Why the Seahawks are being sent a message

January 19th, 2021 | Written by Rob Staton

On Monday, Brandon Marshall said the Saints should trade for Russell Wilson.

A day later, they picked back up on the topic of a possible split between Wilson and the Seahawks.

Marshall states early in the piece: “This is a bigger story than we think.”

I have been saying

This is yet another person in the media — and someone else with connections to the Seahawks/Wilson — talking about a possible trade.

How many more of these segments have to occur before people start taking this subject seriously?

In particular, watch from 3:38 in the video above. Can it be made any clearer what the noise and the feeling is behind closed doors?

This is a very public warning being presented through the media about the direction the Seahawks want to take.

A quick reminder. Three days after Carroll’s final press conference where he spoke of his willingness to win 17-14, stay in the game and keep it tight — Wilson shared a very different vision…

“We’ve got to put our foot down on the gas… I think we should score 24 points before the half, get ahead. We can do that — no matter how we do it. Let’s go win. Let’s start early.”

He went on to discuss game-to-game planning, adjustments and being adaptable.

He reiterated his desire to set passing touchdown records and wanting to try and score 50 (or 60) times next season.

He countered a lot of what Carroll said about needing to run their way out of facing two-deep safety looks. He spoke a lot about the passing game:

“We have to do everything extremely well… if you really want to be a great offense… we have to be able to throw it down the field. We have to have great concepts conceptually in the middle of the field, get the ball out quick… our screen game… up tempo and change the pace.”

If Carroll and Brian Schottenheimer weren’t philosophically aligned, what do you call this? There’s a reason why people like Brandon Marshall are saying what they are saying. Whether you want to embrace it or not — this is probably what Wilson thinks about Carroll’s vision for the offense too.

Wilson also made it very clear he expected to be involved in the hiring of a new offensive coordinator:

“The next 10 years are super critical… and the legacy I want to be able to create and do. It’s vital, critical, super significant that I’m part of this process”

A week on from Schottenheimer’s departure and the Seahawks are being linked with every big name candidate you can imagine. Whether they are capable of landing any of them is debatable to say the least.

Are they paying lip service before a more predictable appointment such as Dave Canales? We’ll see. This is a big call coming up. A lot is at stake here. It’s easier to justify an underwhelming hire if you say to the quarterback — ‘we tried’.

There’s a lot of hope that a Doug Pederson or Mike Kafka type will be coming in. Was it ever realistic? I don’t think so.

My guess is that a lot of the reported ‘talks’ that have been conveniently leaked to the NFL’s in-house media team are an attempt to create the illusion of an exhaustive search. I want to be proven wrong — and will happily write about that if it proves to be the case.

How Wilson would react to an underwhelming appointment, even if the Seahawks claim they tried their best, will be interesting.

I don’t think he’s going anywhere this year. The more I’ve studied the 2021 quarterback class, the less likely I think the Seahawks are to entertain a trade. It’s not that there aren’t talented players available. I’m just not convinced any of them will excite John Schneider.

Unless they have their hand forced and the two parties simply can’t work together any more, I think the status quo will remain. That said — when I see clips like the one above and reflect on all of the noise — I certainly wouldn’t rule anything out. Especially if the Seahawks bring in a coordinator Wilson isn’t impressed with.

The clock is ticking now if they don’t get this appointment right.

And a little media intervention — days after Wilson held his own press conference from Mexico — almost feels like pressure is being applied.

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105 Responses to “Why the Seahawks are being sent a message”

  1. Ashish says:

    I hope PC and Russ figure out and be on same page run or pass does not matter. Hawks should not waste one more year with QB who is capable, under utilize and still making 35million.
    Please see how Green bay played Rams, one of the red zone play where Rodgers throws ball in less than 1 second. That’s great planning and execution. Our coaches – game planning gets F grade.

  2. cha says:

    I might be wearing a tinfoil hat here, but I get the feeling the Adam Gase talk is a red herring.

    Look at how people are reacting. Not only are fans and media types roundly rejecting the idea, they’re questioning how the Seahawks even let such a silly choice leak to the press.

    It seems like it would soften up the ground for a boring, ho-hum conventional choice. ‘At least they didn’t hire Gase, whew. Thank goodness cooler heads prevailed!’ It creates cover for them to get the coach they really wanted without taking as much heat.

