Senior Bowl day four notes: 4th February

February 4th, 2022 | Written by Rob Staton

Here is today’s final set of notes. Thursday’s practise was moved indoors and limited to a select few media, so there isn’t as much footage available of the two sessions. What I’ve been able to watch is based on NFL Network coverage and some short clips posted online.

I would recommend checking out my previous notes if you missed them:

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— During National Team scrimmages, there was a really nice seal block by Trey McBride to spring a rushing touchdown in the red zone. He cleaned out the right hand side to present a nice big running lane for the back. I’m not sure McBride has done enough to elevate himself into sure-fire top tight end contention because he lacks suddenness but teams will surely appreciate his willingness to get involved with the blocking side of the game (and do it well).

— Daniel Faalele looked dreadful again in scrimmages. He gave up an easy inside move in red zone drills. No footwork, no mobility. He’s just too big and can’t move off the spot to deal with quickness and speed. He can’t redirect. I’m not sure how you fix this at his size.

— Greg Dulcich has incredible quickness in his release, he separates when running routes and he looks the part. He scored a great touchdown during the red zone sessions too. We’ve been talking about him since September and it seems like the media are finally latching on to him. He looks tremendous and he has every opportunity to be an impact player at the next level.

— Cole Strange had a good win against Travis Jones. Strange’s feet were quite wide which isn’t ideal but he presented a strong base, got a hand inside underneath the neckline and finished the block. He has some talent as a center project.

— Logan Hall showed power on one rep to drive his blocker back into the quarterback. On the second he got away from the same opponent with a nice spin-move. He was just too quick and drew a holding penalty to go with his free run to the QB. His defensive team mates enjoyed these two reps.

— Tyreke Smith did a really good job chewing up space with a great burst in a 1v1 against Trevor Penning. It was a really poor rep from Penning who was slow to slide and got absolutely nowhere near Smith. In the rematch, Smith ran right into Penning who easily grabbed him and tossed him to the ground. Penning then battered Smith on the helmet at the end of the rep, drawing the ire of the Ohio State defender leading to a scuffle.

— Abraham Lucas — easily the most underrated player from the week of practise, ran Arnold Ebiketie out of range with a perfect kick-slide. In the second rep, Lucas completely shut-down Ebiketie with a wonderful block — latching onto his frame and giving no ground. Superb. Lucas is a tremendous talent.

Perrion Winfrey had an easy win in his first rep with a nice swim move, showing off great agility and quickness to dominate his opponent for Fordham. On the second rep he drove him deep into the backfield and it was no contest. Tyreke Smith came over to congratulate Winfrey on his two wins.

— Zion Johnson lined up at centre, stayed square against Travis Jones and easily won their first matchup. On the second rep, Johnson’s footwork was all over the place and Jones swam away from contact and then buried Johnson into the turf. Another ugly rep for Johnson, the most overrated player from Mobile this week.

— Marquis Hayes had a couple of really good wins against his Oklahoma team mate Isaiah Thomas.

— Bernhard Raimann was catching in 1v1’s and his technique has looked off all week. There’s no doubting his athleticism and he’ll be a great tester at the combine — but he looks like someone who needs major technical work when he gets into camp.

— Myjai Sanders had two poor reps against Faalele. He was too upright and just ran right into him. No bend, no real counter. It felt like he was going through the motions and didn’t have much of a plan. It was frustrating to see because Sanders has played with nice quickness off the edge for most of the week.

— All of Logan Hall’s 1v1 reps have pretty much been the same. He’s very busy but doesn’t have refined technique. He’ll try a bit of everything — a spin, a swim, he’ll put his head down and try and bulldoze his way through blocks. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t — but you kind of want to see a little more technical refinement and better hands. There’s no doubting he flashes some power and quickness but if he can’t engage/disengage, push/pull, swim/rip consistently with technique then he’s not going to have many wins at the next level. There’s a ton of potential here but as with some others — he probably needs time in camp to work things out.

— Andrew Steuber had a win against Travis Jones by just stepping back and pulling him to the ground. On the next rep, though, Steuber lunged at Jones and he easily beat him to the angle for a pressure. He hasn’t won every 1v1 rep but Travis Jones has been one of the big winners this week.

— Boye Mafe looks so smooth rushing the edge and had a couple of really good wins during 1v1’s. I’d like to see him combine that with a bit more aggression at times but he’s a silky athlete who looks like a NFL edge rusher.

— Zach Carter had a wonderful edge-setting rep against Max Mitchell during scrimmages. He stood him up with a powerful two-handed punch to the chest. On the same rep, John Ridgeway did a terrific job riding the center, then disengaging to make a play on the running back. Ridgeway looks powerful with great size when he lines up inside. I’m not sure how well he’ll test at the combine but he looks big, powerful and difficult to move.

General Senior Bowl takeaways

— I am not as convinced that Trevor Penning and Bernhard Raimann will go as early as I’ve been projecting. I think Abraham Lucas will go much earlier than the media thinks — because I thought he was terrific in Mobile. Yet I understand others have come away with mixed reviews of his play.

It’s important to remember the league is still desperate for quality offensive linemen. Over recent years, players who test well in the explosive drills (vertical, broad, bench) go very early in the draft. That’s just the way the NFL works. I expect Raimann and Penning to be explosive testers and therefore, they could easily secure the kind of top-10 or top-20 placing I’ve been suggesting. Lucas will run very well and have strong agility marks. That too could promote his stock. So ultimately, I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much that any of the three might last to #41.

However, I would say after the Senior Bowl it’s more likely than not that someone like Bernhard Raimann might be there. And if the Seahawks are serious about fixing their pass rush, they might look to address that in free agency and then target a left or right tackle early in the second round.

— I don’t see any chance of Devante Wyatt lasting to #41 based on what he showed. If he runs in the 4.8’s as expected, he could go much earlier than people are currently suggesting (I had him at #22 in my latest mock draft). I think there’s relative depth at defensive tackle though that could present options in rounds three and four. I don’t think Phidarian Mathis did enough to believe he should be a high second rounder. Logan Hall’s lack of technical refinement could keep him on the board in round two. Travis Jones and John Ridgeway showed enough to think they could provide genuine value in the middle rounds. Perrion Winfrey was given a good press in Mobile but his lack of consistency could keep him on the board into the second day. There are good options here.

