Seahawks free agency live blog & open thread

March 9th, 2016 | Written by Rob Staton

Free agency officially begins at 1pm PST — but plenty of deals have already been confirmed. Kenny and I talked through some of those and what lies ahead in today’s podcast (see above).

I will update this post as news come in affecting the Seahawks.

What we know
— Jeremy Lane has agreed a four-year deal to stay in Seattle
— Bruce Irvin will be leaving the Seahawks to join the Raiders
— J.R. Sweezy is joining the Buccaneers
— Brandon Mebane has signed a three-year deal in San Diego
— Ahtyba Rubin has committed to staying in Seattle
— Chris Clemons will visit with the Seahawks

The key to Seattle’s off-season really is the future of Russell Okung. If he were to re-sign with the Seahawks — even on a short term contract — it gives them some flexibility in the draft. If he departs and they don’t add a replacement, they almost have to take an offensive tackle with the #26 pick.

As you can see, there isn’t a lot of scope to be active unless they fail to re-sign any of their existing players (something they stress is a priority). If they choose to draft a punter instead of re-signing Jon Ryan, they’ll have an extra $1.5m to play with.

On top of Okung’s future, Jeremy Lane’s situation is very intriguing. How much is he going to be offered on the open market? And how far are the Seahawks willing to stretch to keep him?

Who could they target?
Denver linebacker Brandon Marshall and Miami receiver Rishard Matthews have been linked to the Seahawks. Marshall has been tagged as a restricted free agent and would cost Seattle’s #56 pick. Matthews is an efficient wideout in the mould of Jermaine Kearse. Donald Penn referred to interest by Seattle in a NFL Network spot yesterday.

Live blog

— According to Albert Breer, Chris Clemons could be returning to Seattle…

— Here’s another name to throw into the mix — Cedric Thornton from the Eagles. He’s 6-4 and 309lbs and would be a nice addition to the D-line rotation. He was undrafted in 2011 and played end for the Eagles.

Rapoport is now suggesting the Seahawks are making a late push to keep Okung with a “strong offer”. He won’t be able to negotiate with other teams until free agency begins because he’s representing himself.

— In non-free agency news, Rapoport also says Jimmy Graham is on pace to return to action in week one for the Seahawks.

— Brandon Mebane will NOT be returning to the Seahawks. He’s signing a deal with the Chargers:

This is a blow for the Seahawks. They’ll likely need to replace Mebane in free agency. This could be why they’re showing interest in Cedric Thornton.

— J.R. Sweezy has opted to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Mike Garafolo says the Seahawks made an attempt keep Sweezy.

This isn’t a big shock considering the expensive guard market and the reported interest in Sweezy (Stroud says a dozen teams were interested). Mark Glowinski is a ready made replacement at right guard.

— According to Omar Kelly, the Seahawks are still interested in Rishard Matthews:

— Jeremy Lane is staying in Seattle…

Last week we considered the possibility that Lane would be a top priority. The Seahawks needed some consistency at cornerback after watching Brandon Browner and Byron Maxwell depart and Cary Williams flop.

Lane’s ability to play inside and out will be crucial. They have a stable of younger guys to provide depth behind Lane, Richard Sherman and DeShawn Shead. It’s a four-year deal so it’s a long-term commitment.

As noted above — the key now is Okung. If he stays — they have flexibility in the draft and can consider a number of different positions at #26. If he departs and they don’t sign a replacement — they pretty much have to go offensive tackle in round one.

587 Responses to “Seahawks free agency live blog & open thread”

  1. HawkPower12 says:

    Not hearing anything bout Lane yet may be a good thing.

    I wonder if we will be surprised with another Seahawk trade right as the year begins…Jimmy last year, whom this year???

    LT, Martellus, or probably no one…can’t wait to see.

    • lil'stink says:

      Kyle Long. It ain’t gonna happen, but I really want it to. Can play guard or tackle, cheap in 2016 (last year of his deal, though). Instant upgrade to our OL for years to come.

      • Miles says:

        So I heard that the Maxwell trade is falling through due to his shoulder. I wonder if this could open the door for us to jump in and get him back??

  2. 503Hawk says:

    Not a huge Okung fan, but if he has a healthy year, he will a better LT than anyone Seattle can find at 26.
    That said, even if he resigns, eventually they will have to find a replacement to groom. So, I am hoping for both; resign Okung AND draft his replacement, whether that be in R1, R2, or w/ an R2 trade-back.

    We all knew Irvin was leaving, once we see the numbers we will have a better idea of next years (tradable) comp pick. Going to be a fun day.
    GO HAWKS!!!

    • RealRhino2 says:

      Echo your thoughts on Okung. As Rob wrote in his blog, re-signing him gives us more flexibility early in the draft, but even if we have him back we should draft a developmental guy later (unless they think Poole is already that guy).

      No way should we be giving up #56 for a LB already getting paid starter money.

    • Rob Staton says:

      If Okung walks, Gilliam likely switches to LT and the #26 pick plays on the right.

    • matt says:

      @TomPelissero: Bruce Irvin’s deal with #Raiders is 4 years, $37 million, including $12.5M in the first year.

      Deal can be worth as much as $39 mil, with Pro Bowl incentives. That’s 4th round comp pick territory. Not bad a bad deal for both Seattle and Oakland.

  3. nichansen01 says:

    I hope we are able to resign Jeremy Lane and Sign Donald Penn. Penn would be an upgrade from Okung.

    • Rob Staton says:

      That’s debatable. Oakland still has nearly $70m in cap room and Penn is from LA and is a self-confessed Raiders fan. If they’re not willing to keep him — based on the fact they can spend whatever it takes, that is telling.

      • Del tre says:

        Penn has already been linked to the Hawks and is usually healthy would be better than okung because okung is never on the field

        • Rob Staton says:

          Let’s not just assume though that Penn being healthy makes him a great fit. He’s had a very up-and-down career. And as mentioned — Oakland has $65m left in cap space. If they let Penn walk, why? He’s stated he wants to stay in Oakland. So why wouldn’t they keep him?

          • Del tre says:

            Because they might have a developmental guy they are looking at who could benefit from the reps Penn is old and not a long term solution for either team, plus like you said the Raiders have so much cap space and just sign osmele they might be looking for a left guard not a tackle anymore

            • Rob Staton says:

              On the last point — that’d be a knock on Penn if they signed a LG which is the point I was making really.

              I’m not aware of a developmental tackle on Oakland’s roster.

              Again — if they don’t re-sign Penn I’d be asking, why? They have the money and he has the want to.

              • franks says:

                They’re 70M under but that doesn’t mean they’ll pay a placeholder like Penn more than they thinks he’s worth. The office and the player may have different valuations of the player.

                • ZacScratchFever says:

                  Simply put, they need a LT. They should easily be able to resign Penn without overpaying. There doesn’t seem to be a direct line to a better alternative. If they see a better alternative, it doesn’t speak well of their evaluation of a guy they know very well. It is the Raiders.

                  • franks says:

                    The Raiders are a good young team with a firmer grasp of who’s who than we have. Maybe they see Osemele a a guard, maybe they see a lot of things, maybe they’re right and maybe they’re wrong. We need to stop reading too much into every move every team makes IMO. We don’t know their reasons and we don’t know if they’re right.

              • Del tre says:

                Oh no I think osmele is going to be there LT sorry I was so unclear

        • rowdy says:

          Half the free agents have been linked to the hawks though

          • Steele says:

            I do not think Penn will remain with the Raiders. Based on what I’m seeing. Norton is very excited about getting Irvin. He is going to have a monster season.

  4. Dingbatman says:

    Rob. Love to hear your thoughts on the possibility of any current back ups stepping up into starting roles next year. You’ve already said you weren’t optimistic on any of our O/L (which is pretty disappointing considering how many linemen they drafted last year). Tye Smith? Pinkins? Seisay? Simon? Glowinski? Farmer? Sokoli? Francis? If the Hawks feel good about even a couple of those guys becoming legit starters it could have implications on the direction they go in the draft.

    • Rob Staton says:

      It’s hard to project DBM because we’ve seen so little of those players. Farmer for example played receiver in college. Sokoli played DT and Pinkins was a safety. Simon has always shown potential but can’t stay healthy.

    • Attyla the Hawk says:

      Of that list, he’s how I would speculate (assumes they make the team):

      Likely contributors:

      1. Glowinski
      2. Simon
      3. Francis

      Possible contributor:

      1. Smith
      2. Seisay
      3. Sokoli

      About as likely as Korey Toomer:

      1. Farmer
      2. Pinkins

      I think Sokoli could be in the unlikely category. But with the way OL depth is churned due to injuries — I think he’d be pressed into service by way of sheer numbers/need.

      • Jarhead says:

        I don’t know, other than Simon who was IR’d, Sokoli and Glowinski were the only 2 kept on the active roster all 16 games last season. Seems pretty telling to me. They gave Michael 3 seasons to get it straight before cutting bait. So I think your list is a little presumptive. I think a lot of those guys were acquired last year in preparation of this year. So 5 rookies are going to come in NFL ready and contribute every week and add depth?

    • Del tre says:

      Frak Clark might replace Irvin he is down to 257 and has more pass rush moves than Irvin ever did he also played backer at Michigan. I’m not saying he is better but Irvin had his speed and that was about it

      • franks says:

        257 in shoes and pants. Could definitely be moving outside.

        • Del tre says:

          I know still I’m really excited about him getting on the field more he has 10 to 15 sack potential and I hope he lives up to it

          • franks says:

            Defense would be dear near unstoppable if we added a guy like that to Avril and Bennett.

            • Del tre says:

              Great part is if they add Clemons they get a guy who led the jags last year with 38 qb hurries hello leo

  5. DD says:

    Hasselbeck retired !

    • Attyla the Hawk says:

      Not only retired. But replacing Ditka on NFL Countdown.

      • Coug1990 says:

        That alone is good news. Ditka was past his prime when he was coach of the Saints.

        • smitty1547 says:

          Hasselbeck will be good in that role

          • Miles says:

            I wish he would sign with us and make his last day in the NFL a Seahawks day. Also put him in the Ring of Honor. I will definitely be tuning into Sunday NFL Countdown more now for sure.

  6. Attyla the Hawk says:

    Given this is a lean pass rush draft, I’d wonder if we don’t target that in UFA.

    Seems strong at OT (if picking at #26), and particularly strong at OG/OC. Good DTs deep in the draft but not deep at pass rushing.

    Wonder if we don’t blow up something and bring in a big ticket pass rusher. Seems like the smart ‘blended’ strategy to take what’s available via draft and address what’s lean by way of FA.

    • Rob Staton says:

      “Wonder if we don’t blow up something and bring in a big ticket pass rusher.”

      A lot of the big names are signed up already and the going rate seems to be $8.5m APY. Will be very difficult.

