Thoughts on free agency so far & live blog day two

March 10th, 2016 | Written by Rob Staton

What we know

— Jermaine Kearse is re-signing with the Seahawks on a three-year deal
— Russell Okung will visit with the Lions and Giants
— Jeremy Lane has agreed a four-year deal to stay in Seattle
— Bruce Irvin will be leaving the Seahawks to join the Raiders
— J.R. Sweezy is joining the Buccaneers
— Brandon Mebane has signed a three-year deal in San Diego
— Ahtyba Rubin has committed to staying in Seattle
— Chris Clemons will visit with the Seahawks
— Pittsburgh’s Cam Thomas will visit with the Seahawks

What’s next?
It’s been very quiet regarding Russell Okung so far. This might be the product of no agent to contact Ian Rapoport, Adam Schefter and Rand Getlin. The longer it stays quiet the greater the advantage for Seattle. Ideally he returns on a short-term contract at a team-friendly cost. It’s unclear whether Okung would be interested in such a pact given he turns 29 in October.

According to Rapoport, the Seahawks are moving quickly on from Brandon Mebane…

Thomas is a pure run-stuffer who played some DE and nose tackle in Pittsburgh.

According to Steelers Depot, Pittsburgh limited opponents to 3.4 YPC when Thomas was on the field.

The Seahawks are very clear in their methods. While many have questioned whether they will look to bring in a base defender who can rush the passer — that has never really been part of this defense. Even in 2013 when they won the Super Bowl they started Red Bryant, Brandon Mebane and Tony McDaniel in base.

Seattle prioritises gap discipline and run defense for the early downs — before unleashing their pass rushers in favourable down/distance situations. Thomas isn’t a special player — but he’s a cheap veteran run-stuffer who can start next to their 330lbs three-technique.

When we ran through some free agency predictions a week ago — we looked at the possibility of keeping Ahtyba Rubin and replacing Mebane with a cheaper option — while prioritising Jeremy Lane.

Assuming they sign Thomas or a similar player — the key will be rekindling the lost production from their interior pass rush specialists. In 2013 Clinton McDonald provided 5.5 sacks. In 2014 Jordan Hill provided 5.5 sacks. In 2015 Hill provided zero sacks. There’s the issue — and it’s an area they should be able to solve between rounds 2-4 in the draft thanks to a deep DT class.

Why weren’t they more active?
Did you really expect them to be? With limited cap space and a self-confessed desire to keep their own free agents — this was always likely to be a quiet opening stanza for the Seahawks.

They make hay in the second wave of free agency searching for value. Let’s see who lasts a little longer than expected. They might be able to add a pass rusher, a receiver or a veteran offensive lineman

The Seahawks were never going to be able to compete with Oakland for a player like Kelechi Osemele — that was a pipe dream. And while Alex Boone’s $26.8m deal with the Vikings looks like a bargain — is it really? Boone played well during the Jim Harbaugh years but is extremely tall for a guard (6-8), he turns 29 in May and is limited athletically (he was an UDFA despite playing for Ohio State). He’s a tough guy but the fact he was an UDFA speaks volumes to the range where you can find guys with his skill-set without paying +$6.5m a year.

Replacing Mebane and finding common ground with Russell Okung are the next two key steps for the Seahawks.

Live blog

Rapoport says it’s $23m over four-years for Lane in Seattle, with $11m guaranteed.

Adam Caplan is reporting the Seahawks are interested in former Arizona interior lineman Ted Larsen. He played with Russell Wilson at NC State.

Josh Weinfuss says the Seahawks will visit with another former Cardinals O-liner in Bradley Sowell. Sowell is listed at 6-7 and 320lbs so could theoretically compete at right tackle or left guard for the Seahawks.

O’Brien Schofield could be returning to Seattle, according to Josina Anderson.

Adam Schefter says Jermaine Kearse WILL be returning to the Seahawks. What a turnaround — just a few days after he appeared to be moving on. This is good news. Kearse has made a ton of vital plays for this team and has a rapport with Russell Wilson. He’ll get $13.5m.

— Russell Okung meanwhile is set to visit with the Giants and Lions, per Ian Rapoport.

417 Responses to “Thoughts on free agency so far & live blog day two”

  1. Steve Nelsen says:

    If they keep both Lane and Okung, that would be a great foundation before the draft.

  2. Steve Nelsen says:

    I wonder if the surprising size of the D-line contracts increases the need to do something for Bennett.

    With Rishard Mathews off the market, does that set the price for Kearse and can Seattlevafford it?

    • Rob Staton says:

      I think Bennett will get a raise later in this off-season. It won’t be millions — but a gesture.

      As for Kearse — he’s kind of made his bed there saying he’s looking forward to a new challenge. I think he might be gone whatever unless his market completely falls through the floor.

      • Trevor says:

        I think what Pete said about Kearse after the off season was telling when he said he thought that the Hawks valued Kearse more than most teams would on the open market. Appears to be the case so far.

      • Steve Nelsen says:

        You called it Rob. Four days testing the market to find the team that valued him the most was Seattle. 3 years, $13.5 million. I’m glad he’s back.

  3. Ciaran H says:

    Okung acting as his own agent is a really interesting dynamic at this point. My gut says we get him re-signed today but, with the money being thrown around yesterday, I wonder if his expectations have risen. I reckon something like 3 years 30 million is what’s on the table from us, but if Brandon Brooks is worth 8m apy then surely someone like the Raiders / Jags are willing to pay 12-13m apy?

    I’m really curious to see the Lane deal too. I was really surprised there wasn’t more buzz about him yesterday, hopefuy the market was cold enough that the 4 years pays in the 20-22m range. You never know though, I really wouldn’t be surprised if it was more towards 30m.

  4. EranUngar says:

    Signing Lane for a long term contract (4 years) Gave them the option to prorate his signing bonus and reduce his first year cap it to probably 4.5M or even less. That in turn open up the possibility to sign Okung short term if that is their choice. Should be interesting to see those numbers.

    In a few days, when the market calms down, JS can start working. They like to have answers at all positions before the draft and use the draft to upgrade rather than fill holes under pressure. Okung is the last big hole
    on that roster.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Besides OLB of course…

    • Rob Staton says:

      “In a few days, when the market calms down, JS can start working. They like to have answers at all positions before the draft and use the draft to upgrade rather than fill holes under pressure.”

      This isn’t strictly true. They’ve often used the draft to fill their biggest or primary holes. Only in 2013 and 2015 did they really go into a draft in a position to draft whoever stood out to them regardless of position.

      • J says:

        But was that planned? Sometimes regardless of how much they want to go BPA in the draft, free agency and the trade market won’t let them.

        Even in 2014 they made minor moves like Eric Winston at RT.

        • Rob Staton says:

          They signed Eric Winston after the draft at the end of July right before camp. They went into the draft with a gaping hole at right tackle.

          • HawkfaninMT says:

            Wasn’t Britt the RT at that time? Not saying he was great, or even good, but “gaping hole” may be a bit of hyperbole if my memory is corrdct

            • matt says:

              Call it what you want. There was an obvious need at RT going into the 2014 draft, so we reached for Britt. OT is a need at the moment, if we can’t resign Okung there is a ‘gaping hole’ (sounds dirty haha) at one of the OT spots. Our big needs at OL and DT align perfectly with the strength of this draft.

            • Rob Staton says:

              They drafted Britt in the second round that year. Britt filled the gaping hole.

              They went into the 2014 draft with no right tackle. They drafted Britt and then signed Winston in July as competition.

          • EranUngar says:

            Not really. Before the 2014 drat, Bowie was hair apparent to the RT position. He replaced Breno for 6 weeks during the year. Just like last year, Bailey was the hair apparent to the LG position.

            • Rob Staton says:

              They drafted Britt in the 2014 draft.

              To recap one last time.

              The Seahawks had NO right tackles going into the 2014 draft. They drafted Justin Britt in round two and then added Eric Winston right before training camp to offer some competition.

              They had a gaping hole at right tackle going into the 2014 draft.

              • Ross says:

                Wait, I’m confused. Did they have any right tackles heading into the 2014 draft?

              • EranUngar says:

                Didn’t they have Bowie on the roster? Didn’t he start 5-6 games at RT in 2013 when Breno was injured?

                • Rob Staton says:

                  You mean the guy they cut a few weeks later?

                  C’mon man. Are you really going to keep this going?

                  • EranUngar says:

                    I am, because its true.

                    At the time, after winning the SB, both Bowie and Bailey were considered another huge JS success story. They had to step in due to mid season injuries to Breno, Unger, Carp and Okung and held their own. When Britt was drafted he was supposed to battle with Bowie for the RT tackle spot.

                    A few weeks later, Bowie reported in overweight and in poor conditioning and lost their faith.

                    Sorry to upset you but this is how i saw it.

                  • Rob Staton says:

                    It is simply not true that they went into the draft with a solution at right tackle.

                    That is why they reached for Britt in round two.

                    The point I made still stands. They have not gone into the draft with all of their needs solved and have regularly addressed their key needs via the draft. 2014 is just one example of this.

                    Having answers at ‘all positions’ simply isn’t realistic for any team going into the draft.

            • Bayahawk says:

              “Hair” apparent? Is this a coif blog?

  5. Darth12er says:

    With the draft being so deep in DT’s. How important is it to replace Bane with a veteran? I imagine they could do that in the draft without committing a couple extra million.

    • vrtkolman says:

      Well, there is no guarantee a 3rd round run stuffing DT is going to come in and start right away. Considering how cheap these players are, it’s a smart move.

    • Rob Staton says:

      It is vital to add a veteran.

      Even a good rookie run stopper is going to struggle to pickup Seattle’s disciplined scheme that preaches gap control. There’s a reason why they’ve consistently gone after veterans at DT instead of rookies.

      They want established vets with the savvy to handle the run. It’ll be difficult to replace Mebane in the draft and that’s undoubtedly why they’re talking to Cam Thomas.

  6. Sea Mode says:

    Building on an idea Trevor posted in yesterday’s thread and something I have written about before, it would be really awesome to pull off a trade with the Browns for LT Joe Thomas if the Browns are in full rebuild mode.