— Clearly there’s a whole bunch of defensive ends who warrant serious consideration. I hope the Seahawks target major upside — because testing does matter at the position. They hit a home-run with Frank Clark — who ran a stunning 4.05 short shuttle and jumped a 38.5 inch vertical. Had Darrell Taylor been healthy enough to do any pre-draft testing, it’s easy to imagine him performing well. L.J. Collier, on the other hand, did not test well. They went against their common approach when they drafted him — seemingly in a bit of a blind panic with the way the 2019 draft unfolded. Many of the big name pass rushers performed very well in Mobile — but if the Seahawks are going to draft one, let it be someone with the highest possible upside.

— In recent years the Seahawks have tended to prefer experience on the O-line and youth on the D-line. That will clearly change if they target a Chandler Jones or Akiem Hicks type and leave tackle for the draft. The early money should probably be on the opposite. A typically quiet start to free agency — with experience added (or retained) at the tackle spot, setting up the Seahawks to add another pass rusher at #41. That would be aligning the needs with the options available. I would rather see this team be aggressive in free agency and sign star talent — but that hasn’t been how they’ve operated.

— I think we’re going to see a second round run on tight ends with Trey McBride, Jeremy Ruckert and Greg Dulcich all coming off the board — along with junior Jalen Wydermyer. Don’t be surprised if Dulcich is the top TE on some boards. Testing in the short shuttle and three cone will be a difference maker at this position at the combine.

— I’ve not focused on the quarterbacks that much (and the footage of their throws has been limited). However, the impression I got is that this group is as distinctly average as expected. Kenny Pickett just doesn’t excite you. There’s very little pop in Sam Howell’s throws. Malik Willis has the physical tools but his technique on tape, plus his total inability to read the field and go through progressions, make him a serious wildcard for the next level. Desmond Ridder showed a good arm in Mobile but also the same inconsistencies you see for Cincinnati. My expectation is that a very aggressive veteran quarterback market is about to emerge with desperate teams acknowledging the only way to get better at the position is going to be via trade. If Matt Stafford wins the Super Bowl, plenty are going to want to try and copycat the Rams.

— Dameon Pierce has a culture-developing presence that plenty of teams will want to tap into. He might never be a league-leading rusher but he’ll be explosive, he’ll drive through contact and he will give you absolutely everything.

— This week at the Senior Bowl confirmed that while it might not be a great year to have a top-10 pick — I still think it’s an excellent year to have multiple picks in the first two rounds. This class can be a foundation builder — with strengths in the trenches, at cornerback, at tight end and with some particularly impressive characters to go with the talent. A team like the Eagles, for example, could set their roster up for the future (although they won’t solve their question marks at quarterback which in turn could hold them back).

Players who really impressed in Mobile

— I can’t believe how little attention Abraham Lucas has received. Not only does he have a fantastic looking tackle frame — he was by far the best tackle in his kick-slide, he has tremendous agility and quickness to handle speed and he shut down many of the better speed rushers. Did he win every rep? Absolutely not. Yet Zion Johnson had far more ‘bad’ reps and he’s been hyped up to the extreme. Lucas to me was a big winner and if he tests as well as I expect at the combine, he should be a top-15 pick.

— Clearly Jermaine Johnson showed he is a complete pass rusher, capable of winning with speed off the edge, power with his hands and he has plenty of tricks to keep blockers guessing. I thought he was a top-15 lock before the Senior Bowl and he could easily go in the top-10 based on this performance. He’s a good combine away from elevating himself into the top-tier of prospects. He was unstoppable in Mobile.

— Perrion Winfrey is a complete enigma on tape. There are snaps where he looks gloriously disruptive. His extreme length, brilliant frame and clear athletic skills warrant first round consideration. Yet there are so many ‘bad’ snaps on film. Plays where he should finish and doesn’t, or just looks hesitant, or is taking forever to pick his spot to make a play. He’s on his tip-toes and hunches over as he runs, which is odd. In Mobile, with a bit of NFL guidance, he got stronger and stronger as the week went on. By day two and three he was straight to business, more decisive and was making a lot of eye-catching plays. He’s also a high-energy, emotional player — which I like from defensive linemen. You want passion and angst in the trenches. The lack of consistency on tape will hamper him and he will be a major boom or bust prospect. He showed in Mobile, though, that he has the talent to be disruptive.

— Devonte Wyatt just looked exceptional. He’s so quick and powerful — and the fact he isn’t as big and tall as some of the other tackles works in his favour. It’s really hard to get into his frame and when he connects with you — he has the know-how to engage/disengage, rip/swim, find the angle to break into the backfield and shoot through gaps. A tremendous week.

— In a loaded D-line class to begin with, Travis Jones perhaps was the biggest surprise. There were so many reps where he bullied opponents in 1v1 drills — driving them right into the pocket. He has brute force and strength and the way he pushed people around up front reminded me a bit of Tony McDaniel. Seattle has needed someone like that for a while. He also showed well in the figure-of-eight test and he flashed some quickness too — so he might not just be a powerful nose tackle. The combine will be interesting for him.

— I think how team mates respond to others is a key factor in the Senior Bowl evaluation. Watching how everyone rallied to Dameon Pierce on his 1v1 rep — plus the bruising, physical style he brings to the table every day, will not have gone unnoticed. I am convinced he’ll go a lot higher in the draft than people think. Round two is a possibility.

— Greg Dulcich stood out among the tight ends. He blocked well to begin the week and then showed an extra gear when running routes that the other TE’s don’t possess. He’s been a blog favourite from week one of the 2021 college football season and it shouldn’t be a surprise if he nails the forty and agility testing at the combine and leapfrogs some of the bigger name prospects at his position.

— There are plenty of defensive linemen who had good weeks — I want to highlight Florida’s Zach Carter. He’s well sized at 280lbs, won reps with speed and power and should a good range of pass-rushing moves.

— In a bad year for the center position, Cole Strange showed an ability to adjust to the position and maybe have a future there. He had some ugly reps and some very positive reps this week, so he’s a work in progress. For a smaller-school player though, there’s plenty you can work with. He’s well sized with decent length. He might not be an immediate year-one starter but given the weakness of the center position in this class, I think he helped himself.

Players who leave Mobile with question marks

— As mentioned earlier, I don’t think Trevor Penning and Bernhard Raimann did enough to convince teams they deserve to go as early as I’ve been projecting (top-15). They both have serious technical flaws and need work. That said, if they test well in the vertical and broad at the combine — they will still be high picks. The league loves explosive offensive linemen.