      • RWIII says:

        If the Hawks can resign Clemons that would be AWESOME! !!

        • Ben2 says:

          I love me some Clem but he’s old and got cut by the Jags….do we want a savvy vet or a young developmental pass rusher? Only so many roster spaces…

    • dave crockett says:

      I don’t think teams are too much letting sacks walk out the door in UFA. That makes me think that targeting pass rush is gonna be done with bodies, in the draft and UFA. It won’t be high profile guys most likely, except maybe a guy like Nick Perry if his market is soft. Otherwise they’ll look for guys with a skill set or athletic profile rather than production.

    • franks says:

      It appears we’re too late for that.

      Clemmons is intriguing to the homer in me but I haven’t watched him play since he went to Jax.

      • franks says:

        But then there’s Olivier Vernon.

        • RWIII says:

          If the Hawks signed Vernon that would use up almost all of their Cap room. They would have very little cap space available.

          • franks says:

            Giants just paid him double what the Dolphins had him for. Way too much, I didn’t know he was in that range.

  7. matt says:

    Ian RapoportVerified account
    The #Seahawks are working to bring back Brandon Mebane before 4 pm today. They already secured Ahtyba Rubin on that DL, working on Mebane

    It would be huge for us to keep our run stuffing duo, in the first day of FA no less.

  8. Trevor says:

    I think they are trying to figure out how to get Mebane, Okung and Lane done with $14 mil in cap space. Would mean no outside FAs except maybe in vet min range.

    • mishima says:

      Which makes the Marsall rumor interesting/confusing. I think they’ll get something done with Bane, try to keep Lane and prepare to lose Okung.

      Losing Lane and Okung would give them about 11 million to sign a few 2nd tier FAs. Thinking veteran OL.

      • rowdy says:

        Countless names hav ed been linked to teams. Sources come from everywhere this time of year trying to there client look hotter then he is

      • Miles says:

        It’s very possible Seahawks are getting rumors out there to prevent value for their players going way up. What better way to prevent a bidding war than to pretend your funds are going elsewhere?

    • lil'stink says:

      I think the odds of getting all 3 are unfortunately probably not very good. We also probably want to keep a little extra $ to make a Kevin Williams or Fred Jackson type signing later in the year, not sure if Hsu’s numbers reflect that?

      Hope we bring Mebane back, I would love it if Seattle is the only team he ever plays for, but it seems like this would be the year to replace him with the talent spread in the draft. But, like Okung, re-signing Mebane would give us more flexibility in the draft.

  9. HawkfaninMT says:

    A couple names of interest to me going into today, other than our guys) are Courtney Upshaw and Nick Perry. I would love to Upshaw brought in to take Irvin’s LB spot, or KJs and he slides over, whichever is a better fit. Perry would be a nice rotational piece aka Irvin, or Schoefield when he was here.

    Then there is also Brandon Brooks. Pipe dream probably, but he would go a long way towards solidifying the interior of the line.

    I saw the Maxwell trade broke down. Was he going to rework his contract and the Eagles take the big cap hit like they did with Murray? If the contract were restructured I would love it if they could bring Maxwell back

    • Rob Staton says:

      Upshaw — nowhere near fast enough to play Irvin’s spot for Seattle. Perry IMO is a very, very average player. Nothing special about him physically. He’d have to be dirt cheap I think.

      Brooks is garnering +$8m APY on the market.

      Maxwell to Miami back on now apparently.

      • hawkfaninMT says:

        Yup, looks like the Miami trade is official… What a robbery by the Eagles

        • Scraps says:

          What a robbery by the Eagles

          Or a robbery by the Dolphins. One mediocre year; I’m not ready to write Maxwell off, especially because last year in Philly was a bad year for everybody. Of course, even the Eagles were better organized than the Dolphins….

      • HI Hawk says:

        Agree on Upshaw, didn’t like him on draft day and all he’s done in the NFL is prove he is who we thought he was: An unathletic run support specialist.

        Perry doesn’t strike me as any better than Marsh, so I don’t see him as interesting for the Seahawks.

        If Maxwell takes a pay-cut to go to Miami, it could help keep Lane’s market in check. I would like to see him back, but I don’t think he’s worth more than $4 million.

      • J says:

        IIRC perry had a really good combine.

        Not saying he is a good player but saying he is not a special athelete isnt correct.

        4 64 forty, 38.5 inch vert, 35 reps on the bench. 10’4 broad. At 271 pounds.

        • Rob Staton says:

          I didn’t say anything about his athleticism.

          I said physically he isn’t special. And based on what we’ve seen at GB, I’d stand by that.

          • J says:

            What do you mean by “physically special” if you aren’t referring to physical ability?

            If you are using it to mean his effort level, technique, or abilty to use his atheticism it is a misuse of the term. If you use it to mean his physical ability you are wrong. He can run fast, jump high and lift a lot of weight.

            • Steele says:

              Perry had a hard time staying healthy. That’s the main thing. I know you don’t think he would be worth pursuing (Rob). I am on the fence. Perry has had some really good games. If anyone knows, it’s Pete, who coached him at USC.

  10. matt says:

    The ‘plan’ looks like Clark moving into Irvins spot. SAM in the base defense. Edge rusher on passing downs. That news moves the need for a starting LB way down the draft board.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I wouldn’t jump straight to that conclusion.

      They might want Clark to be more of a speed/edge compliment. Just because he’s down to 257lbs doesn’t mean he’s automatically going to replace Irvin.

      • matt says:

        You’re right making that conclusion is a bit presumptuous. Marsh cut some weight after his rookie year and got some time at SAM in the offseason. Looks like they’re doing the same thing with Clark. He may or may not be stick at SAM, but the signs point strongly at him getting a look there. Marsh and Clark being asked to cut weight could just be JS/PC wanting them to be quicker and more versatile.

        • Rob Staton says:

          I think they’re looking for more speed up front — Marsh and Clark losing weight could be indicative of that. Plus a faster WILL. Could be Pinkins, Morgan or KPL — or a replacement in FA/draft.

          • Miles says:

            Rob, I remember you were not too high on Bruce Irvin gaining muscle last year. How do you feel about Clark dropping weight? Do you feel it will change him as a player in a negative or positive way?

      • HI Hawk says:

        It also means we could see a rotation of SAMs, much like 2013 where Malcolm Smith played as many, if not more, snaps as Irvin at linebacker.

        I do think there are on-roster options to replace Irvin’s production, but when depth players become starters, the depth needs replenished.

        If KPL and Clark end up splitting time at SAM, that will necessitate improved depth at inside passrusher and outside linebacker (both SAM and WILL) because after the oft-injured KPL, the only guy left is Pinkins (a safety convert) and maybe Mike Morgan. They’re going to need to use an early pick somewhere along the front-7. A talent influx is sorely needed with Irvin’s departure whether that player starts or not.

        • Rob Staton says:

          “It also means we could see a rotation of SAMs, much like 2013 where Malcolm Smith played as many, if not more, snaps as Irvin at linebacker.”


        • Hawksince77 says:

          Deion Jones in the second, after William Jackson in the first.

          That’s my thinking, assuming they get the o-line figured out prior to the draft.

          • Del tre says:

            I like William Jackson’s play bUT there is one thing I whole heartedly agree with rob about its that Seattle has specific criteria for corners including 32 inch arms William Jackson doesn’t have that

      • JT says:

        I highly doubt that they play Clark at SAM LB much, if at all. The weight loss pretty much guarantees that Clark will replace Irvin as an edge rusher in nickel however, rather than playing inside like last season. They play nickel half their snaps anyway so he will be on the field rushing the passer a lot.

      • smitty1547 says:

        sure looks like the plan to me

        • Rob Staton says:

          There are many reasons why a guy would lose weight.

          Irvin played safety before becoming an edge rusher. His game was predicated on speed and he was a natural fit to try and linebacker.

          Clark is not a speed guy like Irvin. He’s a raw, athletic bigger guy. If they’re getting him to slim down the chances are he’s doing it to be more effective working the edge than converting to a position where freedom of movement is crucial. Clark’s a pass rusher.

          • Del tre says:

            Frank Clark can also stop the run though and the Hawks have played while not relying on SAM in coverage as much

            • Steele says:

              Regardless, I think they need more than Clark to bolster the pass rush.

              • Del tre says:

                Ogbah? I think they need interior pressure teams can have 2 great tackles but only one team has a good line through and through and that’s the cowboys. It’s tough to say I’d like to see Adolphus Washington and Willie Henry or Javon Hargrave and Henry. With a dt that can deliver regular pressure the defense will be beast

                • Ben2 says:

                  Washington didn’t have a good combine but has good tape- I’ll take the tape and maybe if we’re lucky the combine performance pushes him into rd 3 for us

    • Cysco says:

      very interesting. thanks for posting.

      • matt says:

        No problem. It’s worth noting that it’s only been 7-8 weeks since the end of the Hawks season and Clark is sporting some smooth J’s and pants-another few pounds no doubt.

    • GeoffU says:

      I highly doubt Clark would play the SAM position. Most likely they’re training him up for the LEO or other DE spot. Him and Avril on the ends with Bennett up the middle, should be similar to the glory year of Clem, Avril, and Bennett wreaking havoc all the way to the Super Bowl.

      I don’t get all the worry about replacing Irvin’s SAM role, I really don’t think it’s that important of a position. We really just need someone who’s cheap, fast, and assignment correct.

      • C-Dog says:

        Least important position of the of the LBs when you factor in the nickel. Here’s the things that makes me think perhaps he could be a candidate for SAM; They are looking at kicking the tires on Chris Clemons again, Clark curiously decided to post the information about his weight drop and the “plan being in effect” on twitter the night Irving agreed with Oakland, I believe he started is college career as an outside linebacker for Michigan, so there is some background there with him.

        I think it’s just as likely he is dropping the weight more specifically to be the nickel LEO. However, this is falls into the Nothing Surprises Me Anymore category for me with the Seahawks, and maybe they are going to ask him to make the transition.

        • GeoffU says:

          I wouldn’t put it past them either. The more I think about it, I guess if you want Clark on the field more and your starting 1st down line is Bennett, Rubin, Bane, and Avril it’d be a good way to do it.

      • reggieregg says:

        Darron Lee…?

    • Lenny says:

      With the strength of the defensive ends in this draft being at the 5 technique rather than the Leo I think it makes more sense to use Clark as rotational Leo. Clark backing up Avril and drafting a backup for Bennett seems like a better plan than trying to find a Leo in the draft. It takes a really special kind of athlete to play Sam and Leo like Irvin did. The Hawks are probably going to have to replace him with 2 players.

      • Volume12 says:

        Seattle doesn’t use a LEO anymore. When Clemons left they scraped it.

        A LEO is a wide 9 DE alignment off the LT.

