Ukhawk says:

    Officiating not looking very good so far

  96. Volume12 says:

    Ansah is gar-baj

  97. Trevor says:

    Mcowan could give them a spark. Certainly hope not because the Hawks seem to have Wentz number.

  98. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Well if you’d have told me they’d be up a FG at the start of the 2nd quarter I’d have been happier than I am right now. If that makes any sense

  99. Rob Staton says:

    NFL refs are a disgrace.

    How the HELL did they not flag for offisde???

    Wilson only threw the pass that he did because it was so obvious.

    Abysmal. Not good enough. Would say the same if it was Philly too.

    • Paul Cook says:

      While it happened I said…”great…offside…free play”.

      • Volume12 says:

        I’ve noticed that a lot lately. Seems like with the emphasis put on protecting QBs we don’t see many free plays.

    • Sea Mode says:

      If that would have been intercepted off the deflection and still no call, I would be livid.

    • Matt says:

      It’s downright embarrassing and destroying their product. It is so shocking that a completely easy call like offsides can get messed up. I mean it is truly shocking.

      The NFL needs to start dumping massive resources into officiating. They have to. It’s affecting games.

      And for those of you “gotta overcome bad calls.” Sure…but this is becoming egregious and changing games. The NFL is about parity…you can’t expect teams to overcome game altering calls when most games are decided by a score or two. Inexcusable.

      • Ukhawk says:

        Ukhawk says:
        January 5, 2020 at 2:17 pm
        Officiating not looking very good so far

        Getting worse

  100. Volume12 says:

    Barton is playing excellent so far.

  101. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Hey Cody Barton does something

  102. Henry Taylor says:

    Defence is playing outstanding, with Wentz out as well we may not need many points in this one. A run game would be huge in a game like this.

  103. Paul Cook says:

    Alright. Come on. TD drive now. Let’s male something happen with our D playing well and Wentz out.

  104. Sea Mode says:

    TF was that graphic 😂

  105. John_s says:

    That NBC graphic regarding the top 4 passing teams missing the playoffs and the top 4 rushing teams making the playoffs is so much life

  106. Rob Staton says:

    I want another dynamic receiver who can uncover just like Lockett did there on a boot leg.

    One more of those please.

    • Matt says:

      R1 WR – they need to do it. Don’t get cute. Can’t even imagine what another dynamic Pass Catcher does in this offense.

  107. Volume12 says:

    Lockett-Metcalf-Metcalf-Lockett. What a combo

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      Lockett looks like he’s returning to form. Couldn’t happen at a better time.

  108. Ukhawk says:

    If we are ever going to beat Philly, it’s now with Wentz out.

    Going to be tough unless we wear out their DL again

    Chuck it and do a reverse play action to pass and setup the run

    On defense, please just go heavy and play the run

  109. Volume12 says:

    That’s weak AF

  110. Volume12 says:

    Thats a catch

  111. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Good challenge

  112. Ukhawk says:

    Officiating bordering on homerism IMO

  113. Aaron says:

    That’s a catch by Lockett…man oh man is he looking so much better than a month ago.

  114. Rob Staton says:

    If this is called incomplete I’m throwing a shoe at the TV.

  115. Sea Mode says:

    It is what it is.

    Field Yates

    Eagles are now relying on a QB that was retired this offseason and working for ESPN, their back-up RG and RT, a QB-turned-WR that was in the AAF a year ago, plus two other WR and a RB that were on a practice squad this year.

  116. Sea Mode says:

    Incredible by Lockett.

  117. Matt says:

    Handing the ball off on 1st and 20. Egregious.

    • Matt says:

      Schotty seems to vacillate between excellent and atrocious. The running game is dead today. Do not pull a Dallas, for the love of God.

  118. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    1st and 20 let’s run right at Cox 🙄

  119. Volume12 says:

    Come the f**k on Seattle

  120. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    How was that not a roughing the passer on Wilson getting tossed to the ground?

  121. Sea Mode says:

    Ugh, can’t believe we aren’t capitalizing on any of the breaks we’ve had.

  122. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    That was one ugly offensive series. Just abysmal. Hope the defense steps up.

  123. Aaron says:

    So…Fletcher Cox is a game wrecker. Poor Joey Hunt.

  124. Hawks4life says:

    Apparently Clowney is DiRtY according to eagles Twitter and social media. Overreacting much

  125. Paul Cook says:

    Good punt at least. Ugh. No more penalties up front please. Joey Hunt getting destroyed by Cox.

  126. Sea Mode says:

    Pick 6 coming. I can smell it.

  127. Paul Cook says:

    You just keep fruitlessly hoping for QB pressure. LOL

  128. Rob Staton says:

    We seem to never get holding calls go our way.

