Some thoughts on Geno Atkins (and other topics)

August 23rd, 2021 | Written by Rob Staton

Firstly, some welcome news today…

Geno Atkins is 33-years-old. Who can say whether he still has anything to offer? It’s at least worth finding out.

Jarran Reed’s departure has somewhat been glossed over. An argument can certainly be made for his cap hit simply being too high in 2021, justifying his exit.

It’s also worth remembering in his last two full seasons in 2018 and 2020, he combined for 17 sacks.

There aren’t many defensive tackles who can produce those numbers.

It’s certainly not impossible for Poona Ford, Al Woods and Bryan Mone to pick up the slack. I’m just not convinced it’s their game. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Ford in particular was superb in 2020 and elevated his performance to a new level. The Seahawks played a blinder by extending his contract before he reached free agency next year.

He can and hopefully will excel — but I don’t expect that to be to the tune of 6-8 sacks.

Maybe Atkins is too old, too injured and too past his best? I still think for a team intending to seriously contend this year, you might as well give him a few games to find out. They need an Atkins-type, after all.

In a specialist role where you limit his snaps and give him a chance to get you off the field with a sack or pressure, there aren’t any better options out there.

Carlos Dunlap is only a year younger than Atkins. He hasn’t had the recent health issues but he was invigorated by leaving Cincinnati and moving to Seattle.

Bringing in Atkins would be a smart move — even if it doesn’t work out. Nobody will complain for rolling the dice here.

It’s a win-win. A shot to nothing.

Personally I’d hoped Atkins would be part of a double-veteran signing. It may well be — but not in the way I expected…

I’m confused by Seattle’s approach here. Firstly, their depth is weak at linebacker. Secondly, they’re messing around at the SAM position. Signing K.J. Wright kills two birds with one stone.

I said this on Saturday and in recent podcasts. Put Alton Robinson and Darrell Taylor on the field as pure pass rushers and let them get after the quarterback. Forget about putting them at linebacker or asking them to adapt. They are pass rushers.

Taylor in particular looks like a fish out of water trying to make the switch.

The Seahawks have a habit of shifting players around during camp when arguably they’d be better off just honing in on a specific job. It’d be exciting to see Robinson and Taylor flying off the edge on third down. Watching them trying to handle the running game or cover someone at SAM? That’s scary.

Wright had one of his best seasons in 2020 playing SAM. Even if his contract demands are a little rich, the Seahawks have quite a lot of cap space to use comparatively speaking. They know what they’re getting from Wright and it’s all good.

Instead it seems increasingly likely they might bump Jordyn Brooks to SAM and have Cody Barton play the WILL. That is not an exciting thought.

The veteran who could be returning is, of course, Luke Willson…

I like Willson. He seems like a fun guy and he’s never given anything other than maximum effort.

He also seems very much like a player who must think to himself what he would’ve been doing the last few years if it wasn’t for the Seahawks giving him a job.

Lest we forget that in 2020 they occasionally chose to activate Willson for zero snaps on offense or even special teams rather than give Alton Robinson an opportunity to rush the passer.

As long as that doesn’t happen again, fine. But there’s a part of me wondering whether a 31-year-old tight end who probably wouldn’t be in the league but for Seattle might just get in the way a bit, once again.

He’s probably just a body to get them through a bit of short-term injury trouble at the position. It won’t say much for the much vaunted depth at tight end, though, if he ends up being anything more than that come the regular season.

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369 Responses to “Some thoughts on Geno Atkins (and other topics)”

  1. cha says:

    The DL feels like the 2021 version of the 2020 Tight End position….’sign em all and we’ll figure out what to do with them later’

    They literally have 10-12 DLs who could be on the final 53 but probably don’t have more than 9 spots.

    And that’s a problem.

    They need corner depth.

    They need LB depth.

    They need RB depth.

    They need OL depth.

    Somebody’s going to be the 2021 version of 2020 Alton Robinson. Being a healthy scratch and/or not getting enough reps to develop properly.

    All so they can keep Rasheem Green and LJ Collier on the roster, and give Benson Mayowa more than the 20 snaps per game he’s best at.

    • KennyBadger says:

      Is the brown deal holding some of this up? It seems like such a no brainer to sign KJ which means it won’t happen.

  2. Kevin Mullen says:

    Pete Carroll is getting cute with the SAM backer position is just a waste when you can have Robinson & Taylor just pin their ears back and attack the QB. Even in Nickel coverage, they could rotate Wagner, Brooks, and Wright to give Wags a breather or two. It just makes so much sense to sign Wright at this point. And to say that Wright can’t or won’t play the special teams linebacker, then so be it. Special teams coverage is overrated anyways when you can just kick it out of the end zone at any given kick. We really should be just signing the best available players right now because the last two preseason games have just been horrendous to watch.

  3. JJ says:

    Tebow is available for a back up TE spot.

  4. Andrew says:

    One of the guys on 950 said K.J. really doesn’t want to play the weak side position, and that is part of the issue right now. If he wants to play this year he might have to suck it up, but he is probably waiting for the right fit, as well as the right money.

    • Hawkdawg says:

      Are you sure about that? For almost his whole career here, KJ played WILL, and only reluctantly moved to SAM to help get Brooks on the field. Hard to believe he doesn’t want to play WILL. In any event, it’s SAM he excelled at last year, and that’s where the Hawks would put him again this year if he came back.

  5. cha says:

    The Seahawks have a habit of shifting players around during camp when arguably they’d be better off just honing in on a specific job.

    Remember the 2010-2012 roster-building years? When the Seahawks would focus on what a player could do well and then put him in a position to succeed? The NFL world marveled that Pete refused to try and put square pegs in round holes.

    They’ve done a complete 180 on this theory.

    In fact, this thinking is exactly the opposite of what Pete took Russ to task for after the LA & Buffalo games. He’s trying too hard, playing outside the system and going for it all in one swing and costing the team.

    That’s exactly what is happening here. Wedging young players into other positions. Trying hard to ‘hit the home run’ of having a versatile two-position player, and far too frequently striking out.

    You know how the best doubles hitters in baseball do it? They’re humble enough to hit the ball where it is pitched.

    Inside? Pull it down the LF line.

    Middle? Hit it over the CF’s head.

    Outside? Hit in in the RF alley.

    The Seahawks are fighting the pitches. They’re trying to pull outside pitches and keep fouling them off, expending a lot of unnecessary energy, and then striking out.

    • Big Mike says:

      Absolutely spot on and I love the baseball analogy.
      The other thing shifting players around does is that it forces them to think rather than just react. A football player that has to think is a football player that loses a half step in the process.

    • Rusty says:

      This seems mostly about trying presumed DEs at SAM … Which is exactly what they did with Irvin in 2013? Worked pretty well

      • Rob Staton says:

        Irvin was benched in 2013 and Malcolm Smith started instead

        It took a long, long time for Irvin to settle at SAM

      • cha says:

        1. Irvin was a freak athlete and a physical specimen. As good as Alton Robinson and Darrell Taylor are, that capability isn’t there.

        2. Irvin moved to accommodate the acquisition of Bennett and Avril. That made sense. Robinson and Taylor are getting ‘bumped’ to SAM by Rasheem Green, LJ Collier and Kerry Hyder. No dice.

        3. Irvin at least got a year of ‘just go out there and sack the quarterback’ his rookie year.

    • bankhawk says:

      Superb analogy re: ‘fighting the pitches’, Cha!

  6. L80 says:

    Cha just nailed it.

    Pete is thinking he’s a baseball coach.

  7. 206 says:

    Shaq Griffin beat for deep TDs TWICE tonight by Jamis and crew. lol

  8. Rob, I agree with you on all three points! Alton and Darrell are edge rushers with high ceilings and KJ was superior in his role last year! Nice points!

  9. Lewis says:

    Taco Charlton released by KC. Another former 1st to kick the tires on?

  10. Rusty says:

    I like Willson a lot so it annoys me the Seahawks are making me dislike him by repeatedly bringing him back

  11. Palatypus says:

    Well, I’m pretty certain that we will be signing a linebacker and a cornerback that is a salary cap casualty pretty soon. The bottom 10 teams in the league in terms of effective cap space are these according to OverTheCap.

    Ravens $7,467,543
    Bills $7,199,629
    Rams $7,012,505
    Colts $6,377,867
    Dolphins $6,052,046
    Cowboys $5,430,869
    Bears $5,424,743
    Raiders $2,936,209
    Giants $2,151,432
    Buccaneers $461,335

    The question is: who is deep enough to cut good defensive personnel? The Bucs, Giants, Bears, Dolphins, Colts, Rams, and Ravens were all top 10 defenses in 2020 according to Pro Football Reference.

    The Bills were #16. The Dallas Cowboys were #28. The Raiders were #30.

  12. Jordan says:

    Now have the Seahawks final placements in the top 100

    77: Diggs
    67**: Wright
    31: Adams
    25: Wagner
    22: Metcalf
    12: Wilson

    I would imagine one of the more represented teams on the list. Duane feels like a snub though.

  13. WallaSean says:

    I think they just want their DE’s to drop into coverage more this year to cover up for the blitzers, playing those guys at SAM gets them on the field more during camp and pre-season. I expect a lot more nickel and dime than the past couple of seasons not many snaps for the SAM.

    • Rob Staton says:

      So basically put players in unnatural situations simply to justify Jamal Adams.


      I bet that play vs LV with Robinson in coverage will never happen again…

      • WallaSean says:

        In preseason and training camp, why not? Dunlap knows he’s dropping back on occasion, he said as much on the sidelines (I’m sure Pete did not like it). These guys are not playing a lot, Robinson will be on the field over Techno Thursday and Taylor will be too, but they are only part of a rotation until they demand otherwise. They will be rushing the edge as you would prefer during the regular season, and maybe dropping into coverage, what maybe 10 to 15 times this season. Not super risky, not what I worry about.

