3000 NFL mock draft: Episode #26

This week we’re joined by Dan Kadar of Mockingthedraft.com. Kenny and I also get into some good stuff later on — there’s a lot of detail in this podcast as we head towards the combine. Check it out.


  1. CD

    I’m really fascinated on what the Hawks do this year. For the last 3 off seasons they have seem to plug in FA or have back-ups ready to fill in so that draft time they can target BPA, or something close to selecting a BPA. With the possibility of losing your starting OT, OG, LB, CB, WR, it seems they might have to be more specific in addressing ‘holes’ then previous years.

    Following their past record with filling departures, do they feel comfortable enough to go for BPA in the draft if they have penciled in Gilliam at LT, Brit at RT, and Glowinski at RG, Lewis at C and Bailey at LG? Sweezy will probably get back a 5th round comp, Okung a 4th.

    I don’t think they can replace Irvin ‘as is’ in FA or with anyone on the roster. I assume he would bring back a 4th comp pick. Does this ‘need’ pick in the draft move into the R1/R2/R3 stage?

    I like Lane and people worry about CB depth, but there are a few on the roster that have been in the system; Smith and Simon (and I thought Shead did well enough for me to start opposite Sherman).

    In any event, for me I can’t see how they can plug FA or resign enough current Hawks due to the cap to avoid major holes. I can’t see how they can have rotational picks (Clarke, Marsh) or luxury like picks (Micheal) this year, or be picking for a year or two down the road like they have (Richardson), there are just going to be too many holes for 2016 with the guys that will leave and get paid and the depth doesn’t seem to be there expect maybe at CB and Glowinski. Again, they haven’t needed to draft for starters in their rookie year, but this year there could be 3-4 depending on how they spend their limited cap space.

    Top picks 2013
    C Michael (expected to back up in 2013)
    J Hill (expected to back up MeBane in 2013)
    C Harper (at best to be a 3rd or 4th WR option)

    Richardson (see Harper above)
    Britt (possible starter, too early, struggled)
    Marsh (expected to back up in 2014)
    Norwood (see Harper)
    KPL (expected to back up as rookie)

    Clarke (rotation, not expected to start)
    Lockett (expected to start on ST, 3-4 WR option)
    Poole (redshirt)
    Glowinski (redshirt)

    • Steele

      “I don’t think they can replace Irvin ‘as is’ in FA or with anyone on the roster. I assume he would bring back a 4th comp pick. Does this ‘need’ pick in the draft move into the R1/R2/R3 stage?”

      CD, I agree. An “as is” Irvin replacement is tough because he essentially plays DE pass rusher and LB. There are few in the draft or even free agency that are 2-for-the-price-of-1. I think Leonard Floyd is as close to the model as anybody else. He is probably low rd. 1. After him, I struggle to find many options. As we’ve discussed, a Deion Jones would lands them a good all-around LB, but not the pass rush, Eric Striker a little more pass rush, but still undersized. A classic edge rusher won’t cover the LB part as well, etc.

      • Kelly Orr

        That’s why we have Frank Clark. It’s his role to step up into now.

        • Kelly Orr

          As in playing the DE spot on pass rushing downs. I don’t think Bruce was much of a pass rusher anyways. I think the Hawks will be just fine with what they have in place and the options they will have in the draft it will be interesting to see which direction they go.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Not sure why you keep saying Jones is a step down from Floyd in terms of pass rush.

        2015 stats for each:

        Floyd – 74 tackles, 8.5 TFL (-32 yards), 4.5 sacks (-22 yards), 5.69 tackles/game, 0.35 sacks/game
        Jones – 100 tackles, 13.5 TFL (-56 yards), 5 sacks (-37 yards), 8.33 tackles/game, 0.42 sacks/game

        For comparison here’s Striker:
        Striker – 67 tackles, 19 TFL (-80 yards), 7.5 sacks (-53 yards), 5.15 tackles/game, 0.58 sacks/game

        • Steele

          There is a clear difference between how Floyd rushes and how D. Jones blitzes. Jones is pretty much a pure OLB. When Floyd lines up at DE, like Irvin, he is effective. Floyd is a tweener, Jones is not. The stats don’t explain or show this difference, but tape, of individual plays in certain games, does.

          A great OLB who operates well in space, is extremely fast on blitzes. That’s fine. That’s Jones, that’s Striker but Striker has more of a pass rush mentality than Jones.

          As for plugging Frank Clark in to do Irvin’s pass rushing job, that may well be what they have in mind, but I see Clark doing more of the Bennett role. And even so, they still need at least another.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Irvin, if he gets a 4-5 year 35-45 million deal will be a 3rd round comp

  2. nichansen01

    Here is a thought I had- Spriggs and Conklin are suposed to give excellant combine preformances, right? Could we potentially be looking at a scenario where these two o-liners shoot into the top ten? I was wondering if a situation where the top ten looks like:

    1. Titans – Laremy Tunsil
    2. Browns – Paxton Lynch
    3. Chargers – Jason Spriggs
    If he tests athletically off the charts; could he be considered a viable pick by an organization desperately in need of offensive line help?
    4. Cowboys – Carson Wentz
    Tony Romo cant stay healthy for a full season.
    5. Jaguars – Sheldon Rankins
    The Jaguars need interior defensive line help and Rankins impressed coaches at the senior bowl.
    6. Ravens – Jalen Ramsey
    The secondary is the number 1 priority for Baltimore
    7. 49ers – Ronnie Stanley
    The 49ers are desperately in need of some help at tackle.
    8. Dolphins – Jack Conklin
    The dolphins need interior o-line help and Conklin might have his highest potential at Guard.
    9. Buccaneers – Joey Bosa
    A no brainer after such a large slide.
    10. Giants – Noah Spence
    The Gaints #1 priority is finding edge rushers.


    • Ehurd1021

      Bosa that far down?…… And no Myles Jack either? Interesting.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I’m thinking the absolute farthest Bosa would drop is #5.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      3. I suppose Spriggs could have a Greg Robinson type of Combine. But even if he does, I can’t see another team making the same mistake as the Rams.

      4. Wentz to DAL is all but a lock

      5. Rankins isn’t Aaron Donald. JAX would be very foolish to take him that high.

      8. I just can’t see a team spending a top 10 pick on an OG.

      • sdcoug

        Sounds like I’m in the minority, but I still don’t see Dal taking a first round QB

        • Miles

          They kind of have to. Tony Romo is more likely to get injured than not, and they can’t roll off 10 straight losses again like they did last year. They got to have someone who can hold the fort.

        • RealRhino2

          I’m not sure I do, either. Yes, Romo hasn’t stayed healthy, and will need to be replaced. That doesn’t mean you necessarily take a QB in R1, though. Put it this way, if Romo gets hurt again this year, having one of the top 3 QBs isn’t going to get you into the playoffs. OTOH, if Romo stays healthy, having Ramsey or Bosa this year might get you to at least the NFC Championship game.

          So, Romo hurt this year = no hope no matter who you draft. Romo healthy this year = rookie QB no help, rookie S/CB/DE big help.

          So let’s say they are worried about next year and the year after, etc. So take Cook or Hackenberg or Prescott or Brissett, somebody like that, in R2 or later, and try to develop them for a year or two.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            How many seasons does Romo have left? And how many seasons will JJ let his team tank because Romo couldn’t stay on the field?

            Also, there’s no denying the strong attraction JJ (and JG) had for Wentz at Senior Bowl. It was almost creepy. I’d go so far as to say they are the most likely trade partner with TEN – so they can leap frog CLE and snag the QB they want.

            Of course, if the price is too high and CLE takes Wentz, then I could see DAL snagging Bosa.

          • Miles

            Having one QB who is at least talented would be huge for the Cowboys because they play in a bad division. Last year, instead of rolling off 10 losses, they could have won three or four of those games and made the playoffs. Also, it is not as if a rookie QB having success is unprecedented. Look at Teddy Bridgewater, RGIII, Russell Wilson. In a division with bad defense, having a good backup QB could be the difference between drafting in the top 10 and a division title.

            Who is to say that Romo will continue to play at a high level? Last year he was terrible even when he did play. The injuries will eventually catch up with him and the Cowboys will need a successor. You are more likely to get one with the #4 pick than any other time. Plus, this is a year when there ARE starting-caliber QBs in the draft. Next year they could run into a class that is bereft again. That is seeming to be the norm with most drafts.

