Report: Brian Schottenheimer is Seattle’s off-coordinator

January 13th, 2018 | Written by Rob Staton

After this tweet from Adam Schefter, Ian Rapoport added that Pete Carroll had called Schottenheimer to offer him the job. The Seahawks have selected their replacement for Darrell Bevell.

The initial reaction from a lot of fans isn’t positive. It feels a little bit like 2018’s version of Darrell Bevell. A coach who is available and seemingly not that in-demand. In 2011 the Seahawks were linked to Josh McDaniels before going with Bevell. This has a similar feel.

His track record is mixed. The Rams offense ranked 21st, 22nd and 25th in DVOA during his tenure in St. Louis. When he was with the Jets they ranked between 12th and 22nd. On the other hand, the quarterbacks he had to work with were essentially Chad Pennington, Mark Sanchez and whoever was the backup to an injured Sam Bradford.

Schottenheimer has never had an opportunity to work with a player like Russell Wilson before. It’s often said players make coaches. This is his opportunity to prove the numbers above are a product of mediocre tools not a suspect workman.

There are some positives to mention. In 2009 the Jets had the top ranked running attack in the NFL (albeit paired with the 31st passing offense). Seattle’s big priority is to get the running game fixed. At the very least, he’s had some success in that department.

Schottenheimer is also fresh off a stint working with Jacoby Brissett in Indianapolis. Considering they traded for him as the season was about to begin, a 3,098 yard effort with 13 touchdowns and seven picks was respectable. It was a bad year for the Colts but nobody was pointing the finger at Brissett.

You can’t blame fans for feeling a little bit underwhelmed though. When Bevell and Cable were fired we talked about a desire to see one coach brought in to control the whole offense (no more passing/running coordinators), being afforded an opportunity to hire his own staff and have a major say in how they were going to attack opponents.

Schottenheimer might be provided that opportunity. However, this feels like a further reminder that this is very much the Pete Carroll show.

His offense.

His identity.

His way of doing things.

They haven’t gone out and landed a big name, an ex-Head Coach or a young stud potentially to groom as the heir apparent. Someone who might need convincing to take the job with the promise of newfound power or control.

It seems like they’ve gone and got someone who will likely facilitate Carroll’s wishes and desires for his offense. Run the ball, old school style. If it works, great. But it has to work now.

They’ve tried for two years to get back to what they want to be. John Schneider explicitly stated their desire to become the ‘bully’ again before the 2016 season. Pete Carroll talked about getting the running game going again a year ago. Neither happened.

They have to be open to scheme tweaks, personnel changes and doing things differently. That has to include considering a switch in the way the O-line operates and how they try to run the football.

There is some encouraging news on this — Schottenheimer isn’t another west coast coach. In fact in the past his system has been accused of being overly complex. So it could indicate a change in tact.

While this job will be highly attractive because it’s an opportunity to work with an extremely talented quarterback — there’s also a lot of pressure. The Seahawks can ill-afford another calamitous season of offense were they spend 16 weeks scratching around trying to be something they aren’t anymore.

The inspiring appointments don’t always work out. Philadelphia Eagles fans were probably stoked when the innovative Chip Kelly was appointed as Head Coach. The much less hyped Doug Pederson is the one that has guided them to the #1 seed in the NFC.

People will undoubtedly give Schottenheimer a chance. There’s no other choice. But with the Rams and 49ers fielding increasingly potent offenses, the Seahawks need a counter punch. Especially if the defense is going to be in transition.

Schottenheimer faces a big task to make that happen.

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496 Responses to “Report: Brian Schottenheimer is Seattle’s off-coordinator”

  1. Volume12 says:

    Gonna be one of the few who absolute!y love this move. Huge fan of the Schottenheimer’s. ‘Marty Ball’ in the PNW? Here for it. Control the clock.

    HB and WR might be the first 2 selections.

    • Volume12 says:

      Now go get James Bettcher as your DC and get that man a one dimensional stand up DE. Bring heat off the edge.

    • Millhouse-serbia says:

      As I.can see, not “one.of.the few”. The only one. 😀

      • Volume12 says:

        What else is new? 😉

        It’s gonna be a ground and pound, methodical offense now with TONS of play-action. Pete wanted to get back to this.

        • FAN Person says:

          This man has ZERO except ‘name recognition’!

          His “offenses” have never been above I think number 14 in the NFL!!!

          Pete proves he doesn’t COMpete, and hires the WRONG person yet again…

          Why can’t he wait until after Philly plays to see IF Defipilno (spelling?) is available???


          Get ready for 8-8, 7-9… Seattle is going to get EMBARRASSED next year…

        • peter says:

          where is the ground or the pound?😉 don’t mind this hire. dude had a who’s who of some of the worst the NFL ever offered for qb’s.

          I can see 2 drafted he’s this year.

          fans love a hopeful story but the running back corps is anemic.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      Ever the optimist V12!

      I hope you’re right. But this data isn’t reassuring:

      Offensive DVOA

      Bevell (@ SEA)
      2011 – 22nd
      2012 – 4th
      2013 – 7th
      2014 – 5th
      2015 – 1st
      2016 – 16th
      2017 – 14th

      (@ NYJ)
      2006 – 12th
      2007 – 22nd
      2008 – 18th
      2009 – 22nd
      2010 – 16th
      2011 – 21st

      (@ SLR)
      2012 – 21st
      2013 – 22nd
      2014 – 25th

      • Volume12 says:

        And he also had Mark Sanchez and Sam Bradford as his QBs. Not a RW.

        • Trevor says:

          Exactly and no Beast Mode at RB.

          I will wait a year before reserving any judgement. I was hoping for someone young and fresh but he is Petes type guy and runs the type of offense Pete wants.

          • Volume12 says:

            We all know how Pete works. It should not come as a surprise that he hired a guy who wants to line up, run the ball, this what we’re doing stop us if you can.

            There was a little part of me, more than a little, that was hoping for a more up tempo innovative coach. As long as Pete is here, this team is never gonna be exotic. That much is clear now. He’s from throwback era.

            It’s why I’m starting to get a feeling that HB and WR will be the 1st two picks so it helps Schottenheimer out while Pete coaches up his mid round defensive projects.

            • drewdawg11 says:

              With the Jets he had De’Brikashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold in their primes. Let’s hope we can simulate that level of line dominance. This hire, however, is really frustrating. We used to be a franchise that led the way. Now we seem stuck in a rut. Defensive coordinator had better be a home run… but probably won’t be. Pete wants to run his defense and anyone worth a darn doesn’t want to be babysat.

        • Dave says:

          More like Sam Bradford for a few teaser or preseason games and then his backup. I think Schottenheimer surprises us if we get a LG and get decent RB play from healthy Carson, Mike Davis and the new toy from the draft. I hope it’s Jones or Michel. Hawks can’t rely on CJ Procise.

          • Volume12 says:

            Yeah, Bradford was off to a career best before that injury you mention. Helped navigate Mark Sanchez to back to back AFC title games with a heavy run game and a defensive oriented HC in Rex Ryan. I’d take PC over Rex every day of the week that ends in a ‘Y.’

            IIRC, Chad Pennington won comeback player of the year Schottenheimer’s 1st year in NY.

            The Rams were always competetive and only a game or two out to the playoffs when he was their OC.

            Things started to sour for the Jets when they became more of a 50-50 passing/running team. That year they finished 11th or 12th? It was closer to 60-55% running and 40-45% passing.

            • Austin Slater says:

              Rams offense was terrible and when he did have success he had a dominant line. We don’t have anything close to that and don’t have the resources to get it.

      • Volume12 says:

        I liked Bevell. Was a fan of his. Fans wants him gone for years and they got their wish. There’s not a better replacement until there is. Oh the irony.

        • CHawk Talker Eric says:

          You won’t find a comment from me wanting Bevell gone

        • drewdawg11 says:

          Yeah, I’m still glad he’s gone. He’s really not as smart as he thinks he is. Some of his plays didn’t take into account his offensive line. I don’t even want to rehash it but you’re here semi-floating because you’re the contrarian who liked the stiff. We are still better off revamping, even if it’s this guy coming in.

      • 80SLargent says:

        I don’t know if Schottenheimer will be better/worse, but look at all the QBs he’s had to work with as an OC. It’s a very underwhelming list; like a series of Tarvaris Jacksons (Bevell’s QB in 2011). Schottenheimer has never had a Russell Wilson as an OC.
        While I might have wanted more of an up-and-comer, I’m going to try and keep an open mind, even though I believe it’s likely that Seattle’s offense struggles at first.
        I think whoever they hire as their O-line and QB coach are even more important than the OC. If someone could teach the line to actually block defenders instead of grass/turf, then the offense could be pretty good.

        • 80SLargent says:

          Also of note:
          Bevell – West Coast Offense
          Schottenheimer – Air Coryell
          This doesn’t seem like an insignificant difference to me. Maybe this means Seattle is going to keep Jimmy Graham?

          • Dale says:

            Brian grew up with Marty ball. His dad believed in running the ball and not making mistakes. He also liked his tight ends. At Georgia Brian helped develop the tight-end-U persona of their offense. So maybe you’re right about Graham. The question about Graham will continue to be his ‘mail-it-in’ approach to run blocking. Graham is also the type of player you have to feed constantly or he gets bored. Check out this article from 2 years ago:

            • 80SLargent says:

              “The question about Graham will continue to be his ‘mail-it-in’ approach to run blocking. Graham is also the type of player you have to feed constantly or he gets bored.”

              Remember Kellen Winslow and what Don Coryell did with him?
              If Seattle would just realize that Graham is a WR in a TE body, and have him run WR routes from the TE spot instead of using him as a blocking TE, the fact that he’s not a good blocker isn’t nearly as much of a problem.
              Switching to an Air Coryell style offense instead of trying to fake a West Coast Offense (for better or worse) has Pete Carroll written all over it.
              Jets and Rams fans are laughing at the Seahawks right now, but those Jets and Rams teams had pretty bad quarterbacks when Brian was their OC.

          • Dave says:

            I started reading about the Air Coryell offense. Notable coache and QB pairs who have used this system include Don Coryell/Dan Fouts, Dick Vermeil/Kurt Warner, Sean Payton/Drew Brees, Bill Belicheck/Tom Brady. It relies on a vertical passing attack, featuring a move TE. 3 of the above offenses featured HOF TEs. I think we keep Graham.

            I hope Scottenheimer joins the list of great Air Coryell offenses. This isn’t an outdated system. It still works today. Schottenheimer gets to take advantage of Russell’s elite deep passing accuracy.

          • Brandon Adams says:

            The whole Air Coryell thing is going to get massive amounts of hype that it doesn’t deserve. It isn’t that different than the WCO hybrid that Bevell ran. If you think that “WCO” meant Bevell was eschewing deep passes, you haven’t been watching the Seahawks at all for the last seven years. Pete is all about the big chunk play and always was.

            The focus is the same. Run the ball, play action, big plays. What I like is moving away from the ZBS.

      • 80SLargent says:

        How did Josh McDaniels fare with the Rams?
        A lot of folks seem to think he’s a great OC, but it’s funny how much difference there is having Tom Brady as your QB versus a young/broken Sam Bradford.
        A lot of the “big names” out there like McDaniels could be a little overrated, and not in alignment with what Pete wants on offense. Better or worse, I think Schottenheimer might be a better fit philosophically than Bevell.
        Meanwhile Seattle just hired a guy who, as an OC, his best starting QB was rubber armed Chad Pennington trying to run his Air Coryell offense.
        I’m curious to see how he’ll look with Russell Wilson.

    • Gohawks5151 says:

      People do learn new things. Bill obrien in Houston ran a very basic offense for many years. It wasn’t until he got Watson did he design the 3 people in the backfield, multiple motion, RPO style offense that was unstoppable til he got hurt. Shotty hasn’t been an OC for 3 years and the 3 before he was with Fisher(so no inspiration). Hopefully he has some new ideas now that he has another shot. Also Sanchise, Bradford, Keenum, and Clemens are not in the same universe as Russ.

    • C-Dog says:

      I remember Marty ball well. I’m totally good with this move if it’s official. With reports that Seattle wants to implement a college style offense to benefit RW and the OL, I’ll be interested in seeing how Shotty makes that happen.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling says:

      Well if you Love it Vol then so do I! I’m not going to pretend I know better then Pete and John, however some people sure do. Let’s see what happens, it’s going to be different and that’s what alot of us wanted! The offense had become stagnant and with a new play caller and approach it will be different for better or worse. So you can analyse it all you want people but Brian has a new and dynamic variable to his system he’s never had before,

      Russell Wilson !

      Go Hawks!

    • Rugby Lock says:

      All I want to see is the tackle block the D end on a consistent basis and not the TE try and block the D end…

  2. Gohawks5151 says:

    Hmm… I don’t know how I feel. I assume he is not without his merits. From what I know he is a technical guy so maybe that benefits Russell’s fundamentals and timing. He has failed in his career so hopefully he has learned from it. Kyle Shanahan was another coaches son who had some bad OC seasons at other stops before he went to Atlanta so it’s not complete gloom and doom. I’m most disappointed about the choice not to go with a bolder and different offense from the one we had. I thought there was a great shot it was going to be a college type guy. Maybe that type of guy gets hired as the QB coach or assistant head coach. Like Doug said, it’s about the execution too. It’s gonna be interesting.

    • Volume12 says:

      Firing Carl Smith as the QB coach was the most over looked firing of this off-season. He’s 70 years old and RW needs someone with fresh ideas to help guide him.

      • Volume12 says:

        Schottenheimer also made his bones as a QBs coach. Will be interesting.

      • Gohawks5151 says:

        Look at how Defillipo as a QB coach was more desired than Nagy was as the actual OC in Philly. Qb coach is still an important hire. It can be very influential to the offensive scheme.

        • Just a guy says:

          This seems like a leap of faith to me. Or perhaps a case of confirmation bias.

          Or perhaps just not true at all seeing how Defillipo is still with his team and everything we know about his desirability is speculation and Nagy has been named a head coach.

          • Gohawks5151 says:

            Possibly. Though Nagy interview and hired by bears. Defillipo interviewed with bears, Cardinals and interest bySeattle.

  3. FAN Person says:

    EXTREMELY uninspiring…

  4. Trevor says:

    I think Schotenhiemer has coached Isiah Wynn, Sony Michel at Georgia in 2015. Hope he lobbies for them!