    The reason being they front loaded his 7-year contract, so the heavy cap hits have already been taken. 2016-2018 are the lowest hits of all and would be a incredibly great value I think:
    – 2016: $9.5m (age 31)
    – 2017: $10m (age 32)
    – 2018: $10m (age 33)

    And because it would be a trade, it would not affect comp. picks for next year.

    So I guess it all depends on how much draft capital the Browns would demand in return.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Considering he’s arguably the best left tackle in the NFL, the Browns would probably expect a first round pick. And considering he’s 32 in December — that would be a little bit rich for such a short-term measure.

      • Sea Mode says:

        Good point there, would definitely have to be taken into consideration. Okung is a couple years younger but with his injury history do you really think he will last any longer as Thomas in the end anyway?

        Supporting the Browns being in full rebuild mode, they are set to receive three R4 comp. picks and one R5 for 2017! If they did demand our R1 maybe we could ask for a couple of those R4 in return kind of like the Graham deal. Just tossing out ideas although it probably won’t happen.

        (As a side note, Rams, Chiefs, Bengals, and Broncos also seem to be playing the comp. pick game)

        • Rob Staton says:

          I’m not sure he’ll last as long — but the difference is SEA can possibly get Okung without spending a valuable first round pick.

        • Trevor says:

          I like the idea Seamode and would be all for it if we could get him for a 2nd this year and 3rd next but I think a 1st rounder would be too rich.

          • Trevor says:

            If you are the Browns and are in 100% rebuild why not trade him? If not one will give you a 1st rounder then take what you can get.

            • Miles says:

              If the Browns are in rebuild mode, they might take a 2nd rounder for Thomas. We could sweeten the pot with a 2017 mid-rounder too.

      • troy says:

        We could sweeten the pot and offer to take Johnny Manziel as a packaged deal to obtain Joe Thomas’s service for the next 3-4 years at a modest price for such a stud LT.

        • Miles says:

          I don’t think the Browns would be that grateful for that lol. They’re just going to cut him I imagine.

      • Steve Nelsen says:

        Cleveland was reportedly asking for a 1st-rounder last year from Denver. You could maybe hope that with Thomas being a year older and the Browns roster coming apart that the price might be slightly lower – say a 2nd and 4th.

        • Rob Staton says:

          If it was a 2nd and a 4th — I think a team with a higher second and fourth rounder would be interested.

          This is the issue with picking late in each round (not that we’d want it to be the other way around).

  7. Mike says:

    Nice call on prioritizing Jeremy Lane a couple of weeks ago, Rob!

  8. 503Hawk says:

    Rob, hope you got some sleep last night. Your family must think daddy is away on business this time every year. 🙂
    (Did you see you had 575 comments yesterday?! We love your site. Keep up the good work.)

    One of the commenters brought up the thought about signing Brandon Browner on the cheap to compete at SS… Your thoughts.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Thanks man.

      I think a few players burned a few bridges with Seattle over the years. Thurmond and Browner for their failed tests that led to suspensions. Bruce Irvin also — that probably played into the decision not to give him the 5th year option.

      Putting the team first is a big rule for PC — and I suspect there’s no going back once you break that rule.

      I also think they like their SS depth with Kam and Kelcie McCray.

  9. Rad man says:

    I’m glad to see the focus on run stuffing on the inside. That generates its own pass rush in later downs.

  10. reggieregg says:

    What’s the deal with all the Kam to the Redskins rumors? I saw a redskins fan saying they thought they’d have to give up a player and a pick now it’s just a pick. Is there any truth to this rumor?

    • GeoffU says:

      Far as I can tell, there aren’t any rumors. Just articles saying “reportedly” but with no actual reporting being done.

      Seems odd Pete would have Kam do the passing camp thing with Thomas and Wilson and then not want him here.

    • Rob Staton says:

      It seems to be fan-driven speculation only.

      • reggieregg says:

        Good I think Kam is gonna be back in full force this season. He seems like the kind of guy that knows his game wasn’t up to par and will be dead set on proving he hasn’t lost it. IMO there is nothing to talk about when it comes to his contract he was paid adequately for his level of play.

        • Rob Staton says:

          I agree personally. I think some people get a kick out of imagining these Madden type deals.

          • Trevor says:

            I think JS reputation for making big deals also adds to the speculation. WHo would have guessed the Harvin and Graham trades before they happened.

  11. GeoffU says:

    Concerning the interior pass rush, isn’t that something Bennett can go back to primarily doing? It seemed last year, with Irvin never fully developing into the pass rusher Seattle always wanted, Bennett did a fair amount of rushing from the outside. If Clark can pick up the slack on the edge, as it appears Seattle wants to try, shouldn’t we be ok with Bennett primarily being the up the middle rusher?

    Not ideal, always need more pass rushers, especially with Clark’s inexperience. I’m just having a hard time seeing anywhere else we could get a better pass rush. With FA spending the way it is, we really need to find someone in the draft, but that looks like slim pickings.

    • C-Dog says:

      Bennett was the primary inside rusher. They tried to add in some Frank Clark as well with him. I think with Bennett, he was their do it all d-lineman, moving him around to take advantage of match ups. It’s vital to add another DL that can provide inside heat, whether through the draft, or free agency, so they are not as sole reliant on Bennett as they were last year, IMO. Has Rob mentioned, the need another McDonald type.

      • GeoffU says:

        I agree completely, but where? Who? I’m trying to look for options but I can’t find any

  12. Kyle says:

    Lanes deal is worth 23 million 11 guaranteed.

    • Saxon says:

      Still a little rich, but I guess if he really is going to be a starter outside and not just a slot guy the deal is probably justified.

      • Rob Staton says:

        It’s an absolute bargain IMO.

        A good cornerback tied up for four years at less than $6m a year? That’s excellent when you consider Janoris Jenkins’ contract.

        • HOUSE says:

          COMPLETELY agree… We paid Cary Williams $6M… lol

        • vrtkolman says:

          Agree, it’s a fantastic bargain.

        • matt says:

          Agreed. Lane at less than $6 m apy is team friendly. Was happily surprised to see Lane sign a long term deal. Really thought it made the most sense for him to stay for 1 year and boost his value. Look at all the $ being tossed around. Guess he wanted to stay in Seattle-win win deal!

          • C-Dog says:

            Great bargain for Seattle, for a guy that can cover outside and slot. I was thinking it was going to be more int eh $26 mill range.

      • SeventiesHawksFan says:

        We got Lane for an absolute steal. A starting quality corner who knows your system and is 26 years old. And can play multiple positions in the field? That’s a deal I hope they take every single time.

    • Trevor says:

      JS loves the 4 year deal! Great deal for both sides I think. What is the cap hit year #1?

      • Miles says:

        This was the most important signing to get done this offseason. More than Rubin and even more than Okung. You can replace a DT and while it’s hard to replace a LT, the draft has some good options this year. Without Lane we would have been rolling the dice with Shead and/or a bunch of unknowns next year. Huge get – especially at that price. The Seahawks could have easily got desperate for him and shelled out major bucks, but instead signed him to a majorly reasonable contract.

  13. HOUSE says:

    I love the Lane signing (4-yr/$23M)… Whether he is playing opposite Sherman or NB, this is definitely a signing that needed to happen. Shead, Simon, Smith and Seisay will be back and I think the CB position will be a battle to watch for in camp…

    I am saddened to see Mebane depart. Is Jordan Hill ready to take over? I know prior to injury, Hill was on a tear. Cam Thomas would be a good veteran signing…

    How we address LT in the next few days is what I am most interested in. I see a lot of chatter about Donald Penn being a good replacement for Okung if he departs. A name I previously heard mentioned was Kelvin Beachum (PIT) and coming off an ACL tear, a prove it deal could work out. From what I saw yesterday, PIT and BAL are both interested in him. I haven’t seen/heard any other players… Thoughts?

    • vrtkolman says:

      I don’t think Beachum fits what Cable or Carroll want in a lineman. I’m not a fan of Penn either, I’d much rather have Okung or Gilliam at LT.

      • HOUSE says:

        Thanks for the insight. I figured Beachum would be the crapshoot (coming off the injury). If Penn was signed, it would be strictly for letting a young buck groom.

  14. Josh says:

    I’ve been thinking on it and here’s what I think they should do. Instead of re-signing Okung, take that money and grab 2 veteran interior OL, say Mathis and Wisniewski. Now you have Mathis, Wis, Glow on the inside and Gilliam at 1 of the tackle spots. Now we can take that 1st pick and grab a Spriggs, Coleman, Ifedi, Decker and have them compete with Gilliam for LT/RT. IMO this line would be light years ahead of last years and may become damn near league average.

    • HOUSE says:

      I don’t know if we need to sign Mathis AND Wisniewski. The tendering of Lewis ($1.6M I believe) gives us our C that started picking up steam as the season progressed. IMO, I’m thinking this is the growth period for Sokoli to develop without trial by fire. I don’t know how much better Wis is compared to Lewis…

      Mathis would be a good signing IMO. Justin Britt didn’t look comfortable (I know he just moved) and was constantly getting beat. Bring Mathis in and Have Britt fight for the position or take a seat and hopefully learn from Mathis. I think drafting a LT early is our indefinite fate.

      • Rob Staton says:

        Worth noting that Mathis wasn’t great for the Broncos.

        • Trevor says:

          He had some injuries but was still the top rated LG in run blocking per PFF. I agree he would only be a short term fix but still a monumental upgrade over Britt.

          • Miles says:

            I would only sign Mathis for vet minimum at this point. I still think the most optimal scenario is to draft a player who can be our LT of the future and our 2016 LG, while also picking up Okung or Penn on a short-term contract. Ifedi ticks both boxes. Of course, I can’t get everything I want, so maybe a short term Mathis deal would be okay.

            I am not in favor of Wisniewski. Like Beachum, he is not a good run blocker. I also think it’s important that we maintain a semblance of our current line. So Patrick Lewis, Glowinski and Gilliam can stay on the line and that would be fine with me. Hopefully Okung can return, and we add a big guard for the left side to bulldoze people.

