Seahawks trade for Quandre Diggs

October 22nd, 2019 | Written by Rob Staton

Earlier today I wrote a piece considering what the Seahawks might do before the trade deadline. That was partly answered today. With a week to go until the deadline, Seattle traded a fifth round pick for Detroit Lions safety Quandre Diggs and Detroit’s seventh rounder in 2021.

Diggs was a sixth round pick in 2016 from Texas. He ran a 4.56 at the combine, a 4.15 short shuttle and jumped a 35.5 inch vertical.

He started his career as Detroit’s nickel cornerback before switching to strong safety in 2017. He finished the season with 55 combined tackles, nine pass deflections, three interceptions and a sack in 11 starts.

He signed a three-year, $20.4 million contract extension in September 2018. His cap hit next season is $5.2m and it’s $5.5m in 2021. He recorded 78 combined tackles in 2018, eight pass deflections and three interceptions including a pick six.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Seahawks move him back to the nickel or keep him at safety.

It’s also interesting because he’s played strong safety in Detroit — which has been Bradley McDougald’s position so far. It’s possible McDougald could move across, or does this suggest his back spasms issue is more serious than initially thought? With Tedric Thompson unconvincing and Lano Hill injured, they possibly felt they needed experience and an injection of quality to the secondary.

Darius Slay, Diggs’ team mate in Detroit, took the news badly. So did ‘Snacks’ Harrison.

Lions fans are not happy about the trade either (check the replies here).

Lions reporter Jeff Risdon is confused by the trade.

Tyler Lockett is pleased, describing Diggs as his best friend on social media.

We’ve been discussing for a while the need to improve the secondary. This could be a calculated move for a player under contract until 2021. The Seahawks aren’t tied to the deal if it doesn’t work out, which is also a plus.

Diggs’ production (six interceptions in 2017 & 2018) is appealing and much needed in Seattle. listed Diggs’ as the seventh best safety in the NFL coming into the 2019 season.

Andy Benoit made this video where he argues Diggs is the most underrated player in football.

This is a really good breakdown of his 2018 tape.

Bryce Rossler at the Lions Wire had this report on Diggs before the 2018 season:

Diggs has some obvious holes in his game, but he’s an adequate player who can thrive in certain roles. I don’t think he should be deployed in the box due to play strength issues, nor would I feel comfortable with him operating in the slot on a regular basis, but he can succeed as a deep safety in either one-high or two-high shells. He’s also capable of serving as the high-hole player in Cover 1 and Cover 3 looks.

This is unlikely to be the last move the Seahawks make. They still need to add a tight end and Pete Carroll admitted last week it’s a situation they’re working on. It’s also possible they will seek to move some players this week. The defeat to Baltimore seems to be leading to some action.

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256 Responses to “Seahawks trade for Quandre Diggs”

  1. Bigten says:

    Not to mad about it. Liked Diggs at UT. But who is he coming in to replace? TT? What’s this mean for blairs and Amadis development? He played Corner in college so could he be coming in to play Nickel?

    • JJ says:

      This might mean the health of Hill and/or McD is not good. Also, might allow us not to be in base d as much. More nickel maybe?

  2. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    I don’t know enough about him but he’s pretty short (short arms too). Guess that means he’ll be a nickel corner 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Ghost Mutt says:

    Guessing he comes in at nickel corner and is added insurance against B-Mac or Lano having to go on IR.

    It’s also possible they see him as an immediate replacement for TT. He’s had a couple of big plays this year but you can’t trust him as the last line of defence.

    I like Diggs, a 5th isn’t bad value either. Signed a 3 year, 20.7 million contract last year though so he’s not coming cheap. Just a hair under what Detroit are paying JC.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      At first blush I’d prefer to pay Coleman than Diggs, but Diggs has versatility that makes him a valuable roster addition. I wonder what roster move they make to accommodate him.

      • Elmer says:

        I wondered the same thing. Here are some possibilities.

        1! A WR like Ursua or Jennings. Maybe could move to practice squad.

        2) A D-lineman like Jackson. Although he appears to be playing as well as some of the other DE’s, and Ansah is injured.

        3) A DB like King or Taylor. Or maybe even Thompson, after seeing PC’s comments about giving up long pass completions.

  4. StickyIcky says:

    Listen to Pete’s podcast interview! He doubled down on everything but Tedric. He said we cannot allow big plays anymore. He never said very little about Penny. He said he wants Fant at TE!

    • StickyIcky says:

      Im not saying your guys are wrong about trades for a TE or trading Penny. Im just saying Pete never said it.

      • Rob Staton says:

        We all know what Pete said. We listened to the interview. He was asked about whether they’re going to add another TE and admitted they’re working on it. He praised Chubb and said they loved him in the draft. End of.

        • astro.domine says:

          I think StickyIcky is referring to the recent 710 interview I referenced, not the per-Clevland one. He didn’t say much about Penny, which was my point – he merely confirmed he’s healthy while being terse about why he saw no carries.

          • StickyIcky says:

            Thanks Astro! On another note Over the cap has Diggs on a different contract 3 year 18 million. According to OTC were looking at 2019 2.8, 2020 5.2 2021 5.4

          • StickyIcky says:

            Pete also indicated in the interview that SS is harder to play than FS atleast for Blair it will be. I wouldn’t “pigeon hole” Diggs and Blair at either position at this point. Diggs is a great player at SS that some folks think would be a great FS and Blair has similar qualities. They both hit like wild animals.

  5. Lil’stink says:

    We need to free up a roster space for him, correct? I wonder if there is another trade coming, or just cut/IR move.

    It’s hard not to like this deal.

  6. mishima says:

    Thinking Tedric should start packing.

  7. Robeetle12 says:

    LOL. Thompson somehow is still the best option for this team. That is telling and very sad for this year. I have now given up on any kind of hope for a deep playoff run especially with Thompson involved in the secondary. Meh on this trade.

      • Robeetle12 says:

        What?…Was I not clear??? if Tedric Thompson is the starting free safety, this team is going nowhere in a hurry. I can’t be any clearer than that. Diggs had a good year last year, this year has been different but he’s going to be motivated by coming to an actual good team…Hopefully it works out.

        • Rob Staton says:

          You’re giving up on a playoff run because of a player who has played consistently on a 5-2 run might continue playing.

          I urge people on here to avoid stuff like that. Targeting players isn’t my thing. I prefer that we don’t do that in this kind of way.

    • Sea Mode says:

      I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here. PC laid into Thompson about as hard as he ever will on a young guy for giving up yet another big play, then he and JS promptly went out and traded for more competition at his position.

      • Robeetle12 says:

        Pete also defended Thompson numerous times. When you stink continuously there is nobody to defend you. When I said meh on the trade its because the guy they traded for doesn’t appear to be much better. However, maybe a system change will benefit him.

        • Sea Mode says:

          Yeah, we’ve seen with Justin Coleman and others what someone can become in our system. Let’s hope.

          Just wondering: have you watched him? What makes you say he’s not much better than TT?

          I haven’t watched him either, but the reaction of Lions teammates and fans definitely tell us there’s something there, or at least great potential.

          • StickyIcky says:

            He was a probowl alternate last year?? Like I said comments are confusing

          • Robeetle12 says:

            Fans are hardly a gauge but I’m a fan and when i watch Thompson I wonder why he is on an NFL roster. So, I can only hope that we never see him again and then we might actually be able to defend.

