The Seahawks bye week podcast & Zach Wilson is a star

October 17th, 2020 | Written by Rob Staton

It’s the bye week, there’s no Seahawks football — so here’s a podcast for you to kill some time. We talk about the NFC West, the trade deadline and much more…

I also wanted to talk about a quarterback who is seriously underrated.

I’ve watched BYU twice this season and on each occasion, Zach Wilson has really stood out. His poise, accuracy and athletic ability really shine through.

He’s just so composed in the pocket. He steps away from pressure with excellent footwork, sets and throws with surgical precision. His deep throws are always catchable and in the right spot.

Everything is just so natural. His drop and footwork to set, aim and fire a strike to all areas of the field. He anticipates routes to throw with timing and confidence.

His first touchdown against Houston set the tone for the rest of the night. Excellent drop. Perfect read to notice the 1v1 to the sideline then he just uncorked a wonderful strike. The coverage from the defensive back is good — he’s right in the hip-pocket of the receiver. Yet the throw is just so on the money, with the right level of velocity, to beat the corner’s despairing attempt at a breakup leading to a huge play.

In the modern NFL you need to be athletic. His second big play of the game was a 32-yard scramble where he reads the coverage, senses the opportunity to run and darts into the second level. He then jukes a linebacker out of his cleats and sets off sprinting for a big gain (before smartly sliding to avoid contact).

His third big play was a flea-flicker that gave his receiver a chance to box-out and go up and get the football.

In fairness to Houston they came roaring back and built a 26-14 lead with only three minutes remaining in the third quarter. How would Wilson respond? Did he have it in him to lead a comeback?

Of course he did. They won the game 43-26. He put on 29 points in just over a quarter.

He extended plays by scrambling to avoid pressure, keeping his eyes downfield and dissecting the coverage. He’s not operating in a wide-open passing offense — he had to throw into good coverage numerous times and he never came close to forcing anything or risking a turnover.

Wilson threw with touch when necessary and also knew when a throw needed a bit more mustard.

They retook the lead with a clever shovel pass in the redzone — well hidden by the quarterback and executed to perfection.

Late in the game pressure from Houston forced him to back-pedal off balance, re-set and deliver a strike with force off his back-foot. He nailed it. He wasn’t flustered, his technique was fantastic. He’s a natural.

Like many of the modern day quarterbacks he throws from different angles. His final touchdown pass to end the game was perhaps my favourite. An absolute dagger. The commentators are talking about whether they run a QB screen to kill clock on third down and kick a field goal. Nope. He drops back and throws an absolute dime to the back right corner of the endzone for a touchdown.

His final stat line was 25/35 for 400 yards passing, four touchdowns, zero turnovers and an extra 40 yards running (he had more, for some reason college football still subtracts rushing yards when quarterbacks are sacked and he was sacked twice). For the year he has 18 total touchdowns and just one pick.

Wilson’s a junior so it’s unclear whether he’ll turn pro in 2021 or play out his time at BYU. However — he is an exciting prospect with a lot of talent. It’s about time people started talking about him. He has special qualities.

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203 Responses to “The Seahawks bye week podcast & Zach Wilson is a star”

  1. Volume12 says:

    I think he’s got everything NFL teams are after at the position, and there’s nothing to suggest he will have a hard time, but I want to see him go against some designed coverages & under duress.

  2. Big Mike says:

    I’m in Reno/Tahoe this weekend. Was really close to dropping 50 on BYU last night -3.5. Ultimately didn’t. Yes, I am an idiot.
    Nice write up Rob. Wilson looked good.

  3. Volume12 says:

    I know Miami has TE Brevin Jordan, but their other TE Will Mallory, might be someone to keep our eyes on come day 3.

  4. cha says:

    Does it seem strange to anyone else we didn’t hear a single rumbling or mumbling all week about the Seahawks bringing in guys for visits/tryouts/signings?

