Could the Seahawks trade for Austin Hooper?

The NFL trade deadline is a week away (29th October, 4pm ET) and deals are being made. This week Gareon Conley was traded from the Raiders to the Texans for a third round pick. Today, the Patriots spent a second round pick to acquire Mohamed Sanu.

The Seahawks have already been linked to a tight end addition by Ian Rapoport. The loss to Baltimore (and the manner of the loss) might make them even more keen to make a move in the next seven days.

So what is possible?

The loss of Will Dissly is big and having already traded away Nick Vannett, the Seahawks are short at tight end. More importantly though, Dissly has robbed them of a weapon. With the 2019 season so dependent on Russell Wilson, they need to support their quarterback. And while some have questioned the need to add to the offense considering how poorly the defense has played, we have to be realistic about the options and the opportunity.

The defensive issues are unlikely to be solved by the addition of one player. A re-shaping of the defense will be required.

Acquiring one weapon to replace the one lost can help the offense now. They need to support their quarterback and give him the best possible opportunity to succeed. The best way to do this would be to acquire one of the following options:

— A player who is approaching free agency who they can add for a third round pick or less, knowing they can possibly gain a compensatory pick in the future

— A player who is able to contribute beyond 2019 (eg a player at a good age that is contracted beyond this season and/or you would aim to extend)

This isn’t about blowing a high pick in an unnecessary gamble. It’s about making a calculated move to help the quarterback. The Ravens game paired with the Saints game might’ve pulled back the curtain on how far away this team is from being a feared, genuine contender. However, that doesn’t mean you have to write-off the season or just ‘hope for the best’ when you sit in position to make the playoffs at 5-2.

The two proposals above would allow the Seahawks to plan accordingly for the future, while also doing something for the present.

One name we’ve often talked about is O.J. Howard. According to Albert Breer, the Patriots contacted Tampa Bay and were told he wasn’t for sale. It seems either Tampa Bay is asking for more than clubs are willing to part with (eg a first rounder) or they intend to keep Howard. He’s wasted in Bruce Arians’ scheme. Is Arians committed to being in Tampa Bay for the long haul though? It hasn’t gone well so far this season. They’re at a crossroads, where they’re likely to move on from Jameis Winston without an obvious quarterback solution on the horizon. Who knows how they see their future?

The Bucs would be right to ask for a first rounder, too. If Mohamed Sanu at age 30 is worth a second round pick, then Howard is worth more than that. Trading a first round pick at this stage seems unlikely but not impossible. The Seahawks are going to need to add a tight end at some point in the off-season and according to Davis Hsu, they viewed Howard as one of the top players in the 2017 draft. If they see him as a player for the long haul, it wouldn’t be improbable. It would be highly aggressive though — and given the state of the team currently, they might prefer to assess the lay of the land in the off-season with a haul of picks at their disposal.

An alternative could be Austin Hooper. Clearly Atlanta is accepting its fate. They’re 1-6 and having traded Sanu, might be in the process of planning ahead.

Hooper turns 25 on the day of the trade deadline. He’s a former third round pick who is playing well this season. He has 526 yards and four touchdowns and is on pace, currently, for 1202 yards. He’s out of contract in the off-season.

Here’s Lance Zierlein’s draft report on Hooper:

Will be labeled as a move tight end, but I see him as being more than that for teams looking for a more complete player. Hooper has a frame that should be able to carry another eight to 10 pounds without much trouble, and he shows enough want­-to as a blocker to see him playing in­line when needed. If Hooper can improve his hands and become craftier with his routes, he could become a solid, 10-­year starter in the league.

When the Seahawks traded for Duane Brown two years ago, they played the Texans days before the deadline. Brown’s last game for Houston was against Seattle. With the Seahawks and Falcons playing this weekend, is it possible they’ve already discussed a deal and are simply waiting for this game to conclude before finalizing a trade?

It’s understandable if Atlanta were to insist they wouldn’t trade Hooper to the Seahawks before the teams play each other. He’d have significant knowledge to pass on for a start. Waiting until after this game would make sense.

It’s difficult to determine what compensation could be. If Sanu is worth a second rounder, is Hooper worth a second rounder? Sanu is contracted through 2020 so that possibly improves his value. This would be a rental with the opportunity of an extension if desired.

His ability as a receiving option and as a blocker would appeal. He could be a name to monitor, albeit after the weekend.

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  1. HawkfaninMT

    Does this love open the possibility of Josh Gordon being available for trade (if knew injury is not too problematic)?

