The Seahawks should bring Richard Sherman home

November 30th, 2020 | Written by Rob Staton

Richard Sherman returned with a boom against the Rams

Maybe the relationship is permanently broken?

Perhaps this article is a total waste of time?

Certainly when Richard Sherman departed Seattle, it felt right for both parties.

The sideline blowup when Darrell Bevell chose to throw at the one-yard line. The articles littered with critical anonymous sources, talking of dysfunction. Threatening to ‘ruin’ a journalist’s career for asking a fair question.

By the end, Sherman seemed angry and disillusioned. Perhaps justifiably so? The Seahawks had a legendary team and failed to capitalise with titles. The crushing defeat to New England was always going to leave scars.

Yet at the same time, s**t happens. The Seahawks shouldn’t have let that one horrible moment define them. Instead of being a great motivating factor, it appeared to split the team. They still battled and fought and tried to reach the pinnacle once more. Yet whenever things started to go wrong, the old wounds reopened.

The reset at the end of 2017 was necessary. The Seahawks needed a fresh start with new personnel. Players like Sherman also, arguably, needed a fresh start too. A move to a division rival was right up his street. Just as the presence of Jim Harbaugh was beautiful motivation early in his career, now an opportunity to sock it to Seattle was equally appealing.

The move paid off and he came close to another Super Bowl ring.

Ultimately though, I wonder if that defeat to Kansas City was an epiphany moment. You can plan and prepare and execute. You can put yourself in a position to win. Sometimes, you just don’t.

The images that more or less defined Kansas City’s comeback were of Sherman getting beat by Sammy Watkins or face-planting as Damien Williams clinched a go-ahead score.

Anyone can make mistakes. Sherman wasn’t to blame for that loss, just as Bevell or Russell Wilson or Pete Carroll didn’t deserve total blame for one heartbreaking moment in a game where Seattle carried a 10-point lead into the fourth quarter and were the walking wounded by the end.

I don’t know if the Super Bowl earlier this year delivered an epiphany. Maybe it could be the catalyst for a come-together moment in the future?

Here’s what I think I do know, however…

One, Sherman is still a hell of a player. He returned from injury against the Rams and the 49ers defense immediately felt different. He was tight in coverage throughout. He made plays against the run. It was classic Sherman and he gained a PFF grade of 80.4 as the Niners upset LA.

Secondly — Sherman will always be synonymous with Seattle. This spell in Santa Clara is a mere footnote in a long, detailed tome. A statue of ‘the tip’ should still be built. When he enters the Hall of Fame, it’ll be a moment celebrated by the entire Pacific Northwest and he will do so as a Seahawks legend.

I think it’s clear he still has affection for the city. This is Richard’s team. We all know it really.

Many relationships are still firmly in tact. Look at this embrace between Sherman and Bobby Wagner on the night Seattle beat the Niners:

Here’s Russell Wilson with Sherman after the same game:

Here’s Sherman working out with several Seahawks during the off-season:

The one relationship that matters the most though, is Sherman and Pete Carroll. I think it’s clear that Carroll felt hurt by the way it ended with Sherman. I think it was sadness rather than anguish though. This is very different to the Earl Thomas situation.

I also wonder if Sherman will ever forgive Carroll for cutting him and moving on — especially as he was injured at the time. It might’ve been right for the Head Coach but that doesn’t mean it was necessarily right in the eyes of Richard. When trust is broken, it’s hard to get it back.

This image suggests, to me, it’s not an irreparable situation:

Sherman or Carroll might think the past is the past and it’s time to move on. I hope, however, that the pair can see the mutual benefit of a reunion.

The Seahawks are facing a bleak situation at cornerback in 2021. Shaquill Griffin, who hasn’t played especially well this year, is a free agent. The Seahawks should be prepared for him to depart if the price is too high. Quinton Dunbar feels like a one-and-done. The only other cornerbacks on the roster are Tre Flowers and D.J. Reed.

They only have three draft picks. Signing outsiders for this system simply hasn’t worked over the years and the well has run dry in terms of development.

The Seahawks need a proven, experienced, quality cornerback. There is simply no one better than Sherman for that role.

It’s a clear solution to a huge looming problem. It would also be a moment to cherish for the team, the player and the fans.

He would provide expert cover skills, knowledge, leadership, guidance and perhaps most importantly — toughness and turnovers.

You might point to his injury record (he’s missed most of this season). It is what it is. Players get hurt. Dunbar and Griffin are a good example this year. The simple fact is you’re not going to find anyone better to come in and produce immediately at the cornerback position for this defense.

What’s in it for Sherman? The chance to come home. The opportunity to address, as Marshawn Lynch put it, ‘unfinished business’.

Beast Mode came back. It’s time for the man who delivered the most iconic moment in Seattle sports to do the same. Be the hero again. Rekindle the legend.

There’s every chance San Francisco will work to re-sign him. I’d be surprised if they didn’t. They’re in a similar situation at the cornerback position.

I’m not one for encouraging illegal acts but maybe, just maybe, it’d pay off to somehow get the message through the back channels to Sherman that Seattle seriously wants him back. Place the possibility of a homecoming in his mind. It might just get him onto the open market where you can talk.

If both parties needed a fresh start in 2018, now they arguably need each other again. Like a warring couple who, deep down, really love each other — it’s time to have a date night to sort things out.

The perfect finale to a storybook career. The ideal person to fill a glaring need. A moment to excite fans. A chance to get another Championship, together.

Bring Sherm home in 2021.

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476 Responses to “The Seahawks should bring Richard Sherman home”

  1. cha says:

    It’s clear he’s valued in SF and they might already be talking about an extension.

    The Niners did right by Sherman last year. He narrowly missed his 90% playing time bonus and the Niners went ahead and paid it.

    Field Yates
    Source: the 49ers gave All-Pro CB Richard Sherman a $1M signing bonus to account for the 90% play-time incentive he narrowly missed out on last season. GM John Lynch told Sherman he would do as much, as the team does right by their defensive leader in a nice gesture.

    8:50 AM · Mar 21, 2020

  2. Ashish says:

    Fresh article, never thought it could be possible but there is a chance.

