LIVE COVERAGE: The 2014 NFL Draft (first round)

May 8th, 2014 | Written by Rob Staton

Below you’ll find a live chat service in partnership with the Seattle P.I. I’ll be answering questions and offering analysis on each pick. You’ll also find a Google Hang Out if you want to watch us discuss the first round as it unfolds.

92 Responses to “LIVE COVERAGE: The 2014 NFL Draft (first round)”

  1. Kenny Sloth says:


  2. House says:

    I did say we would trade down… Called the trade with MIN

  3. David M says:

    Let’s hope Latimar will last to #40

    I believe he will

  4. Chris says:

    And my poo-poo’ed guess of a trade for the 32nd pick for a QB happens …

    Not so unlikely a scenario it seems after all.

  5. Cysco says:

    bummer we missed out on easley.

  6. Troy says:

    #108, thats damn near like gaining a 3rd;)

  7. Troy says:

    #40- Bitonio
    #64- Bryant or Moncrief
    #108- Brent Urban

    • Troy says:

      #40- Bitonio
      #64- Bryant or Moncrief
      #108- Brent Urban or Will Sutton
      #132- Brandon Coleman
      #146- Laurent Duvernay-Tardif
      #172- Jonathan Dowling
      #208- Taylor Martinez
      UDFA-Colt Lyerla

      • williambryan says:

        haven’t considered Martinez… What would you think they would use him as?

    • CC says:

      Don’t forget about James Gayle!

  8. James says:

    # 40- Bitonio
    # 64- Bryant
    #108- Will Sutton

  9. Jarhead says:

    See I feel like we left points on the board tonite. Always take the points. So what we got an extra second, and an extra fourth? Us going to look smart when bitonio AND Latimer are off the board by 40 tomorrow? So now we have to settle for lesser players but more of them. I’d have rather just gone with Latimer and just had an amazing wideout on offense. So now we maybe get Morgan Moses who is mediocre and maybe Bryant or Moncrief, neither of whom are even near as talented as Latimer. I always seem to walk away from a Seahawks day one draft just scratching my head…

    • Jarhead says:

      Hmm Should read ‘Is it going to look smart…’

      • Troy says:

        How do you know that none of the players the Hawks are targeting will be there 8 picks later? Obviously the Hawk’s FO have conflicting views to that of yours. Lol

    • David M says:

      I feel the same way man… Why pass on a WR that will make an excellent receiver for the next several years. Also, I just heard JS say he isn’t even sure if they’ll keep the 40 pick, migjt trade back some more. They must really have someone specific in mind who there looking for.. But I’m left wondering why pass on Latimer!?!?

      • Colin says:

        Because they obviously don’t feel that way.

        • Jarhead says:

          Blinding insight. I suppose Seattle is completely incapable of making a bonehead move? I don’t just blindly follow the FO’s logic and say ‘It’s because they said so’. We left points on the board today. You’ll see it all play out tomorrow well enough. Look at Carpenter, Matt Flynn, Christin Michaels- Seattle has plenty of boners when it comes to draft day. I would rather have a bird in the hand. I’m not just going to accept because they felt like it

          • Jarhead says:

            Obviously Matt Flynn was not a draft pick

          • Troy says:

            Then dont accept it, it doesnt have to be YOUR reality! Lol

          • Colin says:

            Christine Michael was a bad pick? Chill out.

            • Jarhead says:

              Ummm Exactly how much did he contribute last season? Did he even have 10 plays out there, even in garbage time? There is just no merit to the type to say ‘The FO obviously doesn’t agree with your views hardy har har’. I question things and don’t have to blindly accept whatever the FO does just because they say it. Explain to me how Michael has proven anything on the field. Oh right, they are just resting his legs for next season. Haha All the lime greeners have really thoughtful counterpoints. Gee whiz

              • Colin says:

                We won the Super Bowl. Were we supposed to do something better that I’m not aware of? Climb down off the high horse… it’s a long fall…

                • Jarhead says:

                  Players get older and rosters must be constantly re bolstered with young talent. When you are picking so deep in the draft, take the top talent when you can get it. Just winning a super bowl and they are football gods destined for greatness? I don’t think so. So keep breaking out your #8 jersey and acting like you are so loyal to Seattle. If they went 3-13 you wouldn’t even be posting on this blog. Talk about high horses and other nonsense, that’s just the pot calling the kettle black

              • Robert says:

                Nimbus clouds are rolling in…

          • Robert says:

            Christine Michael??? Do you prefer playing chess…or checkers?

        • Misfit74 says:

          Those receivers are still on the board.