    • Matt says:

      Never. And it’s hilarious because the national narrative is “Seahawks get all the calls!” Never seen a team besides the Saints be on the negative end of such massive calls or no calls.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      I must be watching on a slight delay. I’m a minute behind everyone

  129. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    If they don’t call a hold…unfreakingbelievable

  130. Paul Cook says:

    So much for the idea of jumping on them early.

  131. Rob Staton says:

    Of course we’re allowing a 40-year-old backup QB against the most injured team in the league to do this.

  132. Trevor says:

    Allowing a depleted Philly team to hang around like this is a recipe for disaster.

    • Pran says:

      This team does not deserve to win…
      whoever it is Packs will thump

      • Hawks4life says:

        We know what this team is and has been all year. We’ve beat the 9ers and should have again. Been in every game for the most part. We aren’t perfect but neither are the Packers. Lets be optimistic.

  133. Rob Staton says:

    40-year-old QB out-runs Ziggy Ansah for a first down.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      Aaaannd Ansah’s out 🙄 He broke himself trying to catch a 40 yo QB

    • Trevor says:

      What does it say about our 1st round DE that he is inactive and Ansah who is clear done is playing. Does not bode well.

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        No it doesn’t. Though as a practical matter, he’ll be given another opportunity to make progress next year.

  134. Matt says:

    McCown is faster than our defense. Pete/JS have massively failed on this front. Really embarrassing.

  135. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    We cannot let McCown lead the Eagles to a win. We just can’t.

    • Pran says:

      Some would say McCown can be a better game manager than Wentz. With Wentz it’s bust or struggle

  136. Trevor says:

    Officiating has been awful wow.

  137. icb12 says:

    Ansah can’t catch 40 year old Josh McCown.

    Good grief.

  138. Volume12 says:

    Shane Flacco out here driving downfield against the Seahawks

  139. Sea Mode says:

    There it is right there. McCown out of the announcer booth outruns Ansah.

  140. CaptainJack says:

    I have no interest in bringing Ansah back.

  141. Aaron says:

    40 year old journeyman Josh McCown outrunning Ziggy Ansah 😩😩

  142. Pran says:

    Without running game Hawks can’t function offense
    With out DL Hawks can’t defend anyone

    What a mess Pete…

    • Hawks4life says:

      In all honesty I’ve never seen you post on something good when the hawks are doing something positive. Just an observation. Let’s go hawks!!!

  143. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    SEA LBs are looking good tonight. Tackling overall is much improved this game.

  144. Trevor says:

    Does Clowney get a complete pass because of the injury because he is invisible this week and last.

    • Aaron says:

      He’s been pretty good so far, all things considered.

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        Agreed. Especially considering he’s at about 80% because of his core injury. He’s made an impact in this game.

        • Trevor says:

          He has been good against the run as he always is but I have not seen any real pass rush. I agree though he is likely at about 50-60%.

        • Trevor says:

          He has been good against the run as he always is but I have seen little if any pass rush. He is probably at about 50-60% which sucks because we really need him at closer to 90% to have any chance to make a run.

  145. Aaron says:

    So…can the Hawks avoid getting beaten by Mr. Journeyman???

  146. matt says:

    Boy you guys are brutal.Nuff said!

  147. Matt says:

    Boy…this coaching staff – very tough to stomach sometimes. Never seen a group completely waste possessions, quarters, halves…it’s a miracle they are 11-5 with the talent this team has. Russell really does cover up the warts of this staff.

    • Matt says:

      By God, they will establish the run up the middle even if it means losing this game. Egregious.

      • Matt says:

        Maybe they should hire you as head coach?

        • Matt says:

          Again, I appreciate you being a d*ck head. You must feel really good about your inability to not handle an opinion that doesn’t match your own.

    • Matt says:

      Yeah… totally lucked into 10 years of playoffs and high level play of play. Totally. 🙄

      • Matt says:

        Thanks for the constructive reply. Sorry my opinion doesn’t match yours.

        Pete coaches a team he doesn’t have. That’s my problem. He has been doing it for 3 years now. The defense is terrible. He has an all-time great QB. They need to open things up and stop playing with fire with these 1 possession games. There is no reason the offense should have 3 points in one half versus the Eagles.

  148. Paul Cook says:

    I’m just frustrated and disappointed that we’ve got 3 effing points now.

  149. Sea Mode says:

    My money on this next call is Lockett on the out route just like they already did twice…

  150. Volume12 says:

    Wait. Why did they say there were 5 teams who had bird mascots and then only announce 4?