    • Dave says:

      How do we get both of them? This would be a dream scenario.

      • Hawk Eye says:

        he will have inside information on who can do what, how they work, attitude, injuries, etc.
        He will also know about who they played against and what defensive players they had to watch out for and what ones are over rated, etc.
        This aspect should not be underestimated

  5. Trevor says:

    What type of run blocking scheme does Schotenhiemer run? Interesting to see who he hires at OL coach.

    • Volume12 says:

      His scheme is very QB friendly. Likes to move the pocket. Doesn’t take a ton of shots downfield. Needs a big weapon to make his offense click. It’s all about creating mismatches. He’s an offshoot of the ‘Air raid/Air Coryell’ offenses. Same principle and designs but runs the ball more.

      • Patrick Toler says:

        I think Pete will encourage him to take more shots downfield than we’ve seen in his previous offenses. I think he his kind of mixing of coaching philosophies and contrasting viewpoints is healthy. I’m optimistic about Schottenheimer. And just about any scheme can be successful if it’s implemented in a way that the players (given their strengths and weaknesses) can implement efficiently against a given opponent.

        • peter says:

          love Baldwin but if they want to be a hybrid vertical threat running team they need to get some speed, or as I was reminded, some “pace,” out if their wide receivers. it’s good to have possession guys to move the chains but maybe they need to look at jaleel scott for a downfield threat. or a strong dude like j’mon moore that can battle with dbs.

      • Robert says:

        What OL blocking schemes do Shotty teams use??? Please less ZBS!

      • Rugby Lock says:

        Thanks for the info! Sounds interesting w RW3 as the QB

    • James says:

      My understanding is that, in the past, Schottenheimer has run the power, man-blocking OL scheme, and I would expect him to switch over to that. I think the ZBS is done in Seattle (thank goodness). Britt and Ifedi should have a better skill set for man blocking. And did you hear Ray Robert’s analysis about how Cable’s techniques were already messing up Duane Brown?

      • Robert says:

        The more I learn, the better I feel about hiring Shotty. Good tip on the Rbert’s analysis! I hated Cable’s ZBS. Multiple times every game, OLinemen lurch into 2nd level while their unblocked man tackles our RB for -3. And his over-reliance on the critical but difficult Reach blocks that always flail was hard to watch. The Oline talent we have are big and athletic. I expect a much improved offense next season!

  6. Mac says:

    It’s about time for a new tag, be prepared Rob, #FirePete

  7. Trevor says:

    The fact he coached 2015 in the SEC is a huge bonus come draft time as he should have some great insight into a lot of the top prospects coming out.

  8. BHarKnows says:

    In a word… garbage.

  9. Kevin says:

    Rex Ryan for defensive coordinator

  10. FuzzyLOgic says:

    I give it one year and Shott is probably gone. In 2 years I think Pete will be gone and JS will finally have club control and we can move forward. I’m realistically looking at the 2020 season to start playing playoff football again.

    On a side note….I hope I’m wrong and Shott is the perfect man for the job.

    • Dale says:

      Fuzzy I think your moniker matches your view on the Hawks. Where does Pete’s record over the last seventeen years indicate a failing product? I don’t expect a high scoring offense but consistency and the ability to run for a first down at third and two will improve.

      • Patrick Toler says:

        Seriously. On of the most successful coaching runs you’ll ever see. Pete isn’t near done.

    • peter says:

      fuzzy why are you bummed? coaches are one thing that I don’t get as up or down with like I do for players. Seattle has never been as succesful as they have been with pc. last year sucked. but I honestly think but cutting the coaches that’s a,sign from Pete that things weren’t working.

      I get that people may have wanted someone else but is there any oc candidate that was available, that wanted a lateral move to a new team, and/or was “ascending,” talent that any if us could guarantee was going to bring greatness?

      heck I remember when mora was going to be the man…..and when people thought pc was “just a college coach,”……

  11. Volume12 says:

    When most of the league goes with the young up and comers, Seattle goes with the re-treads. Although Schottenheimers offenses have a ton of shifts and multiple formations. Not unlike what these new guys will install and employ for other teams.

    I’d expect McKissic/Prosise (if he ever stays healthy)/or another rookie RB in that mold to be a big beneficiary out of these particular looks.

    • C-Dog says:

      It’s just such a copycat league. Not just for teams, but also fans. People see what happened with the Rams and practically assume that by hiring a 30 something QB coach of a flavor of the month offense it’s an automatic equation for success.

      This offense needs fresh eyes. Someone who is going to coach up RW’s strengths, and scheme to his strengths, and not have him be something he is not. If Schottenheimer does this, major success story. He’s never had a QB of this level to work with.

      Also, if DeFilippo is such a hot commodity, Seattle could lose him to a HC gig inside a year anyway, and is left searching for a OC all over again.

      • peter says:

        agreed cdog. the fans forget the rams had a ton of talent and Fischer actually was pretty bad at coaching.

        this is boring as well but Bevell actually really good offenses that just fell off and couldn’t right themselves thats,why it was time to go.

        and not for nothing the rams were very good this year but seattle did beat them and then want to a mash unit on defense so there is that.

    • Dale says:

      I thought this was an interesting article on Shottzy that confirms your observations.

      • Dave says:

        Cool article, Dale. Thanks for posting it. I hope we can keep Graham and I’m really excited about Vannett’s play at the end of the season. He had some big grabs.

    • Danzell says:

      ”When most of the league goes with the young up and comers, Seattle goes with the re-treads.”

      Didn’t we do the exact same thing when we hired Pete in the first place? As I recall the choice was between a two-time NFL-failure with Carroll and the up and coming defensive mastermind Leslie Frazier. Last time I checked that decision did turn out pretty well for the Seahawks.

      I think we owe Pete the benefit of the doubt based on the way the franchise has performed under his leadership. Shottenheimer wasn’t on my shortlist, but I am starting to warm up to the idea. A change in the offensive coaching staff was needed, as we had been seeing the same flaws every year since the super bowl. If certain mistakes can’t be corrected after several years of trying, then we need a fresh perspective. I feel confident that Pete will also take this opportunity and do some self-reflection and then we begin to heal in this off-season. I really hope we clean the locker room of the divisive characters and everyone we can’t thrust to put the team first. First on my list is Michael Bennett.

  12. SighGone says:

    Wow, so disappointing. I can only hope DeFilippo said he was not interested, but I still don’t get this one and nothing anyone says about bad QB’s will make me change my mind. Big damper on my excitement for next season.

  13. Ed says:

    I would be ok with any hire, if they waited after this weekend and interviewed DeFillipo and didn’t think he was the guy. But, no Cable or Bevell, so I will wait for the criticism, because

    • Hawk Eye says:

      apparently deFillipo has said he was not interested in Seattle, so chasing him would work out as well as chasing that girl in high school who would not look at you…

      • Rob Staton says:

        Well, this hasn’t been confirmed. There’s been very little actual info out there. Only reports that Schottenheimer has been offered the job. We don’t know about their interest or DeFilipo’s interest in Seattle.

      • James says:

        Let me preface this by saying that I enjoy Davis Hsu’s twitter account, about all the Seahawks comings and goings. But Davis claims a “source” within the Seahawks that DeFilippo told the Seahawks he was not interested. This only an hour after the same “source” said DeFilippo was the Seahawk’s “first choice”, a claim which was made well after Pete had probably already offered Schott the OC position. This is the same “source” by-the-way, that claimed that Malik McDowell had “half his face torn off” in his accident, when in fact his face was fine, just the severe concussion. A “source” that claims knowledge that probably only two human on earth possess at that time – Pete and John – strains credulity, to say the least.

        • James says:

          I have no source, but just relying on logic, I think it is likely that Pete would never hire a one-and-done OC. By all accounts, having already interviewed for two head jobs already, DiFilippo would be an extreme risk to be out the door in a year. Pete would almost certainly ask for a 2 or 3 year commitment from a candidate before proceeding very far with the interview process. It sounds (Rapoport/Schefter)as if Schott was Pete’s first choice from the beginning, and if DiFilippo was ever contacted, there is a good chance he would have declined to make a multi-year commitment to the job. Not to mention, DiFilippo has only had one year experience of play calling, in Cleveland, and may be more smoke than fire at this point. People compared him as this year’s McVay, but McVay had three years experience as a playcaller, so he had a body of work to analyze.

  14. BobbyK says:

    I’m excited to see how this plays out…

  15. Greg Haugsven says:

    For people who are not really super excited about him (including myself) the truth is we don’t really know what we are talking about. You may have an opinion if you followed the Jets or Rams really close in the past. One thing is he is very committed to running the football so I would take a guess and say that was a big part of the hire.

    • schuemansky says:

      And we probably knew even less about De Filippo.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Very good points.

      And even if any of us had followed the Jets or Rams closely, he didn’t have Russell Wilson at either team. Something else to remember.

      • Dave says:

        I don’t have the stats on RW’s vertical routes, but I have watched every throw he’s made in NFL games. In my very anecdotal and humble opinion, his best throws are on vertical/seam routes.

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        One thing I really like c with Bevel in the past is he would consiStanly call running plays on 2nd and 10 after a first down incompletion. This would keep the defense guessing. He got away from that this year. Partly because our run game was bad but also seemed like he was changing. I’d like to get back to that. Our offense started to seem predictable.

    • Dale says:

      I would have preferred Sophia Vergara. Who cares about first and ten as long as she gets lots of closeups.

    • Trevor says:

      Agree completely Greg. I will wait a year before making any judgement.

  16. Seatown says:

    Ok I’m confused. Schottenheimer wants to pound the ball and revive the running game but he’s “Air Coryell” and we are going to keep a Tight End that can’t block a lick?

    • Rob Staton says:

      I’ll be very surprised if they keep Jimmy Graham.

      • FAN Person says:

        Wouldn’t it be Wise to keep him for at least one year with a new offense???

        The REAL problem is Pete and his STUBBORNNESS!!

        Just call Jimmy what he really is, a Tall WR!!!

        Just put him in the WR room, quit ‘Pretending’ he can block, and see what Brian can do!!

        Franchise tag him for one year and if he works! BOOM!

        • Dave says:

          Air Coryell system relies on a move TE. Kellen Winslow Sr., Antonio Gates and Jimmy Graham used to play in this system. Jimmy could play in that system again.

        • peter says:

          grahams not a WR. last year he displayed none if the separation of one. he was GREAT in the redzone but pretty mediocre everywhere else on the field. I think he managed something like 38 yards a game.

        • Rob Staton says:

          I think they’re ready to move on and utilise more orthodox TE’s for what they want to do.

          • Dale says:

            I agree that Graham is probably gone because he doesn’t fit a ball control offense. However, I think it might be interesting to see Graham in the slot. If he were the seven yard counterpoint in the RPO is would be hard to stop, much harder than a smaller receiver like Baldwin. Getting the ball out quickly to Graham would also improve run blocking because the weakside linebacker couldn’t fully commit to the run (assuming the TE lined up opposite the slot). Do you know of an example where teams have used receiving tight ends in the slot on a regular basis? Graham is one of the few players who can get on a roll and dominate a game. I salivate to think of a Graham/Wilson/Chubb? type of triangle offense. Who ya gonna call?

            • Rob Staton says:

              To me it just feels like they’re ready to go out and run the ball. TE’s better suited to the physical side of things. They never really established Graham as a receiver outside of the red zone. He’s going to cost money. It feels like it’s time to part.

              • Brandon Adams says:

                If that’s true, Rob, then WR is probably going to make a dramatic climb up Seattle’s list of draft needs. Hard to do otherwise when you’re cutting ten touchdowns right before a draft weak on WRs.

              • AlaskaSouth says:

                I totally understand that SEA made the trade for Graham to get a very unique offensive playmaker, but doesn’t the concept of featuring a #1 TE with very limited blocking skills run antithetical to PC’s stated desire to pound the rock?

                It seems like that trade was the beginning of the end for a prolific rushing offense. Throw in that the #2 TE (Willson) is also not a great blocker, is PC really that surprised that this personnel would struggle to attain his goal of “old school, pound-the-rock” football? It just feels like he got caught between different offensive ideologies and the past few years have been a reflection of that.

          • Jason says:

            Rob, what do you think they do at tight end this year?

            • Coach says:

              I think they sign ASJ – He can still be a weapon in the red zone and will be half the cost of Graham (I saw the Jets spread him out and throw him a td from the 3 just like the Seahawks did with Graham this year!)


              Go Hawks!

            • Rob Staton says:

              FA. Try and find value.

              • drewdawg11 says:

                Austin is a big bodied guy and he can definitely block. Soft hands, more athletic than fast. If he’s matured and grown up, he’s definitely a guy I’d sign for the right price. What will he cost? Jimmy was about $10 million. If you somehow get ASJ to take $3-4 Per season you get your run game upgrade, still have a guy who can be a target, and save some cap space. Hopefully Jimmy gets a big deal somewhere and nets us a third round comp pick.

      • Dale says:

        This is my reply to 80SLargent. I’m only restating it to bring the article to your attention.
        “Brian grew up with Marty ball. His dad believed in running the ball and not making mistakes. He also liked his tight ends. At Georgia Brian helped develop the tight-end-U persona of their offense. So maybe you’re right about Graham. The question about Graham will continue to be his ‘mail-it-in’ approach to run blocking. Graham is also the type of player you have to feed constantly or he gets bored. Check out this article from 2 years ago:

      • jpc4days says:

        If you want to understand what Pete is thinking a quick internet search will fill in the blanks… and do people really think Pete hired this guy because he is Marty’s son? People should listen to Dave except for the Jimmy Graham comment… we need to get younger and in the days of the college spread move TE are a dime a dozen.
        A very quick internet search made it clear what they are thinking … what system would suit RW the best.
        1. The West coast offense … 3 step drops and slants are not in the wheelhouse of a 5’11” QB
        2. The Air Coryell offense …. are longer drops and the first reads are seams and longer throws, which are what RW does really well and is physical suited to do.
        A quick internet search put it all into focus … He wants pound the ball and then take the top off the defense to back them off. It makes complete sense to move out of a system does not put your best player in the best position for him to succeed and into one that does.

        • Rugby Lock says:

          Thanks for the info! A perspective I did not know about! That’s why this is the ONLY comment section I read!

  17. Pickering says:

    If the league has figured Pete out, has moved passed him to the point his style of play is lower tier (see Rams v Seahawks 42 to 7), and Pete still wants to stay with his style of football and hire yes men who’ll do things his way (he is head coach after all), then…

    As a fan since the team’s first year, and like others have said, I still hope for the best.