          • Jarhead says:

            For now. But I won’t feel nearly as excited about the prospects to likely be there where we are picking than I would have about Latimer as a top shelf hard catching WR. He may be there, so be it. But I have my doubts. And I feel after he leaves the board and Lee as well, the talent level severely drops off

            • Michael (CLT) says:

              No one thought much of Latimer. Typical pre-draft hype.

            • Robert says:

              Maybe they like Martavis Bryant. We will know soon enough. Kam, Sherm and many of our great players spent their 1st year simmering in the PC developmental cauldron.

    • williambryan says:

      And then you look up months later and the team has had the best drafts in the league and is winning championships…

      • Jarhead says:

        This ain’t 2012 folks. We hit a home run with that one. Does anyone here think last year was was a homerun? Many more drafts like that and we won’t be in such a hot position. I say take the talent when it is there. Don’t know why everyone has such a problem with that viewpoint. Because it’s Schneider and Carroll and they said so? They also said Irvin was the ideal LEO. They and Carroll re good but still make mistskes. That’s my opinion.

        • Robert says:

          You are WRONG…LOL!

        • Michael (CLT) says:

          I am willing to risk it.

          I, unlike you, am enjoying my perch on the throne. Life happens. Enjoy it a little.

        • williambryan says:

          Irvin probably hasn’t lived up to his draft spot but he did have 8 sacks his first year, and I have no doubt that if they asked him to rush again, he would get double digits. I am all in on Christine Michael still. It’s a shame he didn’t get to do more last year because the few times he touched the ball he looked crazy explosive. Percy Harvin type explosive. If he doesn’t turn out to be one of the best backs in the league in two more years, then I will complain too, but there is nothing wrong with patience. Alexander didn’t do much his first year either but that worked out ok. And taking the talent when it is there is still completely on the table. The guy they were prepared to take at 32 could very well be there at 40.

          • Arias says:

            Double digits? I think if he were capable of double digit sacks Carroll and co would move him back there in a heartbeat. He was really pushed around at the end of 2012 and only recorded a single sack in the final six games of the season so I wouldn’t go that far.

        • MarkinSeattle says:

          So 2012 was the only good draft? You are saying that 2011 and 2010 sucked?

          PC/JS believe in developing talented players and competition. That means loading up on guys who may take some time to develop. It also means not everyone will develop and you need quantity. In a very deep draft, they are loading up on picks. That is very smart, especially considering the talent we will be losing in the coming years. As for last years draft, why did you expect a whole bunch of those guys to break through their rookie year? Michael sat behind one of the top 3 backs in the league, learning zone blocking, patience, and our offense. He is obviously physically talented running the ball, but putting him out there before he really learns the offense and having him miss a block that hurts Wilson would have been stupid. Despite a lack of roster spots, we held on to a bunch of these guys, trained them, and now there are roster spots available. Developing these kids doesn’t happen overnight.

          Given this FO’s track record, they have earned the benefit of the doubt. Most likely, your analysis of Latimer doesn’t meet the threshold that PC/JS have for selecting him at that point. He may not even be high on their list. You can disagree with their decision, but don’t be surprised when people state that they will trust JS over your opinion.

          • Robert says:

            Sherm and Kam spent their 1st year in development. The 2013 Draft class will contribute in a big way THIS year. And likely a few stars/fan favorites will emerge. In addition, we are no longer in the rebuild phase. We are now in the maintenance (Win Forever!) phase. So the Draft strategy is now mostly about acquiring prospects to develop behind very high quality players. It will be difficult for them to make the team. A couple may contribute a bit in Year 1. The others will just work hard in our system to learn our system and develop their potential. PCJS have both often said there is a huge jump in a player’s 2nd year. Their whole system of player indoctrination and development is genius and WE ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS!

            • Arias says:

              It does say something though that the FO has been trying both in FA and with the draft to bolster the defensive line. I think it speaks to the fact that they’re not completely comfortable with the players they’ve got coming off redshirts that they’ve got making up the depth there.

  10. HawkfaninMT says:

    How is Lee still on the board?!?

  11. Jon says:

    there are so many options left that I like!