  3. JLemere says:

    I think it will depend on what SF does at QB. I know Sherman supported Garoppolo after the SB loss to KC, but with SF having a down year with injuries on defense plus with Garoppolo struggling earlier in the year, Sherman might have changed his opinion. If SF goes keeps Garoppolo or they plan to draft a QB, I could see Sherman looking for a new home, but if SF gets their hands on someone else, that could be enough to convince Sherman to stick around for another year or two.

    • Rob Staton says:

      For me, I doubt anything relating to the Niners QB situation will have any impact.

      It’s down to this — how much Sherman is enjoying San Fran and whether he sees his future there. Then, if he’s open to reaching the market, whether the relationship is good enough to bring him home. I’ve thought about this a lot over the last few weeks and I wrote this article having come to the decision that yes — it is right.

      • JLemere says:

        Well if Sherman is a no-go, another name to consider is Kevin King to at least get some depth at CB. There was a rumor around the 2016 draft that if Malik McDowell was taken before pick SEA’s selection at pick 35 it would have been Kevin King if he was still available. But it will depend if SEA will make scheme changes on defense next offseason.

        • Rob Staton says:

          King doesn’t know the scheme though, which has always been an issue.

          • JLemere says:

            I know, but they won’t have much of a choice when it comes to options in free agency. The only 3 corners that have been drafted in the cover 3 scheme is Sherman, Griffin, and Tye Smith from TEN. If they can’t bring in Sherman, then the only options are either draft a CB with the 3+ picks you have or try to find a guy in FA you think you can teach on the fly.

      • CaptainJack says:

        *how much Sherman is enjoying Santa Clara county

  4. off.grid.iron says:

    Will never happen. I would like to see it but I just don’t think it’s possible.

    IMO… Richard Sherman made the LOB. Without him you have a pair of extremely good safeties, one decidedly better than the other. Just go back in time and replace Sherman with Shaquille Griffin paired with Browner or Maxie or Thurmond or Lane or Shead or Flowers or Dunbar.

    Now, come back to the current year And install number 25 at age 25 into our current secondary in place of Griffin

    • cha says:

      I’m sorry Sherman can’t have #25. Travis Homer has taken the number and made it his own. Iconic, even.

      Nobody thinks of Sherman when they see a blue & green #25 anymore.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Kam made the LOB — but Sherm, Earl and Browner all played a vital part of creating the greatest secondary in NFL history.

      • Elmer says:

        It will never happen mainly because there is something wrong with him these days, but in the same vein as bringing Sherm back it would be nice to have Earl’s skills roaming the field at FS. But no, it’s time to move forward.

  5. Trevor says:

    I would be happy to see Sherm back to I still that sense of professionalism, studying game tape and communication on the back end. The secondary seems lost this year and it comes down to preparation and communication where Sherm always excelled,

  6. CaptainJack says:

    Rumor is Robert Saleh is the lions first choice for new head coach, and he could bring other niners coaches with him to Detroit… could see a mass exodus if niners players and coaches after this season

  7. Paul Cook says:

    It’s a thought. We could certainly use an infusion of his attitude and approach to the game for a defense in need of an identity. He’s probably got a few good years left in him if he can avoid serious injury. He seems to take his conditioning seriously enough to squeeze some more quality production out of himself.

    Financially and legacy-wise, I don’t think he’s going to do anything he doesn’t want to do at this late stage in his career.

    We’ll see what happens. It does seem that we would be one of the only destinations he might seriously consider.

  8. Adog says:

    One question that needs to be posed on any wily vet is how long until the his performance suffers. If I remember right Sherman started off playing very well last year and ended with a superbowl where he was exposed. However the chiefs can make any db look bad. If they can add Sherman on a Franco Harris type deal… alright…but the focus should be on resigning shaq g and then bring Sherman back to push his “little bro”. This secondary and defense as a whole lacks camaraderie…I think Adams helps here, but bobby Wagner for whatever reason seems to be unable to get this defense going emotionally.

    • BobbyK says:

      Sherman is so smart that he’ll be a good FS when he needs to move. In that regard, I think Sherman still have a number of good years left in him.

      • TomLPDX says:

        I would love to see Sherm patrolling the backfield. This image just feels right!

        Does Sherm still live in Seattle?

      • Sea Mode says:

        Really? I don’t think so at all. Not doubting his smarts, but he never had the quick plant and go acceleration and now much less with age and injury history. If he’s going to play, IMO he needs that sideline as the extra defender and then his technique, length, and smarts at CB can shine… as long as he can stay healty.

  9. WallaSean says:

    i like this, I think Sherman would be the best value in his price range. Of all of the unicorns we had on that great D, that 1/3 of the field CB made so many other things possible. The scheme does not work at it’s best without it. The FS can’t lurk and fly to the ball, the line can’t get home, the LB’s have more to cover. Sherman may not be able to lock down everyone anymore, but you will need to send your no 1 to his side to pull us out of our base look.

  10. BobbyK says:

    I’ve been thinking this for awhile. I’d love the reunion.

    If the Seahawks win a Super Bowl this year, I think it will make it harder to happen. There’s nowhere to go but down for the team and Sherm is too smart for that (unless the Seahawks offered him the most money).

    If the Seahawks don’t, then it will be more appealing (if there’s interest) for Sherman to come “home” and help the team do what it’s been trying to do since he left. His legacy would/could be like they needed him or Wilson needed him to get that second Lombardi to Seattle.

    Not only is Sherman still good in coverage (a heck of a lot better than anyone we have), but people forget he’s the best tackling CB I’ve ever seen. I’m sick of Griffin and his “tackling.” I remember the Dallas playoff game where essentially Griffin lost it with his poor diagnosis and angle. Sure, it was just one play – but for me, that was the biggest play. Maybe not for you, but it was for me. We got spoiled with Sherman making tackles with proper angles and ease.

    • TomLPDX says:

      And he still brings it, Bobby. That aspect of his game put him in the same stratosphere as Kam when it came to wrapping up and tackling and protecting the field.