            • Rob Staton says:

              Chill, let’s not go OTT.

              Some of the TT hate goes too far.

              • StickyIcky says:

                I like TT and he might be worth something in a trade. Diggs was the Lions team captain and Pro Bowl alternate so there’s nothing to be ashamed of for whoever gets cut. We could cut Mcdoug & save 2.4 million this year but that’s not our style or Mcdoug might be heading to IR. Hill could be the one getting cut. Diggs did play SS for Detriot.

              • Robeetle12 says:

                I don’t HATE T.T. I dislike the way he plays his position. He has one job, to not get beat deep yet he is very consistent at doing exactly that and obviously the Hawks front office and coaches agree. It’s kinda like when I was saying get Blair some playing time and was greeted with “he’s not ready and it’s not needed now”.

                Of course it was and is needed now, if not now then when?…..How is he going to get experience without the experience. He did quite well in his first start……Thompson may be ok on another team, but not on the Hawks.

            • Dale Roberts says:

              The team’s past indicates that a deposed starter gets cut rather than benched.

  8. Scott Meyers says:

    My guess is you’re right about the McDougald injury, but I still don’t see where this guy plays.

  9. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Judging by the negative reactions of Diggs’ Lions teammates and Lions fans on twitter, SEA got themselves a solid starter. I’m liking this more and more

    • Sea Mode says:

      Yeah, Cha said it well at the end of last thread:

      Wow. Judging by Lions fan replies to the tweet the Hawks just sent a bag of jockstraps to Detroit for a future HOFer.

      Definitely like what they are going for here and the message it sends to the team.

    • StickyIcky says:

      He was a ProBowl alternate last year something that’s incentivized in Mcdougalds contract that he has yet to accomplish.

    • StickyIcky says:

      Dude can hit! Video above that’s not normal

  10. astro.domine says:

    Seems more of a natural high safety than a twitchy nickel, and obviously TT has been a far greater liability than Jamar Taylor.

  11. Sea Mode says:

    Sounds like he was really a team leader in the locker room and a hitter too:

    Call Me PeePz

    Replying to @Lions

    Was it worth potentially losing the locker room for a FIFTH FREAKING ROUNDER!?

    This is an atrocity…

    All you hawks fans, y’all just got a steal. Isn’t the best in coverage but he can lay the boom

    He was a contender for rookie of the year and has been near pro bowl level as a nickel/strong safety. That’s why the lions fans here are upset for losing him for just a 5th rounder.

    so u trade a potential superstar, captain, and a 7th for a unpredictable 5th round pick. SMH

    Congrats Seahawks. You just stole one of the best safeties in football
    May I adopt the Seahawks as a second team?

    • Sea Mode says:

      (those were all Tweets from different Lions’ fans, not just the same person.)

    • SoCal12 says:

      It’s weird for a team to trade away a team captain during the season, especially since I don’t think the Lions have lost their season yet.

      He sounds like exactly the kind of locker room type that PCJS love though, so I’m starting feel pretty hyped for this trade. A very John Schneider value move.

      • StickyIcky says:

        Most Lions fans are pissed! Comparing it to the Golden Tate trade, I sure hope they are right.

  12. Kenny Sloth says:

    Hopefully we get out of BASE for a snap.

    • StickyIcky says:

      Wonder if it makes more sense to use a 34 against the Ravens? Put Barton or Kirven on the QB. No way any DL gonna catch Jackson

  13. Sea Mode says:

    Side note back to OJ and the Bucs for a second. I checked out a Bucs SB Nation article, and from the comments it sounds like their biggest need is OL.

    So maybe we could consider working one of ours into the package. Maybe even Ifedi straight up if we decide we aren’t going to pay him this off-season?

    Btw, Eric, I liked your trade options in the last thread.

    • StickyIcky says:

      The problem with Ifeldi is he is playing good, he’s young and durable. Are we really gonna take a risk on a young RT? RG & LT is what we should invest in 2020 or 2021.

      • McZ says:

        Ifedi after four years cannot handle his feet and has dirty hand technique. He has improved upon taking fewer penalties in the last two games, but he is still on the road to a career high.

        We are deeply in trouble at both T positions. We have no alternative to Ifedi, and our replacement LT seems to be shuffled to G.

        I’m all in for a Walker Little / Jared Hilbers double dip.

        • Rob Staton says:

          You keep saying this and it’s still not true.

          One day Seattle fans will stop obsessing about the OL. I don’t think some of you realise the state of OL play in the NFL today.

          And as if two rookie starters are going to solve anything.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      Thanks. Just spitballing scenarios to get Howard. He’s a fantastic talent at a position of immediate need, on a relatively long term team friendly deal. If the rumors that SEA had him as THE top prospect on their 2017 draft board are true, then they gotta find a way to get ‘er done.

      I don’t know about trading Ifedi. I rather like him. I think he’s developing into a quality RT. He’s big, athletic, with a slight edge to his play (especially run blocking). BTW I think his first step in pass pro is really coming along nicely. Be sure to watch for that on Sunday vs ATL. Great kick slide to position his set.

      In the end it all comes down to how much SEA are willing to pay him to keep him. If they’re not planning on spending big on him, then I guess it makes sense to swap him for Howard, especially if they feel Jones can man RT. Somehow I doubt they’ll trade Ifedi, but ya never know

      • Sea Mode says:

        Yeah, I think Ifedi’s game is growing this season too, but I guess you’ve gotta give something to get something.

        Thinking they’ll like one of the big OTs Rob has mentioned in the draft as well.

      • mishima says:

        IMO, Penny for Howard makes a lot of sense.

        • Rob Staton says:

          For us maybe. Can’t see Tampa Bay accepting that.

          I’m torn on Penny. Not ready to give up on him like some are but also it’s pretty clear Chris Carson is the guy. If there was some value in a trade I would consider it but hard to imagine anyone out there would offer a good pick. I’m also pretty sure they won’t give up on him this early.

          • CHawk Talker Eric says:

            Also can’t imagine them finishing the season with just Carson, Prosise and Homer because the first two have injury histories, and the third hasn’t yet had his first carry as a pro.

            But it’s also becoming harder to ignore that things aren’t too rosy between Penny and the coaches.

            I think if they got a decent offer they might take it, but otherwise they’re keeping him.

            • Rob Staton says:

              I’d only do it if the Bears were willing to move Mike Davis.

              • Pran says:

                Pete may just be driving a point and lighting fire under… Pete waited 4 years on prosise but not even 2 on Penny while being more available than Prosise? Pete also expressed similar concern about Prosise for not gutting thru some pain.

                Pete won’t give up that easily on a draft pick unless a good trade offer comes.
                He may not be an ideal fit for Hawks like Carson is. Wonder why they drafted him in 1st to replace Prosise. Penny should do kick returns and show something at least while waiting for his chance.

  14. Jared Marshall says:

    Well Rob, you’ve beaten the table for a BAMF. I can think of few places we needed one more than in the secondary. Diggs may not be a coverage demon, but he’s a nasty tone-setting thumper in the defensive backfield. A bit of leadership and accountability will be welcome too. I think this lets us shift McDougald to the FS spot to at least stabilize it; plus now we actually have the tools to get out of base when the tactics beg it. It’s a coup.

