6 Reasons You Can Get Excited About the 2017 Seahawks

I want to profusely thank my longtime friend Rob Staton for the opportunity to write for his blog. I might as well ask for his forgiveness now, too, while I’m at it. 

This is an optimism piece. Gird yourself accordingly.

Before the 2013 season started, I correctly predicted a Super Bowl win for the Seahawks that year. I even identified their eventual opponent.

That doesn’t mean much. I know nothing. And things are different this year.

Back then, I was impressed by the innovations of the Seahawks’ front office. They stood at the leading edge of early-decade evolutions in NFL play, finding ways to exploit market surpluses, setting trends that NFL teams still copy today. The 2013 road was bumpy for the Seahawks, requiring more than a few ridiculous narrow escapes from teams who had no business keeping up (Houston, Tennessee, Tampa). But they found ways to win, and in the end, their toughness and depth were a perfect Ragnarok for the finesse Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl.

Walking into 2017, the Seahawks aren’t necessarily new anymore. Teams know about Russell Wilson. They’ve remembered that the run matters. Seattle’s simplistic, just-try-to-beat-us Cover 3 defense has been solved, at least enough to give opposing offenses a wedge in the door. Instead of holding a novelty advantage over the league, Seattle must rely on talent, depth, effort, and resilience.

No problem. They’ve still got that.

The 2017 offseason got me jazzed. Offseasons rarely do that. I’ve been seeing pretenders and fools’ gold everywhere since 2007, and my therapist doesn’t know what to do with me anymore. But this offseason was the first time since 2013 in which Seattle’s moves really seemed to be targeting 1) the unique strengths of the team and 2) the elements most commonly considered crucial to winning. It’s left me with a simmering optimism for the Seahawks’ 2017 prospects.

Here are six reasons why.


1. Special Teams

Depth, depth, depth.

It was one of the least recognized, most essential aspects of our 2013 run. It insulated the Seahawks’ playoffs chances from injuries, and it strengthened special teams.

Do you remember when we used to lean forward in anticipation with every Steven Haushcka kickoff, waiting for someone to fly down and knock the ball loose from the opposing returner’s hands? I remember. Pepperidge Farm remembers. Winning the field position battle and generating the occasional special teams turnover was an enormous defensive advantage that year – and something that took a precipitous drop for Seattle in 2016, partially, perhaps, due to losing influential gunner extraordinare Ricardo Lockette:

2013: 25.8 yard line (starting field position for opponents)
2014: 25.7
2015: 23.8
2016: 28.4

(source: Pro Football Reference)

This year, depth has returned to Seattle, like salmon returning home (weird analogy, but I’m hungry). If preseason proves one thing, it’s the quality of its depth.

And it should, at least in theory, bolster their special teams unit. Seattle’s focus on drafting defensive backs higher than normal wasn’t just an attempt to reload the aging Legion of Boom – it was an effort to bring nastiness back to special teams. S Delano Hill was a particularly intriguing move on that front. Throw in underrated moves like trading for proven special teams ace DJ Alexander, our embarrassment of riches at RB/hybrid WR, and our acquisitions at linebacker, and Seattle could have the makings for a championship-caliber special teams unit. Not a factor to be underrated.

Speaking of which…


2. Options at running back

It wasn’t until I saw SI’s Andy Benoit waxing poetic about the Atlanta Falcons’ running backs, and how many options they afford the offense, that Seattle’s moves at the position snapped into focus for me.

It’s not just about sandbagging against injury. All these running backs and hybrid WR’s? Seattle wants to be the Falcons. Or, as you might have suspected after the NFL’s opener on Thursday, the Chiefs, whose head coach Andy Reid is matched by no-one at employing running backs downfield.

Having talented running backs who can run routes and disguise offensive looks is worth its weight in gold. That’s why it’s hard to get consterned over Seattle’s seemingly thin WR roster, which after Jermaine Kearse’s departure seems to pretty much end (at least as far as proven experience is concerned) after three small and somewhat injury-prone guys. It actually doesn’t end there. C.J. Prosise brings a proven ability to get vertical and force offenses to reveal coverages just by lining out wide. They’re hoping J.D. McKissic can do the same; his potential at mimicking both Prosise and WR Tyler Lockett’s skill sets went a long way towards securing him a roster spot. Eddie Lacy and Thomas Rawls are at least decent pass-catchers. Even rookie Chris Carson showed some chops here in the preseason.

This is the most hauntingly intriguing assortment of Swiss-army knife RB’s Seattle has had in years. IT’s fair to mention that Seattle’s limited options at tight end might cap our efforts to be the Falcons. But should Darell Bevell find ways to maximize this potential (and keep everyone healthy) while getting the read-option working again, Seattle’s opponents could still find themselves with their hands full.

Speaking of which…


3. Russell Wilson’s health

I pushed this down a bit in an attempt to be different, but it could just easily go #1.

Everyone noticed when Wilson got slow last year. Folks assumed it came courtesy of an ankle crush by Ndamukong Suh in Week 1 against Miami. What only a few observant fans noticed is that he was already looking slower during the preseason. Media literature confirmed that Wilson had intentionally bulked up somewhat over the 2016 offseason as part of an injury-prevention program. The ankle tweak in Week 1 slowed him further, and in Week 3 he was sacked awkwardly by a spying San Francisco linebacker on a rollout play (by definition not the offensive line’s fault, it’s worth mentioning), leaving him gimpy for most of the season and hampering Seattle’s running game into the bargain.

The lesson learned, apparently, is that the best way for Wilson to absorb hits (and the biggest benefit to Seattle’s running game) is to avoid taking them at all.

This year, Wilson is back to his spry 2015 weight and looked red-hot during the preseason. He should be a danger to take off from the read-option again. That’s one of those things that Seattle’s opponents know about but can’t stop without either having a Pro Bowl defensive line (ahem Rams cough) or making sacrifices elsewhere on defense. Remember Mike Holmgren famously saying that he didn’t care if he was predictable as long as the predictable was unstoppable? As long as Wilson’s healthy, Seattle is in a similar position.

Speaking of which…


4. Pass rush

You have no idea how depressed I got when top draft pick DT Malik McDowell was lost to the team.

Forget the offensive line for a moment. It’s the defensive line that’s quietly been the biggest bugaboo in Seattle’s shoe since 2014. A deep, consistent pass rush that can generate pressure without blitzing is a must-have when you’re targeting the big dance.