  151. Trevor says:

    DK Metcalf has legit #1 potential

  152. Sea Mode says:

    Just make sure and at least get a few yards for FG range if nothing else. Underneath throw on cross.

  153. Paul Cook says:

    Sometimes I just wish we could play the first half like the 4th quarter.

  154. Volume12 says:

    What a god damn play. Whooo!

  155. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Helluva play by Moore!

  156. Trevor says:

    Here play between Russ and Moore. We so needed that.

  157. Volume12 says:

    Every time Seattle gets in scoring range they commit a penalty

  158. Volume12 says:


  159. Barry says:

    Wilson is quietly playing great ball. From sidearm throws to good pocket movement.

    • Matt says:

      Nobody overcomes more crap than RW does. It’s really incredible what he is able to accomplish.

      • Sea Mode says:

        Taken some big shots but got the throws off, like that last one to David Moore.

        • Barry says:

          I agree, but especially early on in his career he didn’t know how to adjust to not seeing the lanes in the pocket that lead to holding the ball. Seems his learned to trust his side arm a lot more this year.

  160. Sea Mode says:

    BEAST MODE!!!!!

  161. Paul Cook says:


  162. SoCal12 says:

    Classic Marshawn

  163. CHawk Talker Eric says:


  164. Hawks4life says:

    That’s why we signed Lynch… Bout that action..

  165. Henry Taylor says:

    It just makes me so happy, I want this playoff run to go on another week just to see as many Lynch TDs as I can get.

  166. Aaron says:


  167. matt says:

    I’m the 1 st Matt who told you all to chill.

  168. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Really nice play by Fluker to spring Lynch.

  169. Ishmael says:


    Send that man to Canton

  170. Sea Mode says:

    Did y’all see what that one run did for the whole offense. Charged them up!

  171. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    What a great play to go into halftime on. Defense needs to shut down the Eagles and get off the field.

    A play like that can change a team’s trajectory.

  172. Canadian Hawk says:

    Unfinished business.

    So good.

  173. Volume12 says:

    Reed got away with one there

  174. Sea Mode says:

    What a soccer dive by McCown there.

  175. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Super play by QJeff

  176. Barry says:

    Great run Mr Beastmode, Sir.

  177. Volume12 says:

    Jason Garrett finally out as Dallas HC?

    • Sea Mode says:

      Yup, finally.

      Saw lots of stuff on Twitter about the Cowboys going after Sean Peyton. Good luck with that…

      • Volume12 says:

        Yeeaahh, don’t see that happening.

        Jerruh is gonna try and make a splash hire when I wonder if they should promote Kris Richard

        • Ukhawk says:

          Maybe a chance to get Richard back if there is a regime change

          • Sea Mode says:

            Nah, Richard seems more on track for a HC job at this point. Hasn’t he already interviewed with the Giants? Not sure if others as well.

        • CHawk Talker Eric says:

          Or maybe Saleh


          • Rob Staton says:

            Jerry Jones is going to either appoint an older experienced head or some hot young offensive coach.

            So Lewis, McCarthy or a Lincoln Riley type.

            Lot of talk he wanted Zimmer but how likely is that now? Probably not at all unless they’re desperate to keep Kevin Stefanski.

            • Pran says:

              I am not sure how good coaches can work with so much meddling from Jerry. It need to be an experienced washed out or flyer on young waiting for opportunities.

    • Aaron says:

      Gotta get a new coach to justify Dak’s new contract since he’s a good not great QB.

  178. Paul Cook says:

    That last drive was SOOOOOO necessary. And what a way to end it.

  179. Henry Taylor says:

    Wow Sanders, you do have to feel for the Eagles fans.

  180. Troy says:

    Hawks fans have to be so thankful and grateful that Lynch has returned…he has proven that with limited carries he still has it. Very effective on the goal line.

    Toss a skittle to your Beast Mode!!!

  181. Matt says:

    I wanna see DK get over the century mark. My God he looks incredible today. He really is a pretty cerebral player for being so young. Very happy they rolled with him as a starter on Day 1.

  182. Sea Mode says:

    Dang, really feel for him and how excited he was to get to start his first playoff game.

    Chris Mortensen
    · 23m

    Sal Paolantonio reports that Carson Wentz’s wife has been escorted to Eagles locker area.
    Once Wentz was removed from medical tent to locker room for further concussion testing, it raised level of concern for @Eagles.
    It’s a medical decision. No official word yet.

    Intentional or not, Clowney is gonna get some bad rap from that hit.

    • Trevor says:

      There was nothing dirty about that play IMO.

    • Barry v Tet says:

      Frankly I’d be embarrassed if my significant other was escorted to the locker area. Matter of pride. But I know that’s not the culture these days.