      • Scot04 says:

        If they win the Superbowl there’s no way to go but down?
        I disagree, u improve the Defense and go for a repeat. If Sherman decides to leave SF I think he would be a strong fit. Cant tell me he’s not better than the corners we currently have. I don’t think he’d see a Superbowl Champion as less attractive. Players go to where they feel they can win. Look at KC and Baltimore. Plus this is still home. Would be great to see.

        • BobbyK says:

          That was in reference to Sherman. Not the Seahawks. If the Hawks don’t win the Super Bowl… it’s a good opportunity for him personally because he’d be the LOB guy who got them back. If he came back after a Seahawks Super Bowl win and the Hawks didn’t win it again – that’d lose some Sherman luster for him personally, imo.

    • Chris says:

      You’re right. I did forget that Sherman is the best tackling cornerback you’ve ever seen.

  11. Ukhawk says:

    Love Sherm but don’t think we can afford him given we need all our FA cash to pay for the DL

  12. Mick says:

    Would be awesome to have him back and would be awesome to give Kam a position in the staff, if he wants it.

  13. ZacScratch says:

    Love this article. 100% support this. Griffen is likely to want a bigger contract than he’s shown he’s worth. Sherman isn’t a long term solution, but for 2 years he’s likely to give you much more consistent play and turnovers. And, we need to sign or resign 2 starting corners anyway. Plus, it would be a feel good story. I hate seeing him in that ugly uniform. Come home bro.

  14. Tony says:

    Id like sherm back. I still root for him outside of our games and last years SB (i didn’t want to hear that i told you so hawks gloating).

    As for griffin, are we sure hes getting paid? I mean the strap cash teams and tons of cut players. Plus the cap is down and hes coming off an injury plagued year. Just seems like a good buy low, 1 yr rental type. I cant see him command a huge market. Re establishing his value while waiting for the cap to bounce back seems like a better plan.

  15. cha says:

    The Seahawks have major decisions to make on the DL and with Jamal Adams. The first half of the season the corners were fighting for their lives out there with that pathetic level of DL play. If Sherman ever met with the Seahawks he’d have every right to ask bluntly ‘what are you doing to fix the pass rush? What plans do you have for the scheme and personnel going forward?’ And I guarantee you, he’s not going to buy the hot air PC has blown to the media for the last 5 months.

    He knows what he’s got in SF with Bosa, Armstead and Kinlaw with Warner behind them. (they might retain Dee Ford and Thomas too). It’s possible Saleh is gone in 2021 and the defense won’t be up to their standards. But what will the Seahawks have to offer? Ken Norton Jr and the promise that they think Collier and Green are going to blossom?

    So, I suppose my question is, if the Seahawks want Sherman back, can they get those questions answered before they approach him? Or can they talk him into being an early piece of that particular rebuild?

    OR – is their evaluation of the DL/pass rush so terribly flawed that the Hawks can convince themselves that Sherman is the missing piece of the puzzle? No major restructuring of the staff or personnel is needed because ‘we got a guy that can take half the field away’?

    And to that – I wouldn’t doubt for a second there would be a media landslide for the next year if they brought Sherman in. The entire PNW and the media corps would be enraptured by a the “Fences Mended Sherm’s Here to Fix the Defense” stories, to the detriment of once again putting PC’s feet to the fire about neglecting the pass rush.

    • Scot04 says:

      Totally agree passrush should be the #1 priority again. Keep Dunlap and add 1 more legitimate DE.

  16. Dave1401 says:

    Of all the people I can’t wait to see raise the 12th Man Flag, Sherman is well up there (but Marshawn is no.1). Such an amazing personality and brought so much swag to the LOB. Will always love him

  17. GoHawksDani says:

    “Hi Sherm, it’s John…no, not that John. No. No, not him. You know from the Seahawks. Which Seahawks? C’mon man…so I wanted to give you the opportunity of your life. Come, play for a team that had the worst defense all time, the worst front7, and all QB had like 10 seconds in the pocket. But you like challenges, aren’t you? What, did we improve the defense in the offseason? Well…errr…we didn’t have much CAP nor picks. But we have Jamal Adams! You won’t see him much as he’s basically a linebacker, but we just gave him a shiny new 18m apy contract because we had to justify the ton of picks we gave up for him. What you”d get? Hmmm, well not much, we only have 4m under the cap…but how about a little hometown discount? Come on…for papa Pete, you know, your favorite HC…if I remember well you said it”s so old and boring everything he says, basically no one listens to him. But he changed! He let Russ cook and blitz all over the place without a plan… What? You have another call? Saleh calls you? OK, but remember…he’s not Pete! And be quick with your answer, this is a lifetime opportunity, and we have Flowers, Dunbar, Griffin lining up too. Hallo…Richard? Richard? Ohhh, the line must”ve been broken up….”

  18. Hoggs41 says:

    Im willing to be this has already happened in some capacity. Especially from the current players like Bobby and KJ. Your right though as would he want to and would the front office want him. Im imagining we would just not sure about him.

  19. Pran says:

    Sherm has how many years left to play. I am not sure he will come back given the state of defense.

  20. cha says:

    Has anyone seen the practice squad guys elevated for the game tonight? A quick look around Twitter hasn’t shown who they’re using.

    Eagles bringing old friend TY McGill up for the game.

  21. Matty says:

    Tap him up Rob, I’ll take Sherm back

  22. Paul Cook says:

    For the Dawg fans on here…

    “Washington’s Elijah Molden is PFF’s highest graded Cornerback in the country at 90.6. Trent McDuffie is 7th nationally among CBs with 100+ Snaps…”

    “Washington EDGE defender Zion Tupuola-Fetui as been named the National Defensive Player of the Week by AthlonSports…”

  23. SteveLargent80 says:

    Excellent article Rob, would definitely like Sherman to return. A small side note, you said Damien Lewis in the article, but it was actually Damien Williams who Sherman got face planted by

  24. AlaskaHawk says:

    I would like Sherman to come back. He has good hands and can make interceptions.

    I think Reed might stick with the team and be useful. They really have to develop a corner or two!!!