Seattle hasn’t had that for years. It’s well-known to the attentive that Seattle’s postseason demise in both 2012 and 2014 came partially at the hands of injuries to crucial pass rushers (Chris Clemons and Cliff Avril respectively, with Jordan Hill lost earlier in the 2014 season).

Avril and (surely you’ve noticed) Michael Bennett remain on the roster, but their effectiveness came into question towards the end of 2016. Seattle’s lack of pressure against Falcons QB Matt Ryan last year wasn’t necessarily the end of their effectiveness so much as Ryan having a career game from the pocket in his own right (against a defense lacking Earl Thomas). But the fact remains that, while both Avril and Bennett have the attitude and resilience to join the ranks of the league’s long-suffering Dwight Freeney’s, they’re also on the wrong side of 30, and Seattle would have been fools to not make contingency plans. DE Jarran Reed is an excellent Brandon Mebane replacement but not a QB-reacher, nobody else on the interior has really stood out over the years, and it was unfair to ask (admittedly scintillating) edge rusher Frank Clark to shoulder the load alone. Seattle needed an interior penetrator.

Enter Malik McDowell. There were questions about his effort, but otherwise? Calais Campbell upside. He could have been the answer to Seattle’s pass rush problems, possibly even the most impactful Seattle draftee since Russell Wilson himself. That’s the importance of interior pass rush.

Welp…he got injured. Despite being sighted in Seattle’s locker room, I am operating on the assumption that he won’t play this year.

But then Seattle pirouetted magnificently from the blow and landed DE Sheldon Richardson in a trade from the Jets. Richardson is young, undeniably disruptive against both pass and run, and, as Rob has written before, NOT as un-re-signable as some are saying. It would take some doing, but as Seattle found with Jimmy Graham, there is the sense that sometimes you just have to open your wallet. Few positions are worth it like interior defensive tackle.

Thanks to Sheldon, Clark, the still-intense duo of Avril and Bennett, and McDowell (if he somehow returns this year), Seattle has, on paper, the ability to puncture pockets, stuff talented running backs, and pressure quarterbacks into errant throws without overtaxing their linebackers, not to mention the depth to keep their line fresh. More than any season since Red Bryant’s departure after 2013, offensive coordinators will be awake at night when thinking about the Seahawks.


5. The schedule

I’m trying not to be fooled by this. Schedules can change; underdogs can emerge.

But Seattle has avoided a lot of pitfalls on the schedule this year. The division is low. Arizona has lost defensive talent. San Francisco and St. Louis have giant flashing question marks at quarterback. Seattle faces only one 10am road game (a monkey Seattle actually ripped off its back years ago, but whatever), and it’s against Jacksonville. No back-to-back road games exist anywhere on the slate. Facing the Giants and the Cowboys on the road is a challenge (especially after the recent news that Dallas RB Ezekiel Elliott might be playing this year after all), but after that – manageable. Not gimmes, but quite manageable.


6. The back seven is still there

This defense boasts eight Pro Bowlers, several of whom are motivated to nab one more year of glory before getting separated by the excruciating contract decisions Seattle will have to make in the next few years. They’re hungry again, they’ve got Earl Thomas back, and they’re ready.

Call that a shallow take if you want, but the entirety of their dropoff last year can be explained by the loss of Earl to injury. They’ve got the best set of options at cornerback they’ve had in a while. I’m intrigued by LB Terence Garvin. They’ve dramatically improved their safety depth. Again…depth, depth, depth. The Seahawks have it back there in a way they haven’t since…yep…2013.



So…do I think the Seahawks will win the Super Bowl?

I’m going out on a limb and saying yes.

That’s just my call, and it always carries a bit of trepidation. You certainly don’t have to feel the same way. I know there are common reservations (I’d like to address those next week in another post). But that’s my prediction. It’s fun to make.

Many things have aligned right. There’s a pop to this September. Seattle managed 10.5 wins last year despite injuries to Wilson and Thomas, with a harsher schedule. Alter the outcome of three Hauschka kicks and it’s 12 wins. Reports of the demise of this championship window could well be greatly exaggerated when you look at the grand scheme.

There might be tough games. Seattle might barely squeak out wins against some bottom-feeders instead of looking terrifying week in and week out like the New England Belichicks (which is what most fans prefer to our ragged, ugly 2013 run). But winning ugly can still bring you a Lombardi.

I’m hoping for a revenge win against the Belichicks in Minneapolis, personally, but I’ll take whomever feels like getting trampled.


  1. Smitty1547

    the big difference is strength or lack there of on the OL, however the rest of the team has so much more experience than we had then it could help off set it.

    • Brandon Adams

      Thanks for being the first responder to my faceplant of a writing career here on SDB!

      I’ve never been as worried about the OL as most people. To my eyes, the Seahawks have managed 10+ wins for five years running despite never having an OL better than “slightly below average” (2013 wasn’t that good – Paul McQuistan? One-dimensional Carpenter and Sweezy?). If the OL were as important as some say, Wilson would be out of the league by now.

      That’s not to say it isn’t important; it’s to say that it’s less important on some teams than on others. Seattle has the most OL-proof quarterback in the league. They have the ability to discourage blitzing with quick passes, with the read-option, and now, potentially, with multiple versatile options at RB. If there’s any team that can withstand growing pains at the OL position, it’s the Seahawks.

      • DC

        Thanks for writing.

        I will add that Seattle’s OL starters were healthy for the playoffs that year. It made a big difference. But yes, the championship optimism is back full force! It would be satisfying and fitting to bury the NE legend in Minny.

        Here’s to our health!

        • Brandon Adams

          Fair point. I was getting excited, despite myself, about what George Fant might show.

  2. Volume12

    Fun read! Look forward to the next one.

    • Brandon Adams

      I’m not so sure I am, but thanks for swinging by. 🙂

      • Volume12

        Why do u say that?

        • Brandon Adams

          Oh, I’m just being self-deprecating. Don’t mind me.

          • Hawktalker#1

            Nice piece. I’m also looking forward to your next one.

            Go Hawks,
            Go LOB,
            Go Death Row. 🙂

  3. Sea Mode

    Good stuff, Brandon, and well written. Thanks!

    I am optimistic as well about our chances this year. I just hope we shake the infamous “slow start” narrative that has appeared to haunt us at times. If the preseason is any indication, it shouldn’t be a problem this time around.