      • reggieregg says:

        I don’t know what he can learn from mathis they are really two different kind of athletes

  15. Del tre says:

    I disagree with your analysis of Seattle’s wants at defensive tackle. They absolutely want someone who can rush the passer just not in the typical way that teams look. The best D tackles don’t get as many sacks rather they disrupt the line pushing back the guard into the qb making him avoid the guard as if it were an extra d linemen. They want a pass rusher and that’s what Mebane did so well before his injury last year. He disrupted the line, didn’t get many sacks but no d tackle in Seattle ever will unless it’s someone who is like Aaron donald

    • vrtkolman says:

      Mebane’s 2013 season was astonishing. I think he was 3rd among all DT’s in QB pressures and had 60 some tackles. Obviously he isn’t close to the same player but I agree, that was a HUGE piece of the 2013 defense. Getting pressure on the QB in our base package is something I think we need to look hard at improving.

      • bobbyk says:

        I don’t understand the people who said that the play of Mebane tailed off either. He was terrific in ’15. My God, he and Rubin were the biggest reasons we didn’t give up a 100 yard rusher in the regular season. My biggest problem with Mebane moving forward is that he was in the best shape of his life for his contact year and he’s getting older, too.

        There’s a reason the Seahawks clearly wanted to keep him, even at his age, and it wasn’t because he’s a significantly declining player. They most definitely prioritized him. They just knew when they were beaten and wouldn’t financially meet the demands the Chargers did.

        • vrtkolman says:

          He’s lost all of his pass rushing ability from 2013. I get that he’s still a great run defender though.

      • Rob Staton says:

        “Getting pressure on the QB in our base package is something I think we need to look hard at improving.”

        This is not how the Seahawks play defense. We’ve been over it so many times guys.

    • Rob Staton says:

      There is no evidence to back up your argument.

      We have the perfect example today. Why are they bringing in Cam Thomas for a visit? He offers absolutely nothing as a pass rusher. He’s a pure run stuffer. He’s 330lbs. So is Rubin.

      Ditto McDaniel, Bryant, Colin Cole etc.

      We’ve had six years of this guys.

      • Del tre says:

        Yes but they pushed the line back it doesn’t mean sacks Mebane in 2013 had the most qb pressures in general the Hawks have had Mebane who could do everything then a big run stopper.

    • matt says:

      You’re right Del tre. We want a guy who is stout against the run and can rush the passer. The thing is there aren’t many players who can do that, and the ones out there are drafted early and getting PAID. JS/PC’s strategy is to get 2 DT’s, one run stopper and one pass rusher, to fit the bill. Two specialists at a fraction of the cost and draft capital. It’s very possible that replacing Irvin’s role will be looked at through a similar light.

      • Rob Staton says:

        “You’re right Del tre. We want a guy who is stout against the run and can rush the passer.”

        Seattle is like everyone else. If they can find a guy who can do both — like Aaron Donald — great. But given that is nearly impossible, they’ll stick to their plan for the last few years. Which has been to add pure run stuffers up front and work to shut down the run and create opportunities for turnovers in NASCAR.

        Again, they bringing in Cam Thomas today. He is not a pass rusher.

        • matt says:

          Yep. Get a proven run stopper on the cheap. Draft an interior pass rusher-Tapper, Washington, Jones, Hargrave, Day, Zimmer.

        • Trevor says:

          I we can get a DT to go with Rubin that is stout against the run in Base for 1st and 2nd then I am all for it! The key to our whole scheme is stopping the run and getting teams in 3rd and long then unleash the Hounds (Bennet, Avril, Hill Clark).

          That is why teams who have had success have been switching to a short passing game against us on 1st and 2nd instead of running the ball. The Panthers NFC championship game being an exception.

          I don’t think PC will change his system now after 4 straight years giving up the least points.

          I will go on record though I do think Sheldon Rankins could be a 3 down penetrating DT we all want. Don’t think he gets out of top 15 though.

          • Miles says:

            I think Jesse Williams, if healthy, can do a lot of what we want on the interior. He showed that in last year’s preseason.

          • franks says:

            The overall approach on defense clearly works, and the components of it like the DTs are good enough, definitely, but when the other team’s QB can sit back all day in a clean pocket, that’s a barrier to us winning. Pete values winning the turnover differential. It’s hard to force T.O.’s when the other team’s QB is relaxing. Last year a second problem developed forcing T.O.’s, and that’s the DB’s not getting the ball.

            This might be the year to address both sides of that issue in the draft. We really don;t have any other personel issues, besides the OLine.

        • Del tre says:

          Could just be to provide depth so that rookies won’t have to be relied on as much

          • Rob Staton says:

            Seems more likely he’s the ready made replacement for Mebane.

            • Del tre says:

              So I take it you think the Hawks will not be selecting a d tackle this year? Or do yu think they’ll pick up a development project? And any thoughts on Javon hargrave?

              • Rob Staton says:

                I think they’ll take a defensive tackle between rounds 2-4 — but it’ll be to add to the rotation rather than a base run defender.

                Hargrave’s speed and fat ass (seriously) interest me a ton. Great lower body power, nice initial quickness. His level of competition is a question mark though so I think he’s a bit of a project. But the skill-set is there.

                • Del tre says:

                  Do you think they might draft him as an eventual mebane replacement? Not as a rookie but down the line. Or do you think its more likely they will pick up adolphus washington? Who would your choice be?

                • Wall UP says:

                  I’m with you on Hargrave’s fit for their need of inside push to fill the McDonald role. I him @ 90, 3rd Rd pick. He does have a good size base that he can use as leverage.

                  I was really hoping, if he were selected @ 90, that Bane would be around to give him some tutelage in using that base. O well… Hargrave will still prosper, and 21-22yrs old?

                  Do you think that Coleman’s lack of workout buzz, and health, could affect his ranking to the point he may be available at 56?

                • Wildhawk says:

                  I think the Hawks would be foolish to pass up on Andrew Billings if he’s still on the board at pick # 26. I think he has a little Aaron Donald in him and Warren Sapp too. Talent wise, none of the offensive lineman in this year’s draft warrant a first round selection by the Hawks In my opinion, which is why I would go with the very young & highly talented Billings at pick # 26. Corey Coleman would be tempting as well, but I think Billings would cement our defenses chances at being the # 1 defense again in the NFL next season.

  16. bobbyk says:

    I can’t believe how good the Lane contract turned out to be. That’s a steal for a CB who fits our system like he does considering what has happened in free agency so far with the lunatic contracts that some people are getting.

    I think it’s pretty clear that Pete was 100% honest about what they were going to do in FA. It was obviously a priority to keep Lane and then to keep both DTs, too. It was obvious that they wanted both Mebane and Rubin. Rubin just wanted to stay in Seattle more, whereas Mebane took more money.

    The last of the main priorities is Okung (and now a Plan B for Mebane since he left as Plan A). If they can get three of their four priorities, I think that’s a coup.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Agreed, absolute steal. Seeing the way the market was going I was expecting more like $7-8m apy. Score JS!!

      I have been with Rob all the time that Lane was a priority, and though it looks like it now (props to Rob), a tweet about the offer they made to Sweezy has me doubting whether he was actually a priority for them:

      Stephen Cohen ‏@scohenPI 16h16 hours ago
      #Seahawks made real effort to keep J.R. Sweezy. Source close to him says it wasn’t an easy decision. Hawks
      didn’t lowball him.

      Similar was said of Mebane. So does that mean they would have rather signed Mebane + Sweezy and Lane was actually plan B once that fell through?

    • SeventiesHawksFan says:

      Agreed. Total steal. I was thinking he’d be $7 to $8.5 million per year.

  17. hawkfaninMT says:

    SO what are there general thoughts on each of the back up CBs?

    Obviously Sherm is the starting corner.
    Otherside should be Lane, then Lane move to the slot in the nickel…

    So who takes the other outside spot when the offense goes 3 and 4 wide?

    Jean Baptiste

    Brief thoughts on each Rob? I was a big fan of SJB coming out of college, and Simon as a rookie

    • Dylan says:

      Tye Smith and Farmer in there too

    • Rob Staton says:

      Shead will have the edge going into camp — expect a strong push from Simon. SJB the wildcard if he can pick up the technique. I think Burley and Seisay compete for work in the slot.

    • matt says:

      At the moment Shead is the #3 CB. There’s a lot of time between now and week 1. The cupboard is well stocked at CB, a lot of talent to compete. Time will tell who steps up. With PC’s track record of developing CB’s there’s reason to think at least one of the young talented CB’s will flourish.

    • Steve Nelsen says:

      Lane will move into the slot in nickel to cover the smaller, quicker receivers. Seisay and Burley are competing to backup that same role.

      They used Shead outside or in the slot against the taller receivers last year and they said he will be focusing exclusively on CB this year. So, I think that signals he will get first shot.

      SJB was a 2nd-round pick that had converted from WR in college and his size/length/style drew comparisons to Sherman as his ceiling. I am excited to see how he has responded to Seattle’s DB coaching but realistically he may need a year.

      Simon was the starter outside and in the slot against bigger receivers. His injury in the 2014 playoffs left a bad impression with fans and missing all of last season didn’t do anything to help. He could compete with Shead for the other starting spot in 2016 if he is healthy.

      Smith has great athletic gifts and a red-shirt season with Seattle coaches under his belt. He was seen as a late-round steal with the upside to turn into another Brent Grimes. I am excited to see how he plays in camp.

      Farmer is a complete unknown. His athleticism is pro-level but nobody has seen him play CB except coaches. Converting from WR is likely to take at least a year so I expect him to be a practice squad guy to start the season. He did get very positive comments from Carroll last year.

      • D says:

        Seisay is 6′ 2″, i think he projects more as an outside corner. Maybe if they face the eagles and Jordan Matthews with one of the bigger slot receivers, but i cant see him being very successful against the Baldwin, Edelman, and Antonio Brown types.

      • cha says:

        Is it possible the Hawks have enough CB depth on the roster already that they skip the annual CB mid to late round project pick and maybe go get one in UDFA instead?

        • matt says:

          It’s possible, especially after locking up Lane. We control Shead(RFA next offseason) through 2017 too. If there will ever be a year where JS/PC don’t draft a CB, this would be the year.

      • franks says:

        Agreed I think Simon will push Lane to start, or at the very least, to move to the slot on nickel. Really optimistic on Tye Smith going forward.