    • Michael (CLT) says:


    • Robert says:

      Same! I was using the Draft spreadsheet I got over at I was highlighting players as they were selected. As the Draft progressed, it became obvious that we were increasingly more likely to trade down as so many quality options remained. I think we are going to take a big WR with our 1st pick. And I think there are 3 or 4 guys that they would be happy with…

  12. Madmark says:

    I’m still good for my draft, A few things I picked up from the draft was RW was sacked 44 times and was pressured 183 times the 2nd most behind Matt Ryan at 203 so at 40 we grab a Joel Bitinio.
    I was a little shocked Justin Gilbert went at pick 8. Detroit becomes and explosive offense with Megatron, Tate and Ebron then you throw a bush into the mix.
    St. Louis gets a Donald with there 2 DE and that DL is looking really scarey.
    The Chiefs to Dee Ford, thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Like with Carpenter they wanted to trade down but couldn’t find anyone, this year the way QB’s went we lucked out.
    You was right Ja’Wuan James went to Miami like we thought but we was wrong only 5 receivers in the 1st round.
    40 Joel Bitinio
    64 Donte Moncrief
    108 Brent Urban
    128 Antone Exum
    146 Ed Stinson
    172 Marquise Flowers
    208 Zack Moore
    Due this web sight when the Patriots pick came up my brother ask me who I thought they take and I said Easley and when it happened my brother asked me if I was psychic hehe. I told him no but I thought they’d need to replace Wilford next year and that was because this sight makes me look more to the futre than I every did before.
    I’m still happy but disappointed because we got more picks but I spent a day partying and waiting for something that never happened.

    • Misfit74 says:

      I’d be stoked about this:

      40 Joel Bitinio
      64 Donte Moncrief

    • Robert says:

      HaHa…I nailed the Easely pick too, thanks to this site. And I hit on a couple others, as well. My family was amazed, but my wife became agitated. She extrapolated that I must be spending more time with you ne’r-do-wells then she realized…LOL!

  13. Saxon says:

    Bitonio won’t be there at 40 due to the lack of top tackles left.

    Lee’s slide will be discussed all day tomorrow and teams will likely view him as a terrific value in 2nd, which he is. Doubt he makes it to 40.

    If Lee goes in top of second I think Latimer follows shortly thereafter.

    So who does that leave us at #40?

    I would have taken Lee. Unless there is a major negative we haven’t heard about it’s perplexing to pass on a brilliant WR for a mere 4th round pick.

    • Jarhead says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I feel like everyone is deluding themselves of they think Bitono Latimer or Lee will be there at 40. They are the top players left. So we walk away with some subpar low upside tackle and a bottom of the 2 tier WR? We whiffed on this one. We left points on the board and I don’t understand it. For a 4th no less. Does anyone here think that getting Moses and Moncrief is a win? Come on… We could have had Latimer as a beast and maybe De Marcus Lawrence or Kuandjio or whoever else is there at #64. Quit being cute Seattle. They are jus out thinking themselves on this one

      • Michael (CLT) says:

        We don’t even know if Seattle is interested in either of them.

        Think of it this way: Seattle is willing to lose out on their services for the graces of pick 108.

        • Colin says:

          Apparently he knows so much about these players that we, and the Seattle front office, don’t…..

          • Jarhead says:

            Keep honking for Michael Colin. You know it all so well I bet you have a #15 Flynn jersey on your closet. Hahaha God forbid anyone disagree with Schneider and Carroll. That’s just unacceptable. Good grief, I like debate and I make my own decisions. Get over yourself. You are quick to make a wise comment, but I have yet to see a single nugget of your own insight. You and Troy and all the other honks need to get a grip. It’s okay to question a move or be disappointed.

            • Colin says:

              How about you chill out and stop acting like an ass because they didn’t do what you wanted. Good Lord.

              • Michael (CLT) says:

                Chill guys. We are defending champs!

                Seattle will have more success with UDFA than NE will with Mr. ACL.

                Enjoy the process. It’s crazy, but fun as he’ll!

              • Jarhead says:

                Once again you just hurl invective and don’t back up your comments with shred of insight. Either way, you’re butt hurt and taking things so personally. I like debate but you are just getting petty and mad. I’m over the bickering

            • williambryan says:

              It’s not a bad thing to completely, COMPLETELY, trust the guys that have built the best team in the league, largely through the draft and UDFA. It’s fine to draw your own opinions and question moves but it would be wise to acknowledge that though we fans have learned a lot, and thanks to this blog we are WELL informed, we don’t have close to the amount of insight and knowledge that league employees have.

              • Arias says:

                Especially on the late round magic they’ve got planned this time around. I’m extremely curious to learn what gems they think they’ve uncovered.

            • Robert says:

              or just be frustrated BEFORE you even see their plan unfold…and how the new prospects develop and contribute to the freak’n Superbowl…geesh!

    • Michael (CLT) says:

      We did just win the Super Bowl with a large UDFA and low round pick club. When did we all get smarter than PC/JS. We need to let this play out.