    • Brandon Adams

      Agreed, Mode, though I won’t be too thrown off if the Packers edge us out. Week 1 is a weird week and rarely means much in terms of season-long implications. Just look at the Patriots – they’ve lost three Week 1 games and won the Super Bowl all three years.

  4. Roger Davis

    Brandon – Good article! I like that GIF – A LOT!

    Unfortunately, I more or less agree with it all, I was hoping I’d be able to start a pillow fight. Sigh.

    You seemed slightly ominous about Avril and Bennett – but I feel the same way. The differences between the great and the formerly great can be inches, or centimeters as we Canucks say. Both those wonderful players have a lot of miles on. I still remember all the oxygen leaving the Universe when Avril went out against you know who in the you know what game…

    • Brandon Adams

      We can still have a pillow fight!

  5. Volume12

    Penn St. Mark Geisecki is a stud, but I think I like my guy Oklahoma TE Mark Andrews more. Will be interesting to see who’s the 1st one off the board.

    Andrews is huge (6’5, 255), fluid route runner, strong hands, matchup nightmare, and I cant remember the last time I’ve seen a TE of his size with his ability to make guys miss. Not a big time athlete, but he’s different man.

  6. Volume12

    Penn St. S Marcus Allen is a grown man!

    • Rob Staton

      Fun player to watch, that was a great safety he just collected.

  7. C-Dog

    Terrific write up, Brandon!

    I dig the optimism and see it founded in all these points. Really, really excited about this season. Excited about those backs. Excited about More sprite Russell Wilson. Really excited about what that pass rush could be about.

    Thanks for the reminder on the value of teams. There does seem to be an extra emphasis placed upon the quality of teamers kept this year. There’s a reason why Thorpe was kept over Desir, and McKissic and McEvoy over Kasen Williams.

    • Brandon Adams

      I do feel for Kasen. He worked his tush off for a spot on this team. But I imagine Pete and John knew that placing him on the waiver wire would either sneak him through to PS or give him a chance to start for a different team, and the Browns(!!!) COULD…just could…make some noise this year.

      • C-Dog

        Agreed on both fronts. The Kasen cut stills stings and I think the Browns could be quite interesting this year. I thought that defense looked good in the preseason, and I like the decision to go with Kizer.

        • Brandon Adams

          Kizer did a great job of forcing the Browns’ hand. Exactly what a real QB will inevitably do, just as Wilson did.

  8. Trevor

    Thanks Brandon!

    Nice job. I am pumped about this squad as well.

    • Brandon Adams

      Thank you, Trevor.

  9. Trevor

    Lamar Jacksons #s at the end of this year may go down as the best of all time!

    • Rob Staton

      Such a talented player. It won’t be long before some of the Allen/Darnold/Rosen hype suddenly turns into Lamar Jackson hype.

    • Ishmael

      He’s a monster. 300 yards passing and 100 yards running two weeks in a row? Six touchdowns in a game? Volume stats obviously aren’t everything, but he’s freakish. What were the third down numbers like? Felt like he converted a crateload.

  10. Old but Slow

    Injuries are a big key. In 2013 we were pretty healthy all season, last season, not so much. Heres hoping that McDowell and Fant fills the quota.

    • Brandon Adams

      Injuries at some positions (such as QB) are usually death to a Super Bowl run no matter what a team does in the previous offseason. However, I think we’re significantly deeper at other positions (especially in the secondary), and it will help us in the event of a season-ending injury to someone.

    • vrtkolman

      To be fair Percy was out pretty much all year, and you can make the claim that he was our best offensive weapon.. definitely on par with Lynch.

  11. Turp

    Welcome, Brandon! I enjoyed your stuff at 17power. Nice Week 1 pickup, Rob 🙂

    • Brandon Adams

      Oh, dear. Someone knows about that disaster zone of a blog?

      *stuffs Turp into a closet and walks away whistling*


      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Turpintine? Were you going to pickle some cucumbers? Tis be thy season!

        I Like you Adam and your style of humour, thanks for the positive write-up!

        Russell Wilson should always be #3 on a list

        Go Hawks!

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          Oh shit didn’t see that you were responding to ‘Turp’. I thought you were making a different joke.

        • Brandon Adams

          Hey, that is cool how #3 worked out…;)

  12. vrtkolman

    That was an awesome post Brandon! Appreciate it. What do you think about our punt and kick return blocking? In preseason it was pretty bad… Will Lockett make a huge difference?

    • Brandon Adams

      In preseason, the blocking was being done by guys who are no longer on the roster. Special teams ability went a long way towards deciding who got cut and who didn’t, so it’s not unreasonable to expect at least a small improvement.

      And coaches always talk about how an electric returner bolsters his blocking and makes life easier for the entire unit. Lockett just needs to demonstrate that he’s able to handle the pounding. That injury was brutal.

  13. RWIII

    Totally agree with old. Staying healthy will be the key. The Seahawks are loaded. If the Hawks can stay healthy see you in Minneapolis.

  14. Smitty1547

    Rawls is game time decision, that would be an easy one for me, with the rest of the backs ready to roll i would let him get healthy 100% before i put him out there.

  15. Thy Hawk is Howling

    I’ll take Dante Pettis for six Alex.

    Question – who is the all time Pac12/9 leader in punt return touchdowns with 7?

    Damn I want Dante on the Hawks so Bad!!!

    Go Dawgs!

    • Volume12

      He’s tied with WR DeSean ‘Action’ Jackson

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        I would say that’s good company to be with DeSean! I thought Petis just broke the record with 7 and that Boy ain’t done yet this season!

        • Volume12

          Your right. He did

          • Thy Hawk is Howling

            Wait, are you admittedly accepting that I knew something about College Football that though was unaware of?

            This shall never happen again?

            Go Vol. College Football god of knowledge!

            • Volume12

              lol. I know way less than ya think.

              Saturday is my day where I post waaaayy too much.

              • Thy Hawk is Howling

                Vol. Everyone knows you and Robbie are the one’s with the most keane eye for player’s to look at in the college ranks. You’re a smart, clever, awesome Spokanian with a Love for American Football and we all know it my friend!

                • Volume12

                  Your far too kind my man.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Sometimes you seemed so plugged in I get jealous

                    When I first met you here I thought you caved out and just watched copious college ball.

                    I picture you in a dusty old storeroom wall-to-wall in tapes

                    Then I realized you were just as busy as anyone and I get jealous again 😜

                • Kenny Sloth


  16. Volume12

    HAHA! 😂😂😂


    This tweet from BR’s Matt Miller is interesting to say the least.