    • GoHawks5151 says:

      Burley is good, not great but has a chance in the slot vs anyone not named Lane. Simon played very well for a stretch of games before injury. Playoffs and super bowl is his lasting image but he proved to be more injured than thought of at the time. He deserves a shot and is probably a favorite with Shead. Seisay and SJB are Seahawks CB’s ideal specimens, but its all about the technique so we will see. I didn’t see much from Tye Smith last year but i remember Sherman really taking him under his wing. I just have a really good feeling about George Farmer. Amazing Athlete and former high school 5 star guy , which Pete loves. SPARQ score identical to Sammy Watkins per Zach Whitman. Been mentioned by Pete in press conference. If it clicks could be another gem dug up by seahawks.

  18. neil says:

    Sorry, I still do not see the value in paying Okung big bucks. If he can’t stay on the field he is of no use. I believe he has missed, or left a game with injury, more times than he has completed a game during his tenure.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I don’t think anyone is recommending they pay him big bucks.

    • bobbyk says:

      It’s like Mebane. They want him. They want him badly. But they aren’t going to overpay. I hope he comes back because that will mean he’s getting a fair deal and one we’ll like as fans, too. If someone greatly overpays, then Okung will be in a different uniform next year.

    • Trevor says:

      They don’t have big bucks / cap space to pay him. If he is back the deal has to be under $9 mil APY from my calculations

    • GeoffU says:

      He has missed 1 of every 4 games in his career. I get both sides on this, I believe he is a very good quality tackle, but the injury history is absolutely a concern.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      “I believe he has missed, or left a game with injury, more times than he has completed a game during his tenure.”

      That’s not even remotely accurate. In 8 (regular) seasons, Okung has missed 24 of 96 games, or 25%.

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        6 seasons

      • 75franks says:

        that’s a lot of time. wouldn’t mind if he walked wouldn’t mind if he came back. its not very often that a quality LT type is there late in the first. this year there might be a couple to choose from(ifedi coleman), and that is very rare! we almost have to get a tackle this year in the first because who knows when that rare chance might happen again. that’s assuming we win forever. go hawks

    • SeventiesHawksFan says:

      He’s worth a lot in terms of insurance and allowing us time to draft and develop Gilliam’s replacement at RT and Gilliam has another year or two under his belt before taking over. A 2 year $8 million per year deal is reasonable.

  19. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Still shaking my head over Bane. I know cash is being thrown around like Monopoly money this FA season, but to think he got what is essentially $5.5M for 1 year is astounding to me. I bet that’s at least $2M more than SEA offered.

    • GeoffU says:

      We paid him 5.5 m last year. Schneider did ask him for a pay cut though (maybe through and extension?), which he refused. I’m guessing we offered something in the 4-4.5 m range. I get the feeling though Mebane wanted to hit FA and see if he could find a way to move closer to home.

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        After 9 seasons, you’d think Seattle would be home. I wish him the best, just surprised at how much he got for his age and position.

  20. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Does anyone think Sokoli could be our RT? He’s athletic enough, and big enough. His arms are 34″ – not photo-typical OT length, but certainly not short. Also he played mostly LDE in college, going against RTs all the time.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:


      • Jarhead says:

        I love the idea of Soke getting more time, and I think he could certainly have a chance if they tried him out there. Look what they were ableto do with Gilliam, who granted is a little bit longer, but with Soke’s agility and explosion, he could develop really into a solid pass blocker. I ope they find a way to get him on the field.

    • purpleneer says:

      I’ve been saying for quite awhile that is where he should be working, and that center is the last OL spot to start at. An underrated reason is that he could be the extra lineman in certain packages and use bits of actual game action to help his development; he would also be more useful leaking out as a receiver than Bailey.

  21. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    @RapSheet: Draft news: #UCLA star LB Myles Jack (torn meniscus) flew to LA Monday & was fully cleared by the UCLA surgeon. Ready to amp up training

    Can’t wait to see his pro day results. I think Jack will be the first defensive player taken this year.

  22. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    @SheilKapadia: Seahawks among teams interested in G/C Ted Larsen, per @caplannfl. 57 career starts. Turns 29 in June. Spent last 2 seasons with Cardinals.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      @scohenPI: College teammate of Sweezy’s at NC State. 6th round pick of NE in 2010, stops in TB, AZ. Can play guard and center.

    • Steele says:

      Ted Larsen was one of the better centers when he was drafted. Solid option.

  23. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    @Brianc0z: Source confirms #Jets are dealing 2 picks for #Niners QB Colin Kaepernick


  24. reggieregg says:

    What’s the chances the seahawks make a phone call to Aldon Smith. I dint know he was an UFA. I thought he was still a Raider. He is an absolute monster!

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      Too expensive. He cost OAK $8M last year.

    • D says:

      I believe hes suspended for a good portion of next year (10 games?). Not to mention all the other issues hes had. He’d have to come very cheap.

      • reggieregg says:

        I don’t think he has a choice but to come cheap.

        • D says:

          I am also not quite sure how his FA situation is. He received the same suspension as Josh Gordon, so he will have to apply for reinstatement to the NFL. I would assume he cant sign with anyone until he is reinstated (next fall sometime), but I’m not certain.

    • Trevor says:

      He would be an amazing pick up if he can turn his life around. Would love to see the Hawks give him a shot.

      • franks says:

        Kindof the reverse of Russell Okung. Misses the reg season, gives us a shot in the arm for the playoffs.

    • D says:

      He hasn’t had great stats in the last 2-3 years either. Still living off the potential of his first 2 seasons. However, if he can return to that type of production without the off-field stuff, he could be an absolute steal.

  25. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Interesting tidbit from Pauline re the 2 CLEM DEs:

    “Its almost universally accepted at this point that Dodd will be selected prior to his teammate Shaq Lawson, something I initially reported from East-West Shrine practice.”

    • Rob Staton says:

      Very interesting.

      I re-watched both guys last week. Still not blown away by either.

      • JT says:

        Prefer Lawson to Dodd, even Ogbah. Lawson’s 1.63 10-split is faster than the 1.69 Clark ran at the combine (1.59 at his pro day).. However I think Seattle waits until at least day 2 to take an edge rusher, given that Clark is likely coming off the edge in nickel this year. I’m excited to see how the 20-25 lb weight loss translates, he will likely be explosive. Bennett/Avril/Clark is a lot of talent at one position and they have depth with Marsh as well. Anyways, maybe if there was a freak edge athlete with high end college production that slipped to them, Seattle would take that player. But don’t think one exists that would warrant a first rounder considering their current talent/depth.

        • bobbyk says:

          Marsh is not pass rushing depth. He has zero sacks in two NFL seasons.

          • JT says:

            Right but he still qualifies as depth that can play a few snaps in a pinch and play on special teams. With Bennett, Avril and Clark locked in as edge rushers for the next 2 seasons at minimum, it’s not worth a first rounder for a non-elite athlete that will only provide depth for the foreseeable future.

            • Volume12 says:

              Not a good EDGE class. Very little value.

              I suspect it’s why we’re seeing Seattle interested in vets.

              • Steele says:

                It’s not a good edge class. However there are some sleepers worth exploring.

                As for Lawson/Dodd/Ogbah types, they are not terrible at all, depending on how they’re utilized.

      • matt says:

        Rob any thoughts on DJ Reader for the Hawks?

        • Rob Staton says:

          Decent project run stuffer. Would be interested early day three.

        • Volume12 says:

          Are you asking about Reader because the Seahawks met with him?

          If not, good eye.

          • matt says:

            Reader showed some strengths in the Senior Bowl week, had my eye on him since then. Gets good push, anchors well, active, aggressive in pursuit, pretty good athlete at 330 pounds, with required length. Limited 2 down NT, where we have a hole with Bane leaving. I did hear they met with Reader, and wanted to know where Rob(and others) had him valued. He hasn’t been mentioned much on the blog, we’ve been more focused on pass rushing potential-myself included.

            • Volume12 says:

              Yeah- he’s Seahawky to the core. His backstory is inspiring man. You heard about it at all?

              He’s a really good looking NT/1-tech, with great length. 33″ inch arms at his size? Impressive. Team leader too-

              4th-5th round guy, but someone’s gonna get a steal.

              • matt says:

                Heard that Reader lost his father in 2014, and had a rough go at things afterwards-understandably. Not much else…more? Was a team captain too-always a plus.

                • Volume12 says:

                  Gave his dad one of his kidneys.

                  • Volume12 says:

                    Stepped away from the team to help take care of his dad earlier this year too.

                    Damn, I’m gettin’ emotional just typin’ this out.

                    His backstory is near and dear to my heart.

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        Latest from Pauline on Dodd/Lawson:

        “Kevin Dodd looked terrific in both defensive line and linebacker drills, displaying a lot of athleticism and ease moving around the field. His testing numbers included a 30.5-inch vertical jump, 9-2 broad jump, 4.44 in the short shuttle and 7.31 in the 3-cone. He also completed 22 reps on the bench press. The question now is how early in Round 1 will Dodd be selected?

        I’m told Shaq Lawson also looked good in defensive line drills, but struggled when put through the battery of linebacker drills.”

  26. Mike says:

    re Kearse/Baldwin..Great qb’s make their wr’s look better than they are (e.g. A Rodgers)..and I think RW is evolving into a great qb. For that reason (as well as the limited number of targets available in the Seahawk scheme) I would just keep a rotating crew of hungry, first contract guys rather than commit big bucks to the position.

    • Dylan says:

      Agree for the most part, but when a wr distinguishes himself as a stud I think you also have to do what you reasonably can to reward and keep that guy. Im talking about Doug specifically, he is on a whole different level from Jermaine and unless his contract demands are astronomical you just have to take care of him.

      • Mike says:

        Baldwin also turns 28 this September…so potentially entering FA at age 29..another factor to consider.

  27. subterranean says:

    For my own ongoing entertainment building up to the draft, I’m really hoping we sign Okung. Right now it just feels like if we lose Russell we’re going T at 26. If we sign Okung it sure feels like it blows open the possibilities – Suddenly they could go Center, Deathbacker, D line, heck, even Fuller and Henry could be more plausible at that point. They could even trade back more realistically and still pick up someone they covet. Since I enjoy the ongoing speculation and conversation around this topic, I’m really hoping they bring back Okung.

