Breaking: Seahawks claim Josh Gordon

Prior to the trade deadline, we discussed the possibility of the Seahawks adding another weapon.

They’re only going to go as far as Russell Wilson will take them this year. The defense has been hopeless with a couple of individual exceptions. Wilson has lost Will Dissly for the season — his second best target.

Seattle didn’t make a trade before the deadline with the market seemingly grinding to a halt. Very few deals were struck. Nobody can really complain about the inactivity — there were a couple of interesting Jamal Adams rumours and not a lot else on Tuesday.

Now, a few days later, they strike.

Josh Gordon was tactically placed on injured reserve by the Patriots to try and manipulate where he might end up when the waiver system kicked in. They probably envisioned he’d go to one of the weaker teams with a higher waiver priority. In the end 27 teams passed on the chance to sign him. He’s coming to Seattle.

The move is generating a great buzz on Twitter but there’s something to remember here. This could be a very short tenure in Seattle. The Seahawks aren’t making any commitment. It’s likely they didn’t really expect him to last to #28 on the waiver wire. Now they have an opportunity to bring him in, assess his health and fit within the organisation.

Pete Carroll loves a challenge. He can now see whether Gordon can be his latest reclamation project.

It’s just as likely, however, that a few weeks down the line he’s moving on again. It’s exciting today because he’s a big name, a big talent and it’s unexpected. There’s no commitment though. It’s a shot to nothing.

Hopefully he can contribute and be a factor. In terms of pure talent, Gordon’s on a par with any receiver in the league. We all know why he hasn’t been able to max out his potential. We don’t need to revisit that.

The Seahawks love to get the ball downfield and Gordon is similar to D.K. Metcalf in his ability to stretch the field with a big frame. He can create mismatch opportunities and he can be a chain-mover and an explosive play threat.

There’s absolutely no gamble here. It’ll either work out or it won’t. There’s nothing negative about this.

Hopefully Gordon can provide another weapon to the offense to help Wilson lead this team. Does anyone know if he can rush the passer too?

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  1. CHawk Talker Eric

    I really wanted OJ Howard, but this is arguably much better. All the potential upside and no loss of draft capital. Bravo Seahawks.

    Shows the doubters the FO is still all in on the season.


  2. MyChestIsBeastmode

    Let’s go!

  3. Gaux Hawks

    …first place I came when I heard the news

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

    • Gohawks5151

      For many of us as well hahaha

      • Keith


        • Pickering

          I first heard the news today from here, oh boy.

    • Dale Roberts

      I passed over multiple “Seahawks claim Josh Gordon” stories figuring I’d get the same old hash… until I came to the best Seahawks site on the web.

  4. Huggie Hawk

    I have long had a mega man crush on JG. Obvs there are reasons he is available at this point in the season, but I am pumped. Pete loves big WRs… he now has 2. Go Hawks!

  5. CaptainJack

    This feels like it could be Brandon Marshall 2.0…

    He’ll score one touchdown then get cut a few games later after being a healthy scratch

    Not trying to be negative

    • Bruce McDermott

      Marshall was old and losing skills. Gordon’s problems are neither of those. So we’ll see whether we can get something out of him. In any event, from everything I’ve read over the years of both camps, the Hawks will be supplying a much more supportive work environment than the Pats ever did.

    • Elmer

      If you are looking for comparisons to the past it feels more like Percy Harvin than Brandon Marshall. But I think this deal stands on its own and I hope that it works out.

  6. HOUSE


    Are you as surprised as me?

    • Rob Staton

      Very surprised.

      But now that it’s happened I see the logic.

      • HOUSE

        When I asked the question yesterday, I figured it was a long shot. Tells me a lot of other teams had concerns about him. I see this as a low-risk/high-reward shot. With a quiet Trade deadline, this was a good move in the Arms war to stay pace with SF. He won’t shoot up this weekend, but he should be ready for next week vs the 9ers.

        I think he’s an upgrade over Moore and maybe even Brown right now

        • Spireite_Seahawk

          I hope you mean suit up and shoot up was a freudian slip!!!