    Optimist cha: It’s because JS is locked in his office with some protein bars, some Gatorade, and a call sheet of all 31 GMs seeing what deals can be made and won’t emerge until he’s gotten a pass rusher.

    Pessimist cha: JS flew to the Bahamas for the bye week as a reward for starting 5-0.

  5. Rob Staton says:

    No offense to any Notre Dame fans.

    But I hope they lose today.

    I can’t watch another Notre Dame team get their wheels blown off in the playoffs.

  6. Rob Staton says:

    The Raiders are hosting David Irving.

    No rush, Seattle. The D-line’s just fine and dandy after all.

    • TheOtherJordan says:


      If they don’t make any significant additions defensively do you still feel like 10-6 is about right? Given the 5-0 start but balanced by a terrible defense, seems like 11-5 feels about right now. The four game stretch against mostly dreadful NFC east teams on the back end will really boost the record.

      • Rob Staton says:

        Clearly starting 5-0 changes things. Yet ultimately they probably should be 4-1 and could easily be 3-2 or even 2-3. So it’ll depend if they can continue to win the games that are on a knife-edge. The Rams games and defensive improvement are the key.

        • TheOtherJordan says:

          I agree completely. And I think there is a very plausible scenario where they go 12-4 and lose the division.

      • CaptainJack says:

        If they finish the season 5-6 that should be considered by all fans as an immense disaster.

    • cha says:

      Sounds like the Raiders have home field advantage

      Aaron Wilson
      Raiders are meeting with ex-Cowboys pass rusher David Irving to gauge his readiness on and off the field to return to NFL after being reinstated. All signs positive so far. Irving has been living and training in Las Vegas since the summer
      2:11 PM · Oct 17, 2020

    • CaptainJack says:

      I don’t expect anyone to believe this but it is very personally frustrating for me to see this.

      The raiders and Jon Gruden were the first non-seahawks team I thought about when irving was released. Just a gut feeling Gruden would chase after that opportunity. Damn.

  7. Starhawk29 says:

    Apologize to any Auburn fans, but what does the media see in Bo Nix? He runs well, but man he’s inaccurate. I’ve seen a few people mentioning him as a future pro, but I really don’t see much there.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I’ve not seen a single convincing performance from Nix in a season and a bit.

      • Big Mike says:

        I dunno, the Oregon Ducks managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory after leading by like 13 in the 4th (that’s a guess, too lazy to look it up) in his first start ever as a freshman. Guessing they think he’s awesome….or maybe they just made him look that way.

        • Starhawk29 says:

          He may or may not have the intangibles, I honestly can’t tell. The bigger problem is his inconsistency. He missed several gimme throws (short outs) by putting the ball in the turf. In the game yesterday he couldn’t throw the ball. Regardless of the kid’s mental makeup, he lacks the basic skills needed to be a pro.

      • BobbyK says:

        I watched that game today and was wondering the same thing.

  8. Malc from PO says:

    What is Wilson’s mission status? Did he do it before going to college? I think the most talented football-playing LDS usually do, in which case he’ll be a couple of years older than most rookies (may explain his advanced composure). If not… he might not be entering the draft for a couple of years.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Apparently he doesn’t plan to serve one, according to ESPN 960.

    • Adam says:

      He’s 21 and doesn’t appear to have mission plans. Not all BYU athletes do, even the LDS athletes (e.g., Steve Young).

    • T Evans says:

      Wilson is actually not LDS. I have coached against the kid for 6 years. Really good kid with a great support system around him. He just needs to stay healthy.

  9. BobbyK says:

    Kyler Fackrell

    Make LEO Not Suck Again

    • Darnell says:

      Currently under contract with the Giants, unfortunately.

      Could be available in the offseason though.

      • BobbyK says:

        I know. I can’t imagine it would cost too much via trade and could impact the team like Diggs did last year.

