A podcast — and a question about future podcasts

For the last two seasons the ‘3000 NFL Mock Draft’ podcast was a regular weekly feature. This season, sadly, that won’t be the case.

I was invited to appear on the Field Gulls podcast ‘Seahawks Chats’ this week (see below) and was happy to accept — but 3000 NFL Mock Draft will no longer be recorded weekly.

I want to continue to provide regular audio content and intend to start a new podcast to fill the void. I want to know what you, the community, want to listen to.

For example:

— Would you prefer two main presenters or just the one?

— Would you like to hear interviews with invited guests within the draft/NFL community?

— Would you prefer more Seahawks or more draft content (or a mix of both)?

— How long do you want the podcasts to be?

Let me know what you think in the comments section. In the meantime here’s the episode of ‘Seahawks Chats’:

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  1. Coleslaw

    Sad to hear, but a stellar job by you optimizing the situation and giving the fans a voice, you’re the s*** man.

    I would love a mix of draft/seahawks stuff, and I think 2 podcasters is great cause you and Kenny really get into these guys just talking them out and it just gives a natural, thorough and honest evaluation IMO. A pleasure to listen to.

    I would be stoked to hear you do that with another Draft Insider or whoever you have in mind, that would unearth gold I’m sure.

    And you can make them however long you want, you do enough already lol.

    Switching topics, what do you think about Ronald Jones?

    • Rob Staton

      In the USC games I’ve watched this year, he’s looked explosive and very intriguing.

      I also think it’s worth noting that Jones is listed at 6-0 and 200lbs. The Seahawks have consistently, under Carroll, looked for RB’s at around 5-11/6-0 and 220lbs ish. It doesn’t mean they won’t draft a smaller back but the trend is legit over the years.

      • Coleslaw

        Didn’t know he was that light, I’m thinking the hawks might be looking to get a back somewhat early this year

  2. Ishmael

    Sad to hear, but it is what it is. Quick thoughts on your questions.

    — Would you prefer two main presenters or just the one?
    IMO the gold standard of football podcasts in recent years was the Grantland NFL podcast with Mays and Barnwell. Two guys who brought quite different viewpoints to the table, reaching similar conclusions from totally different directions. Compare that to the Ringer NFL podcast with Mays and Clark, and it’s just a bit too same-samey. Long story short, I think two different presenters is ideal – but only if you can find someone who is coming from a different angle to you. Otherwise it might be better having a different guest every week?

    — Would you like to hear interviews with invited guests within the draft/NFL community?
    Absolutely – especially if it’s possible to get guys from teams.

    — Would you prefer more Seahawks or more draft content (or a mix of both)?
    Mostly Seahawks through the season, with a bit of chat about Seahawks needs and some players to look out for, and then expanding to more draft content as the season progresses.

    — How long do you want the podcasts to be?
    Somewhere between 45 minutes to an hour is a good amount of time to me. Time to get into some stuff in depth, but not so long that it gets draining.

    • D-OZ

      🙂 +1

    • Chris


    • GerryG


      • RugbyLock

        This suggestion sounds good to me.

    • Brett

      +4, couldn’t have said it better myself

    • Andrew C Taylor


    • Eric


      • Ukhawk


        Just want to hear your thoughts regularly. Loved the 3000 shows

  3. Rik

    I really enjoy the mix of seahawks and draft content. It’s very cool to analyze past drafts and try to predict who they might be watching. You and Kenny have done a great job together, but I would appreciate any combination of podcasters because of the great content. And the longer the better – your podcasts make time on the treadmill go waaaaaaay faster!

  4. Aaron

    I love Kenny as a writer, but haven’t enjoyed him as a podcaster. Is there any way for them to be more conversational, or does the set up kind of prohibit that? It seems like Kenny has really long questions, and he talks for a long time before introducing you. I would love more succinct questions from Kenny, and for there to be more back and forth.

    Just a suggestion!

    I like a mix of Seahawks and draft. Maybe you can put a time stamp in the episode description to let people know which part of the episode is Seahawks and which part is the draft?

    • Pickering

      Agree. Let Field Gulls continue on its own; I prefer seoarate sites with different takes. I also like more direct talk about football, less roundabout filler (not mentioning names). For me shorter, 10 – 20 minute segments on a theme would be better.

      • Pickering

        One more thing: I like a mix of draft and Seahawks.

        • AlaskaHawk


    • Dan

      I agree with this post. Kenny is a terrific writer but a terrible podcaster. His long monologues are hard to follow. Would Davis Hsu or Zach Whitman be interested”

      • Nick

        I have to say I agree wholeheartedly. I am not a big fan if Kenneth, neither his writing nor podcast (I barely read Fieldgulls now because of the decline in quality and the amount of negativity). I would love for you to have another co-host or guests if possible, just not him. If you could get Danny Kelly every so often or someone else that would be awesome. As far as content, I would appreciate both draft and Seahawks stuff. Maybe the draft stuff slanted towards Seahawks needs (thats your bread and butter anyways). Thanks for listening to everyones input and I hope this didnt come across to rudely. Kenneth is a great writer, just not my cup of tea.