  11. Steve Nelsen says:

    Given the Seahawks’ long-standing pursuit of a #1-ype WR, do you think that they kick the tires on Mike Wallace?

    • matt says:

      Nope. Wallace is a guy who sulks when he doesn’t get the ball. Not a team guy. Wouldn’t want him on the roster, even for the minimum. imo

    • lil'stink says:

      IMHO I think Baldwin would be a better #1 receiver for us than Wallace at this point. I would take Lockett over Wallace as well. Poor Doug can’t get no respect 🙂

    • Drew says:

      He’s not a #1 type. To me he’s Percy Harvin lite (skills and attitude)

      • Miles says:

        The only FA WRs that make sense to me at all are Jermaine Kearse, Rishard Matthews and Anquan Boldin.

  12. Drew says:

    Olivier Vernon is now a free agent. Miami revoked the transition tag

  13. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Alex Boone to MIN.

  14. austin says:

    Rob thoughts on if we get Marshall and have to give up our 56? I hate the idea but don’t know a whole lot about Marshall either. Curious to hear what you think. Thanks!

    • Rob Staton says:

      He’s a good guy, team player. Plays very solid defense but not a major playmaker. Won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen, won’t be disappointed if it does.

    • Drew says:

      If it was just a 2nd, it wouldn’t be a terrible deal, but also having to take on his salary as well, no thanks.

  15. Ty the Guy says:

    Not expecting any huge news this free agency period from the Hawks. The cap “noose” is shrinking every year for them if they want to keep core, important pieces.

    I really admire Schneider’s ability to evaluate a player’s value to the team. Browner, Tate, Maxwell, Carpenter, Giocamini, Irvin…. these are all good players that were not irreplaceable. It will always be difficult from now on to find the right “supporting” cast. But they seem to be doing a great job of it.

    That being said Lane, Okung, Sweezy, and Mebane would take the pressure off the draft. And allow PCJS to dictate their board. (like they are not going to anyways) I am just saying that instead of the idea of HAVING to draft a LT in round one. We would have flexibility if we could resign those guys. Lane and Okung especially.

    • Ty the Guy says:

      Chris Polk anyone?

      • franks says:

        I think he’d fit. Won’t break the bank but then again he will make veteran money.

    • Scraps says:

      I think giving up Maxwell was a mistake, even with the cost. (I know he had a mediocre year, but I feel that was mostly the Eagles.)

      Lots of people disagree, I know. So maybe I’ll put it differently: giving up Maxwell was a mistake, because we didn’t have a reasonable substitute at all. Number one mistake was the offensive line; number two was never filling the opposite cornerback from Sherman.

  16. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Bruce Irvin deal:

    4 years
    $19M guaranteed

    Yr 1 – $6.25M
    Yr 2 – $4.5M
    Yr 3 – $8M (guaranteed for injury at signing)
    Yr 4 – $9M

    Roster bonuses
    $6M in 2016
    $2.25M in 2017

    • Trevor says:

      Sounds like a 2017 4th round Comp pick at best in this market

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        Yep, not quite a R3 comp.

        • Ukhawk says:

          How certain is it a 4th? Not a 3rd?

        • Ukhawk says:

          Hmm How certain is it a 4th? Not a 3rd?

          • CHawk Talker Eric says:

            There are only so many R3 comps awarded in any year, and those go to the teams whose players signed elsewhere for the most money. In this year, the threshold is likely to be over $10M APY. Irvin’s APY is $9.25M.

          • GeoffU says:

            It’s impossible to say right now, too much is in flux. However, looks like a lot of players will be getting more than Irvin and since only four 3rd round picks will be handed out this year, it will probably be a 4th at best. And if we sign Okung, will we even get one at all?

            • TannerM says:

              Okung wouldn’t make a difference, since he’s our own free agent. If they went out and signed say Olivier Vernon, who is a free agent due to his contract running out and not due to his previous team dropping him, then that would cancel the presumed comp pick.

            • Steve Nelsen says:

              We don’t lose one if we keep Okung.

            • J says:

              I don’t think you lose those picks for resigning your own guys.

      • ClevelandHawk says:

        Overthecap has an interesting tool to track this:

        One point the chart highlights is the cancellation effect of signing players, with little regard for salary. For instance, Baltimore signing Watson cancels out Osemele. So, as the point is made above, it is truly too soon to reckon the value of the picks. Bruce seems solidly in the fourth round with a possibility of bumping to third round, depending on who signs.

  17. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Chris Clemons to visit SEA

    • Rob Staton says:

      There we go…

      • Trevor says:

        Do you think he has anything left in the tank as a situational pass rusher 15/20 snaps a game?

        • Rob Staton says:

          Possibly. As an impact guy with no responsibility to be ‘the guy’ he might have a year left.

          • Naks8 says:

            If he signs for min then it sounds like a win win situation

            • Miles says:

              He may have lost speed but he doesn’t necessarily need to be elite in that area to do what he did in our system. In 2013, his main responsibilities were to set edges and maintain gap control, and yes, rush the passer in the NASCAR package. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  18. POB says:

    Chris Clemons headed to Seattle. 34 & wasn’t super productive last year, but he’s done well in Pete’s system previously.

  19. Trevor says:

    Chris Clemons on his way to PNW to meet the Hawks. Loved Clemons but not sure how much he would have left in the tank. Would prefer Chris Long if we go the veteran pass rusher route but maybe he is too pricey.

  20. Trevor says:

    Did Breno get cut by Jets? Would love him and Clem back as leadership and role players.

    • Rob Staton says:

      He was not cut.

      • Trevor says:

        That is too bad. I thought he would be the ideal LG to line up next to Gilliam and provide some nastiness / leadership to the OL.

        • franks says:

          Alex Marvez ‏@alexmarvez 3h3 hours ago

          Source tells @NFLonFOX that @nyjets are sniffing around the free-agent tackle market. Wither Breno Giacomini???

  21. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Does anyone else think Leonard Floyd and Travis Feeney are pretty similar?

    Floyd – 6’5″ 240lbs, 4.60/2.68/1.59, 39.5″ VJ, 10’07” BJ
    Fenney – 6’4″ 230lbs, 4.50/2.64/1.58, 40″ VJ, 10’10” BJ

    • Sea Mode says:

      Someone threw in Pinkins’ Pro Day numbers in yesterday’s thread. Less productive at the position, a bit smaller, but similar measurables.

      E. Pinkins — 6’3″ 220lbs 40yd: 4.44 10yd: 1.59. Vert: 39.5

      • Drew says:

        Pinkins also played at a smaller school (SD State) and at a different position (safety), but did play in the box and covered the slot a lot. Level of competition was a lot different.

    • Steele says:

      Yes. The difference being, Feeney has a bad shoulder, needs more work and would come cheaper.

  22. Ukhawk says:

    Ian Williams signs 5 years at 5-6apy. Rubin deals looks better

  23. nichansen01 says:

    Frank Clark will replace Irvin, he’s slimming down. Mebane and Lane likely resigned. Sign Clemmons to fill Clarks role in the defense. Draft three offensive linemen and 1 defensive tackle in the first three rounds.

    • Rob Staton says:

      “Frank Clark will replace Irvin, he’s slimming down.”

      We don’t know that.

      “Mebane and Lane likely resigned”

      We don’t know that either.

  24. lil'stink says:

    I thought Clemons had the reputation of being a complete jerk, not a good presence in the locker room. With his declining play in recent years is he even worth a vet minimum deal?

    • Rob Staton says:

      Clearly not how the team see it if they’re entertaining bringing him back.

    • GeoffU says:

      I never heard anything like that at all about Clem. Quite the opposite, in fact.

      • lil'stink says:

        Perhaps. I just have heard it mentioned several times on both 950 KJR and 710 ESPN.

        • D says:

          I think he was bad with the media, not bad with the other players. Danny O’neil was just tweeting something along those lines.

          • lil'stink says:

            Perhaps that’s what it was. Seems like many reporters nowadays take it personally and allow it to skew their reporting.

            • Scraps says:

              Yep. When the media paints some guy as a jerk, I wait and see whether any non-media picks it up. The fans should be cautious when following the media. Especially Seahawks fans should know (e.g., Lynch).

        • C-Dog says:

          I think he was a team leader in a crusty old man kind of way. Wouldn’t be bad to bring that attitude back home, IMO.

    • Drew says:

      He was a good leader, quiet, didn’t take any non-sense. There was a time Sherm said Clem told him to shut the F* up in the huddle. Teammates listen to him.

      He’s like the grouchy old dog that all of the young pups do what he says and stays out of his way.

      • GeoffU says:

        I remember a Real Rob Report that had something like that too. Players were joking and using the N word and I think he told them to shut it and grow up or something to that effect. Pretty sure after that they started the “Brother my brother” thing in place of the N word.

        • Miles says:

          He is a strong personality. I also think, from what I heard, he is a jerk. He once whipped a towel in the face of a young reporter according to Danny O’Neill. But inside the locker room, it seems like he uses that personality to the benefit of the team. In a locker room full of alphas, I think some guys need to/can be like that and it works.

  25. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    @AdamSchefter: Falcons closing in on a deal for Browns C Alex Mack, but not done deal yet, per source.

    • Drew says:

      that’d be great for the Falcons to solidify their OL to protect Ryan. Saw earlier they were interested in Sweezy, so don’t know how that’d help protect Ryan, but would be good for their run game.

      • TannerM says:

        I’d actually argue that the Falcons have a better future with their run game than their passing attack, since the only guy who can seemingly catch the ball on a regular basis now is Julio Jones and they have two young running backs who seem to have good futures. Plus, their coach came from a run-first team in Seattle…

  26. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    So far, Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman have won FA for PHI.

  27. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    @MikeSilver: I am hearing that RT Mitchell Schwartz likely won’t return to the Browns…

  28. vrtkolman says:

    $12 million a year for Janoris Jenkins? What in the world?

    • Drew says:

      Look at what Maxwell got last year. Who do you think is better?

      Obviously Jenkins isn’t top talent but he’s the best thats available and combine that with a huge cap increase and that’s what happens.

      • vrtkolman says:

        That’s a good point haha. Yeah I would say Jenkins is better than Maxwell, and he could be a legit #1 corner. He’s such a bonehead though.

  29. rowdy says:

    Depending on 2 hat happens with okung I’m thinking shaq lawson might be who they go after at 26

    • Drew says:

      I don’t know if he’s athletic enough. He’s good and I loved watching him all last year, but to me he looks like Frank Clark 2.0, but not quite as athletic.

      Essentially it would almost be 3 Michael Bennetts on the roster.