  14. UkAlex6674 says:

    Hasn’t Atkins got/had the same shoulder injury that Adam’s has/had?

    • Denver Hawker says:

      Read it was a labrum and rotator tear. He tried to play with it last year. I’ve had the same injury, tried to compete with it and then had the same surgery. It’s not a high success rate procedure (the labrum repair) and takes a long time to recover. My shoulder is still not the same, can’t push as much weight, muscles don’t fire properly, can’t do a lot of overhead work. Have to think it could limit his jab/push effectiveness. That said, much of what makes him good is quickness and leverage so I’m sure he can still be disruptive at the line, just might not be able to finish plays like he used to to. But who knows really.

      • GerryG says:

        I would think Geno has access to better PT than us mortals though (hopefully).

        This team needs him, which is a little scary, the DT rotation needs help.

  15. Phil says:

    Sign KJ.

    Clayton (and others) are saying: “but they need a backup MLB not an OLB”. I say: “So what! If Bobby has to miss games, move Brooks to MLB and have KJ replace Brooks.”
    KJ is the perfect experienced backup for this team. He can play the 30% of regular snaps at SAM; and if either Brooks or Wagner have to miss time from injury, you aren’t doomed.
    *Unless KJ is asking for north of $7M/ year, this seems like an easy decision.

    • Denver Hawker says:

      Brooks was drafted to be long term replacement for Bobby if I recall. KJ is effective at any LB position. I suspect they’ll roll with Barton and hope KJ is available if a LB gets injured.

      I love KJ, but unless he can be had for 3-4MM, I’d rather see money go to Atkins, a CB, and a Center.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Anyone who says they don’t need KJ ‘because they need a backup MLB’ is talking absolute guff.

      • Big Mike says:

        Clayton, “the professor” of guff?

      • Ashish says:

        I mean you can sign Willson who is good for just Techno Thursday but not KJ who put his heart out on field and actually play. Argument is you have depth, stop this BS.

      • WallaSean says:

        Was KJ not a MLB as a Rookie? KJ would be my number one choice for backup MLB

  16. dahveed says:

    Iv been waiting patiently for Atkins which will be a huge addition inside in a deeper rotation like Kevin Williams did for the Hawks in 2014 Hungry older vets will Hunt ! Speaking of Will sign K J already …Agree with you Rob Stop the fancy $H!# and let Taylor especially scream off the Edge at least pre season was great to find out he is not ready for dropping in coverage

  17. DC says:

    Geez, literally everything this team keeps doing continues to kill my passion and love for it. I literally have no desire to watch the Hawks anymore but only follow on here as a former die hard and check box scores and highlights now. It just seems that common sense isn’t that common and they just keep outsmarting themselves.

    We need 2010 PC/JS back and stop resting on their laurels.

  18. Russ says:

    At this point, I’m just hoping that they’re trying looks in the pre-season for the sake of trying it out. That they’ll come to the realization that this team will have to primarily run out a 4-2-5 based on this roster construction, even if if the corners we have aren’t great. At least it’d put players in the position they were meant to play instead of what they’re hoping they’ll play.

    • cha says:

      hoping that they’re trying looks in the pre-season for the sake of trying it out

      I think that’s exactly what they’re doing. Just seeing what is there. Forecasting their predominant defensive makeup based on what they do with 70% of the starters on the sidelines doesn’t seem wise.

      I recall 4 or 5 years ago they nickel-corner-blitzed 4 or 5 times every preseason game, and everyone got worked up about some bold new strategy. Turns out they were just testing their jab at nickel and seeing what they had.

      the realization that this team will have to primarily run out a 4-2-5 based on this roster construction

      That definitely has merit but they need to be able to run 4-3-4 just as effectively. They ran both about 50/50 last year, with 4-2-5 a tad more.

      As we all saw last year 4-2-5 couldn’t get the job done with that DL. A lot of positive kudos about the run defense until opposing offenses really started concentrating on it and the defense got pushed around (looking at you, Minnesota game).

      Problem is this year, they have roster depth at DL but not outstanding talent. It comes to light when you have to make up your gameday roster and scratch a couple DL. Who’s going to step up today? That’s why Reed was so good. He took enough snaps for 2 players and gave you more flexibility.

      If they don’t either get KJ on the team or wise up and use a Brooks/Wagner/Barton combo, I fear the defense isn’t good enough to make up for the times Alton Robinson is going to be trying to cover a WR 15 yards downfield.

      Particularly with our division kryptonite, the Rams. McVay can scheme up all kinds of things to exploit those looks.

      • GerryG says:

        “If they don’t either get KJ on the team or wise up and use a Brooks/Wagner/Barton combo, I fear the defense isn’t good enough to make up for the times Alton Robinson is going to be trying to cover a WR 15 yards downfield”

        I am hoping this is what you posted here:

        “I recall 4 or 5 years ago they nickel-corner-blitzed 4 or 5 times every preseason game, and everyone got worked up about some bold new strategy. Turns out they were just testing their jab at nickel and seeing what they had.”

        Because it just doesnt seem like this is a sustainable option. Irvin wasnt good at doing both ever if I recall correctly. As Rob mentioned above they quit playing at LB for Smith in 2013, and by the end of his stint I seem recall he was pretty good at LB but did nothing at Leo snaps.

      • WallaSean says:

        I would assume that Robinson and Taylor are the best at setting the edge among the LB’s. On first down, that is what they will be responsible for. The rest of the time they are among the rotation at Edge rushing the QB, and rarely dropping into coverage during blitzes. There will be more nickel and less base, but I think Taylor or Robinson could give opposing running games problems at SAM.

        • cha says:

          I would assume that Robinson and Taylor are the best at setting the edge among the LB’s.

          I wouldn’t. Brooks has length, bend, speed and read/react ability. We have evidence he can handle the physicality of it just fine. Dig up that play last year where he ragdolled George Kittle and then tackled the runner.

          On first down, that is what they will be responsible for. The rest of the time they are among the rotation at Edge rushing the QB, and rarely dropping into coverage during blitzes.

          And if they throw it on first down?

  19. Paul Cook says:

    I think we need a CAP recap at this point, at least I do.

    1) What is our “true” CAP figure now based upon a current projected final roster
    2) What possible players and amounts can be cut that can free up CAP space for strategic signings
    3) What players’ contracts can feasibly be restructured to free up more CAP space
    4) What would the potential CAP hits be of potential FA signings at the OL, DT, CB, and LB positions

    It’s really hard for me to figure out how much actual or potential CAP money the Hawks FO has to work with between now and opening day with all the forthcoming roster cuts and player movement. This is a real “math” time for FO’s, it seems to me. It makes my head spin. LOL It’s hard for me to figure out what’s feasible in the way of FA signings.

    • cha says:

      I’ll take a stab.

      Basically the Seahawks are in a position to do whatever they want to do. They’ll have enough room to acquire the players they deem necessary. The only thing they don’t have is a first round pick in 2022 to offer in trade.

      1-They have $13m of cap room, and probably want to bank about $5m for injuries and performance incentives. So call it $8m as it stands. There is a lot of decisions yet to be made about the final roster, but anyone under $1m in salary is basically a wash as their bottom-tier replacements will be essentially paid the same.

      2-Potential cuts that are in the realm of possibility and could gain cap:
      Rashaad Penny $1.368m to gain
      Al Woods $1.66m to gain
      Tre Flowers $2.138m to gain
      (Quandre Diggs and Duane Brown too but they’re not getting cut)

      3-Diggs has $6m hit they could lower on an extension, Brown has $11m hit. They could probably pick up $2-3m each on extension if they want.
      The big plum is RW. As much as $12m could be freed up if they wanted to restructure. But that would move the dead cap hit closer to the dreaded $39m number for 2022 and turbo-charge his 2023 cap hit and make negotiating another extension even tougher.

      4-No idea until we get the details. They could dip into void years to push some money to 2022 if they want.

      Keep in mind, typically the Seahawks like to bank some cap $ for in-season trades as well. They’ve proven they can get some players added to the roster for pennies on the dollar if they have room (Diggs and Dunlap for example).

      • Paul Cook says:

        That’s an awesome stab/accounting of where we’re at with the CAP now, cha. Really informative. I can actually think about various FA’s constructively now. Thanks. Great stuff.

        PS> Too bad Penny isn’t a little bit more relief than that. I’ve pretty much given up on him.

      • Palatypus says:

        If they move all $12 Million of Mr. Unlimited’s salary do you think he’s tradable after this season? That’s all dead money right?

        That would be a Jamal Adams kind of move, right?

        I’m certain they will do it.

        • cha says:

          That $12m accelerates onto the $26m already in dead money for 2022, so $38m dead cap hit. Also would not save them any cap money. Would cost them $1m to make that trade.

  20. cha says:

    IG: JosinaAnderson
    I’m told free agent DT Geno Atkins worked out well for the #Seahawks already today and that at this point it’s up to him and how much, per source.

  21. Paul Cook says:

    Charlie Watts dead. Wow. So many memories associated with Watts and The Rolling Stones.

    • Rob Staton says:

      That’s cornerback solved then…


      The Texans were set to cut him yesterday and have now gone back and done this deal

      • JJ says:

        Not close on arm length.

