Instant reaction: Seahawks beat Ravens, go to 8-5

December 13th, 2015 | Written by Rob Staton

The Seahawks got the job done in Baltimore — but at what cost?

Thomas Rawls broke his ankle and that somewhat takes the edge off another resounding win. Pete Carroll has confirmed he’s out for the season.

Nevertheless we saw more brilliance from Russell Wilson. He now has 1,171 yards and 16 touchdowns in his last four games (plus a rushing score). Wilson had five scores here — three to Doug Baldwin and two to Tyler Lockett. He could be the best player in the NFL right now.

Wilson is putting the team on his shoulders in a way the elite quarterbacks are supposed to. The defense wasn’t brilliant today (it did only concede six points though) and the running game stalled after Rawls went out. Wilson still threw it all over the field and again didn’t turn the ball over.

It’s surely no coincidence that this blast of form has coincided with improved O-line play. Wilson wasn’t sacked and had an eternity to throw the ball. Keeping this entire unit together may yet be an off-season priority. What a turnaround from the early season performance. The O-line has allowed eight sacks in the last six games, after 31 sacks in first seven. The improvement here is the underlying story of Seattle’s dramatic change in fortunes.

The Seahawks jump ahead of Minnesota as the #5 seed with home games against Cleveland and St. Louis to come. They’re also two games clear of the chasing playoff pack after Tampa Bay and Atlanta both lost.

They’ll have to move forward without Rawls. How soon can Marshawn Lynch return? As they have so often in the past, the Seahawks need Lynch in a bad way. However well Wilson is playing, they’ll need a running game in the playoffs.

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  1. hawkdawg says:

    I think we move Coleman to TB, and hold on for Lynch….

    • Miles says:

      They clearly didn’t feel that way during the game. They rolled with DuJuan Harris and stuck with him even after his crucial fumble. Personally I think Bryce Brown will get the most carries, and it will be by committee until Lynch *hopefully* gets back. I think they brought DuJuan Harris in as a developmental player, and didn’t plan to give him many carries except for garbage time/clock-killing situations. When Rawls got hurt, he was the only player that wasn’t a 3rd-down type or a fullback. I would not be surprised if they PS’d him and added a Kendall Hunter/Isaiah Pead/Josh Robinson. A caller on Justin and Gee pointed out that Steven Jackson is out there. That’s very unrealistic but it’s an interesting thought.

  2. crazyxflip says:

    Per Carroll, Thomas Rawls out for the season due to broken ankle and likelybtorn ligaments. Referee to the injury as “substantial”

  3. Zach says:

    With Rawls out for the year, curious to see what if anything the Seahawks can find on the waiver wire. Handing the ball to Jackson just seems like a waste.

  4. DC says:

    Best pass protection of the year by the O line. Would be happy keeping this line together with one addition. Alex Boone signed to start at LG. We can upgrade over Britt imo, then draft for competition/depth. It’s not a panic situation anymore.

    Great win!! Staying healthy is obviously key for the playoff push. Get well Rawls, Bennett, Shead & anyone else I missed.

    Wilson and Baldwin are so locked in. Lockett too.

    • Ben says:

      Britt’s been playing really, really well. Especially in the run game. I don’t see any reason to upgrade on the guy. He’s in his first year at a position.

    • EranUngar says:

      Let it go already DC. We are not replacing RW or Earl Thomas because they had a less than stellar start of the season and we are not replacing anyone on this GREAT OL if we do not have to.

      Britt is under contract for 2 more years so he certainly does not fall under “we have to”.

      The only players that we maight have to replace are Sweezy & Okung if we can not resign then to a cap friendly contract. If you want Boone to replace Sweezy at a lower cap hit i am fine with it but leave Britt/Lewis and Gilliam alone.

      • DC says:

        What is the “it” you want me to let go of?

        • EranUngar says:

          Sorry DC, I just realized that my reply was offensive. I meant that it is time for us to accept that this line is not a target for upgrades and we should strive to keep those guys, especially the young and inexpensive ones.

          • DC says:

            Got it. I agree, I want to keep all of them too and they are playing very well together. Hoping that growth continues. That said I also believe that “always compete” helps everybody become the best they can be.

  5. vrtkolman says:

    Running back becomes a priority for next year. They will need an effective player that can share carries with Rawls. How bad is this injury in the long haul? Is this something that will affect Rawls’ entire career?

    • Mike Kelly says:

      Lots of good depth in the draft at RB this year. I think the Seahawks will grab one in the 3rd or 4th round.

    • Steele says:

      I think Ezekiel Elliott looks pretty tempting right now. Or some other RB in the top half of the draft.