      I think Clowney went hard. He could have let up but thats how he chose. No real factor.

  183. Trevor says:

    This is not a playoff caliber team with the OL and DL in the shape they are in right now. When healthy they were average and I think this team had a shot. Not so much right now.

    Still they seem to have some magic this year and the defense is definitely better with Diggs. I have no idea how they go to GB and win if we sneak past Philly but one can dream. What a roller coaster season and Rob said lets enjoy the ride and not get frustrated when things look flat out ugly at times.

  184. Tnx God Hollister was short last week. Not just PHI is easier than MIN, but GB is much more winable than SF.

  185. matt says:

    Trevor. Really? Their in the effing playoffs . jesus

  186. Rob Staton says:

    How does Ertz uncover that easily???

  187. Rob Staton says:

    Still think we’ll need to force a turnover in this game.

  188. Paul Cook says:

    We need a pick this half. We’re due for one.

  189. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Damn Clowney just missed

  190. Rob Staton says:

    My word this defense is an absolute abomination.

  191. Rob Staton says:

    Nobody is making a play on defense.

  192. Paul Cook says:

    We’re getting gashed on the run now.

  193. Rob Staton says:


    The Eagles have little to no juice on offense and the Seahawks are sitting back playing 2 High coverage??

    Time to get aggressive! Make Josh McCown uncomfortable, generate a turnover or two and the Seahawks separate in the second half.

    Damn straight. Let’s get after them.

    • Matt says:

      PC’s refusal to change the way he approaches defense based on his personnel and the opposing offense is maddening. They need to be teeing off on McCown, not letting him be comfortable.

      • Rob Staton says:

        I don’t agree here. You can’t just shift defensive philosophy in the post-season. You can tweak things. You can incorporate a game plan. You can blitz more. But changing the way you approach defense isn’t easy at all.

        And there’s nothing he change to make this D-line better. They’re just bad.

        • Matt says:

          I’m referencing Jake’s tweet. I’m not talking about wholesale changes. Just little adjustments to better ackowledge the opponent and your own limitations. He seems overly stubborn with things like Base Defense.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Couldn’t be said any better.

    • Ukhawk says:

      Agreed. But Pete will keep everything in front and hope to win the battle in other areas

    • Barry says:

      I would do the same as Pete. Phili has explosive little backs who can chunk yards VS a agressive D. Let out guy make the pay on the ball.

      I think Kenny JR will dial one up at some point.

  194. Matt says:

    This defense is not just bad; it is broken. Such a slow unit.

  195. Paul Cook says:

    We’ve been weak all year at stringing out the sweep and not letting it get turned up field.

  196. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Finally a defensive stand

  197. Sea Mode says:

    McCown even makes KJ look fast… 😂

  198. Aaron says:

    This game is ours for the taking, but will we do it for once???

  199. Barry says:

    The was a not today by KJ! Damn haven’t seen him move like that in a while. Props

  200. Troy says:

    Absolutely huge goal line stand there…saved 4 points and now Wilson gets a chance to go back at it

  201. Rob Staton says:

    How was that not a first down for Hollister? Clearly made it.

    • Matt says:

      With the technology available in 2020 – spotting the football should be very simple and probably automated.

  202. Paul Cook says:

    I can’t help myself…I HATE when we blow a TO early in the 2nd half.

  203. Volume12 says:

    Great play call

  204. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Beautiful roll out to Lynch

  205. Aaron says:

    Early 2nd half timeout…ugh!

  206. Volume12 says:

    DK bay bay! Boom

  207. Paul Cook says:

    Finally the pure deep ball. BABY!!!

  208. Rob Staton says:

    Two BAMF’s on the field today on offense.

    DK, BM

  209. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    DK goes in!

  210. Sea Mode says:

    DK baaby!!!!!!

  211. Trevor says:

    Sure he has some issues with high-pointing the ball but DK Metcalf is an absolute beast and the WR Pete has dreamed about since coming to the Hawks. Wow and on the high stage.

  212. Matt says:

    DK is a revelation…dude just turned 22 and has taken over his first playoff game. Incredible talent.

  213. Barry says:

    Pete and crew need to recognize Russ is in a zone. Short timing passes and he will shred these guys.

  214. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Watch a catch and effort by DK. That was amazing. And great throw by Wilson. We’ve been waiting for that one all game.

  215. Sea Mode says:

    You can just tell by the decision with which Russ threw the ball that he had a guy open.

  216. Aaron says:

    DK BABY!!!

  217. Henry Taylor says:

    Dk’s gonna be one of those players that when everyone looks back at that draft they’ll be scratching their heads as to why their team didnt take him sooner.