        • Mick says:

          So instead of Geno Atkins, who decided to visit other teams as well, we get Luke Willson who’s at most going to block and a CB who gives me hope that at my underheight I could play in NFL 🙂

          • Rob Staton says:

            What, are you not excited by this news? 😬

          • GerryG says:

            While I share the disgust of LW, and see the CB trade as a nothing (conditional pick, good chance we dont even give it up) I think Atkins is going to visit a few playoff teams to get the best deal and fit he can get.

        • Palatypus says:

          Pierre Desir had the ideal measurables to be a “Seahawky” cornerback and has now been cut twice.

    • Paul Cook says:

      Does this mean that Amadi has won the slot CB spot and that Blair, our 2nd round pick and 47th overall a few years ago, has been relegated to the nether reaches of our DB depth chart? I know he’s still recovering, not fully back from injury, but do they not see this guy as a starter for our team soon enough some day?

      Blair, assuming he soon returns healthy, is a total conundrum to me now. I almost to the point where I think we should see what we could get for him on the trade market. I keep thinking that we’re going to ruin this guy’s career.

  22. Hand of God says:

    We have a trade! 2023 7th round conditional pick for John Reid from the Texans

  23. L80 says:

    The only thing I can think of is they are waiting for the cap casualties. Or hopefully not happy with what they have. I suspect they are wiser than that but they have made many head scratching decisions.

    Their depth is ASS. They have to know it. So they trade for a guy that would have been cut shows me they are in a rut…Not good.

  24. Bigsteviej says:

    It seems like the Seahawks prefer to have two Reeds on the field. After losing Jarran Reed. leaving D.J. Reed as they’re only Reed, they’ve now compensated by trading for John Reid. If newly acquired John Reid can’t make the 53, they could always recruit Riley Reid for the cheerleading unit.

  25. Rob Staton says:

    Techno Thursday isn’t funny

    • pauldifuria says:

      Happy retirement, Luke. Maybe the short shorts/techno music was not the best schtick. But I’ll give you this: I admire your commitment to the bit.

      Willson did remind us not to take football too seriously. You have to laugh – even if your national team loses on penalties. As Pete might say, chomping on gum: “Life is a game and you have to play and laugh and dance and all that”.

  26. cha says:

    Condotta reports that Pocic and Homer are practicing.

    • Mick says:

      Not that it matters too much, we have bigger problems or they’re part of the problems. BTW, if I were Wilson, I’d seriously consider telling Pete that I don’t play against the Chargers unless Duane Brown is on the pitch. Injury risk too big.

      • Rob Staton says:

        I wouldn’t play him anyway.

        One more shit pre-season game isn’t going to make any difference.

        And if the offense has a good drive to start the game — what will it matter? Just not worth the risk.

        • Simo says:

          Don’t think I would play any starters in the final, meaningless pre-season game. There’s just to big a chance of significant injuries to key players, in addition to just Wilson.

          Is there really many players on the bubble right now anyway? At least any that are vying for starting jobs?

          • GerryG says:

            Not on offense.

            CB is clusterf*ck mess of imcompentcance (and injury) though where starters are completely up in the air imo

        • WallaSean says:

          They should just play Luke and his Techno buddies on O and have the fashion consultant lead the D. Preseason NFL is the worst, full price garbage no one needs to see.

  27. Denver Hawker says:

    I’d like to really understand what PC/JS believe about CBs. They seem very intent on not paying for good ones, nor drafting them early.

    1a) Do they believe the market overvalues them?
    1b) Do they think they aren’t as impactful in game outcomes?
    2) Do they think they can better develop them if traits are present?

    The logic fails me. We went to Super Bowls with top secondary players and haven’t tasted since they left. CB play has been average to shite since then, yet no action.

    • Big Mike says:

      Ego that makes them think they can turn every lower round CB into Richard Sherman?

    • TomLPDX says:

      Here’s a positive spin for you…

      They didn’t overpay for Shaq Griffin so there heads aren’t completely up their arses! Just sayin…

      Now that Reed has enlightened them, all of our CBs will be 5′ 10″ and 180#s

      • Denver Hawker says:

        Agree on Shaq. He was fine, but not worth what he ultimately received from the Jags.

        It’s been said before, but I suspect the draft arbitrage they exploited in the early years has closed with other teams caught on. Those guys aren’t available anymore. They probably also view drafting corners as a bigger gamble in early rounds than other positions, which would be a fair assessment. Have never had the cap to go pay for a top corner either.

  28. Big Mike says:

    Suppose they low balled Geno and let him get away? Shades of Timmmmay and Kris Dielman?

    RIP Charlie

  29. SeaTown says:

    PC & JS had their day in the sun. It’s over. The only question is how fast they fall off the cliff.

    • BobbyK says:

      I don’t think teams can totally fall off a cliff if they have a franchise QB. A franchise QB masks a lot of problems for the casual observer, but we can clearly see this team doesn’t have the overall talent it used to. Sure, it has some sexy players in the top 100 – but some of the starters and depth is pretty brutal for teams that are supposedly legit Super Bowl contenders. They need an unusual amount of good fortune this year if they’re going the win the Super Bowl, as the odds are astronomically stacked against them. At least when they lose this year I won’t feel so down because I really don’t have a whole lot of hope going into the season. Sure, they’ll win some games and some people will say “I told you so” after those big wins, but they’ll disappear when the season ends and talk about what a great year it was making it to the Wild Card (and getting thoroughly outplayed, again). Now, anything happens to said franchise QB and the NY Jets may easily find themselves with two picks in the top five in ’22.

  30. Sea Mode says:

    Dang. 😢

    Ian Rapoport
    · 11h

    Sources: #Jaguars 1st round RB Travis Etienne suffered a significant tear, a serious Lisfranc injury that knocks him out for the next several months and potentially the season.

  31. Poli says:

    This is a team that decided KJ was playing well enough to bring back last year with a $10M cap hit, but now they can likely get him for 1/3 or 1/4 of that coming off one of his best seasons, but aren’t signing him.

    Are they more sure about Taylor being able to play SAM than Brooks at WILL last season? Do they think Barton is the answer is Wagner or Brooks get hurt?

    Sign this man already.

  32. Martin says:

    John Reid
    Penn State

    30.125” Arms

    5’10” Height

    9.125” Hands

    187 pounds Weight

    40 Yard Dash
    4.49s (68th Percentile)

    Three Cone Drill
    6.95s (58th Percentile)

    Vertical Jump
    36.5” (65th Percentile)

    Broad Jump
    10-09 (91st Percentile)

    Bench Press
    20 reps (91st Percentile)

    20 Yard Shuttle
    3.97s (95th Percentile)

    10 Yard Split
    1.52 (89th Percentile)

  33. UkAlex6674 says:

    Sony Michel to the Rams.

    • Big Mike says:

      So LA gets aggressive to fill a thin position of need while Seattle let’s Geno walk.
      Incoming post about how they treaded for a CB (who by many accounts was about to be curt) and re-signed Luke Willson so they’re doing the same in 5-4-3-2…………….

    • Ashish says:

      HAWKS had a chance to draft Sony Michel or Nick Chubb and we chose Penny I remember. 2/3 was set for failure.

    • Mick says:

      The Rams needed to do something there, but Sony Michel doesn’t scare me.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Ian Rapoport

      Compensation update: It’s a 5th rounder and 6th rounder this year that converts to a 4th rounder when/if the #Rams get a 4th round comp pick. Complicated, but essentially Sony Michel for a 4th round pick. Solid value.

      Albert Breer

      Pre-trade, how the Rams projected their ’22 draft picks.

      • Slotted 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th.
      • Comp 4 (Johnson).
      • Three comp 6’s (Everett, Hill, Ekubam).
      • Miami’s 7 (Talib trade).

      So they essentially get Sony Michel for letting John Johnson walk, still have 10 picks.

      • Sea Mode says:

        Still dislike this weird new rule…

        Albert Breer

        Throw a third-round comp pick for the Lions’ hire of Brad Holmes into the mix here too (my bad on missing that).

    • icb12 says:

      The irony. Michel scored the game winner in the Pats/Rams superbowl right? Hell the ONLY TD I think.

      Regardless; all this does is highlight the differences between the Pats and Seahawks organizations. Bellichik has a first round RB that just isn’t working out, and trades him, gets what he can get, moves on with life. Pete has a first round RB that just isn’t working out and hangs onto him forever and ever because.. ??.. some ill conceived notion that Penny will improve in every aspect and come in late in the season and save the day?? In return he gets nothing, no performance, no draft stock, and uses a roster position for what?

      And yeah- that’s slightly unfair, because I’m sure Michel’s value IS naturally higher than Penny’s at the moment. So perhaps there isn’t a trade to be done.

      The draft is hard, all the teams have busts. But what you do AFTER you make a mistake matters too. Own it, patch it temporarily, fix it permanently, and move on.

  34. Big Mike says:

    Seahawks need to do something at C and interior DL and have not. At least LA addressed their need at RB with a decent vet. Sign Geno along with Willson and the CB and I have no issue with the latter two.

    • TomLPDX says:

      If they do sign Geno it will probably be after the start of the season so they don’t have to guarantee his salary.

      • Ashish says:

        What’s going on Hawks PC/JS mind? Willson stays outside VMAC and no one apart from Seattle interested in him. Why don’t you pay little more if required to get Geno Atkins which is priority for us? Why not sign Center now so he can get used to the system? Are you waiting to get Wilson killed before you realize what shit OL you have? Why are you not sorting Brown issue? Is that not priority.

        I’m happy to see hawks ending 4-14 atleast there is some change in Coaching. This team is not going anywhere.

        • dand393 says:

          I couldn’t agree more I’d like to start this full rebuild and getting 3 or 4 wins will hopefully get this started although with no real ownership I’m not holding my breath it will

          • TomLPDX says:

            And to me, that’s the problem. Until we get ownership taken care of we will be in a holding pattern.

