A new mock draft & more on the Clowney saga

I’ve put together a two-round video mock draft. It’s not like the other mock drafts on the internet. Check it out. Kill an hour. Tomorrow I’ll post my latest interview, this time with Michigan center Cesar Ruiz.

Firstly though, I want to talk about the latest instalment in the tiring Jadeveon Clowney saga…

Maybe both parties are sat at home right now wondering how it’s come to this? Probably so. But the reality is if Clowney isn’t interested in Seattle’s current offer it’s about time they sort this out one way or another.

The Seahawks can’t go into the draft without clarity. How do you know what to do? Do you have to go heavy on pass rushers or not? Do you need time to negotiate fully with Everson Griffen and organise a physical?

Neither party is coming out of this well. Neither party has the upper hand either. Yet the main losers are the fans. They’re desperate for good news at a time when there’s precious little to enjoy in the world.

Both the Seahawks and Clowney are serving up a frustrating stalemate.

Some fans (not all) will question the plan, the direction and the execution of what was seen to be a vital off-season. Some will feel despondent. This is no longer a team in the middle of a reset. They had money and draft picks. It might be premature — but the Seahawks haven’t addressed their greatest need or retained the player they stated was a ‘huge priority’. They’ve done little to make up for it elsewhere. There’s been no reassuring words — just radio silence — despite other GM’s and coaches conducting conference calls with the media recently.

So the saga continues. It’s a bit more Indiana Jones 4 than Raiders of the Lost Ark, unfortunately.

Clowney has more or less exhausted all of his options by now. He knows what’s out there. And while teams might be willing to offer him a better deal weeks or months down the line when he might be able to do a medical — he also runs the risk of that not being the case. And if he’s not careful — he’ll be forced to take whatever offer remains rather than picking a destination.

The Seahawks aren’t exactly in a champion position either. The pass rush hasn’t been fixed. They run the risk of having to fight the draft as it’s a far greater class at the skill positions and on the offensive line. They went into the 2019 draft without an adequate pass rush and ended up with Cassius Marsh, L.J. Collier and Ziggy Ansah. The Houston trade for Clowney came out of the blue right before the season. You can’t bank on a gift like that emerging two years in a row.

If the Seahawks don’t get the pass rush sorted, we could be here again in 12 months time talking about the same things all over again. It shouldn’t be acceptable to anyone for this team to have a pass rush issue for three consecutive off-seasons. Especially if the season ends up being a rehash of what we’ve seen since 2015 — good but not good enough to seriously contend.

A resolution is required. It can’t be allowed to drag on much longer.

Here’s the mock draft…

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  1. Cheese22

    At this point, is a sign and trade possible? Would a team that doesn’t have the cap space be interested in a trade for Clowney in order to make the money work? Maybe I shouldn’t say ‘interested’ and say is it feasible. This kind of deal used to happen in the NBA but I can’t remember hearing about it in the NFL.

    • Rob Staton

      Why wouldn’t he just… sign for the team?

    • dcd2

      The other problem is we don’t really have the cap space either. If you give him any signing bonus (which he would want) that is instant dead money on our cap.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Sign and trade is an NBA thing.

  2. cha

    It’s a bit more Indiana Jones 4 than Raiders of the Lost Ark, unfortunately.

    Ha! Perfect analogy.

    • Thomas Wells

      Too soon Rob 😂

    • Lewis

      I dunno, think we are more at Temple of Doom just now. Crystal Skulls seems a bit premature.

  3. millhouse-serbia

    Rob, if you had to guess in %, what would you say, what are the cshnces they are going into draft without any new pass rush additions?

    • Rob Staton

      No idea. I imagine it’s unlikely they don’t sign anyone.

    • Elmer

      Clowney probably gone. Maybe Griffen? Hope they don’t think there’s a rookie superman waiting for them in the draft.

  4. James Z

    It seems that both sides are mistaking stubbornness for strength and thus the impasse. With as sad as the pass rush was last season, that Seattle hasn’t address it other than B. Irvin is beyond head scratching. Perhaps the pandemic plays a role in all this because of the lack of clarity on Clowney’s medical condition due to travel/contact issues, and yet the bar for DE is quite clear at this point. It’s possibly become more than about money and more about ‘respect’, which is never a good position to bargain from.

  5. Zane

    How would you rank the position groups this year?

    OL > WR > RB > LB > DL > QB > CB > S (my attempt)

    • SteveLargent80

      CB and safety higher than QB? I would put QB at best, and then CB and then S

      • Zane

        Ya got it backwards chief

        • Nem Beselek

          As in, position of need???

    • Nem Beselek

      I think it is really kind of a toss-up if O-line or D-line is a bigger need for us. There is some draft capital and some mid to low range free agent talent on both lines.

      On O-line you’ve currently got: Shell, Pocic, and Ogbuehi at RT, Fluker, Finn, Warmack, Haynes, Warmack, and Pocic, in some combination at Guard, and Britt, Hunt, Finn, and Pocic at Center, and Brown, and Jones at LT, with Jones probably being the lead candidate at the moment to come in as the Heavy TE at the moment. I really doubt they bring back Iupati, and to my knowledge haven’t made any move in that direction yet. Without any draft capital being used, that group has the potential to be pretty good.

      D-line is potentially already set also. Seattle usually plays a 5T, #3T, 1T and Leo on the D-Line, witha a lot of variations of course. We currently have Jackson, Green, and Collier at 5T, Bruce, Mayowa, and Shaquem and the Leo Position ( and I know they normally ran Shaquem at the LDE, 5Tech position on passing downs, but bear with me). Reed, Poona, Derrick Christmas, and Naz at the 3Tech position. One real need we have is for another 1Tech-Nose guard. We currently only have Bryan Mone at that position. I expect we’ll see some future action at that position. Probably another Free agent or UDFA signing, probably both.

      The draft and our needs in the draft are so far playing out just like in years past. We should try and draft a future replacement for Duane Brown. There are about 2-3 potentially good Left Tackles available, they should be long gone by the time the 27th pick comes up. We should try to draft a Leo that will compete for 20 sacks a year. Chase Young looks like the only lock for that, and he will be long gone after the third pick.

      Having success like we have had in the last few years with coach Carroll and Mr. Schnieder means that we always draft in the last fifth of the round. Which means you should try and maximize draft capital, and turn some good pick in to many pretty good picks.

  6. Rob4q

    I really like Virgina WR Joe Reed as a mid or late round pick. Needs work as a route runner, but is a fearless WR and has awesome hands and RAC ability. Could immediately step in as KR/PR and let Lockett just be a WR. Offers ST ability as well. Additionally worked out as a RB at the combine. Watch the KR against Duke in his highlights!

    HEIGHT 6′ 0″, WEIGHT 224 lbs, ARMS 31 1/8”, HANDS 9 3/4”
    40 Yard Dash – 4.47 SECONDS
    Bench Press – 21 REPS
    Vertical Jump – 38.0 INCHES
    Broad Jump – 123.0 INCHES


    Reed was named first-team All-ACC as an all-purpose player and return specialist his senior campaign. He led Virginia in receptions (77-679-8.8, seven TDs) while scoring twice on kickoff returns (24-796-33.2), tied for second in the FBS nationally.