— Daniel Faalele got a lot of attention for his size but he had a poor week, he struggles to redirect and I’m struggling to think of a way he makes it at the next level. He’s just too big.

— Max Mitchell was really assured on tape against Texas. I never really saw it in Mobile though. He’s undersized and had a few issues in 1v1’s and scrimmage reps. There’s definitely some natural talent on offer as a blocker but I don’t think he elevated his stock here.

209 Responses to “Senior Bowl day four notes: 4th February”

  1. Trevor says:

    Rob it the Eagles were to offer the Hawks their (3) 1st rounders 2022 + a 2nd in 2023 + Hurts do you make that deal?

    The Hawks could rebuild the core of the OL / DL this year and then focus on a QB in 2023. Or is that simply out of the question given Pete’s age and unwillingness to rebuild.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Hurts isn’t good enough

      • Trevor says:

        Agreed my thinking was it would be a 2yr plan with him as a placeholder and then mentor for whomever they get in 2023 off season.

        Rebuild the OL / DL with young studs this off season then add a QB and some skill guys next. I know I make it sound like finding a QB will be easy but they should have a very early pick in 2023 and tons of cap space.

      • Treovr says:

        If you could come out of this draft with say 5 core players in Rds 1-2 .

        -Jermaine Johson
        -Devante Wyatt
        -Dameon Pierce
        -Trevor Penning
        -Abraham Lucas

        Would just need to find a quality veteran C and the OL / DL would be set for the next 3-5 years.

      • Trevor says:

        If you could come out of this draft with say 5 core players in Rds 1-2 .

        -Jermaine Johson (DE)
        -Devante Wyatt (DT)
        -Dameon Pierce (RB)
        -Trevor Penning (LT)
        -Abraham Lucas (RT)

        Would just need to find a quality veteran C and the OL / DL would be set for the next 3-5 years.

        • Peter says:

          I get the desire for prognostication. But I see two problems:

          1. Is this team going to start drafting talent staring them in the eye.

          2. That Pete who literally said the quiet part outloud that he probably wouldn’t have won as many games without Wilson is going to want to go back to 7-10 territory by choice in hopes to find a good QB in one to two years to pull all the new talent together in time to win out before his contract is over.

          As a fan you’re basically positing a late 90’s tampa bay thing where one coach builds the team and the next coach gets to win with it. I just don’t think a guy (pete) who thought the team is/was a box safety away from contention is going to have the stomach to rebuild.

  2. Ghost Mutt says:

    It’s a gut punch that we don’t have #10, but the depth at our biggest positions of needs is positive.

    Seems like there’s a cluster of players you like Rob, and we all just have to hope someone falls. Picking up a cheap LT, DT, or DE with upside at #41 would be huge.

    With the draft being so deep in the middle rounds, is there anyone on the roster currently you could see us moving for more stock? Can’t see anyone trading for Bobby’s contract, and I’d be surprised if we got a 5th for Blair.

    Goes to show how bad the roster building has been over the last few years. A top-heavy roster filled with bloated contracts, hurt and declining vets, a clutch of failed prospects, and a whole lot of free agents.

    • Rob Staton says:

      The roster is devoid of players with trade value with a handful of obvious exceptions

      • bmseattle says:

        “The roster is devoid of players with trade value with a handful of obvious exceptions”

        This reality doesn’t usually coincide with a roster that is ascending and on the verge of contending.

  3. Roy Batty says:

    Thanks for the updates, Rob.

    I’m really interested in the players who perform poorly on their first play, then adjust and dominate on their second. It shows adaptability and awareness, unlike some players whom you’ve mentioned who simply try the same tactic over and over.

  4. Peter says:

    Absolutely great work Rob!

    I’ve truly enjoyed the output this week and am lookingvforward to how the game plays out this weekend.

    While it absolutely sucks to yet again not have a first rounder I find a bit of comfort in that there are players that I can see add value to the team in many different areas. For a fan of the draft there are at least a handful that Seattle could target at 41 that I think make an improvement on the roster.

    Read a fairly interesting writeup on ESPN where the writers played GM and it got me thinking that the veteran QB’s are set to make pretty big money based on their actual worth, however I am increasingly of the mind that Seattle isn’t trading Wilson. JS and Mark Rodgers can have any kind of relationship they want but it’s Pete’s show and what would Pete gain from a trade? Go from fun times pointless press interviews in a perpetual state of fairly good over his tenure to trying to explain how hard it is to win with a lagging defense and the likes of Hurts, Jones, or Darnold at the helm?

    Quote/unquote fix the lines with big time draft capital (if they even could do that) all you want but if your qb sucks your Denver or the Browns perpetually an afterthought.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I have a few thoughts.

      Firstly, I agree that Pete ultimately is going to have final say. I know JS is open to moving on though, so we don’t know what kinds of conversations they have behind the scenes. Or how totally committed PC is to RW at this point (but the vibe tends to be PC is committed to RW based on what the loyal media members are saying).

      Any prospective deal would need to produce a path to a new QB. And while options exist, it’s also very difficult to go from one veteran QB to another. I don’t see QB’s in this draft that would appeal to JS. At an absolute push maybe Malik Willis due to his mobility and arm strength but he is so frustrating with his inability to read defenses I’m not sure they would be so keen. He more than the others though I could at least envisage some interest.

      I think Wilson is quieter this year because he sees fewer options. The Bears are off the table. The Saints no longer have Payton. I don’t think Wilson and McDaniels are a fit. The Cowboys re-signed Dak. Meanwhile the Giants are talking about rallying behind Daniel Jones. I think he would be more vocal if there were more obvious suitors.

      However — I do think there are still teams that are going to be VERY aggressive in the coming weeks, including Denver, Pittsburgh, Washington and maybe Philly. If Green Bay secure Rodgers then Wilson is the best available option. This is something to consider. Because I get the feeling many teams are motivated to try and emulate the Rams.

      And if an offer comes in that suits PC and JS and they see a pathway to a replacement, I wouldn’t rule anything out.

      So right now I think we see a holding pattern. We need to get to the combine, work out what’s happening and who is planning what. One way or another though, this veteran QB market is going to create a lot of interest.

      I will write about this soon.

