A look at the Seahawks’ 2013 draft visit list (part V)

Please do me a favor and be sure to check out Rob’s FINAL 2013 mock down below if you haven’t already.  With that said, here’s part five:

Continued from parts I II III and IV

Part IV concluded all of Seattle’s official visits.  In this 5th installment, I’m going to cover a few other players that Seattle met with unofficially or have been connected to by rumors.  This isn’t a comprehensive list, but here’s what I got:

Brice Butler, WR (CB), San Diego State

The Seahawks met with Brice Butler at his pro-day last month.  If you missed the article, you can read more about Butler here.  He’s a Richard Sherman type project at corner with strong past connections to Pete Carroll.

The highlights above are of him playing receiver, and Seattle probably won’t draft him for that capacity.  Still, they serve as a good way to guage his combination of size and athleticism.  He’s got a lot of bulk, almost like a big running back.  It’s not hard to envision him as a bruising Brandon Browner type at corner.

Denard Robinson, RB/WR, Michigan

A Seahawks scout was seen meeting with Robinson at the Senior Bowl.  It’s worth noting that Seattle unofficially met with Russell Wilson and Kirk Cousins at the Senior Bowl in 2012, then worked overtime to not mention or meet with either one of them for the rest of the draft process.  According to our source last year, Seattle was very high on both.

Robinson is a 1st round caliber athlete that needs to find a new position to play in the NFL.  You might say he’s the Margus Hunt of the skill position group.  I really like him as a running back and kick returner, and I’m open minded about giving him a chance as a Percy Harvin / Golden Tate yards after catch type receiver.

Few players in the draft give me a stronger “Seahawks” type vibe than Robinson.  I would also argue that Robinson has the most unpredictable draft stock in the entire draft.  He could easily go in the 2nd round, and he could just as easily go in the 6th.  He’s definitely a prospect to keep an eye on this weekend.

Sylvester Williams, DT, North Carolina

Williams is pretty unlikely to be in play for Seattle at #56, but he is the perfect fit for what they need as rushing down 3-tech.  I thought their interest him in February was puzzling.  It all makes sense now.  Like Robinson, Williams was spotted meeting with a Seahawks scout during Senior Bowl week.

Armonty Bryant, DE, East Central

When asked which NFL teams he’d met with, Seattle was the first team he thought of.  Bryant comes from a small school and has major character red flags, but looks like a man amongst boys on tape.

Nick Kasa, TE, Colorado


Tony Pauline linked several teams to Nick Kasa yesterday, among them Seattle.  I’m not impressed by Kasa at all, personally.  It sounds like NFL GMs almost unanimously consider Kasa to be the 7th best tight end in the draft after the first two tiers of talent are completely expended (Eifert, Ertz, Escobar, Reed, Kelce, McDonald).

I won’t dispute Seattle’s interest though.  Kasa switched to tight end just last season, from defensive end.  At 6’6″, 260 pounds, he has the size to be a well-round tight end and not just a specialist H-back.  He also ran a 4.71, which is not bad at all for a player of his size.  Anthony McCoy weighed 259 pounds and also ran a 4.71.  Unlike Rob, I see no reason to think Seattle would avoid Anthony McCoy types.  I don’t think Seattle is being all that specific in their search for a 3rd tight end.

Nick Kasa joins Vance McDonald as the two biggest “untapped” upside tight ends in this draft.  They have holes in their game right now, but Seattle seems to draft based on upside so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if both were very high on Seattle’s board compared to the rest of the league.

Terrell Sinkfield, WR, Northern Iowa

Shaun DePasquale of NFLDraftZone.com recently wrote that Sinkfield “is a player who’s seeing his stock soar into the 2013 NFL draft.”  He listed the Seahawks as one of the teams to show interest in the small school receiver.

Sinkfield ran an unofficial 4.19 forty at Minnesota’s pro-day event.  Officially, it was a 4.33.  Whatever his timed speed really is, there is no doubting on tape that he has elite speed, and he’s not some tiny receiver either, standing 6’0¼”, 198 pounds.

It’s hard to gauge Sinkfield’s polish and route running ability from a highlight, but I like his ability to make moves after the catch and I really like how aggressive, fearless, and tough he is going over the middle.

Mark Harrison, WR, Rutgers

Tony Pauline mentioned just a few hours ago that Mark Harrison has been in recent contact with the Seahawks and that his stock is rising.  I’ve only done a handful of write-ups on receivers this year, but by chance Mark Harrison happens to be one of them.

Jordan Mills, T, Louisiana Tech.

Don’t forget about Jordan Mills.  Someone (Dane Brugler or Tony Pauline?) linked the Seahawks to Jordan Mills around the time of the Senior Bowl, even saying that Seattle might draft him “earlier than you’d expect.”

That’s a wrap as far as Seattle’s visits with prospects.  Off topic- here are my final editions of my Seahawks mock drafts: the “personal wish list” version and the “what I expect to happen” version.


  1. xo 1

    Kip: Nice work and thanks to you and Rob for your great work throughout the year. What’s amazing to me is how much I’d love the “what you expect to happen” list. Other than Charles, who I view as a measureables guy only, I like each player very much and think they represent good to great value.