  7. cha

    This latest plant about Cleveland seems like the second salvo, after that “NY Jets and Titans are interested” followed by the Seahawks firing back, signing Mayowa and saying they don’t have as much $ for Clowney. Will the Hawks tactically leak a rejoinder?

    Feels like we’re coming down to a decision either way soon.

    • Ciggy

      Agree! Cleveland isn’t (yet) an organisation with the championship potential he says he wants to go to. It’s just a plant like you say.

  8. Strategicdust

    At this point, I’m thinking that the Seahawks should just address the draft by its strengths. If they have chosen to just marginally address the defensive line in free agency, they shouldn’t double down on the weakness by reaching for DL in the draft. I’d be for a WR-RB-OL-DL-LB-CB-S draft order. If defense is weak, then patch and boost the offense this year. Don’t make things worse by reaching for players. Not what I would have wished but better than the alternative.

    • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

      I like the logic and approach. Add in a couple trade downs and you can double up on the DL and maybe OL. Just let the RB be CEH from LSU.

      Rob just keeps making picking an offensive lineman harder with these interviews. After I hear Cesar I will likely want all three. No can do, I think.

    • Michael Hasslinger

      This. Don’t fight it. Be the 2009 Packers. Throw the crap outta the ball.

  9. Jordan

    Rob. Excellent video. Really enjoyed watching this. Gotta say I love those 49er picks. Could see them making those great moves.

  10. Henry Taylor

    I was thinking about this pass rush situation we’re in. Because Clowney is now, reportedly, seeking a shorter deal, which would make it harder for them to fit him into the cap and probably would mean thats your last big move of the offseason. If that is the case, would people prefer to trade for and sign YN to a long term deal that has a lower year 1 cap, and then (by cutting Britt, restructuring Wilson or however they want to do it) also bring in Griffen on a 1-2 year deal.

    So its YN + Griffen, or Clowney short term and keeping your picks?

    • TomLPDX

      For me personally, I’m just not a big YN fan and I think the cost is to high for what you are getting. I’d rather get Griffen in at a minimum

  11. dcd2

    I really enjoyed that mock Rob. The explanations of why teams would do a certain thing gets lost on the mainstream media too often.

    Appreciate you going against the grain with your slotting of guys where you like them. I tend to agree about Epenesa and Chaisson falling, and CEH going sooner than many expect. New Orleans would be a perfect landing spot for him.

    This seems like a Seahawks draft as well and I think we’ll definitely go with a DT early.

    Great stuff!

    • drewdawg11

      I’m with you in that I believe Zuniga will rise up out of range of their two second rounders. That’s why I wouldn’t be upset if they moved down and took him, honestly. Hunt is also going to rise, I think. Not sure if he even makes it to our picks either, honestly. He’s really good. The issue with the final pick is what we talked about the other day. I don’t have any faith in the kid and he doesn’t fill the need for edge rush or even pass rush. He’s an athlete who isn’t a dominant player. Uche is ok. I don’t really dislike that pick, but I would prefer others. If we got he and Hunt, I would say that we got two good football players who will add to a young core moving forward.

      • dcd2

        The thing is we’ve replaced Ansah with Mayowa. Brought in Bruce to help with the rush and there’s still hope to bring back Clowney or add Griffen. Then he went situational rusher with the first pick.

        What the Hawks haven’t addressed is the thousand snaps lost from last year at DT, via Woods & Jefferson.

        One of the reasons I personally like Raekwon is that he eats double teams and gets his hands up to knock down passes. He was gone here, and Rob pointed out that Madubuike fits a lot of the things the Seahawks look for (arm length, gap discipline).

        The biggest problem Clowney had last year was that teams could double him all game. We need someone else to be able to take on a double team to get the edges in one v one.

        • drewdawg11

          The hawks have always valued starting DT’s who could two gap over traditional 3 techniques who can one-gap… unless you’re talking about a situational player, (Clinton McDonald, Jordan Jill). What I see on tape is a kid who doesn’t impact the LOS. Activity without production is not success. I wanted to get excited about him, but then I watched a bunch of game film.

          • Hawkster

            who’s the “a kid”? Davis or Madubuike

        • Spencer

          1000 snaps is misleading. Some of Jefferson’s snaps were at DE as well, and a full year of Reed will cut into that as well. Green, Collier, or even Clowney if he’s back can all kick inside.

          The Seahawks do however seem destined to add another DT in the draft, and possibly a veteran hedge that remains available for a reasonable price once the dust has settled with Clowney and the DE position.

  12. BruceN

    If Hawks offered $13-14M and he’s asking $17-18M wouldn’t the two side be OK with splitting the difference and agree on $16M and call it a day? Is it worth haggling for $2-3M for Hawks and in the meantime sign players like Shell and Mayowa?

    Enough already.

    • GerryG

      Here’s the thing though, Clowney is worth 17-18. Dee Ford is. If I’m JC and Seattle offers me 13-15 after being the only thing they had on DL last year, I’m livid and totally disrespected. Can you imagine how abysmal that defense was last year without him?

      • Rob Staton


      • Scot04

        Totally agree GerryG

      • EranUngar

        You may be right about it. He may have been “livid and totally disrespected” when the Seahawks made that offer on day one of the legal tempering period.

        I wonder how he felt a week later regarding the other 31 NFL teams that did not rush to the table to surpass that insulting offer.

        By now, the only person he should be livid about is his agent who failed to read market and prepare his client for it.

        • Rob Staton

          So his agent should’ve predicted a global pandemic and the effect it would have on the NFL?

          Come on.

          There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Jadeveon Clowney or his agent expecting to be paid as much as Frank Clark and DeMarcus Lawrence. Or, to put it another way, be paid a bit more than Dee Ford or Olivier Vernon. He is a quality player.

          His inability to do proper medicals and be checked out has cost him a market.

          And he’d be well within his rights to be frustrated with the Seahawks. Because on the one hand, they’re telling everyone he’s a huge priority. They haven’t moved on to other players. And they’re the only ones with his medical information. And yet they’re trying to get him at ‘their’ price seemingly because they can.

          That doesn’t mean he too doesn’t also have to compromise. Yet it’s perfectly plausible for him to feel disrespected.

          • TCHawk

            I think the difference is that Clowney in the last 6 years has only played in 16 games once. Frank Clark only missed 2 games in his first 4 years. Demarcus Lawrence hasn’t missed any games in the last 3 years. Clowney was also battling injuries this year, which included off-season surgery. It’s not disrespectful to consider availability.

            • Rob Staton

              I think you’ve manipulated the statistics a bit there though. Clowney might not have played 16 games that often but he’s missed four games in three years which isn’t many at all — and eight games in five years. It’s hardly a major issue.

      • BruceN

        He is not worth $20-21M but I agree with you that he is worth $17-18M. With all the money being thrown around ($10M for Fant??) $13-$15M is on the low side. At this point I would take an equal offer from any other team because of the lowballing.