    • BobbyK says:

      Don’t forget the Seahawks beat the Rams with Chancellor, Sherman, KJ Wright, Wagner, etc. As mentioned in the post, players have a funny way of making coaches looks good, too.

      Then there’s Wade Phillips. Great DC. Horrible HC. There’s a mix. This is the first time little Marty will have had a QB. Lets give him a chance.

      I am.

      Until they pass on David DeCastro and/or TJ Watt, that’s the only way I’ll turn on them.

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        Little Brian

        • BobbyK says:

          Little Marty (Brian) Schottenheimer. My son is named Luke. My name is Bob. People sometimes call Luke, “Little Bob.” Get it now?

          • CHawk Talker Eric says:

            Yeah I got it right after I left the comment.

            Hey Rob any word on that “edit” function 😉

            • BobbyK says:

              That’s okay. 🙂

              I can’t tell you how many times I’ve messed up a word and wanted to immediately change it. lol

              • CHawk Talker Eric says:

                I appreciate your comment above about being excited to see how this turns out.

                Bottom line that’s me too.

                My initial disappointment stems from the thought that maybe they rushed this hire. Maybe they made this decision based on Little Marty’s last name (a “known” quantity as it were), as opposed to his coaching chops, which based on empirical data suggests something in the middling range.

            • Rob Staton says:

              I wish I could — wordpress’ comments section isn’t great sadly!

      • mac says:

        True but if Kupp catches that pass, We lose to the Rams. If we use that first game as a measuring stick, they are really close to us at full strength and perhaps still better. We will make the playoffs next year but as a wild card. Our division is heating up and changing OC can set your team back a bit. (as well as that bum Schottenheimer who came in an ruined my bulldogs :'(

        • GerryG says:

          True, but if our offense isnt terrible, and they have a functioning run game, they kill the clock and don’t have a chance to drop that pass.

    • Dale says:

      Gimmicks don’t last and the league doesn’t ‘figure out’ execution. Pete’s system has been effective for seventeen years and I’m confident will work for as long as he wants to coach. Even in a down year the Hawks were 9-7. The Rams and 49ers are going to be tough because they made intelligent coaching hires who will good use of the superior talent the teams accumulated during their ‘pathetic’ years. Good franchises find a great coach/GM and stick with them through the inevitable cycles of the NFL. The NFC West is going to be a strong conference. Just be happy Seattle has a good franchise and there’s going to be a lot of great football to watch.

      • Patrick Toler says:

        Great comment. Every season will be a challenge because the NFL is tough. As long as we have Allen / Schneider/ Carroll / Wilson we are in great position.

  18. C-Dog says:

    Fun fact: Schottenheimer coached Nick Chubb and Sony Michel in college.

    • FAN Person says:

      Chubb looked slow. Give me Sony!!!

    • Dale says:

      Good catch.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      For one season. Two years ago.

      I appreciate you trying to find the silver lining here, but…

      • peter says:

        yeah one season but if anyone is going to know what makes those two tick that’s not currently a coach at uga then it’s him.

        my silver lining is that he was able to be decent with some truly middling talent.

        • CHawk Talker Eric says:

          Fair point. And Michel’s stats from 2015 aren’t bad at all, especially for a sophomore:

          2015: 219 carries for 1161 yards (5.3 yard average) and 8 TDs.

          FYI his 2017 stats: 156 carries for 1227 yards (7.9 yard average) and 16 TDs

          Still prefer RJ2
          2017: 261 carries for 1550 yards (5.9 yard average) and 19 TDs

          • peter says:

            I continue to circle back to jones as well. but if Michel tears up the combine watch out. pc has a little so davis in his blood with numbers and Michel is “closer,” to what they look for.

    • Trevor says:

      Pointed that out earlier and hope he pulls for the Hawks to draft the guys he coached Wynn LG and Michel RB. If he wants to run the ball that should be the plan.

  19. C-Dog says:

    A couple more Schottenheimer fun facts.

    Austin Davis was his QB in St Louis. Maybe expect Davis to stick around.

    Drew Brees is one of his best friends. Brees is RW’s idol.

    • Dave says:

      Sean Payton runs the Air Coryell offense with Brees. Brees used to have Jimmy. We can sign Jimmy or another vertical TE. Why can’t Schottenheimer run Air Coryell with Russell and Jimmy/move TE? I think everything is coming together for Schottenheimer. This is his big chance with a proper QB. I’m optimistic.

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        The more research I have been doing I think the Hawks should go after Austin Seferian Jenkins. Maybe a one year 3 million prove it type deal (he will turn 26 next year). Looks like he is getting his head straight and he is really developing into a good run blocker. He is also from here so it just makes to much sense.

        • peter says:

          and of course that cost savings is going to be super important going forward. I wonder if I should start hunting through a terrible TE class now?

        • Dave says:

          ASJ has a lot of potential. He’s tall, can catch and he runs well.

        • C-Dog says:

          I’m definitely picking the Hawks as the early favorite to bring in ASJ. Don’t expect JG back.

          Also, I kinda expect them to get PRich walk in FA, and then bring a bigger WR, or possibly two in FA. Could be a big name, but I’d watch for Donte Moncrief from Indy.

          One of the things Schottenheimer might see is that 5-11 RW might be better served with bigger targets like Brees has had in NO.

          • Dave says:

            You know that thing Brees does? He stands on his tippy toes, tilting his head back to get his eyes over the OL? It helps if you have tall WRs and TEs. I also like shorter guards who can get leverage for Russell. We need ASJ if we don’t get Jimmy back. Are there any 6’2” plus FA Or draft eligible WRs that you guys like?

            • C-Dog says:

              UFA guards include

              Senio Kelemete, NO, 6-3 308 lbs
              Justin Pugh, Giants, 6-4 315 lbs
              Josh Kline, Titans, 6-3 295 lbs

              In house they have 6-3 Jordan Roos, and 6-4 Rees Odhiambo.

              • Dave says:

                You know who’s a short LG prospect? Isaiah Wynn is 6’2”. The crappy thing is I can’t see how we can get Wynn and a premier RB. Pugh is enticing and I think Roos has potential. I just like short guards for our short QB, especially when our LT, C and RT are really tall.

                • C-Dog says:

                  I think they probably spend a little in FA to go other positions for the offense and draft RB with their first pick. Although, I’d be totally good with Wynn in Seattle.

                  • peter says:

                    I think that all the signs are pointing to this. running the ball, running the ball, running the ball seems to be the mantra from the hire of Schottenheimer, to Pete, to canning Cable.

                    Short of a goofy trade I think it’s going to be that standard trade back 8 spots or so and pick up a late third. It feels like the easiest thing to do right now.

                    Otherwise you’re talking trade earl, trade bennett territory.

                  • peter says:

                    I think I’d like to see pugh signed, Ragnow or someone else drafted in the fourth, and Fant compete with Ifedi. Honestly I’m pretty down on the oline and if Pocic beats anyone for a guard spot great and if Fant beats Ifedi for the tackle spot great. I HOPE ifedi stays at RT and cuts it out with the drive killing penalties but if next year is more of the same it’s going to be pretty tough to watch.

                  • Rob Staton says:

                    I’d fully expect Ragnow to go in round two.

                  • C-Dog says:

                    Yeah, I like them to sign a legit veteran starter and use the draft. It will be interesting to see where they will see Pocic and Ifedi. Hopefully wherever they are if they are starters, they are tasked to playing to their strengths. Ray Roberts contends Ifedi can be a really good RT but would be helped using his aggression moving forward, and not passively dropping into pass pro.

                  • drewdawg11 says:

                    Will Hernandez is also listed at 6’3”, and his power sit on the bull rush is fantastic. He doesn’t get uprooted.

              • Greg Haugsven says:

                Pugh could be a one year prove it deal as he had a down year. Could be an option.

          • RealRhino2 says:

            I still think there is a problem in this line of thinking that RW would do better with bigger receivers. Generally, big receivers don’t create as much separation. RW, unfortunately, has lately turned into more of a see-it-throw-it kind of QB, and combined with Pete’s insistence on ball protection and turnover avoidance, that means if he doesn’t see clear separation he often doesn’t throw it.

            A bigger WR that wins contested balls at the catch point is likely wasted on us, IMO. Just as Jimmy is largely wasted outside the red zone.

            • C-Dog says:

              In Schottenheimer’s offense, the WRs go more vertical, so there probably wouldn’t be as big of a need for the smaller quick route runners Seattle has employed. They would still have Baldwin working more of that, and Lockett for at least another season. I think that is the big difference between Bevell’s WCO and the Coryell scheme Schottenheimer runs.

          • Dave says:

            There are lots of 6’4”+ WR in the draft. Sutton, St Brown, Auden Tate, Jaleel Scott. Sutton and St Brown will go early. Do Tate or Scott last until the 4th?

            • peter says:

              Scott might be a third round pick he goes off at the combine and senior bowl. for those interested the senior bowl has I think 6 receivers above 6’3″

              • drewdawg11 says:

                Scott is big, but he’s not necessarily the most sudden guy. Juno balls only get you so far. I was sort of underwhelmed with his film because he’s high-pointing the ball over lower level defenders. I’d like to see more burst.

                • peter says:

                  That’s my concern with Scott as well. He’s a bit of a long strider to get up to full speed and Seattle has usually drafted dudes with better short area quickness.

                  Granted it’s lesser competition normally he’s going against. One game breakdown I saw that i did like quite a bit is Scott vs. Arkansas last year. The one thing he seems to have is very confident, precise route running. The overhead shots of him splitting defenders or finding space look like how a coach would draw it up.

                  Often big receivers having a physical mismatch in most games round off routes and take turns that are sloppy (too me) because the can just out jump or out box out a defender.

            • C-Dog says:

              Also potentially in the draft.

              Simmie Cobbs 6-4 220
              DJ Chark 6-3 190
              Marcell Ateman 6-4 220
              Allen Lazard 6-5 230
              JRon Moore 6-3 190
              Cedrick Wilson 6-3 190

              Potential free agents 6-2 or taller

              Terrelle Pryor
              Donte Moncrief
              Sammie Watkins
              Eric Decker
              Jaron Brown
              Michael Floyd
              Jordan Matthews
              Allen Robinson
              Cody Latimer
              Justin Hunter
              Brian Quick
              Brice Butler

              I would think the chances are pretty good that between FA and the draft Seattle could easily add some size to that group.

              • Icb12 says:

                I’ve been watching a lot of Allen Lazard. I think he’s under rated. I would like to see him as a seahawk for sure.

              • peter says:

                So for draft fans of yesteryear check this list.

                It’s a who’s who of WR’s that all had their defenders on this very site….Floyd, Matthews, Latimer, Hunter….

                I’m pretty into Allen Robinson or Sammy watkins. Robinson has done pretty well for himself playing with Bortles and I honestly think people are down on Watkins because he was a super high pick and didn’t crush it out of the park. Oh and he played for the bills who have had some pretty mediocre QB’s for a quarter century.

                • drewdawg11 says:

                  I’ve had a man crush on Allen Robinson since his Penn state days. I was crushed when he went down the first game this year, (also on my fantasy team). He’s going to be expensive. I’m not sure you can pay he and Doug, and ASJ if he signs at TE.

                  • peter says:

                    I’d rather see Seattle bring players in with cash then their preferred method which is draft picks and then cash!

                    You may be right but I was looking at Seattle’s offensive contracts and of course Rob’s right but Seattle isn’t paying anyone but Baldwin (totally deserved) and Russel.

                  • GerryG says:

                    Not true. Brown and Britt both have big deals

                  • peter says:

                    yeah brown and Britt but isn’t brown under contract for just a short while.

                    GerryG- I meant more in comparison to teams like the packers, falcons, Steelers….those are some big contracts for offenses.

        • Trevor says:


      • jpc4days says:

        Dave you are making the most sense the Air Coryell angle is what Pete is thinking … .
        1. West Coast offense … bread and butter .. 3 step drops and slants not the best suited for a 5’11” QB..
        2. Air coryell … longer drops first read are up the seams and out wide more in RW wheelhouse
        Pete wants to pound the rock and take the top off the defense to back them off which is what is Brian’s offense.
        Although we are in the golden age of the move TE and we need to younger, he also drops too many catches when people get physical with him for the amount of money he was getting paid.

  20. AlaskaHawk says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if next years Seahawks play like Atlanta and Philly are playing. Strong defense and strong running game.

    • peter says:

      not only suprised, but I hope so. I could care less if Wilson is ever a mvp. that award is almost as meaningless as the Hermann. I’d rather see russel at 27 he’s 6 picks and 300 yards rushing but with a combination of backs getting up to or over 1500 yards 12 tds. ball control.

      and get the defense time for them to pin their ears back rather than the opposing defense.

  21. Ishmael says:

    Think the big thing this confirms is that it’s still very much Pete’s team and it’s going to operate in his image. Going to run, run, run some more, take a shot downfield, run, run, run. Something I like is that Colts fans seem to rate what Schottenheimer has done with them in the last couple of years, working with Luck and Brisset. If he can help Wilson take a step, and get the ground game going again, then that’s far from the worst hire.

    Better ball control, better special teams, maybe even a third down stop and we’ll be back to being a deeply unpleasant team to play. Haven’t heard anything about DC candidates, not anything about any ST changes. Has there been any chat about O Line coaches?

    Anyone watching this Falcons-Eagles game? Not impressive. Hawks are absolutely on this level.

  22. H says:

    Still not overly excited by this but we’ll see
    As far as the draft goes my mind went straight to the 2011 Jets team that lost in the Afc championship game, the offense was lead by the dual rushing attack of Shon Green and LT, which makes me wonder if theyll be an attempt to replicate that with Carson and Jones/michel? I could get excited for a re-emphasis on the run behind those two.

  23. DC says:

    Honestly, from the football I’ve watched in my life if you have the talent & you execute you are 90% of the way there, especially in college. I remember watching Nebraska come into Husky Stadium in the 90s when Brock Huard was QB. I think Cory Dillon had just left after one year. Dawgs were ranked 3rd but you had the feeling that we weren’t all that. All the Cornhuskers did was run the ball. Every frickin play was 9 yards. They dominated the LOS and probably didn’t need to throw a pass other than to mix it up. It was simple & it was a demolition. Pro football is a little different in that you really do need a QB but we’ve got one. Offensively we’re still sitting at 2 proven OL, no proven RB, questions at TE and in the continual quest for Pete’s Superman WR. Interesting offseason going forward.

