53-man roster prediction: 25th August

Has Benson Mayowa done enough?

The Seahawks have surely never had a roster like this before? Getting it down to 53 is going to be agony.

The hardest part seems to be weighing up necessary depth versus superior talent.  There’s unlikely to be any Michael Bennett’s out there (cut by Seattle in 2009) but there will be a number of teams ready to pounce in waivers.

Can John Schneider pull off a few last minute trades as teams try to jump the line? We’ll see. Out of the players I cut in my own prediction, I struggled to identify many that have genuine trade appeal. The extended playing time for Brady Quinn against Green Bay was probably more of a showcase opportunity for the player rather than any attempt to drive his trade value (it’s non existent, even with teams like Buffalo suddenly needing a veteran quarterback).

Here’s how I think it might go down…

Quarterbacks (2) – Russell Wilson, Tarvaris Jackson
Running backs (5) – Marshawn Lynch, Christine Michael, Robert Turbin, Michael Robinson, Spencer Ware
Wide receivers (6) – Sidney Rice, Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin, Stephen Williams, Jermaine Kearse, Chris Harper
Tight ends (3) – Zach Miller, Luke Willson, Sean McGrath
Offensive linemen (9) – Russell Okung, Paul McQuistan, Max Unger, J.R. Sweezy, Breno Giacomini, Alvin Bailey, Michael Bowie, James Carpenter, Lemuel Jeanpierre

Total number of offensive players: 25

Defensive linemen (6) – Brandon Mebane, Red Bryant, Michael Bennett, Jordan Hill, Tony McDaniel, Jaye Howard
LEO/Pass rushers (4) – Chris Clemons, Cliff Avril, O’Brien Schofield, Benson Mayowa
Linebackers (5) – Bobby Wagner, K.J. Wright, Malcolm Smith, Heath Farwell, Allen Bradford
Cornerbacks (6) – Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner, Antoine Winfield, Walter Thurmond, Byron Maxwell, Jeremy Lane
Safety’s (4) – Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Chris Maragos, Jeron Johnson

Total number of defensive players: 25

Special teams (3) – Jon Ryan (P), Clint Gresham (LS), Steven Hauschka (K)

Total roster: 53

Players not included
Suspended: Bruce Irvin
Injured: Percy Harvin, Tharold Simon, Jesse Williams

Key cuts: Brady Quinn, Derrick Coleman, John Lotulelei, Will Blackmon, Winston Guy, Clinton McDonald, Mike Morgan, Phil Bates, Mike Person, Jared Smith, Ryan Seymour, Mike Brooks, Sealver Siliga, Kyle Knox, Ty Powell, Cooper Heflet

Offensive notes
I suspect the Seahawks will stash Spencer Ware and carry five running backs. Seattle carried two quarterbacks last year which means Brady Quinn will almost certainly be gone. Chris Harper gets the redshirt treatment at receiver. The Seahawks would have a tough decision to make if/when Percy Harvin returns. I have Sean McGrath beating Cooper Heflet to the third tight end spot. Nine offensive linemen seems about right with Alvin Bailey and Michael Bowie showing in pre-season they can cover at guard or tackle. Mike Person is the odd man out. Lemuel Jeanpierre must be retained as the backup center.

Defensive notes
Not including Bruce Irvin for the first four games helps the Seahawks keep another body on the roster to start the season. Benson Mayowa makes it because I suspect the team has seen enough potential there to keep him on board. Clinton McDonald was a difficult cut and Mike Brooks has shown enough to get a chance elsewhere. I think the team will IR Jesse Williams to work on his knee problems. Sealver Siliga could make it as another ‘big’ tackle but time might be against him. Malcolm Smith, Heath Farwell and Allen Bradford have all flashed more than John Lotulelei for me. Smith is a solid backup while Farwell and Bradford will take on key special teams roles. I wanted to keep Mike Morgan too. I really hope Kyle Knox and Ty Powell make it to the practise squad and get another camp next year. Will Blackmon was a difficult cut, another player you’d ideally keep.

Alternative options
The Seahawks could carry just four running backs and hope that Spencer Ware makes the practise squad. That would enable them to keep another lineman, such as Mike Person. I cannot see them giving up on Chris Harper this early. They could cut a linebacker to carry an extra defensive lineman, such as Siliga or McDonald. They could cut Mayowa to keep a player like Mike Morgan. Several people have suggested the possibility of keeping John Lotulelei over Heath Farwell for the cost saving. Farwell’s cap hit for the next two seasons is $1.6m.