      • Del tre says:

        Michael be nett had similar numbers to Lawson

        • rowdy says:

          This and clack cut weight and isn’t like bennett anymore he’s more like bruce

          • Del tre says:

            I mean that would be one hell of a pass rush just send Clark on a blitz with Bennett and Lawson lined up next to each other in nickel sack city

    • Rob Staton says:

      Might be a bit too similar to Bennett and Clark (although Clark is a much better athlete).

    • RealRhino2 says:

      I think he’d be a good pick, showing very similar athleticism to Frank Clark but perhaps being a more polished pass rusher.

      But I don’t think he’ll be around at #26.

  30. C-Dog says:

    Cedric Thorton is a solid young run stuffer. Nice to see Seattle looking at him.

    • vrtkolman says:

      If they swoop in and get him, I wonder if they pull Mebane’s offer. He’s better than Mebane right now.

      • Miles says:

        Davis Hsu, although not an infallible source of football information, says Cedric is more of a 3T, 5T. So his signing would not replace a Mebane signing. I think the Hawks will get Mebane back, probably today.

        • JT says:

          Cedric would play 3T, and Rubin would slide over the 1T since he has the size/stoutness to do so. If they sign Thornton, Mebane is as good as gone.

          • C-Dog says:

            Yeah, I think Thornton would be the 3 tech, and Rubin would be the nose. Not a bad paring at all in the base. I think Rubin is a natural nose.

  31. Trevor says:

    Rob the league is in serious talks about completely eliminating any type of cut block. As we all know this is a big part of the ZBS scheme Cable teaches. I think this could have a huge impact on our run blocking. My question is where you think this would impact the type of player they look to draft on the OL?

    • vrtkolman says:

      A little sarcasm here, but could it actually improve the run blocking? I can’t count how many plays were blown up the last several years because our linemen completely whiffed on their cut blocks.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I think they’d have to adjust their technique and plan on certain calls — but I’m not sure it’d have much impact in the players they look at. Few specialise at cut blocking in college.

      • LandofBoz says:

        I believe they are only looking at banning the Chop Block, not the Cut Block.

        • GeoffU says:

          Yes, it’s the chop block not the cut block. If they banned cut blocks little players would never be able to block larger players haha.

        • Steele says:

          It is actually a long time coming. The chop block has always struck me as dirty. It was a specialty of the 49ers in the 1980s. The dirty in front of Montana helped him a lot.

          • manthony says:

            Haven’t chop blocks been a penalty for a while?
            Where a blocker is engaged with a defender up high and another blocker blocks him low?

  32. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    @RapSheet: #Seahawks are making moves before the bell rings. I’m told they made a strong offer to pending FA tackle Russell Okung. Trying to keep him

    • franks says:


    • bobbyk says:

      Well, it would be nice going into the draft not being forced to take a tackle at #26. Could open up a host of options with that pick if we weren’t forced to take that position. I’d rather go BPA.

      • franks says:

        That’s true. And Okung the player is preferable to a rookie if you’re just looking at this year. But is Bailey good enough for you at LT in the playoffs gaist teams like the Packers and the Panthers and the Broncos? He needs to approach this offseason like it’s his last.

  33. Trevor says:

    This from Rapoport

    #Seahawks are making moves before the bell rings. I’m told they made a strong offer to pending FA tackle Russell Okung. Trying to keep him

    • Miles says:

      Okung is representing himself and sees excited to see what other teams think he is worth. I think he will consider the Seahawks offer but he’s not going to let it stop him from hitting the market. Unless it’s going to make him the highest-paid tackle.

      • j hawk says:

        I believe we were 10-2 with Okung out of the lineup. In the famous words of Elsa “let him go…let him go”.

        • Miles says:

          Come on bro did you really just reference Frozen dude? Wow. I’m impressed.

          But seriously I think Okung is the best lineman on our roster. It would hurt to lose him because no one will be better than him at that spot next year. Also, we need cohesion.

          • neil says:

            He can’t sta on the field for more than 4-5 games at a stetch.

            • Miles says:

              That’s why you try to sign him short-term and draft his replacement. Particularly someone who can play LG year one. So Ifedi.

          • Del tre says:

            Idk man I think Gilliam was better buy the end of the season and has a high ceiling

  34. nichansen01 says:

    If the seahawks really want Okung and mebane back it looks like Lane is a gonner, and a corner will be drafted at some point.

    • Trevor says:

      Have the Hawks have never drafted a CB higher than Rd#4 or signed a CB to a 2nd contract except Sherm. That speaks volumes about how they feel about their ability to develop CBs. I was hoping they would re-sign Lane but unless is on a short term low cost deal it looks unlikely.

  35. Miles says:

    Now this …

    Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 2m2 minutes ago
    Marvin Jones’ deal with the #Lions is for 5 years at $40M, source said. $20M in guarantees, $17M fully guaranteed. Thru 3 years, it’s $27M

    Dianna Marie Russini ‏@diannaESPN 7m7 minutes ago
    It appears that the Falcons are the favorite to land Mohammed Sanu as their offer is over 7 million per year #Atlanta

    Nice knowing you Jermaine Kearse.

    • franks says:

      Kearse is getting paid if Sanu gets 7.

    • RealRhino2 says:

      Or maybe the teams dumb enough to pay good money for average WRs will fill their spots and the market will dry up for Kearse. Those deals seem bad to me.

      People say this is a weak receiver draft, but to me it seems pretty strong as long as you are looking for receivers on Kearse’s level, guys that aren’t going to be #1 but will be good #3 guys who might turn into #2s. Why spend $7MM for that in FA?

      • RealRhino2 says:

        Replying to my own post 😉 Clayton just reaffirmed he still thinks (after Jones and Sanu deals) that Kearse ends up around $4.5MM, maybe 5.

  36. MJ says:

    Lock up Okung. Draft Ryan Kelly at #26.

    I’m fully on board with Kelly or Ifedi at 26. Let’s beef up that interior.

  37. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    @RapSheet: Last year, #Seahawks traded for Jimmy Graham at the deadline. This year? I’m told his rehab is going well, expected to be ready for Week 1

    Good news!

    • Volume12 says:

      Let’s trade him! j/k.

      Seattle is so much better off without a dynamic 6’7 target that was just starting to assimilate.

      • franks says:

        HA but really that’s great news I wonder how it’s going with Rawls

        • 75franks says:

          rawls should be ready for training camp

          • franks says:

            Hope so cousin but will he be 100%

            • 75franks says:

              “Thomas is going to get a great shot at it,” Carroll said when asked about the starting running back job. “He did everything he could his rookie season to make a statement that he belongs. We love the style, he’s a great kid. I can’t imagine that he’s not going to be right in the middle of it. I don’t know who else is going to be added to the team, but he’s coming in as the guy that we’re looking to him to give the ball to and he’s recovering really well. I just saw him two days ago, he’s in really good shape right now, he’s getting ready for it. It’s going to be a haul for him but he’ll make it for camp and be ready to go and we’ll expect a lot out of him.”

              this was PC at the combine

              • franks says:

                Reading between the lines of Pete’s neverending positivity, “It’s going to be a haul for him.”

                Th commenter J said something a couple days ago, that hasn’t been being said. This might be a more serious injury than we think.

                • j says:

                  He is dealing with torn ligaments. Plural. I am no doctor, but ligament damage has ended careers. See Victor Cruz. The difference being knee versus ankle.

                  This particularly concerns me in that our depth chart behind Rawls consists of street free agents. One may think highly of Christine MIchael, but that is the type of player he is. He did nothing in the three years he was here. When he got cut he couldn’t make another teams active roster. He had a couple good games down the stretch, but that has to be compared to the years of nothing he showed prior.

                  If Rawls does not recover, we are looking at Michael, Bryce Brown and Dejuan Harris again.

                  Additionally, the run game is so integral to our offensive philosophy, being stuck with replacement level production at the position will have a huge impact. Would Carroll be willing to transition to a pass-first offense to make up for the lack of talent at RB? I would not think so.

                  • j says:

                    Self correction, Michael was not cut. He got traded to the Cowboys. Where he didn’t make the roster until week seven. And promptly fell flat on his face running behind one of the best o-lines out there.

                  • franks says:

                    I wouldn’t think so either.

                    I like Michael for a backup but you’re right that he hasn’t shown it yet.

                    Really warming up to Kenneth Dixon in the low second round. Tough and powerfull gets tons of YAC and TDs, undersized like Rawls, viable as the third down back right away.

                  • Thorson says:

                    FWIW, as a doctor, I’m less worried about Rawls’ injury than Graham’s. There are three ligaments on the outside of the ankle. In a garden variety ankle sprain with swelling and bruising, usually at least two of the three ligaments are partially torn. Most people recover more or less fully from an ankle sprain within six months. In Rawls’ case, my understanding from what has been written is that he had a fracture but no surgery. If that’s the case, that might be even better than a sprain, because that would imply his fracture wasn’t displaced and since bones heal with bone (versus soft tissue injuries like a sprain healing with scar), he could be good as new. The news about Graham is encouraging but I reserve the right to be skeptical until I see him on the field, able to run, jump, cut and pivot effectively.

                  • Del tre says:

                    Nah he’s fine torn ligaments ache like a sun of a gun but when you’re in the moment yu barely feel it. At least that’s how it was for me when I broke my ankle and had ligament damage

                • 75franks says:

                  I look at” but he’ll make it for camp and be ready to go” as a pretty good sign

                  • franks says:

                    I’d like to too but Pete is relentlessly optimistic and like most coaches he likes to keep this kind of thing within the circle.

      • mishima says:

        Can’t win a Super Bowl without him. 😉

  38. Volume12 says:

    Would love DT Cedric Thornton. Highly underrated.

    Hope ‘Bane is back too.

    Posibly bringin’ back the LEO Chris Clemons? I like it,

    As for Frank Clark’s weight loss. I doubt he’s the SAM. That’ll be a committe type thing IMO.

    • franks says:

      Thonton I think is hands down a better player than Mebane at this point in their careers. If Okung’s back it’s likely one or the other.

    • rowdy says:

      Still would change are draft needs away from an early LB

    • 75franks says:

      they sign clemons to mentor clark at leo. I like it

      • Volume12 says:

        Well, with Clemons gone, they didn’t use a LEO, because Avril can’t rush against a LT like he can a RT.

        So, what yor saying makes sense.

        • CHawk Talker Eric says:

          We’ve said it more than once – pass rushers don’t age the same way other positions do. There’s so much more to beating a blocker than pure athleticism. I could see Clemons having a resurgence of sorts in SEA.

        • franks says:

          That’s why Mario would’ve been a great fit and a bargain.

          • Volume12 says:

            Williams would not have been a bargain at $8 mil, and wouldn’t have fit.

            He’s a diva that plays with no motor and takes plays off.

            Seattle will always take a ‘try hard’ over a guy like that.

            • Miles says:

              There were also reports from players that he was very lazy and that guys with the Bills did not like him. That’s not something the Seahawks usually go for anyway.