        • CaptainJack says:

          He’s one of their brightest spots on a dull team. They won’t trade him.

          • BobbyK says:

            Gotta stay competitive and try to get that 4th overall pick instead of the first one.

            • CaptainJack says:

              The NFC east is a dumpster fire.

              If they beat Washington today they’re still in the playoff mix. Eagles getting walloped today and Dallas lost Dak and has no defense to speak of.

              8-8 could get you into the playoffs.

              • BobbyK says:

                So the Giants are going 7-3 the rest of the way even though they play the Bucs, Seahawks, Ravens, Cardinals, Browns… Um, okay.

  10. GerryG says:

    My standouts/Need to step up (I agree with the ones you guys listed but offer some additional)
    KJ- too old too expensive too slow (that was me in the off season). He’s all over the place.
    David Moore- has caught almost every ball, and made some huge catches. I was also all about moving on from him.

    Need to step up:
    Bobby Wagner- has not been bad, but where is the fire? Want to see more visible leadership and a few more impact plays (he’s had some, just not enough). This team can play deep despite its defense shortcomings, Bobby needs to elevate those around him.
    Ken Norton- Enough with the blitzing, they aren’t disguised, they aren’t working, and it’s biting us in the ass. Tone it back to 10-20%, and don’t make it obvious.

  11. charlietheunicorn says:

    Zach Wilson is too short /s

    Likely won’t go first round….. could be another sleeper RW in the making.

  12. Gohawks5151 says:

    Gonna break my heart seeing Devonta Smith go to the Dolphins or some place dumb… The kid is a killer

  13. Aaron says:

    Not football related but I’m so glad the Astros are denied a shot at a World Series. One small gift in this otherwise awful year.

    • Gohawks5151 says:

      Seconded. Justice is done. Happy for Zunino

      • McZ says:

        This, plus Kyle Lewis getting AL Rookie of the year accolades.

        • Big Mike says:

          Another ditto from me on the asterisks losing. Don’t have to watch their cheating asses again this year.
          If Rob Manfred had actual testicles we wouldn’t have had to even watch them in the playoffs and a real case could’ve been made for stripping them of their championship.

  14. Happy Hawk says:

    Nothing is final about Irving and his visit to the Raiders – until Josina Anderson says it is! Everyone knows that duh.

  15. JLemere says:

    So according to Jason La Confora from CBS Sports, Eagles are looking to buy, not sell. So they might trade away Cox, Malik Jackson, or Graham, but they are going to want a star player in return. Also according to Confora, GMs believe that the Texans will be sellers and pointed out the following players they believe the Texans might trade: (cough) Whitney Mercilus OLB/DE (cough), Zach Cunningham LB, Bradley Roby CB, Darren Fells TE, Brandin Cooks WR, and Will Fuller WR.

    • Happy Hawk says:

      Hard to believe the Eagles will be “buyers” when they have the worst 2021 cap situation in the entire NFL? In addition last time I checked they had one win in 2020. I would love to pry Cox or Graham away from them.

      • JLemere says:

        Well remember they are in the NFC east. Anyone can win at this point.

      • Rob Staton says:

        The only alternative for the Eagles is to play out the season, preserve their $17m cap space they have currently, then use it to unload ‘dead’ hits in this league year in order to clean house for next season.

        That is possible but would require them to cut players within this league year rather than trade. If they agree to trades that can’t be completed until the start of the new league year, then the dead hits come into effect for 2021.

        To me that all seems a bit futile for the sake of winning the NFC East with an 8-8 record.

    • cha says:

      Eagles want stars?! Why didn’t you say so?


      • cha says:

        Let’s see what we’ve got in stock.

        We’ve got a BJ Finney in showroom condition! With *zero* snaps so far! He’s ready to get off the couch and onto your starting OL!

        And over here we’ve got a Jacob Hollister in gently used condition! Only 3 targets in 2020! He won the Seahawks the Tampa Bay game last year! He’ll be the steady reliable TE when all others are banged up!