    He has been a dynamic WR in the past, was above average last year, and seems to be a victim of Pats success coupled with a crowded WR room.

    He’s 28 years old on a 1 yr deal worth 2M. The Pats would absorb the majority of that 2M and the Hawks would then be on the hook for the rest with the option to either re-sign, or recoup a comp pick after the season

    • Gohawks5151

      Plus AB still out there on the streets… 😉

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think so, I think they were looking to add rather than replace.

  2. Georgia Hawk

    I will be at the gme this weekend and am REALLY hoping for a much better Hawks showing than we’ve seen so far.

    I think hoping for a big splash trade might be asking a lot. I think we are more likely to see something more in line with the Hollister trade. A backup to 3rd stringer for a late round pick. I just don’t see them going after a Starter quality TE with what they have already. Could be completely off there though…have been before.

    • Sea Mode

      Meh, I see where you’re coming from, but I think we already have plenty of the “3rd-string backup” type on our roster in Hollister and Swoopes. Why spend a pick to add another unless it’s a jump in quality?

    • Simo

      I’m with Sea Mode on this, we don’t need another practice squad player at TE or any other position. Picking up a retread for a late round pick would not be a “playmaker” as Rob suggests this offense and Russ need. To bad the Bucs aren’t trading OJ and the Bengals aren’t trading AJ. Either would be a huge upgrade to the offense!

      Would love to add Hooper and see if he can continue producing at his current pace. He’s really busted out this year (4th season now) and is arguably the Falcons best (2nd best?) weapon! This is why I don’t see Atlanta trading him. He’s young and probably still pretty affordable, even after this season. He has a great chemistry with Matt Ryan and fits well in their offense. He would more than likely re-sign with the Falcons after the season as well.

      We’ll see how desperate John and Pete are pretty soon.

    • HawkfaninMT

      Heading to the game too! Haven’t ever been to Atl for a game… any tips? Restaurants/Pubs to hit or avoid? Public transportation or Uber from the airport?

  3. Jordan

    I think the front office needs to evaluate positional drafting. Drafting 3 WR when you want to be a physical football team is a little head scratching. If TE is a position that you covet why did we only focus on dissly and not get alternates. especially if Dickson is injury prone, and Vannet wasn’t the type of player you wanted anyway.

    Also not to jump on the hate wagon for Penny but there needs to be a commitment one way or another on him. 10-15 touches a game doesn’t constitute him being higher than prosise or another 4th strong RB. The team needs talent and guys that they are going to start right away.

    • Rob Staton

      Well in fairness, receiver’s need time to learn the system and they were losing Doug Baldwin. Jaron Brown isn’t a long term fixture. They needed some WR’s.

      • Jordan

        not arguing that point, i see eye to eye on that. but using that point, would be nice to see Ursua out there or Jennings sooner rather than later. Russel may not even throw to them but would continue to give them confidence with him.

        I think the most disheartening thing is seeing our DL lack any amount of physicality. resign Clowney for sure, but we need difference makers.

    • Volume12

      To add to what Rob said. How do we know they weren’t targeting a TE? Maybe the guys on their board were gone. Maybe they they were still some left but they didnt like the value.

      • JORDAN

        I think the whole value system is a bit far fetched. off the board, sure, but not drafting cause they thought the value wasnt good, not buying it. if you look at prev drafts they have consistently “over” drafted players to make sure they are getting their guys.

    • cha

      “If TE is a position that you covet why did we only focus on dissly and not get alternates. especially if Dickson is injury prone, and Vannet wasn’t the type of player you wanted anyway. ”

      I pull my hair every time I hear this logic. “They should have planned for losing their key cog player by having another key cog player on the depth chart right behind him!” Guys like Dissly aren’t readily available. To have one is fantastic. But if he gets hurt we need to have an equivalent behind him on the roster ready to step in?

      It’s just not possible. I WISH it was possible. But it’s not.

      Rob is talking about addressing present needs. Not crying over split milk.

      • Volume12

        A thousand times this.

        The situationas aren’t similar, but it reminds me of KC fans wanting them to go out and sign a Kapernick or make some trade. Roll with the very capable and guy who knows the entire playbook in Matt Moore.