      • Miles says:

        Brock Huard reported that Thomas Rawls would not need surgery, no screws or adjustments to the ankle. He says it will heal fully and not affect Rawls’ long-term future.

  6. Matt says:

    Anybody know what happened to Rod Smith? Would love to see him get another chance here, with how well he played in the preseason and how well the o-line is playing right now.

  7. C-Dog says:

    Huge blow loosing Rawls. Baltimore is a hard hitting team with a lot of proud veterans. This was kind of what I feared going into this game, injury a critical player. Hopefully it bounces back strong. Might even bump up the need to draft RB higher this year.

    Russell Wilson is Elite. Money well spent, Paul Allen. We go as far as he can take us now.

    Re-sign Kearse. He fits.

    Little disappointing to see a quieter game from Frank Clark, but Baltimore has some good interior O-Linemen. Hard watching Clausen have time to throw without Seattle sending extra players. Franks’s raw, and playing inside is going to take some time. My hope is that he continues being used there and evolves, but still thinking a DT could be targeted inside the first three rounds, if there is a guy they like, namely Billings. Don’t think they’re going to be in position. Maybe there’s a guy in free agency.

    Shead getting picked on is a concern. Hopefully they get that fixed.

    O Line didn’t allow a sack, but you really notice the difference when 34 isn’t the one running the ball. Loosing him hurts a lot.

    • Volume12 says:

      Harris just runs out of control, and isn’t the type to break tackles. Ya gotta have the talent for an O-line to block for. I wouldn’t be concerned with Seattle’s run blocking at this point.

      Harris only like 200 lbs., kind of strange they thought he might fit.

      • Miles says:

        Vol. 12, I think Seahawks see Harris as a developmental type player who is somewhat unique and can do more than one thing. As I said at the top of the comments, I could easily see them putting him back on the PS and get another guy to fill in.

    • Volume12 says:

      Is there a DT from Denver that’s a FA this year? Their D-line is excellent, with good depth.

      • Trevor says:

        3 of thier DTs are free agents this year including Wolfe and Williams

        • C-Dog says:

          I think Wolfe would be pretty interesting. He was a DT in college. 26 years old. Long and lean, and a pretty strong player. Can probably shift between 3 and 5 tech, but that’s also probably what they want to Clark to do.

          I know he’s not a household name, but it might be worth monitoring what Detroit does with Tyrunn Walker. The Lions traded for him with the Saints, so they probably want to try to hang onto him. He got injured in the Seattle game, but was a starter up ’till then. He’s another taller lean 3 tech that fits that mold. Only 26, I think.

          Don’t think they will spend big, but would love Mike Daniels from GB in Seattle.

          Could take small unexciting fliers on young former 2d and 3rd rounders Kendall Reyes and Mike Martin. Maybe Nick Fairley on a one year deal.

          In the draft, I think there’s round 3-ish options in Tapper, Rankins, Butler, etc.

      • EranUngar says:

        Denver has over 20M cap space for 2016 and if they let Manning go they all have over 40M. I do not think that they will let any key player on that D just leave to a team that does not pay DTs top money.

        • Miles says:

          Manning should come be the backup in Seattle. 😉

        • C-Dog says:

          Yup, I can see that. It’s something to consider when the initially brought in Avril and Bennett it was short term deals that offered decent up front money, both players around 26 years old, done with their first contracts. If they see a free agent DT they like on the market that offers some pass rush around that same age range and point in their career, do they offer something similar? I think they could, but it depends on what will be out there, and their willingness to sign.

  8. Volume12 says:

    Great win.

    Damn man, that’s a tough pill to swallow losing Rawls like that. But, like Rob said yesterday, this team still would’ve another RB if Lynch isn’t here. One of the best young backs in the game. This one stings.

    RW is stupid good. I agree. He’s probab.y the best QB in the game right now. Just puttin this on his back.

    Doug Baldwin might be the best receiver right now too. His route running continues to blow me away. Extension time?

    Great to see Sherm playing with more swagger and attitude. Almost seems to be a player-coach at the moment. Looks like it’s working.

    With the way this O-line is playing, if they could stay together as a unit, they would really only need some depth in thedraft.
    Sweezy and Gilliam were impressive today again.

    Maybe Seattyle does go CB in the 1st this year. Call me crazy, but the thing they seem to missing the most is a no. 2 corner. Keep Shead as that versatile CB/S/STs. And with the talent at CB in this year’s class it feels like you might be able to get an elite player at that spot.

    Playing gret football at the right time, but we need Lynch, sucks losing Rawls in a bad way, it might be time to get RW more involved running the ball, but excited for this thing to shake out. A crazy year in Seahawks football.

    BTW, what’s the word on Bam Bam’s injury?

    • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

      Kam has a tailbone injury, but not expected to miss time

    • C-Dog says:

      Really, tough to see Rawls lost like that. On a personal level, I haven’t found myself rooting for a rookie player that intensely since RW3 was a rook. So finding out that news was a major gut bunch. I just hope that will be an injury he can bounce back from easily.

      As much as I love Shead and what he’s been able to do, I have to think CB is potentially going to be a much higher target than in years past. If there’s an elite one where they are picking, how is that a bad idea? I know it’s outside the box of their trends, but if they don’t have someone already on their roster who they think is better, and they don’t have a greater need elsewhere, it fits.

      • Miles says:

        I think the Seahawks need to take a Patriots-style approach to the defensive backfield now. Play guys based on matchups. Shead clearly has trouble defending the jump ball and receivers with length. Jeremy Lane plays better in that situation. But Shead plays great when he is defending short-but-quick receivers like Stefon Diggs and Mike Wallace @Minnesota. With the Browns receivers I feel comfortable letting Shead play in that game. However against a team like the Cardinals I would want Lane to play opposite Sherm.

  9. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    Well… time to go diamond in the rough searching by PC/JS. Need one more RB now : /

    • David M2 says:

      I mentioined it above CTU, but Jonas Gray on MIami’s practice squad seems to fit a Seahawk’s profile. I know there was some off the field stuff with him hence him being released from the Patriots. It will be interesting to see who they kick the tires on.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

        I’;m not sure he fits the Seahawks running style. He was more shifty, but would be dangerous in the passing attack.

        • David M2 says:

          I was more or less looking at height/weight he’s listed at 5’10” #225

        • Volume12 says:

          Every RB they’ve picked in the last 3-4 years is on an active roster IIRC. That to me signals they got a good eye for talent at this particular position.

    • Lenny says:

      Bryce Brown was on the practice squad a little while ago and might be an option. I wonder if there is any chance BJ Daniels starts taking snaps at RB this week in practice. He is about the same size as Lynch and obviously knows the offense.

      • Lewis says:

        Yup, I think they resign Brown, because he knows the system. Coleman moves to RB. Cotton activated from the practice squad. Harris waived and Rawls to IR. sucks, but next man up.

      • HI Hawk says:

        I would love to see BJ gets some snaps at RB, I’m not sure he could take over as the workhorse – but the RO with Wilson/Daniels would be so much fun!!

  10. icb12 says:

    Cmike is on redskins practice squad…..

    • Troy says:

      That ship sailed and should probably remain lost in the Bermuda triangle 😉

    • matt says:

      I’d be all for getting Cmike back and active. Harris is not the answer. Michael knows the offense, at least as well as he’s capable, and is clearly more gifted then Jackson and Harris. Hopefully he didn’t burn his bridges on his way out of town, because it seems like he’d be the best to fill in at this point. We’ve also had Bryce Brown on our PS for a couple weeks recently. I was surprised that we kept Harris over him. Looking for Cmike or Brown to get a healthy dose of carries until Marshawn comes back for a ride into the playoffs.

      • AlaskaHawk says:

        Harris could look better with a week of practice. It’s silly to write him off after one game.

        • matt says:

          Most the time I’d agree with you Alaska,one game isn’t enough to gather an informed opinion, but I’ve seen enough over the years and today to firmly say “Harris is not the answer”. 42 yards on 18 carries, with a critical fumble in the red zone, is not getting the job done. He’s a decent 3rd down back. There are better options out there to be our every down RB until Lynch comes back. I’m not saying cut Harris because he’s fairly versatile, but Rawls spot should go to someone who’s not presently on our roster.

  11. Mike Kelly says:

    Some speculation that the Seahawks may go after Ray Rice. Not sure if that is a good idea but he would be a huge plus on the field. Putting Rawls on IR means they will move fairly quickly I think

    • David M2 says:

      Obviously you don’t work for the Seahawks PR department… 🙂

    • Volume12 says:

      Intriguing. I kinda like it.

      • Troy says:

        I think I’d prefer a guy like Steven Jackson over Rice

        • nichansen01 says:

          Ray Rice? After the whole Clark domestic violence situation I don’t know how I feel about having Ray Rice on the team.

          • Steele says:

            After suffering nothing for the Clark deal, JSPC would get away with signing Rice, if they do that. As with Clark, a huge initial furor would quiet immediately and become cheers the moment Rice makes plays.

            • C-Dog says:

              I thought about that myself. I think there is a definite risk of it becoming a PR fiasco. Not sure they want that when they are making a late season playoff push, but there’s no telling if he’s anywhere close to football ready. I think they would punt.