            Also, it is no secret they were looking into getting Johnny Manziel. They want a young, exciting QB that can take the reigns of the franchise if needed, pretty clearly.

            • Volume12

              You don’t start a rookie QB without a good defense and a strong runing game to lean on.

              I mean, ya can, but it’s gonna set his development back another year or two.

          • vrtkolman

            I think they are more than one piece away from making the NFC title game. They have already lost a large amount of their pass rush with Gregory and Hardy. There are a lot of aging or deteriorating pieces on that team in general – Sean Lee (it’s a miracle he stayed healthy all season, I wouldn’t count on that again), Roland McClain (at this point I think he’s too much of a headache for them)…

            There aren’t many times they could be in position to get the QB they wanted, this is one of those times. The problem is I don’t think any of the QB’s are special. They could all be decent starters for a long time in this league, but is that worth the #4 overall pick?

            • Volume12

              Yeah- if Dallas doesn’t address their pass rush, it’ll be another long year for them.

              The Greg Hardy and Randy Gregory duo worked out awesome for them, didn’t it?

            • sdcoug

              Agreed. There are ways to justify it, but I just don’t see it. As you stated, there are too many issues with their roster. Additionally, they have to manage the cap just like everyone else and are currently not in a great way. Romo counts as a huge salary (and dead money hit) the next two years, and has proven legit when healthy. I don’t see them using a #4 pick on a position that ideally won’t see the field. I find it much more likely they look for a Dak Prescott type in the 3rd

    • Trevor

      Nich I actually think you are dead on with the Rankins pick at 5 to Jacksonville. They coached him at Senior Bowl and their reaction said it all. They will have a vastly improved pass rush with a health Marks, Dante Fowler and Rankins.

      With Rankins Gus would finally have a DL that could get the pressure you need to make the defensive scheme really work.

    • Steele

      I still think SF will target Jared Goff. The Chipster would be smart to do so, unless they believe Gabbert becomes a bolder QB, or they really want to go after someone like Bradford.

  3. CHawk Talker Eric

    Kevin Dodd will be 24 at the start of his rookie season.

    Kenny Clark will be only 20.

    • Steele

      As long as a guy is healthy, a shorter shelf life is not a big deal as long as expectations are realistic.

      • vrtkolman

        I agree. The NFL is a brutal sport. I could easily see a 20 year old start to break down physically at 26-27. If you can get 5-6 good years out of a player I think that is fantastic. It’s why Shon Coleman’s age doesn’t bother me at all.

    • EranUngar

      I need to understand the great value of being that young.

      To me, all you get in the draft are those first 4 years of his rookie contract. Afterwards you pay the going rate just like everybody else. At 20, a player has not entered his prime and should have a slightly higher long term ceiling than an equal player at 24. On the other hand, at 24, a player should be more ready to contribute from the start making his first 4 years more valuable. Basically, its a wash. 20 or 24, who cares.

      • cha

        The attraction probably lies in the enticing upside vs immediate payoff you mentioned.

        Teams probably imagine that a 20 year old has done whatever made them draft them as a not-yet-fully-physically developed adult person, and see more potential to maximize their physical abilities, with sooner early-age access to world-class training facilities, professional coaching and nutrition programs, etc.

        A 24 year old isn’t an old man by any stretch of the imagination but if teams are split on a 20 and 24 year old they probably convince themselves to go younger by reasoning ‘what could we do with 4 years of training with the 20 year old.’

      • Attyla the Hawk

        The value is that as the drafting team you have more control.

        The biggest option you have outside of the ability to franchise tag — is that you can extend a player. Which generally gives you close to 6 years of control with maybe the 6th year being close to market value.

        The drafting team can spread out guaranteed money and cap hit over an extra year that any other team can’t. So from a cap perspective, you can pay similar dollars for an extra year with the added bonus that the contract is generally easier to get out of at the end because the guarantees are spread thinner.

        • cha

          And if the guy really hits, there’s probably a greater chance he takes the biggest $$ FA contract as a 28 or 29 year old than a 24 or 25 year old, given the 28-29 year old won’t get a really great 3rd contract, which means the drafting team has less chance keeping the 24 year old than the 20 year old.

  4. Jason

    Off subject, but what is everyone’s thoughts on Walterfootballs mocks?

    • Forrest

      They seem to put a lot of time into the mocks, but really I think they overvalue some players, and buy into the hype of some others too much. They definitely use the BPA mentality for most teams in their mocks. I’ve actually discovered a few players because of their mocks, and I like the 5 round format they have, but really the drafts themselves aren’t that “thought out.”

    • vrtkolman

      I love their Seahawks picks… Taylor Decker at #26 (what a steal that would be) and although I don’t like their round 2 DT pick, Austin Johnson is still available.

    • MisterNeutron

      All over the place. They’re thorough and make some interesting points and an occasional bold pick, but they’re often way off-base with some players.

      Some thoughts on other assorted draft sites:
      * Draftsite.com – Excellent source for seeing the complete draft order 1-7. Very up-to-date; includes all comp picks. Their actual mocks aren’t terrible, though there are some glaring omissions and weird picks.
      * Draftinsider.net – Tony Pauline and Brent Sobleski’s site. One of the better ones out there, and a great place to see player rankings by position.
      * Drafttek.com – Similar to draftsite.com, in that they have comprehensive and pretty well-organized info. I believe that drafttek relies on computer algorithms for their mocks. Worth a look. In serious need of a site redesign.
      * Draftbreakdown.com – Terrific resource for videos and analysis. Some of the mocks here are pretty good and worth checking out.
      * NFLdraftgeek.com – Not too shabby. This guy hasn’t updated his site design since 1999, though.

      There’s a reason why I keep coming back here not just for ‘Hawks draft content, but for overall thoughts on the subject–Rob (and many posters here) have some original ideas and think more outside the box than elsewhere. Take for example Rob’s point about Vernon Hargreaves–I’m in complete agreement that he’s overrated and shouldn’t be a top-15 pick, but try to find one mock out there in which he’s outside the top half.

      • David

        I don’t know. Draftsite.com has Will Fuller going in the 5th and Braxton Miller going in the 4th….doesn’t seem right, no?

        • MisterNeutron

          Draftsite is good for seeing the order, but not so much the actual picks. Their mocks include some weird choices. They’re up-to-date in the sense that they have the comp picks in the proper order and all that.

    • rowdy

      I like looking drafttek mocks, I don’t take it seriously but they seem to address team needs more and offer two back up picks.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I can’t say they are any worse or better than the others. Almost every mock only get 3-5 players right in the first round.

  5. Forrest

    Uhh, I think Daniel Jeremiah has been listening to or reading this blog…it’s probably just be a coincidence, or maybe he listened to 3000 NFL Mock Draft recently and is a fan…


  6. Miles

    I think it is worth mentioning Michael Sam just to be aware he is still out there. I went and re-opened some of his scouting numbers, and they aren’t as dismissible as I once thought. The most notable statistic is that he has 33 3/8″ arms. That’s pretty decent and could place him as a WLB prospect for the Seahawks.

    For those of us that were watching to see if we could land Okpalaugo to play WLB, this could be a decent experiment to see if Sam possesses any kind of a role in the NFL. Is he someone we can develop? Does he have the grit and toughness we like? And is he a worth stash on the practice squad for a full season or two?

    His pro day numbers included a 40yd of 4.72 and 225lb. bench of 19 reps. His combine numbers, on the other hand were absolutely atrocious. But the good news is he significantly improved his measures.

    The consensus is that he has long arms and a constant motor. Both checkmarks for the Seahawks. The question is if he is mentally stable after kind of defecting from the CFL. Does he want to play football badly enough? Have the trials he’s gone through in the past two years strengthened him or weakened him?

    Food for thought.

    • nichansen01

      I don’t know, Michael Sam didn’t even find success in the CFL, while Okpalaugo was one of the CFLs best defensive players.

      • Miles

        Sam’s failure in the CFL was not based on talent. He left CFL citing “mental health” reasons.

    • Steele

      Absolutely not on Michael Sam. He has always been slow, never good enough. A motor alone doesn’t cut it. Pass.