      • cha

        “split milk” great auto-correct LOL

    • JimQ

      Current NFL – Comparisons of Rushing stats from

      —-Nick Chubb, Cleveland
      2019: 6 games, 114 carries for 607 yds, 5.3-YPC, 6-TD’s
      Career: 22 games, 306 carries for 1603-yds, 5.2-YPC, 14-TD’s
      Career Average 13.90 carries & 72.8-yards – per game

      —-Chris Carson, Seattle
      2019: 7 games, 139 carries for 569 yds, 4.1-YPC, 2-TD’s
      Career: 25-games, 435 carries for 1928-yds, 4.4-YPC, 11-TD’s
      Career Average 17.4 carries & 77.12-yards – per game

      —-Rashaad Penny, Seattle
      2019: 4 games, 22 carries for 98-yds, 4.5-YPC, 1-TD
      Career: 18 games, 107 carries for 517 yds, 4.8-YPC, 3-TD’s
      Career Average 5.94 carries & 28.72-yards – per game.
      (IF Penny had the same # of career carries as Chubb = 306 x 4.8 = 1469-yds)
      (IF Penny had the same # of career carries as Carson = 435 x 4.8 = 2088-yds)

      My conclusions:
      Penny is averaging 5.94 carries per game that he is in. He is just not getting enough work to shine as bright as he could. PC obviously is using Carson as a grind and pound guy & that isn’t Penny’s strength, however the vast majority of Penny’s carries are “up the middle” and as such, Penny is not being used enough to capitalize on his biggest strength – in the open field. IMO- PC is giving Penny “on the job training” to improve his inside running (which better fits PC’s game plans.) Again I’ll point out that when Penny was given his highest # of carries (12) in his career so far, he produced a 100+ yard game vs: Dallas.

      I think PC is going to ride Carson at RB until he is hurt again, or he continues fumbling or he under performs in multiple games. I think PC is attempting to make Penny into more of an “up the gut” runner, similar to Carson and he’s doing so as a hedge to the eventual loss of Carson due to one of the above circumstances. This to insure that PC keeps his “style” of run first play and the current playbook/game plans I’d guess.

      IIRC, Chubb was a BIG medical risk when he entered the draft and as a result he may end up having a much shorter career. Just the thought of having an injury prone RB on the team and adding another injury prone RB in the draft is likely why they drafted Penny. PC also has a history of being somewhat over protective of injured players. Penny may be more of an Alexander than a Lynch, but keep in mind – Alexander was a league MVP and a great Seahawk player during his relatively short RB career.

      • Rob4q

        This 100% ^^^

  4. Jordan

    Keep the 1st! I was all for trading for an OJ or major playmaker but if you look at the cap space, next year is really the time to make the huge move with the cap. OBJ? Von Miller? Trent Williams?

    A 2nd would be worth moving for a quality young TE. Hopefully Bucs change their mind regarding asking price. Hooper is interesting but OJ would be a better get (2nd + 4th? Or 3rd + Lineman?). Britt looks like a trade candidate/cap casuality based on his salary for next year… if not now, highly likely this offseason.

  5. mishima

    Certain the Falcons are looking for picks, not players, but would be nice to move a player (Kendricks, Thompson, Hill, Prosise) + mid/late-round pick. Their defense is a mess and the Seahawks need a shot of youth/energy at LB and/or safety.

  6. DC

    I’d like to kick the tires on Vic Beasley, send them a 6th for him and see if he can provide some speed off the edge.

    • Sea Mode

      Re-kick the already kicked tires of Dion Jordan…?

      Tom Pelissero

      Former No. 3 overall pick Dion Jordan is eligible to return from suspension in a few weeks, and
      tells me a bunch of NFL teams have been calling. Jordan weighs 273 with 8% body fat, feels good mentally and physically … and looks like this. 👀

      Oct 22, 2019

      • StickyIcky

        Love the idea of bringing Jordan back if he is in shape.

    • Gohawks5151

      Agreed. He has his flaws but I compare him to Dee Ford who is doing well this year. I think a lot of Ford’s success this year is a change of scenery and letting him play to his strengths. Working with Pete and Hurtt should help Beasley in that department. He is a true Leo. similar 10 yrd split to Avril coming out of college (1.55 to 1.59). The lack of edge speed in the draft makes me think they would be open to moving one of their 2nd rounders. Good age but they are going to have to pay to keep him.

      • DC

        Rumor is ATL has a weak market for him. They’ll probably take whatever they can get. I’d offer no more than a 5th, and unless he lights it up in the 2nd half of the season, he’ll probably have to accept a 1 year prove it deal next year.

