Prior to the trade deadline, we discussed the possibility of the Seahawks adding another weapon.

They’re only going to go as far as Russell Wilson will take them this year. The defense has been hopeless with a couple of individual exceptions. Wilson has lost Will Dissly for the season — his second best target.

Seattle didn’t make a trade before the deadline with the market seemingly grinding to a halt. Very few deals were struck. Nobody can really complain about the inactivity — there were a couple of interesting Jamal Adams rumours and not a lot else on Tuesday.

Now, a few days later, they strike.

Josh Gordon was tactically placed on injured reserve by the Patriots to try and manipulate where he might end up when the waiver system kicked in. They probably envisioned he’d go to one of the weaker teams with a higher waiver priority. In the end 27 teams passed on the chance to sign him. He’s coming to Seattle.

The move is generating a great buzz on Twitter but there’s something to remember here. This could be a very short tenure in Seattle. The Seahawks aren’t making any commitment. It’s likely they didn’t really expect him to last to #28 on the waiver wire. Now they have an opportunity to bring him in, assess his health and fit within the organisation.

Pete Carroll loves a challenge. He can now see whether Gordon can be his latest reclamation project.

It’s just as likely, however, that a few weeks down the line he’s moving on again. It’s exciting today because he’s a big name, a big talent and it’s unexpected. There’s no commitment though. It’s a shot to nothing.

Hopefully he can contribute and be a factor. In terms of pure talent, Gordon’s on a par with any receiver in the league. We all know why he hasn’t been able to max out his potential. We don’t need to revisit that.

The Seahawks love to get the ball downfield and Gordon is similar to D.K. Metcalf in his ability to stretch the field with a big frame. He can create mismatch opportunities and he can be a chain-mover and an explosive play threat.

There’s absolutely no gamble here. It’ll either work out or it won’t. There’s nothing negative about this.

Hopefully Gordon can provide another weapon to the offense to help Wilson lead this team. Does anyone know if he can rush the passer too?

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