  218. Ishmael says:

    Metcalf is the perfect example of why you draft a player for what he can do. What a weapon he is already. Only going to get better from here.

  219. John_s says:

    DK’s 3 cone was not supposed to allow him to roll and get up to score

  220. Rob Staton says:

    Can someone on the defense just make a play please.

  221. Volume12 says:

    Love what Seattle and in particular Schotty is doing. Getting Lockett in motion like that lets them know if Philly is in man or zone. If it’s man, DK has a 2 way go.

  222. Matt says:

    This defense has an incredible ability to leave one WR completely open on the field.

  223. Sea Mode says:

    Looks like they are resting Clowney.

  224. Rob Staton says:

    Are we really just going to let them waltz downfield for an immediate answer here?

  225. Matt says:

    Dear lord what a play by Clowney…that is just shocking to watch in real time. That’s one a 1% athlete is capable of doing.

  226. Volume12 says:

    Lmao. Jesus. The Clown w/ some kind of play.

  227. Trevor says:

    Clowney really is an ideal 5 tech. Absolute beast against the run wow.

  228. Rob Staton says:

    You’ve got to be joking.

    This defense guys. This freaking defense.

    • Trevor says:

      Never thought I would see a Pete Carrol defense look like this not matter how many injuries.

    • Pran says:

      Can’t we just play man to man… there is one or two wide open guys all the time.
      We need a DC who can add something and improvise Pete’s scheme. Not some dummy who is plain and vanilla.

  229. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Wow Clowney all over that

  230. Pran says:

    Cringeworthy defense… they can’t even measure up to the worst offense with back up QB, on top so many penalties

  231. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    JFC there’s no pass coverage from the LBs. None.

  232. Aaron says:

    Clowney…holy moly!!!

  233. Matt says:

    This defense…I mean could you imagine us playing Baltimore in the Super Bowl? They would literally never punt. I’m serious. They could score on every possession.

    • Trevor says:

      Sad but true and no way to fix it this season unfortunately.

      Clowney at least is showing life today.

    • Aaron says:

      Yeah the Ravens would probably win by two to three TDs and have the ball for 40 mins. Getting more speed in the front seven is gonna be key this offseason.

  234. bv eburg says:

    Het Rob,
    You do realize this defense has given up 6 points through almost 3 quarters of football?

  235. Rob Staton says:

    How does the QB drop the snap, feel some moderate pressure and dump off to the RB for a 22 yard gain on 2nd and 16???

    • Matt says:

      LOL – was thinking the same thing. Can’t get pressure on a 61 year old QB after a fumbled snap…then an easy completion. SHocking how bad that unit is. The LBer play has been quietly terrible all year.

    • Volume12 says:

      That was baffling. Gave himself a bounce pass

    • Aaron Bostrom says:

      My thoughts exactly, Rob. Frustrating to watch.

  236. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Tough 3rd down defense there. Another mini victory to hold them to a FG again.

  237. John_s says:

    Cody Barton has shown up on quite a few plays today

  238. Aaron says:

    Clowney again…man oh man!!!

  239. Barry says:

    Good pop by the Rook

  240. Paul Cook says:

    This game goes to show that we have to jump on a team early if we go on. Our D is just too vulnerable.

  241. Matt says:


    For the love of God, don’t get cute and run up the middle two times then try to convert a 3rd at 8. You know PC is going to want to do that. Fight the urge Pete! Stay aggressive and score points.

  242. matt says:

    Rob I love your blog and i’ll be back to read your analysis, but the comments here are so depressive when things don’t go right.It’s playoff football and people act like they have never watch football before this game.

    • Trevor says:

      Matt when fans are chatting live they get excited with good plays and frustrated with poor play. It is emotional watching a game. After a game you can review it and make an objective comment / post.

      Sorry it is upsetting for you.

      • Matt says:

        Yep…it’s almost like the word ‘fan” comes from “fanatic” – a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, especially for an extreme religious or political cause.

        Why people get surprised by emotional posts on game day is beyond me.

  243. Volume12 says:

    Do it to em Russ!

  244. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    That was a questionable play call. Why would you run right at the best player on their defense?

  245. Ukhawk says:

    Stop the rope a dope and put these guys away on both sides of the ball

  246. Volume12 says:

    Awesome pass pro on that conversion

  247. Sea Mode says:

    Great protection there.

  248. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    3rd down conversion rate tonight has been pretty good

  249. Aaron says:

    Looks like the Hawks are content to sweat it out again

  250. Rob Staton says:

    Well, now would be a good time for someone to finally make a big defensive play.

  251. Matt says:

    Run Game: 15 carries for 19 yards. That includes a 12 yard run by Travis Homer. So you are looking at 14 carries for 7 Yards without that “big run.”