              • Miles says:

                Yeah plus Ray Rice is terrible. He was terrible in the last season he played. And he hasn’t played for two years. Dude is done.

    • bigDhawk says:

      PR issues aside, even with a year off he is on the wrong side of 30 and undoubtedly a step slow. No Thanks.

  12. Volume12 says:

    Watching this Cowboys game, is it just me, or does Darren McFadden when he was in his prime or at his best, reminds ya of ND RB CJ Prosise?

  13. rowdy says:

    Every concern about wilson has been completely erased and then some! Holding the ball to long, off target and not throwing his wr open. The crossing routes to baldwin can’t be thrown any better and 49 yarder to Lockett was a prime example of throwing the wr open. I want to say the sky is the limit but he can’t possibly play any better could he?

    • DC says:

      Lockett even had to slow down a little to make that catch. Boy is a burner.

    • matt says:

      Nope. Russell is playing out of his mind! Never has the saying “In Russ we trust” been more appropriate than now.

      • Miles says:

        It feels like the Seahawks had to figure out what kind of QB Wilson is this season. I honestly think they didn’t even know until they had to start letting him take over games. Now they are letting him throw the ball quickly. They are letting him throw receivers open. They are letting him sling it. And they are seeing where his ceiling is, which is Steve Young in his prime. I don’t want to put a label on him and set the bar too high, but that’s the level he’s playing at right now.

  14. Troy says:

    Knowshon Moreno, Pierre Thomas, Steven Jackson? Could you see any of these guys a possibility Rob?

    • matt says:

      Pierre Thomas got picked up by the Redskins this past week.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Thomas has been picked up by Washington. Would rather go younger personally. Montee Ball, Bryce Brown, Kendall Hunter etc.

      • rowdy says:

        Ball would be a great option being able to plug right in with wilson. Probably the best option not know a 53 man roster

        • C-Dog says:

          Ball and Wilson probably would have some chemistry from their Wisconsin days together. My hunch is that they might bring back Bryce Brown because of familiarity, and the running back by committee has to happen now.

  15. WALL UP says:

    They do “need Lynch in a bad way.” I’m not just talking about the playoff run. Injuries can change the complexion of things quickly. Having both in the backfield for insurance next yr is not a bad idea. Costly, but wise and I think a necessary decision they may have to make. He is still under contract. So, don’t cross him off the roster for next yr just yet.

  16. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    Bring up FB Bradon Cottom from the PS, then have Coleman play RB ?

    • nichansen01 says:

      Hey, I really like this idea.

    • bigDhawk says:

      Cottom was a RB at Purdue, and a decent one from the tape I saw. I would like to see both him and Coleman compete at RB. We have Truck at FB.

      • C-Dog says:

        Carroll has mentioned Coleman before as someone who they feel they can use as a running back. He squealed off that nice run at the end. Depending upon how far out they think Lynch is, I can see either activating Cotton and moving Coleman to RB, or bringing back Bryce Brown because of familiarity. Who ever they add has to come in and be able to play now, right now. If Ball or Hunter or someone else can pick things up lightening fast, they’re probably going to determine that with try outs tomorrow, I would think. Don’t think the trust is there for Michael, but maybe they give him a shot.

        • Miles says:

          Coleman playing RB is an interesting idea. Brian Nemhauser suggested that Coleman could be a Mike Anderson-style runningback. If Coleman could provide that kind of production for three to four games, that would be really really nice. I am not expecting it though. I think there’s a reason he’s a fullback. But sometimes you never know what a player can do until you pass him the ball.

  17. nichansen01 says:

    Rawls’ injuries are probably the biggest reason he went undrafted. Time for Beastmode to come back guys, though I don’t think we’ll need him for the Browns or Rams… Neither of those teams are very good at all. Russel Wilson is playing better than he ever has. Let him carry this team past Cleveland and St. Louis at the clink, and then hopefully Lynch will return for the game in Arizona. Hopefully…

    • Colin says:

      The game in AZ, hopefully, has no meaning and we can use it as a mini bye week.

    • Volume12 says:

      I feared this from Rawls. He was impressing me more and more lately being able to carry such a heavy load, because I always thought and still do actually, that Rawls would be best platooned with someone. Not necessarily a RBBC, but another guy that could feed off him.

      Sucks losing him, but he’ll be alright.

      • matt says:

        Same here Vol12. Losing Rawls makes this game very bittersweet. If we can still manage to secure that #5 seed, and get Lynch back for the playoffs we’ll still have a good shot at the title.

      • franks says:

        I don;t know why you think that, everything he’s done here says “featured back.” His size? The whole idea, to target a RB in the early rounds, it didn’t make any sense to me before today’s injury.