  35. Trevor says:

    Anyone else glad that SF did not draft Mac Jones? Looks like BB has found his Brady clone as a replacement.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I wasn’t that impressed with Jones in the footage of all of his throws from the pre season game. But then I wasn’t impressed with Trey Lance either.

      • Simo says:

        Have any of the rookie QB’s been impressive outside of Z Wilson in NY? Lawrence, Fields, Lance, Jones all look a bit shaky so far, although they clearly have considerable upside!

    • Bigsteviej says:

      I’m sure that SF is still glad that they didn’t draft Mac Jones. If the decision was simply about who could win in 2021, the answer might have been Jones. But they still feel strongly that they got the guy who’s going to have a much better career over the next 10 to 15 yrs.

  36. icb12 says:

    Any F1 fans in here?

    Toto Wolff, whether you are a fan or not has some thoughts and words on teams, team building, leadership, and sustaining success, and I’ve read a bit of his/Mercerdes’ philosophy and it just seems so applicable (and contradictory) to where the Seahawks are right now.. I can’t help but feel like PC and company could learn something from the philosophies over at Mercedes.

    For that matter, I think anyone running an organization of any size could stand to learn something from their philosophies on team building and leadership. None of it is rocket surgery by any measure, but he does have a way of expressing the philosophy that cuts through the extraneous BS.

    Anyway. I’m not going to put a bunch of quotes in, but it’s worth a google search for interested parties.

  37. Scot04 says:

    Sounds like it was Wilson’s choice after practicing in the new scheme. Not so much that Seattle wanted to let him go.

  38. Aaron says:

    Luke Willson is going to retire for medical reasons per ESPN.

    Happy trails Luke, you were a fan favorite and a real nice dude. #Respect

  39. L80 says:

    Right now, the CB position is in shambles, and get ready to get torched is all I can say.

  40. Sea Mode says:

    Diggs deciding to hold in now too…

    Brady Henderson

    Pete Carroll described Quandre Diggs not practicing yesterday as the veteran safety getting a day off. Well, Diggs is here but not taking part for the second straight day. He’s in the last year of his contract, made the Pro Bowl last season and wants a new deal from Seattle.

  41. Sea Mode says:

    No Fun League… 😉

    Jourdan Rodrigue

    Rams/Pats had interesting initial trade terms that bundled picks and exchanged for an incoming comp pick, but a change in league policy prohibits exchanging conditional comp picks.

    Teams ultimately worked out a 2022 6th and 2023 4th for Michel, after revising initial terms.

  42. Sea Mode says:

    So should we keep looking out for this profile or are we all about that 5-10, 30″ arm profile now…? 😜

    Jim Nagy

    How under the radar is UTSA’s Tariq Woolen? Can’t even find a pic of former WR playing CB on Google search. @UTSAFTBL staff rave about his progress at CB this offseason. Rare Toolbox at 6035v, 206 lbs, 33 1/4 arms, 40+ VJ, and 11-5 BJ. @seniorbowl isn’t sleeping. #TheDraftStartsInMOBILE

  43. Rob Staton says:

    It’s hinted at here that Quandre Diggs is now holding out…

    • James Cr. says:

      I don’t think it will work for you Quandre, they have your replacement already lined up.

      • Frank says:

        I wonder if you mean Blair or Amani? I don’t see Blair and Adams as a good pairing necessarily at safety. To me Amani is they guy they keep wanting to lose his position battles and he just refuses too, while Blair hasn’t done too well being available. If I had to I suppose I’d move Ugo back to safety, and hope Blair could stay healthier as a outside corner. The team has had solid luck classically with nickel cornerback being easy to fill with budget guys. It’s a tough call, Diggs has been one of the only pieces on this defense that is reliable functional. He made the NFL top hundred list at 77th and it didn’t feel rich too me.

    • Ashish says:

      There are so many aspects and facets of Adams trade. Out of 100 may be 2 are positive rest are all negative. People fighting for their on own pie is one of 98.
      How many trades Pete needs to learn that. Percy, Jimmy, Adams….

      • Big Mike says:

        Yep, Jamal Adams is the gift that keeps on giving.

      • pdway says:

        we’re blaming Jamal for other people holding out for contract extensions?

        • Big Mike says:

          Do you find it coincidental that this is happening in conjunction with the huge price paid in trade for him followed by a large contract awarded to him? You don’t see other players with a year left on their deals figuring if the team will cave with him it’ll cave with them? I do and I’ll bet I’m not alone here.

          • J.P. says:

            Not at all really. Not like this something new. Earl also wanted his payday and the Seahawks didn’t give it to him as there were likely injury concerns for the future. Unfortunate for Earl, but he plays and he is out of the season after a few games.

    • Aaron says:

      Honestly, the only hold out I really worry about if it goes into the regular season is Duane Brown. The o line minus Brown is a major problem. Russ should just refuse to suit up for his own health at that point.

  44. Sea Mode says:

    Y’all catch this shot from Hard Knocks everyone’s raving about? 15 takes to finally get it right. Pretty cool (too bad it had to be from Jerry’s World, though…)

  45. Bigsteviej says:

    This is a long article, but it’s a pretty good deep dive into this year’s Seahawks by Warren Sharp:

    • dand393 says:

      That was an excellent article and good to see someone else take notice of what Rob has been saying for quite some time

  46. Sea Mode says:

    Huh, so the Reid trade was more of a roster mirroring deal to back up Brown? Interesting.

    Brady Henderson

    One other personnel note: CB Tre Brown was out again. Pete Carroll said yesterday that Brown has a sore knee and that his absence led to the trade for John Reid, who practiced today for the first time. So it sounds like Brown could be out for a bit.

    • cha says:

      I recommend people watch that press conf with PC. There was a lot there.

      Ogbuehi, Geno smith, Homer, DJ Reed, Pocic, Mabry back practicing

      They made a trade because Brown was hurt? That’s not good.

      Parkinson update? “not sure what is happening, Colby’s very optimistic about it.” Anything you think Pete? …pause….”has a chance..Colby’s very optimistic about it…won’t try to figure that out for 2 weeks” That’s not good, Pete has the most positive injury projections of any coach in the history of sport and if he’s not positive about Colby (and Luke got signed/unsigned)…rats.

      Diggs not practice? ….Pete fumbles while he chooses his words…”veteran day off” (5 mins later Diggs tweets “That was funny”)

      BBK out LB depth? “we love Nick Bellore at LB”

      Curhan doing great job at RT

      PC comments on Jordyn Brooks’ versatility, hints at moving him around as needed

      “What makes Tyler Lockett great?” is the 2021 version of “What makes Bobby Wagner great?”

      Being very careful with Pocic, may not play this weekend (narrator: He won’t.)

      Randall has missed time and hasn’t grasped opp to start yet…we’ll see how he goes

      Penny will play a lot this week.

      “Last week disastrous with the football. 5 penalties at the LOS. I don’t see those same issues in practice. Hope it’s not indicative of us as a team. Crappy lessons.”

      Not ruling out Pocic, Ogbuehi, Randall of competition. Others have stepped up with time those guys banged up. Shell not happy compete for spot, didn’t back off. Flowers great camp.

      Blair back. Chance to play Saturday.

      Eskridge fitting in. Natural. “does stuff, looks the way it’s supposed to look. Strong kid, good power, even blocking. Plays fast. Real boost. Swain competing sees what Dwayne is doing.”

      • Big Mike says:

        Parkinson: mid-season
        Diggs: yep, holding in
        Penny will play a lot : God we’re hoping he looks better than he did last week

        Not a word about Duane? Anyone in the media even bother asking or were they too busy asking that hard hitting question about Tyler?

      • Blitzy the Clown says:

        I watched that presser and I was struck by his comment about Brown’s “sore knee” being the reason they traded for Reid. Doesn’t sound good.

        Also, in light of Wade’s trade from the Ravens to the Pats, couldn’t Seattle have traded for him? Surely he’s better than Reid? I just have to wonder if my scouting ability is shite because I still think Wade was one of the best CB prospects in his draft class.

  47. swisshawk says:

    How likely is it that the hawks are waiting to sign KJ and Geno post week 1? What do you think? [% for each move]

  48. cha says:

    Anyone know what “cheetah formation” on the DL is? Norton and the reporters alluded to it in his interview.

    By the name and what Norton said, sounds like a NASCAR type speed package that is a mirror opposite of Bear front. Less bulk and more speed.

    The only interesting thing I drew from it is what Norton said about Green and Collier. They don’t fit on the outside in Cheetah because they have better talent there, so they’d “better develop their inside game or they’re going to be standing on the sidelines next to me when we run it.”

    I wouldn’t call that a major revelation, but confirmation of what many have observed/remarked on.

    • Palatypus says:

      IIRC that is what Gus Bradley called the NASCAR formation in Jacksonville.

      Probably because if you call something NASCAR that close to Daytona it confuses Floridians.

    • Palatypus says:

      OR…it could be this.

      “LSU defensive coordinator Dave Aranda debuted a new pass-rushing package during the first half of the win over Syracuse last week: Cheetah. This is the real Cheetah — not the one we all mistook for Cheetah earlier this season.

      Aranda’s true Cheetah package features just one defensive lineman, a whopping five linebackers and five defensive backs. The Tigers opened the season against BYU debuting a package that Orgeron referred to as “Cheetah.” That formation includes two defensive linemen, four linebackers and five defensive backs.

      That’s actually LSU’s “base nickel” defense, cornerback Donte Jackson revealed Monday. Coaches remove a lineman and insert an outside linebacker against pass-heavy teams, LaCouture said, to produce the 2-4-5 look.

