SDB community mock draft – #5 Tampa Bay

The obvious option for the Buccs at #5?

Trent Richardson to the Browns? That was the decision yesterday in the SDB community mock draft. The Alabama running back received 60% of the votes ahead of Justin Blackmon (16%), Ryan Tannehill (13%) and Morris Claiborne (11%). The first four picks are now in…  

#1 Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck (QB, Stanford)  

#2 Washington Redskins – Robert Griffin III (QB, Baylor)  

#3 Minnesota Vikings – Matt Kalil (OT, USC)  

#4 Cleveland Browns – Trent Richardson (RB, Alabama)  

It means the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are now on the clock…  

With the Browns taking Trent Richardson, it makes the Buccs decision at #5 a bit of a foregone conclusion. Cornerback and linebacker are the team’s two biggest needs and only the prospect of an elite runner such as Richardson would potentially lead the team to other positions.  

Claiborne would be the overwhelming favorite in this scenario, but it’s worth considering what alternatives may exist. Despite adding Vincent Jackson, would the Buccs consider adding another dynamic receiver in Justin Blackmon? Or is that need now completely addressed? What about a right tackle such as Riley Reiff, or a pass rushing compliment off the edge for Adrian Clayborn in Quinton Coples?  

All the other options really are shadowed by Claiborne, but it’s up to you…  



  1. Darin

    This is a done deal, no Richardson means Claiborne to Tampa and Aqib Talib can be cut so they can move on from all the crap he has put the franchise through with his off the field issues.

    They won’t draft another high round defensive lineman, because the past two drafts picks in round 1 and 2 have been defensive linemen.

    Adding Vincent Jackson would allow them to skip taking Justin Blackmon and go defense. However, getting Freeman as many targets as they can could help him have a bounce back season. So, Blackmon isn’t entirely out of the question.

  2. Ben2

    Need meets value in Claiborne. In rd 2 I could see the Bucs going with a guy like Lamar Miller to compliment Blount. Someone else mentioned the possibility before but I think we could see a run on running backs at the beginning or RD 2.

  3. SHawn

    I personally see Claiborne going to Cleveland and Richardson going to the Bucs. But either way, those two leave the board at 4 and 5.

  4. Regan

    WR doesn’t make sense with VJack and Mike Williams on the roster. I could see them trading down to a team that wants Tannehill. My spell checker wants to turn Tannehill into Annihilate. That’s what ill do to my tv if we draft him!

  5. Steeeve

    Gotta be Claiborne. Jackson is a solid #1 receiver so that is really not worth selecting so early. I could see them taking someone like Brian Quick on day 2, maybe even Sanu or Jeffery if they slide (which I dont think they will), though I do think RB is a bigger need. There are too many day 2 offensive prospects to pass on Claiborne, who is probably the best defensive player in the draft.

  6. Nolan Thomas

    They probably take Claiborne but I picked Blackmon because it would be a good situation go him they can groom him with defense focused on Vincent Jackson, pluse give another weapon to freeman.

  7. Misfit74

    I think Claiborne here. Aquib Talib in deep doo-doo. Their WR situation is mostly set, in my view, with VJax, TBMW, and Benn along with other depth guys like Preston Parker. I think they have to insure against age and suspension with Barber and Talib.

  8. Steve in Spain

    With Richardson gone, it’s either Claiborne, a trade down, or the first real shocker of the draft. I voted Claiborne.

  9. Ryan

    Without getting into right and wrong concerning the leak of Claiborne’s Wonderlic test, will teams take this into consideration drafting him so high?

  10. Rob

    Ryan – it never seems to make much difference… which begs the question – why bother with the wonderlic?

  11. mattlock3

    Given the depth at WR in this draft (most analysts have draftable grades on at least 35-45), and the lack of a big dropoff from Blackmon to second and third round caliber WRs, I think it would be supremely moronic for the Bucs to pass up on a truly elite player at a position of definite need (Claiborne) for a solid but definitely not elite player at a position of lesser need (Blackmon).

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