        AND BONUS: Our stars are all COVID tested and negative!

        You gotta come down and see us!

    • Lewis says:

      Why haven’t we talked about Mercilus as a potential trade target?

  16. Pran says:

    That Minkha dude has done a lot for Pittsburgh for a late rd 1 pick. can we get some talent from Steelers defense coaching and scout staff….they have quietly rebuilt defense well

  17. Rob Staton says:

    If the Bears win today they’ll have the same number of wins as Seattle.

    Some perspective there.

    • Rob Staton says:

      And look at the Vikings — unstoppable vs Seattle and absolute hot trash vs Atlanta. Don’t know what to make of that.

      • Adog says:

        Seems like the Seahawks game plan was take away Cousins and make Cook beat us. Maybe they reasoned that they had one of the highest paid middle linebackers…maybe they reasoned that poona ford and mone were going to turn into clinton McDonald and Tony McDaniel overnight, maybe just just maybe they reasoned that they have a damn if you do damn if you don’t defense.

        • Rob Staton says:

          The Seahawks plan, always, is to stop the run first and foremost. They simply failed. They were always going to let Cousins ‘take what was available’. That doesn’t work when you also give up 201 rushing yards.

      • Pran says:

        Hawks crushed their soul last week so much so that they are done for the

        Will Vikings to do some fire sale

    • cha says:

      Doesn’t matter. As long as the power rankings have the Seahawks higher, that’s all that matters.

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      The Steelers look good today, they are a solid team on offense and defense. Chase Claypool is an exciting young receiver with good speed and a huge catch radius, he’s the equivalent of Seahawks Metcalf.

  18. CaptainJack says:

    It’s looking like we went 5-0 against five of the league’s worst teams.

    Who’s our strongest win? Right now it’s looking like Miami.

    • Rob Staton says:

      New England was a good win but yeah, Miami might be the best.

      • CaptainJack says:

        New England is getting dominated by the lowly Broncos right now. They started out strong though and had a quality win against the Raiders. And it’s hard to factor in their game against the chiefs. I’m sure Bill can get things back on track over there with Cam at qb but right now they look hit or miss.

    • Lewis says:

      Our schedule is really soft this year. Let’s see how we do in the division and vs Buffalo

  19. Rob Staton says:

    J.J. Watt, legendary player.

  20. Big Mike says:

    We’re gonna find out a whole helluva lot about the Hawks in back to back weeks vs. Buffalo and the Rams

  21. Rob Staton says:

    Derrick Henry = special

    But yeah, running backs don’t matter.

  22. Rob Staton says:

    Seattle’s opponents so far:

    Atlanta 1-5
    New England 2-3
    Dallas 2-3
    Miami 2-3
    Minnesota 1-5


    • Big Mike says:

      Good thing the Hawks haven’t played anyone very good. Their defensive numbers would be pretty bad if they would have.
      oh wait. 🙁

    • DC says:

      “What’s your point Vanessa?”

    • Darnell says:

      I believe that in the NFL, as opposed to college, that that only becomes relevant in the case of a tiebreaker/strength of scheduled situation.

    • Gohawks5151 says:

      Rams have every win against the horrible NFC east. The loss is VS Buffalo. We’ll see how Seattle does over there.

      • Rob Staton says:

        Yes this is certainly true and a valid point on the Rams.

        But my biggest concern with the Rams isn’t their record this season. It’s their record against the Seahawks. They’ve scored 42, 33, 36, 29 and 28 in their last five games against Seattle and would be 5-0 if it wasn’t for a missed kick by ‘Greg the leg’.

        The Seahawks have to prove they can take on the McVay Rams.

  23. Big Mike says:

    Tannehill, impressive drive to get OT

  24. Rob Staton says:

    Starting to think Derrick Henry should probably be in the MVP conversation.