        • no frickin clue

          So far in 2019, Hooper is #1 among TEs in catches, #2 in yards receiving, and #2 in first downs. He’s only 25 years old. If the Falcons weren’t already in cap hell, my guess would be he’d already have gotten a 2nd contract from them. Doesn’t make any sense to me that the market would be weak for him. Source of rumor?

          • no frickin clue

            Whoops – just realized you weren’t talking about Hooper there. #facepalm

        • Von

          You can get Beasley for a 7th rounder. I don’t think he’s even worth that. He doesn’t love the game, and it shows.

  7. Sea Mode

    Well, if we do add Hooper, at least it will keep with the fans yelling *long “u” sound* after every TE catch…

  8. WALL UP

    Injuries do play an important part in the outcome of a team’s success during the season. The recent loss is indicative of that fact. Losing Dissly and Brown has vastly inhibited their abilities in the run game, and 3rd down opportunities.

    Replacing Dissly’s abilities in blocking will be very difficult to replicate, with whomever they decide to trade for. OJ will fill the void of his play making capabilities, but not his blocking prowess. Hooper will not replace what was lost either. Would he perform adequately as a replacement? Perhaps, but it would be difficult to fill Dissly’s shoes. The rapport that the #3 & #88 have, will take time to develop.

    Brown’s return to LT is the key to their success on the OL. It frees up Fant to return to the “BIG TE” position. Fluker’s health is also of great need against such heavy loaded DTs as the Ravens deployed. Fluker and Jones can be interchangeable, depending upon the DTs that are faced against them. Fant & Jones can be inserted in “JUMBO TE” packages in short yardage situations, even 4th & 3yd situations.

    Whomever they trade for should have the better blocking capabilities. Because, they’re going to run the ball, that’s for sure.

  9. Gaux Hawks

    Rob – Thoughts on how V. Beasley would potentially fit into our defense? You mentioned we need to add speed on the edge… Clowney, Reed, Ford, Vic? Or a Bruce Irvin role (SAM)?

    • DC

      He’d fit the Bruce role as a SAM on base downs and LEO on passing downs but with his current performance, or lack there of, I’d want him just as a situational pass rusher coming off the edge, to at least force QBs up in the pocket for Clowney and others.

    • Simo

      A flyer on Beasley might not be the worst option, but wondering who’s roster spot he would take? If Ansah is done, then fine, cut him and add Beasley. Don’t think they will give up on him this soon though. The other guys are all young and cheap outside of Clowney, be tough to cut for someone who hasn’t been productive in two years!

  10. Matt

    This won’t be popular, but if it could be done – I’m fine with sending a 1st Rounder for OJ Howard. I’d ask for a 3rd or 4th back, as well. My thinking is this – Howard is still very young, extremely talented, and fits into this scheme from a long term perspective. I love Dissly, but we are at the point where we hope for the best and prepare for the worst/reality.

    Lastly, and I don’t mean to start a debate (again) on this Rob – I just think the recent 1st round picks by SEA have been so underwhelming that I’m ok with mortgaging that pick on a talent like Howard.

    • DC

      I don’t think the value is there to give up a 1st. Let JS use that to add an additional 3-5 picks next year.

    • Sea Mode

      Getting a R3 pick back would essentially be like us trading down out of R1 anyway as usual, then trading away the R2 for OJ.

      I would say I’m cool with that, but what gives me pause is that there are likely to be some REALLY talented WR and OL in the back half of R1 just because of the sheer number of them projected to come out in this draft.

      I guess it will depend on how highly they still rate OJ. Or maybe just how much better he is than any of the TEs in the draft.

      The other consideration is, what if we miss the playoffs and that R1 pick ends up being in the late teens. Not altogether improbable at this point, especially if they decide to focus on giving the rookies more playing time. Then, when we see the players on the board, we might really be wishing we had waited it out…

  11. Simo

    I sure get the feeling it would take a first rounder for the Bucs to change their mind and consider trading OJ. Don’t think the Pats wanted to give up that much, so they settled on trading a second for Sanu. The issue may be that OJ was a first rounder so they would be hesitant to take less in a trade, even though the Bucs aren’t really even using him.

    Or Bruce Arians is just being stubborn and refusing all trade inquiries. Who knows, maybe they actually have a plan to start using their TE’s more!

  12. Gaux Hawks

    I completely agree, Simo. OJ’s potential and future will be the victim of Bruce Arians ego.