Changes during the season
When Bruce Irvin returns it’ll provide an interesting angle. If they like Benson Mayowa enough to stash him whether he has an impact or not, it could spell danger for one of the linebackers. Alternatively, Mayowa could be presented the challenge of proving his worth over the first four games prior to Irvin’s return. I’m not convinced we’ll see Percy Harvin this year, but if he does return much will depend on Stephen Williams’ ability to have an impact. Ditto Jermaine Kearse. If Chris Harper does get a redshirt year, he has to show gradual improvement during the week even if he’s not getting much time on the field. And if Williams and Kearse are playing well, Harper might be sacrificed anyway.

Further additions?
If there’s going to be any further John Moffitt-style trades, tight end and defensive tackle appear to be the likely targets. The Seahawks could also look at the cuts around the league to make additions here, just as they did with Evan Moore a year ago.


  1. Magnificentbutcher

    Thoughts on Lotuleilei?

    • Rob Staton

      I think he’s done well, but I also think he’s the type of linebacker that this front office can identify most years. He fits the 2010-2012 concept of the WILL to a tee. But if they’re tweaking things on defense this year and using K.J. Wright in that position with Irvin or Avril in the SAM, while rushing more from both sides (a big positive IMO) then Lotulelei’s possible role becomes much less vital.

  2. Steeeve

    Does the Evan Moore experiment make it less likely they’ll pick up a TE from cuts? He struggled to get on the same page as the offense coming in late like that. Last year I think we were kind of stuck because Winslow wouldn’t take a pay cut and we could void our 7th-round trade by dumping him.

    Is McGrath, with two years of experience in this offense, a plus over a slightly more athletic guy who has to start over from square one?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a decent suggestion Steve. I also think their impression of Luke Willson could be key. If they genuinely believe he can have an impact this year, they may not feel TE is that much of a need after all. And the vibe out of training camp was that they like Willson a lot.

      • Belgaron

        I think they’d prefer to find another great blocker who can catch but you can expect the pickings to be slim.

  3. Nolan

    With your cuts we really get no cap savings… I would cut farwell and Margo’s. it’s to bad Carpenter couldn’t be healthy and take Paul mcquistons that would have cut some extra dollars.

    • Rob Staton

      No cap saving but perhaps a superior roster, which really has to be the priority.

      • Nolan

        Oh yeah for sure superior roster is of the utmost concern for me as well but i think we would be okay with out margos and farwell they contribute on special teams for sure but I think bradford and another safety would do just fine on special teams, Initially I thought we could do more drastic cuts like Mquistion and robinson but it dosent look like that will be possible.

        • Belgaron

          This is also the time of year they put the screws to a few guys on the bubble for a renegotiation, so it’s possible they could save a few dollars on some re-worked deals.

    • Colin

      Farwell and Maragos are critical special teams players.

  4. CC

    Hey Rob, any thought on who would make it to the practice squad? Do you think John Loutellie will make it without being picked up by someone else?

    • Rob Staton

      I think there’s every chance he gets picked up but it depends. Traditional WILL’s are not in fashion at the moment. It’s a tough one to judge.

      • CC


  5. tonydif

    Is there a rule that states you can lose only so many off practice roster?

    Im sure a lot of cuts will be hanging around seattle anyway, waiting for injuries to happen.

    • Rob Staton

      No such rule exists to my knowledge. After all, you can’t stop a guy from getting the opportunity to make an active roster.

    • Belgaron

      Nope, you could lose all. If teams are interested they would contact the agents as soon as they are cut and they would most likely sign with the other teams before signing to practice squad. But roster claims would be processed first.

      If they go unclaimed on waivers, and no teams offer them regular roster deals, then they can choose to sign with whichever team’s practice squad that they feel they’ll have the best shot at. There is no direct process for the ‘Hawks or any other team to put guys right onto the practice squad and just because they offer them a spot doesn’t mean the player will accept.

  6. Mike-E

    You nailed it on offense, except I think Seattle will cut WR Chris Harper, going with 24 on Offense, and 26 on Defense.

    OL- 9



    • Rob Staton

      I’ll be very surprised if the Seahawks give up on Harper after one pre-season.

      • James

        Harper is the only projected roster guy who did not win his slot through competition, so will PCJS project his value for next year enough to keep him? I doubt they will let their egos rule the decision. He has shown so little in preseason, it is not inconceivable that he could make the practice squad, or some other decent receiver could be stashed there (Bates?) in case of need. I believe they need Siliga’s big body and would keep him over Howard, but would prefer to keep both and cut Harper. Hate to see so many good players let go (Guy, McDonald, Morgan, Lotulelei), but this is the price of success.