    Just a thought.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I feel similarly. And without also wanting to don a tinfoil hat — I’m sceptical that all these names being leaked to the media aren’t just part of a charade to make it seem like a really extensive search is taking place. Really hope I’m wrong.

    • Big Mike says:

      I’ll go ahead and don the tinfoil hat and say you’re both right. It fits with Pete’s need for absolute authority imo.

      • TomLPDX says:

        I asked Mike Dugar about this yesterday, basically stating that this is just a smoke screen to pave the way for Canales or Austin Davis. He responded with saying he believes it is a legit search for an OC. I still have my doubts though.

        I’m really wondering if Pete is paying attention to the fact that nobody wants to come to Seattle and be the OC though.

        • Rob Staton says:

          Why would Mike Dugar know?

          • TomLPDX says:

            He’s a heck of a lot closer to the team than I am. Is he in Pete’s inner circle? No. I wanted his opinion and got it.

            • Rob Staton says:

              I’m just saying that his hunch really doesn’t mean much. No more so than any of ours.

              • TomLPDX says:

                But at least he gets to talk to the players and I wanted to know what he thought. I agree with you about it only being a hunch, hence my statement that I still have my doubts. We won’t know until Pete announces it to the world who his OC will be. Russ will be watching too since I personally don’t think Pete is conferring with him about it.

      • Jake says:

        For a guy who’s mantra is “always compete” Coach Pete quite the monopolist isn’t he?

    • 12th chuck says:

      my guess is, it worked with A.B. to some extent, why not try it again

  3. Adam B. says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that this is the “make or break” year for Carroll, Wilson and the Seahawks.
    If the Seahawks have anything less than a Championship game appearance, I can’t see both (or either?) men with this franchise in 2023.

    Pete has pushed in all his chips–both in payroll and draft compensation, is turning 70 years old, has complete control of the team, and no longer has any coordinators to fall on their swords for him.

    Jody Allen and the rest of the ownership might be fine with the status quo, and possibly feel indebted to Pete for what he’s done for the Seahawks, but Russell Wilson is likely entering the Autumn of his own career, and I doubt he has much patience left for Pete or the Seahawks to screw around with philosophies and “rebuilding” any longer.

    • Mark T says:

      Pete has just got an extension thru 2025. The only way he leaves is if the ownership changes or he has a health issue (to be clear I am not hoping for this at all). Even in the unlikely event that Russ went to Jody and said it’s me or him, I think she would stand by the guy she’s just given a contract to. Hopefully we are wrong and Pete makes the right call on the OC, but I’m not optimistic.

  4. Joe McKenna says:

    I take this only slightly more seriously than Ciara wants to move to NYC or Michael Bennet was a locker room problem. Just a lot of speculation from people trying to connect supposedly connected dots. But the more it get repeated by people trying to make money by talking about sports, the more people will believe that it is grounded in truth. Real journalism with checking sources, etc is few & far between.

    • cha says:

      You don’t think Pete and Russell publicly expressing very different visions for the offense within days of each other, and sandwiched around a parting of ways with the offensive coordinator is speculation?

    • Rob Staton says:

      Then you’re kidding yourself Joe.

      Wake up.

      You might not want to hear it but it is what it is.

  5. Robbie says:

    There is a lot more than just smoke at this point, there’s a full on fire. The OC hire will be very telling of what’s the come for the future. This could easily be Wilson’s last year in Seattle.

  6. hobro says:

    “I don’t think he’s going anywhere this year. The more I’ve studied the 2021 quarterback class, the less likely I think the Seahawks are to entertain a trade. It’s not that there aren’t talented players available. I’m just not convinced any of them will excite John Schneider.”

    And the financial consequences of trading him this year would be very difficult to manage. OTC says the Seahawks as currently constituted have $2 million in effective cap space in 2021; factor in $7 million lost from a Wilson trade and $3 million in salary and roster bonus for Tua (for example) and they’re $8 million over. Yes, they can restructure and extend contracts, borrowing from future years by paying bonuses rather than salary, but GMs with cap space this year will probably make out like bandits.

    Plus Wilson and Carroll are both inherently cautious. It seems to me more likely that they’ll agree to give it one more shot and then have a serious discussion next year if it doesn’t work out.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Forget the finances. New Orleans are $99.2m over the cap. The system is broken.