    • oz says:

      With you all the way on that one.

    • JT says:

      It does make their first rounder a lot tougher to nail down (and more interesting!). I think they could still pick a tackle in R1 like Ifedi even if they do sign Okung. I’m assuming an Okung deal would be short term, at least in terms of the years of salary that make up the guaranteed money. Gilliam improved last year, but Britt sure sucked, and it wouldn’t hurt to bring in a player like Ifedi who could compete at both LG and RT right away.

      • subterranean says:

        Yeah, Ifedi could still be the pick – slide in to replace Britt and then move to Tackle when they move on from Okung.

    • franks says:

      Totally, it makes us a lot more unpredictable and trade-backs should get more return.

      If we sign Okung I’ll get behind him. But I’ll be comparing his salary to someone better who made 8.5 in a state that has income tax.

      • Mike says:

        Taxation for pro athletes gets a bit complicated. For road games, for example, I believe the state they are playing in taxes them on that weeks paycheck. Also, many of the players do not make WA their full-time residence…not sure about RO.

        • franks says:

          Hard to see someone making that kind of money, living in Renton and Seattle for all that time and not making WA their residence. I’d think they’d be getting a huge, unnecessary bill from their state. Unless like you say it’ more complictaed,

    • SeventiesHawksFan says:

      We’d still need an OT to develop if we get Okung on a two year deal. I hope they draft one no matter what happens with Okung, if a good OT prospect is available.

  28. matt says:

    Haven’t heard a peep about Randy Starks, which is a good thing. Was looking for news on him and saw this:

    Probably means nothing, just thought it was a cool Seahawk connection.

    • franks says:

      I get the feeling we’re going to sign a guy that comes out of nowhere later in F.A.

      • Miles says:

        Starks definitely seems more appealing now that Mebane’s gone. It seems like a deal the Pats would make. Has some pass rushing ability and would only be the 2nd DT on our roster with that quality after Jordan Hill. Seems to make sense.

  29. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    SEA sifting through ARI’s bargain basement OLers:

    @joshweinfuss: Hearing that the Seahawks have scheduled a visit with former #AZCardinals T Bradley Sowell. He’s a UFA.

  30. GeoffU says:

    A thing to keep in mind to all those worried about all the players we’re losing to free agency:

    This was the year Wagner’s and Wilson’s deals were supposed to be up. When Seattle has a player they believe they can’t live without, they take care of it the year before. And you can pretty much consider these two as part of our keeps this year.

    Bad news is, there’s no one we got out of the 2013 draft worth an extension this year.

  31. franks says:

    Good deals on Rubin and Lane so far.

    Irvin 9.25
    Sweezy 6.5
    Mebane 4.5

    6 guys with higher average salaries than Irvin so far, 4 of them are ridiculous and one is probably a guard, all of them overpaid IMO. Irvin needs a better agent.

    Overthecap has “3d/4th cutoff” at 9 million. Does this mean Irvin’s a third?

    • JT says:

      That 9 million cut-off in their projection model was for this year’s draft, based on last year’s FA’s (like Maxwell). The amount will be higher for next year’s comp picks that are based off the current free agent period. Irvin will likely net a 4th round comp, provided the Hawks don’t sign someone expensive off another roster (which is really unlikely). Sweezy will probably net a 4th or 5th rounder, and Mebane a 6th.

      • franks says:

        That sounds right, 4–4/5–6.

        It doe say “projected” cutoff though and this year’s picks have been decided. You’re sure that’s for this year?

        Went down from 9.2 the year before.

        • GeoffU says:

          There’s no way they’re giving out 7 3rd round picks (Irvin plus six players higher). They gave out four this year and that was the highest ever. It was 3 the year before, then 2, then 1 I think. Steadily creeping up, but 7 nearly doubles this year if you’re using last years 9.2 cutoff.

          Really though, it’s anyone’s guess, and overthecap is guessing. The formula behind it is unknown to everyone but the NFL.

        • Wes Edmund says:

          But do all 7 count? If there is a “wash” because the team losing a player gains a similarly situated player – doesn’t 7 become 6 and 6 potentially 5? Etc. A little garbled but hope the question is clear enough.

    • vrtkolman says:

      I think some people are really overrating Irvin. He got was he was worth on the market IMO.

      • Miles says:

        He could have gotten a higher salary. When Malik Jackson gets $15m APY you know money isn’t being distributed soley based on how good the player is.

        • Ehurd1021 says:

          Malik Jackson deserves every dollar if he can continue to create pressure up the middle for 3 downs. I would kill to have him on this team.

          • Miles says:

            He had Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware.

          • franks says:

            I know that sacks aren’t everything but he has 14 sacks the past three years. Mario had more than that in 2014 alone and signed for nearly half the money.

            • Miles says:

              I don’t mean to say he’s not a good player – he is good. He could become great. It’s just that he had one good year. One. He played with two of the best pass rushers of the decade. He had stellar DBs playing behind him. And he got $15m. I just don’t understand how that profile fits the money. He is not a sure thing, at all. He is not Warren Sapp nor Ndomukong Suh. He might end up working out well for the Jags, but at what level? And if he doesn’t work out, JAX will suddenly look like a dumpster fire.

            • vrtkolman says:

              He’s a 3-4 end, they don’t get many sacks. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that number go way up in Jax’s 4-3 scheme.

        • vrtkolman says:

          Oakland has a ton of money to spend too, why are these scenarios different?

          • Miles says:

            Not sure. Two different agents who negotiate differently, possibly. Jacksonville desperate to add talent. Raiders have a more savvy front office? A lot of factors could be in play. Irvin is really really athletic and a really good player and I can see how he could have gotten more.

  32. Sean says:

    Hey Rob I know it is very unlikely the Seahawks trade up in the first round of the draft based on their history. But if they did who are some of the players you think they would look at?

  33. Ehurd1021 says:

    We still have many issues on the defensive line that need to be addressed – especially with are pass rush – if this team wants to return to the 2013 and second half of the 2014 defensive form that was elite. We still have no interior pass rusher in are nickel package, and it’s been a glaring issue since Clinton McDonald left this team. Jordan Hill was able to help the issue in spurts (based on the opponent) in the second half of the 2014 season, but he is injury prone and inconsistent. Are pass rush has been stricly based on outside pressure – by two guys – who are also playing 3 downs in the running game. We seen this issue really hurt this team in the 2014 playoffs (Brady and Rodgers) and it was a MAJOR issue all season long last year. The pass rush hasn’t been able to force a QB off his spot in 2 season and its hurt this overall defense – opposing QB extending plays, not being able to get off the field on 3rd down(s) etc. Not to mention us losing IMO the best overall 1-tec in the NFL…. that is a premium position in this defense, especially in base because the 1-tec is the anchor of the defense. That is a huge glaring hole that needs to be fixed…. which I don’t see Tuba feeling – and if he does what happens to the 3-tec spot which he played last year which is just as equally important?

    The stress we are putting on Bennett and Avril in games is showing in are pass rush production. I understand The Seahawks cant keep everyone (Clinton McDonald), and I understand finding a elite interior pass rush is a premium around the entire league…. but to me in the past two season the Seahawks haven’t addressed the issue at all – could it be resting on Jordan Hill’s possible potential that hasn’t worked out? Either way it goes it needs to be addressed if this defense wants to be considered elite again. Either the Seahakws need to find a guy (FA/Draft) who fits that 3-tec passing rush they need on passing downs (NASCAR package/Nickle), or we need to find creative ways to get pressure on passing downs that doesn’t have us relying on Bennet or Avril solely or blitzing….

    People keeping talking/pressing the O-line issue but the D-line issue is just as much of a concern.

    • Rob Staton says:

      In fairness we’ve talked a ton about interior pass rushers. The thing is — it’s very hard to address that need in free agency. They can add a DT in the draft.

      • Ehurd1021 says:

        Absolutely. The issue with the conversation to me wasn’t that it wasn’t being had… but that people keep confusing the 1-tec priorties in base defense (run stopping, gap containment, anchoring), to the interior pass rush on nickle downs in are coverage defense.

        In 2013 the defense was ubeleivable because on the edges you had Clemons in a 7-tec, Avril in a 5-tec and crash down inside was Bennet in a 3-tec matched up with a guard (mismatch), with McDonald in a 1-tec causing havoc and keeping the QB from stepping up avoiding the outside rush by Clemons and Avril. Bennet was forced to move back outside and he hasn’t been as productive. To me its not so much the players we lost… but the skill set that was removed off the roster during the offseason that was never replaced in back to back off-seasons. For really the past two season the Seahawks have asked Bennet and Avril to handle the pass rushing responsibilities and it hasn’t really worked out.

        • Volume12 says:

          Bennett hasn’t been as productive?

          Says who?

          • franks says:

            Not as productive on the outside was what he meant. Not sure about that but you can’t dispute that we haven’t replaced Clemmons.

          • Ehurd1021 says:

            Not compared to his same level of productivity in 2013…. especially in the late stages of games. He looks wore down and tired because the rotation isn’t as deep. Bennett in 2013 ruined offensive game plans and blocking schemes which came from the overall talent he had around him. I haven’t compared his numbers…. but from my own personal observations he doesn’t look as fresh and disruptive due to his overall numbers of snaps increasing both in base and nickel defense.

            • Volume12 says:

              I agree that their rotation has not been as good, but Bennett still flat-out took over games this year.

              He does a lot of things that don’t show up in a box score.

              • CHawk Talker Eric says:

                Bennett > Clem, both overall DL and positionally at DE (though it’s closer at DE).

            • cha says:

              I would say Jordan Hill’s injuries have played a big role. He missed out on the 2014 playoffs and wasn’t as effective in 2015. If he played at anywhere near his end of 2014 stretch for those two time periods this is a moot issue.

              So it’s not like the Hawks have actively neglected the position.

              • Coug1990 says:

                I remember reading a stat from PFF that although Hill was not getting sacks, he was top 10 in getting QB pressure from the middle.