  15. Sea Mode says:

    WR Penny Hart to PS. Looking for answers in the slot.

    I remember him having a good showing at the Senior Bowl.

  16. I think we just got our big nickel.

    Bradley SS,Blair FS and Quandre big nickel.

    No more base defense please.

  17. Sea Mode says:

    From Lions beat writer for some perspective:

    Dave Birkett

    A couple things on the Quandre Diggs trade:

    1-The Lions are NOT in selling mode.
    2-Diggs’ play had fallen off from last year. Missed tackles were an issue.
    3-This was the Lions being proactive about dealing him. They called around the league, found very few teams interested.
    4-The Lions are very high on their two young safeties, Tracy Walker and Will Harris. That’s a position of depth.
    5-This won’t be well received in the locker room (as you see by tweets). I wonder if another move could be coming at some point like last yr

    Oct 22, 2019

    • SoCal12 says:

      All of those point are valid, but 6 and 3 have me somewhat kinda perplexed. Like I get trying to ‘sell high’, but a fith is not very high and at the cost of losing the locker room?

      From a Seahawks perspective though I’m very gald we have John Schneider.

    • StickyIcky says:

      Lions fans called BS on Dave Birkett they are pissed

      • CD says:

        As someone who grew up in Michigan, I still look in on the Detroit Free Press and other local press from time to time. I can’t believe how much the journalist pump up the teams, talk about how they are contenders year after year. I know they are trying to sell ‘papers’ but as an outsider for 25 years it laughable how biased they are, rose coloured glasses for every team every year.

        • StickyIcky says:

          Could you provide a list of all the good players who are also high character on the Lions roster?

  18. Rob Staton says:

    Just posted a video at the bottom of the article. DEFINITELY watch it. Great reveal on Quandre Diggs the man.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Wow. Gonna be awesome for our young guys with maturity and humility like that.

      We so often forget this huge part of the equation when we talk about adding to our team. Thanks for sharing.

    • TomLPDX says:

      Pretty awesome dude. Glad he is a Seahawk now…and a potential BAMF!

  19. CaptainJack says:


    Let’s hope he’s good

  20. Volume12 says:

    This is a very, very good move. Liked Diggs coming out of Texas.

    Diggs was a pro bowl alternate last year, team captain, in the 1st year of a 3 deal.

    They traded Vannett for a 5th. Signed Luke Willson. And I believe they hust traded that same 5th rounder for Diggs. JS works his Magic. Again.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I hope we’ll see a couple of other smart moves over the next seven days.

    • Volume12 says:

      Wonder if he’s a nickel or if him and Blair are our back ends. Either way, they get a leader which was needed , a guy who fits their culture, and a really good tackler who likes to hit.

      Pete likes him some Longhorns.

      • Rob Staton says:

        I’m intrigued by the idea of a Diggs + Blair pairing. Finally some hitting back there.

        • Sea Mode says:


        • Volume12 says:

          I would like that pairing very much too.

          Just excited that they finally can reduce the % of their base formation against certain teams and packages

        • StickyIcky says:

          Flowers is a bigger hitter and more physical than Sherman, No way ET could last as long at SS as Diggs has. We know Queem is a big hitter not sure about Quill. The aroma ain’t bad.

          • Rob Staton says:

            Flowers a bigger hitter and more physical than Sherman!?!?

            Think you need to re-watch Sherman.

            • StickyIcky says:

              Its my opinion that I thought I tempered with the word Aroma. I seen enough of Sherman I prefer Flowers who I believe is a bigger hitter & more physical. Sherman is smarter & better at intercepting the ball. I’m a Seahawk fan and I love Flowers potential with less than 2 years experience playing CB. Sorry if I’m insulting you by suggesting Flowers could be a better CB than Sherman was

              • Rob Staton says:

                You’re not insulting me. That’s a strange thing to say. I just cannot believe anyone seriously thinks Flowers is a bigger hitter than Sherman. Anyone who watched Sherman truly knows how physical he is. Flowers is a mile off that based on what we’ve seen so far.

              • GerryG says:

                Sherman is perhaps the most physical tackling corner in run support in the history of the NFL.

                Not even B Browner was as physical in run support (however his tripple whammy ST takedown is still the greatest thing ever lol)

    • mishima says:

      I just want to see Blair (SS), Diggs (FS) and Amadi (slot) on the field at the same time. Thump + swagger.

  21. bv eburg says:

    You’ve mentioned dback help and hopefully this fits the bill.

    As for the rosterbation from your previous post comments…..I could see them maybe trade one of the three linebackers and a draft pick for a weapon. This would maybe mean more nickel and playing time for Barton.

    Another deep position is running back. Could they possibly move one of them and a draft pick? Personally I would like to see a quality guard. Iupati and Fluker have been meh. A quality guard would move one of them to the bench which would allow them to heal and would be great for jumbo packages.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I don’t think there was any roserbation. I simply wrote about Austin Hooper as a possible target.

    • dcd2 says:

      I don’t think we’re deep at RB. If Carson missed time, I’m not loving the idea of Penny and Prosise carrying the load. If it were only one of them, we are in trouble. We can’t have just Prosise and Homer (assuming that Penny is the only one with any trade value).

      As far as OL goes, there are 31 other teams looking for help in that department. I mentioned Billy Price awhile back, and still wonder if he’d be available. Not exactly a guy that we are going to start immediately, but probably more in our wheelhouse as far as cost.

      I think Jennings, Shaquem, TT, Belore, and Jamar Taylor are the most likely candidates to be ‘expendable’ via trade or cut after trade. Pete seems to want to keep Belore, despite how little we use him. LB seems to be our deepest position and Shaquem is really the only one who makes sense to me. I think Jennings is the corresponding move to clear room for Diggs.

      • bv eburg says:

        Good points dc,
        I guess in my mind our margin for error for going deep in playoffs is slim as the roster is now. If we lose two RB’s to injury it’s non existent anyway. My comment was for a RB trade (which would leave us 3 decent RB’s) coupled with a draft pick for a good quality guard. But I could be persuaded for a good quality speed rusher for the D.

        • Rob Staton says:

          They’re not going to trade for a guard. Iupati has played well so far, Fluker is back from injury, Jones has done a decent job filling in and Phil Haynes is back now.

      • TomLPDX says:

        I’ve been asking myself why do they keep Bellore on the roster and then use him sparingly in the offense (4 snaps last week). Then I noticed his ST play. He played 18 snaps (62%), tied for the most on STs (along with Hollister and Nieko). He was hustling on STs so that will probably keep him around.

        • Rob Staton says:

          Special teams was basically their focus in the off-season. They made so many moves focusing on ST.

          • GerryG says:

            Not sure they have paid off unfortunately. #29 in DVOA. Yikes. I’m guessing a lot of that is kicks though, aside from New Orlenes coverage has seemed pretty good

      • neil says:

        I’ll be real surprised if they trade Shaquem. As I have said before, the public relations for the team are too good. The story is too good. They probably don’t want to upset Shaquill either.

        • StickyIcky says:

          Save him for playoffs to blow past the TE like the Steelers did to us against TE Vannett. Nobody will see it coming.