        • TatupuTime

          If I’m Clowney I’m not sure I want a long term deal at $13M-$17M range. That’s likely going to make him grossly underpaid in years 3-4 with projections on salary cap increasing. As a former #1 pick, he’s already made enough money in his career to bet on himself.

          I could see him saying eff you to Seahawks and signing a one year deal with the Browns, Titans or Ravens and re-hitting the market with teams able to do full medicals on him. Guess we’ll see.

    • Michael Hasslinger

      There is some thoughts that core surgery reduces long term power maintenance. Marcell Reese mentioned this in 710 last week. Said he was never the same guy after.

      I would prefer Seattle just day they are moving on.

      Seattle may be doing Clowney a solid by staying quiet and pulling out.

  13. Levi

    Hey Rob. Thanks a lot for your work.
    I like Uche as a pass rush specialist, but I’d prefer if we played more 4-2-5 and fewer snaps with a SAM linebacker on the field, making Uche’s future unclear. I would like someone such as YGM who we could rotate in if we wanted someone explosive out of a 4 point stance, and we could play Mayowa or Irvin if we wanted someone who had more flexibility regarding putting a hand down or not. Irvin also has bulked up since his time with the Seahawks, now coming in at 258 pounds – perfect for a LEO. YGM could settle in as a LEO in the future once he develops more as a stand-up rusher and a player as a whole. I like the other picks, as Hunt is big, long, and athletic, and Madubuike seems like a perfect fit as a rotational 3T and eventually a full-time starter.

    • Rob Staton

      YGM’s not a LEO. He’s much more suited to playing the other side.

      Not sure why people are so keen on YGM to be honest. He’s not bad. But there’s nothing that exciting there either. And why didn’t he run at the combine or do agility tests but then did everything else? What’s he hiding?

      • Levi

        I’m not sure why he didn’t do those tests, as his speed is pretty good. His defensive line coach said he ran a 4.52, which is out of the park for his size (Penn State’s numbers aren’t usually grossly inflated – Gesicki, Barkley, etc). He shows ample agility and speed on tape, and he backed up his burst on tape with great jumps at the combine. I think Uche has more juice as a pure pass-rusher, bit YGM’s size will be valuable for him once he develops into an every-down defender.
        Another question – are you eyeing any slot cornerback options this class? The two I’m looking at are L’Jarius Sneed and Kindle Vildor.

        • Rob Staton

          If he runs a 4.52 he would’ve run a forty and done the agility testing. Simple as that.

          Slot cornerbacks are hard to project. But whoever it would be needs to have extreme speed and quickness.

          • Levi

            I think it’s worth giving him the benefit of the doubt here. The drills were moved to primetime, so maybe he was tired after a long day of interviews or he wanted to keep training for his pro day.
            As far as slot corners go, K’Von Wallace is really the only one other than Ojemudia with 31″+ arms that had solid agility drills (just the 3 cone). Sneed didn’t do agility drills and Vildor tested poorly in that area.

            • Rob Staton

              Why should we give him the benefit of the doubt?

              If it being late was a problem, why did he do all the other drills? Why only skip the runs and the agility tests?

              A lot of other players ran.

              Get out there and compete.

              Seemed fairly obvious he wanted to run at his pro-day instead in a more favourable environment. AKA — he dodged it.

              • Levi

                I think giving him the benefit of the doubt here is the move because nobody predicted that a pandemic would cancel his pro day. Furthermore, he’s shown he has good agility and speed on tape, which should be good enough with this year’s wacky circumstances. I think there is a possibility he is what they wanted to get out of Ansah, as they strike me as similar players. I get that we may never be able to prove his athleticism quantitatively, but to me it really pops out on tape. His consistency is a bit of an issue, but his pure upside could make him a solid rotational piece earlier and an every down starter later.

                • Rob Staton

                  Forget the pro-day. It doesn’t matter.

                  If he’d skipped the combine just to run on a favourable turf at pro-day, it’d be the exact same situation.

                  It’s nothing to do with the pandemic.

                  It’s everything to do with him hiding something. Otherwise he would’ve run. He clearly could run, because he did all of the drills.

                  • Levi

                    It’s confusing to me because his tape clearly shows good speed and agility.

                    • Rob Staton

                      I don’t think he’s particularly fast or agile. Good hand use, nice length. Not particularly strong. Something to work with but don’t really see any aggression.

                  • Levi

                    The thing is that none of the other top options did agility tests either, so it’s time to rely on tape alone for agility. The other top options seem like they are Okwara and Lewis. Taylor and Zuniga could be options late day 3. I’d just prefer not investing in someone early who doesn’t have the potential to be an every down defender.

                    • Rob Staton

                      How many players dodged:

                      Short shuttle
                      Three cone

                      But did everything else?

                      Come on man.

  14. Eburgz

    Clowney isn’t going to Cleveland. He said himself he isn’t going to some sorry team for money. The browns are the definition of a sorry team.

    Him and Garrett would be a crazy duo though.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      If Clowney is relagated to taking a 1 year prove it deal, Cleveland would be a good spot for him. Garrett on the other side would open things up for JC- less double teams.

      • TomLPDX

        That’s the thing…Clowney needs a partner in crime to be great. He can’t do it alone.

        • CaptainJack

          If clowney went to Cleveland it would mean another offseason of hyping Cleveland up only to watch them miserably under-preform.

          • Coach

            How about Clowney goes to Cleveland and then we trade for Garrett?!

            I’d be all for that!!

            Go Hawks!

  15. Greg Haugsven

    One thing to remember here is that we agreed not to tag him and we didnt. It was also agreed upon that we would have the right to match any offer he gets.

    • DC

      “It was also agreed upon that we would have the right to match any offer he gets.”

      Do you have a source on that? Seems unbelievable that there is something binding being that Clowney is an ‘unrestricted’ free agent.

  16. Rob4q

    Rob, thanks again for all the content – love the interviews and mocks!

    I think the idea of Cam going to Miami is legit and could happen. Flores is a good coach and is putting together a decent team. They have some assets, tons of draft capitol and Cam, if healthy, could make them a contender again. Is Rosen still on their roster? Wonder if they do sign Cam if they would still draft a QB or let Rosen serve as the back up…

    • TomLPDX

      Don’t forget that Fitz is there too and currently their starter with Rosen sitting behind him. They may just punt this year and focus on next year’s QB class.

  17. charlietheunicorn

    Don’t bust on crystal skulls, it had some really intriguing ideas and it is not everyday you can “nuke the fridge”.

    • Rob Staton

      It was rubbish and nearly ruined the other three films as a consequence.

      • charlietheunicorn

        Raiders and Last Crusade could never be tarnished by any movie.

        Don’t worry, Skulls was so bad, they are making a 5th one now (well someday).

      • drewdawg11

        😂😂😂 That movie was deserving of every criticism it received.

        • Greg Haugsven

          I enjoyed the film until he started swiging through the jungle on the vines. It was over after that.