    • Eli

      Bruce Arians doesn’t even call the plays in Tampa Bay

  13. Robeetle12

    Isn’t it extremely obvious that this team is NOT getting it done on the D-Line?…Everyone is freaking over the TE and this line is dead last (or barely ahead of tanking Miami) in sacks.

    Ansah is a non factor. Can’t stay healthy. Clowney is an easy double team. Ford is not as good as last year. Jefferson is balling, the rest are middling…..I say we need this addressed. After these next 2 games the schedule get’s harder and we need the d-line playing well. Not sure how they address it, or the TE position, but these are very obvious needs.

    I want Thompson replaced as well. I’m tired of his drunken sailor approach to safety. He stinks.

    • Volume12

      This is quite possibly the worst take in the history of Al Gore’s internet.

      • Volume12

        Sorry Robeetle. This wasn’t meant to be a reply to your post.

      • Sea Mode


      • WALL UP

        Someone should help Beetle off his back. It’s hard to see things lying upside down. . Sorry, I just couldn’t resist it.

    • Gohawks5151

      Ford not as good as last year? Explain

      • Robeetle12

        Ok, I’ll explain. He isn’t making much of an impact. I hope that clears it up for ya…….Regarding the rest of my takes. This line is A.) Underachieving, or B.) Not as talented as everyone thought.

        Reed being out…OK…he’s needing time…Times up. Ansah:…Really dude? are you CJ Prosise ( who ironically is healthy)….Jefferson is money, everyone else?……Explain.

    • DC

      I don’t agree with all your takes, but point well taken about the line overall as a whole. We need speed off the edge to force the QB up in the pocket and move off his spot, then let guys like Clowney, Reed and QJeff collapse the pocket. We’re missing the speed. I’m curious as to how a guy like Jacob Martin would help. Doubt he’d have a bunch of sacks, but just getting the QB off his spot is a big deal.

      • Robeetle12

        Just curious as to what takes you dont agree with……Explain. (this is going to be my new thing since it was applied to me).

        • DC

          Clowney is an easy double team – disagree, don’t think it’s easy, he’s been holding his own.

          Ford is not as good as last year – disagree. I think he’s been pretty great against the run. Was hoping for some more push as a rusher but that would just be a bonus. What he played last year was on limited snaps.

          Jefferson is balling – to my eye he started off hot and is trailing off. His snap count was down this last week which is interesting…..

          I want Thompson replaced as well – I was a big defender of him initially, but now he’s making too many mistakes. I think we’ll see McDougald play FS and Blair at SS once McD is healthy. Blair looked like a playmaker, showed some speed which we greatly need.

  14. Henry

    Rob, thank you for providing the voice of reason in times like these. Navigating Seahawks twitter now is such a nightmare. You have factions of people that think it’s so easy to call plays and want Pete fired. And those same people can’t think of a single coach that would replace him. Remember how everyone was grilling Pete for not kicking the field goal against the Saints? Now I don’t think that Pete is immune from criticism, but isn’t it awfully convenient to call someone out on something after it happens instead of if it works? If Myers made that field goal, we wouldn’t hear one word. But thank you for providing rational discussion instead of that bumbling clown talk that comes out of Evan Hill and Ben Balwin’s mouths.

  15. Sea Mode

    Wondering if we might actually get and accept an offer or two and trade away a couple of our guys while we can still get value. Maybe even some unexpected ones. Just trying to think beyond this season.

    More than off-loading the typical fan scapegoats (TT 👀), it would be about trying to shake some life into the team and forcing themselves to play some young guys.

    It would also be about starting to identify the guys we probably aren’t going to extend this off-season anyway (like Vannett) and getting some immediate return for them that could be used to trade for other players without eating into our current draft stock too much.

    If Indy calls and offers their native R2 pick for Penny and some change (IIRC weren’t they the ones who tried to trade for him even after we just drafted him?), do we take it and target another RB that fits our style in this upcoming draft? Indy has two R2 picks.

    If the Raiders offer a R3 for KJ Wright, since they are looking for LBs? Is he too beloved within the organization to move on from? They have three R3 picks.

    Does a contender offer a R2 for Reed? Is he in our long term plans or will he price himself out of town?

    Outside of Wilson, Wagner, Lockett, is anyone off limits at this point if a decent offer comes? (not that there are too many others who would garner huge offers in a trade anyways…)

    Just thinking out loud here.

    • Simo

      It’s worth thinking about, or at least fun to speculate about! I think you nailed it though when you said not to many guys have any trade value to speak of outside Wilson, Lockett, Wagner.