  22. Sea Mode says:


    Most rushing yards after contact, NFL RBs:

    1. Leonard Fournette: 530
    2. Chris Carson: 505
    3. Dalvin Cook: 467
    4. Derrick Henry: 436
    5. Josh Jacobs: 425



    D.K. Metcalf is the NFL’s leader in end-zone targets through 7 weeks!

    • Rob Staton says:

      Glad to see Fournette living up to his potential this year.

      • mishima says:

        Agree. Must be nice for Fournette to have a functioning QB in Minshew. Will be interesting to see what happens when Foles is healthy.

    • Volume12 says:

      Dalvin Cook has beeb MVP esque for the Vikings.

      More combined yds from scrimmage than McCaffrey, 5 100 yard games, and has 6 runs of 20 yards or more.

    • bv eburg says:

      Most analytics have our line rated anywhere between 17 and 25. The eye test says that’s probably about right. Chris Carson being #2 in YAC also suggests they aren’t very good.

  23. dcd2 says:

    We had an extra 5th from the Vannett deal, so we aren’t even really out anything. I like the idea of having another DB out there more often. I wouldn’t even mind seeing Diggs out there with BMac and Blair if our DC can get creative. Having a safety spy Lamar last week would have been interesting. If memory serves, the Pats ran 3 safeties a number of times in the Super Bowl as they were shutting down the Rams.

    Regardless, I think it gives flexibility for some new schemes. More nickel, more dime, etc. Running base 4-3 so much is really asking for it against any team with multiple receiving threats. If we’re serious about getting to the playoffs, look at out schedule:

    Atlanta: Julio, Ridley, Hooper
    Tampa: Evans, Godwin, OJ
    9ers: Sanders, Kittle, Goodwin, Deebo/Pettis
    Philly: Alshon, Ertz, DJax
    Vikings: Theilen, Diggs, Rudolph
    Rams: Cooks, Woods, Kupp, Everett
    Carolina: Moore, Samuels, Olsen
    Cards: Fitz, Kirk

    Most of those teams also have good pass-catching backs coming out for routes regularly too. I wouldn’t mind seeing more nickel against that schedule. I love KJ and Kendricks, but they aren’t exactly lock down coverage LB’s. Most of those teams have a TE that can beat them in coverage.

    • Dale Roberts says:

      I agree. The 3 linebacker lineup on passing downs is likely headed for the dumpster. Diggs, McDougald, and Blair would seem to be a formidable trio with all three capable of playing centerfield or on the LOS. Maybe Kendricks should play LEO and Ansah should play rotational bench warmer.

    • Kemoarps says:

      Yeah, I basically see the two deals as: Nick Vannett for Quandre Diggs and a 7th rounder.

      That’s a gorram steal.

  24. Sea Mode says:

    Spotrac has Diggs’ updated contract info accounting for bonuses that are on DET:

    Cap hits:
    2019: $1.625m
    2020: $5.2m
    2021: $5.55m

  25. Rob Staton says:

    Tyler Lockett and Quandre Diggs are best friends…

    Who knew??

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      Just saw that and was about to post. Liking this trade more and more.

    • Sea Mode says:

      I’m liking this more and more as we dig into it! If nothing else, a trade–even a small trade–brings hope for some kind of change for the better.

      Thanks for the fun evening. I’m off to bed though! Hopefully more to come still this week!

    • SoCal12 says:

      That’s really neat. It kinda makes sense watching the video that Rob posted since they have similar personalitis. Very mature dudes who are into their faith.

      Really digging (no pun intended) our locker room this year.

  26. Paul Cook says:

    Wow. A 5th round pick going out and a 7th round pick coming back for a true STARTER in our secondary. Not a no/maybe/sort of starting secondary player, but a bona fide starter for our secondary. Impressive.

    • Simo says:

      I’m with you Paul, don’t understand this trade at all from Detroit’s perspective! He’s a quality player, on a decent contract for two more years, loved in their locker room and by fans. Why would they trade him for a 5th (and give back a 7th)? Are we missing something? Man, the Hawks have one of the very best GM’s in the league, way more often than not makes great moves!

      • Rob Staton says:

        Apparently they like their young safeties. I suspect fake Belichick is trying overly hard to emulate real Belichick and that’s probably played a part here.

      • Paul Cook says:

        Yeah, the trade is kind of mind-boggling, kind of like the Clowney trade. But these things don’t happen unless you’re out there pounding the pavement, as so to speak. I love that about our coaching/management team.

    • StickyIcky says:

      Lions fans are comparing it to the Golden Tate trade they are pissed

  27. Pran says:

    It may be due to injuries. At least TT is playing for a season plus as a starter…Lano hardly played and injured frequently . For what it’s worth Lano is a3rd pick and TT 4th.
    TT will stay around as a quality backup. Lano may be gone..

  28. John_s says:

    I don’t know if he’s available but he was very unhappy last night after the game and Adam Gase is still in charge….Jamal Adams. Trade a 1+ pick and player

    Jamal and Quan instantly upgrades the defense

    • Rob Staton says:

      This trade makes that even more unlikely than it otherwise would be. The Jets would be barmy to trade Adams, especially for a late first.

      • Matt says:

        You’re right that it won’t happen, but I spent a lot of time last night watching and reading about Adams…I think there is an interesting angle of him being able to play kind of a S/LB hybrid. He is so dynamic at the LOS. I know it won’t happen, but I’d be really intrigued to see him play in that role.

        On field play aside, he is a dynamic leader and incredibly smart player. I wouldn’t be shocked if JS/PC called the Jets and turned to Diggs after there were flatly told no (again, speculating). Adams seems like the exact type of player PC would want and that quite frankly, this team needs.

  29. Coleslaw says:

    Let’s go! Hoping to see Hooper for a 4th after this week.

    • Simo says:

      I’m definitely down with that trade. John just set the trade bar high though, now he has to go out and get Hooper for a 6th!! Let the good times roll!

  30. Coleslaw says:

    Also I think Diggs and Blair are our starting safeties the rest of the way. McDougald is kinda a jag. And Pete was NOT happy with T2 after this week.

    • Coleslaw says:

      McDougald and T2 are pretty damn solid depth, though.

      • TomLPDX says:

        And Bradley is not just a JAG. Come on Cole…he has been a leader for us these past few seasons.

        • Coleslaw says:

          He hasnt been the same lately. I’m not relying on him at all anymore to be anything more than a quality backup. He was real good the first year with us. Hes been declining since, that’s facts.

          • Kenny Sloth says:

            Best player in our secondary

          • TomLPDX says:

            My statement still stands. He’s been injured. It isn’t one man against 11 either. I still believe in Bradley as a play maker.

          • Comfect says:

            He definitely has the potential to be more than a JAG if he can get some help–like say, if Diggs and/or Blair can be good enough to get him a bit of support.

          • Eburgz says:

            100% agree. Not the same lately. He had the knee injury toward the end of last year and had it fixed up over the offseason but he hasn’t looked the same.

            My problem with him is the missed tackles. So many missed tackles this season. Last year he tackled well for the most part so I’m not sure what’s up.

  31. Paul Cook says:

    On a side note, I’d like to see Ben Burr-Kirven get on the field more at some point this year. This guy can effing tackle, a tackling machine, especially in open space which is our big weakness now. We need some more speed and tackling at the LB position.

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      Im hoping to see less and less LBs on the field, personally.