    Ultimately the names and feelings about this OC hire really don’t mean jack. It’s all about the results.

    • peter says:

      agreed. this hire means little only that’s still very much Pete’s team.

      • Pickering says:

        Again, I want the ‘Hawks to win forever. I want Pete to retire a winner. Some coaches continue to succeed throughout their careers.. But then there are the Tom Landry’s…

  24. Dan says:

    Who will Schotty bring in as a O-Line coach? In the past he has worked with Bill Callahan (now with the Redskins) and Mike Devlin (now with the Texans).

  25. Dale says:

    Don’t obsess over play calls. As co-offensive coordinators Bevell/Cable were responsible for execution. If your players can’t perform you’ve got to change what you’re asking them to do. This is especially true on a Pete Carroll team where part of the formula is obsessing over details. Offense is eighty percent execution and the Bevell/Cable offenses made too many mistakes. A change had to be made. Hopefully Shottzy is a detail oriented coach obsessed with doing it right.

  26. AlexUk says:

    Happy with this. Am with Volume12 all the way. Someone who knows how to run the ball. We know how to pass it already. No need to complcate stuff.

  27. vrtkolman says:

    Very deflating hire. I’ll reserve judgement until the games are played but I’m definitely not as excited now.

  28. GerryG says:

    It’s an OC, who among us has watched all the tape from his previous jobs? Look at that list of QBs…

    People just love to complain.

    The guy has been around, and wants to run the ball. The most important part of all of this is moving on from the flawed system of two coaches: one pass game, one run game. I can’t believe it ever worked, probably a testament to RW and Beastmode.

  29. PowerPeanut says:

    Whats the deal with some QB’s having a “playbook bracelet” on their wrist? And, is it always the OC who calls the plays? Cause, McVay calls for Rams, but he HC?

  30. Hawk Eye says:

    i am going to start with the weird premise that John and Pete know more about football than I do. And even more than some of the fans here. So I am optimistic that this is a change in the right direction.

    A couple things that Ray Roberts mentioned when he was on 710 this week is that Cable was trying to get the O line to do things that did not play to their strengths and that the offense was very easy for linebackers to read (not enough movement or misdirection) and that they usually knew when and where they were running. Tough to run when the other team knows that. I think having a new OC is the start of fixing both of those.

    • Greg Haugsven says:

      That’s the best way to look at it Hawk Eye

    • cha says:

      “that the offense was very easy for linebackers to read (not enough movement or misdirection) and that they usually knew when and where they were running. Tough to run when the other team knows that.”

      Not sure it’s so much knowing but executing. I think a fair number of their offensive concepts were not so much of the misdirection variety, but of the “we’re bigger and more physical than you are, this is what we’re going to do, try and stop us” variety. Those concepts work when you have Lynch running behind junkyard dog types like Sweezy, Unger and Giacomini. But not so much when you have the 2017 roster as constructed.

  31. Adog says:

    I like this hire. If the new o.c designs a offense that makes the qbs job easy…then this is the correct hire. Russel wilson cannot read a defense…blame the oline…bevell…cable…but at some point wilson needs to make an audible that counteracts a defense selling out to stop the run. When you have a qb who has ptsd about throwing the ball over the middle…it is hard make a defense pay. This is a brilliant hire for this reason…the offense will be designed for a mark sanchez…but will be executed by a great athlete…russel Wilson.

    • Rawls says:

      “defense selling out to stop the run.”

      WTF we didn’t have a run game to sell out for.

    • Coleslaw says:

      I’m excited to see this offense. I agree it will be QB friendly for sure but I wonder if having Wilson will encourage a more complex passing playbook. I would love to see a QB coach brought in who can fine tune Wilson mentally, I want Russell to improve pre snap more than anything. Teams who audible correctly have a massive advantage. I say bring in Peyton Manning and give him his coaching start, he’ll become an OC in 1-2 years and Wilson gets to work on his weakest area with arguably the goat at it.

      • drewdawg11 says:

        Manning is a wealthy guy and has several business interests. He has no reason to want to grind like a coach. He’s more of a team president type of guy if anything.

  32. CHawk Talker Eric says:


    #Seahawks Insider: Team says “nothing to report at this point” after 2 national reports say Seattle is going to hire Brian Schottenheimer as offensive coordinator

    • C-Dog says:

      My guess is that they he team is saying this because they are still working out the contract details.

    • Ishmael says:

      Just waiting to check the Rooney Rule box more than likely

      • peter says:

        classic. A new way for seattle to lose either draft picks or practices. Announce Schottenheimer as your OC, say just kidding, pretend to do due diligence for Rooney rule, re-announce that Schottenheimer is the OC.

        • Ishmael says:

          Ahaha oh man. They really are a bit Keystone cops at times, and they always act so surprised as well.

  33. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    Seahawks expected to hire Brian Schottenheimer as OC

    Underwhelming move.

  34. ddd says:

    His scheme is very QB friendly. Likes to move the pocket. Doesn’t take a ton of shots downfield. Needs a big weapon to make his offense click. It’s all about creating mismatches. He’s an offshoot of the ‘Air raid/Air Coryell’ offenses. Same principle and designs but runs the ball more.

    1. I thought the principles of air raid were spread the ball? But that doesn’t jive with what the article said about two tightened sets. Is it really just predicated about using 2 tightend sets to create miss maches?

    2. In this comment I’m hearing that he takes few deepshots, but I thought he liked play action deep balls?

    3. Does he run man or zone running?

    • James says:

      His history is with man-blocking schemes, so we are thankfully in for a major change with our OL.

    • Volume12 says:

      1. You just answered your own question. What do you mean that doesn’t jive? Its ’12’ or ’22’ personnel.

      The whole principle of ‘Air Coryell’ is to make a defense defend the entire field. Constant motion. That’s it. You need a variety talented WRs or it can’t work. Big, speed, and a route runner. Which means the sidelines are protected leaving the MOF as a QBs safety net. Doesn’t mean they still won’t want too win the red line either.

      Secondly, ‘Air Coryell’ it’s vertical routes to try and attract the double coverage from the safety, which leads to check downs. That’s a big change from Bevell.

      2. No such thing as the same 2 play callers. Schoittenheimer emphasizes the a power run game to set up the pass. Make a defense back off. Just because one coach uses a system one way, doesn’t mean coach ‘x’ or ‘y’ will run a duplicate.

      Don’t expect a Chargers led late ’70s offense here just because of ‘Air Coryell.’

    • Volume12 says:

      To put it simply, it’s gonna be PC’s offense and the things he likes to do mixed in with Schottenheimer’s version of ‘Air Coryell’.’

  35. Pickering says:

    Off topic, but many on this site have said Tennessee have a good O line. Mariota’s been sacked 5 times today; they have 59 yards rushing so far in the 4th.

    Is their Oline, i.e. the players themselves, the problem today, or is it the schemes the Oline have been taught and are using in this game? If it’s schemes, then Oline coaching (and for NE Dline coaching) must be critical.

    Sorry for echoing Brock, but it is players, formations and plays. To me each is a primary responsibility of coaching. I hope whoever the ‘Hawks hire has cutting edge knowledge of the modern game.

    • Rawls says:

      They lost an ALL PRO Right Tackle in the 1st quarter.

    • Gohawks5151 says:

      Quite frankly it’s just Bill Belichick in the playoffs. He takes away your strength on offense and makes you beat him another way. Took away their run game and forced Mariota to beat him with the pass. They don’t have the pass game to beat them. And yet somehow our offense always does well vs NE. Wilson is his kryptonite

  36. Greg Haugsven says:

    High cost free agents vs lower cost free agents.

    Running back:

    Carlos Hyde vs Isiah Crowell

    Offensive Line:

    Andrew Norwell vs Justin Pugh

    Tight End:

    Jimmy Graham vs ASJ

    Wide Receiver:

    Paul Richardson vs Marquise Lee

    Defensive Tackle:

    Sheldon Richardson vs Justin Ellis

    Who you like?

    • Greg Haugsven says:

      You could probably get all the lower cost guys for about $19 million. Lee, ASJ, Ellis, and Crowell on 1 year 3 million deals. Maybe Pugh for $7 million on a 1 year.

      The other guys could be Norwell (10-12), Sheldon (12-14), PRich (6-8), Graham (8-10), Hyde (5-6).

      Your looming somewhere around d $45 million a year for these guys.

      • peter says:

        isn’t marquise lee the same exact player as Paul Richardson? I’m not talking about apparent “field speed,” or what not. I’m talking about how they are the same level of production as each other. Richardson has just a bit better catch percent, but it’s not great and 1 more yard per reception than Lee.

        For a WR I’d like Seattle to bring in Sammy Watkins. Hold on to your hat for this one but a former buffalo high draft pick who is considered a bust because he didn’t live up to the top billing they gave him…..seems like I’ve heard that before….all three played in nearly the same number of games but Watkins had way more TD’s than either. He’ll be expensive but I’m not sure what getting a cheap Richardson does for Seattle.

        Graham is gone for me either way. Curious about ASJ. Does he block? I honestly don’t know. I do know he turned down two years for 8 mil with the Jets. Not sure what he thinks he’s worth but 4 million a year for his production? maybe, but maybe not. Not for nothing but would you be willing to pay 4 million a year for Luke Willson because they are basically the same player minus an inch.

        • Greg Haugsven says:

          Marquise Lee is like Paul but you could probably get him for half the price. ASJ has really become a good not great blocker and continues to improve. Not sure what his market could be, just feels like a potential good fit. Watkins to me would be pricey so you might as well just keep Paul.

          • peter says:

            but it feels like with Paul’s tweets that he thinks he’s going to be pricey as well. And between the two I think it’s better money spent on Watkins if Paul is going to command big dollars. Mostly because Prich hasn’t really done anything yet for that.

            maybe resign WIllson and sign ASJ? I just think him turning down 8 million over two years is telling as to what he thinks his market is. If graham is good for ten million, ASJ isn’t even worth half of that.

            • C-Dog says:

              I kinda think with Schottenheimer’s offense the free agent WRs that they might likely target would be bigger guys. They got the speedy route runners types already on the roster, and Lee is kinda also that. Watkins, Matthews, Pryor, Moncrief, Robinson would all be guys to fit the big wr mold.

              I could see them bring back Willson and bring in ASJ. I got a sense ASJ might be gearing to get home, but who knows. They might really like Vannett and are willing to roll with him being the primary TE.

              • drewdawg11 says:

                I disagree in getting guys like Pugh or Lee “cheaper”. I think lee has just as much of a claim as Paul to get a nice contract, and he’s been healthier. Norwell will get paid, but Pugh isn’t going to be a bargain bin guy. Also, and I can’t stress this enough, some goof ball paid Luke Joeckel $8 million last year. It only takes one sucker to blow up the market.

                • peter says:

                  That’s the problem with the WR market right now. Did anyone check out Davante Adams contract? 24 million guaranteed. I think PRich, Marquise Lee.., my dream of Allen Robinson, or Watkins are all going to be busted by Adam’s contract.

              • GerryG says:

                We redshirted two WRs this season, maybe they just count on them, and a more explosive Lockett who is not injured this off season.

                TE is the position that needs to be addressed in FA, Vannet and somebody maybe ASJ

                • peter says:

                  I not totally understanding ASJ love. he’s missed games and isn’t anymore productive than Willson over the same period. I know some people think he’s a better blocker so that could be it.

    • Volume12 says:

      Allen Robinson?

      • Ishmael says:

        😶 Dude can you imagine?

        He’d be the best Seahawks receiver in… A long time. Baldwin is good, but he can’t take over a game like Robinson.

        • Volume12 says:

          They have to get a pass catching weapon with size for this thing to work. They’re close. They got the speed option in Lockett who can motion into the backfield, Baldwin as the route runner, McKissic as that gadget guy.

          I feel the same way. He’d be awesome.

          • Ishmael says:

            This might be somewhat blasphemous, but I’m not totally sold on Lockett. I’d be pretty happy to see another guy with serious wheels brought in to push him. My big hope for next year is that Prosise gets healthy. Sometimes it just does take guys a couple of years to get their body right. I think he could be a difference maker in a bigly way.

            I don’t think Robinson will be cheap though. He’s a legit top-10 receiver in the league when healthy.

            • peter says:

              not blasphemous to me. he had superior speed got badly injured and is still getting back his speed or is healthy as an average receiver.

      • C-Dog says:

        I’d be good with that

    • C-Dog says:

      I think Pugh, ASJ, and Ellis are really interesting and realistic possibilities. Lee is interesting, but I kinda feel that they might look for a bigger wr. Hyde is a fun idea, but I think I’d rather see them draft one of these talented RBs.

      I would be fine with them hanging onto Sheldon, but I think he’s going to cost A LOT of $, and would rather see the $ spent on the offense.

      • Volume12 says:

        I’m curious to how see how the NFL guys will view Penn St’s Mike Gesicki. He’s basically an over sized WR. Which isn’t a bad thing, but didn’t see a whole lot of TE qualities out of him. Could be a really fun weapon.

        • C-Dog says:

          Kind of another former basketball player, right? I’ve liked watching him.

          Have you looked at Ian Thomas much from Indiana? I haven’t gotten around, but have been reading that he could be a riser in a weak TE class.

          • drewdawg11 says:

            Gisecki is a big guy with great hands and can sky for passes. I’ve beem studying his blocking and the best term I can come up with to describe that facet of his game as, to borrow a hoops term, a “screener”. He isn’t crushing people, but he’s willing to sustain a block and get in the way. They also line him up as an H-back a lot in the backfield so he’s usually attached to the formation in the run game. He’s better than Jimmy, but so are most 15 year old female lacrosse players. I LOVE Jimmy the pass catcher. We all know what he is, though. Also, Dalton Schultz is sort of the same for me. William blocker, not crushing people but solid and Stanford is a power running team. He’s really good at route running and he’s a big target.

    • H says:

      Does no one think that this hire makes Paul Richardson more likely?
      He’s the best deep threat in our offence, which to my understanding is a large component of this scheme? “Throwing a deep pass was the first option on each play”
      Allen Robinson has size sure, but he doesn’t have the speed to be a deep threat, in addition with all the receivers set to be FA this year as well perhaps PR will be cheaper than some expect

  37. Kelly says:

    Rob. What are your thoughts on Christian Kirk? Is he an early 2nd round type guy? Seemed explosive at Texas a.m

  38. Gohawks5151 says:

    All good suggestions. Gonna be a lot of receivers in FA this year. I could see Lee coming on a 1 year and trying again next year. ASJ might have a better market. I like Ellis a lot. No value as a pass rusher though.