      • Miles

        When I watch a little tape of his pro day workout, he does look explosive in and out of his breaks. I am by no means on the Michael Sam bandwagon. I just think for what the Hawks have in their current WLB, he may have value.

        • Steele

          Michael Sam’s workouts are old footage. He will never cut it as an NFL starter, or even as depth. They could do better, I think pretty easily.

        • Nathan

          Didn’t he attend the veterans combine, and post even worse numbers?

          • Steele

            He wasn’t too good on Dancing with the Stars, either.

            • Nathan


    • Robert

      Does Sam as a prospect even break the top 1000 of players we could sign or draft within the next 2 months that would actually improve the competition on our roster?

      • Robert

        When the media or blogs are writing about the Seahawks, I want it to be about football because I’m a football fan.
        Sam was a media circus. No thanks!

  7. CHawk Talker Eric

    Since Terry Poole was the subject of some podcast discussion, here’s a shout out for a couple of Aztec OLers in this year’s draft who could compete at LG for SEA. Green is the better run blocker of the two, and probably plays with a bit more of an edge. But both are solid Day 3 prospects.

    OT Pearce Slater 6’7″ 335lbs
    OG Darrell Green 6’4″ 325lbs

    • Volume12

      I like Darrell Green myself. Great run blocker, long, agile.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        *writes down another player on the potential Seahawks radar list*

      • Attyla the Hawk

        Greene measured in with 31 5/8 inch arms. Probably not a guy on our board.

        • Volume12

          So then strike Cody Whitehair off the board too.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            And Tretola.

  8. CHawk Talker Eric

    Interesting tweet from the Seahawks:

    @Seahawks: “Our philosophy will stay the same in terms of the type of players we want.”

    [https://t.co/YuaRUSbGO3] https://t.co/iysnksQfjp

    • Volume12

      It should stay the stay.

      Speed, explosion, athleticism, grit, and unique personalities.

      • cha


        • Volume12

          That too. Good catch. IDK how IS forgot that.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            PC on how he approaches the draft:

            “…we are what their attitude is, and who they are. So we’ve tried to find guys that have a sense about them that they can overcome whatever the odds are, and that they’re going to hang through anything. And that is demonstrated in the passion that they bring to their pursuits too. It’s exactly what we are looking for. We don’t care what their number is in the draft class. We just want to find guys that love playing, and they’ve got something [to prove], and they’re not going to be denied.”

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      This is the ultimate, you expect us to do one thing, we will do another. This is classic black ops stuff right here. As mentioned in a previous post, zig when everyone thinks they will zag. 😉

  9. CHawk Talker Eric

    Explosion and coordination.


    • Attyla the Hawk

      Crazy athletic.

      Definitely should be on Seattle’s board. Size, movement skills and measurables. His wingspan is the equal of Jason Spriggs.

      • Volume12

        I like him as a DE. If he plays DT in a 4-3, he’ll be a non-factor.

        As a unique DE in a 4-3, he’s very ‘Seahawky.’

        • matt

          Think Ward could rush the passer inside on 3rd downs for the Hawks. Agree he wouldn’t work as an early down 4-3 DT. He’d fit better as a 3-4 DE who moves inside on passing downs.

          • Volume12

            He was playing out of position at Illinois as a DT. Then he goes to the Senior Bowl, lines up at DE and his natural athleticism and skill set flourish.

            I still think he’d be a really unique DE in a 4-3. Bulk him up, a little coaching, and he can become an ideal 3-tech on base downs. If they wanted to go that route.

  10. Miles

    Two things!

    1) Adolphus Washington had his solicitation charge dismissed according to NFL.com.

    2) The Saints will release Marques Colston

    -> That Washington’s charge was dismissed probably means Seahawks would have to take him in the first round or shortly thereafter via trade.

    -> Colston is probably not an option considering how the Seahawks have acquired receivers (mostly through draft and UDFA). But as a cheap option, he could go a long way toward replacing Kearse.

    • Steele

      Colston is a bigger possession type. Wouldn’t mind someone like him on the roster. In fact, I’ve been hoping for someone like Sid Rice since Sid Rice. Colston is not really a Kearse replacement.

      • Steele

        As always, there are receivers throughout, all the way into UDFA. The other Michael Thomas (Southern Miss.), Keyarris Garrett, Paul McRoberts, Geronimo Allison, Marquez North, etc. etc. I really don’t think WR is a position to stress too hard over. They’re there.

        • Attyla the Hawk

          Seattle has made no secret that they are looking to add their toughness edge back. Schneider lamented how we weren’t the bully this year, we were the bullied. Whether it’s letting all the edgy players go, or the transformation of edgy underpaid players into mature — less angry and well fed/paid players.

          Whatever the reason, the end result is undeniable.

          Losing Lockette hurt some at least in ST. He may be done career wise. If that’s likely the case, I’d think that Charone Peake would be a guy we maybe target R5/6. I think he’s the most physical receiver in the class. Both size wise but also undeniably has the want to.

          Peake really stands out for a WR in that regard. Have to wonder if that kind of unique trait doesn’t go unnoticed by PCJS this year.

          • Robert

            I’m predicting that the Seahawks enjoy much improved CB play opposite Sherman AND in the slot this year. They have quite a few young, talented players simmering away in Pete’s CB kitchen. Improved CB play could lead to less zone and more man defense, which caused our defense to be very suffocating in the past because the jams at the LOS disrupt the timing and allow the pass rush more time to impact the QB leading to more turnovers.

    • vrtkolman

      I think Kearse is way better than Colston at this point. Colston is really washed up. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ran a 40 yard dash in the 4.80-4.90’s.

      • Volume12

        Keep an eye on Auburn WR Ricardo Louis.

        He’s a day 3 version of Braxton Miller.

        He’ll be pretty SPRAR’d up IMO.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Colston is garbage. Take a young kid at WR over this old guy.

    • LikwidIce

      Adolphus Washington had his case dismissed on a guilty plea and future mandatory attendance of “John school”. I don’t really think that makes the problem go away.

  11. Volume12

    Am I the only one that would take Baylor CB Xavien Howard at the end of round 1, early 2nd, or end of round 2?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      @LedyardNFLDraft: Mayock: Xavien Howard, good and bad tape. Might be late third round pick

      • Volume12

        I think he’ll rise higher than that.

        Didn’t Mayock say Willie Beavers was his 5th best OT too?

        • Volume12

          The only bad I see on his tape is tackling form, which can be improved and taught, and he does get beat deep. What Seahawk corner doesn’t?

          • Baldwin

            I watched Baylor v UNC and Howard have up 2 TDs (one called back) and what would’ve been a 30 yard PI in the NFL but he have some sticky coverage moments where he ran the WR route for him. He’d be an interesting R3 prospect but he probably gets over drafted being 6′ 2″ 200lbs.

            • Volume12

              I actually think Howard has some innate abilities that can’t be taught.

              And I don’t really worry about him getting beat deep if he has a safety over the top of him like ET.

              This is actually a really weak CB class.

              Howard’s gonna have a great combine and I’ll bet that teams will love his swag and confidence.

              • J

                Sleeper is Brandon Williams out of Texas AM. Converted to corner from rb his senior year. Has good size at 6’2 around 200.

                • J

                  Depends on length though.

                  • Volume12

                    He’s intetrsting for sure. As is his teammate De’Vante Harris.

                    Harris reminds me of a skinnier version of CB Jeremy Lane.

                    Another sleeper when pro days roll around, Michigan St CB Arjen Colquhoun.

                    They might really like LSU’s CB Rashad Robinson too.

          • Robert

            Whaaat? I thought the Seahawks got beat deep less than any team in football the last 4 years.

            • Volume12

              While that’s probably right, none of these corners are burners.

              They want length, toughness, and intimidation from their corners.

              Limit the explosive plays. But, occasionally they do get beat deep. It happens.

              I’m not worried about corners that don’t have 4.40-4-44 speed. If they do, great. ET eliminates and makes up for that, as does having 32″ arms.

              Xavien Howard is one of the best corners in this class. And saying he gets beat deep is the equivalent to a WR dropping the ball. There’s nothing I see from him on tape that can’t be coached or taught.

              • EranUngar

                Vol, I loved what i saw from Howard as well. I was especially impressed with his feel for the ball. He is never caught with his bad to the pass. He has always tracks the ball, turn and makes a play for the ball. He is also great defending slants and crossing paterns.