    • Ishmael

      Ahaha gotta get thicc

      • Volume12

        He could’ve just said bubble. I doubt scouting reports say something like, ‘we like our DEs with thick hips who lick their lips.’ That’s some lowkey… Ah I won’t say it.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Ahhhhhh what a chuuuump.

          You can say ass without sounding like you’re gonna put him in a music video.

          “Gotta hav dat bubble, gotta gotta hav dat Bubble whoa/
          Thick a** and some fat thighs. Thats what I need on my DLine/
          Gotta hav dat bubble, gonna gonna get those bubbles whoa!”

        • Kenny Sloth

          Hey dude we should throw together some kind of segment talking about how to scout.

          Things we look for and different stats we value.

          Comparisons of a good bubble and a bad bubble

          • Volume12

            That would be a ton of fun and hilarious. 😉

            • Sea Mode

              Help peeps understand what being on the “roster bubble” means… 😉

  17. Volume12

    Oklahoma’s Ogbonnia Okoronkwo is a tough eval. Reminds me a tiny bit of Hassan Reddick. Meaning, I love him attacking upfield and getting after the passer, but ask him to move the other way? Rough. Reddick was much beyyer buzzzing the flats though. Hope he’s not another one of these undersized rush LB’s who get to the next level and get caught out of position so much they need to be told where to go.

  18. Volume12

    USC WR Deontay Burnett. How fun is he?

  19. Volume12

    Rob, you seen that RB from Iowa St.? David Montgomery? He’s only a true SO, but that kid is a tank. Physicality for days. He’s one to earmark for next year.

    Another dude caught my eye today as well. Maryland’s Tye Johnson. 5’10, 208 lbs. Incredible burst. Had over 1,000 yds last season at 9 YPC. Big time dual threat.

    • Volume12

      * Tye Johnson with 5.26 yards after contact last year too. Tops amongst returning starters in the BIG 10. That’s more than Barkley, LJ Scott, Akrum Wadley, and the Minnesota duo.

      • Ishmael

        Like that size, and those YAC. Will check him out 🤙

        I think getting backs who can catch is going to be massively important these next few years, have to be able to dictate matchups on offense.

        • Volume12

          Agree. They don’t sound too happy with Prosise. He’s the guy I think they’ll look to replace or at least add competition for. Maybe Lacey, but he should come cheap.

          • Thy Hawk is Howling

            Hey now this is only Procise’s (just Jesting) Prosise’s 2nd season now. Let’s see how this year transcends before we have to think about replacing him! Am I right?

            Go Hawks;

            • Volume12

              I hope so. I love his ability to take over games. PC finally has his stable of RBs. 3-4 different guys just like he did at USC and all of them, like there at USC, have different skill sets and sizes. So hopefully Prosise playing in more of a rotation and not counted on to solely lease the rushing attack if an injury occurs will lessen the wear and tear on him.

              Seattle and KC have the right idea. Always draft a RB because their shelf life is so short.

  20. taxspecialist

    Enjoyed your positive article Brandon. Like you I am very excited about the Hawks this year. I understand we probably won’t win all of our games but I look at the schedule and can’t see a game where we won’t be in it and couldn’t win. I think our offense will be much improved this year and will because our defense will create a lot of turnovers will face shorter fields. Love this team and can’t wait to see the defense perform.

    Carroll has them focused on the end game. If Seattle doesn’t make it to Minnesota I think it will be the result of multiple key injuries as the team has the talent to win it all and the depth to replace limited injuries. Although I would be happy to crush New England in the SB and expect they will recover from their KC loss I have to admit I would enjoy weekly New England losses. Go Hawks!

    • Brandon Adams

      Great reply, specialist.

  21. Volume12

    Stanford has a couple dudes at CB. Alijah Holder and Quenton Meeks. 2 guys that are very ‘Seahawky.’

    • Volume12

      More so Meeks than Holder.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Meeeeks ^ +1

      • C-Dog

        I really dig on Meeks.

  22. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Do you remember when we used to lean forward in anticipation with every Steven Haushcka kickoff, waiting for someone to fly down and knock the ball loose from the opposing returner’s hands? I remember. Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    This was gold Jerry, GOLD

  23. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I have been of the opinion that the Steelers are the team to really watch-out for in the AFC.

    They have remade their defense and still have a very potent offense.
    If something happened to L Bell or A Brown, then they could be in trouble….. but these 2 guys are so outstanding, they cover for a little bit of thinness at the RB and WR positions. Oh yeah, I want to see a Steeler / Seahawks SB…. because it is time for some payback.

    • Brandon Adams

      Yeah, whether it’s the Cheaters or the Stealers, I don’t see any downside to beating them.

  24. Kenny Sloth

    This was a mess you should be ashamed!

    Jk. I really liked it. I haven’t been getting any hype pieces from nfl media. Its all race shit nowadays (with due cause).
    This was a welcome reprieve.

    That being said. My knuckles are raw and white from thoroughly rapping every piece of wood around me.

    This article is just one big jinx lol 😂

    • Kenny Sloth

      Are you a Hawks fan or just a really good writer?

    • Brandon Adams

      I certainly hope not! My 2013 prediction worked out okay.

  25. Adog

    Just like the great novel a Tale of Two Cities, the Seahawks season will be determined by characters. The plot will not matter not will it ever in a Pete Carroll coached team. We think it is the “compete” formula that separates this team from others, but it is individuals of unwavering eccentricity that made that 2003 team Superbowl champs, and will make this team a Superbowl champ. Then it was Lynch and Wilson on offense and Kam and Sherman on defense. When Carrol says he wants his players to compete, I suspect that he wants his players not so much better the opponent, but to raise themselves up, to destroy the placeholder, to turn pride into hunger.

    • Brandon Adams

      Thanks for the comment!

  26. Robert Las Vegas

    You know two years ago I thought the seahawks should draft Joshua Perry from Ohio state well the chargers draft him and today I read they cut with IR settlement..if we can stay relatively healthy I really believe the seahawks can return to the super bowl

    • Brandon Adams

      I do, too. It sucks to see highly touted players hit IR (Lamp, Obi).

  27. Volume12

    God I love CFB! All Hail.

    Did you guys see that LA Tech had an 87 yd loss on a play? 3rd and goal from the opposing 7? Aka 3rd and 93!? The ball was kicked backwards or maybe it was forwards, I’m still trying to figure it out, like 5 or 6 different times.

    Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield spikes his teams flag at Ohio St’s 50 yd line

    Then we get some midnight football with that Boise St./Wazzu game:

    – Mike Leach benches his starter, backup comes in, his 1st throw is a shovel pass, its picked off, and returned for a TD
    -the most ‘common man’ sensible anouncer ever in Rod Gilmore can not understand why Wazzu isn’t running behind their 6’8, 350 lb guard all game long. The poor man just wanted to go home!
    -The referee at the coin toss in OT forgot who had the ball and says, ‘ Wazzu’s ball. No its Boise St’s ball. Oh. Right. Right. Boise St ball. Right.’ WHAT IS GOING ON!?
    – then Rod Gilmore explains the rules of college OT to us. Stating that u want TDs and not FGs. JFC! This poor man needs sleep and some breakfast
    – To top it off? Wazzu throws a f***ing fade outta the shotgun from the 1 yard line!

    • KD

      What were you expecting from a school who’s top majors are animal husbandry, brewery and amateur gynecology?

  28. Sea Mode

    Interesting article on a new helmet technology that has come out. It is developed by VICIS, a Seattle-based company. Apparently six Seahawks, including Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin, plan to wear it this season.


    I like how the article highlights not only the technology side of it, but also the cultural side. Even if you have a better piece of equipment/technology, you still have to get the players to buy in. Long-time habits die hard, and the NFL is full of them.

    Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin, along with quarterback Russell Wilson, plan to wear the helmet this season. Baldwin agreed there has been an adjustment period.

    “It sits on your head differently,” Baldwin said. “It feels different because it feels more like a glove, rather than an overall shell. And then there’s 13 degrees more of peripheral vision because of the way that the helmet is designed. And so as a receiver, I’m seeing a lot of noise that I am not used to seeing. And so it took a period to get adjusted to that, to not get distracted by that extra sight.”

    I know we occasionally voice our concerns (at times bordering on guilt) at paying for entertainment that can put people’s long-term health in danger. Hopefully this becomes a worthwhile advancement. Of course, it won’t eliminate concussions, but every little bit helps.

    I found it interesting as well that they (Riddell, I think) plan to put sensors in helmets in order to collect data and develop position-specific ones over the next 5 years. That could be another step forward.

  29. KD

    I’d like to congratulate Lamar Jackson on being the 2nd play in history to win back-to-back Heisman Trophies.

  30. SheHawk

    Wazzu v. Boise St game was anything but boring!
    Still hard for this Husky to accept the Cougs actually have a defense. While we missed Luani last draft, anyone else eager to see the Seahawks draft Hercules Mata afa?? He’s so quick and gifted. Could be an intriguing SAM at next level?? Plus it’d be cool to add a God to the LOB roster names

    • Volume12

      Love Mata’afa. He’s a monster. Top 65 talent that no one, NFL draft media, have caught on to yet.

      At least for me he’s more Frank Clark like. His ability to cause pressure from 3-4 spots on the D-line, motor, and his raw power just remind me of him so much. I doubt he’s the athlete Clark is, but still a fantastic player.

  31. H

    I’m usually the eternal optimist when it comes to sport, and with good reason with the Seahawks. So I love the positivity of this article. Let’s go win a title!!
    As far as College football goes, is Baker Mayfield the forgotten man in the year of the QB? Thought he made a statement against a brutal Buckeye front. Looked like Russel out there; running for his life but still finding a way to make plays and lead his team to victory. Certainly lots of potential in this class, perhaps someone of good value does find his way into day 3 where Seattle might feel comfortable taking a QB.

  32. D-OZ

    I want the Hawk’s to come out of the 2018 draft with Baker Mayfield in the worst way. So far the most underrated QB at the College level. Major competitor for years now and has a knack for staying healthy. Love his field vision and quick decision making and release. Remind’s me a lot of RW. GO HAWKS!!!

  33. Volume12

    Seattle has this highest priced roster in the league and pay their secondary $51 mil? $10 mil more than the next closest team? Interesting.

  34. Volume12

    What happened to QB Carson Wentz? That dude is a**!

    I’m already bored by this league. Can we have the storylines and drama of CFB please?

    • Volume12

      And FedEx field has already ruined someones ligaments 2 quarters into a season.

    • cha

      Raiders have a 1st and goal at the 2. Call a slant pass play to Cooper which fails.

      Call 2 more passes which fail.

      LOL. Easy to squawk in the offseason you’re giving Lynch the ball in goal to go situations, isn’t it boyos?

      • Volume12

        Finally! Someone to talk to! Thought I was the only one here at SDB watching this garbage league.

        And then Lynch played salty little b***h and pulled himself. Even he’s had enough! lol

        QB Matt Stafford calls an audible yelling ‘Cleveland!’ ‘Cleveland!’ And then throws a shovel pass that goes no where and actually drew a flag. Make of that what yoiu will.

        • cha

          Hauschka badly misses a FG try and then hooks a PAT just inside for a successful attempt.

          • Volume12

            Good lord!

            How is there so much bad football being played these last few years?

            There’s really only 10- maybe 12 teams that are even worth watching.

            • cha

              Adoree Jackson looks good. He’s matched against Cooper or Crabtree nearly every down and has done some great hand fighting / pass deflecting work. Playing with full confidence.

              • Volume12

                Oakland is a team worth watching and Tennessee is very close if not there this year.

                I like both of those teams. Mariota is screaming out for a TE that can work the seams.

    • Ishmael

      Nothing, he’s the great white hype. He’s not bad or anything, just nowhere near as good as the early narrative around him.

  35. cha

    Adam Schefter ✔ @AdamSchefter
    Tom Savage lasted one half; benched. DeShaun Watson going in.
    11:45 AM – Sep 10, 2017
    102 102 Replies 1,624 1,624 Retweets 2,654 2,654 likes

  36. Ishmael

    Jags defence has been awesome today, Campbell is a monster.

    Browns playing the Steelers tough, I think they’re going to be okay. Falcons haven’t put the Bears away yet, and the Cards are down against the Lions… Could be a couple of upsets coming.

  37. Kenny Sloth

    Matt Stafford is an elite running back

    • Kenny Sloth

      Whoa I’m messed up.

      I definitely meant throwing back

      • Kenny Sloth

        His feetworks and release is both smooth

        He mad clutch b.