  34. nichansen01 says:

    Bradley Sowell and Cam Thomas both graded out as bad.. According to profootball focus. I would prefer cedric thorton to cam thomas. Thomas is just big…

    • Miles says:

      I don’t really like PFF that much. They stand by their numbers as if it is gospel and it is not that. I’m sure they have some good indications about players, but they are not the be all end all.

    • Ehurd1021 says:

      Cedric Thorton could be a really nice pice – but I don’t think the FO sees him as a priority (unfortunately.) Cam Thomas like you said is really just a big body – he doesn’t move that well laterally, but maybe that is what the Seahawks want…. simply a big body that can anchor, which might be all they truly want (HUGE step back from Mebane IMO but it is what it is.)

      • Miles says:

        Davis Hsu just said one of Cam Thomas’ closest athletic comps is Vernon Butler, who is available in the upcoming draft.

        Thomas’ athletic profile with stats here. A must-look if we do end up signing him. Here:

        • franks says:

          Intereting comp. Seems to make him a possibility, bbut then we’d miss out on a lot of R1 guys that don’t have comparable low-end F.A.s.

          • Miles says:

            Not quite sure how you’re deducing that. Cam Thomas is not going to end our needs on the DLine, just add a run stopping presence. He also seems athletic enough that he (could) add a slight pass rush.

            • franks says:

              I was talking about Butler as a draft option. If theyre so similar, interest in Cam could mean interest in BUtler. Drafting Butler would mean not drafting Coleman, Nkemdiche, …etc.

    • Volume12 says:

      Might not be able to get Cedric Thornton.

      PFF is not the word of gospel.

  35. Jason says:

    What are your guys thoughts on Leonard Floyd? Think he will be available at 26?

    • Hawkfan086 says:

      No I think 16 to 20 range but I like the kid

      • Steele says:

        Like him a lot. One of the few guys who are anything close to a straight up Irvin replacement. He might make it into low rd. 1, but not if he posts some even better workout numbers between now and then.

  36. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    @Dan_Hope: #Clemson defensive tackle D.J. Reader said he met with the #Broncos, #49ers and #Seahawks at #NFLCombine.

    Could be a Bane replacement target in R4 range.

  37. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    @nfldraftscout: A good pro day for Harvard OL Anthony Fabiano:

    6036, 303 lb
    4.34 short
    7.41 3 cone
    4.94 forty
    1.68 10 yd
    108 broad
    25 bench
    32.5 vert

    • Volume12 says:

      Wazzu WR Dom Williams had a fantastic pro day too.

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        Can’t find WSU pro day results.

        Pauline’s take on Fabiano:

        “Thus far, underrated offensive lineman Anthony Fabiano has looked terrific at pro day. Just six weeks removed from walking around in a boot on his surgically repaired foot, Fabiano measured 6036, 303 pounds, completed 25 reps on the bench, ran the 40 in 4.94, timed 4.34 in the short shuttle and 7.41 in the 3-cone. His vertical jump was 32.5 inches, while his broad measured nine feet even. Fabiano looked solid in position drills.

        Fabiano caught my eye as a sophomore at Harvard when he played left tackle before being pushed inside to guard. His senior film is underwhelming, but Fabiano was playing through injury as he struggled mightily with turf toe, which required surgery to permanently fix. He’s a late-round pick who can play any of the three interior offensive line positions.”

      • GeoffU says:

        Always liked him. Real tough player. Where’d you hear this? Any numbers in?

      • J says:

        4.39 forty, 40.5 inch vert, 6.8 3-cone, 4.6 short shuttle for Williams.

    • Jake says:

      Saw this too. Pretty athletic for any OL, let alone an inside guy. Possible depth guy at RG/C?

  38. reggieregg says:

    What you think of this Rob? We let Okung walk and trade our 3rd rounder for Ryan Clady. I’m expecting a trade. Just don’t think they want to have to take a tackle with their first pick. What you guys think??

  39. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Raiders are having a helluva Free Agency.

    @DrewBoylhart: According to Vic Tafur, #Raiders are “working on” free agent S Eric Weddle. Confirmation pending. #NFL #Charges

  40. Volume12 says:

    Bradley Sowell, Cam Thomas, and Ted Larsen are all former VMAC visitors. Hmmm….

  41. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Pauline on DT Chris Jones at MSU pro day:

    “I’m told defensive tackle Chris Jones had an outstanding positional workout and was described as ‘looking like a first-rounder.'”

    SEA not in attendance (KJ Wright was though).

    • Miles says:

      How are we one of only two teams not there? That’s so unlike us.

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        According to Pauline, there were about 20 teams:

        “About 20 teams were on hand for the Bulldogs’ workout, including Bengals defensive coordinator Paul Guenther.”

      • bobbyk says:

        Pete, John, and Cable are probably in Seattle trying to talk Okung into coming back.

      • Volume12 says:

        They already met with QB Dak Prescott, and DT Chris Jonex is probably going to go too high for them anyways.

      • RealRhino2 says:

        C’mon, man, you know why… Sure sign we are going to take him.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

        …..or they have seen everything they need to / without tipping their hand. I think of Pro-days as confirming something you had a question about a player, but maybe he has already answered the questions Seattle had about him athletically or on tape….

  42. Steele says:

    Clemons. Schofield. Any other former Seahawks in free agency who might be welcomed back? Call them all! Reunion time!

    The free agent market for DTs is quite poor. A lot of guys over 30. A Mebane replacement isn’t easy to locate. Might have to wait for guys to be cut.

    BJ Raji,Pot Roast Knighton anyone?

    But I do wonder if that Mebane replacement has to be a 1-2nd down run stuffer. Isn’t that predictable? Of course, finding a more versatile guy who can also pass rush is tough.

    • Rob Staton says:

      “But I do wonder if that Mebane replacement has to be a 1-2nd down run stuffer. Isn’t that predictable?”

      Why does it have to be unpredictable?

      It’s what the Seahawks have done under Carroll. Served them well so far.

      • GeoffU says:

        Air Controller Macias: Captain, maybe we ought to turn on the searchlights now.
        Rex Kramer: No… that’s just what they’ll be expecting us to do.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      Either of Raji or Knighton probably will be too expensive for SEA, especially if they resign Okung.

      Think more like Sealver Siliga or TMcD.

      • Volume12 says:

        Yeah. I like how ya think.

        I do like Cam Thomas too though. Immovable at the POA.

        • CHawk Talker Eric says:

          He’s another one in that range.

          • CHawk Talker Eric says:

            Even bigger than Big Rube. Can you imagine those two clogging up the middle? Love the 3.4 YPC stat for PIT when he was on the field.

            • Volume12 says:

              Yup- severly underrated.

              Tuba and Thomas in base downs? Hill and another under-sized interior rusher added through the draft, with AJ Francis as a devekopmental guy?

              That would be dope.

        • cha says:

          Necessary trait in this D to keep the lightning quick LB’s clean.

        • lil'stink says:

          ‘Paper bag on a windy day’ is how one Steelers fan described him on their SB Nation site. The amount of vitriol they seem to have for Thomas was surprising. Hopefully it was just a scheme fit or fans just being unnecessarily harsh. Although Chargers fans seem to think more or less the same thing. I haven’t watched him.

          Signing a cheap, base down run stuffer would certainly be a wise thing for us to do. Would rather have a guy like Thomas than have to go through the draft for a similar player.

          • Miles says:

            Yes but that is how you acquire talent for cheap. It was the exact same thing with Ahtyba Rubin. Part of it was a bad scheme fit, and he played bad too. Sometimes you have to either get lucky or have a particular perspective on a player to get him for cheap. If we went for the players that nobody talked bad about, we’d have no cap room. And we wouldn’t have gotten Ahtyba Rubin, that is for sure.

            • lil'stink says:

              I thought most Browns fans acknowledged Rubin had some upside and that he might be a better fit with SEA than in CLE. Not putting too much stake in what the Steelers fans were saying, though, Pete and John definitely deserve the benefit of the doubt over armchair QB’s (myself included), especially when it comes to the DL.

          • Rob Staton says:

            I read a lot of the Pittsburgh comments on Cam Thomas. Seemed to me like they expected all members of their D-line to rush the passer. A lot of generic NFL stuff too — not knowing roles, expecting a 330lber to be a great interior rusher on top of being strong vs the run.

            Doesn’t mean he’s a good player — but 3.4 YPC when he’s on the field can’t be a coincidence.

            • Hawkfan086 says:

              Rob you just underlined why this blog is so great

            • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

              He appears to be a nice value and would be a solid addition. He has been on winning teams and knows what needs to be done to play at the highest level. A bit more size on the DL would not be a bad thing…. when you have to face teams like the Panthers.

      • Steele says:

        Siliga is pretty much a pure NT. When NE tried to plug him in for Wilfork, the results were mixed. Serviceable, but a borderline as a starter.

  43. reggieregg says:

    I wonder if the Seahawks might be the only team privy to all of Okung’s injuries including this current shoulder injury. All the other teams have to go off what he tells them. Bet the Hawks are giving it to him straight!

  44. Volume12 says:

    DT Vernon Butler in the 1st? No thanks.

    When’s NFL media gonna learn that Seattle will never take a run-stuffer in round one?

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      I don’t even pay attention anymore

      • matt says:

        A lot of the national guys just match needs with players, without doing the research. It’s boring, generic, and lazy. We repeatedly see CB’s and DT’s mocked to the Hawks in the first round, with complete disregard of draft history. Can’t say enough how thankful I am for this blog!

  45. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    @DrewBoylhart: #Jets’ front office believes Colin Kaepernick will end up in Denver. They won’t be acquiring him. #49ers wanting a 2nd RD pick in exchange

    • cha says:

      All this talk about Kaepernick being traded. But what about the Niners? Are they compared to go with Yo Gabba Gabba at QB next year?

    • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

      I think Elway has done an outstanding job in Denver as a GM (and I hate him). But if they pony up a 2nd for CK7, he should be severely criticized. I would wait out the 49ers, they most likely will cut him otherwise, why overpay when you don’t have to.

    • Steele says:

      I just love seeing the Broncos break apart. Osweiler would have kept them very competitive. Kaep? He will either fail or succeed spectacularly. He will, however, have the kind of receivers he never got to play with in SF.