          • Sea Mode


          • HOUSE

            I swear this talk/text is going to get me in trouble one day. HAHAHA

  7. Tony

    Huge move! Worst case scenario, he doesnt work out and hes dropped. Pairing him with DK and lockett will create big mismatches. I hope we save him for niners. Come out with some wrinkles to throw at them.

  8. Ty the Guy

    Savvy move. Low risk – high reward. This mean Lockett gets to work from the slot more often? I don’t expect a ton from Gordon, maybe 25 rec, 3 TDs, but it gives defenses something else to think about, opening up the run game and other WRs.

    P.S. Can we get Jacob Martin back for Ziggy?

    • SoCal12

      This is my thought process as well, and why I’m excited for the pickup. I’m not expecting big numbers from him, but if we can use him to open up more space for DK and Lockett then it will be totally worth.

    • Dale Roberts

      Can Josh Gordon play speed rusher?

  9. cha

    Feels like there was obviously no one in the trade market they liked at the price they liked, and they weighed all the alternatives and ended up with Gordon. Not saying he’s trash, but just outlining the process as I see it.

    They wanted to give RW another weapon, as Rob has consistently said, and this was the best option available.

    I would like to see a couple plays for him against TB. Give SF something to think about for the MNF game.

    • cha

      Welp, never mind playing him this week

      Mike Garafolo

      Verified account

      Follow @MikeGarafolo

      Pete Carroll says they’ll take a look at Josh Gordon next week and “see what he looks like.” Gordon won’t play this Sunday for the #Seahawks.
      1:55 PM – 1 Nov 2019

      • Miami Hawk

        Obviously they just threw in the flyer for the waiver claim and didn’t think really think much about much less that they would have a chance but they got lucky.

        The real question is why the Pats got rid of him and how lucky they got since there is literally almost no downside to this.

  10. Rick

    What is the explanation why the Patriots didn’t try to trade him before the deadline?

    • Rob Staton

      I suspect they probably did. The fact he lasted to #28 on the waiver wire suggests nobody was interested.

  11. Canadian Hawk

    You kidding me?

    Lockett, Metcalf AND Gordon????

    Slam dunk, and in the event it doesn’t work out cost no draft capital and very little financially.

    Don’t care that he’s 6 years removed from his big season and don’t care if he doesn’t get the seperation he once did – he’s a big body receiver with loads of experience whose won a Super Bowl.

    And if Russ thinks he’d be a good piece then why not?

    This year we outscore the other guys – this will help.

  12. Jordan

    Who did the hawks cut to open the roster spot? haven’t been able to find that info

    • cha

      I’m guessing they have until 1pm tomorrow to make a corresponding move.

      Dickson sounds like a gametime decision so maybe 2 moves.

    • Rob Staton

      Dekoda Watson

      • cha

        OK don’t listen to me. Just move along. LOL.

      • MyChestisBeastMode

        Poor guy (Dekoda). He was just talking at the press conference yesterday how he was obviously excited to be here but also that he’s a huge family man and Halloween is his favorite holiday. He was bummed he had to miss it for his new job. Add insult to injury, he literally missed only Halloween, got cut, and can now fly home again the day after.

  13. line_hawk

    This is an interesting read –

    • Thor

      Good grief, what a read. I think that guy better clean himself up (hopefully) or he’ll be dead by his mid thirties.

      • line_hawk

        I never quite followed him closely but knew he was good, so was initially excited about the pickup. After reading this, I give it a one in a thousand’s chance that he will be on the team by thanksgiving. He has serious issues to deal with outside football.

  14. cha

    So, does that mean the Hawks feel Jennings and Ursuah are just roster stashes for 2019?

    • Rob Staton

      Pretty much.

    • Pickering

      Given a strength of the 2020 draft is receivers and the ‘Hawks could grab one or two, I wonder if either will be on the roster, even as practice squad members, next season.