    • Misfit74 says:

      Lee also owns a 12.31% drop rate…I prefer Latimer, who has more size, bigger upside.

  14. CC says:

    Moses is there too – along with a bunch of “highly” rated DL guys – let’s not freak out yet. There will be a really good player at 40

  15. Coming away from today:

    Only pick inside the division I didn’t like was seeing Aaron Donald going to the Rams. All the other picks went about as good as they could have. Did I hear correctly that the Rams wanted to play Robinson at Guard if/when Long is healthy? Robinson MASSIVELY over-rated IMO as he is just awful in pass-pro and his SPARQ was marginally better than other top OT prospects in this class. Taking a Guard at 2 Overall? Unbelievable. Such a high bust possibility on the #2 pick in THIS class is inexcusable.

    What the hell are the Bills doing? Trading next years first rounder is the move of a front office in the hot seat, which this one isn’t yet …. well maybe after that stunt they are. I like Watkins, but they already had Stevie Johnson, Mike Williams, Robert Woods on the roster. Buffalo looks like a good shot to be picking in the Top 10 next year, and is Watkins over Beckham Jr. worth a player of, say, Aaron Donald’s caliber? Hell no. All the trades today were very confusing except maybe the Saints/Cards trade.

    I just see so much depth at CB that I don’t get why so many went in Rd 1.

    Hated seeing Easley and Marcus Smith going just ahead of the Seahawks. Glad to see Benjamin go off the board in front of the Seahawks, and find myself hoping Lee doesn’t become a Seahawk. I would rather have Latimer and think Robinson is an equivalent, with Davante Adams just a slight drop-off in talent. Wish we would have gotten our 3rd Rounder back, but I guess the pick we got is less than 10 spots back, so not bad.

    In order, hope we can land: Latimer, Bitonio, Robinson, Kouandjio, Lee, Adams. To a lesser degree Moses and Hageman.

    • williambryan says:

      I liked Lee at USC but I too found myself scared that the Hawks were taking him there… And agree on Donald in STL. That was surprising and it’s definitely going to be more of a struggle to score against that defense. I think Ward is going to be pretty good for SF and Reid was pretty good last year too, but that won’t make up for all there holes in other areas. after today I wouldn’t be surprised if SF finishes last in the division.

      • Michael (CLT) says:

        That some sound thinking. SF reached. St. Louis killed, however. Arizona… I love their coach, so we’ll see.

  16. Nate says:

    I knew Bortles was going to be the first QB picked, but not to the Jays. LOL.
    Shocked that Xavier Su’a-filo is still there. Maybe we get him, to deal with Rams.
    Bummed the Pats picked Easley.

  17. Manthony says:

    Yeah i wouldve loved Lee too, but its still a decent move, i think theres gonna be at least a few different studs we’re gonna be able to select. Having the 108 gives us another good opportunity to draft a good talent, the middle rounds is where we do all of our work!

  18. Jon says:

    any way we trade out all together and pick up a first rounder next year. pick #40 I believe is very close to the pick that we originally traded and ended up getting ET the next year at #14 with that pick.

    I would personally love it if some team that will be likely picking in the top half of round one next year would give us a first rounder. Short term loss for a top 15 pick next year. I would do that.

    • Michael (CLT) says:

      I endorse this out of box thought. Go get the next ET in 2015. Rhymes… Scary. More wine please!

  19. Michael (CLT) says:

    St. Louis… If Bradford amounts to Anything… Maybe Trent Dilfer, are going to be a load.

    • Jarhead says:

      I have no idea how the NFL let Aaron Donald get to St. Louis. Bunch a bull… Haha

      • Michael (CLT) says:

        Gonna be a war. To be honest, Donald makes me desire a breakout season from Carp. I don’t think it is far fetched either. Dude wants to get paid.

        • Colin says:

          Yeah I wasn’t thrilled about that. Still doesn’t solve the little matter of Sam Bradford being merely okay and their receivers are still just decent. Even with Tavon Austin.

  20. Steve Nelsen says:

    There was a great article on Field Gulls recently about trading down written by some economists who were testing whether the principle of diversification of risk applied to the NFL draft. They studied every trade of draft picks and determined that trading down for more picks increases the chance you will get a starter and increases the chance you will get a Pro-Bowler. This draft is unusually deep and PCJS have demonstrated the ability to find and develop starters/Pro-Bowlers in the mid rounds. I hope they make more deals to get more picks.

  21. Michael (CLT) says:

    This thread proves alcohol and expectation are a bad mix 🙂