  25. Blitzy the Clown says:

    I cosign this article. Sherman is one of the greatest Seahawks of all time still playing at an elite level. Was really nice watching him return to the field after missing most of the season thus far and not only play well, but get an interception.

    Like BobbyK I also think he has a shelf life beyond CB that could make him a key piece to a Seahawks defensive backfield for several years yet to come.

  26. James Cr. says:

    Not interested – think we are pretty much set at cornerback for next year.

    Oh wait……never mind. Yes please to Sherman (don’t see it happening though).

  27. Rob Staton says:

    Remember… he was getting R1 consideration before the 2019 season. Then KJ Costello happened.

    • cha says:

      Sum total of his NFL experience: 3 kneel down snaps in 4 games.

      If the Seahawks were sitting on a secret weapon, now’s the time to unleash him.

    • Denver Hawker says:

      I watched him play last year in person and he really stood out. Always had to account for him in the middle of the field and red zone. Took a couple guys to bring him down. Playmaker, but that Stanford offense was just not good.

    • Sea Mode says:

      We desperately need a draft pick hit besides Damien Lewis from this class. Let’s hope he (and eventually Taylor…) can step it up.

  28. UWHUSKY says:

    Honestly would anyone say no if Earl came back too??

    Diggs is not good, and very cuttable. If Earl wants his career back maybe the best option for him is go to the team that made him a superstar. I know bridges have been burned, but you know things change over time, relationships get repaired. Just a tought.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Hi Sunil (or Sean, or Rashi, or Steve, or Tom — the other names you try and post under). Great to see you back on the blog.

      No, Earl is not coming back.

      Happy to clear that up for you.

  29. cha says:


    Linden Stephens

  30. Submanjoe says:

    Three years ago the Seahawks could’ve used Sherman’s leadership, knowledge, ball hawking skills etc to help develop Griffin and Flowers and whoever else. If I am Sherman I would have to think long and hard about coming back to the team I won with but who cut me when I had a year left on my contract and was injured. No doubt in my mind Sherman knew how he could’ve helped bring along some of the young guys. But all that is in the past. Why would he come back to this situation the Seahawks will be in next offseason? Maybe the 49ers situation is more appealing and sounds like they’ve done right by Sherman too. The Seahawks problem with the reset three years ago and two years ago and on and on is that…they lost too much on defense way too fast and are still trying to coalesce a group of guys who’ve been thrown together. Sure it’s nobody’s fault and it sucks that Kam and Cliff had career ending injuries, gone. Bennett went nuts, gone. Earl is Earl and lives in Earl land, gone. Sherman injured, gone. Rookies and cheap veterans cannot replace them, maybe some of the original defensive veterans could’ve helped develop a new defense, we will never know, it’s Pete’s show, he’s chosen his way. But just see how much a veteran defensive end in Dunlap helps the whole defensive line look better and play harder. A few weeks back this came up with Rob about Sherman and with the right understanding between team and Sherman, I still think Sherman could help this team out for a couple years. I just don’t know if it is in Sherman’s best interest to come back.

    Fantastic article, love the debate.

  31. Sea Mode says:

    I just really hesitate to bring him back with his injury history at this point. Maybe it’s unfair, but I feel he’s likely to miss more games than he plays at this point. And then you’re just stuck with a cap hit (you know his pride isn’t going to give a hometown discount) and possibly even a new distraction in the locker room. (while I agree this defense could use some of his trash-talking swag right now, it can also easily cross the line over to whining, as we all well know)

    I’m just not sure it’s the right move. Devote all available resources to fixing the pass rush, and even these merely serviceable CBs can look average/slightly above-average. (like Shaq’s Pro Bowl alternate year)

  32. Gaux Hawks says:

    water under the bridge… completely agree with rob.

    but i guess RW3 would need to sign off on this, thoughts?

    • Elmer says:

      This threads reminds me of an old PC quote when asked about Bennett, Sherman, etc. it went something like this: “The best thing about those guys is that they’re gone…”. Hopefully time has changed that and Sherm could find a home here if he wanted one.

  33. charlietheunicorn says:

    Ravens-Steelers game postponed for the 3rd time: ESPN
    The NFL matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers, which was originally scheduled for Thanksgiving Day, has been postponed for the third time, according to ESPN.

    A source told ESPN that the game, which was rescheduled for Tuesday would be postponed to Wednesday. The game was first re-scheduled for Sunday.

    • Elmer says:

      Next step, cancellation if they can’t go Wednesday? There hasn’t been an outright cancellation yet, has there?

  34. cha says:

    Pregame says Tre Flowers starting opposite Griffin.

  35. Husky's And Seahawks says:

    I love this idea. For what it’s worth, Sherman still has his permanent residence in Seattle with his wife (who’s from Seattle) and kids. His best friends (Kam, Wagz, Kearse, Doug, etc…) are all in Seattle. I see him 2-3 times every off season and he’s VERY friendly towards Seattle fans requesting pictures or simply saying hello to him. He loves it here, so I’m sure he’d be open to a conversation

  36. Sea Mode says:

    Let’s go! We movin’!

  37. cha says:

    Hey McLeod, you wanna pop DK you better bring more than that.

  38. cha says:

    What was Hyde thinking? He could’ve walked into the EZ if he sees the hole on the left.

    • cha says:

      And an awful play call to end the drive with nothing.

      Really Schottenheimer? THAT’S the call you’re going with?

  39. Hawks4life says:

    WTF kind of play call was that pete

    • Trevor says:

      Made no sense, they ran the same play three plays earlier and it had no chance. So let’s run it again WTF?

  40. Rob Staton says:

    What the hell was that playcall on fourth down????

    All those options on the field and you try a tricky play for David Moore?

    Jesus wept.

  41. Robbie says:

    Classic over thinking / trying to get cute play by Shotty! Terrible.

  42. Sea Mode says:

    Pocic got DESTROYED

  43. line_hawk says:

    Why in the world do we need to take a timeout and talk it over on every single 4th and short? Especially on the first drive of the game. Don’t they have a play in their pocketbook?