                He also supposted to be sparqy – an added bonus.

                Still, I cant see us going for him before the 3rd.

                • Volume12

                  Him and William Jackson are the only 2 CBs I think they’d take early.

                  Maybe Eli Apple, but I just got a hunch that he’s gonna measure in short.

                  Seattle isn’t afraid to take their guys early. No matter what the consensus is or the NFL big board looks like.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Yeah and Steamboat Willie ain’t the 5th best OT by a long shot.

  12. sdcoug

    Is this the year we forego using needed cap space on a backup QB (TJack) and instead groom a new backup? Maybe use a late pick on the guy you like (V Adams? Boykin?).

    Sure, TJack gives you experience but should we need him (I’m not going to say the words), let’s face it, we’re not making a deep playoff run. Just as any other contender isn’t making a deep run with their backup QB.

    Time to let a young buck learn under Russ

    • Volume12

      Liberty QB Josh Woodrum, someone I mentioned awhile back is really good.

      And Stanford’s QB Kevin Hogan is a guy I like. Thought he made some good strides this year. Him and RW’s background are so similar. Both from VA, both lost their dad at a young age, both are really athletic.

      Hogan is a guy that could come in and run the read option for ya and wouldn’t make bad decisions. Would he win you a game? Probably not. But he 100% wouldn’t lose you a game.

      BG’s Matt Johnson is an interesting guy too.

      • sdcoug

        Hogan…do you want to spend a 3rd on him tho? Buzz is he’s gaining steam as the 4th or 5th QB off the board.

        • Steele

          I think Hogan is going to move up, right into the sweet spot in rd.2-3 where the Hawks need to focus on other things. Like him.

          I didn’t mind BJ Daniels as the backup. Executed the read option extremely well.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Hogan is a round 5-7 guy….. I’m not seeing him in the 3rd, he is more a back-up type coming into the league. Maybe in a few years he can be decent, but right now… noppers

        • Volume12

          No I wouldn’t want him in that range.

          I wasn’t aware that his stock is gaining steam. Good to know though.

          Kind of think that Seattle is gonna target a QB in UDFA. As a priority,

          • matt

            Hogan has a really long and slow release. That can be cleaned up but takes time, if at all. He is a really good strong athlete and has good arm strength. Just can’t get over his release issues. If we were to draft a QB I wouldn’t want one who needs work on basic fundamentals. Really like the prospect of adding Vernon Adams. His skill set is very similar to Russell. Not having to change your game plan in the event the backup QB is needed is a big positive.

            • Volume12

              If your drafting a QB late, your getting a developmental type no matter what. Fundamentals included.

              Vernon Adams isn’t RW. He’s 20-25 lbs., his hands are like 2″ inches smaller. I like VA, but IMO he’s what Cleveland though they were getting with Johnny Manziel. In terms of skill set.

              TCU’s Trevone Boykin could appeal to them as an UDFA, in the same kind of way that BJ Daniels did.

              I don’t even think they’ll spend a draft pick on a QB.

              • Coleslaw

                I could certainly see us making a deep playoff run with a backup QB, our defense isn’t going anywhere for a couple more years at least, they could and often do carry the team to victories.

                • Coleslaw

                  Denver just won the SB with basically 2 backups (peyton is not peyton anymore)

                • sdcoug

                  Maybe I should have said SB, or realistic deep run.

                  Den just won with one of the greatest QBs of all-time. I am not confident Sea with TJack, NE with Goroppolo, Car with D Anderson or Joe Webb, GB with Hundley, Pitt with Vick, etc could very likely do the same.

                  Even so, you didn’t address the question. Does TJack give us that chance, or is it the right time to groom a young backup

                  • Coleslaw

                    All Peyton has is his knowledge, his arm is weak, Tjack is a vet he can definitely manage a game, a rookie would be more prone to mistakes. Peyton is not one of the greatest right now. He hasn’t been all year.

                  • Volume12

                    One more name. And this guy might be the grittiest of the bunch.

                    Arkansas’ Brandon Allen.

                    Maybe the small hands is something they don’t like, but this cat was down and out. Failure, blew his shot, whatever. Then him and RB Alex Collins took the reigns of this team and carried them.

                    Here’s the thing. A lot of these guys could play in Seattle’s offensive scheme, because it’s pretty basic. But, do they have ‘it?’ Can they handle the pressure? What’s their mental makeup?

  13. Dawgma

    Just tried my first mock draft Sim of the season and thought I’d share my results and thoughts. For the record I’m guessing Okung is overpaid slightly and kept, Sweezy walks along with Irving and Kearse.

    No Brainerd if he’s actually there (which he won’t be).

    Optimistic but plausible. Also considered Landon Collins.

    Early for a CB historically, but the guys who even MIGHT have the length were going quick and it looked like Worley or bust or maybe Russellatter for the slot.

    Value seemed right and all the other RBs I was looking at were gone.


    Not a prototypical ‘#1’, but looks to me like a plus version of Kearse – above average body control and ball skills, fast ‘enough’. Also absolutely ate some very talented UW DBs for lunch in his bowl game, which is where he initially caught my attention.

    I think R6-7 will be SPARQ fliers and that data just isn’t out there yet, but I’d be thrilled with this if it actually happened. Perkins and Worley aren’t my favorites but tick the ‘Seahawky’ boxes and I love the other picks.

    • Steele

      Not bad, Dawg. I would rather see something instead of CB/Worley in that slot. Where’s the LB/pass rusher?

      • BHarKnows

        I would be thrilled with that draft if you pencil in a LB or second DL in that second 3rd rounder. I think Dahl is more a RG not a LG but you could used one of those last picks on LG.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I don’t think you can hate a draft like this….. knock off some of the big holes and get talented guys. My late WR pick has to be a guy who is so massive at upside and was (until he was a knucklehead off the field) a legit 1st round talent…. D’haquille “Duke” Williams, WR, Auburn.

      This guy is EXACTLY what Seattle needs on the field. Not exactly what they like off the field. However, you take him in the 6th or 7th…. low risk and a potential #1 WR in 2-3 years.

      • David

        Love the idea of taking a late round flyer on Duke Williams. Uses his big body so well in the middle of the field and has experience blocking for a power running team. Unfortunately he only has effectively 1 year of FBS experience and played almost exclusively from the slot, which is not really a position of need for us right now (hopefully for a long time) but with Lockett and Baldwin in tow, I think we have some time to work on a late round project with massive upside. Wouldn’t expect him to contribute right away.

  14. Ignorant

    There’s an insane amount of people putting Sheldon Rankins at the late first. I’m starting to think that, if he doesn’t do something outstanding in the Combine, they might be around at 26.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Unless he does something wrong at the Combine, he won’t get past ATL at 17. Someone suggested in an earlier comment that JAX would take him at 5. I think that’s too early, but it wouldn’t surprise me. I think he goes between 10-12 to NYG, CHI, or NOS.

      • matt

        Jax is in a good position to trade down. Interested in seeing what they do in FA with $70 mil in cap space, and get Fowler back. I’m rooting for Bradley, it’s cool to see him get a real chance at turning the team around. Bortles to Robinson and Hurns looked very promising in their sophomore season.

      • Ignorant

        I think he goes to Detroit at 16. If the’s not taken by 16, I think he’s a Seahawk

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Way too many people. Which leads me to believe the guy is on multiple teams radars and will be scooped up before #26.

      • Ignorant

        Could be. If the Jags are smart they trade picks with the Eagles and take a legit 1st round pick in Sheldon Rankins and target all kinds of SPARq defensive players with the extra picks.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Jags will spend FA money on defense and draft offense in my estimation.

    • Ukhawk

      Q: 1st S Rankins & 3rd Fahn Cooper or
      1st S Coleman & 3rd A Washington

      I prefer the latter

  15. Baldwin

    Anyone have thoughts on LB Montese Overton? Supposedly he might run a 4.4 at 6′ 3″ 230. I’ve watched some of his tape and the kid can rush the QB, drop in coverage and seems like he has good instincts v run. Deion Jones is appealing but this kid has a little more length/bulk and maybe we have to go OL/DL early. Is this kid a R3 option?

    • Volume12

      He’s a nice developmental pick.