  5. Peter says:

    Spot on about teams emulating the Rams. Dan Snyder is a but of a wild man and I’ve been thinking about Irsay’s end of the season comments recently. More than most owners I think he is truly committed to bringing Indy a winner. After Green Bay’s QB to QB handoffs, Indy’s was the best were it not for Luck’s injuries.

    I get from “our,” perspective their stock won’t be as enticing (low firsts now and for the future with Wilson,) but that division is garbage and that team with a little juice at QB could do big things.

  6. no frickin clue says:

    Rob – could you see Denver making a kitchen-sink offer for Russ, following in the footsteps of the Rams bringing in Stafford? More to the point, since Denver doesn’t really have an adequate QB it could send back in a trade, is there ANY package of draft picks that Denver could provide that would pique Pete’s interest? I suspect not, unless they use some of that capital for Carr or Cousins (and run the risk that the Raiders or Vikes, respectively, drive up the price, knowing that the Hawks have a glaring hole at QB now).

    • Peter says:

      I’m willing to cede some of my position on Carr and give a bit of doubt that he hasn’t played with the best talent. Lowish cost. Can move on easily.

      I’m super uninterested in Kirk Cousins. A fairly decent QB. Who has floundered his whole career in any big time games. Slightly telling to me is that the trio of Shanahan, lafleur, and McVay all worked around him in D.C. and given the opportunity Mcvay went after Stafford in a trade and made no reported move to Cousins whom he had at least a working relationship with.

  7. Blitzy the Clown says:

    I caught a fair bit of Senior Bowl coverage yesterday on ESPN2.

    I think DeAngelo Malone also looked pretty strong/stout yesterday.

    Was lucky to be watching when Brian Robinson Jr went 1v1 with Channing Tindall in pass pro drill for 4 consecutive reps. I know Pierce is da man, but Robinson impresses me too.

  8. cha says:

    Biggest Risers and Fallers so far Rob?

    I remember Patrick Jones II costing himself a lot of money at this point last year.

    • Rob Staton says:

      One of the worst Senior Bowl performances ever… Patrick Jones.

      I think Travis Jones was a big riser for sure. Others will say Jermaine Johnson and Devante Wyatt but we already had them high. I think Trevor Penning missed a chance to confirm top-10. I think Bernhard Raimann will cast doubt on his stock based on what he showed.

      • Peter says:

        Faalale. Does he get drafted? Not sure what his value was before hand but not sure the senior bowl helped him in the slightest.

        • Group Captain Mandrake says:

          He looked awful in the little I saw. I read an article that said he skipped the previous year because of COVID and was actually up over 400 lbs(!) and lost 20 before this past season. Maybe some front office is hoping he can lose some more weight to help his footspeed. I wouldn’t take that chance on him though. At least not with any pick earlier than the 6th.

  9. Blitzy the Clown says:

    FWIW Daniel Jeremiah concurs on Dulcich

    UCLA TE Greg Dulcich
    Dulcich was the most impressive tight end during the week. He can run and separate from defenders. I think that was the difference between him and the rest of the group at the position. He made some big plays. Trey McBride was my top-rated TE coming into the week, but Dulcich looked like the more explosive player.

    • clbradley17 says:

      Tony Pauline on Dulcich: Nothing for Wed., but for Tuesday – “The most impressive run blocker from the tight end group was absolutely Greg Dulcich. There were multiple plays where Dulcich was credited with clearing the path for the rushing attack. Making it even more impressive, it wasn’t all just chip blocks or assists on the edge — it was Dulcich clearing the path on the second level against linebackers.” And for Thursday – “Greg Dulcich formed a nice rapport with QB Malik Willis, hauling in a couple of nice gains in team drills. He also bolstered his receiving prowess with a TD reception from Sam Howell on a scramble. Furthermore, Dulcich shined as a run blocker, consistently moving defenders downfield.” If this guy’s the best TE there as a receiver AND a BAMF as a run blocker, he may not be there at 41, especially if he tests well at the combine.

  10. Happy Hawk says:

    The lack of movement on our new DC bothers me. There is only 1 game left in the NFL and those teams are not supplying the DC candidate for the Hawks. Not having your DC at the Senior Bowl evaluating the Edge and DL prospects is mind blowing. Didn’t PC say it was a point of emphasis? What does all this say – the Hawks DC position is not sought after? Head scratcher.

    • Seattle Person says:

      I get the concern and I’m sure coordinators are asked about certain prospects. I don’t think they truly are apart of the process like scouts and GMs. It is a head scratcher but hiring has been extremely slow. We all should be frustrated though.

    • Peter says:

      That panthers offer…..chef’s kiss.

      • cha says:

        Brady was very diplomatic in saying all those Russ offers were trash.

        The Panthers was my favorite too.

        Read the writer’s other offers. Lowball offer for Jimmy G that gets blown out of the water, and ends up with Cam Newton and Sam Darnold fighting for the QB job.

        If he brought those offers to Tepper, he’d have his credentials revoked and been escorted from the building.

      • Roy Batty says:

        I read that while in the kitchen this morning and my wife yelled from the bedroom, “What’s so funny?”

        I haven’t done a loud, annoying guffaw in a while.

        Thanks ESPN.

        • Peter says:

          That’s great! Ha.

          My wife looked at me like I lost it I was chuckling so hard a month back when cbs mocked Malik Willis to us at fifth overall.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Could’ve been a really interesting piece… until the other ESPN reporters decided to take the piss

    • Seattle Person says:

      It starts with the same package Stafford and Adams went for. Two 1st, third, and a player. We have everything right to ask for me. Those packages were a joke…

  11. Palatypus says:

    Rob wrote:
    “— Greg Dulcich has incredible quickness in his release, he separates when running routes and he looks the part. He scored a great touchdown during the red zone sessions too. We’ve been talking about him since September and it seems like the media are finally latching on to him. He looks tremendous and he has every opportunity to be an impact player at the next level.”

    I overheard people trashing him when I was at the practice. Welcome to the butthole of the SEC. A lot of the writers just don’t respect anything PAC-12. Now watch him get picked up at the end of the first round by Tampa Bay to replace Gronk now that Brady is gone.

    • Roy Batty says:

      My Big 10 relatives in Iowa are the same way.

      To be fair, though, the Pac 12 as a conference, has had a few years of meh.

      Individual players though, that’s a different thing altogether.

  12. Rob Staton says:

    So Ed Donatell is joining the defensive staff. Carroll’s buddy:

    Which means, I suspect, Clint Hurtt will be the new DC.