      I don’t think Penny has nearly enough value right now to fetch a 2nd, and KJ probably couldn’t bring a third either. These guys are either injury prone, unproductive or getting old.

      Reed might have a bit of value if he’s not in the long term plans. Go ahead and trade Tedric to anyone for some new turf!!

      Just saw the Niners traded for Emmanuel Sanders! Nice position to be in, 6-0, a young team, lots of salary cap space! Yikes!!

      • Sea Mode

        You may well be right about their value. Maybe packaging them with the extra R5 pick could net a R2 or R3, similar to what Denver just did with Sanders.

    • Curtis Allen

      “If the Raiders offer a R3 for KJ Wright, since they are looking for LBs? Is he too beloved within the organization to move on from? They have three R3 picks.”

      I’d make that trade every day of the week and twice on Sunday. KJ seems to be have lost a step and he wasn’t a speed demon to begin with. Plug in Barton and go.

      Downside with that is, many have commented that KJ and Wagner are close and tied at the hip. On the other hand, it could be a wake up call for Bobby too. He hasn’t had near the impact in 2019 he typically has.

      • DC

        Absolutely. Our D needs some speed at the LB. I love KJ but he seems to be on the wrong end of too many plays this year. Clearly has lost a step when he wasn’t even that quick to begin with.

      • Sea Mode

        For Bobby’s all-world standards, no. But he is still #3 in the NFL in tackles. Quietly and effectively doing his job. He did also have the FF with Clowney earlier this season and has a few good 4th-down stops.

        But yeah, benching or even trading a vet could send a message to the whole team that PC really is serious about competition. Cause up until now, he’s seem to simply trust the vets whenever they are available, and that doesn’t send a very coherent message. Of course, the mental side of the game is huge and we don’t see what they see in the classroom and on the practice field, but still, the team just feels kind of stagnant right now. Like Rob said, pretty much just RW (Lockett) and a bunch of guys.

    • StickyIcky

      Depends on what happens this weekend! Fortunes can change in 1/2 of a NFL football game. RW missed an open Metcalf on the play he threw an interception had he thrown the ball to Metcalf who knows how the game would have turned out it could have been a 14 point swing. Ansah did not play at all and Jefferson played little. Pete said OL did a good job but WR’s didn’t get open [or RW didn’t see them]. If Pete is right then we should see an improvement on the OL and DL which would justify trading a good draft pick for another offensive weapon. Also if we punt more and kick less field goals that should improve the confidence of the defense and give the offense more time to figure out the defense. However if we don’t see any improvement this weekend I’m with you trade everyone we can that we do not plan to sign next season. If Raiders offer a non 3rd rounder for KJ we have to trade KJ and if Indy offers a 2nd for Penny we have to trade him too even if we turn things around.

      • Sea Mode

        But the whole point of this exercise is to look beyond this weekend and even this season.

    • mishima

      Yes x 3.

      Which 5 players (w/ < 3 years experience) have the potential for greatness? I can only come up with 4 for the future: Metcalf, Blair, Griffin, Barton.

      You can move Penny, Wright, Reed for picks, but what of it? Unless you change the who and how, diminishing returns.

      • StickyIcky

        Reed deserves min 1 more game before we give up on him.

        • mishima

          It’s not about giving up on him.

          Reed is a baller, but out of contract. Unless they extend/franchise, they risk losing him for nothing. They can’t afford that.

          IMO, 49ers, Packers, Saints win divisions with Vikings and Rams, wildcards. If Seattle wants to keep up with the division, they need to make some bold moves.

          • cha

            They’ll get a nice comp pick for letting Reed walk. That’s absolutely a factor in the equation.

            • mishima

              Was going to factor comp pick, but it’s not guaranteed. Top 4 will be Clowney, Reed, Ifedi, Ansah, but we’ll need to replace a number of UFAs departing.

              We could be awarded 4 or none.

              • mishima

                Further: The Seahawks letting talent walk for potential comp picks has resulted in a loss of team talent.

                They should tag/trade him, prob for something like a 2 and 4/5.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            I would trade Reed for a R2. That would give SEA three R2 picks. Use two of them to move up in R1 to get Kinlaw or Brown (probably not enough to get Brown but hey ya never know). Either would be an upgrade over Reed (at least as prospects) and under rookie contracts for at least 4 years. No brainer.