            • franks says:

              That wasn’t the case his other 9 seasons. 14.5 sacks in 2014. Not that we need to think of a way to pressure the QB.

  39. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    @Rand_Getlin: I’m told QB Brock Osweiler has agreed to a deal in principle with the Houston #Texans.

    Wow. What do DEN do now? Maneuver for one of the top 3 QBs in this draft? Go after RG3??

  40. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    @AdamSchefter: Matt Forte is signing with the NY Jets, per source.

  41. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    @caplannfl: #Rams have given QB Case Keenum first-round tender as RFA, source said.

    I’m guessing Case stays a Ram.

  42. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Pro day news:

    Col St Linebacker Cory James, who was graded as a potential third-round pick entering the season, ran the forty in 4.57/4.58 after measuring 6010, 229 pounds. His other marks included a vertical jump of 35 inches, a 10-7 broad jump and a terrific 3-cone of 6.67. Scouts commented that James looked fast and fluid during position drills.

    • Volume12 says:

      His tape is pretty good. From 2014 I believe.

      Pursues the ball with passion and speed, and is explosive. Strong at the POA too, which is something you can’t really coach.

  43. GeoffU says:

    Graham might be ready for week one?? Wow, how awesome would that be? I hope they don’t rush him back though.

    And Osweiler to the Texans. Who the heck starts for the Broncos now? Dang. I guess when you can win a Super Bowl with nothing but defense though.

  44. reggieregg says:

    Rob….. thanks for the daily fix man. I really appreciate the thought you put into this blog. It’s just enough to keep a Seahawk football junky going during the offseason!

  45. Nathan says:

    Looks like we miss out on a 3rd round comp next year.

    Broncos have 2 of them, and the Ravens have another.

  46. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    @DrewBoylhart: #Rams re-signed WLB Mark Barron. #NFL

    @MikeGarafolo: Updating: DE William Hayes back to the Rams. Done deal.

    • Volume12 says:

      I wonder if Cedric Thornton gets outta big D.

      Jeff Alen off the market too. Going to Houston.

      Just me, or are Houston and Jacksonville gonna battle it out for the AFCS crown?

    • Steele says:

      Didn’t think Rams would be dumb enough to let Hayes go. That’s why they let Chris Long walk.

  47. rowdy says:

    Brock got 4 years 72 mil? Wilson’s contract looks way better now

    • franks says:

      Yeah doesn’t it? And Brock goes for the money over the chance to win more SBs, who wouldn’t do that for $20M?

  48. The Hawk is Howling says:

    If we do resign Okung which I guess is best then do we still go Tackle in rd. 1? Rob is liking Nick Martin at center is he worth it at 26? There is a part of me who still longs for Will Fuller, Wilson to Will sounds nice. Imagine him with a healthy P-Rich talk about some speed on the outside! Having “The Visor” Chris Clemons back could be a good thing! Go Team

    • franks says:

      I’d take either of them although I don’t see either as a need, but I suspect we could get Martin later.

    • Nathan says:

      Best player available, o lineman or not.

      We just don’t want to be forced into taking a tackle by not having him.

  49. LikwidIce says:

    Who are your must follow twitter accounts?

  50. Forrest says:

    Mebane signed with the Chargers…

    • Dylan says:

      Sad, Bane a good guy and great Seahawk

      • Forrest says:

        Well at least they kept Rubin, and depending on what happens with Okung they may consider DT at 26…

        • Rob Staton says:

          I wouldn’t expect a run-stuffing DT at #26.

          Probably why they’ve shown interest in Cedric Thornton. Expect a a veteran addition and then some pass-rushing help in the early rounds. Kenny Clark might be an option at #56.

        • GeoffU says:

          Not too worried. We can get a run stuffer in the mid-late rounds. Rubin was a higher priority. Cedric Thornton is also in play, but I have no idea how good he is, just that he’s much younger than Mebane.

    • SeventiesHawksFan says:

      Am so very glad they signed Rubin now. That crucial signing means that Mebane’s departure doesn’t mean the front office is now scrambling to fill both first down DT spots. Rubin was the number URFA priority to me for that very reason. Lane and Okung are the next two biggest priorities, though if either of them sign elsewhere, we will still have options.

      • Volume12 says:

        Can’t see this team ever drafting a run stuffer in round 1.

        DT Kenny Clark would be a nice addition.

        • SeventiesHawksFan says:

          Agreed. I think they’ll sign a veteran and draft a later round DT to develop.

        • Robert says:

          I wonder about that often. As the game evolves, having a run stuffer that can also provide interior pass rush via penetration or just driving the Guard back into the pocket would sure come in handy when the opposition throws on early downs. On the other hand, if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. Cheap FA or mid round Draft DT that can stalemate double teams to replace Mebane and we’re good.

  51. matt says:

    Mebane is going to look weird in a Chargers jersey. Hope he got paid. Wish him the best!

    Ian RapoportVerified account
    The #Chargers announced a 3-year deal for former #Seahawks DL Brandon Mebane… Seattle had tried to keep him.

  52. Jarhead says:

    Why is no one talking about 17 mil a year for an above average pass rusher and just wrecking the market? That is a ludicrous contract. There is no way that a guy like Vernon warrants 17 a year. What is going on in the NFL?

    • Forrest says:

      Some teams are just desperate (imo).

      • Attyla the Hawk says:

        Jerry Reese is just complete garbage as a GM. Has lived off the laurels of Accorsi his predecessor to the tune of a couple SB titles.

        He had a good draft in his first year, getting three day 3 picks to develop into starters. Then proceeded to whiff on his next 8 drafts on day three (0 starters).

        His drafts were all or nothing in day 1/2, and just standard attrition due to injuries left that team empty of talent.

        That team was made a joke. And Reese is the direct culprit on that.

        • bobbyk says:

          Reese doesn’t care about anything other than saving his job. That’s why he’s spending so much. He doesn’t have the long-term interest of the Giants in mind. He only cares about 2016.

          Now, most of us would do the same. I’m just saying if I were the Giants owner, Reese would have been out with Coughlin and the new GM would have gone into this off-season making decisions like Pete and John did all those years ago… not band-aid signings to win this very season.

          • bobbyk says:

            A young player like Vernon isn’t a “band-aid.” His impact on the salary cap at that kind of money is though.

    • RealRhino2 says:

      I remember hearing Holmgren talk about those “wreck the market” deals. He said when the player came to him with, “This guy got X, so I should get Y!”, Holmgren would say that just because that team was stupid didn’t obligate him to be stupid, too.

  53. nichansen01 says:

    Bane is gone… Maybe we can sign Thorton, Okung and Lane still?

  54. Ed says:

    Doesn’t look like Okung or Lane are getting much play. Maybe it’s one year prove it friendly deals. If so, really allows the draft to flow for the Hawks

    • Forrest says:

      If the Hawks can get both Lane and Okung back, and sign one or two 2nd/3rd tier guys, I would count that as a win for FA.

    • SeventiesHawksFan says:

      Getting Okung back would really take the pressure off in the draft. Getting Lane back means we still have time to develop the stable of young guys and get them healthy. Both would help in different ways, but yes would give us breathing room for sure.

  55. Attyla the Hawk says:

    Chiefs stripped of their 3rd round pick.

    Our #98 comp pick turns into #97. They picked one pick behind our native.

    • GeoffU says:

      Why? What happened?

    • Seabean says:

      That might be relatively significant, as I have always thought the Chiefs and the Seahawks share a certain affinity for certain players.

      • Attyla the Hawk says:

        They do. But it doesn’t really help all that much for us. Because they pick after us in R3. And before us in R4.

        Only helps our comp pick.

        Sadly, it helps New England doubly so. They now pick after us, and their comp pick is one before us. So they get a double bump.

  56. D says:

    Sweezy to Bucs according to several reports

  57. Forrest says:

    Sweeny to Tampa Bay…(in principle)…

  58. TCHawk says:

    How about Robert Ayers? He had 9.5 sacks last year and is 30 years old. I haven’t heard much about him during this time.

  59. bobbyk says:

    Seriously, I am so thankful Sweezy is gone. Glowinski will be better and much cheaper. I think RG actually improved with him leaving and we all want an improved OL.

    • Ty the Guy says:

      Don’t agree at all. Sweezy did benefit from having vets around him in his early years, but last season he was surrounding by inexperienced guys. He looked like he was trying to do too much.

      While I didn’t want the Hawks to overpay for him to come back, Sweezy was a solid starter for us. It ain’t easy being Sweezy.

      • bobbyk says:

        Even if you don’t agree, that doesn’t make me any less happy he’s gone and going to be replaced by Glowinski.

      • franks says:

        I’m glad he’s gone myself, it seemed like he was as much of the problem as anyone. I can see your point though, I see Lewis that way.

        • Volume12 says:

          For everyone that hates on Seattle’s O-lineman, I think NFL teams feel differently.

          They sure do get some good ‘shmoney’ deals when FA rolls around every year.

          • franks says:

            Sweezy’s cleaning up that’s for sure.

          • Robert says:

            They know they can immediately improve the cruddy passpro. Cable is obsessed with rehearsing choreography and nuanced footwork for his ZBS. He could have been great on Broadway!

      • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

        It ain’t easy being Sweezy. ~ Chester Cheetah

  60. lil'stink says:

    Reports are that Sweezy is getting just over &7 million APY… wow

    • lil'stink says:

      That’s $7 million, not &7 million

    • Rob Staton says:

      Hawkblogger got the Sweezy and Doug Martin deals mixed up. We don’t know the terms of Sweezy’s deal yet.

      • matt says:

        Sweezy got a 5 year $32.5 mil deal with Tampa. $6.5 mil apy could reap a 4th round comp, but 5th is more likely.

    • vrtkolman says:

      Seriously, the Seahawks O line has been downright awful for a while now. Why do said linemen attract so much free agent attention? It is really quite strange.

      • Rob Staton says:

        It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as people thought in 2013 or 2014.

        It was terrible in 2015… but we won’t see Drew Nowak or Justin Britt cashing in any time soon.

        • Robert says:

          But Drew is very strong and Britt was a tough wrestler! We need to re-think our target criteria!

  61. rowdy says:

    There has been no talk of kearse lane or okung at all, no rumors or anything. I think okung being his own agent might be part of his reason on there being no leaks but still kind of weird.

  62. HawkfaninMT says:

    Not much on the wire about Nick Fairley… Anyone?

    I know he isn’t as stout against the run as Bane, but he would be an improvement on Hill, and weaken the Rams a bit if they are making a bid to re-sign him

  63. franks says:

    I’ve been keeping a list of players that look good for us and where they might go. Just my opinion but here it is. Open to suggestions especially QB.