          • Rob Staton

            You mean you’ve never caught up a speeding vehicle going flat out on jungle vines?

            • Thomas Wells

              South Park had the best take on crystal skulls

              • Rob Staton

                It certainly did!

    • CaptainJack

      It started out alright. The fridge scene was cool. The part in the jungle just went downhill and the end was terrible.

      • CaptainJack

        Obviously the fridge scene was unrealistic and stupid, but it was so bizarre that I found the scene to be highly entertaining. And the premise of the nuke town was really creepy and interesting…

        • charlietheunicorn

          That is the best past, nuking the fridge, really brought a smile to my face.

  18. KD

    Looks like i picked the wrong week to quit smoking.
    Looks like i picked the wrong week to quit drinking.
    Looks like i picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines. <— Seahawks fans are now here
    Looks like i picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

  19. Greg Haugsven

    That was really fun to listen to and well thought out. I could for sure see Uche being a Seahawk type pick. Taking a guy a little earlier than most teams fits what they normally do. They draft for themselves not the league. Only thing I would disagree with is 34 and 75 for 27. The points dont match up no matter what chart you use. There 44 and 75 actually matches up perfect but not sure they would want to go that far. I’ve tried that same trade you did and got rejected most every time. Very fun exercise and would love Uche.

    • TCHawk

      The unequal trade was proposed by the Colts, and accepted by the Seahawks (both by Rob, of course), so of course the Seahawks would accept because it favors them. That’s why you can’t get a similar trade if you are just drafting for the Seahawks. In that scenario, Indi must have fallen in love with Mims and didn’t want to lose out. Those kind of things happen.

      • Rob Staton

        I’ve done simulations where sometimes a trade is accepted and another time it isn’t.

        It’s what I like about the simulator. It mixes things up. Keeps things fresh.

  20. Davido

    Awesome mock! I liked especially that you tried to work in some suprises. It is so boring to see the same 40 players shuffled arround in all the other mock drafts out there.
    Not super happy with Uche that early but in your mock he was the best option available I believe.

    I just got really mad at you for not picking Dugger even tho he was available with our last pick.

  21. Cortez Kennedy

    Thanks for helping me kill an hour Rob. Very entertaining, well thought out draft. I’d be happy with those choices for Seattle, it just kills me to not grab a difference making 3rd receiver like Bryan Edwards (or Bryant at TE) because their greatest need is still blowing in the wind.

    Jonathon Taylor to Tampa makes so much sense. Also love the boldness of New England trading up for Love. Some excellent picks for Carolina and Chicago.

  22. Volume12

    If there’s no football this fall, college and the NFL, teams will end up having 2 draft classes coming in at once? Let the fireworks begin. This draft is gonna be wild.

    • mishima

      Since we’re speculating, I wonder how it would affect who and how teams draft. Need or BPA?

  23. Aaron

    Great mock, really enjoy and agree with the wrinkles you threw in.

    Panthers walk away as big time winners imo. Simmons and Chinn would be an awesome duo to build a defense around. So much speed and versatility.

  24. Volume12

    Has the full list of draft invites (virtual) been released yet? Usually a good indication of who goes early.

  25. Rob4q

    Tried the sim again with Uche as the main target and tried to be a little more realistic with where guys went. I think this came out really well and I’d be very happy with this draft!

    NYJ Received:
    Pick 27 – Ezra Cleveland

    SEA Received:
    Pick 48 – Joshua Uche
    Pick 68 – Logan Stenberg
    Pick 120 – Hunter Bryant

    JAX Received:
    Pick 144 – Netane Muti

    SEA Received:
    Pick 165 – Joe Reed
    Pick 206 – Raequan Williams

    2/48. Joshua Uche, OLB Michigan (Kendricks replacement, situational pass rush)
    2/59. Justin Madubuike, DT Texas A&M (Immediate DT rotation & pass rush)
    2/64. Robert Hunt, OT/G Louisiana (Competes at RT with Shell & Jones, can also play RG)
    3/68. Logan Stenberg, G Kentucky (Competes at both G spots)
    3/101. Cam Akers, RB Florida State (Insurance for Penny and can spell Carson)
    4/120. Hunter Bryant, TE Washington (Gets a year to get stronger and learn the NFL game)
    4/133. Kamal Martin, OLB Minnesota (KJ replacement after a year)
    5/165. Joe Reed, WR UVA (Immediate KR/PR + ST player, gets a year to work on route running)
    6/206. Raequan Williams, DT Michigan State (Part of DT rotation and is excellent vs run)
    6/214. Josh Metellus, S Michigan (Gets a year to learn the NFL game while playing on ST)

    • Matteo

      Am I the only one annoyed by everyone posting their personal mock drafts in the comments section, NO ONE CARES!

      • Jdtjohnson

        I don’t even look at them. As soon as I see it being a mock draft I just fast scroll on past. Cus ya, I really don’t care. Plus so many of them are so outlandish…”I made 6 trades and got 11 second round picks”.

  26. Volume12

    Feel the same way Russ.


    • CaptainJack

      Hard to sign a bunch of super stars when you’ve got the highest paid player in the league on your roster.

      Not saying he’s not worth the money because he is.

  27. TatupuTime

    Ifedi signed for veteran minimum to kick inside to play guard. I find it really odd that they jumped on Shell for $11M when they could have had Ifedi and continuity for much less.

    Really seemed like they didn’t want Ifedi back. Sherman trashed him on the way out of Seattle and Clark was clearly looking for Ifedi when he stalked and sucker punched him in training camp.

    The alternative was they were willing to be patient and let the DL guys come to them (still waiting) but weren’t willing to wait on Shell for some reason. I’m no Ifedi fan, but dude has played almost every game and knows the scheme.

    • TatupuTime

      ^Ugh – meant to say I’ve always wondered how well Ifedi was liked in the locker room. Just a vibe I’ve always gotten from other Seahawks in interviews. Plus Sherman/Clark situation.

    • SebA

      I was confused by this, too. Surely he can’t be that toxic a presence to warrant such a huge price difference against a barely average Jets starter.

    • GerryG

      You can’t look at what Ifedi wound up getting two weeks into FA as what Seattle could have had him for. He, like Clowney, probably thought he would be a top FA this year. Jen probably had a price, Seattle said no thanks, and made other moves, in the first week. This was before Ifedi had to settle for a one year deal worth nothing.

    • CaptainJack

      I don’t think they had any interest in Ifedi returning even for dirt cheap. Chicago doesn’t want him at tackle. They think he’s a better guard than tackle but his penalties are killer.

      • CaptainJack

        Bears fans pretty much all expect to draft a right guard early. They see Ifedi as a depth signing.

        • Greg Haugsven

          I’m assuming they never knew they could get him for the vet minimum for one year or they probably would have done it? Maybe they just wanted to move on no matter what? Who knows.

          • Robert

            Dave Wyman talked about this when Okung dinner for peanuts with Denver:
            He said most guys won’t want to have come back to their old locker room when they’ve had to take a large, unexpected pay cut.