    *Not including RW scrambles.

    RW and the Passing Game are going to have to win this.

    • Matt says:

      This isn’t an anti-run game comment. This is simply a “the run game is not working today” comment.

  252. Matt says:

    No pressure.
    Wide open WRs.
    Run Game doing what it wants.

    Shocking how bad this defense is. Truly one of the worst units in the NFL.

  253. Sea Mode says:

    Trying to decide which defense is worse…

  254. Rob Staton says:

    I just can’t believe how inept we are on defense. I can’t remember seeing a defense like this.

  255. Kelly says:

    We need someone bigger, faster, stronger, than McDougald as SS.

  256. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    WTF Poona?

  257. Paul Cook says:

    Here it is. HUGE play…

  258. Kelly says:

    We need DL, LB, and SS help on this team. Just no athleticism at those positions anymore.

  259. Matt says:

    LOL…sweet finish Jarran. A QB old enough to qualify for AARP is outmaneuvering our defense. Just comical.

  260. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Wow Reed just blew that sack opportunity. Fortunately Barton picked him up

  261. Volume12 says:

    QJeff has 2. Who has the other 3 sacks?

  262. Rob Staton says:

    Play soft on 3rd and long, give them a shot at 4th and goal.

  263. Rob Staton says:

    What a let off. Phew.

  264. Paul Cook says:

    Oh. My. God.

    We escaped. LOL

  265. Volume12 says:

    Whew! We needed that break

  266. Sea Mode says:

    Let’s go!

  267. Aaron says:

    Holy crap…what a break! Sanders could’ve scored on that drop.

  268. Kelly says:

    God this defense makes my blood pressure rise so much lol.

  269. downtownjewelrybryan says:

    my heart can’t go on celine dion

  270. Rob Staton says:

    God this is our 2019 season in a nutshell.

    Now we’ve had the fumble.

  271. Volume12 says:

    The f**k was that?!?

  272. Matt says:

    Joey Hunt…what would you say you do here?

  273. Hawks4life says:

    Lmfao that was pathetic

  274. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    What a waste of a series

  275. Rob Staton says:

    I can’t work out why we’re so hit and miss in those situations.

    A lousy three-and-out with a near fumble turnover. Yet in a fair old few games in the last two seasons we’ve basically ran (and thrown) out the clock.

    • Sea Mode says:

      I’m not sure either, but maybe I would just say that Russ (and the offense) play better in “attack mode”. But they don’t seem to go into that mode until the situation gets desperate.

  276. Aaron says:


  277. Paul Cook says:

    It’s like we had one play on that series. Where are my meds?

  278. Kelly says:

    So why didn’t we use the Punt Rule Exploit there?

    • Rob Staton says:

      Maybe they want extra time on the clock?

    • icb12 says:

      Inside 5 minutes.

      Clock always stops for penalties inside 5 minutes.

      Same reason Titans didn’t keep doing it yesterday. Technically after NE had the offsides they could have redone the delay/false start sequence with no unsportsmanlike issued.

  279. Matt says:

    Struggling to come up with an appropriate analogy for the 2019-20 Seahawks…it has to be centered around making your own life as hard as humanly possible, procrastination (as in just can’t finish any job early) mixed with some fun/excitement in a “my heart might stop” kind of way.

  280. Aaron Bostrom says:

    That was rough. Aren’t getting yardage on first a Ben second. Russ forced to play hero ball

  281. Volume12 says:

    McDougald mighta had the pick there if he didn’t lower his shoulder

  282. Matt says:

    LOL…it’s McCown!!!! My God we are terrible.

  283. Paul Cook says:

    They can’t get the QB even when they’ve got him. LOL

  284. Rob Staton says:

    This defense man.

    This defense.

  285. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    How bad is our pass rush that they can’t make a sack on this guy?

  286. Matt says:

    My God we are going to find a way to lose this…aren’t we?

    • Matt says:

      This dumb team will either find a way to lose this game or make the super bowl because they are a dumb team that can’t do anything relatively normal.

  287. Volume12 says:


    • Volume12 says:

      God dammit

      • Pran says:

        I hope we loose and Pete blows the shit up. All these right there to be a wild card but far off to be a contender is not helping.

        I am all for tanking a season to pile up top draft picks and go from there

  288. Trevor says:

    I have been a Tre Flowers supporter and think he has tons of upside still but he has to stop panicking and getting those flags they are huge and one was not even a catchable ball.

    • Rob Staton says:

      He really needs to learn to keep his composure and track the football.

      Tracking the football is very hard and not natural to a lot of players.

      But Flowers has to develop some ability there to continue to progress.