  44. JC3 says:

    Watch Ogbluehi, he is not block anything out there…..

  45. KennyBadger says:

    Worst playcall since the super bowl. Yes that one.

    • cha says:

      The 4th and 1 vs Buffalo was pretty bad too. Let’s have RW drift to the left and throw into a mass of 7 people.

      • KennyBadger says:

        We have a medal stand anyway. I love David Moore but I love about 6 other playmakers better.

  46. Tony says:

    Love going for it. Hate the call.

  47. Leonardo says:

    Wentz might be the only QB in the league right now who can’t punish us for blitzing Adams every time. It’s a little sad to see how far he’s fallen.

  48. Sea Mode says:

    Good field position. Bomb to DK or Lockett incoming on 2nd and short… 😏

  49. Volume12 says:

    There’s some textbook PC DB play.

    2 3rd down throws, 2 good coverage plays from Shaq.

  50. Rowdy says:

    Russ looks really off tonight

  51. Rob Staton says:

    Two wasted timeouts.

    Just awful.

    Apparently fourth and short is panic mode for this team.

    • Rob Staton says:


      This is how you lose winnable games.

      What the hell are they doing? They are totally unprepared for these fourth down situations and when they finally decide to go for it — they come up with a bunch of garbage.

      Wilson is already flustered too.

  52. Rowdy says:

    This team is a mess

  53. Sea Mode says:

    I say just give it to Carson and run away from Cox.

  54. cha says:

    Is RW asleep?

  55. Rowdy says:

    What the fuck

  56. 12th chuck says:

    good thing carson is back to run the ball

    • Kyle R says:

      I was just saying that to my wife. Carson and Hyde are both still in right? Why the hell not run them on at least one of those 4th downs!?

  57. Volume12 says:

    Shoulda kicked it twice.

  58. Trevor says:

    Is Locket playing? Why not target him on those short yardage plays I don’t get it.

  59. James Cr. says:

    Russ looks scared to pull the trigger. We need to get Carson going.

  60. CaptainJack says:

    If wentz was marginally competent I’d be worried

  61. Matt says:

    Winning a single playoff game only to get run out of the building in the divisional round just feels inevitable at this point.

  62. Tony says:

    I foresee a crappy confused 1st half offense. Better hope those half time adjustments are good.

  63. line_hawk says:

    You wanted it.. you got it..

    This game is Carroll-bowl. For once, he thinks his defense can keep it tight. So, keep it conservative.

  64. Gohawks5151 says:

    Russ needs to check it down. Still worried about the MVP. Keep Dissly on field

  65. AlaskaHawk says:

    So far it looks like Philly defense is better than Seattle’s. And Philly offense is worse than Seattle’s.

    Is Seattle starting to play down to their level? How long before they put Hurts in? I’m thinking in the third quarter.

  66. Big Mike says:

    Offensive line getting owned when they are most needed. Why is Chris Carson not seeing the football on 3rd or 4th and short?

  67. CaptainJack says:

    That was a satisfying looking tackle by Jordyn Brooks

  68. Leonardo says:

    Already looks like it’s gonna be a shaky Russ game, and I don’t understand why. The o-line is solid, it’s not a fearsome defense…doesn’t make sense.

  69. Volume12 says:

    Shoulda went for it twice.

  70. Sea Mode says:

    Woof, that’s a big hold on Lockett if Russ throws him the ball.

  71. CaptainJack says:

    Man, that was pretty good by Bobby to break that up

  72. cha says:

    “You have your best receiver on a LB” ?

    Cmon Lewis, that’s Bobby Wagner. Moron

  73. Rob Staton says:

    Thank goodness for this elite defensive unit propping up the offense….

  74. CaptainJack says:

    Rasheem Green fights through double team for the sack! Best play I’ve ever seen from him. Encouraging.

  75. cha says:

    Why is David Moore jogging on a PR?

    Seriously. I’m asking. Why?

  76. Volume12 says:

    Wentz is cooked, but this D is bringing it.

  77. Sea Mode says:

    QB hit and sack sighting!

  78. Rob Staton says:

    David Moore is running like he’s protecting an egg in his pants.

    ‘Oooh… don’t hit me… the egg might break’

  79. Rokas says:

    Call me crazy, but I still have hopes for Rasheeem Green

  80. downtownjewelrybryan says:

    moore cant run…why’s he playing?

  81. KennyBadger says:

    BM! Please don’t hurt wentz though.

  82. Denver Hawker says:

    If I could meme this board, it’d be Futurama: can’t tell is defense good or if Eagles offense bad.

  83. James Cr. says:

    So is it Hurts time?

  84. Tony says:

    I bet they bring in jalen hurts soon. Wentz has shown nothing.

  85. Big Mike says:

    I will ask again where is Chris Carson?

    • Tony says:

      Petes being really cautious with him.

    • cha says:

      Gregg Bell
      Pete Carroll said Chris Carson was “full go” for tonight. Carson doesn’t look full go on sideline right now, tugging on top of shoulder pads with helmet on as Carlos Hyde plays.

      Carson looked smooth 1st 2 plays, swing passes to him. If he was full go, doesn’t he get a 4th and 2?
      5:56 PM · Nov 30, 2020

  86. Rob Staton says:

    Russell Wilson is all over the place — and therefore so is the offense.

  87. Tony says:

    Why are we always waiting to 1 sec on the clock to snap it.

  88. Rob Staton says:

    Glad I picked a low scoring game in the podcast.

    This is a crapfest.

  89. Pran says:

    Gotta keep Eagles in game…don’t embarrass Wentz by scoring

  90. cha says:

    Dickson being Dickson. 57 yards.

  91. Matt says:

    Pretty incredible to have a veteran QB and Coach and still look like the most unprepared team week in and week out.

  92. Big Mike says:

    I know it’s only 1 quarter, but this is the kind of game a Super Bowl team wins handily and we aren’t seeing any indication that that will happen tonight.