  13. Schrub says:

    What Rob said. It means Hurtt is the guy and they probably don’t think he’s quite ready, so you bring in Donatell to coach him up. Boring.

    • cha says:

      Nice that somebody in the national media points out PC’s age means he will want a real, viable option at QB in return or as a result of any potential RW trade.

    • Peter says:

      Pat just calmly mentioning the colts….

      • Seattle Person says:

        Pat always does that though. He was on the Carson Wentz train last season too. He just wants a QB for his Colts. He’s on any QB train.

  14. Tomas says:

    Pete – and JS – will leave this team in ruins.

  15. Sea Mode says:

    And there you go…

    Bob Condotta

    From me and @A_Jude: Seahawks expected to promote Clint Hurtt to defensive coordinator, sources say

      • MychestisBeastmode says:

        Thanks for the recap. I’m right there with you.

        I’ve always liked Hurtt and his energy on the sidelines and have respect for anyone that can speak plainly about hard truths (which usually takes a sense of humility as hard truths often force one to at least partly look inward for one’s role in an outcome).

        Here’s hoping he crushes it, even if there was hope for more outside influence taking on the DC role.

      • cha says:

        Adam Jude
        Seahawks are also still engaged with former Bears DC Sean Desai to join the staff in some capacity, likely as passing game coordinator.

        • Rob Staton says:

          I bet he doesn’t end up in Seattle.

          I’ll be impressed if they pull that off though

          • MychestisBeastmode says:

            The Hawks front office is letting it all hang out for everyone to see (referencing their desire for Desai in the media). It seems like a ‘Hail Mary’s approach to prove above all doubt that Desai is desired here. Still, I have to imagine Desai was hoping for a true promotion rather than lateral move. I hope they can come to an agreement.

            • bmseattle says:

              I’d love for Desai to end up here as well.
              But… why would he want to?

              • MychestisBeastmode says:

                I haven’t the slightest clue. Maybe he’s got some schemes or innovative ideas that he’s not been given flexibility to “test” in the past or by other suitors and would ? Geographic location is important to some people or Seattle summers
                and winter with snow capped peaks. Just speculation. Not sure what kind of job title (and salary) they are offering that could be enticing for him.

                Probably ends up with Pete giving the “we battled up until the very end” statements.

      • ShowMeYourHawk says:

        Wha……???? Someone help me out. Why in Hades’ flaming banana hammock would Desai opt to step down from being a legit DC to act as the third body of a PC created “defensive human centipede?”

        • Ben says:

          Possible he’s just looking for a stepping stone and a chance to regroup and learn. Familiarly with Ed, work with Pete and Hurtt. Seems a little odd, I have to think he has offers elsewhere, so I’d be surprised if he actually joins.

          I don’t mind Ed coming on board at all, he’s got a ton of experience, Clint is gonna put his own stamp on the defense. While it’s Pete’s defense it doesn’t mean that we haven’t seen plenty of experimentation and change. Recently a lots been bad, but I don’t mind getting a staff that’s on the same page. I get the “yes” men complaints, but I’m glad to see Coach Hurtt get the job, and then bring some more like minded coaches in.

      • GoHawks5151 says:

        True about Vic. But if you are going to make a large change it makes sense to have 3 guys with experience in that system. Part of the defensive drop off to me from the LOB days is at the position coach/sub coordinator level. Quinn at DL, Richard at DB, Norton at LB was filthy. With Hurtt at DL, Donatell at LB and Desai on the back end it would be a great start to changing the D over

      • Pran says:

        This is front office leak. Clint is decided. Desai is just added to sooth ruffled feathers. He wont definitely be here in Seattle and especially on a demotion.

    • jed says:

      Good interview with Hurtt on the Seahawks Man 2 Man show from June 2021:

      The first 20 minutes are about his personal life and social issues. The rest is more Seahawks and general football. He’s pretty effusive about the DL depth going into the season, but I wouldn’t expect him to rip his own dudes. It’s about an hour and I enjoyed listening.

    • BA says:

      So looks like we’ll be getting the same bad defense that takes 12 games to even reach a league average level.

  16. Gross MaToast says:

    I, for one, welcome and celebrate the return of the Chuffing Bear Front.

    • Tomas says:

      Good point – as opposed to the classic Bear Front, the Chuffing BF incorporates sophisticated variations and nuances that are certain to befuddle offenses next season. Named after, I believe, Marv Chuffing, a brilliant defense mind who coached for the old New York Titans of the AFL.

      • Big Mike says:

        I thought he was with the Dallas Texans. Thanks for straightening me out Tomas

        • Blitzy the Clown says:

          Wasn’t it the Buffalo Bootleggers?

          • MychestisBeastmode says:

            Pensacola Paint Huffers from the panhandle penal league back when helmets were for pussies.

            Apologies for the foul language. Only used for effect.

            • Blitzy the Clown says:

              That was back when you strapped a chunk of cow hide to your head and felt invincible because of it

              • MychestisBeastmode says:

                Usually preceded by a snort of snuff, sip of black roast – none of that fruity/chocolate shit they serve nowadays. Followed by a cigarette at halftime, and any aches or pains were soothed by white lightning (potato hooch).

                I think we just wrote the preamble for MAGA: an introspective history of when things were better than they ever were or ever will be (sarcasm).

            • Palatypus says:

              The paint huffers is no doubt a reference to the Graffiti Bridge here in Pensacola. I know a girl who was commissioned to paint it.

        • Tomas says:

          No problem, Big Mike!

        • Gross MaToast says:

          You’re thinking of Conrad Chuffing, the venerated old DC guru for the Dallas Texans who came up with the Chuffing Flex – dropping the 0-tech into deep 1/2 coverage while blitzing the entire defensive backfield. RIP, Conrad.

    • cha says:

      The 5-2-4 out here blowing minds.

      Mostly they’re hoping the opposition will crippled with laughter when they see Benson Mayowa split out on Najee Harris or LJ Collier 8 yards downfield.

      • MychestisBeastmode says:

        8 yards? Nah, when they see Collier carrying the double move – seam to corner route 20+ yards downfield, that’s the exact moment opposing offenses will know they’re outmatched and out of counters to preserve against such revolutionary defensive schemes.

  17. Big Mike says:

    Between the broccoli being pushed around the plate or making the dog puke and the chuffing bear front, you guys have me in stitches today. Considering the state of the Seahawks, it may well be gallows humor, but still funny none the less. Thanks for the brevity.