        Cable’s system will be put to the test again. Who’s DuJuan Harris? It wasn’t long ago we were saying that about Rawls. But the pattern thus far under Pete has been, to give one guy the carries, and Harris has first shot to be the guy. I’m glad there’s time to straighten this out before the playoffs. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Harris picks up where Rawls left off.

        Technology being where it is and with Rawls’ storied work ethic, I see him coming back next year the same player.

    • Ben says:

      Thomas Rawls didn’t have any injuries in college…

      • Group Captain Mandrake says:

        I think I read somewhere that he missed time every year in college. I could be wrong though.

        • Volume12 says:

          He never played more than 9 games in college.

          • Volume12 says:

            And yes, he was looking more and more like a lead back, but they still need someone behind him. This is why they want 3 good backs on the roster. Not 2.

  18. Colin says:

    Christine Michael is on the Cowboys practice squad. Team could always go back to him.

  19. neil says:

    well with Rawls out for the yearI dont believe we will get by Carolina, and Green Bay or Arizona in thew playoffs. Carroll is not the genieus people make him out to be. I said on this blog ” a big mistake to cut Turbin for 40 year old Jackson”. There is no reason they couldn”t have put Turbo on the practice squad until his ankle healed. It is like they gave no thought to ” what if back up Rawls gets injured ?” We would be a hell of alot better off if Turbo was available to step in the rest of the way instead of Harris.

    • Volume12 says:

      Not sure Turbo was any better than Freddy Jackson. Turbin hasn’t looked like a good back all year. They didn’t just cut him because he got hurt.

      We get a rested Beast Mode back. How many teams are getting a player of his caliber back at this point in the season? Added to the fact RW has proved he can carry us combined with our D.

      • Volume12 says:

        Ha! As soon as I say that, he breaks off a 36 yard TD run and actually shows off some skill this year.

        • neil says:

          Turbin didnt get much of a chance this year before he injured his ankle. I far as i was concerned he was always dependable and ran hard when he got his opportunitys, which were few at best.

    • CMoney87 says:

      A team can’t just “put a guy on the practice squad”, they have to release him and have him clear waivers first. He was waived with an injury designation and claimed before he cleared waivers so they never had that chance. There’s also a service limit for the practice squad, Im on mobile so can’t check but pretty sure if a player has accrued 3 seasons on an active roster they’re no longer eligible.

    • Miles says:

      All I can say is that we are very very lucky that Marshawn Lynch has a chance to come back. It’s possible that he could put an electrifying charge that we need at the end of our season.

      Additionally the Seahawks don’t need Turbin because they see him the same way they see Jackson. A third-down back who can block and catch passes. Having Turbin would be redundant. Also he has not generally played well with the Browns or Cowboys. He’s a not a feature runner at all. Nobody should be losing sleep about Turbin not being here.

  20. smitty1547 says:

    I got to agree with given Michaels a shot, however the Cotton, Coleman proposal sounds good to.

    • Volume12 says:

      Maybe just see if Lynch can go this week or next. If he can go next week great, if he can’t until the Rams come to town, just go with Freddy Jackson for a week. That’s best case scenario. They’ll more than likely sign someone, but at least if Lynch is ready, they don’t have to make too hasty of a signing/addition.

  21. sdcoug says:

    C Michael makes so much sense.

    Familiarity for Hawks (of his strengths and weaknesses), knows the offense, speed/quickness to gain 4/5 yds with occasional threat of chunk gains. With this renewed short passing ability and improved Oline play, we just need someone to keep us out of 3rd-and-long and keep Ds honest. Not sure Harris can give us that.

    Michael gets a significant chance to improve his value moving forward and gets a temp pay raise

    Unless there was some nastiness we don’t know about, it’s the first call I would make.

    • bigDhawk says:

      Personally, I would rather give Coleman a shot. We’ve never really seen what he can do as a runner. He has all the physical tools and 10 times the brain of CMike.

  22. Buckeye2015 says:

    What is lynchs status? I think we will get along just fine for the next few weeks with fjak and Harris, as long as lynch is slated to return for playoffs.

  23. Ed says:

    Was saying at the beginning of the year it will be Wilson team and the Hawks will continue in the future to throw more. Most thought I was crazy, but each year they passed a little more. I knew this would be the year. Yes, Lynch got hurt, but it was going that way anyway. Glad the line is playing better, and Bevell is calling a better game. Makes Wilson life easier.

    Get passed Browns and maybe Rams without Lynch and hope to get him rested for playoffs.

  24. Dawgma says:

    Really hurting for RBs. I think they probably bring in a couple of guys in the draft/UDFA; gotta hedge on Rawls and he’d need a backup anyway, and Jackson is hardly a long term solution as a 3rd down guy.