        He gonna challenge Drew Brees for the career passing yards crown

      • Volume12

        Their defense didn’t look too bad. Glad they got the W

  38. Ishmael

    Tolzein might be the worst pro QB I’ve ever seen. He’s absolutely horrorshow.

  39. Volume12

    Here we go again.

    Anyone still not want help at OT?

  40. Ishmael

    Thorpe is such a stud on special teams

  41. Ishmael

    Lane getting picked on early

    • Volume12

      Lane is hot garbage

      • Volume12

        Why was Lane ejected? He got screwed

        • Vista

          He reacted to #17 grabbing his facemask during the return, or at least that is what the replay showed

      • Kenny Sloth

        Massive disagree

  42. Volume12

    Nasty Naz!

    • Ishmael

      Oh dude, I’m so here for this

  43. Ishmael

    NAZ! Get in son!

    • Volume12

      He’s half man, half amazing because he’s ill like that.

      Need to call him ‘Illmatic.’

  44. Ishmael


    No pick 6, Lane ejected. What happened?

    • Vista

      My guess is Cobb went after Lane and the refs caught him reacting

      • Vista

        17 went after Lane and they caught lane reacting, or at least thats what I saw from the pick six replay. 17 went and grabbed Lane’s facemask from the looks of it

    • Volume12

      BS! And that was a block in the back! HAHA.

      And Lane can’t defend himself? This league is getting bad

  45. Ishmael

    Adams started that with Lane… Lane/Hawks absolutely screwed by the zebras

    • Vista

      Without a doubt

      • AlaskaHawk

        Yeah, bad call. The guy grabbed his facemask right in front of the ref, but the ref didn’t see that.

  46. Kenny Sloth

    Props to Naz Jones.

    These refs man……

    How did we go from a pick six to punting it from mid field

  47. Ishmael

    And the block in the back? Avril got Rodgers in the shoulder. I’m not a referee conspiracy guy, but far out. Not getting the rub of the green so far. Home field advantage I guess.

    • Vista

      It looks like they are protecting Rodgers and the Packers. And they said that Lane threw a punch, not even close

      • Ishmael

        They’ll always protect Rodgers. He’s a famous white QB. Can’t touch them, everyone knows that.

        Commentators saying the calls were awful. Refs overreacting maybe? Trying to get on top of an edgy game early.

        Coleman should have come up to take Rodgers there.

        • Vista

          I think the refs are trying to make a point. At least the commentators agree it is bad and Pereira are saying the calls were BS

    • Vista

      That block in the back is something you see on almost every punt and isn’t called nearly half the time, so of course they call it here. I did like the flop that Nelson did to get the PI too, he just fell over.

  48. Volume12

    Great play ‘Quill!

    • Ishmael

      Almost a pick.

      Griffin got his head around that time, improving from the preseason already

      • Volume12

        He’s a good one. I liked what I saw from him this pre-season.

  49. Vista

    I decided to look into the referee crew and I found this article.

    • Vista

      In essence it says that John Parry, the Head Referee for our game today is above average in throwing flags

      • Vista

        Oh yeah, Parry was also the ref for our last meeting with the Packers

  50. Trevor

    Once Avril gets the outside shoulder on an OT he is the best in the league at bending the edge and getting back to the QB his technique and the angle he takes is awesome.

    • Ishmael

      He’s one of the most underrated players in the league.

  51. Kenny Sloth

    Special teams looking great exactly as the fabulous Author predicted

  52. Ishmael

    Getting absolutely nothing going. Need to get fat Eddy going upfield, not bouncing outside. Have we even picked up a single first down? Defence are going to be cooked.

    Still, 0-0 at quarter time. Super important not to let GB get out to a big lead.

  53. Ishmael

    DJ Alexander paying off early! Great coverage. Thorpe earlier too. It’s worth having top tier ST guys on your roster.

  54. Ishmael

    This is where I’m not massively sold on Griffin, he gives such a huge cushion. Better than giving up big yards over the top but…

  55. Kenny Sloth

    Tom Cable is a genius

    • Trevor

      Joke right?

      • Kenny Sloth

        No? Look at all the movement and creativity in the blocking scheme

        • Trevor

          Kenny when our OL is not in the bottom 1/3 in league average it will be the first time in the Cable. There is nothing genius about our OL

          • Kenny Sloth

            Stats tell almost nothing for OL. Im insulted you even made that argument.

            Look at the slides and the way they finish at the second level.

            Its on Wilson not seeing blitzes presnap and audibling away from it.

            I’m disappointed. I thought he was further along in his development. Still runs into danger and doesn’t change plays.

            Its ignorant or rather archaic to assign stats to OL

      • Kenny Sloth

        Him and Darrell Bevell are genius’

        • AlaskaHawk

          The most important thing is to establish the run. You must run the ball over and over. No matter how many times you are stopped, you must get up and run the ball again. Run the ball until you succeed, or hang your head in shame.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Totally agree. Bevell needs to give it to Lacy and Carson over and over

    • Trevor

      Kenny our OL is a disgrace once again. Please never use genius and Cable in the same sentence.

      • Tien

        Agreed Trevor. Even with all the blatantly bad calls against the Hawks, our D played well enough that if the OL and offense was event competent, we would have easily won the game today. I’m really disappointed because from watching the pre-season games, I really thought the OL would be at least average this season. They still may be by the end of the season but they’re definitely not there yet.

  56. Ishmael

    Carson looks like our best back so far. He’s almost AP-lite?? Stiff hips, upright, but so thick and strong.

    • Trevor


      Our lead back by end of week#6

      • Ukhawk

        Wish they’d just stick with him. With how much GB are stacking the box, we need a back who hits the inside hard & fast to bust one

  57. Ishmael

    This is the best Ryan has been in… Five years?

    • Kenny Sloth

      He’s on fire, but you should NOT be surprised. In not

  58. Vista

    Tre Madden seems to be having troubles so far today

    • Vista

      Albeit wasn’t really any push either

  59. Ishmael

    Offense has been absolutely dire. Hard to know what’s going on though, looks like some weird personnel calls. Some weird flow. The run game isn’t happening, Wilson is missing shots. Green Bay are probably covering well downfield, but still.

    Fortunately the defence has been outstanding.

  60. Vista

    Who blew coverage on that last play before the 2 minute?

    • Ishmael

      No way of knowing without the All-22 tbh.

      Holding the Packers to zero points at halftime when they’re at home is crazy. Insanely impressive defensive effort.