    • Rob Staton says:

      It also kind of bothers me that the Seahawks seemingly wouldn’t take someone like Henry… or T.J. Watt… players who’ve been available late in R1 who simply don’t ‘fit’ what they prefer in terms of style or fit. Being so focused on what constitutes ‘your’ type of guy isn’t always a good thing. Henry… too big, doesn’t have their preferred running style… pass and have Seattle’s trash running game for two years, meaning you have to draft Penny in the same kind of range in 2018. Watt more of a 3-4 OLB type but actually has the agility, quickness in terms of split and length you like. Pass, and take Malik McDowell instead.

      These are players we talked about a LOT.

      • Big Mike says:

        Sadly outstanding points Rob

      • Trevor says:

        Agree 100%.

        The scouting department needs a huge overhaul. I would give the Hawks last 5-6 draft classes a cumulative D grade and are the primary reason for the lack of quality depth on the roster right now.

      • Hughz says:

        I think he was overlooked because his agility was lacking. Kind of like Carson, he’s improved a lot the past few years. As for Watt, I don’t see how he fell that far. He’s a beast and would have been perfect for the hawks.

      • Rusty says:

        Was passing on TJ Watt a scheme thing? Seemed like a similar prospect to Irvin, and could similarly play both Edge and SAM

        • Rob Staton says:

          Yes, 100%.

          Bruce Irvin was, in Pete Carroll’s words, ‘the ideal LEO’. He ran a 4.50 forty.

          T.J. Watt ran a 4.69 and was always considered more of an outside rush linebacker. I wrote a few articles highlighting his rare agility and quickness over 10-yards to try and justify it but clearly the Seahawks and others had minimal interest and the ultimate 3-4 defensive team picked him up late in R1.

      • AlaskaHawk says:

        They tried Alabama’s Bo Scarbough. I thought he might have been their big running back.

    • CaptainJack says:

      Hate to bring up fantasy football but he’s sure as hell the MVP of my fantasy team

  25. Trevor says:

    My takes from today.

    -I really enjoy watching the Titans play and Derrick Henry is the most physically dominant player in the AFC. Aaron Donald in the NFC.

    -The Steelers are at team to be reckoned with and no team can draft and develop WR like they can.

    -Can you imagine Chase Claypool and DK on the same team. Hawks could have easily had the most physical domaint pair of receivers in NFL history. Add Locket in the slot and it could have been legendary.

    -The Falcons clearly wanted Dan Quinn fired

    – The Browns are the Browns

    -Were will Mike Zimmer be DC next year because he wont be coaching the Vikings

    -Kirk Cousins game the franchise tag and free agency better than any player in NFL history. No player has ever been more over paid except perhaps Sam Bradford.

    -The Patriots era of domination in the AFC East is officially over.

    -Despite report the Eagles should be and will be sellers. That is a bad football team going no where despite that last ditch effort today against the Ravens.

    -The NFC East is an historically bad division.

    -The Texans have two future Hall of Famers (Watt and Watson)but need to go into full rebuild mode after the Bill Obrien debacle.

    • Rob Staton says:

      “Can you imagine Chase Claypool and DK on the same team. Hawks could have easily had the most physical domaint pair of receivers in NFL history. Add Locket in the slot and it could have been legendary.”

      Why have that when you can have…. a WILL linebacker of the future.

      • CaptainJack says:

        Jordyn Brooks man… PLEASE step up and prove you’re worthwhile.

      • Trevor says:

        But Rob doesn’t it make perfect sense for a team with an MVP level QB in win now mode to draft a future WILL linebacker and injured DE instead with our first two picks instead?

        • Rob Staton says:

          Well when you put it like that…

          • BobbyK says:

            Don’t forget they traded a 2 and a 3 so they could move up to get that injured DE with their second pick. Don’t want to add any defenders in rounds 1-3 who could help in 2020.

