3000 NFL mock draft: Episode #20

This week we’re joined by Matt Brown from Sports on Earth. He attended the National Championship game this week. We also get into the Seahawks, the win against the Vikings and the big game this weekend against the Panthers.


  1. Elliott A

    Looking forward to listening, this has become one of my favorite podcasts you guys do a terrific job! Keep up the good work.

    • troy

      – LB Jaylon Smith
      – OT Shon Coleman
      – WR Will Fuller
      – OT Germain Ifedi
      – DT Vernon Butler
      – CB Artie Burns
      – LB Eric Striker
      – OT Adam Bisnowaty
      – WR Braxton Miller
      – RB C.J. Prosise
      DT Luther Maddy
      – $LB Miles Killebrew
      – DE Alex McCalister
      – OT Jordan Swindle
      – WR Mike Thomas
      – DT Quinton Jefferson
      – RB Tyler Ervin
      – DE Greg Townsend Jr
      – QB Trevone Boykin
      – DT Darius Latham
      – RB Kenneth Farrow
      – LB Great Ibe
      – LB Cassanova McKinzy

      • AlaskaHawk

        How about a tight end? I’m ready for Howard in the 2-3 rounds.

        • troy

          Im glad you asked about TE, during PCJS tenure, the Seahawks have only drafted two TE (unless you count Jameson Konz as a TE). Those picks were: Anthony McCoy #6.185 in 2010, and Luke Willson #5.158 in 2013. Instead of drafting a TE in this years class I was thinking of a guy that comes at very low cost/high reward. Colt Lyerla, would love to see him get a crack at this 53 man roster next training camp. Id put him and his skills against any TE in this draft class. We already have JG and LW as a solid 1-2, why not roll the dice on a guy like Lyerla.

          • Rob Staton

            Unfortunately Lyerla is/was a head case. I cannot imagine any team going in that direction again.

            As for TE’s… Seattle will have Graham and Willson next year. I think it’s pretty unlikely they spend a high pick here with other priority needs and a not great TE class.

            • troy

              Rob, then how would you explain the GB Packers giving him a shot? He very likely would have made that roster had he not encountered a very unfortunate injury during a display of his dynamic and unique display of athleticism and capabilities. I mean the guy is a football player, its clear and obvious. Are you 100% certain all doors of opportunity to play in the NFL for this young man have slammed shut?

              • troy

                Like you stated this years class of TEs leave much to be desired, I serious doubt they draft one early if at all. Why not give a shot to a guy like Lyerla and bring him in for a workout/camp body. Let him prove hes a changed man and willing to devote his attention to football.

            • AlaskaHawk

              I would think based on Grahams age and injury factor that their would be more emphasis on looking for the next tight end up. I get it that Graham is great, but if he isn’t on the field it doesn’t help the team.

              I like Willson, the backups like Helfet are okay as long as they can block and hang on to the occasional pass thrown their way.

              At some point the Seahawks will go back to looking for big wide receivers/tight ends to throw to. I know prevailing wisdom is that Wilson is more comfortable with small quick receivers who get open. But there will always be a need for the big guy that can go up for jump balls.

              • Rob Staton

                I would expect Graham to return though and if he doesn’t make week one — Willson and Helfet can hold the fort. Graham, Willson and a high pick seems like a bit overkill at the position given the possible needs on the OL, LB, CB, WR and RB. Free agency could change that — but then I come back to the TE class. It just looks pretty meh.

                • purpleneer

                  I’m pretty disappointed in Helfet, even if almost completely due to injury, but I also see him as a poor fit with Graham and Willson as the top 2. I want at least one better-than average blocker in my TE group.

  2. CHawk Talker Eric

    New 2-round moc draft on Draftbreakdown.com has SEA taking Shon Coleman in R1 (26) and Sterling Shepard in R2 (55).


    I’d be ecstatic if this is how it goes down.

    • Trevor

      I would be pumped with that pick. I suspect he will end up being a top 15 pick though. A lot of that Mock make sense though.

      • troy

        I don’t want the 26th pick unless were packaging multiple picks and trading up from #32 😉

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Right. I meant the prospects, not the pick order.

          • bobbyk

            I hope we have the 31st pick.

  3. cha

    Breaking: Niners hire Chip Kelly, Baalke will maintain personnel control. Chip will just coach.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Looks good for Kap as a 49er.

      • purpleneer

        I think there’s a general overstatement of how much Chip values a QB’s running ability, at least beyond a certain level. What he values more is good, quick decision making and accuracy and timing as a passer. IMO, Kap has a ways to go to provide what Chip wants, but his big-play abilities could buy some time to help develop there.

    • SunPathPaul

      This is bad news. I know he flamed out in Philly, but I wanted Kap to be gone and them to have no real QB or coach again…

      Now they might revive Kap, maybe acquire Johnny Manziel, or RG3 to work with…
      This could be dangerous for us…our D having to go so fast…

      What do you feel Rob? OtherS?

      • troy

        I enjoyed seeing the Hawks play against the highest level of competition, I firmly believe it brings out our best. I think this is great news, it could help recreate a healthy rivalry between these two organizations once again. I say bring it, you cant be scared your whole life!

