3000 NFL mock draft: Episode #18

This week Kenny and I are joined by Jacson Bevens. We started recording moments after Chip Kelly was fired by the Eagles and spend some time reflecting on that news. We look at the Bowl games, the NFC/AFC playoff picture and talk about why it would mean so much for the Seahawks to make another Super Bowl this season.


  1. KingRajesh

    Anybody watching this Music City Bowl? Texas A&M has a 6’4″ WR – Josh Reynolds that looks to be the total package. He’s a Junior, but his hands, ball tracking, route running, and effort after the catch seem to be pretty good.

    I didn’t watch much of the Aggies this year, so does anybody else have any information on this guy?

    • Volume12

      Like his teammate Ricky Seals-Jones, there’s character concerns. Both of their work ethics have ben questioned.

  2. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I was reading an article by NFL.coms Bucky Brooks.. he stated he thought Baylor’s DT Andrew Billings plays similar to Seahawks DT Brandon Mebane. I though this was interesting.

    If you could draft a guy to replace Mebane in the late first round and get the same production at a reduced price, would you?

    • Phil

      “If you could draft a guy to replace Mebane in the late first round and get the same production at a reduced price, would you?”

      Of course you would. But, who is the one offering the guarantee that you will get the same production? Some pundit who doesn’t have a horse in the race …..

    • Rob Staton

      I’d rather do what they’ve been doing and find a cheap vet FA.

  3. DC

    Looks like Sweezy got a concussion and is a ? for this weekend’s game. Will Glowinski get his first start? Would be interesting to get a taste of one possible future at RG against a very good team.

    • C-Dog

      Looks like there is a chance they might hold out Mike B, as well. Could be getting a look at Frank Clark as a starter.

  4. Volume12

    Has Texas A&M DE Daeshon Hall declared? Someone said he ran a 4.8 40, if that’s the case no thanks.

    However, he looks faster than that.

    And L’ville’s Josh Harvey-Clemons is one of the more versatile defenders I’ve seen this year. He’s damb appealing as a project type of guy.

    • Volume12

      Baylor CB Xavien Howard going pro. 6’2, 200 lbs. Very reminiscent of a young Brandon Browner.

  5. Trevor

    Any word on if Shon Coleman declared?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Not yet. But he’s filed paperwork with the NFL College Advisory Committee.


      DE Carl Lawson has declared. Word is DT Montravius Adams will too.

      • Trevor

        thanks for the update

      • Volume12

        I like Adams, even if he is a bit raw.

        But this Darius Latham kid from Indiana is exciting. Would love him in round 4.

  6. Trevor

    Rob I thought the Tre’Davious White struggled a little in the Bowl game. Have you watched him much this year? Sounds like a great kid with good character but from the tape I have seen he looks overrated to me and I definitely prefer Eli Apple or Cameron Sutton who I think is the most physically gifted CB in this class.

    Last year when you watched the tape on Marcus Peters he was clearly the best CB in the draft if you could get past the reported character issues. We talked about the dream scenario of having him opposite Sherm. I don’t think he will fall to us but for me Cameron Sutton falls into this category as well. I don’t think PC/JS will ever take a corner this early but Sutton fell I would be pleased with the pick.

    • Rob Staton

      Bowl games — I try not to pay much attention to them. Most are glorified pre-season games. I saw he got beat by the fastest guy on the Texas Tech roster. Good play by TT. But he also had a fantastic play later on that led to a tip and INT.

      • Trevor

        Is he the top CB in your eyes? Who fits the Hawks system best if they decided to go CB early?

        • Rob Staton


  7. Trevor

    just watched some Miles Kilebew tape on NFL Draft Breakdown and it was not flattering at all. Seems like a great kid and incredible athlete but he does not look fluid or instinctual on the football field. It will be very interesting to see him perform at the senior bowl particularly during the DB drills because he seems really stiff. Would have to see a lot more to consider him in the early rounds.

  8. Trevor

    Really anxious to see the ND vs Ohio St game. Ton of interesting prospect going head to head. Could be7 first rounders in that game. Hope Apple and Fuller go head to head.

  9. Volume12

    I thought Miami CB Artie Burns would be a perfect fit for Seattle at CB, but Greg Gabriel says he won’t get outta round 2 and a couple others says he’s a day 2 lock. Damn. SMH.

  10. Ukhawk

    Has Fuller declared?

  11. Ed

    Bills cutting M. Williams. Could he be a guy to plug in as an all around DL presence?

    • Volume12

      The same Mario Williams that takes plays off and just kind of gors through the motions?

      He’s a classic case of someone that will get way ovepaid for a declining skill set.

      DL Olivier Vernon is who I hope they target in FA.

      • Ed

        Wouldn’t mind him. Clayborn? Would actually rather keep Irvin though. Let Okung and Sweezy go. Wilson has issues with the inside rush. Save Okung money and get the inside line taken care of. Sign Mack/Wisnewski and Boone.

  12. Volume12

    If Clemson CB Mackenzie Alexander is 5’9-5’10, how tall is Oklahoma WR Sterling Shepard? Looks to be 5’8 or so. And this is coming from someone that really likes Shepard and his game.

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