      LaCouture admits it’s similar to the Cheetah — just a heavier version — but the real Cheetah is the thing that got its first test Saturday against Syracuse, when coaches removed all but one defensive lineman, usually LaCouture, and inserted the team’s best three pass rushers: Corey Thompson, K’Lavon Chaisson and Arden Key.”

    • Lewis says:

      So…”better talent” would be referring to whom? Brooks? Taylor?

      • cha says:


        And Hyder
        And Poona
        And Dunlap
        And Mayowa
        And Robinson

        • Lewis says:

          The guys that normally play outside were assumed, like Dunlap and Robinson. Poona would likely be the lone/2x beef. Come to think of it, he could easily be referring to Nkemdiche here as well if it’s about +athleticism.

          • cha says:

            Yes, I was being cheeky as to where I think those 2 rank vs the others. More about a state of things overall on the DL.

            But it’s competition inside also. It sounds pretty firm it’s decided they can’t compete outside in Cheetah, so they have to do well inside. They have to beat out Poona at least for a spot. Maybe Robinson and Dunlap if they’re shifted inside too. Maybe even Mone and Nkemdiche.

            And I’m not seeing it.

            I’d love for Rasheem Green to live up to expectations. But a hot preseason doesn’t move me. He did that his rookie season. 3 or 4 sacks and some other pressures/time in the backfield. We all thought the Hawks had stolen a guy in the 3rd round. Only never to be heard from again.

            Last year he was asked what workout prep he was doing in order to make more of an impact in 2020 and he revealed his secret master plan: drinking more water.

            Same with Collier. He said after his rookie year he was ticked off at being labeled a bust. And he followed it up with a very mediocre season. In fact as Green got healthy, Collier’s snaps decreased.

            This summer he announced to Nate Burleson he’s going to ‘go off’ this year. I cannot recall a single play in preseason with his name on it, or being specifically singled out by anyone in camp as a guy to watch.

            Again, I’d be over the moon if he became a force in 2021. Absolutely dazzled. But I’m not betting my life savings on it. Or my next paycheck. Or a Coke.

            • Lewis says:

              I’m with you. That would be nice, wouldn’t it. If nothing else, if he had a good year then got a nice deal elsewhere, it could mean a compensatory pick.

    • Palatypus says:

      I found a link to that complete game in 2017 of Syracuse at LSU.

  49. Rob Staton says:

    Shaun Wade on the trade block due to Baltimore’s depth…

  50. cha says:

    Ian Rapoport
    The day after Luke Willson steps away, the #Seahawks signed Ian Bunting to take his roster spot. The 6-foot-7 former UDFA from Cal was released by the #AZCardinals recently.

  51. All I see is 12s says:

    I saw OJ Howard may be a trade/cut candidate. Hmmmnnn

  52. Ashish says:

    It’s no secret Hawks offense takes long time to get into rhythm. Assuming starter had not played in first 2 games and I don’t see they play any in 3rd game. With new OC and no game time for starter I see sloppy 3-4 games. Guess what I’ve not talk about OL yet. Thoughts?

  53. Paul Cook says:

    I’m not as freaked out about the TE position as some others I’ve read are. I’m fine with Everett and Dissley and just about any other scrub we can pull off the scrap heap till Parkinson returns.

    We’re basically rolling the dice on this season in so many ways. So many things have to break our way to be contenders, and depth at the TE doesn’t rank anywhere near the top of my list. Almost unmentionable.

    • Chase says:

      Spot on. When the ship is sinking in so many other spots it’s hard to be upset about a lack of depth at TE

    • Big Mike says:

      I see your point and it’s logical but I will say if Dissley gets hurt (again) you may well feel differently. That said, Duane and interior d-line and CB are much more pressing concerns.

      • Paul Cook says:

        My less said point was that if we’re going to compete for a divisional title and a shot at the NFC championship, we’re going to have to get relatively lucky in the injury department. Sure, Dissley or Everett could go down, but so could DK, Damian Lewis, Duan Brown, Dunlap, BW, JA, etc, etc…

        We could get hit by injury anywhere on the roster. At the TE spot, at least we have two viable starters.

      • Paul Cook says:

        > PS…and we have a way of not properly and consistently utilizing the TE for going on some years now. Yeah. I’d like to see it get better in that way, but will have to wait to see it.

  54. L80 says:

    So whats the deal with Duane Brown?

    Are they going to wait for the last preseason game to be over with?

    Can’t imagine any success on offense without him.

    • Sea Mode says:

      I have this terrible feeling that they are going to just bump his bonuses a bit this year, he will play just as well as last year, with the more or less regular injury management, and then they will be scrambling to extend him next year anyways…

      • GerryG says:

        Honestly, I think year to year is the best strategy at his age.

        They should have already addressed the exit strategy for Brown, but they had zero draft capital

    • Big Mike says:

      I thi9nk they’re gonna have a stare down with him like they did Kam and tell us the position is in good hands with Journeyman……er, Jemarco Jones. A couple of losses in and someone will give in.

    • cha says:

      Gregg Bell
      NFL Network’s
      with me on
      just now: “there has been some engagement” between #Seahawks and Duane Brown “to end the hold-in” and him getting back on the field to get ready for the season opener.
      Gregg Bell
      he didn’t say #Seahawks were necessarily going to give Duane Brown a new deal beyond 2021 just yet, maybe a “creative” solution with a short-term “sweetener” or something of the like. Either way, some movement between the team and its all-important LT Russell Wilson wants back

  55. Paul Cook says:

    If Marquise Blair can’t beat out the likes of Witherspoon, Flowers, Reed, or Amadi for a starting CB position this year, then we’ve either…

    a) Wasted his talent as a safety, especially the SS position


    b) Busted out on yet another draft pick (2nd round, 47th overall)

    • Mac says:

      I don’t believe that Blair is a CB. Unfortunately, it is trending towards a spent pick, we took Blair far earlier than was warranted and played him at a position that he won’t fit. If he can win a starting job, I won’t be mad.

    • Chase Cash says:

      Yeah, Blair isn’t a corner. He’s a SS that we replaced 1 year into his career with Jamal Adams, and are now trying to fit him at corner/nickel to justify having drafted him at all. Horrible roster management / construction.

  56. Koko says:

    Hawks should have made that trade for Shaun Wade..

    • Palatypus says:

      They probably would have if they didn’t acquire a cornerback yesterday. But giving up a 5th would leave us with only four picks in next year’s draft.

  57. L80 says:

    The very fact that contracted players can hold teams hostage for a new contract is just terrible.

    It undermines everything, the fans, and the club.

    This will be the undoing of pro football as we knew it. It has completely been allowed to get to this point and now there is no turning back.

    Blech NFL. Your product has lost it’s gleaming shield.

    • JJ says:

      The very fact that contracted players can be cut by teams before the contract ends is just terrible.

      It undermines everything, the fans, and the club.

      This will be the undoing of pro football as we knew it. It has completely been allowed to get to this point and now there is no turning back.

      Blech NFL. Your product has lost it’s gleaming shield.

      This won’t change anything.

      • Jordan says:

        I can’t imagine teams would do that without players agreeing to it being allowable under the CBA.

    • GerryG says:

      This is a bit of an over reaction, and not even that true.

      Personally I dont have any problem with a vet wanting to secure some long term security while in the last year of their deal. Any practice they could be injured and done for the year, and even their career (we have seen at least 3 seahawk careers ended on one play in the past 5 years). I dont want Duane Brown out there until the last week. Diggs got enough work in this camp, he can chill til week 1.

      They cant hold a team hostage either, they have minimal leverage. If they dont report they get fined. If they dont play, they dont get paid and if they skip the entire season dont even accrue the year.

    • Big Mike says:

      Your point would be valid L80 IF the NFL had fully guaranteed contracts. They do not. As JJ intimated, it’s a 2 way street.
      If you’re an owner you don’t want fully guaranteed contracts because you’d be paying an injured player far too often considering the violence of the sport. If you’re a player who manages to stay mostly healthy and outplay your contract, this is your one and only option.
      Hate the system, not the player(s).
      There’s an easy way to fix it, don’t count inured players against the salary cap but the owners would never go for that because they’d put out much more in salaries.

    • jeff says:

      I agree. There are very good reasons the NFL doesn’t have guaranteed contracts. Players could refuse to sign non-guaranteed contracts but most would not get 4 year deals. It is a good compromise for both to lock in the later year salaries. As long as the player is still performing at an appropriate level, the team will want to keep them and will pay them the contracted rate. In a league with such short average careers, this is a fair deal.

      But I still don’t feel any sympathy for the powers that be. They have squandered their resources and if they don’t believe in Brown long term, they don’t have a succession plan that is in any way evident. If they are counting on Brown as a core player, then give him an appropriate extension like they do with their core players with one year left.

  58. cha says:

    Huard says yes get KJ Wright in here

    AUGUST 26, 2021 AT 2:21 PM

    Brock Huard expects K.J. Wright and the Seahawks to reunite for the 2021 season. (AP)
    A major question surrounding the Seahawks this offseason has been whether or not the team will reunite with longtime linebacker K.J. Wright.

    Seahawks’ Russell Wilson: ‘I feel more confident in myself more than ever’

    Wright, 32, had been the Seahawks’ longest-tenured player for a while as he’d been with the team since he was drafted in 2011. But after his two-year deal expired at the end of the 2020 season, Wright has remained unsigned despite being wildly productive the last two seasons.

    The Seahawks currently have All-Pro Bobby Wagner and 2020 first-round pick Jordyn Brooks penned in at middle linebacker and weakside linebacker, respectively, but the rest of that position group a bit of a question mark, especially after this most recent preseason game.