      • hobro says:

        Rob, no one is over the 2021 cap yet. IIRC, the league year starts 17 March. By OTC’s accounting, the Saints’ current roster and current contract structure would put them ~$100 over at that time, but their roster and contract structure will be very different on 17 March than it is now. (OTC had a useful post on Christmas Day about possible moves to get them into cap compliance.) Competitive balance is crucial to the league’s profitability and the salary cap is the foundation on which competitive balance is built. They aren’t going to abandon it – though most people seem to think it will be topped up from OTC’s current estimate of $176 million.

        • Rob Staton says:

          Well if you think they’ll raise $80-100m in the next two months, I’ve still got some of those magic beans to sell that I mentioned in a previous article.

          The situation is simple — coronavirus has destroyed the salary cap structure as we know it and the league is going to have to come up with a contingency plan.

          But the Saints can’t afford Wilson without major surgery that will render them a totally unattractive proposition.

          • hobro says:

            Here’s what OTC suggested in a post dated November 10. I’m not advocating any of these moves or vouching for their accuracy, just repeating what OTC said:

            Dree Brees retirement $13.5 million
            Cut Kwon Alexander $13.4 million
            Restructure Cameron Jordan $10.3 million
            Cut Nick Easton $6 million
            Cut Janoris Jenkins $7 million
            Restructure Marshon Lattimore $7.4 million
            Extend/restructure Ryan Ramczyk $6.5 million
            Cut Malcom Brown $5 million
            Cut Latavious Murray $2.5 million
            Cut Thomas Morstead $2.5 million
            Restructure Michael Thomas $9.3 million

            That is, I think ~$83 million. They had a number of other suggestions, too, as well as another post on the subject (on Christmas Day, I think).


            • Rob Staton says:

              But they’d still be $16m over the cap if it’s $176m (which they project) and you’re banking on a bunch of restructures and credit card loans that will be pushed down the line.

              Not to mention they will actually need cap space to replace these cut players, their draft picks, IR etc.

              So while that plan clears some room it barely scratches the surface.

              • hobro says:

                Yes, they would need to do more of the same if the cap stays at $176 million, and the OTC posts lay out additional possibilities. And yes, the proposed measures just push a lot of the cap obligation into future years, potentially leaving the Saints financially hamstrung for the foreseeable future. Debt’s a bitch. But the salary cap is so fundamental to the league’s operating model that I can’t see them abandoning it – especially since there are a number of big market and/or otherwise influential franchises, like the Cowboys, Pats and Jets, that will be in excellent shape if there is a cap crunch in 2021. And the Saints created their problem themselves. I’m not sure a lot of other owners are going to be sympathetic.

  7. Nathaniel says:

    I had a thought the other day (validated by Rob yesterday) that Miami may be a mutually beneficial situation should things sour with Pete and Russ. Would they consider Tua + #3 and #18 for Russ? Not saying it’s the right thing, but wonder if it’s a possibility that both camps would entertain given their current stance.

    • Rob Staton says:

      #3, #18 and a 2022 pick.

      They can keep Tua.

      • charlietheunicorn says:

        Rumor is they might swing a deal for Watson, utilizing the picks mentioned by Rob. Intriguing. Tua would go to the Texans.

      • Submanjoe says:

        But would Russ choose Miami? It seems to me Russ gets to pick, the no trade clause gives him that leverage. Miami isn’t exactly known as top notch organization. And Russ will know this. New Orleans is interesting but what have they to offer?

        I agree it’s most likely next year if he forces a trade. I also think, if a trade happens, it’ll be bang sudden, all worked out behind closed doors and we’ll find out the where’s and what’s all together. And these whispers now are what we’ll get until then.

        And for what it’s worth. I don’t want a pass happy offense, I don’t think that suits Russ best. If Russ wants that he should join Mike Leach somewhere. Just some versatility and team by team week to week offensive game planning is enough for me.

        • Rob Staton says:

          Miami — big market, 10-win team, possibly a quarterback away from serious contention, great young coach.

          It’s tailor made.