      • Trevor

        I bet Kap has a huge bounce back year under Chip Kelly. He was the one coach I was hoping they would not hire.

      • cha

        I want the NFCW to be a tough division to win. All the close, hard fought games really makes the playoffs a famiiar exercise. Bring Kelly on. Get Kapernick playing good again.

        Carolina is to be lauded for going 15-1 but they faced a really weak schedule. Many national writers are picking a push or even the Seahawks for Sunday, with a 5 game difference between the two records. It’s because the Seahawks have taken some of the league’s best punches and keep coming back for more.

      • lil'stink

        Keepernick is coming off multiple surgeries and hasn’t really progressed “between the ears”. Kelly may be a great fit for Kaepernick, but I’m not convinced we haven’t already seen the best we will ever see from Kap. Even if he did return to his 2013 form, is that good enough for anything more than an 8-8 record with their roster?

        Watching Gabbert a couple of times this year I was surprised by how slippery he was. He’s not Kaepernick, but he seemed pretty mobile for a guy as big as he is. And he will be dirt cheap next year. I’m not sure Kelly wouldn’t like to see what he could do as well. I’m not sure why any GM would touch Manziel at this point – he seems to be a world class headache without nearly enough talent or dedication to make up for it.

        Did York and Baalke learn anything from how the Harbaugh scenario went down? Did Kelly take anything to heart from how the Eagles unceremoniously dumped him as they didn’t even want him around for the last week of the season? I still think Kelly should have gone back to college. I think he’ll rub too many of the wrong people the wrong way. Of course, winning cures everything.

        • rowdy

          I agree, great fit but kap is still kap. Kelly system requires an accurate passers that kap is not. Not only that but I believe kap lost the team, I don’t recall one teammate speaking up for him when he was benched and was outplayed by gabbert.

        • Volume12

          Gabbert’s nice, but he’s not a guy your going to win with over the course of a season.

          Hoping some of these coaching hires are good for all the respective teams. There was just too much bad football played this year. In the NFL and CFB.

          I’d rather the division be tough. That’s what playing football is all about. The chance to compete against the very best on a weekly basis. I always look at the NFCW as the NFL’s version of the SEC.

          • smitty1547

            That was once the opinion of Alex Smith too, sometimes it takes awhile for these QB to come into their own. we were blessed with Wilson.

  4. Ed

    Kiper has W. Fuller gone before #26. Has E. Apple to the Hawks.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      And Kevin Dodd to ATL at 17. Talk about a fast riser.

      • troy

        ED, could you post the 1st RD of Kiper’s mock draft?

        • troy

          never mind, I assumed it was for “draft insiders” only. Lol

    • Trevor

      Both Mocks mentioned today must be reading this Blog. Coleman and Apple two of Robs favorites at CB and OT. Either would be an amazing pick for the Hawks. We can only wish one of them would fall to us.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Who does Kiper have Seahawks picking?

        • Rob Staton

          Eli Apple.

  5. CHawk Talker Eric

    This podcast covered a lot of material, so there’s no particular order to my thoughts.

    The first is Kenny sure did talk a lot this week. But I kid.

    The second is I really enjoyed Matt Brown’s commentary. To take it a step further, I congratulate the podcast for having some amazing guests this season. Really good stuff.

    I thought Matt Brown summed up Derrick Henry very well when he said Henry doesn’t create for himself, as did Rob when he said even a glancing blow upsets Henry’s balance, but both acknowledge his obvious athleticism and size. I guess that’s the thing about Henry – he’s not a power runner, even though he has power runner strength.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Maybe teams need to think outside the box with Henry. If he isn’t successful as a running back, what about tight end or wide receiver? Maybe he only gets 8-10 touches a game. Henry would be deadly if he gets the ball with some space around him.

      • Volume12

        Henry will be fine at the next level. He’s probably not gpng to be the workhorse he was at ‘Bama, but pair him with someone else and he’ll be a good NFL back.

    • Kenneth

      Yeah, I tend to have that problem!

  6. smitty1547

    If Chip Can not save Kaeperdick his career is over.

  7. AlaskaHawk

    I think Manziels attempt at a career is already over. I’m not sure any team will take him. If they do it will be as the 3rd string backup.

    • smitty1547

      He will end up a Cowboy, Jones likes shinny new toys and does not care at all about character. I myself thinks he’s a turd and would pass on him if he offered to play for free. Its a shame to cause I loved him in college.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I’m thinking it is likely that Jones drafts a QB in the 2-4 round. I don’t have any names, just thinking out loud.

  8. Nathan

    I agree about the Clemson pass rush, it looked dead slow, and still got home, bizarre.

    One where the D end(is it dodds?) appeared to stand up, look at the Tackle, then slowly breeze past him for a sack, he’ll never mistaken for Cliff Avril.

    • Rob Staton

      It was strange watching Kevin Dodd. His get off is snail pace slow. And yet he was winning time and time again off the edge. He also showed a nice swim/rip. But that get off was hard to shake.

      • Volume12

        I agree. There’s alot to like about him. But, that get-off was bad.

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