    For now, I like the Coleman idea. I mean hell, next game is the freaking Browns. We could probably win that just going 5 wide and saying screw the RBs. And I am interested to see if they give Russian a chance to run a passing clinic with some volume. It’d be good to know of how he can Jan die it, because it may matter in the playoffs if Lynch doesn’t come back strong.

    • Cysco says:

      At this point I think we have to assume Lynch isn’t back until the playoffs. You’re right that we could probably get by with what we have next week, but I’d rather not go into that Rams game without a better option. Additionally, assuming Lynch comes back, he’s been pretty fragile this year. I wouldn’t want to go into the playoffs with no solid option behind him.

      I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see them bring Bryce Brown back for a look

    • hawkdawg says:

      Browns just got 9 sacks against the Niners. So we probably should have a decent running threat, just in case.

  25. Cysco says:

    Please stop with the Michael talk. That’s not happening. The guy couldn’t even stick on a Cowboys team that is #1 terrible and #2 desperate for RB depth and he’s not good enough to make a single team’s 53-man roster. There is no way this team goes back to that well.

    • HOUSE says:

      CMike couldn’t stick because of piss poor pass protection… I can say I’m about 99% sure that hasn’t improved

      • Cysco says:

        That, his inability to switch the ball to the other hand to protect it from defenders, his seeming lack of understanding of the offense, and god know what else behind the scenes stuff.

        • lil'stink says:

          Everything adds up to him having either maturity issues or simply “not getting it” at this point in his life/career.

  26. Rob Staton says:

    Josh Robinson is on the Colts practise squad. Maybe an option?

    • matt says:

      Robinson was one of the very few RB’s I liked for us as a later round option. I’d be excited if we picked him up! He checks a lot of the boxes we target for a RB. A RB core of Harris, Jackson and Coleman scares me, even with Russell playing the best football of his life. Think we’ll be just fine against Cleveland regardless of who lines up at RB though.

    • Steele says:

      Rob, I like that idea a lot. Josh Rob was a guy I wanted them to draft.

    • rowdy says:

      I love Robinson, a ponder with big play ability.

      • AlaskaHawk says:

        I was hoping the Seahawks would pick him as a late round running back. He averaged 6.2 you for Ole Miss. And they play against quality opponents like Alabama. If he is available the Seahawks should grab him.

  27. AlaskaHawk says:

    Could someone please tell me how Seahawks can pick up running backs this late in the season? Is it off any practice squad and make them part of the 53 man squad? And is it any free agent can be a starter or on practice squad?

    • HOUSE says:

      To answer your question about the Practice squad, Yes. The Seahawks can take a member of a Practice Squad (different team), as long as they place him on the 53-man roster.

      Example: Seattle can pluck Jonas Gray from MIA’s Practice Squad, but he MUST be put on SEA’s 53-man roster

  28. Turnagaintide says:

    Is Zek Elliott or Derrick Hendry an option in round one?

  29. drewdawg11 says:

    For me, neither of those backs should be a first round pick. Plus, there are several backs to choose from that you can take later. I still am not letting the line off the hook just because we are rolling bad teams. We need a tackle and a guard, minimum. I’ll keep pounding the drum for Josh Garnett. He’s absolutely the best guard I’ve seen on film. Power, agility, smarts. Great control and initial punch. He can definitely upgrade our line.

  30. Willyeye says:

    I really liked Rod Smith in the preseason…I even thought he looked better than Rawls in a couple of the preseason games. Is he still on the Cowboys Practice Squad, and if so, is there any way the Hawks might be able to get him back?

  31. Pauld says:

    Imagine if we didn’t force feed the running game here on out. We have a decent excuse — we literally don’t have anyone else left to hand it too. And we have Russell.

    When it comes to describing RW’s play, I am seeing a lot of equivication: like he sort of, maybe, might be playing some of the best football in the league. By one metric, he is playing the best football of all time. Dude is the first quarterback in NFL history to have a passer rating of at least 138 in four straight games.

    A superstar is being born in front of our eyes. The consensus belief that he is the 8-10 best quarterback in the league should be a thing of the past. In the last 4 games, he has a 75% completion rate and 10 yards per attempt. What?! All while being the most elusive running quarterback the league has ever seen. Maybe Russ is the NFL version of Stephan Curry (who just seems to keep getting better).

    The best thing about this game is you can again envision the Hawks contending for years with a rejuvenated Oline, a young core and a decent amount of cap space. They could almost keep the whole team together if they wanted. Seattle still hasn’t lost by 14 points since 2011. This is such an amazing run – worth taking a moment to appreciate.