          • Big Mike says:

            So is New Orleans…offensive coach used to dealing with a short QB, decent WR weapons, awesome RB weapon, big enough market, a QB away from continuing to be a contender for Super Bowls if Drew retires as expected, really good o-line, etc.
            I think both places are very likely destinations IF New Orleans has the right pieces to trade. Miami certainly sits better in that dept. IF the trade would happen this offseason.

            • Rob Staton says:

              Sure — but the Saints don’t have #3, #18, #36 and #50.

              They’re also $99.2m over the 2021 cap.

              • Submanjoe says:

                What if Russ says it has to New Orleans? It’d be like Harden but in the nfl..

                • Rob Staton says:

                  I’m afraid Russell Wilson doesn’t get to do that.

                  • Submanjoe says:

                    He kind of can do that, because the no trade clause. But clearly he’ll need Seattle to work with him and he’ll know Seattle can make a more public spectacle which he may not want. And Russ will most likely be open to a few possibilities.

                    In a broader topic of sports and free agency, and athletes as Moguls etc, these high profile and highly paid athletes hold the cards and those who know that don’t seem shy in doing what it takes to get what they want. Loyalty be damned. It’ll be interesting to see how far Watson pushes things and what happens there. Same as with Wilson if it does indeed get there. Thus far this stuff hasn’t really happened in the NFL, but that doesn’t mean it won’t.

                  • Rob Staton says:

                    He kind of can do that, because the no trade clause.

                    He can only determine where he doesn’t want to go. If he insists on a specific team, the Seahawks are under no obligation to deal him. So if he wants to ask for a trade, then hold out, and ruin his entire reputation to go to a specific location — that’s up to him.

                    The Saints can’t even make a deal for Wilson right now. Their cap is a mess.

                    But even if they could — a couple of late first round picks aint getting it done. And Wilson would have to be realistic about the situation if he wanted a move.

                    So unless they’re offering about four firsts, Cam Jordan and Michael Thomas — it’s a non starter.

                    Of course they could gut their roster first to acquire stock — but that would mean having holes everywhere, no supporting cast, a struggle to fill out your roster and I doubt RW would find that appealing.

          • Submanjoe says:

            I get it. And if Miami views Russ as a guy who puts them over the top, if Russ wants to go there, it could work out for all. Miami’s draft capital is appealing too. If I’m Miami, I am also checking out Watson too.

            Also, this year, I think schotty was catering to Russ’ ambitions, and it wasn’t good. Russ needs a moving pocket, he’s not fantastic straight drop back and throw, he needs a run game to set things up, he needs freedom to make adjustments and improvise, and so much of this was missing this year. Russ has never been Manning or Rodgers or Marino. Russ is unique and great in his own way. They so badly need someone as a coordinator who can command respect.

      • Alan Patterson says:

        Well if Tunsil and Adams received 2 first rounders and both weren’t signed to a long term deal. Watson Top 5 qb only 25 comming off an impressive year statistically and just signed a 4 year contract will get 4 first picks .

  8. charlietheunicorn says:

    Pederson is supposedly the frontrunner, since he is from Ferndale and needs 1 year to rehab his image and set himself up for a more desirable HC gig in 2021 (The Texans are not desirable). Tinfoil hat time…. he would then be able to groom Canales to take over in 2022…. which also happens to be RW last year under contract (I believe). This is all contingent upon Pederson actually wanting to coach this year, he might want to take a year off and smell the roses, which would be entirely understandable after the Eagles crashed and burned.

    • Rob Staton says:

      There hasn’t been any reports that he is the frontrunner.

      There has been a report, however, saying he isn’t interested in coaching this year.

      Which is understandable given the Eagles are paying him for this year anyway. If he takes a job, he’s essentially working for free.

  9. Hoggs41 says:

    This issue here is this is a potential problem between coach and QB not ownership. If one person has to go it will always be the coach. No way the owners pick the coach over the player. Same thing happened in Green Bay and it was bye bye McCarthy.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I’m telling you now — the reverse will be true in Seattle.

      The current ownership structure is simply a holding pattern. In no way shape or form do they want to begin a coaching search.

      Would they be willing to just let PCJS go and get a new quarterback?

      Yes. 100%.

      • Hoggs41 says:

        Pete Carroll doesnt put value in this franchise like Russell does. It is much easier to find a new head coach than it is to find a franchise QB in my opinion. I believe in the smoke here but dont believe there will be any fire. We arent the Texans. Obviously none of us know what is try going on inside so this is just my opinion.