    Thanks again.

  2. xo 1

    One other thought, on Michael Clay, is that he has also been doing work for teams as a long snapper. That would make him an intriguing swap out, if he shows he can long snap consistently. I’m not sure he has the speed for strong safety, but as an Oregon fan, I’d be thrilled if the Seahawks let him prove otherwise. He is reportedly a very smart football player, which his tape has always suggested.

  3. Stay Off the Flowers

    Isn’t Sly Wiliams UNC?

  4. Ben2

    I peeked at a couple of the videos you liked Kip…wow, the quarterback play in Sinkfields video was atrocious. Sinkfield had his man beat over the top in a a lot of the clips but repeatedly had to come back for the ball and fight the defender for it taking away any chance for a big gain/YAC. With Russell’s sexy deep ball a guy with his speed could do some damage! Thanks kip!

    • woofu

      I thought he showed the ability to go get it despite the Qb play. With his speed it was obvious with only 500 yds that something was amiss. At NIU level and 4.3 speed and tough catch ability he should have run away from some of those guys.

  5. Ben2


  6. hawkfaninMT

    What teams should I be sweating if I want the Hawks to get Greene or Brown with their 56 pick?

    NYG, Cin, Min…. ?

    • Rob Staton

      Bengals, Buccs, Rams, Steelers, Giants, Bears, Vikings – they are the main players for a good linebacker IMO.

  7. Bailey

    Rob or Kip just curious but I was wondering if you had a top 100 list I can print out and go off tonight. I would grab one from ESPN but perfer one from you guys. Nice work as always.

    • Rob Staton

      I might do one tonight. I’m usually not keen on top-100’s. The positional value is so strong in some cases. Plus I haven’t watched as much tape on some guys compared to others. I’ll consider it though.

      • Bailey

        Sounds good thanks.

  8. Kenny Sloth

    Dear Kip,
    I just wanted to say that I appreciate your contributions. I find I agree with you more often than I agree with Rob. Your sentiment is easy to swallow and very well delivered. You weren’t posting when I started reading sdb, so for a while I had no idea who you were and I was really jealous of you. I was like “man if I were a writer here, I’d put out articles everyday…. stupid Kip. Kip what a dumb name.” but since you’ve come back you’ve given me so many names of potential targets high ceiling sleepers and taught me to not always trust my first instinct, but to remain objective on players. I watched John Simon for the first time and was like “decent hand combat and high motor, but where is the athletic ability?… fourth round grade.” Then you posted your article about him and swope and I went back and watched the tape and said “wow how could I have missed that!?”
    So, thank you Kip for these approximately six months of intelligent reading, great fun and absurd sardonicisms.
    -Kenny Sloth

    • Kip Earlywine


      I’m glad you agree with me that Kip is a dumb name. I tell my parents that all the time. Most people think it’s an awesome name though.

  9. Troy

    RD1 #25- WR> Percy Harvin

    RD2 #56- OLB> Arthur Brown, (** OT- Terron Armstead, ** WR- DeAndre Hopkins)

    RD3 #87- RB> Christine Michael, (** DE\OLB- Corey Lemonier, ** QB- Matt Scott)

    RD4 #123- DT> Montori Hughes, (** WR- Da’Rick Rogers, ** TE\FB- Kyle Juszczyk)

    RD5 #138- OT> Luke Marquardt, (** RB- Marcus Lattimore, ** DT- Bennie Logan)

    RD5 #158- DT> Stephan Charles, (**CB- Will Davis, ** WR- Aaron Mellette)

    RD6 #194- K> Dustin Hopkins, (** OT- Ricky Wagner, ** WR- Marcus Davis)

    RD7 #220- SS\OLB> Cooper Taylor, (** WR\CB- Rodney Smith, ** RB- Latavius Murray)

    RD7 #231- DT> Kwame Geathers , (** RB- Miguel Maysonet, ** WR- Marquess Wilson)

    RD7 #241- OLB> Jayson DiManche, (** RB- Knile Davis, ** CB- Micah Hyde)

    RD7 #242- QB> B.J. Daniels, (** DT- Lawrence Okoye, ** WR- Mark Harrison)

    • Rob Staton

      If we get Brown and Michael on day two… I’m going to find some beer and dance all weekend.

      • Jon

        thanks for that.

  10. Nolan

    Kip I really like your wish list of picks for the hawks, I would only trade swope for Darrick Rodgers, and micheals for lattimore on my own wish list… Although if we are just wishing I would wish for sly to be there at 56.

  11. Aaron

    I haven’t been a big fan up to this point, but I have to say I think this talk about Mark Harrison is pretty exciting – a poor man’s Brandon Coleman. Those combine numbers are eye catching to say the least. I’d sure hate for him to go to the Niners. They say he could be taken by them as early as the 3rd or 4th round. That would mean we’d probably have to make him our first receiver off the board to get him. I wouldn’t object given our options in the mid to late rounds (where I think we’ll be shopping for a receiver.)