  93. Leonardo says:

    We fundamentally can’t build a “Let Russ Cook” offense because he’s too streaky. On his day he’s the best in the league, but his floor is rather low for an all-pro caliber QB. And I can’t see him putting 3-4 great games in a row in the playoffs

  94. Rokas says:

    Glad to see Shaq back in the field

  95. Sea Mode says:


  96. Tony says:

    Its like ifedi never left

  97. Pran says:

    Russ has green grass in front of him and throws a difficult slowmo pass. Russ ain’t good..

  98. cha says:

    Wow. So is this a game where the Hawks win simply because the Eagles are so bad?

  99. cha says:

    Metcalf 6 for 101. All of them on Slay I think.

  100. AlaskaHawk says:

    Yes – finally. Nice pass to Moore, and his first good play of the game. But also good passes to Lockett and Metcalf on this drive.

    I don’t think Seahawks will be able to run on the Eagles. It looks to me like their defensive line is stronger and faster than our line and running backs. Carson is the only one with a chance to make yards so far. Hyde is too slow to run laterally. Moore is better as a receiver downfield than as a running back.

  101. cha says:

    Has Dissly even had a snap yet?

    2 targets to Hollister.

  102. Rob Staton says:

    This game is absolutely ridiculous.

  103. AlaskaHawk says:

    The biggest problem Wentz has is that Foles isn’t backing him up. har har

  104. Rob Staton says:

    Jamal Adams is elite at reacting/talking to an opponent who just made a big play against him.

  105. Kenny Sloth says:

    Cody Barton laying the wood to set the tone.

    We rag on individual plays so much when they’re soft we have to acknowledge

  106. Rob Staton says:

    This MNF crew haven’t had a pause for breath since kick off.

    They’ve rabbited on non-stop. Every single second of air time has been filled by a comment.

  107. Sea Mode says:

    LOL, 4 total yards?

  108. cha says:

    Ogbuehi: “Was that pass for me? Whatta you want me to do with it?”

  109. Sea Mode says:

    ahahaha Obegui

  110. KennyBadger says:

    Nice block and effort Cedric. Wtf.

  111. AlaskaHawk says:

    OMG Russ, reverting to running backwards again – thank the philly defense for bailing you out.

  112. cha says:

    Colby Parkinson sighting.

  113. Matt says:

    Shit penalty on slay, I’ll take it, but c’mon man

  114. cha says:

    “Russell Wilson doesn’t get enough credit for throwing the ball away, he’s got a really good sense of…and that’s apparently intentional grounding..” – Lewis

    My sweet Lord.

  115. cha says:


  116. Sea Mode says:

    That actually helps us. Enough space to run a route.

  117. AlaskaHawk says:

    Thank God Carson is Back.

  118. Tony says:

    This is why i want carson back. Yes, there is injuries. But my god is he a beast.

  119. Big Mike says:

    He simply has to be resigned

  120. KennyBadger says:

    That throwaway was wentzs best play all night.

  121. cha says:

    Referees having a really rough game.

  122. Pran says:

    Why do we need Refs…

  123. 12th chuck says:

    how can you not call a grounding call on wentz

  124. Rob Staton says:

    These refs are a disgrace (for both teams).

    How the hell was that not intentional grounding? They could see the coach caught the ball well ahead of the LOS.

    • Bmseattle says:

      I love how on Russ’s grounding, they all get together and talk about it for 2 minutes.
      With Wentz, they just immediately call no grounding… even though it obviously was.

  125. Matt says:

    WTF with the refs?? Both ways, calling a shit game

  126. Rowdy says:

    Funny they couldn’t throw a late flag there

  127. Big Mike says:

    Officials got the word from New York to try to keep Philadelphia in the game to keep the ratings up and they are doing a fine job of it

    • seahawkdragon says:

      ABSOLUTELY! Its a piece of shit product and greedy networks and a commissioner who doesn’t give a shit but only to make his owners money. I’ve been a fan since 1978 and its become the WWE. WHAT A SHAME THIS LEAGUE IS.

  128. cha says:

    Mayowa blown off the edge by the 3rd string LT.

  129. Leonardo says:

    Looks like Philly is gonna test our run D for the rest of the game, let’s see if they’re worthy of the hype…

  130. Mark says:

    Jamal Adams being really good at underneath zone coverage, what a shocker.

  131. cha says:

    Note to the MNF graphics guys: #32 is Chris Carson. He plays on offense.

  132. Rob Staton says:

    Of course.

    The refs botch that call and the defense collapses.

  133. AlaskaHawk says:

    Noooo. Don’t give them hope.

  134. Pran says:

    1st TD in last 21 drives for Eagles.. defense earned their chops.

    • Tony says:

      Last week vs browns was played in bad weather. They are still a very bad offense either way. But that aided the stat a ton.

  135. Big Mike says:

    Seahawks 14
    Officials 6
    Eagles 0

    My God I am so sick of shit officials

    • Pran says:

      Seattle owes Wentz.. he is never the same after loss in Seattle during their SB season. He got hurt in that game..

  136. Sea Mode says:

    Lol. fitting for the Eagles. Poor guys.

  137. 12th chuck says:

    I am at a loss of words on how poor the seahawks are tackling this year. other than wtf

  138. Sea Mode says:

    Why does this guy call it the “red area”? Does anyone call the red zone the “red area”???

  139. downtownjewelrybryan says:

    “no ones gonna confuse that with a gronk spike”


  140. Rob Staton says:

    Run the ball.

    Play action to DK and Tyler.

    Use the TE’s.

  141. cha says:

    17-9 still in play I suppose. 3-3 second half though…

  142. Justin Mullikin says:

    I would enjoy watching Sherman back in a Seahawks uniform. It could also be a huge need signing. Just as having Dunlap made the whole D line better. Having a quality corner that can match up against elite receiver can make the whole secondary better.

  143. Sea Mode says:

    DK shouldn’t have slowed down to bump. Throw was perfect.

  144. Rob Staton says:

    Big drive this for the defense.

    Got to get back on track after that drive before HT.

  145. Sea Mode says:

    What the heck was that graphic? What am I watching?

  146. Tony says:

    Watching wentz pick up confidence on our defense. Smh

  147. cha says:

    And there’s Adams abandoning his man to stumble into the backfield.