        • Rob Staton says:

          For starters, Jody Allen doesn’t need money. Neither is she some hardball business billionaire who’s used to getting extreme value and negotiating major business transactions. She’s inherited a football team from her brother. She will eventually sell a football team for the market price, whatever that is, in the next 3-5 years.

          If Pete Carroll tells her he’s trading Russell Wilson, she’s not firing him and embarking on a coaching search to preserve value.

          People need to understand why she’s given Carroll this long contract extension (and now Schneider). The franchise is in a holding pattern. She’s entrusting them to run the football operations, probably unchecked, and there are other people entrusted to look after the business side of things.

          But this is all leading to an inevitable conclusion of a sale, for the market price of any football team. The Panthers were sold for a record $2.2 billion without a Russell Wilson type.

          • charlietheunicorn says:

            Seahawks might go for north of 3B+ (perhaps even 4B) by the time they sell in 5 years.

            No chump change, but there are plenty of extremely wealthy people who want to sink money into a NFL team. You literally print money year after year. Someone like Balmer may not be off the board…. anyone would be crazy not to want to own an NFL team, if they can afford the upfront price and the year to year cost of doing business. Each team brings in somewhere between 450M-700M each year…. the bigger the market, the more money you make.

            Jody Allen current has 2 franchises she overseas as an owner. The Blazers and the Seahawks. I have wondered if this is a problem, divided attention between 2 professional franchises. Paul Allen loved the NBA and the NFL, she is a caretaker from my understanding.

  10. Denver Hawker says:

    The Watson trade talks have had me come full circle on the possibility of Russell getting traded this offseason. I still think it’s a long shot for a number of factors, but the the market created by Watson could be too good to pass up.

    Jets fans and media want to be all-in on a Watson trade. Ironically, they’d be trading picks acquired by trading Jamal Adams, a player they selected in front of…Watson, but I digress.

    If Jets are willing to trade #2, #23, and one of next years R1, Hawks should be on the phone. I’m supposing some familiarity among Saleh and Wilson would grease the tracks along with a rumored preferred destination in New York.

    Question then is what do Hawks do? Without debating the merit of selecting a QB at #2, does this move jumpstart another “re-tool” or whatever they call it? Can’t imagine winning a super bowl next year with Geno, a rookie or low cost free agent. Would Bobby or Duane want to spend their waning years in another fix-it year?

    • Rob Staton says:

      I think the Jets seem to be trending towards trading out of #2 and hoping Mike LaFleur and the Shanahan offense can get Sam Darnold right.

  11. Casey Zachary says:

    I appreciate Russ but only two QBs I’ve heard JS on since drafting Russ were Josh Allen and Pat Mahomes so I kinda trust JS to identify a quality QB replacement if they move on from Russ.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I’m just not sure there’s a name in this class that JS will add to that list.

      But then reportedly he also liked Andy Dalton back in 2011 and Pete said no — so who knows.

    • BobbyK says:

      Schneider also liked Brian Brohm, Andy Dalton, Charlie Whitehurst, and Fitzmagic.

      Maybe they trade Wilson and sign Dalton.

      Dalton is actually a QB who could win a Super Bowl if the deck was stacked for him. I don’t think that of all retread QBs.

  12. no frickin clue says:

    Assuming Zach Wilson available with pick #2, what would you do if the Jets offered #2 and #23 overall this year, plus a 1st rounder in 2022?

  13. Russ says:

    Taking it in a slightly different direction – what if you got those picks and Sam Darnold? Or a similar haul and Tia from Miami?

    I think we can all agree that those prospects don’t scream excitement and vast upside.

    But if PC is really only looking for a guy who can hand it off and throw it deep on some play action passes, what’s the minimum you can get away with?

  14. TomLPDX says:

    Urban Meyer just made a fatal mistake. The Jags hired Trent Baalke as their GM. Good luck, Urban, get ready to be undermined.

  15. charlietheunicorn says:

    Crap, Gregg Bell mentioned Mike Kafka in a an article. No way Seattle gets him now. 🙁

  16. BobbyK says:

    How could Carroll and Schneider have both gotten lengthy extensions for trading all of their future draft picks away? How could the people who gave them those extensions have not known results THIS year would be inflated by trading everything they’ve got at the expense of the future?