      • Vista

        First time since 2004 if it happens

        • AlaskaHawk

          Great defensive effort, only a few lapses in coverage. I’m most impressed by improvement of the defensive line. Also that new linebacker is playing well.

  61. Ukhawk

    Should be 10-0

  62. Ishmael

    Ahaha ridiculous end to the half, I’ll take it though. When was the last time you saw a half like that? Maybe that weird Panthers opener a few years back?

  63. Forrest

    What even is this game?! I mean, lights out defense, but the offense looks skiddish (minus the final drive). Let’s hope there are good halftime adjustments.

  64. Thy Hawk is Howling

    Hey great way to end the first half and Walsh is good for 3!

    We’re going to get it going second half style!

    Go hawks!

    • neil

      really ?

  65. neil

    O line looks just as bad as last year. Going to be a long season.

  66. Vista

    Jacksonville’s defense is finally coming together, nice to see them having some form of an upswing

  67. Trevor

    Amazing half by Jon Ryan and the punt coverage team!

    Earl looks great! He is all the way back and on a mission. On a defense with pro bowlers galore he really is the one irreplaceable piece.

  68. Volume12

    This O-line is so bad. Again.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Outside of Britt and Ifedi there is nothing.

      Shaq Griffin got bossed into the end zone and we gift them the lead

      • Volume12

        Ifedim ain’t looked too bad other than 1 snap. Glow, Joeckel, and Odhiambo who is clearly not a LT.

      • Pran

        Paid 8m some thing for a guard.. oops

        Calling it here first.. cable and bevell will go after this season unless they make it to SB somehow

    • Volume12

      And RW ain’t without blame either. They need to fix this offense.

      • Ishmael

        Awful stuff.

        There’s more going on than just a bad O-line, which again looks awful. What’s the design? It’s completely incoherent.

        • Volume12

          I mean it is week 1, but still not a good look for a team that struggled with this same stuff all of last year.

      • AlaskaHawk

        RW lost that ball on the 5 yard line all by himself. Well the offense is getting a little more desperate as the game goes along. Putting some effort into it. Fair to say that Green Bay’s defense is stronger than Seahawks offensive line.

  69. Volume12

    Why wasn’t that a flag?

  70. Ishmael

    Graham absolutely mugged, tackled in the end zone. Needed a TD there. Offensive design is a mess.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Probably ruled uncatchable.

      • Volume12

        Which is ridiculous because there was contact before the ball even got there

    • Vista

      These refs are horrendous.

  71. Volume12

    Sheldon and Reed look great

    • Volume12

      Garvin is a playmaker man. Re-sign this man please.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Yes – Garvin just made a hustle play in the backfield. I’m afraid the defensive line is going to get worn down = they been out there a long time. Sherman is doing a lot of little grabs but hasn’t got called yet.

  72. Sea Mode

    Can’t believe all these no calls. That was another hold vs. Frank Clark…

  73. Coleslaw

    Refs wrecking the game to the point you start losing interest.. what’s new

  74. Volume12

    It seems to me that Seattle doesn’t develop their O-line man because they feel like RW is so good he can just make it work.

    • Trevor

      Vol when are people going to start looking at the coaching.

      Our OL draft picks just don’t develop or improve.

      • Volume12

        I don’t know. Someone tried saying that TC was better than Mike Tice. In the last 5 years? Absolutely not.

        • Trevor

          That laughable

        • RealRhino2

          Was he ever? Gave him some experienced guys, they are getting worked. Gave him young guys, they got worked. Gave him high draft picks, they get worked. He just sucks, and he’s always been a loser coach. He’s like the guy who gets all the credit in the world for being an offensive guru when he just happens to start his career with an incredible QB.

          Years down the road, people finally wise up and see it was the QB, not the coach.

          He had Marshawn Lynch covering for his ineptitude, and now that he’s gone it is showing.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I don’t even mention coaching on this website anymore. Just starts too many fights. All I will say is that the offense has sucked at the beginning of every season and has been lucky to get a 2-2 split in first four games. Then they usually improve as the season goes along and hopefully peak in the playoffs. The only consistent thing in the last five years is Russell Wilson, Baldwin, and the coaches. So you figure it out.

    • Volume12

      Could’ve taken Cam Robinson who spent all day working JJ Watt. But he was bad.

      • Trevor


        • Volume12

          They seem to be getting too enamored with the athletes on the O-line. And when they had a good, functioning O-line? Giacomini, Bowie, and McQuistan were all below average athletically.

  75. AlaskaHawk

    Offense has got to put a drive together. The defense is totally gassed right now.

    • RealRhino2

      Well, we had one going, but Graham dropped the ball. And this is the guy people actually want to resign….

      Not to mention making no effort to chip block a DE that ultimately got to Russ early in the game.

      The worst thing this team ever did was trading for Jimmy Graham. You cannot have the mentality we want to have as a team when a key cog is a giant wilting flower. Sucked resources away from more important components, doesn’t run great routes, doesn’t fight for the ball enough. At least Harvin had some fight in him.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I think Graham is useful and a great tight end. I didn’t like trading Unger for him. As for Harvin, I always thought they should have stashed him that last year, (instead of giving him to the Jets) and brought him back to the team during the playoffs. He would have been fresh and healthy, and only had to get along with other players for the last three games. Would have made a world of difference.

        • RealRhino2

          What does that mean, “useful and a great tight end?” I’m being serious. His frequent indifference as a blocker means he’s neither. His inability or unwillingness to fight for contested balls means he’s neither. His failure to get separation despite his athleticism means he’s neither, IMO.

          I think Graham is a numbers guy. He will compile numbers when you focus on getting him the ball, but on plays where that doesn’t happen I’m not sure he’s a net positive. Just watch him run routes or block. Seems like his meter is always set at 80%. Twice in this game he had the opportunity to go and get the ball rather than let it come to him (and ultimately get knocked away from a defender), and both times he didn’t go get the ball. One cost us extending the drive, one cost us a TD. Our players knew what JG was when he was with NO.

          I don’t think we can be the kind of team PC says we want to be with Graham on our roster. For $3 million, where he doesn’t make it harder for us to sign a TJ Lang type? Maybe, though I still have my doubts.

  76. Ukhawk

    Soooo frustrating

    • Ukhawk

      Every play by RW has to be a highlight play, ridiculous

      • Volume12

        And then they leave the defense out on an island and they can’t sustain a high level of play when they’ve been out there literally extra quarters.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Well he isn’t getting much protection from the line. They are just getting overwhelmed.