            • Rob Staton says:

              Well you know what they say Bob, never pass up an opportunity to draft a linebacker who might take over from KJ Wright when his two-year contract extension ends in 2023.

              And the second rule is always draft a pass rusher with a year-long injury and no sign of a return. Extra bonus points when you admit mid-season that you misjudged the injury pre-draft and ‘thought’ you had enough info on a player who wasn’t allowed to work out at the Senior Bowl or combine. This was definitely the right year to take a risk like that — with a global pandemic meaning you can’t get a full medical picture. Certainly always better to roll the dice on this kind of situation to fix your self-confessed priority.

              Look at Damien Lewis after all — distracting everyone with his competent play as an impact starter. You can only tolerate so much of that ‘good play’ stuff.

  26. DC says:

    The Jets have the inside track now to that #1 pick. Don’t F this up NY!

  27. TomLPDX says:

    Wow! Pick-6 on Rodgers!

  28. cha says:

    Tampa pass rush harassed AR that entire series.

    Wow. A pass rush pays dividends. Whoda thunk it.

  29. JLemere says:

    Think PIT would take Barton and a 2nd for Dupree?

    Adam Schefter
    Steelers’ LB Devin Bush tore his ACL today and will require season-ending surgery, per source.

  30. Rob Staton says:

    Ronald Jones II — there’s a player.

    Totally understand why teams were put off prior to the 2018 draft based on something I was told — wasn’t anything bad in terms of character just the way he handled pre-draft meetings etc. But he was massively talented, a truly outstanding and skilled playmaker. He’s showing that now.

  31. AlaskaHawk says:

    It’s nice that Tom Brady and Grownkoski moved to Tampa Bay together. Makes me nostalgic to see them scoring touchdowns.

  32. Trevor says:

    TB are the team that scares me in the NFC South not N.O

  33. TomLPDX says:

    Tampa Bay putting a whooping on Aaron Rodgers! Love it!

  34. Big Mike says:

    So drafting…..Packers have sat Rodgers down to keep him from getting hurt and Jordan Love, whom they traded up for in the first round is nowhere to be seen. OTOH, Dolphins put Tua in late in their decided game and even let him throw a couple of passes. Not a good sign for the “heir apparent” in GB.

  35. Trevor says:

    For a team trying to win a Super Bowl now the Packers draft Jordan Love made even less sense than the Hawks drafting Jordan Brooks as their future LB and that was hard to do. On the other hand at least QB is a position on value early in the draft, WILL linebacker not so much.

  36. Henry Taylor says:

    Well the Seahawks are the only undefeated team left in the NFC, at least one of the Rams and 49ers has to lose tonight, the evil empire lost to the Broncos (I dont care if it makes our win less impressive, I always enjoy watching them lose).

    A good bye week by my estimation.

  37. charlietheunicorn says:

    Lewis says:
    October 18, 2020 at 5:44 pm
    If I wanted the Seahawks Twitter experience, I’d go to Seahawks twitter, lol.

    LMFAO, that is why you come here… for civility. 😉

  38. charlietheunicorn says:

    The reason you don’t sleep on the Rams and 49ers in the division. Both are dangerous as has been demonstrated in the first 8 minutes of the SNF game tonight. Seahawks just need to keep stacking wins and going 1-0 each week.

  39. cha says:

    Mike Garafolo
    #Jets are trading veteran DT Steve McLendon to the #Buccaneers, as
    tweeted. It’ll be finalized when the paperwork gets filed tomorrow.
    5:21 PM · Oct 18, 2020

  40. CaptainJack says:

    The NFL is weird.

    Packers looked dominant before their Bye. Blown out by the Buccs.

    Now the niners practice squad is putting it up on the rams a week after getting demolished by Miami.

  41. Trevor says:

    SF has completely neutralized Aaron Donald in the 1st half. Hope the Hawks are watching a lot of that tape.