    • Tomas says:

      Interesting Cha, it’s unfortunate that Russ has to ask for something that a fully competent HC/FO should be providing him anyway, for god’s sake. Of course, I now expect some will declare that Russ is again throwing his OL under the bus.

  18. Mick says:

    Great so we’re having Pete and Ed Donatell on one side and Brian Daboll and Mike Kafka on the other. Pretty clear who’s trending up and who’s trending down.

  19. Rob Staton says:

    I have updated the blog post with a whole bunch of fresh notes

    • jed says:

      Glad to see you’re feeling better. Hope you’re fully back soon.

      Thanks for the recaps. Should be a fun draft, even with the missing #1.

    • Blitzy the Clown says:

      I didn’t see much of Raimann but the few clips I did catch were not good. I like his tape, especially his run blocking. But it doesn’t matter because he’ll test himself into the top 40, even with 33″ arms.

      After Dameon Pierce, Dulcich is the offensive prospect I want most.

      Travis Jones has the size, length, strength and apparent athleticism you want to see in an interior DL. He was the biggest surprise to me in the entire Senior Bowl. I don’t know that I was really aware of him before. His consistency throughout the week is what really stands out to me. Did he have a bad rep?

      Winfrey’s ceiling is…high. Sometimes he reminds me of a rodeo bull he’s so powerful (and wild). He responded pretty well to a few days of pro coaching. His Combine testing will be important.

      Mathis was a little up and down too, though not as bad as Winfrey. Maybe more of a reliable pick than Winfrey (mostly because of the consistency of his game tape), but I just don’t get as excited about him as I do Perrion. Plus, Winfrey will probably last longer, unless he tests out of this world.

      When I said earlier I’m impressed with Robinson Jr, I meant overall, not his pass pro specifically. Though I did enjoy his effort during the drills.

  20. Aaron says:

    The Seahawks are broken and Pete has lived long enough in his tenure here to become the villian. I will always be a Seahawks fan, but I am not a fan of these Seahawks.

    • BA says:

      In terms of general cynicism in the way they operate, the Seahawks are probably only behind Snyder and Redskins/Commanders at this point.

      • Huggie Hawk says:

        You both cannot be serious. Villain? Dan Snyder comps? Cmon.

        • Peter says:

          Well…if they trade Wilson and then go on a slide until pete retires.

          Also i for one don’t think it’s funny in the slightest to make a cardboard cutout of yourself when you “draft,” jamal adams and your right hand man complains about not having a top ten pick when you then get a top ten pick.

          Could also do without hiring crony yes men and promoting his kid with no skills or experience to wr coach.

  21. cha says:

    Breer rightly says bad QB draft class ups the price in trade for franchise QBs.

    ‘Can you say the Seahawks have the same talent level of the Packers, Rich?’

    ‘Can Russ trust the Seahawks will get back to the Super Bowl?’

    ‘They need to rebuild the roster, they have one piece that could bring back a lot’

    ‘Feeling Jody wants Russ to stick around, but I sort of think this thing has reached its natural conclusion.’

    • Big Mike says:

      Hmmmmm, where have all these things been said before?

      But hey don’t you know the real problem is Russ won’t take a pay cut. I mean he’s not a top 10 QB anyway.
      I’ve read that here.

      • cha says:

        KJ Wright got slashed to ribbons on one of the NFLN this morning or yesterday morning for suggesting Russ should take less.

        • Peter says:

          From a players stand point in maximizing contracts it’s a dumb assertion flat out. Second sports are more than nearly any other job one of few where ypur worth and put put are directly linked to your pay.

          Finally in what world where every other player besides Brady, are players actively taking pay cuts? At any position.

          • cha says:

            Pointing to Brady as an example of one who took less to help his team is the most overrated, worthless point in sports.

            For years, the Patriots have paid Brady’s companies and business interests dump trucks of money. His treatment center is a stone’s throw from Gillette and the Patriots use it liberally – and pay for the privilege, rather than having a mutual agreement to provide care in exchange for being the ‘official clinic of the New England Patriots.’ It’s shady as all get out.

            The Boston Globe did a big piece on it a few years ago. Even had legal experts quoting that when a team pays a player’s company, that could/should be considered on the salary cap.

            The NFL never said boo.

            • Peter says:

              First of all i didn’t know all that shady nonsense.

              Second I thought it was as simple as that his wife’s net worth is double his. And frankly I think he might be the only player at his dollar range that has that going on.

              But the treatment center crap. Good grief.

        • Ashish says:

          Russ should take less so leadership can pay more to Peacock(s).

      • Peter says:

        That was a rough day to find out that wins and stats don’t matter…..

        Was arguing with my cousin about brady being the goat. He’s a big montana honk and hit me with the unbreakable point ” championships don’t count because it’s a team effort.” Which , duh, only counts when montana won. Ecause he suited up and threw the ball to himself. And brady’s yards and tds don’t count because he played longer than any one…..if being healthy, playing forever, and having more rings than any franchise doesn’t count then what is the metric? Best speller? Nicest smile?

    • Rob Staton says:

      Breer is completely right in his assessment.

      Seattle’s roster is rubbish.

      You can rebuild quickly, I still firmly believe that. I think the league has shown us that.

      But you have to box clever in personnel and the Seahawks haven’t done that for a long, long time.

      And while a lot of fans and media are just content to play along with the charade that everything is cool — here’s the reality. Russell would rather move on, but the appealing alternative options might be more limited than a year ago. John Schneider would probably rather move on. Pete Carroll is clinging to the idea that this roster, as it stands today, is close, and therefore doesn’t want to move on. It’s an uncomfortable marriage, with three people pulling in different directions.

      You don’t breed success from this set-up.

      The leadership from the top is non-existent and it’s responsible for a mess.

      • Peter says:

        JS can move on all he wants to if he had brought in a QB at any time that was slightly better than bog standard.

        Being all in on two guys you didn’t or couldn’t draft, though it’s the seattle way doesn’t me anything to me.

        Don’t like Russ’ big contract? Great. Why couldn’t you see paying 37.5 million to an oft injured player and a LB taking 99% of the snaps wasn’t a good idea?

    • Gross MaToast says:

      Again, to me, if the Seahawks had elected to change leadership this offseason and that new leadership decided that trading Wilson was the best way forward, then I would be more inclined to get behind it and watch the rebuild with great interest.