  148. Rob Staton says:

    Wow — a well disguised Jamal Adams blitz.

  149. downtownjewelrybryan says:


  150. Rowdy says:

    Adams sucks

  151. AlaskaHawk says:

    Hmmm five point lead. Adams playing well.

  152. Rob Staton says:

    Can the offense get its arse in gear now please?

    Is that too much to ask?

  153. Lewis says:

    Now can the offense convert some first downs for crying out loud?

  154. Rob Staton says:

    Well… I predicted 14-9 in the podcast…

  155. DC says:

    Watching Adams on this D and you’d never guess we traded so much for him.

  156. Dm594 says:

    **jamal Adams is awful**. Let’s start the thread now

  157. Rob Staton says:

    Surely these stupid refs are not going to overturn this.

  158. Rowdy says:

    Should seahawks trade Lockett.

  159. cha says:

    Pretty obvious DK was down.

    But with this crew refereeing tonight…

  160. Justin Mullikin says:


  161. Rob Staton says:

    Did DK get hurt on that play?

  162. Rob Staton says:


    David Moore is not healthy.

    Stop trying these plays to him. Just run the damn thing.

  163. cha says:

    Is David Moore on tranquilizers?

  164. Pran says:

    Hate slow mo dancing by Moore… always kills the plays.

  165. Trevor says:

    Is Locket hurt? Only three targets.

  166. cha says:

    17-9 confirmed

  167. Tony says:

    Is david moore the go to sweep/screen guy? Its like 70% of his touches are those.

  168. Rob Staton says:

    David Moore’s stat line:

    3 catches
    -6 yards
    1 touchdown

  169. AlaskaHawk says:

    Damn – is the offense imploding? What the heck.

  170. James Cr. says:

    Why do we play hurt players all the time? Pretty obvious Moore can’t run.

  171. James P Kupihea says:

    oh no….its 17 – 9 ….there went all the action.

  172. Bmseattle says:

    2 plays on a row where the pass attempt is short of the 1st down market.
    Is it so difficult to call a play where a catch results in a 1st down, without having to “make a play”?

  173. Big Mike says:

    You have 2 yd for a first down you have Chris Carson in your backfield hand him the football please

  174. Rob Staton says:

    Third down defense has gone down the toilet.

  175. Pran says:

    No pass rush…Wentz is settling down. Bring life to Wentz, defense purpose served.

    • Tony says:

      We are facing colt mccoy next week. Cant wait to see him have a career day. But we should get 3 sacks, so it all good!

  176. Gary says:

    Why do the Seattle Seahawks even employ tight ends?

  177. Justin Mullikin says:

    We can’t go a whole game playing Mr. Turnover at QB and not get a turnover. Right?

  178. Rob Staton says:


    He MUST be re-signed for next season.

  179. cha says:

    What I would give for some ground and pound and some rollout passes to TEs in this series.

  180. AlaskaHawk says:

    I like the Arizona style, every defensive guy on the line style of play. Good play KJ.

  181. Rob Staton says:

    DK — what a BEAST

  182. Justin Mullikin says:

    DK BAMF!

  183. Pran says:

    This offense is so so predictable…

  184. Rob Staton says:

    Such an unnecessary hold by Ogbuehi

  185. Rob Staton says:

    And there’s the bad side of DK. Should’ve had that. Too many drops.

  186. AlaskaHawk says:

    That hurt, Ogbuehi wasn’t even in the play.

  187. AlaskaHawk says:

    I understand the game plan now. We will flog them with field goals. Kick by kick.

  188. Pran says:

    There is no rhythm on offense… deep balls and DK. Live or die…

  189. Justin Mullikin says:

    Stop trying to jinx my kicker. Just stop talking.

  190. Leonardo says:

    The TE situation deserves more scrutiny as the season goes on. In the offseason we were wondering why they were stashing 7 TEs and neglecting the DL. Then the season starts and we don’t throw to any of them while the DL dragged us down. What is the plan? The way we play is completely disconnected from our team-building “philosophy” at this point.

  191. Rob Staton says:

    This is so careless by the defense.

    Cheap penalty yards.

  192. Pran says:

    Refs decided enough is enough…

  193. Tony says:

    Shaq penalty was bad call.

    Brooks, turn around and its a pick.

  194. Justin Mullikin says:

    That type of PI always pisses me off. They call it every-time. It just bothers me that QBs get rewarded for under-throwing their receiver.

    • Tony says:

      Its a discipline and technique issue. Guys like sherm are always in position to turn. But so many guys just throw the hands up and run into the reciever. A simple twist of your head, and its tight coverage and no flag.

    • KennyBadger says:

      Total agreement. Need a rule like uncatchable.

  195. Rob Staton says:

    Big shout out to Carson Wentz & Doug Pederson for being absolutely shit.

  196. KennyBadger says:

    Nice decision Doug.

  197. James Kupihea says:

    2/5 celebration…awkward really.

  198. Rob Staton says:

    Poor PI call by the refs there. Awful.

  199. Justin Mullikin says:

    At least the refs are making poor calls both ways.

  200. cha says:

    Oh no.

    They did NOT just rag Lockett as lazy and distracted.

    ‘writing poetry while DK hits the weight room’ ???

  201. AlaskaHawk says:

    Offensive line looked terrible in that series.

  202. Rob Staton says:

    Oh F….

    Did anyone see Duane Brown’s no contact injury there?

  203. Kyle R says:

    Why can’t this team on offense call and create more with screens and quick passes?

  204. Justin Mullikin says:

    Let’s not have Russ run the ball during this part of the game. You just know the Eagles are waiting to hit him. Protect your qb.

  205. Tony says:

    Yes pete. Trust your defense.

  206. James Kupihea says:

    um…this drive is giving me Bevell vibes.

  207. DC says:

    I’ve thought Schotty has done a great job overall, but man…. His play calling has been not that great the last 5-6 games

  208. CaptainJack says:

    This is the most bored I’ve been by a seahawks game in forever.

  209. Rob Staton says:

    Terrible from Jamal Adams there.

    Beat in coverage (LOL) and an awful tackle.