      • Nathan

        Agree with this,

        Was gonna say it when I first saw the post, but didn’t want to be negative.

        He is impossible to listen to, and not only that, he doesn’t seem to have any insights into college players and whether they’ll be any good, he seems to just set the questions up and let Rob provide all the expert info.

        It good if you had someone else who sees the game as well as you do but can maybe disagree with you on upcoming draft picks.

      • Bryan

        I’ll weigh in and say I’ve loved the format of 3000 NFL Mock Draft. I think the different personalities of Kenny and Rob have really made the podcast interesting and fun to listen to. Rob is the college authority and Kenny is the color commentator who brings in the perspective from elsewhere in the NFL.

        Heck, I even loved the 3000 NFL Mock Draft theme song. I’m sad for it to be ending, and look forward to what you both continue to do to make the Seahawks community the most-informed on the internet.

        And this probably doesn’t need to be said, but I’ve loved every minute of the at least 30 hours of 3000 NFL Mock Draft that I’ve listened to. I didn’t pay a dime for it, nor have to hear a single commercial. Thank you guys, and thank you for the Real in the Field Gulls instant reaction shows, and for everything else. If Kenny just came on and did armpit noises while Rob talked about college football that’d still be more than enough for a free show. But instead Kenny’s fun, offbeat, and knowledgeable. Thank you both.

  5. Jarrett

    2 presenters. Interviews are cool unnecessary, we came here to hear you. Mix of both but more Seahawks stuff. Over an hour.

  6. Mike B.

    Why not try doing an episode (or two) of a solo podcast and see how that goes? Record it, give it a listen (maybe run it by a limited test audience), and if you like the flow and the content. If you’re happy, release to a wider audience. The Ross Tucker Football Podcast is a good example of a (mostly) solo podcast mostly done well, though Ross does have his producer to ask questions and give some feedback. Bill Barnwell’s is solo (with guests) and is usually good, though he hasn’t done one in a while it seems.

    Two of the best duo football podcasts are PFF (with Sam Monson and Steve Palazzolo) and Move the Sticks (Jeremiah and Brooks), though I’m not sure with whom you might partner.

    As for content, a mix of Seahawks, general NFL, and college/draft. A major interest of mine (and I’m sure many others) Seahawks-wise is what their roster might look like next season, and which rookies and veteran free agents could improve the areas that need building for 2018 and beyond.

    As for length, 30-45 minutes is the sweet spot for most, with longer podcasts for pre-draft, post-draft, preseason, etc.

  7. C-Dog

    Sad news 3000 NFL Mock will no longer be regular. I actually enjoyed listening to you and Kenny and felt you both nicely contrasted each other.

    I like the two person format. I think that format works well when you get two people who contrast and balance each other. You need an Oscar and Felix.

    Would love to listen to a show of that is mostly Seahawks centric, and also looks at the college ranks and preps for the draft. Which is why I love this page so much.

    I think guest contributors would be cool. I kinda like the guest panel format from time to time.

    I think an hour long is ideal

  8. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I like shorter formats. 15-20 minutes. Some weeks do the “hot takes” and others have someone from CFB or scouting or from some other aspect of football. Maybe mix in coordinators or the like that can explain the intricacies of differing positions… dissect a play or two… or other topics (such as uniform design / helmet design / the future of football). I also like to hear you on 710 talking more often….. just saying 😉

    • AlaskaHawk

      I don’t listen to the podcasts very often. And part of it is length. I would prefer 15 minutes, and you might consider a multi-media format at that point. Mixing in some tapes of players while you talk.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I like this idea, have a tape of a player (youtube) and talk about the upside or fit on various teams.

        Alaska +10 for this idea.


    Hi Rob. First I just want to say I love your work. I’m from Brazil and the seahakws have a huge fan base here. Now to the questions: I guess two presenters is a better option, with some guests when possible. I think it would be great to talk about a mix of seahawks and nfl draft. Maybe, because this is manly a draft blog, you could talk more about the seahawks rookies. As for length, I think 45-60 minutes is a good amount of time. Again, thank you for your great work Rob. Go hawks!

  10. Kenny Sloth

    Man….. USMNT was eliminated from the World Cup today…..