      Instead, there’s a real chance that Wilson is sent out for a good-to-great package of picks that will be spent by Pete Carroll and spent on god only knows what. That would be the absolute worst thing that could happen to this team.

      Pete is the caretaker until the Seahawks are sold and until then answers only to Tater. I don’t think anything changes fundamentally in the way they play or roster construction until he’s out. It’s difficult to get jacked and/or pumped about new DCs or new coaches, because it’s all Pete all the time, no matter who’s here.

      The Vulcan Trust has elected to put the franchise into a no-win situation. It’s a shame.

  22. Big Mike says:

    Your last sentence sums the entire situation this franchise finds it in at this point in time quite succinctly.

  23. Blitzy the Clown says:

    If you’re into this sort of thing

    🚨BREAKING: About to drop 2022 Reese’s Senior Bowl Practice Week Award winners. This is a players-only vote where winners are selected by the position groups they went up against in practice the past three days in Mobile.#TheDraftStartsInMOBILE™️— Jim Nagy (@JimNagy_SB) February 4, 2022


    American Team
    QB – Malik Willis
    RB – Brian Robinson Jr
    WR – Calvin Austin
    TE – Daniel Bellinger
    OL – Ed Ingram

    DT – Neil Farrell Jr
    LB – Damone Clark
    DS – Leon O’Neal
    CB – Roger McCreary

    National Team
    QB – Kenny Pickett
    RB – Abram Smith
    WR – Christian Watson
    TE – Trey McBride
    OL – Trevor Penning

    DT – Travis Jones
    LB – Brian Asamoah
    DS- Jalen Pitre
    CB – Coby Bryant

    • Sea Mode says:

      I absolutely am. Was going to put the whole list together later, but glad you beat me to it!

  24. cha says:

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Colts are, in fact, hiring Gus Bradley as DC.

  25. cha says:

    Tom Pelissero
    · 27m
    The #Raiders are hiring Patrick Graham as their defensive coordinator, per sources.

    A huge get for Josh McDaniels, who lures Graham away from the #Giants and brings one of the NFL’s top assistants to Las Vegas.

    • GoHawks5151 says:

      Patriots West 2.0

    • Seattle Person says:

      Where is Sean Desai heading?? Options are dwindling down.

      • swedenhawk says:

        PC/JS seemingly fighting the battle of attrition with both Wilson and Desai.

        • Rob Staton says:

          I’m starting to wonder if Desai is all that

          How do you go from DC in Chicago to having to take a gig as Seattle’s ‘defensive passing game
          Coordinator’ behind Carroll, Hurtt and presumably Donatell too.

          • bmseattle says:

            Is it possible that the league just doesn’t value young defensive minds like they do offensive ones?
            It seems like teams are more comfortable going with established defensive coaches than young “up and comers”.

  26. MychestisBeastmode says:

    Have to give a shout out to my young cousin from Pasco, WA (he grew up with my nephew and niece who are 15 years my younger, so calling him cousin always feels weird.) Now he’s definitely a man playing OT at 6’6′, 315lbs and running 4.8-4.9 40. Sebastian Gutierrez was DII 2nd team all-american from Minot State in North Dakota.

    I talked over the phone with him last week. He’s training for his pro-day in a special program for NFL prospects. He believes he’ll put up 28+ reps in the bench. The rest of the details I’m not sure of yet. He’s received letters of interest from the Seahawks, Packers, and Colts to name a few. He’s been told his realistic range is round 4 -to-PFA. Just a good hard working kid, humble, with a chip when on the field. He’s a straight shooter too.

    There’s no tape on him anywhere, unfortunately! Apparently his agency has rights to it (don’t know what the hell they’re doing sitting on it and not making some highlights to share!?). Regardless, however things work out, I couldn’t be more proud of the little-big man!

    Pumped to see SI-Colts do a story on him.

  27. Sea Mode says:

    Interesting addition. Seems like a step down for him as well. Maybe part of the plan of how to help Lance succeed?

    Adam Schefter

    Anthony Lynn is being hired as the Assistant Head Coach of the San Francisco 49ers, per league sources. Lynn – who had other NFL and college offers – is expected to now be a key cog in the 49ers’ offense and run game.

    Lynn’s offenses and backfields have produced as some of the highest rushing totals in the league over the past decade. He helped Tyrod Taylor field one of the league’s top 10 offenses jn Buffalo, and molded an offense in which Justin Herbert won rookie of the year.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Maybe they are anticipating losing Mike McDaniel as well?

      • Rob Staton says:

        I think that’s it. McDaniel to Miami and he’ll take the RB coach too (whose name I’ve forgotten) to be the OC.

        On a separate note, I really like McDaniel as a coach and would root for him in Miami.

  28. Rob Staton says:

    This morning I compiled my first draft board.

    138 prospects in total, broken down by position and grade.

    I also have a big piece ready to roll on a ‘status check’ for the Seahawks.

    And, of course, Senior Bowl game notes later today.

    • Sea Mode says:


      Don’t know how you do it.

      • Rob Staton says:

        I think the ‘status check’ piece is very important. It’s also more than just an educated guess.

        I think it perfectly sums up where this team is.

        (and it’s another 3500 word epic)

        • Gaux Hawks says:

          …draft porn (understatement).

        • Gaux Hawks says:

          trying to walk away from this team… but this community won’t release it’s grip on my hope and temptation.

          looking forward to chapter 2022 in the chronicles or rob.

    • Peter says:

      Really looking forward to seeing draft big board. See who might have changed their stock this week and the non-senior bowl names to look forward to.

      • Rob Staton says:

        There are a handful of new evaluations and players to talk about with the board, too.

        I’ve spent the whole of Saturday so far watching tape (it’s 4pm here)

  29. Paul says:

    SEA TE drafts under Schneider have not impressed: Nick Vannett (3), Will Dissly (4), Colby Parkinson (4), Luke Wilson (5), Steven Sullivan (7). SEA does value the position—big trade for Graham; FA signings of Miller, Olsen, and Everett—but can’t seem to address it in the draft. Based on past picks, what does SEA look for in a TE and what are they missing?

    • Rob Staton says:

      Seattle focuses on agility testing (short shuttle, three cone) which is the right thing to do. The best TE’s in the league have a profile and Seattle’s search for quality at the position aligns with generally what works in the league.