        • Rob Staton

          For me it’s not about ego’s, it’s about not every draft pick being about instant gratification. When you’re as good as Seattle are, not every rookie will have an instant impact or win his job. But you don’t dump them after one pre-season as a consequence. I keep coming back to the Jaye Howard example last year. It isn’t unusual for this front office to be patient.

          • Mike-E

            I think Seattle values the young assets long term on defense more than Chris Harper.

            • Rob Staton

              What evidence is there to back that up?

              I really do genuinely believe Seahawks fans are being a bit spoilt here due to the teams success. A lot of rookies have succeeded very quickly. Some need time to mature and learn.

              • Mike-E

                Have you heard the reports of Chris Harper moping around, and not trying in practice this last week? He has already given up.

              • Ben Harbaugh

                I agree with Rob’s assessment on Harper. I think he makes it and Jaye Howard really is the perfect reference for why. With so much depth throughout and Pete’s willingness to put starters on the field for special teams, Harper’s roster spot will probably end up inactive most weeks anyway. Essentially wasting a roster spot on a mid-rounder who needs a year to develop could become an annual trend for the Hawks.

                • Mike-E

                  Yes, and my assessment is Seattle has more young talent on defense that they would rather stash over WR Chris Harper. It is the same concept as keeping Jaye Howard last year.

                  • Belgaron

                    Plus, Tate and Baldwin don’t have contracts next year, albeit Baldwin is a RFA. And Rice has a contract that might create challenges. I think they find a way to keep and develop Harper, he could be next year’s Kearse.

                • Rob Staton

                  The inactive list is a great point. Some guys won’t feature each week (although why all 53 can’t be active is beyond me). I think the one thing my prediction provides is depth all round, so stashing a guy like Harper really has little impact if he’s just one of the inactives each week.

                  • Mike-E

                    So If you only keep 5 linebackers, 1 injury, and Harper will have to be cut.

                    6 linebackers is better all around.

                    • Rob Staton

                      Not sure how you’ve worked that out. If a linebacker gets injured they do not have to cut Harper. I think you’re trying too hard.

                  • Mike-E

                    So If a Linebacker gets injured, say K.J. Wright with a HIGH ANKLE SPRAIN, out 4 weeks.

                    You wouldn’t IR him.

                    So who would you cut to make room for another linebacker?

                    Or would only play with 4 Linebackers?

                    • Rob Staton

                      Next man up. Malcolm Smith. No need to cut anyone.

                  • Mike-E

                    Doubt it. I’ve never heard of a team only having 4 linebackers on the 53.

                    • Rob Staton

                      You wouldn’t have four linebackers. You’d have five. If K.J. Wright is out for four weeks, he doesn’t suddenly leave the 53 man roster.

                  • Mike-E

                    THEN Malcom Smith gets hurt. The next game, with a High Ankle Sprain.

                    You only going to to carry 3 linebackers on the 53?

                    Who would you cut to make room for another LB?

                    • Rob Staton

                      What if…. What if… What if…

                      Mike you’re talking about a scenario where two linebackers get injured. This is silly. Let’s worry about that when it happens.

                      BTW – I named five linebackers, but Irvin, Avril and Schofield have all been touted to play the SAM. You’ve got as many as eight linebackers listed for three spots.

                  • Mike-E

                    most teams have 5 linebackers active for a game.

                  • Mike-E

                    My point Rob is that when you go into a season thin at a position group, 1 injury to it, and you have to trim the fat somewhere else, to add depth.

                    Chris Harper would be that fat.

                  • John_s

                    I can understand Mike’s point. If you were to rank the roster 1-53 I would say that Harper is #53 given the fact that he doesn’t offer any ST value as well as being the 6th WR on the roster.

                    If there is an injury at LB for an extended period of time the team should probably look to add a LB for depth.

                    I would also say that if that was to happen I could see the team going more nickel with Winfield essentially replacing KJ Wright if he was to be injured. Like Rob said there’s also Malcolm Smith who’s played the position previously.

                    For me, I’m just not that high on Harper. He had a bad QB in college but he did not IMO have the acceleration to separate from CB’s in college and its more obvious in the pros. He has a long ways to go with route running but so did Golden Tate. Hopefully if Harper is redshirted that he comes back next year more polished as a route runner and IMO lose some weight, get down to 220 and gain some speed if he can

                    • Rob Staton

                      If you’re redshirting the guy because he’s one for the future, he’s not the first person you cut when one player gets injured.