  32. Jeff M. says:

    NFC playing field may be set next week except for seeding battles. If Seattle and Minnesota both win at home and a couple 7-loss teams (ATL, TB, most of the NFCE) lose–not sure exactly which ones are needed due to tiebreakers–then all six playoff teams will clinch.

  33. Troy says:

    Rob would you expect the Hawks kick the tires on Trent Richardson? This type of addition would be a low risk/high reward move and could prove to be a tremendous pay off. Thoughts?

    • Cameron says:

      None of the RB options listed are good. I think they best we can do is get another decent 3rd down type back (Kendall Hunter) and do a RBBC. Until Lynch comes back we’ll be leaning on Russ and the passing game. Mostly what we are looking for is a one-cut and go type runner who can fall forward on contact and protect the ball. Also this person should be able to catch the ball on a checkdown and pass protect. We shouldn’t be looking for a bell cow.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Interesting shout. I just think Richardson’s career is probably over. No desire.

  34. Troy says:

    It’s no worries

  35. Adog says:

    They had a really nice game plan for the passing offense where they ran one receiver on a hitch or sort of flood route…usually kearse, ran another on a fade down the sideline…and then they ran Baldwin on cross that peeled off the fade route. The tight end if not blocking would drift out to the flat. It’s simple but effective route tree that asks the qb to get rid of the ball quickly. Of course it helps that you your best route runner running the cross(Baldwin). That route is timing predicated…but also gives Baldwin the option of how deep he wants to run it.

  36. DC says:

    It looks like our Super Bowl opponent is going to be a rematch of sorts. Barring any more catastrophic injuries, New England and Pittsburgh look to be the 2 most dangerous AFC teams with Denver still a possibility. I’m fine beating any one of them.

  37. EranUngar says:

    Thank you mr. Cable for fielding an ELITE OL. Not just solid/functional/good…ELITE.

    Now, since you have proved the first half of Gibbs mantra and converted “garbage men” into zone blocking offensive linemen, can we pretty please ask that you complete the 2nd half of that mantra – Any RB following basic instructions should be very effective behind said OL?

    And can you get him ready by next sunday???

  38. Trevor says:

    After week 6 I was completely down on our offense. The OL was a mess and did not look fixable. I questioned Russ’s development and I thought Cable was over rated as a coach. For the first time in the Pete Carrol era I was worried about this team.

    I guess I completely over reacted and should know better than to doubt this team and organization.

    Russ is an elite QB in this league. He is a 20 mil quaterback and that deal will look like a steal in a year or two. This is his team going forward and the rest of the team seems to both know and accept that now.

    Cable and Bevel have adjusted the offense and pass protection since the bye week and results have been amazing. I give them as much credit as any player on the team and they are both showing the quality of this coaching staff.

    The OL has improved more during the season than any position group I have ever seen since watching the NFL the last 25 years. What Cable has done with this group is amazing. I still want to see them against the Rams and Cardinals before making a final decision on this unit going forward but right now I think keeping this group together over the off season should be a priority. I never dreamed I would say that.

    Rawls going out is huge and I hope it is an injury he can recover fully from. He has the potential if he comes back at full strength to be a true star next year.

    If we can get Beast back for the playoffs we will be fine and I hope he has an amazing playoff run. They win the SB and then Beast Mode rides off into the sunset a legend and future Hall Of Famer with 2 SBs . Then Rawls comes back next year to take over and continue with our dominant run game.

    I have never been more optimistic about the future of this organization with the way this offense has shown it can evolve. I was always worried about what would happen when Beast retired and our defense fell back to more attainable level. I am not anymore.

    Lets enjoy this Hawks fans and hope Beast can get back for the playoffs. If we can avoid any more major injuries before the playoffs I truly believe we will be at SB 50 in SF!

    • Volume12 says:

      A break is better than a sprain IMO. Yesterday PC said that Rawls might not even need surgery, so I’m not sure the ligament damage is that bad if that’s the case.

      I get the concern with Rawls bouncing back, but damn, let’s at least see what dude can do for a stretch of games before pondering if he’ll be the same.

      Worst case, he’ll will end up being a very good backup or no. 2. But, I’d expect Rawls to be back next year running with even more anger, and that chip on his shoulder just got a whole lot bigger.

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        BrockESPN: Best News I’ve heard today is Thomas Rawls doesn’t need surgery. No plate, no screws, no long term ramifications

        • Volume12 says:

          Yup. See the damage ain’t that bad. He’ll be fine.

          We just need another guy. Can’t go into next with 1 back and Rawls coming off an injury, shouldn’t be rushed back. Even if Lynch is back, which I think he will be, we gotta have 3 RBs. We saw the reason why yesterday.