      I’m not concerned with Seattle’s scouting at TE in the slightest. My biggest problem is the way they use their TE’s. If I was a tight end, I wouldn’t want to end up with the Seahawks.

  30. Sea Mode says:

    Jim Nagy

    Not only was UTSA’s Tariq Woolen fastest player in Mobile this week, his max speed of 22.45 mph is best since @ZebraTechnology
    has been providing data for @seniorbowl. Been plenty of 4.3 guys in Mobile. Will @_Tariqwoolen hit 4.2’s? 🤯

    Top 5 Max Speeds (in mph) from Tuesday’s Senior Bowl American Practice per @ZebraTechnology:

    * UTSA CB Tariq Woolen 22.45📈
    * SMU WR Danny Gray 22.01
    * Tennessee WR Velus Jones 21.75
    * Clemson CB Mario Goodrich 21.22
    * Sam Houston CB Zyon McCollum 21.06

    Top 5 Max Speeds from Senior Bowl National Practice per @ZebraTechnology:

    *Fayetteville State CB Josh Williams – 21.75 mph
    *Nevada WR Romeo Doubs – 21.25 mph
    *Arizona St RB Rachaad White – 21.15 mph
    * Ole Miss WR Braylon Sanders – 20.84 mph
    * NDSU WR Christian Watson – 20.71 mph

    • Palatypus says:

      Josh Williams is the only HBCU player who will be in the game today. But the first HBCU Combine happened this week.

      One standout from the NFL article.

      “Virginia State DB Will Adams
      Adams (6-foot-1, 186 pounds) took the crown for best performance, forcing observers to look twice at each other with wide eyes after he posted a 10-foot-3 broad jump, 40.5-inch vertical, 21 reps on the bench press and a 4.57 40-yard dash, per Senior Bowl executive director Jim Nagy.

      Former NFL cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, a two-time Pro Bowl selectee, was one of four HBCU legends who were a resource for prospects during the event, and he came away very impressed by what he saw from Adams.”

      Also, some local coverage. One prospect is from near my neighborhood out in Crestview.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Dane Brugler

      Since 2018, @ZebraTechnology has clocked only 4 players at the Senior Bowl above 22 MPH. Two are in this draft class:

      22.45 Tariq Woolen
      22.14 Terry McLaurin
      22.14 Tre’Quan Smith
      22.01 Danny Gray

  31. Sea Mode says:

    “sounding board for PC”. Hmmm…

    Ian Rapoport

    The #Seahawks are also adding former #Broncos DC Ed Donatell, source said, and his role will be to help the overall unit and serve as a consultant and sounding board for coach Pete Carroll.

    • MychestisBeastmode says:

      Section 2, paragraph 3, explicit per contract: “validate, say nice things about the head coach, and his ideas”

  32. Seahawkwalt says:

    I really, really want Jermaine Johnson and Abraham Lucas to be Seahawks…. No way that happens without trading Russ or Metcalf. Thank you Peacock.

  33. Sea Mode says:

    More awards.

    Tony Dungy

    This is a tremendous award given to a player who demonstrates character, leadership, and excellence on and off the field. Congratulations ⁦@DangeRussWilson. Well deserved!

  34. Sea Mode says:

    Who decides this award. The media? Coaching staffs? Nagy and his staff?

    Jim Nagy
    · 18m

    Boston College G/C Zion Johnson (@_ZJ77) was named 2022 Reese’s Senior Bowl Practice Player of the Week. This is an overall game week honor awarded to one position player on both American & National rosters.

  35. Sea Mode says:

    Adam Schefter

    NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sent a memo to all clubs this morning regarding coaching diversity and admitted “the results have been unacceptable.”

    Field Yates

    The NFL on Tuesday: Brian Flores’ claims are without merit

    The NFL today: We understand the concerns expressed by Brian Flores and are retaining outside council to reevaluate our policies on diversity, equity and inclusion.


  36. cha says:

    Shad Khan just said “We’ve had too flat of an organization for too long now. We need more staff, more brainpower in the organization.”

    Seahawks are getting lapped by Jacksonville.

  37. Cortez Kennedy says:

    Approaching the 2022 season like Tim Roth in Reservoir Dogs. The excitement is literally dripping off of me.

  38. CDAHawksFan says:

    Hey Rob, good morning! What are your thoughts on Bailey Zappe? I watched a couple games of Western Kentucky this past season and came away super impressed with what I saw. Maybe not the strongest arm but deadly accurate and doesn’t turn the ball over.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I think he’s an UDFA personally

      • CDAHawksFan says:

        I know it impossible to do in-depth evaluations on every draft eligible player so I don’t know how closely you’ve studied him but I’m surprised you think he’ll go undrafted (especially with a class lacking like it is). One of the guys I presume you look up to since you reference him from time to time is Tony Pauline who see’s Zappe as a 6th round (possibly higher) prospect and has good things to say about him. Is it his size that worries you? Excited to watch him play today and maybe you’ll change your tune (or I will haha).

        • Rob Staton says:

          I just think he’s a very unimpressive player. No redeeming pro quality. Nothing that makes me think he has even a remote shot at starting at the next level. I’ve watched enough of him to feel comfortable projecting that. And to be fair, if Tony is saying 6th round, he more or less agrees. You don’t give a quarterback a sixth round grade who you envisage having much of a shot at making it.

          • Seattle Person says:

            Anyone have thoughts on Missouri State’s Eric Johnson. Smaller school player but he’s showed legit quickness at the Senior Bowl. I couldn’t even find much about him online.

  39. Palatypus says:

    In line gor fee gumboat the Senior Bowl.

  40. icb12 says:

    If the typing is any indication.. the beer might be free too!

  41. Rob Staton says:

    A random thought.

    Nothing in the embarrassment stakes will top Jamal Adams smoking a cigar at the podium after beating the Rams to win the NFC West a year ago (only to then get our arses kicked in the playoffs by the same team, only to then gloat about them losing to the Packers the following week, only to watch them make the Super Bowl a year later while we finished 7-10).

    But I also found San Francisco’s ‘boombox walking down the tunnel’ thing incredibly cringe during the current playoffs. Watching Deebo Samuel and Trent Williams trying to dance and sing along to it was peak wank, as Rod Liddle would say.

  42. New Guy says:

    Still giggling over the ‘Yorkshire Glossary’ link…


  43. Rob4q says:

    Anyone know anything about Eric Barriere, QB Eastern Washington? PFN has an interesting write up on him…