    2020 second-round pick Darrell Taylor, who was drafted as a defensive end, is the favorite to start at the strongside linebacker position, which Wright played in 2020. 2019 third-round pick Cody Barton is also back and has experience at all three linebacker spots. But the Seahawks’ depth there took a bit of a hit as third-year linebacker Ben Burr-Kirven tore his ACL on the opening kickoff of Seattle’s second preseason game. Now, fullback/special teams captain Nick Bellore is expected to be the Seahawks’ fifth linebacker.

    But former NFL quarterback Brock Huard thinks that Burr-Kirven’s injury, as well as how one of Wright’s former defensive teammates handled free agency last year, may result in a Seahawks-Wright reunion for 2021. He shared his thoughts on the latest Brock and Salk Podcast for 710 ESPN Seattle.

    “With the ACL and (Burr-Kirven) lost for the season now, I think this is K.J. looking at a couple opportunities – he made a visit to (former Seahawks defensive coordinator) Gus Bradley in (Las Vegas) with the Raiders (who run) a similar system and I think by all accounts (they told him), ‘We’d like to have you, but it’ll be a minimum deal with a lot of guarantees,’” Huard said. “And I think K.J. has looked at this and watched Jadeveon Clowney last offseason play chicken with the market and Clowney went unsigned … and eventually got some pretty good dough from the Titans, some pretty significant guaranteed millions of dollars.”

    Huard later added, “I think there’s going to be some movement over the next couple weeks and if that means a few more million bucks or a few more incentives for K.J. Wright to get in here, I think at this stage you have to make that move.”

      • cha says:

        I’m confused by the narrative going around the Seattle media about this.

        “Darrell Taylor has SAM locked and so the only open LB spot is BBK’s and why would they give KJ millions of dollars to be a backup and special teams player?”

        It’s like they’re actively trying to shape the conversation as ‘KJ could not possibly be signed to play SAM.’

        • Rob Staton says:

          Here’s the real reason IMO.

          They anticipated KJ being done 18 months ago with his injury so drafted a linebacker in the first round.

          KJ recovers and has arguably his best season.

          But now they’ve committed a R1 pick to Brooks and they feel obliged to roll with it and are unwilling to pay whatever KJ is asking for.

          • cha says:

            I don’t know. They bumped Lewis for an expensive veteran, they bumped Blair for an expensive veteran, they’ve tried Barton at every LB position, and even now, the best option remains to move Brooks to SAM for 4-3 downs.

            Seems an odd hill to take a stand on for a ‘rookie’ out of position and coming off a major injury.

            • Rob Staton says:

              Sure but Barton was a mid round depth pick and Blair is collateral on the desperation they faced a year ago going into camp.

              • cha says:

                Feels more like they collected a bunch of DL and then realized they can’t keep them all on the roster and somebody said ‘hey Taylor played off the line 3 years ago, why don’t we try that?’

                The fact they’re trying Alton Robinson at SAM is equally ridiculous.

        • Big Mike says:

          Darrell Taylor “locked up” at SAM?.I can’t stop laughing at the thought. Opposing teams can’t stop drooling.

  59. cha says:

    Gregg Bell
    Rookie cornerback Tre Brown didn’t practice again today for #Seahawks. Neither did Quandre Diggs.

    Marquise Blair may be getting safety more than nickel time Saturday vs Chargers

  60. pdway says:

    for me – – if they can just get the Duane situation sorted – i’m ready to get a little excited about the offense.

    they were really rolling last year (until they weren’t) – and have added some weapons to the pass game in Everett and Eskridge, hopefully upgraded the line a little w Jackson, and I don’t mind the Carson/Penny/Collins + Deejay RB situation. If Russell and Waldron prove to be a good match – there’s good reason to think we could have a really nice offense this year.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I think it’s a big unknown.

      Waldron is a first time OC and play caller. Nothing wrong with hoping for the best and that he takes to the role — but we just don’t know. Fortunately we don’t have much longer to wait to find out.

      • SeaTown says:

        Have you watched any of Waldron’s pressers? The guy doesn’t have much charisma. I find him a tad dull to listen to. I know that doesn’t mean he’s not smart or creative but I have not been impressed by him at all.

        • Zane says:

          I’ve noticed the same thing SeaTown. Doesn’t exactly exude visionary brilliance.

          • 12th chuck says:

            I remember there was a statement about he wasn’t going to change the whole offense, just tweak it. Too bad he kept the 3rd down play calls 3rd and 10+ throw it 3 yards, 3rd and 5, throw it behind the line of scrimmage

        • Ashish says:

          I was not able to watch 10 minutes press conference hope he is better on game planning

        • Rob Staton says:

          Unfortunately I agree. I have not been impressed with his interviews.

          Won’t mean much if he can deliver on the field of course. But while I was pleased with the appointment at the time he also now needs to justify it. He is a massive unknown and if we’re being honest this could go either way.

      • pdway says:

        yeah, that’s fair – i’m just feeling good about the talent level – assuming Brown plays and Russell is at his normal/high level.

        Don’t have the same confidence level re our defense, which is relying on many more unproven components – and will only be good if X, Y, and Z, all happen.

    • cha says:

      No offense pdway but I think you’re missing the boat on the biggest upgrade to the 2021 offense.

      DK Year3.

      He’s going to take over games. There’ll be games they can’t get the running game started, the defense isn’t the New and Improved Defense everyone wants and the opposing team isn’t making mistakes. And DK and Russ will turn the game on a dime and overcome it all.

      • Nathan M says:

        Unless the opposing D plays 2 deep safeties. Then the Hawks O has no clue how to adjust to that. It’s very tricky.

  61. Noah Parker says:

    Rob – this is a bit random but I was listening to an old podcast of The Revisionist History by Malcom Gladwell and in his podcast about Wilt Chamberlain shooting underhand he started talking about the NFL draft and the value of second rounders vs first rounders and how even though the difference in production/skill between a second rounder and first is negligible, teams consistently trade away the farm to get first round picks. Have you listened to this episode? How do you think it relates to the Adams trade (if at all)? Curious to hear your thoughts! Thanks!

    • Rob Staton says:

      I haven’t heard that podcast, sorry.

      For me there are a few issues with the Adams trade in this regard. Firstly, I think the Seahawks needed to draft ‘better’ not less’ and the Adams trade essentially takes them out of the meat of two drafts. This impacts your depth, your young talent. Of course it’s entirely possible they don’t make use of those picks and I get that. But I also think the draft is the only way to properly build a young, championship roster and the Seahawks have made that harder. And dare I say, the depth issues are showing in pre-season.

      The other thing is the cost for one player was pretty obscene in terms of picks, then you throw in a massive contract. And I’m still not convinced he’s a good fit in Seattle, plus there’s the injuries. So an incredible amount of resource has gone into Adams that I would personally only really be comfortable doing for a quarterback and maybe, maybe, at a push, a top-tier left tackle or defensive end.

      • Call Me AL says:

        If the Seahawks didn’t do the JA trade they could have had two first round picks on the team (at a cost of roughly 3.25 million a year each in the range where Seattle typically drafts in the 1st round) and a third round pick ( at a cost of roughly 1.25 million a year). That’s three players that should be solid contributors making a combined 7.75 million a year on their rookie contracts. Now take JA’s average annual salary of 17 million and subtract the three rookie contacts and you still have another 9 million left over to spend on free agents. So you have JA instead of what should be about five solid contributors on your team. Pretty obscene in terms of what you could have had, I would say yes.

        Rob has pointed out many times that the JA trade was a poor allocation of resources for a SS. Especially considering their lack of talent on the defensive line and need for more quality on the offensive line. Do you do this kind of trade for an Arron Donald type of player, I would say yes. But not for a SS who doesn’t even fit your defensive scheme.

        It makes you wonder what exactly is the Seahawks plan.

        • Big Mike says:

          I don’t wonder what their plan is, I wonder why they don’t seem to ever actually have one. Reactive, not proactive anymore.

      • Noah Parker says:

        Here’s the link if you’re interested:

  62. cha says:

    JKearse “doing some recruiting” with KJ, Kam and Cliff.

    Looks like Newcastle just outside Renton.

    Loved the comment “Imagine hitting into that group” LOL!!

  63. cha says:

    If you have zero sense of humor about your team, just do yourself a favor and DO NOT click this link.

    These were always an entertaining read from the Deadspin series, and every team in the NFL got heavily teased. Now over on Defector after Deadspin imploded.

    • Denver Hawker says:

      God bless

    • mr peapants says:

      that was funny and sad all at the same time. thank you cha

    • Rob Staton says:

      Never knew that about Jody Allen.

      What a weirdo.

    • pdway says:

      “Pete Carroll will retire 10 years from now without winning another Super Bowl and will go down as a thinner, more personable Mike McCarthy.”


      • Paul Cook says:

        The line amongst a bunch of them was…”If you could hang banners for Stupidest Good Team, the post-Marshawn Seahawks would be champs six years running.”

    • STTBM says:

      Damn, I already thought Jody was a lousy owner. Now I hear she’s also super creepy. At least she’s not Bezos…I think….

      Thanks for the link Cha, that was funny and awful close to the bone!

    • Henry Taylor says:

      Russell Wilson, who lobbied for a trade out of Seattle in the most Russell Wilson possible way. “Prithee, I do so much enjoy playing for Seattle. But if I WERE to be included as recompense to another team in a large-scale transaction, I do have some preferences for which teams of whom I might be desirous in said circumstances, if I may be so bold [kisses the hand of a lady he doesn’t know for some reason].” This man’s teammates hate his fucking guts.