  46. Volume12 says:

    CB Jeremy Lane’s cap hit for this year is $3.25? JS is incedible man.

    • Miles says:

      That is some seriously nice work. He got a deal done with arguably our most important FA without even affecting our overall cap this year! The cap stays the same if the Seahawks spread Lynch’s dead money over 2 years, being the reason.

    • D says:

      Im always a bit worried about heavily back loading contracts. It can look good at the time but you still have to make up that money later in the contract. For example, Wagz is getting $6 and 7.5M this year and next, but then it jumps up to $13.5 and 14. First two numbers look ok; second two, not as much

      • rowdy says:

        JS usually has one loaded year in a players contract and offsets the year so he only has one or two big contracts a year. They have a lot coming off the books in the next couple of years. Are they also not putting Lynch on the retired list so they can spread it out over two years? Not sure how we that works

        • D says:

          Yeah I dont pretend to know all the subtleties of how contracts are structured. JS certainly knows what he is doing and I wont doubt any of the moves he makes. Just sometimes when you look at contract numbers on OverTheCap it can be pretty shocking.

          • EranUngar says:

            The easy way to check it – move ahead a year or two and check those numbers as well.

            Or trust me – he is doing just fine 🙂

  47. lil'stink says:

    Davis Hsu now estimating we have about $14 million left to spend in FA.

    • Rob Staton says:

      It’ll be $15.5m if they don’t re-sign Jon Ryan.

      Plenty of room for Okung or someone else.

      • SeventiesHawksFan says:

        This is great news! Trying to envision Okung, FA DT, Baldwin, Bennett getting something done. Would be an extremely successful free agency, especially in the context of what were the priorities, cap room and would be realistic to expect. The Lane deal at under $6 million for four years is the surprise of the off season for me so far.

  48. matt says:

    Lane Cap hit in 2016 is only $3.25M

    Great news!

  49. JT says:

    Lane cap hits

    2016 – 3.25
    2017 – 5.25
    2018 & 2019 – average of 7.25 each year (exact numbers aren’t released yet)

    There may be some small roster/workout bonuses that would slightly change these numbers, but that’s the gist.

    All the guaranteed money is in the first two years of the contract (5 mil signing bonus + 2 mil 2016 salary + 4 mil 2017 salary). Therefore if the worst happens and injuries diminish him, the Hawks can cut him before 2018 with only a 3.5 mil dead money hit.

    Great deal PCJS.

  50. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Cedric Thornton signs with DAL

  51. Volume12 says:

    OL Germain ‘GI’ Ifedi tested in the 97th percentile. Unreal.

  52. Ignorant says:

    Straight up: Wisniewski+Vasquez or Okung?

  53. Turp says:

    Bradley Sowell and Ted Larsen….someone please talk me off the ledge here, and tell me why we are looking there? Those aren’t guys that will make our line better.

    I imagine Okung’s negotiations will take a long time due to this being his first time as his own agent. However, the longer the silence, the better it is for the Hawks I imagine.

    Also interesting that Donald Penn has not signed yet either. A nice hedge if Okung signs elsewhere. Either way, I’d only view them as a 2 year option while we draft a developmental tackle or two.

    • Rob Staton says:

      1. The Seahawks need depth and competition on the O-line. If Larsen and Sowell provide that with some of the existing group and some rookies, that’s a good thing. They’ll either win jobs or be cut. Let’s be right here — they aren’t going to be relying on these two to come in and be unquestioned starters.

      2. I don’t really see the allure with Penn. If he was that good — the Raiders with their $65m in free cap room would’ve re-signed him. He even says he wants to stay in Oakland. He’s from California.

      • Turp says:

        1 – So they are the next iteration of Eric Winston

        2 – I’ll consider that idea destroyed then…thanks Rob 🙂

        Is there any FA LT for them to seriously consider then? Is going into the draft with a clear hole at LT & Garry Gilliam a terrible idea at this point, or acceptable?

        • Rob Staton says:

          Clearly they’ve at least approached Donald Penn — he did mention them on the NFL Network. I just don’t personally see the appeal of a stopgap. They might’ve said — ‘come to us if you’re market is cold’, which it is at the moment. But seemingly so is Okung’s.

          Personally I wouldn’t be concerned going into the draft with Gilliam projected to be the LT and drafting a RT. If they can retain Okung — ideal. It opens up multiple opportunities.

  54. Volume12 says:

    Wazzu WR Dom Williams pro day numbers-

    4.43 40 (one scout clocked him at 4.39), 40.5″ inch vert, 10.5″ broad jump, 11 BP reps, 4.24 SS, 6.80 3 cone.

    Know how many receivers at the combine ran a sub 4.4 and jumped 40 inches? Zero.

    • J says:

      Should be available on day three.

      Hands are a bit of an issue but not extremely so. Concentration drops.

      • Volume12 says:

        Definetly be available day 3. Possibly UDFA.

        Seattle’s head scout, or director of college scouting, Scott Fitterer was in attendance.

    • Magmatizer says:

      Impressive numbers that pop even more considering he is 6’2″. Was surprised to see that he is 25. Shouldn’t affect his draft stock much if at all though. Late day 3 would be nice to add some size to the Hawks WR corps, which seems to only have guys 6 feet or below.

      • Magmatizer says:

        *6′ or shorter. I just realized my initial statement could be interpreted to mean something else lol.

  55. J says:

    6’2, 200 lbs with 32 inch arms and 8 1/8 inch hands.

  56. GeoffU says:

    Rob, have you looked into Tyler Higbee yet? Just watched what I could find on him (which ain’t much) and I love this guy. Great size, good hands, fast as hell and can be very hard to bring down. Hasn’t been playing TE too long, but a very feisty and willing blocker. A few times he whiffs (inexperienced), but other times he completely flattens the defender.

    Only real issue is injury history. I want him in the 4th round, maybe 3rd. If the Patriots or Saints get this guy I’m going to be pissed (or jealous).

    • D says:

      I think Rob brought him up on the podcast a few weeks back. As i recall Higbee was his closest comp to Jimmy in this draft. Id say thats pretty solid praise.

      Then again I could have the name wrong and be completely incorrect…

    • Rob Staton says:

      I liked him — just not enough to want to draft him early.

  57. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    The first wave of FA has ended… woot! Now is the time to start bargain shopping. There are tons of quality players to be had for far more reasonable prices. JC mentioned each day that WR Kearse is on the market, his price will drop….. now estimated to get a 3-4M deal, instead of the 6+M he was looking for originally.

    Clayton also mentioned that the likelyhood of Punter Ryan being brought back to the team is going up each day, as FA continues. Both apparently would like to work out a “fair” deal.

    Again, find the right guy for a fair price, JS/PC are doing a nice job so far in FA…. by not over paying for marginal/non exceptional talent.

  58. John_s says:

    Looks like Jermaine Kearse has re-signed with the Seahawks

    • John_s says:

      3 year deal per Schefter

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        @RapSheet: It’s a 3-year deal for WR Jermaine Kearse and the Seattle #Seahawks. Spent 4 days testing the market and came back.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      Smart move

      • Volume12 says:

        Hell yeah it is.

        Excited for this move. Keep RW’s targets together.

        Knocks the need for a WR down the board.

        • bobbyk says:

          This should eliminate WR from our draft day needs. At least with an early pick. Baldwin, Lockett, Richardson, and Kearse give this team a solid four at WR.

          Add Graham back into the mix and we’ve got a really good/great overall receiver position.

          The only thing that would make me feel better about the position is getting Baldwin extended at some point this spring or summer.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

          or a player such as Doctson falls to them in the first.. then you have a player with some size… with all the other spots covered with various types of guys.

          • Greg Haugsven says:

            I’m going the other way. I don’t like it. Would have rather used the resources somewhere else. I know all about the big plays in the playoffs but I’m not a fan. I mighht be in the minority, thought we had replacements .

            • Trevor says:

              I am with you Greg . Have to see what the contract looks like but if it is for more than $2.5 mil APY I think the money would have been spent better elsewhere. Way to many games where he is non existent and his effort is not always what it should be IMO. ie blocking on final play of Super Bowl.

              He has made some big catches though and Russ seems to like him so if the price is right I am fine with it.

            • bobbyk says:

              We don’t know how much he’s getting. If he’s getting $10 million per year, I’ll hate it too. We know it’s not that though. If it’s a couple of million, I don’t know how you could hate it. Lets check out the numbers before we hate a signing. For as good as JJ Watt is, I’d hate him on our team if his contract was 2 years and $100 million. You know?

              • RealRhino2 says:

                I’m with Greg. If it’s for anything more than $0 I don’t like it. Not everybody in the receiving corps is going to be great, but there’s no reason to accept mediocrity. Kearse simply does not get open enough as a split end. There are at least a dozen guys in this draft that could offer 90% of what Kearse does as a receiver right away who could also turn into much, much more. For millions less.

                Kearse just blocks the path of those guys we could pick in the 3rd or 4th, IMO, and takes snaps away from potentially better receivers. Or, if he doesn’t, it’s money down a hole for a guy who won’t get many snaps.

                And I believe this whole notion of the QB and WR being comfortable with each other is just hogwash.

            • reggieregg says:

              Agreed eventually you have to move on. You CAN NOT reward mediocrity. There goes a starting caliber guard just to keep a #4wr talent around. Bad move!

          • Steele says:

            They would be unwise to ignore a top WR at some point this offseason and next. The current lineup lacks diversity. Lacking size, deep outside threat.

        • Seahawcrates says:

          “Knocks the need for wide reciever down the board” Yes! Or off it entirely. That allows for something like tripple-dipping in the trenches to increase the hit chance. Or shoot earlier for an available backup QB or a second linebacker choice. A really important part of the value. Like getting another mid-round pick.

    • Forrest says:

      Well, he’s a good target, and he has an excellent connection with Wilson. Hopefully he continues to get better, or else I see him being a omnipresent #3 WR. Also, if they are really giving Kearse a 3 year deal, then they’re next move in the WR core group should be to extend/offer a new contract to Baldwin…like maybe a 5 year deal with a lot of money spread out so that he gets paid, but the FO still has mobility. Either way, great move!