  210. AlaskaHawk says:

    Seahawks have been lucky that Wentz played so poorly for most of the game.

  211. Gary says:

    Hawks play calling in this game has set offensive football back decades.

  212. cha says:

    Hey Alan

    Tell us again about how you’re angry at being called garbage in coverage?

  213. Yeah, I believe he’d be the kind of veteran plug & play CB that would allow us to part ways with Griffin and Dunbar.

    Dunlap, Wagner, Adams, Sherman. That’s the kind of defensive spine I would want into 2021.

  214. Leonardo says:

    I don’t care if it makes me a bad fan to Seahawks Reddit, I can’t see that Adams attempt on a tackle and stomach paying him a fortune.

    • CaptainJack says:

      He likes to make cool poses after the whistle blows, doesn’t really like to go hard during the play though.

  215. Hoggs41 says:

    This game is boring as hell.

  216. AlaskaHawk says:

    Is that Ciara and Russ in a Moen shower commercial????

  217. CaptainJack says:

    This eagles game tells me one thing.

    This team is no better than last years team, which bowed out in the divisional round. Very boring and predictable.

  218. charlietheunicorn says:

    Damn, these Eagles are awful

  219. Gary says:

    This game is borderline unwatchable.

  220. Matt says:

    These commentators are absolute horse shit. I didn’t come here for nfl live. C’mon man

  221. Big Mike says:

    Offensive line has been horrible for most of the game especially run blocking

  222. Pran says:

    Game is a crap fest by all sides.. Eagles, Hawks, Refs, Commentators, Coaches. This is a typical AFC east or NFC east game

  223. Tony says:

    Brown is back in. Thats good.

  224. Sea Mode says:

    Duane Brown still out there. Phew…

  225. Tony says:

    Thank you espn for that lovely zoom shot of eagles fans. That had me laughing.

  226. charlietheunicorn says:

    Canada Dry Bold Ginger commercial makes me laugh every time

  227. Pran says:

    Hate Pete’s game calling.. some games need to be put away and rest starters to protect from injuries. Never happens..

  228. AlaskaHawk says:

    We really should feel good about another win.

    But it sounds like most of us our unsatisfied with watching a tragically flawed Seahawks team. Sorry but they were never going to the superbowl. The best we can hope for is to make the playoffs and have a few good games before we are creamed by a superior team.

  229. Dave1401 says:

    Are we the Eagles bogey team? Damn they have had some truly pathetic performances against us over the last 20 years. The scoreline doesn’t show it but this has to be almost as embarassing for them as the Monday night massacre. It’s just sad. It’s probably the first time I genuinely felt bad for our opponent

  230. DC says:

    This game sucked. With how bad the Eagle’s are, what does that say about the Hawks?

    • SteveLargent80 says:

      I don’t read much into “bad wins”. The Chiefs nearly lost to the Panthers, and the Steelers almost lost to Ben DiNucci

  231. charlietheunicorn says:

    Hum. Been getting some sacks and heating up the pocket. Not bads.

  232. Pran says:

    Wow.. Wentz is playing serious now.

  233. charlietheunicorn says:


  234. Tony says:

    This game deserved that lol.

  235. AlaskaHawk says:

    Wait, if they kick the extra point it is 16 to 23, and they are within striking distance.

  236. CaptainJack says:

    Bleh game.

  237. cha says:

    Hey Alan,

    Tell us again about how you’re angry at being called garbage in coverage?

    • CaptainJack says:

      Racks up stats, but also has a ton of trash plays.

    • Matt says:

      Look man, adams is clearly a douche, but he didn’t ask to be traded for 2 firsts a third and mcdougald. No one can live up to that. So don’t blame adams unless you think he convinced the Seahawks to make the trade in the first place. What I’m sayin is, blame the hawks, not adams, he’s just playing ball

    • Pran says:

      I am starting to think he is never coached up properly to start his career in NFL. Yet he became AllPro, Pete traded house for him and now pampers him with similar coaching and play calling. Adams will not go to pro bowl and good luck trading him for a 1st…but again Pete won’t give up easily so Adams will return next season.

  238. Tony says:

    Why are they going for 2?

  239. Justin Mullikin says:

    Chop it up to another one score win. Lol

  240. Pran says:

    Why did Doug go for 2 pt conversion… is he playing for win!

  241. Sea Mode says:

    Wait, DK is our “hands” guy…???

  242. Sea Mode says:

    That would have been hilarious had they recovered the onside kick and then have to redo it because of the offsides… 😂

  243. AlaskaHawk says:

    okay the announcers are talking about the questionable Seahawks defense and whether they will hold up in the playoffs, and there big takeaway is “They did what they needed to do”

  244. icb12 says:

    I foresee a fine coming for the Seahawks.

    Camera has been focused on a maskless DK on the sidelines an awful lot.

  245. Hawks_Gui says:

    “Jamal Adams plays like I do when I play as an individual LB in Madden”

    I really like him, but that`s so true

  246. .@JessamynMcIntyr on Seahawks broadcast says DE Carlos Dunlap is doubtful to return with a foot injury. Would be huge loss right now given his recent contributions.

  247. Paul Cook says:

    Good win. GTFO of town and head back home. It wasn’t pretty, but who cares. It’s a win. And we still can quite feasibly be 11-3 in a few weeks time.

  248. […] If you missed my article on Richard Sherman earlier, you can read it here. […]

  249. Darrell Tucker says:

    Sherm coming back would be great IMO. He could fight, and probably win his position back, and then re could put the re-signed Shaq to the opposite side where he enters the league. With those two and our two safeties, the backfield is set. Sherm and Shaq could help out Tre, D.J, Ugo, Neal and Blair to find the best nickel with Neal and Blair able to play safety as well. Don’t have to worry about LB, we have a great three with couple decent backups. Line is young. Dunlap May have years, but still plays young. This would be THE force to be reckoned with.

  250. Sherminator says:

    Preach it brother! Amen to Richard coming home!

  251. […] If you missed yesterday’s piece on why I think Richard Sherman should be brought home to Seattle, click here. […]