  39. Old but Slow says:

    I don’t know enough about coaches to have an opinion on Schottenheimer or anyone else, but I do like that they didn’t wait around to get an OC. The off-season seems long to fans, but for the team, the dates come quickly and there are a lot of steps to be taken. Hiring the new offensive coaching staff, evaluating other changes, and preparing for free agency and, of course, the draft.

    It is a critical element every preseason to develop and evaluate players, but this year they will need to integrate the changes to the coaching staff as well. The challenge may be a good thing for Carroll as he seems to relish a tough situation.

    Lets move forward.

  40. Volume12 says:

    Some fans wanted Steve Sarkisian? Why?

    • Rowdy says:

      I never got that one either and that’s not just because how dirty he did the dogs.

      • Volume12 says:

        His play calling in Atlanta’s biggest game of the season was head scratching and that’s putting it mildly. He’s a downgrade from Bevell. I’m a huge fan of Marty and Brian Schottenheimer so maybe I’m prejudiced, but I think he’s gonna be an upgrade.

        Sark pretty much proved how difficult it is for college play callers to adapt to NFL defenses.

        • C-Dog says:

          I just thought it was really lazy speculation by local media types. With everything Sark went through up here, how he left UW, bottomed out at ‘SC, does anyone really think he’d be clamoring to get back up close to former digs where he was at the height of his carousing and torching and burning?

          Not even going to comment on his play calling. Just going to say that the dude has a clean slate in Georgia coaching offense for a pro team thousands of miles from where he was crashing and burning. If I were him, I’d be totally good with that set up, and situation, and not even remotely entertain stepping into old haunts.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

          Sark was put in a tough spot. They wanted to run the offense the same as the year before, with the same play verbage…. from a different offensive coordinator. That was not a good decision. Again, execution of the play that was called…. is as important as the actual play called. I guess Super Bowl hangovers are real.

    • D-OZ says:

      Please, NO SARK!!!!!

  41. Old but Slow says:

    The current question in my mind is about the type of coach Schotz will favor. He will need an OL coach and assistant, a QB coach, RB coach, WR coach and so on. Will he favor friends, or look for unexplored outliers? Will he fill his staff in a week, or take time for some interviews? Will we see another ZBS coach, or a power guy? Will a new RB coach revitalize Rawls?

    In my small mind, this is huge. The whole direction and emphasis of the Seahawk offense could take a turn. Better, hopefully.

    • Ishmael says:

      Carrol has filled the staff with his family and friends for years. It’s a ridiculous situation.

      Hopefully Schotty will be allowed to bring some new names to the table.

      • mac says:

        Even Schotty’s father worked with John Schneider, there won’t be any new faces, our blood brought in. Only friends and family. I love Pete and JS but they are blowing it on this one.

        • peter says:

          isn’t tjis what every one does in most businesses? in football who really brings in a “new face?”

    • C-Dog says:

      My early guess is more of a power scheme coach. He worked with Tony Sparano in the past.

      They might keep the current RB coach, and WR coach. QB coach I have no idea, but I think it’s worth considering bringing back Jim Zorn, personally. He did a nice job with Hass and I think his nice guy temperament would match well with Russ.

  42. Totem_Hawk says:

    Reality is the Seattle OC job isn’t very appealing. Who did fans expect to jump at this job? Pretty sure Shotty is gunna be renting and not buying a place…

    • Rob Staton says:

      I know right? I mean who’d want to work somewhere with an established franchise QB, for a team with six straight winning seasons where the last OC was given a seven year run?

      Sounds horrible…

      • Totem_Hawk says:

        Seahwks aren’t making the playoffs next year…

        • Hawk Eye says:

          don’t bet your mortgage on that

        • H says:

          Just like the Jags, Vikes, Bills and Rams had no hope this year?
          We have a franchise QB, that’s enough alone to make ruling it out entirely pretty dumb
          With how much can change in a season in this league it’s honestly just annoying to be so negative and forth right at this point.
          Terrible take

          • Totem_Hawk says:

            I’m one of the few non homers on here…maybe take off the rose colored glasses

            • peter says:

              Seattle would have probably been a one and done in the playoffs this year but for all their injuries, a garbage oline, they were what….3 field goals made from winning the west? come on. the rams beat them soundly tjis year except when seattle was healthy, then they didn’t.

              totem I completely disagree with you. any team that is 9 points away from the playoffs is a team to watch the following year.

            • H says:

              Im not saying they definitely are making the playoffs next year, I think it will be tough and they need to get better. Im also not a huge fan of the choice for OC but Im going to at least give him a shot. Ill admit to having a glass half full kind of personality, I find sports more fun when Im hopeful for my team.
              However, that doesn’t change the fact that its really dumb to rule out a 9-7 team with an mvp candidate at QB before the off season has begun

        • Rob Staton says:

          Stop trolling it’s boring.

      • Totem_Hawk says:

        Rob, no doubt it’s a great job for him but if it is such a great, sought after coveted position league wide why not interview more people? Why not at least give Edgar Bennett a call? Sure a guy who is QB coach on a 4-12 team is going to take the gig …

        • Coleslaw says:

          Cause he was their first choice lol. They rushed it so nobody else could get involved. I think anybody with a big name would want too much control, so in that way yeah I think you’re right, it’s not the most appealing. But it is not the Browns by any stretch., it’s a good gig. Also, I think he fits right into what we wanna do, sorta like Bevell did, he can run Pete’s offense with his own tweaks, and that’s all PC wants.

        • Rob Staton says:

          Totem — quick word of advice. Critical analysis is fine. Relentless negativity that isn’t constructive (aka trolling) is not encouraged or welcome on here.

        • C-Dog says:

          Who’s to say Schott wasn’t a hot commodity and Seattle wanted to act fast?

          If Seattle is bringing in Schott, they are obviously departing from the WCO for an Air Coryell attack. Edgar Bennett would just be Bevell 2.0. The whole attack is going to change in Seattle if this guy is the guy.

  43. Hawk Eye says:

    there should be a rule for sports that you are not allowed to complain about new coaches or draft picks until there is an actual game. What we see and what we want is so different than what the situation is in the front office. We get to see maybe 10% of the information used to make the decisions, and yet many fans feel they know better.


    JS and PC are in the top 5 of GM/Coaches in the NFL. That does not mean they make no mistakes, every team does. Just look at Belichicks drafting record over the last 10 years. Something less than genius. But he has that 1 player that can make up for mistakes. And he switches coaches all the time. He is a great coach, maybe the greatest, but he is 1-2 against PC and the one win should have been a loss were it not for one little play…… So give Pete a little credit when he goes with Schottenheimer. He might know what he is doing

    • D-OZ says:


    • GerryG says:


      Nobody knows how rushed this decision was.

      They may have been thinking about this for weeks. We don’t know how big their list was, who they spoke to. I’m not sure they want to wait 1, 2, 3 more weeks to interview people from the remaining teams in the playoffs.

  44. Totem_Hawk says:

    I take it the Ronney Rule doesn’t apply for OC or DC jobs? Looks like the Seahawks made NO effort to interview any minority candidates.

    • drewdawg11 says:

      It’s not like teams pay attention to the rule anyway, but I believe that it’s mainly concerning head coaching vacancies.

      • Totem_Hawk says:

        Well with a locker room full of social justice warriors it won’t go unnoticed that the orgainzation made no effort to interviee any minority candidates…a bit tone deaf…

        • peter says:

          pc has currently 10 POC employees on a staff of 25. not quite half but along with that has brought lots of former players including, who knew, lemeul jeanpierre as an oc assistant!

          I think there could be some merit as to the chancellor as a defensive coach idea after all.

          • Totem_Hawk says:

            That sounds intriguing!

            • drewdawg11 says:

              How so? What are his qualifications? If anything, that would be a situation where there are imminently qualified candidates, (minority or not), being bypassed. He’s a player who financed with physicality and not necessarily cerebral prowess. Not saying he isn’t intelligent, but what makes him the best candidate to take a coaching position?

              • peter says:

                as an assistant? pc has shown a desire to allow former players of his a chance to learn. I’m not talking db coach let alone coordinator but as a,start if willing I think Kam speaks as a coach, was a qb before being one of the great safeties. I’m thinking like quality control something like that to start.

                tatupu, jeanpierre I think there’s a precedent.

                • drewdawg11 says:

                  its like the “hire Walter Jones for line coach” crowd. Being a UW alumni’s, I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard people clamor for Tui as QB coach, etc. at least with him he’s coached before. Just because a guy was a rear player for your organization doesn’t mean you have to hire them to coach.

  45. Austin Slater says:

    I’m not a fan. Niners and Rams are trending up and will have innovative offenses. Pete is doubling down with his conservative approach yet doesn’t have the talent to pull it off and we have no draft picks. Just feels like a step in the wrong direction. NFL teams are afraid of taking chances and Pete doubling down on his old school approach feels like a situation where we get left behind. I hope I’m wrong but not excited.

    • peter says:

      I’ll be the contrarian. historically you have a better chance at winning championships from college to the pros w/o an innovative offense and trade that for a great defense and running out the clock.

  46. peter says:


    Curious as to why you think Ragnow is going in the 2nd round? I’ve been basing my guess on Pauline’s projection and also Walter football. The latter has him as a 3-4th rounder and pauline has him as a 6th (!) which I think is kind of a garbage ranking.

    I think a patient team that can wait for him to be 100% should take him in the second but many teams aren’t that patient and word is he won’t test or anything up until and possibly including Arkansas’s proday.

    Just read that the draft advisory committee gave him a range of 2nd through 5th.

    • Rob Staton says:

      There’s a dearth of talented offensive linemen in the NFL. Ragnow can play multiple positions. Tough, physical. For me he’s a second rounder who could rise higher.

      • peter says:

        I think you’re right. but “hope,” I am. I like his game quite a bit and was trying to find an under appreciated draft pick!

  47. Totem_Hawk says:

    Maybe the Seahawks push all the chips into the middle of the table and hire Jeff Fisher as DC!! Don’t even interview any other candidates for that job either…

    • peter says:

      totem- is there another coach you would have liked them to pursue. I know fans like the eagles qb coach but seems like he feels he’s a hc candidate.

    • Michigan 12th says:

      Not sure where this sediment is coming from. Richard is a minority, Smith is a minority, Barrow is a minority, Board is a minority, Curtis is a minority, Hurt is a minority, Jeanpierre is a minority, Jones is a minority, Manning Jr. is a minority, and Gee is a minority. That means that 40% of the coaching staff is comprised of minorities. Also Seto a former coach is a minority. So what exactly are you driving at Totem_Hawk?

  48. SheHawk says:

    Agree that we know very little about the chances we’d land one of the more popular fan choices. Usually our DCs get scooped up to HC roles. The lack of interest in Bevel when things were better on offense tells me Seahawks are a great move for hot and rising defensive coaches and less attractive to offensive minds. I truly believe defense and run game will win NFC ( look at Vikings and Eagles) it’s a step forward. Way more interested in who we hire for position coaches and new DC.
    Plus keep praying Kam will become a Seahawks coach.

  49. D-OZ says:

    Speaking of kam. (Feastmoad) Kam Pettaway; Watched 2016 tape. There is your Lynch Seahawk fan’s. Very good vision getting through the LOS and makes great choices once into the second level. Run’s with great power and burst. Elite speed for a back that big and powerful. We don’t have a back like that and he is my choice.

  50. vrtkolman says:

    My man Myles Jack! He’s a monster.

  51. vrtkolman says:

    I went back all the way to Schotty’s Jets teams to refresh my memory. I can see why Pete likes him so much, his philosophy is pretty much dead on with Pete’s. Extremely stubborn in the run game, he’s always had a full stable of power backs to rotate, ultra conservative, and doesn’t force the ball downfield much at all. There was a game where Mark Sanchez threw the ball over 50 times and the furthest throw was only 15 yards. That’s the big difference between him and Pete I think, lack of explosive pass plays.

    He’s coached under very defensive oriented, “offense exists to help the defense” type coaches like Rex Ryan and Jeff Fischer. I’m sure his made Pete even more comfortable with him. Yes we are going back to the stone age with our offense, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A strong run game and defense win championships. Schotty has shown he can implement an elite running game without needing a lot of time.

    I hope he leaves his presnap motions at home though. That was done far too often with the Jets, and sometimes just for the sake of doing them, like lining a fullback out wide and motioning him back to I form. Why? This resulted in a ton of false starts and wasted time outs.

    Overall I don’t think this was a good hire (if this is actually true, stranger things have been reported), but I totally understand why Pete loves him.

  52. vrtkolman says:

    Jalen Ramsey is the best corner in football right now, he just stuffed LeVeon Bell on 4th and 1! Jags D is incredible you guys.

  53. John_s says:

    Theres are the games why you draft Fournette so high. He is eating up the Pitt D

  54. schuemansky says:

    Let’s trade for Fournette. And everything will be fine.

  55. Justin Mullikin says:

    I have taken the last few days to digest the hire of our new offensive coordinator and to look back at all his previous job experiences.

    I Love the choice. We get someone that has a background working with qbs. This will help Wilson. He wants to run the ball. This fits Carroll’s philosophy. He has experience working with some of the greats (brees, farve).

    As an OC he has never had a head coach as good as Carroll or a qb as good as Wilson.

    The sexy pick (at least to fans) is a young up and coming coach with limited experience and hopefully a bright future. That’s who I would of picked. But guess what more often then not They don’t work out.

    This was their first choice. I’m excited! I believe! Go Hawks!

  56. drewdawg11 says:

    Or instead of Malik Mc-Fail we could have had Cam Robinson, who many on this board didn’t want last year. He can definitely clear some running room. Hey, maybe we would still have some draft picks this year saved from the Brown trade. Or hey, he plays right tackle and Brown left.

    • H says:

      He’s played better than I expected him to. On the flip side of course he’s had a running back(s) capable of hitting the holes he makes
      Complimentary football…

      • drewdawg11 says:

        backs are much easier to find then competent OL.

        • Trevor says:

          Agree 100% Drew!

        • Trevor says:

          Take premium positions (Edge Rusher, Dominant DT, OL or QB) early when you have the chance IMO.