    Just speechless

    • Sea Mode

      Not gonna help the popularity of soccer in the US. 🙁

    • sdcoug

      Pathetic performance really. Not good enough to win just by showing up. I swear, aside from Pulisic and maybe one or two others, it didn’t even look like anyone was busting a** or giving a darn. Compare that to the emotion and intensity displayed in the Panama and Honduras games yesterday…and it makes you shake your head. Where’s the leadership?…Bradley? No. Dempsey? Never.

      Time to clean house and turn over the program to the youth. Anyone under 25. Let them learn and develop and get bloodied. Didn’t like the Arena hire to begin with and still don’t think he’s the man for the job. Give the reigns to Tab Ramos and start over

      • Kenny Sloth

        Tab isnt much better. Tactically worse imo

  11. East Side Stevie

    Rob I think the answer as consumers is all of the above. I think the only way to provide creative content is to mix it up if its the same thing every time I think it can develop into to much of a routinely boring event. You are the product and the service what makes this blog is YOU. We care what to say and we don’t care how you say it. No matter what you have proven that whatever you say whether its written or voice we will tune in because we care about what you have to say and we seek your knowledge. If you’re interesting as a person than people will follow. Keep up the fantastic work and we all appreciate you more than the comment section can allow us to express.

    • East Side Stevie

      It might be easier for you Rob, to have a Draft Monitor Podcast and then an All Things Seahawks Podcast – then that opens up a possibility for you to strategically target your guests you have on the podcast. An example it might be easier to land a NFL draft analyst who lives in the game tape room on a Podcast that is specifically a Draft Prospect Podcast than it would be to get Nick Wright on a Seahawks Instant Reaction Episode. I don’t ever mind the long podcasts I enjoy long podcasts and I would doubt Im the lone wolf on that preference. Anything that doesn’t except an hour 45 has seemed to be your bread and butter

      • East Side Stevie

        exceed* not expect

  12. MikeM

    Would love a solo-cast with occasional appearances by Tony Pauline. Focused on Hawks needs and college fits. More of the blog type content. TBH anything you want to provide I’ll listen to. Length > 20 min but < 60.

  13. bankhawk

    As a Husky alum, native Seattlite and lifelong Dawg fan I tend to be a bit myopic regarding the other component in our cross-state rivalry. But it has to be said-were building to an Apple Cup more fraught with portent than any other in (my) memory.
    Rob-I noted your comment that Wazzu is able to back up that high-flying O this year with a D that must also be taken seriously. Im pretty up on the Dawg-Stars of our dêfensive constellation. What are the key cogs in the Cougs defensive coterie?

    • C-Dog

      Hercules Mata’afa has been almost unblockable off the ball inside. He’s way undersized, but is strong and explosive. Like you, I’m a Husky alum and follower. This year, the coughs have been grabbing my attention big time. I think where the dawgs defense is more physical, the cougs defense is faster, and there’s a working scheme there. They made Sam Darnold look really average. The apple cup is going to be huge.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Yes this is the first year where I really look forward to the Apple Cup on November 25. I can’t believe the Washington teams have gotten so strong. I think Huskies could have given Alabama a run for their money if they had had a better QB last year. And both teams are top 10 material this year. Anyway I’m very excited about huskies and cougars, and routing for Stanford again. When will Harbough move back to California???

    • sdcoug

      Mata’afa. Daniel Ekuale (DT), Jalen Thompson (FS), Darrien Molton (CB), Jahad Woods (frosh LB)

  14. GoHawks5151

    Great job as always Rob. Would love to keep you and Kenny together. 45 to 50 min with a mix of Hawks and draft content. Maybe specials sections on TEF/FREAK athlete spotlights. Or trends in college football ie: lack of college linemen, hybrid position players’ expansion of rpo offenses etc and how they affect the draft. Keep doing what you do man. Your the best.

  15. Aaron

    How about two podcasts during the season, one Seahawks and one draft. Then just a draft podcast during the offseason. I like 30 min podcasts, anything over an hour I rarely get through. I like a two person format, especially one that’s conversational. Something like that, with a mix of interviews from time to time would be great. Always love to hear your take on the Hawks, and especially your rational attitude towards it all.

  16. East Side Stevie

    Hey fellas I think it would be helpful to Rob, if we each let him know how frequent we would like to hear his podcasts –

    Rob I wouldn’t mind hearing your podcasts more than once a week but at least once a week would be fantastic I often find myself desperately waiting because I just don’t like the other seahawks podcasts that are put out. I always enjoyed you and Kenny way more.

    One more thing Rob, how would you feel about expanding your podcast platform to iTunes or going live on Periscope via Twitter or going live with your podcast on YouTube?

    • East Side Stevie

      The more places the better and the more opportunity for expanding your Audience even to people who aren’t aware of this Seahawks blog

    • Volume12

      2018 has better depth at the position. To answer ur question. And 2020 has the chance to be an historic draft for backs.