      – comedy gold

    • Ukhawk says:

      So cool, Cha

      Find myself want to laugh and cry at the same time given the state of the team

  64. cha says:

    We finally get some confirmation

    Gregg Bell
    Pete Carroll says Quandre Diggs isn’t practicing because “he’s making a statement” about wanting a new contract. Yes, like Duane Brown.

  65. cha says:

    Press Conf Today

    ‘Chance to finish preseason on a good note. We didn’t like the first couple. Looking to make a better statement about where we are.’

    q-Diggs not practicing? “Making a bit of a statement, but I have no update for you on that.”

    q-Modern athlete hold-in? “Opp for players to communicate where they are. Diggs great shape, ready to go.”

    q-Duane Brown? “nothing for you on that. No update.”

    q-Dee Eskridge? “Early on before toe, route concepts that were new, he did a great job. Capable, strong, bursts, in and out of breaks, handles deep ball, 60 yarder from Russ the other day, no big deal to him. Kick returns on the back burner for a bit. Nothing happened doesn’t give us big hope for him.”

    q-John Reid? “Jumped on the scene, made plays first day. Active, smart, fast. Good job. See him tomorrow night.”

    q-Blair? “Excited back to play, good push this week. Very competitive kid. Dying to get out there.”

    q-Pocic? “Good, hasn’t had a chance to compete for C spot. Hasn’t had chance to show. Kyle’s done well, Ethan hasn’t done anything ot hurt his chances, other than not being available.”

    q-Fuller? “Had all fundamentals, size, height, arm length, quickness, played C in college. Didn’t get to make statement last year in camp. But gets along well w Russ in communication, works with guards well. No indication he’s not ready for job.”

    q-Offensive concept vs Bill Walsh? “Origins back to SF. Given mike Shanahan a lot of credit. Take the West Coast offense, QB friendly stuff, meshed w different running game. Zone running game. New version of WC. Roots there. Shane Waldron raised in that system.”

    q-TE use variant of WC? “No, moreso athletes fit position. SF uses FB a lot. Using talent that you have.”

    q-(something about Waldron communicating) ? “Respect for his process, ability to hold information. Background allowed him to learn what’s going on up front. Talk to centers, guards, tackles. Be on sidelines helps guys make adjustments. Not accessible in box.”

    q-Holmgren Ring of Honor? “Really kickstarted this thing led us to where we are. Not to say Chuck didn’t do great job. Set expectations. Another guy who came out of WC and made it work. Great fashion.”
    q-Hasselbeck? “Thrilled for him. Established QB when I came here. Not starting from scratch. Really bright guy handle info, communications, see why he won a lot of games.”

    q-Holmgren was in Cleveland when you came, but did he show you around the Seahawks org? “No.” (cha ed – stupid question HOF candidate – Pete handled it well but he laughed and shook his head and the press corp was laughing at the Q)

    q-Holmgren do with WC? “Took fundamentals, makes QB successful. Expectations of position. Catch and run QB friendly. Running game out of this world. So unique.”

    (cha ed…now we’re talking about old formations in the 70’s. Pete in hog heaven. I miss Joe Fann.)

    q-Shane relationship w Russ? “Worked together beautifully. Can’t wait for Russ to play and show you. Opp coming. This is the honeymoon period though. Got stuff to work out. Explosive, efficient. But foundation solid. Communicate well, just connected. Moreso at this early point than I could have inspected.”

    q-(G Bell )As the leaders trying to get ready for the season, how do you approach Diggs and Brown knowing this is how they can make their statement (cha ed-finally a decent question)? “I really appreciate you asking me this question, really well (cha ed – here comes Smug Defensive Smartass Pete). Are we good?”

    q-Is ___ playing tomorrow (I think Eskridge) ? “Wait and see”

    (to G Bell) “I’m not that bad, I wont’ be offended by the fact you asked me that, I know you got to.”

  66. Sea Mode says:

    Wouldn’t mind stashing Kerryon Johnson on a min. deal to see if he can make it back and contribute in a timeshare.

    Tom Pelissero

    Former #Lions and #Eagles RB Kerryon Johnson cleared waivers and is now a free agent. Same with former #Browns and #Chiefs WR Antonio Callaway. Both had reached injury settlements.

  67. Frank says:

    A little surprised at the lack of a love fest over Holmgren and Hassleback. I grew up a huge fan of the west coast system as a kid watching Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and the genius of Bill Walsh. Growing up as a hawk fan, you basically had to like another Team if you ever wanted a weekend of cheering for winning football. I really became a super Hawk fan watching just how damn good the Holmgren and Hassellbeck teams where, whatever a defense had in mind, you knew the team had a couple TD schemed up for the first couple drives, and a backup series planned out if needed in the 4th quarter.
    The absolute shellacking they where giving the Steelers in the Super Bowl, until the NFL and referees decided the steeler would sell more merchandise and gave them the game. Nobody wanted the Hawks to be as good as the where, would joke it was Alaska south. I truly believe the NFL tilted that game, but that team was absolutely bad a$$. Holmgren was one of the worst general managers of all time, but highly underrated as a coach. Hassellbeck reminded me so much of a Montana in that accuracy, timing, instincts, pocket mobility are really what matters for playing QB in the ultimate offense and having a rocket arm, a 4.4 forty, or looking like a superhero aren’t what matters. He just doesn’t ever get the respect he deserves, and you have to wonder how much of that is because of the Super Bowl loss to the Steelers.

    • 12th chuck says:

      Holmgren brought us to the next level, thats for sure. I only imagine if Ted Thompson had stayed, we would have never had Ruskell, and might have been able to make another superbowl

    • TomLPDX says:

      Just watch Matt in that last playoff game against NO (BeastQuake) and you’ll see what a player he was. These guys made the Seahawks relevant again and love the teams of to 2000’s (until asshole took over in 2009)

      • Frank says:

        I did end up rewatching that game after you mentioned it. What a fun game as a fan, and great nostalgia.

        • James says:

          i think this is all anyone really wants. a good team, fun game, and great memories. instead we get coach speech and “fan-obvious” cracks that never get mended. I just hope we’re a good team again before I die.

  68. Mick says:

    D. Lewis: “I like to be mean, tough, and nasty.” – that’s the right mindset kid.

  69. cha says:

    Ian Rapoport
    Sources: The #Jaguars are trading QB Gardner Minshew to the #Eagles for a conditional 6th round draft pick. Minshew Mania gets a fresh start in Philly — as a backup behind Jalen Hurts — a few days after Trevor Lawrence was named the starter in Jax.

    • Bigsteviej says:

      Curious from a number of standpoints —
      — Would’ve thought that the Jags could’ve gotten more for Minshew. With the Colts losing Ehlinger for the season and Wentz being injured/injury-prone they could’ve gotten a guy with starting experience who threw for > 3,000 yds on an awful Jags’ team. I’d start Minshew ahead of a healthy Wentz.
      — The Eagles guaranteed Joe Flacco $3.5 million, so they’re going to have to carry 3 QB’s. And if Hurts struggles they’ll want to see what they have in Minshew, so all of the money spent on Flacco is a total waste.

    • Ashish says:

      Minshew is better than Geno Smith

      • Lewis says:

        Minshew is better than quite a few starters in this league. Giving him away for nothing makes me think the Jags front office has no idea what they are doing.

        • Palatypus says:

          Well, Trent Baalke is the guy who fired Jim Harbaugh and hired Chip Kelly to go 2-14. But he was Pro Football Writers of America Executive of the year back in 2011.

  70. cha says:

    Ian Rapoport
    Another #Ravens trade: Baltimore is sending versatile OL Greg Mancz to the #Dolphins with a late-round pick swap being the compensation, sources say. Solid, new depth for Miami.

    News flash: Baltimore is a deep team.

  71. JJ says:


    I know this off season has been a struggle, but I hope you can enjoy the college football season. Always look forward to reviewing the players you talk about.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I enjoy all sport. I will enjoy watching the Seahawks too.

      But I won’t come on here and paper over any cracks.

      • TomLPDX says:

        And we don’t want or expect you to. Glad you stay true to yourself!

        Watch my TAMU Aggies this year, should be ready to make the big step to the top 4…as long as our new QB is able to handle it. Bringing back lots of talent on both sides of the ball!

        • Rob Staton says:

          And we don’t want or expect you to. Glad you stay true to yourself!

          Sadly, many people do.

          Nobody was more positive than me about the Seahawks when I felt it was warranted. Now that I have some (fair) criticisms, the backlash is incredible.

          So be it.

          • TomLPDX says:

            Maybe from the bandwagon people, but for those of us that have been here awhile, you’ve remained true to yourself, to this team and to the community of this website. We appreciate what you do, Rob. It isn’t always pretty but it is truthful and I for one appreciate it.

            My hope for this team will never die but I’m not going to kid myself into thinking they are beyond reproach. They need to get their act together NOW!

  72. cha says:

    Just watching the highlights of the Carolina-Pittsburgh game last night, Sam Darnold looked pretty good. In synch, they had him dropping surveying, throwing very quickly on offense (of course he wasn’t facing the full Pitt DL).

    Still he looked decisive. He did have one bad play where he scrambled and made a bad throw. But overall pretty good for a guy who is starting his second chapter.

    I didn’t see any highlights of David Moore working with the 1’s. He showed up when the backup QB came in.

  73. Rob Staton says:

    My hope for tonight is that Pete Carroll doesn’t, in an attempt to not have an absolute horror show again this week, play the starters too long and gets someone hurt.

    In all honesty I wouldn’t play any of the key players again. I sincerely hope if any do start, it’s a quick in-and-out (ooh-er).

    • Paul Cook says:

      I agree. I think it would be the equivalent of criminal negligence if players like Dunlap, Carson, and Lockett see the field. There’s no reason for them to.