      • Sea Mode

        Well, you get the picks which you can then either trade for or draft other players, and you get to actually look at they guys you drafted sooner than year 3 of their rookie deal…

        We don’t know what we have in Barton/BBK at LB, Amadi at FS, Homer at RB. Moving those guys would give them the chance to gain some experience.

        The whole “it’s so hard for the young guys to break into our lineup” narrative is annoying me. Ok, if you have future HOF Earl Thomas at FS, nobody is breaking through. But now? They stick with the vets because they are trying to win games by eliminating mistakes and putting it on RW’s shoulders. Sure, rookies are gonna make rookie mistakes, but I feel that we are stunting their growth and going against what “always compete” should stand for.

        Not saying get rid of all the vets either, but for example, go back and look at how highly they spoke of Barton and the way he was able to dominate the playbook right away, make the calls, play all three spots, and drop into coverage throughout camp when Wagner was sitting out. And since then? Special teams.

  16. astro.domine

    Anybody else listen to Pete on 710 and get “somethings going on here” vibes when he talked about Penny? The only thing he would say is he isn’t injured. Trade coming?

    • StickyIcky

      Prosise is just as good as Penny! Did he say anything about Jefferson?

    • Denver Hawker

      Didn’t listen, but supposedly Pete thought Penny’s hamstring issue was something he should have been able to play through. Just speculating here, but could be lack of hunger/drive/aggressiveness/whatever you want to call it that Pete looks for in his players. Just today he talked about how bad Fluke and Duane want to get back in. Penny is probably in the doghouse.

      • Rob Staton

        I think Pete went as far as he could in saying they should’ve taken Chubb pre Cleveland. As we talked so much before that draft, he had their ideal physical profile. I think they had their head turned by Gurley being so effective for LA. They plumped for the size/speed factor and ability to score in a variety of ways and in every facet. Penny has flashed ability but so far it’s just not been consistent at all and he’s been hurt. Chubb meanwhile is playing like a beast. That’ll hurt, I suspect.

        • Sea Mode

          We all loved the heck out of Chubb in that draft. Honestly, I still think it had less to do with their profiles and more to the fact that they just wanted a guy with less tread on the tires and no significant injury history. (which seems silly after Chubb made it back from his injury to have two productive and healthy years at Georgia…)

          And the praise he heaped on Chubb in his presser before heading to Cleveland was absolutely leaning in the direction you mention.

          • Rob Staton

            Probably true on the durability.

        • DC

          I agree and Chubb was my pick that I wanted, but I don’t fault PCJS for taking Penny with his production, size/speed combo and amazing health history, when Chubb had the major knee injury. Especially after we had gone a couple seasons of our RBs being constantly injured.

        • TomLPDX

          Don’t forget we were coming off of a season with Chris being hurt and Penny was indestructible during college…which Chubb was not. I think that also played into picking Penny. Please let’s not go down the shoulda, woulda, coulda scenarios.

        • StickyIcky

          I just finished listening to Pete’s interview! Pete never mentioned or insinuated trade or Chubb. In fact he doubled down on everything except Tedric. I don’t think that Pete or John will use a 2nd round pick on a player that is coming off an injury! Chubb did not run the way he is running now his last year in college I think they live & die by that draft method. As far as trading Penny I think it makes sense because Prosise is looking good, the Miami rookie looked good, and next years RB prospects look good while the NFL feasted on RB’s in 2017-2019.

          • Rob Staton

            Pete said they loved him in the draft and praised him. He’s never going to go further than that.

            If you don’t think Chubb ran this way in his last year at Georgia I’d recommend watching the Rose Bowl.

            • StickyIcky

              I believe you because I did not watch the Rose Bowl but I watch Chubb most of that season. I just don’t understand how you can bring up Chubb when Pete never mentioned Chubb and Pete has a history of not drafting players high who have had surgery. You may disagree with Pete’s philosophy but your opinion does not matter because he’s the one in charge. I may be wrong but you sound a little defensive?

          • Sea Mode

            Dude, Nick Chubb had 1345 yds at 6.0 ypc and 15 TD his last year in college.

            I’m becoming increasingly confused by many of your comments.

            • mishima

              L O L

              And he shared the rock with Sonny Michel.

            • StickyIcky

              Injured had surgery! Did not look like he did prior to surgery who cares about the numbers coming off an injury, what matters is if he runs the same. SeaMode so your some sort of genius that never MAKES confusing comments? Were not writing blogs these are comments which ARE by nature confusing unless your attempting to insult someone which Rob stated last blog does not happen here.