  77. FAN Person

    Rob… deleting my honest post?? Why?

    • FAN Person

      I watched ‘green bay’ play the Jags last year opening weekend.

      The Jags DESTROYED the packers… but the refs didn’t want it that way…

      They admitted after the game that, not 3, 4, 6, 8 penalties went ‘sideways for the pack’, but 16!!!!

      Today the same FIX was on. Seattle was going to dominate Defensive wise, so they EXPELLED Lane, instead of Cobb, who was the actual GUILTY party. Lane never ‘punched’ anyone!!!

      The NFL has a hierarchy and power structure… Seattle means change and growth in caring about players… so we, Pete and John, get DEMONIZED…. NEVER a coach or GM of the year, but somehow Arians gets one??? #AriansDisaster

      I know others will be unable to have a clear enough vision to see this clearly…

      But Seattle did NOT lose today… that game was a Gift to Prince rodgers…who sucked today…

      • Ishmael

        Ridiculous post. Probably why it got deleted tbh. There’s no grand conspiracy.

      • Sea Mode

        Come on, now. Just sleep it off, man…

  78. Volume12

    Oh my goodness! If RW waited 1 more tick on that completion to Baldwin he had Lockett in the middle of the field with no one around him.

    And again! No flag!

    • AlaskaHawk

      Darboh just got hung up in the air = welcome to the pros.

      • Volume12

        That was a nice play from Darboh.

    • Rowdy

      Russ is playing the worst ball he has ever played

    • Volume12

      Good drive. Just ain’t getting ‘teeders.’

  79. Ed

    New year, same problems. Won’t start on the DB or TC chants, but geez. I will say, the zebra maybe cost the Hawks 14 points. The Jones INT for TD (please trade Lane) and the JG back of the endzone that should have been 1st and goal.

    On a side note, it’s game 1 and plenty of season left. Most didn’t have Hawks going to GB and winning anyway, just that the O looks so poor.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Lets not forget that Russell Wilson gave Green Bay a touchdown when he fumbled the ball on the 5 yard line, and from my view he did drop it all by himself.

      Despite the officiating, the number of first downs will tell the tale. I’m pretty sure it will be overwhelming in Green Bays favor.

  80. Ishmael

    Grotesque first up effort from the offence, but it is Green Bay in Green Bay. Always going to be tough to win. At least we didn’t get blown out this year?

    Same old problems are the same old problems though. Deeply frustrating.

    • FAN Person

      It isn’t ‘green bay stadium’… it is Darrell Bevell’s complete IGNORANCE of intuition!

      His first half play calling, and Pete’s “game plan on offense” was DESPICABLE!!!

      Our first 1st down was late in the 2nd quarter! Unforgivable!!

      Why Jimmy Graham, a 10million dollar STAR TE/WR is a blocker/screen pass guy is UNFORGIVABLE!!!

      Bevell needs to be FIRED!!! He has always shown capability, but ZERO understanding of using the present moment momentum on play calling! Today was Charles Barkley TERRIBLE!!!

      ZERO Boot legs, ZERO Roll outs!!! WHY??? Move the darn pocket!!!!!!!!!!!!

      We didn’t lose today, we acted like children on offense, and were lied to and cheated by the refs OVER and OVER…

      If this is too intense to say here, Rob, kick me out!

      But this wasn’t a game as much as a Gift to GB… by bevell AND the refs… just like the Jags last year…

    • Hawk Eye

      O line very disappointing. They never seemed to get any push to run the ball. Guards were not good at all. Ifedi did not seem to allow pressure. Daniels was a beast, but Hawks should have 4 beasts on D line.
      Lacy looked so sssllooooowww…
      I think Rawls and Carson will carry the load. Until Rawls gets injured, then Carson takes over.
      They needed to go with the quick passing game sooner. Seems like a theme, they try to run, run, run and then it is too late.

      But no complaints about the D. They got tired because O could not sustain any drives. Griffin looked pretty good. He got beat, but not by a lot and he will get better. And Garvin looked fast. If the O can gain some yards, a fresh defense will be dominating.

  81. Forrest

    In all honesty though, garbage refs… offense needs some major tweaking before next week, but the defense looks pretty good (as long as they aren’t on the field for 3/4 of the game). Refs were the difference between an 8 point game and a 1 point game. I wasn’t expecting a win though, so I’m not that peeved. Go Hawks!!

    • FAN Person

      The refs stole this game… Lane NEVER punched anyone…

      Jimmy had multiple penalties on his endzone pass attempt…

      Heck, even Aikman and Buck said WHAT???

      If you honestly believe that a BILLION dollar plus industry doesn’t get FIXED or manipulated sometimes… sorry you are so naive…

  82. FAN Person

    I watched ‘green bay’ play the Jags last year opening weekend.

    The Jags DESTROYED the packers… but the refs didn’t want it that way…

    They admitted after the game that, not 3, 4, 6, 8 penalties went ‘sideways for the pack’, but 16!!!!

    Today the same FIX was on. Seattle was going to dominate Defensive wise, so they EXPELLED Lane, instead of Cobb, who was the actual GUILTY party. Lane never ‘punched’ anyone!!!

    The NFL has a hierarchy and power structure… Seattle means change and growth in caring about players… so we, Pete and John, get DEMONIZED…. NEVER a coach or GM of the year, but somehow Arians gets one??? #AriansDisaster

    I know others will be unable to have a clear enough vision to see this clearly…

    But Seattle did NOT lose today… that game was a Gift to Prince rodgers…who sucked today…

    • AlaskaHawk

      Sorry but Seattle did lose today. The offensive line was it’s usual bad shape. Tried to run it most of the first half, they really couldn’t. Russell Wilson was doing a lot of scrambling. Russell Wilson fumbled the ball on the 5 yard line for an easy score.

      Yes the refs were bad, but Seattle lost that game all on their own.

      • FAN Person

        Wrong alaskahawk… they stole a TD from Naz..

        They stole a 1st and goal from the 1…

        WIN…if they didn’t LIE/CHEAT

        ZERO video footage of a “Lane punch”, but he gets “EJECTED”???

        You really can’t see this???

        • FAN Person

          …and cobb is seen grabbing a facemask and almost breaking his neck, for nothing!!

  83. Nathan

    There was a running back getting around in black and silver who would’ve been a nice help today.

  84. Nathan

    Jacksonville, Wow, 10 sacks.

    0 by the Texans apparently fearsome front 7.

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