    • charlietheunicorn says:

      Strong rushing attack.
      Screens or outside the numbers passes behind the line of scrimmage passes
      Getting the TEs in the game plan… 10-15 yards down field.
      QB(s) has/have been making good throws and decisions.
      Repeatedly hitting the Rams D on blitz looks for big gains.

      49ers are looking pretty good, but the main play makers on offense are all back.

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      All you really need is a tight end named Kittle, who had seven catches for 109 yards. Many of them being critical third down catches.

  42. Big Mike says:

    Rams D looks a lot Seattle’s looked last week, giving up long, time consuming drives and failing to get stops on 3rd (and 4th) down.

  43. BobbyK says:

    This is rather random but our defense is so bad I don’t get excited when Dickson pins an opponent inside their own 5-yard line anymore.

    I saw a story earlier today about how he’s done it so many times already, which is good, I suppose or I used to think it was.

    But now all I think is that it just gives Seahawks opponents more yards to gain (which they will) and more clock to use when they are about to go on their 95-yard TD drives.

    • Big Mike says:

      You know your defense sucks when…..

    • charlietheunicorn says:

      Did you know PF* rated him at only the mid 50s…..
      which is shockingly bad, even though he has actually been pretty good from my untrained eye.

      Multiple pins within the 20 and 5 yard line…. flipping field position.

  44. BobbyK says:

    Any chance Darrell Taylor has been riding around on Malik’s ATV during the bye week? Or he could be scrimmaging 1-on-1 with Garrett Scott?

    • cha says:

      Not funny. Getting drafted might have saved Scott’s life.

      • BobbyK says:

        Not trying to be funny. It sucks (but classy the ‘Hawks let him keep the $100,000). But teams are supposed to draft football players who will help them.

    • CaptainJack says:

      The difference with Taylor is that his injury issues were pretty well known before he was drafted. McDowell just had a bad interview and no idea with Scott.

  45. charlietheunicorn says:

    Very impressive win by the 49ers.

    Shorthanded on defense and put a beat down on the Rams.
    Holding them down when it counted and some awesome CB play on the outside.

  46. Steve Nelsen says:

    Seahawks take a 2-game lead in the division and the #1 seed in the conference. Here’s hoping the bye gave them a chance to get healthy a bit, adjust a bit, and come out ready to take care of business in the division in the next 5 weeks.

  47. RWIII says:

    Everyone talks about the game plan that Kyle Shanahan had. But San Francisco only scored 3 points in the 2nd half. To me the real key was the 49er defense. Rob what did the 49ers do to slow down the Rams offense?

    • Rob Staton says:

      Don’t know, didn’t really study it. Just watched the condensed game when I woke up.

      But Shanahan moved the ball and made Aaron Donald a total non factor so he’s done something the Seahawks haven’t been able to do and that deserves high praise, especially with all their injuries.

    • cha says:

      A piece of it is the Rams just didn’t play well. They had a lot of issues last night.

      They had a penalty that nullified a TD, settled for a FG. Another penalty in the red zone killed a drive, settled for a FG.

      Kupp dropped a sure TD and the WRs had a couple other key drops.

      Goff threw an INT in the end zone (although to be fair it was a fabulous play by Varrett to come off his man and snag the ball).

      • cha says:

        If the Niners were a better team they’d have buried the Rams.

      • AlaskaHawk says:

        Rams defense had a big open hole about 10 yards downfield in the center of the defense. Kittle was catching a lot of passes there.

    • Gohawks5151 says:

      Offense was Ok. The ball came out really quick. Quick screens and bubbles gave guys a chance to run after the catch. I’ve always thought DK needs 3 bubbles a game, just like they do with Deebo/Aiyuk. Took advantage when they moved Donald to DE and zone cutbacks the other way. Made a number of huge 3rd downs with YAC. Ran it just enough and effective enough to keep them guessing.

      The D got enough pressure, if not created the illusion of it. They underneath coverage from Warner, Greenlaw and co. looked like they did well against the middle of the filed stuff.