      • Paul Cook says:

        I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but we’ve been a poor tackling team when a player gets just beyond the line of scrimmage, especially near the edges of the field. Perhaps KJ has slowed down a bit, or not quite as hungry as he used to be. But we need guys who can tackle, especially in open spaces. It’s killing us.

        I watched BBK do this over and over and over again with the Huskies. I watched him do this in preseason. We need guys who have great instincts, pursuit, and tackling ability at or just beyond the line of scrimmage.

        • Eburgz says:

          Kendricks missing lots more tackles than kj to my eye. But he is also sometimes flying at guys trying to make tackles on guys who are a couple gaps over. Also probably playing out of position. Not been impressed with Kendricks or Mcdougalds tackling this year but I think they are both decent players so I hope they figure it out.

        • Troy says:

          Doesnt Kendricks have more missed tackles than any of the guys by a fair distance? I love BBK especially for what he did in Purple and Gold but my intrigue has always been with Barton. I believe he will be a stud. I think BBK can make a career on special teams and being the guy behind the guys who comes in and does the job needed when someone cant go. Maybe Im wrong, I hope so.

          There is no doubt that he has the heart and the technique. Heck he is more athletic than people think. Okay Im talking myself into wanting to see more from him. Im guessing we will see both the rookie linebackers alot more in the years to come.

          Lets hope Diggs helps the secondary overall and provides some added leadership to the group over time. If he plays at levels he played in 17 and 18 he is of real value at the contract he has and like I alluded, it seems he was one of the leaders in the locker room for the Lions which is why you see the outcry.

          Maybe they want to give us Slay for a 3rd as well

          • Paul Cook says:

            I like Barton too. It’s funny, but when they first drafted BBK I thought they just *might* have considered him as a SS, kind of like they envisioned Kam, though in a slightly different way. He had enough speed for it, and would be considered to be *big* in his own way for the position.

            That, of course, was a mistaken thought on my part.

            Sometimes I just like instinctually smart, hungry and overachieving football players like BBK. He’s the kind of guy who will give you his all 24/7.


          • McZ says:

            I could name 7 or 8 games in 2018 where BBK was the difference maker, not the secondary or the DL. If I remember my first post-draft comment on him correctly, his athletic profile is close to ETs.

            The reality is, that BBKs “all-over-the-place”-style is not a good match for a control-focussed defense like the Seahawks. Jax would’ve been a better place for him.

        • StickyIcky says:

          if we face Jackson we should put 4 or 5 linebackers on the field DL are useless against him

  32. mishima says:

    If we trade a LB for a Foster Moreau, I’m going to cry in my wolf greys.

  33. Kenny Sloth says:

    Emmanuel Sanders to the Santa Clara 49ers

  34. Paul Cook says:

    Rob calls it BAMF players. Yeah, I want some more of those. But I’ll settle for real hungry players now. I want that player who’s standing in a circle with 4 other starving players and a piece of red meat is thrown in the center and he gets it. I don’t care how he gets it, as long as he gets it.

    Hopefully, QR will add that kind of player to our squad. Maybe he’ll be just a little pissed off and want to prove something.

    Would be nice.

  35. Kenny Sloth says:

    Always liked this guy, nose for the ball, NFL bloodlines, productive

    Can’t imagine they’re benching McDougald, so either he’s hurt or we’re planning on playing a lot more Nickle, which I doubt

  36. Tecmo Bowl says:

    Nothing not to like about this trade. Diggs moves the needle a bit. Getting a safety that can play man should allow for some more blitzing.

  37. Troy says:

    Considering what they usually look for in DB’s, this is a bit surprising. I see some Lions fans saying that he is grading out as their 4th best safety but at the same time I would be pondering why would one of the most glorified DB centric coaches in recent memory-Pete Carroll and savvy GM Schneider want him then. We obviously rate him a lot. It would be difficult to find someone in the 5th with this production and we still get a 7th out of it.

    Also, and I could be wrong, I believe he is a special teams ace which helps as well. Always love when someone can add to special teams.

    Anyways, they had me at undersized safety from Texas. Just sayin.

  38. Dale Roberts says:

    TT is rated as a 39 in PFF while Diggs has a 58.7 rating. McDougald sports a 62.7 rating so I agree that this is possibly a significant upgrade. But wait… where does he play and how does it address our gaping hole at FS? Diggs doesn’t have a background at FS. McDougald is the only quality, veteran free safety on the team but if he’s injured and TT is cut who plays free safety?

    We how have at least three qualified players at SS but no clear answer at FS. We drafted TT, Amadi, and Blair then brought in Adrian Colbert but we don’t seem to be any closer to finding a long term FS. Even McDougald isn’t the sudden, speedster that would seem to fit our defense at FS and he prefers SS. Following are the only free safeties I could find that have the requisite speed and recognition to play a single high safety, are young enough, and might be available.

    Damarious Randall Cleveland 27
    Apparently has been benched. 4.45 speed and good nose for the ball. Making $10 million this year but is a UFA in 2020 and certainly will have to settle for much less.

    Jessie Bates III 22 Cincinnati starter
    4.45 speed, only mention because Cincy looking to rebuild and nobody should be untouchable on that team.

    Amani Hooker Tennessee 21 backup
    4.48 but has “eyes, instinct”. He’s a backup for a losing team and the starter, Kevin Byard, just received a huge contract extension.

    Troy Apke Washington 24 backup
    Another backup for a losing team. Not certain if he’s an upgrade but he has 4.34 speed and he’s from a big time program, Penn St.

    • StickyIcky says:

      Colbert has 4.3 speed at 6″2 205 I think. We paid him 118k or more so far and he’s back on the practice squad.

    • millhouse-serbia says:

      Marquise is 4.48 40 yard…he played a lot FS at college…Pete said 10 days ago he zeroed him in at FS now…so Blair is seahawks FS from next week if Bradley is healthey or if Diggs is new SS…

      I hope Bradley is healthey and he is SS, Blair FS and DIggs NB…

      • Rob Staton says:

        He also qualified that FS is easier to learn and that’s why they were keeping Blair at FS for now as he grows and develops within the system.

  39. GerryG says:

    Hopefully he plays NB, B McD comes back healthy, and Blair can claim FS job. TT is not cutting it, and neither is the base D experiment. If the safety NB play improves, and Reed can help a toothless DL maybe the D can approach average.

  40. Sea Mode says:

    Rick Stroud

    #GoBucs OBucs TE O.J. Howard on reports that the Patriots wanted to trade for him but were turned down. “It’s no secret I feel like I have a great talent, what I can do, mismatch, playing the tight end position. A lot of teams know that…It’s awesome…I wasn’t surprised at all

    Oct 22, 2019

  41. Sea Mode says:

    More from Slay, replying to Lockett:

    Darius Slay
    😢😢😢😢 y’all boys got a dawg!!!!

    Quote Tweet
    Tyler Lockett

    When you find out your bestfriend got traded to Seattle!!!!

    Oct 23, 2019

  42. Georgia Hawk says:

    What an awesome combo of videos! First who he is as a player then who he is as a man. Can’t wait wait to see him suit up, hopefully he plays heavy downs this Sunday!