      I would’ve said this year, but LSU’s Derrius Guice ain’t healthy and hasn’t looked the same. He’ll get drafted and be a better back than he ever was collegiately. LSU guys always, always do.

  17. JakeB

    I like the two person formats, whether that’s a regular cohost or different guests. 45-60 minutes. If you’re talking football I’m listening.

  18. Preston


    Sad to hear you won’t be doing 3000 NFL mock draft, but sounds like you’re on to better things. Would love to hear all things draft related pertaining to the Seahawks. Your thoughts on the draft picks we gave away or acquired (Sheldon Richardson) and what you believe the strategy is with these types of moves. Going on that, I’d like to hear thoughts on all things draft strategy related as Pete and John plan for the future. Other than that, just want to hear which prospects are setting the bar, which are emerging etc.

    Thanks for all that you do. Your content is the best

  19. Daniel Bryan

    I’d love to tune into a you and another host. I think approximately 30 minutes is a good sweet spot for a two-man show. I wouldn’t be opposed to a 60 minute show either. There’s already so many general draft podcasts out there like Draft Dudes or Locked On NFL Draft that I’d love to tune into one with a heavy Seahawks and NFC West slant to it. It would be nice from time to time to have a guest join the show just to change things up. Also I’d love it if you managed to fit in some wrestling too. I can’t wait for your new podcast!

    • Volume12

      A wrestling podcast that actually doesn’t have grown men with dirty diapers, going over the product with a fine tooth comb, and not hate watching or feeling some type of way about every little detail? That would be unheard of.

    • Logan Lynch

      Love the Username. I can’t remember a time Rob ever talked about wrestling apart from the OL connections to high school wrestling. Usually the wrestling chat is left to Vol and myself although we try not to take away from the fact that this is a Seahawks blog after all.

  20. Thorson

    I enjoyed listening to the 3000 NFL podcasts while working out, so 60 minutes is about the ideal length, although more is certainly welcome. A two person format with occasional guests would be my choice of format. Seahawks-centric, with analysis of the previous week’s game and a look forward at the next game, coupled with draft content that increases once the season is complete would be great.

  21. Myfanwy365

    Nooooooooooo, 🙁

    — Would you prefer two main presenters or just the one?
    I kind of like 2 to be honest, similar to the Ringer podcast as mentioned earlier, I do enjoy the back & forth. Gold standard as always was Mays & Barnwell

    — Would you like to hear interviews with invited guests within the draft/NFL community?
    Yes, i’ve not had much chance to listen to the opposing teams ones, too many podcasts to listen to sadly. But a guest every other week maybe, would be good to mix it up

    — Would you prefer more Seahawks or more draft content (or a mix of both)?
    In Season i’d say probably 75% Hawks, 25% Draft. Once we’ve won the SB then flip it to 75% Draft, 25% Hawks.

    — How long do you want the podcasts to be?
    Ideally 45mins to an hour, to fit in with my commute 🙂

    On another point, listened to the Seahawks Chats pod earlier, talk of the RBs. Do we think bringing up Mike Davis from the PS would have any effect, can’t really be doing any worse than Lacy right now

  22. Isaac

    I would love to hear you on a regular basis call into pat Kirwans show on Sirius. You would blow their minds.

  23. Cysco

    I would recommend calling the show The Rob Staton Show or Rob Staton Talks. Something broad sounding that utilizes your name. Don’t paint yourself into a corner by naming it after a specific topic/theme/team. I want you to start getting more exposure for the content you create and your knowledge so definitely use your name in the title. Gotta market yourself.

    As far as format, I think you need to treat it like a Rob Staton hosted talk show. Spend the first part recapping your thoughts about a game, talking about a sports current event, whatever. Perhaps then do a mail bag/ask Rob segment where you answer questions from the blog. Then, bring in a guest to discuss a specific topic when the opportunity arises. With you as the focus, you’d have the freedom to change up the format if the occasion calls for it while not being beholden to another person to help make the presentation work.

    I am all about you talking Hawks and the draft, but I would genuinely like to hear your thoughts on other sports current events. Again, I don’t think you should paint yourself into a corner on topics. For example, I’d love to hear you talk draft/team needs with someone knowledgeable from basically every NFL team. Or hear you interview a player agent or professional scout etc.

    Excited to see what you end up doing!

    • Ed


      • East Side Stevie

        Tip of the cap to ya Cysco

    • Ishmael

      Fantastic and very important point. Couldn’t agree more.

  24. Deryck

    I’d like to see a mix of both Seahawks and other draft content. I like the idea of having one host and bringing on a guest. Anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour I think is a good amount of time for a topic such as the draft.

