Many of you have noted the lack of posts recently. It dawned on me today that I should’ve simply been smarter at the conclusion of the draft and took an immediate break. I’ve been writing this blog for 11 years now and I’m still confused by what we do with it during the summer months.

The NFL claims it doesn’t have an off-season and that’s true to an extent with mini-camps ongoing currently. Yet this is a decidedly quiet time. I should’ve completed my write-ups on the full draft class sooner and for that I apologise. However — between the months of August and May this is a labour of love. Almost a second full-time job. Not that I’m complaining. Interacting with this community, studying each draft and following the Seahawks provides real joy. I’m still amazed anyone cares what a British bloke thinks about any of this.

I did need to take a break though. To reintroduce myself to my two kids and my wife. To focus on the day job. I should’ve been honest and admitted I needed that break, this year, immediately after the draft.

So I’m going to take some time now and come back refreshed and stronger in July. Be reassured though that normal service will resume. And while this place usually heats up around January time — my favourite period is the college football season. Learning about the draft class, finding players. Discussing options. I hope you’ll join us for that — not to mention the weekly analysis of Seattle’s 2019 season.

In the meantime I’d be very interested in your views about the blog. What do you like? What don’t you like? What do you want to see moving forward?

(Yes — I know the design is dated and must change ASAP. I’m working on it).

Go Hawks.