      I watched his tape from last year, but not this year.

      Nowhere near a 3rd round pick.

      Wanna see how Ohio St’s Josh Perry performs at the combine.

      • Baldwin

        Thanks, V12. Always count on you for a reply when Rob is sleeping. Ha

      • C-Dog

        Joshua Perry is the LB I’m really interested in, as well. I think there is some question on his overall athleticism, but watching him, he really reminds me of KJ.

    • matt

      Big fan of Overton. He’s very versatile, has the athleticism to stick with some WR’s, and ticks just about every box in an Irvin replacement. It’ll be interesting to see how he stacks up athletically with Jones-see a lot of similarities between the two. Overton, Feeney and Jatavis Brown are my 3 favorite day 3 OLB prospects. Overton could climb up to round 4. It would be a big surprise to see him go in day 2.

  16. Steele

    How bad would it really be if they let all of the free agents walk? Would the sky fall?

    Especially Okung, who is injury-prone and not worth overpaying. Let them walk, take your chances, save some money. Are any of them really irreplaceable? Irvin’s importance is underappreciated, I think, but he is going to cost too much. A slot CB—Lane—is important, but same problem, he’s going to cost, so can they find as good as Lane this offseason?

    • Coleslaw

      Lane is much more than a slot corner…

    • RealRhino2

      I think it would be hard to lose both Mebane and Rubin.

      • Steele

        If forced to keep only one, Mebane or Rubin?

        • Steve Nelsen

          Rubin. He is slightly younger and he plays the 3-technique really well. A base 1-T like Mebane is easier to find. Rubin might even slide to 1-T

        • Attyla the Hawk

          Rubin and it’s not close.

          I think Mebane’s play slid fairly significantly for him last year. And I think Rubin masked a lot of that. I see Mebane’s play eroding in the coming year.

        • vrtkolman

          Rubin would be the safe bet, but Mebane was a HUGE key to the 2013 defense. If you think there is a chance he bounces back next season, then this decision becomes very hard. Is there another guy Mebane’s size that offers both domination against the run and overall disruption? Unless we can draft Rankins, I don’t think so.

    • nichansen01

      If all of our free agents left, we would use the cap space to fill holes on the offensive line and interior defensive line (Wisniewski, Phil Loadholt, Tyrun Walker would be a possible haul, maybe even Chris Long on the cheap)

      And then draft a corner, linebacker, offensive guard and defenisve interior with our first second and two thirds. In the later rounds get depth at runningback, tackle, wide receiver and d-line So no, I do not think that the sky would fall if we didn’t resign any of our free agents.

      • Steele

        I am with nichansen01. At least leaning in that direction. I would rather see them sacrifice some of that familiarity with the same old same old guys for an infusion of fresh talent across the board, and depth.

      • Steve Nelsen

        That approach works if you are a rebuilding team. But Seattle is in a championship window right now. You don’t want to risk wasting the 2016 season while a whole new O-line learns how to play together. Coach Carroll has already said that the goal is to keep this group together as much as possible. I expect that they will keep 3-4 of their 7 expensive UFAs.

        • vrtkolman

          I disagree entirely. We wasted the 2015 season with the O line we have now, at least with a new O line there is potential for getting better. We would waste the 2016 season too by keeping this current line together.

          • cha

            I’m thinking if you consider 2015 a wasted season you might need re-calibrate your expectations.

            • vrtkolman

              I think expectations were very high for a large amount of the fan base.

          • reggieregg

            My thoughts exactly at least a whole new line has the potential of reaching nfl caliber!

        • Steele

          Let me ask you guys. Do you think the championship window is compromised by retaining average to above average players, simply because they are familiar “known evils”? Okung and Sweezy both fit that definition, in my opinion. Could they do better? Kearse. There is another one. An average WR, who has chemistry with RW. But average. Mebane. He has clearly slipped since 2013. Lane is good for what he is, but is he worth overpaying for?

          It boils down to individuals who can play on day one. Veteran FAs on the o-line should not take a season to figure out how to play. Rookies with college experience—not conversion projects—should also be more plug and play.

          On d-line, Rubin plugged in immediately. If you lose Mebane, plug in someone else.

          2015 was “wasted” because Cable and JSPC opted to experiment with young conversion projects instead of replacing with more seasoned and preseasoned guys.

          • Steve Nelsen

            I think that the championship window is threatened if the level of play in 2016 is diminished. So, when we are talking about replacing a player, my analysis starts with, “Will the replacement be better in 2016.”

            So, for instance, I think it would be relatively easy to replace Justin Britt at LG in 2016 with someone whose level of play will be better. The bar is pretty low there. There are a number of veteran FAs that would almost certainly be better. There are also some potential rookie draft picks, like Shon Coleman, that would likely be better even on week one, even when you factor in the rookie learning curve.

            But, when you start talking about LT, the analysis is different. Okung was our best lineman last year according to the metrics. There may be a couple veteran FAs who could be better but they will be more expensive. A rookie LT who starts on week 1 and is better is unlikely. Remember Okung was the 6th overall pick when he was drafted. Above average LTs are not easy to find or everyone would have one. There is even a pretty high bust rate on OTs including those who are drafted top-10 so simply saying “Shon Coleman would be better on week 1 than Okung” is more hope than real analysis.

            Also, with respect to the O-line, chemistry and communication is very important. I don’t think it is likely that Seattle keeps Sweezy and if they replace Britt, that is probably about the limit of change (2 new starting guards) that you can safely incorporate from one season to the next without risking a big dropoff.

            Sokoli (and maybe a rookie) could certainly be an upgrade over Lewis. But, it would be smoother overall if that change happened later after the two new guards were incorporated.

            I have said that I could see 5 new starters on the O-line, but it would be better for Seattle in 2016 if that change was spread out over the next 2 years instead of all at once.

            Any time you consider change, there is always optimism that things could improve. Especially if you are confident about a particular player. It becomes easier psychologically for me to say something like, “I believe Tretola could replace Britt at LG next year on Day 1 and play better than Britt” because I have a confidence bias in favor of Tretola and a poor opinion of Britt.

            To check that bias, I need to take individuals out of the equation. “I believe Seattle can draft an offensive lineman in the 3rd round this year that will be better on Day 1 than the offensive lineman that Seattle drafted in the 2nd round and has been coaching for 2 years.”

            In terms of ease of replacement (with a player who is better on week 1) from hardest to easiest, I rate our FAs: Okung, Irvin, Rubin, Lane, Sweezy, Kearse, Mebane. I think Irvin and Lane will get offers from other teams greater than their relative value.

      • Steve Nelsen

        One wild card that might fit into this scenario would be if Seattle decides to spend most of their available FA dollars for an elite FA #1 wide receiver like Alshon Jeffery. The Seahawks have done this in the past with Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin and Jimmy Graham.

  17. Greg Haugsven

    Latest Draft Simulator. What you guys think?

    R1 Jack Conklin
    R2 Adolphus Washington
    R3 Jack Allen
    R3 Deion Jones
    R4 Christian Westerman

    It would be nice getting Conklin and Allen, it would bring some instant continuity.

    • C-Dog

      Nice looking draft. I think you’d probably more realistically have to flip Westerman with Allen to land both, but even more realistically, Westerman probably doesn’t get out of round 2. I think he’s going to be a combine star.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Probably, I just like the thought of having Allen and Conklin, it would be nice for chemistry reasons.

        • Trevor

          Not sure we could ever get those 5 guys in the first 5 rounds but if we did it would be one incredible draft that is for sure and basically solve all our main needs.

  18. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I would rather take a chance on a UDRFA such as Trevone Boykin, then take a guy late in the draft like Adams out of Oregon. Boykin’s upside is massive. I understand the off the field stuff is a big question, but if you can get that corrected… not only is he a cheap back-up, but he has some legit play making ability if pressed into service.

    It is about time for T Jack to ride off into the sunset.

    • Greg Haugsven

      But would you want a rookie as your backup? Maybe one more year of T jack with a guy like Boykin as a third stringer. Then in 2017 tjack gone and Boykin now the backup. Just spitballing here.

      • Hughz

        Can’t afford a roster spot for a third QB. In all honesty TJack is not going to win a championship for us if RW gets hurt. So why not bring on a rookie to be the backup.