  25. Cameron

    Speaking for my own preferences on a new podcast:
    – I’ve found that I prefer 2 main presenters, as the discussion tends to flow better with a back & forth
    – Not as much of a fan of regular interviews/guests, but wouldn’t be opposed to the occasional guest appearance (perhaps once a month or so?)
    – Primarily Seahawks related content is ideal, but with some draft content thrown in each episode (perhaps 80% Seahawks, 20% draft content)
    – Anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes is typically ideal in my experience

    Looking forward to it!

  26. Volume12

    So, no one is gonna mention that Miami O-line coach was called out by a stripper and there’s videos of my man snorting coke? Its fascinating stuff. The NFL needs more of these storylines.

    • Logan Lynch

      Did Vince write this storyline? As in Russo? Seems more like his style than McMahon…

      • Volume12

        Haha! 😂

        David Arquette as the next O-line coach for the ‘Phins?

        • Logan Lynch

          Only if he gets to win the title!

    • Hawk Eye

      my favourite part is when the article calls her a “model”. Really and guys ask her if she wants to “party”?
      Is that what they call them now? Asking for a friend…..

      • Hawk Eye

        btw, for those who want to dump Cable, they can see about the now unemployed Miami line coach. He does know his lines, just maybe not the ones he was supposed to know.

    • Ishmael

      It’s a pretty grubby story. He sounds like a stupid old man who got in over his head, sounds like she tried to shake him down a bit, and then threw the video to the wolves out of spite. No one wins. He’ll be back in the league in a couple of years, although it’s not like the Dolphins line has been anything to talk about – what’s he done with Laremy Tunsil?

  27. Volume12

    Rob, random question. I’m a huge fan of wrestling as u know. I’m assuming u know who he is, what are ur thoughts on the human dumpster fire known as Billi Bhatti?

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve never heard of him V12 — who is he?

      • Volume12

        Oh. I thought for sure u would’ve.

        He was on Big brother over there, did porn, and claims to be the preeminent go to for wrestling rumors and scoops, claims to be some big celebrity in England. He thinks it’s OK to chant at woman wrestlers ‘take ur boobs out’ and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He’s a real piece of work.

        • Myfanwy365

          Genuinely never heard of him. Celebrity in England, lol

  28. Volume12

    NFL fans- there’s a shortage of good, competent QB play

    NFL scouts and Albert Breer (someone stop that man’s trash takes and his word salads)

    Lamar Jackson is too athletic for the position and should play a position he’s never played. He goes out there with zero help and accounts for 91% of his teams offense and he ain’t a QB. Even though he throws over the MOF better than any QB in this class and can actually make throws to the opposite hash.

    Wyoming QB Josh Allen also has no help, but he’s got size and a big arm. Plays like butt against cake comp. Barely completes more than half his attempts.

    Allen= great
    Jackson= WR

    • Mac

      Josh Allen is overrated, I would take Falk or Jackson over him in a heartbeat. I don’t know how successful he’ll be at the next level but the kid has some Vick in him. Watching him play is exciting! If he gets picked up by a team without an heir qb, he has the potential to revitalize a franchise. I’ve sen him juke a DT in the pocket, scramble out and turn a loss into a fair gain. I would like him in Pittsburgh or with the Saints.

      • Volume12

        I would too. Don’t get me wrong, I see some traits in Allen that will tansfer over and are exciting, but other than his size I just don’t see him as a better QB than Jackson. Now or future wise.

        • mac

          I completely agree, Jackson has an “IT” factor to his game. The thing that I like about Allen is also one of my negatives, he’s willing to take a shot even if it doesn’t turn out right. Instead of holding the ball for too long, he’ll find his read and release. Which have sometimes been laughable picks, might it have been better if he held it

    • C-Dog

      I get very uncomfortable when folks start branding athletic quarterbacks of color “running backs who throw” or suggest they should play other positions. Especially when all they do in college is win, and make plays. IMO, there is no one way to play quarterback, most of them have their warts, and you just need to be effective and productive at the end of the day.

      Some team is going to draft Lamar Jackson, and they are probably going to get a really exciting talent to come in and play quarterback for them. I just hope it’s not going to be the 49ers or Cardinals.

    • Ishmael

      It’s genuinely disgusting.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      We have a recent example of a QB, that would never last in the NFL.. make the transition and seems to being doing ok.. and might end up having a nice WR career. If the point is to stick in the NFL as long as possible, then a change of position might be worth exploring. It will come down to the right fit and right tutelage.

      Example #1.. Goff with the Rams. Fisher was horrific with him, McVay (and the OC) are working wonders and he looks servicable now.

      Another sidenote, the Browns are up to 28 QBs to start for them since 1999. SMH. If Jaskson went to the Browns, it would end in tragedy.