                  • JR

                    Why do you say that Harper has no special team upsides. The Hawks have traditionally used there 6th receiver on special teams. Harper has the body size and speed to be good on both sides of special teams.

                  • T-CARP

                    We have several players who could step up into a linebacker position. Irvin is slated to be there after four games. Avril, Schofield, and Clemons could step in. In my opinion, KamBam at LB would be lethal, maybe even in a rover role along with four DBs.

                    That being said, I have not seen a thing from Harper. I understand he has potential and there is a reason we drafted him, but the team has been quoted saying it will be hard for anyone to make this roster which was pretty set carrying over from last year. If it were up to me, I’d hope he could slide to the practice squad and open up the roster spot for another DT or LB.

                  • Belgaron

                    I believe they will also scour the final cuts for an inactive 3rd string project QB. Of course, there may be no one there they like for that capacity, but they will look.

                    • Rob Staton

                      No doubt there will be a QB added to the practise squad.

  7. Turp

    This is exactly how I’d want the 53 man roster to go. I completely agree on Jesse Williams; he doesn’t look right to me at all. If he’s not IR’d, then he could potentially get cut.

    I also doubt they drafted Harper without knowing he was a little raw and will need some time to develop. It is unlikely there was an expectation for him to shine in the preseason and to cut him if not.

    I’m really 50/50 on keeping Mayowa, but he’s shown enough to get an extended audition while Irvin is suspended. I love having Bradford on this team, especially on ST. He’s going to be a beast. I wouldn’t mind if he replaced Farwell completely.

    Great piece Rob, thoroughly enjoyed the read. Thanks for putting your thoughts up.

  8. kevin mullen

    What an awesome problem to have: basically dissecting who gets the privilege to sit on our bench! I guarantee Jacksonville, AZ, and the NYJets will be fighting each other for our scraps.

    Regarding Harper, he hasn’t really shown anything this preseason to warrant a secured spot (if we’re going with the whole “compete” thing). In his defense, it usually takes a year for WR’s to adjust to the NFL level. And with Harvin in limbo and not IR’d for the rest of year, why not take the risk of putting him on practice squad? Personally, I love the Kearse/Williams back end of depth chart, especially in the redzone. Keep the WR’s count to 5, (6 when/if Harvin comes back) and use that available spot for defense or OLine.

    What’s the worst that’ll happen? Harper gets picked up by, say the Jets, and he succeeds? Chances are he probably won’t since he’s having a hard time either understanding playbook/terminology/route running, so we can sign him back afterwards should we feel the need to. If it came down to Harper or say: Mayowa, Guy, Morgan, or Coleman? I’d choose any of these four than Harper based on production from preseason. Take the chances of Harper to practice squad and give it to a guy that’s worked his butt off this offseason.

    • Rob Staton

      Have we any evidence to suggest Harper hasn’t worked his butt off this off season?

    • A. Simmons

      Where’s this stuff coming from? I’ve read extensively on Seattle sites. Never heard anything negative about Harper’s attitude or work ethic.

      • JW

        Right. I was no fan of the selection but I’ve not seen anything about his attitude/approach or work ethic. I think he’s just not very good right now.

        • T-CARP

          There are plenty of guys who will come in and give you everything they’ve got. But good intentions and wishful thinking aren’t the same as production. I can’t believe I am saying this, but in the NFL that is all that matters. (Unless the guy is just a jerk and a nuisance to the team)

        • Rugby Lock


          I believe this is where it is coming from.

          • Rob Staton

            Not enough evidence for me.

          • A. Simmons

            I like reading Hawkblogger’s Blog. He is a passionate Seahawk fan. He doesn’t know whether Harper is giving full effort or not. The guy he said did Brett Swain isn’t going to make the team. That’s not evidence at all. It’s a blogger stating his own viewpoint.

  9. Kstreet

    I like most have not seen Harper’s presence during these preseason games. But I don’t get the opportunity to really analyze games because I have no DVR and watch the games from the stadium or at local Seahawks bar. Little opportunity to really analyze in those situations. So, why is it he has no ST value?

    From the videos I watched from college, he seemed to have the build and athleticism to be a good ST player. Reminds me of Obamanu, who really made this team on ST the first couple years.

    I’m not arguing that he actually has ST value, but more asking the question, what have people seen to lead them to the conclusion he has no ST value.