    R1 (Trading up)
    Sheldon Rankins DT
    Taylor Decker T
    Jack Conklin T
    Noah Spence DE
    A’Shawn Robinson DT
    Robert Nkemdiche DT
    Ezekial Elliot RB

    1-2 (#26)
    Shon Coleman T
    Germain Ifedi G/T
    William Jackson CB
    Eli Apple CB
    Will Fuller WR
    Keanu Neal S

    2 (Trading up or down)
    Charles Tapper DE
    Emmanuel Ogbah DE
    Joshua Garnett OG
    Ryan Kelly C
    Derrick Henry RB
    Jarran Reed DT
    Chis Jones DT

    2-3 (our 2)
    Connor McGovern RT/G/C
    Auston Johnson DT
    Kenneth Dixon RB
    Nick Martin C
    Javon Hargrave DT
    Nick Vannett TE
    Deion Jones LB

    3-4 (our 3’s)
    Deionde Hall CB
    Landon Turner G
    Sebastin Tretola G
    Adolphus Washington DT
    Eric Striker LB
    Jalen Mills CB/S
    Graham Glasgow G/C
    C.J. Prosise RB

    Harlan Miller CB/NB
    Joe Dahl G
    Vadal Alexander G
    Feeney DE
    John Theus LT

    Brandon Shell G/T
    Pearce Slater RT
    Willie Beavers G
    Ricardo Lewis WR
    Fahn Cooper T

    David Morgan TE
    Stephane Nembot RT
    De’Runnya Wilson WR
    D’Haqquille Williams WR
    Spencer Drango G

    Chase Ferris G
    Keith Lumpkin T
    Vincent Valentine DT
    Dominick Jackson G
    Rees Odhiambo G
    Joe Haeg T
    Drew Kaser P Biggest leg, fastest get-off, Ninja Warrior athleticism, hangtime not great.
    Nick O’Toole P Quick punter, fast runner, problems with accuracy leading to touchbacks and TDs.
    Tom Hacket P Australian rugby-style punter with excellent touch, slow get-off.

    • Trevor says:

      Great list thanks Frank!

    • Hawksince77 says:

      This is great.

      Outside of Fuller in the first, you don’t have any WRs until Lewis in the 5th. Do you see any 3/4 round possibilities?

      I thought Peake might be a possibility, but couldn’t get impressed with his tape, so I don’t know. Any other names? Where might North go, do you think?

      • franks says:

        Didn’t think Kearse would be leaving so I haven’t been looking at WR’s. Still not sure Smith shouldn’t get a chance.

        CBS has North going undrafted just like DOUG BALDWIN. His combine:
        40 Yd 20 Yd 10 Yd 225 Bench Vertical jump Broad Shuttle 3-Cone Drill
        4.48 2.66 1.59 17 35 10’3″ 4.13 6.90

        Peake R4-5.

      • franks says:

        Rang has Keyarris Garrett from Tulsa rated in rounds 3-4. Great small school production with over 1400 yards. 6’3 220 lbs. with 35.5″ arms and 9″ hands, frame to get bigger.

    • Robert says:

      I like Spencer Drango. Cruddy Combine number, but a great Olineman. I expect him to go higher.

      • franks says:

        The knock on him is his lower body strength and athleticism. Reminds me of John Moffitt if he liked working out more.

  64. John_s says:

    Wow. The Giants are spending money like they got their tax return back! I can’t believe how much the paid janoris Jenkins. To pay Olivier Vernon more tha JJ watt? Craziness

    • franks says:

      Totally, totally crazy. On top of firing Coughlin for McAdoo.

    • Steele says:

      The Giants desperately want their pass rush to be dominant again. Period. It has been the team’s priority every offseason, and they are not happy their D has slipped recently. Not craziness to them.

  65. POB says:

    What are everyone’s thoughts on Tapper vs. Ogbah? I’ve seen Rob question Ogbah’s motor at times, but he has much better college numbers than Tapper. From the few YouTube clips I’ve seen, Tapper often seems to be the last one off the ball, but I did see a highlight where he chased down Amari Cooper from behind in the 2014 Sugar Bowl. Tapper also seems like a pretty personable dude from a few interviews I’ve seen.

  66. Rob Staton says:

    Coby Fleener is getting +$7m APY.

    That’s why the Seahawks aren’t even entertaining the thought of cutting Jimmy Graham.

    • Dylan says:

      Rob, I feel like these teams are all taking crazy pills! 7m for Fleener?!

    • franks says:

      Not a chance, and Fleenr is nowhere near the player Jimmie is.

      This post has turned into gold man. Great rundown of everything in F.A. so far that matters.

      • Steele says:

        Fleener has lived off of Luck’s reputation. Not a bad player, but this is FA silly season. I will not be a fan of Jimmy G’s fit with this offense until the day it works out, if it ever does. In the meantime, any talk of letting him go, I’m interested if it frees up cap room. We have seen that in this system, JFG has not been a necessity, nor has he even been much of a threat.

        JFG might earn his “F” on another roster, but here, a very good traditional TE who can block would be better.

  67. Volume12 says:

    Keep an eye on L’ville LB James Burgess.

  68. Trevor says:

    Any details on the Mebane, Sweezy deals? Any chance for comp picks? Looks like the Irivn deal will be a 4th rounder at best given this crazy market. Still can’t believe the Oliver Vernon deal.

    • Greg Haugsven says:

      It’s outrageous. With all the money being thrown to d lineman how will that affect Bennett. He’s probably getting more pissed off.

  69. Darth12er says:

    Any chance the NFL will put in a max contract per position, similar to what the NBA does? This whole thing is just getting out of hand.

    • vrtkolman says:

      No way, let them keep overspending. At some point the cap has to stop going up, and teams are going to be in huge trouble.

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        It’s getting really out of hand. Feels like the NBA free agency. Mediocre players getting serious coin.

        • Volume12 says:

          The winners of FA are often the teams that don’t do too much.

          Try and take care of your own, get value, and only make shrewd moves,

          • D says:

            What guys are you keeping your eye on for “bargain bin” pick ups? Im interested to see what some of the older pass rushers get a week down the road (Clem, Long, Wake)

  70. Christian says:

    The #Bucs paid G JR Sweezy $32.5M over 5 years, source said.

  71. John_s says:

    Sweezy gets 5 yrs 32.5 mil. Wow.

  72. Steele says:

    I may be in the minority, but I do not want the Hawks to retain Okung. He just is not worth it. I would rather than take a chance with a plug-in veteran along with a higher draft pick, and see what happens.

    • bobbyk says:

      I don’t think it’s fair to say that if you don’t actually know what he’s going to cost. I’m with you if he wants $13 million per season. I totally disagree with you if he wants $6 million for ’16. It depends on the contract.

    • j hawk says:

      I’m with you Steele, Hawks were 10-2 when Okung was out. Often injured and coming off shoulder surgery I say we should move forwards and don’t look back. Hawks were beaten in the middle, should upgrade LG,C, and Glo is an upgrade.

      • bobbyk says:

        Hawks were beat up the middle. However, part of the reason they weren’t beat from left tackle was because Okung is actually pretty decent when he plays.

        Maybe next year they can improve the middle at the expense of the outside and lose there? I just don’t see how the OL can improve if you’re going to take a big step back at LT. Gilliam will not be nearly as good as Okung.

        You’ve gotta factor in the contract and what he’ll cost. I live Oliver Vernon as much as anyone, but I wouldn’t want that guy on our team under that contract. I’d much rather have Clem at a minimal contract, even if Vernon is clearly better moving forward.

        • j hawk says:

          I’m with you Steele, Hawks were 10-2 when Okung was out. Often injured and coming off shoulder surgery I say we should move forwards and don’t look back. Hawks were beaten in the middle, should upgrade LG,C, and Glo is an upgrade. I read somewhere that Gilliam was beaten once by a speed rush. He has good footwork and was being groomed for LT. Doing it daily may be another thing. As of right now I would be comfortable with him as a LT. Now Lane may be signed and that may eat up the money that was earmarked for Okung.

          • Steele says:

            I agree. The focus needs to be upgrading the interior.

            It is a bit dicey to depend on Gilliam to anchor LT. Tough situation. Okung on a cheap, short deal, a place holding thing, fine. But not a big deal. Should they get a veteran stopgap on a cheap deal instead? T definitely looks like a draft priority, but I really want to see them land one of the top three centers, and also one of the top guards, in the draft.

        • franks says:

          I thought he had a middling year when healthy, and he wasn’t there when the team needed him most. Not to imply that he could’ve helped it.

          If Gilliam’s the guy in the regular season, Gillieam’s the guy in the playoffs.

    • Ed says:

      Unless Okung and Lane come back on one year prove it deals, I’m good with letting them go too. Worst case on both positions:

      Gilliam for Okung and Bailey for Gilliam


      Shead for Lane (who wasn’t healthy most of the year anyway)

      • bobbyk says:

        You didn’t get your wish about Lane. I’m glad.

        • bobbyk says:

          4 years

        • Ed says:

          I hope it wasn’t a lot and I hope he stays healthy.

          • franks says:

            I share your skepticism Ed, for me his dependable play isn’t worth a steep premium, because he has an injury history and we have too many CBs with that background. I think SImon starts if healthy.

            • Ehurd1021 says:

              He had a fluke injury in the Super Bowl…. to be honest he shouldn’t have even played last year. How many players break their arm, tear their acl in a matter of seconds on the same play? He was also set back because he ended up dealing with a surgical infection in his arm. Before that Lane was very dependable and he played very well last year coming off his injuries. I don’t see, or do I understand, your arguments about his health or his past. Lane solidifies are secondary and knows the technique and system and he has the ability to cause, or create turnovers, which was talked about as a priority this off-season in interviews with PC.

              Your opinion on Okung is also not very realistic to me also…. he is one of the best left tackles in football and the Seahawks could do a lot worst at that position. You are willing to bring in a new left tackle, into this scheme to protect Wilson’s blind side? I don’t understand why you seem so hell bent on blowing up this team.

              • franks says:

                If Okung’s gone we’re going into Carolina with the exact same team he did last year, I wouldn’t call firing the guy who always calls in sick “blowing up the team.”

                I’m not calling him injury prone, I’m saying he has a history. Missed half the seaason before that with the groin injury. Think he had some knee issue in college but might be wrong. My point was that he’s the guy because Simon got hurt, and Simon’s back, and neither have shown long term durability.

    • Scraps says:

      Fortunately, Schneider’s plans are never, at the end, “and see what happens.”

    • reggieregg says:

      I agree…. I wouldn’t be mad if I never had to watch him false start again!

  73. Steele says:

    The Seahawks really should consider DT Akiem Hicks, who has not signed a new contract with the Patriots and is exploring his options. He is likely available for somewhere in the $5-6M range. He’s young and good, was a major force for NE last season.