    • cha

      Some of this feels like a bit of reaction (maybe overreaction) to RG3 and Kaepernick’s stars falling so precipitously. The running QB was taking the NFL by storm in 2012-13 and everyone in NFL talk circles was having the “Moneyball”-style conversation: “This is where the NFL offenses are going” vs “Classic franchise stand in the pocket QBs will always be better”

      With 2 of the biggest stars propping up the former camp now currently out of the NFL, the latter camp feels validated and maybe even emboldened to continue pushing their position.

      Of course the truth lies somewhere between the two positions. There are QBs in both molds having success and failing in the NFL.

      • mac

        I personally prefer measurable’s over “pocket” and “mobile”. For me the ideal is around:

        10″ hands or greater
        6’3″ or 6’4″
        220 lbs or 230 lbs
        40 under 4.8
        broad jump around 120 inches

        Of course no quarterback is perfect,
        if DangerRuss was cam newtons size, he’d be near perfect
        if Mike VIck didn’t do stupid things, he could of developed into a game changer

      • C-Dog

        I think one thing is certain. There will always be pocket passers, there will always be scramblers, and there will be the camps that prefer one over there other, and then there will be a hand run of QBs somewhere in-between.

        Even though RG3 and Kap are not at present time still in the league, you still have Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and Cam Newton who all top end QBs, and then you have Marcus Mariota, Deshaun Watson, and Dak Prescok who all look like they can emerge into top ten consideration within a few year. Some might say Rodgers is in-between, but I say horse hockey, that dude scrambles considerably to extend plays, either by moving the ball on the ground or with his arm. Rodgers is the best QB in the game because he does it all, and IMO, is the only QB in the game who doesn’t have any blemishes.

        For me, I want an athletic QB who is accurate, someone who can consistently pass for 60%+ completions per season, who can consistently pass for a high TD to INT ratio, extend when he needs to and through the course of 4 quarters, is someone that a defense, no matter how good the defense, they can’t relax with. For me, that is Rodgers, Wilson, and Newton. Back in the day, it was Staubach, Tark, Elway, Young, Vick for a spell, and Cunningham.

  29. AlaskaHawk

    As I said in comments above, I prefer 15 minutes. And would like a mixed media content with video highlights and your voice over as you discuss players. Two commenters is great, but at 15 minutes one is fine.

  30. Jordan

    — Would you prefer two main presenters or just the one? I would prefer two

    — Would you like to hear interviews with invited guests within the draft/NFL community? Absolutely

    — Would you prefer more Seahawks or more draft content (or a mix of both)? Depends on the time of year, during the season, more Seahawks focused. After the season heavy draft (obviously)

    — How long do you want the podcasts to be? As long as possible!

  31. Volume12


    RW is on pace to be take 138 hits over a 16 game season. And has been hit 43 times already, plus 13 sacks. Seems bad.

    Tick tock, tick tock…

    • Logan Lynch

      Good thing we’re trading him away before he falls apart, right?

      • Volume12

        Sarcastic tone: I mean they better trade him. One of these upcoming rookies would surely function better and give us an upgrade. We all know that newer automatically equates to better

        The tick tock reference was just me worrying about him getting hurt or injured.

        • Logan Lynch

          I sometimes forget that sarcasm is almost impossible to discern online, but I’m glad you got it. I agree that it’s worrying for Russ to get hit this much. He’s played through a ton of injuries already, but we’re really playing with fire.

    • AlaskaHawk

      The last few games I thought he had been instructed to stay in the pocket. No read options. It seems like the Seahawks are trying to protect him. But crappy drafting and bad injuries is undermining the efforts. He might actually be safer with the read option, rather than taking blind shots from the left side.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Tom Brady has taken more hits…. which is saying something about how bad NE is at OL.

      • Ishmael

        He has, they’ve been absolutely garbage – and that’s with one of the best OL coaches in the business. There are maybe… Five good lines in the game at the moment? Everyone else is scrambling.

    • Del Tre

      Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Big Ben have been sacked more, Russell needs to get the ball out faster or playcalls need to accommodate him doing so. Personally, I think Russell likes to wait until the last second to get the pass out in order to let his receivers get more separation, it backfires on him a lot.

      • Kenny Sloth

        He’s not great at throwing people open.

        The picks to Jimmy are emblematic of this

  32. Charles

    This is exciting news! I tune in every time you’re on. I really appreciate your knowledge, insight, and dedication – especially with everything else on your plate.

    — Would you prefer two main presenters or just the one?
    Two knowledgeable presenters is ideal. Alternative viewpoints and backgrounds would make the conversation more interesting. Podcasts become dull without back and forth.

    — Would you like to hear interviews with invited guests within the draft/NFL community?

    — Would you prefer more Seahawks or more draft content (or a mix of both)?
    Mix – with an emphasis on Seahawks. It’s why I tune in every time. Your expertise on both the Hawks and College is invaluable, and doesn’t exist anywhere else that I know of.