  10. CHawk Talker Eric

    Rob, I’m having a hard time seeing 5 RBs on the final roster. They carried only 4 last year, and the 4th – Washington – had only 23 carries the entire season (along with KR duties). There’s only one football, and only so many opportunities to carry. I just don’t see them keeping 5, unless the intention is to stash one (probably Ware) as an inactive player most weeks.

    Also, I think there’s almost no chance Lotulelei makes it to the PS. His potential upside at WILL, combined with ST abilities, might outweigh his rawness such that he gets stashed on the roster.

    Other than that, I think you’re pretty much spot on.

    • Rob Staton

      Unless they are willing to cut Spencer Ware, I think they’ll go with five RB’s. But we’ll find out soon.

  11. HardcoreHawk

    Great job Rob. Love the site, keep up the good work!

    With this solution, we don’t roll any $$$ into next season to resign Tate, Sherm, Earl, Doug etc. I think we have to roll over at least $5M to be able to resign our own guys. Cutting Farwell & McDonald might do it. Would love to keep Farwell, but I think Lotulelei has done enough to take his job.

    • Rob Staton

      One possible way to create cap room next year would be to restructure with Rice, Clemons, Bryant and Miller (or even cut). They will lose McQuistan and Giacomini in free agency if they aren’t resigned, so that’s a chunk of cash ($6.5m). Lynch’s salary drops by $2m, while Miller’s contract also drops significantly.

      • Colin

        For my money I’d guess they cut Rice and try and restructure Red Bryant. If he has a another subpar year you can guarantee action will be taken.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s hard to project what they’ll do in pre-season. For example, if Sidney Rice gets 1000 and 10 TD’s they won’t cut him. But if he goes 600-700 and 4TD’s and Stephen Williams has a big year, then it’s possible. But if they don’t roll cap, I think they’ll be very comfortable knowing the have options.

  12. Trenchtown

    Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see Greg Scruggs on the roster, the cut list or the injured list.

    • Rob Staton

      I didn’t include all the injured reserve guys. It’s why Scruggs, Toomer and McCoy aren’t on there. I only noted the players who could either return (Harvin) or would need their absence explaining (Williams, Simon).

  13. glor

    I really don’t see a need for Turbin with CM showing what he’s got.

    Look at Golden Tate, he took 2 years to get decent.

    • Belgaron

      The primary focus of their offense is pounding the ball. Lynch and Michaels both sat with sore backs. They will not take the risk. Turbin stays and maybe even Ware in addition as the #4.

  14. Christon

    I could see Harper staying on the roster for a while but if the rest of the receivers stay healthly (I know that’s a big IF) and Harvin does come back this year, how could you keep him? And don’t the Seahawks have this thing about always competing AND playing/keeping the people who win the competition no matter who it is? How could they justify someone who has been vurtually invisable against other teams back-ups? Maybe they see future up side so they don’t want to cut ties yet, which would be the only reason he sticks around.
    Anyways, it’s obviouslly a great talking point and one of the biggest questions for these roster cuts. What are the rules about IR’ing someone? Would Harper have to actually be injured to put him on IR for the year? Could they put him on IR for being “sore” after practice and could he still practice with the team if he is on IR? I guess I’m not really up on the rules with the new CBA about stuff like this.

    • SunPathPaul

      One new aspect is this:
      Previously, any player put on IR was lost for the entire season. Now, if a player is hurt and put on injured reserve after Sept. 4, that player may return to the active roster eight weeks after the IR designation, and the player must be on the IR list for at least six weeks. In addition, a player must be “designated for return” at the time of his IR classification, which means that a team must anticipate a player’s ability to return midseason. Teams can’t just hope their key injured player will recover in time.

      But only 1 player can walk this route…per year…as far as I have heard. Suggs did it last year, and won a SB!

      As far as regular IR:
      A team may place a player on injured reserve (reserve/injured list) who is “not immediately available for participation with a club”. Generally, these players may not practice or return to the Active List for the rest of the season (including postseason games or the Pro Bowl) that they are placed on injured reserve, but are allowed to be with the team.

      So Harper wouldn’t be able to practice, so not much benefit there as far as bringing him along…

  15. Darnell

    I agree with Rob on keeping Chris Harper. I think it is akin to essentially sitting a freshman that you liked and hoping he develops.

    Look, that 6th WR is going to be inactive every week. And earned or not, there is more upside in having Harper inactive than there is in having Bryan Walters,Brett Swain,Clinton McDonald,Mike Morgan,Derrick Coleman,CooperHelfet,Winston Guy,Will Blackmon or anyone else with limited upside and is at the back end of their position group sitting around inactive. This team is so deep, that “redshirting” guys taken in the 3rd or later is going to become the norm, but you also have to find a way to keep these guys on the roster so that the depth remains strong over the years.