  289. Rob Staton says:

    Surely they’re not going to blow this?

    Surely not?

    • Trevor says:

      When you let a team hang around anything can happen. The Hawks have done this in reverse lots of times but not with a backup 40 yr old QB.

      Defense needs a monster overhaul this off season no matter what happens in the playoffs.

    • downtownjewelrybryan says:

      eagles dialing up their best play. does pc/norton have a best play?

  290. Hawks4life says:

    Spot of foul on offensive PI is the worst rule in the NFL.

  291. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    I’m so not in the mood for Baker Mayfield commercials right now

  292. Peppapig says:

    My brain hurts!

  293. Trevor says:

    Finally a sack when they desperately needed one.

  294. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    There you go!

  295. Volume12 says:

    The Clown! Your best players make the biggest plays in the biggest moments.

  296. HawkfaninMT says:


  297. downtownjewelrybryan says:

    wow al michaels almost sounded disappointed there. not a peep from the other one either.

  298. Paul Cook says:

    Is a first down far too much to ask for here?

  299. Henry Taylor says:

    Hey we’ve had a lot of sacks today guys, none of them have been overly impressive, but it’s nice to see.

  300. Sea Mode says:

    Thank God!

  301. SgtPeppy says:

    7 sacks lololol, crazy how it totally DOES NOT reflect the state of our DL

  302. Trevor says:

    Come on Hawks close this out!

  303. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Metaphoric it was Clowney and Reed teaming up for that crucial sack? Maybe they anchor the next iteration of SEA’s DL.

    Mix in a run stuffing NT and a speed freak off the edge…

  304. Matt says:

    I go with a pass here.

  305. Trevor says:

    I think Fant has shown this week and last against two quality DL that he is a legit NFL OT. He really has not been a liability at all IMO.

  306. Hawks4life says:

    Oline is so soft. Let’s throw it fuck it.

  307. Matt says:

    Holy hell! Hat tip to PC/Schotty…that was ballsy.

  308. Pran says:

    If eagles too points instead of 4th down .. they are 17-15 and possibly would have gotten a chance to play for game winning FG.
    Did our offense shit the bed too ..

  309. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    YES! Metcalf!

  310. Volume12 says:

    DK bay bay! Big balls Pete closes it out

  311. Peppapig says:


  312. Trevor says:

    Lol so many draft pundits who killed Metcalf after his agility #s are eating their words today. A man against boys today. Absolute beast on the biggest stage. Rookie was the player of the game.

  313. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    If Russ had been able to hit DK in stride that would’ve been an easy TD

  314. Henry Taylor says:

    Beautiful high point from DK, player of the game for sure.

  315. Aaron says:

    Eagles Zero Blitzing Russ…really guys???

  316. Troy says:

    DK with the picture perfect high point catch for the win…he’s been reading the blog guys

  317. Trevor says:

    Onto Green Bay!!!!! Yes

    Not sure how we win that game but time to worry about that another day.

  318. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Congratulations Seahawks! Going to the Divisional round!

  319. Hawks4life says:

    Not pretty but guess what none of our wins are. Let’s goooooo!!!

  320. Volume12 says:

    Incredible weekend of football. One of the best Wildcard rounds I can remember in forever.

  321. Paul Cook says:

    I’m breaking my 5:00pm rule and having a drink.

    DK player of the game hands down.

  322. Aaron says:

    On to Discount Double Check…we’ve gone farther than last year. #Progress #OTTN #Playoffs #DangerRuss #Hashtag

  323. Coleslaw says:

    Nobody got hurt. GB is going down!!

  324. Matt says:

    DK…what a day. What a cool young dude. He’s going to be a great one for a loooooooong time.

  325. 12th chuck says:

    great win, what happened to the seahawks d and tackling. on to greenbay

  326. Pran says:

    Good show DK…saved an embarrassment in front of national audience.

    Can’t even enjoy a win with such a pathetic performance from both sides. Well hoping Rodgers show up shitty next week.

    • Hawks4life says:

      Lmfao. Saw this coming

    • Matt says:

      You must be fun at parties.

      You need to learn to enjoy life.

      • Pran says:

        Lol…Don’t get there. We all must see heart specialists and psychologists.

        I guess you forget all the crap above this thread after the win, except it’s not SB.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Dude, enjoy the win, because we have no place being here anyways. Playing with house money, as they say.

    • John_s says:

      I’m sorry bro but this is who the Seahawks are. Just live in the moment.

      With McCown in the game, Seattle was not going to do anything to lose the game, they were going to make McCown win the game. We all should’ve see it coming.