  74. Troy says:

    Lane just re-upped with the Hawks! You called it Rob, along with Rubin!

    • Rob Staton says:

      This is big news for the Hawks.

    • SeventiesHawksFan says:

      Nice call, Rob. I didn’t think the cap room would be there to keep him. This is such excellent news! If they can Okung and a free agent DT signed it’ll have been a very successful free agency.

  75. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    Just saw a tweet by Rapapport saying Lane is going to stay with Seattle. Stay tuned!

  76. Volume12 says:

    Seahawks are keeping CB Jeremy Lane.


    • bobbyk says:

      That’s huge.

    • Volume12 says:

      4 year deal.

      • Rob Staton says:

        Even better. Nice to have some consistency at cornerback.

        • bobbyk says:

          Cross off the need for a CB with an early pick.

          • rowdy says:

            Didn’t see that happening anyways but I’m very happy with lane. He has probowl potential if he can stay healthy

          • Volume12 says:

            They were never gonna take a CB early.

            • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

              This is truth. Now, time to go SPARQ CB shopping in the 5th or 6th round of the draft.

          • Hawksince77 says:

            I don’t think so. The key is Okung. If they re-sign Okung (or don’t feel like they need to use their first or second pick on the offensive line) then CB is still in play, IMO.

            It’s not like the Seahawks are flush with starting CB talent. Sherman, Lane and…who? Shead? not so much. Simon? Perhaps.

            And despite the bevy of up and coming players on the roster, none of them indicate starting potential (at least as far as we know).

            Bottom line: if they can go for the best player in the first, it might be CB.

            • Rob Staton says:

              I wouldn’t expect this team to ever draft a CB in round one unless it was a truly exceptional talent. I understand it’s not part of their philosophy and they believe they can wait and look for their guys (as they’ve proven).

              There certainly isn’t anyone in this draft that would make me think they’ll go CB before day three.

              • Hawksince77 says:

                This is where we disagree, and I could be completely wrong, but this year is different than the past (and I have followed every PC/JS draft very closely so I am aware of the history).

                In previous years they had starting corners they liked, until last year. The Cary Williams signing really hurt them early, and they are in a similar situation this year at the position. No established starter, with only unproven talent at 2 of the 3 critical positions (Sherman, Lane…Simon?)

                The secondary has always been of primary importance in this defense, and it still is. The most important position group to reinforce this year is the offensive line. After that, the secondary.

                You can get good offensive linemen throughout the draft, with the exception of LT. CB, on the other hand, is a premium position where the best players generally go early. Richard Sherman is the exception, not the rule.

                The starting LCB for PC was a first round draft pick (Trufant, if memory serves). Once Sherman locked down the left, they succeeded with Brandon and then Maxwell. They don’t have a replacement at RCB on the roster. They can get by with Simon/Shead/Lane/Burley, but they could definitely upgrade the position in this draft, early.

                After the o-line, what other position offers that kind of opportunity? You have asserted there are no top pass rushers worthy of the first round, nor run-stuffing DTs. As for the skilled positions on offense, we have been over that. Who in this draft is so much better than Lockett/Baldwin/Richardson/Rawls that would make spending a first round draft pick worth it?

                If Okung doesn’t re-sign, I understand the need, and probability of drafting an offensive tackle with the first pick. But if he does sign, that leaves a need at LG. I doubt the Seahawks spend a first round pick on a guard. Not necessary, even if they plan to draft one to start at the position.

                No, if Okung re-signs, the best value for the Seahawks is to take a top CB that meets their criteria.

                Of course all of this is crap if the Seahawks have developed guys over the past year or two they really like, to your point about their philosophy in developing players at the position.

                So like anything, this is just another casual fan’s opinion, one that we get to see turn out right or wrong within so many weeks.

                • Robert says:

                  Byron Maxwell another exception? Walter Thurmond?

                • Rob Staton says:

                  Hawksince77 — just a bit of info I received a while ago.

                  The Seahawks will not take a cornerback in round one unless their level of athleticism is Patrick Peterson-esque.

                  And even then that player is likely to go in the top five.

                  I’m willing to wager we will never, ever see the Seahawks go cornerback in round one. Especially not this year.

            • Volume12 says:

              No rookie corner is gonna step in and play from day one.

              I’ll bet ya they have more trust in guys that have been in the system for a year or more like Simon, Seisay, SJB, and Smith.

              Seisay is part of this draft class.

              • Hawksince77 says:

                That could be true, but we have seen them start rookies many times. Thomas, for example.

                Also, Sherman started as a rookie halfway through the season (after Trufant and then Thurmond were injured) so it has happened.

                And even if they don’t start a first round CB on day one, that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t draft the player. They have also taken players with their first pick and haven’t started them (Richardson, Clark, although both second rounders, although they really didn’t start Irvin as a rookie), so there is precedent there as well.

              • Hawksince77 says:

                But I also need to agree. It’s very possible one of these guys has developed into a starting talent at the position, and if that is the case, there would be no reason to double down with the draft capital at the position.

            • Robert says:

              Cmon, Pete is the DB whisperer.

          • franks says:

            That would be preferable. Simon to me is a plus starting corner. I understand Lane’s appeal but he could get hurt (and has) just as easily as Simon did. Waiting to see how much cap Lane ties up.

      • Volume12 says:

        I don’t think people realize how huge that is.

        This team is built on it’s defense and it all starts on the back end.

        Now let’s get Okung taken care and get anothet steal at DT to replace ‘Bane.

        • rowdy says:

          Get okung and we signed the I wanted most. Lane is a great peice and can play inside and out. I see the dropping him inside in nickel and that versatility is what makes him so important

      • D says:

        Wow, longer than people on here were thinking. First time in a while that the CB opposite Sherm will be the same for an extended time.

        • D says:

          I bet the $ is a bit higher than people were expecting as well.

        • Hawksince77 says:

          More likely, Lane starts inside, with Simon (or a player yet to be named) starts at RCB. Not that he can’t be a starter there – I suspect Lane will be moved inside more than outside.

          Or I am completely wrong. 🙂

          • Volume12 says:

            I think it’ll depend in the opponet and what their WR core looks like.

            If they got a small, shifty receiver they use in the slot, it’ll be Lane. If they play a team that uses size in the slot, whoever wins the other starting corner spot.

            Just my 2 cents worth.

            • rowdy says:

              That’s my opinion as well

            • Hawksince77 says:

              I think that’s right, and why I think Lane will play mostly in the slot, with Simon lined up outside against the taller WRs. I think Lane is actually the better CB, but the outside guys get more help in the scheme (I think). The slot guy seems to get a lot of action in this defense.

          • Ehurd1021 says:

            They didn’t just give Lane a 4 year deal to be a slot Cornerback…. He played very well last year and earned that starting job… I think it is his position to lose (competition.) Simon is not a slot CB – doesn’t have the ability to cover smaller, quicker guys.

            We still have a need at slot CB – I really hope the Seahawks take a flyer out on Walter Thurmond again… we was solid last year.

            • Volume12 says:

              They aren’t gonna have money to tie up in 3 starting CB’s.

              That’s why spending a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd on one makes no sense. It’s also why they stockpile them and develop corners.

              There’s a starting corner on this team.

              No roikies are worth a pick before day 3 in this draft cornerback wise. Matter of fact, I bet a rookie corner doesn’t even make the team this year. They’ll still draft one, but not every rookie is gonna make it.

              • C-Dog says:

                I’ve heard it mentioned a few times on the radio that they like Tye Smith as a potential slot guy. What makes Lane a great signing, IMO, is that he can play well outside and at slot. Versatility is a major asset.

            • Del tre says:

              I would like to see tye smith be the new slot corner

    • vrtkolman says:

      This is big news. In my opinion he was the biggest impact free agent we had, even moreso than Bruce.

      • Steele says:

        I’m glad they kept Lane. They need stability in the slot, and he provides that.

        The next order of business is who plays outside opposite Sherman. And whether further depth is needed inside.

        What we don’t want is to see Sherman having to help out inside. Keep him where he belongs, let him focus, and maybe the old Sherman swag will be back. I mean really back.

  77. bobbyk says:

    Anyone else find it kind of funny that Clem is taking a visit? Shouldn’t they just be able to call him and his agent up and talk numbers over the phone? It’s not like they are going to take him on a tour of the VMAC for the first time and try to sell him on what he already doesn’t know.

    • Rob Staton says:

      They might want to do a medical. He is 35-year-old in October after all.

      • bobbyk says:

        True. Maybe they are ready to sign him on the spot if he passes it.

      • Jarhead says:

        Haha Jeez Rob that isn’t THATold. Considering I will be going through the same thing then. I hope he brings his walker. Haha

    • rowdy says:

      Probably a physical and stuff like that. The fact their bringing him tells me they want test him and a deal is likely if he passes

      • Hawkfan086 says:

        Do we think it’s run the ten yard split to see if he still has it or just a physical…wouldn’t we just call Gus and say any news on Clem? Just getting an opinion here.

        • rowdy says:

          They would probably run some drills on him, just my opinion but why else bring him in?

  78. nichansen01 says:

    Just resign Okung and we are good. Enough options throughout the draft to replace Mebane of the d-line, and if Clemons is healthy he would be a nice addition for leadership.

    • Rob Staton says:

      The draft has depth on the D-line — but they have consistently looked for veterans up front in base. I think it’s almost certain they address that in FA one way or another.

    • Volume12 says:

      PC wants youth at every level of his defense, but he’s more than comfortable with vets on the D-line,

      Seattle will take full advantage of the depth at DT this year IMO,

  79. coachmattson says:

    Thanks so much for including free agency on your website this year! Last year I had to ask questions about free agency in the comments section. This year you are doing stories on it!

    Much appreciated! Love the site! Go Hawks!!

  80. nichansen01 says:

    Do we have enough cap space to sign Okung, Thorton and Clemons? I can’t imagine Clemons would cost much at the age of 35…

    • Greg Haugsven says:

      We should. Clemons might even be worth an MSB contract. If so his net cap hit wouldn’t be much more that 2-3 hundred thousand.

  81. Rob Staton says:

    OK it’s 2am here guys. I won’t be updating the thread if anything else happens today but I’ll pick it up in the morning. Keep the discussion flowing and use this as an open thread.

  82. C-Dog says:

    Jeremy Lane re-signs, 4 years. Great job. Now get Okung done.

    • franks says:

      If the one doesn’t preclude the other (crossing fingers)

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        Lane, Rubin, and Okung were argueably the 3 most important. 2 down, 1 to go.

        • GeoffU says:

          Agree completely. I’m ecstatic that this is a four year deal! Huge bonus, I was expecting a 1-2 year.

          Hopefully Okung signs for a reasonable price.

        • franks says:

          For me, Okung was important to not siign. No more musical chairs on the Line for me I want the same guys all year.