    • Elmer

      If Gordon works out, Jennings and Ursua are the #7 and #8 wide receivers. Who keeps 8 WR’s? Either the Hawks like them and this is a redshirt year, or they are flameouts who likely won’t make it through this season.

  15. rowlandice

    Ha! My favorite line of the article “Does anyone know if he can rush the passer too?”

  16. Paul Cook

    Well, we got our troubled mercenary. It’s all about his head. Does he care anymore? Does he want to redeem himself and his career? No loss if the answer is no.

  17. CWagner

    I wanna be excited but then I consider the fact that no one traded for him earlier this week and then 27 teams passed him on the waivers. Fortunately it appears low risk so we’ll see how it goes.

    • Rob Staton

      By this time next week he might be gone.

      It’s pretty clear this is them having a look, hoping he fits in and takes this opportunity.

      Let’s hope he does.

      • Miami Hawk

        Exactly. There was a reason the Pats let him go so lets just hope that it just a scheme fit or something like that.

  18. Sea Mode

    Wow, really surprised 27 teams passed on him. I mean, if nothing else, he could be worth stashing just to potentially get a comp pick if he stays clean and signs with someone else next year.

    I hope he literally moves in with RW, lol.

  19. Coleslaw

    This is perfect! He should be able to replace some of Dissly’s #s. Once we get Dickson back, we may even end up better than before Dissly went down.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll just be happy for a start if he sticks on the roster beyond the next week or two.

      • cha

        I wonder if this will light a fire under Moore & Brown. They should be competitively pissed that the Hawks brought Gordon in. Always compete, guys.

      • Coleslaw

        Josh has certainly taken a step back from ‘that year’, but I like what he’s been doing lately, and I’m confident he can at least be as effective as he was in NE.

  20. Lil’stink

    The savviest team in the league would rather trade a 2nd for Sanu than keep Josh Gordon. Not sure this is a hype train I’ll be getting on yet. At least it’s low risk and could help to open things up for the offense.

    • Sea Mode

      True, but they needed someone healthy and reliable to produce right now, got Sanu and N’Keal Harry comes back this week as well.

  21. Volume12


    Low risk, high reward. Wont hold my breath though.

    Also kinda shows that they shouldn’t be picky when it comes to addressing needs. Big body, slot receiver, possession, etc. Just add talent.

    • Miami Hawk

      One thing John and Pete have shown is that they will kick the tires on anybody but especially underperformers with great physical skills.

  22. Ukhawk

    God bless that boring is never an option #12s

  23. Sea Mode

    I know I’m getting ahead of myself and this will become more relevant next week, but I found this video on the 49ers defensive success interesting.

    Why the 49ers’ Defense stopped using the Seahawks’ Defensive scheme

    I think we should be able to exploit its weaknesses with a smart QB like Russ and our play action game.

    Also, although we know PC is not going to change anytime soon, maybe there are some wrinkles we could add from this to become less predictable on defense or get our pass rush going?

    Really hoping against all hope that the stars align, RW has another career night, we can put a dent in the 49ers perfect record and start up a new rivalry under the bright lights of MNF!

    • cha

      I think Arizona’s offense gave the Hawks several looks at ways to work with the SF defense last night. The hurryup offense sure seemed to be effective against the defense. Some better decisions by Kyler and Kliff and they are toe to toe with them.

      I think PC and RW are more savvy and can find all kinds of ways to counter this D.

    • Uncle Bob

      Timely or not, I’m glad you put this up. Hopefully some of the folks will glean from this the fallacy of always trying to compare any FS against Earl. Our old scheme suffers for the lack of total defensive team speed. Saleh has been smart enough to make the adjustments that work with the enormous advantage in speed and read capabilities of the players he has. I’ve noticed that Carrol/Norton have been doing a lot (relatively) of D line stunting this season which baffles me. I suspect it’s an effort to work around the double teaming of Clowney, but we lack the team speed to make that little bit of extra time for the rush to form work. If Reed doesn’t get into football shape enough to resemble last season the rest of the way out our D rush won’t get much better than it’s been. As for how we’ll counter the Niners next week, their loss of Alexander might be that little bit of decline that Russ/Schotty can exploit.