        • Volume12

          TJack has said he wants to test the open market.

          So, they may be forced to roll without him.

          Ideally you want a vet as your backup, and a developmental QB on the PS, IR, or whatever.

    • cha

      I’ve had a bit of a crush on Adams as a RW backup since he played for E-WA and gave the Huskies & Cougs all they could handle.

  19. CHawk Talker Eric

    Some early OL Combine measurements:

    Germain Ifedi – 6’6″ 324 lbs. 36″ arms. 10 3/4″ hands.

    Denver Kirkland – 6’4″ 335 lbs. 34 5/8″ arms. 9 5/8″ hands.

    Taylor Decker – 6’7″ 310 lbs. 33 3/4″ arms. 10″ hands.

    Ronnie Stanley – 6’6″ 312 lbs. 35 5/8″ arms. 10 5/8″ hands.

    Laremy Tunsil – 6’5″ 310 lbs. 34 1/4″ arms. 10″ hands.

    Ryan Kelly – 6’4″ 311 lbs. 33 5/8″ arms. 9 5/8″ hands.

    Taylor Decker – 6’7″ 310 lbs. 33 3/4″ arms. 10″ hands.

    Jack Conklin – 6’6″ 308 lbs. 35″ arms, 10 3/8″ hands.

    Shon Coleman – 6’5″ 307 lbs. 35 1/8″ arms, 10 5/8″ hands.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      @Gil_Brandt: Don’t know what they’re feeding them but 3 #NFLCombine OL w/ 36+ inch arms:

      Le’Raven Clark 36 1/8
      Dominique Robertson 36
      Germain Ifedi 36

      @darrenrovell: Most indirect path to NFL Combine: OT Dominique Robertson — Played at Riverside CC, Texas Tech then West Georgia.

      @ChaseGoodbread: Wednesday’s wingspan champion at the combine: West Georgia’s Dominique Robertson (86 1/4), edging Texas Tech’s Le’Raven Clark (85 3/4).

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      @LucPolglaze: Ifedi is honestly gonna get drafted on the length of his arms alone. Mistake.

      @LucPolglaze: Gotta see more on tape than that to make him a pick, and he doesn’t show much on tape at all. Looks like an NFL OG in a power scheme to me

    • vrtkolman

      Wow, is Ifedi as athletic as Le’Raven Clark is? Both are not good players by any means but I feel like Ifedi would be further along in development.

    • Ukhawk

      Coleman 35+ !

      • Trevor

        I know Coleman has good length I was glad to see that!

        Has anyone seen tape of Dominique Robertson?

    • matt

      Great measurements from Conklin and Coleman. Spriggs had 34 1/4″ arms 10 1/8″ hands-solid. Westerman has huge mitts 11 7/8″. There’s quite a few OT prospects with quality length-Ifedi, Cooper, Shell, Clark, Johnstone, Vaitai, Theus. Pumped that the combine is finally here!

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I saw Westerman’s hands measured at 10 1/8″ (6’3″ 298lbs 33.5″ arms. 10 1/8″ hands.)

        • Volume12

          Volume12 says: February 23, 2016 at 1:22 am

          A couple sleepers I wanna see at the combine.

          OT Dominique Robertson from W. Georgia. Former JUCO guy, 34″ inch arms, good size. Depending on how he moves and performs, he’d be great depth at OT. Any tape on this cat?

          I tried to tell ya guys about this dude.

        • matt

          11 7/8″ hands are what I’ve been seeing…


  20. CHawk Talker Eric

    @TomPelissero: #Cardinals gave former CFL pass rusher Tristan Okpalaugo a $30,000 signing bonus on his 1-year, $490,000 deal.

    That’s pretty cheap. I guess SEA wasn’t that interested.

  21. CHawk Talker Eric

    @nfldraftscout: The last time a RB over 225 pounds led the NFL in rushing was 2005 (Shaun Alexander).

    @DavisHsuSeattle: even if agility numbers poor- Henry at 240+ with 4.4 speed & explosive jumps should break the SPARQ chart-

  22. CHawk Talker Eric

    Paul Perkins – 5’10” 208 lbs. 31 5/8″ arms. 9″ hands.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      @PFF: UCLA running back Paul Perkins had 85 players miss tackles on his carries and catches which is 2nd best among draft eligible RBs

      • Volume12

        You watched Auburn’s Peyton Barber yet?

        Very ‘Seahawky.’

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          @ChaseGoodbread: Auburn RB Peyton Barber reveals “my mother is homeless right now” in answering why he came out for draft.

          Damn, if that don’t bring it all home, I don’t know what does.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            And Auburn football made just under $87 million in revenue last season.

  23. Sea Mode

    Interesting thoughts from Mike Mayock in his pre-draft conference call. Basically discusses strength and depth of position groups and possible fits for various teams, as well as a couple comments about the combine setup in general.

    Interesting to see what he says about a couple guys we have talked a lot about and where he thinks they will go.

    “Will Fuller from Notre Dame, late two to mid three. He’s going to run 4.35 but does not have natural hands.”

    “Eli Apple, who’s an intriguing conversation, late one, early two, from Ohio State.”

    “If you look at Robert Nkemdiche in a vacuum and just watch his Alabama tape against the best team in college football, he was dominant. Off that one tape, if he didn’t have any off-the-field issues and if he’d played that hard every week, we’d be talking about him as the first pick in this draft. That’s how talented he is, and that’s how much upside he has.
    However, once you factor in the inconsistency from snap to snap and game to game and the off-the-field situation, then you get into, how do you measure this kid? At what point does the risk justify the reward.”

    Link to transcript here:

    • Steele

      That was my impression of Nkimdiche based on the same small sample of tape. Over more, however…

  24. Trevor

    My 2 Round Pre-Combine Mock

    I went with Coleman in Rd #1 and Martin Rd #2. If Coleman is gone in Rd #1 then I think Chris Jones is the choice for the Hawks in Rd #1.

    Round one
    #1 Tennessee — Laremy Tunsil (T, Ole Miss)- I know they have invested a lot in the OL already and think they really want to trade this pick. If not they get a book end Tackle with Lewan who would switch to RT.

    #2 Cleveland — Carson Wentz (QB, North Dakota State)- My favourtie QB in the draft since Rob first mentioned him in the off season. Big strong guy that just looks like and AFC North QB. The Browns finally have QB of the future.

    #3 San Diego — Jaylen Ramsey (CB, Florida State)-I think he will shine at the combine. He is the best player in this draft class and will have an impact day #1. He can play corner or replace Weddle an is my early pick to be 2016 Defensive Rookie of the year.

    #4 Dallas — Paxton Lynch (QB, Memphis)-With his combination of accuracy, mobility, size and arm strength — Lynch provides the greater upside of the top three QB’s. The Cowboys don’t pick this early often and take the chance to get the future behind Romo.

    #5 Jacksonville — Sheldon Rankins (DT, Louisville)-Fantastic get-off, quick-twitch interior lineman who dominated the Senior Bowl practises. Jacksonville coaches saw him first hand and the expression on their faces said it all. People will say this is to early but team him with Marks and Dante Fowler and the Jags pass rush looks a whole lot better in 2016.

    #6 Baltimore — Joey Bosa (DE, Ohio State) -This would be a no-brainer for the Ravens. A pass-rusher to help kick-start that defense.
    #7 San Francisco — Myles Jack (LB, UCLA)-The 49ers built a great defense with All Pro line backer Patrick Willis. They get his replacement in Jack. Who is an incredible athlete and can play all three linebacker positions.

    #8 Miami — DeForest Buckner (DE, Oregon) With Vernon hitting Free Agency and the injury / likely release of Cameron Wake the Dolphins have a huge need at DE and get lucky as Buckner is the best in this class.

    #9 Tampa Bay — Noah Spence (DE, Eastern Kentucky)- The Bucs need a pass rusher and there isn’t another player like Spence in the draft and that should ensure he gets picked up early

    #10 New York Giants — Ezekiel Elliott (RB, Ohio State)- The Giants wanted Buckner but he is gone. So they get the lead back they have been missing to make the offense dynamic. Elliot is the real deal and will star in the bright lights in NYC with Eli and Odel. Elliot will be the 2016 Rookie of the year on offense.