  28. Denver Hawker

    Great mock and video Rob! I liked the ‘surprise picks’ and trades. This provided me a few thoughts:
    – Hawks are likely to find themselves on the wrong end getting the players they need. They’ll be passing on superb prospects to draft for need higher than necessary.
    – An early run on backs could provide attractive WR options in R2.
    – I like the Uche pick, would like him better a bit later.
    – cowboys seem to be in right place right time this year for solid players in positions they need falling to them. This happens in almost every mock I do. I’ll cry is they walk away with both Ruiz and Delpit.

  29. Lewis

    Akers leaving the board at 63 felt like a dagger.

    • Greg Haugsven

      He dropped pretty far in the recent mock draft rankings. He went from 48 down to 85.

      • jdtjohnson

        Really? On mine I think he was 74 or something like that. Zuniga dropped a ton on this updated rankings.

  30. CD

    Rob, any chance you can mock where the recent Hawks draft picks would fall into this years draft, not taking their Hawks performance into account? So as an example, if Penny or Collier were in the draft this year (based only on their college production and not recent bias) would they be 1st rounders in this class? It will help me understand how excited I should be for some of the guys we are talking about within the first 100 picks.

  31. Aaron

    Maybe PC and JS are content with good and not great. Maybe they’re satisfied coasting on previous successes. Maybe this is a sign that they don’t have their hearts in the game anymore in their current capacities. Can’t believe I’m saying this.

    • Kingdome1976

      Me either

    • Eburgz


    • Rob Staton

      Don’t be daft

      • DanO

        Daft…..another great English expression!

  32. Bankhawk

    The part that I have a hard time forgiving (on the part of front office, anyway) is “the radio silence” bit, as you aptly put it. I guess I get that they could be looking at release of info on the current status of negotiations, or failing the existence thereof, on any “fall-back plan”, as jeopardizing the process, but lawd have mercy!

    Things could be better here, and I went to bed with my poop-colored glasses on the bedside table hoping things (in general) would look brighter in the a.m., but naw. I know loads of folks have it worse. At least rent is paid, there’s still stuff in the fridge, and I still have the mock to look forward to. Thanks for all you do, Rob (and everybody else as well).

  33. Donovan

    Thx for the mock draft. Listened to whole thing! Two questions:

    1. If you didn’t feel need to go DL with first pick, who would you have picked for Hawks with their first pick in mock?

    2. Ignoring what you think Hawks would do, who in your opinion was best player left on the board at 27 or 34?

    • Rob Staton

      1. One of the receivers or offensive linemen

      2. I wouldn’t ever name one player in a situation like that because it’d depend on so many different things. But clearly the likes of Kenneth Murray, Patrick Queen, Austin Jackson, Brandon Aiyuk, KJ Hamler, Raekwon Davis and Grant Delpit could be mentioned.

  34. Greg Haugsven

    Zack Baun has a monstros senior season. 12.5 sacks and 19.5 TFL’s but he is 6’3 235. Wonder if he could get to 250? TJ Watt at 250 in his last season had 11.5 sacks an 15.5 TFL’s. If Uche is on there radar for a Sam I wonder if Baun could be as well?

    • Rob Staton

      Baun isn’t a 250lbs player. That’s just not him.

  35. Paul Cook

    Does anyone seriously think that the NBA or NHL are going to resume their seasons this year? MLB start their season this year? And as for pro or college football, does anyone seriously think there are going to be packed stadiums this fall throughout the land, a literal breeding ground for rebooting COVID-19 once the fall flu season kicks back into gear?

    Mass gatherings, sporting events, rock concerts, political rallies, etc.., all seem increasingly unlikely in 2020. Even if the curve gets flattened and trends significantly downward, until we have a vaccine for it, who wants to risk our economy getting smacked again as it seeks to regain its footing this fall?

    Anyway…just a reality check…

    • Greg Haugsven

      No on NBA or NHL, maybe an abbreviated season for MLB? Maybe 100 games?

      • Paul Cook

        The question with the NBA and NHL is not this season, but rather how they can navigate NEXT SEASON’s start. Personally speaking, a 100 game MLB season seems like a pipe dream to me.

        College football will have problems of its own this summer. How much do universities want to risk legal repercussions if they start up too soon again, or if they allow mass gatherings?

        The rebooting of our economy is going to an extremely nimble endeavor. On the one hand, it needs to be done. On the other hand, if it’s done too soon or improperly, you run the risk of rebooting the disease and hurting the economy even more.

        There are are going to be some real difficult calls on this. And in the US, we’ve already proved to be a disaster at the federal level so far in combating the disease. How can they be trusted to make the right calls in rebooting the economy.

        It will be interesting to see…

    • Rob Staton

      Sorry Paul — but I couldn’t give a toss about your ‘reality check’.

      You’re not an expert. And even the experts have no idea how this is going to play out over the coming months. We’re all living through this for the first time together.

      And the last thing any of us need are people delivering ‘reality checks’ that say, in months time, the NFL or college football season won’t happen.

      Stop speculating on stuff you know nothing about. I prefer the tone of the NFL and the authorities. Plan for it to go ahead as normal. And if it can’t go ahead — so be it. But why depress anyone any more than we have to with an appeal to authority you don’t possess?

      • Paul Cook

        Please. It’s not my opinion. It’s what I’m hearing from leading health and economic experts that I’ve been reading pretty voraciously about.

        • Rob Staton

          No it’s not.

          A few irrelevant people are speculating about the NFL season — which is months away.

          No person working at the heart of this pandemic crisis is wasting ANY time wondering how it’ll impact the NFL season.

          I am not remotely interested in any of this speculating appearing in the comments section. It’s the kind of unnecessary doom and gloom mongering that nobody on earth needs right now. The NFL is quite right to prepare and plan to proceed as normal. They can always change their plans down the line.

          We don’t need anybody to speculate about it in the meantime. The human race needs something to look forward to. We won’t get through this living in perpetual misery.

  36. Greg Haugsven

    If we could trade back from 27 to 35 (Detroit) and get there 85 as well and selected Uche at 35 and say Hunt at 64. Who to select at 59 and 85? I really like a possible selection mostly because of his versatility to play guard and tackle. Maybe a defensive lineman and a running back with 59 and 85?

  37. Justin Mullikin

    I liked your mock draft Rob, it was fun listening to your commentary.

    I decided to have one of my own with the thought of adding multiple DE prospects. I wanted my first 3 picks to be DE but Clyde was staring me down at pick 64 so I took him instead. Then I added the two guards you just interviewed. I ended with a guy name Hand, isn’t that the perfect name for a CB? I will take him every time with my last pick out of principle. 🙂

    SEA 42.
    Marlon Davidson
    DE Auburn

    SEA 59.
    Julian Okwara
    DE Notre Dame

    SEA 64.
    Clyde Edwards-Helaire
    RB LSU

    SEA 73.
    Jabari Zuniga
    DE Florida

    SEA 101.
    Robert Hunt
    G Louisiana

    SEA 116.
    Damien Lewis
    G LSU

    SEA 133.
    Collin Johnson
    WR Texas

    SEA 144.
    Colby Parkinson
    TE Stanford

    SEA 214.
    Harrison Hand
    CB Temple

  38. Ashish

    I would expect hawks to pick RB( more likely) or WR in first 3 picks.