    • Kelly Orr

      Look that team was a lot more talented than the second worst team in the league last year. Even with Garropolo out for the year. Not many teams have the athleticism and pedigree of having the depth of 5 first round picks on the D-Line. Hopefully those LBs get tired of taking the brunt of Chris Carson 1v1 in the hole.

  24. Saxon

    Patriots have a far worse WR situation than we do and they cut him. That should tell you guys something. Josh Gordon is a mess. He could easily challenge Julio as the best WR in the game and, instead, has preferred to indulge in “other” interests.

    I thought the posters here were a lot more knowledgeable than most fans. Don’t fall for a name…

    Sure, this is a low risk move. They’re kicking the tires on a top flight talent, but he’ll flame out fast like he always does. Would much prefer his snaps go to guys that actually LOVE the game of football and dedicate themselves to it.

    • TomLPDX

      And that’s just it, Saxon. Guy has to come in and prove he is worthy. Pete won’t accept anything less.

    • J

      Didn’t they have to cut him given the IR rules?

    • Sea Mode

      Patriots have a far worse WR situation than we do and they cut him. That should tell you guys something.

      They have Dorsett, Sanu, and are getting R1 pick N’Keal Harry back this week. Would I rather have Lockett than any of those guys? Of course. But I don’t see them in any way “far worse” than us.

      I thought the posters here were a lot more knowledgeable than most fans. Don’t fall for a name…

      I think we all know he’s a reclamation project at this point; I don’t see anybody here claiming we’ll ride him to a SB or anything. But he’s cheap, didn’t cost a draft pick, and if he sticks could even net us some kind of comp pick if he gets a deal in FA. No risk, all reward. What’s not to like?

      Sure, this is a low risk move. They’re kicking the tires on a top flight talent, but he’ll flame out fast like he always does. Would much prefer his snaps go to guys that actually LOVE the game of football and dedicate themselves to it.

      Well, you can choose to take the negative outlook on this and that’s understandable given his off-field track record, but I prefer to give him a chance in our culture. Even if he’s had a rough start to this season due to injury, he did still produce over 1000 yds in 17 games with NE. For me, he is what was available to us right now and I am all for taking any chance, albeit remote, at improving our roster.

    • cha

      I thought the posters here were a lot more knowledgeable than most fans.

      No need for snark here.

      But if you must, at least make it accurate snark. Nearly every post that expresses excitement or positivity also acknowledges the potential downside.

    • Eli

      This is a pretty callous comment. Alcohol and drug addiction is more than just “choosing to indulge in other interests”.

      • Sean

        Yeah just look at his upbringing, its definitely not his fault. Just did not have the right support around him growing up.

    • Rob Staton

      Saxon: “I thought the posters here were a lot more knowledgeable than most fans.”

      And I thought most people on here could comment without being condescending.

      People are well within their rights to be excited about this. Most people acknowledge it’s basically an extended try-out and might not work.

  25. Will C

    Does anyone know if a waiver claimed player like JG would count towards the comp pick formula if he walks next season?

    • Rob Staton

      It would — provided somebody else signed him.

  26. charlietheunicorn

    Roll the dice on waiver claim….

    Snake Eyes! ~ JS

  27. Chase Cash

    Hey Rob, Flash is listed at 6’3” 230. Is there a chance the Seahawks try him in a tight end roll? Word on the street is he has trouble separating from corners but can still go up and get the 50-50 jump balls. Could he be a mismatch against linebackers? Just wondering what your thoughts are.


      Zero chance of this.

    • Rob Staton

      No he’s a receiver, they’re not going to try and turn him into a TE. But there are still ways to create mismatches.

  28. DC

    Of anywhere he could have gone, Gordon is coming to the most interesting place possible. On one hand he has Russell Wilson who I believe can and will ‘reach’ him. On the other, he can walk into any 7-11 and purchase the chronic.