          • Greg Haugsven says:

            According to the newer draft trade chart we could trade back to the late first and get that teams late second. More realistically you trade 18 to Cleveland and get there 33 and 62 (eagles pick). Maybe Price, Wynn, or Hernandez then get an RB at 62? No stud defensive player though in that situation.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Robinson is a good fit for what Jacksonville tries to do. I wouldn’t have wanted to watch him trying to block for Russell.

      • drewdawg11 says:

        I don’t think it matters who blocks for him. Until the school yard offense goes back into the basement, even guys like Brown have no clue where to block for him. At least we could maybe run the ball a little bit better.

        • Greg Haugsven says:

          There was so many times the tackles pushed the DE up out of the pocket when Russ should be stepping up and they push them right into a sack. You can see the frustration on the linemans face like WTF? The OL isnt great but they arent as bad as it appears. A run game could help all of this IMO.

  57. vrtkolman says:

    Steelers fans cheering the Fournette injury? Wow.

  58. Trevor says:

    The Jags are and Earl Thomas Trade and Kirk Cousins signing from being a multiple SB winner. They are the 2012 Seahawks right now.

    • Coleslaw says:

      That would be scary… Let’s do it

      • drewdawg11 says:

        They are honestly a legitimate QB from being a very good team. However, as we have learned, once you have to start paying these guys, things get thin. We didn’t have to pay Russell until year 3 was completed. Bouye is already making money. Those linebackers are going to need reaisesnsoon. Ramsey is a year away from asking for an extension. Malik Jackson and Calaise Campbell are already making a lot. They won’t have the staying pier rif they give Cousins $24-26 million per season. Honestly they could draft a guy and still keep the formula. Lamar Jackson, maybe? He’s definitely not worse throwing the ball and he’s an elite athlete. If they want to trade up to say… 18? Make sure they pay up. Earl would make that defense the best in football by a mile next season. Their current safeties are so so.

        • drewdawg11 says:

          Going to need a raise soon*

        • Coleslaw says:

          They do like Bortles. And with this success I don’t see them moving on, at least not this off-season. That leaves room for Earl, if we had 18 and 28 or 29 we’d have a lot of options for trade downs.

          Sign Norwell, Fant takes Ifedi’s spot, take Billy Price or Ronald Jones at 18 and trade down from 28 to target Sony Michel or or a receiver

          • drewdawg11 says:

            So Fant, who has only played tackle for his couple of seasons moved to guard, where he’s never played? Wouldn’t it be easier to flip flop he and Ifedi? I really don’t think they’ll go into next season without attempting to draft a QB to eventually supplant Bortles. Watching the ball come out of that guy’s hand is painful to watch.

            • Coleslaw says:

              Don’t get me wrong they’re gonna add a QB. Just not a first rounder or Kirk Cousins type, or they very well could, I just know I wouldn’t. That OC seems to have him playing well enough with that defense.

              I meant move Fant to Right tackle and bench Ifedi. Brown at LT, Norwell or Pocic at LG, Britt at C, Price or Wynn at RG

  59. PowerPeanut says:

    There are few players in this League i would love to have, more than Bell.

  60. SoCal12 says:

    Ugh, so many Seahawks fansites are having a meltdown over this Brian hire. I’m glad most people here on this site seem to be rational about this. Not the sexiest hire for sure, but at least give the dude a shot. Thanks Rob for keeping this a sane place,

    • Rob Staton says:

      I think we can all agree that repairing the run game has to be a priority. This hire, to me, is a nod to just how important it is. Schotty is dedicated to the run.

      • Seahawcrates says:

        Plus Brees gives him a ton of credit for advancing his career. Especially as Wilson ages Brees is a clear model for success going forward. Fixing the run and improving Wilson’s efficiency are two sound reasons for this hire. An added possible benefit is one less chef making decisions in the offensive kitchen.

  61. Kenny Sloth says:

    I must be in a slim minority of people that love this hire!

    Shotty has been around and knows how a succesful organization is run.

    Seems like exactly the type of guy that will work well with Wilson.

    Idk about him and Carroll, thats the big one.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

      Safe to say… him and Carroll are just fine.

      I’m more curious on who they bring in to run the OL…. because if that person comes in and the OL looks like a top 15 group next year…. we will know where the blame should be placed for the last 2-3 years of poor play.

      • schuemansky says:

        Does anybody if Callahan, OL coach for the Redskins is under contract in 2018?

      • Kenny Sloth says:

        Yeah, apparently Carroll hired him, but lets see how they work together when we’re 6-4 and the fanbase is calling for heads again

        Or we could spin a different narrative of how Cable worked with what he got until he had an extremely talented group that needed more time to gel

        I know we live in the age of spin, but maybe chase narratives a little less. Might obfuscate less topics.

        • Hawk Eye says:

          I was on the fence about Cable until guys like Ray Roberts start explaining why the techniques he was teaching do not work and other O line guys talking about how he kept trying to get guys to do things outside of their skill set, etc. I think replacing him had to happen.

          I expect the o line improves a lot next year (or maybe just really, really hoping)

    • Volume12 says:

      Nope. I love it as well.

  62. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    And the Steelers shat the bed. : (

  63. SeahawkeyezSubj80 says:

    So is it official that Brian Schottenheimer is the OC?

  64. Trevor says:

    I was just looking at Kams Twitter Q&A and it is clear he won’t be retiring and plans to try and play next year.

    With his contract I pray he can come back healthy as it really is the best outcome for everyone. In a perfect world Kam comes back healthy and can play SS backed up by Delano Hill.

    Earl is traded for a 1st to Jags. Hawks resign Mcdougald to play FS and backed up by Thompson or a rookie.

    Then use the 1st rounder from the Jags or our 1st rounder at 18 to take VTech LB Edmunds

    Starting Defense
    DE Clark, Jordan
    DT Jones, Reed
    LB Wags, Edmunds, KJ
    Safety Mcdougald and Kam
    CB Griffin, Sherm, Coleman (Slot)

    • Rob Staton says:

      I think this is the problem with Twitter though. Kam saying stuff in mid-Jan about playing in October, I don’t think we can take anything from that.

      If he walks into a doctor’s surgery in three weeks and they tell him he might not be able to function properly if he plays again, let’s see what he tweets then. It’s tough for Kam. But he’ll make the right decision for him when the time comes. And I doubt that time is now.

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        His salary becomes fully guaranteed on 2/9/18 so a decision might come real soon. He could also still retire after that. If he does want to play and they dont trade Earl I cant really see them paying McDougald. That will be interesting situation to watch as well.

      • Trevor says:

        I agree Rob. I guess I am just hopeful. Petes tone at the year end conference was obviously quite different. I just hope they know sooner rather than later as you would assume it would have a significant impact on their off season plan.

      • Hawk Eye says:

        a few years ago I would have thought that going into a doctors surgery would mean he was going in for surgery, but I watched Doc Martin, so I know that is just what we on this side of the pond call a doctors office.
        Maybe we need an English/American/Canadian translation button…..

      • Rowdy says:

        I understand your logic but I don’t think he turns down the money no matter what. He sat out two weeks putting money over the team why wouldn’t he now?

  65. Ishmael says:

    Tell you what, a Vikings-Jags Super Bowl would be insanely fun.

    Need to double down on the defence and the running game.

  66. John_s says:

    Saints are such a terrible road team in big games. Peyton already panicking and abandoning the run. They’re in for a long rest of the night

  67. Sea Mode says:

    Wow, so it really happened. No word on Christian Wilkins yet (still deciding), but the others are returning to Clemson.


    Dabo Swinney just announced at team banquet that Clelin Ferrell, Austin Bryant, Kendall Joseph, Mark Fields all returning for senior year. Did not say anything about Christian Wilkins.

    4:24 PM – 13 Jan 2018

    • peter says:

      that is some serious coaching. wow.

    • H says:

      Davenport will almost certainly be gone now

    • Volume12 says:

      That hurts an already underwhelming group of pass rushers this year.

      Fun draft, just not at the franchise changing positions except for QB. Lack of OTs and quality depth at pass rusher.

      • Kenny Sloth says:

        It’s thin at WR in addition to OT and DE. CB is pretty sparse.

        I like offball LB, OG, RB, QB, ST and there are some run stuffers.

        I like the safeties more than Rob, but it’s thin there too.

        • DC says:

          With the depth at RB in the draft, how does that effect the FA market? This FO generally pulls in at least a body at an area of need pre-draft. But it also seems like a year where there will be some good guys slipping through the cracks. We certainly can’t afford another $5M turd burglar at the position.

          • Kenny Sloth says:

            Uhhh get LeVeon Bell.

            I just have so little idea of how they scout pro players. Its a totally different department from what we focus on here, but I gotta think we add at least two backs via draft and FA for competition.

            One of which will likely come at a premium.

            • drewdawg11 says:

              Bell would be great… but he’s going to break the bank. 🙂

            • Volume12 says:

              I’m gonna disagree about WR and CB. There’s good depth at both positions and lots of 2’s and 3’s, just not high end types.

  68. Volume12 says:

    I had a class today. Did I miss a classic between Pitt. and the Jags? Or is the score and drive chart deceiving?

    • PowerPeanut says:

      The Pitt TD’s were all Highlight-reel worthy.

      • Volume12 says:

        Thanks. Not sure if I want to watch it, but I’m such a huge fan of RB Leonard Fournette and WR Antonio Brown that I might have to. Brown is just on another level.

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      Yo Vol, I think we missed a good one… Sounds like it was our kind of ball game.

      Telvin Smith’s interview post game is choice~

      Makes you think there was no way Jax was losing. It’s almost a miracle Pitt kept it that close

  69. Volume12 says:

    Alright. Hope ya’ll get all this. It’s something else.

    ‘Teddy Bridgewater got hurt, which meant the Vikings acquired Sam Bradford from Philly, which meant Philly was all in on Carson Wentz, who got hurt and ends up being replaced by the backup QB Nick Foles. He’ll play in the NFCCG next week, possibly against Case Keenum, who’s starting because Bradford got hurt in the 1st place.’

    • DC says:

      The moral of the story is don’t trade for Sam Bradford… lol

      And Bradford, Foles and Keenum all played for the StL Rams at some point.

      • Kenny Sloth says:

        Thats like saying “this giraffe came from the zoo”

        Mediocre QBs were like synonymous with the Jeff Fisher era.

        They took TWO different ones 1st overall so…

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      Somehow… I already knew all of this.

      I was just thinking how convoluted these backups to backups situations are.

      I’m one of those people that can never bet on subpar QBs in the playoffs which is totally illogical and not supported historically.

      Mediocre QBs can do a ton of damage if the rest of the team plays complimentary football

      • Volume12 says:

        You don’t need great at QB if you can play defense and at least keep an opposing defense honest.

        Game managers with accurate arms.

        • Kenny Sloth says:

          Look at these playoffs!

          • Volume12 says:

            Although a big moral of these playoffs are probably something we as Seahawks know all to well. Pass rush. Can never have enough of it, and yet there’s not enough of ’em to go around.

            • DC says:

              Still wishing we had found $15 million in loose change to have inked Calais Campbell. He was worth it for a year anyway.

  70. DC says:

    Weird to say this but it’s actually kind of relaxing to miss the playoffs this year. Certainly not what I hope for. Please Jags crush the Pats next week. If not on the scoreboard at least physically.

  71. DC says:

    On the Dawg front it looks like Greg Gaines is returning for his Senior season. Thank you G.

    • DC says:

      And in other Pac 12 news, Arizona hires Kevin Sumlin as HC. It might not have the talent but this conference has some big name coaches.

  72. Greg Haugsven says:

    Ive said this before and Ill say it again, watching Kamara makes me so jealous because if Prosise could just stay healthy he could do the same things.

  73. Volume12 says:

    WOW!!! What a game!

  74. drewdawg11 says:

    Marcus Williams should be forced to walk home. What the heck was he thinking? He looks to have ducked under the receiver and avoided contact at all costs. Is he in deep with a bookie???

    • Volume12 says:

      Was it Williams or Bell?

    • John_s says:

      That was brutal. All he had to do was keep it in front of him.

    • Volume12 says:

      I’m don’t know what that was either. Just let him catch it. Game over. Instead he tries to make the big splashy play.

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        He ducked because if he would have hit him it would have been pass interference because he would have got there early. I see what he was doing, that being said he got there early enough to make a play on the ball and didnt.

        • DC says:

          If the Vikes go on to win the Super Bowl they will look back at this and realize just how much magic goes into winning a title.

        • Hawk Eye says:

          whatever happened, they blew it.
          Vikings got a miracle against the Saints on a Sunday.
          wonder if god was too busy to help the Saints and let the Vikings plunder them again

    • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

      He was too early to hit him, otherwise would have been a PI and placed at the spot of the foul.. which would have been FG range. Very odd play to say the least…. I was VERY confident the Saints would win the game.

      Sadly, the way things are shaking out, the Patriots will win another SB.

      • peter says:

        no way! I think JAX is going to tell Bortles that he is not allowed to throw and I think JAX front 7 is going to bury Brady.

        • Tien says:

          If I was a betting man, I’d say the Patriots will beat the Jags to go to another SB. But it’s far from a sure thing. The Patriots will load up to stop Fournette so if the Jags can still run him with some effectiveness, it’ll be minimize the times where Bortles has to pass and of course the defense has to again be dominant. I’ll be rooting for the Jags (always no to the Patriots!) but the Patriots & Belichik have been in these situations so often that for me advantage, goes to them.

          Even if the Patriots advance though, I think the Vikings D is tough enough to slow down that offense and the Vikes’ offense can probably score enough points for them to win. (I don’t expect the Nick Foles lead Eagles to win next win and if they do, then yeah, the chances of the Patriots getting another SB increases.)

  75. All I see is 12s says:

    Little info for SDB. Saw Kam Chancellor at the passport office the other day. Getting his passport for his honeymoon. The guy who runs the Cafe in the lobby asked Kam if he will be playing again. Kam was very gracious and friendly. Told him that he likely would not be playing any more. Was pretty definitive. Yet it seemed very strange that he would be so open about such a big issue with a stranger. It’s also strange in light of the interesting remarks he’s made on social media lately. Make of it what you will. Thought I’d pass it along.

  76. All I see is 12s says:

    I agree that Kam knows his body and any decision he makes will be the correct one. I shared this as I thought it strange that he would share such big news (obviously nothing has been confirmed through the media) so openly with random fans. I have seen plenty of other seahawks in that building – they are cordial but they don’t really share anything other than to say their going on vacation.
    Like I said make of our what you will.