    We have to get used to not having immediate returns from the bulk of each draft class going forward, just as the 49ers had to do last season.

    I also think Farwell could be on the bubble, as much as that would suck. But he isn’t a primary backup at any LBer spot; given who is available any week and projecting who you may need should someone go down it will be a mashup of Wagner,Wright,Smith,Bradford,Schofield,Avril and eventually Irvin. Given that he only contributes, very well I might add, on special teams, his path to the active roster any week looks arduous. And if he is projected to be inactive, then it might as well be Lotulelei sitting in that inactive spot but providing young, cheap future depth with upside.

  16. Eran Ungar

    We used to have this guy Robinson that the beast loved following into the hole…nobody questions his absence but if we look for a superior roster – Ware is out and Rob is in. cap saving or not…

    • Eran Ungar

      ooops, my bad, i missed him on the list….

      • Rob Staton

        Yeah Mike Rob is a lock.

  17. T-CARP

    I have to agree with you on most counts Rob. Great work. I think Harper i expendable at this point. I’d rather keep Louteleilei. Both for depth and special teams reasons. We do need depth at the WR spot, but Rice, Tate, Baldwin, Kearse, and Williams should do fine. THis is a Super Bowl caliber squad and that means our focus can not be on next year. We want to and can win now. I think The Hair would better serve that purpose.

    However, I am prepared to eat my words if Harper shows out. I watched him closely when I went to camp and he was working hard, it just seemed like everything was too fast for him.

    • T-CARP

      If we get desperate for WR help we can always call T.O. 🙂

      • Rugby Lock


  18. MikeE

    And just reported Cliff Avril will miss week 1 against the Panthers.

    Looking more and more like Seattle will keep

    24 on Offense (sorry Chris Harper)


    26 on Defense

    • Rob Staton

      Mike, it’s getting boring. Avril missing week one has zero impact on Harper or whether they’d carry an extra defensive player. You don’t set up your entire roster around week one.

  19. seahawksuperbowl

    what ever happened to korey toomer?

    • Rob Staton

      Injured. Out for the year like Anthony McCoy.

  20. Ted B

    Is it really that likely that Spencer Ware gets picked up off waivers if the Hawks try to sneak him onto PS?

    I just don’t see the value in giving a roster spot to Ware when we are so deep. FB is one of the least valued positions in the league, so push come to shove and I don’t see us having trouble finding a passable one on the scrap heap (if something happened to MRob). Ware has shown the capability to carry the football (and fairly well) but with Lynch, Turbin and Michael ahead of him, does it seem likely to keep him around for that? Furthermore, Ware hasn’t shown much (as far as I know) ability to ACTUALLY play FB. So why not take a chance with slipping him to PS?

    • Rob Staton

      I see Ware as a running back, not a full back. And I do think a team would stash him on their roster if they try and squeeze him into the PS.

      • Turp

        He looks like a legit NFL RB too. Between the tackles, catches passes out of the backfield, decent pass pro. He’s not gonna make it to the PS, no way.

        • Ted B

          But that’s also the point –

          So he looks like a legit NFL running back. So, what’s the long term plan for him? What would be the short term purpose? What do you gain by MAKING SURE you keep him by giving up a roster spot for him?

          There are “legit” running backs in the draft every year. Currently there are 3 RB’s ahead of him on the depth chart, so I don’t see him getting much scratch this year. We drafted a running back last year, and another ahead of him this year, so I don’t see him advancing up the depth chart anytime soon, nevermind the 27 year old pro bowler at the top of the list. The only way this should make the roster is if he showed value in other areas, like special teams (where I think I’ve heard he’s decent but can’t say) and as a potential backup FB where he is completely lost.

          There are other positions on the field that we really need more depth in, and I can’t see the Hawks sacrificing one of those spots for a 4th string RB.

          What have they lost if he doesn’t make it to PS?

          • Turp

            I disagree completely. First, the Hawks knew all of this already (RB’s being fungible, etc) and drafted him anyway. Second, he fits the style of running they want, and not all freely available backs do that. It’s also a certainty he does not make the PS after the good tape he’s provided in the preseason. If you want to sneak him into the PS, then you don’t play him that much.

      • Ted B

        I think that’s a possibility as well, but IMO, the potential loss not worth the spot on this deep team.

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