First… the plug. Chris Sullivan (formerly of Seahawk Addicts) is fronting a new project called Thirty Acre Fortress. I seriously recommend you check it out and if you aren’t one of his many Twitter followers already, you can add him to your feed list by clicking here. It sounds like a pretty innovative idea – a true social media project. Let’s support Chris in helping to get the wheels rolling.

Now for the link. Dan Kadar at Mocking the Draft passes on information that Rutgers playmaker Mohamed Sanu is intending to declare for the 2012 draft. I’m a big fan of Sanu’s, he’s equally effective as a runner or receiver with great size and strength not to mention a penchant for open-field blocking. He suffered badly last year from a quarterback soap opera and I’m not exactly optimistic it’s a situation that will be resolved in 2011. He’ll end up being more physical potential than proven production, but for the right team I’d roll the dice.