    7 games + playoffs or a 3rd strike & outta the league forever.

    • mishima

      News to me.

    • Donovan

      Oh my

    • Sea Mode

      This has been posted all over Twitter and I think it is a total moot point. The stuff is legal in MA as well. Besides, he would be able to find it somewhere anyway even if it weren’t legal, if he relapses.

      Anyways, I think he’s a much better fit with RW’s deep ball ability as well than Tom Brady. We’ll see. Let’s just take it one step at a time and see if he can even stick around long enough to get out on the field.

      • Kenny Sloth


  29. steele

    If Josh is healthy (he’s close) and if he does not have off-field issues (unknown), the Seahawks will have at least a solid contributor, and at best a bigtime playmaker. (I think the Patriots made a mistake. Sanu is not an upgrade over Gordon at his best. NKeal Harry is completely unproven and inferior to prime Gordon, and more of a YAC type than a skilled receiver.)

    In any case, there’s a good chance Josh will enjoy the new environment. Just watch the off-field stuff.

  30. Robeetle12

    Wood. Hard wood…..I mean working hard on wood, oh crap, never mind.

  31. Dale Roberts

    Why did NE release Josh Gordon?

    SI’s Devon Clements wrote, “During an interview on “PFT Live” on Friday, NBC Sports Boston’s Tom E. Curran shared some things he had heard within the organization as to why Gordon was released on Thursday. According to Curran, he had heard rumblings that New England was having problems with Gordon being late to meetings, the coaches had trouble locating him at times, and he generally wasn’t showing the hard work ethic that was expected of him.”

    I don’t think Pete will suddenly tolerate the same behavior that got Bennett traded and Sherman cut. Either you’re all in or you’re gone no matter how talented you might be. The Seahawks have the toughest remaining schedule in the league. Maybe Pete thinks he can keep Gordon committed for nine weeks and get us through the upcoming gauntlet. Or maybe he’s just giving San Francisco something to worry about.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s more or less a fact-finding mission. He either buys in, settles in and knuckles down or he’ll be gone pretty quickly.

      Let’s hope it works out.

      • John_s

        Exactly it’s a glorified try out to see 1) how in shape and his health is and 2) if he can hold up the standard

    • Jamho3

      SEA rule #3 Be early. Gordon will be fine.

  32. Frank

    I had a gut feeling about him, after the Hawks stayed pat on the trade line, but didn’t want to curse it into not happening by talking about it 😂. Let’s hope he can have a Marshawn Lynch type rebirth as a Hawks.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Let Joshy Smoke 🚬 💙💚💚💚💚💚

  33. Sea Mode

    Part 2 of my TE deep dive almost ready. Just got a few more on the Senior Bowl watchlist to check out.

    What say you: should I post today or wait until Rob’s (possible) CFB notes tomorrow?

    • Rob Staton

      I will be posting CFB notes

      • Sea Mode

        👍 thanks

  34. Comfect

    Really enjoying watching Nebraska CB Lamar Jackson. Solid coverage including an athletic pick, and provoked a false start with a well-timed blitz fake.

  35. Volume12

    Hope everyone keeps sleeping on W. Forest WR Sage Surratt. Height-weight-speed prospect with explosion. Bodies DBs. One of the best WRs in the country.

  36. Volume12

    Someone much smarter than me recommended I check out Fresno St. LG Netane Muti.

    I know its just a highlight tape (although a bit different), but I think I’m in love. My god.

    I can not wait to see full game tape of this guy.

    • Volume12

      lmao. This dude man handles NFL talent, A’Shawn Robinson, on at least 3 reps as a FR.

    • Volume12

      W. Forest CB Amari Henderson had a dominant performance today. Jumped off the screen. Excited to get more in depth on his stuff too.

    • WALL UP

      That #52 is a grown man right there.. I hope he’s on JS radar, if he declares. He definitely will bring the bully back to the OL. I’m sold too Vol..