    #11 Chicago — Mackensie Alexander (CB, Clemson) Any pick on the defense makes sense. Alexander slots into the line-up immediately. They could also go with LB here.

    #12 New Orleans —. Vernon Hargreaves (CB, Florida) The Saints need help all over the defense. Hargreaves needs to be more consistent but is a great athlete.

    #13 Philadelphia — Taylor Decker (T, Ohio State)
    Underrated tackle. Very athletic, strong and gritty. He can slot straight in across from Lane Johnson.

    #14 Oakland — Robert Nkemdiche (DE, Ole Miss)- He is a dynamic athlete with huge red flags. This would be a shoe in pick if Al Davis was still at the helm. He can play inside and out. Would be a great compliment to Mack if he stays focused.

    #15 Los Angeles — Jared Goff (QB, California) The Rams need a QB and may have to trade up to get him but Goff will be the pick.

    #16 Detroit — Ronnie Stanley (T, Notre Dame) They could add a defensive lineman but tackle is a need. Stanley can be overly passive but he has the physical profile to be a good pass-protector.

    #17 Atlanta — Darron Lee (LB, Ohio State) The Falcons need a stud defender to build around and Dan Quinn has his Bobby Wagner.

    #18 Indianapolis — Jack Conklin (T, Michigan State) They’ve shied away from obvious needs in recent years to make surprise picks. Conklin is the RT of the future and is nasty. The Colts need an infusion of toughness and to keep Luck upright.

    #19 Buffalo — A’shawn Robinson (DT, Alabama) Mario Williams will likely be cut so there is a need at DT. Robinson should intrigue Rex Ryan. Great athlete who has incredible upside and fits as a 3-4 DE.

    #20 New York Jets — Jaylon Smith (LB, Notre Dame) Smith would be a top 3 pick if not for the injury and the Jets are willing to wait on him.

    #21 Washington — Jarran Reed (DT, Alabama) Scot McCloughan is trying to create a tough, physically imposing football team with plus athleticism. Reed would provide a real edge to their D-line and replace Pot Roast.

    #22 Houston —#23 Reggie Ragland (LB, Alabama) Ideally suited to play in the 3-4, and the texans need to add speed and youth at LB. They need and want a QB but with the top 3 off the board will wait till round #2.

    Minnesota — Laquon Treadwell (WR, Ole Miss) The Vikings need a consistent target for Teddy Bridgewater. Treadwell can provide that. Value pick.

    #24 Cincinnati —. Corey Coleman (WR, Baylor) He could be the big winner at the combine, forcing his way into the top-tier of players. Explosive, physical playmaker. They get the perfect guy opposite of Green to continue adding to a stacked roster.

    #25 Pittsburgh — Eli Apple (CB, Ohio State) Cornerback is a huge need for the Steelers and Apple is a fantastic prospect destined for big things

    #26 Seattle — Shon Coleman (T, Auburn)-Maybe age will be an issue? I’m a huge Coleman fan. I think the Hawks will love this guys back story and character to make it against all odds. He obviously has great character, is tough and nasty. Plus he is in a positon of great need / value. He is the perfect pick IMO and the Hawks should run to podium to get Coleman if he is there. If we resign Okung I think Chris Jones is the pick.

    #27 Kansas City — Vernon Butler (DT, Louisiana Tech) Butler combines length, strength, size and mobility. He lacks Muhammad Wilkerson’s college production but he’s similar physically.

    #28 Green Bay — Andrew Billings (DT, Baylor) The Packers need a guy in the middle as Raji is a free agent and Billings is an absolute steal at the end of Rd #1.

    #29 Arizona —. Kevin Dodd (DE, Clemson)- They need a pass rusher and Safety and decide to grab a pass rusher in Rd #1

    #30 Carolina — Darian Thompson (S, Boise State) Shines at Senior Bowl. He misses the odd tackle but Thompson’s range, ability to play in the box and playmaking skills are enticing.

    #31 Denver — Jason Spriggs (T, Indiana)- Could be a big riser aftr combine to follow up a solid Senior Bowl could have teams moving quickly to snap up Spriggs’ athleticism and size.

    Round two

    #32 Cleveland — Braxton Miller (WR, Ohio State) They need more weapons and I love Millers potential. Give him a bit of time and he could be superb.

    #33 Tennessee — Leonard Floyd (OLB, Georgia) Athletic, rangy outside linebacker. Can improve as a pass-rusher
    #34 Dallas — Derrick Henry (RB, Alabama)- If he blows up the combine as predicted he is almost a lock for the Cowboys here.

    #35 San Diego — Germain Ifedi (T, Texas A&AM) After getting a replacement for Weddle in Rd #1 the Chargers try and improve Rivers protection. Underrated, powerful tackle in excellent shape. Could play left guard too

    #36 Baltimore — Michael Thomas (WR, Ohio State) A dynamic weapon for Joe Flacco who missed Tori Smiths deep play ability last year. He just looks like a Ravens pick

    #37 San Francisco — Cody Whitehair (T, Kansas State) They need to replace Alex Boone. Whitehair is just a solid pick. A no-nonsense lineman who will switch to guard in the NFL.

    #38 Miami — Kendall Fuller (CB, Virginia Tech)-Having addressed the D-line in round one, Miami go for a talented corner here.

    #39 Jacksonville — Shaq Lawson (DE, Clemson)-Powerful DE who can play inside and out and compliment Dante Fowler. Their pass rush should be one of the best in the AFC after taking Rankins in Rd #1 to add with Marks and Fowler and Gus finally recreates Seahawks East.

    #40 New York Giants — Chris Jones (DT, Mississippi State)- The Giants love DL. Jones is a steal here. A former 5-star recruit with incredible upside.

    #41 Chicago — Keanu Neal (S, Florida) Favoured in league circles the Bears need help in the back end and at Safety in particular. With Alexander in Rd #1 the secondary should be improved in 2016

    #42 Tampa Bay — Adolphus Washington (DT, Ohio State)- They got Spence off the edge in Rd #1 and get an interior pass rusher in Rd#2. Corner is also a likely pick here as well.

    #43 Los Angeles — Deion Jones (LB, LSU) They have a need a LB and get one of the best in the draft in Jones who has elite speed and playmaking at LB. This pick sucks for Seahawks because I think Jones could be a star.

    #44 Oakland — William Jackson (CB, Houston)- One of my favorite corners in the draft. This guy can play. Great size/speed/length. Could easily go to Mia or TB earlier.

    #45 Los Angeles — Hunter Henry (TE, Arkansas)-Arguably the best all-round TE in the class. He will become Jared Goffs Security blanket.

    #46 Detroit — Kenny Clark (DT, UCLA) The Lions add another piece to their new-look defensive front.

    #47 New Orleans — Austin Johnson (DT, Penn State)The Saints need an athletic nose tackle. Johnson has a fantastic motor.

    #48 Indianapolis — Christian Westerman (G Ariz St.) The Colts continue to build OL to protect Luck and get the best pure Guard in the class.

    #49 Buffalo — Jordan Jenkins (OLB, Georgia)They need another edge rusher with experience in this type of scheme.

    #50 Atlanta — Kyler Fackrell (LB, Utah State) Dan Quin gets his new Leo and along with Beasly and their 1st rounder Darron Lee completely overall the D and improve speed immensely.They need a pass rusher who gets home opposite Beasley. That’s Fackrell

    #51 New York Jets — Alex Collins (RB, Arkansas)- Todd Bowles gets his workhorse lead back.

    #52 Houston — Christian Hackenburg (QB, Penn State) Bill O’Brien takes a chance on his former protégé.

    #53 Washington — Ryan Kelly (C, Alabama) The quest to get tougher in the trenches continues.

    #54 Minnesota —. Shilique Calhoun (DE, Michigan State) A frustrating player to watch at times — but with bags of upside. No one develops DL talent better than Zimmer.

    #55 Cincinnati —. Kamalei Correa (DE, Boise State) The Bengals are a loaded roster but could use an upgrade at LB. Athletic edge rusher ideally suited to OLB in the 3-4.

    #56 Seattle — Nick Martin (C, Notre Dame) Seattle completes the rebuild of the OL with Martin who is a steal here. He just gets the job done. He’ll come into the league and start immediately. This a great pick for the Hawks.