  43. cha says:

    Gregg Bell

    Verified account

    Follow @gbellseattle

    Falcons coach Dan Quinn: QB Matt Ryan (ankle) won’t practice today. “Hopefully we will have a better sense as the week goes. You can never count him out….He definitely thinks there’s an opportunity for him to be able to go.” #Seahawks at ATL Sunday. 38yo Matt Schaub the backup
    9:16 AM – 23 Oct 2019

  44. HawkfaninMT says:

    Possibly Robbie Anderson on the market? Would he be redundant with Lockett and J Brown?

    • Simo says:

      He might be more redundant with Metcalf. Anderson is a big play threat, speed guy mostly. He’s talented, but hard to get a real sense of how good he can be as he’s always played on a pretty crappy team. I’d pass personally, as the Hawks need TE help a lot more.

  45. Wow look at this…Clowney is most doubled team player in the league…

    • Volume12 says:

      Yeah that’s why I dont get people thinking he hasnt been good. It was the same thing I saw with Danielle Hunter at LSU. Clowney has arguably been Seattle’s best run defender as well.

      People forgot that Clowney had Watt in Houston. It was literally pick your poison. If Seattle can get Clowney a dance partner, now we’re cooking with gas.

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        Totally. Ansah was supposed to be that guy, but he’s been mostly invisible. In retrospect, I wish SEA had claimed Taco Charlton off waivers. He’s been reborn in MIA and leads the Dolphins in sacks.

        I’m not holding my breath waiting for Ansah to turn it on. If he does, great, but I’m not counting on it. I don’t think there’s anyone they could trade for who would make a significant impact, except maybe Carlos Dunlap or Geno Atkins. I’m not sure Vic Beasley is worth it, unless it’s for a late Day 3 pick.

        • StickyIcky says:

          what if Bennett gets cut in NE? I cant give up on Ansah until I see him play a few games. Some of his contract is tied to his performance. Isn’t Dunlap real good?

      • GerryG says:

        Clowney has been great. Its the rest of the DL that has underperformed, sans QJ in the first few weeks.

        Also, I think Ford/Woods have been solid to good, but are of no help with the rush.

    • cha says:

      Good data.

      It does throw into sharp relief the lack of one on one wins the other guys on the DL are having.

    • Gaux Hawks says:

      Great share, Millhouse! Just noticed our old pal F. Clark hanging in the low-left corner… hats off to PC/JS

  46. RWIII says:

    I am ALL IN on Austin Hooper.

    After declaring for the 2016 NFL Draft, Hooper put together an excellent workout at the combine. He was a natural receiver in the field work and also was very impressive as a drive blocker with good technique. Sources from multiple teams said that Hooper interviewed well. He is an intelligent player who has been well-developed at Stanford despite coming out after only two seasons of playing time.

    Hooper makes more sense than O.J. Howard. Hooper is a better blocker than Howard. And the price to acquire Hooper would be cheaper than Howard.

    • Dave says:

      Austin Hooper looks like a shorter, slightly faster Will Dissly. I think he makes a lot more sense than O.J. Howard. Dan Quinn is more likely to deal with us than Bruce Arians. What does it take? 3rd rd pick? 2nd rd pick? Ed Dickson is a good blocker but I don’t know how well he’s going to run at his age.

      • RWIII says:

        Dave: Knowing John Schneider. He would probably trade a 4th round pick for Hooper and get a 7th round pick in return. The question is. How healthy is Dickson. If the Hawks did trade for Hooper it would be after the Atlanta gave. No way the Falcons would trade Hooper to Seattle before the game on Sunday.

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        A R2 for Hooper seems a bit rich considering he’ll be a UFA next year. Could be only a half season rental. Maybe if they package Hooper and Beasley and give back a Day 3 pick.

  47. RWIII says:

    I just want to emphasize the fact that the scouting report on Hooper is that at Stanford he was very impressive as a drive blocker with good technique.

  48. cha says:

    Gregg Bell

    Verified account

    34 minutes ago

    Pete Carroll says TE Ed Dickson (on IR after knee surgery) is coming back to practice next week with the intent to play. Calls that a bit optimistic. Eligible to come off IR Monday. Could reduce urgency to trade for a TE. #Seahawks

    Gregg Bell

    Verified account

    49 minutes ago

    Pete Carroll asked what position Quandre Diggs will play first for #Seahawks says “free safety.” Then he says strong safety, and talks about versatility, uncertainty when Bradley McDougald (back spasms) will get back.

    Gregg Bell

    Verified account

    36 minutes ago

    Pete Carroll, asked point blank if concern on Tedric Thompson’s play is why #Seahawks traded for Quandre Diggs. “No, it’s the guys that are banged up (SS McDouglad, Hill) and not knowing when they’ll get back.”

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      Gotta wonder if the comments about Dickson’s return are a bit of poker face for ATL (Hooper) and/or TBB (Howard).

      • Tecmo Bowl says:

        Was thinking the same thing. While I welcome Dickson’s return, he’s not the answer. Thought I heard PC say a couple weeks ago that Dickson was behind schedule in his rehab…

        • Sea Mode says:

          He did. And even today when he talked up his return a bit, he clearly stated that it was a very optimistic take. (which is unusual for PC to openly admit, since he’s pretty much always optimistic)

          A little posturing/leverage going on here is a solid guess.

  49. Sea Mode says:

    Happy Wednesday, everybody!

    Pete Carroll Week 8 Wednesday Press Conference notes

    On Falcons:
    – Another opportunity to get back on the road. We’ve found success there this season.
    – Familiarity makes for an interesting gameplan. They know us and we know them. Playing against Dan Quinn shouldn’t affect the way we prepare or play (i.e. making things personal).
    – Their talent vs. their record? Fast, explosive, highlight players on offense. Matt Schaub has a winning record as a backup. We have a lot of respect and they will cause us problems.
    – The “ideal” QB/WR measurables in Ryan/Julio vs. Wilson/Lockett? Measurables are really important over the long haul, but it’s the people who make the plays and bring their uniqueness. You’ve got to look at everything. The Combine is really important, but it just gives us guidelines. We never want to be “stuck on the numbers”.

    On Trade:
    – PC has seen and liked Quandre for a long time. An explosive player who throws his body around. Hitter and playmaker. He’ll start out at FS and then play SS too. His versatility gives us a lot of flexibility. He’s played a lot of situations and can play nickel and blitz too. Unique player.
    – Everyone respects a guy like this because of how hard he plays. Was a captain and would win any team over with his play style.
    – Very surprised that he was available. “Didn’t think that could be possible.”
    – We got thin really quick with Lano out for a while and Bradley unable to make it back. It was more about the injuries than about anyone’s play.
    – Friends with Lockett, Nick Bellore, Luke Willson. Did he talk to some of those guys about Diggs before trading for him? “In some cases.” We expect our guys to help get him up to speed fast.

    On Injuries:
    – Bradley could bounce back at any moment, but he hasn’t been able to yet. Won’t practice today and we’ll see about this week.
    – Ed Dickson can practice next week and optimistically could be practicing to play. He has a chance.
    – Duane Brown will get some work today. Getting Fant back in the TE role will be big for us as well.
    – Ansah looked close to getting back, so he has a chance.
    – We’re monitoring Phil Haynes workload. Could come back for us two weeks from now.