      • Pran says:

        Agree… my grouse is about putting ourselves in no business winning this game.
        Bills fans can enjoy such wins not Hawks fans as we were spoilt all these years…Go Hawks.

  327. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    5th 12+ win season in club history. 3rd under Carroll.

    At least 2 wins better than last year. Excelsior!

  328. neil says:

    Glad they won. But have a lot of trepidation about next week. Long time Hawk fans know our disappointing history in Green Bay. Would have preferred to get our third shot at the 49ers.

  329. Trevor says:

    Five of the top 6 rushing teams this season have made it to divisional weekend. (Ravens, Titans, Hawks, SF, Vikings)

    How to the run first haters explain that away?

    • To me Ive always measured rushing yards as double yards. You throw for 300 and rush for 100 you get a stat of 500.

      300 passing yards = 100 rushing yards gives you a 500 score

      You throw for 250 and rush for 150 you actually end up with a 550 score

      No doubt rushing yards are more valuable.

  330. Sea Mode says:

    Good blitz pickup on the final bomb to Metcalf. Fluker might have gotten away with a little hook on Curry though…

  331. charlietheunicorn says:

    Pay Clowney


  332. Sea Mode says:

    Updated NFL Draft order:

    21. #Eagles
    22. #Bills
    23. #Patriots
    24. #Saints

  333. charlietheunicorn says:

    Late Game Sunday on FOX! WOOOOOOO

  334. charlietheunicorn says:

    Let’s give pinch-hitting LT Fant a hand, he played a pretty nice game.

    • Sea Mode says:

      The right side was more problematic than the left side we were all worried about…

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        Fant and Jones did well in pass pro but they couldn’t get much push in the run game.

    • Trevor says:

      Agree completely Charlie Fant was not a liability at all today against a good DL. He and Jones were really solid in pass pro but not much puss in the run game.

      Fant has proven he can be a starter against SF and Philly IMO. I feel a lot better about him than Ifedi to be honest.

      • Im glad they kept running the ball though. Its not about the yards its about the attempts. If you just stop trying now your one dimensional and in trouble. If you keep grinding out 1-2 yard gains its OK.

  335. Kenny Sloth says:

    Damn I missed the game, but this thread was a real rollercoaster of emotions for a 17-9 win

    • Sea Mode says:

      Mostly frustration. We won because we were the less bad team and because we had Russ and they had McGramps.

  336. Sea Mode says:

    Why do I feel like Rob is just gonna copy/paste the instant reaction from one of the last several weeks… 😉

  337. neil says:

    The travel in this situation is going to be tough on the team. Home to Seattle, short week of practice and on to Green Bay. Did the NFL give us a Saturday to boot ?

    • Sea Mode says:

      Adam Schefter

      Divisional Playoff lineup now set:

      🏈Vikings at 49ers, 4:35 ET
      🏈Titans at Ravens, 8:15 pm ET

      🏈Texans at Chiefs, 3:05 pm ET
      🏈Seahawks at Packers, 6:40 ET

      • The Vikings winning that game helped us in this way. If the Saints would have won we would have played the first game. The fact the Vikings won gave us 24 hours extra rest.

      • Sea Mode says:

        I know it’s getting way ahead of myself here, but can you imagine if the Vikings upset the Niners next Sat., and we go into the game on Sun. knowing we are playing for a NFCCG in Seattle!?

        • That would be crazy for sure. At this point I dont care where a possible NFCCG might be if we are able to play in it. I would love nothing more than to go to Santa Clara and get that win.

  338. Sea Mode says:

    PC said everyone made it out fine except for Ansah with the stinger. Anyone who got banged up went back in to play. So all good there.

    • At this point do we care that Ansah got hurt? Just absolutely useless. We are better off without him and I honestly believe that.

      • Sea Mode says:

        Just care that everyone else made it out.

        • Agreed. Good team defense win today. Very odd we had 7 sacks for only 15 yards as most of them we almost more like TFL’s then actual sacks. The team seemed to actually play better with McCown then they did with Wentz. The Eagles were averaging 27 points a game in there 4 game winning streak so great job by the defense.

  339. Whats the odds of winning 17-9 again? Great win as we knew we were going to have to throw but those rushing stats wont get it done next week.

    Travis Homer 11 carries for 12 yards
    Marshawn Lynch 6 carries for 7 yards.

    • BobbyK says:

      You’re right, those rushing stats won’t get it done next week. But instead of playing one of the best run defenses in the NFL, we get to play one of the worst. And instead of missing 3 OL starters next week, we’ll only be missing one.

  340. Sea Mode says:

    · 1h

    Best football rivalry: Saints vs. Pass Interference

    Charles Robinson

    Second best: #Eagles vs. Medical Tent