    • Trevor says:

      That is great news!!!

      Now if we re-sign Okung they can basically take whomever they want in the draft with no pressure on a glaring need at one position.

  83. bankhawk says:

    Thank you so much for all you do. Dont know hơ you find the time, truly a labor of love!
    Also, a shout out to some ò the amazingly knowledgeable regulars (lôking at you Vol 12).

  84. Volume12 says:

    Seahawks now have 9 of 11 defense starters back, and 10 of 11 backups.

    Still got the draft, the depth at CB, and developmental guys like AJ Francis, Eric Pinkins, Josh Shirley, Ryan Robinson.


    • Trevor says:

      Great points Vol and you know they will draft at least one or two impact guys on defense.

    • bobbyk says:

      Even more important that having 9 of 11 defensive starters back is that of that scenario, they also have their best 8 starters back (top 7 if you think Irvin was better than Lane… I don’t). Even better is that Clark isn’t considered a starter, but we all know he’s going to take off and have a great year, too. Things are looking good defensively.

    • Hawksince77 says:

      So draft William Jackson in the first (to start at RCB with Lane in the slot) and Deion Jones in the second to start at LB, and the defense is set! (Assuming they can fix the o-line in FA – come on Okung!)

    • matt says:

      “Seahawks now have 9 of 11 defense starters back, and 10 of 11 backups.”

      Got to love that! The defense is primed to continue the streak of least points allowed. Time to pay Bennett and Kam.

  85. cha says:

    Paul Kuharsky ‏@PaulKuharskyNFL
    The Titans have agreed to terms with receiver Rishard Matthews on a three-year deal.

    • Hawksince77 says:

      Hopefully this is good for the Seahawks, in that they have good starting WRs in Baldwin, Richardson and Lockett, with up and coming UW UDFAs Smith and Williams. Add one more mid-round draft pick and a bunch of UDFAs and they should be set at the position.

      • franks says:

        It looks to me like we’re pretty set at WR. It’ll be a battle to make the roster.

      • Donald says:

        I disagree, they only have 2 starting caliber WR talent with proven ability, Baldwin and Lockett. Thats it. Richardson is fast but with several knee surgeries we can’t count on him to be healthy. Smith and Williams are nobody, just another UW guy that dawg fans root for.

        Hawks need to draft 2 good WR’s, 1 with the top 4 picks, and the other could be 6-7 rd.

        • Volume12 says:

          Can’t see them drafting 2.

          I do think they’ll take one somewhere in the 1st 4 rounds, and add an UDFA.

        • franks says:

          Like Vol. I couldn’t see them setting out to pick 2. Now if they got one early on and another fell to the, maybe.

          Baldwin and Kearse were nobodies, Richardson was too, the guy in r6-7 will be a nodody too. Smith and Williams haven’t shown it yet but they have had their moments and they know the system. I don’t see either of them getting beat out by a sixth rounder.

    • matt says:

      The Titans offense looks a helluva lot better today than 2 days ago. Like what they’re doing in Tennessee. Mariota, Murray, Wright, DGB, Matthews, Walker. Nice weaponry for Mariota! Some OL help and they could put up some big points next year.

    • Steele says:

      I didn’t see Rishard as a fantastic option. Too slow.

  86. Baldwin says:

    Looking ahead as I’m sure JS/PC are this draft, who are our critical 2017 FAs? Just Baldwin and Gilliam? Anyone I’m missing? Hill, Willson, Richardson and Shead are somewhere between decent role players and replacement level depending on health IMO. Britt can get a job selling insurance.

    Hope we resign Okung for stability and draft flexibility this year but also don’t want to pay LT money for Gilliam next off season. Not after seeing this spending spree.

  87. Fatty Acid says:

    Franks, they signed your boy Hass!! Haha. Seriously though, that’s a cool cool move by the Hawks! Retire a Hawk!

    • franks says:

      Dude if this was a prank you got me haha I googled haselbeck even though I knew he joined ESPN thought maybe it he was “looking off” the haters

      • Darth12er says:

        I’ve seen it mentioned a couple times that he signed a 1 day contract to retire a Seahawk. But I cannot find real proof yet.

        • Rob Staton says:

          He said in an interview with KJR he’d like to do it (sign a one-day contract to retire a Hawk) but as far as I’m aware that offer hasn’t been extended at this point. It’s likely something they do down the line when FA has quietened down — it won’t be at the top of Seattle’s list of priorities right now.

  88. reggieregg says:

    Anybody else high on Cyrus Jones. He looked great at the combine and even better today at Alabama pro day! Not sure if he’s got the 32 inch arms but he’s gonna be a great slot corner which is what we need. We got a whole farm of sherman clones already!

    • matt says:

      Jones falls short of 32″ arms-31.375″.

      • reggieregg says:

        Does that apply for slot corners you don’t need long arm and a long body to play the slot. That might be where we messing up at. Walter Thurmond has 32 inch arms?

  89. Hughz says:

    I’m dying to know what deal Lane got.

  90. Dylan says:

    Some smoke around nick perry to Hawks

  91. reggieregg says:

    Here’s my shot in the dark
    Rd.1 Taylor Decker
    Rd.2 Nick Martin
    Rd.3 Javon Hargrave
    Rd. 3 Jaylon Ramsey
    Rd. 4 Cyrus Jones
    Jonathan Williams ( the better razor “rb”)
    Best available project for cable
    Take a flier on the driskell kid

    • reggieregg says:

      Oops that Jaylon Smith for our 3rd round comp

      • Miles says:

        Nick Martin in Round 2 would be so great! On Smith, I wouldn’t be looking for guys that can’t play in 2016 in Round 3. Round 5 would be a good spot for that kind of pick. I suspect Jaylon will get drafted late 4th, early round 5.

    • Trevor says:

      I would be happy with those first 3 rounds

  92. smitty1547 says:

    How about Pot Roast for a Bane replacement? Is Josh Shirley more a will or a Sam?

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      Shirley might be an OTTO.

      @MySportsUpdate: Terrance Knighton and the Raiders have had mutual interest, source said.

      • C-Dog says:

        Jack Del Rio was his head coach in Jacksonville. Seems like a natural fit.

        I’d be happy with Cedric Thornton as a base down starter, high energy player against the run. Could be a better 3 tech than nose, but they can slide Rubin to nose.

  93. nichansen01 says:

    my (way too early) play off predictions for next season:

    North: Pittsburgh Steelers 13-3
    South: Houston Texans 12-4
    East: New England Patriots 12-4
    West: Oakland Raiders 11-5
    Wildcard 1: New York Jets 11-5
    Wildcard 2: Jacksonville Jaguars 10-6

    North: Minnesota Vikings 12-4
    South: Carolina Panthers 14-2
    East: New York Giants 10-6
    West: Seattle Seahawks 13-3
    Wildcard 1: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11-5
    Wildcard 2: Atlanta Falcons 10-6

  94. Josh emmett says:

    Bye bye Brandon mebane, thanks for all the productive years with the Hawks! So what’s the solution here? It seems the Hawks love the veterans on the Dline. I want to see them snag a 3 down DT that can rush the passer and blow up guards in the run game in the draft. As rob has been saying not too many interior pass rushers. I was snooping around and came across Javon Hargrave, small school cat out of SCSU. Looked like he tested well and was in the top tier of sparqed out prospects at Dline. Watched some highlights and it was him blowing those small school guards off the line with one hand! Haha, late round gem?

    • C-Dog says:

      I think probably a 3rd rounder. He showed really well at the Shrine game, and again at the combine. I think the only knock on him is his arms are a bit short. But the stats don’t lie. He was a beast in college.

  95. oz says:

    I would be surprised if he was still there at #90

  96. EranUngar says:

    Mebane contract – 3 years, up to $13.5 million with $5.5 million guaranteed.

    4.5M APY should yield a 6th round comp pick.

    As much as i hate to see an icon go, it’s the right move.

    • EranUngar says:

      Very close to Rubin’s contract (after state tax…).

      I wonder what the seahawks offered him. Could it be a reaction to Mebane refusing to restructure last year?

  97. EranUngar says:

    Still available after the first wave of FA deals:

    OT – Okung, Andre Smith, Donnald Penn and Kelvin Beachum (my favorite pick after Okung)

    G/C – Evan Mathis, Jahri Evans, Stefen Wisniewski.

    DT – Nick Fairley, B.J. Raji, Terrance Knighton, Cedric Thornton, Jarvis Jenkins.

    DE – Chris Long, Robert Ayers (yes please…), Akiem Hicks and Clem.

    As the markets calms down, one of those could still end in green and blue for a team friendly number.

  98. Trevor says:

    The 2012 Seahawks draft given a failing grade by all national pundits is the measuring stick by which all future Hawks drafts will be measured.

    ’12 draft class has 6 players who got huge 2nd contracts: Bruce Irvin, Wagner, Wilson, Jaye Howard, Jeremy Lane, JR Sweezy. Strong

  99. Trevor says:

    With the way the Browns have just let some of their best players walk in free agency despite having $ you have to think Joe Thomas is on the trading block and they are in serious rebuild mode. Any interest? His cap # looks cheap given the free agent #.

    Would he be available for a 2016 2nd + 2017 3rd?

  100. Trevor says:

    Really hope they get Okung signed today so they can follow normal operating procedure and just draft the guys they want without a glaring position need.

    When I think about the one time they clearly have appeared to draft for position need in Britt things did not work out well.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I think a lot of Seattle’s pick have been for need. They were determined to go T, FS in 2010. They wanted run blockers in 2011. In 2012 they wanted speed in the front seven. I think the true ‘go for the guy we like’ picks are guys like Christine Michael, Paul Richardson, Golden Tate, Tyler Lockett and Frank Clark.

      • Trevor says:

        Yes but in 2010 we had our choice of Tackle or Safety because we picked so early in those cases they still got the player they wanted. With Britt they were running out of options and he was a major reach as a result. I don’t want them to be in the same situation this year if the top Tackles are all of the board.

        • Trevor says:

          We assume Coleman or Ifedi will be there at 26 but it is not a lock. That being said I think Coleman could really slide because of the injury and not being able to workout. I think if he had gone to combine and pro day he would have been a big riser.

  101. Seabean says:

    Brandon Browner officially released. Don’t think he is much of an option for the Seahawks at this point, but I thought I would keep everyone apprised of the original LOB members.

    • Seahawcrates says:

      I’ve often wondered if Browner could make the switch to strong safety.

      • 503Hawk says:

        I was just thinking about how his physical presence has been missed. Remember how he blew up THREE Cardinals in under 5 SECONDS! Why not try him at SS. He always has been better in limited space.

  102. J says:

    OT but nice numbers from Dom Williams at his pro day – 4.4 forty, 40.5 inch vertical, 125 inch broad.