    • drewdawg11 says:

      It’s an extremely violent game and he’s used his body to inflict pain and suffering upon his opponents for years. He’s given all that he can and he deserves to enjoy the rest of his life. If this is the end, I say thank you Kam Chancellor for giving us so many great moments. Vernon Davis’ nemesis was a force of nature.

  77. Pickering says:

    Re safeties (earlier talk about Kam) and DBs in general, did Marcus Williams show on his whiff on that final play how important good tackling is, and the price paid for bad tackling? Not that anyone really needed to be reminded. Makes me appreciate the Richard Shermans even more.

    • Ishmael says:

      Yep. Tackling is staggeringly awful in the NFL. The Hawks are above average, but are still pretty poor across the board.

  78. Pran says:

    Pat shurmur as Cardinals HC?

  79. cha says:

    Dave Softy Mahler‏
    Follow @Softykjr
    Just spoke to Myles Gaskin. Said “it just felt right personally” to come back. Said he got “around a 4th round” grade from NFL. But my favorite line: “I didn’t want to leave my bros.”

    Hell yeah Myles.
    4:23 PM – 14 Jan 2018

  80. peter says:

    A mock. geared to running the rock.

    Seattle trades 18 to Cleveland for pick 35, 63, and 140.

    2nd RD: Ronald Jones II, USC, RB. Seattle goes after a weapon who can be explosive but can also grind it out to close games.

    2nd RD: Frank Ragnow, Arkansas, RG/C. Seattle selects a big bear of a man who probably would have cracked the first round if not for injuries. He’s not drafted to be scheme versatile, but rather to play RG and level dudes getting to the second level.

    4th RD. Troy Fumagalli, Wisconsin, TE. Not sure we don’t talk about him on this site. Best combo of blocking and catching in this draft. Amazing product, no. But someone who can do both? yes.

    5th RD: Jmon Moore, Mizzou, WR. Excellent blocking, very tenacious fighter, good production, excellent short area quickness for a tall lanky dude.

    5th Rd. Javon Rolland-Jones, Arkansas State, LB. Ascending LB who exvels in pass rush duties. Can come in on sub packages and pin his ears back.

    5th RD. Holton Hill, Texasa, CB. Seattle goes Old school with a long (6’3″) Cb who is a tackling machine. 2 Int’s, 6 PD, 51 tackles before being suspended for the final 3 games for unspecified reasons.

    5th RD. DJ Moore, Maryland, WR. Seattle goes after “tate,” like WR a little shorter but built like a RB to get some YAC going.

    7th RD: Siran Neal, Jacksonville State, S

    7th RD. Trayvon Henderson, Hawaii, S Seattle selects two safeties back to back in their search for not the next Kam but for a SS. Both are hard-hitting tacklers with excellent speed and are great in run support.

    the final two picks: Punter and kicker….not sure of which yet but the kicking game is pretty bad right now.

    If you were looking for DE/DT types there just aren’t very many and with the news of 3 or 4 Clemson players are going to return it’s going to push those players up quite a bit who might not even be worth it. In this draft, Seattle goes after a RB, a way to run, additional blocking support for the running game with the TE and WR’s.

    • C-Dog says:

      Great looking draft. Part of me wonders with Schottenheimer looking to come in they would target some of the bigger backs in the draft, the Georgia backs, Kerryon Johnson, Guice, etc over Jones2. I know Jones2 is kinda the fav with most of us at SDB, but I think Schotty has always coached systems that used bigger backs. This is sorta tipping the scales back to maybe Sony Michel for me.

      • Icb12 says:

        No thanks on jmon Moore.

        Maddeningly inconsistent hands. Suffers more concentration drops than I’ve seen in a while.

        • peter says:

          I get his hands but there are two things here:

          1. last year he went over 100 yards on 8 or less catches 5 games last year including 196 yrds./ 2 td against georgia….so he’s got some game-breaking skills

          2. But most importantly I think Seattle actually wants a receiver like Kearse who will get out front an block.

        • Kenny Sloth says:


      • peter says:

        So I just did a super rough look at the rosters of the Jets and the most successful backs were all in that 5’10” 220 range. LT with his sort of career revival. Thomas Jones…..

        They had two things that stood out at me: One shone greene, a big back. But then they drafted Joe Mcknight.

        So I just went back to look at the Rams RB situation under Schottenheimer:

        Isaiah Pead 5’10” 206lb 2nd round pick 2012

        Zac Stacy 5’9″ 224 5th round 2013

        Tre Mason 5’9 209 Lb 3rd round pick 2014

        One bowling ball style back, but two slashers. Not that either was that good but they used pretty solid draft capital with a second and a third to go after Pead and then Mason. To me, it shows they are setting up for a more “thunder/lightning” approach than my preferred set up which is two similar backs so you don’t tip your hand on plays.

        • C-Dog says:

          Cool research, Peter. I remember those drafts now. I’ll keep Jones II high on my draft board again.

      • peter says:

        Thanks. Whenever it slows down here I try my hand if you haven’t done one. Like you BTW it’s not necessarily “first pick style,” where I try to cram in all or even any of my favorites but I’m trying to just use the picks that the team has.

        When it gets real slow around here I’m working on one that’s called my “reboot draft,” which involves trades of Earl and Bennet and Seattle basically starting nearly over! got to wait for a sleepy day for that one.

        • C-Dog says:

          Yeah, I always try to steer away from my personal favorites and target what I think will target and where.

    • Leosharp says:

      Interesting draft. I’m not a fan of Ronald Jones II or really any of the projected 2nd round RBs, but the rest is totally in line with what I think the team should do. I’ve watched tape on most of those guys and think they’ll be great additions.

      • peter says:


        Do you think they should hold off and go after a Pettway type later on and go after maybe a high defensive player?

        I’d love to see a great addition the dline rotation it just feels like the signs point to a RB.

        • LeoSharp says:

          Definitely think they should wait.
          The D-line talent doesn’t look great, but if Ogbonnia Okoronkwo tests well with adequate length at the combine then I think he could be a great SAM/Sitiuational rusher and hopefully develop into a full time DE similar to Avril. There are a few interesting FA DEs in Aaron Lynch, Kony Ealy, Denico Autry, Alex Okafor. which is where I think they should focus.

          I think the team should maintain their focus on zone blocking but a guard Like Frank Ragnow who can blow guys up in man blocking and moves very well when targeting the second level would still be a great fit. They need to be more varied in their rushing attack mixing a greater dose of other man or gap schemes would be great. There aren’t any elite TEs so a dominant run blocking guard is probably the best way to do that with an early pick.
          I don’t think Pocic will ever be a great run blocker in the NFL. He would need to significantly change for that to happen so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was off the team in a few years.

          I’m a big fan of Rashaad Penny, Royce Freeman might be my next best option but I think both could improve their pad level to break more tackles. If they really want to address the running game early then it should be a RB who has a history of carrying the load without repeatedly missing games due to injury. Of all the 1st/2nd round projections only Saquon Barkley Nick Chubb and Ronald Jones II have ever shown that ability.Sony Michel had one season carrying the load and he was significantly less effective than Chubb that was also in Schottenheimers offence. His best ability is catching not running the ball. IMO he’s a better in between the tackles runner than Procise (3rd round pick) but is a significantly less effective receiver.

  81. Rob says:

    I don’t see why the pressure would be on Schottenheimer. He has everything to gain, plus as has been stated, this is Pete’s show.

    The official announcement hasn’t even been made yet, but this team is so tight lipped. With that being the case, if nothing is mentioned this week, the Hawks are looking at a team still in the playoffs for their OC.

    • Sean-O says:

      I wonder with the Mularkey news this morning (and the fact it sounds like McDaniels prefers the TEN job) that things could be on hold.

      Maybe Schottenheimer would prefer the OC job in Indy?

  82. Ehurd1021 says:

    I like Shotenhimire as the OC. He’s a coach that LOVES to run the football with power and that’s exactly the team and mentality Pete Carroll wants – which brought Seattle to back-to-back Superbowls. THIS is STILL Pete’s football team and he’s confirming that with this move and hire. Going back to the basics and fundamentals of Pete’s philosophy was going to be key this off-season – which also shows that Pete is here for the long-run in an effort to rebuild this team. Pete found success at USC and with the Seahawks having a team that operates with having a physical defense and an offense that runs the ball with power and physicality while taking shots down the field off play action – which is never going to change, and in all honesty looking around at the Jags and Vikings, why should it? As long as the game of football is played that mentality and style will work but you have to have the players and youth to get it done.

    I don’t buy this idea for one second that the game has changed in the past three years and Pete’s “stubbornness” is hindering the team. Pete is one of the best defensive-minded coaches in football; he knows better than anyone the limitations of Wilson, and what it takes to build a winning team/franchise. He’s proved it and I think he’s earned the benefit of the doubt.

    Pete doesn’t want to put the ball in Wilsons hands and force him to carry the team to wins. We’ve tried this the past two-seasons by default with a lacking running game and how has that worked out? Exactly. I believe Pete also has this opinion for two genuine, legitimate and proven reasons: (1) Wilson has physical limitations (height) that won’t allow him to dominate the game without a running game that can take pressure off him and his limitations. (2) Throwing the ball 30+ times a game is not a formula for extended levels of success in college and/or the NFL for anyone not named Tom Brady. The Jags and Vikings have essentially adopted Seattle’s philosophy and they’re both one game away from making it to the Superbowl with Blake Bortles and Case Keenum as their quarterbacks.

    Yes, like everyone else the thought Deflippo getting his hands on Wilson and being able to assist him in maturing and growing sounded promising and exciting. However, Deflippo doesn’t have the style or offensive mentality that Pete desires. Schottenheimer for all of his failures has proven that he’s dedicated to running the football and he’s had success doing it with multiple teams. Yes, overall his offenses have been mediocre – if not bad – but he’s never had a quarterback with Wilsons unique skill-set to work with. I like the hire because it makes sense for all the right reasons and it is CLASSIC Pete Carroll. Pete has said multiple times that running the football “closes the circle of toughness” on his football teams. And for a team looking to rebuild and reestablish themselves as the ‘bully’, it makes sense.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Good thoughts. I’m basically on the same train: fits our offensive philosophy and has made every QB he’s worked with play better. That’s enough for me at least to give him a shot.

    • Icb12 says:

      Why should it change?

      Because Russell Wilson is paid 20 mil a year.

      That’s 3x Bortles, Foles, Keenum combined.

      Now I will grant you that the jags picked up Bortles option next year. So he’s in line for a huge raise, but will have to prove this year wasn’t a fluke.
      And Keenum is in line for a raise as well. But I doubt it will be for Wilson level $$

      • peter says:

        I think Seattle can still be a run first defense first team and justify paying Wilson what they are paying him. Game managing or not I think there’s something to having a QB that gives you 2.8 td per Int.

        As of today there are 7 QB’s getting paid more money than Wilson. Only one, Rodgers has a better TD to Int ratio. 3 of those qb’s have never won a single playoff game.

        I just think that this notion that somehow Wilson should be giving the team “more,” is false. Or that the team should be built around him. I think Seattle should steady the run game, and figure out if they can make the DLine awesome or the secondary awesome faster and go that way. Keep Wilson at 30td/ 10 int. A lot of teams out there would love to have a QB that was that consistent with his career.

        • Sea Mode says:

          Agreed. If a so-so QB can get you that far with strong defense and run game, imagine what a top 5 QB can do with that.

          And just because he can put up top passing numbers, as we have seen this year, does not mean it’s the best way to win (as we have also seen this year). You don’t have to build for that just because you are paying him what he’s worth, IMO.

        • C-Dog says:

          I don’t even look at it as run first. I just look at it as balanced with a commitment to the run, if that makes sense. They can totally do that and still pay for a top five QB.

    • peter says:

      agreed Ehurd, like you I don’t think the game has passed Carrol by. Like you I’m looking squarely at Minnesota and Jax for examples 1 and 1A as to how little the game of football changes in reality.

  83. Sea Mode says:

    So we might be wanting a TE? Where else you gonna go shopping first than TE U…? 😉

    Christopher Herndon IV, Miami
    6-4, 252

    Good blocker, nice soft hands and good athlete.

    Tape vs. FSU:

    Was leading Miami in receiving before he went down in Nov. 2017 with MCL.

    2017 receiving highlights:

    Pretty bland interview, but seems to be the quiet, hard worker type.

    “Chris Herndon has been a warrior for us,” coach Mark Richt said in a conference call ahead of Saturday’s ACC championship game against Clemson. “He’s been a great player and a great leader on and off the field. He’s the kind of person you love to coach, and I know he’s going to have a really wonderful NFL career. It’s a shame he can’t finish with us because he’s very important for us. He’s been a mainstay in this offense, so I want to thank him first and foremost for everything he’s done for us.”

    Needs more time to develop and had the injury, so should be available in R5-7. (good news for us)

    (My favorite TE so far for Seattle is still Tyler Conklin, Central Michigan (6-4, 240). From walk-on former basketball player to team captain. Incredible hands and, while perhaps not the best in-line blocker, is good in space at least. So you can have him chip the DE and then send him to the 2nd level to take out the LB. He will be at the Sr. Bowl.)

  84. HawkfaninMT says:

    Any connections to Mike Mularkey? Would be my dream OL Coach here… pretty please

    • H says:

      I thought this as well given the OL play of the Titans, especially that game against us.
      But I did some research and he’s never coached oline in the nfl, he has 1 year experience coaching both ol and dl for Concordia University way back in 1993. Other than that he’s just done TE OC and Head coach
      So no clue if he’s at all qualified for that role.