    — How long do you want the podcasts to be?
    An hour would be perfect.

  33. Nolan

    I think it should be a 2 man pod you an vol 12 would be go

    • Volume12

      Thanks bruh. That would be awesome. I’d love to do it, but I don’t got the set up or equipment for anything like that.

  34. SeventiesHawksFan

    I think any number of knowledgeable presenters is fine, including just yourself. I’d prefer you be the primary individual doing the presenting and speaking.

    Kenneth was decidedly unpolished and often just entirely unaware of the run on monologues and rambling his listeners and cohost would have to patiently get thorough. As charming as it sometimes was, it also was just odd with him in what seemed the lead role, setting the pace and structure. That alone should change. And I think I’m being very fair after having listened to dozens of podcasts.

    I think previous game highlights and discussions. Plus ongoing personnel, coaching, position group, and areas of greatest concern with the team will consistently generate the greatest listener interest.

    Your discussion of draft related players, news, college game performances is a rather nice bonus as well.

    I think ‘length’ should just be a matter of how much content you find worthy of talking about or providing.

    • Logan Lynch

      Good points. I agree that length isn’t always the most important thing. Need to take girth into account too.

  35. Volume12

    I love that Chris Johnson recently said that AP needed more touches. HA!

    Well, he’s gonna be getting those and than some since he took that man’s job.

  36. nichansen01

    to me, Lamar Jackson is the best quarterback in this draft. And it’s not close either.

  37. nichansen01

    Darnold reminds me of Teddy Bridgewater with that weird throwing motion. To me, he’s basically a mobile Bridgewater.

  38. nichansen01

    I like Rosen a lot, even though I wish he was a little more mobile. Reminds me of Palmer a bit.

  39. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Rob, do you have any onair or podcast examples involving premiere league soccer/football that you could share? Perhaps a format you think you should go with your American football podcasts?

    • Rob Staton

      I do a radio show every night on BBC Radio Sheffield. It’s exclusively a call in show though — very different to a podcast.

  40. Coleslaw

    Seahawks should get Bo Scarborough if he declares, we could let Rawls and Lacy walk and run with a backfield of Scar, Carson, McKissic, and Prosise. Or even keep Rawls for cheap too. We need to add to this group until someone proves they can stay healthy and productive

    • East Side Stevie

      If they have more than 1 pick in the 3rd round they will use a selection on RB. If they get 3 3rd round pick then they could use one of those selections on a QB. Also If we end up having a pick in the 4th I could see us using it on a QB instead of in the 3rd. Im getting strong indications of those,,,,

    • Del Tre

      Bo has a injury history as well, doubt that will change in the NFL, I think the Hawks are going to try and find someone who won’t get injured or fumble. Personally i think Bryce Love would be great, too small, BUT he has that turn and run burst like Rawls used to. Rawls was great when he could read and take off because of his burst, I think Love would succeed for the same reason.

  41. Hawk Eye

    not a podcast, but the man to copy is Bob McCown from the Fan590.com in Toronto.
    you can listen online 4 to 7 EST, except when he is on one of his 94 vacation days per year.
    I cannot describe his style, except that he has a very entertaining show but no gimmicks. He just knows how to interact with his co hosts and guests. HUGE dropoff whenever he has a replacement host.
    If you can figure out what he is doing, copy it, and maybe you can get his pay cheque also!
    He gets Bob Ryan, Don Banks, JP Morosi, Richard Dietsch, and other known broadcasters on all the time as guests. He just finds a way to connect with both the guest and the audience.
    Maybe he has a style you can’t copy, it seems so natural to him and rarely hear anyone else who is close.

    format, need 2 people. There has to be some back and forth, exchange of ideas, etc.

    length. I prefer the 20-30 minute range. Can listen any time, and would rather feel is was a bit too short then too long.

    mainly Seahawks, but get someone who writes from opposing team the week of a game and get an outside opinion. Maybe get ex players and ex coaches. I listen sometimes to Buffalo radio and they get Rueben Brown on and he is very good, especially talking O line. Ex players can say what they want, don’t care if someone does not like it. I don’t want political answers, I want interesting takes on the truth.

    good luck

  42. Old but Slow

    The two host approach seems right, although you might be able to carry one by yourself. Draft focus, with a definite Seahawk vibe, and with guests occasionally. For me, I would rather hear from guests that are not just big names. Give me scouts, ex-coaches, and serious analysts, not a bunch of guys who listen to what is going on, but never watch any tapes.

    Length? Go until the topic seems done.

    With no TV, I am not able to keep up with as much college fb as I would like, so updates on games and performances are gold for me. I see some games at my local, but it limits me.

    Mainly, I want to hear a lot of Rob Staton, and what he is seeing and thinking.