              • Sea Mode

                I make many wrong and some useless comments, but by the power of punctuation, coherent sentence structure, and sensible use of capitalization, I somehow manage to overcome the inherently confusing nature of comments through sheer genius.

  17. cha

    Hot stove heating up!

    Mike Garafolo

    Verified account

    44 minutes ago

    #Broncos trade Emmanuel Sanders to the #49ers along with a fifth-round pick in exchange for third- and fourth-round picks, as @MikeKlis tweeted.

  18. Bigten

    With kerryon Johnson going to IR, maybe they would be in the market for penny? Don’t get me wrong, I actually like penny, and even have a penny jersey. But, I really like the up-coming draft for RB and with prosise playing well, and them liking homer, penny does seem to be expendable.
    How has Hock been for them this year? All I know is he has been poor in fantasy, but not really aware of anything else.

  19. CHawk Talker Eric

    What I’d trade for OJ Howard:

    2020 R2 + R5, or
    2020 R1 (with a R3-R4 in return)
    2021 R1

    I’d be tempted to trade a 2020 R2 + Penny, but SEA can’t go the rest of the season with only Carson, Prosise and Homer. If Carson gets hurt, that’s the season.

    I would trade a 2020 R1 for Mike Evans though

    • StickyIcky

      The problem I have with trading 1st and 2nds for Howard is next years draft has WR’s that we need. Pete said he’s committed to Fant at TE, does that mean Fant cannot be a future probowl LT?

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Agreed that next year’s WR class is fantastic. Disagree that WR is a big team need at this point. No matter how you look at it, TE is a glaring deficiency at this point, and going forward. After back to back season ending injuries, how confident are you to rely on Dissly as your #1 TE? Besides, Howard is a vastly superior TE to any available to draft in 2020.

  20. CHawk Talker Eric

    Rumor that DET are interested in trading for Kenyan Drake. How about we send them Penny in exchange for Justin Coleman?

    • Sea Mode

      Why would they trade Coleman? He’s been ballin’ out. Do they want to get out of the contract or something?

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I was being ironical. Plus, trading for Coleman means we take his contract. If SEA were willing to pay him that much, they’d have paid him and kept him.

        • Sea Mode

          Ah, ok. You got me there. 😁 Trade season is crazy season…

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Crazy was my intended subtext 😎

            • StickyIcky


  21. CHawk Talker Eric

    Does anyone else think NEP overpaid significantly for Sanu? A R2 for a 30 year old possession receiver? Glad that wasn’t us.

    • Sea Mode

      I think it was just a slight overpay because they got him under contract for 2 years, they desperately needed another weapon, and you just know Belichick/Brady are going to make him look like Julio.

      They are in full contention mode riding out Brady’s career and the #1 DEF in the league, so makes absolute sense IMO over anybody they would have gotten with (possibly, probably…?) the last pick of R2.

  22. Kingdome1976

    Maybe we should consider not giving away picks this year for a player knowing we really are not SB contenders by most experts. Personally I think Dissly will come back strong and we should snag one of the WR’s early in next years draft. There are several WR threats that would do wonders for our team in the first 50 picks or so.

    Most teams in the NFL are not making huge trades right now. The teams that usually do before the deadline feel like they are 1 piece away from a SB contender.

    • Sea Mode

      Agree, that’s why the guys we are discussing are young guys that would both help this year and be pieces to build on moving forward, not put us over the top this season. OJ and Hooper turn 25 in Nov.

    • Edgar

      I think picking up Howard or Hooper(if can sign him) is smart because Will the Thrill hasn’t lasted 8 games yet in a season. It’s obvious how important a dynamic TE is in their offense. I’d rather ‘draft’ Howard right now with a couple picks than wait and draft an unknown in the 2020 offseason.

  23. kevin mullen

    Trade a 1st rounder to ATL for Julio.

    • clbradley17

      No way. Julio is only worth a 4th at best, if we get back a fifth.

  24. cha

    Tom Pelissero

    Verified account

    Follow @TomPelissero

    Trade! The #Lions are sending safety Quandre Diggs and a seventh-round pick in 2021 to the #Seahawks for a fifth-round pick in 2020, per sources.
    1:37 PM – 22 Oct 2019

    • cha

      Wow. Judging by Lions fan replies to the tweet the Hawks just sent a bag of jockstraps to Detroit for a future HOFer.


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