  39. swedenhawk

    Terrific mock, Rob. Great to have your insights on what the rest of the league might be considering, and I really like the Uche pick. But the thought of Raekwon Davis on that 49ers D-line is just too disheartening!

  40. Kingdome1976

    Some consideration needs to be made that we are looking at 2021…not this year at this point. How many excuses and explanations need to be made before we have to concede that we are 2 years away from contention. Maybe the FO knows we need more time to be legit. Uche seems perfectly OK. Nothing special in my opinion and certainly not an over the top-ready-to-win-a-SB addition to win now.

    I like Uche and think he is actually the best DE/3rd down type in the second round. He’s not enough, and that’s why their simply has to be more to this scenario. Does anybody really think there is any real chance of going to the SB this year no matter what we do? Yes the Rams, and I would say the 49ers have gotten worse while the Cardinals will clearly be better. However WE have gotten worse.

    I would like(honestly) some opinions on how you think we could manage to make the SB this year at this point. What scenario might actually put us into contention? Honest question here…I am at a loss.

    • Rob Staton

      No. They should be looking at 2020.

      Anything else is failure.

    • GerryG

      Wait, weren’t you the eternal optimist last week?

      I agree, this team is probably worse. The draft will not help much either with no ota minicamps, which seems the likely path.

  41. DC

    This is ridiculous to me, yet fun;

    27. Javon Kinlaw, DT South Carolina
    59. Grant Delpit, S LSU
    64. Raekwon Davis, DT Alabama
    101. Cam Akers, RB Florida State
    133. Trevis Gipson, DE Tulsa
    144. Hunter Bryant, TE Washington
    214. Michael Onwenu, G Michigan

    • All I see is 12s

      That’s a good one. It’s kind of fun how the simulator seems to have a function in it to demonstrate unexpected drops. I was able to grab Simmons at number 27 at one point too.

      • Ralphy

        I’ve had some good drafts on there but that’s the best one I’ve seen

  42. CL

    12thmanrising proposed a trade for von miller:

    Von Miller + 2020 5th round pick for us and the broncos get a 2020 secound round pick (64) + 2021 4th rounder.

    Well I’d definitely take that, but I have a hard time believing the broncos would do this

    • Rob Staton

      There’s absolutely NO WAY the Broncos are gifting Seattle Von Miller for the last pick in round two.

      • CL

        That’s what I thought as well, but thanks for clarifying that

    • GerryG

      Even the current dismal level of Field Gulls is Pulitzer level writing compared to 12th Man Rising

    • Michael Hasslinger

      DENVER eying a run at the playoffs this year. Von Miller not for trading.

  43. Largent80

    I’m so tired of this whole Clowney BS….With him (regardless of who else was on the line) we stunk.. He also has a hard time staying healthy, he also had microfracture surgery which the majority of those that do can’t play.

    The Seahawks will go on without him and his obvious ridiculous demands.

    • Rob Staton

      But they’re not moving on.

      And there’s probably a reason for that.

      Partly because they’ve called keeping him a huge priority.

      Yet he remains unsigned.

      • millhouse-serbia

        One guy on twitter ask Condotta why seaheawks just dont move on and here is Bob answer:

        They already sort of have by signing Mayowa. But there’s really no reason to ever say flatly that he can’t come back or something like that cause you never know how things will unfold.

        And I tend to agree with this…maybe we dont want to accept that signing Mayowa show they moved on but…i will say again..

        QJeff, Green, Jackson, Martin and Mingo…those are players on seahawks roster before 2019 draft…Pete and John enter the draft with those 5 names just year ago…as Rob said Clowney wasnt in their plans…their plan was to start the season with those five guys plus Ansah and LJ…why would anyone be surprise if they enter.this.year draft with Green, LJ, Jackson, Mayowa and Irvin…I mean its still John and Pete, same guys with same way of doing things like.in previous 10 years …

        Do I agree with this…no…do I think its possible…yes…

        • Rob Staton


          It’s not even worth spending a second on the proposal that Mayowa is ‘moving on from Clowney’.

          He isn’t.

          Not in any way shape or form.

          And the Seahawks don’t believe that either.

          • BruceN

            I’m a bit puzzled by Mayowa’s signing. Why did we pay him $3-4M dollars (double what he made The year before) when he had one good year with 7 sacks (may 2 good years since he left the first time). In 2018 with .494 of snaps he had only 4 sacks and in 2017 with .370 of the snaps had only 1 sack. His sack numbers in the 6 years after he left SEA are 7, 4, 1, 5.5, 1, 1. Those numbers don’t scream moving on from Clowney.

            • Rob Staton

              That’s because they’re not moving on from Clowney with his signing.

              It’s a silly suggestion really.

              Clearly a depth signing.

    • mishima

      And when the Browns or Giants sign him for 2/35, what then?

  44. GermanHawk232

    Pick 43.: Julian Okwara (DE)

    Pick 59.: Lucas Niang (OT)

    Pick 64.: Joshua Uche (OLB)

    Pick 94.: Tyler Biadasz (C)

    Pick 97.: Cam Akers (RB)

    Pick 101.: James Lynch (DT)

    Pick 107.: Van Jefferson (WR)

    Pick 133.: Leki Fotu (DT)

    Pick 200.: Danny Pinter (G)

    Pick 244.: Lamar Lackson (CB)

    I hope they trade back a couple times and Adresse there biggest needs.

  45. no frickin clue


    I understand the logic and flow of your mock draft, but if as you say there are 5 RBs that are a cut above in this draft, and Akers is the last of the lot, why not have the Seahawks take Akers at #59 and hope Hunt is still there at #64? Of course, if I’m right, it means the Seahawks would still be shopping for a DT starting in rd 3 or later. Do you see high risk that Hunt would be taken between #60 and #63?

    Maybe another way of saying this: on your board after #58, how do you see the drop-off in talent at RB after Akers leaves, vs. the drop-off in talent at DT after Madubuike leaves?

    • Rob Staton

      Probably because they have Chris Carson

  46. Justaguy

    Enjoyed the All 32 mock. Your insight is logical and thorough, excellent work Rob. MIA and LAC would be wise to let a QB fall to them, but I don’t think they possess the initiative to make that happen. I really appreciate how you avoided Herbert to NE, although I think he would be the perfect Tom replacement. With MIN holding #22 and #25 I would think they look at DB with at least one of those picks. Also, three RB in the first round is surprising to me for some reason.
    Will potential trade partners with #27 be dependent upon how the board looks when they are on the clock or can we speculate on the most likely trade partners now?

  47. Ralphy

    I loved this draft Rob. Its great hearing your rationale for every team. As Kinlaw was slipping I couldn’t help but wonder if he’s the type of player that the Hawks would consider trading up for if they can’t get anything done with Clowney?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t see them moving up for Kinlaw.