    I am sure that when you initiate this, you will receive heartless criticism, and enthusiastic approval. Go for it, whatever you decide, I will love.

  43. Mark

    I’ve always enjoyed hearing you and Kenny shoot the shit about Seahawks related topics. Whatever it is, I’ll listen. I like Kenny’s sense of humor and how you both play off each other. Moreover, both of you do a fair amount of research on different aspects of the league, so it’s nice to hear that come through. Whatever guests you find are welcome too.

  44. Scotia Seahawk

    Sad to hear that 3000 Mock Draft won’t be continuing in it’s current format.
    Personally I enjoyed the mix between yourself and Kenny although I appreciate it might not have been everyone’s cup of tea. I do a Patreon for both of you so I guess it was working for me!

    Appreciate the efforts of both of you in keeping it going for such as long it did. Any future endeavours will be anticipated keenly.

    Would you prefer two main presenters or just the one? Think it works better as a duo but you may not be in a position to do that regularly. It feels like it might be a bit of a chore to organise different co-hosts each week. You may find a solo thing with some guests sprinkled in is easier.

    — Would you like to hear interviews with invited guests within the draft/NFL community? Sounds goods

    — Would you prefer more Seahawks or more draft content (or a mix of both)? I liked the mix of both and to be fair I think you got it just right most of the time.

    — How long do you want the podcasts to be? Up to you, The long ones are great for car journeys!

    Many thanks,

  45. John_s

    Anybody have a chance to see DJ Moore, WR Maryland? 5’11 215. Junior. He’s having a quietly good season so far. He’s on his 7th?!?! QB at Maryland.

    I haven’t seen any highlights of how he high points the ball, but he looks pretty good on tape.

    Kind of looks like Steve Smith Sr after the catch.

    • Volume12

      Volume12 says:
      October 7, 2017 at 12:06 pm
      Let’s watch the next Golden Tate. Aka Maryland WR DJ Moore.

      • Kenny Sloth


      • John_s

        Nice! Knew that you probably had eyes on him. you got your eyes on all the good ones

        • Volume12

          Unfortunately my guy at W. Michigan OT Chikwuma Okorafor is now neck and neck with McGlinchey as one of if not the top tackle in CFB.

          Has only been playing football for 6 years after his family came over from Botswana.

  46. Ishmael

    Julius Peppers, 37-years-old, he’s still got it. Pass rushers can last. Will be a huge shame if Avril decides to retire, he’s got ages left in his legs. Bennett too.

    • cha

      Getting great value at $3.75m and limiting his snaps to about 25-30/game.

      • vrtkolman

        We’ll see if he is keeping it up come playoff time. He is playing a lot of snaps per game.

      • vrtkolman

        From my dumb comment before – is he really only playing that few of snaps? That is good management then. Seattle should be doing that with Bennett.

        • cha

          Yes. He has almost exactly 1/2 the snaps Bennett has at this point in the season. But Bennett is much younger.

          You can see the Hawks planning not to overwork Bennett. Drafting Clark, McDowell, and looking at guys like Marcus Smith and Dion Jordan. Need to keep him fresh for the post season.

  47. Ishmael

    Kuechly concussed again… Someone in that kids life needs to get involved and ask him if he wants to remember his name in 20 years time.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Its a damn shame. One of the most likeable stars in the league.

    • vrtkolman

      He needs to retire right now. It’s really sad.

    • C-Dog

      Scary situation. I hope for his sake he considers it a career. He’s made nice $, been recognized as one of the best, played in the biggest game there is. No shame walking away.

    • icb12

      Agree %100.

  48. Kenny Sloth

    Kelvin Benjamin looking lithe and agile.

    He always had tons of potential and looked like he ran through quicksand until now.

    • Volume12

      Lost weight. My man was over 250 lbs for awhile there.

  49. vrtkolman

    Cam is gonna Cam. I have no idea what he was doing on those last two throws.

  50. Jeremy

    I prefer two hosts, though not Kenneth Arthur.

    I prefer mainly Seahawks, though as the draft approaches, I like you talking about it—but primarily from a Hawks perspective.

    I prefer 30-45 minutes.

  51. HawkFan907

    The 3000 NFL Mock Draft was a highlight of my weekly work regimen. I loved the mix of Seahawks talk and draft talk, with some FA talk in there when that comes around. I agree with most on here that Kenneth is a great writer, but lacks in podcasting abilities. Maybe it is your sultry accent that makes listening to you so enjoyable.

    I’d prefer a second podcasting host though, one who offers some back and forth on prospects. We know that you have a great eye and have a knack for identifying prospects earlier than most. I think it would be great to address some fan questions as well from the blog on your podcast.

    Thanks for all of the great work Rob

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