    • Aaron says:

      But Rob we gotta compete to win a meaningless game. Compete…Compete…COMPETE!!!

    • TomLPDX says:

      Fingers and toes crossed…last week we lost lost 2 very capable backups that will hurt us in the long run, let’s not loose a starter.

    • cha says:

      They’re in a precarious position at center for this game. Pocic is still sore and at risk of aggravating his injury again. Likely benched. Fuller is your presumptive starter so you don’t want to play him a ton.

      So it’s Lundblade and…who? Phil Haynes?

      I’d run Penny tonight until his legs fall off. 20 runs at least. If he pops you’ve got options – keep a guy who has built some confidence on the roster or save a roster spot and maybe flip him for a late pick or swap of picks. If he gets hurt, so what? More of the same and you’ve got Collins and Dallas to work with.

      Wouldn’t shock me one bit if Dee E isn’t active tonight. But if he is, I’d like a swing pass to get him in space to see what he can do. Nothing game-planned fancy, just get the ball to him and let him accelerate.

      I don’t get the sense any WR decisions will be made based on tonight’s game. Cade Johnson has had two under-the-radar good preseason games.

      I’d give new guy Reid a healthy dose of snaps at CB. Just throw him out there and see what you’ve got. Nobody of Witherspoon, Flowers, DJ Reed, Ugo or Blair are making a statement about a job tonight anyway.

      And not to harp on this too much again, but what will they do at SAM tonight? More Taylor & Robinson?

    • Rob Staton says:

      JK Dobbins just blew his knee out playing for the Ravens.


      • Aaron says:

        Preseason is for the rookies, UDFAs, and backups. If I were the Hawks I’d never let a starter play a preseason game ever. If an injury comes then it comes, but at least let it be in a meaningful game not a glorified scrimmage.

      • Lewis says:

        I’d Love to see a single possession of the first string moving the ball comfortably down the field, then getting some rest.

  74. Lewis says:

    Just turned on the Bears game and the first play I see is Ifedi impersonating a turnstile leading to a Fields sack.

  75. cha says:

    Ian Furness
    Metcalf. Wilson. Lockett. Everett all getting late pregame warmup work in before getting dressed. Same drill as first two preseason games which would lead one to assume.. not playing like first two games.

  76. JLemere says:

    The depth chart is so baffling, especially on defense. Mayowa as the run D/ base LEO? Both Taylor and Robinson at SAM? Moving Rasheem Green to LEO? Feels like PC is doing everything he can to make it a 3-4 defense for Adams without actually making it a 3-4 defense for Adams.

  77. Curtis Allen says:

    Bob Condotta
    D.J. Reed, who has yet to play in the preseason, in uniform and catching some punts in pregame warmups. Dee Eskridge also on field with the returners.

    Bob Condotta
    But one player who did not play last two games that Schneider says will play is Dee Eskridge. Schneider said he’ll get 10-15 snaps.
    Show this thread

    Bob Condotta
    Seahawks GM John Schneider says on pregame radio show that 23 players will be held out today.

    Bob Condotta
    Bobby Wagner and Robert Nkemdiche not in uniform for Seahawks tonight. Gonna be the Killer B LB trio of Barton, Bellore and Brooks….
    Bob Condotta
    Kyle Fuller snapping in pregame to Geno Smith. That’s probably going to be the starting center-QB combo tonight.

  78. Paul Cook says:

    I’ve got a Seahawk problem now. Things that I used to like and got me enthused about the Hawks are all too often annoying me now. For instance, rah-rah PC kind of annoys me now where I used to find it somewhat endearing and inspiring. The talk of the 12’s kind of bugs me at times now. I love our fans, but they really haven’t been all that decisive for us as they used to. In other words, we haven’t had enough talent of late to take advantage of our home field advantage.

    There are other things, too.

    I don’t know. Maybe, with rare exception, there’s just a freshness on most regimes that when it’s time passes it starts getting stale.

  79. Paul Cook says:

    *freshness date…I meant to say.

  80. cha says:

    Wow great play for a TD!

    Not sure Barton will be able to rush the QB untouched in the regular season but we’ll take it.

    • Paul Cook says:

      The thing I liked about the Blair pick-up/off for a TD is that he actually did it. How many fumbles could we just not cover up last year? How many INT’s went right through our hands? How many of these kinds of opportunities did we blow?

    • Lewis says:

      Yeah, and heads up play by Blair, obviously

  81. cha says:

    Offense still looks confused and can’t get any tempo going.

  82. Lewis says:

    Nick Bellore on a blitz. I have officially seen everything.

  83. 206 says:

    Still blitzing on 3rd and long. Lol! cmon man. Anyhow, Mr. Blair looks like hes full health, which is awesome. Also a little attitude from Taylor, I like it. Further more, maybe they are giving Randall a look at CB? I like that as well, probably better than flowers, more talent for sure

  84. cha says:

    Darrell Taylor needs to just rush the passer. Had a good rush there.

    But when he’s not assigned to rush, he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to be doing. Just standing there after the snap and waits for something to happen.

  85. cha says:


  86. Big Mike says:

    AC looking Goodwood, quick to the LOS

  87. cha says:

    14-0 after the first quarter, just what the doctor ordered.

  88. Lewis says:

    With the Dobbins injury today and Collins looking good, I wonder if the Ravens might try to trade for him. Hope we keep him as the backup to Carson

  89. Big Mike says:

    Nice to see some life from this team

  90. cha says:

    That’s what happens when you ask a safety to set the edge. 15 yard run with nothing but daylight.

  91. cha says:


    What bend on that sack!

  92. Denver Hawker says:

    Is Penny at risk of being cut?

  93. Troy says:

    Taylor with a sack! I have fucking hope!

  94. Ashish says:

    Good play from Taylor. Hope they play on edge instead of SAM

  95. Lewis says:

    Bellore playing both ways. I love it!

    • Big Mike says:

      I’m gonna age myself badly here….Seattle’s Chuck Bednarik.

      Even playing the right positions

  96. Jordan says:

    Taylor is a very high end talent. Just had the injury to deal with his final season at Tennessee.

  97. cha says:

    What was that? You can’t reach the ball over the line to gain to get the first down???

    Allright here we go Seahawks. 3rd and 1 and you let the clock run down to :02 and call a timeout.

    Whaddaya got? Show me something.

    I’ll be supremely disappointed if they false start out of this.

  98. Lewis says:

    Hey Cha,

    Are you comfortable with Curhan at RT week 1?

    • cha says:

      Starting? No.

      Shell and Ogbuehi will be fine.

      But Curhan is making a strong argument for a roster spot. He plays guard and tackle.

      Hawks gave him the biggest UDFA bonus this year, so he’s validating that feeling.

  99. AlaskaHawk says:

    I’m pleased to see a decent offense.

  100. Big Mike says:

    Horseshit call

    • Lewis says:

      The player has to know the rule. Get used to that call. You don’t have to like that it is a foul, but it’s a foul

      • Big Mike says:

        Sadly you’re likely correct but when the D player is squared up looking right at the blocker who is coming straight at him that to me isn’t blind side, key word there being “blind”.

        • Lewis says:

          Oddly enough, it has nothing to do with that. Confusing, admittedly. Basically, if the player is running parallel or toward their own endzone, they can’t make contact with helmet, forearm, or shoulder.

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      The offensive guy saw him and ran into the block, it wasn’t a big surprise.

      • Lewis says:

        That’s not relevant.

        • Lewis says:

          I mean, it probably SHOULD be, but it isn’t

          • AlaskaHawk says:

            Yes, too bad they don’t have a rule about smashing into a quarterback’s blindside during preseason games. They could call it the Geno Smith rule, har. Every player would like to make it through preseason without injury.

  101. Big Mike says:

    Maybe they should re-label it “illegal peel back block”.

  102. cha says:

    First half


    Darrell Taylor rushing the passer
    Cody Barton very active
    Dee Eskridge’s game speed is bona fide
    Geno Smith adjusting to blitz etc much better
    Alex Collins fantastic footwork and outlet passes
    Forsythe looks more comfortable
    Offensive rhythm
    Defensive aggression


    Darrell Taylor when NOT rushing the passer
    Alton Robinson in coverage again
    The CBs still appear to be a question mark – nobody differentiating themselves

    • Poli says:

      So Cody Barton #1 SAM?

      • cha says:

        They haven’t played Barton a single snap there in preseason or camp that I’ve seen.

        I’m convinced Brooks is better there than Barton is. Play Barton at WILL, Brooks at SAM and then send Barton to the bench and Brooks back to WILL in nickel.

        • lil’stink says:

          Barton has made some nice plays this preseason, but he still struggles shedding blocks and takes poor angles too frequently. I hope I’m wrong but I still think our 3rd LB spot is a weakness right now.

  103. Jordan says:

    In addition to his edge work, it was good to see Taylor finish on the qb and rb in the open field

  104. Sean says:

    Seems like Hyder was out there a lot, but I don’t remember him making any plays.

  105. Kyle says:

    Johnson and Collins make it to the 53 for me in the back field.

  106. cha says:

    Remember last year when the Special Teams unit didn’t have a penalty until like the 8th game of the season?

    I don’t think they’ve had a single snap where they haven’t been flagged in the second half.

  107. Aaron says:

    Taylor is a pass rusher…period, end of story. Don’t play him at SAM.

    Oh and Penny needs to be traded for a quality player at a position of need. We ain’t gonna get a starter but maybe another d liner for depth or something like that.

  108. Sea Mode says:

    How did that incredible punt not make it into the YouTube highlights!? Come on, NFL media!