  48. Positrac

    After the re-calibration of the mock draft simulator, I was able to get Kinlaw.
    This seems impossible to me at this time.

    SEA 27. Javon Kinlaw DT South Carolina
    SEA 59. Jonathan Taylor RB Wisconsin
    SEA 64. Joshua Uche OLB Michigan
    SEA 101. Tyler Biadasz C Wisconsin
    SEA 133. Kevin Dotson G Louisiana
    SEA 144. Larrell Murchison DT NC State
    SEA 214. Yasir Durant OT Missouri

  49. Eburgz

    Word is Kinlaw might slip due to medicals.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes, that’s why I had him dropping to #16.

      • Eburgz

        Yeah, should have watched the video before commenting. Maybe he could have a bigger Myles Jack type fall right into our laps.

        Awesome mock. For the Seahawks and for the rest of the league.

        Only thing I disagree with is I think teams will be aggressive to go get the QBs they want earlier. How often do QB’s fall to teams that need them? Almost always teams trade up to go get their guy in the top 10 (for the top rated qb’s). Loved Hurts to the Chargers pick though.

        • Rob Staton

          If he fell that far I doubt they’d take him anyway.

  50. Hawks31


    Do you think the Hawks could have a handshake deal with Jacksonville for a Yannick trade in place for after the draft (one of our 2021 draft picks) ? Maybe hawks are waiting to see if they can snag Cesar Ruiz with their first pick so they can cut Britt in order to sign Yannick long term?

    Then draft more DEs or an OLB with their remaining 2-3rd round picks?

    • Rob Staton

      No. Handshake deals don’t exist. The Jaguars know this will all heat up in the days leading up to the draft (just as it did with Frank Clark). At the moment nobody has a reason to make their best offer.

      The problem for Seattle is even if they want to trade for Ngakoue, they’ve refused to pay Clark and Clowney. So why would they pay Ngakoue?

  51. Rob Staton

    Cesar Ruiz interview dropping later today (plus some other thoughts for the Seahawks).

    Recording another interview tonight. Not a player this time but someone I can’t WAIT to speak to.

    • cha

      Nice on Rob. Also nice – Ruiz name checking Raekwon Davis as one of the toughest guys he’s played against!

  52. Hawks31

    I have heard from a few people that the Team was nervous giving Clark significant money because of his lifestyle/personality and some of the people he has in his life. Maybe there is truth to that as well as Clowney’s injury history? I don’t know anything about Yannick and his personality or injury history. Thanks for the reply, Rob!

    • cha

      Then why, after giving him multiple physicals would they publicly call signing him a priority?

      • Hawks31

        He can still be a priority and them discounting their offer due to durability concerns, enough for him to sit on it?

    • Rob Staton

      That’s fine… but it’s a bit weird to start feeling that way now after spending picks on Percy and Sheldon, spending money on guys like Ansah and Eddie Lacy and drafting guys like Malik McDowell.

  53. BoiseSeahawk

    Great mock Rob, thanks for all the work on this. I think the trades are really spot on and rationale for the Dolphins to hold off on Tua is solid.

    But I am starting a new campaign for the Seahawks:

    I know theres been commentary on the comparison here, but when Jim Nagy starts a comp discussion between Kam and any player at the Senior Bowl I’m always interested. I’m not aware of any comps of him since we passed on Derwin James years ago, have you heard any?

    The best years of our defense came from when we RULED the box, we nearly eliminated it for teams for years. I am biased, Kam Chancellor is my all time favorite Seahawk. He never gets the credit he deserves after nearly paralyzing himself for this team. But if we could get anyone even close to his abilities it would solve a lot of issues the way offenses are moving today. If we still had Kam in his prime Kittle would be a Skittle of a TE.

    I still think the hawks will go DE/OT but if we get Chinn with a second pick (if we were to trade down) I’d be thrilled.

    • Rob Staton

      I like Chinn. As an athlete he is top notch. Lots of potential.

      However, for me he’s a pure safety. I don’t think he’ll work at his best at linebacker (unlike Simmons). And if you draft Chinn you’re writing off Marquise Blair after one year. Chinn’s range is superb, his ability to fly to the LOS and blitz is great. In another year I’d be all in. But right now I think with Quandre, McDougald, Blair, Amadi and Hill — safety is one of the few positions with talent and depth.

  54. Greg Haugsven

    Personally of all the edge options I like the Uche pick the best. Just feels right if he could sit behind Irvin for a year and get about 30% of the snaps. Maybe some at the SAM and some at LEO in passing situations. Then in 2021 you have a young Barton at the WILL and a young Uche at the SAM. Also like the thought of drafting Robert Hunt due to his versatility. The drafted Pocic largely in part because they though he could play three positions. If we could trade back into the 30’s and get another pick somewhere between 70 and 85 that would be ideal. Then you have four picks between say 35 and 85. If two of them went to Uche and Hunt you have two left for RB, DL, or whatever else they wanted to do.

  55. Volume12

    Yes this is a football blog. But in a world devoid of distractions, do yourself a favor and watch the Boneyard match from Wrestlemania last night. Campy, cinematic, exactly what it needed to be. They made 38 minutes feel like 10 or 12. One of my favorites. It’s incredible. I’m not joking. The Bone zone delivered.

  56. Jerry Nice

    When it comes to later round prospects that the Seahawks should show interest in, I’m a bit lost.

    From rounds 4-7 which players at any position do folks think we’ll shore interest in?

    • Rob4q

      Posted my reply to you Jerry, but it came up as a separate post down below…

  57. Hawk Meat

    Just for fun, a combined top 10 for a 2020/2021 draft.

    1. Joe Burrow
    2. Trevor Lawrence
    3. Justin Fields
    4. Penei Sewell
    5. Chase Young
    6. Ja’Marr Chase
    7. Jeff Okudah
    8. Tristan Wirfs
    9. Tua Tagavailoa
    10. Isaiah Simmons

    • Rob Staton

      I’d put Sewell and Jamarr Chase at #3 and #4.

  58. Frank

    Really enjoyed the mock draft, my biggest complaint about mocks in general are that they usually are based on a draft board that makes absolutely no sense. Many times over the years I e wished to have Robs big board as a more realistic approach to the draft.
    Top notch stuff there but as being a critic is kind of what we do I’ll say, Someone has got to be into Duggar’s upside, as he has a lot of the same qualities as Isaiah Simmons a little earlier than that in the draft. I just see him as the perfect Kendricks replacement.
    I think there’s a realistic chance the Bears are into the QB market, and really liked that you pushed Jalen Hurts up the boards. Antonio Winfield was another that absolutely made sense.
    The dolphins also seemed like the perfect place to redshirt a QB while fitzmagic does his thing, huge fan of them getting Love or Herbert and letting them learn for a year before playing.

  59. Hojo

    Here’s an Alt Hypothesis.

    The Seahawks never had Clowney in mind as a priority.

    They determined that his cost would be prohibitive and they would rather spend the money otherwise. They might also covet the 3rd rd comp pick they’d receive if he signed elsewhere.