    Would Paul Allen have said, “Gee, I agree. We should trade all of our first round picks away until 2023 for a strong safety who can’t cover, but sure can blitz! Hell, throw in a quality starter and a third rounder as well!”

    I remember the glory days early last decade when they tried actually trading for picks. Then Percy Harvin happened and they haven’t been the same. “ComPete” at all costs now – screw the future!

  17. charlietheunicorn says:

    *tin foil hat*

    Fits pretty well right now


  18. Ok says:

    Ooooof. I really agree with this article, and the vast majority of comments. Seattle media is so behind this, hasn’t even sniffed it. As a brief aside, 710 is hard to listen too.
    Miami is the ideal trade for the hawks. I think you take Tua, just so it doesn’t tip your draft hand completely. The ideal would be a trade back and get some offensive lineman. Imo.
    Watson would be my choice if I was Miami, over Russ.
    Once Miami is off the board, it gets a lot worse for the Hawks.
    Glad Russ is sending shots.
    I have very little faith in Pete rn. Brock had a funny quick comment when they asked him who would be the best OC hire, I think he said Nathan Carroll before laughing.
    Thanks ya’ll. Rad article Rob.

  19. Ok says:

    Tua isn’t it, just a placeholder. I’d rather have Daniel Jones, or Sam Darnold, both of them just look really overwhelmed by their situations, and could possibly do better in not such dire circumstances. Tua….doesn’t seem like he has any other levels to unlock.

  20. Rob Staton says:

    Is it bad that I wrote my ‘reacting to Dave Canales getting the OC job’ piece on Monday?

    Ready and waiting to go…

    • cha says:

      Hope you never have to publish it. Probably the happiest you’d be hitting the delete button.

    • charlietheunicorn says:

      You might have to hold it in the can for 2 or 3 more weeks.

    • Henry Taylor says:

      I have been trying to sell myself on him in recent days. He has the advantage over Schotty in that he hasn’t already been a bad oc elsewhere; he was the passing game coordinator for a very good, then less good, passing attack; he he also became more directly involved with Russ, first as qb coach, in 2018 when he took a considerable statistical step forward; and he’s just devilishly handsome which is nice I guess.

      That’s all I got tho, hire someone else please.

  21. Bankhawk says:

    I feel like someone watching something implode in slow-motion, like some sort of time-lapse photography sequence (and maybe not just the team). Gives rise to a sick feeling in the pit of the stomach.
    The league wouldn’t let a new owner take the team to some other city, would they? I don’t think I could live through another debacle like the Sonics!

  22. Jake says:

    What’s Jordan Love up to in GB? 😉

    • Ralphy says:

      Thats actually a great question. If you trade with the Dolphins, one of those picks could get him.

  23. Kelly Smith says:

    But Dave is a young (under 40) relatively handsome man who’s been a student of the game since a young age. You could say it’s in his blood!!!

  24. Tyler Jorgensen says:

    From the video – which was brilliant throughout:

    “If you are deciding not to empower your future 1st ballot HoF Super Bowl Champion QB, and instead further empower your soon-to-be 70 year old to play the game the way he thinks it should be played rather than modern NFL football, I think you’re going to have a major issue.” – Nick Wright

    Ugh. I hate where we are right now. I will hate Pete forever if he indulges his worst tendencies with this hire.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Here’s the question no one has answered me: what is inherently incompatible between the offense in the first 6 games and the defense in the last 6 games? Why can’t we have both at the same time?

      • TomLPDX says:

        I think the difference is the amount of risk in letting Russ make more aggressive throws in the first half of the season vs. not making those same throws and being less aggressive and then not making plays in the second half. Remember the mantra “it’s about the ball” and minimize turnovers. Pete clamped down on that in the 2nd half.

  25. Do you think Duane Brown is here if Russ is gone?

    I am not so sure. He wants ring, and he thinks he can get it while blocking for Russ. If its not Russ, there is chance we would need to find new LT…

  26. Martinb says:

    Rob, IF you were king for a day, would you keep Pete and trade Wilson, or…..move on from Pete and keep Wilson? Your only 2 choices in this scenario.