    • Aaron

      (Hadn’t been a fan of Harrison to this point) – just wanted to clarify. I love this blog and everyone who’s ever graced its pages.

    • Madmark

      If Mark Harrison isn’t at 158 I’d go with Aaron Mellette 6’2″ 217lbs. 40-4.46 I’m not going to over spend and besides we have chop/chop on roster still Jermaine Kearse.

      • DJ

        I may be misremembering, but didn’t someone around here remark that Harrison was known at Rutgers for dropping passes? The comparison to Kearse may be too apt.

  12. Madmark

    I thought I throw out one of those things I keep in a seahawk folder. I’m so glad we have a franchise QB.


  13. Aaron

    I want to say a word about the guy who I have mocked at #56, Brandon Williams. I’m late to the party as far as he goes, let me admit that up front. Kip, mentioned him in a post the other day as one of the most likely picks at #56 – who we’ve talked the least about. I also heard an interview with a scout on KJR (Seattle Radio) who mentioned him first at #56. So that caught my attention as well.

    Now that I’ve given out credit, let me get to my main point, which is why I jumped on the bandwagon, and how I view this potential pick. This is a guy who, over the course of his college career, put up 27 sacks as a DT lined up at positions all over the line (16.5 tackles for loss his senior season). The next thing that needs to be said of course is that he played at the Div. II level.

    My view of him is influenced by my recent experience as an NBA/Portland Trailblazers fan. (I’m sure there are more than a few NBA fans here.) My team had a high draft pick going into this past season. We were in the market for a point guard. There was a guy listed on the various mocks who put up very strong and consistent numbers, but did so at a very small school against weak competition. I discounted his potential because of his competition, and didn’t favor the pick.

    The school was Weber State (in Kansas I think) and the player was Damion Lillard. All he did in the NBA this year was win rookie of the month every single month of the season, and set records that place him in rarified company of the all time greats. He’s a rock solid, multi-talented point guard who will seemingly make a run at the Hall of Fame when it’s all said and done.

    It’s often been said that Sheldon Richardson is the one guy the Seahawks would most love to have out of this draft, and one gets chills thinking about what he could do with the rest of our D-line and back-end around him. But maybe, just maybe the best Defensive Tackle will be the guy from the small school who everyone overlooked, and maybe he’ll be drafted by John Schneider and Pete Carroll.

    Go Hawks!

    • Kip Earlywine

      Completely agreed. I feel like I’ve been jinxing Brandon Williams into being the 56th pick by not talking about him enough.

  14. YankinTa

    My Wish List for 2013 Seahawks Draft….

    Round 2 : Jessie Williams DT, ALABAMA
    Round 3 : Trade for 2014 2nd round pick
    Round 4 : Trade for 2014 3rd round pick
    Round 5 : Chase Thomas, LB, Standford
    Round 6 : Everett Dawkins, DT, Florida State
    Round 7 : Denard Robinson, RB/WR/KR, Michigan
    Round 7 : Levine Toiolo, TE, Stanford
    Round 7 : BJ Daniel, QB, South Florida
    Round 7 : Marquess Wilson, WR, Washington State

  15. Robert

    Great character guy with a wife and child. Spends a lot of time in the gym lifting. Looked good in Senior Bowl drills vs best OL prospects in the country. Big upside as he currently does not play with good hands or arms technique. Can also improve his balance with better footwork and pad level…great upside!

    • Robert

      Oops was trying to Reply to Aaron’s post discussing Brandon Williams…

      • Aaron

        Thanks Robert. The fact that he did well in the Senior Bowl practices against top level talent also factors in to my hopes. We’ll see…

        • Aaron

          Oh ya, I didn’t know about his high maturity level though. That could help.

  16. Drew

    I would be so happy if this happened….

    2nd- OLB Khaseem Greene
    3rd- WR Steadman Bailey
    4th- DT Stefan Charles
    5th- FB Kyle Juszczyk
    5th- OT Luke Marquart
    6th- TE Chris Gragg
    7th- K Dustin Hopkins
    7th- QB BJ Daniels
    7th- WR Marquess Wilson
    7th- RB Dennis Johnson

  17. Ukhawk

    Kip. LOVE the wish list recopied below….but my 2 cents…. personally I’d swap the 2nd to best OT/DT/CB to hedge Giacomini/Browner/Branch loss, instead of Ertz take Mark Harrison later as a Joker/potential Sydney replacement, take Armonty Bryant/Lavar Edwards over Simon as they can also enentually play the 5 spot, maybe go Kelce rather than Swope to hedge Miller’s pending restructure or if not Kasa/Williams in 7th. Michael could be APv2!!

    Kip wish list:
    2. Zach Ertz, TE, Stanford
    3. Ryan Swope, WR, Texas A&M
    4. Christine Michael, RB, Texas A&M
    5. John Simon, DE/DT, Ohio St.
    5. Luke Marquandt, T, Azusa Pacific
    6. Dustin Hopkins, K, Florida St.
    7. Jayson Dimanche, LB, Southern Illinois
    7. Micah Hyde, CB, Iowa
    7. Cooper Taylor, SS, Richmond
    7. BJ Daniels, QB, Southern Florida

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