    On Seahawks:
    – Reed and Clowney are really working at the communication to be able to feel off of each other and benefit from that. It takes time though.
    – Tre Flowers turning point was just another evolution in an ongoing process. CBs in particular go through phases as they learn, then they come back to the basics again. (like a golf swing)
    – Keeping both Fluker and Jones happy? It’s helpful and productive to keep everybody competitive. Keeping them happy is not always within our power. But it is truthful. It’s a great situation for us.
    – Tyler and Russ’ chemistry? They’re just so gifted, so you put them together and they figure it out with each other and it becomes special. Both of them have a incredible awareness.

    – It’s really hard to not be conscious of the fact that you’re mic’d up during the game. It’s a necessary evil to promote the product, and PC prefers the absolute minimum. We want to be worried about our performance, nothing else.
    – How does PC balance emotion/game situation into 4th down decisions? By the time we decide, PC feels good about it. For a HC, it comes down to 3 or 4 plays in a game when he really has a call to make. We are definitely aware of analytics. Bud Grant was influential in that sense. Specifically with regards to personnel. To take in every bit of information that you can and then trust your gut. Don’t overreact or get impatient. Make good choices and then you trust it.
    – Responding after a loss is something we’ve been working on for a long time. On Wednesdays, the past is the past (win or loss), and we look forward. We look for consistency there.
    – Consistency is the name of the game. Everybody can have a good game once in a while, but can they come back and do it again? Game to game and play to play. We spend a lot of time on that mentality throughout the long season. There was one moment that sparked that mentality in PC’s career: his first year at USC playing at ND. In the buildup to that game it was made up to be the hugest thing. PC made a big deal out of it to the team and they got their butts kicked. All the hype was just a waste of time and they lost the good things that they did have.

    • mishima says:

      Thank you for doing this. Very cool.

    • Volume12 says:

      Matt Schaub is still in the league? 👀

    • McZ says:

      Here is hope, that Diggs will improve this secondary.

      Also, here is doubt, because Detroit is #30 in pass defense, and Diggs is part of that. Also more misses and near misses than hits tackling this season.

      • Rob Staton says:

        And the Seahawks are rubbish at rushing the passer and rank near the bottom of the NFL for pressures.

        Does that mean Clowney as an individual is playing badly? No.

  50. Sea Mode says:

    Adam Jude

    Seahawks have waived guard Jordan Roos to make room for Quandre Diggs after Tuesday’s trade with Detroit.

    Oct 23, 2019

    • Sea Mode says:

      Adam Jude

      Another practice squad move too: Seahawks have re-signed LB Malik Carney, an undrafted rookie out of North Carolina, and released rookie DT Bryan Mone from the practice squad.

      Oct 23, 2019

      LB trade incoming, or just looking for an OLB profile guy?

    • Kenny Sloth says:


  51. Sea Mode says:

    A little more perspective from Lions beat reporter on Diggs after the initial uproar has passed:

    What exactly has he done [this season]? He has no interceptions, no forced fumbles, no tackles for loss, no real plays of any kind at all. He hasn’t even been credited with a pass defended. He does have 20 tackles, but has also missed six according to ProFootballFocus. He’s one of the least efficient tacklers in the league.

    Overall, he ranks 61st at his position according to PFF.

    That’s last among Detroit’s safeties.

    Diggs wasn’t covering that well this year, and wasn’t tackling either. Throw in his 5-foot-9 frame, and the Lions — who prize versatility more than just about anything in this scheme — grew frustrated with his limited role, deploying him mostly as a robber safety.

    Then when he was sidelined for most of the Kansas City game, and all of the Green Bay game. And you know what? Detroit’s back end didn’t miss a beat.

    Of course, none of that matters any more to us until we see him in our system. Still think we got a potentially great fit for our team at a cheap price that was well worth taking a shot.

    Oh, and I forgot to include it in the presser notes above, but PC said we had been looking for safety help and this opportunity just popped up unexpectedly. So a bit telling as to how they feel about some of the guys on the roster.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Haha, then of course another Lions beat writer Jeff Ridson makes a video calling Diggs “best tackler on the team and pound-for-pound, one of the best tacklers in the NFL.”


      Whatever. As I said, I’ll just be judging him on what he does in a Seahawks uni.

      • StickyIcky says:

        It’s another really smart Seahawk trade! Worst case; stops the bleeding and a possible kill shot to the season for less than 2 or 3 million and we get his leadership through camp & preseason next year.

    • Tecmo Bowl says:

      “Lions — who prize versatility more than just about anything in this scheme-grew frustrated with his limited role”

      Then Diggs comes here and his versatility is praised. That first Lions writer doesn’t seem well informed, or just excusing a peculiar move by the home team.

      Glad to hear PC say Diggs is going to play FS. T2 needs to go down the depth chart.

  52. Paul Cook says:

    Thanks for the presser notes and other tweets. One stop shop is nice. 🙂

    We’ll just see how QD works out for us. That’s all that matters. I mean, you gotta be happy to get out of Detroit and land on a quality team and franchise from top to bottom.

  53. Bigten says:

    With josh Gordon going to IR, with the notion that when he is healthy he will be waived, is there a possible fit for us to look at him this coming offseason? Tons of talent, never really put it together in NE tho.

    • cha says:

      Why go get the old and busted model when you’ve got the new hotness (DK Metcalf) ?

      • Bigten says:

        Well, your analogy implies you can only have one or the other, and for multiple reasons doesn’t fit the situation. But going along with it, you don’t want to put all your miles on the new model, so for the right price you get a model you can put some of the wear on, and let your kid drive. My question was more along the lines of whether this old model fits the for our style of usage and if it would be at a decent price.

        • cha says:

          DK and Gordon have a similar physical style and athletic profile (not precisely, just similar). DK is just giving us glimpses of his potential while still having a great rookie season. Year 2 he should be even better after another summer working on technique and developing chemistry w RW, and pretty well have the #2 WR role locked.

          Next year they’ll have Lockett, DK, Turner, Ursua, Jennings (I’m guessing Jennings stays) and Moore is a RFA so he can be brought back at a reasonable cost. If they want to take on a vet reclamation project I’m OK with that but IMO Gordon doesn’t bring some ingredient that DK doesn’t already have. And Gordon’s problems are well-documented. Typically NE reclamation projects who make good don’t much pan out when they go to other teams (thus my “old and busted” ref) I’m OK with competition but you don’t give a veteran washout your budding star’s reps.

  54. Gaux Hawks says:

    anyone have a quick update on our 2020 draft capital?

    • cha says:

      1st (natural)
      2nd (natural)
      2nd (from KC For Frank Clark)
      ——no 3rd (to Houston for Clowney)
      4th (natural)
      5th (natural)
      ——5th (to Detroit from Pitt for Vannett) – not sure if is this one or natural
      ——no 6th (to Jax for Ursua)
      ——no 7th (to NE for Hollister) – may return to Hawks as Hollister didn’t make opening day roster

      Comp picks not awarded yet but projected:

      3rd (ET)
      4th (Justin Coleman)
      6th (Shamar Stephen)
      7th (Mike Davis)

      Likely 9 and possibly 10 picks if we know the conditions of Hollister’s trade.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Taken from here:

      R2P62 (KC Frank Clark trade)
      R3P100 (Earl Thomas comp)
      R4P140 (Justin Coleman comp)
      R6P214 (Shamar Stephen comp)
      R7P252 (Mike Davis comp)

      We gave a R3 to HOU for Clowney.
      We gave a R5 to DET for Diggs. (from PIT)
      We gave a R6 to JAX for the Ursua pick.
      We gave a conditional R7 pick to NE for Hollister. (unsure whether this one will hold)

    • Gaux Hawks says:

      Thanks, and we have an additional 2021 7th from DET.