  27. Matty says:

    The one huge hurdle for Wilson is who can afford him that Seattle likes the compensation offered? I can only see/thinks is Miami and Jets allowing Seattle the chance to replace Wilson. If it’s a middle draft team surely that would have to give up an absolute hat full (x3 1st rd and a 2nd rd) and if that happens could we go and get Stafford for a few years.
    One thing I do feel is a wall being built in the media between Pete and Russ and without a hands on owner Pete will win this by either bagging a bundle in a trade that suits Seattle or Wilson plays on until that trade is found

  28. CL says:

    Ian Rapoport

    The #Seahawks are expected to interview #Raiders RBs coach Kirby Wilson for their vacant OC job, source said. One of the most respected position coaches, Wilson last interviewed for an OC job in 2014. Now Seattle takes a look.

  29. GoHawksDani says:

    An article would be really awesome about potential trade candidates and returns and the likeliness it could happen.

    Like for example…would the Jets or Miami even intriguing for Wilson?
    Could the Saints be?
    Do these teams have CAP space? Or picks to make this trade?
    Is there other potential suitors?

    I think because of the Hawks current financial situation (they don’t really have CAP and a trade would even lessen it), and league financial situation (Saints couldn’t really take Wilson’s salary even if we eat some for example), and ton of uncertainties I’m like 90% sure Wilson won’t move this offseason. But if the situation will be better next year in the league and won’t be major changes (include Russ in OC selection, and how they use the draft picks, etc), I’m 70% sure he’ll demand a trade and a trade will be done

  30. […] don’t think yesterday’s intervention from Brandon Marshall was a coincidence. As Nick Wright very carefully stated — there’s no reason for a […]

  31. JD says:

    Disclaimer: Most likely won’t happen and not my ideal scenario. But if Carroll wants to win with his style of football, then I would prefer they at least spend their resources correctly in his philosophy (Run the ball and rush with 4). I’d prefer to go ahead by multiple scores and not lose years off my life due to stress watching the Seahawks excruciatingly close games.

    Trade Wilson to Miami, net #3, #18, 2022 1st and Tua (I don’t like him either Rob but read below for reasoning)
    Trade Duane Brown for a 2021 3rd (70ish) or 2022 2nd
    Trade Jamal Adams for a 2021 2nd (40ish) and 2022 1st

    This seems like a tear down scenario but hear me out:
    Draft stock: 3, 18, 40ish, 56, 70ish, 121, 152
    2 2022 1’s

    Draft Sewell at 3, draft Mac Jones/Davis Mills/Lance/Trask/Other QB you prefer at 18, Javonte Williams at 40ish, Landon Dickerson at 56, BPA rest of way
    FA – Scherff for LG, beef up the DLine with Leonard Williams, Ngakoue, CB – Sherman or bring back Griffin

    QB – Competition between Tua and drafted QB at 18, Winner is starter and loser is cheap backup/trade asset.
    Oline elite – Sewell, Scherff, Dickerson, Lewis, Shell
    Rb – Javonte, Penny, Homer, Dallas, FA Davis?
    WR – Lockett, Metcalf, Draft?, Swain, (Dorsett?)
    TE – DIssly, Parkinson (I feel comfortable with this + cheap FA or draft)

    DT – Reed, Ford, Mone, Williams
    DE – Dunlap, Ngakoue, Collier, Green, Taylor, Robinson
    LB – Wagner, Brooks, KJ brought back, Barton, BBK
    CB – Reed, Sherm/Griffin, Flowers
    Nickel – Amadi
    S – Diggs, Blair, Neal

    Besides the Russ trade, I don’t think much is unreasonable (potentially the big FA signings with Russ’ dead money).

    By drafting offense primarily early this year and obtaining good draft stock next year, this would allow them 2021 to develop the offense and then go young on defense in the 2022 draft which is part of the philosophy discussed on here about winning football. It would be a retool that would potentially only take one year to bring them back to elite levels.

    I really enjoy reading people’s trade and draft strategies so let me know what you think!

  32. Matt says:

    Just saw your back and forth with Hawkblogger…I mean…he’s intimating that everybody would love to work for Pete but wants no part of RW?

    I, uh…yea – don’t buy that for one second.

  33. Happy Hawk says:

    I don’t know anything about Dave Canales – can anyone enlighten me on his skills/talent?