      • Steele says:

        I gotta say I’m disappointed. I am not a Kearse fan. He is not a #2 WR (Baldwin should not be a #1 WR), and there are so many better receivers, it’s ridiculous. He is not worth a lot of jack.

        However, I expected Russell to refuse to part with Kearse. RW+Kearse+Baldwin are like three-way Siamese twins. This is one of those situations I have to accept because it will never change.

        All I can hope for is that they still bring in some top wideouts who eventually supplant them. Lockett may supplant one of them.

        • Trevor says:

          I think Locket is alredy the #2 by a wide margin. I am not a Kearse fan either but as a #3 and maybe even #4 he is ok.

        • Rob Staton says:

          Steele — you are focusing too much on conventional NFL tags. “This guy is a #1, this guy is a number #2”.

          The Seahawks don’t roll that way. They want their WR’s to max out their targets, win the red line and catch the ball.

          These receivers helped Russell Wilson to a career-best season in 2015. Not sure why anyone would call re-signing Kearse “ridiculous” and want the unit replaced.

    • Jeremy says:

      I wonder if this means they move on from Okung. Is there enough room to sign him now? It’s weird not hearing anything about him yet.

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        Hot off the RapSheet

        @RapSheet: While one #Seahawk returns, could one leave? I’m told LT Russell Okung has visits with the #Giants and the #Lions. Both have big OT needs.

        @RapSheet: Russell Okung’s visit with the #Giants is tomorrow, source said. First visit is always key, so they have a chance to keep him from leaving

    • LikwidIce says:

      Hate that I have to watch him drop 3 more years of passes. 🙁

  59. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    @DrewBoylhart: Michael Silver reports #49ers & #Broncos “are there in compensation” for Colin Kaepernick. Left to work out is Kaepernick’s contract. #NFL

    • Steele says:

      Elway is dreaming of making Kaep into himself. A big mobile QB with a big arm.

      This dream will die once Kaep hits town and refuses to remove the Beats from his skull.

  60. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    @RapSheet: The #Seahawks and WR Jermaine Kearse agreed to a 3-year deal worth $13.5M, source said. Solid structure.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      Depending on how it’s structured, SEA should have $10-$12M left for FA (without Jon Ryan, or about $8.5-$10M with).

      C’mon Okung, be cool.

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        @MarkdominikESPN: I believe that Seattle OT Russell Okung would have had/kept his agent he would already have a deal in place and be off the market. #Seahawk

    • Trevor says:

      That seems like a fair deal for both sides.

    • John_s says:

      Compared to the deals given to Rishard Matthews and Mo Sanu. The Seahawks got a good deal

      • matt says:

        Agreed. Kearse at $4.5m apy looks a little below market value. Another team friendly deal. Wasn’t expecting him back, but am happy he resigned.

        • David says:

          Considering the posturing pre-signing, guessing this wasn’t a team friendly deal. More likely Kearse shopped himself around and no one else offered more so he hit the highest bid which was the Hawks.

  61. Trevor says:

    If we re-sign Okung why not double down and really fortify the OL / DL

    Rd#1 Ryan Kelly – Best Center in the draft by a wide margin and potential to be a pro bowler
    Rd #2 Josh Garnett – Would be prefect LG IMO
    Rd #3 Adolphus Washington- 3rd Down interior pass rush specialist
    RD#3 Comp DJ Reader – Perfect replacement for Mebane
    Rd#4 Travis Feeney- Injuries will scare off most teams. Replacement for Bruce
    Rd#5 Matt Judon -Developmental Pass Rush Prospect.

    2016 OL

    Okung, Garnett, Kelly, Glowinski, Gilliam that looks like a great OL to me and a huge upgrade over 2015. I like Kelly and Garnett’s chances against Donald and the other interior pass rushers alot more than Britt and Lewis.

    • bobbyk says:

      I like Pee Wee Hermans chances against Donald more than Britt.

    • franks says:

      Ok Trevor you talked me into it.


      (1-trade back for Miami’s 2 and 3, who select Fuller WR)
      Miami’s 2-Ogbah DE. Gotta get some pressure on the QB.

      2-Dixon RB. 3rd down back and insurance for Rawls.

      Miami’s 3-Vannett TE. Immediate starter takes some slack with Graham out. Graham returns to his natural position, Joker TE.

      3-Turner LG. Absolute bulldozer.

      3 Comp- Hargrave 3-T.

      4-Striker OLB. Committee in Irvin’s place.

      5-DJ Reader DT. For the rotation. I think we’ll sign someone, too.

      6-Alex Lewis OT. Depth behind Okung and Bailey.

      7-Vincent Valentine DT. Competition with Reader.

      7-Drew Kaser P. Jon Ryan getting older, cap getting tighter.

      • 503Hawk says:

        Why would Miami give up their R2 & R3 for our late R1? More realistic MIGHT be their 2 & 4 only if the is someone special left @ 26. Personally, I think Fuller may slide past 26. Miami could just wait or do a less expensive deal.

        • franks says:

          26 to 42 for a fourth rounder? If there’s someone special left?? Why don’t we throw in Russell Wilson while we’re at it.

          • Trevor says:

            I like the picks Frank! Not sure about the trade back but if we did I would not be upset.

  62. Producehawk says:

    Love this site Rob. I do not participate much in the discussion, as most of the regulars have much better knowledge than I. However, wanted to let you know that there are many of us “shadow” watchers here.

  63. Trevor says:

    If Okung is visiting the Giants I think he is as good as gone. Reese is in full spend mode to try and save his ass. They need a tackle and I would be shocked if Okung gets out of there without a deal.

    It is too bad because if he signed our draft talk would have been much more fun with so many options to discuss.

    • GeoffU says:

      He is also visiting the Lions.

      Giants might be a weird move since they already have #9 overall Ereck Flowers. I would assume Flowers moves back to right tackle? And I take it William Beatty’s career is over?

      Both teams still have plenty to spend, if a bidding war starts we’re screwed.

      • Veryal says:

        A bidding war results in better comp pick. So although I’d like okung to sin here, if he’s gonna leave anyways, a bidding war is good news

  64. Trevor says:

    PC/JS said after the season the goal was to keep as much of he core together as they could and that really is what they have focused on. They also said they were going to fix the OL so I hope they can start making that happen now.

  65. Volume12 says:

    Currently Seattle is the youngest team in the NFL and will have between 19-20 picks in the next 2 drafts, if they kee them all.

    3 comp picks as of now for 2017 and we have Carolina’s 7th rounder next year from the Norwood deal.

    All those picks, with this current team, and still shmoney left over in FA right now?

    That’s crazy when you think about it. The present and future are oh so bright.

    • Trevor says:

      Great points Vol. Going to be lots of fun draft discussion the next couple of years with that many picks. Add in the 2-3 UDFA they find every year and indeed the future is bright.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      @JacsonBevens: If you told me a week ago that the Seahawks could keep Ahtyba Rubin, Jeremy Lane, and Jermaine Kearse for a combined $13M/year… fine by me


      • Trevor says:

        When you put it that way you have to give JS a ton of credit. How has he not won executive of the year yet. What a joke.

      • matt says:

        Agree 100%. Stellar work by JS on the first 2 days of FA! Lined up to get 3 comp picks too. Win forever!

  66. Rob love this site a lot do you think.there is any chance the seahawks may not sign.anybody .

    • Rob Staton says:

      Thanks man. Is there a chance they sign nobody? I think at the very least we see additions to the D-line and O-line and probably running back. Just not in the first wave.

  67. Gray says:

    I actually like the signing of Kearse. He’s a consistent 2-3 WR talent but his ability to make the clutch catch is quite phenomenal. 3-year 13.5 million, I’d say that’s pretty good business for PC/JS, especially with the current market (Sanu). I still hope in the near future they invest an early pick in a WR but this draft should be geared for fixing the trenches and finding a productive replacement for Bruce. All and all, a really positive free agency start for the Hawks.
    I throughly enjoy this site and the amount of level headed fans who are passionate about this kickass football team. S/O to Rob, the g.o.a.t of draft blogs.

    • Trevor says:

      Agree completely Gray. Focus on OL/DL and an LB this draft with our first 5 picks I hope.

  68. Rob Staton says:

    New post just up check it out:

    Especially if you’re worried about Okung.

  69. CC says:

    So Kearse must have found out that there wasn’t much of a market, and decided to take the money that was offered.

    Let’s hope he comes back with the right mind – because this has to be some humble pie.

    On another topic, I like Ogbah a lot and if available, I think he’d be a good fit for the Seahawks. Very Michael Bennett look to him, he may not be as versatile yet.

    By the way, what are they going to do with Marsh? Is he going to stay healthy and get himself into the rotation?

    • matt says:

      Kearse has worked for everything he’s gotten. I don’t think that goes out the window after signing a 3 year $13.5m deal. He’s got another contract in his future, assuming he stays healthy.

      Marsh really flashed on special teams and had a few nice plays on D. He was behind Bennett, Avril, Irvin and Clark on the depth chart last year-hard to crack that lineup. Marsh is under contract the next 2 years, it’d be cool to see him get more time on D. Not sure that’s in the cards, but being a valued special teamer is nothing to sneeze at.

  70. David says:

    Not a fan of the signing at $4.5m APY. In a vacuum not a bad deal for a WR of Kearse’s quality but the team started FA with ~$18m in cap space, spending a quarter of it on the 3rd best (and probably 4th best WR on the team) is deeply disappointing. And there are still significant needs: base down run-stuffing DT, pass-rush DT, SAM LB, RB depth, LG upgrade, C upgrade, new LT, edge depth, backup QB. Sure you can draft some guys who play those positions but will be lucky if 1-2 become meaningful contributors from the get-go.

    Relying on 1-26 to draft a pro-ready tackle without any other meaningful competition to the line is scary and reminiscent of 2015. Would have much preferred they used Kearse’s cap space to fill any of the holes above, upgrade the line or extend Baldwin and then use the draft to grab a younger guy with upside instead of having to rely on the draft to fill starting positions.

    • Rob Staton says:

      They still have plenty of money to sign Okung, Donald Penn or anyone else.

      Kearse signing has no impact there.

      If they don’t sign either tackle it’s because they chose not to.