      Diggs > Vannett

      Our FO is more entraining than watching some franchises play on Sunday. Especially when adding in this community… a truly beautiful thing.

      • Sea Mode says:

        Yeah, but I think we also gave a conditional 2021 R7 to the Jets for Nickerson. So if that holds, it would just be balanced out by the extra one from DET.

        Seahawks fandom in at least 12x better with Rob and the SDB gang!

  55. RWIII says:

    Folks: Here is the deal.

    The Seahawks have two games coming up. At Atlanta and hosting Tampa Bay. Jarran Reed will have two more games to get back in the swing of things. Hopefully the Hawks will have their T.E. situation cleared up by then. Either Dickson or a trade. Pete Carroll will have two more games under his belt to get everything sorted out. The OL, the DL, the safety position and T.E. So these next two games Atlanta/Tampa Bay are kinda exhibition games for the HUGE Monday night game against San Francisco on Nov. 11. Maybe by the San Francisco game the pass rush will be clicking on all cylcinders. Reed will have two more games under his belt. The DL will be on the same page.

    To some everything up Pete Carroll will know a lot more about this football team(Seahawks) in two weeks then he does now. So hopefully everything will be clicking when Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson and Company pay a visit to the bay.

  56. DC says:

    I officially endorse Seattle to draft Georgia LG Solomon Kindle. If we could get him with one of our 2nd round picks I’d be pretty stoked. He’s big (6’4″ 335lbs), solid & balanced in pass pro & the running game. Fairly athletic. Watched the SEC title game vs Alabama & the Sugar Bowl(?) vs Texas. Just steady. Saw him whiff once vs Bama. He’d have a good shot to win the starting LG job as a rookie imo.

  57. cha says:

    Just perusing some data on our Sunday opponent. My goodness, are the Falcons ever so screwed for the next couple seasons. Need another reason to appreciate how the Hawks have retooled, remained competitive AND are in great cap shape?

    Atlanta is 1-6 and about to face an embarrassed Seahawks team who is currently a better road team than a home team.

    “they’ll be better next year” you say? Looking at their salary cap for 2020, they’re $2m OVER the cap with 39 contracted players. That’s right. They couldn’t even afford to pay their 2020 draft picks at this point. Can they find 14 guys to play for free? Or better yet pay THEM to play so they can get out of jail?

    Julio & Ryan are a whopping 26% of their cap hit next year.

    Do they have pricey veterans they can cut or trade and save money?
    Alex Mack will save $8m.
    You can cut 24yo Keanu Neal and save $6m but does that seem like a productive move?
    Desmond Trufant would save you about $5m.

    “But that’s just one painful year” you say? Nope. For 2021 they already have a cap hit of $182m – for 25 players!

    “Dare I ask about 2022?” $150m of cap space. On 14 players.

    They better hope and pray the new CBA includes a major spike in cap $.

    • Georgia Hawk says:

      Saw something the other day that Ryan and Julio = 27% of cap

      top 5 paid players is like 56%

      top 10 paid players is an INSANE 73% OF THEIR CAP

    • dcd2 says:

      Throw in a lame duck coach and one of the worst defenses in the league.

      I have a friend who moved to ATL a few years back. He got tickets through work to the Titans game and said it felt like a half-empty stadium. Apparently they made concessions really cheap, but PSL’s and the actual tickets are really bad. The new stadium opened in 2017 and just last year fans defaulted on over $30M in PSL licenses.

      The hindsight and subsequent blame of the organization for the SuperBowl meltdown and keeping of Quinn, while letting Shannahan leave has really stung. The year of SB LI, they had the #1 offense in the NFL and around the #26 defense. They kept the Quinn and let Shanny go (because you don’t fire you coach right after he “should have” won the super bowl). Now Falcon fans see the 9ers success and it’s just rubbing salt in the wound.

      • Georgia Hawk says:

        I’ll be at the game on Sunday. The guy I got my tickets from gave me them for less than face value just so he gets something out of them. Fans around here are coming to the realization that the team never really recovered from the SB loss and see the future as pretty bleak right now.

        My son gets to see his first Hawks game for pennies on the dollar, so Im happy. Bring on 5 more years of this!

        • HawkfaninMT says:

          Traveling from Washington for the game… Any advice or tips on travel from/to airport? Sites to see near the stadium? Restaurants to hit or avoid?

          • Georgia Hawk says:

            The Airport is nowhere near the stadium, so you are going to have a trip no matter how you do it. MARTA teams with Miller light to provide free transportation, with a couple drop off stations in sight of the stadium. If you are getting a rental car, leave it at the hotel or a MARTA station and ride it in. Food in the stadium is relatively cheap.

            EVERYTHING in Atlanta is right around the stadium. There are tons of places to eat within spitting distance. The whole area is basically given over to big a big party area for Falcons and Hawks across the street.

            World of Coca Cola and the Aquarium are tourist spot favorites if you are into that stuff. The Olympic park is right there as well. Beyond that, you need to stop at a Varsity at least once to eat. It is the Southeast version of In n Out.

        • Von says:

          Same here Hawk! I’ve been to every Seahawks game in Atlanta since 1997. I’m taking my boys with me this weekend.

  58. Kenny Sloth says:

    Sounders playoff run continues. 5th conference final in 8 years

    • HawkfaninMT says:

      Yeah buddy! Really hoping for an LAG win! Always feels a bit gross rooting for them, particularly since they got Ibra, but I’m a Galaxy fan tonight!

  59. Kenny Sloth says:

    Opponent passer rating when targeted in coverage:

    K.J. Wright: 89.3
    Bobby Wagner: 118.4
    Mychal Kendricks: 122.0

    Hopefully with the addition of Diggs Seattle will play more nickel.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Ken Norton says hello…

      Joe Fann

      #Seahawks DC Ken Norton said he isn’t looking to get Tedric Thompson, Quandre Diggs and Marquise Blair on the field at the same time.

      “We want to get the two best guys out there ready to roll.”

      12:46 AM · Oct 24, 2019

  60. Sea Mode says:

    😂 He actually imitates some of PC’s sideline mannerisms perfectly.

  61. Sea Mode says:


    Go have a guess on Twitter, y’all:

    Jim Nagy

    Feeling conflicted. Watched tape on underclassman that’s eligible for @seniorbowl. Truly unique skill-set and definite first-round talent. Can’t post about him because don’t want to upset the school. Nobody is talking about this guy on Twitter. Curious what your guesses are.

    Oct 24, 2019

    • StickyIcky says:

      Is a redshirt junior eligible?

    • Eli says:

      So it would have to be a Redshirt Sophomore, right? And will be graduated by the time the draft rolls around? If that’s the case I would think it would be a player on a school like Stanford, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, etc.

  62. Gaux Hawks says:

    Rob & Co.

    Ryan Neal Seems to be quietly sticking to our PS. Getting the feeling he’s our next Akeem King.

    Was he on your pre-draft radar? Any background on him?

    Also curious about Chad Wheeler… thanks!