  85. Logan Lynch says:

    I wanted to expound a little bit on what Gohawks5151 mentioned much earlier in the comments about Kyle Shanahan having some uninspiring years as an OC prior to the huge breakout in 2016. This also relates to CHawk Talker Eric’s comments about Schottenheimer’s offensive DVOA rankings. I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your data to show them side by side:

    Offensive DVOA

    (@ NYJ)
    2006 – 12th
    2007 – 22nd
    2008 – 18th
    2009 – 22nd
    2010 – 16th
    2011 – 21st

    (@ SLR)
    2012 – 21st
    2013 – 22nd
    2014 – 25th

    Kyle Shanahan
    2008 – 13
    2009 – 10

    2010 – 25
    2011 – 19
    2012 – 6
    2013 – 23

    2014 – 24

    2015 – 23
    2016 – 1

    The obvious outliers were 2012 where Shanahan caught lightning in a read option bottle with RG3 and then the fantastic 2016 season. Besides those two years, his offenses were generally middle of the pack. Was it a talent problem? He enjoyed peak Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels years in HOU which helped contribute to better than average offense. Atlanta had largely the same offensive skill players in 2015 and 2016, so why was there such a stark difference? I guess I’m just taking a wait and see approach on Schottenheimer. Can’t say I’m excited, but it really is a case of Pete reinforcing his philosophy which has been so successful in the past. If any of you have ever read Win Forever, this should come as no surprise.

    • peter says:

      good post about Shanahan. and about how his success may be more fluky than talking heads want to admit.

      • Patrick Toler says:

        But also about the importance of other influences on a coordinator’s success – mainly QB and offensive talent, and Head Coach and organizational stability. Shanahan didn’t have either until he got Cousins in Washington, though that organization is a mess. He finally saw some real success in Atlanta with a good QB and a solid Owner/GM/HC.

        If your an optimist about Schottenheimer, you hope for the same type of breakout. His situations were generally worse even than Shanahan. He’s almost a cautionary tale for you coaches on being careful about what jobs you accept, working for Ryan and Fischer, with no QBs to really work with (unless you believe Bradford had the talent to be successful).

    • GoHawks5151 says:

      Appreciate the shout out. I think whats goes a bit unnoticed is that smart coaches learn. You see examples everywhere including with Pete. Mike Shula was another pretty traditional guy that added a lot to his offense after getting Cam, Olsen, Ginn and Benjamin. Situations necessitate change. I think he will find that the environment and players will spur his creativity. Don’t forget Pete is pretty good at coaching up his coaches. Many of his coaches all get HC jobs or interviews including Bevell and Cable. So yes all that to say, lets wait and see. Haha

  86. Sea Mode says:

    V12, I was watching your boy RB Malik Williams the other day (count me in on him for sure!), and on the very first play of the highlights, saw a monster from UNC running all the way down the field to tackle him.

    Turns out #97 is 6-6, 295 lbs. junior DT Jalen Dalton.

    Came in as the #4 ranked DE recruit (Rivals), 4 star, but it didn’t work for him there. So he put on 40 lbs and in 2016 moved inside next to Naz. In 2017, in 9 games he had 27 tackles, 3 sacks, 8 TFL, 3 passes defended. (almost identical to Naz’s junior numbers)

    These are probably literally the worst highlights ever :-), but you can at least get a glimpse. I haven’t heard any news on whether he will go pro this year, but he did ask on Twitter just yesterday who could make him a highlights tape, so maybe that’s a sign…? Guess we find out soon since today is the deadline.

    Jalen Dalton (North Carolina) 2017 Junior Highlights

    I thought I saw a good first step in a few of those highlights. Anyway, late in the draft, might the Seahawks look at another long Naz Jones type with probably better athleticism? Naz should have the inside scoop on him for us as well.

    In general, I think there’s a couple guys on UNC defense that might get overlooked because the team was pretty bad this year:

    – CB M.J. Stewart (6-0, 205): 37 PBU over past three seasons. (no INT though the past two…)

    – LB Andre Smith (6-0, 240): missed the last 10 games with a knee injury, may be a somewhat forgotten man. Tackles with authority. Late round insurance for Wagz…?

    Andre Smith || “Unknown to Unforgettable” || North Carolina Highlights

  87. Kenny Sloth says:

    Aw man can we get Mularkey?

  88. Sea Mode says:

    This draft’s Tyler Ervin (huge production in small conference that goes on to do little so far), or something more…? Maybe the cuts remind you more of Tarik Cohen, but remember Cohen is only 5-6, 179.

    Southern Mississippi RB Ito Smith
    5-9, 195


    • Greg Haugsven says:

      Saw that, doesnt really matter as he is gone anyways.

    • Logan Lynch says:

      The disappointing thing to me about this is that I think it destroys whatever little trade value he may have had. Probably have to just cut him now instead of getting any return.

    • Volume12 says:

      Dump him in the trash where he belongs. He’s a good gunner. That’s it. Those cats are a dime a dozen.

  89. drewdawg11 says:

    Wow, very impressive. In and out of his cuts instantly. Vision looks good. Level of competition argument is legitimate, but he can play on Sundays. Needs to have a defined role. I would take him 5th or later.

  90. Sea Mode says:

    Shrine game is this Sat. Practices going on all week. Any names we should keep an eye on?

    • peter says:

      that’s a real “who’s who of who?” list.

      v12’s guy Javon Rolland-jones, lb.

      other than that I’ve got no one on that list.

    • Volume12 says:

      Texas DT Poona Ford is awesome. That dude is a bowling ball of disruption.

      ND St. Jake Weinke. Big, tall kid. I could see Seattle liking him.

      Troy RB Jordan Chunn is a grown man.

      Illinois St CB Devontae Harris is a good one. Could be who Seattle was looking at there this summer.

      • peter says:

        I like harris quite a bit. also this year’s odd Canadian watch is on…WR Cirabisu (sp?) 6’3″ 235…allegedly. know nothing if him but every year there’s one.

        • Volume12 says:

          Miami’s Chad Thomas is another name to keep an eye. Will be a much better pro than college player IMO.

          • peter says:

            love that size and length. forgot that when I watched a little of harris and thought “why is he playing here?” just reminded myself that he missed his whole senior year in high school with an injury.

    • Volume12 says:

      This is good tape. Look how long he is.

      Devontae Harris vs Arkansas St (2016):

  91. Volume12 says:

    Wait. Tom Cable was the director of college scouting? That explains a lot.

  92. Volume12 says:

    It’s ironic and laughable to me that 95% of Seahawk fans hate this hire. Yet Shurmur and McDaniels are hot names and have their fan bases excited as head coaches. Why? Because they excel executing a man above their heads game plan?

    They were fired as HC’s before. McDaniels had one of the worst seasons ever as a HC. Sure, PC & BB were also previously fired as HC’s, but how many of those are just sitting around waiting to be hired?

    The more I think about it, Seattle actually did what every other team did this off-season with one small exception. That didn’t hire ‘the flavor or hot name of the month.’

    This is still PC’s team. Not Schottenheimer’s.

    • Volume12 says:

      Was it Schottenheimer’s teams in NY and STL? Or Rex Ryan’s and Jeff Fisher’s?

      • vrtkolman says:

        That’s the big question mark. His offense was seriously the most conservative I’ve ever seen in New York, but that was most likely Rex Ryan’s doing. Pete likes big plays, so I’m hoping next year resembles more of the Saints offense.

        • Kenny Sloth says:

          Yeah how dare he not take advantage of the arm talents of Chad Pennington and Mark Sanchez

    • DC says:

      PC knows what he wants, knows his “vision”. Get the coaches who coach it, the personnel to run it & then execute. It t’ain’t rocket surgery.

      We’ve seen it take us to the top already.

    • cha says:

      Agree. He’s going to tailor the offense to PC’s vision and the available talent.

      I hear lots of talk about how he doesn’t take many shots deep. And that’s a fair strategy. But you mean to tell me you’re coaching an offense with one of the best deep-ball throwers in the NFL and have Baldwin, Lockett and maybe P rich and McKissic on it and you’re not going to even attempt a downfield throw? No way.

      One of the things I’d like to see from him is having some success integrating non-starters filling in for injury. PC would like to see us getting back to focusing on the run game? Fantastic, but the last 2 seasons the Hawks injury report is littered with RB’s. Let’s not pretend that wasn’t a huge factor. Both seasons by mid-year the Hawks were scraping for someone to take starting snaps.

    • GoHawks5151 says:

      Wow. So very true. You can really say that for every Belichick coach that has left. Weiss, Crenel, Mcdaniels, Mangini, O’brien… We will see how Matt Patricia does in Detroit. How many “innovators” of the game on offense are hired and fired within 3 years? For every Mcvay there are 3 Chip Kelly’s or Marc Trestman’s. No choice to put trust in Pete like you would Bill. MUST hit on the OL coach hire. Some good ones out there. Bill Callahan, Russ Grimm is a good start.

      • cha says:

        Part of the problem is some of these coaches (like Chipper) run a top college program with lots of success. They are free to demand top salary and player control at the NFL level and they just aren’t ready for it. Always felt like some of these guys would do well to jump to the NFL in a coordinator type position for a top coach like a Belichick or PC. Learn for a year or two then go for the total-control NFL job. But the system doesn’t work that way, and that’s how Chip Kelly has been paid almost as much $ to “go away” as he has for actual NFL coaching.

  93. Greg Haugsven says:

    Which of the 5 main free agents do you think they keep?


    Who is cut?


    Who is traded?


    Who retires?


    Interested in your opinions.

    • cha says:

      Keep-McDougald for sure, Sheldon & Graham only if they can accept reasonable contracts, P Rich if he tours around and gets little interest and decides on a one year prove it

      Cut-Lane, Ryan, Avril

      Traded-No one

      Retires-Avril, Chancellor

    • Logan Lynch says:

      Here’s my 2 cents:

      They will let Graham and Joeckel walk.
      Try to keep Sheldon and PRich, but both will sign for more money elsewhere.
      McDougald returns on a modest contract (kept due to a retirement outlined below)

      Lane and Ryan


      Both Chancellor and Avril

    • Sea Mode says:

      Keep: McDougald (6m), Sheldon (11m), Luke Willson (2m)

      Cut: Lane, Ryan

      Trade: Bennett + R5 for R3

      Retire: Avril, Chancellor

      Extend (cap relief): Earl, Sherman, Brown, Clark (mid-season)

      FA: RB (Carlos Hyde- 4m)

      Draft: Tremaine Edmunds

    • C-Dog says:

      I think they keep McDougald.

      I think they cut Ryan, Avril, Lane, and after June 1st, they cut Bennett.

      I don’t think that they trade anyone.

      I think that Kam Chancellor retires.

      I think that they will do some FA spending on the offense side at WR, TE, OL, and maybe RB.

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        Looks like a lot of the same thoughts.

        Keep McDougald, mixed on Sheldon. Lane, Ryan gone, Avril and Chancellor retire.

        • Greg Haugsven says:

          Losing those 4 guys can open you up about $17 to $22 million depending on there cut designation.

          • Hawk Eye says:

            I don’t see the cost benefit of cutting Bennett or trading him. He has a decent cap hit next 2 years, and it an extremely productive and respected player. Fans opinions of his protests are quite different than a locker room of players with a lot of similar opinions.
            You don’t get better by getting rid of elite talent that is not overpaid and who is the vet to lead the D-Line? The guy is a baller. Anyone want to see him play for NE?

            Sheldon will cost more money than Bennett, and not have the production or the leadership. Sign him for the right price or let him walk and get the comp. I think Malik plays into how much they will pay him.

            I think Lane is gone and Ryan. Graham is gone, probably Joeckel as well. PRich is gone.
            I think McDougall depends on what happens with Kam and Earl.
            I think they try to bring back B-Max or Shead, but not both.

            I don’t see getting rid of Sherman this year. With him the D can be elite and compete for a SB if the O improves as hoped and they need another year before young guns can take over.
            Pete wants a chance to win n 2018. I think he will tweak and not make major moves to dump talent. But I also think he knows the next 2 or 3 years the roster will have to turn over about half or more of the core players. I don’t think they give out any crazy free agent contracts or resign guys to big money.

  94. DC says:

    Just watched tape of VTech DT Tim Settle for the first time & WOW. He looks like Cortez Kennedy out there to my eye. Granted it was a highlight video but holy night he gets penetration into the backfield & looks stout. If he’s there at #18 I would make that pick in a heartbeat, no trade back.

    After a QB, a dominant DT is the next biggest difference maker on any team imho. Settle looks to have that potential.

  95. KD says:

    Still no official confirmation on Schottenheimer from the team? There’s no reason why such a hire would take so long to negotiate a deal, so is it possible that they are waiting for the remaining playoff teams to finish their seasons and cover all bases?

  96. cha says:

    Steve Wyche‏
    Verified account

    Seahawks DE Cliff Avril, who had neck surgery and missed most of last season told me he plans to try and play again. @nflnetwork
    12:59 PM – 15 Jan 2018

    • DC says:

      We need Cliff Avril healthy. Heal up brother! You are one of the best humans on and off the field.

  97. Sea Mode says:


    I’ll have a full report tonight, but East practice star of the day @Shrine_Game was UNI WR Daurice Fountain. Difficult to cover, can cut at speed, feisty. #NFLDraft @1043TheFan

    12:53 PM – 15 Jan 2018

  98. Sea Mode says:

    Whew, mercy me… from the Dream Bowl.

    That’s tied for #2 vert and #3 broad among all WRs last year…

    Eric Galko‏

    Central Oklahoma WR Josh Crockett (6’2, 190, 4.51 forty, 11’1 broad, 41′ vert, limited training) was remarkable all week in practice. Swarms of NFL interest, for good reason. We had @ChesterRogers80 use the game to become a coveted sleeper. Crockett is next, maybe as a draft pick

    8:41 AM – 15 Jan 2018

    32.5 arm, 9.25 hand
    4.16 SS, 7.07 3C

  99. Sea Mode says:

    Yay, first officially qualifying Seahawks CB prospect of the year! Tis the season! 😉

    Samford CB Omari Williams
    6001, 182
    32.5 arm
    77.5 wing

    Omari Williams DB – Samford U

  100. Greg Haugsven says:

    With all the talk of trading Earl Thomas I thought I would put up some numbers on what an Earl Thomas extension could look like. There has been some rumors out there that he wants to be the highest paid safety in the league which currently is Eric Berry at $13 million a year. This is what a contract could look like.

    Currently he is scheduled to make $8.5 million this year and has $1.9 million left in signing bonus cap money making his cap hit this year $10.4 million. We would roll this into a new deal which would be 3 years $40 million making him the new safety APY leader at $13.33 million a year. This is how the contract structure could look. The deal would include $15 million guaranteed with a signing bonus of $10 million.

    Year Base SB Proration Roster Bonus Cap Hit

    2018 $6 mill $3.4 mill $9.4
    2019 $7.5 mill $2.5 mill $1 mill $11 mill
    2020 $10 mill $2.5 mill $1 mill $12 mill
    2021 $12 mill $2.5 mill $1 mill $15.5 mill