    • Adog says:

      It’s not possible to contain Donald as long as Russel Wilson is the qb. QBs in shannahan’s system do not hold the ball long, and Russel rarely throws the ball away.

  48. DougM says:

    Today I created my own power ranking off of PFF rankings, thru 5 weeks, assigning each player a number between 1 and 32 according to position and then dividing total by 22 to get an average number per player for each team. All positions are considered equal.

    1. 20.36 Rams
    2. 19.02 Browns
    3. 18.88 49ers
    4. 18.45 Bucs
    5. 18.43 Seahawks
    6. 18.41 Pats
    7. 18.25 Colts
    8. 17.91 Ravens
    9. 17.43 Saints
    10 17.25 Packers
    11 16.89 Jags
    12 16.84 Titans
    13 16.50 Bills
    14 16.41 Texans
    15 15.91 Lions
    16 15.45 Bears
    17 15.34 Falcons
    18 15.14 Wash
    19 14.82 Chiefs
    20 14.77 Dolphins
    21 14.61 Panthers
    22 14.55 Steelers
    23 14.05 Cowboys
    24 14.02 Eagles
    25 13.43 Vikings
    26 13.05 Jets
    27 12.95 Panthers
    28 12.91 Broncos
    29 12.89 Giants
    30 12.86 Bengals
    31 12.64 Chargers
    32 11.07 Cards

    • DougM says:

      For the Seahawks the interior defensive line is producing 8.5 points and Edge is producing 5 points, the biggest needs, which we all know. To add 2 more points to that average the Seahawks would have to have players contributing 44 more points. Signing Clowney would have added 25. Reed is producing zero at this time. If Bullard produces like he did last week he could add more the 20 points. Mckinley was producing about 15 points before injury.

    • CaptainJack says:

      Very interesting, thanks.

      A few make you wonder about how useful PFF is.

      Steelers at 22, Cardinals at 32, 49ers at 3 and Browns at 2, Jags over Titans.

      • DougM says:

        I had to do a quick estimate because of time. These are rough estimates. Snap counts weren’t taken into consideration nor value of position especially quarterback. There is also the coaching factor.

        • DougM says:

          There is also an offensive and defensive number. The 49ers defensive number (21.50) is significantly higher, even without the injured players, than their offensive number (16.27)

  49. Happy Hawk says:

    Arizona beats SF, SF beats LA, Seattle does well against SF and not so well against LA should make for an interesting round of NFC West games between everyone. The winner of that round robin will most likely win the division. Very interested in tonight’s Dallas v Arizona game. Seattle probably couldn’t have faired better in their bye week the way the games played out yesterday.

  50. Tecmo Bowl says:

    This morning I saw the most perplexing, logic defying win % stat on ESPN’s Get Up. It has to do with the final 2 minutes of the Texans v Titans game.

    1:50 left in the game Houston scores a TD. Houston up 36-29. Then fail 2 pt conv.

    According to ESPN’s win probability Houston had a:

    98.2% chance to win if team kicked PAT- to go up by 8
    98.1% chance to win if team completed 2 PT conv- to go up by 9

    I sincerely hope it was a typo or something, because to me it makes no sense whatsoever.

    • Gohawks5151 says:

      No confidence in his team…😉

    • Volume12 says:

      Wait. He actually played situational football and didnt rely on analytics? Amazing. In all seriousness, that’s good stuff.

      • cha says:

        You can see that devilish grin under his mask as he sends the guy in.

      • CaptainJack says:

        I’ve watched so many seahawk games where I wish’d they would just let a team score an easy touchdown late in a minute than take away all the time from a Russell Wilson game winning drive. Redskins vs Seahawks game from a couple years ago comes to mind.

  51. […] written about the BYU quarterback a couple of times (including on Saturday) and it was good to see those views validated by the great Tony Pauline […]