    At the same time, Clowney has been great in the locker room and is a talented player, so they gave him a low offer and let him test the market with the option to match. To their surprise, for a variety of reasons, the market didn’t materialize for Clowney and their original low offer kept them in the game. The negotiations continued, but ultimately they still can’t align on a deal.

    It begs the question, if Clowney wasn’t the priority. What the heck was the plan..

    Pass Rush By Committee & Invest Through Draft

    Elite Free Agent DE’s are expensive. Maybe the plan all along was to bring in multiple pass rushers and invest through the draft. This could help explain why they didn’t want to pay Clark last year.

    I’m going to continue down the rabbit hole.. I think the Hawks already have a deal in place with Everson Griffen. Did anyone else find it strange that he said goodbye to the Vikings on 3/20 without announcing his new team? He then suddenly went quiet, while still being linked to the Hawks. Potentially the deal is done and it’s now a matter of timing to help position the Hawks for comp picks.

    DE: Griffen, Green, Collier, Mayowa, Jackson, Rookie and Irvin (OLB)
    DL: Reed, Poona, Vet DT, Rookie

    This is why they essentially “moved on” from Clowney when they signed Mayowa. They tried to sign Clowney at the right price, but ultimately couldn’t and decided to move forward with their original plan.

    Again, this is only a hypothesis. Some of these concepts could be in play though.

    • Rob Staton

      Why I don’t think this is right:

      1. They haven’t signed someone other than Clowney.

      2. If he wasn’t a priority, Carroll wouldn’t lie and say he was.

      3. If they coveted a third round comp pick they wouldn’t have signed numerous depth players at the start of free agency, making it virtually impossible for them to get any comp picks.

  60. Rob4q

    I posted earlier about Joe Reed, WR from Virginia and I think he would be ideal as a mid-late round development WR that can immediately step in to help with KR and ST.

    I also like a couple of the DT later like McTelvin Agim and Raequan Williams.

    There are also some late round projects at EDGE like DJ Wonnum, Kendall Coleman, Bryce Huff, Tipa Galea’i

    Lamichal Perine looks like he could have good value as a RB later.

    Rob and others here have mentioned Michigan S Josh Mettellus as a good fit for the Seahawks late. I really like Utah S/Slot CB Julian Blackmon as well.

  61. Kingdome1976

    Why haven’t other teams created a bidding war and signed Clowney by now? Clearly it’s not just us.

    • Rob Staton

      Do you really need to ask that?

      It’s because no teams can give him a medical. And the Seahawks already have his medical info.

  62. Rob4q

    The PFN Sim is truly addicting and it’s awesome that they have updated the rankings some already! I do wonder why guys like Cam Akers and Damien Lewis dropped down in their rankings though? But Kevin Dotson has moved way up?

    Check out this trade back, basically LAC gives up 796 points vs Sea giving 776 points:

    LAC Received:
    Pick 27
    Pick 101

    SEA Received:
    Pick 37
    Pick 71
    Pick 151

    Now, who will they take???

    • Rob4q

      LAC took Jacob Eason at 27…

      I then had SEA (871 pts) do another trade back with CHI (897 pts):

      CHI Received:
      Pick 37
      Pick 59
      Pick 151

      SEA Received:
      Pick 43
      Pick 50
      Pick 163

      So SEA draft picks look like this now:

      SEA 43.
      SEA 50.
      SEA 64.
      SEA 71.
      SEA 133.
      SEA 144.
      SEA 163.
      SEA 214.

      A long wait between 71 and 133 and plenty of value to move up, so how about a move from 133 up into the early 100’s again…

      SEA Received:
      Pick 103

      PHI Received:
      Pick 133
      2021 SEA 3rd

      And this is how the draft went:

      43. Joshua Uche, OLB Michigan
      50. Raekwon Davis, DT Alabama
      64. Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB LSU
      71. Robert Hunt, G Louisiana
      103. Bryce Hall, CB UVA
      144. Kevin Dotson, G Louisiana
      163. Joe Reed, WR UVA
      214. Jonathan Garvin, OLB Miami

  63. Coug1990

    One of the things I am going to be really interested on when football begins again and the next season is complete, is who is right? Did the Seahawks play it right? Or, is Rob correct and the Seahawks wasted a season?

  64. ?whywouldntya?

    Great mock draft. Feel free to do more. You sold me on the LSU running back. Im all in on trading up. Speed speed speed baby!! Make teams out score ya. These are different times. Ok u can all crush me now😬

  65. AlaskaHawk

    In your draft scenario you have the quarterbacks going:
    1. Burrows to Bengals
    2. Love to Patriots
    3. Tua to Jaguars
    4. Herbert to Miami.

    I’m just imagining myself in the Patriots position. Would they pick Love over Tua because of Love’s arm strength and good health? Or take a chance on a talented Tua?

    That would be a tough choice. What would you guys do?

    • Rob Staton

      I just get the feeling Belichick and McDaniels will see Love’s creativity, improv, arm strength and mobility as an asset they can harness.

      Plus there’s no injury flags.

      • TCHawk

        Why not Jalen Hurts instead.? Your comments on the Hurts selection in the mock stated Hurts had the best throwing session at the combine. Bellichick values accuracy over arm strength, and I also could see him valuing a more mobile quarterback. Maybe they just roll the dice on the medicals, and maneuver for Tua if he falls.

        Although, selfishly, I really hope they don’t draft one of the top QBs.

        • Rob Staton

          Well sure, they could take anyone.

  66. Joe

    It’s Super Bowl or bust for this team! We got our lock down corner with Dunbar! Must resign Clowney! This defense can be special next year. But, now I heard we don’t have the Financial flexibility. I’ve been noticing a pattern throughout the league with FA that the hawks organization can take advantage during the coronavirus. Decline Mayowa contract! He hasn’t taken a his physical. I’m not hating on Mayowa but, $5 million for a dude that wasn’t even a starter? Please. Allocate that money to Clowney’s contract. Offer him two year contract $17m each.

  67. Jeremy

    Um, more of these mock draft videos please!! I really think you struck gold with these, they’re pretty incredible!!

  68. Derrick

    There is no way in the world Tua lasts until pick 17!

    • Rob Staton

      Yes there is.

      • Derrick

        You’re dreamin’. I don’t comment much. Last time we disagreed on a draft pick in the comment section was when you were proclaiming Ryan Swope’s concussion history shouldn’t be held against him. How’d that turn out?

        • Rob Staton

          Congratulations on that one time you were right.

          You clearly haven’t been right about much since, which is why you’re still clinging to something from 2013.

          • Derrick

            That “one time’ I was right is the one time I went to the comment section to disagree with you on a pick. One out of one is 100%. I “clearly haven’t been right since”?? What makes it so clear to you? I’m not “clinging” to anything – have never mentioned it before it became relevant today. We have one previous draft pick disagreement to reference, that was it. Bitter much?

            • Rob Staton

              Word of advice Derrick.

              You sound like a massive bell end mate.

              Please stop.

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