      • WALL UP

        He’s a senior, perhaps a day 2 prospect.

        • McZ

          If his medicals are okay, he is definitely borderline R1.

  37. Volume12

    Georgia’s Andrew Thomas vs Florida’s Jon Greenard & Jabari Zuniga is gonna be fun.

  38. Volume12

    Have I mentioned how much I like the pass rushing duo from Michigan? Kwity Paye & Josh Uche?

    • Sea Mode

      Yes. 😏

    • charlietheunicorn

      I watched a New York minute of the game today. I was not overly impressed. The OL was completely outclassed at every position…. they (the DL) should look impressive against inferior talent. Now, overall throughout the season, they keep producing, then obviously they should get appropriate love…. however, where would or should they land in the draft? No idea right now.

      • Volume12

        Uche had 2 huge sacks both on 3rd down and was in the backfield a ton today.

        Hard to say, but if I had to or take a guess I’d say Paye is probably more of a 3rd rounder and Uche a 2nd.

  39. GoHawksDani

    Schneider is just on another level right now.
    Clowney trade:
    Upside: They can get an A+ DE with great TFL skills and passrush with potential FF and sacks upside
    Downside: They might swap a 2020 3rd round pick to a 2021 3rd-4th round pick if it doesn’t work out amazingly

    Gordon trade:
    Upside: Marshawn Lynch in a WR (as in Lynch was a problematic reclamation project who became one of the best RBs)
    Downside: minus 1m in CAP space

    They just making really low risk, potential pretty high reward moves. I love it. With Howard or Jamal it could mean losing an R1 pick and who knows how well they’d play in this system. They probably have the same upside just with much bigger commitment and downside.

    I guess the “Does anyone know if he can rush the passer too?” is a comment about guys on twitter crying about he’s not an OT/OG/OC/DE/DT/CB/S. Or maybe just a point about that we have a major hole in the roster. If it’s the previous one, I’m loving it. If the latter then not so much.
    I had to read (well didn’t had to, but did it anyway) tons of people complaining why getting a WR when we have much bigger holes and needs.
    I told a ton of them that if he/she can show Pete a street FA who is better at CB/S/OL/DL than the guys on our roster, I bet Pete will be very happy and sign that guy.
    They have to work with what they get and John does an amazing job at that.

    I also love that they protected next year’s draft+CAP capital.
    If we can get a good draft+FA where we pick up a solid OG, TE, DE, DT and Blair and Flowers can develop and either McDougald or Diggs can work well as the other S this team is pretty solid

  40. charlietheunicorn

    Josh Gordon helped me win a FF championship back about 5 years ago…… there is that. 😉

  41. Volume12

    Utah LB Francis Bernard is incredible. One of the better looking LBs in this class so far.

    I don’t think he’s a great athlete or anything, but he’s gonna play a long time on Sundays.

    • Volume12

      Udub TE Hunter Bryant having himself a day.

      • Volume12

        Too bad Florida TE Kyle Pitts is a true SO. Thats a TE1 right there.

        • Trevor

          Agreed he would be the first TE off the board this year.

  42. cha

    So since we haven’t heard anything about a move I’m guessing Dickson needs another week?

    • Rob Staton

      Yep he hasn’t been activated so not playing this week.

  43. Volume12

    Utah corner Jaylon Johnson! Thats my guy. Freaky.

    4.47 40 yd
    4.00 20 yd
    39.7″ vert
    45.0 PB throw
    136 HS SPARQ score

    • DC

      He had the pick 6?

  44. Eli

    Would love to grab Utah QB Tyler Huntley as a Day 3 developmental guy

    • Denver Hawker

      Like Moss too.

  45. Frank

    Sorry to Segway back to Gordon, but I’m extremely excited about the potential there. The chemistry is our Wr room is so amazing I really think he has a chance of being really motivated in this situation. The physical similarity between him and Metcalf are pretty auspicious for Metcalf’s development. Just to be able to learn from someone who has been a pro bowl lvl talent with similar physical gifts when he can stay on the field.

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