Talking draft on

January 26th, 2021 | Written by Rob Staton

This week I was invited onto the Les Levine show in Cleveland to talk about the draft and the Senior Bowl. We cover a lot of ground. My bit starts at 36:27…

27 Responses to “Talking draft on”

  1. Ashish says:

    Rob, thanks for the details article with ton of information. Finally you are getting some attention in nfl world. I wish you get a role (big role) in hawks organization.

  2. ChrisA says:

    Wow, congrats Rob. So awesome to see you getting attention. Like above poster said, hopefully we can get you a front office spot

  3. BobbyK says:

    You’re on Cleveland and the Seahawks will probably take Cleveland.

  4. no frickin clue says:

    wow, great hit Rob.

  5. Robbie says:

    This is great man! Good stuff!

  6. SteveLargent80 says:

    Looks like we hired the Rams passing game coordinator, Seth Waldron. Rob and others, what do you think of the hire?

    • cha says:

      I like that he is from a team that schemed opportunities and didn’t just rely on talent to overcome predictability.

  7. Zxvo3 says:

    Shane Waldron is coming to Seattle. Does this mean Pete Carroll has taken a “hint” from his star players?

  8. John says:

    Now 3 teams in the division all run a variant of Shanahans scheme.

  9. Gohawks5151 says:

    Mike Shannahan yes. I wonder is Pete goes to the wide zone scheme

  10. Denver Hawker says:

    I like the hire. Nice coaching pedigree under Belichick and McVey.

    Found a couple videos of him, albeit older, and sounds sharp.

    That’s about the extent of what I can form an opinion on, not much other data out there.

    • Spencer Duncan says:

      Belichick and McVay, two good coaches to have learned from. Obviously we have little information but this seems like the best case scenario out of all of the people that got interviewed.

  11. pdway says:

    Rams passing game has torn us apart the last couple years….let’s borrow from it.

    this is an energizing hire . .. not from the PC tree. I’m hopeful we just moved our offense into the modern day NFL….

  12. BruceN says:

    Wikipedia already has him as the OC for Seattle Seahawks. Going from working with Goff to calling plays for Wilson must be a dream.

    Rob, great video. Just don’t give away any scoops to other teams! Now if the Hawks hire you as their draft consultant that would make a lot of us here happy.

  13. Jordan E says:

    Wow! What a hire! That is a great move. Huge fan of the Rams style of offense.

  14. JJ says:

    Wonder what this means for the type of lineman we want and any changes to the type of skill players we look for.

  15. cha says:

    Jake Heaps
    Text I received from a source on staff with the Rams. “This is a bigger loss for us than people realize. Shane is a great match for Russ.”

    Yeah, I’m excited!

    • Mick says:

      I’m quite excited too, it looks like a good move, I hope Pete will let him try his own ideas. I was looking at the NFL championship games and I still think it’s safe to say that out of 4 QBs involved, only Mahomes looked a class over Russ, and I’m not sure that a better play calling, more options than just DK and Tyler, and a better OL won’t close the gap greatly.

    • Henry Taylor says:

      If there’s one thing I enjoy more than helping the Seahawks, it’s hurting the Rams.

  16. Ukhawk says:

    PS. To the hire

    Bob Grosby on ESPN Seattle theorizing that Pete might agree with DKs comments. “Why else would they agree to part with their previous OC”.

    Could just be smoke not fire

  17. I see almost everyones are exited abot new OC. But here are some interesting stuff:

    so are Seahawks gonna go back to wide zone? and does that mean they need to switch back to Tom Cable or Tom Cable guys not Solari type big guards??

    What are people expecting? SEA has not built their offense to run the Sean McVay scheme (at all)

    They’re so ill-suited to series offense based off *that* wide zone action. You’d likely lose Mike Solari too

    We have just drafted Lewis…

    • Gohawks5151 says:

      Honestly, you can play action off of anything. You can move the pocket with any run fake. More important will be the pre snap motions, using formations to out man a defense, stretching the field with crossers and scheming 1 on 1s for DK, Tyler and Dissly.

      Another plus is that the results were quick. Goff looked far better in his first year with Mcvay than at any point in his career. If the concepts are easily installed all the better.

    • SoCal12 says:

      It’s an interesting point but it’s not like we’re suddenly running a 1:1 copy of the Rams offensive playbook. I’m assuming he will adjust and build a playbook that caters to the strengths of the personnel at hand.

  18. uptop says:

    In this new scheme keep an eye on Freddie Swain. Suspiciously similar measureables and testing to Robert Woods. Might be in store for a big second year