    #57 Green Bay — Will Fuller (WR, Notre Dame – They realized the major need at WR when Jordy Nelson got hurt and get the best deep ball threat in the draft.

    #58 Pittsburgh — Su’a Cravens (S, USC) They get a Troy Polamau clone. They need to rebuild their secondary. Cravens is a versatile defender. Along with Apple in Rd #1 job complete in the back end.

    #59 Kansas City — Joshua Perry (LB, Ohio State) Every time you watch Ohio State, Perry shines. Incredibly tough. Leader.

    #60 New England — Josh Doctson (WR, TCU) Tall and wiry but makes plays. The Pats need to get some help for Brady and Edleman and Doctson is a great pick here. Tyler Boyd might be another option.

    #61 Arizona — Nick Vannett (TE Ohio St.) Bruce Ariens loved having Heath Miller as a security blanket for Big Ben. Now he gets a similar type all round TE for Carson Plamer.

    #62 Denver — Johnathan Bullard (DT, Florida) They lose Malik Jackson and replace him with
    another high energy interior pass rusher.

    #63 Carolina — Xavier Howard (CB Baylor) They need a corner opposite Josh Norman and Howard fits the bill perfectly

    • Baldwin

      I’d be stoked with Coleman and Martin.

  25. CHawk Talker Eric

    Duke C Matt Skura 6’3″ 329lbs 35 1/4″ arms. 10″ hands.

    IIRC, he was PFF’s top rated C all season.

    • vrtkolman

      Good find, I haven’t seen anything on him yet. 329 might be too heavy for our system though?

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I wonder if he hasn’t been bulking up for the Combine. He was listed at 305 during 2015 season.

        Also, Dane Brugler said Skura’s main weakness is that he’s “leaner than ideal and needs to develop his bulk.”

        • Volume12

          He’s lean, but weighs 330 lbs.?

  26. CHawk Talker Eric

    Just saw a photo of Gordon McGuiness (PFF) interviewing Joe Dahl and there’s a microphone with a Seahawks logo on the table in front of Dahl.

    • Volume12

      Interesting. They scouted Wazzu 2-3 times this year.

      The interviews play a huge part for all teams, but ecspecially Seattle.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        It was the only team microphone on the table. A couple others from sports networks.

        • Volume12

          I think they’ll take this guy.

          Him, Westerman, or Whitehair.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            @ChaseGoodbread: Kansas State OT Cody Whitehair says several NFL clubs have spoken to him about the possibility of playing center.

            • Volume12


              And teams have talked to Joe Dahl about playing OT too.

              • Volume12

                CHAWK, I got a feeling our mock drafts are gonna look eerily similar my man.

                • CHawk Talker Eric


                • Volume12

                  Boise St’s Rees Odhiambo?

                  I could see them having interest in him too.

                  • CHawk Talker Eric

                    His injury history is worrisome.

  27. Volume12

    Guys, please keep an eye on Auburn’s RB Peyton Barber.

    Might be more of a Seahawk type RB in this draft.

    Came from the JUCO ranks, had a learning disability, and choose to declare this year because his mom is currently homeless. This is the grit and resilience Seattle looks for.

    Oh yeah. As a part time RB, he rushed for over 1,000 yds.

    • Nick

      Wow. 5″11, 225lbs. Perfect Hawks RB.

    • Ryan West

      Are we looking for football players or trying to cast the next Disney movie?

  28. CHawk Talker Eric

    Interesting presser from Schneider.

    Thinks Rawls will be ready to go week 1. Has talent to be #1 RB, but injury compels them to bring in a “couple” new prospects to compete.

    No timetable for Graham’s return, but thinks his rehab is going well.

    Says ‘cohesion’ is more important to OL success than individual talent.

    Has spoken with Okung since season’s end, says Okung’s in a ‘unique position’ but no comment on prospect of him returning in 2016.

    Hints Irvin won’t be back.

    • Volume12

      Hmmm. Draft a RB and add an UDFA?

      This O-line class is deeper than I thought at OT. Some great length at the position. Draft 2 and sign a FA?

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I’d say a RB, QB and 2 OLers in UDFA. Just a guess though.

        • Volume12

          Yeah, I’d guess close to the same.

          QB, RB, OL, and either a DT or TE. Of course they can add all these positions, but I assume me and you are talking like priority UDFAs, correct?

          I always add 3-4 UDFAs in my mock though, because Seattle hits on so many of them and places such an emphasis on that part of the draft. AKA ‘8th round.’

  29. Volume12

    Texas Tech OT Le’Raven Clark just got more ‘Seahawky’ didn’t he?

    And Stanford’s OL Josh Garnett is growing on me. Went back and watched him. This dude is a thug out on the field. Just a mauler.

    • Volume12

      Garnett said he ‘seeks to run through guys souls.’

      That’s a cat with bad intentions.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        He struggles vs quick twitch interior guys but so do most OLers. I think he ends up a Raven at 36

      • Volume12

        After those statements, I bet Seattle will be all over Garnett.

        • Volume12

          Beginning to wonder if Michigan St’s Jack Allen goes before round 5. He measured smaller than we thought.

        • Trevor

          They have had a ton of success with Stanford picks and UDFA so I am sure he getting a look. Would be an upgrade over Britt at LG that is certain. Think he make it till 3rd round as a pure guard prospect?

          • Volume12

            No. I think either him or Whitehair will go in round one.

            I do think Seattle is gonna like him though.

            • Volume12

              Listening to Seahawk scout Scott Fitterer the other day, we gotta pay attention to the O-lineman’s length, which is a no-brainer, and he seemed to hint they look at 10 yd. splits and 3 cone times.

              Said 40 yd dash wasn’t a big deal, because how many O-lineman run forty yards downfield.

      • Coleslaw

        He’s from Puyallup too, very smart kid, great attitude. There are good day 2 guards in this draft but it’s hard to tell who’s going to be taken eariler because there’s no clear frontrunner

  30. CHawk Talker Eric

    CJ Prosise:

    “I’m a Matt Forte type of guy.”

  31. CHawk Talker Eric

    Love this:

    @gamscout: Ronnie Stanley tells us his most difficult opponent to face was Michigan’s Frank Clark. #NFLCombine

    • Trevor

      I think Clark is going to make a big jump this year and have a huge impact. He has the talent to be our next great defensive lineman along with Bennett and Avril. He gets my vote for breakout player in 2016.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I agree. Lockett and Rawls will build on their tremendous successes last year. But Clark will be a breakout player.

  32. Coleslaw

    I would be jumping with joy if we came out of the first four rounds with:
    1. Deion Jones
    2. Alex Collins
    3. Austin Johnson
    3. Sebastion Tretola
    4. Joe Dahl
    I think I want the 2 Arkansas guys more than anyone, so much grit and toughness and athleticism with both of them. Johnson is one of my favorite players in the draft, he’s relentless.

  33. Coleslaw

    Kevin Norwood met the trade requirements with Carolina, we get their 2017 7th rounder.

  34. Trevor

    Does anyone say nothing better than JS at a press conference. Pete is usually more open about things. Maybe we will get some insights tomorrow.

    • Volume12

      Right? This is ‘lying season.’

      I think JS is gonna be even more vague. He doesn’t want KC poaching his guys.

  35. Ryan West

    Crazy dreams last night, so I may still be a bit overcome with crazy ideas, but:

    1. I definitely think Tunsil is the most valuable player in the draft unless one of the QBs reaches their max potential, but Tenn should trade out, if possible. Is there anybody that wants to leapfrog Cleveland for their QB of choice? Would an LT-starved team trade up for Tunsil? Even if they don’t…..Tennessee, RB Ezekiel Elliott. They talked about keeping Mariota upright, but as Rob said, they’ve poured high draft picks into their line. Maybe they need a bellcow RB to keep Mariota upright. Grab Elliott and a solid interior lineman with one of their next couple of picks, boom. Dumb to grab RB with #1?

    2. Seattle, Shon Coleman. Never been as high on him as Rob, but probably the most ready-to-go guy as a run blocker that could fit right away at RT or even LG. Or Jack Conklin, same idea. Rob has talked all along about how they probably don’t want 2-3 new guys on the OL, but if we get one, get one ready to run block that can improve pass pro as the year goes on. Development guys like Spriggs, Clark, Ifedi, you are working the other way around and our offense won’t go.

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