          On a positive note, how special is Tyler Lockett man?

          • CHawk Talker Eric says:

            Lockett’s having a ROY type season.

            In fact, right up to the point of Rawls’s injury, SEA had 2 players who were legit contenders for OROY. When was the last time a team had 2 legit ROY players on the same side of the ball?

            • Volume12 says:

              Great question.

              Before yesterday, Rawls was only like 20 yds or something behind Gurley.

              IIRC, they have 3 finalists for ROY on both sides of the ball. On offense it’s gotta be Todd Gurley, Tyler Lockett, and Jameis Winston? Or maybe Amari Cooper?

              Defensively, Marcus Peters, Damarious Randall, and Eddie Goldman? Peters might be running away with it.

            • CMoney87 says:

              Not very long ago actually! Bobby Wagner & Bruce Irvin came in 2nd & 3rd respectively for DROY in 2012. Still a very good point though. When considering the previously unheralded nature of all those players it really goes to show just how great this FO has been at talent evaluation. Pretty funny that they were actually criticized by so called draft “experts” for the selections of all of them too!

      • Rob Staton says:

        Break definitely better than a sprain.

        From my own personal experience — had a double bone and ligament fracture of my right ankle aged 16. Rested for 6-8 weeks and made a full recovery. Few years later sprained my left ankle. Didn’t play sport for a year and was still in pain a good 8-10 months after.

        • Volume12 says:

          Wow! I know sometimes with sprains they have to break it for it to fully heal. Did you have to do that?

  39. Largent80 says:

    Might give some thought to Jahwan Edwards who is now on the practice squad of the Jags and formerly of the Falcons. Seahawk alumni in both places, and the kid is 5’9″ and 218 lbs., which seems sorta bowling-ball-like.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      Edwards might be a decent short yardage back but that’s it. He’s strong and stout, but he’s not much faster than some of the OL who block for him. Also, his college stats trended downward. Not really what you want to see in a prospect.

  40. Cysco says:

    Saw this coming

    According to source, the #Seahawks have re-signed veteran RB Bryce Brown to help make up for loss of star rookie Thomas Rawls.

    — Rob Rang (@RobRang) December 14, 2015

    • bigDhawk says:

      Not surprising, but I really want to see DC get a serious look in practice this week to start at RB.

  41. Troy says:

    Hawks resign Bryce Brown

    • Volume12 says:

      Makes sense. It’s the right move. Lynch will be back soon.

      Healthy, banged up, whatever, getting a player of Lynch’s status back is huge. With the way RW, Baldwin, ‘No E,’ the O-line, and our defense is playing right now is scary enough for opposing teams in the NFC. And then add in a rested Beast Mode…Wow!

  42. Miles says:

    Unrelated. Here’s a fun but not-happening mock draft I did.

    24: R1P24

    55: R2P24

    87: R3P24

    119: R4P24

    198: R7P9

    213: R7P24

  43. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    PC had some high praise for Rubin today, calling him “the most effective guy playing 3-technique they’ve had. He just won’t budge. The harder it gets, the tougher he gets…He has been instrumental.”

  44. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Eye-popping stat #1:

    hawkblogger: Seahawks have gone 4 straight games without allowing an opponent an offensive TD on the road. Only other team to do that? 1976 Steelers

  45. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Eye-popping stat #2:

    Curtis_Crabtree: Note from NFL… Tyler Lockett has joined Gale Sayers as only rookies to have 5 TD receptions, a KR TD an PR TD in a season.

  46. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    We all know that Russell Wilson has 4 consecutive games with 3+ pass TDs/0 INTs/>70% completion rate, tied for longest streak in NFL history with Rodgers, Brady and Manning.

    Eye-popping stat #3:

    Wilson’s 4-game streak came in his 58-61st career games, vs. Rodgers 98-101, Brady’s 101-104, and Manning’s 239th-242nd.

    • Pauld says:

      It usually take about 5 years for a quarterback to really get humming. Notice how much better Dalton and Newton are in their fourth season (note to Russell: if you throw an interception, treat the ball carrier like Ciara’s honey pot — do not touch let alone tackle).

      I would still pick RW before those two – he is going to re-write the record books.

      • HI Hawk says:

        I wouldn’t trade Russell Wilson for ANY QB on the planet. Even the great Aaron Rodgers is proving to be a mere mortal. The age difference makes it an even easier decision for me.

  47. HI Hawk says:

    Now that Brown is signed, I think mixing in Coleman, Brown and Daniels (with F-Jax exclusively used on 3rd downs) could provide a good combination of power and explosiveness. I know Daniels is technically a WR, but he’s always been more of an athlete than any specific position.